Warning: You May Be Next: 400,000 People Just Had Their Pensions Cut By 50%: “Going to Happen To The Rest Of Pensions in the United States”

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    In 2014 a new Federal law made it possible for pension funds to cut benefits for their recipients. Much to the protest of pensioners, the government and numerous unions supporting the change cited pension plans that were in imminent danger of collapse, saying that the only way to save the funds was to cut benefits to potentially millions of recipients. Six months later, the U.S. Supreme Court took things a step further when they opined that the government has the right to fully seize 401(k) and pension funds that were being poorly managed.

    Of course, most Americans were either not paying attention or completely ignored the ramifications of the new rules set forth by their government because, well, anyone who talks about the potential for a collapse of pension funds or the economy is, as President Barack Obama so eloquently noted in his recent State of the Union Speech, “peddling fiction.”

    Except in October of last year the canary in the coal mine fell over and died when Illinois announced that the State was posting pension payments because it ran out of money.

    Fast forward a few more months and things have been taken to the next level. The Central State pension fund in Kansas became the first such fund to take advantage of the 2014 law as 400,000 Americans who depend on their monthly pension income to pay for such things as their mortgage, groceries and medical expenses saw an average of $1,400 per month sliced of their monthly benefits.

    Dale Dorsey isn’t happy.

    After working 33 years, he’s facing a 55% cut to his pension benefits, a blow which he says will “cripple” his family and imperil the livelihood of his two children, one of whom is in the fourth grade and one of whom is just entering high school.

    Dorsey attended a town hall meeting in Kansas City on Tuesday where retirees turned out for a discussion on “massive” pension cuts proposed by the Central States Pension Fund, which covers 400,000 participants, and which will almost certainly go broke within the next decade.

    “A controversial 2014 law allowed the pension to propose [deep] cuts, many of them by half or more, as a way to perhaps save the fund,” The Kansas City Star wrote earlier this week adding that “two much smaller pensions also have sought similar relief under the law, and still more pensions are significantly underfunded.”

    And if you think this is the end of it, consider the words of long time teamster member Jay Perry who says the writing is on the wal:

    “What’s happening to us is a microcosm of what’s going to happen to the rest of the pensions in the United States”

    It was all fun and games during the boom times when governments and companies promised pensioners exorbitant retirements based on an unlimited growth rate model. Now reality is setting in.

    And keep in mind that this is just the first part of the coming retirement fund destruction. As we noted above, the Supreme Court ruling gives the government the “right” to step in and seize these underperforming funds.

    So, the first step is to give pension funds the ability to cut benefits, which we are seeing now and will continue to see going forward as funds all over the country struggle to keep the benefits flowing. Next, the government will identify these funds as under-performing and mismanaged, at which point they will outright seize the entire industry just as they did with health care.

    The pain is coming, America. You’d better be prepared to deal with the fallout.

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      1. Not my pension. It all sits nor far from where I’m currently typing this. I pulled mine out several years ago and bought PMs.

        • Wow! Old Dale must have retired really young, or he didn’t start having kids until he was really old. It’s still amazing how the Government is so broke that they have to cut pension that people worked for, but they never have to cut welfare that most never worked for. Trekker Out.

          • Yea, they want to cut SS,,,that I paid into and my employer paid into for decades,,,,
            Cut congress’ retirement, they dont need nor deserve it, they really just deserve a kick in the can

            • ….and a bullet to the head.

              • sometimes, to save the village, you have to DESTROY it….sound familiar?

                • Yup, my favorite toys, a can of gasoline and an on demand torch

                  • Kula,
                    Check out this video of a guy and his whacky flame thrower.

                    • meaning what? that a torch blower will reinstate his pension money?

                    • I remember this guy from the movie, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Harrison Ford was supposed to fight him, but he was kind of tired, so he shot him instead. Great scene.

                      Or was that the guy that brought a sword to a gunfight? I forget.

            • Yeah no shit man, you want to cut SS I mean.. fine (not really fine… really really not fine, it makes my math considerably more difficult… but I see it as inevitable)… BUT I WANT MY MONEY BACK FIRST.

              I didn’t volunteer for this shit. You just took it.

              • Yup,,, didnt have a choice, and paid for years and years,,,
                Next person who tells me its an entitlement and not mine better not be in my reach unless they want to get choked,,,

                • Anonymous, it absolutely is NOT an entitlement. Anyone who says that to you is an idiot. Used to work for SSA for one too many years, and its a TOTAL SCAM. If Americans only really knew how tax payer money is dolled out like candy. Retirement benefits are a separate issue from Disability. There’s very little fraud in Retirement, unless you work full time when you’re not supposed to. Disability, however, is a total JOKE. If you only knew the waste and fraud, it would get any tax-paying American boiling! Hate to tell you, my friend, but you have NO MONEY in the system. All those years of paying was totally spent a long time ago. There’s no stinking fund. The politicians have spent it all, and all hard-working Joe’s have been lied to about a “fund.” It’s not funded even now. Right now folks are getting paid based on the current taxes coming in year-after-year. There’s NO SAVINGS. And no, benefits will stop looooong before they tell you. We DON’T have 15-20 years left for payments. SSA is running on fumes from year to year. Take the benefits as soon as you can, because there’s no guarantee you’ll be paid anything in the future. They all lie to you about SSA’s insolvency.

                • Anonymous
                  You ever wonder how “entitlement” came to mean “not” entitled?

                • Once you get back more than you paid in, it is an entitlement.

                • Yes, Anon, you ‘worked for it’, but the average SS retiree breaks even in less than 5 years. It wasn’t until the last 100 years or so that people thought of retirement as a 25 year paid vacation. If you can do it on your own dime, fine. You never paid nearly enough into SS (actually you just paid a payroll tax) to cover it for more than a few years. Compound interest won’t make THAT big a difference.

                  • Social Security would more than fund a retirement. Clearly I=PRT (this is just simple interest.) is too many buttons for your hand calculator. “Socialist Security,” besides the so called 1040 or income tax is the biggest globalist (the French and Brits instituted it as well and at the same time as the Americans) scam ever perpetrated on mankind.
                    Get a clue didnknonuffin.

                • It is not about entitlement! The government can take your pension and social security! I paid direct for years and years!! For example here is what is happening to my pension…

                  A growing number of private, multiemployer pension plans are projected to become insolvent over the coming years, as is the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), the government entity that insures them. Absent substantial reform, the PBGC will be unable to pay promised benefits to the retirees of the failed pension plans that it insures.

                  Pensions are supposed to provide economic security. My pension from National Steel was sucked up by the government into PBGC about 10 years ago. I recently found out if Congress does not alter the rules governing multiemployer pensions and the PBGC’s multiemployer program, millions of us could lose most or all of their promised pension benefits or federal taxpayers could be forced to finance an expensive bailout of private, union pensions.

                  Reading further I found out the PBGC is a scheme to suck up large pension funds, divest these pensions of legitimate investments in stocks and corporate bonds and flood them with government bonds. Thus the government has force pensioners like me to accept 100% government bonds as the primary backing for my pension. And with today’s government bonds paying ZIRP and maybe soon to NIRP the PBGC is drastically underfunded. Thus the taxpayer is forced to make up the difference to pay pensioners.

                  According to the PBGC’s November 2014 annual report, the PBGC has a combined deficit or unfunded liability of $61.8 billion. For example, a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report states: If the [multiemployer] fund were to be drained by the insolvency of a very large and troubled plan, we estimate the benefits paid by PBGC would be reduced to less than 10 percent of the guarantee level. In this scenario, a retiree who once received [a] monthly benefit of $2,000 and whose benefit was reduced to $1,251 under the guarantee would see monthly income further reduced to less than $125, or less than $1,500 per year.

                  In other words, a worker who was promised an annual pension of $24,000 per year would receive only $1,500 per year, or six cents for every dollar of promised benefits!

                  Social Security is next since it is 33% underfunded…

                  • “Social Security is next since it is 33% underfunded”…PFFT! where the heck did you get THAT number? social security is 100% unfunded. the only way people keep getting paid every month is we keep borrowing/printing more dollars…..and SOON, the world won’t be loaning U.S. any more, when they waken from their stupor, and realize it’s impossible to get paid back. we owe 19 trillion, but counting “entitlements”, it’s more like 230 trillion in the red.

            • Truthfully, I am surprised that DC is not burning with Congress in session. I guess the “revolutionaries” are too busy commandeering wetlands and preserves in the middle of nowhere.

              Just my observation. 🙂

              • patience, glasshoppuh….they aren’t COLD and HUNGRY ……yet. there WILL be gnashing of teeth.

          • Many of the pensions being cut are for public employees. I personally know more than 12 retired city of LA LEos who retired, double dipped with a fire department job (or other job) and today get 100k+ retirements per year. The killer is they paid very little of their own money into their retirements. CALPERS, their retirement fund keeps saying how they are leveraging the 2% that the employees are paying into up to 100k retirement salaries by “exceptional” investments in the stock market. It was only a matter of time before that pyramid scheme collapses. Most of these government retirement accounts are unfunded or just slightly funded by the employees themselves.
            Anyone who was stupid enough to buy into 401k’s will get what they deserve.

            • Fully agree Ed. Military retire with much less as do Federal employees. In the state of Oregon (communist state) the PEERS system is bankrupting the state. So they get what they get. Its awesome that the unions are helping screw the people (democrat sheeple) that believed their lies and paid their dues. Booooohahahaha….

              • Look it up. The retirement fund for union bosses is usually different, and well OVERfunded. So much for you chumps who bellowed about your unions looking out for you.

            • I am sooooo sad that surly and lazy bureaucrats and power-tripping thugs are now eating dog food. See my crocodile tears???

            • This old ponzi scheme is now coming back to bite the hands that fed it.

              People bought into the scheme, quicker than a stray dog bites into a biscuit. They forgot to read the part that said….
              “retirements based on an unlimited growth rate model”.

              The banksters and fund managers are the only people that came/are coming, out on top. Well, some retirees that waited until there was no penalty/tax burden, actually did make a little profit, but many died way before that day ever came around.

              As the article says, there will be more of this to come into the private sector and they won’t stop at the 401k pensions.
              Many Union based pensions are drying up, as well as the corporation’s.

              The thugs and thieves inside the beltway have stolen from the SS retirement funds for decades, and now, as many boomers are relying on those prepaid funds from way back in the 50’s, through the 90’s and up till today, that money is fast disappearing and the full retirement age is stretched out even further.

              Some have nothing else to fall back on because they believed in the System their representatives sold them on.

              Immigrants have more rights and funds in their pockets than many that have lived,worked, and paid into the system all their adult lives.

              If anyone other than trump gets into office, the retirees and disabled will suffer even more, before the next term is up.

            • The government cannot take your 401(k) money, as you yourself put it (your personal wages) into the 401(k) account. I don’t know about employer contributions to a 401(k), but I seriously doubt the government can take what you’ve saved in the account through your earned wages. What’s next, they seize your stock trading brokerage account too?

              • Yes, they can seize your account, you just won’t know it.

                All you 401K or 457 plans are basically mutual funds. The FEDs will pass a law saying that 10% 20% or 30% of the funds assets will have to be in treasury bills.

                Poof…..instant seizure.

                • So if my entire 401(k) is in the Vanguard 500 Fund, the government will simply transfer a percentage out of the Vanguard 500 Fund and into treasury bills? Sounds fishy…

                  • Cool way of seizing the means of production, eh?

                  • Yes, and if you happen to get caught in a massive down market (such as we have recently experienced), you will lose money if the pack of bastards known as the federal government decides to move your funds out at that time.

              • Think About It–Can I get some of whatever you’re smoking?

                There will be a (contrived) crisis concerning retirement funds/accounts and ‘murikns will beg to be saved. You didn’t really think you were going to be allowed to retire as a millionare, did you?
                Did you also believe the bit about being in a lower tax bracket after retirement? You surely will be, but the bankster who told you that won’t.

              • then how do YOU think they will save the system, that is so broken beyond repair?….and so obvious to ALL but the terminally naive…when we owe hundreds of trillions, we never have to pay it back??????????????….and you think this goes on forever….or one day an official just comes out and says “oops, we are broke….and broken….we can’t pay those debts???lets have a debt jubilee, and nobody owes NUFFIN no more”…poof, it’s fixed, and nobody’s PISSED because they didn’t nget paid…….i submit to y’all that ANYthing you come up with in these pages is nowhere NEAR as bad as things will be when it’s finally apparent to ALL that money owed won’t be paid back….it will be a chimpout of EPIC contortions….you BETTER have yer popcorn, and a good seat to watch it all from….

                • The Federal Reserve will just continue to “ease” monetary supply; no need to raid citizens’ 401(k) accounts. Continued easing will create its own set of problems for us (or our children, grandchildren, and so on) to deal with.

          • If they cut welfare we would have riots.

            • welfare is just paying feral people to act normal.

          • MT, that’s exactly what I thought. Serves him right for having kids right before retiring… get em out the door before you quit working lol.

          • I thought you liked big black things shoved up your ass.

          • Scandinavia has large successful private corporations as well as many successful entrepreneurs and small businesses. Didnt realize this was communism. They do have higher income taxes.

          • So?

          • Acid Etch, I was born and brought up in Norway. All of my relatives on my dad’s side are Norwegian. I also have many relatives living in Sweden.

            Norway has one of the wealthiest sovereign funds in the world. It is self sufficient in energy. Sweden has a history of invention, more so today. It introduced safer cars when American cars tended to burst into flames when rear ended (anyone remember the Pinto?). Swedish inventors did not allow the safety belt to be patented allowing it to be freely copied by the American car industry thereby saving countless 1000’s of lives. Doesn’t smack of communism to me, more like altruism! Most of your indutrialists could learn from that kind of “communism”!

            Sorry, I digressed. I do when dealing with ignorance! Anyway, it is this energy (Norway’s North Sea oil mainly, plus hydro electricity) that has fuelled the prosperity of the country.

            North Sea oil only became available in the late 1960’s.

            Prior to 1960 Norway was an economic backwater reliant on fishing and whaling. These facts are readily checkable at any reputable web site.

            You are either stupid or ignorant to make your statement saying Scandinavian countries are communist. I suspect that you are both stupid and ignorant.

            I would suggest that you sweep your own stable clean before commenting on the state of others.

            • Scandanavia is now in the process of committing suicide. As white societies, they did great. but got fat, dumb, and happy and decided to import non-whites. That move is really working out well for them.

            • Scandanavia is now in the process of committing suicide. As white societies, they did great. but got fat, dumb, and happy and decided to import non-whites. That move is really working out well for them.

            • Thank you for defending the Nordics from ignorance. Their success is not down to ‘communism’ but being smart. They value design, invention, pretty women, good food, nice clothes, lovely buildings, being clean and basically adding value to life. That is why they became so successful.

              You only have to be five minutes in a country to see why it is – or isn’t – successful. The UK used to stink of wet dog when you landed and the people were all burnt out with bad teeth, wind, bad clothes. You could tell the place was failing big time right from the start. Things have changed for the better, but much of the place is still stinking of fail, just as much of the US does. I hate fail and associate it with people being losers. That’s just me.

          • Acid Etch – to compound your ignorance, Scandinavia is not a country as you wrongly imply – it (Scan dinavia)consists of Norway, Sweden, Finland.

            Instead of spouting white supremacy nonsense, you really do need to get a basic education or maybe get out of your bedroom once in a while.

        • These boom and bust cycles could be smoothed out a lot by intentionally contracting the money supply by increasing the fractional reserve requirement to 20-40%, eliminating the Fed’s duel mandate in favor of price stability, and banning derivative securities. People buy way too much useless shit they don’t use with credit they don’t pay back to impress people they don’t even give a shit about.

          • Acid,

            I don’t think anyone could say that better than you just did.

            • @ Hiram

              Concur. AE ties it all together.

              It’s been decades since we’ve been a producer economy. A consumer economy depends on people going into debt to buy shit they don’t need to impress people they don’t care about. The banksters didn’t issue all that plastic to anyone with a pulse because they LIKE us. They issued it to get the peasantry in debt to them forever. Having seen a number of Tony Soprano reruns, I’d rather be in debt to him than to B of A.

              You’re free to do what you want, but if I can’t pay cash for it I don’t need it.

            • Ramsey has been saying the same thing for years, and he probably heard it somewhere.

          • AE (and others): what I buy is NUNYA.

          • So?

            • So ? well Nels, what you see is what you get and it is only getting started ? Every person on here with a municipality funded pension or public funded in any way, will NOT receive what they think they will receive and that is already started and in motion. Not to mention all the other negatives that are brewing and already in motion.

          • Many years ago I was married to a Neanderthal.

          • Actually 4%

          • So?

          • The DNA sequencing on Neanderthals has already been completed a couple years ago…intensely, I might add. PBS did the news documentary.

            Those independent labs…not gov. labs, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Neanderthals were totally “Primate” and only had one linking sequence indicator to humans, that could have been introduced millions of years earlier.

            To scientifically cover their asses, they/ the scientist researchers, referred to a species of humanoids, that may have existed, and been the link to the scarce dna indicator. There were no flesh humans beyond 12 to 13 thousand years ago at the beginning of this Age of flesh bodied humans.
            Some argue that this age began at 4004 BC, but science and the biblical facts say otherwise. It began several thousand years earlier than that.

            Flesh bodied Caveman during the dinosaur age is a myth created by the evolutionists and some theoretical scientists/archaeologists. If there were flesh humans during that time period, there would also be ample evidence…everywhere. It just doesn’t exist, except through manipulation of data from some prehistoric primate bones.
            There are plenty of flesh eating dinosaur’s bodies around that at least one would have had the bones of a flesh human in their gut, or near them in the “sands of time” but none have surfaced.

            Why? They just did not exist then. Follywood has perverted the minds of dumbed-down people to believe the myth, that they did and that we are a product of evolution rather than creation.

            I do believe there is ample evidence that gene manipulations have occurred and cross breeding between primates and humans is possible, but I don’t see any monkey meat in my family tree.

            Some day a Sasquatch/Swamp Ape, may be captured and provide some more evidence, but they are very elusive and may never be captured or found. In fact they may be demonic spirits with ape like coverings/fur/hair.

            • Passin
              Au contraire, scientists do Not say humans lived with dinosaurs.
              And yes, DNA of neanderthal are mixed into Northern Europeans to about 4%. I had my DNA tested and did not show neanderthal. Or black either.
              Turned out I am not Heinz 57 like I expected.

              • Humans share about 50% of their DNA with bananas!

                Gives a whole new meaning to “family tree”…. LOL

              • It is all pure conjecture about human DNA found in Neanderthals.

                What is not conjecture, or theory, or hypothesis, is the facts by the millions of processes of dna sequencing, is that Neanderthals were not human and none have been found with skin and hair attached. The first that was found and actually called “human’ was dubbed Lucy, from Ethopia in 1974.

                It has since been determined that the fragments of those bones were primate and female. Why was the so-called find of the century returned to an undisclosed location and casts were made to simulate the figure? Another cover-up by the scientific/gov community to keep the mantra of evolution going.

                Another reason the bones and skeletal remains of giants have been hidden away by the Smithsonian, and covered up like the truth of JFK’s assassination. “They” control the lies and hidden truths that make void the words of man.

                There is way more evidence and support for Scientist claiming that Humans were living among Dinosaurs than not.

                Like I said; there is enough evidence that there was some kind of manipulations of DNA crossing with Primates many eons ago, to make the case that it could have been done through/by the Nephilim/Fallen Angels. I do not believe that it was done by our Creator.

                So in retrospect, I am interested where you found the information that “scientists do Not say humans lived with dinosaurs”. If “some” scientist are saying Lucy was human, then some scientist are also saying humans were alive during periods of dinosaur existence.

            • What about Hilary’s flying monkeys she sent out from her castle to capture Dorothy???

              Just asking.

            • Such a sasquatch/swamp ape is presently referred to as “the first lady”.

          • AND, after the last big extinction event around 74k anos ago which narrowed the gene pool for progeny to around 4000 humans of which all the billions of us are now ‘children’ of, these 4000 surviving ancestors happened to be indigenous to a place in Africa where their skin color was darker than an ace of spades!

            As they ventured and expanded to different parts of the world, their skin color changed according to environmental melatonin requirements and lo and behold, after many many many many moons, we got something called white boys, and girls, of course…in different parts of the world.

            They refuse to belive this in certain racial demographics today. But.. truth be told, and it ain’t often…

            YO original MAMMA, MO FO be’s a Black woman who slap yo punk ass out, you give her any lip! So git over it, Bits, and STFU!

            • You’re fucking RETARDED — with your ebonics Bullshit !!!

        • 75% of the people who start a Captains or Pilots license do not graduate.

          The most common reason for failure is not being able to navigate.

          Buy the book “Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen” and learn to use the sextant and heavenly bodies.

          • Had that book at one time, or actually my dad did when I lived with him. We have had numerous sail boat from a 17′ Oday Mariner, 24′ Morgan, 30′ Erwin and 35′ Pearson. I learned from him. Plus his brother (My uncle) was a C-130 Navigator in Nam and knew how to do it old school, showed us some stuff. I didn’t get very good at it, but I can land navigate with just a compass and map very well. SF Motto. We don’t get lost, just disoriented.

          • So…. who really gives a shit about your last 4 negative, racist provoking posts except me: because I’m wishing I could bitch slap you back into your infancy and then teach you how to respect others and give you enough confidence so you wouldn’t fear any other human being just because they’re skin doesn’t match yours. Cmon man, grow up, you must live in constant fear, probably very skinny and weak, live off mom and dads teat, very lonesome, not many friends, spend your time looking up white supremacy articles? What point did I miss?

            • Nels

              I thought acid enjoyed having large black things shoved up his sorry bunghole.

          • AE: thanks for the book recommendation. I have a number of compasses. I always have a small one on my keychain. I love sundials and other types of devices. I have a a few that can be used during the day to tell time and one that is made from Sterling silver and is used at night.

            Shepard’s Watch sells them (or used to I have not bought one recently).

            The very small, and portable, silver nocturnal “star dial” is functional and beautiful.

            Paper maps are always good, too. I have a collection of various Metzer maps.

          • I bought a new E-sextant by Garmin, they see those electronic stars on the skies really well!!!(sarc)

        • I totally agree PO’d P….They can steal my meager monthly SS from my deceased husband, but that’s ALL they can get their grubby hands on for more wars!

        • You listened well, PO’d Patriot. Hard for me to feel sorry for the loss these folks are himming and hollering about, because anyone who’s paying attention has been warned for several years now where things are going. Pensions today, bank accounts wiped clean tomorrow, etc…Wherever there’s money, THEY will find a way to confiscate it. Heck, you can’t even travel through a few states w/o the crooked cops taking your cash through Asset Forfeiture. If there’s a way to steal it, they will do so…..American people, get your head outta your arse, for crying out loud!! Stop crying and start doing something about it!! Invest wisely and withdraw your money NOW while you still can. If not, then shut up with the whining and crying.

        • You are well ahead of the game. Many more will get hosed on their retirement before this is all over. And the fun is just getting started !

        • Me too!

      2. Look friends, there are three and ONLY three things that can be done, barring 10% growth/yr, which will NOT happen under socialism: You can

        a.) Raise taxes (which kills business; also, even under the most draconian socialist dystopia, historically there has been a limit how much blood they can get fro the turnip, even if taxes are 95%)

        b.) You can print money (not available to states)

        c.)Cut services

        Yes you can combine, but they will obviously tend to one or the other. Obamacare (and yes, there ARE death panels; in British Columbia, they recently told 7,000 people to just go home and die) and other things they are doing are service cuts); that guy who was arrested by US Marshalls for a 1500 20 year old student loan is a tax; or when I was downtown in the Peoples’ Socialist Thugocracy of Chicago stopped for 30 seconds at a scenic viewpoint to show a visitor the sight – and was fined over 100 bucks for illegal stopping – THAT was a tax.

        Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, who served under Reagan in the Treasury, and now is a prof at Boston Univ., recently said if you count EVERYTHING that is unfunded, the total is not 19T, but rather $222 TRILLION.

        Tell me, how will that be paid? See the three options above. And now you know why all these Learjet leftists are frantically padding their financial nests (think carbon billionaire Al Gore here).

        “Socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        • “Look friends, there are three and ONLY three things that can be done, barring 10% growth/yr, which will NOT happen under socialism: You can

          a.) Raise taxes (which kills business; also, even under the most draconian socialist dystopia, historically there has been a limit how much blood they can get fro the turnip, even if taxes are 95%)

          b.) You can print money (not available to states)

          c.)Cut services”

          Actually not one person who has worked within the USA should have any type of pension cut whatsoever UNTIL there is no more “foreign aid” (a bit over 2 Trillion a year when you track all the forms of foreign aid given out); Not as long as one dime goes out to ILLEGALS (no person who serves as a US President can make laws/regulations/codes/etc binding on the American people, nor create who is allowed to come into our nation and become citizens as that “power” was NOT DELEGATED to that position or branch – in other words they have no lawful authority.

          Not one American citizen that worked and earned a pension should ever accept that their PENSION will be cut until there is NO CORPORATE WELFARE.

          NOT ONE AMERICAN CITIZEN should have their pension cut until those that serve within our governments who have NOT done their duty as DELEGATED IN WRITING within the US Constitution, also KEPT THE LAWFULLY REQUIRED OATH has lost the money they did NOT earn from misrepresenting the American people.

          • Sorry Cal, but the American frog is pretty well cooked. There are a few people who see the big picture for what it is but most will simply accept the MSM version right up until the water closes over their heads. Those are the ones who’ll scream the loudest for “somebody” to help them.

            • Isnt that the truth,,,
              They will also be the ones villifying folks who had the sense to put back some supplies.

            • Absolutely correct. most are simply wishful thinking or simply believe in the many illusions created for them.

          • Money is information. It tells us how much reward we’ve earned… how much things cost… how much profit, how much loss, how much something is worth… how much we’ve saved, how much we’ve spent, how much we need, and how much we’ve got.

            Money doesn’t have to be “hard” or “soft” or expensive or cheap. But it has to be honest. Otherwise, the whole system runs into a ditch.

            But the new money was a phony. It put the cart ahead of the horse. This was money that no one ever had to break a sweat to get. It was based on credit – the anticipation of work, not work that had already been done.

            Money no longer represented wealth. It now represented anti-wealth: debt. So, the economy stopped producing real wealth.

            The Fed could create money that no one ever earned and no one ever saved. It was no longer the real thing, but a counterfeit.

            In this way, effort and reward were cut off from one another. The working man still had to labor. But it was the banker, gambler, speculator, lender, financier, investor, politician, or inside operator who made the money.

            And the nature of the economy changed. Instead of rewarding the productive Main Street economy, it rewarded insiders… and the financial sector.

            The penthouses of Manhattan and the summer houses of the Hamptons changed owners. Gone were the scions of Detroit factories and the titans of New York commerce. Gone were the people who had added to the wealth of the nation.

            In their place were the Wall Street hustlers… the people who moved money around… taking it from the people who made it and giving it to the financial industry, the money lenders, the insiders, and the Deep State.

            This process is misunderstood. It is thought that Wall Street greed and deregulation caused the shift. But Wall Street was just as greedy as it always was… And financial regulations increased dramatically throughout the entire period.

            It was not human nature that had changed; it was the money. And it changed everything.

            – Bill Bonner

              • Ame, money is an illusion, and nothing else ! and we all live in many illusions to be sure,not just that one.

            • Hey Bill, Great poem, But you can’t really blame the money, it’s like your buddy Varney said. “Money has no Morality”. But it can represent both evil and good.

              By the way, You just made me remember, I subscribed to your newsletter and never got my free stuff in the down load, or in the mail?

              I also wanted to ask you how much land goes for close to your ranch over there in South America?

          • I agree Cal. I’m just stating the reality, given that our economy is being stolen from us by the banksters. There is what should be, and what is. But we have to deal with what IS, while trying to change it. But yes, cut corporate welfare, foreign aid, you know it. I agree

        • Most people do not realize the unfunded liabilities you are pointing out are over 200 trillion and that too is part of our debt. They think the 20 trillion is all there is to it, as if that could ever be paid back ? It can’t so there will be some sort of RESET ! and it is already in motion.

          Beyond those figures there is over 700 trillion in derivatives floating around that nobody actually knows who could have a valid claim on because nine of it is regulated by anybody ! and that too will unwind as it all fails.

          • The current estimate of the global derivatives trade is one and a half quadrillion dollars…. vastly more money than exists in the entire world.


            • $1.5 quadrillion dollars… or about the cost of just ONE Michelle-Marie Antoinette carbon spewing vacation.

              Just sayin’

            • Karl , Does it matter if it were actually a quadrillion instead of 700 trillion ? none of it can ever be rectified because it is all simply DEBT and there are no assets, just blue sky bullshit and lies from the elite control freaks who have managed to fool all of us our entire lives !

              There is no system that can be based on continuous consumption of finite resources and use paper currency as a basis to continue in perpetuity. So we are simply seeing the end of a paradigm of ignorance and greed come to its natural end game ! It was mostly intended to benefit the few and hose the rest That is how and why fractional reserve banking was set up. They believe they are smarter than you ?

      3. Yep they got to leave half so the sheeple slaves stay civilized and dont revolt just a thread to hold on to keep them dangaling

        • Exactly. Glad you’re a resident of my county!

          Now, go to h_t_t_p://www.netranger.org/MayorsFirstName/MayorsLastName and send me an e-mail.


      4. it’s coming and it’s going to suck.

        I spend time on early retirement boards and a lot of people planning to retire in the next few years talk about what their pension will be monthly, how they cannot see their pension is going away before they pass on; I don’t know.

        I personnaly have over 6 figures in my pension and social security payments so far and I would take 75% now to opt out if they would let me.

      5. As a side note, I have a sister-in-law who taught in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois. She was just a normal teacher, nothing special. She retired early at 56 making a **freaking SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS a MONTH***

        I have to remain in the state to take care of an elderly mother and mentally handicapped brother (and I am the ONLY one still working full time in my large family; all the rest are semi-retired, one in the US govt at ***49!!!!***

        $7,000/month for a vanilla teacher which she may be paid for a half century if she lives that long.

        I, for one, will NOT subsidize that. And when my mother (whom the other retired socialist siblings are to freaking lazy to take care of) is gone, I will have my house up for sale the next day and go wherever I do not have to pay for people sit on their fat, lazy derrieres



          Fricking DWP workers don’t do that good… holy cow.

        • Thats why the states are in trouble, liberal bennies with COLA
          Yea, well see how that COLA tastes when the system comes apart,,,
          Wisconsin is already feeling that action,

        • MY mom retired as a grade school teacher in Illinois and her pension is only $1200 a month. 7k? who did she blow????

          • Illinois Policy Institute has the full details. Google it.

            Leslie Heffez retired at age 55, makes $547,862/yr.
            Tapas Das Gupta $466,409/yr
            Edward Abraham retired at 65 makes $453,164/yr

            You get the drift. Maybe your mother was in a poor school district. On the other hand, these poor, hardworking souls DID have to work a full 9 months a year. Slave labor!

            Each year Illinois state workers make nearly 40 percent more than those in comparable positions in the private sector.

            The study, written by public sector compensation scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, finds that Illinois state government employees receive salaries that are slightly lower than those of similarly educated and experienced employees working in the private sector. However, the benefits packages are far more generous than those outside of government, and therefore leads to an overall compensation advantage for the average state government employee.

            What’s all of the fuss about ‪#‎pensions‬ in ‪#‎Illinois‬?
            Here’s a primer, courtesy of the @CivicFederation


            Civic Federation Blog

            To check out IL pensions, you can always go to Open the Books

            • Teachers get so many bullshit ‘holidays’ during the school year that the actually ‘work’ more like 6 months a year. That said, the ones who are employed in ‘diverse’ districts probably think of it as compensation for being in a combat zone.

      6. In April 2012, Michael Snyder wrote an article here about Resolving Globally Active Financial Institutions that warned a Cyprus-style theft was possible. Based on that and half a dozen other sources, I put my financial assets where they can’t be stolen.

        I empathize with folks who get the nasty surprise of waking up one day and the money they worked so hard for is GONE. But alert people have warned us about this for years.

        If at this late date your money is where they can steal it, it’s like lying across the railroad tracks and daring that freight train to do its worst.

        Off Topic

        Check out The Battle of Tours on real crusades history. I had no idea Western Civilization survived because a French king, Charles Martel, was a warrior.

        • J_A
          Two great Christian heroes, Charles “The Hammer” Martel and John Sobieski the king of Poland who routed the Turks at the gates of Vienna.

          One of the Psalms, (125?) tells us to “Hate with a perfect hate” the enemies of God.

        • Check out Jan Sobieski, who saved the West from the Ottomans at Vienna a few hundred years later

      7. Maybe my fellow oldsters will have more critical thoughts about the free-shit-army and welfare for anti-American governments. How can there be such a person as a socialist-Jew? Millions of Jewish people have been killed by idiots (Nazi was an acronym for Nationalist Socialist) that don’t believe in freedom of religion and free-market capitalism. How can there be a black Democrat? Democrats were the party of Robert (Ku Klux Klan) Byrd.

        We are all Americans and we better figure out how to balance a checkbook.

      8. If you can’t touch it or you don’t have a deed in your name you don’t own it. Pete Santelli had a show last year about Ohio and how folks woke up one day and their pensions were cut by 50%. Same for folks in the UK. And the Ukraine. This article doesn’t surprise me at all. The next group to be hit will be all of the teachers and LEOs in Illinois that thought they were going to live the good life at taxpayer expense.

        I just watched a video about this woman that quit homesteading / living in a yurt after a year. Why? It was “too stressful” and it “was dark.” Probably moving to a homestead in the fall was not the smartest time of year to move off-grid, from Boston. Interesting that she also thought it was acceptable to not be on the land during the summer months which are the time of year when everything is most productive and it is warmer and things tend to be easier. This woman apparently had a hippie mother that wrote a book. Apprently she didn’t teach her daughter much. Books are one thing. Living and doing are another. I am a huge fan of books. But experience is always a better teacher.

          • TG: on point pics! LOL!

        • About those Ohio/Buckeyes that lost 50% of their pensions; I wonder who their governor was during that time?

          Possibly the same that is running for potus now? We know he took millions, if not billions from the feds to build up his medicaid/medicare program and then bragged that he did it on his own.

          Liar,liar, pants on fire. Another liberal publican doing the will of the nwo.

        • Right you are Phil….experience beats book (or YouTube) learning every time. A lot of ‘homesteader’ types think it will be so easy to move back to the land. It isn’t. Most of them I’ve observed throw their hand up in defeat and go running down the road screaming “I GIVE UPPPPPPPPppppp….”

          People should realize there is a fair chance that ALL pension programs, govt or private, are likely to fail at some point, and take the financial resources they have now and invest in the infrastructure (land, tools, supplies, buildings, etc) to get the most self sustaining life style they can reach BEFORE those promises prove to be lies.

          It takes years to take a small piece of land and make it produce on a regular basis. The learning curve is very long. We’ve been at it for 30+ years and still find ways to improve every year.

          You’d think this was simply common sense, but apparently common sense isn’t all that common.

          • TA: The older I get the more I respect my grandparents. They never complained.

        • Philosopher – before quoting something you obviously know very little about, please check your statements re the UK.

          Are you speaking of a 50 percent cut in UK state pensions or UK private pensions, local council pensions or all three?

          Private pensions are being hit by higher admin fees but are not being cut 50 percent. Agreed, it’s not fair, but what is fair where capitalism v ordinary workers are concerned? UK State pensions are being increased in April this year by 2.9 percent. Council pensions are paid and funded in quite a different way to the other two. So tell me, what “Idiots guide to Economics” do you read?

          What always surprises me about people commenting on this site is their hatred of paying taxes. However, everyone wants an improved infrastructure, better roads, secure and safe policing, more aircraft carriers to bully other nations, BIGGER and better prisons etc.,

          Now just how are those things to be paid for if everyone went to live off grid (as seems to be the cutting edge fad here)? Hundreds of millions of Americans living in cute little log cabins, all armed to the teeth – as a country you would not exist for more than a couple of days before being rolled over by your South American neighbours! Remember your motto “e pluribus unum”. The 21st century is not the same place as the 18th!

        • Ask the public employees in USSR. Their pensions were probably “written into law” as well.

          • And they got the full amount of their pension every month, without fail.

            Trouble was, the Ruble was worthless.

      9. Chop chop, people’s survival ability drains away in more theft. I’m sure Social Security recipients meager payments are next, Hillary won’t protect them. Trump says he will, Sanders says he will increase them, yeah right! The rest are on the cut bandwagon. What part of peddling fiction do the people not understand? These capitalists better lower prices across the board to reflect reality, that’s unlikely to happen. The collapse is accelerating, these American corporation’s became rich on the backs of the American people, the plight of the people is of no consequence any longer. Like the game of monopoly, only one group of winners, the bankers again. The American people are apparently slow to anger about their designed predicament.

        • Oh sure. Price controls will work out great. Just like in Venezuala and Cuba and North Korea and Zimbwabe.

          Don’t worry. The fires are being stoked for urban riots this summer.

          Then maybe Bernie can rescue you just like the people of Venezuala are being rescued by their communist-run government.

          • Philospher.

            There will be a hot time in the old town tonight!

            • SS: oh I expect there will be plenty of cities set on fire this summer. I remember the Watts riots. Not fun.

              • The cities will be peaceful, Hillary must be elected, you know.

      10. Too bad those fatcat pensions – many supported by tax dollars – means no third SUV, no extended trip to Europe, no payments on that giant, fuel-inefficient house in the burbs. The rest of us struggle paycheck to paycheck while people retire early and live the dream life. Not everyone was a drone in a school district or public utility for twenty or thirty years. I can’t even get hired by such places as they only hire friends and family and those they “like.” I can’t even get a decent full time job. So boo hoo to the union porkers who will miss their 75″ TV upgrade this year.

        • Realist,

          I hear where you’re from. Have you ever been to a neighborhood backyard barbecue and had the chance to ever listen a teacher talk about her job when she had a few too many to drink? I have, and the facts are totally opposed to what you hear in public. Publicly they ‘re always whining about how ” difficult” or ” hard” the job is. How ” underpaid” and ” under appreciated” they are.

          So why, do you ask yourself, do they continue to come back every year until they’re either eligible for retirement or shoved into the grave? Well now, here are the real reasons why these ” heroes” continue to so selflessly sacrifice they’re time and effort. First off, the pay isn’t bad, forget the pension for now, the average pay is pretty damned good, especially compared with the private sector today. Second, they’ll tell you with no small amount of pride, is where in the Hell else can you get a job where you get 2 and 1/2 months off in Summer, 2 weeks for Christmas, 3 days for Thanksgiving, 1 week for ” spring break”, 12 God damned holidays, and 12 sick days per year? Yeah, pretty fooking sweet I’ll bet you’re thinking, yeah, me too. Then of course, they always whine about how ” hard” they have it when their union contacts expire and they want a bigger yearly raise then anybody but a fooking CEO gets or they threaten to strike, which always throws the parents into a major tizzy who then lean on the school board to ” do something” to avoid a teachers strike. They act like they don’t know that they’re own taxes will be raised because of it. So then of course they get a guaranteed raise for the next 3 years where damned near nobody else does.

          Ah yes, and finally, the big fat pensions. Go ahead, retire at 55 if you like, you can afford to because you can start collecting your pension. And hey, you can always get yourself on the substitute teacher list to make extra dough when another teacher calls in sick or takes a personal day. So all in all, a pretty damned sweet deal overall. Until now, that is. The first cracks in the dike are starting to appear, and will continue to get larger until the whole damn thing eventually lets go and catches them all off guard. Personally, I’m looking forward to that day with great relish when they finally realize that just because you have a written contract, that can sometimes prove it’s not worth the paper it was written on. Lots of people who worked for private sector companies over the years have learned that just because you have a written agreement doesn’t mean anything if the company goes out of business or reorganizes, and just because they work for a governmental entity which can issue taxes doesn’t mean the money is there to be collected either. So the day of reckoning is approaching for many government employees with fond notions of living well for 40 years after retirement, and of course they’ll all bitch and moan that they were PROMISED this damn it, but in the end they’ll fine they were just as played as the poor slobs in the private sector whom they had so much fun laughing about for not being as ” smart” as they were. Yeah, gonna enjoy some cold ones when that day arrives in the near future, let the party start!

          • That’s a big 10-4, Billy!

            Those of us in the private sector who’ve been getting raped and plundered since the the days of Ronnie Ray-gun are going to have a big laugh when our “unappreciated” teachers, or our self-sacrificing public servants are out on the a$$es with no money, and no prospects.

            Welcome to the real world, folks! It’s gonna get ugly.

          • I am certified to teach in Illinois, British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, and taught the first five years of my career. And you are spot on, Billy. With many exceptions, of course, the plurality of these teachers are just utterly LAZY.

            So, if you are a teacher, and work hard,give selflessly, etc. do NOT apply this comment to yourself. But as I say, the PLURALITY are.

      11. Well at least there are plenty of wild life walking around so I won’t starve if they cut my retirement. The whooping cranes, sandhill cranes and white ibis are plenty in my area.

        • JAS: I hear you. I was noticing, on a recent trip through town, the birds roosting up on top of light poles. I made a mental note. It wouldn’t be hard to get four or five with a nice high-powered air rifle. In some areas hunting pigeons, and other such nuisance birds, doesn’t require a permit either.

          The birds were all roosting at dusk and were easy to see. (Note to self for future reference.)

        • JAS when you start eating wildlife you better start with the whooping crane, cause there aren’t so many around and you might not get your share. I love eagle, it taste about like owl. Trekker Out. Don’t Know Bout Ibis!

          • I though it tasted more like a mix between California condor and Hawaiian Nene goose

            • Kula your probably talking about a White Tailed Sea Eagle, I have only ate Golden and Bald Eagle.

        • JAS, agree, until everything goes hard south. Then, people who are still around in the aftermath will become instant “hunters”. The wildlife you described (and the 4-legged variety you didn’t, like deer, antelope, hogs, etc.) unfortunately won’t be as plentiful.

      12. Unfunded Liabilities: This is bureaucrat-speak for FRAUD. They made deals with their employees – specifically, deals for pensions – and then did not fund those pension accounts. Year, after year, after year.

        As so many people in the private sector have discovered over the last century, or so, public sector workers are learning that pensions are a fantasy and a lie.

        If you don’t get the money up front, you’ll likely never see it.

      13. good thing the gubmint’s handling this problem now…it’ll AAAAALL work out in the end….right?…..RIGHT???

        • Bernie will make it all better.

          Anyone believe that?

          • About half of the Democrat party if you can believe the election results.

            • Whats scary is the other half think hitlery will make it better,,, talk about sheep

        • i subscribed to pensiontsunami for the last 6 or 7 years?…maybe longer, i can’t remember…but it’s chock FULL of these kinds of stories….i’ve KNOWN for at least ten years that it would all collapse…when a nation takes out it’s collective credit card and leverages it against the housing bubble of epic proportions….the inevitable END comes sooner or later….who could have known it would take MORE than ten years for it all to unravel?….just remember, the longer it takes……the WORSE it’s going to be.

      14. I’m just waiting for the indecies to finally poop the bed. I don’t get how it’s still climbing. And the Baltic Dry is creeping its way back up to.

      15. All the way back about 7 years ago, I began to believe that all pensions would never be paid out over anyone’s lifetime, including mine. So I began a multi year draw down of all my funds. All legal, all taxes paid. Flash forward to now. With hindsight being 20/20, this move turned out to be the smartest financial move I ever made. Then I proceeded to buy metals on a cost average basis. This also turned out to be a smart move.
        The wait for metals to appreciate in value has been tough, but I will soon be rewarded. Plus, bottom line, I didn’t buy the metals to make money, I bought them for asset protection, and they have performed great.
        I follow the belief that as far as pensions go, they can’t take something that isn’t there. So an individual can either get something for it now, or lose the entire portfolio down the road. because if a person can’t see what is going to happen by now, they deserve to lose everything.

        • HD: smart. Very smart. Silver is still cheap at $15 and change, per ounce. And you can still buy it with FRNs. I can see a time when FRNs will be worthless and that silver (or gold) will be priceless.

      16. LMAO. Better how? When there is no toilet paper and the grocery store shelves are empty and someone tells you when to show up to do your “community service” at a local farm? Ya wohl.

      17. Once, the German government had, as it’s goal, to remove the wicked race to Madagascar, thereby saving Europe from it’s evil! They were concentrated in camps that were never terror bombed, as German cities were. Many died, from disease and starvation, as no supplies could reach the camps due to the heroics of the “good war” pilots who destroyed everything that moved on the roads! Ask the Red Cross how the camp inmates were treated? They were there and observed everything, there was no effort to destroy the race! That only happened to the German nation and only after the surrender of Germany! Rape, Murder and outright genocide was committed after the surrender on the orders of the “chosen” devils in Washington and ceased only after Stalin presented a threat to the plans of the “chosen”. When the people of this bedeviled planet discover what has happened to them, not even Madagascar will be considered for these wicked bastards!!

        • Aurelius,

          Once again your aging 75 year old carcass has found it’s way off the sofa to spew the never ending crap about it’s ” all the fault of the joooooo’s”. I hope you get a chance to meet your beloved ” master race” buddies real soon. You’re lies about history smell as bad as your depends, I would say you’re full of shit but that would be an insult to shit.

          • Karl – is this “man” really 75? Hasn’t he learnt anything? Or is he another evil old ignoramus saying the Germans were misunderstood? Note, I say Germans and not NAZIS. The NAZIS are now treated as a separate species thereby absolving the German race of all blame.

            As Churchill said “The Hun is either at your throat or at your feet!” At the moment he is poised to strike, again!

        • My dad (now 97) was on the front lines in 1944. He was in the 168th Engineer Combat Battalion, building roads and bridges for the Allies to advance. He was in constant danger of being killed by snipers and artillery fire. He was not drafted; he volunteered. He earned five Battle Stars and during the winter of 1944 — the coldest winter in Europe in half a century– he and the rest of the guys slept outdoors, shivering in a blanket while laying on frozen mud.

          My dad broke open the gates on some of those camps. He saw firsthand how the prisoners had been treated. Dead bodies everywhere, and the ones still living were like walking skeletons. The Red Cross monitors were taken to a few “show” prisons but there were plenty of hellholes that they never saw.

          My dad was there. He saw these things firsthand. Did you? My guess is that the answer is ‘no’. You’re just spouting nonsense because you apparently admire Nazis.

          I wish you were standing in front of me so that I could spit on you.

          • Karl, Yes, if you were correct, I’d wish to spit on me also but you are not! Himmler himself, pleaded with the Red Cross to help “Save our Jews”! It’s in the record of the Red Cross, but they were not allowed to return to the camps!!No one, and certainly not the German people wished the Jews to be destroyed and most certainly not Hitler. He had in mind to move the entire race to Madagascar where they could do no further wickedness to the White Race of Europe or America. They absolutely cannot stop their wickedness and as an example, I ask you to look at America and look at Europe! Do you really think the White people are for the invasion of zillions of aliens with a different culture, different beliefs, different everything under the Sun because White people want diversity more than anything on Earth, as if there is no diversity within the White race? You poor damn fool, if you are White and you wicked devil if you are otherwise. Want to know of our future? Go to youtube and watch HELLSTORM, it’s based on a book by the same name but I know you wouldn’t want to spend the time READING!!!!!

            • Anonymous,

              Yes, this sorry excuse for a human being is actually 75 years old and has nothing to live for but hate. Now, here’s the TRUE story of Himmler, and can be easily confirmed by researching it.
              Towards the end of the war, the Nazis began to show their true colors, that is to say, they’re cowardice. These mighty super men couldn’t scurry off the sinking ship fast enough, so much for their ” never ending” oaths they swore and their ” blood oaths” they made to their mighty ” furher”, who was by then reduced to being a drug addict requiring several injections per day by his personal physician, ranting daily about nonexistent armies and wonder weapons which were going to save the day.

              Well, Good ole Heine Himmler decided he was going to try and save his own skin by dealing through the Swedish Count Bernadotte by offering to trade 100, 000 Jews in exchange for his freedom. Guess he must have known SOMETHING wasn’t right about the ” innocent” way those lucky Jews were being treated after all, did he? Of course, the offer was never responded to by the Allies, only somebody as nutty or nuttier then Hitler could have thought it would be taken seriously. So, towards the end, this mighty Nazi ” superman” tried to disguise himself in a Sergeants uniform but was caught anyway by the British. Before he could be brought to justice, he swallowed a cyanide capsule committing suicide, a cowards choice, just like his ” furher”.

              Now, aurey is counting on people not ever studying about the Nazi’s so he can spew his master race bullshit about how the Nazi’s NEVER intended to kill any Jews, of course not, the Wannasee conference NEVER happened, there was NEVER any reference to the ” final solution”, and no, it had nothing to do with Madagascar, that was only a pipe dream they were talking about before the war. Once the war began, Madagascar was forgotten once and for all.

              And finally, look at his post, you can almost SMELL the desperation on him, like a soiled Depends, ” Yawhol Mein Fuhrer, Vee, der Vite race, are zee ONLY hope for humanity!” He can’t bring himself to admit the Nazi’s were defeated, the only hope they had to save their honor died when Klaus Von Stauffenberg’s effort to kill their nutjob leader failed. Thankfully, the US and the Allies were able to rid the world of that scum, but as evidenced by aurelius, some still remains, but hopefully not for much longer. Soon, we can only hope, he will be reunited with his ” heroes” for eternity.

            • You don’t know a darn thing about me; my reading habits or anything else. You have no idea how I feel about immigration. You are projecting a stereotype upon me and assuming that I fit into some cookie-cutter mold of the sort of person you consider an adversary.

              Your statements about the Germans are ludicrous; when Hitler ranted against the Jews, mobs of hundreds of thousands of people cheered themselves hoarse.

              I will most definitely NOT convey your sentiments to my dad; he certainly deserves better than YOU.

          • I forgot, I wish to salute your Father and all who served with him. At 97, please give him a kiss on the forehead for me and millions of Americans who truly appreciate his service!

          • Karl V – I salute your father! He knows about suffering for he has seen and experienced it.

            • Anon ~ Thank you. He is now very frail; I have spent the past two years caring for him 24/7. As long as he lives I will continue to take care of him. He is a remarkable man and although he deserves better than me, I am the only family member left and I consider it a privilege to do my best for him.

          • Karl V,

            Thanks for pointing out the facts here but they’ll be wasted on scum like aurileus who love to worship vile murdering Nazi filth. Hopefully soon he’ll be together with them for eternity.

          • Karl, there are a LOT of nutty neo-Nazis on this site.

            I try to read broadly, and with an open mind. But these Jew-baiters – and I mean this seriously – as far as I can tell have some kind of psychological issues, and infest this site, constantly changing names. And it is always Jews this, Jews that, Jews, Jews, Jews all the time. It’s like they don’t have jobs, and think of nothing else but Jews… and how great Hitler (head of the National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party) was. I simply ignore them, as they are not worth considering.

            This is not to say there aren’t some issues with a certain *subset* of left-wing Jews living on the East Coast. There is, but there are other groups involved as well, not just Jews. And I doubt any of these rhinestone communists are actually practicing Jews, but rather more cultural Jews. And there are MANY Jews who are fighting the leftist oppression today, too, such as Ben Shapiro at Breitbart, writer Jonah Goldberg, Dennis Praeger, Michael Medved, David Horowitz, the founder of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, Dr. Schwarz, Dr. Michael Rudelnick at Moody Bible Inst., David Horowitz, a strong voice against communism, etc.

            My best guess on the issue of why there has been an over-representation of Jews (NOT to the exclusion of other groups of people!!) on the radical left is that just like in the Old Testament, when Jews abandon the real God, they start following idols (like communism), which always turns back in the end to bite them (think Stalin). My suspicion is that many of the Jews in old eastern Europe, and elsewhere, got sick of the pogroms, etc. So… what better way to end all that oppression than invoking the utopian universal brotherhood of man. So, some of these pogrom-afflicted Jew bought into the communist thing lock, stock and barrel as a means of self-protection. And of course, many really believed it would work, as do many non-Jews.

            Also, many of these old world Jews came to the US during the advent of liberalism – think the disgusting, adulterer Woodrow Wilson, the creation of the Fed, etc. – and bought into this nuttiness whole hog. And now that whole liberal “progessive” thing is part of their cultural identity (same with the Irish in Boston, NYC, etc. for example), and in their intellectual laziness, they refuse to examine the failure of it all (hint: the War on Poverty has now spent about $20 trillion… and we have more poverty than ever; meanwhile the sister prog. of that was the Model Cities prog – of which Detroit was the first major city to adopt. Think these leftists – Jewish or not – have the intellectual honesty to even consider this? Of course not.

            The issue is this: As Alexander Solshynitsyn (sp?) noted communism is a Judeo-Christian heresy in that it affirms that man is perfectable, and that original sin (i.e., the fallen-ness of man) does not exist. In sum, Solshynitsyn called communism a Judeo-Christian *heresy* – and indeed it is. In other words, the Jews – and “liberation theology Christians” are neither Jews nor Christians at all, but just have the trappings of the faiths. Worse, after MURDERING 100 freaking MILLION last century (see The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, by Courtois, et al) they are STILL at it with other utterly ignorant lies, such as the trillion dollar fraud of global warming (hint, there has been ZERO global warming since 1998, and while this el Nino winter has been warm in North America, the winter of 2013-14 as THE coldest in 100 years; and of course they cite the less reliable land sensors, rather than the much more accurate satellite ones).

            So, in sum, like most lies, these Jew baiters are not 100% off base. They do have some thinks right (e.g., the last three Fedheads – Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen have all been Jewish); however, their analysis is incomplete, and they are making gross – what is called in philosophy – category mistakes.

            My suggestion: Ignore them. Mac needs to let everyone vent here, but it isn’t worth wasting your time. The deeper issue is the Great Apostasy, that includes, but is not limited to, Jews.

          • +1.
            My grandmother says the only time she ever saw her father cry was when he got home from the war and described what he saw in some of the camps he helped liberate. I’m no fan of zionism or flooding western countries full of third world peoples, but the holocaust was 100% real. The Nazis were monsters.

        • Aurelius, if you honestly believe what you just posted about the Holocaust, you are one sick puppy. Not a word of it is true, it consists of non-contextual half-truths woven together to ‘prove’ your insane belief system.

          You must have manure for a brain, if you fall for that kind of idiocy.

          • You poor people; you read only what the Victors have written and nothing else!!You care nothing about the mountains of written evidence that the confessions were made under duress, {TORTURE}, that’s right, torture. Why don’t you damn fools overseeing the destruction of the American Republic open your minds to the material available to you? It’s everywhere but it’s not politically correct and you choose not to see anything not politically correct! Everything that you believe has as it’s foundation, the HOLOCAUST! Well, my friends, that was a monumental lie and the truth was as it was before the sacred “HOLOCAUST”, manna from heaven, that the “Chosen Ones” were a race of destroyers! There is so much information available but I have come to believe that the human brain is like a computer! What is programmed is the only truth! Humans can be deprogrammed, but how the hell do you do it?

            • Nice try Nazi geezer, everybody knows what you are and you’re pathetic. There are no ” mountains” of evidence for you to point to, it’s all delusional nonsense in the mind of a deranged old fool. Nobody cares what YOU think because thankfully you’ll be gone from this Earth soon but don’t think for a minute you’ll be allowed to spread your lies here unchallenged, thank God there are those of us here who will stand up and fight against sniveling, cowardly Nazi bastards like you . Normally I would feel sorry for some old man who’s lost his mind but you haven’t, so go to Hell and spend eternity with your coward heroes, they couldn’t ask for a more kindred fool than you. Too bad we’ll never know where your grave is, I’m sure we’d all enjoy the opportunity to piss on it.

            • Don’t worry about programming or reprogramming anybody, nobody gives a fuck what you think, but we are not going to let you spread your manure of hate unchallenged here so understand that much if you can. You’re sick and belong in a mental health ward somewhere, you can no longer function as a thinking human being. Just go away and rot with your lies and hatred.

      18. Oh, gee. Bummer. I get so sick and fucking tired of sitting around the campfire listening to the LEO/Firemen with their leveraged-out-the-ass $140k motorhome and $80k sand rail bragging about how they worked the system, didn’t contribute shit, raked in bank on OT the last couple years, then run off with a huge pension at a very early age.

        Hopefully this trend continues. Several other public sector pensions are ripe for slashing IMO.

        They’re no better than the worthless eaters living off the .gov teet driving BMWs and carrying Coach.

      19. Sorry but it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving democrat union supporting group of slime balls…

      20. public unions buying politicians to award public dollars back to the union members is a recipe for disaster…

      21. Sadly, promises were made that can not be kept. You can bet it will be the little man and not the CEO’s that will be hurt the most.

      22. Billy Hill, That’s the most honest comment ever posted on these pages, now watch all the union slobs come out of the woodwork foaming at the mouth, but God, I hope your prediction comes true and the sooner the better, thanks again.

      23. If they cut the SS benefits they wont be in office very long. Just remember us 0ld Bastards have more votes that they young’uns.
        Just elect “Berni” and he will take care of you! Just listen to his speeches.

        • Sgt. Dale;
          Perhaps your would be forthcoming on the true nature of LEO retirement packages. I feel that you are in the know of such. What can a police officer or fireman expect to bring in a month after retirement and at what age. Not trying to pry out of you your income just speak in generalities. Thanks. If the accusations are untrue people should be speaking out.

          • Skeptic, to help answer your question, I will detail my plan from a city police/fireEms pension. No age limit is required the amount of years served is what is counted on a 3 percent factor. 25years is minimum time of service for a full pension. 25×3 equals 75 percent of the last three years of service on money earned. I am one years away from 25 years complete and I will probably receive 62,000 dollars. There will be no increase in money and no insurance provided. The 62,000 will be taxed prior to me receiving my one check a month for the yearly rate of 62,000. I am 50 years old and rode a busy rescue transport in a city that responded to 30,000 calls for service a year. I am now on an engine as a captain. I worked the hood my entire career too and believe me when I tell you, I earned every cent that I am going to receive. Thanks for reading.

            • I also contributed to my plan at 8 percent of my earnings every two weeks deducted from my pay.

              • So what will you do when the municipality cannot pay you your retirement any longer? That is already happening in some places and will only get to be much more common going forward until they are all bankrupt.

            • And your fire man job produced nothing. Its a parasite job. Someone who produces will need to be Robbed (taxed) to pay for your parasite pension. And there simply are not enough producers to Robb any longer. Its not sustainable. The chances are very good you will not get that cushy pension for very long. the very worst thing that can happen is for a majority of folks believing that they do not have to produce. Because someone else will produce for them. Then the producers decide why produce when My production is unfairly robbed (taxed) and given to parasite takers. So they quit producing or take their production to someplace where it isn’t stolen and redistributed to the parasites. The current situation of too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is simply not sustainable. You thinking you earned every cent does not change that simple fact.

      24. Do you really expect us to worry about Government Pension funds. No tears here, and no apologizes for saying it is fit that they suffer for all the pain they have caused the civilian population.

        • Some pensions are earned more than others; I did 20 years, with so many deployments over 20 years, yes, I feel that I earned it..

          • So because you where stupid enough to join the military and do the bidding of the NWO and UN agenda 21 folks you feel you earned a pension? What did you produce?

            • Just what the hell have you produced, other than hatred and spiteful rants about your neighbors?

              Post your education level and job history right here, let us decide who was worth more to the public, MadDawg or you.

              • I know I was and still am a making producer. You must be a taking parasite. I don’t care what you think.

      25. The government should be, first and foremost, eliminating all of the FSA entitlements, i.e. welfare, food stamps, EITC, section 8 housing, etc first.. All the handouts to corporations, to farmers not to grow, to foreign nations, etc – should also go at the same time. Will I care if someone goes hungry ? Yep, but maybe hunger is what they need to motivate themselves to get a paying job; and then they’d be voting to find jobs when the handouts stop. Heck, ending the handouts would stop a lot of the illegals in their tracks; those citizens that aren’t earning their own pay- i.e. that were getting welfare, would be ready to accept those other jobs. The illegals, well, without government subsistence, would hopefully turn tail back across the southern border..

      26. The one I heard was,”We’re not responsible for what somebody else promised you.”
        And then ‘The Look’, that says ‘Sorry, Sucker’!

      27. The Central Conference is for the Teamsters. Majority private sector contributions.

      28. Money is information. It tells us how much reward we’ve earned… how much things cost… how much profit, how much loss, how much something is worth… how much we’ve saved, how much we’ve spent, how much we need, and how much we’ve got.

        Money doesn’t have to be “hard” or “soft” or expensive or cheap. But it has to be honest. Otherwise, the whole system runs into a ditch.

        But the new money was a phony. It put the cart ahead of the horse. This was money that no one ever had to break a sweat to get. It was based on credit – the anticipation of work, not work that had already been done.

        Money no longer represented wealth. It now represented anti-wealth: debt. So, the economy stopped producing real wealth.

        The Fed could create money that no one ever earned and no one ever saved. It was no longer the real thing, but a counterfeit.

        In this way, effort and reward were cut off from one another. The working man still had to labor. But it was the banker, gambler, speculator, lender, financier, investor, politician, or inside operator who made the money.

        And the nature of the economy changed. Instead of rewarding the productive Main Street economy, it rewarded insiders… and the financial sector.

        The penthouses of Manhattan and the summer houses of the Hamptons changed owners. Gone were the scions of Detroit factories and the titans of New York commerce. Gone were the people who had added to the wealth of the nation.

        In their place were the Wall Street hustlers… the people who moved money around… taking it from the people who made it and giving it to the financial industry, the money lenders, the insiders, and the Deep State.

        This process is misunderstood. It is thought that Wall Street greed and deregulation caused the shift. But Wall Street was just as greedy as it always was… And financial regulations increased dramatically throughout the entire period.

        It was not human nature that had changed; it was the money. And it changed everything.

        – Bill Bonner

        • No truer words have ever been written.

          The money has changed but not everything about it. Its still required to buy a gallon of milk or pay your rent. But the acquisition of money changed. For those who are closer to the printing press and the Wall Street con, it is acquired without effort. For you and I, it requires the same effort.

          It is nirvana for the money changers. They have created something that is treated like money but in reality is fake. It took them almost 100 years to do it, but, as they created paper money in the early part of the 20th century then moved from gold and silver coins to base metal in the mid 60s then totally suspended the link between the dollar and gold in 1971 – It is complete! Now, the money is totally worthless.

          I find it very amusing how they have cast their word magic spells on us calling it “money”. Its not “money”, it is currency. …and how they call real money, the money we used to have that was worth something, “junk” silver. Hahahaha! A “junk” silver dollar is worth approximately 80x that of a green fiat butt-wipe.

          But, this all takes place because the people are to ignorant to understand, too trusting. We all complain about “The Sheeple”, but, in reality most people are just too trusting and they let government go along to get along. Its ending.

          You can say the collapse isn’t near, but, in reality, the collapse is here because people are not trusting the crooked cabal of dishonest bastard thieves anymore. Oh, sure, there are some late comers, but, 70% of the American public doesn’t trust government.

          I read an article yesterday that 80% of Russians have a negative view of America and thats higher than during the cold war. The only thing they actually see is the American Government. Thats only 10% higher than what Americans themselves feel. Think about it: our government (which really is government, industry and finance all internmingled) isn’t trusted by 70% of its citizens. …and the Russians, who we are told hate us (another propaganda lie) so we should hate them, have a “dislike” of 80%. The fact is collapse is here. People are getting educated and government, regardless of how hard it tries to hold onto power, is losing control.

          Simple Fact: If the government doesn’t want you to do it it means its probably really good for you and really bad for them.

      29. Yes everyone, they took your/my money that we worked hard for and gave it to the people who didn’t work,came in the country illegally or was an Obama refugee. So now that you all know what they did with your/my money, can look the other way and do nothing. This is why they want all the hard working older people to die so they can give their hard earned money to freeloading scumbags. Aaagh!!!!

      30. Kansas KPERS is over 9 billion in the hole. Wonder how long it can go?

      31. The labor unions never did fund their “multi-employer” pensions. There never has been any money in them. They always have been a joke and never should have been allowed to exist.
        The Social Security Trust Fund is almost gone. Politicians have been spending the money on wars and food stamps ever since LBJ.
        With the Federal Reserve driving interest rates to zero, many corporate funds are going broke. The Federal Gov’t PBGC (supposed to insure corporate funds)is nearly broke.
        The US dollar is about to crash and burn. Twenty trillion in debt and zero interest rates will kill it.
        Unless you have packed away some gold, you are going to be old and broke and you will have no one to blame but yourself for believing that government would protect you.

      32. Retirees before welfare….!

      33. Pension plans are pyramid schemes. The scam begins collapsing when the worker base is no longer expanding, and the recipients live longer than originally planned for. All of these plans also used interest rates in their calculations that were unsustainable.

        Given enough time they always collapse in this fashion.

        Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid are also pyramid schemes. They will also eventually have massive cutbacks as the years roll by. The scams are finally unraveling.

        The United Socialists of America is a more fitting name for our country.

      34. Mac, Where is my reply to Karl V??? I had no hatred in my answer, it was entirely civil and without animosity! I begin to wonder about this website!!!

        • It’s saturday and we run a bit shorter-staffed 🙂

          comment should be posted shortly.

          • My apologies Mac; Sometimes, when so many think I’m a hateful, neonazi bastard, I become a bit paranoid. I’m simply a man seeking the truth and the truth has nothing to do with common perceptions. You are a good man as most of the people who hate me on this site are. The very near future will reveal much to them that will shock them to the very core of their being! I hope they have the strength to overcome the shock!

      35. This is why I NEVER was in a company pension plan, I saved my money for my retirement, which I am enjoying immensely. Yes, the time is coming when we will lose it all; but I had no intention of handing money over to some pension fund that invests in who-knows-what and is in the crapshoot stock market, which can crash now for all I care.

        Instead of spending like mad and buying useless junk, people should be squirreling money away for retirement. But most live for the moment.

      36. Like I give a rats ass about some government parasite and his friggin pension

      37. I hate to say it but I have studied this problem for 20 years and it is going down, hard. The welfare state built up by the West (and pensions are part of it) is totally unsustainable and unfundable. It is just not possible to spin the economy fast enough and hard enough to generate the tax revenue to pay for all the free housing, EBT, single mommies on welfare, pensions, etc. They will have to cut it all back one way or another. And people will not be happy about it but they will have to suck it up because the money is not there.

        I consider this a good thing in the long run. It will mean the HUD housing will need to be demolished and the land sold; the people on food stamps will just need to get a job or learn how to grow food; the single mommies will need to hit the running track, get tight and fit, practice their b-job skills and get their booty on a web platform for a hundred bucks a pop. It will be a good thing because all the welfare zombies will just not be able to live how they do now. They will eventually just be dispersed throughout the economy and society (or die trying).

        • Let’s not forget all the government pension zombies, let them go back to work for the 40 years they thought they were going to get a free ride, that means everybody, cops, teachers, fireman, postal porkers, every useless pos that couldn’t get hired in the private s sector that sloughed their way through life leeching off the public dole. No more retire at 50 crap and live off MY taxes, fuck em all!

      38. Those who make deals with the devil get what they deserve.

      39. It sounds to me like Dale Dorsey should be at work while his 4th grader is at school. Working for 30 years and getting paid for 60+ sounds like an unsustainable scam to begin with. I’ll probably die at my desk but plan on saving a little to give to my son before that happens.

      40. the new retirement plan work until you drop dead

      41. Something for nothing for the rest of your life is a scam that cannot be sustained…

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