Warning: We Believe State-Sponsored Attackers May Be Attempting to Compromise Your Account or Computer

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Headline News | 86 comments

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    Curiously, one of the leading sponsors of government tracking and data aggregation, info mining behemoth Google, will now be warning us if it suspects that your account is being hacked or monitored by a third-party such as a state intelligence agency:

    …Google will warn you every time it picks up activity on your computer account that looks suspiciously like someone trying to monitor your computer activities. Google won’t say how it figured out that state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer. But it’s promised to let you know if it thinks Big Brother is tuned in to what you’re doing.

    As recently reported on the New York Times’ blog, the warning will pop up at the top of your Gmail inbox, Google home page, or Chrome browser, stating:

     “Warning: We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer.”

    According to a Google blog post by Eric Grosse, VP of Security Engineering at Google:

    “If you see this warning it does not necessarily mean that your account has been hijacked. It just means that we believe you may be a target, of phishing or malware for example, and that you should take immediate steps to secure your account.

    Here are some things you should do immediately: create a unique password that has a good mix of capital and lowercase letters, as well punctuation marks and numbers; enable 2-step verification as additional security; and update your browser, operating system, plugins, and document editors.

    Attackers often send links to fake sign-in pages to try to steal your password, so be careful about where you sign in to Google and look for https://accounts.google.com/ in your browser bar. These warnings are not being shown because Google’s internal systems have been compromised or because of a particular attack.”

    Source: Mercola via Before It’s News

    If Google really wants to alert users about Big Brother’s data mining and tracking capabilities it should simply add a warning to every single google search query and account access attempt, as it is now clear that the US government is Pulling Together All the Data About Virtually Every U.S. Citizen in the Country, including ALL internet activity (especially what you do on Google services), and is unequivocally the global leader in state sponsored monitoring of emails, social networks, web site visits, forum comments and live chat communications.


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      1. thanks for the warning!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahha

        • An even better way to avoid phishing is to set up your email reader (Thunderbird is IMHO highly recommended) to get mail off of GMail directly.

          This way, if you see a phishing message, you’ll already know it’s a fake, because you would have gotten your email off the GMail server.

          • Or quit using Google and get your own domain.

            Google, I am sure, chose the word Attackers rather than hackers for a reason. It has given the corp the back door key, and now claims it will tell you when the corp comes in.

            Google and the corp are working together to keep tabs on your web activity and collect data on you. Like most other things the corp does, I don’t care and it will not affect my today or tomorrow.

            You know it is being done. Protect yourself and let them collect data on the sheep who continue to use google and it’s services.

            • i bought my own domain through network solutions. It is fair on price and I never get spam mail. It costs me about 50/year and 10 for each account. Fair to avoid being sold out by google, yahoo. etc.

            • Wow, for the first time ever today, I had a google message pop-up and remind that I hadn’t used google toolbar in a while. Would I like to activate. I almost blew away my lap-top.

          • OH Google…please save me from those aweful “attackers”

        • Thanks or the warning!! 🙂 I am now going to make Google my main search engine, because I know that they have my back.., thanks Google for caring! 😉

          You won me over!!! 😉

          • The weasel guarding the hen house.

        • Google warning you about Big-Bro is like “The pot calling the kettle black”

          • More like a serial rapist offering to walk you home.

          • Fox in the henhouse.

        • Google is about as bad or worse than any state sponsored intruders….

      2. Mac, about two months ago: All of a sudden I had an additional 50 names on my address book and received apprx. 30 new e-mails from individuals I’ve never heard of. Their conversations weren’t even geared to me. As with pfishing, many were asking for replys. I deleted each e-mail and new name. Friends had called and said they received odd e-mails from me, which they deleted. Since, not one new one.
        Home and cell phones are randomly cut off, which is happening to a lot of people locally. I believe the information czar is progressing rapidly.

        • DRD, I can definitely see “bugs” in the system as they bring Skynet online…. wouldn’t be surprised if someone hits the wrong button and brings down the whole internet or a regional cell phone or power grid…

          Lots of viruses out there — and new ones coming online all the time…. we could all be infected right now with something, thought i would venture a guess that if ‘they’ wanted access to our systems the backdoors already exist within our core software apps.

          • Agreed

          • The Chinese are very active too. They are trying to get their foot in the door of everyone’s computer too, so when you log on to sites in China they want to set a “tap”.

            They just want to “listen” to see what they can hear. It keeps the population employed.

            • Good luck with that. My computer has no microphone…

            • @Durango kidd,,,,The FBI has had contract employees in Herndon, Virginia pulling this type of shit for years. You are right about the Chinese of course, but don’t overlook domestic enemies.

            • SWIFT: NSA in Chantilly VA “ran my plates” last summer. I mentioned it here at the time. No one believed me. What these goons FEAR the most is the truth and they want to ID those who are aware.

              Engage these MF’s or be enslaved by them.

            • dk, isn’t it neat that we, as Americans, are a threat to these people. Yes they fear the truth yet they fear more those of us with the truth that will challenge and expose them. I believe you, concerning your plates. We in west Texas(El Paso county), have to go thru border patrol check points when leaving our county. They now do a 100% lic.plate check. No stoppage coming into our county, only when leaving.

            • DRD: When I mentioned “ran my plates” I meant they TRIED to scan my computer, but they were not expecting me to trace them, and track them down.

              Still they can scan it if they are capable, but there is NOTHING on my hard drive except MS.

              Nothing. 🙂

          • Yes there are and yes they can. I attended an internet security class and the instructor had been to a classified briefing given by the NSA, at what level I have no idea however staying the bounds of what he could tell us his comment was that it is truly scary or reassuring depending on the point of view what they can do.

        • weird; today, on cell phone, two “wrong number” calls within 2 minutes ( from differant numbers). ???

        • drd 5508 – that is the exact same thing that happened to me last month ! i was using yahoo mail .

      3. this was linked already back a few stories

      4. 1984 All over again

      5. If they are, they know where you live, so the PARTY HAS ALREADY STARTED. Come on over, but it’s a BYOG bash.

      6. It should know.

      7. Do they really think that is viable? I can’t wait for the new Apple “persona” program. The government is going to really be peeved at that one, when our WWW goes from 2 billion users to 10 billion in a year with all those extra “persona’s” being fakes they can’t track we’ll enjoy a new level of security…..God loves technology!

      8. I wonder if google would be so kind as to let us know when they turn us in to the Feds? What a joke!

      9. how do we know that Google isnt in on this?

        • You don’t and they no doubt are!!

      10. I looked up ”Warning: We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer.” in a Thesaurus.

        Synonym: Google.

        Heee why use the long version of the sentence? Just say Google.

        • If they didn’t let you know it would be a crime for them to participate.

        • Bill: “Man I heard Dan had black suburbans show up at his place last night.”

          Mike: “yeah, they googled the shit out of him.”

      11. Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts

        posted by AD on July 21st

        • VRF: Old news. Real old news.

          • I know ..it was just a reminder

      12. I think Google is just mad that the Feds are muscling in
        on what Google has been doing for a long time

      13. “They” are reallllly afraid of lil’ ole us.

        • They are afraid you might actually think for yourself, and speak your mind. And worse for them, seek the truth.

        • Yes. The feudalist lords can’t have the peasants taking up arms. The .gov ruling class can’t stand opposition, why do you think that the same 1-3 people give a thumbs down to valid points on here? Why would they be so terrified of losing their power and their pay checks from their do nothing jobs? Because it’s easier to live off of prudence than to work, it’s easier to rule than to work and they don’t want you or I taking that away from their lazy hands.

      14. More Google fear mongering….Everybody that posts on here is already considered an enemy of the state.If things look to get out of their control, sites like these along with Twitter and Facebook will have their plug pulled to stop the flow of info.King Obama has decreed it.

        • They can stop information in the future, and likely will try. But they can not take away the knowledge I (we) already have.

          Print and/or save important information on a removable disk. Add printer paper to your preps. The knowledge available on the web must not be lost even if the web is taken down by the terrorist (oops, I mean the corp who will blame it on China)

          The future is up to you, not the banksters who want you to feel so overwhelmed that freedom seems out of reach.

          No matter what anybody tells you, freedom is yours to take, cherish, and protect. The only reason most people are not free is they give those duties to something other than themselves.

          • Good advice. Every time I read something of value I copy it over to a word doc and save it on the hard drive. Occasionally I back it up to a thumb drive. But you’re right about printing it out. Its something I need to put on the list to work on.

            • An EMP blast or solar flare will not damage the paper. What we print out now might be all that remains of our knowledge if the worst happens.

            • I think it is very important to make hard copies of everything on the computer that way, you can have it at your fingertips. Now if I could just get it done before it’s to late.
              Hate to say it but I have a lot of prep stuff on the computer and no hard copies of most of it. Need to put that a little closer top the top of my to do list.

          • Heh if the internet goes down one day and this event ends up on the news as a permanent state of affairs, tell me you’re not going to be shitting bricks. I know I will be. Like you said… anyone that posts here.

            • I don’t believe that would be the time for shitting bricks. It would be more like the time to shoot bullets and commandeer the “news” and television stations for the dispersion of the truth.

      15. Translation; We are watching you!! If they tell you its not their fault your privacy is being violated or your computer hacked. User be ware, type of deal and it limits their liability.

      16. “the warning will pop up at the top of your Gmail inbox, Google home page, or Chrome browser”

        I don’t use any of those.

        Go thou, and do likewise.

        And the next time their car roof mounted camera comes down the road, it may suffer 30.06itis.

        • Im about to back completely out of the internet

          • cant keep opsec with it..too many ways for them to know too much

            • You probably just now invited them in for a closer look. Me, I’ve got nothing to hide. 🙂

            • Maybe not opsec, but disinfo is always good too. Keep them looking at what they think is a honey pot and they won’t see what they should be looking at. After all, DHS’s job is to find whistle blowers, and locate insurrectionists who insist that they have rights against a despotic style governmetn. Not terrorists, or real bad guys, but those with a legitimate gripe. That shows you the mentality of the enemy, they’re more concerned with their own self perseverance than they are you or I.

          • Then you will be doing what they want of you.

        • Startpage is an awesome proxy server, allowing you to search in private (that alone makes you a potential threat, you know!), but once you go to one of the sites linked your IP is still recorded.

          • Every search result on Startpage has a link to view using lxquick proxy. So you can view the linked sites without being tracked.

          • learn ip hopping.

        • Yes, that’s my search and homepage–what’s Google??

          • Why does the front page of Startpage say “enhanced by Google”?

      17. To be an enemy of the state (the antichrist Obama) would be for me a high honor! So does one get a T-shirt and a coffee mug to go with it. Or just a bullet in the back of the head?

        • Obama to Jeff, “Repent of your Christian Faith, or Die”! Jeff to Barry, “Eat Sh*t and die, dick weed”. “I was born a free man and I’ll die one, you Commie Bastard”.

          Jeff goes on and says, ” God has given every man and woman Rights. I have the Right to say what I want to,when I want to, the Right to keep what I earned, Worship God in the way I see fit and the Right to protect my family and my self”.

          “So go ahead and pull that trigger, I’ll see you in hell”!!!!!!!!!

          • Meh ever read what Kim Jong Il did to Christians?

            Let’s just say you’re going to need a lot of balls. Like probably superhuman levels.

      18. Evening

        Now please don’t think bad of me but I’m a little sceptical about this…….

        • Me too. Its like the weasel telling the hens the fox is in the house.


        geee whizz … ya’ tink ???

        ;0p pssszzt

        puck google
        puck microsoft
        puck yahoo
        puck verizon
        puck comcast
        puck at&t
        etc etc etc

        they all track you
        they all spy on you
        they all are working with the cia fbi nsa darpa u.s. military zionist jooo fascist freemason fedgov to truly enslave you ALL !!!

        arm up stock up prepare for VERY REAL boots on the main streets NWO U.N. FASCIST FREEMASON ZIONIST JOOO MARTIAL LAW COMING SOON !!!


      20. warning : wash dc is going to be “nuked” by the nwo zionist jooo fascist freemasons intentionally as a example to the world and the ameriKan tax debt slaves !!!

        wash dc is gonna be turned into glass !!!

        plan accordingly .


        • We wish.

          • *** they the zionist jooo fascist freemason controlled gestapo fedgov have moved all gov headquarters to denver and atlanta for a reason .

            just as london england , wash dc is a nwo freemason zionist target for a major nwo cia zionist fbi mossad jooo false-fag !!!

      21. What is pathetic is that so many more of the population actually believes what those in control and other large companies spoon feed the public. No other comment about this.

        There is something in the news that is disturbing: http://news.yahoo.com/weapons-cache-found-home-ohio-man-nabbed-batman-201727303.html?_esi=1

        This was someone that had a lot of other weapons that could have been used if he was planning an attack, but only brought the 9mm to the movie. He said he did this so he could protect himself and other innocent people from someone that was going to do the same as Aurora. he is described as a survivalist by CNN, as wolf blitzker was describing as another massacre avoided. Why does this sound like another case of survivalists and preppers getting a bad rap by the media? Why IF this guy was actually going to murder people did he not bring his other weapons that were more powerful?

      22. At this point it does’nt much matter. Obummer is going to create an Executive Order along the lines of CISPA, because the bill did not pass.

        Failing that, they already have one saying they can lock down the web, on a whim. That is more likely.

        And that will be the more benign of the EOs about to be activated…







      24. Greetings Everyone!
        Google is going to warn us about “big Bro”?Amazing news!
        Truly epic stuff.
        I’ll have to check if any pigs are flying with afterburners over head.Then see if yours truly can actually teach one how to sing….
        I had a online “virus” that made past all my defenses and trashed my HDD a few years ago.And it only happened after I visited a certain Prepper site and criticized TPTB rather loudly.The domain thing looks interesting…
        Best to ALL tonight!
        Hope everyone awakes in the morning,if not,it’s been nice to meet Ya!

      25. Durango….”NSA ran your plates” ? and you know this how ?

        • You noticed that, too huh, 11 Bravo.

          I wasn’t paying attention to user handles as I read the comments, I usually ignore crappy people, as explained here:


          I can’t imagine what the answer to 11 Bravo could be. F.O.I.A. perhaps? Or he found out from a sister of a mother from a cousin… Ha. More likely you’ll get no answer.

          It’s like that bellowing “engaguge your gooey goberment or be enslaved” bit, Never Once giving an example of how he has done so in his own life in order to teach others the way.

          Nope, just bark, bark, bark.

          Here’s a couple of examples of People engaging their gooey goberment and they mostly just got slimed:

          How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination From Ron Paul


          The author concludes by saying this is something every American should be concerned about. … As if zombies can think.

          For the most part it seems “engaging” gets nowhere, turning your backs on the whole lot of ’em seems about the best thing to do. YMMV I suppose.

          I wonder what the “we’re not voting” party will be like this year?

          Also, I wonder if those NSA guys (and the others) ever stop to think about how a bankrupt gooey goberment can ever pay all those promises of a cush retirement they are working so hard for… Do they ever think of looking for a different line of work? Maybe one without guns and badges?

          Put Away Your Badge, Holster Your Gun, and Stop Trying To Loot Me


          [Note to Smokin Okie: that was a continuation of the “guns and badges” if you’re still thinking about things as well.]

          • Fuck you Clark, you crossed eyed little punk!


        • Don’t think the NSA had ever run my plates, but I have had cops do it for no reason going back over 20 years now. I have several friends that are EMT’s have have asked me if I was stopped by the cops, and when I said no, they said the cops ran my license and read every traffic violation I have ever had right over the air for anyone with a scanner to pick up. This has happened several times, the cops will ride behind me and run my plate.

        • 11 Bravo: I am certainly not going to reveal my security procedures and sources here.

          Suffice it to say I captured, then blocked their attempt to scan my computer and traced the attempted intrusion back to a nearly new 300,000 square foot SRO facility in Chantilly VA.

          Two can play that game. 🙂

      26. Most of this is China. I’m pretty sure the US government is allowed to mine Google data directly any time they want.

      27. I just noticed ads for google chrome are popping up on other websites. I had it but never used it; just deleted it.

      28. It’s true. The COMPUTERS RUN everything!!! CISPA, SKYNET, regulates every KEYSTROKE!!!

        NEWS IS what THEY MAKE or WRITE it to BE!

        GET a GRIP!!!

        IA, Computers, Mega Machines, TOLD you THEY WILL TAKE OVER the WORLD, they were NOT KIDDING!!!

      29. They even CACHE our WORDS!!!

      30. That wouldn’t surprise me , law enforcement has been making deals with hackers to work for them to avoid prison terms for a very long time .

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