Warning Signs: FedEx To Slash Thousands of Jobs Citing “Weak Global Economic Conditions”

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Headline News | 277 comments

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    One key measure of global economic health is how much freight – raw materials and manufactured goods – is being shipped around the world and in the United States. In July of this year the Balctic Dry Index, a measure of the price to pay for the movement of raw materials by sea, hit a record breaking low and signaled a steep decline in global manufacturing and consumption.

    This was a key indicator for where the economy was headed on a global scale.

    Just a few months later we’ve received confirmation of this trend from FedEx, one of the largest shipping companies in the world.

    Yes, Americans are still shopping, but they aren’t shopping at the same pace they were five years ago. Their jobs have been eliminated, wages reduced and credit has been restricted. FedEx’s latest earnings report is proof positive of this:

    Earnings for the first quarter were below our expectations as weak global economic conditions dampened revenue growth, drove a shift by our customers to our deferred services and outpaced our near-term ability to reduce FedEx Express operating costs to match demand levels.

    Source: FedEx

    Demand for FedEx services is down overall for a variety of reasons, including less retail consumption in an already struggling economy and a customer shift to cheaper shipping methods.

    As a result of weakening earnings, profits and customer demand for their services, FedEx has been forced to implement internal cost-cutting measures, and as you may have already guessed that means staff layoffs:

    Fedex, the global delivery company, said Wednesday it was planning to cut “several thousand” people from its workforce via a voluntary departure program beginning early next year.

    Company chairman Fred Smith said at an investment conference in Memphis, Tennessee, that the cuts would come in the company’s Fedex Express global express delivery service, and in the US unit, Fedex Services.

    The cuts are part of a plan to boost profits by $1.7 billion by 2016, mainly through intensified cost reductions.

    They also come in the wake of the company’s warnings that its business is being hit by the global economic slowdown.

    Source: France 24 via What Really Happened?

    While official unemployment reports attempt to make the case for an economic and jobs recovery, the fact of the matter is that Americans are being laid off across the country in just about every key industry, and as ridiculous and unbelievable as it may sound, this may just be the beginning.

    Earlier this week we learned that Darden Restaurants (the parent company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster) will be laying off workers citing the economy, as well as government regulation, namely Obamacare going into effect in 2013.

    Prominent CEOs around the country see the writing on the wall, as do many political and financial insiders such as financier George Soros who warned earlier this year that even the best-case scenario will be painful:

    I am not here to cheer you up.

    The situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career.

    We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression. We are facing now a general retrenchment in the developed world, which threatens to put us in a decade of more stagnation, or worse.

    The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.

    Plan on the worst-case.

    The collapse of the American way of life is happening before our eyes. It’s been at least four years since this recession began, and we may have a much longer road ahead of us. The Great Depression was an event that spanned at least ten years, followed by five years of global war.

    We’re looking at a series of events that may last not for 18 months (like typical recessions do) or a few years, but perhaps a decades-long decline that destroys the wealth and stability of the United States of America.


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      1. I hope the best for everyone on this site. I hope this stupid idiot we have as our president will be gone and its a blowout during the election. I still believe many of us who are away from the city will try to help each other and be very grateful and helpful to everyone as much as they can. I think there will be much violence in the big cities and glad I dont own or run a large company as fed-ex. They are going to be in chaos when this all goes down. Be thankful you have a place to live and things to protect yourself and food to eat. that is all we need is honest people we can trust and caring and honest neighbors. Still don’t let your guard down or ever tell anyone you have supplies. many people are 2 faced and will try and feel and scope you out and turn on you when things really get bad. Never let anyone know you have weapons either. Someone on here I remember saying to act like your hurt weak and ill and hungery. that way it never leads them to believe you have stuff to take. I think that is very important. And for people there are so many pussies that will rat you out to the police saying you have guns and other items. never trust people that start asking what you have. Turn the topic on them, “what do you have?” If they get more aggressive in tone or defensive, something is not right and get away from them asap. Thats my tip of the day. Anyone got any good tips?

        • I regret selling most of my guns, however I still have on ol boy left for duck in two weeks, hope the John boat don’t flip when I hit my limit!!!!??!

          • We are facing cost reduction due to global economic slowdown. Plus, we have the added effect of Obamacare that will kick it in 2013.

            Increased Taxes + Obamacare = Layoffs

            CEO explains memo threatening layoffs if Obama re-elected

            New taxes against CEO or company will force layoffs

            Obama-Care Begins: Hospital fines, death panels, higher costs, Oh My

          • D.D., I regret that all of my guns were lost in that tragic boating accident I had last month. Wink, wink.

            • guns…what guns? nobody here got any guns! we’re all unarmed and have no food!

            • Does anyone think that special forces should ALREADY be in seria? To secure ALL the chemical weapons??

            • Jim (another Jim):

              I regret that I have 1 life to give for my country.

            • Why do you post self incriminating stuff like that? You think it may not be used against you in the future? Smarten up.

            • az fred- NO who cares, we have done so much good in the world and seized bases and areas for billions in bribes, its time for us to have new roads and places like china has and not give away our money, we have have one strong military and let the troops be home here to be with their families every night and not overseas for 6 months. we can do all our training in AZ in the deserts or up in alaska like seals do. we could save so much money. stop giving turkey over 100 m1 abrams all paid by us the taxpayers when we get squat out of it. tired of it. drill everywhere here, we have plenty of resources. love germany but we dont dont have to protect them.

          • Ain’t nothing better than a fat wood duck stuffed with oyster dressing. Make your tongue slap yer brains out! Good hunting.

          • D.D.

            There is an expression that says, “…Beware of the man who owns one gun, for he will know how to use it.”

            I don’t know who said it, but I believe it 100%.

        • Buy nothing but preps and PMs.

          No vacations, no new vehicles, no electronics – food, medicine, defense items and precious metals!

          • Good advice Daisy, and yes the economy is in the second leg down, perfectly timed to terminate O’bummer and blame him (and justly) for a failed economy, then put a Banker in the WH. And why not?

            (This is not TEOTWAWKI.)

            WE have tried a Globalist with a sub par IQ (GWB); and WE have had a gay, Muslim Marxist in the WH; what could go wrong with a Banker in the WH?

            The downturn will continue until War with Iran in the Spring. War creates chaos. Chaos has unintended consequences.

            Buy preps for X-mas. Just saying.

            • durango most people dont agree with us but I think we are right, we will have plenty of time to buy x-mas presents and preps. I know many dont belive it but durango is over 40 I think and im around 40 and been around and have a good grip on the economy and understanding it as durango does. if you disagree just respond and lets have a adult conversation and talk and learn, if you leave neg feedback and dont respond your a immature young person that should not be here or you honestly dont agree and i respect that. I respect everyones point of view and you have heard me say that before. but people that are pussies and never respond, go to intel hub or another website. we are here to help each other and talk and debate.

            • Clint: Israel is hell bent on an attack asap (meaning as soon as they can talk America into it, but O’bummer has declined to take the bait. Bibi is pushing for his early election in February to consolidate his power.

              Mitt is talking tough now to get the Jewish vote and the Jewish money. If he is elected he might not be so “macho” and back off.

              O’bummer is a Muslin no matter what he says for public consumption. His ring says” There is no God but Allah” and he has worn it for more than 30 years.

              I don’t think he wants to be the POTUS that unleashes American power against Islam. I don’t think he wants to be re-elected.

              Don’t you LOVE the irony?

              Iran is close to a weapon. I don’t think this cat and mouse game could go past next April, but I have been wrong about the timing before.

              Either way, everyone should be prepping. This is just the lull before the next storm.

            • What the White House needs, isn’t a GWB or a raghead, or a Banker. What the White House needs is a plumber. Pretty obvious by the stench, that the place is backed up!

            • Durango kidd

              I believe Obama is Muslim too.

              “According to Arabic-language and Islamic experts, the ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada:

              “There is no god except Allah.”


            • …all I want for Christmas is a solar generator…OR maybe a few thousand rounds of 2X-00…OR a bigger sandbox.

            • KY Mom, of course Obama is a muslim. He bows before any muslim cleric he meets. There are several videos of him doing this on You Tube.

              Do a search. The evidence is not hard to find and is conclusive.

            • I have heard many rumors lately, that we are going to have some kind of false flag, black swan event, whatever you want to call it–very soon, as in before the natiional election in a few weeks. SO, this means the possibility that we will have no elections in a few weeks—as in martial law declaration.
              Folks, a turning point is coming very soon. Be aware and ready for anything. No matter what happens, the rest of this year is going to one for the ages.

          • Just come home daisy. I will not fwd your absentee vote this time.

            • Now that was funny.

            • Your comment and handle are both insensitive and inappropriate.

              To ‘assume the identity’ of a deceased family member of a poster is incredibly rude.

              You would not like it either if someone started posting comments assuming the identity of a deceased loved one – a spouse, parent or child.

              Daisy has spoken of her Father here in previous posts. So, I can only assume you knew that and posted in that manner anyway.

          • Daisy, I’ve been reading your posts a while, and I am glad that you gave lots of meaningful suggestions. However, I feel that they are hard to be accomplished.

            I am a graduate student, studying in US (on my own, I have no family in US). I live in a dorm thus I don’t have much storage space. I recently think of buying emergency food. I also warn my professors/ friends about the collapse ahead.

            What else can I do?

            • Bobby – the best thing you can do is have a viable bug out plan. Since you a foreign student with no US family perhaps you know some family in the US that would take you in. If you can secure that then it’s just a matter of having a plan and bug out supplies/equipment to get you from where you are to your bug out location. That’s a much more feasible plan than storing preps in a colleg dorm. Good luck!

            • Bobby ~

              Will’s suggestion is right on. I would agree that your first concern would be figuring out a place to weather the storm if the SHTF in an “event” as opposed to the gradual collapse we are seeing now. You need to make a plan of your destination, how you are going to get there and what you can contribute. Your contributions could take the form of precious metals, a strong back for manual labor, or a specific skill that would be in demand in a post-collapse situation.

              The preps that would be most useful are going to be things that will help you get to your destination or any special tools that you might require for a skill that you can offer. You’ll want enough food and water to hold you through until you reach your destination, climate appropriate gear, self-defense items, water filter, etc.

              Best of luck to you!

              ~ D

            • time to keep your mouth closed, and look out for yourself. Those you try to “convert”, will remember who warned them, and will want to be your “new” friend. remember, ignorance is bliss, and there are a lot of blissfull people out there.

            • greaseman has a good point, don’t be the smartest person in the room (got that from watching glenn beck). consider keeping a low profile where preping is concerned. buy and read Sun Zu.

          • Daisy: friends got rid of “stuff” via yard sale, donated unsold stuff.. Me likewise, we are spending money on preps. We did lots of travelling in past years, but no longer..short trips to parks, beaches is all now..best not be “stranded” far from home if SHTF. Most city people incl me, have to make the best of it in town. Few have a bug out place. Me and others will only give food or gas gift cards for the holidays and spend very little. Too much junk in stores this time of year..I stay away.

            • i fully agree and we are doing the same it will be a devastating collaspe with 50% or more stores closing and so much commercial space empty that nobody is going to rent and may be used for homeless shelter. econemy norecovery for at another 10-15 years

        • Gun Time

          If you all remember a few months back my state changed the rule on selling stuff at any show. Well things have been slow for the private guys and all that just sell stuff.
          This weekend is our “Big One” for the year. I am waiting to see the turn out. I still expect a lot of Private guys. But I want to see their ideas for here on out. Plus being the big one. We get a lot of “Visitors” floating around will love to here what they are talking about. Many reports to follow.

          I rarely receive calls from friends of my still on active duty. But I did receive one Yesterday.. Nothing said serious it was the tone. I know he was far away from the type of sound on the line. But it still caught my attention that he called instead of leaving a email like we normally do. Well maybe he just missed me. We all know what a great guy I am.

          It may be time to carry two spare mags instead of one. Just saying.

          • not sure why, but now i know why i just recently started carrying my double barrel shotgun & 25rd of 00buck in the mini along with 3-10rd mag’s of 40 and a spare 15 rounder for the g27 not to mention my git-home-bag, might be a 15-16 mile walk and would positivly feel naked without some shootin iron for the stroll!!!

            • Drew,

              We got your back. Foreign or Domestic.

          • Report one Gun Show. The setup turn out was crap. No one cared what was going on. Nothing new and the private sellers that did show up seem there just to get rid of what they had left. Normally we have 1100 plus tables we were only shy of a 1000 and two rooms we usually use were empty.

            There was NO inter-dealer activity at all. NONE>

            I am trying to sell one of my 50 this weekend that will be the test for me.

            General mood of the table holder that did stay around was quite low. And new sense of worry was in some of the ones that use to say nothing will ever happen. (Just because they come to gun shows doesn’t mean they are awake)

            The ammo guys did bring ever round they could get there hands on. The pallets still didn’t look as high as normal. MRE Guy brought a whole truck. That I want to see if he has any left when the weekend is over.

            • Sat Gun Report. Everyone’s attitude was poor. Many vendor didn’t even show up for their prepaid tables. The Stores that sell there did OK. I saw a lot of ammo leave but not in the batches I expected.

              Private gun were not moving around. I believe the people who must have a private sale (Many do not understand the difference I feel) already have their weapons. What seem to be is the newbies (And they are welcome) buying a pistol just so they have something.

              The feeling of the near future had a few people doing strange deals I saw. Just unloading things so they would not have to come back.

              The crowd was a joke. Normally we should of been elbow to elbow. Never came close. And everything was on our side Weather Etc.

              People are out of money and have already traded most of their stuff. There is nothing left to pay or barter.

              I think my Gun Show is in it final days of being a club and will from now on be a strip mall for FLL Dealers.

        • I didn’t make it past “stupid idiot”. When this “stupid idiot” is out and another “stupid idiot” comes in and things continue to get worse and you come back on this site and complain about it, I am going to laugh. You can point fingers all you want at Bush and Obama. They are not to blame, Congress is.

          • GregorKlusar:

            WE’RE TO BLAME.

            But we can make it right. Spain stood up…and they don’t own %65 of the world’s small arms. Our bark alone could put down any army.

            • I thought the same thing haha, what if people started a gun club called ” The Thirty million” ? Kinda like the 300 in the movie bout the Spartians.If we had such a group Washington and thie minions would be knee quivering hahaha. Would they not ?

          • Many countries and cultures have LONG memories. They are aggrieved over events that happened a thousand years ago. And will still kill and go to war over it. We tend to refer to them as zealots.

            Of course, we don’t have that much history. But in general we’re distinguished from a lot of the rest of the world by very short memories. On the one hand that has been a tremendous asset (we don’t have stupid wars over pre-historic things).

            But now we see, on the other hand, most people I know of are confused over who did what only 4 years ago. We get angry at the “current” and react with emotion. And give ourselves whiplash careening from one party to the other. I don’t know what the antidote to that is.

            FWIW – I do generally agree with you and DK on your financial position. I see large corporations making defensive decisions, but not doomsday decisions (yet). And they are the backbone of what is driving the economy at this point.

            • UGH, meant to say Clint and DK on the last paragraph (and yeah I probably should have posted that last bit above). Clearly that is a signal to get another coffee.

          • You know, you can’t really blame congress or the morons elected by the people. Even if we end up with a retard “in president”, the apathetic, ignorant, and lazy American population are the ones to blame at the end of the day. I find it quite frustrating that so many people don’t care; or worse, they ALL think that there’s nothing they can do about it.

            “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” – Thomas Jefferson

        • Hey, FedEx can rent their trucks to us that lose our homes!!
          Should I email the CEO?

          • If you get your FedEx truck in time, I might suggest a transfer pump and some fuel cells too… I’m just sayin…

        • Bite me biden. You lost to the young dude.

          • I didn’t see anything funny about the problems in the debate tonight.

            • During the debate/pissing contest, Ryan should have reminded ole Joe that while the Odrama admin has pissed away trillions and should have Iran by the gonads by now; they have been “catering/courting” the Muslim Brotherhood with billions of US taxpayers $$.

              As a general observation, the democrats have been weak when it comes to military spending and engaging in battle. If Romney gets elected, he will push the military budget upward. With a renewed vow to stop Iran from securing Nukes (as should be), the military machine will be repairing and building with a frenzy. With all those new parts being shipped, Fed-Ex may begin hiring instead of firing.

              The “War machine” has always benefited the wealthy and it will again. Sad to say, but it will also buy us some more time as the wheels of war cause the economy to jump start again.

              God is still on the Throne, so we can only entertain scenarios that may occur as repeats of past history. If God is ready to end this segment of time, then none of the politics of the day really matter anyway. We are at the crossroads and all directions have a short distance to the finish.

              Prep up,pack up,Load up and Look up!

          • Hey Ted,

            I saw 2 wolves deciding what was for dinner.

          • Ted K.: Biden has a case of foot and mouth disease last nite laughing and being rude; a real A hole/jerk. No real issues were discussed (open borders, NDAA, UN control freaks, debt,no win wars, etc) as the moderator controlled the debate as usual. Two more debates ahead I won’t watch as the first one was boring after 10 min. so switched to a movie.

        • Clint from Iowa:

          I’ve got a good tip. Order all your buckets, mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, gamma seal lids, heirloom seeds, and ammo now while Fed Ex is still cheap!

          Clint, do you still feel tasering a free man with an exposed gun because he jaywalked justice?

          PS: I know I’m an asshole, but I’m honest.

        • you young people that leave thumbs down, state why you dont agree with me, do you not like what I say? afraid im going to rip on you or just have no balls? leave a post why you dont agree with what i said. we are adults here, would like to hear what you believe. if you have no balls to respond then go to intel hub or go somewhere else. we are hear to debate and learn and share ideas.

          • Don’t give up. Perhaps you and the more thoughtful posters can rehabilitate the comments section. Just ignore the thumbs down. BTW, I suspect it’s not just young people red thumbing you. Close-mindedness is not limited to youth.

          • Clint I’m in my twenties and what you say makes sense to me. Btw gave you thumbs up.

          • There, and that was for no other reason than because I CAN.

        • Yes I have a tip for all preppers. IF you want to look gaunt and lose pounds like other hungry people but not die in the process you should take a look at doing a 20 day Master Cleanse. I did 10 days and I was miserable (due to detox) but not hungry.

        • clint hospo , my tip is to stop thinking that voting, inv any way will make things better.

        • Fedex has a 4.25% Profit margin, as of august 21, 2012.
          Meaning after everyone is paid they are returning money to investors. They want more profitability, they are going to lay off ppl. They are getting tax breaks to help create jobs. They are laying ppl off, I guess those tax breaks really help eh? They make a profit they lay ppl off? trickle down what? trickle down to the 1%’s bank accounts, and trickle down us to the unemployment office.

        • So, Gordon Gekko is a better choice as POTUS.. the man behind monsanto, and BAIn..EDUCATE YOURSELF!!! Obama has failed dismally… But out of the pan into the fire is MITT..

          Under Mittens, Bain capital PIONEERED offshoring companies, PIONEERED IT.. Once again, Obama makes me wanna PUKE at his HOPE?CHANGE lies..

          But Mitt is WAY WORSE, whats he gonna do? Offshore America and tax shelter the elites from the starving unemployed masses and the working peasants?

        • It’s comical how many people think it matters who is President. No matter what person in whichever who cares party, the government always gets in. That’s the problem. Idiots think one party or the other will be the solution, its NEVER been the solution. People are just too idiotic to look beyond their noses and it’s going to be our downfall.

          Both parties, and it’s been said many times, are two heads of the same monster… The government. Just keep on voting for party X and see how far it gets you. They both expand government cause we have so many people dependent on their handouts it’s political suicide to vote down any spending bills.

          So until the money runs out, and the music stops nothing will change no matter who you vote for.

          Tip of the day goes to Clint Hospo: One word, paragraphs. Learn them, live them and love them.

        • @clint, I also believe many people will work together, life is just easier that way. and it won’t be as bad in the country where we can grow a garden. although, i live in a small southern town pop. 2500, where most live on food stamps. i saw people waiting in line (over 60)yesterday for a free meal at a help center we have here, and that went on all morning long. i think they fed 600 people. that ain’t a good thing when people don’t even have money for a bag of rice and another of beans! these people are ruined because of gov “help”.

      2. All you can do is get your ducks in a row, I would hate to just becoming aware of the coming trouble. I thank God for the people whom opened my eyes, good luck to all and I’d highly reccomened on kicking it up to double time in the preparation department!

        • Diesel Dan:

          I’m one of the lucky ones. I had no friend or family member wake me up. God himself woke me up with my inherent curiousity. I should still be asleep. But I’m not. And I try to wake up people everywhere everyday.

          PASS IT ON!

          “What did you do with the coins your Master gave you?”

          • I put them in a mayo jar under my bed, with the rest of them.

      3. As an employee of FedEx i can assure you we arennot cutting jobs. This is part of the early buyout program. We do the every 5 years or so. Relax and ship FedEx…

        • Maybe you just haven’t gotten the memo yet.

        • Yeah, judging by the small percentage of the cuts, I think you’re right. Years ago my customer Pratt & Whitney would do this every few years. They’d over-hire in good times, then clear the deadwood any time there was even a slight downturn, because the downturn gave them cover.

          That said, the economy ain’t a bed of roses, and I sincerely agree with the statement that the BEST outcome will be a substantial deflation. But it won’t happpen because the it would hurt the bankers, and they have their hands on the inflation throttle. We are so screwed.

        • Surprise…Jobless claims plunge

          Lowest level in four years

          Oops…one large state didn’t report some quarterly figures

          Direct links on Drudge Report

          • California.

        • No, ship via the post office. sorry Fred. Grin. PS, I am a mailman

          • Retire soon Jim, they’ve already missed two pension installments.

            • Like there is gonna be anything there when I can retire. I still have 12 years before I can get anything from the PO and 18 from social security. Lets face facts, I will never be able to retire and I am gonna die with a letter in my old wizened hands. Grin

            • Lets try and pull a little harder on them oars Jim. Sounds like we’re in the same boat.

      4. This is just the beginning, wait until the health care reform is completely online!

      5. More and more people in our small-isolated vally have come together to talk about their fears and preps. I think this is a good thing.

        I don’t let strangers know what I am doing, but I do ask for advise and give advise to freinds and neighbors who ask.

        None of us will be able to make it like RAMBO when this thing comes down. But having a secure community is going to go a long way to surviving the shtf.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • When I am asked about the preps by even the ppl I have woken up to the comming shit storm, I show them my NoMax on my left hip and my SoG on my right , and say I am ready. ( nomax means non metallic anti xray knife used in EoD work. )

      6. Look man, I only need to know one thing- where they are!

        • I like the comment and thumbs up, but remember that chick bought the farm. I always liked Chet in that movie “Game over man, game over!!”

          • But she went out with a bang at least 🙂

            • Yea, she was hot too for a tough chick.

            • And if ya gotta go, ya might as well take a few with ya…

          • You wanna get outta here, talk to me!

        • mclovin-lol good comment

        • I love that movie. ‘Aliens’.

      7. Democrats will never be trusted with this office again if we have one.You need to prepare food, water ,guns !The founder’s fathers knew this day would come and they said,

        “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”
        — Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

        “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it.”
        — Abraham Lincoln, 4 April 1861
        and finally ; “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.”
        — John F. Kennedy

        • I think you meant democrats and republicans. Obama is no saint, but neither is Bush and neither will Romney be and neither will the democrat that takes Romney’s place…the cycle continues….

          • Didn’t Bush support the 2nd?

            • Yea, openly, for political purposes only. Look at how many freedom squelching laws he signed into place.

        • Founders of what? You mean the Founding Fathers? This nation was created as a republic and was intended to protect the rich and their wealth. There were some excellent concepts in the original construction of our nation, but they went side by side with complete failures like slavery and denying women the right to vote.

          Yes, they were smart, ahead of their time, but the majority of what they created has already been nullified by the sheeple and the treasonous people in congress and the SCOTUS.

          The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, etc., etc Our constitution is virtually meaningless at this point. And it is only going to get worse as the wealth gap expands and more and more people join the ranks of the starving and unemployed.

      8. Have you not heard? The unemployment rate is down just in time for the election and the POTUS says that means things are improving already.

        Many experts are claiming this will be a ten-year crises. I hope that is true because we would be nearly halfway through it, but I’m preparing for the Biblical model of seven years just in case.

        • whats the biblical model of 7 years pastor? just curious could google it but curious what will happen? i believe in god and jesus that someone died for our sins but dont go to church to be honest. thumbs down me for this i dont care.

          • God told David? 7 years of plenty and then 7 years of famine and to store grain for 7 years. David then used the grain to enslave the people.

            • Heretic, weren’t you the one that was bragging about how you were a pastor’s kid and knew more about the Bible than any one else on the blog? Or was that one of the others who occasionally complains abut the horrible ignorant Christians that dare express their faith? Anyway, it was Joseph, not David. I know it’s hard to keep all those pesky patriarchs and kings straight, but geez, really?

            • Heretic has just done a magnificent job of demonstrating his ignorance.

              Perhaps he should have paid closer attention in Sunday school.

            • I stand corrected, thank you. I haven’t read any of that stuff since I was a teen.( a lot of years ago). I had a vague memory of the story. Mythology’s not really my thing.

            • Let’s see if I got this right. The first year they had to give Joseph their cattle, the next year, their land and the year after, themselves. I’m sure someone will correct me if that’s incorrect.

            • That’s right, David was the one who killed his friend because he wanted to boff his wife.

            • And his brothers sold him as a slave…but it all was soooooo Joseph could save Pharoah’s people during the famine years.
              In the plan folks; trust our Lord.

            • Walt, I’m glad to know I’m so ignorant. Perhaps I’ll just give up on particle physics and join in your caveman superstition. Got any cattle I can sacrifice? Oh, and since I’m here, I’m not a ministers kid. I was purchased on the black market for show because people expect a minister to have a family.

            • Heretic,

              God Bless You. Keep reading.

            • Maybe you shouldn’t discuss things you don’t understand.

              As for mythology….God will be around long after you’ve been forgotten.

            • “That’s right, David was the one who killed his friend because he wanted to boff his wife.” –heretic–

              And this astute little observation about the failings of David makes you…what?…..a better man?

              Self-righteous little prigs like yourself…pseudo intellectuals…are such a joke.

              It’s obvious that you’re bitter at your apparent misfortune of being raised in a religious home. But you’ve seen the light….found a superior way through your own intellect.

              How silly.

            • Heretic:

              If any were to rubbish a belief or discipline, the expectation would be that at least the facts would be fairly quoted.

              Your references to David are incorrrect again.

              Maybe you should stick to what you acurately know something about, but then again you might not have much to say. But on the other hand, as you seem to know a lot of inacurate information, then maybe that is what you are already doing.

              David did not kill his friend because he wanted to boff his wife. In your terms, David had already boffed Uriah’s wife, and had him placed in the front lines of batte, so that he would die in battle at the hand of Israel’s enemies.

              He did this to hide his sin. This is common reaction to the shame of sin. People have always tried to cover their sins.

              This single act plagued David for the rest of his life, and filled him with regret & remorse. Psalms.32 & 51 were written to express this.

              As for Joseph, again you have mangled the facts. You have the years mixed up, and a few other details. But let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

              It may be safer if you just kept quiet on stuff you know very little on…but then again, we might not hear fromo you again, and that would be heartbreaking.

            • Actually, this whole concept of the future rapture is an idea drawn from Matt.24:40-41 & 1.Thes.4:17. Both of those references speak of a future gathering of Christ’s people, when he comes again.

              However, the majority of modern evangelical christians have accepted the futurist theory, ie. that everything written in the prophets (Daniel & Revelation) speaks about a future time when the alleged anti-christ rules the world from Jerusalem.

              What most fail to understand is that the futurist interpretation was originally championed by Ribera, and his Jesuit associates, at a time when the majority of protestant christians were pointing at the papal system as the anti-christ system.

              When I say most, I could almost say all. Men like Calvin, Luther, Isaac Newton, and all of the men of that era, right up to the 19th & 20th Century.

              The sad fact is that all the churches have drunk of her wine of her fornication, as the following says-

              Rev 17:1-2 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

              The verse goes on to say that she sits upon this seven headed, 10 horned beast (Daniel’s 4th beast), which is clearly Rome, from whom the western world has come.

          • The Hebrew/Biblical Model of times & events was based on 7’s.

            Seven = Carries the idea of complete and/or an oath.

            7 Days in a week.
            7 Days Feast of Passover
            7 Days Feast of Tabernacles (+1)
            7 x 7 Weeks, from Feast of firstfruits to Passover

            Every 7 years was a year of release (of debt)
            7 x 7 years was a jubilee, year of release of sold land

            Dan.9. Speaks of a 70 Week period (ie.70 x 7), from the commandment to build Jerusalem to the (1st) coming of Messiah.

            You may remember Pharoah’s dream in the days of Joseph –
            7 Fat years, followed by –
            7 Lean years.

            Then, the NT has similar, particularly in Reveletion.
            7 Lampstands (= 7 churches, in Rev.1-3)
            7 Headed Dragon & Beast (Rev.12,13,174)

            And there is more.

            7’s, 10’s & 12’s are used extensively.

            Hope this helps.

            • Pardon me, as I’m an outsider to this particular conversation. This isn’t targeted towards anyone in particular, but after reading the back and forth, I wanted to mention a particular issue that I see quite often EVERYWHERE.

              I’m personally leaning more towards the uncertain if there’s any particular God side of things. Particular as in any of the various religious teachings of Who/What God is. I firmly believe that there is something greater than and beyond us, from a philisophical point of reasoning if nothing else. I also have reasons which support MY doubt, just as all you who believe have YOUR reasons to support your belief. Heretic didn’t need to trash anyones faith by referring to it as mythology, but one of the biggest turn offs I have with Christianity is how the name calling and bashing continues from your side. Where in the Bible does it ever mention that you should seek to persist in juvenille banter between yourself and those who lack faith? Doesn’t seem very righteous to me…

              The truth is, none of us will ever KNOW or EXPERIENCE for certain what happens to us when we die until the time comes. And it doesn’t do any bit of good (here or “there”) to take the asshole side of the discussion.

          • Clint, seven is a very important number in the Bible.

          • Clint, I believe the pastor is talking about the seven years of tribulation. Thats what I prep for. Some think (and hope) the rapture occurs pre-trib, some mid-trib and others post-trib.

            I’ve studied the subject quite a bit. Like most I hope for a pre-trib, but there seems to be a better biblical case for a post trib rapture. In which case things are going to be real nasty (especially for Christians) for seven years. But the good news is, the true King of all Kings returns and the evil ones get their due.

            • The supposed 7 years tribulation is a commonly held miss-interpretation of certain time period prophecies.

              It’s based upon a host of miss-understood sections of scripture, including Daniel.7,9.12 & Rev.13 & 17, and a few others strung along too.

              The key is grasping the essential teachings of the 4 world empires in Daniel 2 & 7, as Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome. All of which would be removed, and replaced by God’s universal kingdom (Dan.2:44, Isaiah.2 etc)

              The similarity between the 4th beast in Daniel 7, which is the Roman Empire, and the different visions in Revelation is unmistakable. Compare;
              Dan.7 A beast with 7 heads
              Rev.12 Red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns.
              Rev.13 Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns.
              Rev.17 Scarlet Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns.

              All speak of different phases of the Roman kingdom over a 2,000 year period, right down to our own time. Historians openly note that Modern Europe is built on the remnants of Rome, having her laws and in a great deal her religion.

              The time period are not litterally speaking of years, but epochs, that the different phases this Beast Empire would go through, in it’s reign on earth. Most of these are in the past, and refer to this pretent christianities monopoly on ‘God’, and persucution of those who really sought out the truth of God.

            • Yet where it is mentioned it is always 42 months…which is 3 1/2 yrs not 7yrs. I think 7yrs is from todays tv preachers such as Pat Robertson and John Haggee et al.

              Wouldnt put much trust in anything of their mambo-jambo. Anybody that has to add or subtract massive bible info to force an agenda etc is usually wrong as can be.

              Some folks Read the Bible to Learn what It says…Others such as prior named fool pastors first invent an agenda or fantasy and Then read to look for various, usually OUT of context or half sentences to support their warped beliefs or agendas(such as jew worship aka Judiaziers)

            • Isn’t it ironic that 99.9% of so-called preachers and biblical scholars are still locked into the seven year tribulation scenario? Why haven’t they read and understood that Jesus shortened the time of tribulation; “lest no flesh would be saved”? He shortened “a” period of time to “a five month period” as described in Revelation. I’m still not convinced that He shortened the whole seven years, but I am convinced He shortened the time of Antichrist’s presence on earth, to the five month time frame. That doesn’t mean that the “spirit of Satan/Evil/Antichrist/One Worldism” will be shortened or decreased. Hell fire, just look around, it’s rampant.

            • arco,
              i hate to burst your bubble, but the rapture is never mentioned in the bible.
              I respect everyone’s views, so I am not being an Ahole, but, let me ask all pre trib folks a question. Why are we more special than everyone else throught history. Why do we deserve to be “raptured” and everyone else had to go through the tribulation of life to earn heaven? We will have to earn it like everyone else. And if the church is “raptured” who will be here to kindle the fire Jesus spoke of? The rapture was made up in 1830 by two preachers that heard a little girl who was sick talking about it. They ran with it to stop the fear that is described in revelation.
              We are all on this earth during this time for a reason and it aint to be raptured.
              Jesus also said that the time (7 year tribulation) was to be shortend to 5 months so that the elect would not give in to satan.
              SOme folks say that they only have five months of preps for that reason. I say no. The five months are the five months that satan will be in control. It has to get very bad before that so that the world will accept him as their leader.
              God still believes in you even if you dont believe in him

          • Opening today in theaters is “Atlas Shrugged” …..
            I suggest you see it even if you didn’t read the book.

      9. Things are much worse than the media lets out. Just consider your own situation or that of your neighbors. This is and has been a full blown depression… much if not all of it caused by our current Glorious Leader… and his minions.
        On a side note, I have extensive dealings in Mexico.. most folks don’t know, but Mexico appears to be intentionally stearing it’s economy and populas away from dollar dependancy. With the exception of really large companies, a business owner can not deposit dollars (cash) into a business account. Only into a personal account and with strict monthly limits ( 1500, I think ). As a tourist, you can’t go to the bank and exchange dollars for pesos anymore.. only directly at major hotels and large businesses. Even with a Mexican bank account, you can not simply exchange dollars for pesos, you have to deposit them into your account, again with severe limitations. Soon, it may well suck to be us.

        • so …

          i.e. buy pm’s .

          i.e. buy install a real steel plated hidden safe .

          i.e. buy a BFG BIG F-IN GUN or two .

          i.e. buy a home surveillance system hide the receiver recorder unit .

          i.e. buy a years worth of stored dry food .

          i.e. buy a decent water filter and ionizer .

          i.e. upgrade your homes windows and doors to security grade hardware with anti-theft safety screens .

          i.e. get a BIG ASS MUTT that only eats bad-boy criminal sneakers and the legs attached .




          GAME OVER !


          2013 IT ALL GETS A LOT WORSE …


          • Im ready are you. I want to hear about your preps Big T. You must have a great plan for yourself.

            • @FBP … first off … go puck yourself ya punk bwiatch .

              ;0P pssszzt

              my plan ?

              i’m already living my plan re-tard .

              i live in the “Heart of MONTANA FREEMASON MORMON christian COUNTRY!”

              nothing is gonna touch where i live as long as the SOLD-OUT CRIMINAL CORRUPT TRAITORS amerikan mormon freemason mafia serve their masters the zionist jooo global banker government zog .

              every day more and more retired military fed gov folks are WAKING UP moving here … i ran into a retired marine colonel from the pentagon last week at my gun-smiths shop (he moved just 3 blocks from me) … he retired here with 5 other retired marines they all bought houses and moved their whole families from virginia . he was picking up a “tuned up” M14 / M1A .308 RIFLE 10 round clip semi auto battle rifle . ;0P i don’t think he has it for deer hunting .

              where i live is one of the safest places in commie amerika ;0)

              my state has the highest ratio of retired military per pop – every house here has a bible + gun or rifle by their beds .

              … and @fbp if the sheeit does finally get to where i live all i gotta do is load my 4×4 truck up with my b.o.b. gear grab my .45-70’s and i’m 10 minutes from 1000 squares miles of internationally protected rocky mountain nature preserve park and watershed .

              with 500 miles of fire roads and log trails to get lost on ( i bought a heavy duty pair of bolt cutters and diamond blades for my power saw as my “master key” ;0) )
              so i’m gone like “ricky ticky taavy” in a flash right into the rocky mountains … anyone one comes looking for me in there wont be coming back .

              that’s my plan @fbp … ya’ douche bag !


            • Sounds like the kind of place the Illuminati war machine will be dropping their first skank bomb. I’d keep the gas mask handy.

            • Why are you posting such old crap. Plus China hasn’t been buying our debt. So that scenario was wrong.

          • baabaablacksheep:

            All that is nothing without God. Stock up on Bibles People. We’re gonna need em.

        • Freeman: Has mexico also now forbidden 20 Million Illeagles Here to keep sending aprox.50 Billion in US cash to mexican reletives etc so they can bring More illeagles here?

      10. i have been wide awake and preparing and planning for more then three years..and it never ends..what bothers me most is how people act like it ain’t gonna happen to them and that they are immune to it all. they dont watch the news, read up on current events and many dont even know who their political leaders are from the small town constable on up to the president of the u.s.a. never in my long life have i seen such stupid people…and when they lose that job or have troubles, the first thing they do is stick their hands out and have a pity party for themselves. i am not a hard hearted person but i think lately i am getting there.

        • I agree and prep just like any of us on here, but again I think something serious is comming soon, very soon but dont get too crazy and think the world is going to end people, dont max out credit cards, just use common sense and keep up with the news and be alert and dont always believe everything you see or read.

      11. I have put my entire family on a high state of alert today because of the various tinder box’s through out the world. Any one stupid action will bring about a scene out of Dante’s hell.

        What no one is mentioning about the Fed Ex situation is that years ago they contracted out the actual delivery process. They now have for the most part independent contractors delivering the packages. Those being laid off at this time are the warehousing people.

        Over the last few years warehousing of product either by the factory or by the market has been eliminated to save money. Product on hand is for the most part is what is in the delivery chain. That way you only have to pay for what is ordered.

        When the delivery chain slows down that is a direct indicator of a slow down in manafacturing which is a major indicator of a recession.

        As a side note: The Postal Department announced today there will be a postal charge increase in January. They have already failed to pay the last two mandatory payments into thier retirement funds.

        Keep on prepping as there is no good news that indicates that our lives will improve no matter who is in the White House. Prepare my friends, the end of what we have considered normal is at hand.

        • The biggest problem is that the Post Office doesnt receive any money from the government, yet we are controlled by the government. For the last two years, there have been plans to streamline the Post Office by removing sat delivery, cutting out a bunch of unnecesary processing plants, and cutting the hours in the smaller offices. The board of congressmen keep holding up the plans adn putting a delay on everything. If they would let us be run like a business, we would be ok. And those stupid payments that they keep harping on wouldnt hurt anything if they would let us catch up, then put it away.

          • I believe postal service is mandated in the Constitution. However, Congress seems to be using the Post Office as a slush fund. They make them prefund their pension out to 75 years don’t they? Who else does that? They then can use this pension fund for other things like paying to run the government because they can’t get their sorry asses to pass a budget in time.I prefer Post Office delivery over UPS or Fedex simply because it’s cheaper for me.

            • Exactly JRS, we would have made a profit last year if it wasnt for that silly 75 year pension payment.

      12. Clint Hospo and Diesel Dan, I’m with both of you all the way. I’ve stepped up my prepping in just the past month mainly because of the rumors about “an event” in the 3rd week of October which is only days away now. I’m just as fearful and apprehensive as everyone else who posts on here. I wish we had another 6 months to a year before TSHTF, but I doubt it seriously. We may only be several days away from SHTF for all any of us know.I’ve always thought it would be a combination of all the plausible scenarios we’ve heard about over time, but we won’t know for sure until it hits. I give my best wishes to everyone on this site regardless of how you look at me. All I want out of life now is the same thing as the rest of you; to make it all the way thru SHTF alive. i’m still shopping and getting all I can until the last minute. Best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart live free or die

        • @ braveheart. I am beginning to really wonder about the 3rd week of October thing. The new moon is Monday of next week, perfect for Israel to attack Iran until the 20th. It may be something that has to do with the planet also. There was another polar earthquake about 2 hours ago at 56.3 degrees south. This alone between 55-57 south would mean a near 80% chance of a big earthquake. Throw in the other South Sandwich Islands earthquakes of 4.8, 4.9, 5.4 and the Balleny Islands earthquakes of 5.3 and 6.4 and there is something big coming. This is 6 polar earthquakes and ALL the times in the past, that is 100% of the time when there has been this many polar or even sub-polar earthquakes, a big one has followed.

          May I ask you if you know what event the rumours are about? I have my own ideas, but maybe others really do know something. There has been all sorts of signs of people starting to buy up food around the area lately. This is something I have not seen since after after 9/11. Even in my area people don’t take preparing seriously, but when I have asked them why, they just say that something big is coming soon. I ask them how they know this and they just say that they feel it. I wonder if others around the country are seeing the same thing that more non-preppers are buying extra supplies. This would be nice if this turns into a trend.

          • Be informed: Was prep’n today and the place was full of people, all buying can goods out the Be H. Beans, rice mac’n cheese, etc. No body was talk’n, but a few would say in passing something is not right. Went to 4 other places and the samething, people in the mid-west are gearing up for something, but no body knows what, JUST A FEELING. At the local gun shop ammo by the case is going out the door like you would not believe. So, yes it is really picking up as in the prep’n by more people I feel.

          • BI

            Yeah..we all see what the f is going on..

            Small talk at the range, the mechanics shop, at work..

            The local cops.the veterans.the awakened ones, the average worker.

            But still we are are a small minority overall…

            and none of us can accurately predict any outfall at all.

            it is all conjecture that makes us feel right about what’s to come in our perception…

            and we may be all wrong …on the timeline.

            let me reiterate..

            nothing is by accident

            everything is planned

            just keep on preparing..

            it is coming..

            just when

            no one knows..
            except the ptb..

            and I know that for a fact..


          • You are always entertaining. No idea what you are talking abouit but fun.

        • braveheart- I still think we have past december, many can disagree with me if im wrong I will always be wrong but i think if business lay off the trucks will still be rolling and we will be ok. I hope im right but thats what I think in my heart. we still have a very large economy and the world cant afford for us to just collapse. with greece and them getting downgraded again is scary but I think they will kick this can down the road since they can just keep on printing. think about it. if you disagree please give me your thoughts helping me see things different or you think different. we are all adults here not idiots.

          • clint

            we might not have til tomorrow

            or a year from now..

            none of us know..

            but like all good survivalists and preppers

            we are prepared..

            cause the ptb will never be intimate with us and give anyone a heads up for what’s to come..
            those who follow geo political events and sites and discern in between the lines from all concerned will at least be mentally morally physically spiritually ready when it does occur..

            read between the lines.

            and decide for each one of ourselves what needs to be done for our respective situations..



        • Braveheart- even if it all goes downhill tonite, I look at it as if you have put back even small amounts of preparations and had time to prepare mentally for what is on the horizon, we will be light years ahead of most, by all means do all you can but don’t get completely overwhelmed, at some point we will have to deal with what comes, until then we do the best we can. Good luck to you.

          Diesel Dan standing by in the woods of Ny

          • might the STHF on a friday? your payroll checks have been deposited and bank closes for weekend, and in ideal position to not reopen on monday. your thoughts?

        • Braveheart:

          I’ve heard Israel has til the 20th of October to attack Iran because of the lightly lit moon. Heard anyway.

          • No way will they attack. If they do Obama will come in on Irans side and they know it.

            • It is not Odrama’s call! He is a little piece of a dark turd that got put into a position to bilk away American’s money. He was given the position by a bunch of other little black turds, and some brown and some that have a tannish/white-ish outer coating. They have a common denominator among them; Dumbasses!

        • Nigel Farage aka Britians Leader of independent party and also a house member of parliment(?) was on an interview on RT news(russian tv news, but seems way More like mostly brit accented tv folks with Few actual russians).

          He showed film clips of him Blasting away verbaly at EU-non elected leaders and EU Head Honchos at some big meetings. Man he really let em have it! Nigel told them assholes they are Evil and Fools and about as carismatic as a Standard Bank Clock on the wall!

          He was nearly foaming at mouth and the honchos were visibly pissed off.

          Then RT interview lady asked him how much longer they plan to keep the sharade going?…He said the EU idiots were Hell bent on going fwd with their pure evil and wrong headed agendas, regardless what europes people or their elected reps wants.

          He said nothing can be said nor done to change their Insane agendas to total control of everybody as slaves. And not just the EU but entire world.

          Anyways his answer to the tv news lady was he expected it to last At Least another TEN yrs!..He said he thinks they can do so and plan to do so and will have zero problems with most all of europes and Americas leadership in it all.

          He had no beliefs in any sort of immidiate or fast or total meltdown. More like a Long continued same as we seen last 4 yrs now but another 10 yrs OR Longer!

          I aint saying hes right or anyone should believe him alone. Just that he Is a real smart and outspoken man who never minces words and is rare in that he tells it as it is. His final predictions were the EU “Dreams” of the eliets who run it Will eventually fall apart as nobody barely wants it.

          He did also predict way More spain like events with way more Violence soon. Nobody anywheres is saying it as he does. Very articulate-intelligent man who really knows how to tell off them eu eliets when they Have to sit and absorb it!….Too bad he cant begin Punchung the assholes eh!

          • Doncha just love Farage? He can hurl damaging criticisms with such elegance! He was fined for his criticisms of von Rompuy and they’re worth quoting:

            ‘I’m sorry but… and I don’t want to be rude, but you know really, you have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk,’ he said.

            ‘I sense though that you’re competent and capable and dangerous, and I have no doubt that it’s your intention to be the quiet assassin of European democracy and the European nation state.

            ‘You appear to have a loathing for the very concept of the existence of nation states – perhaps that’s because you come from Belgium which of course is pretty much a non-country.’

            Outstanding! And Farage was told to apologize — he refused. So he was fined for his critical remarks.

        • What is your take on the possiblity of EMPs being utilized in the near future?

      13. At the end of the day your love ones in your home is all that you will have to truely count on. The people that band together will not last, it’s human nature, some one will get mad(PO’D) and then it will be all over, again your love ones will be the only help we will have. Finish as much prep’s as you can now, I feel it is down to any minute it could happen. Like it has been said, when it fold’s you will have 3-6 hrs max to finish getting ready. Probably less time if you live in a city of any size to it, so finish up now. Use common sense and don’t tip your hand to soon on your out side defenses, beef up inside now, again use COMMON SENSE.
        Just my two cents

        • Copperhead – You and Braveheart… I give a thumbs up to both.

          For those of you with TV, tonight’s fallout will be interesting. How anyone that can balance a checkbook plan to vote for four more years of this madness, is unfathomable.

          My gut sense is events are about to be upon us in a shocking manner. Crucial month we are in. November will be decisive.

        • I think many of us will be forced into loose, uneasy alliances.

      14. The gene pool could use a good douche.

        Don’t look at this happening as the end, but the start of a new civilization full of those that can fend for themselves. A new government set on rebuilding a strong, proud Country of patriots.

        A true depression will eliminate a lot of those who only know how to survive by suckling at the governments teat. In due time it becomes a self correcting problem.

        In nature only the strong survives; it eliminates the weak by attrition (otherwise known as Obamer supporters). In reality that is not a bad concept.

        Families will remain families as a result of strength in numbers and added stability. Neighbors will actually get to know each other again as it has the potential to add strength and security (that primarily relates to us country folk).

        Maybe we can get back to meeting on the weekends and playing Rook, drinking sweet tea, and telling lies. No cell phones, laptops, notebooks, video games, mp3 players and big screens to fill the void that was once committed to family.

        Hell, maybe I’m just used to being poor but it sounds pretty good to me. Not to mention busting a few caps at somebody trying to come over the back fence. How can it get any better than that?

        In all reality I know it will be miserable, but I’m going to put a positive mental spin on it so that I don’t fret the inevitable.

        *Shoot low boys they might be rid’en shetlands!

        • Nailbender: Does that rebuilding include bringing all the troops home from around the world to defend America instead of everyone else?

          • Gregory8
            You can bet your favorite pair of boxers on that. I apologize if your a tighty whitey guy…

            On a prepper note: I recently learned that most towns will allow up to 6 hens, but no crowers (roosters) in the back yard. Eggs are an awesome food source, chickens are minimal maintenance, are a constant source of fertilizer – but very nitrogen rich, so be careful, and the extra eggs would be great for barter.

            I’m currently crossing Boer (meat goat) billy’s on Nubian (dairy goat) nannies. The offspring will give a little less milk, but will have a more suitable frame for butchering – a dual purpose goat if you will. A goat doesn’t require much more space than a medium sized yard dog.

            If you can keep the kids from getting to attached, rabbits take up very little real estate, reproduce… well… like rabbits, are all white meat and delicious. Another back yard meat source that can be kept in an area as small as 2′ x 2′ per rabbit. Also an excellent source of fertilizer for those with gardens.

            Iv’e recently began investigating propane interior lighting. A viable option for those thinking that the transition will take less than 2 years. I say 2 years as a result of 2 lights with normal use over a 2 year period utilizing less gas than a standard 500 gallon tank will hold. Side note, each propane light is purportedly the equivalent of a 70 watt bulb.

            Simply wanted to share a few ideas from the rural prepper front.

            • I got a chuckle out of the rabbit advice…”If you can keep the kids from getting to attached,..”. That is the reason I quit raising meat rabbits. The kids tended them and would refuse to eat if they knew it was rabbit.I think it is a great source of meat,though,and since they are gone now,I may get some again.

        • Just met another good neighbor to know in a SHTF senario..
          we are like minded, and armed, and not going to take anyones shit..anyones

        • Only ‘Spades’, and soda with popcorn.

        • More like a good double flush.

        • Nailbender, Great refrence, but I like the cigar song better.

      15. Nothing to see here… move along…everything’s fine.

      16. This can’t be good especially with the holiday season coming up, as many people send gifts to relatives and friends at Christmas time. It is not going to get any better, and ANYONE that thinks that obummer or rombot is going to make it better is going to be completely and absolutely disappointed completely. Neither one is going to solve this financial terminal sickness.

        I absolutely say this to everyone, rather than bank on either of these fools making times better, store up what you can NOW while the prices are still low enough to do so. I think everyone can agree with inflation, and when you can purchase something now for X dollars that will cost 1.5X dollars or more, this is what is called a sound investment. Food may have a limited life, but there are so mnay other items you can store indefintely as look as mold and moisture doesn’t get in. There are people that have toilet paper that is decades old and it is still quite good keep dry in the original plastic package. I know someone that has honey that is over 50 years old, and it is of course fine.

        Always bank on yourself and what you can put away, and don’t bank on any “leadership” in this country. Each time everyone gets burned for it, and yet so many fall into the same trap each election cycle. It is sadly like the sweet aroma of a Venus Fly Trap to insects that they cannot resist that the election cycle brings out the complete FALSE hope in so many that never manifests itself in tangible positive assets for the people. This TRAP is very dangerous for people because they let their guard down if they candidate wins and they don’t take preparation seriously anymore and the trap one day closes shut.

        • Spot on! If demand is going soft with the upcoming holiday season, retailers will panic. Although it was a little scary buying things I didn’t immediately need on top of a personal financial setback in 2008/2009, those were some of the best bargains I have ever gotten. Now I just wish I’d bought more (i.e., grain mill, a few additional camping supplies, better water filter). Now I hope I can get a good deal on a nice generator.

        • Watch the second presidential debate. Romney delivered very specific messages to Obama during the first debate. And make no mistake, these messages were “delivered by Romney” at the behest of “the head of the snake”.

          If Obama ignores that overall message via the second debate…it is game-on for the long predicted “October Surprise”. And “that surprise” is completely off-the-radar of almost everyone I know and read. SURPRISE is the KEY-word. It (the surprise) will be a “mind-bender” for the VAST majority.

          Watch the second debate. The relevance, possibility, and potential of the “surprise” will be telegraphed there. IMO.

      17. “We’re looking at a series of events that may last not for 18 months (like typical recessions do) or a few years, but perhaps a decades-long decline that destroys the wealth and stability of the United States of America.”

        I think it’s worse than that. When it ALL comes crashing down there will be riots and revolutions in the streets around the world. And the dickheads like Soros and the other TPTB will be munching on popcorn and watching all the action from their safe enclave.

        It pisses me off that this is all being done deliberately.

        • What pisses me off is no one can stop it. Where is the Congress? That grinning fool Biden should make anyone uneasy. Some tough personal decisions are going to have to be made by many, they did not buy that 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition just for fun

        • Sorry to disapoint you Rodster,but it ain’t gonna last that long,not decades, but it don’t get better until we have finished this earth age. Until no more politics and only one King. King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It’s all down hill until then. I’m speaking in terms of “the world/America/Nations/States”. On a personal level, if one has his heart right and uses the common sense the Lord gave him, he will be just fine. How do I know? Because I”ve read the “Book”, and the last chapter is a doozy.

      18. Carynverell, I know exactly what you mean. I encounter the same things with the people I work with. They all live in their own little fantasy worlds and have no clue as to what’s coming. When it hits, I don’t think a lot of them will survive the shock. All of us preppers will be less shocked by it because we’ve been prepping for so long and known something is coming and have some ver good ideas of what to expect. I think all preppers will come out on top once the smoke clears and the dust settles. We’ll be the only ones left alive.

      19. ( Please allow me to vent ) I just have a few words..

        I am getting so fu*&^%&ing burned out on articles that are, “Warning, Warning, Warning, The SHTF is almost here, prepp, Prepp, Prepp”.

        Fisrt let me announce that I am addicted to this site and hope you can continue for a long time to come…

        But PLEASE, enough with the articles that say why we are doomed. I know this and I’m sure the 5000 members know this or they wouldnt be here. As a daily follower, I would love to read more articles, Plans on how to survive, tools needed etc.. Thinking outside the box.

        I know PREPPING, BUY PM’s, BUY GUNS AND AMMO, FOOD, MEDS etc.. Can we please take this forum to the next level.

        I dont really care about THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN, I’m looking for content MAC.

        Again, your site is awesome, lets try to engage in thought processing like; executing one’s plan, the logistics plan needed etc.. I am finding myself spending more than an hour a night reading doom and gloom articles and find that all i’m getting is a large pantry, and prepps coming out my rear.

        Does anyone really have a plan on surviving SHTF?
        I question my plans all the time. I would love to hear from other preppers hurles and obstancles that they had to go through or are going through currently.

        Peace out preppers, as always BE SAFE spend as much time with your family as possible. You NEVER KNOW

        • Very few will survive SHTF. Accept that and do the best you can. Watch old newsreels on U-Tube of Stalingrad,Warsaw and other battles from WW2. That will give you an idea of what to expect, also the Kulaks and what was done to them.

        • +1 sir

        • Hurdles? The biggest I come across is true trust.
          When I say true trust I mean just that who can you Truly trust? Most of the people in my group are my wifes family. While I trust them I do not Truely Trust them.
          Will they be able to put down the im the man additude enough to be able to pull into the group and do what is needed? I have seen them at family gatherings they all sit in thier own little groups of their own families. There are 5 brothers 1 sister and their own families. They segregate themselves.
          I can not have division within the group. The everyday me is much different then the me I can be. Someone posted up top that someone said act poor, foodless, and without supply. They are right. Make them think less of you, think you are weak, during training we were trained to be viewed as little of a threat as we can be to fit in not be seen. Have become very good at this even in my time outside of the military.

        • Johnnyblaze, Prepare for a much more rudimentary lifestyle. Some people liken this to ‘voluntary simplicity’. Well, that’s fine for the bleeding-hearts but it’s too romanticized. Think about how your household will become engaged with a much more rudimentary way of living. Think of living with just the bare essentials available — no electricity or running water. Or pandemonium and neighborhood break-ins.

          Try to use this time to learn a new skill or two. Plan a few ‘what if’ scenarios and see if you can’t use a few weekends to try them out and allow yourself/household to work through some of the problems that arise.

          We are planning for these scenarios:
          grid-down situations
          grid-unreliable times
          continued financial losses (at consumer level)
          loss of pension funds
          unreliable or lost delivery systems
          civil unrest

          We are seeking these:
          more self-reliance (through increased orchard produce, garden produce, hay production)
          further perimeter security
          backup solar for very basic needs
          additional caches
          protecting real property assets

          There are more but that gives you an idea of how we address our household/future needs and how these things can be prioritized and managed.

      20. Is there some secret to participating in this blog? I used to be able to give feed back with a thumbs up or down, but now nothing. Every comment that I post is held for moderation and never gets posted or responded too. What am I doing wrong?

        • Now this one is awaiting moderation.. I don’t understand.

        • Tex, utilize an email address when posting (even a fake one),… Once the system “trusts” you it will automatically start approving.

          Skynet is in charge here….

        • Tex Dale:

          The solution is a CHAT FORUM.

          • coming soon… i know i have said that before…my hope is before the month is out.

            • Hey Mac, did you receive my article?

      21. At this point all one can do is try and detach from the system as much as possible. The less reliance one has on government and the corp, the softer the landing will be when shtf.

        I spent 3-4 years dilligently seed saving, and have stored them away very carefully. This year we didn’t grow a veggie plot as I wanted to focus my time & energy on trying to relocate, and other preps. (OPSEC was also a concern).

        However the weather has been really freaky this year globally. I’m now not sure we have sufficient quantities of seed saved & my gut is telling me seed prices are about to soar. I intend to purchase as many heirloom seeds as I can afford this month, before it’s too late. Do others feel the same?

        I think this is a generational shift, I don’t think it’ll be “over” in a decade.

        • LLM

          I totally agree with you. I scoured the hardware store and cleaned them out of their seeds – they were really picked over, unlike in previous years. Every time I can afford it, I buy preserved heirloom seeds, like you said. We have also been stocking up on bagged manure, prices are ok now that summer’s over. Also, Sluggo, Alaska fish emulsion, grain seeds: buckwheat is ridiculously easy to grow, as is quinoa and amaranth. Weird thing, where we are, suddenly everyone is suddenly buying up all the winter vegetable starts, e.g. kale, chard, etc… Also buy up dessicant, O2 absorbers, mylar bags too, before mylar becomes a p.m…..live chickens for eggs, and get 50lb bags of chicken feed NOW, and oyster shell, grit, fencing, barbed wire, hardware cloth……….

          • GOP4EVER

            Thank you as there’s a couple of items you mention that we not only don’t have, but that are not easy to obtain even now except by mail order here in the UK on that list of yours.

            It’d be nice to see some more practical prepping articles appear soon Mac, to jog our memories & share ideas wherever possible. (Noone is so smart they’ve thought of everything). The need to prep is undisputed but people still need help on the HOW.

        • Lonelonmum, I have not been out to check seeds offered locally but am not surprised to read what you share here. I would also encourage anyone who is a gardener (or plans to be) to buy as much as you can afford because you may need to provide some start-up seed packets to other people or they’ll raid your own gardens!

          I saved more than the normal quantity of seeds this year and plan to buy a number of extra open-pollinated (aka heirloom) seeds soon. Most seeds for 2012 will be fine for the 2013 year (onions are one of the least viable seeds, though — always get fresh onion seeds).

          Another tip for people is that seeds can be used as edible sprouts! Be sure that you do not use treated seeds but many of the seeds I grow and collect also make it into the sprouting container! So what can be sprouted? most beans, green peas, radish, wheat, cress, onion, cabbage, radish, broccoli, etc. Just a few spoons of seeds will yield cups of sprouts that are full of nutrients.

      22. Not a warning sign , they just charge too much , same thing with UPS …….now that the USPS has tightened up its act ….they just cant compete , especially FedEx . I used to ship things by UPS ……they got to the other end broken ….I then took a chance on the post office , packed things the exact same way ……….they got there at the other end undamaged . come to find out , UPS ignores any stickers you put on a package such as fragile …….the post office DOES pay attention to stickers and warnings . Its like saying that the fact that Albertsons supermarkets are closing all their western stores is a sign …….yes and no …..its a sign that they cant compete in that region and are cutting their losses , I live in the west and Albertsons is not all that popular out here , Fry’s ( Kroger) and safeway pretty much dominate the region , then you throw in popular specialty stores like Trader Joe’s and Sprouts etc. on top of that , its a business decision . Office supply chains are the same way ……some are able to dominate regions of the country better than others . FedEx has two things going against them …….they are charging too much , and they are not all that user friendly .

        • But dont fear …….the government will probably bail them out so we can continue with artificial free enterprise . If we let things happen the way they are supposed to our economy would be in much better shape , corrections are a vital part of free enterprise , if a company either cant compete or is making bad decisions , they are supposed to go under so a company that has its shit together can take its place . GM , Chrysler , the airlines , etc. etc …….let them die instead of propping them up .

      23. Be Informed: I can’t point to anything definite, but I’ve been told by someone in our local sheriff’s dept. that they’ve been told to prepare for “a major event” sometime in October, I first heard this back in August, then on Labor Day, I find out supposedly 3rd week of October; no other info. beyond that. I’m thinking false flag; another 9/11 with maybe some WMDs being used around the country, Obama and/or Netanyahu attacking Iran, bank holiday’ etc. There’s too many things that could become the “October Surprise” to keep Obamanation in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. until 2016. Clint Hospo, I sincerely hope you’re right about us making it into 2013 before the balloon goes up. The more time we have, the more supplies we can all get, and the better our chances of survival. I sincerely hope the rumors about 3rd week of October are nothing more than that, just rumors. However, i would be foolish to hold my breath on that. it’s possible Obamanation might pull a major falseflag and declare martial law to stay in the White House. he’s by far the worst politician I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Be Informed, I’m sorry i couldn’t give you anything solid; the cops I know were told as little as possible. If I come across anything, I’ll post it on here for everybody. braveheart

        • Some of the sheriffs I know that Hunt in my area were not allow to take leave as they normally do. Some may be from lack of manpower due to $$$ but who knows they were not given good reasons either.

        • @ braveheart. Thank you for giving us a heads up on something, rumor or not something bad is on the horizon. I can tell you just from the geophysical point of view something big is coming. The first of likely two earthquakes hit tonight. As you can see at 7:08 I said that 100% of the time when you get this sequence of earthquakes in this polar area a big earthquake follows. About a hour later you get a 6.7. I am now noticing that the Galapagos Islands are getting active, this is the Nazca Plate that affects the Caribbean plate big time. The eastern section of the Caribbean plate is ready to unleash a 8.0+ and is way overdue to. Will be watching this region as the Caribbean has been hit after the area of that 6.4 in the Balleny Islands region has been hit.

          This is what I like so much about this site, that people like yourself, me, and so many others see something they let everyone know. This keeps us all up to date on what is ready to possibly break or go down.

        • If this fucks up our trip to The Big Island I will be really pissed.

          • @ John W. I would not worry about Hawaii getting hit with an earthquake directly as polar earthquakes don’t seem to be precursors to earthquakes in Hawaii. Maybe this is because the polar earthquakes only are indications of something to come on plate boundaries. A tsunami is an entirely different story though. There should be enough warning though to get to safety as Hawaii has one of the best early warning tsunami systems in the world. The hotels are built there so the tsunami waves can pass through the bottom portion of it and not knock down the building.

            From past records almost 90% of the time when this part of the Balleny Islands gets hit, a big earthquake is on the way within 15 days. This one was 6.4 and quite large for this section of the Antarctic plate that intersects the Pacific plate. Have more polar earthquakes and the earthquake coming by Oct.24 could be massive. Past records have shown four 8.0+ earthquakes that have followed this region of the Balleny Islands getting hit. 59 times since 1973 this area has had a sequence of one or more earthquakes, and 53 times a 6.5+ earthquake followed.

            In any case it is a nice time to visit Hawaii in fall, have a nice time there.

      24. If I see one more comment blaming the current or past president for America’s problems, I am going to explode. The very thought is ridiculous. What is even more ridiculous is that people actually think that replacing a president will solve a problem. You are all sheeple and you don’t even know it. Sure, you might be a more educated level of sheeple considering you are on this site, but in the end…sheeple.

        • GK
          No doubt you are aware that obammy sat down and with a dictatorial pen flourish, discontinued the work requirement for food stamps, numbers on food stamps doubled.

          That makes it worse. That raises my taxes, so I have less to save or spend.

          That economic effect is real and this “president’s” fault. So how is it that you must explode if someone blames the current president for some of America’s problems?

          • A few hundred other people voted and signed that bill before Obama. They can still pass a bill even if Obama were to veto it. The president is one man. One man makes little difference. He doesn’t even make as much as a congressmen.

            • Ever hear of executive orders?

              Think about that, and then tell me he doesn’t even make as much difference as a Congressman.

              This jerk has gone around Congress his entire administration.

        • Obama and Romney remind me of the adage lets drive over a cliff. Obama has his foot on the gas and Romney the break, but we’re still going over the cliff. I’d prefer a prepped Mormon to a Chicago community organizer with a $40,000,000 Hawaiin estate every day. SHTF Bama is off to his resort in Hawaii and you can be sure his security will be better then a Benghazi compound.

      25. I’ve been a prepper for sometime and to be honest it drives me crazy. Someone on the internet will make some claims about something going down in a couple of months or so and then nothing happens! What the heck! Ya ya I know, its hard to predict anything like this and thats not going to stop me from prepping, but it still makes me a little crazy. I read a book back in the 1990’s written by the mormons. I didn’t know that at the time as it was not about religion at all. It was just trying to make people aware. It was called “A years supply” It was well written and I enjoyed it. They made a point that a years supply of EVERYTHING that you used or would need was to be part of the years supply. Trying to pay my bills and then inventory all that I would need, and then thinking of something else that I would need “just in case” and paying for it all is just part of what makes my head hurt! I live on the edge of a smallish city and I work right in it with the public and it seems that most people ain’t got a clue. I could get out quickly but it would take me half a day to pack it all and I’ll bet after SHTF I’d think of something that I forgot. I acually have a place to run to and hide, and hide it would be cause it’s just me. To damn hard to find someone and for me a good woman is just a dream. Anyways, I really do enjoy this blog even though its helps to make me a little crazy. I just had to vent a little. Have a wonderful day.

        • I have tried to do what the book said; think of all you need for a year…but I know I forgot something and I have no way to store that much gasoline.
          But I’m good to go in the underwear, mascara, and shoes area!!!!

        • If you want to be happy for the rest of your life,
          Never make a pretty woman your wife.
          So, from my personal point of view,
          Get an ugly girl to marry you.

          Hang in there Stu.

          • It helps if she has a “centerfold body”.

            • And a good IQ…like Ron White says, there is cosmetic surgery, body lifts, hair transpants, even girdles..but you can’t fix stupid.

        • I stepped away from SHTF and other sites for 4 days and it was the best 4 days I have had in over a year. Good info but leads to burnout.

        • Well, when it, happens whatever it may be you will understand what is really going on before anyone else. Oh and I think there is a prepper dating website. 🙂 I’m already taken.;)

        • A good woman is not just a dream! We are out there, we are just a little independent and also have a little trouble believing that good men are out there! Hopefully one day a like minded woman will present to you, just keep your heart and mind open and ready!

        • Stu
          I think it’s the general consensus that we all hope it never happens. The group simply wants to be ready in the event that it does; as it has in so many other countries recently.

          However, it is with much regret when I say with reasonable certainty that the event you are looking for is “really” forthcoming.

          In the meantime be happy that the previously predicted events have not come to fruition. I guarantee there will be enough despair to go around when it really does.

          Keep prepp’en, keep smil’en, and keep hop’en that it never hits!

      26. Just want to throw this out there, has nothing to do with this toppic , other than prepping, so its on toppic i guess

        This even goes for those of you who dont need or dont have a wood burning fireplace/ heater.

        Fire starter sticks, or wax impregnated saw dust blocks,

        Stock up on a few boxes or at least grab a few of the starter logs.. its very hard to light a fire with wet wood, or green wood.

        Even if you are not in a cold climate, I’d still get some

        fires can be useful for many things , Im sure I dont have to tell you that, but if you dont have dry shit to start with it can be a drag getting a good fire going, these will help.

        back to your regularly scheduled collapse

        • throw one or two of the small starter sticks in your B.O.B., its a bitch getting caught out hiding in the woods with out a way to stay warm and dry

          • Bugging out is an absolute ridiciculous theory and if you really think about it you would agree……..if the shit were to hit , what are the chances that you will make it to your location through the chaos…..seriously think about it …..in a sci-fi movie you may make itthere

            • just remember your not always home, sometimes you have to bug out to get back where you belong.

              Im not saying this as a bug out of your secure environment, if you have ever read any of my comments on here you would know that I feel the safest place is home, but I dont sit in my living room 24-7 365..

              having a B.O.B. in your vehicle so you can get back home is very important, and having the right stuff in it will assure you that you have a better chance of making it back to your preps

              Rich99 you should know me better than this by now, or have you not been paying attention in class?

            • Seemed to work ok for the folks fleeing Katrina. RICH99.

            • Yea Clark that’s why like 3,000 people died and they Arden fleeing a localized area not a nation in chaos ….you can’t be this naive can you

            • LOL RICH99 if more ppl bugged in in katrina there would of been more then liek 3000 deaths. You also know alot of the deaths were ppl who bugged in and were found dead by drowning in their homes yes? ( note I did not say a majority or most or all of the deaths I said ALOT 🙂

        • VRF
          Great idea! And, I have noticed fire starter sticks getting more expensive and I learned the following from a DIY website:

          Collect the lint from your clothes dryer. Take all your left over candle stubs, bees wax, and get some cardboard egg cartons. Fill each egg place with a wad of lint, and pour melted wax over the lint. Dry, and then cut apart the egg cells, put em in a bag. They are the absolutely the BEST fire starters. Start easier than commercial ones, never fail. Very cheap…

          • Those work great!
            I used to make those before going to camp out in the woods, they never fail to do the job.

          • Now and then you get a great piece of info on this site such as this. Thanks

          • When the clothes dryer lint disappears during grid-down and egg cartons can’t be found because the stores have closed up, use pine cones and melted beeswax dripped into the cones. Excellent natural fire-starters!

        • For cooking food in a SHTF situation, a Kelly Kettle would come in handy especially if you don’t have a fireplace to cook food over. Even if it is overcast, raining or snowing you could cook food on it. You can use twigs, leaves, cardboard, etc. to get the fire started in it. So, you don’t need to worry about stocking up on fuel for it. It will boil water in less than 5 minutes.

          They are on sale this month at Emergency Essentials.


          • KY Mom
            I checked out the K Kettle link, what a neat pc of equipment. First time I’ve ever seen one – thanks for the info.

            • Nailbender,

              Glad I could help. 🙂

              A Kelly kettle will last a very long time if cared for properly. Just don’t let the kettle burn dry.

          • KY Mom,

            Thank you for that site. OMG! I just spent alot of money there. Got alot of stuff for the money I spent, so well worth it. Tks again

            • BigB,

              You are welcome! It is a great website and they have lost of useful preparedness stuff there. They have sale catalog every month with reduced prices on different items. You can view it online and/or also sign up to have them mail it to you.

      27. I always use UPS anyway.

      28. Beinformed: Just heard 1st Cav at Ft. Bliss, TX is going to the field on Oct.15, came out of the clear blue sky they had on warning about it. This is the first time that they had no warning on a move like this, just may be a piece to the puzzle, I don’t know.

        • NG and Military base near me is conducting a lot of “drills” lately

      29. This loss of American jobs has been ongoing for at least twenty years. The big push to outsource jobs began with Clinton’s signing of NAFTA and GATT immediately upon taking office after the 92 election. These were policies worked out under the first president Bush. This corporate duopoly shaft against American workers, that continues to accelerate to this day, is treason and tyranny. Now those outsourcers sit on trillions, stashed out of country, that they won’t pay taxes on. Record profits for the elite, this money has been stolen from American workers. Hardly a peep of anger towards this travesty was reported by media. Even the people allowed this loss of jobs without putting up much of a fight.

        • That’s why I voted for Ross Perot (the “sucking sound”).The people were sold NAFTA by the politicians with the bill of sale that it would create MORE jobs for America. Perot was marginalized much like Ron Paul and made fun of by MSM. While I can no longer stand to listen to Rush Limbaugh, I have to admit he was one of the few pundits that talked against NAFTA and GATT. He was more against NAFTA because it was a Democrat that signed it than anything else.I think if Bush would have signed it he would have been all for it.

        • But, but….America has been instrumental in bringing about “global economic justice”!

          Cough, gag, sputter.

      30. Obama is a lying piece of shit

        • THAT ONLY GIVES.. FALSE SPEECHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          HOPE LOST..

        • You just now noticed that ?

      31. Stu Johnson: Welcome aboard to SHTFPlan.com. I understand where you’re coming from. When I first started right after Katrina, my head was literally spinningfrom all the knowledge and all the things necessary to survive any adverse situation. Do your due diligence and check out all the archives on this site. You’ll find useful information even in the comments section on all of the articles. I especially understand what you said about not having a good woman. My wife was killed in 1982 by a drunk driver and I never found anyone worth having for a 2nd wife. Sounds like you only have yourself to support; same here for me. it’s less stressful when you have no other people to depend on you. Hope you’re spending all the extra money you can on preps; the more you can get, the better your chances of survival. Don’t be afraid to ask questions here; there’s plenty of smart people on this forum that will be glad to help any way we can. That’s just part of why we’re all here. best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

        • Stu Johnson and braveheart,

          I am very thankful I have a good husband.

          I pray that you will meet a good woman soon.

          At Survival Blog, they have a link called, “Finding Other Preppers.”

          Hopefully, this will be helpful. 🙂

          • @ KY – Encourage everybody to see “Atlas Shrugged” opening in theaters today …..

        • Look in the Russian community if you live near or in a city………you will find that they are not as pampered or flakey as our women are ( age group matters here )…..once you get used to their direct way and bluntness …. you want a no bullshit woman …..then that may be the ticket . Warning : they are not all that verbally affectionate ….they show it in other ways ……fun ways 😉
          I found mine by chance ……and wont go back now .

      32. Be Informed: Sorry, I missed what you said earlier about numerous people stocking up on certain items in certaintypes of stores. i haven’t seen any of that in memphis yet, but one of my co-workers mentioned that to me earlier today. Since I’ll be out prep-shopping again this weekend, I’ll probably see some of it for myself. That is an encouraging sign to see more people waking up and start prepping.

        • @ braveheart. I would think that some October surprise would have been planned long ago, whatever it is. You mentioned Memphis and I use to know someone real well that lived there and he use to talk all the time about the New Madrid fault and how he was terrified when it broke. Those earthquakes on the Mid Atlantic Ridge where directed like a rifle’s scope right at the New Madrid 3000 miles away. I don’t think that anyone would be able to pinpoint the New Madrid breaking months later, but something is going on from what you describe is happening. Watch the Caribbean area as earthquakes here seem to occur when the New Madrid goes off moderately and big time as was the case in 1812 when Venezuela was hit by a mega quake within 3 months of the New Madrid snapping. Plates interact with each other.

          I think it has to do with some sort of manmade action. What that is I wish we knew. Again, thank you for letting us know some of this that is going on.

        • I haven’t seen it either. What I have noticed is that some stores are carrying less stock than they used to.

      33. Mac,




        • the pressure is on… i’m on it!

          • That would be great. Thanks again

            wreaaakkkk, thats me turning the presure level thing a ma jig up.

      34. Democracy is nothing more than a tyranny of the majority. We are a REPUBLIC. When you have nearly half of America taking and giving NOTHING, a republic dies. I do not count Medicare or SSN in this because the money for this additional taxation is the ‘nest egg’ we allowed the USG to take from us. Here’s the problem and lies perpetuated and perpetrated upon us by gov and MSM:

        Minorities are the biggest useres of entitlements…wrong!

        People that live in the South want to re-instate slavery…wrong!

        Voting makes a difference….wrong!

        If you don’t vote, you have no say…wrong! The front end of my gun speaks for me….and it is very vocal.

        Blacks are slaves again! Whites and Asians and Hispanics are also slaves. We are in this thing together folks.

        Some people on this website got pissed at me because ‘they’, not I, assumed I was looking at color rather than character….shame on YOU!!!! Voting is a minor version of slavery too. Just ask Stalin, Hitler and Mao if you don’t believe me; they had a combIned 150 million ‘unregistered’ voters before it was all said and done.

        Not in this country, not we Americans. By the way, the US Govt is not American and will be dealt with in the appropriate time; treated as such after their betrayal.

        DHS says Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Franklin, et al, were terrorists. Really? I am one of them and their blood runs through my veins.

        “hi NSA, I know your reading me in real time, good to not see you again punks”

        Americans, what a disgrace you have become!!

        • Jeff,

          What you are spewing is un american and traitorous. Voting is a right that every American should participate in. If all Americans did get off their buts and vote then there would be a democracy. Most just assume that their vote doesn’t count so why bother, or they are just too lazy to make the effort. I have the American dream, I live it every day and because of my efforts and drive, my children will realize it as well. I do not count on the government to enable me, I do well in spite of this government or any previous governments. Opportunities are there for the taking. None of us would be having this conversation if this American destroyer were not in office. He must be voted out and replaced with Romney and Ryan. In spite of many naysayers, these are good men with good intentions, they will take us in another direction and if the economy still must fail or collapse because it is too late, then I would rather it be under Men that do not have an agenda but are in it to bring us back to what we once were. We have never experienced anything like the last four years, people are pitted against each other for party choice, people are complacent about anything that hits the headlines, terrorists? who cares, It’s all about me and what can I get for free or it’s all about never mind the sheeple, I’m going to hoard enough food and weapons to kill the ones who want my stuff. How come no one wants to fix this, they just want to destroy what is not fitting into their plan and then live the good life. Everything is backwards, greediness. self centeredness, coldness, and heartlessness is abundant. Give these guys a chance and who knows, they just might turn things around. For me that is still a possibility whether anyone agrees or not. I have always had an uncanny ability to see opportunities and call things before they come to fruition. I know in my gut that what I am saying is true.

          • Traitor? Un-American? Really? You’re an American, yes? Ever read the US Constitution? Did ‘voting’ prevent the ‘patriot act’, or NDAA 2012, or armed drones over American skies or chemtrails, GMOs / fluorides (slow kill ), NSA continually violating the 4th Amendment, fighting wars without congressional approval…

            Ever hear of the TSA? They sexually molest children and sexually assault grandmothers! And peope like YOU allow them to DO IT!

            Does that sound like something our Founders would allow? Actually some of them did.

            Look up Alien and Sedition Acts (John Adams) and then read the KY and VA Resolutions of 1798 regarding Nullification, then get back to me!

            I know what you’re trying to articulate, but DON’T call me a traitor. It is people like me that fight for the naive and undereducated (misguided) peope like you.

            You’re the sheep that fights with the two wolves over what you all are going to have for dinner!

            • Jeff,
              Just how do you fight for anyone? By posting BS on an internet site? Big f-ing hero. If TSA bugs you so much go down to your local airport and make a statement. That will do wonders.

            • Oh snap! **FTW**

            • Jeff,

              You sound like Biden, a lot of hot air and no substance. How are you fighting Man? What the hell are you doing for me? I sure don’t need your help, my life is good and as for the TSA, I don’t fly, how about you? What have you done to stop them? Vote for Romney and I can guarantee you things will change. You don’t seem to want change, you want a bloody revolution.

            • From personal exp. I can say I have helped with the peaceful part. I have protested, I have passed on information, I have tried to prepare those around me even non family for what is coming. I have stood in the street with a sign. I have battled with LEO about how they break the constitution everyday. I have organized a shtf community. I have stood up for the trees 🙂 I have stood up for the right for ppl to cut down those same trees. Hope is always there that peaceful works will help the situation. Unfortunatly the time for peace is passing and almost gone. Once more no rambo fantasies of fun and gun, just a real idea of how bad shit will get. Anyone of the vets here who have been to war and deep in it, been part of the spec. ops., been part of the black ops, been part of the first response fleet, they can all tell you the truth of how fucked up and shitty it is. We who already have the blood of others on our hands and souls know the price we will have to pay. If this all ends in a true civil war many will die.

      35. I worked at Red Lobster for 10 years, then I moved and the one here won’t hire me because I made to much $. My mom has been there 30 years and have taken away full time so she has shit health insurance. Are things as bad as they will be? No, but it’s getting worse by the day. So prep as much as you can and be ready.

      36. 6.7 earthquake at exactly where I said it would be and exactly where it should have been. This New Guinea earthquake once again proves that earthquakes can be predicted from past earthquake activity. Whenever Balleny Islands gets hit, this area is most prone to having a large earthquake. Here’s the thing. This earthquake was a result of LAST week’s 5.3 earthquake on October 2 in which it took 9 days for the 6.5+ earthquake to occur. The much bigger earthquake is still on the way.

        Anyone doubting the prediction please check the article on Oct.2 about the Russian General giving a warning, almost towards the bottom of the comment section. Little off on the magnitude, but this time right on target where it would hit. This works with forecasting earthquakes. Now this area has a 29 out of 32 ratio, or 90.6% chance the next time earthquakes hit this area.

        • Do you have a website for this earthquake warning thingy, Be informed? If not, you should.

          • @ clark. This site is a pretty good website to warn everyone as many people frequent it. I am clueless about even starting a website to tell the truth. Twice before when the area that the Balleny Islands has been hit, the same area had a big earthquake. Today it was 6.7 at 4.8 degrees south by 134.1 degrees east. On Jan. 6, 1989 a 5.2 hit the same Balleny Islands region and on Jan.10, 1989 a 6.7 hit at 3.2 degrees south by 130.6 degrees east. And on Sept.28, 2010 a 5.3 hit and on sept.29, 2010 a 7.0 hit at 5.0 degrees south by 133.8 degrees east, within walking distance of today’s earthquake.

            Just like those pocket weather forecasters people can predict earthquakes from past patterns. This once again proves it. The 6.4 Balleny Islands earthquake on October 9 was in a different location than last week’s earthquake and something bigger is coming, 89.8% of the time this is true with this location.

          • I agree with Clark, BI. Information presented on a blog of your own would be much easier to access and search than through comments here. You can still place your info/warnings here but people could more readily access this info via the search at a blog.

            I hope your research and time spent on these correlations remains your own and that no one liberates your ideas and your efforts. Please document your own findings publicly!

      37. Hey, did you all see this one by Mike Adams, it was pretty good:

        Everything is rigged – health, politics, finance and more – but here’s how to beat the system

        In it he disscussed levels of awreness, or Levels of awakening. The first one made sense, Level 0 – “Zombie”, but I think he skipped over a Zombie level after that. He should have included a Level 1a – “Zombie-Awakened” slot for People who think the gooberment can save things and who think there is a difference between the red team and the blue team. Lots of them here.

        Also, Mac, did you know your website looks messed up? I have to scroll clear to the right to see the articles, like word wrap isn’t wrapping or something?

      38. Come on everyone; we’re as safe as an Ambassador in a consulate!

      39. @ Tommyboy

        i don’t think i want to give Romney and Ryan a chance to drag us in to another war…

        whatever side you are on, it doesn’t really matter. don’t be so naive to think that there are any other sides besides the masters=them and the slaves=us

        i try to not buy in to everything that people read on here but at the end of the day, it really does make much more sense than the lies that we are all fed day in and day out. watching the government work is like watching sesame street. they’re all just puppets in a make believe world.






        • There is a national prayer effort at 9 eastern, 8 central, 6 pacific, every night.
          Pray for our nation, for peace in the world, that the Bible will remain the basis for our laws, that christianity will grow in te U.S.
          We need to let Him know we still believe in His grace and mercy; that He is bigger than ‘them’.

        • Ya, I guess we can eat the paper and just ask GOD to write us a check for that rent payment. Come on REALIST – having faith is one thing – but blindly following is another. Hey wait, didn’t GOD already come back? Ya, he made everybody drink the Kool-aid and they were “saved”. Faith is necessary, stupidity is not.

      41. American Airlines is in bankruptcy. They are in the process of getting rid of thousands of employees. When they come out of court they will merge with US Airways and lay off thousands more. They have already terminated retiree medical coverage. Even though it was prefunded by employees.

      42. Prices for fuel and power are going up with no signs of slowing down. In the UK announcements were made about a large percentage increase for electricity over the next few months. In the US Obama is closing coal plants like there is no tomorrow. I think we are going to see dramatic increases in our utility bills that leave many without electricity. They simply won’t be able to afford it.

        Something I’ve been thinking of is that preppers need to consider some alternative ways to cook, heat and illuminate that use less power. I think we need to consider this for the longterm because I don’t see the electricity prices going down anytime soon.

        For example, solar lights, pressure cookers to cook things like beans and rice quickly and with less fuel used, fireplaces and woodstoves, dutch ovens, solar ovens, outdoor fireplaces for cooking….any other ideas?

        • @ DAISY … Encourage everyone to see “Atlas Shrugged” opening in theaters today ……

        • Kelly Kettle Base Camp Combo – Large Stainless Steel

          A great prep item. This is the complete kit. You can cook your food quickly with this.

          For cooking food in a SHTF situation, a Kelly Kettle would come in handy especially if you don’t have a fireplace or wood burning stove to cook food over. For camping or hiking, this is a very useful item.

          Even if it is overcast, raining or snowing you could cook food and quickly on it. You can use twigs, leaves, cardboard, etc. in it. So, you don’t need to worry about stocking up on fuel for it. It will boil water in less than 5 minutes.

          Short Youtube demo and more info. at link below.

          They are on sale this month for $104.99 at Emergency Essentials.


        • One fairly simple thing to reduce your electric is to put a timer on your electric hot water heater. I think I paid around $30 for one last year and hooked it up myself. I don’t recommend doing it yourself unless you know a little bit about electricity. It has saved me about a third in my monthly electric bill. I also have a tempering tank beside it (old water heater) that warms the incoming water up to room temperature before it goes into the working water heater.I also recommend some plumbing knowledge for this. You also should organize your hot water use around the time you have the water heater timer on. This was probably the hardest part about it.lol. I also built a pex solar panel that ties into my water heater and a copper loop into my wood furnace for winter.

          • JRS

            You would make an old stationary engineer proud.

            KISS at it’s finest.

            Great ideas.

            • Yea I guess it isn’t too simple. Good I didn’t get into the computer pump and snap switches used to control the water flow in the furnace and panel. But the timer isn’t be too hard for most of us.

      43. Gee, the Soros article was from 1/24/2012, and the Fedex press release for the quarter demmonstrates an overall increase in revenues and profits. Fedex customers are choosing ground over the more expensive “express”. BFD.

        Alarmist much? Don’t shoot your neighbor’s dog just yet.

      44. The book is better.

      45. Wait a minute everybody , everythings great consumer confidence out today rose to the highest level in 5 years . Who the hell are they getting their information from?

        • The “Consumer Confidence Level Index” is up because most people know the Kenyans are on their way out of “our” House.

      46. As a Marine from the seventies i learned not to trust anyone until you spent a good deal of time around them and with them. And even then keep a little bit of guard up. So my advice for the trouble that is comming to this country and the world is choose those you wish to be with wisly. You can’t go it alone. You will need others. You need someone to cover your back. Hopefully someone you can trust. The hour glass is tiped and there is more sand in the bottom glass then the top. There are those around the world and in America who are asking themselves right now is life worth living and have no hope. Without hope one gives up. Nothing worse then hopelessness. But I believe the time is soon comming when one in two on this planet will have no hope.

      47. hahaahahaa, some mossad agent took my lyrical response from last night down. FU(K u MOSSAD! FU(K U aipac!

      48. The U.S has a muslim as President, and Australia has a woman communist[Fabian Socialist] Prime Minister! what next?

        • Only one thing is next …….a blood bath revolt and revolution .

      49. Warning Signs: FedEx To Slash Thousands of Jobs Citing “Weak Global Economic Conditions”
        Translation :
        ” we are too greedy to lower our prices to remain competitive , and our investors too stupid to settle for less in the short run in order to make more in the long run .”

      50. Fedex just laid my son off without warning, midway through his shift. Real nice.

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