WARNING: Resistant Head Lice On The Rise, Docs Urge Prescriptions Meds

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    Head lice: a giant pain in the backsides of parents taking their children into public and an annoyingly itchy irritating parasite that must be eliminated. But the new super lice could present a problem with treatments and has become much more daunting over the past years. Yet, there’s a solution…

    According to Today the effectiveness of over the counter preparations had declined to 25 percent, a level described as being “no better than placebo.” Even with “nit combing,” the process of removing some of the younger and recently hatched lice from the hair follicle, according to a  review article published in Pediatric Dermatology late last year found that the tedious process is as effective as a placebo. Worse, even higher doses of the over the counter product aren’t any more effective, researchers said.

    But a prescription doesn’t necessarily equate to efficacy, and there is something that can help.  Doctors are now saying that the treatments are not effective because they aren’t done properly and with dedication.  They are done with lazy impatience making prescription medications the only avenue for frustrated parents.

    Dr. Kenneth Polin became aware of the growing problem of “head lice” resistance more than two decades ago (20 years) when his 5-year-old daughter came home with lice. “We used the over-the-counter stuff and it didn’t work,” said Polin, a pediatrician at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. “When we called the company, they blamed us, saying that the patient just didn’t know how to use the product.” But it does appear that working thoroughly to rid your child of lice without prescription interference will work in a very vast majority of cases. But this isn’t something a doctor wants one to know.  They obviously make money when a parent succumbs to the prescription method.

    “We used the over-the-counter stuff and it didn’t work,” said Polin, a pediatrician at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. “When we called the company, they blamed us, saying that the patient just didn’t know how to use the product.” As the percentage of resistant lice has increased, Polin has adapted his advice to patients. “I tell families not to bother with the over-the-counter stuff,” he said. “It’s not consistently effective. I recommend prescription medications.” The prescription medications are “very safe,” Polin said. “And they are all very effective. I’ve not seen any resistance personally and I’ve not seen anything about resistance in the medical journals either.”-Today

    What most parents miss, however, is that cleaning of all bed sheets, clothes, and rugs should be done as well to ensure there is no passage of lice to other family members or visitors. A thorough treatment of all possibly infected areas will kill the lice. 

    It’s also important to clean up all bed linens and coats, Polin said, adding that sometimes lice [is often]spread by jumping from one child’s coat to that of another. Another solution to the problem of lice that have jumped from the child onto household furniture and fabrics is to spend the night in a hotel. “Off the human body lice they can’t live more than a day,” he explained.

    There may be some good news on the horizon, said Kyong Sup Yoon, an assistant professor in the department of biological sciences and environmental sciences at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Yoon was coauthor of a 2016 study showing that resistant strains had spread to nearly every state as well as the 2016 review. “Currently, several companies are in the process of developing new pediculicides,” Yoon said. “I hope this will give us some options to implement more efficient resistance management.” -Today

    Doctors want parents dependent on the medical system to treat lice on children.  With diligence and a dedication to your child’s health, however, you should be able to help your child beat the odds and become lice free without medical interference.



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      1. “What’s the matter Mr. Pratt? Bugs got your tounge Mr. Pratt?”

        • When I was a kid (60s &70s), lice was unheard of in my area. Turd World cultural enrichment again.

      2. I prefer leather furniture to cloth and this is one of the reasons why. Children do not need medical intervention to kill head lice. But they do need to do a little work. Wash everything. Your child’s bed sheets should be taken off the bed and washed with disinfectant and put into a hot dryer.

        For hair itself, cut hair short. Wash thoroughly. After rinsing hair with vinegar (the smell disappears), put a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil in the palm of your hand then apply it to the child’s hair. Comb through with large comb to get out tangles, then comb through with little tiny comb designed to get out the lice eggs. Keep this up for a few days then do it once a week.

        Continue to check your child’s hair for re infestation.

        Treat all your house pets.

        Plant lavender plants around your yard.

        Stay away from places, homes, schools where there is a problem.

        Wash all bedding once a week on a regular basis. Keep your house clean. If and when kids bring home an unwelcome guest like head lice, it is easier to deal with it if your house is already neat, uncluttered, and spic & span clean already.


        (I’ve heard of people using their dogs flea and tick shampoo. I don’t know if that is safe or effective. I’ve also heard that some people put a dog’s flea & tick collar on their kids clothes.)

        • Agree. Persistence with a lice comb is the only effective treatment.

          For the boys, we gave them crew cuts.

          For the girls, we applied a home remedy of smearing the hair with mayo and then having them wear a swim cap for an hour before a diligent combing session. It both suffocates and prevents the live ones from running and makes combing a breeze.

          The oil in the mayo kills the adults, while the vinegar penetrates the eggs, killing the larvae inside and will also loosen the adhesive on the knits.

        • It is amazing how a little self respect, a little self discipline to keep some decent personal hygiene and keep your home clean and laundry done, and not live in a hovel pig sty hoarder style GOES ALONG WAY. No drugs or chemical treatments needed… but it is a foregone conclusion to have no problems with pests a little sweat and work goes a long way. But society has gotten lazy and slovenly, and so the related diseases come with that sleaziness.

        • Mayonnaise is also good for lice/fleas, and kills the eggs as well as the bugs. Massage in well, leave for ten minutes, then wash out. I’ve used this on kittens, and while they’re in the tub grumbling about being coated in goop i clean the house. One treatment and done! Diatomaceous earth also works, but requires regular applications. In the case of lice, this may be best used around floor trim or nooks in the bed frame to kill any critters missed by the vacuum.

      3. I thought lice, flees, ticks, and mites were particular found on animals. not humans.. smh..

      4. Oh, so that was LICE in my hair and not TROLLS? LOL!

      5. It’s mainly a matter of cleanliness. Part of the problem today is the large number of immigrants who only have a passing acquaintance with hygiene.

        In my parents’ generation, lice were a big problem. Lots of people were poor. Millions lived without running water and only bathed once a week.

        In my generation, I never heard of a single lice outbreak in school or elsewhere. Most everybody had running water. Schools were really stressing hygiene. I remember in 3rd grade that the teacher would pick someone to walk up and down the rows and look at each of us to see if we were clean and had our hair combed.

        But now, even with running water everywhere and even poor people being able to buy all the soap they want, we’re having these outbreaks.

        So many immigrants are ignorant of germs and vermin. There was a Chinese restaurant in my area that needed some plumbing work. The plumber needed to open a drain cleanout in the kitchen floor and was going back to his truck to get a tool. The Chinese cook stopped him and said he would take care of it. He took his meat cleaver and opened the cleanout. He then immediately went back to chopping up chicken without even wiping off the cleaver.

        Muslims don’t even believe in cause and effect. They say that if they drop a ball and it falls to the ground, it’s not gravity, which would make it fall every single time. They say that Allah has caused it to fall, and that the next time they drop a ball, it might not fall to the ground. And we’ve all seen videos of their hygiene failures.

        So with all this nasty ignorance around, it’s no wonder that diseases and conditions which are exacerbated by bad hygiene are increasing and becoming resistant to medicine.

        Proper hygiene, other preventive measures, and nipping it in the bud when it does occur, will stop the spread of lice.

        A fine tooth comb and lots of soap and hot water are the guaranteed cures.

        • These filthy foreigners are no damn good, lazy, uneducated, dirty and overall not worth a god fucking damn!!

        • Quite freaking true.

      6. Diesel fuel for a short, then shower. Works for chatto’s

      7. It’s tough for the girls, but when I was a kid, the health department just ordered people to shave their kids heads when they brought lice to school. It was 100% effective, inexpensive and non toxic. Same with crabs or scabies, except you shaved all body hair.

        After kids at school saw this happen once, nobody shared coats, hats, or combs or hair brushes even with close friends.

        • I’ve read that lice was the reason why people used to wear powdered wigs. Their head had been shaved because of lice.

      8. They came across the border over the last few years. They are illegal lice, send them back across the border.

        • I’d bet my car that lice did come across the border.

          TB was all but wiped out in the usa until the 1965 kennedy immigration act threw open the door to millions with no disease prevention growing up and then Obama opened it as wide as possible; but do not worry; if you’re an elite with chartered transportation for you and your kids; you’ll be okay; just make sure the help gets regular check ups.

          • Lena, I think you’re right. What B from CA posted is the way to go. It all boils down to cleanliness.

            • Anyone can get head lice. Even people who shower everyday and are always neat and clean and live in houses that are always clean. It can happen to anyone. Because lice is highly contagious. It’s true people with poor hygiene who are slobs and live in filth are at a much higher risk but anyone can get lice.

              I know people who are sticklers about their appearance and cleanliness who got lice in a public place such as public transportation or sitting in an auditorium somewhere or standing in a crowded elevator.

            • You are forced to interact with now de-segregated people.

              If there was some volantaryist kind of peace corps, doing that in their own country, I wouldn’t mind.

              But, third world squalor has been brought here.

      9. All the wonderful Invaders (refugees) have so much to offer. We should allow every single one of them into the US and take care of them – including free housing, free food, free medical, free cash assistance, hell give them a nice car as well and all of it has got to be free to them!!!! HANG all of those filthy fucks!

      10. diatomaceous earth – food grade – mechanical insecticide

        • shaving razer and soad and vinegar

        • boyo I second that, diatomaceous earth kills lice on our chickens.

      11. Perhaps a little Zyklon B could do the trick!

      12. I can recall once when kids were young in elementary school, like many parents…….. broke. Had to improvise. Called up my old great-grandmother who was somewhere north of 90. Kerosene. Stinks to high heaven and for God’s sakes – no smoking, LOL. But it got the little buggers. ‘Course it took about a week of daily shampooing to rid the smell.

      13. Housepets dont get/carry headlice.

      14. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) kills head lice *quickly* and has many other great uses. It’s a non-toxic, natural, organic, product. I would not put toxic products on a child’s head.

        At least one bottle should be in every BOB and no prepper should ever be without GSE.

        Do not confuse Grapefruit Seed Extract with GrapeSeed as they are not the same thing. It comes in a small white plastic container with a burgundy colored cap.

        Most health food stores carry it. Inexpensive, fits easily in your BOB, backpack, womens handbag and is multi-use. Great for toothaches, gargling for sore throats and for disinfecting surfaces and hands as well, etc.

        It’s in concentrate form so it MUST be mixed with water, never used full strength. Avoid getting in eyes.


      15. olive oil and combing. The drugs are neurotoxic. Have to keep after it for up to 3 weeks (the life cycle of the lice). Hot dryer for stuffed toys. They have become resistant because people use the drugs. has nothing to do with clean or not. They actually prefer cleaner hair as oils suffocate them. They breathe through pores on their bodies. That is how using oil treatments work. slows them down so the can be combed out. Softens the eggs so they can be removed easier. I have done my homework on this.

      16. I have lots of notes on alternative solutions when there are no doctors.
        The method for lice elimination is use olive oil(apply liberally and wrap in a disposable cheap shower cap…then mayonnaise to rinse, then shampoo.

      17. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This applies to microbes, insects, and everything else. Headlice have short lifespans and become sexually mature in a short time. Many generations over a short time leads to resistance to conventional medications. Humanity can’t keep up with the increasing resistance.

      18. This happened to my youngest last year. F-ing nightmare. Over the counter didnt work. I bought the high end nit comb…not realizing it doesn’t work on thin hair. SterluEd everything. What finally worked was a spray bottle of 50% isopropyl alcohol. Sprayed it on her hair…let it sit for 30 minutes wrapped in plastic then washed it out. Had to condition her hair after but it was the only thing that worked.

      19. Can’t find an effective treatment? SHAVE THE HEAD. Quick, simple and effective. Hair grows back.

      20. Public Schools

        Nuff said?

        Jamming 5-600 kids in a building isn’t healthy
        I don’t care how you look at it
        In every way it’s bad

        • when ever my kids got nits i made them go to an upscale movie theater and sit in every seat and rub their hair on the back before the main crowd arrived with their popcorn?

      21. Typical pharma industry…”We have a Pill for that.”

        So my question is how do they get the lice to take it?

      22. The best way to get rid of crabs is this: shave one half of your bush, set the other half on fire, then when the crabs run out into the open you stab them with an ice pick. Works for me.

        • why not shoot the nits?

      23. Cleanliness is the answer. Wash hair every day, not once a week like kids in some degenerate families do. Laundry once a week? What lazy filthy people! Fresh bedding every day is for clean people!
        People in the USA are getting dirtier as time goes on as we get more and more degenerate immigrants in here that are used to being filthy. These filthy people deserve to itch!

        • you have a filthy mouth, go wash it

      24. Use a lice comb. Works like magic.

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