Warning: Get Your Money Out: “All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone”

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    Former money manager Ann Barnhardt, who in November of 2011 made the decision to cease operations of her brokerage firm and return funds to her customers citing “systemic” problems within the entire financial industry, has issued a new warning about the stability of US banks and the safety of individual deposit accounts.

    The warning, stemming from a recent federal appeals court ruling surrounding customer funds lost during the 2007 collapse of Chicago futures broker Sentinel, indicates that individuals who lose deposited funds because a financial institution improperly manages that money, even if those funds are supposed to be “segregated” from other operations of the firm, are essentially left with no recourse if the firm goes belly-up. According to the court, a misallocation of those customer funds, “is not, on its own, sufficient to rule as a matter of law that Sentinel acted ‘with actual intent to hinder, delay, or defraud’ its customers.”

    The implications of the ruling, according to Barnhardt, will affect the monies of all private individuals who have seen their deposit accounts wiped out in the collapse of firms like John Corzine’s MF Global and put all deposit account holders in the country at risk should their bank be faced with a financial windstorm:

    The NFA in collusion with the banksters, government and judiciary have achieved their goal. The entire concept of “customer segregated funds” is officially, completely, legally dead.

    Guys, it is OVER. I know that many of you are still cowering in normalcy bias, unable to deal with reality, unable to face the world as it is, but you have GOT to snap out of it. The marketplace is DESTROYED. You CANNOT be in these markets. All legal protections are now officially gone.

    The federal appeals court ruled yesterday that not only does BNYM stay at the front of the line, but that using customer segregated funds as collateral is NOT a crime, and that co-mingling customer segregated funds with proprietary funds is NOT fraud.

    What this means is that even if Jon Corzine is somehow dragged into court by private citizens, because you know damn good and well that the Justice Department will never, ever touch him, Corzine now has a legal precedent, likely from a bribed or otherwise coerced Federal Appeals Court, explicitly stating that an FCM can use customer deposits to pay its debts, and that the customers themselves are subjugated and have basically no legal right to their own monies, no matter what the law says, or what legal assurances, claims or guarantees are made to that customer about their funds held with an FCM or any other brokerage or depository institution. The “secured” party at the front of the line will always be the mega-bank who made the fraudulent loan using the stolen customer funds as collateral.

    In other words, all customer funds in the United States are now the legal property of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BNYM, or whichever megabank is the counterparty on the loans the FCM or depository institution takes out in order to fund its mega-levered proprietary in-house trading desks.

    Source: Ann Barnhardt via Steve Quayle

    The ruling is specifically designed to protect large financial institutions that have (purposefully) mismanaged customer funds and used the hard-earned life savings of Americans to gamble on equities, commodities and bond markets. If those firms happen to make the wrong bet, as MF Global, Sentinel and a handful of others have recently done, depositors who have placed funds with the banks under the belief that their bank account is securely protected from trading liabilities are now completely exposed and liable for the incompetence and negligence of those who engage in market trading.

    This latest ruling combined with recent actions by the Federal Reserve and other government regulators suggests a massive fraud has taken place and the financial system itself is under extreme strain with the potential to make the financial collapse of 2007/2008 look like just a training exercise.

    In recent days, for example, it’s come to light that the government has secretly called on the country’s five major banks to prepare themselves for collapse by creating stress recovery plans to be used in the event of worst case scenarios.

    A few weeks ago, the Federal Reserve also implemented a new policy for money market funds held by financial institutions. Per the new policy, money market funds, which account for some $2.7 trillion in deposits across the United States, can be frozen in the event of an emergency or financial panic. This means that if and when the system does go into a tailspin, at exactly the time people will want to pull their money out of their bank account, they will be restricted from doing so.

    These latest actions by government regulators, judges and financial institutions point to one thing: that we have an unprecedented financial collapse in the making. If such a financial crisis comes to pass it is clear that the policies and procedures now in place will transfer the legally owned deposits and money market savings of individual Americans into the hands of the banks at which those funds are kept.

    Get Your Money Out.

    Consider alternate, collapse-centric investment strategies and what is money when the system as we know it falls apart.


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      1. Probably a stupid question, but what if you only have a checking account in a credit union??

        Thanks for any helpful answers!

        • BJ – Only keep what you need in there for paying bills – change your FRNs for tangibles and pms once you withdraw them!

          • I have about 35 oz of junk silver and 500K IQD and plan on getting more of both

            • Don’t tell people what you have! It’s not so difficult for the determined (or the .gov) to find out who you are.

            • What was your address again?

            • Why IQD? I can see the Aussie Dollar or better yet the Chinese Yuan/Rinminbi (?) But IQD? I spent a decent amount of time in Iraq and those people just don’t seem to be on a path to prosperity (increasing the value of their currency) And I hope they don’t have Saddam’s face on them, hahah. I could be totally wrong about the Iraqi’s but I just don’t have a lot of faith in their society. It appears that their is an effort to unify the mid-east into one big USA (United States of Arabs they call it) which could establish a gold or oil backed currency replacing all the current currencies, like Goddafi was trying to do before Obama illegally bypassed congress and assisted the Muslim Brotherhood in their overthrow of Libya.

            • Dave343: They already know who you are! They know who we all are!

            • BJ, they’ll be able to freeze any account and the bank becomes(already is actually) the lien holder of your money/account. As others here will atest, keep only what is needed to pay your debts and stash the rest.
              What’s not talked about much is the affect of credit cards and debt cards being frozen. That will destroy many small businesses.

            • Yep, looters from the synagogue rob the goyim with impunity… just as their “Oral Torah” (Talmud and Kabbalah) exhort them.

            • BJ …. this is CJ …. (couldn’t resist, sorry). DUDE … get your money OUT of Iraqi Dinar. Like yesterday. If not sooner. Get it in to metals, or better yet, take it and buy yourself some land and build a suitable house and learn aquaponics, gardening, etc and get yourself some food and animals. You can’t eat Dinar, and NO ONE is going to want that crap unless they have run out of toilet paper.

              Please. Cash it in. PLEASE.

          • The one word used here is TANGIBLES. This includes what you are going to use each and everyday to live. This of course is food and water, but many other necessities. Food and water can go bad after a period of time, but there are magnitudes of others items that really don’t have a shelf expiration date on them that we all need, like toilet paper for example. If you use something on a regualar basis, then it is a tangible item that is better off in your home ready to be used WHEN the time presents itself than sitting in an unsecured financial institution waiting to evaporate like it wasn’t even there in the first place.

            Barter items are MONEY after this happens and are a sound investment SOMEDAY that can save your life. Don’t forget about extra ammunition either that is a barter item but mostly a life saver SOMEDAY. You can never really go wrong with precious metals for one really good reason. Precious metals have use, and as the world continues to use them they will only go up in value. People think of Gold, Plantinum, and Silver as the only precious metals to really purchase, but Copper is becoming more valuable and is becoming kind of the true poor man’s precious metal to store up. There are other metals out there like palladium, rhodium, and rare Earth minerals that people are stocking up on and putting away.

            You watch these people that go to wal-mart and they just pop out their credit cards or other plastic and you can just see it in their eyes that they just know that piece of pastic is going to purcahse whatever they need, 365 days a year, 366 this year, no matter what. They have no concept that all of a sudden NO CARD will work for anything other than maybe picking some junk food off their teeth. Numbers are just that, invisible and prone and more than capable of becoming ZERO for everyone. Food and other supplies, and tangible real money you can feel with your hands though is there for you, everyday of the year within easy reach 24 hours a day that you are at your home or where you keep it. THAT IS TRUE SECURITY! 🙂

            • When this goes down, I would’nt wager that too many people will be in the mood to barter for anything…

            • Despite Anns religious of leanings which I do not adhere wholeheartedly..

              (yes I’ve studied her..)

              this woman has more balls than anyone in her profession

              and I would trust anything coming from her regarding the financial/commodities markets and take 100% serious heed to what she has to say..

              and may I add

              may God bless her and keep shouting from the rooftops

              you are awesome!..


            • @BI

              The reason why Gold and Silver are the metals to get are that everyone knows what it is. Other metals do not carry the same weight as currency as Gold and Silver. Copper is good but may I suggest collecting it as a spool of wire or copper pipe since it is purely a industrial metal.

              Cash is crap but it may serve a purpose for a month or so while things shake out.

              Heck even extra canning jars and lids will be worth far more than you put into them.

            • If you have NO refrigeration, or any way to pump water…you’re done. I own one of these little beauties…check it out, no scam,just clean untraceable (silent) power for your family….If you dont like it …don’t get one… http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/ele/3144693928.html

            • When Zimbabwe recently experienced hyper inflation, the poor people (most of the population) went to the river and panned for gold. Those fit enough to work hard enough to find some were able to eat for one more day. If they were really lucky, they could feed their family and elderly feeble parents. If not, they starved and died.
              We see a form of that today here in the states, even before the hyper inflation. People strip copper etc. from work sites, vehicles, etc. just to be able to get by for one more day. When hyper inflation happens here, there will be so many obese and out of shape folks that won’t be able to eat the amount they are used to eating, they will be too sick and weak to really do any work at all. I fear many many will starve. But remember, “it is illegal to EAT your children”. (from a propaganda poster in Stalin’s Russia)

          • I have just under $100 in a credit union checking account, and if I lose that, it’s not the end of the world. My real savings are in boxes and canning jars and so on, and not all the the same place.

            Bankers == crooks, people.

            • …my current account balance is $1.88…that’s UP from the previous ending balance of $1.46…hehehe!

            • Posse may not really share her religious views, but she’s dead on about “the religion of peace”. By and large, Muslims have no interest in coexisting with Christians. They may keep a few as slaves, but that’s all.

              I never liked John Major, but after the World Trade Center event, he hit the nail on the head when he said “We can defeat them or be defeated by them”.

          • Looters will be summarily… rewarded!

            • Actually they will only be “attempted” looters. I don’t plan on letting their hands make contact with anything except the “point of entry” before they hit the floor.

        • BJ., I agree with Daisy.

          Also, transfer some of your money into smaller change, just in case the business you want to purchase from is unable to make change from bigger bills.

          Otherwise, keep on hand a lot of coins, up to dollar bills.

          Best of luck to you. 🙂

          • This is what im planning to save my family with. If you have no refrigeration or a way to pump water, good luck.
            I have one and love it,best of all ITS SILENT,ONLY I know my home is still working,in an “outage”. Oh yeah…G&S too…


            • WOW such anger…Like I said, if you don’t like it DON’T GET ONE?…

          • Agreed there, EAGLEDOVE!

            I currently stash away dollar bills and roll my own coins. Heck, banks want to “gather information” if you try to turn in rolled coins, so I believe it’s better to keep mine.

            Those who spend rolled coins during a “bank holiday” will be the real heroes.

            • SAM;

              I am currently doing the same.

              I want to be one of those people who will be able to move thru that grocery line quite easily. 🙂

        • BJ, get EVERYTHING you can out of the system and leave them pennies to steal from you if you want the account to stay active (but ask yourself why it is necessary.) Likely, there will be ZERO warning and even less protection for anything exposed.

          I have done quite well for several years without a bank account, or even a debit card that bears my name or any relation to a SSN. That is the one thing that ties your assets to the corp and should be discarded ASAP.

          Anybody who wants to can get by just fine without those things.

          • GC ~ some folks get paid through direct deposit and their employer is unable or unwilling to change it. Any recommendations for that situation? (aside from suddenly becoming gainfully self-employed, which is not always an option!)

            • gods creation, with all respect i would like to know what you do, do you get paid cash for sidejobs or something, im not sure how people can get by when most companies automatically take things out and there is nothing we can do, unless someone on here knows a good trick or a trade oon this that can be done.

            • You could keep the minimum balance in there so you don’t have to pay any fees. When you get paid you could write a check from there and transfer to a credit union account where it would be safer.

              Ultimately though we’re looking at a dollar collapse. Your long term savings should be in physical gold and silver.

            • Daisy, there are many possibilities but I don;t know your situation.

              Anyone can start an LLC. It cost a couple of hundred bucks, and it need not do anything other than protect your privacy. In practice, it can be made to work exactly like your “personal” transmitting utility as shown on the SS account. An LLC can start an LLC, which can start another LLC, and after a couple of layers the “owner” can become nearly impossible to track if you take the right steps.

              You can also get a prepaid debit card, which would get you a routing and account number just like a regular bank and have the funds deposited to that account. The LLC can get a taxpayer number just as easily as you can use your SSN and would check out.

              There is no law that allows any entity to REQUIRE an SSN, even the corp itself. ALL SSN USAGE MUST BE VOLUNTARY. When asked for one, make one up for yourself. There is no law against it unless your INTENTION is to commit fraud. A private corporation can not use public number, thus you don’t have to give them one.

              Hospo, I work for myself in a variety of things. If you work for the corp (use an SSN) you limit yourself to what the company you work for is willing to do. Unfortunately, they routinely violate the law. Learn to make money without it. You may have to start small and build it up over time like I did until it can replace a full time corp job. There is nothing stopping you.

            • After paying bills, I would withdraw most of the money and just leave a small balance in the checking account.

            • gods creation thanks for sharing that, it does make sense. i never knew how that worked and the big boys do similar stuff and i think until people figure out ways like this they are not touching it because they are doing that to save, now we need to get into this. the best kept secrets to make money they never tell you, just like this, this could save you a lot of money not paying taxes etc.

            • Thank you, GC ~ I’ll look at some of those options.

              ~ D

            • Daisy: Now days it’s direct dep. pay, S.S., 401k, dividends from stocks, yada yada. Seems we are all trapped, but we did cg to several credit unions. Ann B. says it will all go down, incl. checking accounts, muni’s, basic svgs, gov bonds all so called safe investments as I called her up this morn.. D.K. I hope you are right and Ann is wrong. Most retirees have div. paying utility/granny type stocks in brokerage accts (some have MM mutual fnds). Also 401ks, and cr. union CD’s, etc. Ann B. did not give me a date all this would happen.

            • Just take your money out after it gets deposited. You’ll need some fund in the account anyway to pay current bills. It will be a white before employers are able to pay employees via gold, silver or some other form of barter. Good luck

          • Sorry, no you can’t. If you don’t have a bank account, remember that your employer will NEVER just pay you in cash, because he has books and taxes to pay—you WILL need to cash a check and to do that you’ll NEED a state ID card, which ties all your info together. ID cards MUST be kept current or they are useless to you, as well as to the state trackers…YOU CANNOT HAVE A PAYDAY TOTALLY OFF THE GRID UNLESS YOU WORK UNDER THE TABLE AND THAT IS ACTUALLY ILLEGAL, because you don’t pay them their cut in taxes! Either way, the government wins…

            • Sixpack says


              Wanna bet? I get a paycheck every two weeks from a legitimate corporation, under a Form W-8BEN (the correct tax form for me) WITHOUT an SSN, and sign the checks over to an LLC for deposit. No ID is needed for any step, nor is an SSN.

              I could simply have the checks made payable to the LLC if I chose to do that, but the checks are not made in my NAME anyway.

              There are many ways to protect your privacy if you get creative and take the time to get yourself set up.

              It’s not that it can’t be done. It is that the vast majority are not willing to take the steps needed to do it. My privacy and protection is worth the effort to get it set up, and once set up it requires no effort, no ID and no SSN.

              Should anyone wish to check out the LLC’s owner, good luck to them. They will need to check out three ghost addresses and the “owners” of two other LLCs located in different states where I used to live.

              Sixpack, you are right in that YOU can’t do it, but that does not mean it can’t be done.

            • Not really, because most illegal aliens are paid “under the table” one way or another. One survival tactic is to study how they move funds in and out of the system. Also, remember that many of the laws on our books now are unconstitutional and illegal. My gut tells me that we will sort these issues out after some form of currency collapse. Good luck either way. nyquil762

          • Don’t cry or whine like a pig when you apply for Social Security.Even that Jew on a stick that you pray to won’t give a crap about you. Satan created you not your Jew god.

        • I am a big fan of Ann Barnhardt, however the ruling made in the Sentinel case relates to BROKERAGE accounts, not banking deposits and I don’t think that distinction has been made clear to the average reader of the article.

          These brokerage accounts are contractual agreements between BROKERAGE customers and the individual brokerage firm. These contracts are not standard, but vary from firm to firm and from Exchange to Exchange. These contracts SPECIFICALLY state that your funds may be used by the brokerage firm.

          While that is not good policy and represents an example of the abuses in the financial markets, it is NOT illegal if you have agreed to it.

          Money Market funds are also not bank deposits but separate investment vehicles. These also require a contractual agreement when opening an account. Know what you are signing and to what you are agreeing.

          While my understanding of all of these agreements are limited, clauses that I have read, suggest the BROKERAGE account customer should have known the difference.

          Read the fine print.

          Your checking account, BJ, has a contract too that WE have all signed when WE opened the account. These deposits are “insured” by the FDIC, a distinctly different entity from the one that “insures” brokerage accounts.

          While prudence is always justifiable, there is no need or reason to panic and suggest that the sky is falling with respect to OUR checking accounts. That’s why the commercial banks have $1.5 Tn in excess cash.

          Has there been massive fraud by the gangster banksters. Yes. Will the system collapse? No.

          • DK,

            To suggest a mans money is safe because the thief keeps it in his left pocket instead of his right is ridiculous and potentially harmful to millions of small depositors.

            Will the system collapse? If a man has 25K in a bank or brokerage account and is only allowed to withdraw $200 a week, that is a collapse. Of course, they will get all of the money in only 125 weeks.

            “”””That’s why the commercial banks have $1.5 Tn in excess cash.”””

            The commercial banks have that “excess cash” because they borrow from the fed at 0% and the fed pays them 2.5% to keep them there, and they do it by the tens of billions of dollars in effort to cover the toxic “assets” on their books and the failed bond auctions.

            A banking system with 1.5 trillion in “excess cash” and 15 trillion in mispriced “assets” on the books that have zero value market value really has 13.5 trillion in unpayable liabilities.

            Go ahead folks, take the advice from DK and don’t worry about your money. It is safe. These banks will live by their contracts and the corp courts will enforce them for your benefit.

            Or, you can get the hell out of the system before you end up with nothing.

            I believe DK has seriously studied the banking system and believes what he says. When the banks shut down, just tell them DK said they will not collapse and your money is safe. They should give you your money.

            • Thank you for calling any bank in the usa, sorry all of our lines are currently busy. With the recent turmoil in Europe we have frozen all deposits until further notice from the FDIC. We apologize for this inconvienance and hope you have a nice day.

              Press 1 to repeat

              Press 2 if you can’t feed yur children

              Press 3 if you can’t defend yourself

              press 4 to talk to one of our agents in Inida who with his 1/8 of an ounce of gold has more sound money than you.

              Press 5 if you have any bullion for sale and we will connect you directly to your nearest regional bank mangager.

              Thanks for calling any bank in the usa, have a nice day!

            • GC: Not all of US can live without the Corp, nor do WE want too. Some of US just want changes. If you can live without the Corp, fine, good for you.

              The Corp will catch up to you eventually and when they do …. you will be posting your internet comments during specified hours!

              As for frozen accounts, yes, I expect there may be limitations once the WAR with Iran starts and fundamental Changes begin in America.

              My recommendation is to legally move your excess cash offshore, to The Bank of Durango in Panama and South America; or Hong Kong in various fiat currencies.

              It’s a good strategy, Zero Hedge. 🙂

            • DK,

              “”””The Corp will catch up to you eventually and when they do …. you will be posting your internet comments during specified hours!””””

              You seem to be implying that I am some kind of criminal, or doing something wrong, merely because I choose to not use the corp numbers or ask it’s permission to live and exist. Upon what do you base that ASSumption or belief?

              Just because you have a total lack of knowledge of the Laws of Nature and the Constitution, in favor of mastering your owners rules so you can be a good little slave, does not mean that being Free is illegal, Unlawful, immoral, or anything else. While I have nothing to hide, I do have privacy to protect.

              You also seem to think that you can speak for others besides yourself by referencing WE, as though everyone is as content a slave as you are.

              I would bet that MOST people would love to be able to travel freely without “papers”. Most would like to keep what they earn, which is their Lawful right and mine. I suspect that most would prefer to NOT participate in the SSN ponzi scheme.

              I just do those things and honor Gods Law, which my only obligation while I am on this Earth.

              You can choose to be free under Gods Law, or you can look to the fictions to protect you in exchange for half of what you earn.

              Your choice doesn’t affect me, and it certainly does not make me a criminal because I choose to act and live free.

              In the end, the Corp is far more likely to come after you than it is someone who does not claim that their assets belong to it.

              Freedom is not a crime. The crime is surrendering Gods property to criminals, and doing it with the pride you show in your slavery.

              Perhaps I was a little quick calling you a good man. A good slave would have been a better description.

            • More bullshit from this Satanic parasite.

          • DK

            So an IRA / 401K with MS or ML is up for grabs?

            • K2: An IRA soon will be up for grabs if it is not now. I do not have an IRA. I have a precious metals mine. There’s a difference.


              There is a move afoot, and there has been propaganda spread by the LSM over the past few years to condition Americans into believing that their 401k accounts should be “managed” by “professionals” hired by the gov’t administration because the “average joe” doesn’t have the expertise necessary to manage his or her own funds to provide for a sufficient return for their retirement.

              The same “professionals” that rarely beat the S&P 500 index, I am sure.

              Look for this rationale to be legislated into any changes to SSI next year under the GOP to give the GB’s in the financial community your 401K money to an offshoot of the BIG Banks Wealth Management divisions.

              Not the SAME Wealth Management division mind you, but an “off shoot”.

          • There are laws governing all forms of investment banks (brokerages).

            Their contracts MUST reflect the law which states that a brokerage that engages in private proprietary trading for their own gain separate from the interest of their customers, MUST segregate their customers funds from their proprietary trading desk funds which may only come from their profits or from private investment from principles of the company, or by other private investors by specific contract.

            Sentinel’s investors signed contracts for their standard investment schemes. The Proprietary trading that Sentinel engaged in was restricted by contracts constrained by the Volcker laws.

            This is why Sentinel was forced to borrow money from Mellon Bank. But they put up their customer segregated funds as collateral for the huge loan. Whether they fully divulged that fact to Mellon Bank or not, it is a fact which was later revealed.

            This is against the law.

            If the Loan Officer from Mellon Bank had foreknowledge, he also knew it was unlawful, and should have rejected the source of collateral and refused the loan.

            If He was deceived by the Sentinel CEO in this matter, then Mellon Bank was defraded just like the customers.

            And the Judge should NOT have awarded Mellon Bank a priority spot in the bankruptcy receivership because Mellon Bank made their investment in Sentinel CHRONOLOGICALLY LATER IN TIME than Sentinel’s standard clients. They were all defrauded, so first come first served.

            The Judge colluded, it is simple as that.

            Large and Midsize commercial depository banks also have investment/trading divisions, and they commingle funds all the time. When they get put into receivership in the near future, it will be discovered that they leveraged MOM and POP’s savings and checking accounts, FDIC will not be able to cover more than a tiny fraction of what is lost, and the FED, IMF/World Bank will step in like Mellon Bank, to the front of the line, and get paid directly, while MOM and POP get pennies on the dollar from the remaining spoils and FDIC.

            And you can take that to the Bank of Durango.

            • Baladas, you are correct and made your point well.

              The problem with Durango is that he believes these banks still follow the corp law, thus what they do IS the law, even when it involves fraud and theft of customer funds.

              I believe he is a good man, just confused and lost somewhere between what the law is supposed to be and what the corp reality is.

              I think he will see the light when his segregated funds disappear without explanation or recourse. He would probably see things differently if he was an MF Golbal or Sentinal customer.

            • Baladas: Those BROKERAGE contracts have a provision, which the customer signs, and by signing agrees to, that allows these brokerages the legal ability to use customer funds. Read the fine print. Don’t take it to the Bank of Durango, you can take that to the Courts.

              I am not defending the GB’s. Anyone who has followed my comments here for any length of time knows better than that. I am not suggesting that what was done was right or even ethical. But it is legal if anyone is dumb enough to sign the contract and give them their money.

              I have long stated on this site that commercial banking and investment banking should be separated again.

              Where the judge placed priorities or how he made those priorities, I cannot say, I am not familiar with the case. I am only addressing the use of customers funds.

            • Barnhardt is essentially saying that if brokerage accounts can be “fleeced” like this then, it’s not far off from bank accounts being “fleeced”. The “rule of law” is being selectively applied, which means there is NO “rule of law”! Good luck either way. nyquil762

            • BTW GC: All of the platinum group metals are used in industry. All of the metals are precious metals as they do not tarnish (oxidize), with platinum and palladium used in every catalytic converter. So by your own standard (price per pound), either would be King rather than silver.

              Let me sum it up for you. 🙂

              A townhouse is a condo, but a condo is not necessarily a townhouse. In the same way, a precious metal may be an industrial metal, but an industrial metal is not necessarily a precious metal.

              Its been fun, dumbshit!

          • Many financial institutions have the ability to use your money while they are in their accounts. However it is theft and nothing but theft when they take your money by any means without paying you back, unless they lose it in the vehicle specifically directed by the client. All higher courts are politically appointed judges and evidence is rampant in the Citizens United (gave corporations foreign or domestic to control our elections), Kelo Vs. new London (gave property rights to the monied and politically connected), and many others that are blatant rejection of the U.S. Constitution and liberty.

        • You would need to contact your credit union and ask what types of debts they hold and how the current laws and this court decision would affect their ability to keep your cash available to you. I would guess that a credit union would be safer than a commercial bank because they operate under different guidelines that affect their ability to hold debt.
          However anyone 45 or older may remember talking to their grandparents and being told about what happened during the great depression. Banks closed and many kept all the deposites. Businesses could not function without their capital to make payments so they closed and people lost their jobs. Gold was reclaimed by the government and ordered turned in without reimbursement so the government could pay it’s debts. And it was not legal to own gold for many years. There was no Social Security payments or government pensions then so they did not need to cover those. People suddenly fished, hunted and raised rabbits, chickens and gardens. My grandparents had known hunger as kids so they never turned anyone away from their door without feeding them. My dad said he did not know how but hobos knew their way to Grandmas backdoor even though there were no train tracks within miles. Boy did they pick the right door. Grandpa grew an acre of rented land as a garden to feed anyone who needed it and Grandma was a fine cook! She made her living as a professional cook and cateress but she never forgot those hard, scarey depression years. Forty five years later she always had a basement full of “extras” and always had bills prepaid a month ahead and cash on hand.

          • C if this really is true and I believe you, that is very awesome and very generous to others. Wish we had more people like that these days. I still think we do but inside they are not sure or not to help others. I think people these days try and follow the trends in whatever it is mainly too much and just worry about being themselves. Good for you.

        • Check the rating of your credit unuin and act accordingly. Less than four stars may be a risk. Someone posted the site on here a awhile back. Most likely you can find it with Google.

        • Is anyone else having a hard time getting access to this site? It has taken me a while for a couple of days now.

          • Yes! Issues with “traffic” from what I understand. Me thinks TPTB are playing around and having their fun, don’t ya know?

          I am a flatbed semi truck driver and was in a accident were my back was broken and had fusion surgery to fix it things are healing slowly but healing I am on work comp my problem is 1 I dont think I will get a check in time for it to be worth any thing if i do i will that day buy my land first then work down my list I still have 2 to 4 months left and I am worried about doing anything to jeopardize me getting any money I would rather be in extreme pain (which I am) and still be able to keep me and wife safe then no pain with nothing so I am lost any body got an adapt and overcome
          thanks Butch

      2. I use a smaller bank, I wonder if that it better? My husband has a 401k, I’m not sure if we can get the money out. He is only 33, we are behind on our mortgage. We had the home rented and they haven’t paid rent since May. We kicked them out but have to rent a dumpster to clean it out and bomb it before we can rent it again. Any advice? We are renting where we live now.

        • If you think you may have to file bankruptcy, do so before you pull money out of his 401K because it is an exempt asset. Consider selling the house yourself on installment with a hefty down payment. You will get cash now (which you can convert to hard assets) and in my experience a more responsible payer. In most states it is no harder to foreclose than to evict a tenant if it comes to that again and they have paid your attorney fees in advance.

          • We are looking into a short sale. We will not file bankruptcy, we have no other debt. My Grandma offered to loan us the money to keep from foreclosure. Because the house is vacant it limits our options, we signed up to accept section 8. We may do that and hope they burn the house down. Grandma has lots of money, but I hate borrowing money. I would almost rather sell my jewelry.

            • JL, it is far better for Grandma to lend you money than for her to have it stolen from her by the banksters. And if she has a lot, she is much higher on the list than one who “appears” to have nothing.

            • JL,if you don’t watch it, the probate sharks will steal your grandma’s money before you ever see a dime…don’t think they can’t. Google “financial elder abuse” and read about how it happens every day and twice on Sunday. Even the best families can’t win when lawyers pay themselves out of your money, while fighting YOU for it.

          • I may be wrong but the new financial accountability law made owners carrying back a note illegal. Only certified(whatever that means)lenders can loan on real estate. Crazy I know but I believe that is the law now.

        • Find a better quality of renter.

          • Good renters are sometimes hard to find.

            • Just a thought on renters,
              Check out their car as it’s condition.It it spotless inside? has it been washed outside lately? how are the tires? is it a rust bucket?
              I have a friend who has rental prop. and he says that if they fail any of the above,do not rent to them.period.
              He has had a 98% rate on that one alone.Add no criminal,bankruptcy or civil judgements and you will get a successful relationship.There’s a reason to charge the $50 credit check to weed out the deadbeats.And include a 15 day “grace” period on late payers.After the 15th.GONE! no tears accepted.If it’s a house,you may want to hold the mtg. and offer a rent to buy option(if they get the amount up to getting the house,fine,if not you get a higher rent at no extra cost.
              just a few thoughts…

        • Get a 401k loan. Borrow as much as you can. Use some of the money to make your home ready to rent out.

          I’m convinced that the collapse is coming in the fall.

        • JL: Much depends upon your personal circumstances, where you live, and applicable laws. While bankruptcy laws are federal, state laws differ with respect to the disposition of these assets.

          Check with a professional where you live and do some research.

          In a lose, lose scenario your best financial bet may be to move back into the house and remain there, while breaking your lease.

          Forclosure could take many months, and filing bankruptcy during forclosure could stop forclosure for 6 months to a year; since both the bankruptcy courts and the forclosure process is still backed up in many locations.

          If you don’t have any good options choose the best one. The best one is the one that keeps a roof over your head and as much cash as possible in your POCKET.

          Good luck.

          • Thank-you everyone, because we live so far away moving back in is not an option. If I could convince my husband to take out all 401 k money it would. I’m thinking borrowing money from Grandma and re-renting the house would be best. If we have a tenant the bank will not foreclose. The house we rent now is really expensive, I am looking for a cheaper place. I don’t even have a place to put a garden. We have no lease so we can move whenever. Also if we pays less rent ,paying rent and mortgage will be no problem. I would rather spend that money on preps though.

        • You can get it out. Just ask for the paperwork they may balk but be tough about it. Pay the penalty so the gov dosen’t slay you though. Should be about 20%

        • Get out of the landlord business as you don’t seem cut out for it. If you are upside down on the house say goodbye to it.

        • I work in retirement planning. Your plan may allow you to borrow from your vested account up to $50K or half your balance (which ever is lower). Check your 401k’s SPD for an overview of the provisions. You can use these loans for any purpose but you are paying back pre-tax funds with an after-tax repayment via payroll deduction. If you default then it gets hit with up to 30% penalty.

          The other option is for specific IRS approved reasons known as Hardship distributions. One of these reasons is to prevent foreclosure/eviction. However, you do pay 20% taxes at tax time and I am sure the keeper of your plan has their fees for processing such a request. Hardships are not loans; you do not have to repay these.
          You will be frozen out from making new contributions but who in their right mind wastes money on the paper Ponzi any more???

      3. I only keep money in to cover the bills and that doesn’t go in until the night before the bills are due. Every pay gets withdrawn immediately.

        They’re clearly gearing up…

        Let the games begin!

        • Smart lady. Direct deposits, which seem to be all the rage these days, can be withdrawn via maximum ATM cash withdrawals daily. For some reason, this activity is much less scrutinized than walking in the bankster “hell-hole” and attempting to remove more than $1000 at a time via the teller window. I’m convinced THEY video even such a relatively small withdrawal inside. Outside at the ATM, I wear my Jon Corzine mask.

          Simply removing it from the system isn’t enough…convert 75% of it quickly to “tangibles” that are about to skyrocket in price. Now that is money in “my/your personal bank”.

          Daisy, your continued commitment to help the searchers is admirable…especially when the “deadline” is approaching, but impossible to “nail-down” to the month: much less the week, day, hour, or minute.

          I believe WE should name a flower after you as recognition of your steadfast efforts. Never mind, your mother already did. ONWARD THROUGH THE FOG!

          • Yental! Long time, no speak. And thank you for the lovely compliment!

            I certainly don’t have enough money for it to languish in FRN form for long! I invest in seeds, food and books. I actually find it hard to spend money as soon as I get it because

            a) I’m cheap
            b) I really really hate shopping!

            But yes, buy tangibles – pass it on!!! 🙂

            • @Daisey- You no longer have the red name.

              Whats up? They kick you out of blogger for bad mouthin country A? 🙂

            • Hi Kev ~

              This is my version of lying low, my friend. 🙂 Is it working?

              ~ D

            • Daisy and Yental: I find shopping in general boring. I just bought (called in)several cases of wheat grass (on sale thru Aug) from Pines Int’l in Lawrence, Ks. Also, lots of boxes of lg tea bags, extra vit/min, etc from other stores. I watch the BOGO sales in local grocery stores and stock up. Online ammo sales may be outlawed soon, so load up asap.

        • Daisy, etc: I agree, I do bank withdrawals, another way to get cash is by using debit card grocery shopping and get the highest cash back they allow, then stash the cash in $20 and $10 bills in a fire proof lock box at home, not in a bank box; ditto for any gold, silver or expensive jewelry. Perhaps stashing $50 and $100 bills in small amounts.

      4. I asked this the other day but am going to bring it up again…..any advice on finding the Colt SP901??

        • You trying to find it? or do you want opinions on the gun itself?

          • Trying my ass off just to find it and purchase…..need help from a more knowledgeable gun person as to options??

            • Just an opinion.

              Why don’t you take your $2000 and buy a Bushmaster 5.56, or a Russian made 5.56 (that takes .223 as well) AND a good quality .308 assault (like an FN/FAL). Both of these together will run the same as you would have in ONE gun and you would have TWO instead. The biggest advantage being that TWO people could then use both guns and you would have that much more fire power.

              armslist.com is a great place to buy from individuals and dealers. gunbrokers.com is another. One of my favorites is classicfirearm.com as well as atlanticfirearms.com

              Hope that helps a bit.

            • Damn, that should have read, classicfirearms.com I forgot the “s”, it’s plural.

            • Hell, for $2k, a guy could get two AKMs, a pile of mags, and eight or ten thousand rounds of ammo. 5.45X39 is still dirt cheap, relatively speaking.

            • BJ, why buy a gun that is so hard to get? It will be equally hard to get ammo and parts for repair when it is needed.

              The bullets will not protect you any more than any other bullets from a more readily available gun anyway.

        • are you looking to buy one? they are over 1800 bucks and I think are ok but I think youd be better off with something less expensive personally. jerrysportinggoods is one of the biggest gun suppliers. try calling or googeling ace sporting goods in washington pa near pittsburgh, they have all sorts of stuff, they sell armor piercing brazil 50bmg for about 80 a box. they have the promag drum 20 rounds for the saiga and usually have a decent supply of stuff. not the cheapest gun place but not overkill either, dont trade anything in there they rip you off. anything else on that?

          • Yes I want to buy one, like yesterday already!!!!

            They’ll go for 2,000-2100$$ Hey it’s worth it, great gun! Or I should say great guns, because it is two guns in one.

            • yea if you got 308 or .223 take your pick.

          • good plan. except the comment on promag. Promag makes inferior products in my opinion. I have had more than a couple problems with their magazines. I’d stick to magazines from reputable manufacturers. factory mags are mire expensive, but they are worth it when u need them.

            • zack you are right! they are junk, i bought a saiga 12 gauge and then bought that 20 round drum, had to trim the tip of the magazine drum and it fit good, shot all 20 and didnt jam. sold it and got a benelli m2, love that anyday over that saiga. i know that feeling when you want a gun that can shoot .223 or 308. Hey its your money and its what you like. i wouldnt buy one but they are very nice, its up to you. call buffalo gun center in buffalo NY on harlem road, they have a huge selection of guns too, the kind we like new stuff and 50bmg etc. they are priced at bit but call them and see. they are located on harlem road in buffalo ny. google it and see if they got one.

          • You can build your own for 600 bucks, it’s easy

      5. I would really like to know if this is all real or if this is just more warnings. I know this is real but could we really be this close to a total collapse etc. I read these posts each day and its hard to belive what is going on with all this corruption etc. You would think people in our government would of really cared for these sort of things from happening or was this engineered because the amount of debt we had and no way out. I just don’t know what to believe. I believe this but I just don’t know how bad is going to get. if it does im rather excited, i dont have to work again and go home and protect the family and survive.

        • Clint, I read a similar article on Reuters this morning, hardly a crackpot website/news agency. Despite the fact that NO news organizations (mainstream that is) have picked up on this story, it is, in fact true. Plan accordingly and good luck to you.

          • anonymous, yea I remember hearing on rush limbaugh on last thursday or friday about banks need to get themselves in order for difficult times and did not hear anything more on that,

            • Rush!? LOL…

          • I just just now watched an ad on TV put out by the govt. with a guy throwing bug out bags to his family members and the audio message to always be ready. You then saw the logos for FEMA, DHS and some other orgs. They then showed a web site URL ready.gov. What gives? I have never seen anything like that before.

        • I think we’re going to see a total economic collapse in the fall. The dollar will collapse. We’ll have hyperinflation. There will be no electricity, public water. Government at all levels will go bankrupt. OPEC will no longer accept dollars as payment for oil. Goods will no longer be transported across the country. We’ll see total anarchy in the US. I think at least 90% of Americans will starve or die in the violence. The federal government will protect key personnel and provide for the military. Other than that, I expect only preppers to survive.

          • If that occurs, thier only other 2 cards to play, will be:

            1) Invade Iran

            2) GRAY STATE

            • @JM

              Agreement…to a point.

              But, never discount the possibility of a limited nuclear exchange, as it fits THEIR agenda.

          • Why don’t you tell us how you really feel BC???

          • The biggest danger is if the dollar loses its’ status as the world reserve currency and petro dollar status. that would be a real game changer as fuel would disappear.

            • Really?

            • John W. says: “The biggest danger is if the dollar loses its’ status as the world reserve currency and petro dollar status. that would be a real game changer as fuel would disappear.”

              Too late; that’s already happened. China and Russia are already trading directly in their own currencies. China has implemented agreements with several key trading partners, including oil-exporting nations, to trade using Chinese currency rather than the dollar. Time to come up with a plan to accept that reality and survive.

          • The biggest danger is if the dollar loses its’ status as the world reserve currency and petro dollar status. that would be a real game changer as fuel would disappear.

            • Wait… Really?

          • The biggest danger is if the dollar loses its’ status as the world reserve currency and petro dollar status. that would be a real game changer as fuel would disappear.

            • John W: A top analyst at UBS said today that he expects the USD to be the world’s reserve currency for the next 50 years.

              I give it 5 to 10 minimum, 15 to 25 maximum as the Yuan and the Rupee should be full fledged currencies by then.

              The low end estimate is based upon O’bummer’s re-election.

            • I only posted that once. No idea why it poped up three times.

        • Excited?

          Clint, when this goes down, that will probably be the last word that comes to mind.

          This collapse was in motion decades ago, the final pieces are in place. This will not be pretty.

          • Yeah….”won’t have to work again”??

            None of us really know what real work is. Just wait until you have to fetch your own water everyday. LOL!

          • just me- hey this is all im saying is, i believe in following laws but breaking them too like speeding etc. Excited means i can be at home to be with my wife, she is in the midwest and i work in PA. so if something happens i gotta jet home quick to get back before things are shut down. excited I mean everything we trained for and prepped will be put to the test. thats the exciting times for me. it will depress millions and millions will die from no diabetes drugs etc. its war and its no rules and survive from what you know or what you have done. that is what i mean about being excited, i can see what i got. and if I dont have it im dead. i just hope everyone on here is set and has multiple weapons that you have rehearsed over and over and reload quick and always have backup plan. I think a lot of people will not barge thru the front door, they are gonna snoop the side windows to see what is going on. make sure you can have 2×4’s plywood and concrete rebar to barge the windows if this really goes down. make sure you have nails to repair things if broken into etc. make sure you have cleaning supplies to keep yourself low of bateria. things get messy when no shower or water is available. id hate to be in NY or La or some big city or a single women that is scared out of her mind. I hope these people make it to safety and know how to handle things and remaining cool when you lose your mind from stress or the first time you have to kill someone. just think of a person is a wild animal and nothing more. dont get tricked women from men, they are trickey and will want to ask you for help, dont come out and get jumped. say I cant help you im sorry and dont even talk back to them. the less they know the better ladies. have a 12 gauge with buckshot so you dont miss under high stress or a real quick door breakin and you lockup. then your done. keep cool ladies and just relax.

      6. So this applies to stocks, money market accounts, 401ks, saving and checking accounts? I guess we will need to bury thousands of dollars in the backyard,since we want to stay diversified somehow and not put every penny into metals.

        I buried some money once that stayed dry for several years until I dug it back up. I put it in multiple zip-lock bags, one inside another, and then in an old nalgene bottle.

        • Fiat currency is not worth the paper it is printed on.

        • You better bury some lead(Pb)and I mean ammo. Paper money will be dead.

      7. awesome … simply awesome !!!

        AmeriKa … What a NWO U.N. Commie ZIONIST Jooo FASCIST Freemason Oligarchy Globalist Banker Mafia run carbon credit tax debt slave plantation Sheeithole !!!

        … All I’m buying from this point forward is … AMMO !!!


        • well we 100% agree on this one Nina..

          They can devalue P.M./s FRNS ETC..but the intrinsic value of fmj’s and the like will only go up as we speak..

          great value..

          buy bulk

          buy all calibers if you can..


        • @ $CpCh$

          Save a few bucks for gas, bro.

          Head north by northeast, there are 2 units that need you desperately.


        • Cocopuff, go jerk off to your Jew god on a stick you POS christian cocksuker.

      8. It has been said.. And history has shown a X or 2 . That Paper money will be tossed in the streets only to be burned and keep us temporarily warm..

        Even silver and gold “Which is made by human hands” will be worthless in these times of disparity.

        H20, Food, shelter, medications, Tp, ammo and guns.. Are A sure bet in these times..

        We can survive this.. But only after most of the weaker masses have Perished .. Due to their dependantcy to the govt being their sugar daddy..

        We must pray that this situation will never happen and that we if we do fall.. It be a soft landing.. Over time.

        • Gold and silver is not made of human hands. Thus the term precious metals. It’s mined from within the earth the last time I heard. And from every lesson of history, gold and silver has always withstood the fire. What will be different this time? Gold and silver will tank but then it will be priceless for a time until a new ‘system’ is put in place and then it will moderate back to ‘normal’ values.

          No, gold and silver are still the best out there, bar none!

          • Anon: The term “precious metals” applies to metals that do not tarnish. Silver is not a “precious metal” it is a base metal, like copper.

            Silver at best is a “semi-precious metal” because has historically been used as money in coins, or to back fiat.

            • AJ: Yes, I know, WE have all argued the point here a few times in the past. The PTB want you to believe that silver is a “precious metal” so that it becomes more valuable to the masses.

              This is a historic tactic of the GB’s and metal brokers. Its a marketing tool for the Sheeple. Scientifically, precious metals simply DO NOT tarnish.

              I rest my case.

            • DK, silver is the Peoples money and the banksters fear it greatly. Witness the massive short position in the paper market held by JP Morgan to suppress the price, which has been going on for well over 25 documented years. Your argument that the banksters hype the value of silver as a “marketing tool” is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

              A Dollar is defined in Law, since 1794, as a certain weight of silver, not gold. An ounce of gold is worth 20 of them, notwithstanding the changes after the banksters took over the assignment of value in 1933.

              Precious means of high value or worth. Therefore, in the Peoples language a precious metal is one of high value or worth.

              Precious Metals are defined as follows: The uncommon and highly valuable metals, esp. gold and silver.

              Silver is also the most valuable industrial metal, which is why the Peoples treasury full of silver was stolen and sold to industrial users at a steep discount.

              Your argument is baseless and shows a deep misunderstanding of reality and the history of our Republic.

            • GC: Stick to “sovereign man” issues. You know nothing about metals. 🙂

              If your definition of precious metals was accurate and applied to silver; copper, zinc, and nickel could also be called “precious” as they have all been used for coinage throughout history.

              In America, silver became prominent based upon the lobbying of the Silver Barons of Nevada and Montana who corrupted the Congress of that era to include silver in the backing of money and to buy ALL of their production, at high prices.

              Otherwise there would not have been enough demand by the people for the “peoples money” as you call it, to warrant development of those mines.

              While silver is being manipulated by the GB’s to suppress its price, silver is also being pumped by promoters to manipulate the people to support their positions.

              BTW, silver is NOT the most valuable industrial metal; copper is that king. You are a dumbshit! 🙂

              Invest in gold, speculate with silver and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.

            • DK, again you show your ignorance.

              “””In America, silver became prominent based upon the lobbying of the Silver Barons of Nevada and Montana who corrupted the Congress of that era to include silver in the backing of money and to buy ALL of their production, at high prices. “””

              Silver has been used as coinage since ancient times. It became the coinage of choice in this country because at the time the most widely circulating coins were Spanish milled dollars, AKA pieces of eight. Our dollars were made to be equivalent so that those circulating coins would have the same value as the new coins minted by our new Republic.

              To demonstrate your further ignorance, Zinc was first used in coins as a coating for the steel pennies in 1943, and became widely used as pennies in 1982.

              “””While silver is being manipulated by the GB’s to suppress its price, silver is also being pumped by promoters to manipulate the people to support their positions.”””

              Another moronic statement. Either the banksters are placing too high a value on it as you said earlier, or they are suppressing the price. If it required “pumping promoters” to keep the price up, price manipulation would not be necessary, now would it? And would there be 100 ounces of paper silver for every ounce of physical? What about the banksters paying 25% premiums or more to avoid having to deliver it? Or crashing MF Global and stealing billions of customer dollars to hide their COMEX default?

              “””BTW, silver is NOT the most valuable industrial metal; copper is that king. You are a dumbshit! “””

              That is the kicker from a true idiot. Silver is required for all modern technology. You would have no computer or cell phone without it. It’s even used in clothing. While copper is more used in construction of buildings and wiring, it is $2.50 a pound scrap as opposed to $27.80 an ounce for silver, about 177 times the “value”. I will gladly trade you my copper for your silver, pound for pound.

              You are so easy to debate because your arguments are plain stupid and always show a total lack of knowledge and logic.

              You are what is referred to by the corp as a useful idiot, and you carry the mantle well.

            • GC: MINE “””In America, silver became prominent based upon the lobbying of the Silver Barons of Nevada and Montana who corrupted the Congress of that era to include silver in the backing of money and to buy ALL of their production, at high prices. “””

              YOURS Silver has been used as coinage since ancient times. It became the coinage of choice in this country because at the time the most widely circulating coins were Spanish milled dollars, AKA pieces of eight. Our dollars were made to be equivalent so that those circulating coins would have the same value as the new coins minted by our new Republic.




              YOURS: To demonstrate your further ignorance, Zinc was first used in coins as a coating for the steel pennies in 1943, and became widely used as pennies in 1982.

              “””While silver is being manipulated by the GB’s to suppress its price, silver is also being pumped by promoters to manipulate the people to support their positions.”””




              Another moronic statement. Either the banksters are placing too high a value on it as you said earlier, or they are suppressing the price. If it required “pumping promoters” to keep the price up, price manipulation would not be necessary, now would it? And would there be 100 ounces of paper silver for every ounce of physical? What about the banksters paying 25% premiums or more to avoid having to deliver it? Or crashing MF Global and stealing billions of customer dollars to hide their COMEX default?

              “””BTW, silver is NOT the most valuable industrial metal; copper is that king. You are a dumbshit! “””

              That is the kicker from a true idiot. Silver is required for all modern technology. You would have no computer or cell phone without it. It’s even used in clothing. While copper is more used in construction of buildings and wiring, it is $2.50 a pound scrap as opposed to $27.80 an ounce for silver, about 177 times the “value”. I will gladly trade you my copper for your silver, pound for pound.


              WITHIN A WEEK!


          • Hey Anonymous, Your comment is a contradiction with the creator on all versions of the bible has to say about these things. God says “in the last days men will throw their gold and silver in the street on the day of the wrath of God” Ezekiel 7:19. Paper money, gold, silver at the start it will have value for a while then it won’t be worth nothing just like God says. If you have a problem with that don’t argue with me. What I suggest you do is the next full moon go to your local grave yard at midnight 12:00 AM when the moon is full and curse God for being upset because that is what God says not me I’m just the messenger! Only H20, food, ammo, clothing, medicines etc. Nothing else and not your gold or your silver. All things are of GOD 2 Corinthians 5:18

            • You’re a fanatical wacko, aren’t you? You haven’t a clue what you’re saying either!!

              So by your (lack of) logic, all of the other tumultuous times in history where people thought it was the “last days” and that the rapture was just around the corner would’ve meant that gold and silver and other monetary means would never come back or be worth anything. But, I guess YOU and they would be wrong now huh? If it is the end times counting down to the last day, then tell me genius what difference would it make if all the gold, silver and other valuables did disappear? There would be only the Tribulation left to go through and then heaven for some and hell for the others. Do ya think you need those items in any of those places?

              Damn, get a clue and get a life!

        • Hmm can we survive or does this leave us open to invasion? Once we have eaten all our food,shot all our ammo, then what?

          • Save one round…

            • then you hunt for food and go low tech.

          • THEN YOU … re-learn to MAKE FIRE , FIGHT FARM HERD BREED HUNT make a smithy , create SWORDS , AXES , WAR HAMMERS , crossbows , bows , arrows , spears , ARMOR , SHIELDS , train horses dogs deer ox to work with you and you return to the land .


            it’s not the end of the world … its only the end of MODERN TAX DEBT SLAVE ENSLAVEMENT !!! LIFE WILL GO ON …



            • @ $CpCh$

              Yep, your right! They’ve done just that for thousands of years…but when evening came, they cleaned up & sought the comforts & delights of a good woman and they procreated.

              Perhaps you should think of following your ancestors example, post haste! Good luck.

            • @Anton Hackl

              GOD CREATED “DOG” SO A MAN MAY KNOW FAITHFUL loyal TRUST AND LOVE … women are over rated , diseased mentally physically usually and definitely not worth the expense and upkeep .

              @ get a dog if you want a true faithful loyal companion .

            • Modern women, certainly. I could go on for days.

      9. anyone who has money in a bank deserves what they get and they will lose it all, very soon

        • nobody DESERVES to be scammed out of their life savings…NOBODY.

          • Amen sixpack, amen!

            There are a lot of elderly out here who used to stuff their mattresses with their hard-earned cash. But now they’ve been (like we all have been at one time or the other) hoodwinked into believing the banks are safer. No sir, NO ONE deserves to be scammed, lied to, deceived or worse yet, made to be the patsy of lawbreakers when the law is supposed to protect US!!!!

            • Have had numerous discussions with my mother about this.

              She sees what’s coming, but just does not know what to do about it.

              What CAN she do? Pull what little money she has out of the bank? And do WHAT with it? And then when the dollar crashes, it’s worth….what?

              So should she pull all her money out and buy stuff? She has limited storage. And what does she do in the meantime?

              So many decisions to make. None of them easy.

              And this stuff really pisses me off, because this is the last thing in the world she should be having to be thinking about at the end of her life.

      10. Options?

        Well you can take out a few hundred thousand from IRA/401K and request a duffle bag and Brinks Truck to being it home. Within days every agency in the government will be knocking at the door asking what your doing with YOUR MONEY. Assuming they leave you with it (which is in these times may or may not be the case) you will have to stand guard 24/7. The tax implications are tremendous too. The USD depreciates as inflation rises.

        Better to buy some undervalued real estate and rent it out.

        • Do a wire transfer to a precious metals company. Buy gold coins and junk silver. Split the money 50/50. Take physical delivery of it. Buy an expensive safe that can’t be removed from your house. Store most of it there. Some of it you can hide in places in your house and bury it in your yard.

          • Barn Cat

            “Buy an expensive safe that can’t be removed from your house.”

            Actually the book about surviving the economic collapse in Argentina suggested keeping token wealth in your safe and the majority hid elsewhere.

            Keep a few hundred thousand in gold at your home? Your a dead man sooner or later if that leaks out. Hell people rob liquor stores for $300.

            In the end “Loose lips sink ships”. Survival is linked to anonymity. Cry poor, look poor and act poor.

            • “few hundred thousand”, really? Must be nice whoever that is who can afford a few hundred thousand dollars of gold! Where do you live again?

              Yes, buy a safe that is flood and fire proof. Buy multiple if you have to. Just make them portable so you can take them with you if you have to bug out. If I were in a very secured location without any worry about having to bug out, then I would buy a Liberty safe in a New York minute! But alas, I can’t carry that one on my back or even in my truck along with everything else! 😉

            • It is not necessary to buy a safe. A fireproof safe is not required for metals. Buy a post hole digger instead.

              Dig the post hole deep.

              Place your precious metals in a 4″ PVC pipe making sure that one end is sealed with super glue and duct tape.

              Put that end in first! 🙂

            • Believe me I won’t have to act poor. I got money for bills and food stores. To buy gold silver copper or even ALUMINUM is all but a dream with my budget. Sure I have some ammo and other essentials stored but not NEAR enough. Food I’m “ok” maybe… At least for a little while. I have a feeling I’m not the only one reading this stuff and thinking I don’t have any of this sh1t I’m screwed. 401k HA! I DON’T BELIEVE IN RETIREMENT! I GOT A GOOD 40 YEARS OF WORK LEFT IF THE SYSTEM LASTS THAT LONG! MINIMUM! It sounds like a bad joke but its just the sad truth and I know i have my shit together better than a lot of people my age. I can’t imagine how hard up everyone else is. Just sayin…

            • DK,

              Granted, metal doesn’t burn. But that is not the point. Which would you rather do when a true bug out scenario hits —

              1) Grab your post hole digger and take the time to dig up your metals,

              2) Grab your safe(s) and get the hell out of dodge?

              Just sayin’

            • Anon: As far a a “bug out” scenario is concerned, I have long said: “Be there, if you want to get there”.

              But if I were going to bug out, I would rather carry a PVC pipe filled with gold/silver than lug a safe around.

              A safe in your home is a target unless it is a floor safe well hidden or a safe room vault. With the PVC pipe, the hole diameter is small. Its outside, hidden in plain sight under a large planter.

              I know a guy with a PVC pipe inside another PVC pipe, that has a cord on it that he can pull up from inside the first PVC pipe, then replaced the lid. Cover with dirt. Cover with the large potted plant.

              It takes less than five minutes to access the gold/silver, and take it with you. Its also almost impossible to find off the back patio or private garden off the master bath. His wall safe in the den is a decoy. Diversification, not all your eggs in one basket works too, if you get the point.

              Thieves and or the thugs in government will tear up your house or office to find your valuables but not many are “gardeners”.

            • @DK- I have gone down 7-8 feet with my whites.

              Dont forget to suggest putting a post over that(with the post hole digger) and plenty of garbage around it.

            • Kevin: 7-8 feet with a White’s? Which model do you have? I thought Mine Lab was the detector that went the deepest. I hope you were using a backhoe to do that! 🙂

              I don’t think a post in the post hole is necessary. Line the hole with a PVC pipe, insert a smaller PVC pipe into it.

              Make sure the bottoms of both are well sealed. It is important to drill a hole in the side of the second so you can slip a rope or nylon chord through the side to pull it up. Eye bolts are helpful too I have been told.

              Use your imagination and design to please yourself.

            • @DK- It was a GMZ(believe it or not), on a tailing pile north of laughlin nevada side of the colorado. It was alot of diggin, had to use the “mexican backhoe” 🙂

        • I took an amount a little larger from my bank an no one showed up at my door. I know it was traced and I even know the agent from the ABC dept. that I was having issue with really want to know what I did. But unless you are a drug dealer or a proven gun runner. They don’t show up at your door. But don’t lie to yourself they do look but if you get it out know and start moving it around it slowly drop off the radar. Remember the only time they will really come is when there is a profit from it to tax. Now then all bets are off.

          • Just be aware that the people working in banks may be less than honest.
            It would be easy for a bank employee to hear about a large withdrawal and look up your address and target you for theft. If you withdraw a large amount, I would say something like “This is for the tax deed sale. Isn’t crazy that the Kansas Code insists on cash?!” Act alarmed and worried but resigned.
            If you have a purpose for withdrawing cash that seems plausible it will draw less attention.

            • I suck at Blackjack but I have a new system. Thats what I need 5k in cash for.

            • Be careful with gambling comments. They are heavily track even more than drugs and gun in some cases. As soon as you said gamble different amount are used for reporting purposes in some places.

        • Transfer it offshore before the end of the year and put it into a RmB account.

          • re: Buried treasure

            Put it in a location that is unpleasant to search.

            DK is spot on about safes being a good decoy. Good way to make theives waste their time.

            • bury it in the floor of the pigpen or the cesspit/outhouse ; )

          • Food….Ammo…..whiskey and Marlboros!

      11. Your ‘segregated funds’ are as safe today as your SS
        retirement funds would have been in Gore’s “lock box”.

        Getting your $’s out & in hand is only half of solution
        to preserving your lifetime of hard-earned wealth, as
        all need to grasp those dollars value & buying power
        is likely to erode faster than most would spend them.

        – Shane

      12. Blah blah blah ……the same old warnings since 2008 and the same warnings we will hear again in 2015

        • Well good afternoon to you too.

          • Don’t listen to Rich, he’s always been like that. Grumpy, contrary, devil’s advocate, etc. He just likes to get under people’s skin.

            Yes Rich99, you really are a punk.

        • Well, let’s see Rich99. In 2008, we had TARP. In 2009, we got the infamous American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010. On top of the increases in unemployment, SNAP benefits, and a large jump in government benefit usage overall.

          If we get the “same warnings” as you forecast, on top of Obamacare and the Bush tax cut expirations, the S will have hit the fan WAY before 2015.

          So, you’re not just wrong, you’re way wrong. Better luck next time.

        • @ RICH99. Last post I asked a polite question to you. If don’t feel that there is any danger to a financial Armageddon, and yet you prepare, then what for? What do you think is the best chance of a SHTF event within one year from now? Even if you think it is remote, please tell all of us in your opinion what we all should be worried about within a year. Could it be war? Bird flu virus? EMP from a X-100 solar flare? Earth changes? Martial law? Asteroid impact? Gamma ray pulse from a supernova? What?

          In other words what article can Mac put on about a possible SHTF event and RICH99 says “I agree with this article, this is something that will should consider to prepare for”?

          • He won’t answer you Be informed. He’s an antagonizer plain and simple. He may prep because he knows, deep down in the dark places of his soul, that we’re right!

            • @ Anonymous. Each time there is something to do with preparation, many people chime in with their ideas and someone like RICH99 should understood this that every prepper has something to offer each other. We all disagree with each other on something, but we all are aiming towards the same goal, SURVIVAL. Why anyone would spend time trying to antagonize others that are all trying to figure out the best way to see tomorrow is beyond me. Everyone that prepares are a rare people these days, ONLY 1%, and I rather see everyone working together with new ideas to help everyone. This is exactly what those in power DON’T want.

              I have seen RICH99 very upset awhile back that he thought that everyone thought of him as a sheep and went in detail how he prepares, for really what I don’t know. What I say to Rich is that IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT PEOPLE PREPARE FOR, IT ONLY MATTERS THAT THEY READY THEMSELVES. If someone is prepping for an asteroid impact, and another person is prepping for a total economic collapse, and there is say a supervolcano that goes off in New Zealand or somewhere else, both preppers are prepared a hell of a lot more than the ostrich public even though their event did not occur.

              If the fear of economic collapse is driving someone to prepare and it never occurs, wonderful, they will be ready for something else WHEN it occurs.
              I say this to RICH99, and others that irritate the good people on this site, why not give some sound advice on preparation that can actually help others. Each and every person has some speciality that they know that can aid everyone else in getting ready for what is coming. As you say, Rich knows it is coming, maybe not from where but he knows.

          • @BI

            I think Rich99 is actually planning for S literally HTF from his mouth. Bet his preps are baby wipes, pressure washer and rain gear.

          • Inside of a year you have nothing to worry about …..maybe 5-8 years you do but nothing soon

            • @ RICH99. What then do you personally see in 2017-2020 to worry about? Why do you think 5-8 years? Forget about the economy for a moment, what about war, geophysical, epidemic, or other out of the blue scenario that suddenly happens? How can you be so sure that we all out here have nothing to worry about for so long?

              I admit it myself I don’t know when Israel is going to attack Iran, but I give possible dates to help people prepare themselves the best they can. I have been trying to figure out earthquakes and I have had a decent amount of success as I have narrowed down the locations that last few times, gotten it within the time period almost every time with only once or twice being off, and gotten the magnitude right most of the time. last time I said Alaska 6.7 or more and it was 6.2, but I still got the Alaska location right. I try to give advice to help people based on what I know. Sometimes I am wrong, sometimes I am right.

              The point I am making is can you give everybody out there good sound reasonings why they should not be concerned for 5-8 years? How do you know, especially in regards to the planet and the sun? How can you know about the Middle-East? Instead of everyone giving you red thumbs down, why not explain yourself why you feel this way? I have found that just because others have been wrong about predictions in the past doesn’t mean that nothing is going to happen this time.

              Back in the late fall of I think it was 2003 or 2004 there was a X-40 flare and had it been directed at the Earth just 2 days earlier, a catastrophic EMP would have occured. No one really saw this coming. I can understand anybody’s skeptism about what man can control, but how can anyone say that mother nature is not going to do something? How do you know?

              I say it is always an excellent idea to prepare like something can happen today, tomorrow, or this week. Rotate what will go bad, and just be ready because there are so many surprises that hit without warning.

            • Again, he ain’t gonna reply with a good answer. If he does it will be with hyperbole. But one thing is certain now, isn’t it? He IS prepping! HA!

        • RICH99

          No warning….reality to the people that invested with Corzine.

          “According to the court, a misallocation of those customer funds, “is not, on its own, sufficient to rule as a matter of law that Sentinel acted ‘with actual intent to hinder, delay, or defraud’ its customers.”

          Good luck.

        • RICH99,

          Go back to bed. You’re having nothing but a simple nightmare, or was it a wet dream?

        • Rich99, Damn it’s always good to hear from you ‘ol boy. Hope all is well.

        • Hopefully you will prove to be correct.

      13. F*ck.

        Just. F*ck.

        So. Ahem. If you’re like me and you started this stuff a little late, and you’ll be out of debt in March or April of 2013… but for the moment are getting direct deposit and you have to pay the credit card companies via bank transfer…

        What would you do?

        1. Keep doing what I’m doing – getting direct deposit and paying off the debt and praying the shit holds together long enough for me to complete that process…

        2. Say f*ck it, default, and go for bankruptcy…

        3. Pull my money out of the banking system, leave in just enough for minimum payments, and take the remaining money and buy silver, food, and bullets…

        4. Same as three but max out my credit limit too…

        Sh*t man. Anything but 1 is a scary option.

        • personally, i would go with 3 but i’d keep paying off the debt as well… if you are going to be debt free in under 12 months i’d keep making the payments… if you are concerned about the possibility of collapse coming sooner than having those debts paid off, perhaps adjust your payoff timeline a bit and put more into alternative assets now… you’ll get hit with some additional interest on that existing debt, but chalk that off as the cost of doin’ business.

          Ultimately, debt free is where you want to be, imho. Keep making those paymens aggresively, but simultaneously invest what you can into your own self sustainability…. so, instead of spring 2012, maybe your payoff timeframe becomes late summer or fall… though not ideal, the interest won’t kill you and you can still put away a good amount of prep related assets by cutting your existing loan repayments by 10 to 30%.

          with respect to maxing out the credit cards, i see this as a last ditch effort for those who are out of work and without income flow and have no coice but to do it in order to survive, OR if the system does actually go full out hyperinflation you hit the stores and stock up on whatever essential goods or physical assets you can…. but, in my view, definitely dont go into more debt unless you have to – collections are going to get much more aggresive going forward for those who default on their loans…

          just my 2 cents worth without knowing your exact situation…in general, this is what my family has done and it’s worked well.



          • I have 35K in unsecured debt and no mortgage. I flip flop between two Credit cars the debt. I get promo offers in the mail by the two cards and my interest on the visa is 0% on transfer and the other was .99% on transfer. I figure I just keep my money since they are the ones losing since inflation is higher than the 0 – .99% I am getting. Why pay it off?

            I buy food and necessities now so when the interest rises I can dip into the stockpile of foodstuff as well as other stuff such as motor oil and filters, TP etc etc. I win buy buying the stuff now and also win by them absorbing a interest rate that is lower than the rate of inflation.

            Is my logic and reasoning wrong here?

            • Great. What happens when you lose your job and they call it in?

              Yeah, they’re getting shafted on the interest. So? In the end a bunch of really big guys with really big guns show up at your doorstep. And I’m sure, whether or not that’s specifically stated to be over your unpaid debt that you can’t pay back now… yeah it’ll be about that.

            • Stay on top of it. Before I sold I sold my last “Employment” Credit cards were use a lot in that way. It worked but you must watch them all the time for changes. And remember one screw up and the special go away. But when they are the last debt you have pay them off you have no idea what true debt free living is until you live it. Stress just goes away. And almost all concern(Fear) of the future goes with it. Now I enjoy looking forward to being a Grandpa. And helping family live a better life. I like that stress

            • Call in Credit card debt? Never heard of it. Besides the job we rely on is in nursing and if that job is gone chances are the system has collapsed or everyone is dead.

            • Gravlor,

              Unsecured debt MUST be “charged off” after 180 days. Once it has been discharged, there is nothing for anyone to collect.

              Use the cards to take back some of what has been stolen from you over the years. You night want to get a couple of new cards, and then quit paying the old ones.

              If all you have is unsecured debt, you are effectively debt free because there is no way for the criminals to collect it. Yes, they are criminals because it is illegal to lend “credit”.

      14. get caught with a lot of cash during a stop by the State Patrol
        and its HIGHLY likely they will confiscate it
        you may get it back after years of court battles

        • Take it out a little bit at a time, and it probably won’t raise any alarms. They will just think you needed the money for everyday expenses. If you get robbed, it won’t be as big a deal as it would if you took all of it out. Hide it in different places, and make sure you write it down so you won’t forget where you put it. Put the notes with your important papers but make it look like a list about something else.

          • LT

            Actually someone kept pulling out $9900 frequently out of their account of legal money that was taxed. They were charged with and convicted of conspiracy to evade banking disclosure laws because they intentionally wanted to be below the radar screen because of their repeated actions.

            The law does not specify if the money is from an illegal source or not. Legal intent on use of the money or source of the money is not part of the law. Basically it’s, “Here is the law, if you go too far trying to avoid it your also breaking the law”. Yep, it’s the new convoluted legal system where they know your shoe size but you can’t find out where a trillion dollars went.

            • I remember hearing about that. Withdrawing much less than that, maybe $500 one week, $3000 the next, and $1700 two weeks later seems like it would be less likely to raise alarms. Make it random and not close to the limit.

              When my grandfather died, we found out he had hundred dollar bills hidden all over the house. We heard that a lot of people who had been through the Depression did that.

        • Good point, Satori – remember that guy that was buying a car off Craigslist a while back?

      15. Nothing you buy,store,rent out. There is nothing you can do to hide from whats coming. You cant doing anything to protect your assets. Whats going to take place is much worse than most of you are thinking. The best you can do is have what you need to live and hold out as long as possible. Everything is about to get locked down. Theres no place to hide. Get your minds ready now and do the best you can. My God bless and keep all of you.

        • I’d get that money out and feed a few hundred families, take deprived children to theme parks, buy used cars and spread them around, get anything for my family they ever wanted and for myself, stock a few filled gasoline and propane tanks underground, solar power my entire house, get a wood furnace in the back yard(Amish), buy a few Honda Shadows, secure every window in the house, fill underground water tanks w. pump, and that’s just for starters…before the fricking govt, bankers, thieves get it!!!

        • From what I am reading….I fear you are right.

          This is why I have said repeatedly, the one thing we all need…..and cannot buy…..is luck.

          We are all going to need a whole bunch of that.

      16. Also, what do you think are the ramifications of this announcement?

        I’m thinking a mini bank run would be a likely scenario. Mini only because not everyone pays attention to this kind of thing.

        If that happens it could have a cascade effect in terms of the economy…

        • LOL ok I’m wrong, help me learn why I’m wrong please… not trying to be offensive here.


        • while in my mind this is quite a big deal, in all honesty, 99% of our fellow countrymen will have no clue until after their assets are appropriated for the greater good under the guise of saving the financial system…

          • I agree, “they” don’t watch C-SPAN.

      17. For me gold and silver are fine to have but remember that someone has to buy it from you with the money that is there at the time. What kind of money will that be, it will all be fiat and based on what, how knows. You can not buy a load of bread with a 20 dollar gold peice would you, so what do you do. Hard assets like was said- water, food, ammo, salt etc. that will be money in the future for a long time and if you have alot, trade for gold and silver if you want.

        • I lived in Maine for 12 years, while there I became friends with those who truly had their fingers on the pulse, think tank types, rear admirals, former execs, etc etc. This was approximately 20 years ago. Cautiously and systematically they revealed to me why they had gone off grid and returned to a more humble and simpler way of life. Back then some of the things they spoke about was simply unimaginable, but I listened, I learned and I watched. For all practical purposes the knew exactly what was going to happen and why, basically they set themselves up in enclave a la “atlas shrugged” style. They achieved a certain invisibility. Everyone this thing is very real. Someone mentioned the other day that they were scared, im scared, we all should be. The magnitude of this goes beyond what the mind can comprehend. Copperhead you’re right now its all about hard assets. If you can dont just store water, make preparations thru Co ops are whatever means to have several Wells established., purchase farming equipment, become devoted to producing your own power. Use your money to set youself up, because the illusion of paper having value is about to evaporate like a puff of smoke. Like he said ” a 20 dollar double eagle, wont buy a loaf of bread” with Godspeed, prep hard, stay alert..

      18. Just like a regular savings account, a money market account is a type of savings account that is offered by banks and credit unions. The main difference is that money market accounts will usually pay higher interest, have higher minimum balance requirements, and often they only allow three to six withdrawals from the account per month.

      19. Don’t worry. Bankers always put their customers’ best interests before their own.

      20. I’m sure my money is safe in my credit union. At least until the dollar collapses. I expect that to be soon.

      21. A bank robbed me of $200 when I was 14. I decided then and there I would never do business with a bank again. I am now 46 and a bank has not seen me inside their doors yet.

        • That doesn’t sound very smart. In most cases that would mean you never bought your own home. Buying on land contract is a bad idea. Saving your money and buying a car with cash is a good idea but keeping all your cash in your home isn’t a good idea.

          • Buying land on contract, as long as it’s a Contract for Deed, is fine if it’s from an individual instead of a bank. If that individual is of like-mind and understands what may come down the pike, you should not be in danger of losing the land.

            • Anybody willing to sell on land contract has a property he can’t sell the regular way on the open market. Like some people I knew who bought a broken-down mobile home on a piece of land.

            • You always answer with a “know-it-all” attitude. Why is that? The fact is, you’re wrong! A good friend of mine is in the ‘business’ of selling land. It is the SAME land that other realtors have, difference is he got to it first! He’s doing so well he now makes his living by ‘flipping land’ and buying land out right. As well as getting loans for the land and selling it for a little more so that his profit comes over the extent of the contracts that you hate so much. It’s called FREE ENTERPRISE and the FREE MARKET. Those who actually apply those tactics and methods usually do very well. Give it a try, you might like it!

          • How do you get your money when the doors are locked, and if not, they will not have the money on hand in cash for you to get. Get it out now and fine somewhere to hide it. I still say thats the best bet for me.

            • That’s great if you don’t have much money. What about those who have quarter million or more? Put it in the attic? That’s a non starter. Interesting times we live in,eh?

      22. The only thing holding us back from buying property is, when a collapse happens if we have renters who can’t pay the rent, or if it’s just land, we will still owe property taxes and insurance. There are some retirees that have lost their homes from not being able to pay the taxes.

        • I was told recently that some places are jacking up property taxes intentionally so that people have no option but to sell out. People have “donated” their property to adjoining national park lands.

          Agenda 21, anybody?

          • It does seem like most people don’t understand that Agenda 21 is very real. The people who wrote it have every intention of kicking everyone off of thier land, and packing the survivors into hirise ghettos.

            I have always admired people who were able to move out into the country, get off the grid, etc. But, whith the totality of what is coming, they may not be able to hold out as long as they think.

            • You’re right about Agenda 21. Even without that, if there’s one person prospering in the whole town, and the powers that be don’t like it, they can just frame you for something, or depending how far gone everything is, they could just detain you indefinitely or kill you.

              In fact, there’s an issue with every possible solution we can come up with. We just have to implement our solutions anyway and pray that it works out. As scripture says, unless the Lord builds the house, he labors in vain who builds it. Our strategies are more likely to work out if we are right with God so our prayers will be answered. That’s the ultimate solution.

            • my house has been in my family since it was built in 1970, it is next to a creek,nave saw any water near it, the only time i know of a flood in this entire area was in 2004, the land on the other side of said creek is at least two feet lower than my side,that side got screwd,bad. this year i got a letter from mortage co. saying that the feds rezoned all flood areas in the u.s. and now i am in a flood zone, this flood insurance had to be paid in full right now, i had to go into bank overdraft to pay and it totaly f$%#ed up my budget, thanks lobyist banker mortgage scum bags.

            • Anonymous, And isn’t it interesting to know that the Feds not only survey and map all of the flood zones, but the only way that a homeowner is able to buy flood insurance is through the NFIP, a Federal flood insurance program. But hey, “it’s affordable”, just as Obamacare is going to be……

          • @everyone-Call land grabs “agenda 21” or what ever you want to, but it has been going on for a long,long time.

            The politicaly connected and rich did not have to “SELL” their land with the land grab areas known now as national forests(conservation areas, national parks, and state parks. My state still uses some of the old houses as “headquarters”).

            Research the weeks act(and others, you will see they used the same tactics saying “protecting watersheds” “preventing forest fires” blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah).

            Do you really think ALL those people wanted to sell? (example- the people living in Zion NP)

            Dont you think a man would want to leave title of land to his prosperity? (instead of state and feds using those old houses and property as headquarters/visitor centers)

            The circle continues, one group stealing land from another group.(in this case if you dont sell, or pay the rent known as taxes, they take the land)

        • We must just resign ourselves to the fact that they have a way to take virtually everything we can purchase away from us…one way or the other. Taxes, fines, permits, ALL ways to steal from us…then we can talk about the LEGISLATION that they think makes it right.

        • If your land is unimproved your taxes should be relatively inexpensive. We are buying 15 acres and it’s improved (we also live on the land). We pay all of $185.00 a year on taxes! If need be, prepay your yearly property taxes. If you haven’t budgeted it, I suggest making it a priority. If it is at all feasible that is. We have saved enough to prepay 5 years this coming February and we plan on doing just that unless something – like usual – happens.

          • The thing is, Anonymous, if I’m not mistaken, they can reassess you based on current property rates and raise your taxes as much as they want to. I know that there are some places with laws about how much the taxes can be raised in a given time period, but that is not very wide-spread.

            Hopefully it’s not something you will ever have to worry about, but I would suggest you look into your local property tax guidelines to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises in store.

            • I responded to this earlier but don’t see my response. Oh well. In short I said that in my state (as well as most others) there is a limit they can raise property taxes. Ours is 10% in each fiscal year. So in essence we’re protected from that. Until they change THAT law too!

        • LT, that is a real concern. I’ve owned rental property in the past and never had a problem. However, this economy and what’s to come is a different story. Friends who own a rental property have a renter that has not paid rent in months and refuses to move out. Yesterday, a Constable in Texas was shot and killed serving an eviction notice. Others were shot in this incident as well. On the surface, buying property to rent seems like a good idea but more and more people are losing the ability to pay their rent.

        • If they lost their homes for that reason they are either retarded or some illegality was involved. Most states allow seniors to defer their property taxes. What generally happens is people ignore the notices and then find out that yes indeed they can lose their paid for half million dollar home over a couple of thousand bucks.

        • If you are thinking that “excess reserves” are piles of cash that they are holding you might think we are in better shape. I am pretty sure “reserves” include loans that are non-performing but not foreclosed on yet and that type of thing. Loans are assets and until they admit the bad ones we will not know exactly how bad it is.

        • from THE FED? Nope. I don’t.

      23. question (I assume get out means everything including anything to do with the “system”)

        What do we do with ira’s?
        Take a hit for 50-60 percent? Depending on your tax bracket


        • Sarah B,

          Almost 2 years ago I was blessed by a neighbor that wrote us a letter (old fashioned letter) asking if my family wanted to buy their property. I had just suffered a terrible business failure and didn’t have the resources but had always wanted their property to join with my families properties.

          I didn’t want to seek a loan and go back to work to pay for a mortgage, his price was fair and I contacted him in person (drove 8 hrs) and told him my plan. He agreed and I spent about 3 months moving my 401ks from previous employers into my IRA, then moving my IRA into a self directed IRA that bought shares in my personal “corp” which bought the ranch. The seller carried a small note which the corp also holds and I pay $5k into my IRA each year and it goes to those payments which is just what the seller wanted.

          Its just not that hard, just a lot of paper work, and too darn much in fees/legal costs but its better than holding paper to me. By the way the property I bought with this corp makes a decent income and all of it “belongs” to my IRA so its tax free 🙂

          • I didn’t quite get all of that but what I did get looks real good.

          • Jim… Are you located in an area with no property taxes?

            • No but they are very low, and I always pay a year ahead.

        • One of the reasons a 401K is not a good idea especially if you cash out when tax rates are much higher than what you defered. Not to mention the 201K event in 2008.

      24. What money?

        • “Capital is money, capital is commodities. By virtue of it being value, it has acquired the occult ability to add value to itself. It brings forth living offspring, or, at the least, lays golden eggs.” -Karl Marx

      25. Been having a problem with a local bank my wife uses.She decided to close out a small account with around $1700 in it. First they said that they had to wait a week to make sure there were no deposits or withdrawals. Make sure it was inactive. OK, that’s understandable. Then they said it would be 11 days after the account was closed and they would then mail a check.It has been 22 days(and I mean BUSINESS days) and still no check. Called them and they said they would check and call back. No call back. I will have to personally go in to see what is up. I think there is already a silent bank run going on as we speak. The banks are worried about low reserves and how that could make them insolvent.

        • Go in and withdraw $1650. Its your money, you’re not closing the account, they can’t withhold it from you. If I had money in the bank and I wanted to withdraw it, I will or there will be hell to pay. I would go to that bank, demand cash money and if they refuse call the police and accuse them stealing. Then call the local news stations and tell them whats happening. You think the bank would want that kind of publicity?

          • Yeah, why didn’t you withdraw the money before closing–and what’s all this talk about bank fees–chit–I haven’t had a checking acct fee in many years.
            There are too many banks that want those funds to go throuh their bank that have free checking and free debit cards.

          • that is a good point that i have not thought of. arco is saying if they try and strongarm you, do something about it they have no right to keep what is yours. if anything you had done them a big favor. i think people are too conditioned to think they have to keep their money in the bank and its safer. dont think so from the sounds of things.

          • arco…Yea, you are right. I told her to draw it down first before closing it but she didn’t want to do it that way.

        • She can simply write a check on that account to you. If it is not a checking account, she can go in 3x a week, withdraw $100 each time and in less than 6 weeks will have brought it down to 0.

          The banks are swimming in cash. $1700 is a rounding error and not worth their time to dispute. Something else is going on here, IMO.

          Ann Barnhardt is talking about accounts that hold money for those involved in futures trading, AFAIK. FDIC is still solvent and covers normal accounts.

          We have just taken a standard amount each month that is in a major bank and had it transferred to checking. We then deposit it via check to our small local credit union. It takes longer, but it is easier than arguing with someone over an account and it is more under the radar.

        • She should have written you a check for the entire account amount less five bucks. They have to let you close your account. You are being taken advantage of.

      26. Sad as it is anyone on SS has to have bank or Credit Union account the government demand that now. But no one has to keep it there it can removed on the day it is put into your accounts. So far I have not hear of any Credit Union doing all these bad deals. Once I do, every bit of the money put in will be coming out as fast.

        Thank you for the information.

      27. The banks are not worthy of trust

      28. Get out while the gettin’s good!

        Remember: Only keep as much money in the bank as you are prepared to lose.

        Do not tie your money up in CDs, Money Markets, safety deposit boxes, equity investments, or any retirement funds that you can cash in.

        Consider using cash to purchase property in lieu of holding USD which has nothing but speculative value now. Even unimproved acreage has more value than the USD.

        Got savings you’re sitting on? Use some to invest in your new future (long term food storage, Berkey water filter, rocket stove, guns and ammo, reloading equipment, rainwater barrels, propane tank, household equipment, etc).

        That Reuters article provided some serious proof to family naysayers — the extended family is on board now.

        People don’t take kindly to being robbed by white-collar criminals who are backed by the Feds. We can beat them to their one-two punch this time.

      29. 99% of the “alerts” this website issues (on a near-daily basis) turn out to be totally bogus.

        But then when I read the Source link at the bottom of the article, I knew that was absolute CRAP.

        Nothing Quayle promotes is worth listening to — or publishing. Ever.

        The “proof” as they say, is in the pudding. So here is your proof:

        What claims, in the last six months (or even six years) have proven to be true?


        Let’s widen the net then. Examine the alarms issues on THIS site in the last six months – six years.

        THINK PEOPLE. You’ve all got rings in your noses and you’re not even bright enough to realize it.

        If you don’t require any proof, then you’re just all idiots, easily led around by the rings in your noses into acting and behaving rather badly. Easily fleeced for the few dollars in your pockets.

        This country is a LONG ways away from financial collapse — or hasn’t anyone been paying attention? We’re not even close to this particular event.

        Gold and silver are SUCKER ‘investments’ as a replacement for cash (try actually spending your gold or silver for proof).

        The ‘advice’ that sites like this and many, many others are issues as defacto ‘facts’ is HURTING a lot of people. So THINK.

        There are SIGNS of various things taking place. There are the so-called ‘insiders’ who are warning of future events (speculation). Yet nobody should live their life reacting to the endless speculative BS that almost ALWAYS turns out to be complete crap.

        The smart response is to ‘hardened’ yourselves, taking precautions against being led into fear. THEN you can make a better decision on what is best for YOU (versus some huckster).

        There ARE some things to prepare for. Hyper-inflation is one of them. Financial collapse is probably NOT one of them. Banking collapse is possible (use a credit union, ask them about their investments before doing so). You can sufficiently prepare without acting rashly.

        • Steve Quayle himself doesn’t seem like a reliable source, but Ann Bernhart is the real deal, as far as I can tell. Quayle was just reporting on it.

        • John,
          WHEN IN DANGER,WHEN IN DOUBT,RUN IN CIRCLES SCREAM AND SHOUT! (or howl at the moon, whatever suits you)

        • Hey John… like the Italians in the movies say, “don’t worrrry about it.”

      30. Two emails I just received, not that it is a surprise pr really matter to this ship sinking.

        Behind, the 2008 stimulus package, and the $192B 2009 stimulus package.

        Paul Ryan voting record:
        Voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act’s roving wiretaps. (Feb 2011)

        Voted YES on allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant. (Sep 2006)

        Voted NO on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment. (May 2004)

        Voted YES on making the PATRIOT Act permanent. (Dec 2005)

        Voted YES on $15B bailout for GM and Chrysler. (Dec 2008)

        Voted YES on the NDAA.

        Second email:
        Ryan voted for the illegal Iraq War.
        Ryan voted with George W. Bush 94% of the time. Think he’s a PATRIOT…think Again… BUSH = E V I L!!!
        Ryan voted for an emergency $78 billion for war in Iraq & Afghanistan.
        Ryan voted “yea” on most, but not all, of Obama’s stimulus bills.
        Ryan voted “yea” on making the Patriot Act permanent.
        Ryan voted “yea” on allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant.
        Ryan voted for the big-government takeover of America’s schools, No Child Left Behind.

        Paul Ryan on Bailouts and Big Government

        Voted YES on TARP (2008)
        Voted YES on $15B bailout for GM and Chrysler (Dec 2008)
        Voted YES on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending (Jul 2009)
        Voted Yes on Medicare Part D prescription drug expansion (2003)
        Voted YES on $70 million for Section 8 Housing vouchers. (Jun 2006)
        Voted YES on No Child Left Behind further nationalizing education (2001)
        Voted YES on Head Start Act (2007)
        Voted YES on making the PATRIOT Act permanent. (Dec 2005)
        Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq (Oct 2002) (Yes, Big Government.)

        So, he’s a ‘party’ animal..what’s new??

        • Did you really think things are going to change if someone else gets elected? I don’t like obozo, and mitt ain’t much of a choice, but its the lesser of two evils.

          For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Eph 6:12

          • The “lesser of 2 evils”, is still evil. And still has the very same parasitic owners as Obummer. If Mittens, and his, ahem, “VP” are installed, it will only lull people back into a daze. The agenda will continue, but the starry-eyed will think it’s suddenly OK again.

            The “election” is a farce, a non-reality, and a scam. People are only allowed to “vote”, to believe they actually have some say in the issue, but ehy do not. We will still end up in the same place, a totalitarian marxist nightmare.

          • @arco….

            The lesser of two evils is still evil.

            And that’s the same line that the establisment elite has used to give us every lame turkey that’s been in office for the last two decades.

          • Better off not voting and keeping your conscience clean. If either one of them are not apart of your moral compass I would think ‘none of the above’ apply.

          • Romney is committing a felony by going to Israel and London and holding fundraisers. The Supreme Court has ruled that foreign contributions to campaign funds is illegal. Perhaps you can see who gives him his orders by these actions.At the very least it a conflict of interest.

            • I read that Romney started a huge Riot while Banging his head against the Wailing wall!….Seems while a few dozen orthodox Pharise’s in funeral director black suits and hats was surrounding ol Mitt deciding to approve him or not. Mitt took a nickel from his pants pocket and tossed it at that wall!

              There was no mistaking the sound of metal hitting the wall and falling to the ground makeing more metalic sounds.

              In 1/2 a second afterwrds, all them rabbi’s and a hundred other bystander folks made a Mad dash for the nickel and a massive riot ensued!

              Not able to verify this article as yet…But sounds believable eh.

        • Yes but is he a communist or have like minded friends?

        • Who are the idiots who voted “thumbs down” on this? These must be the same idiots who think George W Bush was a great president. No wonder the New World Order thinks they got it made. Freaking sheeple.

          • While I don’t think George W. Bush was a “great” president, he certainly was much better than what we have now as far as the economy and employment. A realist knows this. “The eyes believe themselves, the ears believe other people” ~German proverb

        • They all suck. the only one worth a damn was palin and they destroyed her. We really have no where to go. It is no longer the citizens country but the special intersets and well connected. They are in the process now of replacing the resident white population with a third world one. That is happening all over the world not just the US. The same people are calling the shots everywhere. Remember old Bush and his new world order? Well Jr, continued it for eight years and Romney will too just. Obama just went straight to Marxism.


        With the money that Burt withdrew from his savings account cause he always wanted a pair of authentic cowboy boots, and seeing some on sale, he bought them and wore them home.

        Walking proudly, he sauntered into the kitchen and said to his wife, “Notice anything different about me?”

        Margaret looked him over. “Nope.”

        Frustrated, Bert stormed off into the bathroom, undressed and walked back into the kitchen completely naked except for the boots.

        Again he asked Margaret, a little louder this time, “Notice anything different NOW?”

        Margaret looked up and said in her best deadpan, “Bert, what’s different? It’s hanging down today, it was hanging down yesterday, it’ll be hanging down again tomorrow.”

        Furious, Bert yelled, “AND DO YOU KNOW WHY IT’S HANGING DOWN, MARGARET?”

        “Nope. Not a clue”, she replied.


        Without missing a beat Margaret replied, “Shoulda bought a hat, Bert. Shoulda bought a hat.”

        Y’all Beware! I like Westerns.

        • That’s a good one. I had to go back and look at your handle, cause for a second I thought it was a Smokin’ Okie tale.

        • @ Y’all. That was funny, thanks!

        • Y’All Beware, just wanted to say thanks for your humor. Hope you don’t mind, I share them all and give you credit!

      32. THIS is going to get uuuggggllly; fast. Godspeed to everyone on this board.

      33. asking

        What about life insurance policies? MassMutual to be specific
        what about IRA’s like American Funds capitol income builder, and Capitol World Growth and Income Funds?
        How secure are Capitol Bank and trust co?

        say you have like just 8,000$ in there, should you continue to put more each year as you would normally or pull it all out?

        And what about local small Credit Unions?

        anyone with real insight and good knowledge care to let me, and us know?

        • You won’t have to worry about it too much longer, after all, we are all Expendable…

          • This isnt telling me anything I dont already know.
            Any one out there know, or can give some advice.

            • If you have Capital Income Builder in your IRA, you are holding one of the most highly regarded mutual funds available. American Funds is a privately held company, and from what I have seen they truly have the kind of integrity and good stewardship and care for their shareholder that other companies lack. As their name conveys, they are an American company, and have been in business since the 1930s, and have had a substantial global research effort for decades, so your other fund has a good background too. If these are the funds your advisor has put you in, and kept you in, that is a positive sign for his integrity.

              Insurers, also, tend to be more conservative and sit on huge cash reserves…the past few years have made them even more conservative.

              The wisest move you can make is to not freak out, and ensure your portfolio is diversified. Make sure you have your retirement plans in place and your family is protected in case the world stays together, and have a portion in physical land, PMs and preps in case it falls apart. Most importantly, put a lot of effort into learning skills NOW, because the paper and physical holdings can always be stripped from you, but you will always have your knowledge.

              Personally I am planning on using a quarter of my retirement savings for land, when I find the perfect property, but my remaining assets will be with American funds, vanguard, and other money managers known for their decency and stewardship.

            • Thank you Moma Bear

            • For a measly eight grand? cash it out and get drunk if that’s what you want. Really, take two grand out, go on a fun trip and leave the rest in there. I would stop making new contributions for awhile until we get a better idea as to what is really going on.

        • Expendable: Go to ffiec.gov which can take you to the National Info Center within that website. You can plug in your banks and get answers to your specific questions.

        • @Expendable….

          I’m thinking any asset that’s on paper is worth the paper it’s written on.

      34. “Cash is King”; better yet, cash on hand is king. When cash/dollars become worthless, you had better not count on gold/silver taking up the slack. When the banking system, based on the dollar bill crashes, the NWO will take dominion over all precious metals and clean water supplies. The farther you live from the big cities, the longer it will take TPTB to start moving on to your resources.
        A few handfuls of silver and gold might get you some barter items until the unknowing find out it is “unlawful” to spend/trade/barter in any $$/PMs that hasn’t been approved by TPTB/gov.
        Keep your $$ tied up in food supplies and ammo. Set your mindset to act quickly in case of a bank failure. Keep your property taxes paid up or paid ahead with direct deposit funds. Don’t keep a $1500.00 safe filled with cash and coins hoping it will get you through the worst of it all(like my brother does). It is a false sense of security.
        When SHTF it is a “New” day and a “New” set of laws; most likely martial laws. Nothing will ever be the same. TPTB have it all figured out to control everyone that is controllable. The masses are easily figured out and controllable.

        As for ole Tread, I answer to my Heavenly Father and therefore am under no obligation to TPTB. They are answering to their master and he is a dead man walking. If you have another position or idea about all that’s coming upon the world, then by all means have a good trip. I’ll be singing Glory to God of the Highest and thankful for every piece of bread He has provided me with. The end can’t come soon enough for me because it means it is just the beginning of a “New Life” that is free from all the evil ones.

        Every time I play the song by Marshall Tucker Band, “A New Life”, that is what I think about. A New Life is gonna be mine.

      35. It is hard to take advice from someone who seriously believes Obama is the anti-Christ, and that gay marriage is the #1 sin of mankind and cries out to God for vengeance. Oh, and take your money out of the bank. She may be right about getting out of the system, but this is nothing that dozens of other people haven’t already said. People who are not bat shit crazy in their spare time.

        • Yea, right, Odrama the anti-christ. That’s funny. He wouldn’t even make a pimple on the anti-christ’s arse.

        • dph

          yes,as I just posted..her religious beliefs withstanding

          she does speak the truth regarding the financial markets

          there is truth if one deciphers between the lines

          and skip the pseudo religious spiel

          she is dead on..

          as far as religion goes

          every person has the right to believe whatever they want

          but the truth is the truth

          regarding the commodities/financial cabal..


        • Annie wouldn’t know a false flag if one crashed into her crib!

          However, she does know economics.

        • Obama is too stupid to be the anti-Christ.

      36. Not meaning to go off topic but has anyone purchased the clean water guides advertised at the top of this page? The idea of being able to obtain clean water from multiple sources is alluring even without the possibilities of global systemic failure. I also don’t want to waste my money if it merely recommends filtering water through an old sock to remove “particulates”. I watched the advertisement and the guy seems to be genuine but you never know.

        • @
          The only safe method for turning dirty/contaminated/bacteria & parasitic laden water into clean drinking water is by distillation. Boiling and filtering will make it somewhat clean but won’t necessarily remove chemicals and heavy metals.

          I use and have used for years, a counter top, one gallon distiller. We run a gallon about every other day for cooking and drinking. If you want the best tasting coffee and tea, used distilled.

          No plastic for us! We never, and I mean never, use plastic for storage/transporting. It’s glass and stainless steel for us. We may not always eat the most healthful foods, but our water is our most precious commodity. The water out of our tap is pure junk. It comes from a big creek and has been treated until it smells and tests the same as swimming pool water. Would you drink water directly from a swimming pool? That is basically what you get from municipal water sources.

          Our mountain retreat has good spring water and we do drink it directly from the source when there has been no rain for a couple of weeks, but we continue to distill mostly because of the possibility of contamination by rodents and evil people.

          • @ don’t tread,

            I have a friend who has a countertop distiller as well that he uses to purify the municipal water for him and his family. He then uses trace mineral drops to replace the minerals lost in the distillation process. But it runs on electricity. Was curious if yours does as well.

            • Yep, plugs right in to outlet. At 580 watts, it can be operated with 12 v batteries and inverter. It is distributed by Nutriteam. As part of SHTF plan I have a large unit ready for operation outside and fired by wood or proprane. Homemade with stainless and copper.

            • @ don’t tread,

              Do you have any advice on how to build a homemade, non-electric water purifier? Any info would be appreciated!

          • False, if you aren’t running it through a carbon filter you can still get chemicals through distillation. Some VOCs actually come through the distiller first because they have lower boiling points so you may actually be getting concentrated amount of chemicals. Polish your distilled water through a carbon filter and then you will have pure water.

      37. Obummer had 4 years to change TAXES on the elite wealthy, What makes you think it will happen if he gets reealected Don’t fall for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • He also had 4 years to focus on jobs which should have been his priority from day 1 of his administration instead of the Health Care debacle and vowing to close Guantanamo which is still open. People need jobs for ALL of their needs and especially to help pay for healthcare. Don’t fall for him talking about job creation now. It wasn’t a priority before and won’t be in the future if he’s re-elected. Hype and Chains.

      38. Once there was a Family that was obsessed with planning what they would need for the following day, needless to say, they never stopped to enjoy each day as it came. Their children were always told to plan for tomorrow because you never know what tomorrow will bring. The youngest of the children thought for a moment and asked his parents a question that would change their lives forever, he asked if he could visit his Grandmother today, because she had told him that for her, time was running out and one day there will be no tomorrow. This was not in the plan for this day but the childs words put things into perspective. They immediately left and went for a visit with the Grandmother. When they arrived at her house, she was quite ill and told them how grateful she was that they came to see her this day, because she would probably not be around for another tomorrow.

        Forget about banks, liquidate what you can, stock up, get a safe and keep some cash on hand, it does not have to be a lot. Live the way you were intended to, enough food to feed your loved ones, a decent roof over their heads, reliable transportation, protection if or when it is needed and time to spend teaching your children what is truly important in this life. Teach them the value of hard work, loyalty, truth, traditions, integrity, respect, generosity, love of Family, kindness to animals and those that are deserving.

        Things could change in an instant, or they could drag on for what may seem like an eternity. Either way, our children are getting older each and every day, regardless of what goes on in the world. With age comes loss of innocence, why hurry the process by missing out on living like there will be a sunny tomorrow and bestowing that outlook on our blessed children and grandchildren.

        • nice post, enjoy every sandwich. God Bless.

      39. Guns, ammo, food, water, ways to make water safe, tools, gas,oil, kerosene, firewood, nails, screws, plywood, 2×4’s, seeds, fertilizer, bug spray, candles, solar lights, solar battery chargers, rechargeable batteries and radios, canning jar and lids x 100’s, salt, black pepper, spices, vinegar, sugar, maps, books, medical supplies,Bibles and song books, junk silver, good relationships with LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT, FRIENDS, CHURCH MEMBERS,…….lots and lots of good whiskey, dark rum and brandy.

      40. JustMe……..nails it.

        • Thank you, Sir.

          Keep your powder dry.

      41. I’m slowly de-banking. Every other day or so, I withdraw bucks from my account via ATM, and stash them away. Bank failures have been happening for the past four years. I figure why risk all of my bucks? I’ll get out what I can.

        • ScoutM,
          Yup same here, some for “stuff”, some in PM’s, some stays in cash.

      42. Could someone lend some perspective and insight to me?

        If the global economy colapses, how is gold and silver a valuable investment?

        Technological and industrial processes are the major consumers of precious and rare earth metals. From mirrors to magnets, processors to LED’s. If it all collapses on a world wide scale, there will be no running infrastructure to consume these things. People will be laid off, and factories worldwide will shut down. There will be no consumption of gold or silver. Its intrinsic value will diminish to nothing more than something shiny. Post armageddon: if someone offered me gold for some food, I would have to refuse. You can’t eat gold, or even wipe your behind with it. The value of gold and silver is what we all agree it is; based upon it’s demand. If demand goes away, is there any value left? My thought is no.
        I understand that after the waves settle from an economic storm, infrastructure will slowly re-boot, and value will be (again) agreed upon for precious metals. Stocking up on metals that you cant personally use, is like stock market trading. You are betting on future wealth by turning your assets into a form of currency that you believe will be of signifigant value in the future.
        How long will it take though? If the sheeple starve to death because big brother can’t feed them after a SHTF scenario, who will work in the factories that need gold, silver, palladium, iridium, platinum, neodyium, lanthanum and so on? Will the factories even survive a long time without regular maintenace and upkeep? Will there be enough skilled laborers to man a factory that will consume enough non-renewable materials that the demand for such will restore its value? Again, I don’t think so.
        After the big reset button is pushed, who would want to go back to the way things are now. With all of this greed, lust, and hate fueled by our gluttonous culture, and our common disrespect for everyone and everything, I wouldn’t. Living an affluent life while million of people starve or die of disease, is not a life I can say I am proud of.
        Would it not be better to take your extra money that you devote to buying a distant future type of currency, and use it to better your community, the ones around you, and your environment?
        That seems like a better investment than gold and silver. It would sure pay out better in the long run.

        I’m not asking for criticism, or insults, or trying to give them. But am I wrong?

        • Well, A. Blackguy, I agree and understand with what you are saying for the most part. The statement: “Would it not be better to take your extra money that you devote to buying a distant future type of currency, and use it to better your community, the ones around you, and your environment?” … sounds good in a perfect world. The majority (95%) in our neighborhood would take you for every dime to improve their situation and then piss on you as you are crawling to their door for a food scrap. Over the years we have witnessed some of the most jealous, two-faced, self-indulgent people right before our eyes. Members of our own family have turned into downright mean people. We (me and the little woman) trust no one! We put our faith and trust in the Lord.

          If you have friends/family/neighbors you can trust and put your investment in, then by all means do it. It may pay off for you. The only friends we have are the fair weather types. They are members of the “Church of Whatever Is Working Best For Me Now”. When the SHTF they will come running for help. They don’t have spring water/creek water nearby, or means of transporting it if the grid goes down for an extended time. We have three mountain springs within a half hours walk from our retreat and have horses to haul it with. They have wells with pumps. Yea, we will help with drinking water, but it will be traded for firewood/labor/etc. They can bathe in rain water for all I care,since they make fun of our prepping and canning/storing foods. My advice for them is to stock up on baby wipes and good hiking boots.

          We will take care(as best we can) the elderly and very young children in our immediate neighborhood, but the rest of the selfish, two-faced crowd, is on their own. We’ll see how well their expensive toys and stocks/bonds pay off for them when SHTF.

          • Example: Chop down some useless tree, and replace them with food bearing trees. For the price of an oz of silver or a gram of gold, you could plant two pear trees that will produce massive quantities. Paper shell pecans trees produce tons. Keep the fire wood. If you planted food bearing trees off of your property (in town), it would be doing a community service if TSHTF. It seems like that would pay out better than a gold nugget or bars of silver.

            Trust me; I know all about backstabbing untrustworthy people. I work in the oil industry, there are very few even half decent people here that havn’t been blinded by greed and the lust for oil money. My own father is a prime example.

          • They are members of the “Church of Whatever Is Working Best For Me Now”.

            Oh, wow–after 2 years of one, we quit–and then only 4 months at the other we quit for same reason…
            I thought it was me!!!

      43. I think the day will come when the atm’s all just kind of go blink and the stock markets go bye bye. There will be exuses galore but the facts will be that the system took a massive crap and you are holding the stinky part. Keep the real part.

      44. Forget about that Garage Sale where you throw five bucks on the table and say, “Take it or leave it!”

        For the banksters are plotting a “Virtual Wallet”—digital money for a cashless man—aimed at “Generation Y.” And the hype has already begun.

        You see, the Jewish-owned press, working closely with the global banking cabal, dominated by Jewish bankers, are preparing the hearts and minds of digital-savvy youth for a “cashless experience.”

        And the goal? Just last March, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a protégé of Jewish banksters, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, called for replacing paper with digital transactions, thus eliminating the huge, unseen, cash economy that can’t be tracked, taxed, or seized. And Big Brother doesn’t like it like that.

        The hype all began in 2009 with an article by Jewish journalist David Wolman for Wired Magazine, owned by Jewish media mogul, Si “Irving” Newhouse.

        In the article, ” Time to Cash Out: Why Paper Money Hurts the Economy,” Wolman argues, like Geithner, that it costs way too much to print money – a perfect entre into the banksters’ dream – a cashless society.

        • Cost?? I read it cost one penny to print a dollar bill..someone has some ‘splaining to do.

      45. let’s face it, kids, the corporation aka UNITED STATES of AMERICA is and has been broke for some time now… the morons further ruinning the show in these times are bilking all they can from the working man “while supplies last” at the same time hastily writing in a$$-covering protections as they rape and gut what’s left… stand by to stand by as you begin to hear those sucking sounds the straw makes when the last drops get siphoned from a drink cup… oh btw, that’s NOT the fat lady singing signalling the end of the show – she’s screaming bloody murder… invest in land, lead and liberty and only hang with those of like mind because any- and every-one else will eventually sell you out to tptb… live free – die free

        • For a “Preacher” you give some strange advice. What about investing in God’s kingdom? Everything else will pass away, but His Kingdom never will.

          • maybe he’s a realist?

            • @ VRF: exactly

          • @ (*): i didn’t nor do i come here to preach – i have several platforms of my own from which to do so… check Genesis 14 out with regard to Abram’s home preps… no preaching there, just action… you and all others are, however, entitled to your own opinion as to what I SHOULD DO but be advised, it is just that – an opinion…

          • Suppose you fail the entrance exam. Ever consider that? Maybe you are not quite as rightous and Godly as you imagine you are.

            • from what i’ve seen, there is no “entrance exam” – only the results for how one deals with Christ(and what He did on mans’ behalf) in this life… i’ve never protested regarding my own righteousness nor my own “Godliness” so i’m uncertain about your lame statement but again, you may have your opinion as may all others…

        • You are so right and I might add not only LIVE FREE-DIE FREE but do both KNOWING the LORD

      46. hand tools, instinct,guts with a cold heart = easy living.. like the saying goes.. Im leaving this world tha same as i came in it .. Screaming and covered in someone elses blood

      47. ” YOU DON’T KNOW BAD…….BUT IT’S COMING ” !

        • Yea its coming…..its always coming but maybe after I’m dead so until then give me a beer and put the game on

      48. Believe me I won’t have to act poor when things get flushedgI got money for bills and food stores. To buy gold silver copper or even ALUMINUM is all but a dream with my budget. Sure I have some ammo and other essentials stored but not NEAR enough. Food I’m “ok” maybe… At least for a little while. I have a feeling I’m not the only one reading this stuff and thinking I don’t have any of this sh1t I’m screwed. 401k HA! I DON’T BELIEVE IN RETIREMENT! I GOT A GOOD 40 YEARS OF WORK LEFT IF THE SYSTEM LASTS THAT LONG! MINIMUM! It sounds like a bad joke but its just the sad truth and I know i have my shit together better than a lot of people my age. I can’t imagine how hard up everyone else is. Just sayin…

      49. When Israel attacks Iran, preppers will have a limited time to finalize their preparations before the runs on stores and gas stations and everywhere else. The attack if and when it comes will be as close to midnight Iran time and when the sky is the darkest. This means that the afternoon to early evening is when people in the U.S. will hear about it, giving the prepper time to get whatever is necessary like extra fuel.

        Check out these articles: http://consortiumnews.com/2012/08/12/israels-bomb-iran-timetable/


        The new moons for the following three months are:

        August 17
        September 15
        October 15

        Plus or minus about 5 days from a new moon is dark enough for Israeli pilots. There are holidays of importance for the arabs and the Jews that play into this during these dates. So here arew the likely time tables for the next 3 months and when people should be on alert to ready themselves to move quickly to finalize whatever they need in supplies.

        Ramadan ends August 19 at night, so look for August 20-22 as the window for August, just one week from today.

        Rosh Hashanah is Septemeber 17 and ends the 18th. So look for September 19-20, and MAYBE September 10-14 as the window for September. Be strange wouldn’t it be if the Israelis attacked Iran on the 11th anniversary of 9/11? Talk about full of it.

        No major holidays in October, window is October 10-20.

        November new moon is November 13. Election day is November 6, the sky would have too much light 7 or 8 days before the new moon. After the election Israel has little to gain from U.S. support should BO win.

        • either an October Surprise


          an election surprise

          either way

          I won’t be surprised

          at all

          and don’t forget the newest purchase of 700+million rounds solicited by our good friends at dhs.



        • BI: my money’s on Sept 19-20,

        • good post be-informed that is true and the timing could not be better. something is going to happen either right as mitt and ryan get in or right before the election, and obama passes some phony law and stays in power then, and all hell breaks lose is my guess. martial crap and marital crap, menstraul crap and migrane crap, and madd mothers are all comming out. Sounds more like a female problem we are gonna have. just kidding ladies

        • @
          Be Informed

          Yep, You have it laid out, and isn’t it strange that Israel (just two weeks or so,ago) gave a direct warning to the world that Iran had a 12 week period to come clean or prepare for the S to HTF.

          Israel has more intelligence on Iranian Nuclear Programs than anyone else in the world. They know that nukes are being prepared for missiles aimed at Tel Aviv. I believe it is all coming together for the fulfilling of the prophetic word.

          There has to be major conflict and killing for the world to accept a “peace plan” that includes a one world religion. I’m not talking about Iraq,Afganistan, or Syrian numbers of deaths. We are talking of hundreds of thousands if not millions. It will happen; maybe not overnight, but it will. It’s prophecy and all prophecy has and will come to pass to consumate the end of this age.

          The stage has to be set for the NWO and it’s supreme leader. The third world war will be the “on ramp” for antichrist. Do not let anyone deceive you about who he is. Not a flesh man alive and walking the earth today as we have been taught by so-called preachers and Seminary Institutions. It is Satan in his role of portraying the return of Christ. He will be so convincing that “the whole world will whore after him”.

          The collapse of the economies,monetary exchanges and banking institutions are just preludes to the events. All that are prepared mentally,spiritually, and physically will “with God’s help”, overcome the worst. The Elites,TPTB,Liberals,Progressives,Corrupt Politicians and Fake Preachers along with Martial Law, will have no power over God’s Law. You either stand for that Law against everything God is against and finds to be an abomination to Him; or you are making a stand against Him. You can’t sit in Church and claim you are for God and then at the voting booth you cast a vote for queer marriage and killing of the unborn. God could care less about “political correctness” and “playing cool, by going along with the majority and the times”. It’s coming down to where the “rubber meets the road”. People will have to decide which side they are going to go with. Most will take the side that leads to eternal death.

      50. Jet Skier Breaks Through JFK Airport’s $100 Million Security System
        By JIM AVILA | Good Morning America – 6 hours ago

        I wouldnt be too worried about any government security system getting it right, they have a 100 Million Dollar system at JFK to keep “terrorists” out of the airport perimeter, and some guy that breaks down on his jet ski walked right up to the terminal in his swim trunks and bright yellow life jacket on..
        Oh and you guessed it, out of embarrasment they are taking it out on him, with criminal trespass, rather than seeing that they are fucked up

        • I cannot imagine anyone jet sking on Jamaica Bay and even more appalling that they would jump in that water.

      51. Greeting Everyone!
        The same ‘ol banker fraud as in the Great Depression of the 1930’s.Thousand of banks FAILED(run by men of “integrity and good education with high morals and acute business acumen”).My Grandfather suffered at the hands of such cretins.But being a wise old German(Germany,a country where bank failures were NOT uncommon)he kept something aside.Plus his two bags of silver,one of gold.Not a massive hoard to be sure,but enough to start over,if need be.I posted his story in other place here before.Even with everything that happened,when he died,he left enough for his 5 boys and two girls to fuss over.And a nice sized tombstone as well.
        Can you say you can do as well?
        Best to All

      52. Shooting Near Texas A&M Reportedly Downs Two Officers, just now a breaking story..this happens almost daily in Detroit or Toledo..so are they trying to sensationalize this? probably, you know they have to push the gun adgenda

      53. Now, WTF, DHS just ordered an other 750 million rounds of ammo, all kinds of cal.’s. I think they are drying up the ammo out there, to make it immpossible for the people to get. Buying 170 million in meat, and no tell what else. So the SH-T is getting deeper by the hour in stead of the day. These S-O-B’s are up to something bad, real bad, and it comeing soon.
        Live Free

      54. not to worry!!!

        (it’s all for range practicing..)

        more rounds than used in Iraq conflict

        keep stacking


        • And they are Hollow point rounds
          Hollow point rounds are not typically “target rounds”
          Hollow point rounds are not allowed use in war, or sanctioned conflicts. (geneva convention)
          Hollow point rounds are for straight out killing, maximum stopping power and maximum flesh and deep tissue wounding

          Also, we the people should be tracking where these armory depots are.Who the names of those in government that have “authorized” thier purchase, and a written and sworn testiment as to what thier intentions are with them.
          And the movement and distribution of these rounds, by law we should have open disclousure of where our money is being spent and for what purpose, with PROOF.
          If we dont push for this,God help us.

          make them realise we are watching them and demand the truth , or at least who to hold accountable when they release the hounds.

        • I think I read somewhere thats about 63,000,000 rounds ordered for delivery in the next 4 yrs by our goverment. Who knows what else. The sun is setting on our country and I feel there is nothing we can do about it. We must prepare for a very dark and gloomy night, that will be here before we know it. History says we have reach the end of our time of power and someone else will take over. They to will come to their end soon enough. One thing for sure is only the ROCKS AND LAND LIVE FOREVER. I will continue to live free no matter what may come my way and in doing so will more than likely die. BUT I WILL ALWAYS BE FREE! I guess thats some old fool thinking out loud.

      55. What everyone says here is good advice. Only keep enough money in your accounts that you are willing to lose if this goes belly up.

        Personally my wife and I put our paychecks in and pay all of our months bills before they are due, then what is left over I buy preps, ammo and PM’s. Currently we are 4-6 months ahead on all of our different insurances and our mortgage. Cars are paid off, got out of debt early in 2012 and our mortgage amount is by far less than what our home is worth or would be worth with even a 40% drop in home prices.

        The problem is thinking I never have enough preps or metals…

      56. Sing it with me (again)-

        Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
        What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
        Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
        O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
        And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
        Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
        Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
        O’er the land of the feeeeeeeeee and the home of the SLAAAAAAAAAAVE!?

        • jerk

          • Look at these!!!

            I’m a jerk??????

            “Land of the fee, home of the slave”.

            Accounts Receivable Tax

            Accumulated Earnings Tax

            Ad Valorem Tax (includes duties on imported items), also see Property tax

            Alternative Minimum Tax

            Aviation Fuel Tax

            Capital Gains Tax

            Cement and Gypsum Producers License Tax

            Cigarette Tax

            Coal Severance Tax

            Coal Gross Proceeds Tax

            Consumer Counsel Tax

            Consumption Tax

            Corporate Income Tax

            Corporation License Tax

            Court Fines (revenue from many activities)

            Customs Duty

            Dog License Tax

            Double Tax

            Electrical Energy Producers Tax

            Estate Tax, Inheritance

            Federal Income Tax

            Federal Unemployment Tax

            Fishing License Tax

            Food Service License Tax

            Fuel Permit License Tax

            Gas Guzzler Tax

            Gasoline Tax (8 to 35 cents per gallon) Per tank?

            Generation-skipping Transfer Tax

            Gift Tax

            Gross Production Tax

            Hospital Facility Utilization Fee Tax

            Hunting License Fee Tax

            Inheritance Tax, see Estate Tax

            Inventory Tax

            IRS Interest Charges

            IRS Penalties Tax

            Kiddie Tax

            Land Value Tax

            Liquor License Tax

            Liquor Tax

            Local Tax

            Lodging Facility Use Tax

            Luxury Tax

            Marriage License Tax

            Medicare Tax

            Metal Mines Gross Proceeds Tax

            Metal Mines License Tax

            Miscellaneous Mineral Mines License Tax

            Miscellaneous Mines Net Proceeds Tax

            Nursing Facility Bed Tax

            Oil and Natural Gas Production Tax

            Parking Meter Tax

            Payroll Tax

            Professional PrivilegeTax

            Property Tax

            Proxy Tax

            Public Contractor’s Gross Receipts Tax

            Public Service Commission Tax

            Public Utility Tax

            Real Estate Tax

            Real Estate Transfer Tax

            Rental Vehicle Sales Tax

            Resort Tax

            Resource Indemnity and Groundwater Assessment Tax

            Retail Telecommunications Excise Tax

            Sales Tax

            School Tax

            Self-Employment Tax

            Septic Permit Tax

            Severance Tax

            Social Security Tax

            State Income Tax

            State Unemployment Tax

            Statewide Emergency Telephone 911 System Fee Tax

            Surtax Tax – Extra tax.

            Tariffs – A tax on imports. Needed to protect all the industries we used to have.

            Telephone Federal Excise Tax

            Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
            Since May of 1997, “This helps provide affordable phone service and gives schools, libraries, and rural healthcare providers access to the Internet.”

            Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax

            TDD Telecommunications Service Fee Tax

            Tobacco Products Tax (Other than Cigarettes)

            Toll Road Fee Tax

            Toll Bridge Fee Tax

            Toll Tunnel Fee Tax

            Tonnage Tax

            Traffic Fines

            Trailer Registration Fee Tax

            Use Tax

            Utility Tax, see Public Utility Tax

            Vehicle Registration and License Tax

            Vehicle Sales Tax

            Watercraft Registration Tax

            Well Permit Tax

            Wholesale Energy Transaction Tax

            Workers Compensation

            • Oh, forgot.

              This is only a partial list of fees and taxes, there are more.

              Please educate yourself, and WAKE UP!!!!

              The “jerks” impose these taxes.

              Remember, “they” hate us(YOU) because we(YOU) are free!!!

              Read the NDAA bill passed by our so called representitives.

              Tell me how free you are!!!!!!!

            • Ah STFU!

          • I gotta agree with Kevin on these. The US has not been a free country since 1913, when the private federal reserve was incorporated. Federal income theft goes to feed the banking cartel. That is NOT freedom.

            • It has only been since Clinton that things have really gone to shit. Should Romney win we will probably get a four year reprieve on the really dangerous stuff. If Obama is re elected just hang on.

          • I feel Kevin makes a valid point. The US is NOT a free country anymore. We haven’t been free since 1913 when the monetary system was handed over to a banking cartel to enslave us.

          • remember Kevin, you are a jerk to the moochers…. they NEED your tax….

      57. Nah, flip the script. Hold it in a brokerage and when it all dumps jump into stocks feet first. We’ll all be as rich as uncle scrooge mcduck!

      58. 40s&w JHP has been ordered- to the tune of 40,000 rounds by NOAA. Armed weathermen the storms are coming I guess.

        • Saw that. What the hell is that about?

      59. Definitely not a fan of the banking system but I’m not sure if it’s the best idea for everyone to withdrawal their money out all at once. Because our banks loan out more money than they have in reserves all this will do is collapse all the banks that many people rely on and leave the people who didn’t withdrawl their money in a pretty bad situation. Not only will this cause wide spread chaos but it will only excelerate and amplify the collapse of the financial system leaving the people who did withdrawal their money with a bunch of useless paper. This is what happened during the great depression that caused all of the smaller, publicly owned banks to fail and gave the huge super banks the opportunity to come to power. I’m not saying that keeping your money in the banks will stop the collapse but simply making decisions based on fear does nothing but put gas on the flames.

      60. Well boys and girls…… It has started here in commie land califuckornia. It’s called SB249 the new gun ban by some ZIPPERHEAD from guess where ? you got it SANFUCKFRISCO !!!!!

        • Zipperhead? Were you stationed in Korea in the Army? LOL.

      61. I cant keep up with the DHS. im gonna go broke trying to have the same amount as they do.

      62. Kind of inflammatory of the author to not discriminate between stock brokerage accounts and futures brokerage accounts, and by the confusion I read in the comment section, some people think it includes credit unions !

        The straight story is that Ann’s brokerage and all the one’s mentioned in the article are small futures brokers, governed by the NFA. It is correct that justice and fairness seem to be elusive !

        However, all this has little to do with stock brokerages, and NOTHING to do with credit unions and banks. They each may have some problems, but all the problems raised in this article have to do only with futures accounts.

        There are ratings for futures accounts and anyone who did their due diligence beforehand would have stayed far away from the brokerages mentioned.

        I’m not an apologist for the many wrongs in the financial system, but for G-d’s sake, let’s think clearly and present facts straight.






        PROJECTED SHTF DATE ??? sometime between now and the nov. rigged fake corrupt mafia chief puppet prez elections !!!


        BUY AMMO !!!


      64. My bank called. They want the free toaster back. Told them I sold it at my garage sale. Now they want the $2 I got for it. Bunch of insincere hypocrites. Their ad says they treat customers like family. Nonsense. In my family we don’t treat each other like….come to think of it, maybe they do.

        The Olympics are finally over. Now, what do we do with all those leftovers? Let’s see, we have 400 police barricades, 60 bullhorns, a thousand teargas canisters, and 4500 pair of handcuffs….I know- we’ll throw the mother of all London Olympic Hangover Parties! No use leavin’ all that stuff in storage til the next World Cup rolls around.

      65. That 7.7 in Russia was extremely deep and rang the whole planet like a big gong. It was assumed by the geological community for all of the 20th century that earthquakes this size could never be that deep because it is like molasses down there and cannot build up enough stress. The 8.1 in Peru several years ago that was about this deep and this one just a little while ago proves those in the scientific world wrong from decades ago. OR it shows that something is going on deep inside the Earth. Get ready for more.

        • Be Informed
          I have been seeing information about earthquakes occuring around the edges of the North American Craton. Do you think this is leading up to a major event? What kind of pattern are you seeing and how do you do your predicting?
          I have just started to look at all of this and it looks like the planet is ringing but I am mostly concerned about my own backyard and the New Madrid Fault. Can you recommend any good resources?

          • @Merree. The New Madrid Fault is affected by two forces much like the San Andreas is. The pressure from the west is released and allowed to the New Madird Fault to slip into it, or the pressure from the east and southeast pushes it to fail, or both. Look at Carribean plate and even the South American plate as the pushers, and the west coast as the area that will allow it to move into. 1812 earthquake within the New Madrid fault system also part of the San Andreas broke the same year.

            New Madrid Fault is an ancient plate boundary that has been fused together. There is like someone mentioned before glacial rebound from the past ice age that plays into the function also. The New Madrid Fault has very hard rock that is old and magnifies shaking a lot, and over a large distance. Younger rock on the west coast does not have this same reflection of energy as much. I have thought that when you start to see a large number of microquakes up to 3’s or even 4’s along any portion 50 miles or more of the New Madrid this is probably an indication of it really to break. People will feel these earthquakes of less than 3 a lot more so than california because the rock is so much harder.

            I would watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge for the New Madrid also. A spike or swarm in earthquakes here indicates something. Look for earthquakes from about the equator to about 35 degrees north in the Atlantic ocean basin south of the Azores, as a possible sign of something to come with the New Madrid. Watch the USGS recent earthquakes daily for these signs.

            An earthquake on the New Madrid or the San Andreas will be super costly and probably kill the U.S. economy. Trillions, or tens of trillions in damage cost for 8+ earthquakes. People should take this into careful consdieration after it happens, as this article about money left in a bank being suicide for your finances. The U.S. government will tell you that the damage of either earthquake will be in the Katrina range of hundreds of billions and this is pure garbage. An isolated earthquake of 6.7, Northridge earthquake cost 20 billion, this one lasted 15 seconds. When either fault breaks it will be minutes long. Duration of an earthquake is what knocks down building and other structures and causes fire more so than the size. This is what is going to cost mega bucks and flattened the U.S. economy.

        • That fit right in the ring of fire. Between New Zealand and everything going on down there, Alaska and now that big of one by Russia, I’d say get ready too. Also something to note are all the active volcanos…

          • @ you don’t need to know. People have no idea the severity of what happened with that 7.7 (626 km deep) earthquake. There is so much pressure from the Pacific plate colliding with the Asian plate that the oceanic and thinner Pacific plate has been thrust under the Asian with such force that at this depth there should never be something of this size. This is call a Benioff zone in which plates are forced under another plate and thus you get these deep trenches. Normally these deep focus earthquakes are so deep that the asthenosphere is plastic like, and does not have the rigid tension to produce anything that big. For something to happen like this the Pacific plate must be under massive stress.

            Years ago there was a 8.1 in Peru that was a deep focus earthquake that showed the Nazca plate and South American plate were responsible for this. The difference with this is huge. The Nazca plate is tiny in comparison to the Pacific plate, for a plate this size to be affected like this I cannot state the importance of. The Pacific plate is under the most stress ever seen in modern times.

            In the college textbook that a relative gave me from california ” The Earth, an introduction to physical geology”, on page 357 it says that “and deep-focus earthquakes have not exceeded 6.9 in magnitude. This was 7.7. After the 8.1 I called up the USGS and asked about such a deep focus earthquake of such size and all the person I talked to said was, “it was one for the record books”. Well, this is TWO for the record books.

            Nothing is news about something that huge in a zone that should never have something of this size, especially for a plate so large. Something absolutely terrible is going on with the Pacific plate and no one is reporting it. Just like what I said on August 11 in which I gave locations to look for in the near future, this one included. More is on the way, and people just don’t understand the massive plate collisions that are going on right now and the catastrophic tension that has built and continues to build at this moment. That is until a major populated area is annihilated by a mega quake.

        • Rodan and Mothra awaken. Where are the little singing Japanese girls?

      66. Has anyone been following this??
        Louisiana Sink Hole Explained — POSSIBLE HUGE CATASTROPHE in the making
        ***Bayou Corne Louisiana has experienced a series of events which ‘professionals’ are having a hard time explaining — or at least the pros are finding it to be an inconvenient time to offer an explanation as to what is going on.
        ***The event began weeks ago with strange bubbles arising out of the bayou in large amounts
        ***Move forward to the sinkhole forming recently… the “non-harmful” radioactive filling to a salt dome which has now collapsed
        ***Now there are worries that an adjacent (nearby?) well (salt dome) .. that is filled with 1.5 MILLION BARRELS of Liquid Butane… might be ruptured , causing a catastrophe
        ***“Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack said Thursday he is now concerned the sinkhole is close to a well containing 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane, a highly volatile liquid that turns into a highly flammable vapor upon release. A breach of that well, he said, could be catastrophic.”
        ***in perspective .. hiroshima was about 60 Billion..so if it blows its = to approx 100 hiroshimas if it all blew at once

        • There seems to be alot of scary truths about those illuminati playing cards.

        • I meant to thumbs up the guy above.

        • your math sucks. if Hiroshima was 60 billion, then 1.5 million will be a lot smaller. pop, more so than kaboom.

        • hiroshima was 60 billion, there are only like under 10 billion people on the whole planet. I think you made a mistake. no worries.

        • Does this mean Swamp People will be cancelled?

      67. All us americans can also organize to fight back.. Russians, china – whomever!!

        We can call our army .. “Deep Penitration” – because when we are finished – they will feel it !!

        I believe that nothing is going to drastically happen.. The upper crust has been
        Robbing the average citizen for Ages.. And why stop the looting.. It’s not good for business!!

      68. I would say the most time we have to prepare is 2-5 years. All the ammo purchased by Dhs will be delivered throughout the next few years. They will drag out the collapse of the dollar for as long as they can. Sometimes I truly feel they are waiting for us to make the first move while they slowly implement the police state NWO. They are waiting for us, why are we waiting for them.

        • I would definitely NOT be making my prepping plans around a 2-5 year time frame. The events are unfolding before our eyes at an exponential rate. One major event could set off a chain reaction of bank closures,world war,food shortages and martial law implementation. We must be ready NOW!

          I say, put prepping into “high gear” and worry about the bills and bullshit later. You don’t have to hock the farm to put back six months worth of provisions and clean water, but it does take some planning and storage containers and secure places. Get crackin’ or you may be lackin’.

          • @dont tread, im sorry to lead you to believe i havent prepped. iam prepared to be able to feed my family for two years. all my food will stay good for at least 20 years, except for the canned goods. im still working on ammo but i cant keep up with the DHS.

      69. Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets…


        also posted on Drudge Report

      70. If I can get a job that pays more than to provide basic needs, I would love to buy some Silver.

      71. The way things are stacking up, it is day to day before the end hits. Something is happening to the earth right now, like Be Informed has said there are going to be some very big quakes happening soon, if we live through them we will be in the very end times and nothing else will matter but survival. Forget money, taxes etc. those things are over. WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR HANDS IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL MATTER! I know we have to live our lives half way normal, but look we have to think about the future. Most people out here dosen’t have a clue of what is coming and don’t care. We know and are prep’n, it will be only the strong will make it through it all. Stock up more and finish your defenses on the place and KEEP A SHARP EYE OUT. The best thing to do is keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut.

      72. Dropping in again.

        I must ask. I come here often and all I see is more talk, and more talk. When will anyone ever get together and actually make a stand? Maybe this guy is right —

        by Henry Shively

        The American people have been inundated with the propaganda push designed to make Paul Ryan into an established patriot on a crusade to save America. This action has caused an effect in that millions have flocked to the internet to find out who Paul Ryan really is and in doing so have been exposed to more of the truth on every front. In reality the headlines of today should be, “GOP will attempt to disenfranchise a majority of voters at its Convention beginning the 27th”.

        The mainstream propaganda is now forced to remove itself completely from reality in its last ditch effort to preserve the status quo. They have failed in dividing we the people via race, religion, gender, age, and economic status and can only put forth the program as dictated to them by their corporate masters.

        I must have heard it a hundred times over the weekend with the introduction of Paul Ryan, “The people now have a clear choice.” What a crock of hooey. The only choice left to we the American people is where to begin making the arrests. The 2012 Election is nothing more than a crime in progress and we, more now than ever, must confront these treasonous parasites.

        The talk of Tampa has been quieted. It is time to turn the volume back up. All patriots who can make the journey need to be there. We must force these petty tyrants to show themselves for what they are in all their glory. We must stand firm and exercise our right to protect ourselves from any and all unlawful attack. In considering what is lawful and unlawful, we must have our Bill of Rights front and center in our minds and free of any and all encumbrances.

        The insurgents are preparing for unrest but how would it be if a couple million of us showed up, intent on exercising our 1st Amendment right to grievance through freedom of speech and with the determination that we will no longer be ignored.

        The GOP Convention will be the most important days in our lifetimes as these will be the days as here it will be decided whether this will be as peaceful transition as possible back to our Republic under our Constitution with our Bill of Rights enforced absolute with Dr. Paul as the GOP nominee, or a forcible removal of the insurgency.

        If you are not ready, I suggest you get that way as we have put this off for as long as we can. If you do not have a gun and ammunition, get them. If you do not have food stored, do it, as food will be used as a weapon. Steal yourselves in your determination to get this unpleasant business over with as quickly as possible.

        Our armed population cannot be matched by all of the armies of this planet combined. And we will be fighting for the most noble of causes – life, liberty, freedom, and prosperity. The world is watching. Let us show them what we are made of.

        God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

        from: From the Trenches World Report
        August 14th, 2012

      73. This Will Not End Well


        if that survey is accurate more and more people are getting it
        some more prepared than others of course
        but the numbers are encouraging

        • Yes but a the really telling number is the last one! 25% are doing NOTHING! In essence that means that at the minimum, when the SHTF, we who are prepping not only have to worry about the others who have only started prepping or have not prepped enough. We will REALLY have to worry about the 25% with nothing! That equates statistically to approximately 75 MILLION folks who will be the walking ‘zombies’ that we will have to thwart off. Not good!

          • Well, two of the IGAs I frequent in other towns have been out of 5 and 2 gallon buckets for months–so someone is prepping in those little towns.

      74. Look at Knight today as an example of just plain consumer thievery – millions lost and they were forgiven overnight!

        Knight Capital Rises as Trading Glitch Reportedly Uncovered

        wtf – glitch or just plain “I am going to erase millions of dollars from our customer accounts knowing I won’t have to be investigated or pay any price”

      75. Looks like kiwigirl was right about a fourth volcano erupting around New Zealand: http://news.yahoo.com/source-mysterious-pumice-raft-pacific-found-nasa-says-061029144.html

        In this article is says that the volcano was powerful enough to peak through 3600 feet of water. There are so horrible stress amounts around the Pacific plate as this 7.7 earthquake that was 626 km deeps well proves. May be that the Earth is what causes all the economies to fail rather than the stupidity of the BO adminstration that imbecile helicopter ben that is printer happy.

        • BI, I hate to say it, but I couldn’t agree more. The more I watch the weather, the more I think the Mayan’s might have been on to something. An economic collapse I can handle, a massive earthquake or volcano is a whole nother event to handle… Thanks again for the updates, I’m watching them with you!!!

          Good luck!!!

      76. It is time to put the 10th Amendment into effect and begin exercising our rights! Nullification time!

        “If the federal government has the exclusive right to judge the extent of its own powers, warned the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions’ authors (Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, respectively), it will continue to grow – regardless of elections, the separation of powers, and other much-touted limits on government power.”
        –Thomas E. Woods

      77. Greetings Again!
        I remember reading about a certain shipbuilder I’m related to telling about how things were in his “day”.”they were buying and selling,(think stock market and day to day business transactions)marrying and being given in marriage”(things SEEM normal to most people at the time)until he(the shipbuilder)entered his craft and the entrance was SHUT.
        Then the rains came,and the world was destroyed”(I.E. mankind’s corrupted civilization at that time)We see the same utterly corrupt world-wide “civilizations” today.
        The one in his day was destroyed because it was ruining the planet world-wide,making it unfit for life(sound familiar?).
        Anyone see the parallels between his day and now?
        The old geezer’s name was NOAH.
        I’m so glad that he “prepped” when warned what was coming.
        No world-wide floods this time around,but a world-wide catastrophe in the making nevertheless(see The Book of Matt Chpt.24 for the cliff notes version).
        Have you believed the advance written warning and prepared yourself(2Tim. 3:16)to qualify as a survivor?
        I truly hope so.I’d hate to find anyone here to be among the MIA’s.There will more than be enough “Sheeple” and wicked people to bury afterwards…

        Best to all here(hope you and yours are ok.sorry to hear about your loss,P.P.)

        • You know God did not take Noah ‘out’ of the flood; He took him ‘through’ the flood.
          Pray, prep, and pray.

      78. It was only a month after Fukushima happened that I started shopping for a decent radiation detector. Not long after that, I bought enough iodine tablets for three months, perhaps longer. We just never know.

        • Whoops. I have two tabs open and posted the right comment on the wrong article. Oh well. Just goes to show I’m a real fan of the site if I have it open twice. 🙂

      79. Good advice , get it all out , even as you make it .

      80. Warning to the wise! Don’t be stupid like my neighbor and fair weather friend. Here is the scenario I see in his world.

        His name is ***** let’s just call him “dumbass”. His mother died two years ago and left him over a million dollars worth of stock in a major Fortune 500 company. He has a nice home paid for and five vehicles worth about $100 K. He works everyday and is so tight/greedy, he makes his wife pack his lunch everyday because he says it costs too much to eat out. I’ve tried to talk to him about prepping and the scenarios that could unfold at any moment; but he is too caught up in his worldly shit that he won’t even talk about it. He is 54 years old and says he expects his stock worth to double before he retires at 62.

        Imagine what $10,000 worth of prepping stuffs could mean in a SHTF/Grid down scenario. He would not even miss $100K and what I could do with that is staggering to the mind.
        He won’t even let his wife spend but 50 to 60 $$ each week on basic food supplies.

        This kind of mindset is rampant among most people. They can never imagine a world where all stocks/investments/dollars become virtually worthless. When the stock market crashes again, and it will; the suicides and heart attacks will increase by the thousands daily. I see “dumbass” as one of those fatalities. Know anyone fitting this description?

        • That is a sad story tread. you made the mistake earlier in your comment to me by assuming i havent prepared, iam as prepared as i can afford to be and will never stop prepping. the story of your neighbor is insane. you are right when you say 10,000 can take you far when using to prep. dont stop trying to wake him up, cause if he awakens you may have another alliance. good luck to you man.

          • Sorry, Sowhatstheplan? I should have been clearer. I was not trying to assume you hadn’t prepped. I actually was sending out a word of caution to other readers that may be thinking that they have plenty of time to play with in regards to “stocking up”. Glad to hear you have enough to provide for your family. I’m with you on the ammo part. Everyday I think I need more, so to scratch that itch I try to buy a few extra boxes of 22LR.

            • Awesome tread, .22 lr will be very valuable. I can easily fit 1000 rounds in 2 of my jacket pockets. I can’t do that all the 7.62 I have. A box a week of the 500 rd value pack is the way to go man.

        • ~~~He won’t even let his wife spend but 50 to 60 $$ each week on basic food supplies~~~
          Oh, hell no; don’t even attempt to use the ‘won’t let’ term in my house. Just saying we Tennessee women don’t take kindly to those kinda words. Or ‘get me’..again, are your legs broken???(only time those words can be spoken in this house is at serious times, like AFTER corotid surgery…and even then, you better say, please.
          Right girls???

      81. Good luck with him, don’t tread. You have at least tried.

        • Thks.

      82. Won’t this affect the stock market?

        • Taking a crap in the wrong area affects the stock market . Its the biggest scam on the planet .

      83. How does one take their money out of Roth IRA’s and IRAs if there is a penalty to the owner? What if one cannot pay that penalty to the IRS? Then what?

        I have thought of removing my money from these, but just do not know how to do it, without ending up owing the government so much money! And of course my financial advisor…a young newlywed with a baby…wants me to stay in those IRAs.

        I would like to have silver and some gold. But I only have about 60k in these. Some advice would be appreciated. And where do you buy gold and silver… the kind you hold in your hand…I desire a reputable dealer.

        • Your going to get hit with the 10% penalty on top of whatever tax bracket your in. If your lucky you will get 60% of what you take out. I think old silver US coin (64 and prior) in 50 cent denominations is the best and I prefer Walking Liberty coins because even the most ignorant knows they are silver as opposed to proving to someone the Kennedy half dollar you have is the silver one. Read Surviving In Argentina. It’s a book written by someone that went through financial collapse there. He was against gold coin because when TSHTF old gold rings and necklaces become currency and you get 14K value even if you have a 24k coin.

        • You can take your money out of IRAs but there is a Draconian penalty system in place that is designed to prevent that. 1st, unless you are age 59.5 or older, you will owe a 10% early withdrawal penalty tax. 2nd, you will owe ordinary income tax on all withdrawals at any age. Since this is graduated with income amount, the more you take out, the more you are taxed… at least, according to the official US income tax rates. This can amount to as much as 45% or so of your nest egg. Roths fare a little better because you can withdraw your contributions at any time and without penalty. You can also withdraw earnings if you have had the Roth for 5 or more years and are age 59.5 or older. Meeting these conditions means that your Roth IRA money can be withdrawn tax-free but you have to be sure that you are getting through ALL of the necessary hoops.

          I hear what you are saying about the tax bite. It IS stiff! Those who withdraw their money from their IRAs and Roth IRAs because they have lost faith in the financial system say that 55% of something beats 100% of nothing every time. The trick is, we don’t know when the financial S will HTF. It could be any time now or it could be years into the future. There simply is no way to know with certainty. The indicators all look bad but that is not proof of immediate monetary collapse. They have looked bad before and we did not have a collapse.

          Anyway, you need to educate yourself and not be completely dependent upon the advice of your adviser. She has her own priorities. Some of them will coincide with yours but some probably will not. It is not to any financial adviser’s benefit for you to take money out of a system that pays them income and put it into precious metals that do not.

          One way to limit the tax bite on your IRA is to calculate how much you can remove from your IRA without pushing yourself into a higher tax bracket. Once you know this, you can do some systematic withdrawals of this amount each year and buy gold and silver with that.

          As to vendors, I have researched this and found the following to have good reps:

          APMEX, Provident Metals, GoldMart, and SilverTowne.

          There likely are others that are also good but I have not bought from them so cannot say for sure. Do not under any circumstances buy from places that advertise on radio and TV (ads cost big bucks and YOU get to pay for them if you are one of their customers) or that offer to send you a “kit”. You don’t need a kit. You need a reliable on-line dealer who has reasonable fees and ships quickly and discretely.

          If you do take an IRA withdrawal that is taxable, you have to pay the tax in the tax year in which the withdrawal is made. If you were to do this in 2012, for example, you would have to pay the tax owed by 4/15/2013. As an example: if your tax rate is 25% and you take $50k from your IRA, and you owe the 10% penalty tax on the early withdrawal and 25% on the income or 35% total. That would come to $17,500. That would mean that you could take the remaining $32,500 and buy gold and / or silver with it.

          These numbers are estimates and your tax situation could be different from these examples. You will need to do some good tax work to see if this applies to your financial situation. A good CPA should be able to answer questions of this type.

      84. Also, I live on alimony right now. And he mails the check. He refuses to use direct deposit from one bank to another.

        So..What do I do with those checks? Will these institutions cash them? Will they be any good?
        Will the post office send them? Will his bank OK them?

        I am in a quandary!

      85. Gods Creation: You are going to be in deep shit down the road. No social security. No disability protection. No Medicare. Your first IRS audit will prove your ignorance and stupidity about the law. You are one stupid asshole. Stop posting your bullshit here.

      86. Everyone knows the banks are going to crash. I welcome the return of cash only hotels and car rentals. I also would love to go back to bartering. If people would learn how to farm and sew, their clothes and food would be sorted. If people relearned riding bikes, using cheap taxi services, buses and trains instead of numerous cars the stress from commuting would be relieved. If people learned to find the docs that work on a cash basis they wouldn’t need the medical coverage. If people unplugged from their entertainment addictions phones this could happen a lot faster.
        No one is doomed. This happened in October 1929. We will survive.

      87. “Everyone knows the banks are going to crash.”

        Yes, we do. But we have not a clue as to when. If history is any guide, we are getting a banking collapse about every 21 years. 1987 was when the S&L crisis hit and 2008 is when the TBTF banks almost collapsed. 2029 should be a real ripper. Not that they can’t accelerate the program and find some new and interesting way in which to screw up again well before then.

      88. You think there not watching? Check out the Bank of America Advertisement at the top of this page?????? kinda freaky huh?

      89. It’s amazing what this MF Global has done. We posted on our site a YouTube of Gerald discussing not getting his gold back. It has done more to stir people to put physical gold in their IRA’s than any thing else we’ve seen. It truly would be frustrating to work and save then have the powers that be take it away from you. Like Gerald said, they are the Mafia! http://checkbookira.com/buy-gold-in-ira-llc.html

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