Warning From Europe: “Consequences of Failure Would Be Catastrophic”

by | Jan 13, 2012 | Headline News | 345 comments

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    This morning we learned that, like the United States in 2011, the credit ratings of France and Austria face an imminent downgrade, once again proving that the stability of some of the world’s leading economies is in a state of extreme distress. It is our view that ‘AAA’ is still over rating France (and the United States).

    Both, Europe and the U.S., have now taken on policies of reckless stimulus spending, currency manipulations and monetary easing under the pretext that a recovery is taking place and more intervention is needed to make sure we maintain stability in the system. Despite what we are being led to believe by our dear leaders, however, there is no long-term solution. All they can do now is placate the masses until such time that the system completely buckles and a can of hurt is opened up on the people of the entire globe.

    For three years now, economic leaders from France, Germany and even the United States have failed to find a solution for the debt crisis in a single nation – Greece. If  this debacle has shown us anything, it’s the fact that this whole situation is spiraling out of control and no one has a clue what to do.

    We have literally been swinging from recovery and stabilization to collapse and catastrophe on a daily basis.

    Today, amid downgrade threats, we learn that the Greece issue is (once again) unresolved and on the precipice of collapse:

    “Unfortunately, despite the efforts of Greece’s leadership, the proposal put forward … has not produced a constructive consolidated response by all parties.”

    Greek debt swap negotiators said earlier they were less optimistic about reaching an agreement to avert a disorderly default, warning failure to reach a deal would be disastrous for Greece and Europe.

    “Yesterday we were cautious and confident. Today we are less optimistic,” said a source close to the Greek task force team in charge of negotiations.

    It is important to remind all parties that the consequences of failure would be catastrophic for Greece and the Greek people, Europe and Europeans,” the source said on condition of anonymity.

    Source: Reuters

    Not only would it be a catastrophe for Europe, but the entire world. As we outlined in our 2012: Predictions of a Mad Tin Foiler, the collapse of Europe is not the end game – it’s only the end of the beginning – and what will follow will be unprecedented in modern history.

    You may recall that Secretary Hank Paulson warned in 2008 that the system was on the brink (and later wrote a book with the same title). The situation was apparently so serious that Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA), in a speech on the House floor, said that if the bailout legislation wasn’t passed, there would be martial law in America as a consequence of the resulting collapse of financial markets and the economy.

    This was the warning in 2008 from the head of our Treasury Department!

    Nearly four years on, we’re hearing the same warnings, and governments in Europe and the United States are actively preparing for such a possibility. In testimony before Congress late last year, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke warned that a “disorderly default” in Europe would be a recovery ending event that may include runs on the banks and a “very, very bad outcome” for the U.S. economy.

    As we approach yet another debt ceiling in the U.S. and require an additional $1 trillion just to keep the system afloat, we urge our readers to consider the distinct possibility that we remain on the brink, and are closer than ever before to a total breakdown in the financial, economic and social stability of the world.

    A meltdown in Europe will not be isolated to just that continent. The contagion will spread to the United States, and the default of Greece and other sovereigns will be anything but orderly.

    Catastrophe is in our very near future.


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      1. What is the over/under on the first qaurter?

        • Was wondering how much time people think we have left here in the USA until it all falls apart?

          • A month, two at MOST. Retail places way empty here compared to two months ago, those working at them say it to me.
            People are all “Christmassed out” from spending on Christmas, now are broke. Nothing left now to spend. Paper here other day said that retailers made little on Christmas sales due to extreme discounting.
            So what do you expect retailers to do for AFTER-Christmas sales?

            • @Redneck2:

              While I agree that the system SHOULD collapse within a month or two, (heck, it should have collapsed in 2008), don’t ever underestimate the willingness of the bankers and political class to spend or devalue YOUR money to save THEIR a$$es.

              It does appear that March 20 might be the end game for Greece, but I truly wouldn’t be too surprised to see this whole mess drag on until next year some time, or even later.

              The willing accomplices in the LameStream Media will provide endless cheer-leading for every “solid” agreement by European leaders to meet later to discuss the conditions for a later meeting to discuss the possibility of future discussions about hard decisions that need to be made by somebody at some later time.

              And the market will rally on each announcement, albeit on incredibly light volume (which won’t be mentioned).

              So be careful about assuming a timetable, and then using it to, say, go short stocks. The only thing to do now is go long gold and silver (and maybe goats and chickens), but even precious metals — real money — may produce short-term losses that will make you wonder if you live in some twisted nightmare where reality doesn’t exist. So hang in there!!

            • The Christmas post-season is temporary, as it has always been. The malls and shopping centers are a little busier here now than they were last year.

              I still maintain that it will take up to 10 years before it all comes crashing down.

              The only time we’ve really had a full-blown crash was the Great Depression, but it didn’t go ‘splat’ overnight. Stock prices began to fall in September of 1929, and came to a crash a month and a half later. The deflationary spiral didn’t start until mid-1931, almost two years later. Industrial production bottomed-out in mid-1932, nearly three years after the 1929 crash. It took until 1934 before the unemployment rate reached its peak, almost five years after the 1929 crash.

              The point I’m getting at is, even in spite of the popular myth of how everything came to this big ugly halt in October of 1929, there is actually a lot of lag-time between the initial impetus and the maximum impact felt by Joe Sixpack.

              There’s also something else to consider: The stock market crash by itself didn’t cause the Great Depression. In fact, the stock market had recovered to normal price levels by early 1930, just a few months later. What sealed the deal was the bank panics, a quickly lashed-together protectionist law (Smoot-Hawley Act) that burned down global economies, and a massive drought in 1930 that blew the farming industry. In other words, it was a great big shit sandwich with lots of ingredients, and everyone was forced to take a big ol’ bite of it… just not all at once.

              So why am I playing history professor here? Well, it’s evidence that hey, if we’re gonna see TEOTWAWKI due to economic diarrhea, then sit tight and be patient, because it’s gonna take quite awhile before the patient dies from money loss, you know? Even if the same events hit today that hit in 1929, additional laws plus a far more massive GDP will mean that it’s going to take a lot longer before it all goes ‘splat for good.

          • Dean: Until? It’s been falling apart for quite some time, but it’s hard to notice it when you’re in the middle of it yourself day to day. We may all notice some things here and there but it doesn’t seem to most of us that the whole thing is coming apart. People in Gaul and Spain thought they were still part of the Roman Empire long after its collapse. Rome’s collapse wasn’t immediate and catasrophic, just bits and pieces falling off over time. Ours will be a “little” quicker, barring a nuclear war or some other “Mad Max” scenario, but it does have many of the same conditions as Rome and it will lead to the same end. Good bye and good riddance to Pax Americana. Time to tend our our garden and let others do the same.

          • Gads N Flagg-
            Interesting that March 20th is the day Greece must re-pay 14.5B Euros and
            March 21st (ish) is the predicted day for alignment with a HMO (Heavy Mass Object) currently between Virgo & Leo that will produce another Fuikishima like event (9.0+ Magnitude quake)…

            Hard to make any real “collapse-date” predictions but the financial tremors on 3-20 followed by earthly tremors on 3-21 could produce a violent one-two punch.

            This HMO produces 9.0 earthquakes when we come between it and the Sun every 188 days (Chile, Japan), and 7.0-7.5 earthquakes when we are on a far-side alignment every other 188 days (Christchurch NZ & Fiji).

            Expect Mid-March to produce some very real fireworks either way. Just saying.

            • Yourdaddy: I was thinking about you the other day. Please reach me at:

              [email protected]

            • Durango:

              Got a bounceback message…
              Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
              Remote host said: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a yahoo.com account ([email protected])

              Try me at [email protected]

              Good to hear from you.

      2. All the more reason to prep

        Stay the course…

        • Either we make the tough choices now, or suffer the tougher consequences!

          ‘Helicopter’ Ben does not want you to know this, so he and his cronies stay in power. Thus the usual fear mongering about a ‘very, very bad outcome’ so he can deceive and destroy you and your fellow countrymen while the fraudsters suffer no consequences.

          In spite of all his endeavors at the Princeton University Economics Department studying the Great Depression and earning his Ph.D., genius Bernanke and his top crony Krugman (the same whack job who advocates a war against extraterrestrials in order to benefit the economy) could not figure out that the economic crisis in 2008 was NOT due to a credit default (as in the Great Depression), but rather was a consequence of the impending insolvency of banks that had made bad loans.

          What did Bernanke do? Instead of using his powers to effect the bankruptcy of these horrible banks, ‘Helicopter’ Ben earned his moniker by making the morally bankrupt decision of using taxpayer money to bail out the very same banks who had made the bad loans in the first place.

          This makes no sense and actually violates the idea of free enterprise. It is, in reality, the nexus between government and business that would be more emblematic of fascist, centralized control of a presumably command economy.

          The boneheads of central banking have made two TRAGIC decisions in the course of its terminally ill one hundred year history: A) Not extending credit during the credit crisis of the Great Depression (what Bernanke spent umpteenth years studying and frying out his brains) and B) Not hastening the bankruptcy of failed, insolvent banks, and instead providing credit as should have been done in “A,” and creating a Greater Depression due to the creation of unnecessary credit . . . . .

          And now we sit on the ticking time bomb of an economic collapse, unless . . . we cut and zero out the budget deficit (as done in the 1990s), and then pay off the national debt forever, allow competing currencies like gold, while having the good sense to introduce a balanced budget amendment, which should have been done by the Founders themselves. I suspect Jefferson might have gotten it done if he had been in attendance at the Constitutional Convention, but that’s another story . . . . .

          If we CANNOT do the above, we then either HONESTLY DEFAULT on the debt (assuming moral leadership) or have a stagnant economy with lots of inflation as we try to unwind the malinvestment.

          I hope this makes sense. This is why Bernanke will be scaring the bejeezus out of you, so you and your morally bankrupt political representatives (other than Ron Paul) will let him bail out his financially AND morally bankrupt European bankster bed buddies . . . . .

          • @Newton,

            I agree with you up to a point. What makes you think that a balanced budget amendment will be followed by the same bunch that already ignores every other constitutional amendment? What will give it teeth? I foresee any future congresses just using IOUs or institutionalizing deliberate inflation as a tool of paying off debts in order to keep the books balanced.

            I also disagree with the idea that Bernanke is incompetent. I believe he knows exactly what he is doing and the apparent incompetence is an act that is purely for public consumption in order to provide cover to the deliberate damage that he and his masters are doing to the dollar. The information that he and those who support him are privy to is probably much more alarming than the markets can be allowed to know. In my mind his mission is to inflate Amerika’s way out of the debt crisis that we are in and the trick is for him to inflate the currency enough to keep ahead of our creditors while not alarming the markets. And he is apparently doing a good job of it because his masters have not gotten rid of him. For destroying the savings of every Amerikan and sentencing future generations to poverty he and his supporters who have benefitted from the destruction of the dollar should hang from every lamppost in DC until all of them are gone or we run out of lampposts. I suspect the latter will occur first.

            • @The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,

              You’re right! Thank you for understanding my post! Politicians can NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER be trusted, most especially if they are attorneys like Mittack Obamney! Get them out of that bastion of malignancy, the Den of Corruption (D.C.) with its 91% DISAPPROVAL rating! They’re a bunch of fa**ots, wh**res, bas***ds, mur*****rs, and th**ves. Obviously, when one speaks of “morally bankrupt” “fraudsters,” it is not only incompetence involved, but actual ‘evil’ and criminal acts having being committed. And I certainly agree with your sentiment about lampposts! Who do you think should be first? Anyone for a Top 10 List? That would be a great discussion . . . . . 🙂

              As for a balanced budget amendment, it would have to be achieved in concert with what was stated above, and then makes more sense. Establishing the option of competing currencies or a gold standard makes central banking unnecessary. Last time around the world had it, during 1870-1914, there was actually no inflation, even mild deflation due to technological advances.

            • well said!

            • Remember the Graham-Rudmann act? It worked so well.

          • Explain to me how a balanced budget amendment changes anything when we have a fiat currency issued by a central bank?
            Lets pretend I’m the bank and your the gov. and you come to me and say you need $100 dollars to give to A. I say no problem here is your $100 dollars, plus interest, oh and I’ll be happy with just getting the interest since I made that $100 dollars out of thin air, and for every $100 dollars I print, I circulate another %900 that only exists in the books and I get interest on that too….cha ching!

            No problem for you the gov. or should I say the (stealers) in paying the interest since you (they) just extort the payment from xyz (the tax payers) under threat of your(Their) team of (meanies)IRS take down teams…. that is how the current system is played.

            No amendment is gonna fix that, and even if it did…the stealers are in charge of making the amendments….

            My point is you cannot balance a corrupt system….the FED must first be audited to show the people just how badly they have been f’ked over….then it must be disbanded.

            From there the monetary system must be commodity backed…doesn’t have to be gold, but it has to be backed. For every dollar printed, there must be something backing it.

            And since it was already pointed out for its blatant obviousness, checks and balances like regular audits must be put in place.

            And that ain’t gonna happen…cause tyrants don’t ever relinquish power….you have to take it from them by force!

            • Note to self…do not type after many beers…(and escaping from a 300 lbs gal that wanted to take you home and hand cuff you to the bed…don’t ask…it was terrifying…but thankfully my E&E training paid off) unless heavily proof reading before hitting the post button.

              You left out think their gonna do it… after the sentence….the stealers are in charge of making the amendments….

              and after blatant obviousness it should have said politicians cannot be trusted.

              Ok after my self directed time out in the corner…I better just go to bed…hope I don’t have nightmare…damn she was scary, I ain’t never going back to a bar again.

              night all.

            • The whole thing has to crash and be rebuilt. There is no “taking back our country”.

          • “This makes no sense and actually violates the idea of free enterprise.”

            Your comment is thoughtful and well reasoned but for this. None of this has a thing to do with “free enterprise” or capitalism. The Fed is a private organization that is owned by the likes of Bank of American and JP Morgan. The Fed will do all in its power to protect these banks, the people who run them, and their profits. If the Fed had ANY interest in the American people, they would have bailed out the depositors of the failed banks and let the banksters twist in the political winds that followed their self-induced 2008 catastrophe. But they didn’t. The Fed’s only real mission is to loot America and everything else they can get their slimy hands on. That’s all, folks.

            • You just proved the point of the sentence you’re quoting, IMHO.

          • More or less, your post makes sense. However, the tern “Honestly Default” seems to be a contradiction – – there’s not a lot of honesty in not meeting previous obligations. Also, the practical thing is that any default makes it very difficult to again borrow. Of course, maybe that’s not so bad.

            • I think you misread Newton’s statement. Honestly, as in not continuing the fraud of not meeting previous obligations by creating new obligations with the creation of new money, which destroys the currency for all. Sounds like a Ponzi scheme.

      3. I’m thankful this didn’t happen in 2008. I would have been one of the sheeple with no preps or clue as to what was happening

        • Same here – so thankful!

        • Its astounding how many people are still in a coma. More people are waking up but the caveat to that is they get their tidbits from the Lame Stream Media. Just the other day the Shitcago Suntimes headline article stated that the economy was improving because the jobless claim for the month of december was down and they posted the uptick stats for the Big 3 carmakers. It just reaffirmed my position that the newspapers are only good for the crossword puzzle. My fiance works for a large regional bank and she got inside news that Met Life is in trouble now and going to lay off thousands of workers this year. The ship is going down but the wally world parking lot is always full.

          • Agree Scole!

            Bush’s Lame Duck stimulus (intro. to socialism) woke me up. When O came to power, I shifted into prepper high gear! Glad we started when we did.

            • RightWingMom:just bookmarked your sight,can’t
              wait to check it out.

          • There are a lot of sheeple out there! I am an attorney who started singing the “housing bubble” blues back in 2005 and all my friends and neighbors laughed. Then the bubble burst here in FL and when I bring up our past conversations, people get very quiet. Since 2008 I’ve been roaring about the world economic game of musical chairs and as of today had another group of acquaintances tell me that I was chicken little. I’ve prepared for the worst and encouraged my acquaintances to do the same. They prefer to say that if the SHTF they are coming to my home (to which I’ve clearly told them that if they don’t bother to prepare that they can ask the ever reliable government for food, water, and shelter). Everyone I encounter says that the evening news and our local toilet paper of record tells them the economy is in recovery, so who am I to argue anymore (wink, wink). Hopefully the old saying “God protects babies and fools” is somewhat true since the fools are not prepared for the next thunderstorm let alone total economic collapse.

            • Nobody in my family listens to me. I gave up trying. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe the behavior of people today.

            • I have a friend who is a big player at the CBOT. He has 60 employees. I told him of the bubble before it popped. He wouldn’t have anything to do with that info. He couldn’t believe it would pop. He was emotionally attached to his ideology.

            • He’s probably part of it Fuzzy.

            • I was of like-mind back in 2005 as well. Same reasons. Closed a luxury-type/product business in late 2007 to cash out and get out…because I knew this wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill recession. No confidence in the system. Hard to find others of like-mind.

          • Hey BRW! Thats my signature term for Chicago you’re borrowing there.


          • Metlife Mortgage shut their doors this week in Dallas. Over eight hundred people lost their jobs. I am in the title industry and our bread and butter comes from the mortgage industry. I can tell you there are several mortgage companies in deep doodoo right now.

            My title company performs national refinances all over the country. We are seeing an huge drop in orders and a very large percentage of our borrower’s never make to closing. They are denied before they ever get out of underwriting. We have had some lay offs and absolutely no overtime allowed. We still have to get the same amount of work done with fewer people. I have been working the same amount of hours to get my job done. The young people I work will not work over without getting paid. I hear “I don’t work for free”. Well, I look at like this I have a job and I need to keep it. I think about all those people who have lost their job and I do whatever it takes..but I’m old and know better

            Twinkie – R.I.P.


            • Tell your son I stole his bike and put it up on FleaBay.

              Pink Snow Balls-R.I.P.

          • My idea for months has been that insurance companies will be next..for a bailout, or a bankruptcy.
            Now, imagine this nation with no insurance on autos and homes.
            Geeze, Louise!!

            • The feds will take over insurance. Just like in hurricane areas. Socialism or worse.

            • Jay-Jay:

              Drive carefully!

              It’s worked for me for years.

        • Amen Scole

        • Me too!

        • +1

        • Scole, I knew what was going on back then, but was hoping to high heaven I could pay off the house first. I succeeded in March of 2010. My prepping went into high gear Christmas of the same year. I’m with you in that I am thankful the boom did not drop in 08.

        • Totally agree Scole. I think back to how prepared I was and I think I had a few boxes of pasta and a case of water in a storage closet.

          This time, I don’t think folks will have the luxury of waiting.

        • Scole…Agree.I was one of the Y2K preppers(ha…ha)but had used that food up. I didn’t start again until after 08. You don’t get this kind of info on TV.

        • Welcome to The Great Awakening. 🙂

      4. 1st time poster, long time reader. Thanks for all of your work putting this info out there.

        • Chris, thanks for joining the conversation!

        • lurker

        • Good to see you come aboard! 🙂

          Nota Bene: I’ve been somewhat quiet in here lately due to the dual time-eaters of writing a book and a higher tempo of things to do at work. On the good news front, the missus and I are in high gear seeking out a great potential BOL to rent a place in (as a test to see if we want to be part of it as a permanent post-TEOTWAWKI community). Otherwise, life is good and the preps are proceeding smoothly. The only disappointment I had today was in missing the local gun show.

      5. Better trade in those depreciating FRNs for Au and Ag now, people. While there’s still time…

        • I prefer CU and PB.

          • =D

            • Doctor?

          • That wood bee Cu & Pb.

            • Copper and lead. 🙂

            • 1982 prior pennies & #2 lead pencils?

            • I do have some pre 82 pennies, also nickels mostly post 65.
              Got a couple of number two pencils, but I prefer write in the rain pens.

              But I was refereeing to bullets.

            • Coors Light bullets

        • Why sell the silver and gold now??

        • No. No. No

          With euro collapsing and panic money flowing to good ole USA you need to save crisp new uncirculated federal reserve ten dollar notes. $DXY still appreciating. Best PM equities AG , ANV, RIC, EXK are wallowing! Best oils ACFN,FUEL,OKE are currently flat-lining also!

          PM’s and oil come later in the cycle….

          Save fed notes to later buy PM’s. I currently am buying TMF and RGR…………and shorting NBG…..

          Good luck


          • That is a reasonable theory. History shows, however, that attempting to time the market is among the riskiest things one can do. I am going to hold onto the Silver Eagles I bought at $16 and also accumulate thousands in $20 greenbacks to double down if they drop. Like you said PMs are flattening and many believe they have arrived at a new floor.

            About oil, I am less secure in my decision to wait for gasoline prices to drop before filling my storage tanks. The stronger dollar may be offset by tensions in Iran.

            • Given that those desperate to maintain the illusion of US solvency with do something stupid, and probably sooner rather than later, I would not hesitate to fill those fuel tanks as soon as you can, Pastor. There are war drums sounding along the Potomac. That’s always a useful distraction for the Sheeple.

              As to FRNs… 10s and 20s are fine but at some point the buying power of FRNs is going to drop big-time. When that happens, $50s and $100s might be more useful. Of course, having a range of bill sizes could be good too.

          • mushroom,

            I get the $10 bill thing, I don’t get why they need to be new,crisp, and uncirculated?


            • Hi I am pretty new to all this so what is the 10 dollar bills for ? we are staring to prep and any help would be appreciated.

              thanks TD

            • I do not know why crisp & new bills (maybe just a saying like ‘brand new’) as I did not start this thread. I have all twenties because that is what the ATM spits out every payday when I immediately suck out the maximum each day until my balance is just enough for automatic drafts for bills.

              Having a solid base of supplies, I save my cash for super deals on new items or finds on Craigslist. I would also like to pick up another rural property with more tillable acres during the next foreclosure spike. I have many cans of fuel filled (that was my advice above), but the underground tanks will not be installed till spring so I set aside greenbacks for that too.

          • mushroom… you are strange and misleading, WHO IS MUSHROOM?

      6. And Alfred E. Bernanke says “What, me no worry, I have a printing press”!

        • Yes, he does… and isn’t that such a delightful and non-confrontational way of looting the life savings and retirement plans of all Americans? INFLATION! It’s just so much sneakier than confronting them directly with high taxes or some other obvious form of robbery. 🙁

      7. Forgot to add: thanks for the site and all of your hard work, Mac. Yours is a thankless task and doubtless, at times a major headache, but I _really_ appreciate all that you do.

        • Thanks Scott! I love doing it and the fact that so many people are willing to contribute their thoughts in the community areas definitely helps to keep it interesting and helps keep me motivated.

          • hey Mac whats this I hear, You a Texan?

            • Hey, nobody is perfect!

        • “Forgot to add: thanks for the site and all of your hard work, Mac.”

          Hear, hear! Bravo, even! 🙂

      8. Does anyone even take these credit ratings seriously anymore? The US should have been downgraded long ago and much lower than it currently stands (AA+ ?) and some of these EU countries still have a AAA rating? I think what was more comical is the fact that when S&P was the first ones to downgrade the US they were heckled by the Government and their credibility was under scrutiny for doing so. This is like giving trophies out to all the losing little league teams so they don’t feel bad for being losers (which I feel is part of the problem we see today with the failure of individuals to cope with failure).

        • I agree, BeefCake. Those who take the hard lessons to heart will learn more from their failures than they will from their successes. Chief among them, of course, is that failure sucks and is best avoided via being successful!

      9. By the way Mac, I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing, but you did not make the DHS watch list.

        • How can you tell whose on there? I’d like to see if I’m on there and if not, it means I am not trying hard enough to make the cut.

          • http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/privacy/privacy_pia_ops_publiclyavailablesocialmedia_update.pdf

            it is very interesting,this is the purpose of it but I can’t make sense of what it means. This is your government at work.

            “The Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS), National Operations Center (NOC), will launch and lead the Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness (Initiative) to assist the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its components involved in fulfilling OPS statutory responsibility (Section 515 of the Homeland Security Act (6 U.S.C. § 321d(b)(1)) to provide situational awareness and establish a common operating picture for the federal government, and for those state, local, and tribal governments, as appropriate”.

            Appropriate for?????????????

          • Beefcake; if any of the following apply, you’re on it.
            1) War time vet
            2) Have a CHL (concealed handgun lic.)
            3) Retired military
            4) In the ministry
            5) Taken large amount of money from the bank
            6) Closed an IRA/401K before you’re 59 1/2.
            7) Bought ammo and weapons that can be traced (purchase wise)

            These are the most common enities causing an individual to be on the watch list at the minimum. I know, I have talked with law enforcement, and I’m on it.

            • Well, dang! I only scored 3 of the possible 7 on that list… must try harder!

          • Beefcake; if any of the following apply you’re either already labeled or on the watch list:

            1) Ex-military, especially war time vets and retirees.
            2) Bought any ammo and weapons, lately, that can be
            traced via purchasing them(check,CC,on-line, etc..)
            3) Withdrawn and/or closed an IRA or 401K.
            4) Refuse to pay or file tax returns.
            5) Withdrawn large amount of cash or purchased items with
            your accounts that are high dollar.
            6) In the ministry.
            7) NRA mailing list.
            8) Opinionated, known by others.

            Hope you get the picture, I’ve been informed that I’m on
            the list (through law enforcement personnel that are preppers).

            • ~DRD5508~

              Sir, you forgot #8…..!!!

              #8.) Those who’re determined to leave this world the same way they arrived!

              —Fighting & screaming…and covered in somebody else’s BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

              ………………..Never Surrender…………….!!!

            • Whhhoooo….I’m safe then making shine ain’t on the list… 🙂

              Wait never mind…1,2,3,4,and 5 guilty. 6, nope heaven don’t want me and hell won’t take me.

              7, nope…. NRA only exists for the sake of existing, they helped pass several gun laws I do not agree with (compromising…frack compromising)…so I ain’t on their mailing list and they don’t get a penny from me.

              Oh and Gunsmith I agree…but also with a pile of brass at your feet.

            • Lets see. 1,2,3,5,6,8. Number 4 will probably be this year, especially after number 3 last year. I havent bought any guns or ammo online, but the background checks Mi runs on me buying guns will trigger number 2. Maybe I will send the NRA 10 bucks just to have the complete set.

            • @ RWS III… Don’t sweat the ‘shine… that’s merely an experimental green fuel system. 😉

        • Sheesh… What’s a guy gotta do to be labeled a domestic terrorist around here?!

          Must…. Work…. Harder….

          • Mac, don’t fret our friend, you’re on the list. You know that this site is a thorn to the ptb, by keeping us all informed of current events. Thank you and the habitual bloggers that enrich all of us with information, thoughts and educational bits that empower us all in areas we’re not experts in.

            • I feel better now drd. Thanks. 😉

          • Mac-between 3-4pm-friday jan. 13-i could not access
            your site(pacific time)hmmm?

            • Sorry about that. Our server got overloaded and forgot to reboot itself. We’re looking at upgrading our dedicated server to something that can handle such issues in the future. Thanks for your patience when that type of stuff happens.

      10. yup Mac….one of the very few sites that dont have ron paul plastered all over it (even though I am voting for him)…thank you!

        • don’t waste your time voting. it’s never made any difference to date; why continue?

          • Hey! We feel like we have to try one more time. Hehehe. Its become a joke to me. I vote just to laugh at the results.

          • I once saw a bumper sticker on the car a little old lady was driving that cracked me up. It read: “I never vote. It only encourages the bastards”. 😀

          • That hope & change slogan is still killing me softly along with the morons that voted for him.

          • The NWO and PTB do not want US to vote. They do not want US to participate in politics or take any initiative, as the America system of government requires OUR participation if it is to be successful for US.

            Citizen Ron you parrot the propaganda of the PTB that want to maintain their power over US. Don’t make it yours if you believe in Liberty.

            Lack of participation is the reason WE are where WE are now. WE let George do it and George fucked US over.

            90 million gun owners have the power to change the direction of America without firing a shot! Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.If not US who? If not now, when?


      11. Isn’t this site the SHTFPlan? I think everyone here agrees the dollar has the future of an aging porn star, but what are we going to do between today and the day we can do no more?

        I went back to work temporarily this week after being a stay-at-home dad. I got an email from my former government employer inviting me to come back and cover for someone going on maternity leave. It takes a couple years to become proficient with their systems so I agreed to do so figuring I would be here only a couple months.

        I was surprised to find out the woman I am covering is not due until May. I suppose if they had to train someone from scratch, four months of preparation is reasonable for two months of work, but I used to supervise the position I am covering for and could get up to speed in a couple days. It looks like I will be surfing the Internet for the next four months before the two I actually work. When this assignment is finished, I will qualifify for the maximum unemployement benefit during which I will be using tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer dollars to further improve and provision my retreat.

        Do I feel guilty? Perhaps a little, but the money was already allocated and they are going to spend it on someone so it may as well be me. I still hope to find another professional position so my wife can stay home with our child for a while. In the interim I’ll spend my nights submitting resumes and my days sitting on my screened-in porch with my toddler, watching the leaves change while spending inflation eroding direct deposits on hard assets as fast as efficiently possible.

        • you’re welcome….it’s nice to know that at least some of my tax dollars will be put to good use….

        • Might as well get everything that you can out of the system PP ……. everybody else that can sure is.

        • I take insult to that.

          • ROFLOL!! Now THAT was funny!!

        • PPastor, I collected unemployment benefits a couple times over the years, and looked at it as a tax refund for all I paid into the system. My your preps abound.

          • Whoops – MAY your preps abound. Good use indeed.

        • “Do I feel guilty? Perhaps a little, but the money was already allocated and they are going to spend it on someone so it may as well be me.”

          Don’t sweat it, Pastor. Very few of the folks here would begrudge a bit of our tax money actually going somewhere useful for a change. On top of that, it is probably just freshly printed out of thin air anyway.

      12. Gotta agree and say glad the crash did not happen in ’08. I, too, would have been a clueless sheeple. THANKS MAC! Not sure how I found your site, but darn glad I did. Been preppin’ ever since!

        • Right Johnny! Thanks for the kind words. All we can do is take steps to mitigate this crisis as best we can, because at this point I don’t think it can be stopped.

          • Soros is an evil, NWO, wanna-be dictator….

            that said, I’m at least glad he has

            It’s given me time to get ready! 😉

            • Soros would qualify as an aged porn star…and ugly to boot…just sayin… 🙂

          • I agree 100%, Mac. 2008 was likely the tipping point and there is no going back from here. It is forward and on to whatever unpleasantness awaits us. As others have said about prepping, “I would rather have and not need than need and not have!”.

      13. There can be no “good outcome” to the current situation.

        The debt should to be defaulted, the bankers should take the hit, the deflation should occur. The economic dislocation will be severe, but if the deflation road is taken, it will be very unpleasant, even to the point of rioting and crime epidemics.

        Bernanke’s alternative is to transfer the inflation from housing and financial markets (i.e. bad debt) to the currency in general, making everyone suffer for the sins of a few. The economic dislocation will be severe, to the point of rioting and crime waves.

        The difference is that, on the deflation path, we will recover. The inflation path leads to permanent depravity, but the current gang in Congress and the banking industry couldn’t care less. They’ve got theirs, Jack!

        • I agree, Coach. The perfect is definitely the enemy of the good here. No politicians are strong enough to do what is right and necessary but unpopular. This is one of the two great failings of democracy and it is likely to be the primary cause of our undoing.

      14. Obunger needs more money to give away to nations that hate us.I would vote for just about anyone to remove this idiot from office.

      15. Hopefully this is not a repeat. My first post did not load. My question was; what is the long term goal of the super rich? If the world wide economic collapse occurs and money loses it’s value, then what will the mega rich use to control us? I know during any economic collapse the rich profit, but what can we give them back if we are all truley broke? Will they use food and water as their power base or maybe energy sources? If so what payment can we offer them? In a world of 100% poverty how will the rich separate themselves from the poor?

        • Read Agenda 21. The crusty sphincters that rule governments have no need for us unwashed peasants. They seem to revel in ruining peoples lives. Evil in its purest form. Money is a tool for them to impose misery on us peons. I can’t wait to start scalping those bastards when the SHTF.

        • The super rich are buying the farmland. They will control us with food. Well maybe not all of us, but enough. They are souleaters, borg, whatever you want to call them. Their purpose is that we who refuse to be slaves to them, die. They really see us as less than cattle. Don’t expect mercy. They are not capable of it.

          • I do get a kick out of hearing about the super rich buying farmland. Hedge funds buying land at 20K/acre. HA, that is like me buying high tech electronic parts. If I don’t know what to do with them, all I have is a bunch of parts. Those guys can’t farm, they think they will be able to pay people to do the work for them, but if money is worthless, what can they give their workers. I personally think the locals will carve that land up, take it and farm or graze it for themselves.

            Can you imagine Soros and Jamie Diamond trying to farm?

            • Um, Mike, you’ll be doing the farming while Soros’ hired goons look on from watchtowers.

            • thet will pay in food ,when people will be hungry they will work for food

            • @rafter: There is 4.8 Million acres of ranchland +tillable farmland. That is 42% of this country according to the USDA. There is no way they can control and micro manage that kind of space. This is exactly where the gov’t always makes their mistakes: They over estimate their abilities and under estimate the will of common people. The elites have nothing, they have money and when people decide that they can live without their currency they are powerless. I cannot think of one useful skill that guys like soros possess’ that would be useful in a new world.
              If I can feed, provide shelter, and clothe myself and loved ones without needing walmart and US bank they are powerless over me. Like I said before, I don’t want to work fields by hand, but i want to know how and have the ability to do it when the time is needed.

          • Not expecting or giving ANY mercy in the coming US vs THEM battle, Kyrathyel. I am pursuing the Al Davis school of thought on this… Just Win, Baby!

      16. You are the problem you loser.

        • Survival in the wilderness or the concrete jungle is the same. Learn the rules and use them to the best advantage. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

          It sounds like you aren’t playing very well.

        • I am assuming this comment is directed at me and that you do not know how to use the reply button.

          Is my fault that my daughter was born with a disability and daycares would not take her until she completed occupational therapy? I could have applied for SSD for her. Instead, I stayed home and worked with her until she got caught up.

          Is it my fault that after sending hundreds of resumes the best I can get is a temp job? A lot of people wouldn’t even go back to their former employer with a demotion, let alone as a temp with zero benefits.

          I am just playing the hand I was dealt.

          • Prepared Pastor…you do what you have to do…dont let anyone get to you…I havent been paid a dime in 6 years and my Lady just lost her part-timer job we were depending on but what the heck…got lots of goodies stashed and still have the farm…the woods are still full of the kings beef…God hasnt fell off his throne so we’ll eat… but things just got a bit tougher,thats okay,been here before…you just keep on keepin on and youll be fine…I will too!

            • Way to go, Reb. Common sense and guts will take a man a LONG way. Hang in their, Bro.

          • Hang in there Prepared Pastor “He” will guide you from the darkness. He already started by opening your eyes to the economic train wreck that is headed our way.

          • Don’t listen to that PP…people don’t think before they speak. God knows…and that’s all that’s important.

          • Bless you PP, if I lived near you I’d help and barder.Did I spell that right? The unemployment system was set up to help until we could find other work. Right?I once hear a Pastor say, disabled children were given to special people as a witness to the world. I am sure you know one day your child will be completely healthy and happy and with you for eternity.
            I will gladly pay taxs to help people like yourself, who try very hard to do the right thing. Don’t let the bas—ds get you down.
            one of my favorite verses.
            psalm 37:18-19

            “the Lord knowth the days of the upright; and their inheritance shall be forever. They shall not be ashamed in the evil time; and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.” keep prepping, stay prayed up

        • loner

      17. Happy New Year to everybody in the forum

        I work in the Norwegian oil industry. Though partly immune against global turmoil, our company has run several emergency scenarios in November. I know that two other suppliers have done the same thing. The Focus was on an orderly and disorderly Eurozone collapse. Though Norway isn`t part of the EU, is one of the richest countries in the world, nor has the Euro as a currency, we would be hit hard.

        For the US it would be much worse I presume, as the US economy is vulnerable today.

        As this is a preparedness forum, I will share my thoughts of what I think will happen. If the Euro starts collapsing, investors will flee into the safer havens. The most important one is the US. This will mean that when the collapse is coming, things will get at first better in the US and this can go on for a few weeks. As the system is connected finally – a few weeks or latest some months later- the US will be dragged down. This will look strange to most Americans as things seemed to become better and Europe is far away. It is in a way comparable with a tsunami. The sea gets calm and the water moves back from shore…

        What happens then is difficult to say. China, still to dependent on exports, might fall. India will not, except Pakistan starts a war with India. Brazil is safe. Russia, if they are clever, would do good to stay out of any trouble and might be on the winning side. Food riots in most African, Arab and Asian countries will occur. As a result there might arise islamist regimes in several muslim countries. War involving the NATO and Israel is most likely. Iran is the number one target. If things get bad, China and Russia will participate.

        If no greater war is started, for Europe I can imagine martial law in France and Britain, the Netherlands and maybe Germany. Collapse all over the Mediterranean will take place. The Scandinavian countries, Austria and Switzerland might close their borders and there will be havoc and maybe new wars all over the Balkans. Less effected will be the former communist countries in Eastern Europe, mainly Poland, Slovakia and the Baltic states. They have seen worse and do have still that survival spirit.

        You have better ideas what might happen in the US.
        Be safe and sorry for so many words.


        • I like reading/hearing prognostications by people in very different circumstances and areas of the world from mine. It widens my scope and makes me consider things I hadn’t before. I tend to get tunnel vision when it comes to the geopolitical situation, focusing primarily on the US and secondarily on western Europe and the ME and sometimes China. There are a lot more people out there in a lot more countries, and they are definitely going to have a vote in how things go down.

          If money was not an object, I would already have bought a sailboat and be cruising the Caribbean. I figure that as long as one has enough firepower to discourage pirates, that will likely be one of the safest places in the world if there is a general conflagration, including nuclear or biological.

          • @Aardvarkk:

            The Caribbean is very dependent on imports of food and fuel. If currencies collapse, trade will be affected. Not even PMs are going to be useable if there is nothing but local fish available. For decades before the tourism boom that began in the 1980s, most Caribbean males worked abroad and the locals refer to it as *the remittance economy*.

            The way things work in many of the islands is one Big Man has a monopoly on a given commodity. If they don’t want to part with it for less than whatever they say, they don’t. The Big Men are a cabal and they don’t even allow safe harbor in a storm if they get their backs up about someone or some country. Yes, every island has a lee side, but reprovisioning can be difficult in hard times and as for repairs: the parts come from the developed world, need transport and can take forever, in island time and in reality. If you stock marine diesel parts and have the expertise to repair boat engines, you would have a good gig.

            The reach of the USCG and Navy is vast. Basically, any boat with US registry can be stopped anywhere, boarded, searched (read: wrecked, towed back to CONUS, impounded and penalties and fees applied)and there is little recourse without good lawyers, a lot of money and a lot of time. Because of them, the Caribbean is, IMO, too close.

            OTOH, back in the day (1970s), one could sail the South Pacific with blue jeans and Playboys and trade for taro, breadfruit and fish. Having spent time in both waters, my preference would be for the South Pacific. The younger generation on the populated islands are spoiled, but their elders who lived there in the 70s or earlier still know how to live off the land. There are still lots of empty beaches and small islands out there. In the Marquessas, for example, you can still find even youth who aren’t lost without their modern technology toys.

            The thing is, the ocean is unforgiving. Long passages are hard. Storms come up out of nowhere. There really are pirates in all waters.

            Just the thoughts of a longtime lurker with sailors in the family. I am convinced there is nowhere to hide, this time around.

            • Believe me, I’ve seen more salt water flush between the Admiral than you’ve probably been underway, but I’ll be watching you. You sound interesting.

        • Thank you for such detailed assessment, Viking.
          Be safe.

        • Good guess. No matter which way they fall, they (we) will all be in trouble. It’s always interesting to hear what your guys on the other side of the pond have to say. Are you from Norway? My son has a friend with duel citizenship that is attending college in Norway and he’s thinking he may never come back he likes it so much.

          Viking – this is for you!


          • Great! Those were the days.

          • Bill

            I am sorry. It was late at night and I did not read yor reply properly. Yes, I am Norwegian living in Norway, though its sometimes a bit too socialist its a gerat place for living.

            We live on an a small island and are often cut off from the ferry services in the storm season. Therefore being prepared is not an option but neccerary. Going to the mainland is time consuming. This is why I have most tools and many medicins. I have a generator as well, food for several months and most important of all firewood and candels.

        • Thank you for your insights Viking. Are you related to any of these guys. I know Norway is a small country and you all know each other: Amon Amarth – “The Pursuit of Vikings”


          If this doesn’t quicken you Viking Blood and inspire you to Gird your Loins for Battle than you are suffering from a testosterone deficiency.

      18. “For three years now, economic leaders from France, Germany and even the United States have failed to find a solution for the debt crisis in a single nation – Greece. If this debacle has shown us anything, it’s the fact that this whole situation is spiraling out of control and no one has a clue what to do.”

        It’s all planned.

        • Never automatically ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

      19. Today’s Yobama:
        The Postal Services created a stamp with a picture of President Obama on it. The Service noticed that the stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the President, who demanded a full investigation. After a month of testing and $1.73 million in congressional spending, a special Presidential commission presented the following findings: 1) The stamp is in perfect order; 2) There is nothing wrong with the glue; 3) People are spitting on the wrong side.

        Now I understand with Harry Reid’s Magic Glasses.
        See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJjyxPvw0J8

        Y’all Beware!
        And have a great weekend.
        Thanks again Mac for all you do.

        • lol

      20. Greetings from across the pond.

        I have to tell you all is not well here. I won’t say there is a news blackout, but NOTHING has been reported today regarding default and the downgrades, all info has come from alternative media sites that I have a look at daily. I should also point out that it was the alternative media that let the cat out of the bag regarding our appalling debt figures, the government and the BBC finally admitted it a week or so later.

        We are told inflation is dropping….my arse it is food prices are hellish and gasoline and diesel worse still. Public transport costs are becoming out of the reach of many.domestic heating costs are so high many heat or eat alternately. To read the papers, or watch the news here you would think it is only the Eurozone that is in trouble, sadly most people here are falling for that.

        We are in a position so dire that a friend who has health service connections tells me that amputee service men and women are not being allowed any form of disability benefits as they can walk more than 50 yards on their prosthetic limbs. I have checked this out and it is true.

        Lead flashing is been stripped from anywhere and everywhere, shopping trolleys stolen and traded in as scrap metal, fuel being syphoned out of cars. Anything not nailed down, like my child’s garden slide, is getting taken. Pet stealing is on the increase….like to see them do that to my hound……bullmastif, and a good sized one at that.

        Kids knock on doors to ask if you want odd jobs doing, they go back to the vulnerable households later and break in. It is pretty shit I can tell you.

        Well enough whinging, back to reality. Need to make a list of preps to get tomorrow, oh how I wish it was guns and ammunition instead of rice and beans.

        Take care

        • Yeah too bad you have been stripped of you right to gun ownership.

        • I Just wanted to the the time to thank all of our family over sea’s that give us reports from there. Its good people like that that give us insight to whats going on with those countries. Thank You Manos, Carole, Viking, Burt, and anybody else I may have forgot. You are in my prayers from Texas.


          • Carolie says hi DPS

            I knew her in a past life so to speak lol

            Take care

        • I second that. Thanks to all of our brothers and sisters overseas giving us the news. Stay safe and keep prepping

        • Hi Burt,

          Is it correct that gun possesion is forbidden in U.K.?

          Hope for the best. You’re lucky that your leaders back then, decided not to enter the euro zone.

          Greetings from Greece.

          • That’s right Manos….hitting someone with a stick is illegal here unless you can prove self defense. We all have to smile and be nice to each other, no using nasty names, no using weapons, no moaning…everything is alright CamerLOON and his goons say so.

            I will be honest, if the penalties were not so high I would seek out black-market weaponry but I can’t take the risk…sole carer of a child.

            I have been to Greece Mano, a beautiful country full of beautiful people and my heart leeds for all of you who are suffering so much.

            I know it might not benefit you in person but hospital staff over here are sending stuff to Greece and it is getting used in the hospitals and clinics, it is not much but it is all we can do at this point as money will be stolen before it gets where it is needed.

            We don’t know addresses of individuals in your country so we are doing it through doctors, nurses and in two cases local chip shop owners with family still in Greece. They are taking it over or sending the smaller stuff .

            Good luck and health to you and yours Manos, our thoughts, on the Internet and off are always with you

            Take care mate

            • Bought my first new car from a Brit who came to America; how he ended up in my small town, I don’t know. I do know he had an impressive amount of guns.

              I’d say if you can get out of England, do it.

            • Anonymous,
              Well said!! +10

        • Burt, my wife and I have family there in the northeast.
          and, sadly, they are blind to the whole thing.
          even tho we are far away, we are with you. Prep as best you can and look after your family. maybe later you can trade some extra food for a weapon. you have our prayers Brutha. Sabel

        • Burt, glad you wrote a message.

          Same thing here happening. Media tries to make people think things are getting better but sadly only a few know different.

          WE WILL COME THRU THIS. I have faith, do the right things and all you can possibly do. You will be fine.

          Have faith my friend.

        • Get passports and sell as much as you can, cash up, put it in a US bank, and get to America. It’s going to better here than there, when it gets bad.

      21. Did everyone read Macs little ditty of Predictions of a mad tin foiler back on the 3rd? If you haven’t, go back and read it and pay attention to it. I ran some of this by my PM broker. Guess what? He said they expected resistance on silver down at $21.55. He didn’t say when other than to watch the Euros drop. And that bitch is dropping, today and has been the last couple of months. A 2 to 4 Trillion dollar QE3 to prop up the EU, another gift from Obama. This is going to get wild. Our dollar is about 81cents, I think they are going to try to pay off China with a high 60s dollar. Man, what a discount!! The Chinese are going to love this. You can betcha!!

      22. they will jut kick the can down the road again, get use to being poor a another world war?

        • I do not understand how a war can benefit economically a country that is broke to the point of increasing their debt limit every 3 months..explain to country idiot. please.
          How could we possibly improve our financial debacle??

          • I can’t explain it. A war wouldn’t benefit a country it might just create enough jobs to keep the sheeple from actually changing their world for the better. Explain to me how it has got this far? Americans are incredibly selfish and self-centered. My neighbors don’t even talk to each other, nor to us and we did nothing to anyone.
            I live in an county with a very high foreclosure rate and no one has done a thing to keep those folks in their homes. Raised our property taxes. Still can’t park a work trailer(if there was any work) in the driveway because it might not look good to some old fart who doesn’t like eye sores. Get use to it, Amerika has a long way to decline before it begins to repent.

            • Modern war is so high-tech you could put the factories on triple shifts and still only gain a few hundred thousand jobs. Wars do not fundamentally help a nation’s economy, sustained peace does.

            • When you remember that each person does what he or she perceives is in his/her best interest, the answer become obvious. The operative phrase is “perceives to be in his/her best interest”. It’s all about “perception” and “me”.

              Only colonies of insects think in terms of the collective benefits.

          • War is intended to economically help only the chosen few;the corp. that supply the MIC.They certainly don’t care about the debt as you can see.It keeps the “USA…USA” crowd cheering.On a side note did anybody see the list of top 10 employers for people age 18 to 29(I think). The number one employer is the military. The other 9 are places like Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Target,and other retail jobs.When there is no work it is easy to build an army with no draft.

            • JRS
              they simply dont understand they are at the end of thier shit eating game and are begininnig to cannabalize themselves….and we aint cheering anymore… THEY ARE COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL
              QUIT NOW
              QUIT NOW
              WE ALL HATE YOU
              YOU ARE USELESS
              YOU ARE EVIL
              QUIT NOW
              QUIT NOW

        • Well, that’s just it. These incompetent politicians only THINK that it is a can they are kicking down the road. It isn’t. It’s a live grenade… and the pin WILL jiggle loose and fall out at some point. BOOM! Game over, man, GAME OVER!

      23. That is why we need to put away as much food amao and med. supplies as we can

        • SHAWN
          i say
          STACK IT HIGH !

      24. Some funny comments concerning Greece,

        1. The only time we go forward in Greece, is when we change our clocks to spring time.

        2. The public servants union announced that they will stop their 8hour strike for a 3hour warning work.

        3. We don’t eat meals in our house. We download stakes from the internet. Our daughter studies in London and we send kebab through e-mail.

        4. A friend bought a 600 Mercedes for cash. Now he gets a loan to buy gas.

        5. Crime has reached new levels. We used to call: “Police help”. Now we say: “help, the police”.

        6. The only good thing that our prime-minister did, was to go to India. The bad thing is that he returned.

        7. what is the big difference between the Titanic and the Greek economy?
        The Titanic had a band playing music.

        8. Businesses have touched the bottom. Now the hotels steal towels from their customers.

        9. Public services: So many people, offering so little, asking double salary in order to their job even worse.

        10. I’m happy to live in a democratic country, in which every person is free to do what the government wants.

        I’m not trying to make a fool out of the situation.
        It’s actually for laughter.

        We heard that S&P is going to downgrade France.

        Be safe everybody

        • This Is No Joke:

          Here in the PRK (Peoples Republic of Kalifornia) Jerry Brown has announced his solution. He wants to spend more mone and raise taxes. Really, I am not joking!

          • The Greek government in cooperation with the Nazis, is raising the taxes since April 2010.
            Today the nation is in pain, poverty is up, 21% official unemployment, 20,000 charity meals every day, and property values lost something like 65%.
            Mr Brown is more than welcome to come to Greece, to see with his own eyes what’s raising taxes means in the real economy.
            A chart, some numbers, and two economic theories don’t mean a thing nowadays.

            Be safe Red Leader.

            • Hey Manos, I just read that the Greek Government is thinking of telling the big banks to suck a lemon and not pay any money back. Any news of this on your end?

          • Jerry Brown recently announced that Kalifornia is facing a 9 billion $ shortfall for this coming year. Jerry’s answer to this is the usual; to raise taxes and cut spending for education. But he also cautiously raised the idea that the state needs to reexamine the pension benefits of current and already retired state employees. Some of these folks are receiving nearly as much in retirement benefits and 100% paid medical benefits as they did while actually (supposedly) working for the state.

            I think that the writing is on the wall for all current and future retirees who worked for the various Federal, state and local governments. SORRY FOLKS, YOU AIN’T GOING TO GET WHAT YOU WERE PROMISED. THE BASTARDS LIED TO YOU.

            • Brown has to pay for the Dream Act…er…I mean WE have to pay for the Dream Act. I live near Santa Cruz. The temp around 70 today. It was a good day to prep.

              Lots of zombies in NorCal. I don’t know what they are gonna do when SHTF.

              Be safe y’all…jusy sayin’

          • Is this a classic case of, “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail”? Calif will spend itself into oblivion and then beg for a federal bailout. Failing that, it will probably apply to Mexico for admission as a new state. Not being particularly stupid, Mexico will likely turn them down.

        • sometimes we all have to laugh manos, if we did not then we would all be bawling big tears. my neighbor is from greece…he came here several years ago and has a small restarant/diner in town. i know that he is very worried about his family still in greece.

        • When you can laugh in the face of dispair…your unlikely to be defeated no matter what happens…alot of people can learn from you! You’ll make it! 🙂

      25. Just buy me a little more time, my preps are really starting to come together, and if I survive it all I may find myself one of the new rich, in metals and bullets that is…

        • I like your attitude! I believe the train will derail whether we attempt to stop it now or let it reach the end of the line. May as well get through the winter and keep on prepping.

          • me too padre! i wont ever be rich and i dont care to be. i just want to continue my simple life…more folks are starting to wake up, so prepping is finally becoming noticed. sadly, there are those who see it and increase the costs of prepping.. thats okay..i am almost there.

      26. blah blah blah
        more gloom and doom
        you under estimate the whores in DC
        they’ll save their skin and you’ll still be saying the sky is falling 5 years from now

        • I hope you are right. I hope in 5yrs I am still at this computer, watching a hockey game on tv.

          But consider this for one second. If you are right and I am here in 5yrs, I am out some money. I won’t consider time as a waste because learning new things is never a waste of time. But if you are wrong. That could cost you your life, your freedom.

          That is one dangerous gamble that I want to be hedged against.

        • I agree. I used to think it was going to collaspe but not anymore. Once you are prepared for the shtf you have to spend your time and energy trying to find work or grow a bigger garden.

        • DR…I look at it this way. It IS doom and gloom if it happens. If not, you can eat all that food(it ain’t getting any cheaper) and save some money. If you learn how to garden and maybe keep some chickens you don’t have to eat that GMO junk form the store.Prepping is more of a lifestyle change than anything.

          • I agree JRS. Actually, I am having a blast doing this. I am working on the food and protection preps. I am in the process of installing some solar panels to generate a little of my own electricity. Am I ever gonna be fully off the grid? very doubtful, but it is intersting working with it. I am making my own charcoal and building a small forge and am going to try and make a sword. This has been a fun experiment. I started cutting my own wood this fall and plan on installing a wood stove sometime this winter to cut back on the propane costs. I even bought a stove that I can cook on. As soon as I get one of those done, I am going to try and convert a small pressure cooker into a still and learning to convert an engine to run on the alcohol. Then I want to make my own bow. I have a friend who does it and he is going to help me get started. I have other projects. This is fun and I love it. It is all about building skills.

        • Maybe or maybe not… however i have no desire to place my fate in the hands of the useless whores in DC.

      27. I just wish I could get the wife on board. She thinks I am a complete loon. Nothing bad is going to happen. So I started prepping anyway, it has/is causing problems.

        • Best of luck to ya! It is very hard when the spouse is not on board. My hubby thought I was crazy until about 3 months ago…and now with NDAA passed, open his eyes no longer I must.

          • My husband woke up a year ago….but I still don’t think he’s “Got It”…He’s wanting us to take a nice vacation in May…I mean, SERIOUSLY???? I get a little frustrated..I really do! :/

            • SmokeyMtnLady, I am with your hubby. I have a home at the coast, I can’t get enough out of it to sell it so, I just keep going down there every month. I am doing a lot of fishing and metal detecting, things I will probably not get to do in a collapse. The way I see it, its the best way for me to spend the time before the collapse. It beats sitting around twittling my thumbs waiting for the inevitable.

        • I know what you mean. My husband is the same way. You know, they think it will never happen here. The election has me worried, but if they want the same ole thing than they deserve what happens to them.

        • BigHog:Have you tried taking her camping?

        • BigHog:
          Tell her that you are preparing for situations that she can more easily relate to: inflation or the most likely natural disaster for your locale. Try not to overwhelm her with the global stuff.

          As I have a bad memory when I buy (food) preps I use a sharpie to mark the price on it, so as I rotate I see the difference in cost from the time I bought it. It helps to see an idea in your head written down in permanent ink. Some people keep a ‘price book’, but I’m lazy and would forget to keep it filled out, so marking the cans directly is easier, for me.

          As suggested, you could try getting her interested in camping. But not all women are keen on tenting for a variety of reasons: cold, damp, bugs, feeling of insecurity because of moving walls, etc. My idea of camping involves a small trailer, or large van. Solid walls, and a place for a porta-potty. (I hate crapping in the woods. seriously.)

          Many women suffer from the cold due to low thyroid, so getting warm and staying warm is vital to a good mood and cooperative behaviour.

          Personal hygiene is especially important to women, so hot water and a warm place to shower is needed. (“ya drag me out to this gawd forsaken, dirty, cold, damp, bear-infested, bug-infested country and ya want sex tonight? are ya kidding me?”) Women need a few comforts.

          Off on a tangent, I would also like to say that if you can’t get her over to your way of preparedness thinking, then do not let her know the extent of your preps. Some people have a ridiculous urge to give stuff away. My friend just went through that with her s.o. It wasn’t much, because they don’t have much, but it broke opsec for starters, and secondly she had scrimped and scraped to put aside what was there to begin with. (there was a big fight over that bonehead move)

          Going to work now. Best of luck with your ‘mission’ and preps.

        • I also have a uninterested wife. When we got married and I moved into her city home, she was gracious about letting me buy some land and build a cabin on it from the proceeds from selling my place. Beyond that, I proved to her the prepping pays: Food bought in bulk is cheaper and she is pleasantly surprised when I produce that last ingredient she needs for a recipe or when I fill her ‘below E’ gas tank from my storage so she doesn’t have to risk running out. I started small, installing a vent-less gas heater which lowered our heating bill last year because it is 99% efficient. The fact that it automatically maintains the temperature if the power goes out is icing on the cake.

          She is not pro-gun and has little exposure to them so I keep them completely out of site when she is home. Focus on the positive and try to make sure your preparedness does not interfere with her current lifestyle. Watch ‘After Armageddon’ on the History Channel together or order the DVD and have a discussion. Divorce is the worst thing one can do for their budget, especially short-term so work it out.

        • I am in the same boat BH but for me it’s not causing any problems yet. She isn’t a fighter even though we just adopted a little boy last April. I will fight to my last breath for him (and her) whether she likes it or not. Just do the best you can and I can assure you that she will thank you some day soon. Mustangbob

        • I’m in the same boat only it’s my husband. Only I stopped…I will probably die in the end because he is so against prepping.

          • Aww, sweetie, you sound so defeated. You need to keep prepping, for your own sake, if not for his. Perhaps you could keep a diary in which you make lists of things needed, quantities, stores, prices. When things get dire he might change his mind and you’ll be ready with a plan. Maybe squirrel away a ten dollar bill every few pages. This would only work if he isn’t a snoop, otherwise it will have to be all filed away in your head.

        • SHTF or TEOTWAWKI can really instill fear into some people and make them shutdown (emotionally and mentally), I don’t know if you talk to her in depth about how and why the SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN but a lot of people know it is happening but don’t know how to deal with it so they just close that door in their minds and pretend it isn’t happening and even call others loons and tin foilers.
          I found this with my own wife she knows it and believes that its happening but can’t emotionally or mentally deal with it,but is prepared to trust me and let me do what I feel we need to do to be ready for the SHTF as long as I don’t spend all day telling her all the evils of this world. My own mother and my sisters are the same they call me crazy and mad but every now and again they admit that I’m right they just cant deal with it it scares them to the core, so I guess what I’m trying to say is (IF) you are on your wife’s case about all the details of whats going on try to ease off a bit and go about your preps quietly! good luck

        • Wife and I are on agreement as to the economic/political problems. Our big disagreement is when. Like I say, it always takes more time than one figures.

      28. Just a heads up peeps osth keepers is going to broadcast live today and tomorrow.

        LIVE VIDEO COVERAGE from Kansas State House! Today and Sat. Stewart Rhodes discusses NDAA


      29. Solving the Greek banking crisis can’t be much of a challenge. They’ve solved it at least 20 times in the past two years.

        • Hal,

          They used bankers to solve a problem created by bankers.

          In normal conditions, a small shop-owner would have done it perfectly. 🙂

          • Manos,

            Isn’t that a lot like a cow going to the butcher and asking for a steak? Not a very good idea imho.

            • Live your myth in Greece 🙂

            • manos,

              Sorry didn’t get any good jokes today to e-mail you, but I did find some good videos I’ll send you..LOL If you see the one called Jimmy Buffet farwell to sumer..DO Not OPEN IT with your kids in the room..You might even send the mrs out too…LOL


            • OK, just got them. Thanks 🙂
              I’m sending back a hillarius one.

            • manos

              yepp that is some funny sh-t, I send you a couple more.


        • HAL, you have an enormous responsibility on this mission, in many ways perhaps the greatest responsibility of any single mission element. You’re the brain, and central nervous system of the ship, and your responsibilities include watching over the men in hibernation. Does this ever cause you any lack of confidence?

      30. i couldn’t care less what government is doing, what any of the candidates are doing, what they said, blah blah blah. instead of standing around talking about how the system is crashing and looking around blankly, i’m preparing for collapse. i’ve been preparing seriously for the last couple years. i don’t have a taxpayer job (and i don’t want one) so my ‘income’ is weird….certainly not traditional….but i manage to get by.

        i began occupying this space i now live in years ago…LONG before Occupy.

        i have a stash of metals buried in the yard and my kitchen is stuffed with food and essentials. i have lists of things to do, things to acquire.

        i’m doing my best to fall off the grid…disconnect…disengage.

        do any of you know how a victim of abuse acts? if so, then you must also surely know how the abuser acts to get his/her way. people in this country act as though they’ve been on the abused end of things for… well, a very long time…GENERATIONS, actually, of abused people come and go like rain. abused voters will vote for the same insanity every year. do you know what insanity is? insanity is doing the same things over and over and over, but expecting a different result.

        playing the game is insanity. when you vote you are engaging in insanity.

      31. I have AAA Premier but I did have a friend that had to go to AA. Had to be towed once. What a life saver!

      32. I have shown this site to everyone I know. It is a good motivator for me to stay in shape in my “golden years” thanks Mac.

        • Thanks kc! Much appreciated… I’ve shown it to friends and family, too, and most of them think I’m nuts! Family get togethers are always fun when the ‘survivalist’ shows up 🙂

      33. Iceland did what had to be done…now they are solvent..

        NO TO IMF



        • I’ve met a few people from Iceland. They are strong, practical, and decent people. They have shown the rest of us the way that we should go. Only problem is, do we have the sense and the fortitude to follow their lead?

      34. Burt the Brit,

        Would you happen to know if it is the same in Scotland? I was talking to a Brit today and I told him where I was born (Glasgow in Govan). He knew exactly where it is.

        Talk about prepping – we were in gangs and fighting with knives at the old age of seven!

        Cheers mate and all the best!!

        Y’all Beware!
        A Scottish Southerner – who would have thunk!
        If ye can say “It’s a braw bricht moonlit nicht the nicht” then it’s alright ye ken.

        • Scotland is a bit different, they have some autonomy, but not that much. I believe certain areas still require you to watch you back, more so for non-scots though in general out tourist money is welcomed.

          Like the rest of not so great Britain weaponry is not officially allowed for the general public, many people ignore this, particularly criminals, having said that, just owning an unlicensed weapon makes you a criminal so hey ho.

          The problem is getting the weapon without getting drawn into the dRk side.

          The people we can get weaponry from will at some point want something in return, on top of whatever price you paid, hide this, fetch that, you know the sort of thing. Do it and you get drawn in, don’t and the police will be at the door. It is a catch 22.

          Take care

        • And if you can say it after a few tots of Johnny walker well good on yer lol

          • Red, Black or Double Black?

      35. For all who read “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” about the creation of the FED and how a central bank controls more than money printing, there is a chapter called the Great Duck Dinner. It describes the crash of 29 and how sheeple were sucked in one more time into a failing market by the FED pumping Fiat (Monopoly Money) into the economy. I could see that happening again. One last round of currency being blasted into the market in order to make everyone think we have finally turned the corner, the big guys distribute their assets at the top for great gains and then BLAAMO, this thing collapses. That is the model that worked flawlessly in 29.

        I just think it is almost too obvious right now for it to implode and like in 29, they can suck the last ounce out of everyone by running the equities market up one last time.

        • The banksters have used this ploy repeatedly. First, they push lots of money into the economy so that loans are cheap and everyone is borrowing and spending. Once the sheeple are used to that, they suck the money back out of the economy, collapsing the house of cards that they previously built. At the bottom, they can buy all sorts of nifty things for pennies on the dollar. Once they have all they want, they start the money flow again so they can sell all this stuff to new buyers at much higher prices. Thanks to this whip-saw creation of theirs, they are able to loot and pillage entire nations and even regions. How they must dream about the “good old days” of the 1930s and wish for their return. Something tells me that they are doing more than merely wishing.

      36. France down graded today and supposedly Greece will default WITHIN 24 HOURS

        • BJ,

          I’ll keep you informed. Shit happens usually during weekends, in order for them to screw the people on Monday morning.
          I have some money left in the bank, but in any case they are so little that won’t make the difference.
          My preparations are almost done. Tommorow i’m going to the grocery store to buy the last provisions, and some medicine.
          Austria was also downgraded, Spain and Portugal are next, and Italy follows closely.

          • Manos,

            How easy is it to obtain pistol ammunition in Greece?

            Just curious. ευχαριστώ πολύ.

            • Burt,

              It’s forbidden.

              Pistols are only permitted for practicing shooting, or to law enforcement officers. The whole thing falls to some law regarding possesion of rifled arms and ammo.

              Good morning Burt,

            • On gunpolicy.org you can look up any country and see the guns the citizens have, the number registered,etc. Of course the USA is #1 with 250,000,000 guns in the hands of civilians. I believe it said around 89 guns per 100 people. Greece is at #23 with 2,500,000 guns in the hands of civilians.

      37. greetings all, wed treasury sale of U.S. 10 yr bonds, 30.9% bought by independents. more telling is that fed bought 69.1%. we are in monopoly land. worth nothing, backed by lies, more dollars for all. bill gross has interesting thoughts, posted on Z/H. (mac, sorry about tip off to Z/H on your page) that the U.S. continues to buy our own t-bonds with make believe fiat. begs the question…if I can see this, don’t the rest of the financial community see it also. bad juju.

      38. Manos, hang tough brother.

      39. Sovereign Credit ratings are like personal credit ratings during the sub prime mortgage hay day. Its all BS. Can anyone show me 1 fundamental reason for the DOW to be at 12,422 besides monetizing the debt.

        Greece will default soon, then Italy or Portugal. Spain Had a ok bond auction this week so I wouldn’t worry about them till the second quarter. Financial Contagion has begun so hang on to your hats folks.

        • After that, then its us. The good ole USA. You know the BIG DADDY who helps everyone but the ones that live here. OH WELL.

      40. Market watch is showing France , Spain , Italy,Portugal,Austria all dropped credit rating by S& P


        • DPS

          Isn’t S& P part of the banking cabal themselves?

          It’s like the DNC rating MSNBC or CNN..

      41. Bloody he’ll we got away with it again…I am not sure if that is good or bad anymore. I really don’t think it matters a bit, you can call a scabby donkey a thoroughbred horse but up close it is still a scabby donkey.

        Nuf said

        Take care

      42. I have been following this site for over 6 months now, and it is the first time I have commented. I live in the UK and am very concerned about the economic collapse. I have no doubt at all it is going to happen, just wish the politicians were honest with us, that’s why Ron Paul should be given a chance. Unfortunately the main stream media are biased, so I don’t think he will get the nomination.

        I see that the French have lost their AAA rating, this is just the start, anyone that understands fractional reserve banking, know that the Ponzi scheme is in its final stage. The fractional reserve ratio went well out of kilter following the dollar being taken off the gold standard in 1971. Since then we have had derivatives, credit cards and sub prime lending , the fractional reserve ratio went well out of kilter. Far too much debt in the system, they are now trying to pump up the deflationary spiral with quantitative easing, that will debase the currency and cause price inflation.

        I have done an animated cartoon to try and explain the position in Europe, the link is below, hope it works


        • Nice cartoons @HarshrealistUK…well done. What kind of software do you use to do those?

          • Thank you for your comment.

            Just type xtranormal in Google search, you will then see the movie maker site. It’s a fun yet an informative way of getting your message across.

        • That is great. Time to take a “comfort break”. I assume nothing is lost in the trans-Atlantic translation. In my case, a double-shot of some high octane beverage and a cigarette. Of course, a simple sh*t might work to. LOL.

          Hell, all three would elevate from “comfort break” to full blown vacation.

      43. Just keep voting democrat or republican! That will fix things, won’t it?

      44. I think all of us must realize by now that it’s not a case of if an economic and social collapse will occur but when.

        I recommend that everyone reads Thomas Chittum’s excellent “Civil War II” for the likeliest (and scariest) scenario.

        • Some of the people’s attitude are bad enough now, I hate to see how they will freak out later.

          • People were beating each other up over simple items like toasters last November, on Black Friday. Imagine what they will do when it’s something they REALLY need, like food.

      45. neither the R’s nor the D’s will save you…only the 4 G’s:God, gold, guns, and groceries!! got to get a lot more of each.

        • Don’t forget the 5th G… GUTS!

      46. Hello everybody! It sure appears that this whole thing is coming apart but when? The governments really have no choice but to monetize the debts thus kicking the can down the road. Those of us who are trying to prepare are in such a minority that this will not end well.
        In reality, unless you are in a position to grow your own food, have your own water source,don’t get sick, provide your own heat, have paid off home,etc for a long term period of time,are screwed.Try to keep an extreme low profile and try to get by. Some people will try groups, but to find say, 8 adults who will do what would need to be done in a worst case scenario, ie as in Patriots is a fantasy in itself!
        We are no longer programed that way.People in cities forget it ie south side Chicago, LA,etc. When this goes down, the level of misery will be awe inspiring. Don’t wish it to happen because the result could be more that even those prepared could endure. God Bless, James

        • It has been very difficult to put our group together over the years and we are still not to the point of that fictional account, but having a group of people who are well prepared makes it more likely they will watch your back rather than stab you in the back. We meet periodically for training, etc. and have communications protocols and backup protocols, but have meetup places for a trigger event so the locations of individual cashes and secluded retreats is kept private in case someone leaves the group.

          You are right that we cannot prepare for everything and I think our individual responsibility is to do the best we can. I learned a lot working with the poor in third-world countries and for less than the cost of a new diesel pickup I have built a wood heated, solar powered retreat in a mountain forest with adequate water supply and security, but only enough food for a couple years before we have to become food self-sufficient. I also buried enough silver to buy another five years’ of food if the cost of one remains relative to the other. If I knew anything else to do I would do it. Perhaps I wasted some time and money I could have spent on a boat, but I can sleep when the wind blows.

          • Who is John Galt?

            • is he econdoc?

        • James
          You ask when it is going to happen. I give you a clue. The better the news in mainstream media become and the more good entertainment is available, the closer we are to a collapse.

          I think the most realistic scenario is a full scale collapse of our financial system. In this case security, food and saving as much of property (house, car, boat and valuables) is important. If it is only a collapse, after a few weeks everything will be back to another normality as we still have power plants, roads, houses, colleges, factories and warehouses (if not plundered). Only todays money will have disappeared. I do prepare for war too, but this is another matter.

          • A very perceptive “Norway Nowledge”. The MSM, apparently globally, are the canaries in the coal mine…only in reverse. The healthier THEIR song, the more potentially lethal our reality. Good call.

          • I dont know Viking, I dont think it will get back to normal; at least what we call normal. I think the reaction of 90 percent of the people will be panic, especially when the power goes off and the shelves in the grocery stores are emptied. Mob mentality will take over and a lot of people will die. Services will be a long time in being restored. I think the only thing to do will to lay low while chaos is in control.

      47. It’s all about creating a global disaster big enough to bring about a one-world government. Germany had hyperinflation in the 1920s and got Hitler in the 1930s. Imagine what will happen if millions die.

        • Sadly, they will try to crush all dissenters.

        • No need to wait on Hitler. We already got Obama.

      48. HarshrealistUK that was an excellent animated cartoon! It gives me food for thought re: pulling money out of the bank.

      49. I agree, James. If this thing implodes as badly as it could, it will make the fall of Rome look comical. I’m hoping we have a couple years left so a few more folks can finish their preps.

      50. @ Burt the Brit,

        I sure can – even better as I roooollll mee RRRRrrrrsss!!!

        Y’all Beware!

      51. Mac, or anybody else, this is about my 20th post and read this daily. Anybody out there can tell me how to get your posts to read more quickly? I post something and it takes over an hour for my posts to appear. Just looking for help or do I need to do something else. thank you guys.

        • Eric, thanks for posting. We use the AKISMET system to automate comment moderation and it generally places ‘unknown’ posters in a waiting queue. To avoid this in the future, use an email address (even a fake one, but always use the same one) and the system will eventually recognize you as a safe user.

          Sorry for the inconvenience.



      52. What are Obummers options under martial law? He can’t lock up everyone. After watching the Army’s in the Middle east back off under the presure from the people just how much controll will the goverment here have if the people say hell no. Will the people have enough instinct for freedom to push back and hold on to theirs. I just don’t know?

      53. Things are shaping up for a pre-election disaster. Everything is almost in place. NDAA to declare martial law. (no elections) DHS to round up protesters, with the help of the military. FEMA camps, National emergency brodcast system to tell shpeople what to do.. After a few years of strife Obama will still be in charge….

        Really makes me sick to think this could happen

      54. Oh forgot the internet being shut down so no one can organize any restructuring

      55. I watched the evening news on NBC and not one word about the reduction of the credit ratings for France and others. No mention at all. It makes my butt want to drink buttermilk! And they call themselves reporters. I call it BS.
        Mac, thanks for all you do. Manos, you and your countrymen are in my prayers daily. We live in interesting times…be safe. And buy more food (BMF)!

        • “And they call themselves reporters.”

          Yep… and that’s just one of their MANY lies. Reporting the truth is pretty much dead in the MainScreamMedia. They are basically just shills who say what they are told to say. If they repeat it enough, the sheeple WILL believe. No wonder that Celente calls them “presstitutes”.

      56. Where’s Daisy? Kinda worried.

      57. Don’t forget to include Iran playing it’s role in acclerating the whole world into collapse. US continuing to fly unmanned spy drones from Afganistan and further provoking a new war. Yes Iran will be like a cat cornered and nowhere to go. It will fight against further ” western” sanctions lead by the US of A oil/trade embargos. According to Pastor Linsey Williams elite “New world order friends” , we will be heading to war late 2012. Think about the impact of world oil prices then which he mentioned will be at least 150 to 200 dollars a barrel. The Elite New world order wants control and the entire world to sink into such a mountainous DEBT obligation not able to be paid back except by slavery. Hence, all the money printing by all countries which only leads to deeper and deeper debt without a true solution. Look up Linsey Williams latest interview with Alex Jones. I think there is some truth to this along with what Gerald Celente is saying about general conditions. What about “peak oil concepts” and Dr Marc Faber. I have a 250 cc klx kawaski endure bike for when gas is 6 to 8 bucks a gallon, along with 40 to 50 gallons a empty cans. I don’t plan to venture out much when things get rough.

        • I have a Suzuki DR 350 to carry my family out of town on the rail trail and to the retreat if necessary. Saw little bikes like our with 4-5 people on them in Honduras. You may want to fill those empty gas cans before war with Iran breaks out.

          • I get to sit on the handlebars, but if that’s not cool, make a hard stop.

          • I’ll take a seat on the handlebars please. If that’s not cool, hit the brakes hard.

      58. 3 more houses for auction just in 2 blocks from my front door, just in 4 days. 27 businesses in bankruptcy this month so far, but nothing to see here. Everything is hunky dory! See the msm says its getting better.
        I think that if we start video on the lines at the welfare offices, soup kitchens, and federal freebie offices and post them on utube for everyone to see, maybe we can wake up some more people to what is coming. Good idea? Thumbs up or down!

      59. first time blogger to this site but always reading very informative

      60. Persecution – faith – courage – freedom – prosperity – complacency – dependency – persecution – faith – courage – freedom – prosperity – complacency – dependency – persecution – faith – courage – freedom – prosperity – complacency – dependency – persecution – faith – courage – freedom – prosperity – complacency – dependency-

        Who can guess what society has in store for us next?

      61. Josie Wales for President. Tom Horn for VP. Harry Callahan for Sec of Defense. And G.W. McClintock for everything else! I’ve had it with reality. I shall now escape to a massive classic movie marathon. If I aint back by Tuesday, somebody please send me a pizza. And tell that Fedex guy to bring more m&m’s…

        • hi Okie! You’ve got the right idea. I’ve never seen
          Mcclintock-they never show it on T.V. But i hear
          its a real hit on the spanko circuit(no pun).
          Always look forward to your insights.TK

        • Judge Roy Bean for Lone Star Supreme Court.

          Lily Langtry: [Lily notices her portrait behind the bar] Is that a bullet hole through my heart?
          Tector Crites (Jackson gang: Yes it is, ma’am. They was wild men in those days.
          Lily Langtry: Who did it?
          Tector Crites (Jackson gang: Snake River Rufus Krile did that, I believe.
          Lily Langtry: What became of him?
          Tector Crites (Jackson gang: Judge shot him. Dead. Dead, dead. Then he fined him for some other crimes. And then later we hanged him.
          Lily Langtry: Most appropriate.

        • You want those M&M’s on the pizza, or on the side?


        Sorry for the caps but if we don’t go to war with Iran “WWIII” the petro dollar is toast. please look up the means to an end. PETRO DOLLAR!!!

        I hate to say it, but without our grip on the world,Through the petro dollar and fiat currency life as we know it is gone. Please prepare!!!! This is not going to be a bumpy ride but rather a %^& crazy ride ( Be prepared ) or get in line at the FEMA camp gate. Trust me when I say, ” Many will be begging to get in!”

      63. Just been out to fill up the car $9.71 per gallon(diesel).

        Yes mr CamerLOON sir prices are coming down nicely, and the box of cereal I got yesterday at £2.62 was a steal, as the beef for Sunday lunch at £12 per pound.

        Thank you so much for allowing me to work 80 hours a week in order to barely exist.

        Take care

        • Thanks for your update on price of diesel. Most people do not realize what price of fuel is over your way and how it would effect the economy if it was the same price here in U.S. I believe the Dollar/Euro was $1.26 on 13 Friday 2012. I always use the tube while in London.

        • BURT,

          how much is that ceral and beef in US Dollars?


            • Tom,

              Thank ya sir.


          • Wayyyyyyyy too much, er let me see it is early Sunday, brain not kicked in yet. At current exchange rates $4 for the cereal and just over $18 for the beef. Don’ even start me on a pair of half decent kids school shoes…trainers not allowed over here kids were uniform (in preparation for us turning into N Korea or something) last pair were just over $60 any other things you want to know please ask

            Take care

      64. B o B does not mean bug out bag over here.

        It means Better off on Benefits

        Okay moan over

        Take care

      65. RONPAUL2012

      66. Out on Bloomberg and on Drudge that all likely the Fed gonna act on QE3.Two new members are Doves and will endorse more stimulis.

      67. At this point all roads lead to hell, the question is which road are we going to take.

      68. This socialist system is unsustainable. We should be hoping for a collapse. It’s the only way to start over. Bad news is the PTB are going for the collapse also. Then it gets interesting.

      69. Don’t forget,

        The problem w/ Ronny Paul is his unknown selection of VP.

        …..if you get my drift…….

        • mushroom… whats the problem… none of the candidates have disclosed this yet… i dont get your drift…. again…. why not explain?
          how about this….

          • eeder,

            Ron Paul hell yes, jesse venture will only hurt pauls chances of winning..


            • DPS
              ok, i can buy that, or at least consider it… so lets start coming up with some serious names .. though i disagree… i think he would be ok.. i think hes great.. but understand your concerns… we cant have rand… there is someone,… this cannot be what stops the unstoppable, the undefeatable… talking about vp candidates for paul is sensible now.. its prudent
              RONPAUL 2012

      70. Mac,

        Could this be all part of a plan?

        Is B. Frank still a man?

        Do Banksters all lie?

        Does Kim K. G-string stretch?

        Will the shit soon be hitting the fan?

      71. One thing I’m having a hang up on is this, if/when the SHTF for real, I’m expecting that the utility companies that we take for granted (power, water, gas) will eventually be compromised. Unless that is, if perhaps you live in a small town and enough level headed citizenry continue to man some of the essential operations…though even those willing to work (without an official paycheck) for the good of the community will hit the roadblock of diminishing fuel and power needs I’d imagine…

        So that leaves me with the dilemma of “realistic” food storage. So many seem to buy up the bulk freeze dried kind, the just add water meals, and think they’re set.

        But it seems to me that “water” will be the biggest problem, clean, safe water. Will be harder and harder to procure once the faucets stop working.

        So I’ve been stocking up on canned goods for meals and any/all types of naturally dry eatable food stock with the idea to keep the water storage mainly for drinking.

        I do realize that most will expire between 2-3 years shelf-life (though some canned meats are alleged/rumored to last much longer/hopefully)…

        So I have this mental dilemma of how to adequately prep/prepare for an extended period of need.

        I guess there is no “one way” and that I should have as much of both freeze dried AND canned goods as possible…

        And water of course…

        Was just wondering what the opinion of the readers hear would say. Is there a better method that I’m not thinking about perhaps? I’m relatively new to the “prepper” mentality and level of preparedness needed, I have a long way to go;)

        One problem I also have is that I live in the Western States and we experience freezing temps from Nov/March…which adds additional complication to the storage of water.

        Anyway, just thought I’d mention and ask your advice 🙂

        Thank you Mac for the site and articles as always!!!

        Warm best Wishes to ALL!

        Stu 🙂

        • I am a thirty year survivalist and while I have some of the freeze dried foods that I bought from a friend who moved to Mexico, most of my multiple year supply is food I normally eat. This may mean changing some habits to the closest nonperishable substitute, but you may as well get used to it now. Make sure to rotate your stock. There are many great Youtube videos on building shelves to facilitate this. Canned goods are edible long past their expiration date. If you can keep them in a basement or cellar, they will stay good longer (heat kills) without freezing. Here is an article about a 50 year old can of chicken.

          You are right about water being vital. If you do not have access to a well or spring, a roof area of 1,000 square feet can provide approximately 600 gallons of water during a one inch rainfall. If you cannot tie into a downspout, a tarp suspended by the four corners with a hole in the middle makes a giant funnel. Of course, you will need collection containers. One such portable unit is the $20 WaterBob which holds 100 gallons while folding up to the size of a book.

        • I purchased a Katadyn drip gravidyn water purification system from The Ready store. You need to also get some extra filters and you should be good to go. I also have a homeade water purification system that I found on the internet. It is adequate.

          As far as food goes, store up on what you and your family like. Otherwise you will be giving it away if no one will eat it.

          • I also have four filters, but they have a relatively limited lifespan. The carbon must be shaken every three months before use and they have a limited lifespan. For about $20 one can get enough calcium hypochlorite pool shock to treat 40,000-50,000 gallons of water. Seal it tightly and keep it away from metal as it is highly corrosive.

        • Hey Stu: I would begin with dried foods to get you over the initial shock and as a bridge during tough times. But it all depends on where your location is. If you are in the mountains there should be streams for water or fishing. On the plains often times you will see windmills with shallow wells attached to stock tanks. Every pasture has to have a water source for livestock. If there is a stock pond the water may not be the best but you have a source to harvest blocks of ice which is a great way to preserve game or beef during the summer months. An old man in town was telling me about harvesting ice in the winter for their root cellar. Said it would keep beef until mid-august, then they would have to eat chicken until winter came.
          A storage, no matter if it is food or water is great and needed, but the knowledge and ability to procure them in the at a later date is something that is a must. If for some reason the original plan goes to hell, you must have the knowledge to get what the environment provides.
          Everyone of us is going to have their own plan that is going to be different. That doesn’t mean it is wrong, just means it will play into our own strengths and minimize our weakness’.

      72. Stu,

        I think you have the right idea to strike a balance between freeze dried and canned food. I am also concerned about water post shtf. I have water on my property but it will have to be purified for drinking and cooking. Another thing to consider is if you live in a drought stricken area. Water may become extremely precious.

      73. Stu..go here…. http://www.preparedsociety.com/forum
        for all your questions. Just start in that box at the upper right…search; and you will find many answers to your questions.
        Or [email protected] which is me and I’ve only been storing for about 3 years; but I’ll try to help.

        I’m prepared for a long time. I guess I’m on as many lists as anyone here, so no, I ain’t scared of the feds.
        It’s too damn late for that.

      74. OOps..sorry Stu, until you become a member, SEARCH box is on the left..good luck.

      75. Great site Mac!! Been reading it for quite a while, thanks for all the hard work and dedication. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some food storage before the wife was fired and I was laid off for a while. I urge my fellow readers not to become compliant in there preps, I’m now doing double time. You never know when we may be all out of work forever! Keep up the good work and watch your 6.

        • thx mike!

      76. From a water standpoint, very important as others have mentioned. In third world countries high death rates are still attributble to dehydration and poor sanitation. Dysentery, E. Coli and other gastrointestinal illnesses can take you out easily. Surely if there is no sanitation, there will be massive outbreaks of the general population. Make your water filters can capture bacteria, viruses, and chemical contiaminates too from urban diasters. When I was prepping IV drugs for Intravenous delivery we used a 0.22 micron filter. No viruses or bacteria can pass through that. If you can get oral rehydration packets ( just google) or WHO oral rehydration(has electrolytes like potassium, sodium, chloride, in proper proportions) it’s as important to have on hand. Imagine blowing from both ends and trying to work, almost impossible. Critical dehydration requires IV hydration along with IV anti-nausea mess, then attempt at oral rehydration with frequent small amounts at a time. I won’t bore you with clinical details but electrolytes are extremely important. If you are serious about prepping, then ask your doctor for a small supply of anti-nausea meds to keep on hand. Most drugs listed as expired date still has potency of 90 percent. We can not use it because of our litigious society. Only a handful of medications can have bad outcomes. Make sure you have no allergies. Zofran is drug of choice, followed phenergan,, compazine, Reglan, and droperidol. Be careful as there may more side effects from others mentioned, but less with zofran. If and When there are no emergency departments available you will be on your own. Sorry for being long winded. Yes I work in ED as an MD

        • 1piperinvestor, would you add Vistaril (Hydroxyzine) to this list of antiemetics? While it is often prescribed in capsule form, its synergistic effects for many allergic reactions and nausea issues and with narcotic pain meds is wonderful. I am also aware it is sometimes given during childbirth and for anxiety.

      77. Greetings Everyone!
        Greece is almost toast…the collapse or what ever it’s called won’t begin UNTIL the Bankers have squeezed every possible drachma of wealth from the Greek people.that includes every oil,natural gas and mineral rights they can locate.Ever wonder what happened to Iceland?They told the Bankers both local and foreign to “go fish”.The Icelandic people REFUSED to let their elected leaders to saddle THEM with the bankers errors.The banks went bust,but Iceland as a country survived.The threats made by the English bankers and government(under their control,like HERE) were firmly ignored as empty.Period.On the other hand,Argentina’s on going misery will give you a good glimpse of what WILL occur here if the BANKERS and the UBER-RICH get their way with both the US and Europe governments.Won’t matter who’s the prez as it all falls apart.Some of the men now running COULD make things worse for the country,ALOT worse!THE CHANGE is coming,but in the meantime, we’re looking to get quite a grief stricken ride as we wait.I’m watching all these Mid-Southern folks with their 3-5+ kids in stairsteps and wondering “with no support available from a broke State and Federal government and ZERO jobs” how you gonna handle all these hungry little mouths?Been fun discussing how bad things will get,no?I’ll try to save a can of beans for everyone here if I can.Assuming the local fuzzies and the Federalies
        Don’t seize my stuff they can find in the name of “national security”.

        Hope you all are warm and all have enough food tonight!
        Best to ALL

        • God bless you GFG..I’m still collecting 2 liters from church(we don’t drink those here) to fill with rice…it’s cheap and hopefully my church I donate to will have water..praying. OPSEC doesn’t have to be compromised —just tell whoever is at the door to go to a church.
          One 2 liter should feed a family of four for a couple of days..hopefully, they have butter and sugar until some more permanent relief comes.

      78. I agree, Clark. The liberal press keeps talking about which Repub candidate “has a chance” to win in 2012. IMHO, a ham sandwich should get more votes than Obummer. It at least serves a useful function. Given that, ANYONE should be able to beat this guy in an election that is not rigged Chicago style; where the dead, the illegals, and the criminals vote early and often… for democrats.

      79. Europe is woefull unprepared. I’m in a typical urban community.

        The ONLY one of my neighbours who has a regular (not for shtf just plasters and the normal day to day shop bought) first aid kid for when one of the local kids scrapes a knee or cuts a finger.

        Last winter when it snowed, only a few of the kids in my son’s class had wellingtons (rubber boots I think the US calls em).

        I’ve now taught several local Mums how to bake simple cupcakes. Most are stuffed if something doesn’t come in a colourful box and instructions to shove in the oven for 1/2 hour.

        My son’s teacher said she was shocked how many children didn’t recognise basic veg like carrots/cabbage etc when they started school. My son also has the basic living skills his Grandad would expect of a kid his age (e.g can grow veg, cook a simple meal, catch crabs, pick edible berries – ya know LIFE SKILLS in any age but this one!)

        The msm news is telling everyone that neighbouring countries are going down. Greece is on the front pages.

        I’m desperate to move away as I don’t see any kind of happy ending remaining in an urban environment this clueless. The Mama Bear instinct will make people feral when the tshtf. Last summer’s riots proved the authorities can’t control the mobs and it won’t take more than a night or two to clear the supermarket shelves.

        The only bright light on the horizon is that we have a few close friends from various ethnic communities where tshtf already (somalians, afghans, romanians, kosovans etc). They know I know UK medicinal herbs etc so will be of some use in a group like this.

        • Fascinating info from Europe, compares to the major metro areas of the USA I think.

      80. Uma solução:

        D:\ format c:


      81. I for one, think that the collapse has already begun; 2008 was perhaps the tipping point. Think of it like a plane with bad engine on a long slow glide path. Most sheeple are in a daze and simply not paying attention to world events; prepare people cause its going to get worse. I believe when the Euro finally falls, that will be the next trigger that will crash the plan.

        • mike
          the collapse began a long time ago…. really whats happening today can be traced back to the 70s just to find the beginning of the collapse stage.. it goes much further than that… However, i have an analogy of where we are at…think football… think of it this way … the awakened and those who really want change are playing defense… the powers that be and the sheepleare on offense…. i believe in the last few weeks we have just managed to tackle the opponent just short of the goal line after a very long rush…. we have to stop them from crossing the goal line and take over on posession…. but we are going to have to make a few more goal line stops, before we can take over… they are in position to take over… we must be vigilant.. we must keep enough hope to stop them from crossing the line and winning their globalist , communist dream… we can do it… momentum is on our side if we can just make another stop or two….lets get this done

          • Eeder ~

            Amazing analogy! You’ve hit the nail on the head!

            • thank you daisy… it is more or less like that … lets make another stop in south carolina… another strong second will be a stop… however we have until after florida i believe to make the stop….. remain vigilant.. remain on course… the president will be either barack obama or ron paul in my opinion… no one else is electable… if they send romney .. he doesnt win against obama.. and even if he does by some miracle.. than we simply have another obama… only ron paul or barack obama are electable for this election.. no one should kid themselves on this… lets make it a competition instead of giving them the touchdown… lets make this what its really about
              Barack Obama=the conclusion of the hyperinflationary, globalist , communist dream as well as nuclear war.
              RON PAUL=the end of the games, the beginning of fairness and freedom, REAL criminals going to prison and the beginning of the end of war.
              its up to the american people ….
              RON PAUL 2012

          • Gostei, pura verdade!

            Tudo começou quando quebraram o padrão ouro.

            Início da década de 70.


            • proftel
              i think your translator isnt working…
              however i think you are agreeing with my sentiment … that this collapse started in the 70s……yes!
              but this vile plan was in effect well before that.

          • i think maybe this is another goal line stop! we stopped SOPA!now we need the people of south carolina to step up and make a big 3rd down stop…… D-FENCE, D-FENCE!


      83. Tim Tebow is still The Man! The libs hate him for expressing his free faith. Too bad he wasn’t drafted by the Saints.

        • I think Tim Tebow is great.. nothing wrong with him expressing his faith.. i thought it was cool.. If its what you feel .. great… we dont have to stamp out peoples freedoms and rights to have a good society!

      84. Make no mistake either….we have as much chance of taking over as The Denver Broncos have of winning the super bowl… but they do have a chance… and they did win one game which is a miracle…….. even if the Broncos dont win the super bowl… this doesnt mean RON PAUL cannot win the presidency… but it would be the same as the broncos doing it… think of RON PAUL as the Tim Tebow of this game…… this guy can pull it off…. we better damn well hope he does .. the alternative….. well lets just say it is not palatable for me.. sorry.. communism and nuclear destruction are not my thing… Are they yours?

      85. I liked the page!

        I live in Brazil, we are also concerned about the global economy, we are few.

        Unfortunately they are the US / Israel seeking solutions in the war seems imminent, could lead to a global catastrophe.

        If it happens, chickens, cows and a bit of land worth more than gold or silver, is firing the first missile in the Middle East supply the best car, filling food at a supermarket and arrange for outside urban centers.

        There is thus an expression in Brazil, “will grab the shit,” I do not know how to translate right.

        I write in Portuguese and Google Translate does the job, I’m sorry to not be versed in their language.

        What matters are the ideas!


        • proftel
          keep the ideas coming!
          ideas and freedom are not something that one country or one language are exclusive to.
          ideas and freedom are what this is all about!
          Thanks friend!

          • eeder:


            Você não imagina o que a Rede pode fazer, veja o que acontece no Brasil hoje!


        • Hi Proftel. It’s nice to get a viewpoint from another place. Welcome!

          Freedom is a universal language. 🙂

          • Daisy:


            Coincide, seu nome é igual ao da minha sogra!

            Linguagem universal… Nesses meus cincoenta anos de vida, creio mais em idéias universais, independe de linguagem (que é coisa de Babel).

            Não sou religioso, não sou politicamente correto (fumo cigarros “Hollywood” e tomo cerveja), estou no terceiro casamento, tenho dois filhos do segundo casamento na Faculdade, um Engenharia Civil outro Direito.

            Sou motoqueiro (a última viagem que fiz foi de 2.320 Km ida e volta a três semanas numa Yamaha Ténéré 250 cilindradas), Professor de Geografia é minha profissão.

            Já levei tiro na barriga por reagir a um assalto (o projétil atravessou estômago, intestino grosso e intestino delgado), já sofri acidente de moto onde meu craneo sofreu amassamento e fiquei três dias em coma.

            Creio que tenho muito na minha vida.

            Fui Militar das Forças Armadas do Brasil, fui treinado para você nem imagina.

            Quero trabalhar até os 70 anos mas, quando fiz 50 anos passado (2012) pensei comigo: “-ou arrumo uma amante de 28 anos ou, compro uma moto”.
            Fiz as contas, comprar uma moto sai mais barato Kkkkkkkk!
            Já disse antes que gostei da página, o que move o mundo são as idéias.
            Principalmente as de PAZ!
            Fui mal compreendido num comentário onde disse que NUNCA queimaria a Bandeira do meu País!
            Pelo jeito pensaram outra coisa, só leram o “queimar”.
            Bom, fazer não posso nada, há analfabetos funcionais em todos os lugares do Globo.
            Bom, fico por aqui.
            Creio que falei demais.



            *Não entendo, porque alguns não entendem, agora mesmo estou escrevendo em português-br, de vez em quando uso o Google tradutor e posto a tradução do Google em inglês aqui e, ninguém me diz o que fica melhor para vocês compreenderem.

      86. the problem right now is that only the communists and minorities are the government and the sheeple and the nwo are the only ones that are free to express their opinions… anyone that doesnt believe what they believe are silenced or imprisoned.

      87. I do not sink in how to make money without sweat, without work, without the sweat of labor.

        Much of this problem lies in that.

        Earn money from financial speculation, it does not exist!

        The money circulates through the time zones and increases every day without its counterpart in production, this is crazy!

        When there is no production, suck the savings of society, done that, they are doing, we are all broken because of that today.

        Unfortunately it is the harsh reality.

        : – /

        • absolutely proftel!

      88. freedom has no boundries….this is a world wide fight for freedom…. one that our american friends will have a huge say in if the powers that be allow them to make the choice…. lets keep the pressure on them.. and keep telling the truth!

      89. Yes it would be catastrophic, the people would tell the bankers to F*** themselves with all of the bad sovreign debt!

      90. Greece is on our doorstep yet here in the uk the light has still not been switched on except in those immigrant groups I mentioned – it’s crazy! The average UK family hasn’t prepped for a cold snap.

        So glad I’ve been spending the last few years learning basic skills and prepping simple stuff.

        That argentian guy forfal has made it out to Northern Ireland (for others who have followed his blog re the collapse there for years).

      91. Theres one thing to fix the COLLAPSE we CAN PRINT OUR OWN MONEY CLEARS ALL DEBT. END THE FED…Print our own money, like Ron Paul said. Like JFK said and many others..F*** one world currency. Never accept one world currency it will give our government total control of our lives. If your not a SLAVE to the SYSTEM they can close all your funds and your account. NEVER ACCEPT ONE WORLD CURRENCY regardless how bad the times are.

        • ‘End The Fed’ is a red herring fallacy.

          The same Khazar scumbag(Z) that indirectly orchestrate the currency Ponzi scheme via the Fed, ALSO control our entire government, educational system and mass media. Merely re-instituting the power over US currency to the Treasury Department will accomplish nothing in that these very same degenerates of the ‘money-junkie’ [K]ulture will implement the very same policy and agenda directly via a government agency.

      92. I still can’t work out how grown adults can spend 5-10 years on benefits (so not working) and still not learn to cook a basic meal from scratch/put up shelves etc.

        I’m grateful to the immigrants that alrady gone thru shtf in the own countries for mentoring my boy. It’s only since my son’s disablity forced me out of the labour force for a while that I realised just how infantilised the general UK adult has become.

        When on the treadmill you just do what ya need to, to get by and prep and don’t look around. A spell of home edding so being in the neighbourhood during the day has really opened the eyes of this lone parent! The degeneration in 2 just generations from the people that survived the blitz and rationing etc amazes me!

        The die off is gonna be horrific. I keep my preps and my escape plan to myself. Skill sharing is a good way to suss out your neghbours and work out who to team up with when your backs are against the wall. I’m really ramping up my learning fast!

        Clue if the only skill they have is taking something for nothing and growing that sense of entitlement you know to keep em out when the time comes!

      93. Wow, all this senseless doom and gloom.

        The only thing that the world will be short of in a credit crisis will be liquidity, and the only thing preventing a sound economy will be debt. The debt is pretty much entirely virtual. Every nation that is too indebted should just default, in a concerted way if possible. Then it’s business as usual, not a resource lost, not a talent diminished.

        Why does everyone act as if these debts are unassailable, immovable facts of life? They are just virtual credits sitting in computers. And who cares if we upset a few creditors? By and large, the creditors are just other indebted countries and then a tiny, tiny, select group of very rich individuals (far less than 1%) whom have also borrowed virtual credit to make their purchases. Who cares if we stiff them? They’ll still have all their mansions and yachts, they’ll just miss out on profit in one or two asset classes. Do we defend that before we defend the survival of the majority? Of course not.

        The monetary system needs to be reformed. The Fed, and all banks, are either private, or borrow from private sources, which create their money out of thin air. The power to coin money must be returned to the citizens, and debt-based money eliminated. See Moneymasters. Money can be coined debt free just as easily as with debt, the only difference being that the taxpayer is saved enormous amounts of money in debt/interest payments and the need for income taxes (which appeared at the same time as debt based private monetary systems and created to service national debt) would disappear. With all those resources freed up, you’d never have a debt-based financial calamity like this again.

        • @ Stephan Larose. While I agree and your statements make great sense, it is highly unlikely tptb will not be reforming the financial system any time soon, if ever -especially if it involves returning the power to coin money to the citizens or eliminating debt-based money. By keeping the shell game going, the current system makes tptb powerful and like will Gram said in “The Red Dragon”, “It makes him God, would you give that up?”

        • Correction, it is highly unlikely tptb will be reforming the financial system, not the other way I wrote it. Sheesh, I really oughta proof-read before I hit that submit button lol

      94. It truly amazes me how little some of our presidential candidates know about the Constitution.I was watching a small part of Santorum’s town hall meeting in S.C.He was arguing that we cannot return money creation back to the Treasury because the Pres. would then be in charge of it. He claimed the Constitution gave the right to Congress to create the Fed Reserve.Where do they get these guys?

      95. If they take the road of deflationary depression, they’ll re-set the system. It will be painful, the stock market will crash, businesses will go under and a lot of people will lose everything. If they just keep on inflating, that just buys some people some more time. More or less, both alternatives could lead to the same outcome. But, I think we’re headed for inflationary depression, because the bankers are the ones behind the scenes who are running the whole operation and they are just going to keep their friends in power for as long as it takes.

      96. Electing Ron Paul is a start. Romney has endorsements from all the big world banks. That should raise red flags. Yet die-hard Republicans will vote for Romney and belly-ache for years after as to why the ecconomy sucks and there still isn’t any jobs. Paul wants a sound currency again. Romney will print money and do exactly what the money creators want. Why do you think they call Romney the “Weather Vane?” He goes in the direction the wind is blowing. Bankers blow harder than everyone combined.

      97. Scientists are abjectly failing to come to terms with uncontested scientific research of human population dynamics that indicates with remarkable simplicity and clarity how the population dynamics of the human species is essentially similar to the population dynamics of other species; that food is the primary causative agent of the population growth of species everywhere, including the human species. This single point continues to be discounted and all but denied. This is not to say that other factors are not present or influential. Human pollution, waste products, dissipation of Earth’s resources and degradation of its environs are also factors.

        We must come to a new, widely shared and consensually validated understanding about a single biological question: In the relationship between food and human population numbers which one is the dependent variable and which is the independent variable? Outdated, inadequately researched ‘scientific’ evidence has been broadcast ubiquitously during my lifetime. All that pseudoscientific research indicates that food is the dependent variable and human population numbers is the independent variable; that human beings grow food to meet the needs of a growing population. Perhaps this commonplace and conventional understanding of the relationship is upside down. Please consider that food is the independent variable and human population numbers is the dependent variable; that the recent, astonishing increase in the food supply for human consumption is causing the skyrocketing growth of absolute global human populations numbers on our watch.

        • @Steven Earl Salmony Good Call! I agree with your assessment that food is the independent variable. If we did not have gasoline and other such devices that enable us to produce large volumes of food, the population would likely be smaller. If there isn’t food readily available, less babies would be created, and if they are created they do not long survive (think of Africa and the death rates in children who are in impoverished areas). Thus, the population would be smaller without the excess food. This phenomenon is not guesswork, it is fact. We just need to look to all other species of animals to see this in action!

          I think all research needs to be looked at with a critical eye, an understanding of the scientific method, and a solid knowledge of statistics -something many people lack, including plenty of “educated” people. (For a good laugh, think of how many people think correlation is the same as causation and make an ass of themselves in doing so!)

      98. The s[K]umbag financial elite fear-monger CATASTROPHE to the public for self-interest support, knowing full well and concealing WHO gets terminally whacked in such an event.

        Let’s put the term ‘catastrophic’ in perspective.

        Temporarily catastrophic for the populace, who will recover briefly through work and endeavor (see: Argentina and most recently Iceland).

        Terminally catastrophic for banksters and their corporate machines that will be completely destroyed, requiring many decades, if not in excess of a century, to rebuild the blood-sucking apparatus and re-accumulate ill gotten gain, via a loss of historic memory resulting again in public complacency.

        Sometimes, you got to take a tough punch for the opportunity to put a Ka Bar through their demon heart!

      99. Who is “John Galt”?

      100. I’m always suspect of events like this economic disaster. Especially when our Elected Criminals in the Federal Government manipulate things in the guise of “heading off disaster.” Is there anyone left in the USA that does not know that our Congress enriches themselves based on insider trading, which really means insider knowledge?

        If you lose money (European countries, USA, etc), that means someone else got it. A fairly simple process. We are in a real mess and not one single Member of Congress is standing to be recognized.

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