War Tensions Rise As Lebanon Fires Rockets Into Israel

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Headline News

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    The war efforts all around the globe have become notably intensified. Dozens of rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel on Thursday, on the heel of the Israeli police attack on the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

    Gaza has already responded by sending rockets into Israel.

    Israeli Cops Storm Mosque; Gaza Responds With Rocket Fire

    Israeli authorities characterized the worshippers as masked agitators armed with fireworks, sticks and stones. This video appears to confirm the fireworks claim, although even the official police statement says the fireworks and stones flew only after police had launched their attack. -ZeroHedge 

    Lebanon’s national news agency (NNA) reported that Israeli forces responded to the attack on the mosque with artillery fire across the border into southern Lebanon, but a journalist reporting from the area for the Hezbollah-backed Al-Manar news outlet said Israel had not struck Lebanese territory.

    According to a report by CNN, the Lebanese army told CNN it had no information to release publicly yet; the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah told CNN it would not comment at the moment.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said he was “receiving continuous updates about the security situation and will conduct an assessment with the heads of the security establishment.”

    These rockets, which are coming from warmongers, are going to further inflame the warmongers of the planet. The ruling class is doing a great job of riling up the masses, dividing them, and getting them to accept a war. Never forget that those who start these wars never fight them. They expect the slave class to obey, kill, and die while they collect the wealth generated by the military-industrial complex.

    Americans Must Choose

    It’s going to take good people to stop being cops and soldiers to prevent a war. We all need to say no and stop attacking others we don’t know because a ruler told us to.


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