War Rhetoric: Putin Says Russian Can Carry Out An “Unpreventable Strike” Against The Royal Navy

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    Just weeks after the Portsmouth-based destroyer HMS Defender angered Moscow by passing the Crimea peninsula, Putin issued a veiled threat to the United Kingdom.  His comments have been branded “bellicose and dangerous” by a former head of the Royal Navy.

    According to The News Portsmouth, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin issued a chilling warning to Britain’s military over the weekend, saying his navy can detect any enemy and launch an “unpreventable strike” if needed.

    The flash-point incident in the Black Sea saw Russian forces firing warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of a British warship to chase it out of Crimea waters.

    Britain rejected Russia’s account of the incident, saying it believed any shots fired were a pre-announced Russian ‘gunnery exercise’, and that no bombs had been dropped. –The News

    Putin’s comments seemed to inflame the situation and added more war rhetoric to a world already on edge. Speaking during a navy day parade in St. Petersburg, Putin was quoted as saying: “We are capable of detecting any underwater, above-water, airborne enemy and, if required, carry out an unpreventable strike against it.” The president added that Russia could have sunk Defender for allegedly illegally entering their territory. And they say they could have done so without starting World War Three and said the United States played a role in the “provocation.”

    The United Kingdom quickly brushed off the inflammatory comments. Admiral Lord Alan West, a former security minister, told The News: “He is speaking for his own internal audience, trying to show off how strong he is and how powerful his military is. This is just the normal rhetoric and nonsense he spouts all the time. It doesn’t help the world order of things at all.”

    Russia Says US Engineered June’s Black Sea Provocation, “We’ll Sink” Any Threat Next Time

    Just when we think the warmongering has cooled a little, the rhetoric pops up again. Stay prepared.  These elitists could pop off anything at any moment and we should all be aware of the fact that the commentary has amped up in recent months.


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      1. ‘…the United States played a role in the “provocation”.’

        USA…the global busybody. Behold their wonderfulness.
        Foreign peasants, serfs, and subjects…you need to clean up your act.
        We’re only trying to help you develop into our kind of specialness.

      2. Good! Bomm those limey’s!

      3. The Russians don’t need to drop a expensive bomb on the HMS Rustyfender – just pass close by at high speed with a Champion bass boat, the wake should be quite sufficient. It’s disgraceful of the West and it’s propaganda units to describe Russia as provocative when it’s the Brits/US sailing armed warships (no matter how antiquated) into Russian territory. It would be something to see a hypersonic kinetic Russian missile split the fuggin HMS Rustyfender in two right down the centerline from stem to stern. Not that the loss of the poor British sailors wouldn’t be tragic, but the insoucience of the mighty British Navy is contemptible, laughable. Maybe they should de-mothball the venerable old square riggers… Or maybe just throw stones… Or after the Brits provoke a nuclear shower, we can all sing “Smoke on the Water”… That’s all that would remain of Ungrateful Britain – a few wisps of radioactive smoke/fly-ash; “Dust in the Wind”… The greatest contribution of the British to the world? I dearly love a good Yorkshire pudding smothered in rich dark beef gravy – I can eat that until I puke.

      4. Putin’s a blowhard, all talk withing but bluff and bluster to back it up.

        If he can really pull off this strike let him prove it by doing it, double dog dare him to.

      5. What an Idiot you are and a TROLL! Go blow away snowflake!

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