War Planning: U.S. Nuclear Submarine Visits South Korea As Rulers Talk War

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The ruling classes of the United States and South Korea are talking about war. While these talks were going on, Washington brought a nuclear missile submarine along.

For the first time since the 1980s, a U.S. nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) visited South Korea on Tuesday, as the allies launched talks to coordinate their responses in the event of a nuclear war with North Korea, according to a report by Reuters. White House Indo-Pacific coordinator Kurt Campbell confirmed the rare visit.

Campbell did not identify the submarine that visited with the warmongers but said its visit is a manifestation of American commitment to South Korea’s defense.

“As we speak, an American nuclear submarine is making port in Busan today. That’s the first visit of (an) American nuclear submarine in decades,” Campbell told reporters at a briefing in Seoul, where he was attending the first Nuclear Consultative Group (NCG) discussion with South Korean officials. The group, aimed at better coordinating an allied nuclear response in the event of a war with North Korea, was also announced during the April summit amid growing calls in South Korea for its own nuclear weapons, a step Washington opposes.

U.S. Warns North Korea Over Spy Satellite

The United States¬†has pledged to deploy more strategic assets such as aircraft carriers, submarines and long-range bombers to South Korea to deter North Korea, which has developed increasingly powerful missiles that can hit targets as far away as the United States. –Reuters

With regards to the war talks, South Korea is content with lacking nuclear weapons because the U.S. has plenty. The two allies came to the conclusion that they will also develop “operations, exercises, simulations, trainings, and investment activities” to bolster nuclear deterrence and response capabilities on the Korean Peninsula, according to a statement released after the meeting.

When asked whether South Korea will have a role in U.S. decision-making, a senior U.S. administration official told Reuters that they would have the role of sharing information.

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