War Is Right Around The Corner: Russia Mobilizes Three Motorized Rifle Division “Strike Forces” In Preparation For Rapid Offensive Assault On Ukraine

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    “Signing a bill that sanctions Russia would mark a significant shift for Trump. He’s repeatedly cast doubt on the conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia sought to tip the election in his favor. The president also has pushed for cooperation between Moscow and Washington on various matters, such as counterterrorism and the conflict in Syria, and more sanctions against Russia could imperil that effort.

    Trump’s persistent overtures to Russia drove lawmakers to include a section that mandates a congressional review if Trump attempted to suspend or terminate the sanctions on Moscow. The White House had objected to the review requirement, arguing it would infringe on the president’s executive authority and tie his hands as he explores avenues of communication between the two former Cold War foes.”

    “Vast support for Russia sanctions quashes potential for veto”

    Richard Lardner, Associated Press 7-25-17

    As I wrote in the beginning of the year, the first six months in office make or break a president by setting the tempo for the remainder of his term.  The President has not been effective in any area, and he has pulled a complete 180-degree shift in dealing with Russia.  After they met in the G-20 summit, relations between the President and Vladimir Putin have steadily declined.

    Now we have a Congress who has long desired to go to war with Russia, and a President who is ineffective at every turn.  Obamacare will not be repealed, the border fence is a fiasco, and the Democrats (aided by the pseudo-Republicans) are doing the “Rope-a-Dope” on the President.  They are bouncing off the actions he takes akin to Ali on the ropes and making continuous counterattacks of their own.  Domestically, the President has not lost control because he never had it, and now the shadow government that is hidden behind the pseudo-Congress and the moneyed interests that support it are pushing the United States into a war with Russia.

    It’s worse than merely a consortium seeking expansion of empire and all the attached perks.  Look at this excerpt:

    “The U.S. is actively considering whether or not to arm Ukrainian forces in their war with Russian-backed insurgents in the east, the new U.S. envoy for Ukraine told the BBC.  Fresh from his first official tour in his new role, during which he claimed to be “astonished” with the “hot war” he had seen in the east, Kurt Volker said in an interview on Tuesday that arming Ukrainian troops could shift Moscow’s tactic but would not be provocative.

    “Defensive weapons, ones that would allow Ukraine to defend itself, and to take out tanks for example, would actually stop Russia threatening Ukraine,” Volker said. “I’m not again predicting where we go on this, that’s a matter for further discussion and decision, but I think that argument that it would be provocative to Russia or emboldening of Ukraine is just getting it backwards,” he added

    Despite initial concern that Trump’s sympathies for Russian President Vladimir Putin could compromise the U.S.’s position on Ukraine, there has been virtually no change in Washington’s approach to Kiev since the administration came into office.

    Members of Trump’s Republican Party—historically in favor of using more kinetic combat means to neuter any expansive visions the Kremlin may have—are rallying around a call for a more hardline policy.

    “Vladimir Putin’s violent campaign to destabilize and dismember the sovereign nation of Ukraine will not stop unless and until he meets a strong and determined response,” McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee told Trump in February.”

    “Trump Wants to Arm Ukraine Against Russia, Says New U.S. Special Envoy” Damien Sharkov, Newsweek, 7-25-17

    So, this “envoy,” Volker is labeling anti-tank and anti-armor weaponry as “defensive” to “take out tanks” and denying any provocative actions on the part of Ukraine or for the U.S. government to supply it.  Russia already informed the U.S. (then Obama) government that any arms sent to Ukraine would be considered an act of war.

    Please take note again of the origin of the last comment in the excerpt, the source is underlined:

    “Vladimir Putin’s violent campaign to destabilize and dismember the sovereign nation of Ukraine will not stop unless and until he meets a strong and determined response,” McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee told Trump in February.”

    McCain.  The same McCain who destabilized Ukraine in the first place, along with Victoria Nuland and Senator Lindsay Graham.  And just in case McCain’s brain illness keeps him from his agenda?  Guess who Kurt Volker is?                                 Here, taken straight out of Wikipedia:

    “Volker served as a legislative fellow on the staff of Senator John McCain from 1997 to 1998.”

    That’s right.  Volker was on McCain’s staff.  Read the rest of it.  He was appointed by Tillerson to his current post as the Special Representative to Ukraine, but he’s basically a State Department “creature” with plenty of liberal-arts education and propaganda, with no military experience and little in the field of diplomacy.  Still, he has been employed by large lobbying firms and multinational corporations, so he should “do well” for himself.  It is obvious that the “baton” was passed from McCain’s hand to Volker’s, and all that transpires will be a continuance in Ukraine from the Obama years.

    The IMF/NATO hegemony really want to kick things off badly in Eastern Ukraine.  That’ll be the excuse to go to war with Russia, a nation that believes in a first-strike as a deterrence and believes a first strike to be a defensive measure.  The problem is the United States is provoking Russia into a response.  The military equipment was already signed off to be delivered to the Kiev government last year by Congress for use against the Separatists rebels of the Eastern provinces, to be delivered this year.

    The Russians are not taking it lying down.  Sharkov of Newsweek penned another article, entitled Russian Army Arrives at Ukraine Border as U.S. Fears Over ‘Hot War’ Simmer, and here is that article, as it is short:

    “As the bloody standoff in Ukraine reaches its annual apex month for violence, Kiev claims Russia is sending more troops near its borders, while the Kremlin has snapped back that it has every right to do so.

    Relations between both countries have deteriorated significantly since Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014; it has since backed separatist militants in Ukraine’s border regions. However, Moscow has not officially declared war on Kiev and continues to deny official involvement in the fighting on the ground.

    Speaking during a military conference, captured in a Facebook video and posted on the military’s official account on Sunday, Ukrainian Chief of General Staff Viktor Muzhenko said his forces had observed new moves on the Russian side of the border.

    “The organizational and staff structure, the arms and the military equipment that is approaching for reinforcement, indicates that these Russian divisions are striking forces in their essence and are intended for carrying out rapid offensive actions,” he said.

    The units in question, Muzhenko specified, were three motorized rifle divisions, two of which are usually headquartered at the borders of Ukraine’s war-torn Donbass region and one that is usually deployed further north, near Smolensk.

    Russian troops have previously dug in near the Ukrainian border, including near separatist-held lands, at times of impending fighting. Observers regularly record peaks in cease-fire violations during August.”

    Pretty serious.  Three motorized rifle divisions, tasked and trained for performing rapid, strike-force, offensive operations.  Look at what is going on in the region for a taste of what is to come: the “hot spots” I have previously focused upon in other articles of Ukraine, North Korea, and Syria.  The bottom line here is that although the reins of power are in someone else’s hands besides Obama, the establishment is the real power behind the throne (with examples of McCain formerly and his protégé Volker).  That establishment is marching on with their own globalist agenda.  Domestically the country is still trying to shake the ring of Obamacare out of its nose…and this has been unsuccessful.

    Attentions are focused upon this, while the U.S. is being pushed into a war with Russia…this time with the aid of President Trump, who agrees with the sanctions on Russia and the arming of Ukraine “for defensive purposes.”  A war is right around the corner, and the government is fostering it.  When the bombs start to fall, they’ll all be safe in their taxpayer-sponsored shelters as the stultified herd is culled, once and for all.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Blah blah blah

        • Jacknife, this is a serious well sources article. It’s a well written article… but “the danger has passed Jeremiah.”

          I have been dying to say that for a while!

          • They won’t give up until they get their war, it’s the only M.O. they know.

            On the plus side, mushroom clouds are fascinating, in a macabre sort of way…

      2. This is total madness on the part of Congress. Now Trump is boxed in and being forced to sign the damn bill against his wishes. I don’t see anything good coming from this. All of these dickheads who support the bill need to be taken out. If they want a war so bad then let’s send them and their kids to the front lines. I am so sick of this illegitimate govt.

        • After what obama did to our military there is no way we can hope to handle a war with major powers on multiple fronts without using the worst kind of weaponry and that will bring a bunch down on our heads too. I guess it’s what the unseen evil wants. Looking grim and prepping can only go so far.

          • As a side note; the house, senate and the judiciary of the fed gov sucks and is filled with traitors. Shameful and will be remembered.

            • Menzo, people like us have long memories and plenty of ‘lead and brass’.

          • Has anyone seen the movie “Hacksaw Ridge”? There is a scene where they’re in a fox hole, and they hear something. Only to look out and see rats eating on the dead. It was gruesome, and is what we would be exposed to if it indeed hit the fan. Whether it’s economic collapse, civil war, or world war. We better try our best to have our minds ready, I don’t believe any of us will be totally prepared!!

        • If I was Trump I would Veto the Russian sanctions, and start investigating the Congress’s pedophile ring. Box them right into prison. Put an end to that BS. Put very last damn one of those sleazy creeps raping children in prison for ever. Right Chucky Schumer? They are on both sides of the Congressional Isle.

        • Braveheart, the drums of war have become deafening. The US is provoking China and Russia. There must be a very good reason for us to be THIS confrontational.

          • Justice, I can only WISH that some cooler heads prevail before things get out of hand.

          • Of course there is a reason behind all of this.
            Despite the obvious, there are no HOT HEADS in Washington.
            The culling (through war or other) is inevitable… unfortunately.

      3. May Russia break the back of the NWO and save us from our own politicians. Bring our troops home and put them on our southern border. We have over 700 military bases overseas.

        • Yup~!!

        • Agree!

      4. Him, I agree wholeheartedly. SOMEONE needs to break the NWO’s back. These are the same people who perpetrated 9/11, gave us DHS/TSA, allowed Islamic terror training camps on our soil, more mosques to be built and more sandapes to come in even allowed members of CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood to take key positions in DHS. I’ll say it again nothing this govt. does has any legitimate basis whatsoever. I feel that I don’t owe anything to this govt.

        • The Sand-Apes are bad, bad news people!! Damn savages.

      5. I know it mat just be a coincidence but in the last week I have seen a sever uptick in the amount of military in my area from 15-20 helicopters in the air at one time to convoys rolling 5-30 deep. I only state this because we never see this in my area. We might see a vehicle here and there but nothing like what I have seen in the last week. I also have a friend who has a son in Spec War he was told to take a long weekend last Wednesday and report Monday for a new equipment/ uniform issue (fill in the blank here). Could be nothing but the soldier in me says war is coming and it will be fought by We the People on US soil.

        Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

        • US Military bases State side have been gearing up Military bases with Blackhawk helicopters 20 to 35 at a time. Then they have been practicing night time raids over the last several years in major cities. This is all part of the Martial Law Rollout. One part they failed miserably at the last few years was disarming American Patriots during the Obama regime.

          So count on this being on hellofa blood bath if they start marching on American towns across the US. Got your sand bags filled? Got your ammo boxes put back? Got all your battle rattle gear ready? Got your battle belt and camel back for hydration and a back pack ready to deploy?

          Talked with an Ex Nam Vet over the weekend. He said he was drafted, he weighed 118 lbs in the army when he went in and they carried ruck sack gear over 100 Lbs. He said after Nam he weighed 160 Lbs. Put a lot of muscle on him in that short stint, and came back alive. Do you exercise at all. Go put your BOB on your back and go for a 5 mile hike. Can you carry 100Lbs on your back. Try even 50 Lbs on your back. Put your BOB n and walk around your house outside 10 times and see if you are huffin and a puffin.

          • Now you’re making sense.

        • On the move in NW Ohio too.

        • Same here in North Texas. Groups of 6 or 7 gunships flying west to east. Made enough noise for me to come out of the place I was working in and take a good look. Never seen that many bunched up in formation.

      6. Deporter84, can you state what region without giving up too much info? I’ve heard some similar reports from people I know over the weekend.

        • Ft. Gordon is the closet base to me. It is a Comm base, that makes things a little weird. We are seeing Chinooks and Blackhawks. I was told about an hour ago that military leave is canceled as of right now? I am not 100% sure about this it came from a third party source. I will try to verify this with my contacts in DC and on the islands. It may be wrong but I was given this info so I thought I would put it out there and see if anyone can confirm?

          Stay Alert, Stay Alive.

          • Deporter84, I’ve got family about a 3-hour drive from that base. I’ll be headed there soon. Damn!

            • Wanted to give a heads up that the upcoming fight with North Korea is very real. My child is a Combat Engineer stationed at the DMZ currently and they are readying for a fight. They are doing things in that area that haven’t been done in 50 years. Such as clearing mine fields. They are awaiting orders to attack. Get prepared now if you’re not already. I have someone on the front line and I can tell you it’s getting bad
              Keep your powder dry my friends. .

          • IN NEWSPAPERS RECENTLY, they said that Russia is taking all these offensive measures around NATO country– as if Russia is the aggressor– almost makes me puke, reading/hearing the MSM.

      7. Sick and Tired

        I am so sick and tired of all of this meddling in other countries.

        1 – If we send troops somewhere then let them do what they are trained to do. ( An example is this regarding house clearing and infantry tactics from my time to my sons time now}
        We would yell and pound on the front of the house screaming come out. If no one did we would toss in grenades and spray rooms with automatic fire.
        Now our military act like police. They kick in the door and go in. Trying to limit civilian casualties. They are not police. They train for war. They train to kill and blow up things.

        To any liberals sorry that is why war is hell and no one in another country is worth an American soldiers life. Get over it.

        2 – We can win a war if we chose to do so. Like it or not agree or disagree. We have not fought a real war since WW2. The object in war is to kill and destroy as many of the other countries people, manufacturing, utilities, transportation and infrastructure as possible. To limit our troops abilities to do so is loss of our troops lives for nothing.

        3 – Changes in me personally. I was a proud soldier in the U.S. military. I was in a light infantry division and studied our primary enemy Russia during the cold war.
        The older I get and the more I research I find one thing to be true. Follow the money which is the root of power!
        I felt I was serving to protect our homeland and our freedom. Now these so called wars we are in all have to do with oil, the petro-dollar, and ensuring others are not a threat to oil and the petro-dollar.
        Bring our troops, manufacturing, and dollars home. We cannot have the worlds reserve currency forever. Lets go through the pain and get it over with. Protect our borders and let others police themselves.

        4 – I for the life of me do not understand peoples beliefs. Evil is in the world. Will always be in the world until Jesus returns. Whether you believe or not the statement that evil is in the world is not arguable.
        There will always be those who want all the money and all the power. There will always be dishonesty, greed, lust, murder, jealousy, and pride in this world. You can see it in your neighbors, friends, and yourself if you are honest with just yourself.

        5 – Some points that are true proven by # 4.

        A.There is good and bad in every human.
        B.We choose our actions concerning our good and bad
        C.No one race, political party, religion, education, ect is all bad.
        D. No single thing is responsible for the situation we are in except for evil.
        E. Socialism will never work because of points mentioned above and never will.
        F. No one person here is better than any other. We have faults, weaknesses, and problems. Get over yourself and consider others. ( I for one have to remind myself of this often )

        I see day in and day out the arguments here on the site. I am going to say this again. If we cannot get along on here when we have things in common how are we ever going to win.

        We are all preppers here for whatever reason. I am sure there are several differences as to why. If we cannot unite then all is lost. Personal freedom and the bill of rights is what made this country the greatest ever in the history of the world.
        Going away from freedom is what is going to cause the destruction of it.

        Sadly I have felt several times after seeing comments that if we win in the end the only people left will be white non cristian males.
        There have been so many comments against races, sexes, different generations ect. on here.

        Get over yourself. There is no possiblily of winning unless we all except the good people from this earth.

        Why the hell can’t people see and understand this. I sure do because I have the evils above inside me and have to constantly guard against them.

        • Mike in VA, I am a white male christian and I have come to believe that I have been targeted by other ethnic/racial groups. The entire white race has been targeted.

          Listen I worked in Washington DC my whole career and women and minorities were clearly favored. By the end it was almost so bad that if you were a white male you need not apply. They were even favoring foreigners over US citizens.

          If we do not start fighting back, progressively worse things are going to be done to us (e.g. just listen to black lives matter and Hispanic groups).

          I don’t have to WANT to be in a war, to be in a war.

          This white boy is tired of bending over backwards. I will no longer accept responsibility for things a didn’t do. Anything more they want from me, they’ll have to take it by force.

          • There is a very well organized effort/process under way to not only minimize the white male but to greatly reduce his numbers.

          • Justice I don’t disagree with you on your comments. I think you may have misunderstood. In fact your comments are dead on. The truth is the white male christian seems to be the most discriminated against person right now. I work for the electric company in VA. I am a supervisor at two plants. We had a meeting about respect for blacks, foreigners, trans genders, gays, different religions, and different sexes. At the end of the meeting they said said the company had come out with a new policy. As a leader if I was asked to pray I had to refuse and let someone else do it. I threw a fit told them to fire me now that they I would not abide by that policy. I am not saying we should not fight.

            My point was that there are good people in all colors, religions, countries, sexes, and life in general. We cannot for example say that all blacks are the cause of the situation we are in. When trouble starts I am willing to fight beside people in general if they fight for freedom.

        • You are on the money with all of your comments, Mike. Let’s not allow the globalist socialists and the deep state to divide and conquer us. That is a game lost by the weak minded so we have to be strong and stand for the principles that made America become , namely the Bill of Rights and the cultural foundations that underpin it.

          • Where in VA my friend. I am south of Charlottesville

        • Mike in VA, good to see you back and I agree.

          • Brave

            I have not left. I still read and visit this site regularly. I just don’t post as much. Mostly because of time. I also only post when I feel I need to raise hell or I have something that is important that may cause thoughts, ideas, or help the cause. I also post when I have information that may help others on here.
            It is always good to speak to you my friend. Hope all has been great in your area of the woods.

            • Mike, everything’s better around the BOL than where I’m at now. I’m heading back there next week for a couple of weeks. But the way things are going there might be a change…..

      8. Will be a fun bear mauling, for sure….will suck for some though, too bad.

      9. Just a thought: I wonder if there might be a quid pro quo with Russia, basically covertly “exchanging N. Korea for Ukraine” in some manner or fashion. Of course, China is the bigger player, but who knows what plays out how in the international calculus.

      10. I don’t understand how the US was able to take over Ukraine so easily, it was accomplished before most Americans even knew what was going on. Right on the Russian border. How could Russia not know what the plan was? This all smells fishy to me, to the point that collusion between Russia and the US seems probable. The US wants Crimea although its citizens voted to remain allied with Russia. So the lull in Syrian and Iraqi action has moved the target to Russia on the west and NK to the far east of Russia. What a continuing waste of more trillions of dollars and millions more dead civilians. This looks like the culling of populations ready to advance into a heightened speed.

        • obullshit obamanure and his asstnt secretary of state Victoria Nuland plotted the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine. we’ll be paying for the crimes of obamaramadandingdong and his fothermuckers for long time to come.
          The Mess that Nuland Made
          ht tps://consortiumnews.com/2015/07/13/the-mess-that-nuland-made/

        • aljamo

          I try not to post things that I don’t have facts for. In this case I guess I will just point out some strange things that have happened over the past few years.

          The economies of the world are now so interconnected that if any of the larger governments have trouble it affects us all.

          Obama before his second election to Russia’s diplomat in a hot mike situation. I will have more flexibility after the election.

          Hillary sold enormous amounts of uranium to Russia. Then she claims or acts like she wants war with Russia.

          Democrats claim Russia tried to influence our election. They keep this thing going with no evidence at all so far.

          Putin claims the Russians had no meetings with Trump or people in his administration prior to the elections. If he really wanted to cause trouble here right now he could easily set up a claim that he or the Russians did conspire with the current administration.

          Trump and Putin supposedly get along great at the G20. Then immediately afterword there are sanctions against Russia and Russia expels our diplomats.

          There are strange things going on here me thinks. NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS.

      11. Aljamo, agreed. It was the money Bush Jr. wasted on those wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that was bringing down the economy before Obama came along and we’re still in those two sandboxes with no end in sight. Seems to me like one more war and we’re finished as a nation.

      12. Russia smells “that smell, the smell of death is all around you”.
        As long as this country is paralyzed by Democrats and RINOs, we are a defeated people and Russia can do as it damn well pleases in it’s backyard.
        Ukraine De-militarized too much after the break-up and they are weak. They will lose. My hope is that it will become a disabling guerrilla war for Russia.
        The only good I can see coming out of this, is that Trump will not start a war, but require congress to declare a war, which they will not do. Good thing about that is we will not be in a war that Democrats will politicize into a stunning defeat, as they did in Vietnam, Iraq, Bosnia, et al.
        I hate and despise Democrats far more than any Russian. Democrats are the enemy we need to fight. War with the Russians may destroy the world, however peace with Democrats will destroy America.

        • rellik

          Do you realize that the US overthrew a government that had 70+ % support, stole their gold and now cry that Russia is unhappy and will do something about it? The Ukraine is Russia’s main natural gas manifold to its European sales.

          h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-11-18/ukraine-admits-its-gold-gone

          h ttp://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/22758-meet-the-americans-who-put-together-the-coup-in-kiev

          • The US can’t even beat down a bunch of Afgan moslems, so I don’t think we forced something on the Ukrainians they didn’t want.

            I understand the strategic significance of the Ukraine and the history of the Holodomor as to why the Ukrainians love the Russians so much and want to be ruled and nurtured by Russian “fathers”, only to be thwarted by those mean Americans.

            That is their problem, mine is American Democrats, which is my point. I’m more likely to be killed by a Union Democrat Public
            “servant” or a Moslem nut case, than a Russian.

            • “The US can’t even beat down a bunch of Afgan moslems, so I don’t think we forced something on the Ukrainians they didn’t want.”

              Like Iran in 1953 or Libya 2011? One a popular Democracy the other the highest standard of living in Africa. Surely you jest that a popular government can’t be overthrown. The CIA has carved up the world with revolutions.

            • Think Russia arming “insurgents” in poverty stricken Mexico would inflame the USA?

              The US is first in the wrong regardless because its illegal. According to UN Treaty to overthrow foreign nations but the globalists control the UN and use the USA as their enforcer.

              Think WWIII over the globalist agenda to control the entire world. The US is peeing in Russia’s sandbox.

      13. If Congress wants war, then let them put their boots on, suit up and ship out. And they themselves can go do battle. Leave the rest of us alone…no more bankers wars.

      14. “Congress…has long desired to go to war with Russia”

        Therein lies the problem.

        Peace! Putin looks very determined in the picture above.

        Evil wants to genocide white people. This instigation toward war between white Countries is part of this ongoing worldwide genocide of European Western man. By instigating hatred between our natural brothers in Russia, the anti-CHRIST can sit back laughing at the “stupidity” of those being taunted. I hope Putin can keep calm. Congress had no right to sanction Russia.

        Congress does not do what is good for the American people. Congress is the enemy of the American people.

        Netenyahu got 29 standing ovations before Congress. Since when does the President of a foreign Country walk in and gather such worship. Since the anti-CHRIST took the reigns.

        _anti-CHRIST America vs. Christian Russia
        __”God with Us” was on the belt of Hitler’s Soldiers fighting Bolshevic Zio-Commie Russia
        __Russia pushed out the Zio-Commies
        __Zio-Commies came to USA and became NeoCons
        __NeoCons run America and Congress

        NeoConZioTraitors = Congress


        • Kharazarin Mafia.

      15. Well, what can a guy say to this turn of events? YIPPEE-KAY-YEA M****R F*****s. ’bout time things got to going around these parts. Those parts… hell, parts are parts I’ve heard it said. Sure will change the whole idea of racial division when we’re all toasted black. Sure will end all the worry about economic inequality when everyone left is looking to scrounge out of what dumpsters can still be dug up from the shelled-out Mickie D’s. Yeppers. Can’t wait. Going to be payback, pay forward, pay up and make a down payment on a bit of ground to be buried in. See you all on the other side.

      16. Mike in VA:

        Nice post. I totally fear that as Julius C. remarked as his army crossed the Rubicon River (forbidden by Roman law) “The die is cast.” Does anyone hear have any idea as to why the Deep State wants a war with Russia other than to “cull the herd”?

        Folks, get a hard copy of Cresson Kearny’s “Nuclear War Survival Skills” and make KFMs for your family. I made five to give to my neighbors on the mountain just in case.

        • Tennessean

          I don’t think and again it is just me thinking that we will go to war with Russia. Nothing is as it seems. I hope I am right. Regarding nuclear preparedness.

          Lets say for a minute that the US and Russia are in this together. A better thing to say is that the real powerful people who really run things and want a one world government are in this together. Then they use Syria or most likely North Korea to set off the major war.

          Either way I think nuclear weapons will be used in this upcoming war.

          History shows that anytime there is economic trouble there is war.

          Nothing is at it seems but over time some of what’s going on will start pointing us in the right direction.

          Wish I had some facts. I am just trowing out different ideas right now. I know that Russia does not want us to have control of Syria. That deal is all over a pipe line that Saudi Arabia wants to build through Iraq and Syria. That part I think is a true fact and has a lot to do with money and power.

          This all just smells so fishy.

      17. Okay people, let’s place our bets. Which hot spot will result in WWIII (i.e. blow-up first).

        a. The Ukraine
        b. Syria
        c. North Korea
        d. None of the Above

        Winners get bragging rights!!

        It’s really a tossup right now which hot spot will blow up first but I am calling …. drum roll … North Korea.

        • I say we let Mac call the winner.

        • My bets are North Korean and false flag Russia/ Ukraine

        • It looks like North Korea is about to go live at any moment.

        • My vote is ‘d.’. It’ll be those damned Lichtensteinians again. Always up to no good. Though we should also keep an eye on the good people of Sao Tome & Principe. Seems they’re bound and determined to stir things up too.

        • Don’t forget a strange occurrence happening right now. Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

          I really don’t understand this one.
          Wish someone could educate me as to what is going on there.

          • Saudi Arabia is Sunni. Qatar had the gall to say something nice about Iran. Iran is Shia. Saudi Arabia is fighting in Yemen against Shia rebels who are backed by Iran. The US has one of the largest air bases in the world located in Qatar. The Turks have a base there also. Saudi Arabia is angry with Turkey over this. You need a score card to keep up with this stuff.

            • Him

              Thanks for the explanation. It was really just from Qatar saying something nice about Iran?

              I have friends that have spent time in Qatar that are in the Air Force.

              Qatar and Saudi Arabia have a common interest in wanting a pipe line through Iraq and Syria. That is why this one shocked me.

              • Mike, I know it’s hard to keep it all in line. I just think that Qatar wasn’t against Iran as much as the Saudis wanted them to be. This boycott or blockade is designed to get the Qataris in line.

        • Justice, that is a harder question than it appears. IMHO, this is a very complex situation, (abbreviating down to bullet points) I see events unfolding something like this. The fuckers can’t sell a major conflict in Ukraine to the American public. An attack on North Korean Nuclear locations (sold to media as “surgical strikes”) will be the catalyst. North Korea will launch a devastating counter attack against Seoul (coincidentally the 8th Army is now finishing their relocation outside the effective range of Norths artillery). China will instantly blow across the border and take every strategic stronghold halfway to the DMZ. It would not surprise anyone if China also puts Taiwan securely under their boot. Almost immediately after hostilities begin, Iran launches attack on Israel, while Russian tanks roll into Eastern Ukraine. Assad will take this opportunity to gas the remaining rebels into submission. And who the hell knows what all those “refugees” will do in Europe. As for a Russian conflict with America? With the world on fire and USA preoccupied all over the planet, why would they need to attack? At this point, the could literally do whatever they want with Ukraine or any other non-NATO nation without any serious repercussions. Under this scenario and Since Obama got rid of the two wars doctrine and decimated our military, the draft would need to be implemented.

      18. The Ukraine. Its kinda like Puerto Rico.

      19. When we commit somewhere else the Russians will move on Ukraine. Not until we are to busy. Only then will they move.

      20. The Russian energy giant, GAZPROM, has supplied Europe and the Ukraine with natural gas and oil. Recently, Poland has begun to develop its shale gas industry. The western Ukraine has large shale fields with huge potential for natural gas production. The Ukraine has signed an agreement with Chevron to allow Chevron to begin exploration. America’s development of fracking oil and natural gas is responsible for driving down oil prices which really hurt Russia’s foreign revenues. If the Ukraine can bring its energy on the market, it would drive energy prices down even further and reduce European and Ukrainian dependence on Russian energy. The Crimea was agout a seaport on the Black Sea for Russia but this new aggression may be about Ukrainian shale oil and natural gas.

      21. The biggest nuclear reactor in the world is in the Ukraine? Get that and tax Russia’s pipeline . Big bucks?

      22. Iran is feeding technology to Korea…it’ll be N. Korea, keeps it away from Iran.

      23. The production of Shale oil and gas through “fracturing” has changed world politics. The South China Sea underwater gas fields has China trying to dominate that area. The underwater gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean that Israel has control of. The underwater gas fields off of southern Cyprus which Turkey is demanding Cyprus share with Northern Cyprus(no other country other than Turkey recognizes Northern Cyprus). For OPEC and countries like Venezuela and Russia the new technology has meant lower prices and less influence. “Wars and rumors of wars” and energy is promoting it.

      24. The problem is believing ANYTHING that comes out of Kiev. They have been claiming Russia is about to invade for the last four years. They’ve repeatedly claimed that Russia DID invade them for the last four years, including three separate times in ONE WEEK.

        They’re full of it.

        Russia has little interest in invading Ukraine. Not that they couldn’t do it and probably reach Kiev in 72 hours.

        Personally I think they should do it. They should invade Ukraine, wipe out the neo-Nazi battalions, execute all the oligarchs they can find, drive on to Kiev, depose and execute everyone in the current government, declare new elections – then go home. They definitely should NOT try to micro-manage the new state like the US always tries to do.

        If they did this, it would be over before the US or NATO could react. The Pentagon would tell the Prez not to even try, since Russia would have an overwhelming advantage on their own border.

        Once Russia went back home, Ukraine would be quiet for a while until the government fell apart…again, as it probably would. But with most of the oligarchs and neo-Nazis dead, things would take a while to fall apart.

        Of course, the US and the EU would scream bloody murder. But frankly, Russia needs to stop worrying about that. The US is no longer a “partner” in any sense of the word, and the EU is the US’ poodle.

        Another thing Russia should do is stop cooperating with the US on space flight – especially since the US is now talking about the militarization of space. Without cheap Russian rockets and modules, the US space program would grind to a halt.

        Right now, as a result of the new US sanctions, Russia is considering banning all US IT and computer companies from Russia, possibly banning US oil companies, and taking other measures to distance themselves from the US. One thing they’re talking about is halting the shipment of titanium to the US aircraft companies, who pay Russia for thirty percent of their titanium using in manufacturing aircraft. This would be a huge blow.

        Meanwhile the EU is preparing to impose retaliatory sanctions on the US, if the US sanctions impact their Russian energy sources – which they will.

        Trump has in six months:

        1) Irritated China with his constant calls for them to solve the North Korea issue, when it is the US that needs to get its act together on that front since the only resolution is for the US to agree to stop threatening NK in exchange for shutting down their nuke program.

        2) Irritated the rest of Asia by threatening North Korea with a war which would cost the whole of Asia enormous problems, not to mention 50,000 US casualties in the first 90 days, possibly 250,000 casualties in total, and two million or more dead Koreans, as well as destroying one of the US main trading partners.

        3) Irritated the EU with threats of more sanctions on Russia, without taking the EU’s interests into account.

        4) Further irritated Russia by not doing anything about the existing sanctions imposed by Obama.

        5) Irritated Iran by imposing more sanctions on them over a missile program that does not violate the Iran Nuclear Deal in the slightest and now he’s demanding more “snap inspections” in an effort to get Iran to say “no” so he can start a decades-long, half-a-trillion-dollars-a-year war with them.

        6) Irritated Turkey by supporting the Kurds in Syria

        7) I’m sure I’m missing several other countries he’s ticked off…Oh, right, now he wants a war in Venezuela…

        Everyone better be looking to where you can move where the nukes and fallout won’t be too bad, and start building those bunkers, because this nut will get all of us killed.

        • Richard

          I don’t disagree with your points just have a few questions.

          1 – What is trump supposed to do about the EU. They wanted us in a ridiculous climate change agreement that would have cost the American tax payer billions of dollars. The EU is about the EU and should be. They should guard there own interest.

          2 – What should he do about North Korea. We have Japan and South Korea that we have promised to protect. It is in our national interest to prevent other countries from obtaining nuclear weapons no matter who they are. The Clinton administration really allowed this to happen. Now they are showing the capability to possibly hit the US with a nuke.

          3 – China. In past history China stopped there little fat pit bull in North Korea from acting up. Trump only tried past policies to control the situation. Truth is China is playing both sides in my opinion because North Korea is used as a valuable instrument by China.

          4 – Iran has been our Enemy ever since the Shaw fell in the 70″s. Why should we allow them to gain power and influence. The Iran nuclear deal is a joke. Why did we pay them Billions of dollars to stop there program? Is there any evidence that they would or have abided by the ridiculous agreement.
          This type of agreement has never worked in history and will not work. Refer to the agreement the Clinton’s made with North Korea for and example.

          5 – Turkey. During the no fly zone before the 2nd gulf war. We were flying missions out of Turkey to support it. We would have an awax up in the air. When our jets landed the Turks would shut down the flight line and use our intelligence to bomb the shit out of the Kurd’s. The Kurd’s have worked with us in Iraq and Syria for years now. Yes they want the northern part of Iraq for there own country. The Turks are for the Turks and there interest as they should be. They have never been a strong ally of the US.

          6 – Venezuela. Venezuela is in the situation they are in for two reasons. One there past dead leader was a communist dictator. He held the country together and profited greatly from oil. The leader died and oil prices went south. They have nothing to support there economy except oil. Therefore the country fell apart. People are starving and civil war is about to erupt. I don’t follow your thoughts on Trump wanting war there. This situation took place and was evolving before Trump took office. The only thing I can see that the US has done regarding this situation is going after our own oil and natural gas. This has lowered oil prices which has devastated Venezuela’s economy.

          While I agree with all of your points the major question for me is this.

          Shouldn’t the US be interested in its own interest?????

          Every other country in the world is. I don’t think we should be involved in wars over oil or money which we are. We should keep other countries from obtaining nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

          It is time for Americans to be interested in America. Just like Turkey, The EU, Russia, China, and every other country in the world is concerned about there own interest.

        • Very good points. It is simply amazing how the ordinary american today is incapable of thinking for himself/herself, so they allow the zio-neocons to do their thinking for them.

      25. Remember, the US State Dept. overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine. Then Joe Bidens’ son, Hunter Biden was immediately put on the board of directors of the largest Ukrainian energy company. This is about who is going to loot the energy money. The NWO globalists or the Russians. No good guys here. Don’t send your sons to fight in this one. Remember when we fought to “save the Kosovars” from Serbia? Well we gave Kosovo to communist Muslim terrorists and put a US military base there to keep them in power. Then former Secretary of State, Madelline Albright and former Gen. Wesley Clark, moved in to loot the coal fields and other energy oppotunities there. Get it yet?

        • The Ukraine doesn’t have the gas its the export hub. The gas traveling through there is Russian, Ukraine is a manifold.

      26. And while I’m at it, the Russians are doing military maneuvers with their allies and we say that’s aggressive. But we moved hundreds if not thousands of troops to the border of Russia and that’s not aggressive. We also put armor and missile systems in Poland and Romania. Right on Russia’s front door. The missiles in Romania were designed to defeat the treaty restricting naval weapon systems on the Black Sea. Never sign a treaty with the US government. Did you hear me, my Injun cuzzins? We also put more aircraft and staged armor in the Baltic region. Not aggressive?

        • Him

          I don’t disagree with anything you said. Refer to a couple of above post. The older I get the more I realize that whether it is my next door neighbor or a country. Follow the dollar.

          We need to bring our troops home and use our own resources. Protect our borders and let the rest of the world solve it’s own problems unless it concerns Nuclear, Chemical, or Biological weapons.

        • Him one thing regarding the Baltics.

          My son got deployed to that area of the world and was part of the US troop contingent that entered Poland. First time since WW2 I might add. The polish women were running up and kissing our troops they were so thankful that we were there. They are scared to death of Russia.

          At the same time how would we feel if the Russians put troops, missiles, and ships in Mexico, Cuba, and the Gulf of Mexico.

          There are also many strange things going on between Russia and the US that make no sense. Please look at that post above. Nothing is as it seems and it is my belief that both sides are both wrong and right. I don’t trust either.

          • Mike, historically the Poles have suffered terribly at the hands of both Russians and Germans. I had a neighbor from Poland who came here back in the 80s. He told me some stories about what he and his family went through under the Soviet occupation and I was horrified. I’ve also known people from the Baltic States who had similar tales. Russians are one of the most treacherous groups of people on the face of this earth. I understand the fear in Poland and the Baltic States based upon the hell the Russians put them through during the Soviet era. My friend from Poland once gave an old Soviet-made portable shortwave radio, made in 1972, similar to American-made radios of the same era. But when I turned it on, nothing. I asked my friend if he knew of the problem with it and he replied, “It stopped working a few years ago. The radio is just like communism; IT DOESN’T WORK.” I still have that old Soviet radio. Perfect symbol of a failed political-economic system.

      27. On the idle hill of summer
        Sleepy with the flow of streams
        Far I hear the steady drummer
        Drumming like a noise in dreams


      28. Anything sourced back to the MSM is total BS. I am not afraid of Three Motorized Rifle Divisions, why are you? I’m certain they would last less than three minutes against the Rhode Island State Patrol. Henny Penny alive and clucking here at SHTFplam

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