War Is Looming: US Delivers Military Cargo To Ukraine

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    The United States has delivered military cargo to Ukraine among ongoing tensions between Kyiv and Russia.  The amassment of military equipment such as tanks is increasing and it looks like the U.S. intends to be involved.

    A Newsweek report that citing local media said that over the past two weeks, the US had made three military cargo deliveries to Ukraine. On March 25th, 350 tonnes of cargo was delivered by ship to the Black Sea port city of Odessa in southern Ukraine. Included in the delivery were 35 Humvees.

    On April 2nd, a US Air Force C-17A Globemaster III military transport aircraft flew to Kyiv from a US base in Germany. On April 4th, another C-17A Globemaster III landed in the western city of Lviv. It’s not clear what the planes were carrying, but the C-17A Globemaster IIIs can transport up to 102 troops and 77 tons of cargo.

    “The U.S. has reportedly delivered three military cargoes to Ukraine in the last fortnight amid growing international demands for Russia to explain its troop build-up on the border with its neighbor,” Newsweek said.

    The news of the military deliveries come as tensions in the region are skyrocketing. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is calling for Ukraine to become a full-fledged member of NATO and is traveling to the conflict zone in Donbas on Thursday.

    Heavy Shelling Is Being Reported In Ukraine As Russian Television Discusses A Possible “Nuclear Strike”

    Discussions of a “nuclear strike” have already occurred.  Let’s all hope that’s just rhetoric because if we see a nuclear attack on anyone for any reason, we will be living through the chaos that we could only conjure up in our worst nightmares.

    The military-industrial complex just has to go to war and spend the money harming and killing others. According to a report by ZeroHedge, since the US-backed coup in Kyiv in 2014 that sparked the fighting in the eastern Donbas region, the US has provided Ukraine with more than $2 billion in military aid. The Pentagon recently announced a new $125 million package for Ukraine that includes armed patrol boats, and another $150 million is expected to be provided sometime this year.

    Remain prepared and alert.  Things could rupture at any moment. Remain hopeful, not fearful. Make sure you know what your morals are. Don’t allow the violence and destruction of the governments and ruling classes of the world make you more enslaved and turn of your morality, critical thinking, or discernment. The best scenario at this point would be an immediate de-escalation, but that does not appear to be a part of the rulers’ agenda.


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      1. It seems the time is ripe for a false flag event to be blamed on Russia. One side is intent on war and the other is doing all it can to prevent it. But the mainstream media, of course, will blame Russia for everything if the bullets start to fly. The diplomats aren’t doing their jobs because the ends IS war!

        • Can you imagine the outrage and uproar if the Russian Navy sailed up the St. Lawrence Seaway and began off loading tanks and missiles and bombs in Canadian territory to stare the US down? We are provoking the Russians on their own territory. The bulk of the US population are FUGGIN DESPICABLE IN THEIR APATHY, SLOTH, AND COWARDICE in not shutting down this criminal psychotic schizophrenic shite show being operated out of Warshington, CC (corruption central). If I were Russia I would have cut off Europe’s gas and oil supply years ago.

      2. I hope the Ukrainian gov’t doesn’t get suckered into doing the Amer. neo-cons dirty work. Back in 2008, J. McCain convinced the Georgians they could duke it out with the Russians and a lot of weapons were sent to them. The fight didn’t last as long as a June frost, the Georgians were humiliated in a day and a half and permanently lost a third of their territory to the Russians.
        I honestly don’t see why we’re even sticking our nose into this business between Russia and Ukraine. First, whatever happens there has zero existential threat to the US. Secondly, how would the US like it if Russia decided to conduct military build ups directly on one of our borders.
        As far as the neo-cons are concerned, this is not really about Ukraine, it’s about the neo-cons pathological desire to hurt Russia anyway they can. Ukraine is the means, that’s all. Neo-con elements are there stirring the pot in Ukraine to foment all this trouble, as they did in the color revolution. I guarantee if Ukraine told the US to mind it’s own business most if not all trouble over there would be worked out without the threat of war.
        I don’t believe as the article states there are discussions of a nuclear strike. Ukraine doesn’t have nukes so who is going to use them. Not Russia, there is zero need for them to use them. Besides, they wouldn’t use them against another Slavic nation, or on their own doorstep. So that leaves the US, is that something the US is going to do. Again no, unless the present Admin. is truly insane. I can categorically state that regardless of the perceived reason it would be sheer utter madness. Not even the present Admin. is that stupid. Even if we gave a nuke to Ukraine, the utmost foolish thing any nation could do is have only one or two nukes but use them.
        This whole thing reeks of Amer. neo-con mischief. The neo-cons are running Amer. foreign policy. Don’t think they don’t plan using your children and grand children as cannon fodder, disposable for their goals. They do, but not their own.

      3. Maybe I’m the one that his head in the sand ( or someplace else where it is dark and smelly ), if I remember history right, there was democratic president at the start of WW 1 and WW 2 a the korean war and the vietnam situation, are we going to have another shooting war with a democratic president in office again?

      4. Here is your gun Jonny. Go kill people for a pipeline just like we for the Rothschild pipeline from Iraq to Israel.

      5. War and a poor economy is how democrats kill and destroy the lives of republican children.

        If you want justice in this country, don’t allow your good conservative children to join the military.

      6. Yup !!

      7. Forever war in over 100 countries, for over 100 yrs, has never especially ended — until Faucci vaxxes them like lab ferrets.

        The latest casualty:

      8. Guns, tanks and ordinance save lives. Russia won’t invade Ukraine if it is strong and the deterrent is strong. However it’s time for the USA to stop being the world’s policeman while our cities, schools and infrastructure is almost 3rd world. People are doing paying taxes for this.

        • Most people are getting their info from certain criminal elements (CNN fox ABC CBS et.al) serving what stands as the criminal cabal that claims to be the US gubbmint. The Ukraine couldn’t hold off a determined troop of Brownies let alone the Russian Army. The so called
          Invading Russian Army have occupied (by treaty with Ukraine) the exact locations they’re in right now for 20+ years. Nothing’s been moved in provocatively, except for more of the UNITED STATES OF AMURICAS BS, CRIMINALITY, MURDER, MAYHEM… The Russian Army could reduce everything west of the Eastern edge of Ukraine to the Western edge of Ireland into FLYASH in under 4 FUGGIN minutes. If a major war breaks out between the US and a real military like Russia/China, instead of all these chicken shit mass murders the US has perpetrated/orchestrated in places like Viet Nam, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, etc., etc.,etc. the US will lose before they even get the first load of broken down junk we call state of the art equipment deployed. By the way. Where are we going to get the oil to fight this coming war? Amurica beware – your children and grandchildren are about to pay for generations of evil degeneracy spewing forth from the land of the free and home of the brave.

      9. The US should draft women along with men. And I don’t mean just for purposes of providing support services, put them in combat and frontline units. They want the rights and privileges, but not the responsibilities where men would have no choice. The fact women do not have to sign up for the draft is unConstitutional, what happened to equal protection under the law. I keep hearing the fems. demand their rights and privileges, and have equality with men in every way. No problem for me, but I don’t hear them demanding to go into combat, or demanding to get all the dirty jobs. They say they can do anything a man can, again fine, let them prove it. The standards should be lowered until women can even serve in special forces. Of course they won’t be special anymore but so what. If the US is in another war we need to ensure all fighting units are at least 50 % women, just to be fair to men. Its very sad to read about our military casualties. It’s not fair that men are 99.9 % of killed, wounded, or missing in action. In the name of equality half of all casualties must be women. There’s no reason why half of those who lost limbs, or had their eyes blown out, or missing their face, or brought home in body bags can’t be women. It’s their patriotic duty for them to pull their weight. Come on girls, let’s see that girl power. The gov’t is reinforcing all this inequality, look on the official selective service system (SSS) website, it only shows men. Perhaps there is something better to do instead, stop getting involved in endless wars.

        • With all due respect for chauvinist pigs like myself, to give womyn unpleasant work outside of the home is still an example of infighting that deflects blame from the administration.

          Do you think she will peel potatoes or be made your drill sergeant.

      10. Look at the bigger picture: why are we locked down and international flights significantly reduced? WWIII. We are in it and it has escalated since 2014. Here is a recap:

        2014: Ukraine explodes in violence and civilian airliners get knocked out of the sky. Tactical nukes deployed in Ukraine and in Syria.
        2015: Mass exodus of third world dirt people fleeing all the wars in the Middle East and Africa overwhelm Europe. Rape feast 2015 gets underway. Thousands of European women are assaulted and cities fill up with homeless camps and refugees.
        2016: Russia hits back at US Islamic terrorist groups.
        2017: US finally cleans out ISIS in Iraq, only to establish training camps with them all over the Middle East for ‘just in case’.
        2018: Syria, Yemen heat up. Ukraine prepares for more war as Western advisers move in to train them.
        2019: Bio-weapon attack by China begins.
        2020: Corona pandemic bioweapon attack sweeps across planet, crippling economies and making millions poorer. Flights cut back. Space race goes into hyperdrive as thousands of satellites etc. launched to dominate near space.
        2021: Ukraine back on the boil again. Islamic extremists launch more attacks in Africa. Syria and Yemen continue to be wars. China continues to assert power at its borders, from Hong Kong to Myanmar to South China Sea.

        • None of it is coincidental. Again, neo-cons, who are t*rr*is*ts in suits, are the masterminds behind much of it. They keep fomenting violence, chaos, and upheaval, this is their signature modi’s operandi. In turn we get mass immigration of 3rd worlders into developed nations destroying our cultures, more wars Amer.s go to fight, and more ill will from other countries towards the US. However, the Mil. Ind. Comp. gets richer, our “friends and allies” in Isr. and Euro. are happy to let Amer. expend its blood and treasure, and the neo-cons receive their rewards from nameless and faceless entities.

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