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Heavy Shelling Is Being Reported In Ukraine As Russian Television Discusses A Possible “Nuclear Strike”

Michael Snyder
April 7th, 2021
The Economic Collapse Blog
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This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

A new war in Ukraine would be bad for the entire globe, but we might just get one anyway.  Once the Biden administration took control of the White House, they decided to wage a campaign of maximum pressure against Russia, and Ukraine is one of the key tools that they are using.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky never would have signed Decree No. 117/2021 on March 24th without the encouragement of the Biden administration, and the extremely aggressive statements about Crimea in that document deeply alarmed the Russians.  Even more importantly, it appears that the Ukrainians were secretly preparing a massive offensive against areas of eastern Ukraine that are held by the separatists.  If those areas could have been captured before Russia could react, that would have been a massive victory for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Biden administration.  But the Russians caught wind of what was going on, and that is why they have been sending forces into Crimea and into separatist-held areas of eastern Ukraine in numbers that we have never seen before.

If Zelensky and the Biden administration would have left things alone, we wouldn’t be on the verge of war today.

But now tensions in the region are extremely high, and a major conflict could break out at any moment.  The following is an example of how the current state of affairs is being viewed in Russia

After six years of an uneasy and at times violent truce, the specter of a new war is looming large in Russia-Ukraine relations. In retaliation for Kiev’s recent crackdown on pro-Russian media and politicians, Moscow is staging a large-scale and ostentatious military buildup along the Ukrainian border.

The situation is especially volatile in Donbass, where the ceasefire between the Ukrainian army and Moscow-sponsored breakaway territories has effectively broken down. Both sides accuse each other of provocations and regularly exchange fire, with the casualties mounting among both military personnel and civilians.

Zelensky made things even worse on Tuesday when he urged NATO to add Ukraine as a member as soon as possible

Ukraine’s president has called on Nato and key member states to hasten his country’s membership of the western military alliance in response to a growing buildup of Russian forces on his country’s borders.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy spoke to Nato’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, on Tuesday, and urged for Ukraine to be put on a pathway to future membership to halt the long-running conflict in the eastern Donbas region.

Everyone knows that Russia is desperate to keep Ukraine out of NATO, and so Zelensky had to know that his statements would result in even more stress in the region.

The Ukrainian people thought that they were voting for peace when they originally voted for Zelensky, but instead, he has been a nightmare.

Within the last 24 hours, more shelling has erupted in eastern Ukraine.  According to the Ukrainian military, mortar fire was reported close to the village of Nevelske…

In particular, in the area of ​​responsibility of the operational and tactical group “East”, near the village of NEVELSKE, the enemy opened fire with 82-mm mortars, large-caliber machine guns and machine-gun anti-tank grenade launchers.

As a result of enemy shelling, one Ukrainian soldier received non-life-threatening injuries. In addition, in the area of ​​the Joint Forces operation, one serviceman died as a result of an explosion on an unknown explosive device.

Even more alarming, video footage posted on social media shows “heavy shelling” near the city of Avdiivka…

Unfortunately, the fighting is likely to escalate in the coming days.

In fact, it is being reported that Ukraine is starting to call up reservists

Ukraine’s military has scrambled territorial defense units amid the unfolding threat of an all-out Russian invasion as masses of fresh regular forces concentrate near Ukraine’s borders, with NATO and United States ringing alarm.

Approximately 100,000 reservists could be called to duty, and that would definitely bolster the Ukrainian forces.

On the other side, the Russian military just announced that it will be holding more than 4,000 “training exercises” during the month of April…

Russia announced the start of mass military drills, ratcheting up tensions with neighboring Ukraine amid Western concerns about the risk of renewed fighting.

More than 4,000 training exercises will be held in military districts across Russia in April, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Tuesday, in comments posted on the ministry’s website.

Hopefully things will calm down soon, because events could spiral out of control very easily.

Earlier today, I was deeply alarmed to learn that there has even been a discussion about a potential “nuclear strike” on Russian public television

However, in a frightening public report, Russian public television “Russia 1” spoke of a nuclear strike. They said about:

“If there is a possible escalation in Ukraine, then a nuclear strike is on the agenda. This will make Americans afraid and we will do whatever we want.”

Hearing that should send a chill through your bones because if nuclear weapons are used that will cross a line that will never be able to be uncrossed.

We are so close to a nightmare scenario, but most Americans continue to be completely and utterly oblivious to what is going on.

A hothead is in charge of our foreign policy, he is surrounded by a team of all-star warmongers, and we are now closer to war with Russia than we have been in decades.

And at this hour, even more, forces are racing toward the conflict zone in Ukraine…

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    Author: Michael Snyder
    Date: April 7th, 2021

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    1. Uh-Oh says:

      Hopefully this does not continue to escalate even more. This is just another on the list of real bonehead moves by our simulated president and this one could have some absolutely
      dire consequences!😳

    2. Question says:

      For the tons and tons and
      tons of people who allegedly
      voted for this guy – How’s that working out for you so far?

    3. War? says:

      Has anyone worked harder or faster at destroying our country than Creepy Joe?

    4. Possible war? Nuclear strikes? Can’t really say I’m surprised. The psychopathic leftists are capable of provoking absolutely anything at this point.

    5. Sarcastic One says:

      A little off topic but how could there possibly be any type of a war with anybody.
      I mean, hasn’t every one on Earth been killed already after losing our war with
      covid 19?🙄

    6. Evermore says:

      …and the hits just keep on coming for our walking advertisement for senility🤦🤷

    7. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Christopher Wray should spend the rest of his life in prison for high crimes, treason and corruption.

      The goons at the FBI invoked in terrorizing American citizens have purchased themselves one way tickets to prison. 

      Who in the hell do these low-life scum bags think they are? They are not even worthy of living in this country, let alone worthy of working for the government, and particularly unworthy of working in law enforcement in any capacity what so ever.

      Law enforcement should have the goal of preventing crime. Not the scumbags in law enforcement at the FBI or police though. The lazy, retarded, perverted psychopaths think that it is just too much work to solve and try to deter crime, so have taken the losers way out and tried to cheat their way through life by trying to destroy innocent people’s lives and reputations, and using known mafia intimidation tactics to try to force people into compliance to get them to become agent provocateurs, then arrest them for doing what the FBI instructed them to do. They have had a history of doing this. The FBI and police were behind the 1/6/21 attacks also. 

      Here are two of the FBI’s recent high crimes, treason, corruption, and mafia tactics:

      Proving my point as I have been claiming for a long time that InfraGard is nothing more than one giant entrapment net, Stephen Robeson, an FBI informant from Wisconsin orchestrated the kidnapping of Michigan Govenor Whitmer, and Robeson framed everyone that he ordered to do it, and the FBI then framed Robeson! InfraGard is a surveillance and terrorist cult of corruption!

      I happen to be one of their victims.

      I believe that Noah Green also was one of their victims.

      Noah Green, the 25 year old that drove his car into two police officers, killing one is being portrayed in a misleading manner. He seems like an MKULTRA victim and a victim of InfaGard to me. InfraGard does target people. I happen to be one of their victims. It is well documented that they do target people here:

      Noah Green was on the college football and track team and graduated with a degree in finance. He said that he quit his job over afflictions, believing that the government, FBI, and CIA were after him. If Noah Green was employed in finance, and was aware of corrupt things taking place, Noah Green was most likely not imagining that the government was after him. That does not justify the actions that he took. It seems extremely strange, like he was drugged or was a Manchurian candidate. Green became involved with Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam, which is listed as a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center, which may have lead to further targetting by them. The government targets people that they consider a threat, not to the country, but to exposing government corruption. It has gotten to the point where everyone knows that they are corrupt. Why do the government refuse to abide by the law- the constitution? Will the retarded law breakers ever wake up and realize that everyone knows that they are sick, disgusting, mentally incompetent scumbags that pose the largest national security threat to the country? Your approval ratings are now so low that it shows that even your family members thing that you are the largest nation security threat!–20210402-6vfj3t27ojcznjr5fg2of36cgm-story.html

      Sputnik reports:

      “I have suffered multiple home break ins, food poisonings, assaults, unauthorised operations in the hospital, mind control”, the 25-year-old reportedly wrote in one of his Instagram posts, insisting that his troubles started in 2019 when Green’s former teammate and roommate drugged him with Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication.”-

      I also believe that Christopher Wray is QAnon. QAnon appeared on the scene a month after Christopher Wray. The FBI said that they considered QAnon supporters to be terrorists and would be investigating them. Yet QAnon’s identity remains shrouded in secrecy.

      The FBI personally invited QShahman and Publix heiress Ohio militia leader Julie Jenkens who stated to militia members that she sensed that she was being played. 

      There were also Epstein and Maxwell with ties to the FBI.

      NXIVM pyramid scheme sex slave cult that landed Seagram heiress Bronfman in prison probably did also, as well as Order of Nine Angels, that landed US army Ethan Melzer in prison.

      Then of course Matt Gaetz created his own sex cult in the Florida state legislature.

      There seems to be a lot of this going around. What a coincidence that most of them work for or have ties to the government and or Hollywood! Like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, or the Hollywood sex club snctm. The Hollywood lifestyle seems to be disagreeable to most of the people in Hollywood and the entertainment industry with a history of high drug addiction, alcoholism, divorce, and suicide rates. I believe that it must be from fame and from being larger than life in addition to the cut throat level of competition in the industry. 

      The FBI also worked with the Boston marathon bombers. They have had a history of isolating and alienating their victims and then try to take over their lures and encourage them to become terrorists, and sexual deviants which makes the FBI a terrorist network and a sexual deviancy network. They recruit terrorists and sexual deviants. Only terrorists and sexual deviants recruit law abiding citizens to become terrorists and sexual deviants. The police are running for profit child porn websites, making the police sexual deviants as well. Only sexual deviants would run child porn websites. Then they wonder why people hate them, in addition to all of their other crimes against humanity, sheer laziness, and complete mental incompetency. It is easier for them to run child porn sites and chase people for expired license plates than to solve crime. They rarely solve crime. It is too much work for them. They act like the three stooges, except that there is more than three of them. I am not exagerating. I always hated The Three Stooges. Slap stick is for idiots. I even never found it remotely funny. Just sick as hell, stupid, and boring.

      Stay away from InfraGard, the FBI, the police, and the other “intelligence” agencies if you want to reduce your odds of being with hard core serial-criminal psychopaths and terrorists. The one’s that are working for them are usually much more hardened criminals than the people that they arrest.

      The fact that they are all also involved in the scamdemic, and many were involved in 9/11 shows that they are terrorists also.

      Andrea Iravani

    8. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Salps will save us! Sea creatures will probably attack the war mongers, like when they forced a South Korean nuclear plant to shut down for the third time!

      Andrea Iravani

    9. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      It is really shocking to hear so called liberal journalists that demanded that society be forced to shut down which led to millions of people closing small and medium sized business, unsurprisinly, that also resulted in millions of people losing jobs unsurprisingly, which is now also unsurprisngly resulting in millions of people being evicted and not having enough food.

      Not for nothing, but, what the fuck did you expect? 

      Of course these psychopaths still refuse to acknowledge that they knew all along that it was a scam based on scientific fraud, because they would most likely be chased by their millions of victims for totally destroying their lives, deliberately, and in a premeditated act of crimes against humanity. 

      They still audaciously claim that they have done this for the greater good and have given people “health care” and a 
      “green revolution” even though the only thing revolutionary or green about any of this has been a nearly $4 trillion wealth transfer of green backs to the wealthiest people in world history, and a nearly $4 trillion decrease in wealth from the rest of the population,

      Any more bright ideas?

      Wait till your victims find out that Bill Gates is paying you to tell them this shit! 

      Andrea Iravani

    10. Sexual Mustard says:

      Let’s all pray for a quick all out, global nuclear exchange. Stop being optimistic, things are NOT going to improve…

    11. Celibate Ketchup says:

      @Sexual Mustard – From your lips to God’s ears.🙂

    12. Stupordave says:

      Fortunately for Ukraine, the Russian military can reduce Ukraine to nothing in 10 minutes push come to shove, so it won’t suffer long. As for the UN, the Russian should cut-off mighty Europe’s oil and gas supply, have a good laugh, flip them the middle finger, and go about there business.