WAR: Iran’s Overnight Strikes On U.S. Assets Amplifies War Tensions

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that Iran is fully blaming the United States for the death of Quds Force commander General Qassem Soleimani.  And last night, Iran attacked U.S. military targets within Iraq as a retaliation.

    The Ayatollah said that the attack has “humiliated” Washington, adding that the strikes served as a “slap in the face” for the United States, but were not “sufficient” to remove “the corrupting presence of America in the region.” He also stated that Tehran is viewing the U.S. as their enemy.

    But President Donald Trump has already tweeted that the missiles launched at the two U.S. military bases. Trump is also saying he’ll make a statement about the war that’s ramping up.



    “All is well” seems a little on the extreme side too.  If “all is well” we wouldn’t be staring in the face of another monstrous war.

    In a separate statement, President Hassan Rouhani said that the US may have “cut off the arm” of assassinated Quds Force commander General Qassem Soleimani, but Iran would respond by severing America’s “leg” in the region.

    Iran struck Al-Asad airbase in western Iraq, which houses US troops, in the early hours of Wednesday. Another base in Erbil was also targeted. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif described the missile attack as a “proportionate measure” taken in self-defense. –RT

    Trump has previously threatened a response if Iran attacks.



    Empty threats? Political pandering? Warmongering?  It’s hard to tell. Perhaps more will be known about the level of escalation in the coming hours when Trump makes his statement.

    War Is A Racket by General Smedley D. Butler is a classic treatise on why wars are conducted, who profits from them, and who pays the price. Few people are as qualified as General Butler to advance the argument encapsulated in his book’s sensational title. When “War is a Racket” was first published in 1935, Butler was the most decorated American soldier of his time. He had led several successful military operations in the Caribbean and in Central America, as well as in Europe during the First World War. Despite his success and his heroic status, however, Butler came away from these experiences with a deeply troubled view of both the purpose and the results of warfare.

    Before jumping headfirst into the kiddie pool of war, it’s important to understand who profits from it and the level of deception that has to be done in order to get the public to actually sanction mass murder on a global scale.

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      1. Iran notified the Swiss embassy in Tehran an hour beforehand, so they could relay the message to the US bases before they fired the missles. The US has no embassy in Iran. Much like the Patriot strike in Syria, the US knew what was coming and where. Too bad none of the missles were intercepted. Seems that Iran has more technology than the US knows about. This was a warning.

        Big, bad terrist Iran made sure no one died. US terrorist government murders innocents almost every day.

        • Iran made sure no Americans were killed or they would have been annihilated. They knew this and purposefully warned us before launching. They save face by doing “something” and they preserved their own skins by really doing “nothing”.

          • Why would they bother warning the US? Doesn’t the US have that infallible Patriot system? Weren’t the troops prepared for an attack? Why would the US troops leave the base and let Iranian missiles destroy the infrastructure?

            Perhaps the Patriot system did not work. Perhaps it’s junk and just another boondoggle for the defense contractors to make money off the taxpayer. Perhaps they don’t trust their own defensive systems against somebody that actually responds with ballistic missiles, and not Scuds, so they left.

            • Did you miss the point? They warned us in order to avoid killing any of our people. Why would we deploy Patriot missiles to save Iraq infrastructure? Iran saved face and didn’t cross the red line of killing Americans. We allowed them to save face by destroying what?,,, a couple buildings. Sounds like a win for both sides.

            • Perhaps everything is just as it appears. They warned us because they knew that had they not, and killed just one american, there would be severe repercussions. Who’s to say we didn’t shoot down several of their missiles? Report was that only 12 of 15 actually hit the ground,,, then again why fire a defense shield that will cost more than the vacant buildings being destroyed…

      2. Sand “N”‘s can’t hit the broad side of a barn

        • Go look at the satellite photographs of al Anbar Ain Assad Airbase. It shows 5 hangers/barracks hit dead center.

          More likely was the US troops hightailed it out into the desert after they were warned by the Swiss Embassy in Tehran that an attack was an hour away. Underestimate the Iranian missile technology at your own peril.

      3. Bring it ayatolla asshola

      4. Cum quds general qussum dances with the devils dick in his ass

      5. Nothing more than a few low level “bottle rockets”. Its just the Iranian blustering…that had to do “something” to satisfy the hard-liners within the regime. If they really wanted to kill Americans, they could have easily launched a more advanced missile with a real warhead. They didn’t. Move on….This way to the egress!!!

      6. After enabling wp debug
        ….i am experiencing the white screen of death WSOD


      7. What a smart move Trump did,Knocked off 4 or 5 terrorists then by sheer luck and without firing a shot into Iran, sent 40 of the crazies to their heaven by being trampled after slipping on all the poop left by the crowd.

      8. Let’s see now…… Iran has pretty good missiles. They do, after all, launch their own satellites. They launch over a dozen missiles and don’t hit anyone. The US air bases didn’t deploy any air defenses? No Patriot missile batteries? Really? The President immediately tweets all is well? Something isn’t right here. We’re all being conned.

      9. Two sides firing weapons at each other is called a battle of definition, but not necessarily a war, in the reprobate’s dictionary.

      10. Of course it is always the idiotic control freak lunatics with absolutely no self-control that want to control the entire world! They have such immense difficulty excersing self control, that they truly believe that it would be easier for them to control 7 billion people by any means necessary, rather than learning how to control themselves!

        Iran is not engaged militarily in any country that did not invite it, unlike the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

        On Loud and Clear radio with ex agent CIA John Kiriakou and Brian Becker today, which can be found on Sputnik, they reported that the real reson for the assassination of Soulieman was that it was because Iraq was hosting a diplomacy forum for a peace keeping agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which was also aided by Pakistan.

        Nothing would scare the living daylights out of Israel and America more than a peace agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia!

        The two nations had made great strides and were about to sign an agreement.

        Israel and the United States were attempting to ensure that no such agreement would be signed between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

        • Thanks for commenting.

          Yes, I have also seen that he was delivering a letter/message and was actually invited by the Iraqi prime minister to a meeting. This is why he was out in the open about his visit. Also killed was one of the heads of Iraqi security forces. Teevee watching morons here in the states don’t seem to realize that all these so-called “Iranian” militias were absorbed into the Iraqi security services to fight ISIS and were paid by the Iraqi government. They were Iraqi Shiites and not Iranians. They were fighting for Iraq against the US proxy ISIS fighters.

          Fist pumping morons also don’t seem to realize that US is only allowed in Iraq with their permission as trainers and embassy personnel. When US forces are stationed in a foreign country, they get a Status of Forces Agreement(SOFA). Iraqi would not sign a new SOFA in 2011 so the US had to withdraw. The only agreement was for a few trainers and advisors for the ISIS fight to remain. In reality, the embassy is a CIA operating front used to control ISIS and secure the southern oil fields for western oilcos.

          If people don’t stop listening to people like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and other lying sacks of shit, they will never get the true information.

          • Anon, if I’m not mistaken, the US Embassy in Iraq is the largest embassy in the world. Not something that gets built if they plan on leaving anytime soon.

      11. Study the history of Iran from about 1953 onward. Learn why they’re pissed of at us. We overthrew the democratically elected government. Sent in Marines to get rid of him. Put our guy in as the head of the country. Then gave him his very own secret police. Then in the 1970’s Jimmy Carter screwed up and let the Ayatolla and his entire staff fly in from France. Then we paid Saddam to invade Iran. One million Iranians died in that war. I think if that happened to you, you’d be just a little pissed off, too. And it goes on and on. It ain’t about terrorism. It’s about money. It always is. Half of Iran is pro-western. The other half either commie or Islamic fundmentalist.

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