War Escalation Continues: NATO & Pentagon To Deploy Naval Aircraft & Troops

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

The war escalation is continuing. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Pentagon have deployed more troops and naval aircraft. This is said to be done to “bolster” NATO’s Eastern flank.

According to a report by Axios, NATO leaders committed at a summit in Brussels last week to “significantly strengthen” the alliance’s long-term force posture in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including through major new troop deployments in the east. The aircraft heading to Germany specializes in electronic warfare and jamming sensors, but will not be used against Russian forces in Ukraine, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby announced Monday.

Russia Claims The “Right” To Use Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine

The United States now has more than 100,000 troops in Europe for the first time since 2005. The aircraft “are being deployed completely in keeping with our efforts to bolster NATO’s deterrence and defense capabilities along that eastern flank. They are not being sent because of some sort of acute threat that was perceived or some specific incident that happened,” Kirby told reporters.

The ruling class continues to insist that Joe Biden has a commitment not to send U.S. troops to fight Russia directly in the besieged country. Instead, they will fly missions to act as a deterrent to keep Russia from attacking NATO countries, Kirby said.  Either way, anything is likely to be seen as a provocation by the ruling class of Russia.

These aircraft are said to be deployed only “temporarily”, yet there is no date for their return.

As many have already noted, truth is the first casualty of any war. So use your own discernment and judgment when reading anything. No ruling class should be trusted and there is no “side” to take other than the side of humanity and the innocent people who will have to suffer if the rulers continue to escalate this conflict.

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    1. SlackMavo

      These aircraft are said to be deployed only “temporarily”, yet there is no date for their return.

      if by now there’s anyone that still hasn’t figured out why after 20+ years in Afghanistan it became urgent that we had to shag ass out of there immediately leaving behind $ billions$ in armaments.

      or why Trump had to be deselected

      or why mass media encouraged Americans to engage in a frivolous “less filling / taste great” … pissing contest over covid while their liberties were being ransacked.

      or why this escalation is eerily reminiscent of Kennedy sending “Advisors” to south vietnam.

      or how we went from “Build Back Better” to the possibility of nuclear war in 433 days 10 hours 13 minutes.

      Then I applaud you.
      For you my friend are destined to inherit the earth.

      • Genius

        I get ya but why would I want to inherit this mess? The only thing I am going to deploy is my camper and go fishing! 😀

    2. hmm...

      speaking of war,
      recently read this:

      STAFF A 21% RAISE

    3. Anonymous

      “or why this escalation is eerily reminiscent of Kennedy sending “Advisors” to south Vietnam.”

      Dwight Eisenhower sent the first advisor in November of 1954, Kennedy just inherited what had already been started.

      Kennedy wanted out of their, then he got shot in the head and wanted nothing.

      The big escalation belongs to Johnson, he went to town with it.

    4. Anonymous

      you could go all the way back to Truman sending Advisors into vietnam

      you missed the point

      it always starts out with subtle advisory implementation (CIA) and escalates into full scale war that the citizenry on either side did not want nor see as necessary

      the bill of goods being sold prior to vietnam was “we must stop the spread of communisim”

      the leftist can no longer make that proclamation

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