War Escalation Continues: EU Expected To Further Sanction Russia

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is still intensifying, as the European Union announces that they will further sanction Russia. The newest restrictions could make it difficult for Europe to satisfy its demands for energy too.

    The latest restrictions could target imports of coal, fertilizers, and exports of machinery. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, among the expected measures are a ban on Russian coal, restrictions on the access of Russian trucks and ships to the EU, and more sanctions against Russian businessmen and their family members.

    Sanctions have already proved to be devastating to most countries, more so than the nations being sanctioned, in this case, Russia.

    The United States and its European allies have been hitting Moscow with heavy sanctions as punishment for its military operation in Ukraine. So far, the measures targeted Russia’s financial sector, major companies, top officials including President Vladimir Putin, and the business elite. -RT

    The European Union may go even further with its bans too.  Imports of potash fertilizers, cement, timber, rubber, caviar, and vodka from Russia may also be banned, along with exports to Russia of semiconductors and machinery, including equipment for LNG production, says Reuters.

    These restrictions or sanctions are only going to exacerbate the already destroyed food supply chain. It could be worth your time and money to invest in some long-storage foods, such as dried beans or rice. The prices are going up and the supply of food is diminishing. It won’t be too much longer until people are going to see they can’t actually get as much as they normally do at the store.


    It sure seems like the powers that shouldn’t be are doing everything they can to restrict access to both food and energy. Whether it’s hyperinflation or sanctions or the bird flu or high fuel prices, things are looking quite bleek. Hopefully, you all already have the food you may need to get through a few months. If you don’t, there’s no better time than now to start preparing.


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      1. The EU and its people will end up receiving the benefits of doing this.

        Unfortunately, the US and the American people will also partake of it and receive the same benefits as Biden vigorously jumps in to support the EU (we already are, something that you might notice when you shop for gas or buy groceries if you observe closely enough).

        Rev 18:4 Then I heard another voice from heaven shout, “My people, you must escape from Babylon. Don’t take part in her sins and share her punishment.” -CEV

      2. It sure seems like the powers that shouldn’t be are doing everything they can to restrict access to both food and energy.

        You are 100 percent correct
        on that. These evil fucks are
        coming at us from every
        direction. It is best to be
        prepared folks.

      3. That ? won’t get mad. Keep whipping it.

      4. ” It sure seems like the powers that shouldn’t be are doing everything they can to restrict access to both food and energy ”

        It seems to me the left is doing everything it can to appear to be helping all the while destroying:
        food production-paying US farmers not to farm and upping ethanol production and now shipping a large part of our food overseas.
        Using ukraine as a proxy to prod Russia into a war.
        Debasing the nation with lgbdqbs, removing morals, letting the left destroy civility, promoting pedophilia and racism and defund the police.

        Much more but it comes down to killing the dollar and US supremacy to make way for NWO and that inept UN to run everything when they can’t ever run their own organization.

      5. Russia has to be laughing at the political leadership in the US. Its doing their work for them. Every time our politicians “take measures” against Russia it hurts us and our allies worse than it does them. So what if the West confiscates some yachts, it changes nothing. They’re probably sitting over there right now thinking what can they just toss out there that will make our political leaders react stupidly and keep us undermining ourselves. I wasn’t the biggest prezDT fan but he got a lot of things right. For one, this whole Ukraine mess probably wouldn’t have happened.

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