WAR: Chinese Government Warns Of ‘Unavoidable’ War With US And ‘Peace Disease’

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 31 comments

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    China’s People’s Liberation Army is ripe with “peace disease,” according to the official propaganda newspaper in China. The country has said that even more efforts to kill the “disease” will be stepped up in order to address a lack of battle-readiness and anti-graft measures.

    Peace disease has been a common symptom in our military for decades,” the PLA Daily editorial read as reported by Business Insider. “If we do not make up our mind to eliminate those evils, we must pay a heavy cost in the event of a war.” It continued: “We can only stop a war when we are able to fight.”

    China’s rapid military modernization efforts have been revealed by leaked internal documents, which indicate Beijing intends to increase its military presence offshore to protect the country’s national interests.  But, the documents also say that the Communist regime is planning for the inevitable: an “unavoidable” war with the United States. The secret memo even warns about Thucydides Trap, a term coined by Harvard’s Graham Allison, is the notion that when an emerging power [China] challenges the well-established leader [US] of the international order, there is a high probability of a war.

    [The memo] also makes clear, “The lessons of history teach us that strong military might is important for a country to grow from being big to being strong. A strong military is a way to circumvent the ‘Thucydides Trap’ and escape the obsession that war is unavoidable between an emerging power and a ruling hegemony.” –Stock Board Asset

    Business Insider reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the military to boost its combat-readiness in response to concerns that officers lack the required competence after having not engaged in a battle for decades. Xi has launched reforms including downsizing the army and placing greater emphasis on training.

    Xi, who is now the Chinese president for life (thanks to his own fascist decree), has ordered the PLA to be transformed into a world-class fighting force in the next three decades. Could there be a need to prepare for a war? It certainly seems like it especially considering the secret memo also said that should the Chinese military modernization efforts continue, it could very well lead to “escalating friction with neighboring countries”, including Japan and Taiwan, in the East and South China Seas.

    In this war scenario, all bets are off.

    If you haven’t yet prepared critical emergency supplies like foodwater, and self-defense tools, now is a good time to get it done. Moreover, while we shudder to think that a  nuclear exchange is even possible in today’s sophisticated world, you never really know what the government’s claiming the right to play with our lives have in store for us.  That’s why we recommend considering emergency equipment like CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) rated gas masksNBC filtersanti-radiation nuke pills, and protective body suits. Should you have to shelter in place during a nuclear emergency or evacuate your city in the midst of an attack, these supplies could mean the difference between life and death.


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      1. The globalist ‘solution” is to send them more industry and technology. This is reminiscent of sending Japan scrap metal only to have it come back at us on December 7th.

      2. Mutually assured destruction is as applicable today as it was with the USSR. Fuck you chinese bastards.

        • Menzo, same here. Let the gooks bring it. Bullets work on them just like anyone else.

          • Say Brave; Hate to change subject but need wisdom. Used to be in Poor taste to wish someone bad luck, but lately my PC button has been stuck ,since the snowflakes are causing such a ruckus. Would it be Un PC to hope that During the Supreme Court’s group picture with Trump’s new choice to hope that RBG feels faint; Grabs MS. Soto’s robe, and they both fall down the steps and break every bone they have?

            • Paranoid, sorry to be so late getting back to you. My first time online today. I never even HAD a ‘PC Button’, LOL. Yeah, it would be Un PC but who cares? I’ve never been a “well-wisher” for ANYONE who is AGAINST the interests of WE THE PEOPLE and never will be. Never been PC either and never will be.

        • It is time to back out of our treaties with Russia and begin making more thermonuclear warheads and delivery systems.

      3. Let them take care of things in their territory. It isn’t called the South CHINA Sea for nothing.

        The US would never let China posture up destroyers and carriers in the Gulf of Mexico or build bases in Cuba or any of the Caribbean islands.

        The US needs to shut down about 800 foreign bases and bring the troops home to defend the borders here. Stop being the world policeman.

        Ron Paul 2012! Oh shit…that was six years ago…

        Never mind.

        • That is because the Gulf of Mexico belongs to Mexico…cause their name is on it, just like the South China sea has their name on it…see how simple your simple minded analysis is? derp

        • Amen JRS. But you can’t tell these Rambo idiots anything. Just wait until they try to fight a destroyed dollar with their AR-15s.

          They don’t even realize that we are already at war with China. Like Brandon Smith has been saying for years, the next “world war” will not be a nuclear war, but primarily an economic war”. Trump (and them) will be the perfect scapegoats as globalists defeat them. His trade war will provide perfect cover.

          • Eat shit, roger

          • Roger D sounds like Roger DICKHEAD.

      4. Anti-war Disease is certainly very dangerous for China. But it pales in comparison to the virus that causes obesity. Before you shun fat people get a grip. This virus is only dangerous during the active stage. A skinny person with the virus spreads it by sneezing and coughing. Being fat is the end result. By the time a person gets fat, the virus that caused pre-fat cells to become fat cells is already gone to other hosts. Don’t avoid fat people, avoid people who are sick.

        By the way, the fat virus mixed with the bird virus and started to infect Americans on the East Coast in 1978. Since then, the fat virus has spread from East to West, and contributes to the obesity epidemic, or is one of the underlying causes for at least 25% of USA obesity cases.

        This research was done by an Indian who notices that birds dying of a virus had high levels of fat and fatty livers. He tested his patients who were most obese and found they were positive for the bird virus killing chickens. He came to the USA and discovered the human virus which attached to the bird virus making it transmittable to humans, then human to human transmission caused the epidemic.

        _ Bullet to the brain might attract attention. Fat pig, glutton, ect. gets no compassion. If this disease is man-made biological war, I can only admire it’s effectiveness in killing and/or incapacitating the enemy, which be we.


        • Seventy five percent of those who fail to pass the physical for the USA Military fail because of obesity. Obesity is, according to our own General, “a National security risk”.


      5. Being anti war means you have already lost. your adversaries need to know you will fight any time they are brave to challenge you. Anyone who says no one win with war is a total idiot. There are winners and losers despite the human cost. Why wouldn’t they want war it’s a good way to cull the herd And blame it on others.

      6. Note to the Chinese government: don’t even think of effin’with us.

        Under President Trump, we will look you eyeball to eyeball, and then some.

        We will not tolerate your threats. And we certainly will not put up with any war shenanigans, pretend or real.

        So huff and puff all you want. We see you for who you truly are: a bully.

        So put away your bullying because we aren’t having any of it.

        And if you study our history, you will see what we do with any foreign bully: we bury them.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Note to ‘muricans – don’t ever mess up with China.

          You have only been existed for some two hundred years as compared to China who has been existing for mileniums.

          China have been outlasting others.

          You’re the one who must study our history and not the other way around.

          Everyone in this world with common sense intact knows that us regime is a bully, a warmonger forcefully replacing so many governments in this world with its stooges.

          We’re not those small fishes, we’re bigger, beyond your wildest imagination.

          Mess with China and you’re guaranteed to regret you’re even existing in the first place.

          • LMAO, face the facts you must be Chinese with that comment, havn’t you guys lost basically every war through out your history? Also America is over 500 years old not 200 like you said. Japan is the size of California (just one of our 50 states) And Japan has kicked your ass in war how many times?
            Good luck China your gonna need it.

          • Hey Face,

            Can you read English? Maybe you can’t. Nowhere did I advocate that we should ‘mess’ with China.

            I simply said if THEY mess with US, they WILL be met with the FULLEST resistance!

            Which is why they haven’t launched against us or invaded with their troops. They KNOW of which I SPEAK, face.

            And Face, they ARE messing with US! Through their BULLYING!

            And we, and Mr. Trump aren’t having it.

            Why are YOU?

            I guess YOUR history book ain’t written in English.

            Time for you to face the truth, face.

            – the Lone Ranger

      7. Our government, under the control of the Globalists, is the bully. We invaded Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Grenada. We have also bombed Yemen, and Serbia. I may have forgotten one or two. And while we were allegedly fighting communism in Viet Nam, our State Department was backing communist insurgents in Rhodesia, South Africa, Southwest Africa, Zaire, Mozambique, and Angola. The government in Washington wrote the book on bullying. The Chinese aren’t in the Gulf of Mexico. But we are in the South China Sea. There is oil in the South China Sea. And our bully’s are going to try and take it from the people who live in that area. Sheesh.

        • If we are planning to take oil in the South China sea, that’s just what states do. Humans throughout history have always sought advantage over others. Often by force. Losers call it bullying.

          • Khemp, objective observers call it bullying. Losers are narrow minded individuals that can’t accept facts.

        • Him


          Lots of truth in that.

      8. So many rediculous comments. In the end so many will die for nothing. What are you asking to be brought on.

        • Bucktoothbarbie, yes these commenters are classic useful idiots and they don’t even know it.

          Mention North Korea and they want to wage war against it. Ask them, Specifically what did America gain from the deaths of 36,516 Americans the last time that was tried?’ Yea, you’re looking at deer in the headlights.

          And now these idiots want to take on China….

          • Roger D, it’s NEOCONS who want war, NOT the commenters here. Go back to MSM where you belong.

        • You got it backwards–it’s the Chinese politicians bullying people throughout the area, beating the war drums, bewailing that most of their own people likely don’t want to fight.

      9. “Fascist” decree?

        How many people have China been lifting out of poverty up until now with 2020 as the goal for poverty elimination?

        How many poor people under us regime?

        2 huge political parties under the rule of American oligarchy, elites, etc ruling alternatively with not other alternatives are not the signs of usa as a fascist state?

      10. China, don’t worry about the “peace disease”;it isn’t contagious. If you want to spread the “peace disease”, you really have to work at it! Most people don’t.

      11. Chinese military doctrine and approach are built on Sun Tsu’s principles. Those not familiar with it, might benefit from reading and understanding “The Art of War” fundamentals. Even West Point teaches that to cadets.
        That being said, China could win a war without firing a single shot. All they’d need to do is dump all U.S. Bonds and that would be the end of U.S. dollar as we know if. Never underestimate the Chinese.

      12. ore gun you better stop day dream and face the really, AMERICA has been an aggressive country for years, do you think America will remain supper power for ever, where is italy, where is England, where is hitlar of germany and the rest, they have all gone down the history, same thing will be applicable to America, forget about your majority

      13. Let’s say that tomorrow…you or I had to manage the US military with the expectation of making the system to pay for itself.

        There are only three options.

        1. The USA goes full retard and elects to conquer every nation we can as the doltish Romans, Ottomans, Spanish, and USSR and Chinese Communists tried to do and create empires. We use our military might to overthrow all resistance and send the plunder back home to America. That might work for eighty years or even three hundred years but eventually will fall apart.

        2. The USA elects to sell our military as mercenaries and charge for their services and help defend other nations and likely waste countless American lives as they transition for offensive use. In other words run a global protection extortion scheme like the mafia.

        The first two are doltish ideas yet surprisingly we actually are guilty on the second one by abusing the trust of soldiers by selling them to industrialists and our so called allies….and for what is bizarre…for a pittance and lose money to boot.

        3. We remove all military assets to the USA Republic and with such an awesome nation bristling with weapons, eradicate all illegal immgration, terrorism, and live in total peace and prosperity. The USA Republic would be a UTOPIA.

        The only time we would ever send our soldiers would be to charge exorbitant fees to other nations and they would be forced to crawl on their knees to our essential military might.

        The entire waste of American superpower military juggernaut would CEASE and everyone would fear us. As they should!

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