WAR: Chilling Satellite Images Show Alarming Activity At North Korean Nuclear Test Sites

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 18 comments

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    Chilling satellite images are showing fresh new activity at North Korea’s nuclear test facility.  The activity is likely to further increase tensions with Washington and spark fears of an inevitable third world war.

    Watchdog 38 North reports that there has been a “consistently high” level of activity at the West portal of the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site.  The images show nothing new has been added to the site, but the presence and movement of the equipment at the site has significantly increased. Mining carts, vehicles, and personnel have been seen at the site suggesting a tunnel excavation is underway, as Pyongyang readies the tunnel for further nuclear testing.

    North Korean intelligence recently reported “construction had resumed at a fourth tunnel (West Portal), making it unable to be used ‘for a considerable amount of time.’” So far, the West Portal tunnel complex has not been used.  Five of the past six nuclear tests were conducted at the North Portal, but no vehicles or equipment have been seen there since September.


    Some are guessing that the recent tremors near the site have damaged the nuclear test facility, but satellite imagery cannot confirm this. It wouldn’t be the first time that North Korea inflicted damage upon itself either. The images have surfaced at the same time as CNN reported on the rogue regime’s development of bioweapons.

    Kim Jong-un could be developing bioweapons amid escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, sparking more fears that he’s shifting gears, and plowing into an even more disturbing territory.  Kim is said to have sent experts around the world to get degrees in microbiology and is making moves that suggest he will build more factories and laboratories to manufacture biological weaponry.

    The leader of the hermit nation has also steadily been acquiring new machinery that could be used to churn out deadly microbes, some United States and Asian intelligence officials have claimed. US analysts are concerned that the research could mean the regime is producing dangerous microbes and pathogens that could be loaded into bioweapons.

    A US official told the Washington Post that it is known that the North Koreans have biological agents by various means. “The lingering question is, why have they acquired the materials and developed the science, but not yet produced weapons? If it started tomorrow we might not know it, unless we’re lucky enough to have an informant who happens to be in just the right place.”

    North Korea has been quieter about their biological weapons advancements than they have been about their desire to acquire nuclear weapons.


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      1. YEAH RIGHT…Pic is SO blurry it could be anywhere….
        Got to get that war going before the people wake up to their corruption….

        • can’t even read the photo captions. What junk.

          • Entered [ Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site.  ] into google earth search box and did an overlay doesn’t look legit.
            What does seem to be legit are the Chinese troops poised to turn back refugees… But you can’t see them from google earth ?

            • “suggesting a tunnel excavation is underway”

              Or it could be something as simple as excavation of tunnels which have caved in because of all of the testing.

              • To all the Jerk Trolls from the previous EMP article. Yes I am an energy expert. Read this article.

                Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the US from an EMP Attack.

                ht tps://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/congress/2004_r/04-07-22emp.pdf

                • 2004 report? things may have changed a little since then including the who, the what, the when, the what next and the how. Otherwise spot on.

          • i bet if you zoomed in closer the bombs would say “Made In Canada”

        • hmmmm looks like the russians and chineeearony are giving kim the new stuff.

      2. We will know something is truly happening when the rats..hmmm politicians scurry under their rocks..hmmm bunkers.

      3. i think a guy could get rich if everytime trump threatens kim, if you had a fully stocked food truck, and drove it to kim’s nuke sites to feed all the engineers and workers setting up for the next launch. we could call it the “launch lunch truck”

        • Kalbi ribs, rice and kimchi witha kokakora

      4. I think this shit is damn serious and not a time for shit, juvenile silly talk. When your asses get NUKED or some nice anthrax in your children’s mouths, then we can all laugh and clap and have another drink…good job.

      5. It’s a circle jerk.

      6. Ghandi…you made a mistake. Our prime leader the ” shiny pony fag” wouldn’t know how to organize a dog fight. .and you say were making war heads. Were only good at making shitte heads. The canadians are being castrated. The government brot us a goods and service tax..totaly illegal. .no one protested .They didn’t raise our taxes this year. .just increased our property values so next year just same rate and viola more taxes…just move along sir

      7. Please ! What do you take us for ? That photo is BS ! We all have seen Google Earth and their photography is mush better. Don’t insult us anymore with this type of story

      8. Check out a Abby Martin Video

      9. The Korean War and World War I have the same pattern as so many other conflicts. At the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, out of 440 treaty clauses, no less than 419 were punitive clauses against Germany. That was by intent. England, represented by Lord Curzon and America, represented by Henry White, wanted to goad Germany into a second European war. Curzon, who as British Viceroy over India was a monetary silver suppressor, remarked about the Treaty—“It is not a peace treaty, but a break in hostilities.” Germany needed most of 20 years to have a new generation of soldiers. The Anglo-Americans literally forced Germany into another war. That, and the fact that England planned and caused the first World War to prop up the British Empire, and tried to drag us into the League of Nations afterwards. When the Korean War ended in May 1953, Eisenhower and Dulles, Secretary of State, finished what President Truman and whiskey fortune inheritor Dean Acheson started—they left North Korea Communist, so eventually the war industrial complex would have another cash cow. All these names were members of The Pilgrims Society, besides Truman, who was a guest at a meeting. Consider visiting my nonprofit site where I have nothing to sell to viewers http://www.silverstealers.net
        Henry White married into the Stuyvesants, old-line Dutch colonial wealth who also had Winthrop ancestry, of a founding family of Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Federal Reserve System, and his second wife was a Vanderbilt, considered history’s 7th wealthiest family.

      10. If a nuke exploded in the US, and they blamed N Korea, I’d never believe it was NK. More likely it’s a deep state false flag. Assassinating one or more people of power with the explosion cause enough for their target selection, the innocent are just gravy for these sick bastards.

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