Wall Street Is Actively Preparing Nuclear Attack Contingency Plans: “These Bankers Have Firsthand Knowledge Of What Is Going To Happen”

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    The Hal Turner Radio show just released an article that merits immediate attention, given the current situation regarding North Korea.  The article is entitled JP Morgan Chase issues ‘Emergency Bylaws’ for Bank to Operate after a nuclear attackJust that title alone should ring the alarm bells.  Turner listed an excerpt from these bylaws filed with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) on Wed., October 4, 2017.  These emergency by-laws deal with how the board of directors can operate after a nuclear attack has occurred against the U.S.

    If you visit Turner’s website, you’ll also see part of that actual filing, in which the bylaws will come into effect in the event of an atomic or nuclear disaster.  Biological or chemical terrorist activity, too, is mentioned.  If you ponder this, an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack on the United States would also spell “curtains” on the controls for the nuclear power facilities in the country.  We would see significant problems and potential meltdowns for numerous atomic piles across the nation.

    There are also a couple of “kicker” phrases in this submission.  One of them is that the Board of Directors cannot be held liable for any decisions made during the emergency except for “willful misconduct.”  The bylaws hand anyone on the board of directors a “get out of jail free” card and allows them to stymie anyone’s attempt to remove funds or use any credit.  The second “kicker” phrase is the prize winner, though, and here it is:

    “Section 11.03.    Quorum.  At any meeting of the Board, or any committee thereof, called in accordance…the presence of one director shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.”

    And who might that one director be?  Well, who’s the CEO of JP Morgan Chase?  None other than James “Jaime” Dimon.  Guess what?  Dimon would be safeguarded in the event that COG (Continuity of Government) operations took place, as JP Morgan Chase is the largest and most important bank in the United States.

    Going back through the years, it was Dimon who oversaw the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) bailout to JP Morgan courtesy of the taxpayer via the Treasury department…to the tune of $25 billion.  Dimon is a Democrat, and he has contributed large sums of money to the Democratic Party, as well as to Obama.  He also “dabbled” in trading in 2012, where on his “behalf” JP Morgan Chase sustained a $6.2 billion loss on derivatives speculation.  Dimon fooled investors and led investigators on a wild goose chase that did not enable them to pin anything on him.

    Dimon served as the head of President Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum and was also appointed the head of the Business Roundtable. When it comes time to hide the rulers underground, Jaime Dimon will be with them.  Does it make a difference?  Depending on the extent of the damage sustained after the attack, it depends.

    The importance is in the forecasting…the “telegraphing” of the punch…the scrambling of the rats prior to the ship going down: bylaws have just been filed with the SEC by the largest bank in the country for the express purpose of governing corporate policies after a nuclear attack.

    Rothschild liquidated a great deal of U.S. assets in recent weeks, and Paul Singer (billionaire investor and oligarch) expressed concerns for client positions and vulnerabilities in the event of an EMP attack.  For several years, leading bankers have been leaving the industry and retiring quietly with assets to prepositioned secure facilities both private and government-owned.

    This latest move of filing bylaws with the SEC by the largest bank in America should not be taken lightly.  These bankers have firsthand knowledge of what is going to happen…as the government needs these bankers and oligarchs to maintain the established political, economic, and social order in the event of any crisis.  Take a page out of their book.

    Those” behind the throne” look at the long-term picture as well as the short term, and they act upon what they see, regardless of whether the crisis happens.  They play all the options and the positions are covered.  They address all of the possibilities, and give themselves better odds if those possibilities become probabilities and then occur.  Always watch the oligarchs and follow the money, to include the companies that control it and their policy decisions.  Follow the money, and you’ll see what moves are being made on the chessboard and can better determine when the possibilities become reality.

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    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. It’s inevitable we’ll someday see nukes unleashed in anger again somewhere in the world.

        The tragedy here, though, is that we could make all nukes 90% less lethal, if only the affected populations had been taught beforehand what to do and not do from the first instant of that initial flash.

        ‘Physicians for Civil Defense’ shows how you can easily protect your family by googling GOODNEWSNUKE.

          • I have first hand knowledge too…a lot of us are going to be “tits up”, aka “flying the marble kite”, “worm food” and on and on.

        • Definitely,
          Lots of misconceptions about nuke weapons.

          • More bullshit fear porn. Hey JJ what about the nork emp? Jade helm?now this piece of financial news from the badass green beret himself. Are/ were you related the the real 3rd group green beret Jeremiah Johnson who was recently killed in Africa? You’re a dispicable fraud.

        • Agreed…somewhere, sometime nukes will come again and God help us. If we have it we’ll use it.

          However, I have grown weary of the doomsday and end-of-the-world articles like this one. This is a classic example of that doomsday porn. sure one day it may happen…but dear God enjoy life while you have it. Scream and howl at the moon, play football with the kids, get drunk, make love all night, sleep on the beach…but dont dwell on this krap.

          • I agree. Making preps should be just like getting fire or medical insurance, it then let’s you enjoy life more, sleep sounder, knowing your bases are better covered, whatever may come.

          • Which is why there is this old saying…….ignorance is bliss. Really, If our Country attacked North Korea, It would be WWIII and 1/4 worlds population would be gone. America completely destroyed because China and Russia won’t let us get away with it. Sodomite America will be finished because she has embraced evil, even though we have a church on every corner, and a Bible in every book store. Our Country has become wicked, the murder of babies and the selling of their body parts, sodomite marriage, and good being called evil and evil good. You see her death march. Kind of like that movie full metal jacket where they finally get that sniper that has taken out some of their men. She tells them to kill her, kill me, kill me but the soldier says Fxxx her. Let her suffer. America is at that place where she is begging to be killed. You know…..
            If Washington rose from the dead……he would start another revolution.

          • Here-Here at last a sensible comment.Life is for living not sitting in a corner and constantly checking your bug out kit.

          • hey I agree with you TOTALLY..I’m 76 and have heard this sort of thing for more years than I wanna remember!!

            love what you said….I might add, enjoy your favorite dessert more than once a week!! lol……..

            but you are so right…..don’t dwell on this stuff!!!

            life is here for us to enjoy while we can, so ENJOY IT!!!!

      2. Shane, it’s VERY interesting that this article appears at the same time of heightened tensions with North Korea AND Iran.

        • Also, something big has to be unleashed soon to eclipse Las Vegas shooter true back story blowing up in their faces, too.

      3. Those elites won’t last for long in those underground bunkers. Find those air vents and seal them up. A certain scene from the movie “The Dirty Dozen” comes to mind…..

        • Damn straight TDBh. My first thoughts ran on similar lines. Like, “those Wall Street scum best be ready to be BBQ’d alive by the hordes of people who want to dine on ‘fat cat'” . Hell, a nuke attack would level the playing ground in more ways than one. Money’d be worthless. Those of us who have put away tools, guns and lead and whatever else we individually deem worth something would have the upper hand. Just read an article about how millennials need a video tutorial on ‘how to use a tape measure’. Yeah, those Wall Street pigs don’t stand a chance.

          • Heartless, yep the wall street pigs will be screwed. Their time is coming.

        • DB
          That was a great movie. I’m former USAF/SOF and your right on target with the bunker air vents. Usually hidden in bushes or shrubs to conceal. Find the vents and those below belong to you.

          • Hey yes great movie are you a southeast coast guy

      4. At this point its not suprising could they also be readying themselves for the supposed civil war to start on nov 4th? If there are folks clad in all black and face masks hell even wearing commie red on the 4th will likely get you shot, at least on my 5 mile strip of rd i know its unlikely for me to encounter anyone on 4th because im on a farm more than an hour to nearest town and im in a real conservative part of texas but if i do ill be proud to do my part as a straight white alpha male patriot. Best case scenario nk can play would be to team up with russia xhina and venezuala and emp us then attempt a red dawn scenario.

        • You will know when the chinese are coming…. The mexicans will all run out and get car insurance 😛

          • I don’t get it………

            • I think he’s trying to tell you the Chinese ain’t coming. He likes to riddle. Stick around awhile, you’ll see

            • He’s trying to say that the Chinese can’t drive.
              But he’s getting them confused with the Koreans.
              It’s the Koreans that can’t drive for sh-t.

              • You’re right. My bad

      5. Solid gold get out of jail free card issued just like after 9-11. No justice no freedom.

      6. J.J.,
        Nice piece. If you’d like to chat with a soon-to-be strategic security doctor, you have my email.


      7. Jim Rickards thinks there will be war with NK in the New Year. Halfway through the interview is the NK part. https://youtu.be/arJyIOM1cs4?t=1

      8. Welcome the serfdom, mes amis. And Jaime Dimon’s real name is, I think, King John (there’s a REASON why there have been no “King Johns” in England since his reign.

        I’m only surprised the vile Geo. Soros and his dog (or at least a few of his Antifa brownshirt leaders) didn’t constitute a “quorum.”

      9. Just a matter of time. And that Genie won’t be put back in the bottle either…

      10. Thank you Mac for the link to the By Laws. And, thank you for this site!

        • Thanks for reading!

        • The real axis of evil resides in Basel Switzerland. Ever wonder why Switzerland has never been in a war or attacked?

      11. ONCE THE FIRST NUKE GOES OFF (AND IT WILL EVENTULLY)……the genie will have left the bottle, and all hell is going to break loose. Take that to the bank.!!!

        • I agree! All hell will break loose even here in the states.

      12. We are losing the rule of law. When that is gone, so is not only justice, but a whole civilization. And this is not a new concept. The rule of law is the central nervous system of any civilization, and runs back to the Greeks and Roman, not to mention early England and up to Blackstone. Otherwise, we become barbarians and a place where, as Sartre wrote in No Exit, “Hell is other people.” But let me correct myself; even the barbarians had rule of law as central. The 1241, the preamble of first constitution of Denmark (Jyske lov) stated:

        “The law must be honest, just, reasonable, and according to the ways of the people. It must meet their needs, and speak plainly so that all men may know and understand what the law is. It is not to be made in any man’s favor, but for the needs of all them who live in the land.”, and “If there was no law in the land, then he had most who could get the most. Therefore the law is made for everyone’s benefit, so that the just and peaceful and innocent can enjoy their peace, and the unjust and evil can live in fear of that which is written in the law, and therefore will not dare to act out the evil deeds they have in mind.”

        Truth is, under Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, there WAS no rule of law, just rulings by the lawless.

        And why do I write so much? Yes I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but as Jonathan Sacks wrote, “to defend a country you need an army, but to defend a civilization you need an education.” All the arms in the world won’t help if we have a corrupt, decadent and non-Christian population, end of story.

        Note: I am NOT saying you non-Christians here are immoral. Ultimately, you are *a*moral, in that you have no logical or philosophical basis for your ethics (as philosopher Francis Scheaffer noted, in your naturalistic worldview, it necessarily be “whatever is, is right.”) Really, your moral stances are just DERIVATIVE, and merely preference, in the final analysis. But I am NOT calling you immoral. Some are, some aren’t, and that is true of all of us. As Solzhenitsyn noted, the “line between good and evil runs through each of our own individual hearts.” ALL of us.

        • Great Read Text!!!!!!!!

        • You wrote: “I am NOT saying you non-Christians here are immoral. Ultimately, you are *a*moral, in that you have no logical or philosophical basis for your ethics.”

          The statement is not true. I am certainly against Christianity on moral grounds, yet I support the law on pragmatic grounds, which is all the foundation, ethical or moral, that is needed. This is stated clearly in the preamble that you quote. Christianity is worse than junk and is not needed for any moral basis whatsoever. In fact it makes things worse because it is based on lies, superstition, and delusion. Reality is all we need.

          • “Christianity is worse than junk and is not needed for any moral basis whatsoever”

            I’ll say a prayer for you.

      13. Take Hall Turner with a grain of salt, he was busted years ago for being a CIA /FBI operative/provocateur so he left his program back then, guess he thinks people forgot and after reading the comments here,no one even knows. google Hal Turner CIA/FBI


      14. So am I. I’m taking all my money out. Just keeping enough to make my next Truck payment.


      15. It’s called contingency planning and likely required by regulators.

      16. Problem with Prepping for EMP or in-fact any real SHTF situation where Power is out Nationwide for weeks, months, years?

        Not a chance to survive this.

        Within days of a real collapse, especially in the event of an attack, all the Nuclear fuel pools melt down & life on Earth Stops – End Of.

        • That’s not correct. I am a firefighter and have a power plant 10 miles from me. The reactor will power itself but not provide outside power. This is straight from a nuke engineer that works there. He said the core wont melt down and can power down safely. This plant was built in the late 1980’s. I cant speak for older models. Stay upwind!

      17. This is funny! The elites are assuming that they will actually be alive for long, after a nuclear attack.
        It figures though, as the elite always assume that “it” won’t happen to them.

        They’ll quickly learn that radiation has no prejudice, no preferred victims. Elite or poor won’t make a difference!

      18. The banks are getting ready….careful now for people will start closing their accounts….and banks will close. its going to be very interesting….

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