Voters Say A Civil War In Coming, And SOON!

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    A tweet from President Donald Trump last month is still hitting a little close to home for voters. A new poll is suggesting that Trump’s tweet saying a Civil War would begin if he is impeached is accurate.

    Facing the threat of impeachment, Trump quoted Pastor Robert Jeffress in a tweet saying “if the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.”

    According to the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service survey, the average American voter believes the U.S. is two-thirds of the way toward the “edge of a civil war.” The poll asked voters to rate the division in the country from zero to 100, with 100 being defined as the “edge of civil war.”

    The average response came in at 67.23. –Market Watch

    “Restoring a higher level of civility to our politics will take a dedicated and courageous group of Republicans, Democrats, and members of the media to reject the easy tactics of uncivil rhetoric that paints opponents as enemies,” Republican Ed Goeas of the Tarrance Group said in the release. Unfortunately, civility doesn’t sell.  It’s also hard to convince people to vote when everyone turns on the government and starts actually caring for and supporting each other instead.

    The respondents also don’t exactly know what they want.  They say they want compromise in government, but they also want their political party to stand up to the other one. “Our Civility Poll finds that 80% of voters say that they both demand compromise from political leaders, but want political leaders who will stand up to the other side,” said Mo Elleithee, executive director of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. “That creates mixed messages for even the most skilled political leader trying to decide whether to be a fighter or a dealmaker.”

    The poll, which interviewed 1,000 registered voters, also showed most Americans believe the political, racial and class divide is widening. The source of that division, of course, depends on which side of the aisle answered the question, reported Market Watch


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      1. When most of the military, police, veterans, gun owners, militia, 3%, preppers, bikers are on one side it probably won’t last too long.

        • Sorry but the Police and Military will only protect the Government Agents, the Civil war will be Between the citizens against the over-reaching Government and the Police and Military knows where their paycheck come from. The Printing press that can spit out money faster than you and can reload.

          The County Sheriff Dept in my FL County only protects government agents in my County. The Public is left to defend themselves, and we are their enemy. Illegal searches and stops are frequent, and obstruction and denial of services, etc, is what the public gets.

          • The military and police are our family members. To think they wont have our back is ignorant.

      2. We are in dangerous and sad times – and we need to be very watchful of the rhetoric we post anywhere – this is a *Warning* that everything we say/post can & will be used against you by someone be it the opposition or a 3LA.

        Yes this is a very sad day in America – we have pretty much lost the Republic and have been in a Cold Civil War II for at least 3 years. Its now heating up. Be aware that these times will make preparedness mandatory.

      3. Trolling and stupidity not withstanding…
        We are in a cold civil war now probably since 2016.
        Please avoid ridiculous bravado and rhetoric and understand how dangerous this is for America. The country is so massively divided that a flashpoint can happen that will cost good people their lives on all sides.

      4. Don’t fall for it. They want us to start shooting to bring on the false flag.

      5. Well… thing is for certain…and that is uncertainty.

        * And there’s plenty of that heading our way! :^)

      6. The owners and controllers of the media have said they want to destroy our country. This is not news. But now they are trying to achieve it by dividing our people into two conflicting political groups hostile to each other and unaware of the media’s malicious intentions. Nobody is talking about this. It is the real basis of what is happening right now. They are very clever to set us against one another, all the while keeping themselves out of the limelight as they feed our people reasons to fight each another.

      7. If you were high T and MYOB, you’ve been singled-out, for harassment, by someone who wants to put you in their rightful place.

        Equality has nothing to do with it, at all.

      8. I would consider it an honor to bring the rope to Washington.

      9. This is a very dangerous time in US history.
        At no other time I can remember, the nation is so massively divided that some person or event can cause a flashpoint into civil unrest and its very very possible.

        Trolls and Agents from various affiliations not withstanding…
        Be very careful what you post and how you say it – any bravado or threatening speak can and will be used against you in ways you may not have considered, against you and your families.

        Speak the truth, stay the course – we are in for a incredibly ugly fight on many fronts this election cycle.

        A red hat should not send anyone into catatonic shock or a transcript be shown as a high crime.

        GroupThink is Herd Mentality – Dont be a Herd, Think for yourself. The big MSM agenda & strategy is to alienate all Trump voters with lies, fabrications and blatant BS told and retold a million time to the point that people think its true.
        It is very likely NOT…

        I did not want to see a flashpoint or civil law II in this country as it would cause the deaths of many silly people on both sides or the isle. The America as we know it now would never recover from it. Maybe thats they agenda all a long…

        • I will NOT be careful.
          I will speak what is on my mind.
          I will STAND against Evil when ever it is before me.
          I will not go Along with the Nutjob Communist like King Beto, Queen Pelosi. America has a constitution.
          I WILL STAND. I will speak. I will not be silenced.
          My Family will stand.
          My Neighbors will stand.
          My Synagogue will stand.
          This will NOT become a Globalist China Communist country without many Americans dead. We will ALL Stand.
          We will keep our Constitution with Bill of Rights INTACT, or we will ALL die.” We will defend our nation against ALL enemies foriegn or domestic.” We Love America.
          Liberty or Death. May God be with us.
          Is that subtle enough for you?
          Is that quite enough? Careful enough.
          Doubt this censored site will post such a reply. But there it is.
          “Come and Take It.”

          Imagine if the jewish people were well armed in 1939. Imagine if they came together and fought like warriors against the Evil.
          We will will NOT go quitely to camps. Never Again.
          We will STAND.
          We will not be fearful and silent.
          We will not cower in fear.
          We will STAND. The Shield of David before us.

          A communist style coup will Not be allowed. The communist democrats must Respect the electorial process.

          We Americans best better learn to get along and love one another as fellow Americans. Divide and conquer, race, religion, left/right, rich/poor.
          We MUST ALL come together.
          Because there are very dangerous enemies China-Russia-Iran-North Korea. They will ALL fight as ONE against the USA.
          We are outnumbered. And their communist drivel has infiltrated our country as a deadlty devisive disease.

          Free Hong Kong
          Stand up against Technology Tyrants and Communist China.

          • Well-stated and well-agreed with, Brother STAND! “Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!” –John 1:47

            “And Uzziah prepared for them throughout all the host shields, and spears, and helmets, and habergeons, and bows, and slings to cast stones. And he made in Jerusalem engines, invented by cunning men, to be on the towers and upon the bulwarks, to shoot arrows and great stones withal. And his name spread far abroad; for he was marvellously helped, till he was strong.” –II Chronicles 26:14, 15

      10. We are already involved in an ideological civil war.
        Contrary to what you see/read on/in the American hating MSM
        the democratic/socialist liberals are losing. Most of the thinking American voters clearly understand what is going on and why.

        This IMHO is the swan song of the democratic party as a National party – they are done.

        God forbid this stupidity morphs into a shooting action the left would be slaughtered

        KAG 2020

      11. Apparently Pelosi and pencil neck never heard the phrase, WE THE PEOPLE. We will not go away quietly in the dark with our tails between our legs.

      12. The progressive party is making every outright and obvious effort to just plain take over. They think they have the majority of the population on their side and this will allow them to accomplish the take over. They want to redefine morality (basically allow every form of thinking as acceptable unless its conservative), seize all wealth (which would be a really fun party for about one year and then total collapse), flush the constitution down the toilet (already having good progress with this due to activist judges), and create a system where they try to make everyone think they are finally equal. Where everyone has the same as the person next to them. Where nobody has to work. Where medical care is free. Where rent is free. Where transportation is free. Where nobody pays utility bills. But, by the time the smoke clears, everybody is broke, nobody produces anything, food and medical care is rationed, and we are just like all the other poor countries.

      13. It’s not a revolution coming my friends, it’s your demise, got it, demise. While this revolution takes place whom will be supplying the wondermanna and coca cola and Oreos to sustain this fight? You suppose at this point the Wal-Mart is going to have shelves burgeoning with delicious goodies? You going to be pulling Hostess Twinkies out your azz? What are the factions? What are the sides? Demonrats and Returdlickins? Rednecks against cityslickers? Righty against lefty? Inny versus outy? What the citizenry should be doing this very moment is marching enmasse (and heavily armed) right straight to Washington C.C. (corruption central) and stomping the shit right out of this traitorous cuntgress, the ABC flunky agencies, the bankers lobbyists and the rest of the miscreant lecherous scumbags at all levels of the shitshow emanating from C.C. The degeneracy is epochal, breathtaking. Even more breathtaking is the apathy on full display of the mother’s and fathers and granny and grandpa of America so gutless they won’t stand-up and defend the children. What a disgrace. Just shameful. The chickens are coming home to roost GD fools.

      14. Fellow Americans
        Those who have worked long at, have successfully labored to inflame the people in America with gross misrepresentations. They have infused into the people’s minds a system of opinions, repugnant to the true constitutional nature of our nation, and to THEIR “subordinate” relation to its laws. They now openly avow their revolt, hostility and rebellion in the guise of false patriotism.
        They have violated our systems and laws and are collecting false witness against our President; they have seized the public media, our educational places, and assumed to themselves legislative, executive and judicial powers, which they already exercise in the most arbitrary and abusive manner.
        The authors and promoters of this desperate conspiracy have, in the conduct of it, derived great advantage from the application of our Founders’ intentions of our Constitution and their alternative misinterpretation of the same construct. They mean only to amuse by vague expressions of attachment to the true Constitution, and the strongest protestations of loyalty to the Nation, whilst they are preparing for a coup d’état disgusted as a Formal Impeachment Process of our President, in the dark spaces that separate their words, used in their Oath of Service.
        On our part, though it was declared in our last session of congress, that a rebellion existed within the government leaders to frame the President of conspiring with a foreign government to interfere in the Presidential Election process was proven false. Yet, even after that 3 year long, waste of millions of TAX Dollars, it was proven to be a malicious attempt at destroying the Presidency, his party and void the vote of the PEOPLE. And yet we still only wish to reclaim rather than subdue.
        The resolutions of our expectations of our Government hosts a breath a spirit of moderation and forbearance; conciliatory propositions accompany the measures offered to be taken to enforce authority; and we believe that coercive acts can be adapted to cases of criminal combinations amongst subjects in our Federal Government Leadership to just agreeing to cease and desist at these actions.
        We have acted with the same stable temper; anxious to prevent, as if it is still possible, the effusion of the blood of our Fellow Citizens; and the calamities which are inseparable from a state of civil war; still hoping that some of our people in the American Congress would have discerned the traitorous views of their peers and assailants of these crimes, and have been convinced, that to be a subject member of that part of that group of traitors, with all its consequences, is fully and undeniably U-American.
        We solemnly hope and pray that many of these unhappy people in our Congress may still retain their loyalty to the USA, and may just be too wise [not] to see the fatal consequence of this usurpation, and wish to resist it, yet the torrent petulance their position of power affords them, has been strong enough to compel their acquiescence, till a sufficient force shall appear to support them.
        We the People are standing now, as that sufficient force. Speak now or forever hold your peace, your silence will be held as your consent.
        This rebellious coup d’état that has been levied, has become more general and is manifestly carried on for the purpose of establishing an contemptuous and volatile division within our culture and civility of our sovereign nation.

        We need not dwell upon the fatal effects of the success of such a plan.
        This targeted land and its people are too important, the spirit of the American nation too high, the resources with which God had granted her and hath blessed her with. They are too numerous to contemplate giving up, even when so many misguided, misinformed and uneducated citizens of TRUTH have been infected with such maleficence. Their stupidity has not yet replaced the seeds which she has planted with great industry, nursed with great tenderness, encouraged with many commercial advantages.
        Let it be known, if we are aggressed upon by the architects of this false dichotomy, we shall suspend all stable temper and moderation and forbearance and commit every necessary and unnecessary and unthinkable act of unmentionable fury, no hell could ever reinvent to protected and defended what our God has bestowed upon us.

        “It is now become the part of wisdom, and (in its effects) of clemency, to put a speedy end to these disorders by the most decisive exertions.
        Our elected, Federal Representatives are conducting an objective, offensive maneuver using CIA Operatives, FBI Agents in command positions, Judiciary Leadership, an UN-FREE PRESS and Media, to destroy us from within.

        Brother and Sisters, these are The Domestic Enemy we swore to defend against.
        We shall conduct a Redress of Grievances in the public forum, petition our government as outlined in our laws as the proper way to render an objection to Government
        But…. it ought not be brushed off or ignored by those whom it is directed towards. Although it would be more likely that if fall upon the deaf ears of the Federal Leviathan.
        For this purpose, we should be prepared to increase our state militia establishments, and greatly augment our tactical force preparedness with uniformity; but in such a manner as may be the least burthensome to our cause and under the laws in which we are to abide, fully.
        It is time to be heard.
        It is time to end the nonsense.
        1 minute longer and it will be time to do something else.
        Once again, it is time to join or die.

        • Did not they collect false witness against Jesus the Christ, the living son of GOD.

          Jesus is the son of GOD.

          How much more will evil lie against anyone who stands for what is right.

      15. Many states have instituted mandatory mail in voting if you ever did it.

        Plan a vacation and sign up for a mail in ballot and they lock you in. It takes overa year to opt out.

        Mail in ballots are completely untrustworthy. Local officials will replace your ballot at any opportunity with their choice.

        • I was speaking with an officer of the court about this mail in ballot crap, he told me flat out, if the liberals don’t like how you voted, the have a ballot just waiting to replace yours with.

          Or even two for one.

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