‘Voluntary’ Home Inspections for Illegal Weapons, Toy Guns: Police Searches “Help People Make Themselves Safer”

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    UPDATE: Due to public outrage, the police department in this story was force to cancel their home inspection program, for the time being. See below.

    The tyranny around us is all an illusion. Everything you see is for your safety.

    Repeat: It’s all for your safety.

    So are the new, unwarranted police home searches for weapons… in fact, they are just voluntary. Explicit consent instead of implied consent. Even pretend.

    While we’re at it, there’s a dress rehearsal for martial law going on in Los Angeles with Marines in full combat gear, just after real martial law in Ferguson during months of protests and riots.

    Until today, police in Beloit, Wisconson, a city with about 37,000 people, were asking residents to open their doors to “voluntary” home inspections so police can look for illegal guns… and whatever else they might find:

    As part of its new “Consent to Inspect” program, authorities in Beloit, Wisconsin, want residents to open their doors so they can come and inspect for illegal guns without a warrant.

    The effort is part of a new push to help get firearms off the streets in an area that has suffered an uptick in homicides this year. Beloit Police Chief Norm Jacobs feels that gun violence is a disease and his new program, which asks local residents to allow officers to come by and search for firearms and even modified toy guns, is a step to a cure.

    It stands to reason that a voluntary search for illegal guns (which ones are they?) might well include police tracing, databasing and verifying serial numbers, owners and/or purchase histories as well. Oh, and of course, investigation of any other contraband or regulated items of interest, etc. Slippery slope.

    But it is all just friendly fun and games.

    The local news piece made it seem like a favor for a good neighbor:

    Amazingly, Police Chief Jacobs tried to convince people his officers would be looking for weapons the residents themselves didn’t know where there! As Wisconsin Public Radio reported:

    Jacobs said he hopes some searches will result in the discovery of guns they didn’t know were in their own homes. He said that there’s also a chance they’ll find guns linked to crimes.

    After the news of this program drew heavy fire from critics and rights advocates, Jacobs decided to cancel it:

    “The Beloit Police Department is withdrawing its offer, made this past week, to inspect homes for illegal weapons. The initiative was suggested by Chief Norm Jacobs as a way of helping the community deal with gun related violence, which has resulted in over 51 shots fired and six of eight homicides that occurred in the City so far in 2014.

    While the program was strictly voluntary and required a signed release before police could enter a residence, numerous individuals have expressed concerns about the fact that people’s homes would be inspected or searched as part of the process. At this time, the department is withdrawing it’s offer under this initiative, and will be submitting the program to the City’s legal office for further review.”

    And good thing this ridiculous program was canceled before it got started, as it is all the more ridiculous once you find out what ELSE police would be looking for:

    “That’s really what we’re looking for,” he said. “Maybe we’ll find a toy gun that’s been altered by a youngster in the house — and we know the tragedies that can occur there on occasion.”

    Police Search for Toy Guns: Fake-Armed Children a Menace in Schools, Streets and Homes

    So “altered” toy guns are a big “problem” for police, huh? Dangerous, even.

    A cursory search finds the most relevant case of an altered toy gun creating a tragedy is the recent case in Cleveland, which TIME magazine spun into its headline: Toy Guns Create Deadly Problems for Police. Actually, the deadly part of the problem was for the 12 year-old boy who, while perhaps acting recklessly, was only carrying a toy gun. Despite being warned explicitly in the 9-1-1 call that the gun was “probably fake,” police arrived on scene and killed him unhesitatingly within seconds (as video shows), without any attempt at mediating a surrender.

    Yes, toy guns are a big problem – because they trigger a dangerous response.

    That’s why kids have been arrested and expelled from schools all over the country for playing with, drawing or even imagining fake, toy guns or gun-shaped pop tarts.

    One California school even held a gun buyback program for toy guns. Why the emphasis on toy guns? Is it conditioning young children to lose their 2nd Amendment rights? Sure, but there’s another reason.

    The Denver Public School system actually acknowledged that over-response by police was the real reason that toy guns were such a problem, after it arrested a group of boys who brought BB guns to school. Denver school “safety officials” told Fox 31:

    “Bringing anything to school that looks like a real weapon can create a dangerous situation for our students… as police and security could perceive a serious threat and respond by using their own weapons.

    In other words, police have been trained to shoot children if they are carrying guns, real, fake or imaginary.

    Remember, some members of law enforcement have actually been training with targets of children, pregnant women and the elderly.

    Increasingly, and sadly, many law enforcement officials are literally trained to see members of society as a threat… even in their own homes, when carrying toy guns, and etc… and there’s absolutely no room for common sense.

    In fact, common sense has nothing to do with it.

    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin



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      1. We have badges, we know what is best for you.

        Sarc off.

        • It makes one wonder just how in the hell do these kind of shit-for-brains get in office.

          • I WONDER WHAT CRACK PIPE THERE ON ????????

        • Well, there goes my golf clubs.

          • Ask cop about guns he/she brings to your home (on the side, in vehicle).

          • Next thing they will “look” for is Hornet and Wasp Spray for Home Defense.

            I carry Hornet and Wasp Spray in my car instead of pepper spray. It’s more effective and CHEAPER and had more content than crowd control sized pepper spray. Also it does not expire as quickly!

            What I do in put 2 large cans in a “Wine Tote – Extra Durable Neoprene 2 Bottle Carry Bag From Sidekick – The Ideal Thermal & Travel Protection”. This can be found at Amazon. It protects it from heat and cold and hides what it is from people.

            Wasp spray can have effects similar to pepper spray when used for self-defense, and some have advocated its use for this purpose. It’s an effective legal tool to keep in you car and can be used against a crowd of people. Please note, Wasp spray is a poison, and will affect the attacker until they visit the hospital for an antidote. You could find yourself sued if you used wasp spray and it harmed your target.

            Second I have started carrying Pistol Grip Pepper Spray ( a large can useful for crowd control – NOT allowed to carry). When I carry it I put it in a NEOSLING, Adjustable Neoprene Bottle Holder. It slings over you shoulder, can’t tell I have it on me.

            Sorry for the long post. I’m just trying to share some things I’m doing to stay safe.

            • Nice tips. Wasp spray it is!

              • Kimber makes an excellent pistol grip pepper spray and there are several holsters available for it.


            • I guarantee you will be sued if you use insecticide as a defensive weapon, especially a crowd. I’ll pass on being bankrupted by the scumbags for chemically blinding someone, thank you.

              Shooting your assailant is a lot more acceptable. Premeditated mayhem and maiming is not.

              • Another point is that there is no self defense argument in poisoning cases. You will be guilty. You will go to prison. You should probably buy pepper spray or a tazer. Google wasp spray for self defense before you do something stupid!

        • I now have to teach my child that law enforcement is the greatest danger in her life. The chance encounter of her with law enforcement resulting in false arrest, assault, brutality, and even being murdered by an encounter with police exceed that of being mugged, rob, or raped on the street. Police no longer “Serve and Protect”, but
          “Arrest or Kill”. Law enforcement are under no obligation to protect people. The sole duty of police today is to arrest and act as revenue agents for the city and/or county and enforcer in which they are employed to protect those in positions of power against the common people.

          • I have herd from several people who have gone through a SHTF event, that the last thing you want to do is get the police involved, in anything.

            One person said that it is vital to have a silencer for home defense. So that things can be handled quietly. People don’t look for the type of criminals that commit home invasions (i.e. nobody cares if they just disappear). I’m just saying what I heard. It’s something to think about.

            • Oh, don’t forget the shovel!

            • If I could find a place to get silencers for the guns I hope to own one day…..I’d of had some already

        • I will not allow them in even with their shit piece of paper, much less invite the bastards in. Yes I will back that up with lethal force before they even get close to the doors.

          • FP, I’m right there with you.

            • Guys, know this: if they come to the door and they want in, never let them in. If they have a warrant, ask to see it. If they pass you a piece of paper, take it, look at it thoughtfully, then say, “Your warrant is not valid.” and at the same time, slam the door and lock it.

              NEVER EVER let police into your home.

              Warrants are specific and restricts them in what they can search for. If you take the warrant, for instance, and it looks legit and you tell them, “OK, assholes, looks like I have to let you in.” and you stand aside, guess what? You just “let them in” and invalidated the warrant. Now EVERYTHING IN YOUR HOME IS EVIDENCE FOR ANYTHING THEY WANT TO ACCUSE YOU FOR. If the warrant is valid, lock them out, they will find a way in. You’ll have to replace the front door, but, that will be the least of your worries if they REALLY have a warrant. If the warrant is real they will be limited in what they can search for.

              See, police are trained to lie. They’ll hand you a reciept from Wal-Mart and tell you its a search warrant if they think you’ll accept it. They don’t give two shits (or even one) about YOUR rights.

              BTW, never get mad at police. Always talk to them respectfully
              because if you don’t, they’ll see through the veil and instantly start doing the beatdown.

              Do not let your language betray your true intentions. Play the game like they do: LIE.

              The police have one intention: support the state. That is their ONLY intention. While that may or may not include your well being, you just don’t know.

              Never let them in. Warrants are NEVER valid. Never stand aside and never cooperate. Also, realize, everything they tell you is a lie. From the first word that they speak until the last. In their official capacity, the truth never impedes their progress. They are police, policy enforcers. They are not Law Enforcement. Law is Law. Color of law is policy. They are police.

              They claim you as their enemy. Understand this. All rules stem from the following statement:

              They claim you as their enemy and they are immune to any type of accountability except failure to execute their function.

              • lol…reminds me of a movie where they flashed a piece of paper in the homeowner’s face before pushing their way into the home.

                “Punk ass, bitch ass, crooked ass cop.”

                ————————Training Day———————

                I had a couple deputies show up here with a warrant. I told them said person was not here (truth). They said could them come in and see for themselves. I said “Hell, no. Now, if we’re done here please get off the property.” I went back in. They sat in their cruiser for about 15 minutes and eventually left.

                • In the event martial law is established I have pre-printed signs (for my windows) that state my refusal to allow access to my land and dwelling.

                  I figure at the least it will save me from having to answer my door.


              • Is this true? I have a hard time believing this? Are there any police here that can validate this? I have never posted before, but I think there is, but I can’t think of their name….I think one is a Seargent.

                • Research it for yourself…don’t ask a cop. They lie for a living. They are trained to lie until it becomes their nature. Never even talk to cops….much less ask them a question.

              • Color of Law looks soooooo nice,esp the “WARNING-seek legal advice immediately if you do not understand”- then the listing violations of 3 USC on and on-
                PROBLEM IS NO ENFORCEMENT ,so WTF ?
                the esteemed FBI claims JURISDICTION AND DOES JACK DIDDLY.
                those of us out here still fighting CPS or the adult version VIA TX probate code crap where the same illegal actions occurred and are sanctioned by these bs courts 2 continue to occur, KNOW THERE IS NO ENFORCEMENT OR EVEN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of your filing.

              • Yeah, you need to get those metal cross bars across your front door and back door– let the bastards kill themselves trying to break in!

                • Done, Looking for thicker bars and Beefier mounting and hinges.

          • Last year a cop knocked on my door to ask about a car parked blocking the road. It was the neighbors who ran out of gas. I helped push it, sure glad I didn’t shoot him…..

        • That’s NOT tyranny. If they (cops) still have to ask, then there is still no problem with our rights-YET. The problem is with people who either don’t know what their rights are, or not asserting those rights. It starts with any cop who comes to the door: never open your door to anyone that you don’t know. You can always talk through the door. Once you open your door anything they can see, smell, or hear that can be construed as illegal can be used as ‘probably-cause’ under the ‘plain-view’ doctrine; then they don’t need no stinking warrant. Get a name and phone number through the door and call them later. Never, never, never let a cop into your home-PERIOD!

        • Badges, we don’t need no stinkin badges.

          • Where da white women at???

        • I haven’t been able to spend much time on the Internet lately and whenever I do come here to see what’s happening, its really mind boggling to see how much worse things have gotten@!!!

          I would just ask… how much did the Federal gov’t give the states to put this program into action. Because, be assured, that’s what it comes down to… that’s how the US gov’t gets by with all the shit they do– they pay people/states off!!!!

        • Only foolish whites would open their doors for this madness.

          • Or black grandmothers and grandfathers with gangbang kids living with them.

            I’m pretty sure the idea was to get to where the punks live, and not some door to door campaign.

      2. Of course, EVERYONE has a gun lying around the house that they can’t find. The government agents who are tasked to “serve” and “protect” only have their…. I mean…. your best interests in mind.

        This cop is the kind of person who doesn’t understand those three simple words:

        I CAN’T BREATHE.

        I am amazed at what people think is a good idea. Even now, this cop probably cannot understand where it all went wrong. Must be something wrong with the citizenry.


        • Actually I have a whole bunch of stuff I cannot find, I’d like to have about 4 cops to carry out all the stuff in the house so I could get everything done, take them about 2 days,

          • Paranoid, anytime I “misplace” something around my house, I do my own “home inspection” to find the item. I don’t need any outsiders to do it for me.

        • Yeah but, the guy really could breathe….because he was able to talk. I always heard that if you can talk then that means you can breathe.

          • exhaling while talking is a whole lot different than breathing in you moron……..

            And people actually buy that line of shit.

            • You’re an idiot, BJ. Certifiable.

              Only a moron like yourself would try and tell us you can exhale but not inhale.

              Try another belief system, the one you’ve developed isn’t working.

      3. Absolutely the dumbest thing I have read in a long tome. Gave me a great laugh. Who the hell has a gun and does not know it? Never ever give consent to the police to search anything. I have seen that done on young mans car and he was hassled over a knife in the trunk of his car. It is not what they do today it is what they remember for tomorrow. They note things down.

        • This really is not that complicated. RULE #1, don’t talk to COPS. RULE #2, Don’t tell your neighbors what you have. RULE #3, NEVER let a cop in your house without a valid and SPECIFIC warrant…NEVER for any reason.

          NEVER LET A COP IN YOUR HOUSE…if THEY enter illegally, SHOOT THE ASSHOLES! Anyone entering my house wearing a MASK to conceal THEIR identity is a CRIMINAL. SHOOT ON SIGHT!

          • Truth avenger, spot on. I just hope the last thing you mentioned in your post can be avoided. I get so sick of this term “illegal gun”. ALL firearms are authorized under the 2nd Amendment and always have been. I don’t recognize the concept of an “illegal gun”. ANYONE WHO FORCES THEIR WAY INTO MY HOME WILL DIE, PERIOD. WHAT PART OF ‘NO’ DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND? THEY CAN TAKE THEIR IDEA OF HOME INSPECTIONS AND STUFF IT.

            • The only “illegal” guns are the ones possessed by the .gov that they ban civilians from possessing. There is no such thing as an illegal gun in the possession of American citizens. Tyranny voids all laws.

            • put THE WARNING NOTICES right on the doors and it doesn’t have to be BIG AND NASTY looking either,simply POST THEM and even get a small cam/video whatever up and running as needed and INFORM THEM ACCORDINGLY as in “being YOU ARE on OFFICIAL BUSINESS,taping IS ALREADY IN PROGRESS,and being YOU ARE ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS,there WILL BE NO PROBLEMS EITHER.” YOU HAVE INVADED and DISTURBED THE PEACE upon PRIVATE PROPERTY OF THE LAW ABIDING.
              spell it all out for them.

              • Nice touch!

      4. If the coppers find illegal drugs or any kind of illegal activity… they will seize all of the assets, including home and automobiles, and auction them off.

        • I’d rather just discreetly dispose of the burned remains of the team that attempted entry on the property. I like firearms very much but there’s more than one way to skin a cat, especially a group of them wearing body armor that is very difficult to quickly remove…while on fire that just won’t go out. They will fuck with the wrong people eventually. No tears, just satisfaction.

          • Shoot, shovel, and shut up.

          • I’m thinking more of a Psychological re-examination of this Police Chief thought process. Now put your Bullet back in your pocket Barney!!

          • isn’t THAT THE TRUTH as too many ONLY associate firearms as weaponry commonly owned.
            oooooops now they might outlaw those “browning lighters” u use to put a nice crisp top to cooked/baked items etc…& only outlaws will have em.

        • Tight Lip(s)

          If they get into your home, video everything and keep your mouth shut – Answer No Questions. If they want, they will plant something to get what they want (and have). Always suspect them. Don’t turn your back on them and never trust them – ever.

        • Article Posted — thanks Night Breaker

        • Night Breaker – It almost seems like they are preparing for something?!?

          But everyone knows bankers are just paranoid crazies. Seriously, this is very interesting/disturbing! Thanks, I almost missed that article.

      5. wtf is an illegal gun?

        • In the name of Political Correctness there are no “illegal” guns.

          They are “undocumented” and most of them came to the USA for a better life.


          • 🙂

        • maybe one thats here without a green card

        • EXACTLY. It’s not like the guns themselves commit crimes or migrate across the border looking for work. Makes as much sense as “illegal cars” or “illegal books”.

        • Any gun the gun grabbers deem unfit for human possession!
          These days its guilty until proven innocent.

          • Kulafarmer, I say the gun grabbers are unfit to be breathing.

        • Guns owned or possessed by felons, handguns possessed by minors, stolen guns, etc.

      6. Anyone who consents to this is as stupid as Jonathon Gruber says they are….

      7. And the march towards tyranny continues. We had a deputy here that was robbing businesses. Then he would respond to the break in. Imagine that… a cop responding to his own break it. Well it happened many times until one of the business owners caught him on camera. The business owner had to call in the State Police as the deputy was still sitting in the parking lot in front of the business.

        Sure let them in… this way they will know who to rob first when the SHTF.

        • Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Bromus, if he forced his way into my home, he would get a dose of 00 buckshot.

      8. An illegal gun is a gun that has crossed the land border between the USA and Mexico or the USA and Canada. Or even came here on a student, work or leisure visa and never returned to it’s countyr of origin and also failed to register asto become a naturalized citizen of the USA. They will now be made legal and given the same rights and benefits as a non-illegal gun under the new a new law that allows only the top 1% to employ said guns.

      9. I’m proposing that ‘voluntary’ searches be conducted by any concerned citizen. The searches will focus on police dept headquarters, sub-stations and, of course, the private residences of the officers themselves. We will be looking for items the law enforcement officials may not have even noticed were there.
        We will, naturally, have the folks in law enforcement sign a very legal-looking release form prior to searching. This form, prepared by someone with at least an eighth grade education in the public school system, will contain a minimum of spelling and grammar errors and will, almost certainly, stand up in any court proceedings.
        If the searches uncover contraband outside the initial focus of the search, we will be more than happy to confiscate those forbidden items. However, the intent of the search is to remove dangerous things from the home/offices of our valued law enforcement personnel. It is only their safety, and the security of the community at large, we are concerned about.
        The ‘voluntary’ searches will primarily target the following items:
        Donuts with sprinkles
        Donuts without sprinkles
        Jelly-filled donuts
        Non jelly-filled donuts
        Donut holes (regardless of diameter or bore size)
        Long johns
        Bear claws
        Apple fritters
        Other lethal bakery items not specified herein
        Empty coffee cups
        Full coffee cups…

        • Krispy Kreme Kolonge…

          • Welcome back, Eppe.

          • eppe should know, he has cases stocked.

        • ties with powdered sugar on them……

        • Wish those little thumb things were still on here..

          I’d give ya 2 thumbs up!

        • SmokinOkie, welcome back and I’d give you a thousand green thumbs for that post if I could. Mac, can we have the thumbs back? Pretty please, with sugar on top?

        • Thats funny!…I was thinking along the same lines before coming on your posting!
          I remember as a kid my younger brother and me carrying our cap gun sixshooters and our cowboy hats and coming up to a cop on the street in town and having the officer put his gun fingers up and say “reach for the stars” and us boys quick drawing our pistols and firing off several rounds as the officer jerked and said”ya got me” then giving us a little jab on the shoulder and laughing and moving on down the street…alas today it wouldnt have gone well,eh?sad!
          Hate all this sitting around trying to mend this arm and all after that fall I took but as it is I am doing better…hope y’all are doing well! REB

          • Reb, those days are long gone, I’m afraid.

            Hunting guns in the racks in the pickup trucks in the high school parking lot.

            Building a gun cabinet in wood shop.

            Walking home from the day’s shooting, stop at the store for a gallon of milk, just lean the gun against the counter while you got your stuff, the cashier would watch it.

            About half the homes I was in as a youngster, through the 1970’s, had a gun cabinet, often unlocked, with glass doors, within maybe 15 feet of the front door of the house, right in the living room. Often, they were visible from the street. The well-off folks put their unlocked cabinet in a den or a study, they had the larger house for it, and the guns were more expensive, but I don’t recall even seeing a steel gun safe until the 1980’s.

      10. I really need a like button for that one, Smokin’. A thousand thumbs up.

      11. Most of the time you can watch and listen to people for a few seconds and determine if they are the authoritarian type, these freaks belong in their own jail.

      12. Medicare – Part G – Nursing Home Plan

        Say you’re a sick senior citizen and the government says there is no

        Nursing Home care available for you. So, what do you do? Our plan

        gives anyone 65 years or older, a gun (Part G), and four bullets.

        You are allowed to shoot four politicians.

        This means, of course, that you’ll be sent to prison where you’ll receive

        three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating &

        air conditioning, cable TV, library, and all the health care you need.

        Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? Covered.

        Need a hearing aid, new hip, knees, kidney, lungs, sex change, or heart?

        They’re all covered. As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit

        you at least as often as they do now!

        And, who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just

        told you they can’t afford for you to go into a home. And, you can get

        rid of 4 useless politicians while you’re at it.

        And now, because you’re a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any more

        income taxes. Is this a great country or what? Now that we’ve solved

        your senior financial planning, enjoy your week!

        MTCFMF!/RIP America.

      13. “That’s really what we’re looking for,” he said. “Maybe we’ll find a toy gun that’s been altered by a youngster in the house — and we know the tragedies that can occur there on occasion.”

        like the police gunning down a child at a playground maybe ???

        damn good thing cops didn’t kill kids with toy guns some years back
        EVERY kid in my neighborhood would be dead including ME

        • Yep, had some pretty realistic six guns that somebody gave me for Christmas one year, that and the BB gun i used to tote around till I turned 10 and was deemed ready for the 22 Marlin bolt rifle!

          • Kula, I used to have a Red Ryder BB Rifle like the one in “A Christmas Story.” And no, I never shot my eye out with it.

        • Like the little “kid” that got shot in Cleveland had removed the orange muzzle plug from an exceedingly realistic looking plastic 1911.

          I tell you what – if I see a hand go for something like that, I’m not going to wait to see if it makes a big noise. I’ve got very little sympathy for the kid, and/or whoever was his “caregiver”.

          NOT that I’d invite a municipal cop into my house on any pretext, but I have invited my local sheriff in – I had advertised a 10/22 for sale, and he was the buyer.

      14. Why Conservatives Should Oppose Torture


        in the words of George Washington

        ““Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [prisoner]. . . I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require. Should it extend to death itself, it will not be disproportional to its guilt at such a time and in such a cause… for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country,” Washington said in 1775.”

        lets repeat that last part
        “for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country,”

        shame,disgrace and ruin…

        thanks Bush and Cheney war criminals

        this country was founded by great men
        they were far from perfect
        but they were a damn sight better than the corrupt,incompetents
        that we have had for so many years now

        and 2016 isnt’t looking any better
        another Bush or another Clinton
        makes me wanna throw up

      15. Ugh…ick…damnnnnnnnnnn…..holy sheet…..don’t have the words.

      16. On Dec. 24, if her majesty Queen Barry 1st. decides to declare the U.N. Small Arms Treaty as law, we’ll all be required to register all firearms with the U.N.

        In essence, the U.N. will take over the BTAF’s job and may even station “Gun Control Agents” on U.S. soil.

        • Bring it, blue boys.

        • Well, the next revolutions got to start somewhere. Of course that’s just what the progressives want.

        • Sinner, they can take that registration crap and stuff it.

        • What firearms?

      17. What a crock of $h!+ . I believe this sboul’d start with ALL GOV OFFICIALS FIRST!

      18. Yeah. I heard this from some of my buds in Beloit, WI.

        One of the lads posited this:


        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

        • I had a similar response to a cop who stopped me on my way home, asking if he could search my backpack. I said “Sure, if I can look through your wallet”. I held out my hand. He sat there looking at me for a few seconds, then drove on.

          • Yeah, but what if he was looking for a terrorist that was described as a female wearing a backpack? I’d have no problem with that.

            • Only as long as it was a current crime in progress and she was last seen in my vicinity, at about that time, I could understand it. Anything else would simply be a fishing expedition. There are thousands of females in any given area at any given time, and the law does not give cops the authority to harass them all, simply because they have no penis, in this case.

              For me, they’d need a better description than just “female”.

              • You give in a hell of a lot easier than I do….to each his own 🙂

                • I said I could understand it, not that I’d give in to it…

              • The Law doesn’t give the cops authority to do much of anything they do in today’s time. Especially in the area of the 4th amendment….you know who whole “let me have a little looksie.”

        • Horrific torture? You know what’s horrific torture? Cutting a man’s arm off and eating it, which the Japanese did. Using prisoners for bayonet practice. (Another neat Japanese custom). Dissecting live prisoners to see how long the heart continued to function,(Nazis). Tying a prisoner to a stake and then slowly skinning him alive, (American Indians). Cutting Christian kids’ throats while the parents watch, (or vice versa), (a favorite sport of ISIS).

          I have no words fit for a family forum for those Democrats who signed off on the CIA’s procedures, then turned their coats and created this phoney “report”, which they then held until they needed a distraction (from Gruber’s testimony and/or the CRominbus sellout by the Weeper of the House).

          • OC,
            You are right on. Perhaps Satori, DiFi & Co would like to negotiate with the likes of Khalid to divulge information. The Geneva Convention is not recognized by the Terrorists and those guys are not going to be playing by your rules! Difi, Pelosi, Reid and the Dems will do anything, including ‘torture’ to serve their cause or if they felt threatened.

            • Perhaps if we weren’t over THERE raping their wives and daughters, bombing their Churches, homes, hospitals and schools over our corporate interests in THEIR oil and opium, they might’ve stay OVER THERE and left us alone.

              There still is no proof that Iraq, and certainly not the Iraqi civilian people, had a damn thing to do with 9-11.

              What was the goal of the globalists—to take down 7 countries in 5 years?

              • The war on Saddam was not predicated on whether or not he had anything to do with 9/11. I copied off the original Congressional Resolution authorizing the attack on Saddam, and after all these years it STILL says nothing about that. NOR does it mention WMDs. Both memes made up by the Democraps and their media lapdogs.

                • Exactly!!!!

      19. I’m going on a treasure hunt tonight. Maybe I will find a fine looking gun I didn’t know about that’s been at my house. Yea!

      20. Toy guns? Back in the 1960s I had a Johnny 7 and a plastic 1911 that was so real the magazine removed, slide racked back and it chambered toy rounds that fired. My Dad said, “Someone could rob a bank with that”.

        You either worshipped the sphere or played Army back then. I never did sports.

        • In 1965 I had a CO2 BB gun that was a copy of the M1 Carbine, length, weight, wood stock, you could store about 1,000 BBs in the removable magazine. The gas cartridge went in the stock, the plug for it was the only thing on it that looked non-GI.

          Used to have the best BB gun fights with it.

      21. Why would anyone allow their home to be searched?

      22. Sociopaths always gravitate towards positions of power and authority, and there should be no doubt that law enforcement is a position of power. This allows the truly sick individuals in any society, such as sociopaths, psychopaths, politicians and pedophiles (to name just a few) to get away with their crimes without bringing suspicion upon themselves. A common strategy is to convince the masses that such invasive practices are “for their own good” or are designed “to enhance public safety”.

        This incident clearly demonstrates the criminal element that exists within all positions of authority…regardless of the country or nationality involved.

        • Couldn’t have said it any better.

          1 thumb up & counting…

      23. LMAO if they actually did find a firearm you didn’t know about, they’ll hand your kids over to CPS for child endangerment. Plus if it was stolen, you get charged with that as well since it’s your house and it was in your possession.

        Let’s put it this way- if you consented to a voluntary search of your vehicle and they find a bag of cocaine, “That’s not mine” is not going to get you off the hook. Same goes for a search of your house, and since you consented voluntarily, there are basically no technicalities that could get the evidence thrown out.

        It mostly sounds like an expansion of the “nothing to hide” policy. Makes you wonder how much longer until refusal of voluntary searches is justification for a warrant in and of itself?

      24. Perhaps this “Chief” needs to submit to a C-T scan of his head. Who hired this Nazi??

      25. It’s called free speech!

        • It’s Mac’s own rule. I was just wondering if he is serious about it? Seems to me that it’s kinda like Democrats and Border Control laws – more for show than anything else.

      26. My youngest was pulled over for loud music? Cop wanted to search his car? Response was NO! Drug Dog summoned. Dog scratched Nuts! Car searched probale cause? Found NO Drugs but found, Shotgun – Legal. Found Body Armor – Legal. Found other Survial Gear – Legal. Cop I think your breaking the law with the Gun and Body Armor. Youngest response ARREST me! Cop don’t “Push it”. Youngest see you in Court! Out come he was home 20 minutes later. Morale know the Law and your rights. (Youngest was 19)

        • Very nice, you have a smart kid!

      27. Is it April the first? Surely this is a fucking joke?

        our rights are being eroded day by day. Its no better this side of the pond, the European union are bleeding my country dry.

        it cant continue surely?


      28. Thru the grapevine I heard if this idiot was allowed to start this gun search public service, that they would go door to door to politely ask if you needed your home searched. If not, a ‘special’ list of homeowners would be made for future reference.

        There are so many new catastrophes, regulations and black swans every week that it makes my head spin. You can’t tell me that everything that goes on these days is just naturally occurring. Everyone needs to beware and watch their six.
        molon labe

      29. whoa I can’t believe that I’m the liberal voice on this article but here it goes…

        I think you guys are looking at this the wrong way. I personally would never let a police officer inspect my home without a warrant and I would have real problems with this if they were going door to door asking to be allowed to inspect homes. If they were going door to door they would be using their authority as police officers in an inappropriate way to influence people to give up their civil rights. However in this case they’re not doing that! Sure their chief may have sone dumb anti-gun views, but the fact of the matter is that there are some people who worry that their children or grandchildren may have an illegal gun stashed in their house or whose long deceased husband hidden guns in the floorboards or the ceiling. As a member of the clergy I have actually had an old woman bring me two guns that she found in her attic to get rid of…guns which in my state he could not legally own or possess without a license. she was taking care of her grandchild and didn’t want them in the house. Just thinking about myself, if I died suddenly people would be finding guns for years to come, in some odd places. This program is purely voluntary, and not being suggested to people but merely offered to those who call them, the police are offering their services to the elderly and untrained, to help find hidden guns they suspect are present or to secure guns people already know about! The issue of the possibility of prosecution for other contraband aside this doesn’t seem like a hugely problematic program.

        • So why have a cop come in and search your home, why not search your own home yourself?

          • That’s too logical!
            Plus it doesn’t allow the government to slowly erode our 4th & 2nd amendments

        • Sorry Padre I’m not buying your line of reasoning.This is way beyond a little old lady that’s afraid of her dead husband’s guns. It is about rights being taken away little by little until they are gone, sorta like what is happening now. If I went to a church and a spiel like this is presented to me I’d run out of that church.

      30. Speaking of the Marines using Lost Angles as a practice ground……what’s the chances that the La Raza / Aztlan goons will one day declare it their city, by force. Kinda like ISIS in Iraq. Maybe a little practice taking it back is a good prep?????

      31. Kind of an Off topic.

        I’m from Mexico City and the articles I read in this website are not that unique or specific to America. Here we have mayor change policies within the police departments and armed forces.
        I was in the army back in 2010 but I quickly took off (Here you can retire whenever you want if you are a cadet), because I realized that not only the local and federal police were corrupt, but also the “beloved and respected” mexican army.

        Today we it’s well known that the army was/is involved in several drug cartels complicity scandals and the goverment seems to aprove from the local (municipal) presidents to the country president himself. So, long story short, all the force corporations are working for the corrupted in charge. Plus, I want to say that the people are very used to see military vehicles, infantry in full gear patrolling the streets in every mayor city… at least in the north side of the country.

        Here, in Mexico City, for a while, there has been a policy “for our own protection”. The subway, the streets, the public transport, is constantly monitored by thousands of cameras with huge video capabilities. Just in my neighborhood there are around 5-7 cameras with zoom enough to cover 350 yds, just in a couple of blocks. I mean, there is someone constantly watching us. (to keep us safe). I want to say, also, that this video material is very hard to get if you are involved in a crime or an accident, it’s rarely handed to regular civilians, it’s mostly used for crowd control and people supervision.

        Second, The local goverment just launched a program to recruit young people to form a special force police, a friend of my who is a recruit and it’s getting trained, says that is the mexican version of your SWAT teams. The thing is that the candidates must not have prior training in any armed/security corporation, and must qualify for the psichological profile. Something I learnt back when I was in the Army is that the recruiters search for vulnerable young boys with their brains fresh like a white canvas, to manipulate and build them to fulfill their zombie-like forces.

        There were huge improvements in the police gear, vehicles and so, but the crime rates or the corruption percentaje hasn’t change. The same corrupt LEO’s are still in the payroll but with better guns, better vehicles, and executing more and more programs for “our own protection”.

        I also must say that I do not fear the police but also I fear the people itself. Even though I only know about the Ferguson issue from the media and this website, I can say that we have a lot of ferguson-like neighborhoods ready to blow. The people here are like wild animals, and the sad thing is that, due the strict law for gun ownership, this animals are the only one that have guns, obtained through the black markets and trades with the cartels.

        I strongly believe that we are going to have an SHTF scenario at the same time (mid 2016), with all the students protest, people getting worse living conditions everytime, and the corrupt goverment/cartel’s controlling every main road, every city, every level of the power hierarchy.

        The people here thinks that being cornered in the house, hide, watch over their shoulders, protecting them from the corrupt police and the cartels, is normal and it’s the way it is.

        I don’t want to live like this anymore, and, even if I don’t have the prepping capabilities like some of you have, I will do anything to protect myself, my family, and survive.

        I wish you the best, Have excellent holydays. See you around.

        10-73; 10-51

        • I’d give you a green thumb if I could. Feliz Navidad!

      32. Not surprised Mac didn’t answer. It’s about what I expected.

      33. Not surprised Mac didn’t answer. It’s about what I expected.

      34. Not surprised Mac didn’t answer. It’s about what I expected.

      35. With so many laws on the books. Letting them into your house is inviting disaster. If they want to, they will find something wrong or suspicious. They can legally tear holes in your walls and then walk away also.

        And if it’s a crooked cop. What’s to say he doesn’t plant something.

        NEVER LET A COP INTO YOUR HOUSE!!! Talk to him through the door. Even if you don’t smoke Pot. Don’t give him the excuse that he smells something.

      36. This madness could only succeed in Black neighborhoods since Blacks are usually too stupid to comprehend the lessons of liberty & the effects of relinquishing it for temporary security.
        Only foolish whites would open their doors for this madness.


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