Volcano Alert: Hawaii Locals Told They Have ONE LAST CHANCE To Evacuate Island

by | May 31, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 38 comments

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    Authorities in Hawaii have renewed pleas for evacuation after a 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck close to the Kilauea volcano’s summit overnight. This is locals “last chance” to evacuate the highly volatile island.

    Concerns about safety continue to grow on Hawaii’s Big Island, as fissures spewed molten lava towards two new subdivisions.  Coupled with the massive amounts of lava flowing into homes, the earthquake near the summit has many rightly worried.

    According to the Express UK, the developments forced authorities to increase the evacuation area on Hawaii’s Big Island as police went from door to door pleading with residents still in their houses to leave before lava flows cut them off from escape routes. Residents in Kapoho, Kapoho Beach Lots, and Vacationland have been advised to evacuate by Hawaii County Civil Defence Agency. It also warned that Beach Road east of Highway 137 was at risk of “possible lava inundation” that could trap residents in the area.

    Shelters have been set up at community centers and churches in the area.  County Mayor Harry Kim issued a stark warning to residents refusing to leave their homes. “Those who decline to evacuate are on their own,” said Kim. “Our first responders would cease going door-to-door in dangerous areas once final evacuation orders are issued. First responders put themselves in danger trying to help people who had refused to evacuate.”

    More than 2,500 people have already been forced to flee their homes and authorities said lava had already destroyed 75 homes on the Big Island, including 20 in the last two days.

    Dangerous volcanic haze has now drifted some 4,000 miles away to the US territory of Guam, which warned residents with respiratory problems to stay indoors if the haze was visible. The haze could also cause issues for the Mariana Islands.  There is also the danger of “vog,” or volcanic smog, which is a noxious haze created when sulfur dioxide gas and other volcanic pollutants mix with moisture and dust which can cause severe irritation. Residents have also been warned to be on the lookout for “Pele’s hair.” Pele’s hair is sharp, thin strands of volcanic glass fibers which are carried on the air and harmful to the skin, lungs, and eyes.

    The Puna Geothermal Power plant is also being threatened once again as lava continues to inch toward more wells.


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      1. Its all being caused by the ongoing magnetic pole shift. These clatyclismic events will continue to increase worldwide both in magnitude and frequency. Its not caused by any of mans activities. Its not god punishing man for sin. Its simply something that naturally happens at the end of an age.

        • Well the earth is due for a good cleansing anyway.

          • True….but it should start in Californication, not Hawaii.

        • Pole shifts are fiction. The bible says the earth is “FIXED” and “immoveable.” There will be no pole shift and no asteroid, and no planet 9/nibiru. It’s all fiction. In Matthew 24, Jesus spoke of earthquakes, and volcanoes have always been with us.

          • Yeah! right, The bible is faked mate to keep “the believers” under control by the church.

          • The BIBLE is fiction.

            The pole shift is science.

        • Wrong.

          It is God punishing man for his wickedness. ?

          • Then what did the dinosaurs & every other extinct species do to deserve being Snuffed Out ?

            And when is it the turn for humans ?

        • OG…Would you like to bracket the age you refer to?
          I believe its in the 6000 to 15000 year bracket.
          This is as you say a regular event.

          • Yes someplace in the 6500 year timetable. Quite possible there was a pole shift during Noahs flood and during the time of the Exidious. And these events would still be occurring even if man had never existed.

        • spot on. most people are mentally limited, nice to hear from a seeker’s mind.

        • More likely a combination of the following factors: The heliosphere is shrinking. The earth’s magnetosphere is thinning. And, the large coronal hole that is usually at one of the poles of our sun is now at its equator.

      2. This post is a joke right?
        We have not been told to evacuate the entire island.
        Just areas of the Puna district.
        HCKS predicts I will be dead soon but I see
        no immediate danger. I think I’ll have a beer.

        • Rellik, I’m just glad to know you and Nail are OK. HCKS must be off his meds again, LOL.

        • Looks like another sunny day in paradise.. Volcanos have been burping for millions of years..

          Head to the boats and go fishing..

        • yeah I saw a picture showing the extent of this volcanic activity and its a smidgen of the area of that island

          sounds to me like they are making this out to be the entire island and thats just not the case

          Fear sells

        • Yup, total bullshit
          Have a friend who lives in Kohala, he said most of the time you wouldnt even know there was an eruption aside from watching or reading local news or if the trades die

        • Kilauea Just Became Much More Deadly

          Wednesday, May 30, 2018 18:29

          * * *

          AND…………$$$ 💡 $$$ 💡 $$$

          Hawaii is, at the moment, WORKING OUT the “BILL” FOR 124 YEARS of U.$. OCCUPATION ❗ occupation !

          CALCULATING REPARATIONS for 124 years of an Unjust War between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States

          SINCE 1893 💡

          30th May 2017


          * *
          HAWAIIAN Kingdom COMPLAINT filed with U.N. Security Council AGAINST the UNITED $TATE$

          On July 5, 2001, the Agent for the Hawaiian Kingdom, H.E. David Keanu Sai, Acting Minister of Interior, filed with the Security Council at United Nations headquarters in New York a Complaint against the United States of America concerning the prolonged occupation of the Hawaiian Islands since the Spanish-American War of 1898.


      3. They are not evacuating the whole island either just certain neighborhoods.

      4. I would imagine this one Volcano has emitted MOR S02 (Acid Rain) than all of mankind has since, what, 1750?

        BUT, that’s nature and that’s ok (which it is), But if inventions of the White Man do this (internal combustion engine, jet engines, Diesel engine, Coal fired Electrical Plants…..basically 99% of everything ever invented), then all breaks out…..and we want to tax the White Man.

        • Ever consider the residence time of gases in the atmosphere?

      5. Bullshit title
        The eruption is in one iddy biddy tiny corner of the BigIsland, these people have to get out of several subdivisions in what is a mostly rural area

        • Exactly, further when this volcano erupts it’s often a slow motion event, yet so many are unable to get out of the way?

          Can I ask, who the f¥€k sold these people houses built on the lava fields of one of the worlds most active volcanos? Who are the government officials who issued building permits. Can we hang these criminals?

          My heart goes out to the people losing everything, but…… Damn this is just nuts. Why didn’t they put their stuff in storage on the other side of the island a month ago?

      6. The island is really a huge mountain taller than mt Everest
        Just a small amount is above water.
        Thinking being that is things reaally go boom half the island could slide into the sea
        Then Califonia would need to worrry about a really big wave

      7. The guy talking in the video sounds totally chill

      8. It’s pimple on the butt of the World

      9. Wonder if it has affected real estate prices like can a sweet deal be had like 50% below month ago value? Take a gamble and buy buy buy. Lol

        • GS,
          It has affected real estate prices so much, the county
          is talking about raising taxes for the rest of us to cover the losses from the property taxes on now totally worthless properties in the Puna district. Tax income is the first thing Democrats worry about here.
          I think only one road is open to lower Puna. It is officially called the Government road(AKA red road)and they are working on opening up another road to get people out through the Kilauea national park.
          Property you can’t get to isn’t worth much.

          • Red Road is 137 that ends at four corners; Beach Road begins at four corners and is not a road, it is basically a one lane path that usually is not accessible unless you have 4-wheel drive. The road boys must be doing some work to make it passable for car traffic. Beach Road empties into Beaches/Shores where my family is. If that road is cut off, the entire coast line (from possibly the lighthouse) to Pohoiki 132 would be lava locked.

            Chain of Craters runs right next to the Overlook Crater and I cannot imagine them seriously letting cars go over that road even if they clear the lava from 61g lava flow away. Cars would be within 1 mile of the crater which is pretty dangerous right now.

            The lava is moving up through Waa Waa and it is nail biting time for those in Kapoho area, and not too much less anxiety in Nanawale and Beaches/Shores.

            It really is hell on earth in the eruption and lava flow areas. Good prepping, camping skills, food storage, etc. wouldn’t do much in this situation, sad to say. Puna jungle pretty tough – not what most people think when they think Hawaii. That is more Kona side.

            Pray/think good thoughts for people of Puna.

            • If you live on the big island you have to own at least one 4WD
              and two chain saws.
              I have two 4WD and 4 chainsaws. I’m the kind of guy that likes to have redundancy.

      10. “This is locals “last chance” to evacuate the highly volatile island.”

        I don’t recall ANYONE saying the ISLAND had to evacuate. It’s just that portion, not the entire island. Do you think they’d be sending people to nearby community centers and churches for shelter if the ENTIRE island was evacuating? Please don’t be so stupid. Statements like this destroy the tourist industry for the rest of the island. These people need this income.
        Mac Slavo—you wrote this. Have you even visited the Leilani Estates area? Or are you just pulling pieces of info from here and there and stitching it together with your bits of fiction? I happen to OWN property in Leilani Estates and although I am on the mainland, I watch several reports daily, including USGS, Hawaii County Civil Defense, several news stations and individual reporters.
        I’d like to know the source of your ‘island evacuation’ statement.

      11. Tin Foil Hat update: Zeta Talk 2000 and 2002 on volcanic activity…..

        “…Of course all volcanoes will explode, as this is going to be a very severe pole shift. What about the months and years preceding the pole shift? It is no secret that Mammoth Lake and the caldera of Yellowstone are warming up, and the populace has been prepared for these occurrences by the movie Volcano where there, in the middle of LA, lava is bubbling up.

        In fact, there is a fault line running from the approximate San Diego/LA area, up into the Sierras, and this is liable to rupture rather violently during one of the quakes that precedes the pole shift by some months. Volcanic eruptions from that area in the Sierras can be expected.

        In Hawaii, where volcanoes perpetually ooze, there are layers of rock, more plates overlapping, than mankind assumes. These plates are being pushed up, but other Pacific plates subducting under Hawaii, so the lava has many places to go other than up. It can move sideways, and the oozing is only one outlet, so no eruptions.

        Where a volcano is associated with plate crunching, such as Popo in Mexico, eruptions occur and are closely associated with quakes. Here the eruption does not settle down until the trapped lava, under pressure, has the pressure reduced.

        During the shift, when all volcanoes both active and inactive will erupt or ooze dramatically, there is more than plate movement and pressure involved. The core of the Earth is roiling then, in motion and continuing in motion even after the crust has stopped. Thus, volcanoes have pressure not only from trapped lava, they have it from lava surges from the core itself.

        Will Mount St. Helen erupt? All volcanoes that have been active within the memory of man will begin spewing and burping and oozing, and many that were not expected to become active will reactive. How long will it take the volcanoes to settle down? 100 years, but in a reducing ratio, over this time. By the end of 100 years, their activity will seem as today. Nevertheless, for those downwind, this post shift burping is virtually a death sentence!…”

        Volcanic activity —who would of thunk…especially almost 20 years ago…..

      12. The thing is. There is no point in giving free rent in your head to things that are beyond your control. My advice is to prep and work on stuff you can control. I could care less about liberals or religious nut jobs. I don’t give a durn what they think. Only when something directly adversely effects me and mine do I react to it. And I can just ignore it. Or do what is necessary. One example the large blacksnakes where eating my chicken eggs. I baited funnel traps with eggs and caught those big snakes. Killed them and fed them to the pigs.

      13. This article is a load of crap. I live on the island of Hawaii and am about 26 miles from the current eruption. The ONLY people who have been told to evacuate are those in the path of the lava, a couple thousand people out of our state’s population of over a million. The area affected is a very small area. As usual, what you see of TV and this article is FAKE NEWS.

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