Vladimir Putin Responds To Obama’s “Hostile” Acts: Warns of Nuclear Consequences

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Headline News | 222 comments

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    Image Credit: Plavevski / Shutterstock.com

    When the leadership of North Korea or Iran suggests a nuclear attack against the United States the threat is usually dismissed as mere posturing by extremist regimes.

    But when the President of a global military super power like Russia makes such a threat, then perhaps it’s time to start paying attention.

    In an interview with Serbia’s Politika newspaper Vladimir Putin did not mince words about his feelings surrounding the recent sanctions against his country’s economy and monetary system. He believes the actions of Europe and the United States to be hostile acts and he warns that Russia is prepared to go all the way if the hostilities continue.

    It’s futile for the U.S. and its allies to “blackmail” Russia over the Ukraine crisis, President Vladimir Putin said in a newspaper interview today.

    Russia’s partners should remember the risks involved in disputes between nuclear powers, Putin said.

    He accused Barack Obama of adopting a “hostile” approach in naming Russia as a threat to the world in the U.S. president’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 24.

    “We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability,” Putin told Serbia’s Politika newspaper on the eve of his visit to the Balkan nation today.

    Putin said that Obama had identified Russian aggression in Europe as one of the three “major threats facing humanity,” alongside the Ebola virus and Islamic State.

    “Together with the sanctions against entire sectors of our economy, this approach can be called nothing but hostile,” Putin said.

    Attempts to pressure Russia with “unilateral and illegitimate restrictive measures” will impede efforts to settle the crisis, he said.

    “How can we talk about de-escalation in Ukraine while the decisions on new sanctions are introduced almost simultaneously with the agreements on the peace process?” he said. “If the main goal is to isolate our country, it’s an absurd and illusory goal.”

    Bloomberg via Zero Hedge

    Did Vladimir Putin just threaten Western powers with nuclear war if the perceived hostilities continue?

    If he didn’t have several thousand nukes ready to deploy at the push of a button we might ignore him. But this is the President of Russia, and unlike some Western leaders who talk a big game, we are fairly certain that Putin is prepared to stand by his rhetoric.

    He has just deployed nuclear weapons systems into Crimea, so you can forget about that territory ever going back to the Ukrainians. Thus, the question is how far are President Obama and our European allies willing to go? And what exactly is the intention of the sanctions? If it’s to make Russia give Crimea back, then someone is living in a dream world. If it’s to punish Russia, then we can see based on Putin’s most recent comments what the end game of that strategy will eventually lead to.

    In his documentary Strategic Relocation well known survival expert Joel Skousen discusses the real possibility of a nuclear war between Russia and the United States. He, like many others, see the writing on the wall. We didn’t build all these nuclear weapons just to sit there and look at them. And, as should be obvious, the East and West have completely different ideologies and visions for what the world is supposed to look like. Both sides are actively working to minimize or destroy the influence of the other.

    It’s machinations like these that have led to great wars throughout human history.

    It took decades of buildups, standoffs, posturing and threats before a bullet from the gun of Gavrilo Princip eventually triggered an unprecedented death spiral in the summer of 1914. Today, one hundred years later, the chess game remains in full swing and it should be clear that it is only a matter of time before the next Princip event triggers a global apocalypse on a scale that most can’t even imagine.

    Of course, we could be totally overreacting. Vladimir Putin threatening a nuclear destabilization is probably just all bark and no bite.



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      1. Stan522

        Off Topic:

        Perhaps it’s nothing but there are four cargo ships sitting off the coast of Camp Pendleton California getting loaded by helicopter. There are two private ships and two Navy ships. I found nothing via the internet that announces maneuvers.

          • Barn Cat

            I’m not taking an ebola vaccine. I don’t trust the government.

            • Calgagus

              BREAKING via insider info, no news yet

              Ebola in Virginia.
              Person from Sierra Leone flew into Dulles Intl YESTERDAY, seen by medical personnel. Person was transferred to quarantined cell at Loudoun County Jail w/ isolation chamber, then to INOVA/Landesdown hospital in Loudoun County, Virginia. Patient believed to still be at Landesdown.

              This info is sourced and comes from on site medical staffer. Aint yet hit the news anywhere. This was yesterday.

              • Navy Vet

                There was a reoprt this a/m. about a researcher, recently returned from Liberia, presented at Yale Hospital in New Haven yesterday, who had classic early Ebola symptoms, who was immediately quarantined.

                But hey, Obola says “we got this”, so no worries.

                • Calgagus

                  Oh look, Navy Vet. The g-man propagandists are monitoring here 24/7. Within 2 minutes of posting, we got the red thumbs. Aint it good to know we threaten there existence.

                  • John Q. Public

                    “…And, as should be obvious, the East and West have completely different ideologies and visions for what the world is supposed to look like….”

                    NOT “completely different.”

                    In the East AND the West the same tribe holds the wealth and the power. Putin’s Russia is as much a tool of the IMF’s genocidal tribal banksters as the USA. Judeo-Communism and Judeo-Capitalism are just two arms of the “only Jews are human” octopus.

                    A corollary—those who are in thrall with “Austrian” economics should notice which tribe theorized that immoral ideology—the Judeo-“Austrian” arm of the synagogue of Satan.

                    Christians with eyes that see should pay attention to the widespread ownership of property and capital proposed by Belloc and Chesterton.

                  • Navy Vet

                    Cal … as my grandpa used to say, FRIGG’EM.

                  • BJ

                    ht tp://www.bbc.com/news/health-29613902

                    “The trial of the vaccine started in the US this month”

                    No matter what you think of the writer…just rea dthe whole damn article.

                    ht tp://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/10/14/will-the-real-ebola-vaccine-stand-up-exposing-a-major-cover-up/

                  • dazed and confused

                    It’s their, not there dumbass. Learn proper English or go back across the border from whence you came.

                  • apache54

                    YUP, those red thumbers are some of those who will try to hide when the day of reckoning comes but they are known and tracked by some already!

                • KY Mom


                  Mobilizes National Guard, Army Reserves To Fight Ebola

                  “With numerous counties and states having declared “States of Disaster” or “States of Emergency”, the looming civil rights destruction of martial law domestically draws ever closer.”

                  “The Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)is a category of the Ready Reserve of the Reserve Component of the Armed Forces of the United States composed of former active duty or reserve military personnel and is authorized under 10 U.S.C. ch. 1005.”


                  • KY Mom

                    “In other words, we are sending Vets and reservists to Africa… where they are expected to do what? Shoot at viruses?”

                  • Stan522

                    I predict before this is all over in West Africa, our troops will be attacked and shot at and I bet you a wooden nickel that Mr. Obola has forced them to be unarmed……

                  • Hunter

                    KY Mom–

                    –(In my opinion)–

                    In truth ma’am, this E.O. is intended to eliminate a sizable percentage of the available pool of “competent domestic resistance”…to the regime’s future tactics / strategy of…domestic population control, martial law, forced (lethal) vaccinations / indiscriminate quarantine…and perhaps genocide of “real” Americans!!!

                    ..if ever there was a super-power “regime” in modern history, which possessed the will, the intent and the ideological ability, to pursue an Amerikan 21st century version of the “HOLOMODOR”(google it)…it is this one!


                    ..and the same cretinous controllers, who pulled off the original ‘Christian Genocide / Holomodor’, back in the 1930’s…are calling the shots on this one as well..

                  • KY Mom


                    I agree with you.

                    I believe they are using the Ebola outbreak to advance their plans.

                    Take care.
                    KY Mom

                  • Warchild Dammit!

                    Apache,though the identity of red thumbers/trolls may be known,things go really wrong who cares?!At that point will be trying to survive and to best of ability help others,won’t waste time tracking idiots,they are their own worst enemy,time will quickly take care of em!

                • protectingourfreedoms

                  President Obama has had the mentality “we got this” and we all should not worry about anything he and/or his administration feels they have control of. To name a few situations “we got this” could be Isis, Ebola, Putin and the new American health care system!

              • BJ


                So my inquiring mind, I know it drives some crazy (me too at times), wants to know how the “inmate” at a county jail went from being a world traveler, travelnig from Africa to America, to being an inmate in a county jail??

                Something is starting to feel “not right” about all this ebola stuff?

                Which reminds me of another question I wanted to post here that is sort of off topic from ebola. Why is it, that we haven’t been attacked by terorists here on our soil? They supposedly want to according to our govt. and their bought and paid for whores on tv. They certainly can, again according to the govt and their whores. And with the border wide open, they should be here. So why aren’t they attacking? Why aren’t malls & cafes being boomed? Why aren’t the suicide bombers bringing in ebola and infectying as many as possible? The ebola outbreak started like 11 months ago?

                Just something my boss and I have talked about and are wondering.

                • Calgagus

                  @BJ and others
                  Theres a fast and quick ebola test that can be given and it may or not be accurate. First testing can give a high false positive from what Im reading. Is that what happened here or is the whole situation a lie for public consumption?
                  This person tested positive for ebola and the medical staff assumed patient was/is positive for ebola. Whats right, those in the medical setting or the press and g-men?
                  Learned this patient is female. The press is reporting that she came into Dulles airport and there was a warrant for her arrest in MD so she was handcuffed and taken to the jail.
                  The reported story is different than the chain of events. Strange choice of words used: inmate. Dont cops use the word apprehended for a warrant? How is someone whos just been apprehended for a warrant become an inmate when a warrant is from another state?
                  The story told to the public aint the truth and theres enough questions out there that common sense tells us weve been lied to over and over again. One story says this woman tested positive for ebola, another story from a diff online source says she does not have ebola. Which is it.
                  WTF is going on, are they trying to divert and scare everyone because vaccines are ready to be released? I aint taking no shots from the g-man.
                  Wheres the Duncan family? They are supposed to be out of quarantine on Oct 19. No word on anyones health but they were exposed to some serious vomiting in that apartment. Everything about that apartment seems like a staged event. Reality vs what the press and g-men say dont match up. None of this feels right to me either BJ.

            • Anonymous

              You are a cat so no need to take it kitty.

            • Paid Government Troll

              People who don’t get the vaccine will become symptomatic and spread the disease to little children, so if you want to be selfish and kill little kids, well, that’s what the fema camps are for, people who kill little kids.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                Paid troll,the kids will be forced to get vaccine(if I had kids,not mine)so the it’s for the children bullshit doesn’t cut it!

              • apache54

                and your full of crap troll, pull your head out of your behind and it is because of people LIKE you that this country is in trouble!! I doubt you even know that your thinking is WRONG!! you been to brainwashed to know the truth!

              • the renegade braveheart

                Paid Govt. Troll, 1. I’ll give you credit for honestly identifying yourself. 2. If you have blind, unquestioning faith in any type of vaccine, go ahead and take it for yourself. Everyone here knows better and doesn’t trust the govt. on anything. 3. If you think you can come and forcibly removed my loved ones for a vaccine, all you’ll get is some hot lead, so don’t even think about it if you want to live.

              • Lumpy

                You gays crack me up…

            • Xabre

              Remember Ebola was Manufactured…it just didn’t evolve or happen out of thin air…This is a weaponized virus, thats obvious.There has been a plan to cull the human population by the Illuminati, for decades. look it up dont take my word for it.

              Isn’t it interesting how all the “conspiracy theory” BS that was flying around only 5 or 6 years ago is now fact.

            • Tucker

              Gee Whiz, Barn Cat!

              Is someone other than myself noticing the claim coming out of Israel that they’ve got a ‘cure’ for Ebola – and starting to compare that claim to the voluminous statements that have been made by jews over the last couple thousand years that have repeatedly declared their hatred of all non-jews and their desire to exterminate all non-jews?

              What is the motto of the Mossad again?

              “By Deception, Thou Shall Make War”?

              Roll up those sleeves, lowly goyim, and let Doctor Dingleberrystein give you your vaccine!

              Oy vey!

              • Lumpy

                The Mossad’s motto is in Old English?

        • FreeSlave

          Off Comment:

          I think Putin is a better national leader than Obama. At least the guy loves his country.

          • BJ

            Anyone hear yet whether Nina Pham’s boyfriend is negative or positive for Ebola?

          • snake eater

            Free slave
            Well obummer ass loves his too,,,,,,it just isn’t the USA


          • maddog

            Unbelievable that you have received red thumbs for this post. Makes me wonder about our associations here.

            • Indy Colts

              Is ebola a scam?

              ht tp://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/ebo-lie-man-living-in-ghana-confirms-ebola-is-a-hoax/

              • Indy Colts

                ht tp://www.cbsnews.com/news/ebola-nurse-amber-vinson-plane-mystery-man-no-hazmat-suit-dallas-atlanta/?ftag=YHF4eb9d17

                If ebola was real this guy wouldn’t be touching towels and standing so close to the patient being transferred. This video is what made me question the whole thing.

              • C_W_R

                I don’t believe it is a scam at all. What I do believe is that we are seeing first hand the complete and utter incompetence of a Govt., the CDC and on down the chain to the Dallas hospital workers.

                The newer generation doesn’t know what consequences are because the grew up in a don’t hurt anybody’s feelings, everybody is a winner environment!

                Obama should be impeached, the Congress & Senate given the boot, the Director of the CDC fired, the head of the Dallas hospital fired, the supervisors who were on duty when Duncan first arrived (if they were indeed told he recently came from Liberia) fired, the 2nd nurse that just flew commercially fired!

                Until people realize that their mediocre performance won’t be tolerated this crap will continue!

                • Tucker

                  The idiot is now about to issue another one of his Executive Orders whereby he plans to send National Guard troops to Africa to ‘help them fight Ebola’?

                  This guy is not only the stupidest asshole to ever occupy the Oval Office – which, after 8 years of GWB, is a pretty remarkable feat to achieve – but, he is also a dangerously stupid asshole. These National Guard troops and the 3,000 or so US military soldiers he has already sent – are being sent to their deaths. This asshole wants them to get infected with Ebola – and I’ll bet that the vast majority of these guys are White guys, who ObongoMugabe hates and to him, this is some kind of sick, mentally twisted game.

                  ObongoMugabe’s favorite movie is probably Django Unchained and he fancies himself as the main character – where he gets to ‘kill all the white people’ – and then appear on TV and say ‘How cool is that’? to an audience of anti-White, White race hating minorities and self-hating White liberals who will give him a dozen standing ovations, as he reads off the list of the dead crackers he managed to send to their graves.

                  • The Last of the Real

                    I don’t think Obama is stupid. A treasonous asshole, yes, but not stupid. This is all by design, intended to be disguised as stupidity. He isn’t playing checkers, as some suggest. He is playing chess, and he is intentionally throwing the game. He is a just a boxer, paid to take a dive, and we’re the suckers, forced at gunpoint to bet the farm on his ass. All we can do is make it painful for them to actually collect the “debt” they are forcing on us.

            • FreeSlave

              Hi Maddog,

              Red thumbs don’t bother me.

              Here’s the thing: Putin will do everything he can to protect his country, Mother Russia. Russians know that. On the other hand, many Americans don’t think or feel that Liberal Obola would do the same to protect and defend America and American lives.

              Putin could never fairly be called a traitor. In contrast, Obola could be.

              • maddog

                Agreed 100%. Based on the comments being red thumbed on this site lately I believe a shitload of communist, demoncat libtards are infiltrating SHTFplan. Navy Vet thinks they may not get sarcasm, however the truth is probably far more evil.

                • Navy Vet

                  Mad … regarding the red thumbers, I think the best strategy is to ignore them and keep the discussions going. They’ll eventually get tired of failing to suppress intelligent conversation (well mostly intelligent ;^)) and go away. Who knows, maybe they’ll even learn a thing or two along the way, assuming that they read the posts. If they’re not reading them, well their loss.

                  • maddog

                    Your probably correct so I’ll try, however ignoring is not one of my best attributes. Choking is usually what comes to mind when dealing with libtards/turds.

                  • Navy Vet

                    Mad … you choking them? Yah, I can relate.

                • FreeSlave

                  Everybody should be a prepper. Even Libs.

                  But fwiw, I don’t trust Liberal preppers because, well, … I don’t trust Libs.

                  • Sierra Dave

                    I guess a liberal prepper expects you to feed them.

                  • FreeSlave

                    Sierra Dave,

                    Even worse, a liberal prepper will rat a conservative prepper out just to get a reward for ratting a conservative out.

                  • LaughAtStupidPeople

                    There’s no such a think as a liberal prepper.

                    The two things are anathema to each other.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Navy Vet and Maddog, I’ll krrp the conversation going and challenge the trolls at the same time. Maddog, I also have trouble ignoring trolls. In the mood I’m in I’ll gladly have some trolls for supper.

              • fishandmud

                @ FreeSlave : Obola would do everything he could to protect his country. KENYA is his country. Not America.

                As far as the red thumbs, who cares. If everybody was the same and had the exact same opinion, what a boring place this would be. Sticks and stones, not red thumbs. I have been red thumbed, and I have red thumbed. Do you all want honest opinions our do you all want us to be communist and believe and agree to everything mother SHTFplan has to say. ( NO OFFENCE, just making a point ).

                As far as Russia is concerened, stock up on isotabs.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Fishandmud, everybody here remembers the beating I took from red-thumbers on the Walmart shooting article. I set a record that time. I am truly honored. I’m not backing don from any troll, period.

                  • fishandmud

                    Well good for you. You should never back down from your core beliefs. Like I said, sticks and stones. You know a lot of the time the truth hurts, so people will red thumb it. Who cares. Their have been a few times I would red thumb somebody, and five comments later,I would see things a little different. A few times I would even change my mind or my way of thinking. Red thumbs are not always bad. Sometimes a few more comments are needed to work things out. Sometimes people are just a$$ holes.

              • sixpack

                The sanctions the U.S. govt has “imposed” on Russia borders on an outright attack. The U.S. govt has no business imposing sanctions on ANY country. We’re NOT the police of the world, despite what the NWO wants.

                I for one, actually HOPE that Putin’s words carry enough bite, to keep the NWO megalomaniacs in DC from thrusting us into world war III.

                If all it takes is a good threat to keep these idiots from nuking the world, so be it. I care not who makes the threats, as long as it works.

                • Hunter



                  The only thing tyrants, control freaks and bullies understand is:

                  ..the serious threat of raw / painful / life-threatening violence!!!

                • fishandmud

                  @ sixpack : Amen brother.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Sixpack, I also agree. good post.

              • MommaD

                Dang these idiots in DC, as myDaddy would say if he was alive, and I have been sayin’. DON’T POKE THE BEAR ! Putin a Ain’t blowin’ smoke, he is old school, he means what he says, he doesn’t say something offhand and play golf, the old boy means what he says …..sheeeesssshhh DC wtfu! Sorry all am little rant on how they dismiss Russia, please do not dismiss them, they mean business !

                • Lumpy

                  Omaumau might think Putin’s Red Line is the same as his “Red Line”. We are in for a hard ride if Putin feels the need to prove his Red Line actually means something. Hopefully, Putin will limit his nuclear attacks to golf courses, bath houses and DC…

              • Tucker

                I have a mostly favorable opinion of Putin, although I can’t say I endorse him 100 percent. He did cave in and enact that anti-Free speech, ‘holohoax’ law. And, on a few occasions, I’ve seen stories about him strapping on a pair of knee pads and kneeling before the open zipper of a group of Satan’s spawn.

                So, Putin is a hard fellow to figure out. He seems to be resisting the evil NWO gang on many fronts and standing firm in defense of individual nation’s maintaining their sovereignty – and he has thwarted some of the evil war mongering neo-cons lusts to start new wars, and for that, he deserves our respect.

                He would be doing the entire world a huge favor, I think, if he could manage to air mail one or two of his sunburn missiles to downtown Washington, D.C. and do it at a time when all of our blood thirsty, mentally insane, war mongering, evil neo-con psychopaths are in town. The best time to do it would be during an AIPAC conference, because he could also take out nearly our entire Congress, who would die on their knees with that kosher donkey schlong jammed half way down their treasonous throats.

            • Iowa

              Besides Judah, every country’s leaders are puppets, at least in my 35 yrs on God’s green earth.

              • Hunter


                I hope life is turning for the better, per your struggles.

                ..hang tough, dude!

          • B-17


          • West Coast

            Definitely. The problem with the comparison though is that Washington is NOT representing the interest of the American people. And if you are relaying on Western Media for news, do at your own risk:

            “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” — former CIA Director William Colby


        • maddog

          I don’t know for sure, but have you seen the movie World War Z? Were was the war being fought from? Maybe its the same for Ebola. As always just guessing since only lies are coming from the LSM and Government.

        • LaughAtStupidPeople

          “the President of a global military super power like Russia”

          Regional power, yes. Global super power? Since when did they regain that?

          Unless you’re just elevating them because they might/probably still have working ICBMs, I’m gonna go with no, not so much.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Stan. Who’s Ships? Ours? or ISIS? We already gave them a full accompany of full artillery and Hummvees, helicopters, rockets, etc.

      2. Mountain Trekker

        Here we go again! Oh how we love that Communist Putin. Trekker Out.

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          “Putin is a communist?”


          Back that statement up with evidence/examples of his communist nature!

          Cue the crickets!!!

          • Kevin2

            The leadership of the USSR gave up on communism as a viable effective form of government decades before it officially ended. They kept it going to keep their privileged positions. China on the other hand more recently communist with a leadership that lived a lot longer believed (and still does believe) in the concept of communism. They’re actually opposite of the US with Communism at the top and fascism below it while the US is fascist at the very top (not government but those actually in control) with communism to appease the masses below it.

            Regarding the above it matters little if the boot on your neck fits a right or left foot.

            • maddog

              People need to take a hard look at Ocommie and the US government of today. Truth is the US is closer to fascism than Russia is to communism.

              • Kevin2


                I have to agree with you. Actually if one looks at the big picture we are fascist if its defined as a merger of Corporate and Government power. The reality is the Banksters and MIC tell Uncle Sam what to do not the other way around.

                • maddog

                  Hitler could only dream of accomplishing what the demoncats and Ocommie have done.

                  • Kevin2


                    The Republicans are co-conspirators. More watchful eyes are upon them and its like watch my right hand….bam, your hit with the left. Need I say NAFTA, China Free Trade and Glass-Steagall.

              • fishandmud

                A man once told me, and in some ways it is true, that communism did not work over seas, but it worked great here. He said that they tell you where to work, what to eat, what to drive, they know everything about you, and tell you everything you need to know. They control your money, and everything else. You think we are free, alot of ways we are no longer free.

            • TEST

              Kevin, relative to fascism, the dictionary definition is specifically socialist. Fascism is not a form of individualism but rather is a part of the Left, or collectivism. In fact, the term “fasces” refers to the socialist notion of bundled sticks together. Mussolini himself – a “co-founder” of fascism summed up his philosophy with the motto: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

              I suggest you google the Nazi (National SOCIALIST) planks adopted at their very first party convention, in Munich, Feb. 1920. I reads like something right out of an Obama, Reid or Pelosi playbook. Where the ingnorant “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters get confused (they are ALWAYS confused) is that the socialist fascists have as a major plank CO-OPTING big business (GE is my favourite disgusting example of this), so they can parasitically milk these companies to support their socialist igonrance

              • Kevin2

                I well understand the “National Socialist” part of NAZI and its close similarity to classic communism. The difference is at the very top business interests control government under Fascism not the other way around which is seen in communism. The Federal Reserve is a prime example, maybe the example. Read “Trading With The Enemy” and its interesting to note that Hitler himself just like FDR looked the other way at some cosy international business relationships that would be defined as treason by either nation. Communists don’t look the other way as “The Party” controls everything from top to bottom.

                The increasing regulation upon business in the US fits a globalist agenda that is welcomed by the banksters.

                As I previously stated it doesn’t matter if the boot on your throat is a left foot or right foot.

          • Sierra Dave

            The crickets are in response to you.

          • Jay in UK

            Before I start, my wife is Russian, making my kids half Russian. I speak the language (albeit badly) and love the people. I regard myself as a paleoconservative and passionate supporter of true liberty. That also means I abhor the present state of affairs in the USA and my home country, the UK. So, let me proceed with some commentary on Putin.

            Putin said there is no such thing as an ex-chekist (ex-KGB officer). Last I read, 75% of the Kremlin’s officials were ex KGB, including Putin. Let me rephrase that for clarity. 75% of modern Russia’s government = ex members of the merciless enforcing arm of the communist party.

            The big problem here is people’s lack of familiarity with how the USSR and KGB worked. Nobody got into any position of power without being a committed ideologue. Sure, one or two of them had a change of heart once in a while and defected, but to ask us to believe that the entire politburo and communist party underwent a collective epiphany at the same time is simply absurd. Russia pulled a move on the West; I call it the “retreating, wounded bear”. They did the same on Napoleon, then on Hitler. When they did it on us 25 years ago, consider it the same act as a master chess player sacrificing his queen. It gave them a real chance to penetrate Europe with their fifth columnist mafia, politician-buying business deals and displaced peoples in a sneaky strategy to justify one day invading eastern Europe in what will likely start as a humanitarian mission and escalate to a full-on military adventure.

            Today, Putin openly promotes a doctrine called Eurasianism which calls for the de-Atlanticisation of Europe (i.e. the removal of US-UK influence over the continent). It is mainly articulated by Alexander Dugin amongst other Kremlin-backed lunatics, such as a favourite of Putin’s called Mikhail Yuriev who wrote a novel in 2006 called “The Third Empire: The Russia That Should Be”. Now you guys are going to just LOVE this. In the novel – written in 2006, just to remind you – he spoke of a Ukrainian crisis caused by a government upheaval there leading to civil conflict in the Russian-speaking regions of eastern Ukraine that induce Russia to dash to their aid. The Baltic states also get invaded the next year in this prophetic story… which the author says will be 2015.

            Maybe the most interesting part of the novel (which, incidentally, is allegedly often quoted by Putin), is what comes after the Ukraine situation is resolved in Russia’s favour. Here’s a clue: it involves lots of mushroom clouds and a broken America. I kid you not.

            • Navy Vet

              Jay … just curious, did you read a translation of the book or in the original Russian or a news story about it?

              Not disputing your thesis, but wasn’t their economy pretty broken for about 15 years, until they figured out how to leverage their abundant nat. resources, thus causing their “strategic retreat” and subsequent rise once they got it figured out?

              • Jay in UK

                @ Navy Vet: Nice username! My father is ex Royal Navy (signals), but I have no military background myself, sad to say.

                The USSR’s economy was always broken, but the West propped it up for its own reasons (now we’re getting into conspiracy theory territory!)

                It wasn’t great after the “collapse” of the USSR either, but the interesting thing is by being ostensibly capitalist they have been able to become rich(er) trading with Europe and making many friends in the process, especially in Germany. I would say watch Germany (and France) for future secession from NATO, a key strategic goal of Russia’s. I believe the main European theatre of WW3, once it goes conventional (after the nukes fly) will be Scandinavia. NATO top brass were in Ireland, Sweden and Finland on a special mission last year to try to get all 3 nations to join. You can see why Ireland might be valuable: a backup “unsinkable” aircraft carrier off the coast of Europe.

                As for the novel, I have large parts of it downloaded but only read a synopsis or two. I’ll try to get my sister-in-law to buy it for me in Russia when I speak to her again. Getting it mailed to me without someone pilfering it in the post in Russia might be another issue altogether.

            • sixpack

              “Nobody got into any position of power without being a committed ideologue.”

              That’s exactly right, no matter what country you’re in. The USA is a perfect example of it.

              As far as your argument on the personal ideology of Vladimir Putin, you’re using a novel in 2006 called “The Third Empire: The Russia That Should Be”?

              Does that mean that if I liked the movie “The Exorcist” that I must be a Satan worshiper at heart?

              Weak. Very weak.

              • Jay in UK

                @ Sixpack: It’s a novel written by one of Putin’s advisers and former vice chancellor of the Duma; those who understand Russia realise that those facts point to official approval of the central themes.

                Putin, speaking of himself, said, “Once a siloviki, always a siloviki”… = Once a communist enforcer, always a communist enforcer.

                Another quote, when asked (in 2008) if still a Red: “Call me a pot, but heat me not”.

                But none of those are as central to my claim that he’s still a soviet as the facts that he was a communist enforcer, his government is stuffed with other communist enforcers, he runs his country as a de facto one party state, he still imposes punitive psychiatry and banishment to Siberia on non-limited-hangout (aka “owned”) dissidents, he still points his nukes at the US & UK, and he still maintains Russia’s nuclear posture on massive first strike (whereas our Anglo American one is postured on retaliation).

                Russia today is still a soviet, monolithic, bureaucratic state where you can’t even by a cell phone without paperwork or get a passport without proving ownership of a stake in a property; the people are Marxist (bar a few such as evangelicals); Putin and the people speak glowingly of the “good old days” of the USSR; they justify and excuse the Great Terror, saying it was “necessary” and no more evil than Hiroshima; and Putin routinely threatens Estonia and other eastern European states with invasion, backed up with military drills on their borders.

                Putin’s Russia wants its own New World Order, led by a “new Russia” stretching from “Dublin in the west to Vladivostok in the east”. It’s as deranged as Hitler’s ambitions for the Eurasian landmass. But unlike Hitler, they have the military power to try to pull it off. And that suits the western globalists just fine. They want WW3 anyway. Read all about it in “How the End Begins”, a 2011 book by Ron Rosenbaum which details the “need” for a one world government to enforce Global Zero (no nukes) and how paradoxically, it can’t come about until something like a nuclear war brings a revolution in political thought worldwide.

                • Tony

                  Wow Jay In UK – You blew my mind ! What fascinating insight into the man who is the wild card – V. Putin.
                  Thanks for sharing. I will certainly look into those books you refer to.

                • FreeSlave

                  Echoing my thanks too, Jay in UK.

                  FWIW, it’s rational in my mind to have a Russian national leader who fully believes in Russian exceptionalism.

                  What gnaws at me is to have a POTUS who doesn’t fully believe in American exceptionalism.

                  And knowing a little bit about British history, there was a time not too long ago when many Brits believed in English exceptionalism!

                  P.S. Jay in UK, do you know anything about Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church? Is he using them as “useful idiots” or is he being softened by the Russian Orthodox faith?

                  • Jay in UK

                    I believe he is faking it on the Orthodoxy thing. It’s just another way to garner popular support. They can’t go to war without it (so all their defectors say) and they know the masses are not turned on by ideology; rather, patriotism and symbolism get them fired up. Stalin knew this too. During WW2 he invoked love for “Mother Russia” rather than Communism as the rallying point.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Jay in Uk just as you state in your comment, the Russians are master Chess Players, yes they are very good at the game. And yes there are provocateurs on this site. And as bad as TPTB are in this country, it gets very old to continually see all of the Blame America First people making derogatory remarks about the USA and as we like to call them, all of the sheeple join right in. There are very few countries in the world where you can do or say anything about the Leader short of making threats against his life, we do it right here on this site for the whole world to see. And where I can pick up my gun whether it be Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun and walk out the door and go shoot it when ever I please. Unfortunally we do have the kind of Leaders we deserve, it seems the masses want them or they wouldn’t be there. Trekker Out. I’m Still Free, What About You!

              • Kevin2

                I do prefer living in the USA for the reasons you mentioned compared to other nations but it does not change the fact that “We The People” have scant more control over the major issues of the economy and foreign affairs than a citizen did in the USSR in 1970.

                Our “liberty” is pretty much an illusion. You can complain (vent) but you really can’t change things. Vote Republican and your going to get NAFTA, China Free Trade (and with it US de-industrialization) and a deregulated financial industry allowing what was once illegal to be nothing more than unethical. Vote Democrat and you get (got) the same. We just have a slicker one party system that appeases the masses with the idea that they actually have some say. The MSM differs little from Pravda.

              • Jay in UK

                @ Mountain Trekker: The US is indeed still very much a free country, although that is receding with the encroaching police / surveillance state. Plus the tax laws are hellish (for US citizens, that is; for us Brits, the US welcomes us with open arms as a generous tax haven).

                It’s the trends that you have to keep an eye on, as opposed to how things stand for now; and in most of the West, that trend is towards tyranny. What do you think NDAA and MAIN CORE are for? The former assigns power to the military to arrest any American without charge anywhere on the globe and detain them forever; the latter is a list of people regarded as potentially dangerous to the USG. Combine the two with NSA total surveillance and what do you have? It’s something all freedom loving people should be making contingency plans for while they still can.

          • the renegade braveheart

            YMWW, Putin was a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet KGB at the time the USSR ceased to exist. Look it up yourself.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              the renegade braveheart says:

              “YMWW, Putin was a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet KGB at the time the USSR ceased to exist. Look it up yourself.”

              And George H.W. Bush was CIA!

              “Look it up yourself!!!”

              I can’t believe I have to point out the obvious… to so-called patriots!!!

              George H.W. Bush is CIA!!!

              And you people wonder why; Why is this country collapsing?

              I know why!!!

        • Archivist

          You can admire the abilities of a leader without necessarily liking him or what he accomplishes. A good example is Nixon. We don’t like what he did, but he seemed to be good at doing the job, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten two terms. He acted a whole lot more presidential than the current loser.

          • Navy Vet

            Arch … Obola makes Nixon look look like a saint.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Arch I sure don’t admire Obama and he really ain’t good at the job. And he did get two terms. Just sayin. Yes Nixon really didn’t do any worse than Clinton or Obama, but he did open the door to China, and his ego was as big as Obama’s or he wouldn’t have saved those tapes. Trekker Out.

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Nixon folks,remember,tricky dick created the epa,with executive order!Just something to think about/remember.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Gee MT and that was not even a joke comment. lol 30 red dings?

          • Mountain Trekker

            WWTI, hey sometime it’s fun to be on the darkside with you and AE. The red thumbs really don’t hurt my feelings. But I’m not an artist at getting negative response comments like You and Acid. Trekker Out.

      3. TEST

        If Obungler doesn’t kill us all with Ebola or that EV-68 virus that his line jumper illegals brought across, it will be with his geopolitical ineptitude. Thankfully, he, himself, will be safe – probably on an underground putting green.

          • sixpack

            I’m already past the “was it deliberate” debate.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Hey Six. Lets meet up for some beers.

              • sixpack

                I’m not going to any public virus factories until after obola burns itself out…maybe later. Rain check?

        • Enemy of the State

          Oh according to him he’s out hugging and Kissing the Ebola infected nurses, wonder what the Wookie thinks of that statement and act?

          it has to be complete bullshit..and if he is infact and it can be proven than it completely debunks the entire Ebola story

          ht tp://rt.com/usa/196556-ebola-obama-us-protocol/

          • Calgagus

            I heard this b.s. too because we painfully sat and listened to hear what crap he was pedalling. What a dickhead. He really does need to stay at the golf course,hes worthless.

            “I shook hands with, hugged and kissed not the doctors, but a couple of the nurses at Emory, because of the valiant work they did in treating one of the patients. They followed the protocols, they knew what they were doing, and I felt perfectly safe doing so,” said the president.

            Obama said it wasn’t like the flu virus, which can be transmitted in the air through coughs and sneezes.

      4. Stan522

        With the buffoonery at the highest level in our government handling this Obola thing, God help us all there is someone paying attention to this……

        • Mountain Trekker

          As the saying goes,”Two wrongs don’t make a right” Yes Obola is a disgrace and disgusting, but that sure don’t make that Communist thug Putin someone great to be looked up to or admired. Both would enslave us if they could. Trekker Out. Born Free, Die Free!

          • Mr Rodgers

            Howdy MT,

            Putin IS a ‘thug’…and absolutely so. He got ‘where he is’ by thieveing the components of the carcass of the old USSR after the ‘Fall’; as every other Russian Billionaire did ..not ONE of those people is other than a thief, plain and simple. In that sense I feel for the Russian people, much like a I feel for US…we hbve our own thieves, HERE; do we not?

            That said, are OURS any better…here? The House(s) of Morgan, Rockefeller, Du Pont, Vanderbilt, Gugenhiem, et al, ALL have been little more than a POX on the face of Humanity since the beginning of Time…thier actions responsible for every War, every conflict, every downturn that impoverishes us (and simultaneously enriches THEM) and Humanity at large, since time immemorial…when will it END?

            “How long Oh Lord…HOW long must the Righteous suffer?”

            In truth, thier EMD is already appointed, by thier very own HANDS; the weight of thier actions against them is mounting UP like as a mountain, soon to fall upon them. WHO will stand up for them, when thier ‘really bad horrible terrible DAY comes?” Simple….NO ONE, they have DAMNED themselves and in so doing will stand ALONE at the last. Good Riddance…to BAD TRASH.

            We will ALL be the happier for thier impending EXIT from Life’s stage, when the ‘new Dawn’ arrives….few will survive to see that though, few indeed.

            “It’s (GOING) to be a wondeful day in the nieghborhood ….”

            • sixpack

              The House(s) of Morgan, Rockefeller, Du Pont, Vanderbilt, Gugenhiem, Rothschild, Clinton, Bush, Gates, et al, absolutely NONE OF THEM hold any allegiance to ANY COUNTRY whatsoever.

              They protect THEIR WEALTH, and they care nothing for ANY people in the world. They wish to see most of us DIE.

              That being said, I find this to be my greatest reason to root for Putin. He seems to be ONE OF THE FEW LEADERS LEFT who actually seem to give a shit about his own country. Everyone else has been replaced by globalist puppets.

              Perhaps THE ONLY REASON Putin has not been assassinated or replaced yet, is BECAUSE OF his KGB experience, and he knows our CIA/NSA works FOR THE GLOBALIST ELITES, NOT our country.

              We should aspire to being as tough and smart as Putin.

              And I don’t know the man, nor do I care about every little piece of past trash people can dig up. There has to be a time when the argument stays in the here and now.

              Liberals love to dig up bones, being the stray dogs that they are. So, who do YOU wanna be like? A dog, or a bear?

              This is only my opinion, seen through the eyes of someone with few prejudices clouding my view.

              • Mr Rodgers

                Howdy six!

                You say,

                “The House(s) of Morgan, Rockefeller, Du Pont, Vanderbilt, Gugenhiem, Rothschild, Clinton, Bush, Gates, et al, absolutely NONE OF THEM hold any allegiance to ANY COUNTRY whatsoever.”

                “Game set and MATCH” my Friend…Indeed those are pure ‘Globalists’ without allegience to any Nation, State or Group of affiliation…other than themsleves. Thus your observation is scrupulously CORRECT. Gee I AM so – very glad – that I came ‘home’; to be amongst those who have the ability to PERCIEVE ‘truth’ at it’ fundament, is refreshing beyonds WORDS, truly.

                At present there are two, opposing, utterly contradictory meme’s operating broadly. The one centers itelf on the INDIVIDUAL as it’s base, the other the GROUP…a collectivist’s perspective that is fundamnetally anathema to the views of the other. Much as we see today, in the basic contradiction between Christianity and Islam; there is NO ‘meeting in the middle’ ‘twixt these two oppoisng camps of thought. Thus, there will come in the future a Human apotheosis – a realization amongst Humanity – as to which route it will take, which it will select. It remains to be seen which will triumph, yet I strongly favor the Indivudal camp…WE are varied, resilient and resourceful in extremis. What do they have which can match THAT? Hmmm?

                You can play on my team anytime six…remember that!

                Adios all!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            One good thing about Putin is that he is fighting against the NWO tribe, unlike our Shoe Shine Boy Obola. Putin is more of an American Leader fighting for American values than our Milk Dud.

            • sixpack

              …ain’t that the truth…

      5. Mr Rodgers

        “Tabla Rasa”? Hmmm.

        Our oligarch’s WANT what THIER oligarch’s HAVE…they want to TAKE it from them. Problem is that Putin won’t give in to thier demands that they act all ‘nice and meek’ and just accept the staus quo.

        THAT will have repercussion soon enough…and Russia is STILL a Super-Power…don’t kid yourselves there…look up ‘PAK-FA” and ‘PAK-DA’ over at Wiki, the first will STOMP an F-22 in air-to-air combat, the second is the Russian’s next gen Super-sonic Bomber…looks MEAN.

        IF the idiots runnning the show HERE, push the Russians a whole lot more we WILL – likley – end up with the same situation that led to WWII..when the US strangled the Japanese in the Pacific as they tried to GET resources. Here, the Russians are tyring to SELL resources…and we are trying to CUT them off from doing so.

        This stuff never changes…does it? They LEAD…and we BLEED. Not this time though, EBOUGH already.

        • Billy Hill

          Mr Rodgers, I didn’t want you to get the wrong impression about why I red thumbed you. It’s not because of what you said, I couldn’t finish reading that; it’s because you over-use all CAPS to make exclamations and it makes it a PITA to read, so I skip over it. Nothing personal, just thought you’d like to know. 😉

          • Ghost Rider

            @Mr Rodgers;
            Although I generally agree with your post, I really believe that the posturing, etc from all sides is just theater for the masses.


            and thank you for the reply post several articles ago

            • Mr Rodgers


          • Mr Rodgers

            Ah…S’OK BH, it’ alright…sometimes it’s just a matter of emphasis, and so ‘different strokes for different’ Folks’ as they say…

            Incidentally, the ‘thumbs thing’ – up or down – doesn’t matter much to the long-timers here (yes, I AM one of those)…been there, done THAT, several hundred thouand (or even maybe million) times, as it were….though the occaisional ‘up’ is a nice gesture, on balance. Always interesting to know what my peers think is good…OR BAD.

            Adios Muchacho’s Abdele’ Andele’….

            • Billy Hill

              You got a Green thumb for that reply LOL! Much easier to read.

              I’m still a serious n00bie here, so I’m still going though the “phase”.

              • Mr Rodgers

                Hah, Thanks Billy,

                We were all noobies here once…’Be Welcome in this place Friend…and ‘Well met Sir’. Perhaps some here – as events and time passes, out of concern for others – come to feel anxiety that the ‘message is not getting through’…Indeed one can lapse based on that, and so assault the bounds of decency with BAD CAPITALIZATION…GAkkhhh!

                Pardon, Pardon, Pardon…Mea Culpa, Pardon!….

              • Warchild Dammit!

                Billy,have you yet gone through the part of the phase where one gets stabbed with pointy sticks?!I found it the toughest part,enjoy!

            • Archivist

              Maybe he’d rather you use boldface or underlining. Of course, if you change, we might think you’re an impostor.

        • snake eater

          Mr R
          money talks and all others get blockaded,,,


          • Mr Rodgers

            SANKE!!!! HOWDY!!

            Lonng time…NO SEE Friend Now BE it these days ‘tank trapper’ 😉 Been a while indeed…just GOT back a bit ago..so MUCH to tell! Ummmm, might traipse through the previosu forum Friend..some GOOD info there…am becoming quite ‘concerend’ lately what with ALL that is going on….try to go back a few days and SEE a message I left for ‘Canada Canuck’…much will be explained thereby.

            Friend, I fear that soon it will be time to GATHER inward….I have made a decision about that go see if you will…..

            Good talking with ya here Bro! Adios…

        • Navy Vet

          Mr. R … “the Russians are tyring to SELL resources” and thus the recent decline in the price of oil. Saudi in cahoots with the US trying to squeeze Russian oil revenue and the Qatari’s funding the “moderate” rebels in Syria, to depose Assad, paving the way for a nat. gas pipeline through Syria to Europe, further squeezing Russian revenue.

          Your analogy of US actions against Japan, prior to WWII, trying to squeeze their resources from conquered territories contrasted with what US policy is today against Russia is spot on.

          • Mr Rodgers

            Howdy Navy!

            Thanks…the paralells here are eerily similar IMHO. I HOPE that the consequence is NOT….always remember what
            Messr. Einstein said about WW-IV, ‘sticks and stones’.

            Quite a few people STILL beleive that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was an utterly ‘dastardly, SNEAK’ attack, wholly ‘unprovoked’ by any action of the US. History clearly shows the manipulation behind the scenes that caused that and guess what? It was all for the benefit of the Oligarch’s of the day (is it ever otherwise?)…OURS, Another resource battle, one in the Paciic. Thanks for the ‘thumb’ Brother…lately I AM getting both, quite regularly. 🙂

            Adios Muchacho’s……

      6. oicu812

        Pukin is getting ready to take some more territory.

        • oicu812

          “Of course, we could be totally overreacting. Vladimir Putin threatening a nuclear destabilization is probably just all bark and no bite.”

          Not just all bark, if you put any truth into Ezekiel 38/39. But pukin and his allies will be the ones bitten, eventually.

          • Kirk

            It has not been Russia or Putin attacking the so many countries since Bush Sr. announced the “New World Order”

            Iraq 1991
            Kuwait 1991
            Somalia 1992-94
            Bosnia 1995
            Iran 1998
            Sudan 1998
            Afghanistan 1998
            Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
            Afghanistan 2001
            Libya 2011
            Iraq 2014

            The USA (where I live) is under the control of the CIA, MIC and Banksters, and other criminals.

        • Kevin2

          Geography shows that we’re in his back yard. I don’t see Russians in Mexico.

          • Angry Old White Guy

            But j
            “I don’t see Russians in Mexico.”

            Just in case, I’m getting a food truck and heading for the southern border.

            Borsch Taco or Beef Stroganoff Burritos anyone.

            • sixpack

              Borscht happens to be some good stuff. You should try some, it’s a soup usually with beets in it.

          • Sierra Dave

            Actually, I read that the Russian Mafia is heavily infiltrated into Mexico. And IMHO, they’re not totally independent of the Russian intelligentsia.

            • sixpack

              See, there’s the problem —you READ from the MSM about the “Russian Mafia” in Mexico…so you take that as FACT?

      7. Cinderella Liberty

        We know we’re in trouble when Obama makes Putin look good

        • sixpack


      8. Cellar Spider

        Of course Putin threatened us with Nuclear war….because we continue to poke the Russian Bear on behalf of the European Banksters.

        The European Banksters are getting worried, winter is coming and they’re afraid their little tootsies are going to get cold; especially when Russian Gas “delays” a couple of shipments.

        Those European Banksters don’t care though. The missiles will fly right over head on their way to the good ole U.S.A.

        Good think I have duct tape and plastic due to this pesky Ebola thing…LOL.

        • sixpack

          The U.S. happens to be “Bankster Central”, so where else should they send the ordnance? I say, move away from DC and give them some room.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Cellar Spider, I think the Europeans will get ‘cold feet’ [pun inteneded] and eventually back down and lift their sanctions. They won’t risk WW3. Twice in one century was more than enough for them.

          • Hunter


            I think you’re right.

            ..with the caveat being…Germany will cut its own deal w/ Russia, per the gas to avoid freezing this coming winter.

            ..the Russians will say:

            “..we’ll supply whatever amount you desire for “X” number of Rubles or ‘gold’ per 1,000 cubic meters”…or whatever exchange mechanism they agree upon!


            That said: …the Germans will order massive quantities far beyond their domestic need..and sell the surplus at a substantial markup, to the rest of Europe, needing such!


            ..call it vengeance against the U.S. federal reserve/government, for refusing to repatriate their (Germany’s) gold.

            ..that’s what I’d do, if I were them!


            Lesson: =

            …”Karma” can be a bitch sometimes!!!!

      9. Jim in Va.

        North Korea and Iran may bet Russia to the punch. They are out in left field compared to Russia. One nuke 300 miles over Denver and the whole kit and kaboodle will go down.

      10. rednek101

        Now y’all calm down. Putin has a hidden agenda going on. He’s just doing his civil duty and is gonna sterilize all the Obola viruses with his nukes.

        • Navy Vet

          red … the red thumbs are from the ones that mistake your sarcasm for sincerity.

          • rednek101

            Yep i shoulda added the (sarcasm off) for those whose coffee hadn’t kicked in yet.

      11. Kevin2

        Personally I think its a bluff however I find it interesting that the Democrats are labeled the “peace party” by their brain dead supporters.

        1. WWI not our war but globalist Democrat Wilson got us into it.

        2. WWII ok what can you do when your bombed? Regardless coincidently a Democrat is the CNC

        3. Korea, to our war but give them hell Democrat Harry Truman got us into it.

        4. Nam, we had advisors all over the globe but Kennedy kicked it up many notches and that pillar of integrity Johnson got us in 3/4 court press.

        5. Clinton (another pillar of integrity) likes to drop bombs from a distance but still drops bombs in a fight that damn sure we have no part of.

        6. Libya, well I doubt if Obama could accurately find it on a map prior to the Presidency. Congress? Who needs their ok or bother to inform them. Hell they’ll see it on CNN.

        7. Iraq 2x just coincides with Bush 2x. OK Republicans are war like too. Afghanistan too.

        • Navy Vet

          Kev … #6. and thus the 57 states.

      12. Socrates

        What? You don’t want to go to war against…(insert country name here)

        It will be much easier for TPTB to conscript you into service if the country is already under martial law.

        Think of ALL the obstacles and barriers going up:

        – Contagion threats (Ebola, EV68, Yellow Fever)
        – Impending Economic Failure (already happening)
        – Greatly reduced mfg capabilities and work force
        – Heavily militarized Police and Gov agencies

        We truly are sheep or cattle being herded to the edge of the cliff it seems.
        Break away from the pack…GO GALT!

      13. Anonymous

        Please use tactical nuke if you must to free us from the Zionist / Muslim supported ape.

      14. Indy Colts

        It’s not like he said “I’m going to nuke America soon” He just said 2 Nuclear powers. He make have used that language to get some attention but I don’t read into that being a threat.

        • BJ

          I was thinking the same exact thing Indy Colt

      15. Turnthekey

        Nuke everyone. Especially the idiots here.

        • Enemy of the State

          starting with you first?


        • the renegade braveheart

          Turnthekey, if you want someone to ‘turn your key’, go ahead and be a fool.

      16. Old Libertarian


        I don’t think “threaten” is the right word so much as perhaps, “reminded” is. And, Putin probably didn’t threaten nuclear “war” as much as he reminded about the fact that it is presently US policy to strike first in a “pre-emptive use” type doctrine when it comes to nuclear weapons.

        Let’s face it: Their country is indeed ante’d up at the poker table, and so far they’re their holding their own while putting up with some serious trash talk from the other players so to speak. . . (If you know what I mean.)

        So, why should Putin not also follow the good advice I believe attributed to Lincoln; “speak softly but carry a big stick.

        And, yes; Ukraine will be set up to cause some issues with gas delivery if the west gets too out of hand with their “trash talkin,” count on it. But, that’s not entirely unreasonable, is it? It’s really not much different from the plebs pulling a one day national strike or two to remind TPTB who it is that lets them think they’re in charge . . .

        We’ll see. There are many balls up in the air presently, more than I can recall in a long, long long time; if ever.

        Prepare for the worst and pray for the best – (especially pray when it comes to something as stupid as nuclear war, not much prepping about that most of us can afford besides finding a good cave in time…)

        Old Libertarian

        • Navy Vet

          Old … “speak softly but carry a big stick” Teddy Roosevelt. Good Post!

          • Old Libertarian

            Thanks for correcting my erroneous attribution to Lincoln.

            Never was that good with names… LOL

            Old Libertarian

        • Billy Hill

          so far they’re their holding their own

          …Should be they’re there holding their own… 😉


      17. Barn Cat

        The globalists want to reduce the world population by 6.5 billion people. Limited nuclear war would help a lot. The earth will survive just fine if 5 US and 5 Russian cities go up in nuclear fireballs.

        I’m sure Obama would be fine with that. If the Russians nuked DC on a day when Congress and the Supreme Court were in session and Obama was out of town, Obama could rule as a dictator.

        • maddog

          He already does.

      18. slingshot

        Sandbags. Multi use.

      19. Angry Old White Guy

        Nuke America!

        Didn’t I mention a couple days ago, I didn’t agree that Montana would be a good relocation area, because of all the missile silos and they would be a first strike target.

        • BJ

          Yes you did, but you didn’t read the whole article or didn’t read it very well.

          Montana is hug, I mean huge!! The silos are on the Eastern side of the Continental Divide. And with the weather patterns, most likely, Western Montana would be just fine 🙂

        • Anonymus

          D.C. would be stuck next… and I’m not that far away! 🙁

      20. Sgt. Dale

        War with Russia is nuts no one wins. Or maybe that is the Idea!


        Right now if there was a war with Russia I live in a bad area. I do believe I can get to my BOL#2. BOL#1 is ok for everything but Nuke exchange would push it to its limits, and that is if everything works perfect.

        The only thing it would be good for is cleaning up DC.

        Oh well with NUKE, EBOLA, and the market crashing WTH it looks like what is left with 2014 going into 2015 is going to be a very bumpy road.

        Had the same dream twice about 2015 about 10 years ago and then again about 5 years ago about a WW with Russia and China. We get the living Dog Crap kicked out of us until they try to come into the USA. They do take the west coast and the east coast but that is it. By 2018 they are pushed out of the USA, But the world has really changed. I don’t like to have the same dream twice, because they come to pass. This has happened to me several time. If this does happen tell your family you love them because only about 25% live through it.


        • maddog

          Sgt. Dale we all live in a bad area when it comes to a nuke exchange with Russia. Until now I never thought it was possible due to MAD. However with the idiot Ocommie and his minions running the country its an all to real possibility.

          • Sgt. Dale

            I have felt that way for a long time that MAD would take care of the problem.
            Today I feel like “USE THEM OR LOOSE THEM” is has taken over.
            Pray and Prep is all we can do.

            • Anonymus

              Yeah, I used to feel the same way until I read Paul Craig Roberts’ website– He writes a lot about Russia and has many great articles…

              He says that the Neocons in Washington (shadow govt) along with Brzinzki (sp?) believe we can win a nuclear war… so they are preparing… why else do you think the US has got all those missile shields surrounding Russia? Or is poking the Bear?

            • maddog

              Sgt. Dale so you know from the article yesterday one of the planes passengers showed up at our doctors office this morning in Sparks, NV. Like I said soon they will be in all neighborhoods as planned. Now we can’t go to the doctor for at least 21 days.

              • Sgt. Dale

                OH SHIT!!!

        • Mr Rodgers

          “War with Russia is nuts no one wins. Or maybe that is the Idea!”


          • dontbeanidiot

            Have you seen how incompetent the USA goons have become? $1M for a tented bed to treat Ebola! (Or was it $1.5M?) Do you think our Military is immune from this internal rot? Of course the USA could get the living crap beat out of it in a war with Russia. The USA depends on spy knowledge. That’s easy when you are dealing with civilians carrying spy devices in their pockets and using spy Internet; but I somehow think Russia and China both already have work-arounds for that. One can say Putin would not attack; but he may calculate he can win. Russian’s are calculating.

            • sixpack

              If the Russians WANTED to nuke anybody, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. We’d be picking through the rubble looking for mice for food. Get real people. The aggression is NOT Russian…IT IS AMERICAN NWO GOVT.

              • sixpack

                There are no links in my post, so why am I suddenly in moderation?

                • oicu812

                  because you are a pukin lover and so is your asshole buddy WWTI.

                  • sixpack

                    No, it’s not that I “love” Putin, it’s just that I don’t hate on command. I need my own reasons, not somebody else’s. I think for myself and make up my own mind…and you?

        • Navy Vet

          Sgt … Those premonition dreams are a bitch aren’t they? Scary as hell, especially when you all of a sudden wind up right in the middle of real situation, but recall having seen this “play” before.

          Had one a couple of weeks ago scared the crap out of me. It was post SHTF. I was outside patrolling on perimeter watch on the midnight to four shift. I had just past a clump of bushes when I was attacked from right rear quarter by a guy with a knife. He struck the side plate of my vest initially, the knife skipped off and buried itself just below my armpit and into the rib cage. That’s when I woke up screaming.

          Hope this one doesn’t come true as many others, albeit much less intense, have.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Sir, when it comes to your dream I hope it doesn’t come to pass.
            After I posted, I was working on a gun and found myself asking didn’t I just do this or was it a dream. The more I thought of it was a frigging dream, I had about a week ago, with my wife asking why I had the parts in the den. Spooky!

        • Navy Vet

          Sgt. … I know this is cliche, but apropos for nuclear war, from the movie “War Games”, “the only winning move is not to play”.

      21. Anonymous

        Off subject but CDC director said he can understand how people are apprehensive about Ebola because is such a scary disease but the fact is its not easily contracted and said something about there are only 2 cases…

        True, but its easy to get out of control (obviously, as is happening in Africa) and when that occurs, it can be 24 cases one day, 46 cases the next day and 72 cases the following day…

        At this point, there are only 2 cases. However, it has the potential to spread and become exponentially worse, like in Africa!

        Also, frieden sounds very reasonable (for the most part) when answering questions at congressional meeting (CNN). However, what he is saying is in exact opposition to what the nurses are saying (Nurses Union) and they are there on the field and know exactly what is happening!

      22. NewVegasBadger

        Regarding the threats made by Antichrist Obama, to use a movie line; “You’re writing checks that your ass can’t cover”.
        Putin on the other hand does have with will, and means to make good. He has given notice/warning about continuing to provoke the Bear. He has been very politely telling us to back off with the resumption of the Tu-95 bomber flights so close to our air space. We are continuing to operate on certain assumptions about Russia are no longer valid.

      23. infidel6actual

        When someone with a gun, and ammunition, says he is going to kill you, you act.


        You can not ignore this.

        • sixpack

          In that case, Russia SHOULD HAVE hit us already. We’ve been threatening them, and sanctioning them for some time now.

          Apparently, you CAN ignore it when you are also the source.

      24. Anonymus

        Wait a minute… there were the 2 health care workers who were flown in from Africa (the young guy Brently and this older woman with glasses) who were treated in Atlanta…

        And then the African guy, Duncan, got it. And now recently, the young nurse (in her twenties)… is that all at the moment or am I missing one? Was there another nurse who attened to Duncan who got it?

      25. Skeptic

        I just got an email stating that Harvey Organ’s web site has been closed by court order. Anyone know anything about that?

      26. 1-800-u-r-f*cked

        not a real threat, vlad putin is playing the long game…

        i feel ‘russian patriot’ vlad putin will play the ‘nuke threat card’ as needed to keep the nwo zog wolves at bay as he builds up the russian military and establishes forward operating base agreements around the world for russian expeditionary forces.

        russian forces that will secure russian business interests and russian allied nations around the world from nwo zog c.i.a. hostile take overs.

        * the real nuclear threat to the entire world is still zog amerika and it’s nuclear armed zio-jew master isreahell.

        1 800 u r f*cked

        • sixpack

          The truth really sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?

      27. Archivist

        Obama just signed an executive order to send the National Guard and reserves over to Africa.

        • Archivist

          I just went back to CNN and the breaking news banner about the executive order is gone, and there’s no mention of the story on the main page or any other page that I can find.

          • sixpack

            Typical MSM. I keep screenshots of stuff like that, just so I know I’m not seeing things later.

            • Archivist

              I don’t know why I got so many down votes on that. I just reported on a news item that I didn’t think anyone else would catch. I think it was pulled maybe 5 minutes after it was posted.

              • sixpack

                I gave you a green thumb because I know what you said is true, it happens just like that sometimes.

        • Navy Vet

          Arch … What you saw was real.

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-16/obama-mobilizes-national-guard-army-reserves-fight-ebola

          ht tp://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/10/16/obama-authorizes-guard-reserve-call-up-for-ebola/

      28. maddog

        I now know for sure Ebola is airborne. Ocommie just said it is not airborne, this guarantees that it is.

      29. God Soldier

        found out last night we have and are sending troops back to Iraq

      30. God Soldier

        found out last night we have and are sending troops back to Iraq

      31. Anonymus

        Good point, maddog! “black is white; white is black”– double speak.

        Last night I was in shock– Obama said something that was the truth– He said (according to AOL news) that Ebola could get out of hand and become a global problem. I was stunned. I never thought he would have said that!

        I figured he probably had some ulterior motive… but the whole thing baffled me– why would he be honest with the American people– Its not like we have a democracy or something! Anyhow, I went to sleep feeling kind of good about it. Our president told us the truth. (Ha!)

        But this morning on CNN they were talking about a vaccine… uh, oh… 🙁

      32. slingshot

        Putin already knows the outcome of the global chess game.
        Like I feel safe with Obama in office.

      33. BAM





      34. TEST

        Now we know part of the reasons why the media does not say anything negative against Obungler.

        ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
        CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
        ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.
        ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.
        ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
        CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

        And now you know why it is no surprise the media will not treat Obama as they treated Reagan!

        • sixpack

          Why would some idiot red thumb this comment? Oh yeah, now I know.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Very perceptive Six, Welcome aboard.

      35. Acid etch

        Someone please assassinate the Slav turd before the world is destroyed. Sociopaths with their little fuckass posturing game.

      36. Seen2013

        Chess is only the most widely known war game that is perhaps the most tactical centered battlefield over such games as Stratego and especially Risk due to dice. Of the 3 most well known board games, Risk is the main one that possesses anywhere near 6 or more players jockeying for position over each other meanwhile such famous and infamous people as JFK and Henry Kissinger have been known as Diplomacy Hobbyists.
        In fact, Kissinger has the ruthlessly calculating diplomatic and Strategist in the Diplomacy Hobby not far removed from reputation within the alternative media. To my understand, he predominantly stays within Standard, which is set in Pre-World War I Europe with the playable powers being the Great Powers of the Era England, France, Germany, Italy, Austrian-Hungary, Russia, and Turkey. Before Microsoft’s Hasbro bought it from Avalon-Hill and placed it under Wizard’s of the Coast, the only variant created that the copyright was purchased was Colonial Diplomacy featuring Eastern Europe and Asia via Russia, Turkey, Britain (centered in India), France (Vietnam), Holland (The East Indian Trading Company of Indonesia), China, and Japan.
        There are many other variants such as Modern Diplomacy featuring Modern Europe with a few exceptions from 1995, and the whole Ukrainian fiasco minus the United States largely mirrors the present crisis in Europe with Ukraine with the exception of Sevestopole is Ukrainian port leased to Russia by treaty prior to Crimea returning to Russia.
        What’s truly the kicker is that the whole Nukes on the loose conference war-game is setup precisely like Diplomacy is in which you send orders to a GM/Judge by a deadline before the results are posted, and it’s obvious when evaluating the Bismarkianist leanings of the Globalists the information is then utilized in a manner that’s out of bounds for a Dip GM/Judge that largely enriches themselves.
        If I had to pick a game, I’d pick Diplomacy for multiple reasons.

        • sixpack


          • Seen2013


            Checkers is an inferior battlefield nutriution tactics game to Chess. Chess and Stratego are both battlefield nutriution tactics games that are good in their own respectives. Chess places it on the piece’s movements while Stratego places it in freedom of setup as well as memory.
            Risk is a war strategy and tactics game that is turn based, and it utilizes dice to dictate outcomes of the tactical conflicts.
            Diplomacy is war strategy and tactics game developped in the 1950s that is based on geopolitics or impact of geography on international affairs that neither uses dice and movement of each power occurs simultaneously. Balance of power, geographical choke-points, and international affairs or otherwise diplomatic relations are the main components of the game. 7 powers with 3 units for 6 and 4 for the 7th in Standard and each movement is written and ordered to move in the Spring, Fall, Build as well as retreats also referred to Spring, Summer (retreat), Fall, Autumn (Retreat), and Winter (Build)
            Here’s Wikipedia for summary research

            Here’s the Dipwiki pages for the games:
            Diplomacy also known as Standard Diplomacy

            Colonial Diplomacy

            Modern Diplomacy (10 player variant)

            Imperial1841 (7 players)

            World War IV (35 players)

            Remember unlike Checkers, Chess, Stratego, and Risk, there is neither dice nor single turns in Diplomacy power writes orders for each unit that moves simultaneously as their 7-35 players relative to Standard, Colonial, and several variants linked above.

            Putin and BRICS are playing Diplomacy while Obama is barely playing Checkers, and Europe is at best playing Chess. The Globalists are ultimately on par to a Game-Master/Judge in Diplomacy terms. Hopefully, the links help.

            • sixpack

              “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pideon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

              — Vladimir Putin

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Putin Plays Chess, while Obola just graduated up to checkers and he is screaming “King Me.” BTW/ Russians don’t like Blacks.

      37. DaveM

        Imagine Hitler, a soldier whose country was defeated & disgraced in an earlier war, with the A-bomb. Now imagine Putin today, with the bomb, facing a terrified pretender who has bluffed his way thru life and has recently pissed on Putin’s parade. And while Hitler was a mere corporal, Putin was a Major in an elite unit, then an intelligence officer. Thanks Liberals. It may not have been perfect, but it was probably the best that our contemporary world has ever come up with. Way to go buttholes.

        • sixpack

          Don’t hold your breath waiting for Putin to nuke the world for simple vengeance. Nice try though.

      38. ponomo

        America is not a free country….what most overlook is the “London daily fix..” precious metals are manipulated by the Bank of England (Rothschild’s)….and fifty cent Federal Reserve Notes.

      39. Stewpedaso

        It’s got to suck to be an Ex KGB or CIA agent from the 70’s and 80’s…to feel so irrelevant in todays society and have such deep nostalgia for the good ole spy days that he has to try as hard as possible to bring it all back…of course he’s all bark, nobody WANTS to push the button, he just wants to be left alone and be a Dicktater without reprise.

      40. vtfree2

        Nuclear weapons are used as political weapons and not for military use. H. Kissinger

        It’s all talk, they all know the outcome of said actions. Lets hope these idiots are not, well, idiots.

        Ebola could do more damage to society than nukes. But, knowing the big “E” has been weaponized the military would not send troops to build detection centers unless there was a antidote ready and waiting. And, do members of con-gress know the full story? Or would they??

        Is there a school for lessons in writing fear? Because it sells.

        • david

          Well, you might be right, vtfree2. But then again, folks in Hiroshima & Nagasaki might not agree with you on the first point.

      41. BAM

        When there is no more room left in HELL !!!!

        The DEAD will walk the EARTH…………

      42. Anonymous

        Somebody punk-slap this sawed off little bitch.

      43. JohnFornaro

        So…. the only “consequences” in the spat with Russia over the Ukraine are nuclear war? They couldn’t just ban exports of vodka and caviar? And of course, those nuclear consequences would be only one way. Russia wouldn’t be hit by our nukes, right? There’s the infowar article that our army is prepping for WWIII, suggesting that our army would be destroying the world. Except that the Russian would destroy us first.

        Whatever they tell you in the headline around here, you’re supposed to believe with all your heart. Most importantly, do not remember the previous headline. Definitely do not think logically, just erupt in duckspeak. You’re supposed to believe that Putin wouldn’t think long and hard about any nuclear response, and that he doesn’t have the intelligence nor the staff nor the resources to, say, turn off the gas to Europe.

        Which is the “consequence” that he’s talking about.

      44. nlightened2

        There are those I am sure that think that the nuclear option may be the only option to sterilize this planet if ebola is not stopped.

      45. Smoke Under Sky

        America has no clue that the war on Putin is also a war on Christianity. This nation is beyond ignorance and arrogance to allow so few who would bomb nations carelessly more recently like Syria with zero consideration for the citizens input.
        And more recently by way of sanctions Obama the puppet declared war on the Russian people. And why? Because America itself is running out of time and needs to “Share” its debts with the world.
        Is it Bolshevism? Is it Communism? Is it Zionism? At this point one can only call it evil as the west bullies other nations into war. If there is a God he, she, it would frown as to how far Americas moral compass has drifted away along with its common sense.

        • sixpack

          “And why? Because America itself is running out of time and needs to “Share” its debts with the world.”

          I think that might be exactly what’s going on here. Think about it. The banksters will be able to permanently hide ALL of their stolen wealth and gold, if only they could take complete control of global finances. They could then make all countries “equal” —well, some more equal than others…

          You think they cook the books now, just wait until it becomes a “one world currency.”

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