Visibly Annoyed and Aloof Obama Gets Slammed by Brazilian President Over U.S. Monetary Policy

by | Apr 13, 2012 | Headline News | 155 comments

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    In a meeting where neither looks very happy with the other, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff lambastes President Obama over expansionist monetary policies that are having a direct impact on the currencies of emerging economies, including her own.

    Throughout the clip, as Rousseff discusses her concerns over US monetary policy, President Obama seems visibly annoyed and distant, giving the impression he’d rather be teeing off than discussing the critical monetary, fiscal and economic issues facing the world. The President’s body language – his twiddling of the thumbs, rubbing the corners of his mouth, inability to remain focused – overtly indicates either his complete disinterest in how US monetary policy affects our global trading partners, or that he simply doesn’t understand what this woman is talking about.

    I also voiced to President Obama Brazil’s concern regarding the monetary expansion policies that ultimately mean that countries that have a surplus be able to strike a balance in those economic monetary expansion policies through fiscal policies that are ultimately based on expanding investments.  Such expansionist monetary policies in and of themselves, in isolation regarding the fiscal policies, ultimately lead to a depreciation  in the value of the currency of developed countries, thus impairing growth outlooks in emerging countries.

    This isn’t the first time Rousseff has raised alarms about inflation-exporting policies of the US central bank. Earlier this year she noted that the “monetary tsunami” from the United States is forcing other currencies down relative to the US dollar, making its exports less competitive in the global market place.

    While our media and government shelter us from the reality of global instability, it is becoming increasingly clear that leaders of the developed and emerging economic world know exactly what’s happening and who’s behind it. Based on President Rousseff’s body langauge and facial expressions as she met with President Obama, she seems quite disgusted over the whole matter.


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      1. Kevin,

        Where are you?

        Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all

          Remember I said we had a 3.6 earthquake last night?

          A 1.5 in Yorkshire this morning, strange, very strange for this part of the world.

          Take care

          • Burt, do you know when the last time an earthquake was in that area? Or of major fault lines? I’m going to do a quick search, just thought you might know off the top of your head. That is very strange…

            • Hi Peter

              We get a teeny weenie maybe once a year, more of a wobble than a tremble. Odd thing is normally it is a 1 maybe a bit more. The last 2.5 some years back was splashed over the tv, papers the lot.

              This time we have a 3.6 and a 1.5 within hours and it has barely been mentioned.

              You are taking about a country where four inches of snow is a national disaster… An earthquake, well, major league incident, and there is hardly anything mentioned. That’s what I am intrigued about.

              You have to remember scale Peter, my country is considerably shorter than some of your fault line, a bit of unzipping here may mean a ferry to take the kids to school lol.

              Take care catch you later

            • @Burt thr Brit,
              “We get a teeny weenie maybe once a year”

              “a bit of unzipping here”

              I thought we were talking about….. just saying

          • As a native Californian, how do you even *feel* a 1.5?

            A 3.6 is just perceptible. Unless you’re right on top of it, then you feel a bump lol.

            • I don’t..I hear it on the news afterwards lol

            • Wilson roflmao ..chance would be fine thing

        • Why? You two have a “thing”?

          • Why…you jealous?

            Actually, normal conversation never actually stays exactly one one thing, it ebbs and flows, at the moment we are ebbing and flowing.

            Take care

            • currency crisis is set to take palce after MAY 2013. gold and silver prices are to see lows in 2h 20012 before racheting up starting 2013. great buys for physical precious metals this year

        • She is not complaining because the US is sending a “monetary tsunami” across the globe.

          She is complaining because a decline in the value of the dollar (read: the global purchasing power of the American people) would cut OUR purchases of Brazil’s products, as the Real rises in value against the dollar, and tourism would drop.

          As the Real, the Rmb, and other cheap, really cheap currencies become more aligned to equilibrium with the dollar, then the wealth of America; or rather less wealth of America flows to Brazil and these other countries.

          Eventually under this process of equilibrium, if all world currencies would be reasonably equal in value with no nation gaining an unfair financial advantage over another based upon the value of their currencies; then production (read jobs) would flow to those countries where the workers are the most productive in the world. Read America.

          These offshore countries want it THEIR way.

          They want OUR manufacturing base; subsidies and or foreign aid; cheap loans from the world bank (that’s US); and they want a currency system that benefits THEIR exports and supports THEIR jobs at OUR expense.

          Its social welfare for other countries that is paid for by the American worker, taxpayer and family when their currencies are manipulated lower than the dollar.

          I have posted the “sweatshirt index” several times here over the past two years to explain the rising costs of production in China. This economic process applies to “services” as well as manufactured goods.

          Now let me give you a new index: the oldest index in the world. The “P Index”.

          A cursory check of the Global P Index suggests that one hour with a “full service escort” costs the equivalent of $50 US Dollars in Columbia. That same service in California runs $200 to $300 for an hour (according to internet sources).

          Likewise a doctor’s office fee in Panama is about $50, while a doctor’s office visit in Arizona is about $200. But the average wage in Panama in dollars is about $12,000 a year. Columbia $6,000.

          Its all relative people.

          Disclaimers: I have never been in Columbia or Panama. Haven’t been to a doctor in a decade, and haven’t been in California for longer than that.

          Note: Product and quality may vary by location. Price may vary depending upon your negotiating skills. The lesson to learn from this article is:

          Practice your bartering! 🙂

          • Durango you are a smart guy. Damn good thinking. And thanks for the lesson. Smart folk be here. Like Mac too.

          • Notice how even a small increase in slave wages in China gets companies to look for other slave wage markets. With shipping expenses, Chinese exports to USA are competetive only as long as they pay slave wages.

          • You bring up a good point, considering this is what is happening in Europe. The Germans are having to prop everyone else up and when the Germans attempt to put some type of restriction on it the other nations get visibly PO’ed. How would the President of Brazil like it if we cut all aid to Brazil and greatly restricted Brazilian imports into the United States? Someone needs to tell nations like brazil that there is no inherent right to sell your products in US markets

            • Why are we giving aid to Brazil in the first place. They are one of the worlds largest economies. We be stupid.

            • John W; I do not know whether the US is giving direct aid to Brazil, but it is certainly a developed country, rich in all resources like the United States, and its currency the Real, is very, very cheap.

              This represents a subsidy by all measures.

            • Except that of the people purchasing them…

          • Now We know that the Secret Service is reading SHTF Plan.

            They must have seen my Global P Index comment and decided to practice their barter skills in Colombia, thinking P might be cheaper by the dozen. 🙂

        • The reason why Obama looks visibly uncomfortable is maybe, just maybe …. He got to read some posts at
          All we have to do now is figure out what name he posts under? Ken the Kenyan? Ahh Ha!!! Thats it!! Busted Ken the Kenyan!!!!!! Or should I say ….. Ken?

      2. Sore looser. If he is not being praised as savior, He pouts. Poor, poor Obama.

        • O is annoyed b/c:

          1. She’s an intelligent woman and head of state who
          disagrees w/ him.
          2. She’s an intelligent woman and head of state who
          contradicts the progressive/communist agenda.
          3. She’s an intelligent woman and head of state
          who is throwing a kink in “The Plan” to bring down the economy.

          Hmmm….I think I see a pattern here.
          O maybe he was caught unprepared for descent in the ranks. 😉

          • She hasn’t worked a day in her life!

            • What’s ironic is that neither likes to play second fiddle to anyone else. She won’t be in power much longer, the PTB will probably try to create another Greece in Brazil.

            • Isn’t the Brazilian President the equivalent of Bill Ayers? I thought I read somewhere that she was a Leftist guerilla fighter about thirty years ago. Do I have her confused with someone else?

              • yeah, she was apparently a guerilla back in the day, and is probably a hard core commie, which makes it weird that she and Obama seem to hate each other.

            • Mac that comment about Mrs. Romney is pure win.

              Long ago there was much noise about, and finally general agreement that, the work of a mother and housewife is indeed work, and hard work, and more necessary and to be proud of than most.

              Secondly, most people DREAM of the “Dad works, Mom raises the children” life.

              This is turning into a scary-whining-you-owe-me black guy vs. Ward Cleaver race.

            • Neither has Obama……. LOL


            • It is not surprising, there are always power struggles within the communist party.

            • Just looked her up on Wiki. Interesting background. The fact she was a guerilla fighter was interesting. I think anyone who has the balls to fight against and help overthrow a dictatorial and Militeristic Goverment must be a decent person. One wonders if in 30 or 40 years time, the US will have a President who fought in the Second American Civil War or Second American Revolution to help bring about change and restore the Constitution? Or will the same oppressive leaders be still in power? My bets on a continuation of what’s set up now.

          • Shortly after, NATO forces are mobilized to prevent Brazil from developing weapons of mass destruction.

          • I agree. However, I see the same pattern of behavoir when I am lecturing my household full of men on : A)Picking up their clothes. B) Putting down the toilet seat. C) putting the dishes in the sink, etc…. lol. What a Dolt.I can almost see the thought bubbles over his head: “OMG lady, STHU”. I cant wait for lunch… mmmm doughnuts… I wish I had a Falcon…yeah that would be SICK!”

            • My bet on food… or restroom. Those are my two top priorities.

          • Oh yes, of course, it’s because she’s a woman.

            What was I ever thinking?

            Actually I was thinking it was because HE’S an idiot…

            Fish. Barrel. Shoot. Nice non-proof.

          • Yes being a Mom is hard work. Want a cookie?

            As far as monetary value associated with it I suggest you read up on the value of making 6 fingered gloves.

          • RWM: Check my post above for the real reason.

            That you would get 28 thumbs up for your post displays the lack of financial intelligence by this community.

            Sorry my peeps. Its the truth. Can you handle the truth?

            • durango kidd,
              My observation was in reference to O’s reaction to her decent, NOT the substance of her decent. I believe his disapproval of her statements was AS SIMPLE as being annoyed that ANYONE would dare disagree w/ him and his agenda.

              I think the 30 ppl who “liked” my comment, understood my point better than you.

            • RWM: Not at all. O’bummer is trying to lower unemployment in America: that unemployment represents the jobs that many here do not have.

              He can only increase jobs by reversing the FREE TRADE phenomena that has decimated the middle class, in earnest, over the last decade; while YOUR right wing hero, GWB allowed 42,400 factories and 60 million jobs to be exported offshore while he spent the American treasury into oblivion (read YOUR tax dollars)by pursuing wars to spread Crony Capitalism.

              Economically, the dollar must fall in relation to other currencies if America is to retain its jobs or get the old ones back.

              I wouldn’t like getting lambasted by a guest in my house, either, who was trying to line her countries pockets at the expense of the American worker, taxpayer, family, and small business person.

              The bitch was rude. And she is greedy. Her desire for “growth” means growth for Brazil, not US.

              Her desire for technology and science is her desire to transfer OUR capabilities to her country to make HER look good.

              If I was O’bummer I would have bitch slapped her and kicked her ass out the door to Pennsylvania avenue and called her a cab to the airport.

              I am NO fan of O’bummer. He is a Kenyan and a fraud and belongs in jail. But he is right to be pissed at an ungrateful guest who has insulted all of US!

              She can kiss my patriot ass!

            • “I am NO fan of O’bummer. He is a Kenyan and a fraud and belongs in jail. But he is right to be pissed at an ungrateful guest who has insulted all of US!”

              Is it just me, or is one of the MOST ABSURD COMMENTS/OBSERVATIONS and psuedo-logic you have posted to-date. “Someone” YOU describe as a fraud belonging in jail “has a right to be pissed”!!!!!!!!!! WTH are you smoking?!?!?

          • I agree with the “unprepared for decent in the ranks” reason

          • Actually she is very leftwing. maybe she is upset with the WON because he is not doing enough to hose his own people/country(whoever/wherever) that/they may be).

        • Let’s be perfectly honest and clear on the subject of Barack Obama aka Barry Sorento; THE HUMAN (which he is not since it means wise man or knowing man) IS POSSESSED. He is of the Dark Side, and we’re not talking racial profiling, here. He’s demonic and a reflection of some aspect of our society that worships him.

          If he wins a second term, it’s over folks. His devotees will be too much for us to handle.

          • History records that is what Mohammed thought when he first came up with the idea of Islam, but someone convinced him otherwise.

          • Obummer just can’t stand it when he isn’t being fawned over.

          • YENTAL: I am not making a political statement. I am explaining economic reality, and like it or not, the man occupies the position of POTUS.

            As POTUS (like it or not) he has a right to be pissed upon OUR behalf, for these demands from a third world leader, who wants America to transfer OUR wealth and technology to them at OUR expense.

            If I had been in is place I would not have contained my anger. He bit his tongue. I would have puked all over her.

            Some of you people need to curb your hate for O’bummer when OUR fate and fortune as a nation is on the line.

            America First. Petty ass differences second.

            • A little reminder, YOU not ME described our POTUS as “a fraud that belongs in jail”. Time to make up your mind and select a meaningful, longterm position. If HE is truely as you describe (and I will not dispute that assesment) then what position/right does ‘he’ possess to be “pissed” AT THE TRUTH, regardless of the source from supposed “less than” representatives of other AWAKE country representatives?

              If this scenario appeared on SNL, it would provide no more/less comedy value than currently represented. Having your cake and eating it too is reserved for Gooberment and Wall street “untouchables”. WE can have that “luxury” as well…If WE are resolute, determined, organized, and willing to make the necessary sacrifice.

              Who will you vote for should the NOVEMBER illusion actually present the “apparent opportunity”? Answering that question will answer any future questions I might have.

            • YENTAL: If Romney is the only other choice, I will be voting for him. I didn’t vote for O’bummer the first time. McLame would have been good for Arizona where I live.

              The reality is that Obummer is POTUS.

              He is the face of America to the world. When she asks Obummer for “growth”, she is asking US to transfer production, science, and technology to Brazil.

              I say, no, hell no, to that request.

          • “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency.

            It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama Presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their President.

            The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America.

            Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

            The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President.

            • I’m damn late to this, but why didnt US C’s post get 50 thumbs up??? This is hitting the nail on the head more than any post on this site…

      3. Everybody seems to know, except for most Americans. The corp can not hide it’s crimes forever, and it can not buy off everyone with a government job or food stamps.

        Mac, Obama makes me sick even if I just see a picture. Quit putting up pictures of evil like that.

        • Apologies to you and other readers who may have been disturbed by the images in this report – I should have put up a disclaimer


          • Lol

          • You might as well get use to seeing him, because regardless he will get re-elected. unless he wanes from the plans of TPTB, I highly doubt Rom, getting in. We all know Paul hasn’t a chance, but regardless of who gets in, nothing changes, all smoke and mirrors for the masses. The same ol, same ol will continue down the path of ruination!

        • It’s like showing holocaust survivors images of Hitler.

        • I hate commies.

        • I can’t look at him either—tv or print

        • GC; or even his voice. My wife turns radio or TV to another station or mutes it. Obama is well over exposed to the public. Still, a picture is worth a thousand words but in Obama’s case 2-3 adjectives will do.

          • Forgot to add: I haven’t seen any evidence that he is an American. That alone makes hearing or seeing him sickening, especially to all of us vets.

          • DRD5508: i’ve just about got
            my honey trained to mute the
            T.V.- i can be in the the other
            room,and the second i hear TDL
            begin to orate i have a series
            of reactions…
            Lately, all i have to do is
            clear my throat,and the T.V.
            goes mute 🙂

            • Show off. Still enjoyed your comment.

      4. I don’t think your gonna see that clip in the MSM. He has more respect for a Coke head like Whitney Houston, a thug like Trayvon or his Harvard Professor buddy then for World leaders, the Military or Police officers.

        God help us if this pompus ass gets reelected. I personally don’t think he is that smart. I think he used his race to intimidate everyone on his journey thru life. Kind of like a Jesse Jackson on steriods.

        Other then being a good public reader, I think he is an empty suite.

        • I thought the same thing; and of course I have not seen it on TV, not one story. I did catch a link to the story online via Yahoo which surprised me – try to find it now – gone – bye bye – well at least from the main page.

          A currency collapse is inevitable, but not until after November and the reincarnation of the chosen one.

          • Jim

            Don’t hold your breath while your looking.

        • Good public liar, you mean? I noticed he likes to put his hands in his pockets quite a bit when he speaks without a podium- This body language indicates lying or self insecurity about their personal appearances or actions.

          • He lie’s a lot, but he has also told us what he intended to do in his speeches before he was elected and by the appointments he made. Most of America didn’t listen.

            • They were listening but all they heard was Obama is gonna gimme this, or Obama is gonna give us that. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. And when the Pied Piper was done leading the retarded liberal rats through the streets, that is when they started to sober up from their Kool-Aid high and saw he couldn’t deliver.

            • True, just like Hitler, he made no secret of his intentions. umurikams heard what they wanted to hear.

          • Probably scare he might piss off the banksters if he does not get his lies just right.

        • Patriot,
          Obama is the culmination of affirmative action and the political correct asswipes that think you should not keep score in t-ball games because it hurts kids self esteem. That everyone should get a trophy and we should dumb down the education system so the idiots don’t feel bad and the smart kids do not get a big head and think they are better than anyone else. That is why our country is going to sh!t and the rest of the world is overtaking us. I have more respect for my honest mechanic who dropped out of high school than some of these arrogant , communist Harvard Law school grads who think we are peasants that can not take care of ourselves. WAKE UP people and lets take back our once free country from these evil things.

          • I can agree with that. If you look at all government employment you will notice the biggest class “White Males” are grossly under represented. Maybe all us White Males should sue for discrimination.

          • As a Harvard grad I can tell you he would not have made it through in my day. The law school has ‘pass-fail’ and you can bet he got a pass on race alone. You should see the piece of crap he wrote while on the Harvard Law Review, formerly comprised of the cream of the Harvard crop Grammatical errors, bad logic, I could not believe what I read. This guy is a dummy. No wonder he used a TelePrompter for his fifth grader lecture But he is President. All hail! We are in deep shit. By the way a mainstream news outlet in Arizona is reporting Arrpaios birth certificate findings. Maybe it will spread. See:


            • That’s wishful thinking. I graduated from the school of hard knocks and attended a state university (UM). Here is my letter to the editor.

              Wish in one hand and shit in the other. See which piles up first.

          • The adults may not keep score, but the kids ALWAYS know who won.

        • From all that I see, Obama will be reelected simply because over 50% of the voters have been bought-off by “your tax money at work”. From “bail-outs” to food stamps, most recipients think that Obama can assure that the good-times will rollick on. The end of happy daze is not being recognized by a majority.

          Because Obama is their symbol, not a lot of attention is being paid to other elective offices. Thus, it just may be that there may be enough constitutionalists elected to the senate and the house to put a halt to “Obama-vision”.

          • Yeah those who vote for a living now out number those who work for a living. We are screwed!!!

        • He may be an empty suit but considering the electorate of this country is made up mostly of empty heads he should be a sure thing to win re election. If he does win then all I can say is hold on because the gloves will be off and it will not be pretty or pleasant. We better enjoy posting shit about him while we can since I have a feeling that with his second term alot of freedoms will be going away.

      5. Leaving aside the fact that the circus trainer didn’t give the monkey a peanut, there is a word on the rug between their chairs that clearly spells ‘problem’ I think that says it all. There is a problem between these two presidents.

        • Ha, I saw that too

      6. This answer to this statement “overtly indicates either his complete disinterest in how US monetary policy affects our global trading partners, or that he simply doesn’t understand what this woman is talking about” is not either, it is YES YES.

        Y’all Beware! I have seen enough of BO for the day, time for my blood pressure meds.

        • He understands perfectly well what is happening.

          • No one with good intentions would restrict energy production in a time of shortage like he has and will continue to do. Now he is going after the private lands producers which could mean the shut down of The Bakken. He has already nailed the coffin on coal.

      7. How on earth can he understand anything about MONEY except how to spend it!!![ because its not his he’s spending it’s ours!!

      8. @ Burt,

        The smaller of the two was caused by 800 Scots doing the Highland fling – in unison!
        Just wait till they pick up their kilts – that’ll be a real shocker!

        Y’all Beware! Don’t worry lass.

        • Not worried bud…but very intrigued

          Take care

      9. He’s a tool

        he said..”im embarassed by the fact that americans cant speak spanish”,(do you people remember this) yet he sits here with a spanish translator for this meeting. Dont believe me look it up, i remember.

        I also believe he isnt going to listen to a woman that is in power..period

        again ..this is planned people..this is his adgenda..this is not a mistake, he isnt doing this because he doesnt know the possible outcome..

        • Wouldn’t that be a Portuguese translator? Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.

          Anyway, you might also notice President Dilma Rousseff has very little eye contact with President Obama. Is this a cultural or contempt thing?

          • Contempt methinks ; )

            It’ll be interesting to see how long it is before the lady has a “heart attack”. Individuals who stand up to the global cabal don’t seem to last too long.

          • yes , sorry Portuguese..although it is close enough to spanish that if one had a good grasp of spanish they could pick up that language too..
            hey , im just giving him a hard time for breing such a Hypocrite

            to answer your question..cultural or contempt…its contempt..
            when I talk to S.A. people they look me in the eye. they also smile..i didnt see smiles or direct “nice” eye contact…she’s got his number thats why

        • This just demonstrates your own ignorance. Brazilians speak Portuguese.

          So who’s the tool?

          • Sorry Dan..Im not perfect..the fun part of that fact.. you arent either

            • Nobody is perfect, but when you comment on the President (I’m not a huge fan btw), you should at least do everyone a service and do it intelligently.

              For the record, I speak French, German and Ukrainian, but I’ve traveled extensively in Brazil.

              I don’t normally comment on here, but for some reason your post rubbed me the wrong way. That is all.

            • It was a simple mistake ..there was no intent, or malace..just a simple slip up.

              Been to SA plenty, It was a brain fart

          • besides its a Latin based language, Do you know how to speak it? or spanish?..or Italian?

            simples ocupado de idiota

            • in case you dont know portuguese

              tonto tiene inconveniente en sencillo

            • just remember Dan..I didnt insult you, until way after you did me.
              and I did it in a foreign language..pretty cool eh?


            • An ex boyfriend used to say

              Si si molte bene bambina…sounded so poetic lol

            • B the brit

              that is Italian..

              it says

              “Yes, yes too much girl”

              although the spelling of one word would probably be molti, if I remember rightly..or it might be molto

              im completely going by memory..

              or you could say molte grazie bambina..”Thank you so much girl”

            • Dan

              Do you just read other peoples posts and leave?

              Just asking

            • Bambina – baby girl

        • VRF….I thought molte bene meant very good lol…either or still makes me smile…ah the memories

          Take care

          • to be honest, I had to doubble check with my wife.
            She is from Peru and speaks S.A. spanish, some European Spanish, and some Portuguese..My “other dialects” of spanish are a bit rusty, where she uses hers on a daily basis

            she actally said it was not a very proper way to speak that language, but it was close enough.

      10. The real danger is that Obamas dismissal of facts will not prevent the BRICS from moving away from the US dollar as reserve currency. It may actually hasten it. Rome burns while the emperor twiddles his thumbs. That is all a puppet is allowed to do. It isn’t Ron Paul that terrifies them, it is the idea of sound money and the constraints it inherently puts on political mischief. A dollar backed by a basket of commodities, not just gold, is in order. It would behoove the US to get in front of this parade.

        • Nero fiddles
          Obama twiddles


      11. She isn’t the only one who is disguated with how our monetary policy is going. While we continue using the funny money, the coming crash is assured and on track.

      12. Well,in 2011, Obama give Brazil $1 Billion tax payers dollars and in 2012, Obama will give them $1 Billion again…So $2 Billion America Tax Payers money and she is bitching ??? Vote Obama OUT…

        • i didnt hear her complain when the us loaned petrobas 10 billion for thier oil co.

          • I think it was a loan guarantee. Americans only ate it if (when) things went badly.

      13. He’s in way over his head.

        Thanks a lot to all the idiots who put a Marxist community organizer in charge of the greatest and most powerful nation in the world.

      14. GrandpaSpeaks wrote, “A dollar backed by a basket of commodities, not just gold, is in order. It would behoove the US to get in front of this parade.”

        That perspective is said to be the wishes of the Power Elite as well, take a gander at this and see for yourself:

        “… the IMF continues to receive high-profile coverage in the elite controlled mainstream media. This high profile is being constructed within the context ongoing efforts to build up SDRs as a mainstream currency.” …

        Also, wow, are things ever screwed up over in the UK, how does one get prepared for this?:

        Kidnapping Soars in the UK

        … “In many cases the social workers don’t even need to produce evidence, only their personal view that a child might be ‘at risk of emotional harm’.” …

        It seems like it would be easier to prepare for an earthquake than it would be to prepare for that.

        Imagine all those children, 100,000 of them, being brainwashed to love the state and possibly to hate their parents. SHudder. Reminds me of an Isaac Asimov story where parents were only allowed to name their children one of thee choices.

        • You can “prep” for the child snatchers. I did when I first suspected my kid might have an issue on the advice of other Mums, and am soooo grateful God directed me to do so as those preps were needed when my son was physically abused by a teacher at school.

          Sadly it’s becoming standard practice in some parts of the UK to blame parents of kids with disabilities for causing their child’s disability if they challenge any aspect of that child’s treatment by the health or education system. Luckily the disability charities are alert to this and very supportive. There are also several active internet based parents groups that help each other out.

          To give you a direct example of what I’m talking about – ABA is a standard autism therapy in the US, yet I know several parents for whom the official request for this therapy has resulted in a child protection investigation. It’s designed to intimidate parents into compliance with the nanny state, rather than fund expensive therapies for those that need it, or would take action against those that take advantage of the vulnerable.

          I really feel for Burt and what she’s going thru regarding her Mum as I’ve also had to wade through the treacle (and lies!) known as our court system on behalf of a loved one.

          Ireland doesn’t have a forced adoption law so many UK parents flee there, if they can act fast enough.

          Do note I only know about the issue with “defiant” parents of kids with genuine disbabilities – I’m not any kind of social worker or child protection professional.

        • There are afew good social workers in the UK..the rest should be lined up and shot. The only difference between most of them and predatory animals is lipstick.

          Take care

          • My experience tells me that a simple English test before being allowed to practice would be a good start as ours had to have simple stuff like the word “Autism” translated into Hausa for her.

        • We have the same thing here. It’s called Child Protection Services.Anyone with a bug up their ass can call them with a bogus gripe and they will be knocking at your door.If you are the man of the house best have the fridge stocked with food,no booze sitting in the open and be at work.

      15. This is great I love it. This woman make’s it clear.You are not doing your job.I really love it. He is through.!

      16. End the Fed…… End the God-Damn wars…..Ron Paul 2012 !

      17. yawn..

        • @CRon: I gave you a thumbs up cuz I noticed you finaly used spell check……just sayin’

      18. Our Poor President…..he looks like he would rather be sleeping. It must be so exhausting spending your day cheating and lying to the world.

        • Since the govts. authority to govern is based on the Constitution then they would have no legal authority and we would have no reason to listen to them. Things would get real nasty if this happens.

          • Some nasty concepts like common law nullification and civil disobedience and illegitimacy would apply. The results would be even nastier for all sides. Ammunition manufacturers will get rich, though! 😛

      19. Our days of economic survival are numbered. The world knows it. They are shifting their alliances. When the boob tube no longer babysits for the starving idiots, things will get real interesting, real fast.

        • Old Fuzzy wrote, “When the boob tube no longer babysits for the starving idiots”

          I wonder if that means price controls are up next?
          Another version of kicking the can down the road so the boob-tubers don’t notice S x HTF just yet?:


          I’m sure all the producers and resource distributors are happy at the prospect of price controls in the face of rising operating costs.


          • clark…Nixon tried this when he was pres. It didn’t work then, but you’re right, I think it may be coming.However ,we had a huge manufacturing base back then. Not much left now….I don’t think it can work when most goods are imported as there is little control over prices of another countries imports. As for wages they have been stagnant for 20 years…no need to put controls on them. We had to give concessions in our last contract 3 years ago and I know the company is crying poor again.

            • JRS, you need to read, China Trade: Myths vs. Reality, by Walter E. Williams

              JRS wrote, “most goods are imported as there is little control over prices of another countries imports.”

              That’s not true.

              From the article above, “… the vast majority of goods and services sold in the United States are produced here. In 2010, total imports were about 16 percent of U.S. gross domestic product, and of that, 2.5 percent came from China. A total of 88.5 percent of U.S. consumer spending is on items made in the United States,…

              Much of what China sells us has considerable “local content.”…”

              [I know a Lot of People push the false meme that this is not the case, so it’s understandable many People do not know this. But don’t take my word for it, go check it out.]

              “Today’s manufacturing worker is so productive that the value of his average output is $234,220, three times higher than it was in 1980 and twice as high as it was in 1990. That means more can be produced with fewer workers, resulting in a precipitous fall in manufacturing jobs, from 19.5 million jobs in 1979 to a little more than 10 million today.” …

            • Clark: While your numbers are accurate, they are also misleading. Nice try. 🙂

              Yes most manufacturing of American consumed goods are produced in America; after all WE have a GDP of more than $14 trillion.

              But that $14 trillion GDP is a lot more than just manufacturing which is just one reason that your numbers do not tell the true story.

              First while manufacturing may have accounted for 19.5 million jobs in 1979 and only 10 million jobs today; that number suggests that manufacturing jobs remained static during that 30 year time span.

              It didn’t.

              During that 30 year time span, more than 42,400 American factories were transferred offshore by the GB’s who built those factories offshore with American depositor funds. These offshore factories represent 60 million American jobs.

              You are correct when you say that American workers are the most productive in the world and that the value of his output is about $235,000 a year, or more than seven times the wage of the average worker. Maybe only 4 or 5 times the total annual cost of an American worker.

              Professionally, workers only generate about 3 or four times their costs.

              So if American workers can produce four or five times their cost, why have 42,400 factories and 60 million factory jobs been shipped offshore?

              And more to the point, while the Chinese component of 2.5% of OUR GDP appears to be a small percentage it is a very large number, as evidenced by OUR trade deficit with China which was more than $300 billion last year.

              How mush is $300 billion you ask? Well, that represents almost half of OUR national debt last year.

              It would also be enough money every year to give Americans the same health care plan that Congress has; or the same retirement program that they have.

              FREE TRADE is not free. It is not a FREEDOM like you and Lew Rockwell would have US believe.

              It is a nefarious, demonic scheme to strip the American middle class of their wealth and make them economic serfs.

            • Correction. I meant to say half of OUR national trade deficit, which is half of OUR national budget deficit.

              It still means that OUR trade deficit with China was 25% of OUR national debt. That is not an insignificent number.

      20. Other countries are getting sick and tired of holding up the U.S. debt and gfetting less and less for doing so each month. Unless the U.S. does something to stop the run away debt, other countries are going to get togather and do something about it. Calling that debt and demanding to be paid back would hurt the U.S. a lot and cause the economics in the U.S. to almost collapse. I say alomst collapse because the U.S. would just barrow from something else to pay off the a certain part of the debt only to drive the other part of debt even higher. It would be like someone taking out another brand new credit card to be able to pay the minimum balance on the outstanding credit cards due.

        It is unbelievable, as the other countries continue to decide to DUMP the U.S. dollar as means of monetary transactions, the media continues to spoon feed the audience that the economy is fully recovering. Heard this morning that the bottom will be reached in the housing markets and everything will be fine then because everyone will start buying homes again the economy will boom. What a truck load of horse manure. There are homes going for prices now way before what they said was rock bottom. The housing market is a chasm where no one knows where the bottom is.

        Those imbeciles like helicopter ben “THINK”, and the word think is a kind word, that they can print their way out of debt in hopes of avoiding deflation. The debt is what is to worry about because it leads to hyperinflation and losing your currency to the world markets. Deflation has advantages because prices go down without the debt going up, eventually it does correct itself when people start buying the necessities again. It just looks horrible for those in office to naturally let the economy heal itself.

        So what do those jackasses in office, and I am talking about both parties do? They try to make it appear like everything is fine, all the while letting the country fall so far into debt that other countries decide one day to dump the U.S. as a bad risk. Why don’t politicians see this, especially after the first warning shot when the U.S. got its credit rating downgrades? They ONLY care about getting elected and that means putting enough bandages on to temporarily stop the gushing and make it look promising enough until the day after the election.

        Just look at Greece. If Greece was not part of the European Union and did not have much money invested in it, the world would let Greece sink into an Egypt level of chaos and forget it. Then NATO would set up some emergency government there for the strategic importance in regards to geography.

        The U.S. has this arrogant notion that it is too important to fail, and other countries will not allow this to happen. Other countries are too selfish to let their own countries go down with a sinking ship and will eventually save their own asses. That will be the day, whether it be a basket currency to purchase oil or other means of economic saviour for other countries, that the U.S. has a major collapse inside and out.

        At this point the U.S. can do two things, either fall apart and go into a martial law state in attempt to bring order to a crumpled and near destroyed infrastructure of the countrhy. Or it can do what many other large superpower countries have done to try to save itself, fall back and use its military, probably some false flag episode. In either case those living in the U.S. are going to know what being F’ed is going to feel like.

        This is why people need to get some serious supplies stocked up now so they can at least have a better chance of weathering the storm. Extra money should be thought of putting away so your family can eat when the store shelves are emptier than old mother hubbard’s cupboards. The government will likely after martial law is declared ONLY supply those with food and other needed supplies with “selling your soul” type provisions.

      21. Have you ever forced a surly teenager to go someplace they don’t want to go? You know how they pout and sigh and make it very obvious to everyone around them that they’ve been dragged there?

        I have, and the teenager’s sullen expression looked incredibly like that of the very childish and cranky Barack Obama in this video.

      22. Ok, so this isnt quite on topic, but I’m compiling a report to present to my brother on the “impending doom” that seems inevitable for the world. I’d like to start with the financial crisis in the US and how that translates to the world, to start. I need to use cold hard facts as he is quite the skeptic, but he doesnt disregard it completely. Can anyone give a good idea on how a TOC (table of contents) for this subject might look like? I appreciate any ideas you might be able to contribute.

        • Don’t waste your time. Let him do the research.

        •, Crash Course.

      23. To some degree it sounds like she’s blaming Brazil’s economic troubles on Obama. A weaker dollar doesn’t make other countries currencies weaker. It makes whatever they buy with their dollars more expensive. The declining dollar is the reason the BRICS are moving towards trading among themselves in their own currencies. The BRICS are Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The declining dollar is the reason that eventually it will be abandoned as the world’s reserve currency and OPEC will stop selling oil in dollars.

        • The day oil is no longer dealt in dollars is the day the game is up. Unless of course the US was to become self sufficient in oil. Then we would own them which is why that will never happen.

      24. Anyone know if he bowed to her when they met?

      25. Expect a major earthquake in Sao Paulo soon.

        Or a “no fly zone” to be established over Rio.

      26. Barn Cat

        “…OPEC will stop selling oil in dollars.”

        Thems fighting words.

        The US has and will overthrow nations and use covert and overt war to protect the oil peg.

        If Saddam was exporting coconuts we wouldn’t have been there.

        • Well it’s like this:
          Once, yeah.
          Twice, OK.
          Thrice? Uh oh…
          Several times at once? Hahahaha – wait that wasn’t a joke?
          Eventually, the carrot will be bigger than the stick for way too many countries to mind the stick. It happens to everyone who depends on a big stick, it’s just a fact of life.

      27. Just an observation….

        Look at the way he’s sitting with his legs crossed. I mean really crossed.

        I think he may be trying to protect his balls.

        • He obviously’s forgot Michelle has them in a box. A match box. A very small match box.

      28. The headline said “Visibly Annoyed and Aloof Obama Gets Slammed by Brazilian President Over U.S. Monetary Policy”

        He should be annoyed, and aloof, and he should get slammed. He just shouldn’t be visible.

      29. Brazil may have weapons of mass destruction. If the sanctions dont work, we may have to consider military action.

      30. Obama has virtually NOTHING to do with the expansion of the money supply. The Fed is responsible for that. If Romney gets elected NOTHING will change regarding the Fed.

        Bernanke was not elected and we cannot fire him, no matter how bad he is.

        But go on blaming Obama if it makes you feel better. If Romney is President next year, you’ll just have to go back to blaming Pelosi and Reid for everything bad in the country.

        • I dare say that Obama didn’t have a clue about what she was talking about however, to think that the government has no control over the Federal Reserve is a fool’s error. The FED, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, is a political entity. In particular, the Board of Governors and the FED Chairmanship are government appointees, thus the whole FED system is politicized by its very nature of organization and operation.

          The Federal Reserve is the Lapdog of the government and without it this government could never do what it does or operate with disregard for the Constitution. The relationship between government and the FED are symbiotic, one cannot exist in its present form without the other. The FED is a creation of government and this government is a creation of the FED. The FED operates primarily to benefit this government and the government’s Mercantilist system of Patronages.

          The FED is neither a private banking system or a government entity, but a mixture making up a Mercantilist system, if you will a Corporatist system.

      31. Greetings Everyone!
        Quite a photo…..
        After hearing about the President’s time in Harvard,his extensive use of teleprompters and the like,it all starts to make sense.Given George W.’s time in office,he looked like the mainstreet person’s F.D.R.Except F.D.R. would NEVER have allowed a another leader to “upset” him,not in public,at least.Time however,has shown it otherwise in the current President’s case.To his credit,he has done a few good things for the general good.But might as well be a old-time Republican for most everything else.Never fear though,”Ol’Uncle two-faced Mitt R.” will be beaten soundly in November.Deservedly so.Not much of a choice either way.So Many things are spinning out of control of any leader no matter who is next in office.Sites like this one would be far smaller if not for what’s coming around the corner….
        And by the way,is it REALLY necessary to call someone else here a nasty epithet as you disagree with them?
        I thought that was what the people called “flamers and Trolls” did with their limited simian mental resources.
        Perhaps Mac,you should have a pay-only secondary site for such verbose tackiness to be carried on exclusively!.Just think how much fiat money could be made!Almost like what profits porn makes from the ‘Net!
        What ever you call it,It wastes about as much space here as “I’m First!”
        Best to All
        Do you have your towel yet?

      32. Look at the floor…move Obama’s chair to the right just a bit….bet you see a “P”

      33. Clearly, the US government knows very well that they are exporting US inflation to all of our trading partners and that is just fine with them. What they do not want is to hear any complaining about it. Well, tough noogie, because they are harming our trading partners financially with these policies and they ARE going to hear about it… right up to the point where all of the creditor nations say, “Screw it, we’re not trading with you bozos anymore”.

        Not only could that happen, it is starting to happen already. Japan and China are now trading using their own currencies, rather than using the US dollar as a world reserve currency go-between. China and Russia are doing the same. India and Brazil are jumping into the mix as well. Before long, the fast growing economies of the world will discover, if they haven’t already, that they can get along just fine without the US or Europe. When that day comes, it will be because of the incompetent fiscal and monetary policies that have been implemented over the past 30 or so years. Got any physical gold or silver? We’d better.


      35. While I don’t deny that Obama is both disconnected and over his head, I think his reaction here is normal.

        The interpreter here is horrible, and the Brazillian president/ex(?)-terrorist had to correct him several times. If I had to sit through this knowing that I wouldn’t get the real message until after through my ambassador, I would act much the same way.

      36. How else is Obama going to act? He is working to the plan; the plan is to keep the petro-dollar, the biggest revenue stream, flowing. To do that, he must maintain a trade deficit and continue the currency wars against all non-G5 (developing and dependent nations). Keep watching as the regimes change in all the petroleum nations, except those compliant with the plan. This ultimately takes away liberty and wealth from the nations that don’t cooperate. What he is telling Ms. Brazil is that he does not care if her liberties or wealth are at risk – you’re not part of the manifest destiny.

      37. jpl_texas :
        I do believe you’re on to something here….
        Another good reason to visit this one place that we can speak out about what we are noticing around us….
        Best to All(Esp. Mac)

        • Right back atcha GFG! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to join the conversation!


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