Visa Goes Anti-Gun: Restricts America’s Largest Gun Store From Processing Transactions

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Headline News | 620 comments

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    The assault on the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment continues.

    This time big business is getting into the mix and they’re aiming for gun stores right at the source of their revenues – their transaction processing facilities.

    According to Larry Hyatt, owner of the largest gun brokerage firm in the United States,, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa USA and one of the world’s largest credit card processing gateways, has terminated their relationship with the firm.

    After four years in business with the Visa owned, Larry Hyatt, owner of Hyatt Gun Shop, received an email indicating that the company would no longer provide its services due to “the sale of firearms or any similar product.”

    The email reads:

    Dear Hyatt Gun Shop Inc,

    Authorize.Net LLC (“Authorize.Net”) has determined that the nature of your business constitutes a violation of Section 2.xiv of the Authorize.Net Acceptable Use Guidelines and Sections 3.3 and 11.3 of the Authorize.Net Service Agreement (the “Agreement”).

    These sections include, but are not limited to, the sale of firearms or any similar product.

    Accordingly, pursuant to Section 4 of the Acceptable Use Guidelines, your ability to access and use the Authorize.Net Services will be terminated on September 30, 2013.

    Hyatt’s massive online store will be unable to process credit card transactions, giving the store only a few days to find a new processing company before terminates their business relationship.

    “We’ve never seen anything like this,” Hyatt Marketing Director Justin Anderson told the Washington Examiner.

    All of a sudden, after four years of doing business together, declares that Hyatt Gun Shop is in violation of their terms of agreement.

    An odd coincidence to be sure, but not if you consider that many top executives at Visa have donated to President Obama’s election campaigns. With President Obama renewing his push for gun control in the wake of the Navy Yard shooting last week, and Americans ardently opposing any legislative action that would further restrict the ownership of firearms, it looks as if anti-gun politicians are now calling in favors with their connections in big business.

    If you can’t outlaw the guns, then strike directly at the companies who manufacture them and sell them by cutting off their cash flow.

    This is exactly what, which processes credit card transactions for millions of merchants around the world, has done to Hyatt.

    Earlier this year, after a similar anti-gun push following the Sandy Hook elementary school tragedy, Bank of America took it upon themselves to forcibly seize funds from licensed firearms dealer and manufacturer American Spirit Arms.

    The incidents with Hyatt Gun Shop and American Spirit Arms are certainly not isolated and will likely continue as government and business merge their agendas, especially as it pertains to our government sponsored banking system, which has a stranglehold over American businesses.

    The Constitution remains a prominent roadblock for the anti-gun establishment, and despite efforts to ban semi-automatic rifles, tax ammunition, and restrict importation of magazines and gun parts, they are being countered at every turn by the tens of millions of Americans who believe in their personal right to bear arms.

    Thus, government is now relying on their incestuous relationships with the many bailed out banks and businesses who are essentially under their control.

    If you think this was an accident, you’re kidding yourself.

    A coordinated effort is underway to make it difficult, if not impossible, to acquire self defense armaments that include guns, ammo, and accessories.

    Get ’em while you can. We saw what happened with the ammunition. Now it seems they are trying to lock-down our ability to do business with legitimate gun dealers.



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      1. Well, anybody buying a gun should pay cash anyway. Just stop at the ATM on the way.

        The corp can try to restrict guns sales all they want, but the genie will never get back in the bottle. There are too many out there already they will never get back.

        • They can try to restrict the sales all they want…there will always be a way to get one….just ask the criminals.

          I always get a kick out of people trying to estimate how many guns are in Americans hands. No one knows. I know in our family they have been handed down from generation to generation…bought before there were any back ground checks and such.

          Only a fool would think they will be able to get our way. Maybe from the wussies but that might not be a bad thing.

          • Just another good reason to cut up the ‘ol credit card

            • Keep in mind….this applies to debit cards with visa logos as well

              • Just a quick note to say: NEVER, NEVER use a credit card to buy guns, ammo, and/or most prepping supplies…
                I personally have a NRA VISA card. I suggest that the NRA and all prepping sites refuse the services of VISA.
                Something bad this way comes. Prep like your life depends on it, cause it does..

                  • I just love where Frankenstein refers to Ed Snowden as a traitor. Talk about calling the fucking kettle black.

                • Say When, AMEN to using cash. I just got home from a gun show. I bought some more shells for Bertha plus some other prep items and paid CASH for all of it. That’s how I pay for all of my prep items. Never had a credit card and refuse to have one, from VISA or anyone else for that matter. braveheart

                  • That’s the way, braveheart. Fuck the credit card banksters, especially VISA.

                    I was at Wallyworld, picking up a few fishing items and as always, I took a peak at the ammo shelves just to see if anything has changed. Nope, still empty except for some stuff that isn’t popular. The only thing that has changed since early 2013, was a new box of 50 ct. 44 mag bullets added. With tax, the bullets now cost about a dollar each. I have never bought any because i reload mine for the ole Super Blackhawk; and my cost per bullet is only about 30 cents each. Well, used to be less until the cost of powder went thru the roof along with ammo/etc.

                    A gentleman was standing there staring at the empty shelves and said; “Walmart muxt be getting out of the ammo business by the looks of these shelves”. I said, “they get in 22 cal. and some other popular stuff every week, but there are lines of people here each night about 8:00 waiting for it to be stocked. I don’t need it that bad, to fight the crowds.”

                    He just gave a disgusted look and said, “this dammned government”. I said, “Yep, you got that right”.

                    As i walked away, I thought about the masses that feel the same way; but, there are masses that think that the democratic liberal idiots in power are the way to go, also. The “only” thing that changes with repubs. in control of all three branches of gov. is the attacks, by gov., on our 2nd amendment rights. So better to have something going for us, than everything against us.

                    So I am making a stand for the Second Amendment by voting a straight ticket this year. If nothing else matters, then getting the damn dems out and keeping our second amendment rights for as long as possible, does.

                    If we loose the freedom and rights, to protect our families and private property from the evil in the world, then it’s time to turn out the lights on America.


                • Here is when an informed active citizenry can do wonders. Cut up your VISA cards and refuse to use any of their products. Whether you own a gun or not.

                  • rg: Is that like, “voting”? Yes, My peeps, We can make a difference. Engage! 🙂

                  • We should start by throwing away all Heinz products to get back at Kerry for signing the treaty

                  • Anon: I gotta keep the ketchup. i grew up on ketchup sandwiches. It was all we could afford. Love ketchup! 🙂

              • Anyone using a credit card from the enemy bankers to purchase firearms is kind of in question anyway. Credit cards are a disease and true patriots are not really going to support the cancer that is going to be helping, the bankers, to go after everyone’s freedoms. Like I said in the next to previous article, banks suck. You know what, credit cards blow. In fact to add to this to ALL those bankers out there WHEN the financial collapse happens, JUMP YOU BASTARDS.

                • Kind of difficult to hit a thin credit card, as a clay target is much larger to home in with your shotgun spray, but what the hell why not give it a try, PULL………….

                  • BI, how about a bunch of those credit cards with Feinstein’s picture on each one? PULL!

                  • Back in the old days when the gas companies would send out credit cards without your asking for them, my father would cut them up and make guitar picks out of them.

                    I have a collection of worthless old ones that can be used for that. A new barter item!

                • Something to start my day off with an LOL.

                  “JUMP YOU BASTARDS.” -Be Informed

                  Can I quote you on that?

                  You know, it kind of makes you think a little different about all those people jumping to their deaths when crashes occur because they put their hope in false gods. Maybe it needs to happen more often. Not to be cruel or to minimize the coersion of people by the Criminal Bastard Thieves, but aren’t we supposed to live by the sweat of our brow? …and dollars don’t sweat, so, there you go.

                  My excuse for using a credit card: its pretty much the only way to pay for certain things online. Most people I know, however, don’t use a credit card for anything! They let the credit card USE THEM!!! But, if this story is as true as I think it is, I may be switching card companies.

                  I’ve been with VISA for 30 years. If this is a VISA company policy then I will dump them. I need to find out more information. While you may say “Its a wholly owned subsidiary…” and use that to bash VISA, you are a wholly own subsidiary of the IMF/(non)Federal Reserve and they probably don’t condone a lot of things that you do. Of course most people don’t realize this but it is true. The incorporation documents are all on file at the Social Security Office and the court house in the county you were born.

                  • @ NetRanger. When I say Jump You Bastards the ONLY image that I want to see in my mind is some big fat cat creep that has exploited the desperate hard working people. It would be a prize to watch some billionaire banker that got that way from deceptive loans to again the desperate that had their dreams shatterred, take a header off a 70 story building. Poetic justice for the billionaire to lose everything and know how it feels from all those that experienced the same feeling. It would be the icing on the cake as the banker flew by at about 120 mph around the 50th. story up to yell out, was it worth it f#$%head?

                  • I can picture it now. Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, jumping out of the window of a skyscraper. I would really like to see it. I would love even more for them to see me laughing at them before they hit the pavement.

                  • I did a little research, it looks like all card companies use to process payments.. I need cards to travel. I would love to find a company that does not use them and change. If you find out differently please let me know.

                • Be informed

                  I read and appreciate your posts on a daily basis. My work shifts sometimes are 7 days a week which leaves little to no time for much else. I order things online due to necessity and this allows me to shop price.

                  I agree on the bankster issue but for now some things can’t be helped.

                  Who out there wants this companies business? Pass this info on please and I will gladly switch from Visa. I don’t use credit cards (except gas cards and keep a zero balance for the most part) but I do use a debit card. I will be glad to give my business to those who want it.

                  I used JM Bullion who advertises on this site. After having problems just trying to order from their site, contacting them twice, getting lame emails from them blaming my end of things for the problems, etc, I went elsewhere, now no problems.

                  Together we should be able to get what we want and need. There is enough combined brain power, as well as, buying power from those on this site to make things work for us and screw the BO ass lickers.

                  MOLON LABE

                  • Thanks for the heads up on JM Bullion–I was going to buy from them.

                  • I have ordered from Apmex and had no problems. The mail person drives around back of the house and delivers to my back door. I didn’t even ask her to do that. I think she might be one of us.

                • OOPS! I used my Visa debit at Malfart to pick up an LE6920 that happened to catch my eye at the lowest price I’ve seen in a long long while. I honestly was just walking by the ammo case to check on the current status of things. Couldn’t let it go and didn’t have the cash handy. Besides, there was a pretty lady there also checking out MY weapon and it was the last one so I was overtaken with urgency. Oh well… I could really care less about them tracking my credit card purchases. Food, ammo, weapons yeah come and take them MOFOS. Get this Armchair Rambo riled up and it’s going to take 500 men with infrared capable drones to stop me from seeking restitution. Besides I don’t think the state’s militia would sit idly by and let’s these things happen 😉

                  When it’s time to bury your guns it’s time to dig them up.

                  melon labia… or something.

                  • It’s MOLON LABE. also, when it’s time to bury your weapons, it’s really time to use them!

                  • IS that the LE6920 you sold to me this afternoon? I thought so. Well I already sold it to someone else and have forgotten his name already.

                    Guess we’ll never know where it is now. 🙂

                  • What if they were buried in 1965.

                • Be Informed,

                  I couldn’t agree with you more! (even if we couldn’t agree on the gun Control subject)It has been a complete travesty and a crime that has been rewarded by QE and tax payer monies, has destroyed jobs, homes and hope for millions and all the while, those responsible have never been richer or been making more, paying less tax or fighting to pay less tax or avoiding it all together and making sure that any checks and balances laws or regulations to ensure or protect from the same thing happening again are weakened, vetoed or diluted so that they have little or no effect. The share market has never been higher and businesses are making a killing whilst workers are paid less and more people are worse off than they have been for many, many years.Also agree about credit cards and at the age of 52 have never owned one as I could never understand why anyone would want to buiy something that they didn’t have the money for to begin with, let alone be lent the money at unbelievable interest rates that are doing no favors to you at all. The entire mass consumer/consumption ethos we are told and cajoled to be part of, to compete against each other for and the fears and so called must do’s that entrap and pacify us as well as keep us so busy we dont have the time, will or energy to stop, question or consider…is a sham and a method of control that ensures the status quo of waste , unfairness and injustice remain for most and benefit the few.It was and is such a stupid methodology, that it has collapsed upon itself and cannot be sustained. it lasted less than 100 years and only enriched a small percentage of the population and has stressed the planet greatly especially in relation to the huge amounts of people it has not helped much or to live a lifestyle that we seem to take for granted.Or used to.
                  The big question is this: Will we or can we do anything about it? are we still going to take the ride or understand that things must change? What happens to all the others that never got the chances we did but now must fight for or look for other ways to achieve.Do we take them with us or just look after ourselves again whilst the real movers and shakers manipulate us as much as ever.Who is the enemy and who are our friends or do we fail to work together to use our numbers to make the changes that need to be made? So far the Bad Guys are winning, just as they had been and unless something changes, will continue to win at ours and everybody elses expense. Hope

              • Looks like a good start on a bucket list.

            • OutWest:
              And send the cut up card back to Visa along with a note stating the reason why…….

              • Also on the note state you will on longer be sending out a
                payment. The money is being used to buy more guns.
                But don’t worry. Obama will send you more of our tax money
                to keep you happy.

                • Uncle Ben or Auntie Janet will just keep creating more digi dollars to keep them happy.

              • A blessing in disguise. It will make it harder for the government to develop gun ownership lists; and just the boost that Master Card needs.

                Buy some guns and buy some stock! 🙂

                • Hell yeah , I use cash only .So they can shove there plastic up there ass.

                  • t2w — plastic money for plastic people…..

                • As if Master Card was any different than the rest of the goons? Psft.
                  Gawd, you are so full of shit, Durango (Krugman) Kidd.
                  How much do they pay you for trolling, Mr. mortgage banker?
                  Every comment you make is in favor of the system.
                  Always, and every time.

                  Ya, go team go, engage your masters, just vote team blue ‘in’ because team red is not the same as team blue?
                  Yeah. uh-huh.

                  …. Rah… Rah..Rah.

                  Also, I’m still waiting on your example of how you do things on a local level so we can all learn.

                  Why the heck don’t you showcase your success?
                  Oh, that’s right, because you’re a liar and a fraud.

                  Just where the hell are those examples of yours?

                  • clark says:

                    “Every comment you make is in favor of the system.
                    Always, and every time.”

                    And that’s why I think he’s a troll.

                    The vast majority of his comments are antithetical to the views presented on this site.

                    He appears to be nothing more than a Shill for the Establishment.

                    Why some commenters here don’t see this is beyond me.

                    The Durango Kidd is transparent. But he does provide value… entertainment value.

                  • Clark: The difference between Visa and Master Card, Moron, is that Master Card has not gone anti-gun. I suppose you would rather WE use Pay Pal or Bit Coin when WE travel abroad to reserve OUR rooms and book OUR flights too.

                    YOU are the government troll. Pushing for a commie government. Don’t you have another snappy quote from another 19th century commie for this one?

                    LMAO! You skinny, fucking faggot!!! 🙂

                  • Yo Mama: The reason you and Clark do not like the system is because it doesn’t work for either of you. Clark is young and dumb and would rather criticize success than work hard, get an education, and be one himself. 23 and still sitting in his mother’s basement jacking off and reading the lamentations of 19th century socialists!

                    He can lament the cost of a college education or he can find a way to get one. For the average guy and gal, a sheepskin will make a big difference in the money they make over their lifetime.

                    Consider the kid on Business Insider who is paying for his collage education by clipping coupons and getting rebate checks. Yeah! Where there is a will there is a way, and those kids with a degree will, by and large, grossly outstrip the income of those who don’t; especially when another 30 million ILLEGALS arrive to take their minimum wage jobs.

                    Engage your employees or settle for a third world existence! 🙂

                  • The Durango Kidd says:

                    “YOU are the government troll. Pushing for a commie government. Don’t you have another snappy quote from another 19th century commie for this one?

                    LMAO! You skinny, fucking faggot!!!”

                    Who are you addressing this response to?

                    Clark or Yourmotherwaswrong??

                    You seem to be a bit confused.

                    No small wonder there.

                    “skinny, fucking faggot.”

                    You wouldn’t be able to walk off the field after saying that to my face DK. Guaranteed‎!

                    So enjoy your anonymous punk-ass status on this site, and be rest assured… you will never be called upon to defend yourself Man to Man because of that slight.

                  • Yo Mama: For the record, clark is the skinny fucking faggot and he knows it. And BTW has never denied it. He is quite proud of his orientation.

                    You are just a stupid old man hiding out in Idaho with your eight guns thinking that you can hold off the UN thugs. You are Ruby Ridge II waiting to happen.

                    Just take out at least three to do your part. 🙂

                  • DK ain’t skinny.

                • Sorry Dk,
                  I don’t invest in paper of any kind. Enjoy your faux profits on faux investments. And don’t tell me they ‘represent value of good companies’, because they are just electronic chits of worthless corporate goons who sold out my country by shipping the productive economy to China, and the jobs base that was.

                  May they all rot in the hell they created by their short sighted greed.
                  We are living the “Great sucking sound” of Ross Perot, how do we all like it? Not so much, I bet.
                  Now they deny loans to small businesses, and wonder why we’re dying? They think they will end up owning everything at ten cents on the dollar, what they will own, is a very pissed off populace, with a target on their backs.

                  • Piper M.: I really don’t like investing in stocks either, but retirees need income and banks don’t pay anything. At one time CD’s were the thing. Utilities,Shell, T, DD,GIS,JNJ,BBL,COP, etc. pay Q dividends so we can buy&buy at Academy Sports (luv that store), buy preps, steaks for grilling, new cars,bikes, gourmet cat food and other goodies. extra money from 401k’s and SS buys conservative stks and muni’s to get dividends.. I’d like better ideas if y’all have any to get income.

                  • Laura M; Invest in a metal detector. It might come in handy some day. 🙂

                  • Piper: I don’t own any stocks other than in my own companies, but I am sure this anti-gun stance by Visa will have adverse political ramifications for them and they deserve it.

                    Master Card will be the beneficiary. 🙂

                  • Laura M; As I was responding to Piper, I remembered an article I saw about the Bacon Guy at (?).

                    He started a mail order bacon company from his garage in his spare time and gross sales are now over $500,000. The Internet is a wonderful way to make a buck if you have something other people want.

                    Just saying. Take a shot. 🙂

                  • Laura M.
                    Agreed. That is the system we have…
                    So I would probably invest in cheap rental property and farmland, this is what the very richest are investing in NOW. (You didn’t think the Federal Reserve buying up all the mortgage paper in the country is a fluke, do you? I see a new agency in a new global government; The Land (rental) Ministry, where most, if not all land, becomes the payoff on the national debt.)

                    I like tangible assets… There is a reason. It is the basis of ALL WEALTH. Bankers KNOW this… yes, they make money on the way UP, but, they make a killing on the way down, as they buy up everything at ten cents on the dollar.

                    But, people in general, like their investments ‘easy’…
                    Just buy, and sit back and reap…
                    This is the ownership mentality, paper merely represents something REAL. At least, it did until now. Now it is a fools game, to know when they will pull the rug and take your money. Your money never disappears, it is merely transferred into the pocket of the ‘winner’. Those who can write checks out of thin air, will always WIN. Durango Kidd doesn’t ever mention that fact, do you DK?

                    This mentality is now destroying itself, the paradigm is failing on all fronts. Money, governance and religious, they are all losing their moral authority because of hypocrisy and corruption, and with it, their real authority. The backlash is already happening as more and more wake up, tune in, and drop out.

                    After the black horse paradigm finishes its ride, there will only be the very rich, and the very poor. Anything paper will be converted to whatever system comes. That system will be more evil than the current system. War is always the great resetter, and paradigm shifter and debt settler. The only question is, will anybody be left who cares? Or will we all be beaten down to bloody pulps, with no fight left in us?

                    This is why I have advocated forming an alternate economy, and withdrawing from the faux paper economy, by learning skills, and applying them. Relearning how to make things, or finding those who do remember and restarting small cottage industry and networked communities. DK has that right, investing in your own little business, producing something people need, for a righteous price, without becoming indebted to a bank, is always a winner. Debt, is always a doubled edged sword, its biggest cost, is the loss of Joy in Life as you must work much harder just to repay the banker. This is an easy cross to bear in a rising economy, it becomes a boat anchor around your neck when the bankers pull the rug.

                    Obama is evil incarnate, you can see it in his eyes. He surrounds himself with communists and moooooslims, he speaks “sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”, the very definition of evil. I think, he will bite the hand that feeds him…

                    Nobody knows the future, but the ancient prophecies have become history and the trend is clear. The trend is evil, the trend is left, and mooslim, as the Good guys refuse to unify and organize. They are ‘skeered’, and who can blame them? Who can make war with The Beast? We must… eventually, the evil must be eliminated. Unfortunately, it must become painfully obvious to the most dim witted, before that can happen, and have a chance to succeed. At that time, you would be very happy having the ability to eat, without having to get ‘chipped’ or tattooed, in order to access your ‘converted’ electronic credits.

                    Decide your future.
                    Decide wisely.

            • Outwest…Excellent point. They (banksters) are at war with the law abiding gun owners and we all know they are the backbone of the NWO. Cut up the cc’s and hurt the bastards financially……same thing with any businesses such as Starbucks who joins the fight with the 2nd amendment. Hurt and destroy them financially. I used my Visa for automated payments for electric , water bill and I just called them to cancel it and notified the power and water company to send me paper bills. If we all take similar actions, we’ll see the impact.

            • We’ve been paying down all debt owned to the jewish bankers at a massive rate.

              Fuck you credit card companies.

              Cash only mother fuckers!

              Then the gun dealer can cheat on his taxes and fuck the commies.


            • But, it’s my debit card–applying after lunch/dinner (vegetable soup and cornbread)for capitol one CC, master card CC– any that will have me.:-)
              Pay when receive bill, no charges accrued, same as debit card–online sales are the only reason I use one, so I DO need one.
              Other than that, cash all the way here.

              • Net ranger says:My excuse for using a credit card: its pretty much the only way to pay for certain things online. Most people I know, however, don’t use a credit card for anything! They let the credit card USE THEM!!! But, if this story is as true as I think it is, I may be switching card companies.

                Exactly, and when you pay every month, no charges accrued so it’s just a debit card for me–I didn’t charge anything.
                Cornbread’s ready.

                • The CC don’t care they still got 3% from you when the seller pays his bill to them for use of a card.

                  The reward programs still take away mostly from the mom and pops because they have the highest swipe rate.

                • Try renting a rental car with cash. Have fun. If you pay the card off every month cards are great. Try getting money back on an item you paid cash for. With visa they will make your case for you. There is so much ignorance on this site it is almost a comedy. Have you bozos not heard what happens to people with large amounts of cash/ Either the cops or the crooks can steal it.

                  • and identities and credit card account numbers have been stolen too.

            • “Just another good reason to cut up the ‘ol credit card”

              Indeed so, Out West. I am going to shred mine, mail the shreds to VISA’s home office, and include a copy of this article and a statement that VISA is knowingly and with aforethought infringing upon my US Constitutional rights. Because of that, no more business from me to them. Ever.

            • I have used my credit union Visa Card for years. I am going to wait and see how the NRA Visa Card responds, and I will do Likewise. Maybe Visa will come up with something with the NRA. Maybe Visa will tell Authorize.Net or whatever their name is to take a hike. Two can play the same game. I will let the NRA sort it out and follow their lead.

              • Just another sheeple, only thing different about you is you follow a different herd.

            • Sorry I’m late to the party but I work for a processor. is the largest but they are not the only payment gateway. Our ISO has made it clear they don’t want online firearm merchants due to “risk” They are going to have to find a high risk processor that will likely cost them over double. sad situation

          • Guys, this isn’t really aimed at stopping the flow of guns as it is a way to make MORE transactions ILLEGAL, therefore, MORE FUTURE CRIMINALS. I predicted this approach many months ago and I make another now—

            We will soon see purchases outside of major gun sellers (FFLs) become grounds for CONFISCATIONS and ARRESTS in the near future, whether or not anything illegal might have occurred. This harassment of law-abiding citizens will become fodder for further restrictions on private sales.

            Please mark these words for future reference.

            • Six … yes you did and I remember the post. I have plenty of folks where I live that will sell me a firearm for cash so I use …CASH….

          • Some poor soul has to be the first man to the door for confiscation, when he recieves a welcome load of 00 buckshot , the rest will back up and decide if they where sent into a no win situation .They can’t control a backwards nation like Iraq, there is no way they can control all parts of the USA.

            • Gubmint goons do not ‘lose’. It is in their psyche. If you take out the whole SWAT Team, the entire department will come back to your house. If, by some chance you could take out the whole department, the governor would call in the National Guard or the Feds. Who would arrive looking like an army.
              Shoot, and scoot.
              Do NOT even THINK you can hold up in a defensive position and WIN. Go on the offensive as a shadow, ambushing them at opportune moments. Then get out of the area quickly sticking to the shadows and off beat track…
              Oh, and lots of collateral damage and booby traps as distractions.

              • I have some thoughts on obamacare, RE: gun restrictions. I think we all agree obamacare is a dud. It was DESIGNED TO BE A DUD. After spending more than a week reading through the provision, I’m convinced it was never intended to have anything to do with healthcare, other than lining the pockets of medical-related corps and big pharma.

                Rather than citing the confusing text of they law, I’ll just speak in general terms. What I believe obamacare is REALLY going to do—

                1. It will remain in effect for long enough to obtain and compile medical and psychiatric profiles on every man, woman and child.

                2. It will remain in effect until they have DNA samples (and other forms of biometric information) for every human being in this country.

                3. Obamacare will be the method of mandating the chipping of human beings and it will remain in effect until everyone who is going to be chipped, is chipped with RFID tags, covertly if necessary.

                During this period, there is no doubt the transfer of wealth will be astounding and devastating to the people, but I’m not convinced that that was EVER the primary function of obamacare. I think it is just a gimme for all of the cooperating corps, to be certain they follow the rules.

                I believe the sole purpose for obamacare is to get the remaining agendas in place, to implement those things that CANNOT BE OVERTLY LEGISLATED, specifically, RFID chipping and complete profiles on every man, woman and child in the country, including biometric information.

                THEY TRIED to gather biometrics on everyone with the national ID card—and failed.

                THEY TRIED to convince everyone to take the mark of the beast—and failed.

                THEY TRIED to get full profiles on every law-abiding gun owner, in order to confiscate all the guns, and so far—they have failed.


                The one and ONLY thing obamacare WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR, is to provide affordable medical care resources to the people….and it was never intended to do so.

                • Excellent sixpack, good analysis… missed a couple things though.

                  – Kill off as many old folks as can be done.
                  – Kill off the terminal and ‘defective’.
                  – Kill off as many unborn as defensible, while making sure the unwashed pay for it against their will.

                  Leave only ‘economic units’ with healthcare, fully bagged, tagged and identified in the database to facilitate future operations, link with gun, internet, and geometric data.

                  End result; Big brother on steroids… with the ability to track you from beginning to end.
                  The Mark of the Beast will only work, if they have full inventories of all people and GOODS. Can’t have you people resisting and selling used inventory to those stinking Christians now, can we? (sarc off)

                  Did ya know, non Christians get an ‘exemption’? (and that includes Congress and their toadies.)

                  I can’t wait till a ‘navigator’ shows up at my door… it’ll be time to water the grass. (and I never water the grass…)

                  • Thanks for filling in some of the blanks, PM. There seems to be no end to the pure evil that is being heaped upon us, hidden in supposedly “helpful” and innocuous legislation.

                    NO WONDER the congress critters and the rest of the gov agencies are exempt.

                    Perhaps we need to exempt politicians from congress and the white house…

                  • “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” – Mark Twain

                    Hitler’s and Obama’s Health Enabling Acts

                    “President Hitler signed a shockingly similar bill with similar tactics used to get it signed – threats, harassment, false promises, intimidation, invented crises.”

                    Hitler spoke; Hitler lied; Hitler intimidated; Hitler promised jobs, HEALTH CARE and safety; and Hitler won the vote 441 to 84.

                    March 23, 1933 everything changed for Germany. After that vote, their constitution was shredded. The most evil dictator of our time would rise to power, shockingly by the vote of the people in Parliament. …
                    The Germans believed the speeches – promises of HEALTH CARE, economic revival and jobs for all.”

                    “Obama shockingly also signed the constitution shredding, freedom stealing HEALTH CARE bill into law March 23, 2010 – 77 years later to the day. He also gave speech after speech on America’s ‘crisis’ of health care and need for massive Government intervention and correction.

                    This Health care bill, like Hitler’s Enabling Act, forces many things on the American people. For the first time in U.S. history it forces all Americans to have health insurance or face huge fines or even jail time. This is forced health insurance that the Government says is acceptable. Forcing the public to buy a product or service has never been done by our Government.”

                    “Obama couldn’t find a more intimidating, powerful and menacing control of Health care than the dreaded and huge IRS. It is almost as if he put the military in control of tracking us with the potential intimidation and enforcement plans attached. It will be frightening enough with the IRS breathing down our throats.”

                    Full text at…
                    Canada Free Press dot com

                • Ya..I think you got er pegged there…dark days ahead…better times acomin… 🙂

                  • KY Mom: Canada free press article. Did it mention that hitler DID keep promices for Jobs? When first elected he faced 35% or so of Unemployed folks. After he booted Out jew banksters and issued german money MINUS Debt and usury/intrest, in Less than 5 yrs time german unemployed rates fell from 35% DOWN to Les than 2% unemployed.

                    Good jobs and Good pay etc too. I aint saying all he did was good as we know it was not. But that is just another usual typical hit piece article that Parrots the typical propaganda of WWII, hitler, germany and nazis BS we heard since 1940’s era.

                    True? Yes “some” was/is truth and bad things done. But Most we were told is BS. Lies. and a huge tendency same as that article to begin with a TINY Ant hill problem..Then re tell again over and over each time adding more length to the “Fish” that got caught or got away story. Untill that fish that began as a tiny 3 inch gold fish in a pond at old farmer joes farm pond, ends up the Pacific ocean and the fish ends up as Moby Dick size!

                    Or as refered to that tiny ant hill problem, thats magnafied 1000 times in size and now becomes the entire Rocky mountain range from mexico to canada in size..

                    Or it even can turn into a vast large amount..Like “SIX-MILLION” when it never even came close to one million!

                    Not trying to rain on the parade here, just hate when I keep seeing articles like that which continue to parrot what has become Proven lies or falsehoods of a vast conspiricy of MSM propagandas. When today the factual truths that refute most of whats wrote of nazis etc is so easily available online to find.

                    The BIGGEST Proof of all time that we have been So Lied to on all the WWII and nazi issues is the Fact that.

                    Most Every article resembles that canada free press article in that they all “Claim” this or that which always Revolves around, “THE Most EVIL era-Man-Leader-etc etc”.

                    Now logical common sense Should Dictate that with so much easy to find evidence and Proven factual documented sources, that outline every Facet and event and issue that revolve around the Russian Bolshevik Jewish Kommies who used their invention of Communisim to overthrow russia etc.

                    And if one but compares all of that kommie russian evidence, with even All of the lies or propaganda along with the Real true stuff that occured with Nazis and hitler etc…Then it becomes quite Obvious that “IF” any such Articles really were concerned with “THE Most Evils” and “The MOST Evil Dictators” etc than surely ones article Would be written about, or at Least make mention of, that event of the Russian Jewish revolt of communisim that happened 20 yrs Prior to anyone hearing of a guy names hitler or nazis.

                    Instead such articles continue to Parrot known lies and past propaganda now proven as propagandas.

                    Seems there is a type of hidden agenda in Many writers minds who keep parroting such eh.

                    Even if one accept now proven wrong numbers like the famous Six Million jews..When compared to 250 Million deaths caused by Jewish Kommie bolsheviks like Trotsky(birth name Bronstien=jew) and all his fellow jewish kommie travelers and bed fellows…Sheer numbers alone Prove if one is really going to write of Evils or most evil dictators. Then hands Down That Honor should go to russian jew kommie butchers. Hitler and nazis comes in Far behind. Perhaps more like the “Students” of Jewish bolshevik kommie mass murderers eh.

                    I am aware that most folks Here know of these issues. But with so many readers that arrive at this site it is likly that some newcomers are Not as yet aware of such as I wrote of in my reply. So to assist those as yet unaware folks I felt the need to include some Factual Truths to that article which imho is another agenda driven “hit piece” designed to keep folks focused upon nazis and hitler, while overlooking the true threats americans face today which is Communists, and Is still headed by bolshevik/zionist jewish folks(grandkids of the Original russian kommies like trotsky, now Inside the Gates of usa doing the same agenda to Us today).

                    For perhaps The Biggest difference between the “Nazis” versus the “Russian Bolshevik Jewish Kommies” is the Fact that…Those Now Dead Nazis Took nazi-isim to their Graves With them…But while those Original 1920-1990 era russian jewish Kommies are most of them also Dead, They did NOT retire their evils and take with to their graves…Rather instead those orig kommie russians, Passed On communisim agendas, TO, their Kids and grandkid jewish zionist and bolsheviks. Of which more than 1/2 of existing tribal members Are now resideing Inside the Gates of America, and With the Same evil intents as in russia where their main agenda to exterminate all whites and christians first began.

                    I now eagerly Await for all of the Good american jewish patrotic folks to Begin to assist us gentiles in ID’ing which of Their Tribe/group are of the kommie zio bolshevik varrity, and also to assist Us gentiles in Dealing with such enemys of freedom etc, when the proper time arrives.

          • Come on, Kindle, there are 300,000,000. I counted ’em and my fire team has most of ’em.
            Semper Fi

          • Well, like it or not, its our government, and if we are ordered to surrender our guns and ammo under pain of force and/or criminal penalties for noncompliance, we simply must comply. So, despite the fact that I have thousands of rounds of ammo and a large number of firearms, if the government sends duly certified representatives to my residence to demand under threat of force all of my ammo and weapons, I feel that I have little choice to do anything other than that, in that order, and with rapidity. I suggest others do likewise – 55 grains at a time somewhere around 3000 fps or so.

        • Agree everyone should pay for their personal defense weapons with cash.

          In addition everyone should cut up their Visa credit and debit cards and send it to Visa with a note explaining why you will no longer support their business.

          I also wonder if Visa/ has stopped processing claims for Wal-Mart, K Mart, Sports Authority, etc., some of the largest gun retailers (and retailers in general) in America.

          • “I also wonder if Visa/ has stopped processing claims for Wal-Mart, K Mart, Sports Authority, etc., some of the largest gun retailers (and retailers in general) in America.”

            An excellent question. My guess is that they have not. Size matters, you know, and it’s always easier to pick on the little guys.

        • Gods Creation: You got that right!

        • They wont stop it. If all of the CC processors stop, it only opens the way for a new business opportunity.

          Another sensationalistic story to fire up morons.

          This happened before… months ago… one of the manufacturers. Who cares?

          They aint stopping SHIT.

          • Commies red thumbed you, Rich. There are more commies than guns in this country. Each guy has got to shoot twice.

            • “There are more commies than guns in this country.”

              True. But then, that’s why they invented the 30-round magazine.

        • Did anyone ever for one minute think that there would come a day when those who want the government to follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights, operate on revenues collected or less, and stay out of our lives are the “extremists”???

          • Nope, but I also didn’t think in the 6th grade seeing the person you were speaking to on the phone would come true!!
            Go figure!! 🙂

        • This is an online store. This store may lose the business, but the guns will just be obtained locally.
          Piss on a credit card. Most people don’t think of using a credit card as borrowing money. Dave Ramsey is right about one thing–the place to go when you need money is to work. Work is a sure-fire money making scheme.

          • “Work is a sure-fire money making scheme.”

            Only for the competent, Bob. The incompetent always turn to government for a generous grab of someone else’s money.

        • I have a solution to everything…
          Make the dems second class citizens.
          Don’t hire them, don’t provide them services.
          Or..if you do..crank up their prices.

          I used to have a service business and when I priced for lawyers I always jacked up their prices by 30% because they cause my insurance to cost so much…so I just make these fucks pay for what they caused.

          Currently I’m creating a few new businesses and won’t be creating jobs for anyone.
          full automation. Zero support of the commie obamacare law. Just don’t play.
          There’s no laws on the books saying that I HAVE to create jobs.
          Small fat and happy.

          Also. I only buy silver and lock it up in many safe locations.
          When I sell at retirement it will be one or two 10 oz bars to local professionals I know.
          Zero taxes….avoidance and evasion by rule of zero records…zero taxes. Suck it feds.

          As soon as the “beige bastard” took office we all got armed up. That meant all this shit was going down…

          The entire country is failing….so all the folks will vote a handout.
          More debt slaves for me to rent housing to.

          Currently I’m working on global .com venture…so the income will come in globally then be converted to physical silver. Zero employees

          Just checked my bank statement…my other .com sites have amazon links filling it nicely.

          So for Obama nazis care…just don’t play.
          Don’t create jobs. Let it all collapse.
          Then when the population riots…just stay home.

          Your best preps are a big mean watch dog.
          A safe full of silver and emergency cash.
          A few shotguns.
          Long term super pails from
          Having your own .com venture that run globally.
          Zero building, zero employees…just files on leased servers.
          I lease a virtual private server for $60 a month.
          This lets me create as many databases as I want then you just wire up the
          web pages and load up on amazon links and an affiliate account.

          Maybe it’s all time we preppers start talking about survival business!!!!
          And stop being a bunch of bitches.
          You make your own luck.

          I prep up with many computer books and just keep reading them and figure all this shit out. The web is filled with tons of how to info.

          Think how times have changed.
          In my grandfather’s day..he could roll a bbq grill to the curb and sell ribs off his porch with the wife making the salads and baking.
          With all the regulation..that is no longer possible.

          SO>>>> fuck ’em.

          Don’t play by their rules anymore.

          The .com stuff is up and running globally while I sleep making cash around the clock.

          I thought of building a consulting co. But I learned NOT to rely on anyone.
          Zero people…zero problems.
          Lone wolf.

          Big dog, big computers, armed, free.

          Now I’m eyeballing a nice Harley from some soon to be dead boomer.
          Many toys to buy from the worst generation in history.
          Thanks fuckers.

          Good luck guys.
          ps. Start thinking like business ninja!
          When they treat you like shit…then you go invisible.
          Also…it’s hard to get sued when they don’t know about you.
          Another fine bonus.


          Change the way you thing…and your actions will follow and so will your ass and your life. It’s all good.

          Be glad the USA is falling apart. Because when it needs to be rebuilt..the smart ones will be there ready to sell Uncle Sam all the shit he needs. Live in the times…don’t bitch about them.

          • “Don’t play by their rules anymore.”

            If you still have a bank account with more than a few dollars in it, you ARE playing by their rules. Hard to avoid completely, I know, and you have made a commendable effort in that.

            Agree with most of your post but you can stop pissing on us boomers. We had exactly the same control of the government as you have… which is to say none.

        • Off the subject, but…

          things have not been going too well in my personal life lately– but I must say, that post Mac put up the other day– the one about old Feinstein– it really made my day! Haven’t laughed so much in days! Its good to bring a little humor in once in a while. Thanks!

        • True, but ever been to a gun show where the vendors can’t make change?

          Just got back from a local show, one guy had to empty his wallet to find 5 one-dollar bills to make change, and another was hard put to find a twenty. I wonder how the next buyer fared with these numbnuts.

          I swear some of these guys need to get a brain.

          Some ammo was available, prices still high, but reloading powder was there and fairly priced. Every vendor I asked to make a deal made one, so it’s all good. Got a nice Pentax scope, a mint bayonet, and some collectible boxed ammo, not a bad morning.

          • Howdy. Smokey. Went to a gun show myself today. Picked up some more shells for “Bertha” plus a few more items. Paid cash for everything, just like I always do. Credit cards are for idiots who have money to throw away.

            • I have money that I can afford to throw away. (Crap table)). And I don’t use credit cards.

        • Put your seat belt on, I want to try something.

        • It’s the Gun Retailer’s that VISA is hitting. Bank of America is already doing this.

          • We lls Fa rgo has been doing it also

        • SHTF ALERT 9-29 -2013

          I am putting this at the top of this column for all to read with the pending Goverment shutdown most services are going to be shut down . it has been confirmed to me by my LGS that after Monday there could be a very possible shut down or slow down of the NICS system . Which means your ability to purchase a firearm may be stopped or slowed . I recommend that if you have a deposit on your firearm or you see something you want Monday may be the last day in a while you can get your purchase approved.

          Also there may be unintended consequences of this shut down my Agency has informed us to be prepared for a furlough of at LEAST 21 days . DHS has informed us NOT TO REPORT if the shutdown occurs on 12:00 am Tuesday morning . Also we will not be compensated for the furlough time or be allowed to use vacation time.






          ALEA IACTA EST


          Semper Fi 8541

          • Wow–am I glad I bought some more butter at Aldis today.

            • Keep in mind that the feds has TWO seperate programs that deal with what or who stll gets paid.

              All such as Soc security checks etc are NOT affected. Those monthly checks still arrive on time. I cannot say for certain, but I think that goes for ebt card stuff also.

              All what are called entitlement programs etc continue as normal. Fed workers etc are who do not get paid.

              One of the TV news shows gave a website you can use to see what programs get stopped or not.

              This shut down stuff has become a yearly thing and each time its a stupid ploy by neocons trying to appear serious when they have zero backbone to really do whats needed.

              If we ever hear neocons or dems mention an END of fed res, and begin to allow US Treasury dept to Issue Debt FREE and Intrest FREE cash…Then we will Know they are serious on fixing troubles.

              Also if they ever mention or rather Question “WHY’ should americans taxes keep paying $2 Billion Per Day into the pockets of about a total 300 jew banksters along with their “Few several” gentiles in bed with them. To “Loan” us money that already Belongs to Us as rightfull Owners of America and it’s Money and systems to issue moneys.

              Then perhaps we all can take politions as serious and patriotic. Why they still seem to believe that we take anything they pander on about as a serious effort to fix or restore americans troubles that THEY the swindler polititions has caused? So far to me remains a vast Mystery. I assume they think we are all dumbed down sheep waiting or hopeing for Them to begin to Act like Men. To Begin to Act like a “White Man” is expected to instead of fearfull whimpy sell outs to jewish banksters and zionists galore.

              Something more convincing than votes or threats to withold votes may be required at This point eh?

              Waco sure had a huge Impact on Patriots nationwide. Wonder What will Impact polititions to awaken Them?

              • If the Government is paying about 300 Jewish Bankers 2 Billion
                dollars a day of taxpayer money, why can’t you stop them and what power do these 300 Jews have to make ANYBODY give them so much , rather than those using the taxpayers money for themselves?

                And would things be different if it were just 5 Jew Bankers getting all the money? Would the Millions of American Taxpayers continue to allow it to happen just as they are now with the 300 of them taking all this money?

                Are things so grim in America that you can’t do anything about this? Seems to me that if what you say is true ,then you are a bunch of Sheep BECAUSE you are letting them do exactly what they want and which they continue to do.

                Aren’t they?

        • Just wrote VISA about their subsidiary, letting them know I’m cancelling my VISA cards and going with the competitors.

      2. The collusion of state and corporations is simply called


        Look it up

        (Noun) the merger of state and corporate power

        That’s where we are folks

        Plain and simple..

        Now what?

        That is the proverbial question for all of us..

        As if we already didn’t know..



        • Of course most of us would never ever use a visa or any card for ammo and weapon purchases would we?

          These bastards are and will use every angle within and without the rule of law..

          Afterall…the financiers operate exclusively outside the law as they OWN the fucking law and supreme court lock stock and barrel..

          Witness S.C.Justice Chief Roberts..the black robed turncoat who obviously declared obamacare constitutional…they have the dirt on him as quite evident in his decisive vote…

          Owned by the financiers..

          Watch your backs all you gun owners..

          We are next in the crosshairs..

          They are relentless and will never stop..



          • ***Witness S.C.Justice Chief Roberts..the black robed turncoat who obviously declared obamacare constitutional…they have the dirt on him as quite evident in his decisive vote***

            Even if it’s fabricated!! Photo shop is a govt. tool now!!

          • “We are next in the crosshairs..”

            NEXT? Where the F*** have we been?

          • Personally

            I’m done with my purchases..

            The equipment (fmj and hp) needed to finalize those purchases is done strictly with cash..and no ID needed being a frequent flyer buyer..

            nough said


        • If that is what they want, fine. Don’t use their credit card for anything. That will make them real rich.

        • Howdy, possee. Even Mussolini himself admitted to what fascism really is. braveheart

          • braveheart

            Good Mornin!

            Right you are…this has been a slow but constant process and the financiers are winning hands always.

            They are in collusion with the (well paid for/bought and sold) politicians who legislate entirely on their behalf..

            The constant attempts to dismantle the 2nd amendment never cease..and if they can not legally legislate it, they will initiate back door policies by any means to do so..witness small but effective policies such as this visa nonsense..

            The idea is to barrage the masses in any which way towards negative opinion of gun far they have failed legislatively as the votes are not there yet in D.C..but some states have reacted with draconian measures.

            Kerry (aka lurch) just signed on to the UN Small arms treaty this week..but it will never be ratified by the Senate.

            My fear is another “massacre” or “disaster”of major proportions,or, many smaller series of “incidents” will “occur” to sway public opinion in their anti gun favor nationwide…or even a ‘collapse to initiate some type of lockdown of weapons by private citizens…

            As no one knows the future…best we can do is continue to prepare for all scenarios..and be very diligent and extremely vigilant in all cases..

            Personally,lead and brass are still the best investments in precious they will protect all our other assets..


            • Possee, good morning. Fascism has been in place here since WW2. I’ve always suspected a series of incidents, each growing in proportion as time goes by, will lead to more and more people calling for gun control and some attempt at confiscation which is destined to fail. One third of the population are gun owners with at least 2 guns per household. Too many people and guns to deal with. Even if the Senate never ratifies the treaty, but don’t put it past Obamanation to issue an EO outlawing private gun ownership. The last quarter of this year could still prove to be “interesting”. braveheart

              • Please educate me guys.Assume the powers that be manage to disarm you all as you believe their Goal to be.

                What happens next? What do you think they will do? Kill everybody? Surely not, what would that achieve?

                More likely give them the ability to do what they want and exploit the Majority by under paying, putting in debt and abusing them so that they can make more profits and increase their Wealth at everybody else’s expense.

                If that is your Greatest fear and which you think your gun protects you from, I’m afraid you may have missed that train. The process has been going on for a while now to exploit , indebt and control and abuse as they get richer , more powerful and less answerable for doing exactly what you fear.

                They don’t need to take your Guns or right to own one away! In fact,given the powers and abuse and ability they have to do all the things that they do more and more and get away with doing, they would be smart to not do anything to anger the gun lobby or gun owners because they don’t need to.They are doing whatever they want and making you poorer and themselves richer and for them, they couldn’t be happier that no one can stop them,and your guns mean nothing and achieve nothing to them.

                If I am mistaken, please educate me, but on this point I can’t see how having guns has so far done anything to stop these people doing and getting anything they want at your expense and why it won’t continue like this.

      3. I won’t be using that card anymore, Bastards

        • Imagine the delight of all of the EBT obamanites whose EBT cards carry the visa logo…

          • you can buy guns and ammo with an ebt card?

            wow…where do I get me one? ‘)

            all joking aside, I do believe you’re correct, this will be used for…as you stated, or something very close.
            These people are so sick.

      4. They use school shootings to victimize guns. But really guns were never the problem, the problem was the mental health of the sadistic individual. Now responsible gun owners are being victimized and convicted by anti gun activists. I’ll give up my rifle when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

        • Watching how desperate they are to disarm all of us is ample warning as to their evil intentions. Disarm at your own peril.

          • Bob,

            With all due respect, I hardly think they are desperate to disarm you and given the fact that they are doing whatever they want and enriching themselves more and more at the expense of the majority who are doing it tough and harder, why do they even care? They are not desperate because nothing has shown they need to be.

            In fact, everything suggests they can do what they want , when they want and no one can or will or wants to stop them.Desperate is not the word that comes to mind except perhaps in explaining what the situation is becoming for the average Joe.

        • “I’ll give up my rifle when they pry it from my cold dead hands.”

          Not even then!

      5. There is just an all-out war on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This being done mostly by the Left. Sadly, there is a 50% voting block that goes along with them.

        Changes are happening very fast folks. What will it be like in just 12 months?

        Also, it appears that the new Gun Laws are just aimed at the Legal Owners. I don’t hear anything being said about getting the illegal guns off the streets by the folks that use them the most.

        • Ugly,
          So true. When Colorado recalled those 2 senator traitors I actually thought there might be some hope for this state. I hope the northern counties are successful in forming a new state…needless-to-say I would be moving.

        • Illegal guns are actually encouraged – every criminal shooting is grounds for a public demand for more security (especially after disarmament)- meaning more cops, body armor, automatic weapons, SWAT armored cars, other tactical gear …. all of which will be used against the people when the they are ready to resurrect the Reich.

        • No, and we never will because all this gun CONTROL nonsense is not really about guns.

      6. Is there anything worth saving here?

        I can hardly stand what we are: a pack of simpering, feckless cowards begging for shackles and a boot to lick.

        • Musashi,

          Now You’re Talking!There has been so much chest puffing but no real admission or talk of what can be done, how can it be stopped, what needs to be done!

          So many of you are waiting for something that if it happens , having a gun will be the last thing to worry about as it won’t stop what you have let come to pass.It will then be too late.

          Better to act now and use your numbers (as citizens)as many as can be got , united and determined to change things, to make it better.You are 99% (Potentially) against 1% and if you can AGREE and ACT TOGETHER you can do anything you want and NOTHING will or can stop you.And you won’t need guns to it. You just need to work together.

          And THAT is what the powers have been and continue to do and which is their greatest task (which they are succeeding in ) and that is to keep you in disagreement, confused and disunited, distracted and too busy or poor or worried or fed with threats and propaganda to put you off the scent…and all the while they get to do whatever they want at your expense and you are too busy doing Nothing, Minding your own business or looking after yourselves to do anything about it.

          Over 1989/90 and In less than a year Millions of Europeans in multiple countries destroyed the Communist power base and elite Interest groups and won their freedom and hardly a shot was fired at them.And they did not have guns or used them.But no army could stop them, would stop them and they triumphed.

          So can you.But more must be educated and more must be willing to do something, take action. Then you can do anything and will be unstoppable.And you won’t need a gun to do it because in this instance against this scenario, Guns would actually weaken you as it would provoke and give excuse and cause for you to be stopped and create an escalation that would give excuse where none could be given if otherwise.

          But don’t wait for the thing that is already happening and which when /if it happens at all, will be the last move of the chess piece in a game that was lost long before that final move.

      7. Methinks a whole lotta rich/connected liberal donors & their families gonna die WTSHTF…anarchy ensues, & nobody shows up to guard their exclusive gated communities.

        There gonna be a THOUSAND Versailles being overrun all over the USA as the blue-blooded bankster class scramble for their yachts and private jets once the blood starts running in the streets.

        • Katie—BAR THE GATES! Keep the bastards IN!

        • All these men here know they’re going to die. So, each night when they make it back, it’s a bonus. So, every cup of tea, every cigarette is like a little celebration. You just have to accept that.

          Vassili Zaitsev…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS….And use cash….

          • We are all going to be Vassili Zaitsev soon as our cities may soon resemble Stalingrad.


            HE WHO DARES WINS


            Semper Fi 8541

        • “There gonna be a THOUSAND Versailles being overrun all over the USA as the blue-blooded bankster class scramble for their yachts and private jets once the blood starts running in the streets.”

          I suspect that by the time they arrive at the airports and the docks, there will be a crowd there waiting to welcome them… with torches, nooses, and pitchforks.

      8. According to the site they service 375,000 plus customers…make that 374,999. Screw Spread this around to every business we know that uses them. Put them out of business !!!

        • We quit using them years ago as their security sucks. They were a major portal for east European fraud rings.

      9. Visa just begged to have their cards cut in shreds……

      10. Off Topic:

        Morales: Obama can invade any country for US energy needs

        Bolivia’s President Evo Morales (Reuters//David Mercado)
        In his dramatic speech in New York, Bolivian President Evo Morales called for the UN to be moved out of the US and for Barack Obama to be tried for crimes against humanity. Speaking to RT, Morales explained his controversial proposals.
        In his most controversial demand, Morales said that Obama should face an international trial with human rights watchdogs among the judges. The Bolivian president accused his US counterpart of instigating conflicts in the Middle East to make the region more volatile and to increase the US’s grip on the natural resources it abounds in. He gave Libya as an example of a country where “they arranged for the president to be killed, and they usurped Libya’s oil.”
        “Now they are funding the rebels that fight against presidents who don’t support capitalism or imperialism,” Morales told Eva Golinger of RT’s Spanish sister channel, Actualidad. “And where a coup d’état is impossible, they seek to divide the people in order to weaken the nation – a provocation designed to trigger an intervention by peacekeeping forces, NATO, the UN Security Council. But the intervention itself is meant to get hold of oil resources and gain geopolitical control, rather than enforce respect for human rights.”
        The US also operates in the same imperialist way outside the Middle East, Morales argued. At the General Assembly Obama said that the US “is prepared to use all elements of our power, including military force, to secure these core interests” in the Middle East. Among the core interests, he mentioned “the free flow of energy from the region to the world.” Morales said that Obama’s statement should make any country possessing natural resources worried.
        “I think that statement poses a threat to all countries that have energy sources, especially gas and oil,” Morales said. “But mostly those countries that sell gas and oil to the US. It is a direct threat. I am planning to meet with President Maduro and analyze the issue. I understand that this is a direct threat to Venezuela, because in order to secure his country’s energy needs, Obama can invade any country.”
        Read More:

        • I think he pretty much nailed it—is anybody here still doubting that our shadow gov has become the scourge of the earth? We can’t expect the other countries to fight our battle for us. With us, but not for us.

        • Slack: It’s no coincident that the U.N. (NYC) and the World Bank and IMF (D.C.) are all located here in the U.S. World wide corporate powers operate from these two cities, just hours apart. Morales of Bolivia is late to the knowledge that these organizations, and the those that run them, rule the planet and pose a clear and present danger to the rest of us with their wars and monetary manipulations. To TPTB, Bolivia is just a mining colony with a pesky populist leader who actually believes that his county’s resources belong to the Bolivian people. If he gets too far out of line, he’ll have some sort of accident or phony revolt.

          • I’m sure you’re right. He has spoken out, now they’ll retaliate. Watch and see.

        • “He gave Libya as an example of a country where “they arranged for the president to be killed, and they usurped Libya’s oil.””

          Yeah, to say nothing of 144 tons of Libyan gold that has somehow, uh, disappeared.

          • My question is, since pretty much everyone in the world KNOWS what the occupied gov of the former united states is doing, WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO START TRYING TO DESTROY THE REGIME? The U.S. isn’t so powerful that they can’t be taken down (notice I say “they” and not “WE”) if several countries join forces against them.

            Since our ability to produce anything of value in this country has been destroyed, all they would have to do is simultaneously start trade embargoes and dump the petro-dollar, and THIS GOV WOULD BE THROUGH, leaving only the banksters and their ruling family to contend with…hell, hang a few of them and they’ll disappear rather quickly.

            • sixpack,

              You have a point but we in the countries that know that (and most don’t know, or have their own butts to protect or interests to gain)would ask why YOU THE PEOPLE and the Majority stop them yourselves.You are obviously targets and are being exploited more and more and let them do it to you.

              They ensure you are distracted , self absorbed, kept busy or worried or desperate to even think about things and all the while get treated worse and worse. Use the inherent power you have! how can you let 1% of the population dictate and control the other 99%? They continue to keep you fighting and arguing with each other as they laugh all the way to the banks they own and which you throw your money at to make them even richer as you get poorer?
              Its your country guys.If you think it no longer is, then make it yours again.You are the Majority, act like it and take back what is and always was yours until you allowed the ball to drop.Pick that ball up and hold it tightly .Together.Then it will never drop again and will remain in your rightful hands.

          • all true 41Mag…don’t forget about the huge freshwater aquifer that Mumar so gratiously provided for his people for their survival.

            I wonder what is up with all that clean water right now? I wonder where it has been directed?

            I could tell you, but then I would be called an anti-semite.

            Frankly, I am stay on the earth…for a long time yet.


      11. Try this on to see how far we have gone as a country.

        Is there anyone here that doesn’t think it’s possible that Fannie Mae or some USA mortgage company starts conditioning your mortgage based on you having guns in a place they are providing your mortgage ?

        Long way from cowboy bush days in a short time, the founders were right; we could lose everything in one generation.

        • I guess voting really does matter when it comes to some things. Let your Barnhardt out! 🙂

          • No, Durango (Krugman) Kidd, voting never matters. They just want you to thin it does.
            Oh wait, you’re one of “them’, and you want us to think voting matters.
            I see.
            How Do you sleep at might?
            I mean, you’re such a sell-out. How do you .. ah nevermind, psychopaths never have a problem with selling out.

            • @clark

              DK is the same clown who attempted to argue that what Jon Corzine did at MF Global was “legal.”

              And lets not forget his glowing accolades of rehypothecation, aka, shadow banking fraud.

              What else would one expect from an establishment shill?

              • YMWW-are you and clark the same person? Same idiotic comments from both of you! You’re both MORONS

                • Hey braveheart, cut the anonymous crap.

                  Man-up and put your tag on it.

                  • YMWW, I promise I’m NOT the one who made that post. My computer was turned off at the time that post was made. I don’t even care about the dispute between you and DK. My only targets are Rich98 and urban dog. You’re OK with me. braveheart

              • Yo mama: What Jon Corzine did WAS legal, as rehypothecation was identified in the contract and was agreed to by those investors (who were primarily other Hedge Fund Managers, btw)when they executed the contract.

                Their greed caused their financial demise, all the way around as they wanted their investment funds to be leveraged 40 times, expecting to make a HUGE profit. These professionals understood the Risk/Reward relationship when they took that risk.

                If you are going to play in the Big Game, better understand the Rules under which the game is played. They did. They rolled the dice and lost. Life is about making choices and living with the results. They have no one to blame but themselves.

                And least of all, Corzine. 🙂

            • Clark: If voting doesn’t matter, tell that to the commies in colorado politics who are now unemployed after the Recall! 🙂

          • Barnhardt is an angry lesbian bitch and a fucking kook to the max.
            They should put that bitch into lifelong therapy…or lobotomy…. something.

            No one listens to that “feminist bitch” as bravehart would say.

            • Rich98, I’m NOT familiar with Ann Barnhardt so I won’t comment on her. If you want to try to trust a feminist, that’s your own affair, and good luck with it. I have yet to see one feminist with GOOD intentions toward any man. It’s feminists and trolls who need help, IF that’s possible.

              • Bravehart I will agree with you on that.

                And I wont trust feminist bitches.

                All the REALLY want is a penis between their legs.
                But THEIR OWN, not anyone else’s.

                Barnhart is a psycho who dresses like a man and rants and raves CONSTANTLY about homosexuality…. like WAY MORE than needed…. seems to be a little TOO MUCH on her mind.

                • Rich98, OK, there’s one are where we have some common ground. Feminism has really screwed up the minds of American women. It’s been devastating for men. It’s made all of the problems between men and women more difficult than ever to solve. In court cases involving divorce, child custody, alimony, domestic abuse, women are shown favoritism by these libturd judges, especially if the judge is female. There is no due process, not even a pretense of justice. I’ve known men who have lost everything they’ve worked hard for because of some female bullshit. feminism is the biggest thing that keeps me alone. never found another woman I could trust. I’m too old now to even care about that. All I’m focusing now is on survival of what’s coming down the pike and it ain’t gonna be nice, that’s for sure.

                  • Feminism has totally fucked up the whole family structure.
                    A lot of the reason for these fucked u kids lies in the fatc that they come home to no mother, an empty house and are supposed to fair for themselves.
                    The women have taken traditional men’s jobs, and they are not even any good at them. They WANT to BECOME men it seems.

                    They are cold, calculating bitches and it is better to lay alone, than with one of their ilk.

                  • Rich98, you’re absolutely right about what feminism has done to the family structure. families are definitely not what they used to be. The great cry of the “women’s movement” since the 60s has been that women can do anything that a man can do, and do it better. Ask any veterans who have served in the military since the 70s how well female service members have done. They have some really interesting stories to tell. Feminism is nowhere near what it’s been made out to be. they don’t even care about women like they claim to. it’s also responsible for the increase in lesbianism. Man, it’s so sickening. You’re right on target about better off being alone. There’s been some times when it hurts, but I still cope with it very well, all things considered. I’m just glad I never became desperate. There’s no telling where I’d be at now. lowering my standards is the worst thing I could do to myself. braveheart

                  • B’heart: I know men who went thru messy divorces, few got custody and several grandparents took custody of kids; as for senior dating, most 55 plus men want maids and cooks, many women (and some men) are gold diggers. Have true friends, beware anyone who pushes marriage, pay your own way,thus no strings. (get a pre nupt if you hit the ct house) It’s hard to trust anyone anymore of any age/sex. Real friends who practice common decency/respect are in short supply, many retirees are picky and wiser,live semi reclusive lives, avoiding civic/social/church groups.

            • You fuckheads and your “therapy” are a huge part of the problem. Psychiatry is the worst mental disorder.

              • Bob:

                You would enjoy Jon Rappaports’ articles on the Psychiatry.

            • I love Ann Barnhardt. I don’t agree with her every opinion, and she may be many things, but one thing I know ….. Ann Barnhardt is a Patriot.

              I love Ann Barnhardt! 🙂

              • @the durango kidd

                BarnTard is very loud, but not very smart.

                One point I will concede to Ann, is her opinion on Jon Corzine and MF Global. She thinks he’s a crook and should be in prison!

                “I love Ann Barnhardt!”

                What say you DK???

                Does your “love” have it wrong?

                • Yo Mama: I have criticised Ann’s position on Jon Corzine/MF Global in these comment sections before. It is a particularly bad error on her part because as a professional in the field, she should know better (and I am sure shes does) because that is part of her education, experience, and special expertise. I believe she is just blinded by her anger.

                  I am not defending Jon Corzine, but I am stating the legal facts.

                  Her rants against the Commodities org are justified and individuals in that “government watchdog” should be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for Malfeasance in Office.

                  Engage your employees or be swindled by them. 🙂

                  • And ANGRY she is.

                    An angry, loudmouth, man dressing, feminist bitch.

                  • Rich98: I agree that Ann could use a makeover, and her wardrobe does not place her in the Top Ten Best Dressed Women in America, but WE are all individuals, for better or worse, and WE get to choose how WE want to present ourselves to the world.

                    Life is about expressing what is inside, outside because WE are each unique creations of Almighty God.

                    I love Patriots. I love Ann. 🙂

                  • @The Durango Kidd

                    So Barnhardt doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but yet she’s “a professional in the field” you say.

                    And in your professional assesment, Barnhardt, being “a professional in the field”… “is just blinded by her anger.”

                    Riiight. You’re a real piece of work aren’t ya DK.

                    If as you claim, everything was on the up’n’up with respect to MF Globals meltdown and subsequent bankruptcy, why do you say: “individuals in that “government watchdog” should be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for Malfeasance in Office?”

                    So did MF Global (Jon Corzine) violate Section 4d of the CEA which requires segregation of customer funds and prohibits FCMs from using those funds for their own purposes, or not?

                    The answer is obvious, but apparently not to you.

                    Maybe you’re just blinded by your ignorance.


                  • The Durango Kidd says:

                    “WE are all individuals, for better or worse, and WE get to choose how WE want to present ourselves to the world.”

                    Except when your beloved State says otherwise.

                    “Individuals?” Statists like you have no concept of the “individual!”

                    People like you may allow me/others the “freedom” of choice when it comes to our underwear decisions, but when it comes to real freedoms; like allowing us the choice of who we associate with, what we do, and what medium of exchange we use; you and your ilk are a full blown Communist.

                    “Command and Control” is what you and your State are all about!

                    Freedom… Liberty. You don’t have any real understanding of those terms even though you pay lip-service to them on this site.

                    And you call me a Communist? LOL

                    Clark may be a “skinny, fucking faggot,” but he’s got your number, and so do I!

                    Durango “Krugman” Kidd.


                    Oh yeah… and an old fat faggot too.

                  • Yo Mama: I have not followed the MF Global bankruptcy trial, nor do I have time to do so. And I really don’t care about where the “customer funds” are or are not; as these “customers” were, primarily, very wealthy Hedge Fund Managers making hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Cry me a river if they lose some money.

                    As industry insiders they knew the risk they were taking when they executed the standard contract that allowed Corzine to rehypothecate their funds. Whether someone, (including Corzine) inside of MF Global, or whether someone at JP Morgan Chase stole or confiscated funds will be determined by the Courts.

                    To date nothing has been proven to my knowledge about the theft or confiscation or illicit transfer of funds from MF Global to any entity other than the clearing bank.

                    Government employees would did not meet the standard of care required by their position to monitor events beforehand should be investigated and punished to the full extent that the law allows under malfeasance.

                    I never called you a commie unless you and Clark are the same person with multiple personalities. If so, just remember the advice of my friend Jonny V: every personality should have their own gun! maybe that’s why you have eight. 🙂

                  • @The Durango Kidd says:

                    “I have not followed the MF Global bankruptcy trial, nor do I have time to do so.”

                    And yet you talk shit out of your ass about things you’re not informed of?

                    “And I really don’t care about where the “customer funds” are…”

                    Spoken like a true Establishment Criminal!

                    “As industry insiders they knew the risk they were taking when they executed the standard contract that allowed Corzine to rehypothecate their funds.”

                    Jon Corzine didn’t “rehypothecate” anything! He STOLE his customers money to make good on his OWN bad bets! It’s called Embezzelment!

                    “Cry me a river if they lose some money.”

                    Spoken like a true Establishment Criminal!

                    “Whether someone, (including Corzine) inside of MF Global, or whether someone at JP Morgan Chase stole or confiscated funds will be determined by the Courts.”

                    It’s already been determined! Moron. You just don’t know it because you’re too busy sucking government dick, and you “have not followed the MF Global bankruptcy trial, nor do I have time to do so.” Corzines’ victims are getting their stolen money back, but no one will go to jail for the crime. That’s what you call justice, USG/NWO style.

                    “Government employees would did not meet the standard of care required by their position to monitor events beforehand should be investigated and punished to the full extent that the law allows under malfeasance.”

                    What the hell does that mean???

                    “I never called you a commie unless you and Clark are the same person with multiple personalities.”

                    Well that’s a lie. And I’m not Clark! You can’t defend your bullshit, so you pull out more bullshit, and engage in ad hominem attacks.

                    Your game is bushleague kidd. Better work on a better one.

                  • Yo Mama: I KNOW that the contract that the Hedge Fund Managers signed to allow Corzine to rehypothecate their investment was standard in the industry.

                    No one can call it “theft” if these Hedge Fund Managers agreed to allow their investment to be rehypothecated so that he could leverage their funds 40 times.

                    You can call them “customers” all you want. But the truth is that these “customers” were greedy financial industry professional insiders expecting Corzine to perform.

                    He didn’t. They lost their money and I don’t give a fuck! I don’t have a problem with it. It’s YOUR problem. 🙂

      12. Just a coincidence…for you coincidence theorists.

        • note to preppers; don’t put down the .22 hollowpoint. you can kill a deer with it.
          I used to hunt jackrabbits in college on a deserted military base in brownwood, tx.
          I would take a blade razor to the hollow point and push a cut to the base and make another 90 (cross ways) cut to that. then, close up the cuts. Those rabbits would EXPLODE . now extrapolate…
          DEO VINDICE

          • I think that’s against the jackrabbit convention.

            • “I think that’s against the jackrabbit convention.”

              Good one!

      13. Russia Ready to Evacuate Nationals from Syria – Defense Minister

        MOSCOW, September 27 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s Defense Ministry is ready to evacuate Russian nationals from Syria should the need arise, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Friday.
        Shoigu said that Russia has “a sufficient number of vessels” positioned off the Syrian coast, should the country need to evacuate its people from Syria, and confirmed that additional ships had been sent to the area.
        He said that Defense Ministry specialists keep a close watch on the area, saying that “they hear and see everything,” and adding that “7,000 people cannot be evacuated in one hour.”
        Russia has been increasing its naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea since it announced in December it would establish a standing task force there to protect its interests in the region.
        Initial statements by Russian Defense officials did not explicitly attribute this to the ongoing civil war in Syria, but on September 5, the Kremlin chief of staff said that “given the presence there of amphibious landing ships, they are intended for a possible evacuation of Russian citizens.”

      14. Make that 374,998

      15. Then if u pay cash they get u on video for laundry money

      16. Then if u pay cash they get u on video for laundry money

      17. Then if u pay cash they get u on video for laundry money

        • do you mean “money laundering”?

          • No sixpack, Ginger means money to do the laundry. You know like a pocket full of quarters to use at the laundrymat. Trekker Out.

            • after several attempts, I figured this person might be struggling to find the proper term for what they intended to say. I was trying to help and your sarcasm wasn’t really needed, than you.

              • I meant, “thank you”.

              • sixpack your welcome, I kinda fingered that, didn’t mean to sound sarcastic. I guess some time humor and sarcasm are hard to tell apart. Trekker Out.

                • “hard to tell apart”, in writing, yes it is. I try not to get offended, and this time I’m not, I just wanted to clear up that I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic either.

          • It’s Saturday. Must be laundry day.

            • You know I don’t mind the red thumbs. But why in the world would anyone give Ginger the red thumb? Trekker Out

              • It’s gotta be the commie trolls

                • paranoid CRNA-

                  Yes, it MUST be communists.

                  A brainiac, you sure AREN’T.

                  Communists everywhere! Watch out!

            • Saturday is bath day, Monday is laundry.

              • Sorry… We did both on Saturday and hung it on the line.

      18. I guess when they make me a criminal for being a gun owner I’ll be able to have all the ones I really want but lack a class 3 license.
        I can’t believe the camels back can take 1 more straw.

      19. Those Bastards!

      20. Interesting. What about Cabela’s Visa. I think it sort of depends on which Visa bank that you are talking about. I am not sure but I think Cabela’s runs their own bank card and I have heard nothing from Cabela’s about any problems. Will have to watch what happens with this.

        • I was wondering the same thing…who processes those cabelas cards. I’m calling the company tomorrow an expressing my disgust with VISA. We use it for travel and camping supplies to get points. Won’t be using it anymore.

          • i could be wrong but the way i understand it is that is the middle man, visa is not saying this.
            as a merchant you shop around to differant companies to get the best rate charged to you for a customer to use a cc, so really you should be able to buy guns with a visa card as long as the gun dealer doesnt use authorize as their cc agent.
            personally i use my credit cards for everthing and have never paid 1 penny of interest. a credit card is for the conveiniance (sp?) of not having to carry cash, if you are using you card to borrow money your crazy

          • PENCRNA- you work in SURGERY and can’t grasp the SIMPLE concept that it is not VISA doing this.

            I know you are a broad but do you have even PART of a brain in your head? Doesn’t sound like it.

            • What is grasped by PENCRNA is that if tons of people call VISA and complain then VISA can end THEIR relationship with the processing company effectively putting them out of business (it has happened before in this industry and other industries)… PENCRNA is smarter than you think and way smarter than you due to the fact you are just a foul mouthed insulting bully that pretends to know things.

              • Thanks man on the inside….I was thinking maybe Cabellas could verify who does their processing as well. Maybe ask them to switch to MasterCard.

              • Thanks man on the inside….I was thinking maybe Cabellas could verify who does their processing as well. Maybe ask them to switch to MasterCard.

                • EVERY Cabela’s could theoretically have a different processor.

                  Open a business and work it for 35 years and maybe you would learn something.

                  • I have owned multiple businesses and most large retailers use one or two of the same processor for all of their stores. They would not use a different processor for each store. This would make for an accounting nightmare at corporate headquarters. Or like Guitar Center they set up their own. Rich you think you’re so smart, the only one who has done anything but you’re a jerk. More people would probably listen to your stuff (some of it is informative and good) but you act like such a pompous dick that they just red thumb you out. Why are you so angry and such an ass?

                  • Man on the inside.

                    So you owned several businesses and now you work for the dhs…and have all the answers.


          • PEN—dont stop using your Visa! Please! Visa sent me here to tell you they will have to shut down if you and the other 30 kooks who respond here quit using Visa!
            Whatever you do, don’t go to Mastercard. Bank of America who issues your Visa, wont like issuing you same fucking thing that says MASTERCARD on it.
            Go camping. I think you need it. Prob camp in a 5 start hotel.

        • W are not talking about BANKS here people…we are talking about credit card PROCESSSING companies.
          It is not VISA at fault in this one. It is ONE of MANY MANY MANY processing companies, that is refusing to prcess his visa transactions. He will be up and running with a new company in ONE DAY if he makes the calls. There are MANY who would LOVE his business.

          Half of you dont even understand what is going on here. Geez.

          • Even if VISA is not doing this, they are supporting a company with their business that does. That alone is sufficient reason to smack VISA upside the head to get their attention.

          • “, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa USA and one of the world’s largest credit card processing gateways”

            When you speak with your wallet, you CAN effect change. Freedom of choice includes who consumers choose do business with also, not just large corps.

            I am not surprised Rich98 that you make such attacks personal. I’ve watched your trolling for a while now, and it is clear that you cannot make an intelligent argument, so you attack on a personal level. This is the FIRST, and ONLY response you will ever get directly from me. Your attacks do not deserve the attention they receive, and I encourage everyone to just ignore you and let you fade back to wherever it is you came from.

            • Imagine that … RICH 99 (RICHARD 99 aka DICK99) was wrong…. and you where right… thats awesome…..

              • Man on the inside. You are a liar. Owned businesses. Worked at dhs. Have rentals. You are nuts

          • If true, wholly subsidiary should speak volumes.

      21. Calm down, everyone… it’s perfectly legitimate to sever any business relationship because you, in good conscience, cannot support the activities of a client.

        It’s like if you’re a bakery, and you respectfully decline to supply a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding.

        Oh, wait… try that one, and you get smashed into the ground. It all comes down to whether TPTB give you their “approved” stamp, or consider you “doubleplusungood.”

      22. My visa gets cut up… interest to them any more. Time to play the same game the left does, hit them in the pocket book.

        • Hey Jim. Wanted to say hi to you. I am a fellow Virginian. I agree hit them in the pocket book and this nonsense will stop. At least from business. It will never stop as far as the government is concerned though.

          • Hello back,whereabouts in Va.?

        • I contribute to Liberty Counsel, Family Research Council, and Judicial Watch, partly because the SPLC hates all three and also because JW and LC sue the bastards and all three hold leftists’ nasty feet to the fire. I use my pocket-book to hurt theirs. We need more force multipliers. Make it painful for them. Bring them to despair.

        • I only use Visa as my debit card–no interest involved.
          However, isn’t Visa Corporation still making money just processing those transactions and charging the bank??? And they have that money for what?? 3 days?? millions each day??

      23. You think your angry? Just for giggles I took a correspondence course in gun smithing. Spent over a year. To buy more tools I sold many of the firearms that where bought as basket cases. British SMLE barrel crowned head spaced to .ooo1″ inch. cherrywood finish blued after polishing etc. Sold for $80 And many more examples…all the same story. That was 3 years ago. I wonder how fast they would sell today?

        • where can I find such a course? Link please…

        • 1John2:2 I’ve read this website for years, much info. and many doc. incl historical, UN agenda, corrupt presidents thru the years, info. going back in history, etc.

      24. Please! Give them what “they” want-stop using their Visa Card at gun shops…..and grocery stores and department stores and wherever cards are accepted. Cash is king, and never ever use a credit card for a gun or ammo. We must stop making it too easy for them. I got rid of all credit cards in 2009 and have never looked back. At the end of every month, I am very happy to recieve no demand for payment. If I would need a credit card for buying something because it is too expensive-then I do without until I can pay cash.

      25. Yes, the gears of the machine keep turning and the circle gets smaller and smaller. There are some chilling words from above I want you all to read very carefully and then visualize and apply that to the United States. The game plan they use there is the same one being used here. It’s ALL about control.

        “Now they are funding the rebels that fight against presidents who don’t support capitalism or imperialism,” Morales told Eva Golinger of RT’s Spanish sister channel, Actualidad. “And where a coup d’état is impossible, they seek to divide the people in order to weaken the nation – a provocation designed to trigger an intervention by peacekeeping forces, NATO, the UN Security Council. But the intervention itself is meant to get hold of oil resources and gain geopolitical control, rather than enforce respect for human rights.”

        The country has been divided forever, and it is by design. They fund money to the leftists and socialists within the school systems, businesses, people and courts to ‘make’ things go their way. The saying “United we stand, divided we fall” has never been more true than now. They are ramping up, gearing up and you best be prepping up like there is no tomorrow…because there may not be.

        • Interesting you say this…

          Don’t forget that those lines in the ME were setup after the fall of the Ottoman Empire…
          Who did that and why?… I do believe “they” had their desires for future conflicts in mind…
          Was it Churchill that said, “look back… you’ll see the future” ?
          The grand chess board…

          • Indeed so, Jerry… and the same with Africa… lines drawn by those with no clue or interest in tribal territory, thus guaranteeing continuous warfare.

            • Didn’t catch your reply but yes, my point exactly.
              I forget who it was that said it but it was something about making more money in one day of war than a year(?) of peace.
              Bankers.. errrrrrrrrrr…

        • Now I know why your name is Socrates–damn, I never thought of that strategy–make civil war to bring in UN intervention and US control of the state.

      26. Hmmm. My ATM card is a Visa “debit card”. Which I specifically required that the “debit” function be inhibited, so it only works in ATMs. And I only use it at my own bank. So, they have to maintain my account, (at some admittedly microscopic cost to them), but they NEVER get a penny in commissions or fees. I think I’ll keep it.

        For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

      27. Authorize dot net is the small business line of solutions of CyberSource, a Visa company (NYSE: V), which maintains offices in Mountain View, CA, American Fork, UT, and Bellevue, WA.

        To find out more about CyberSource products and services, call Sales 1-888-330-2300.

        CyberSource Corporation HQ
        P.O. Box 8999
        San Francisco, CA 94128-8999
        Phone: 650-432-7350
        Toll Free: 1-800-530-9095
        Fax: 650-286-6641
        Email: [email protected]

        • Call them and complain today
          ” ” ” ” tomorrow
          ” ” ” ” the next day
          ” ” ” ” the day after that
          ” ” ” ” Until Hell Freezes Over
          email them and complain today
          ” ” ” ” tomorrow
          ” ” ” ” the next day
          ” ” ” ” the day after that
          ” ” ” ” Until Hell Freezes over
          — Miss DeeDee

      28. The day comes when these antigun people will be wishing they had firearms. When the working class gets enoough I fear that these peaceable antigunners will be getting
        a violent comeuppance. Credit cards are just one way to place shackles upon every working man or woman. Eleminate all possible debit as the economy isnt going to get any better any time soon. We need a law that anyone seeking to violate constitutional law should be
        imprisoned or executed. ” The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

        • “” The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.””

          Unfortunately, we are dealing with a pack of zealots who neither know nor care what the word “infringed” means. To me, it means that virtually all US gun laws are null and void via constitutional authority.

      29. Authorize Net is not the only Visa Card processor right? So if you cut up your card and send it in, your protest may not have merit because it may go to another processor?

        • Point will be made if enough do this–word WILL get around to the right departments.

      30. @ slick. I think most of them do have guns, at least he powerful ones, or are surrounded by people with guns. Look at finespineless. That ugly dog has her permit. I would bet most of them are worse shots than dick Cheney. Btw, catch this….

        http://gunsnfreedom dot com /homeowner-is-arrested-for-open-carrying-an-empty-shotgun-on-his-own-property-after-reporting-a-tresspasser/

      31. //gunsnfreedom dot com /homeowner-is-arrested-for-open-carrying-an-empty-shotgun-on-his-own-property-after-reporting-a-tresspasser/

        Bypassing moderation.

      32. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m canceling my VISA credit cards right the fuck now.

        …I only had one.
        But it’s GONE.

        AsTAlVISTA MF!

        • Dang, pardon me, did I not spell that right?

          “As ta la mesta MF!”

          Ya, that seems to be the correct English version for VISA.

          And kiss my grits!

          You and all you’re other homeys, and your gooberment suckups like Durango (Krugman) Kidd. Go Fuck yourselves@!

        • It’s “Hasta la vista”….jeez!

          • Maybe in this case, we can modify it to:

            Hasta la VISA! 😉

      33. S&W don’t leave home without it and an American Express card for emergencies if needed
        Fuck Visa

        • F*ck AMEX too. They are really no better than the others.

          CASH: Don’t leave home without it!

          And use something better than S&W to protect it and yourself!

          cafepress (dot) com/artemiszuna/1289034

      34. Not saying I got an arsenal, but IF I did, it would be made up of many, MANY arms purchased from individuals with no background checks, no paperwork of any kind. And IF I had said arsenal, all of it would have been purchased with cash, from people whose names I can’t recall. Fact is, I never asked for their names, nor did they ask for mine. That is, IF I had the mythological arsenal. Which I don’t.
        Oh, and I certainly don’t have several thousand rounds of ammo for those non-existent weapons. 16,000 rounds to be exact. Two-thirds of which would be puny lil ole .22 shells. That’s how much I DON’T have for those guns I don’t own. Nor do I keep them cleaned, oiled and ready for use in an instant. Because I DON’T have any. Nothing but cobwebs and Granny’s recipes form the old country in my gun safe. And not a single thing stashed away in any other secure hiding place. Nope. None at all.

        Nothing to see here. These aren’t the droids we’re looking for. Move along…..

        • Nothing here either. I have just been window shopping since the age of 6 when I got my first BB gun.

        • Must’ve lost ’em all during that same canoe trip where the PMs went over the side. 😉

      35. US appeasement of Iran drowns Israel’s military option against nuclear Iran or chemical Syria

        John Kerry and Mohamed Zarif at the UN
        DEBKAfile Special Report Sep 27, 2013, 11:05 AM (IDT)
        Thursday, Sept.26, was the day Israeli lost its freedom to use force either against the Iranian nuclear threat hanging over its head or Syria’s chemical capacity – at least, so long as Barack Obama is US president. The Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah axis is safe. The US also promises to start lifting sanctions in December if Iran admits inspectors to the Fordo enrichment plant. At the Security Council, the US finally buried the use of force against Syria’s use of chemical weapons by acceding to Russia’s demand to drop the penalty clause.
        The party looks to begin soon! (BYOB)

      36. After the AWB expired in 2004 you’ve had almost 10 years to stock up on gun stuff. I have guns from pre Clinton era that I’ve never fired. If you don’t have all the guns and ammo you will ever need by now I suggest you make it a top priority. As far as the Visa card there are plenty other cards that don’t have any restrictions.

      37. Somebody tell Kindle to bring the Abbey Road tape. And have Ugly ice down a couple cases of Olympia. I got the guitar but I can’t play to a sober audience, it just isn’t safe.
        Tonight we’ll rendezvous in Pocatello, go cruisin’ in the F250 with the 460. (I got a dollar for gas, how much ethyl will that buy?)
        Reb can drive. He’s more than qualified since he’s seen the General Lee make all those jumps on tv before.
        Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1929. Oh yeah!

        • Sounds good Smokin.

          I got the F250 with the 460 all cleaned up and ready to go. The 8-track has been cleaned for Abby Road. A $dollar should at least get us across the block. With Oly on ice, that should encourage Preppers from all parts of the Nation to head to Pocatello, Idaho! for an American Freedom party.

          A time for tunes, dancing, listening to Okie and his guitar, and just being an American. A Day that Preppers will like, but the Anti-Americans will hate.

          Carrying the Bible and the American Flag are strongly encouraged. The only entry fee will be to paraphrase the Constitution and the Bill-of-Rights. This will help us separate the ‘true’ Americans from the frauds.

          Yes, we will party like 1929.

        • If this were for real I would actually drive non stop to be there…can’t think of anything I would love more.

          Idaho used to be one of my favorite play grounds.

          I sincerely wish we could all meet up one day and have such a time.

        • Around here a buck for gas will get you exactly a pint and 3/4, if your truck is like mine that should get you oh around 2 miles or less!
          Can pass anything but the gas station!

        • “Tonight we’ll rendezvous in Pocatello, go cruisin’ in the F250 with the 460. (I got a dollar for gas, how much ethyl will that buy?)”

          About a quart or 12 burbles from those dual exhaust pipes. lol


          • Reb,
            It wasn’t me that went thump….you ran over the last known Abbey Road 8 track in existence. I think Ugly is hanging onto the back bumper.

            I actually did live a scenario like you describe above, except it wasn’t Pocatello it was west Texas, it wasn’t an F250 but an F150 4 wheel drive, it wasn’t the TSA but the Texas DPS, it wasn’t Olympia but baby bulls, it wasn’t Ugly or I that went missing out of the back but a friend named Charlie (rolled in the cactus & mesquite), it wasn’t people that went thump thump but the bong and bong box we threw out….and we didn’t get away…but by the time they got us stopped everything had been thrown out…cops were pissed. hehehe

            • Oh, and it wasn’t 2013 but 1978.

              Ah, the misadventure of youth.

              • 🙂

      38. Maybe Larry Hyatt should come out of the closet and claim he is gay and that is descriminating agaisnt his kind.

        Homos being a protected class and all.

      39. Cash talks.
        BS walks.
        Invest in lead, food, and H2O.

      40. hyatts gun shop is Disney world for gun folks…I’ve been there, an awesome store in a so-so part of charlotte

      41. I have a debit card with visa logo for net transactions,will get rid of it and look for a new card for net transactions.As many have mentioned,buying from shops with credit not too smart if you believe(and I do believe)firearm confiscation coming,face to face cash was always the way to go.Live for today,prep for tomorrow,and,despite more bad news enjoy your weekend.

      42. Get a MasterCard. Cabela’s and Gander Mountain accepts them!

      43. How many people will join me in cutting up your Visa card. I will never use Visa again. I try to pay cash as often as possible, but there are times you do need a credit card. I will give my business to Discover for awhile and see how they do.

      44. Something interesting to note about the way that energy arcs travel around the world the direction in which the plates of the crust travel. Last night an earthquake east of the South Sandwich Islands occurred between the South American and Antarctic plate. If you use a tape measure around a globe and at fist travel in a westerly direction, the arc travels up through eastern Russia/Western Alaska Aleutian Islands right down directly through Pakistan. Just had a 6.8 aftershock to the 7.7 main shock. Those two main arcs from the other earthquake activity remain hot for the next 2 weeks. Should be able to determine which arc is the one that a major quake will happen as more precursor quake activity occurs.

        • My money is on Aleutians, 9.8 100 miles offshore to the south,

          • KULA,
            If that happens surf’s going to be really up at your location!!!!!
            Added a new toy to the collection of Pretty Tactical Rig. party like its 1991 !



            Semper Fi 8541

            • One can only hope, i would welcome the extended camping in my own home scene, and i know lots of construction brothers who would welcome the work to rebuild.

        • That is interesting. There should be some sort of readable measurable energy signature.

      45. Screw VISA. I hope thy loose their ASS!!! I just got ride of my VISE and went with Master Card. Better yet get rid of all your C.Cs. so they can’t track you, and what you buy. That will really Piss off the TPTB. Start using cash and barter when can. Good luck out there and my God Bless!!!

      46. This is a little (well a lot) off topic but a poster here had the formula for using pool shock for purifying water. I remember something like 2:1 then 1:2? Could you please repost? I need that formula before winter arrives. Thank you for any and all help in advance!

        • Wasn’t me, but I wrote it down. Here ya go
          1 heaping teaspoon Calcium Hypochlorite to 2 liters clean water.
          2 teaspoons of solution to 1 gallon dirty water.

          • THANKS!

          • Anonymous–you get an A+ for paying attention!!

            1 to 2
            2 to 1

            From a former school teacher. A+ A+ A+ 🙂

            • Thanks dudes for posting that again. I wrote is down and lost it.

              • Ugly, if you can, put a tsp. measuring device, a 2 liter jug, and a gallon jug in a canvas bag with the directions and the bags of pool shock.
                When you get ready, just get the bag, or box, or whatever it’s easier to store in.
                From an old school teacher–always ready and at hand!! 🙂

                • JayJay.

                  Thanks. I’ll do that.

        • Buy a cheap colorometer cl2 pool test kit 8-10$ start out with 1-2 PPM (to meet demand)agitating the water let sit then keep the residual at 1/2 PPM. If you get it too strong, heating it up will dissapate the residual. 1/2 to 1 part per million is where you want to be at. Also Clorox 6% will store longer than some have stated if kept out of the sun and heat. It will lose up to 50% of its strength

        • Make sure you have pure calcium hypochorite, not the stuff with added algal reducing agents. You don’t want that in your water.

          Rule No. 1, is boil the water after treatment, that way you’re sure it’s not going to hurt you.

      47. So… waste the f***s and/or be willing to barter for so-called “contraband” under the table, then.

        Problem solved.

      48. “Thus, government is now relying on their incestuous relationships with the many bailed out banks and businesses who are essentially under their control.”

        Government doesn’t want to ban guns.
        Bankers do.
        Government is by the bankers, for the bankers – to govern the sheep. They did this with wiki-leaks. And probably have many more tricks up their sleeves…

      49. Obviously a gross violation of Federal law regarding the ‘Restraint Of Trade Act’ and the ‘Sherman Antitrust Act’.

        Restraint of trade

        But being that our nation has degenerated from a ethos of reason and justice to one of agenda and fascism, VISA will receive the same in-your-face ‘protections’, exemptions and selective immunities as the rest of the banking and financial sectors have in looting the country.

        The situation is now so embedded and prevalent that it can not be ended without the use of a rope. And they know it takes guns in the possession of the citizenry to apprehend them and escort them up the gallows stairway. Ergo, the frantic and desperate actions to disarm the public.

        Unfortunately FOR THEM, with an estimated 500 million guns (depending on whose statistics you reference) presently in public possession, it is an impossible task to restrict or obtain enough of them to reach a critical mass that would render the citizenry defenseless or ineffective in countering and prevailing over the eliti$t tyrant$.

        For example, accounting for an absurdly and generously optimistic success rate on their part of confiscating 80% of the weapons of the citizenry, that would still leave 100 MILLION GUNS!!! That is more than what is presently in possession of the entire Chinese Army!!! Although these figures are debatable to a limited degree… YOU GET THE DRIFT!

        They have probably already consulted with their Rand Corporation eggheads regarding the situation and have been eloquently given the bad news — that they are long through the ‘looking glass’ in gun confiscation as a solution to preserving their lives, assets and authority in an economic and civil collapse. The present array of relatively symbolic attacks upon guns in America, is nothing more than a delusional self-confidence circle-jerk to sooth the psyche of the punk power pigs. The smaller percentage of rational rodents see the writing on the Rand wall, and their quiet solution is to escape when the SHTF!!!!

        It is healthy and intelligent to be concerned about such actions as what has occurred here, but keep it in its proper context. ITS POINTLESS AND INEFFECTIVE, AND ITS DONE OUT OF SHEAR TERROR BY THE TYRANTS, FULLY AWARE OF THIS. It’s their ‘blankie’ and they’re tearfully suckin’ their thumb behind the large ornate oak doors.

        • James Woroble,

          I agree that you should have real concerns regarding forces that are trying to impoverish and weaken you as well as control you.But whilst you arm yourselves with more and more guns to defend your rights and prevent your potential loss of Freedom, you are alreay losing your rights, freedoms, income, security and liberties, and will continue to lose them all and not a single shot will be fired.Your 500 million guns so far, have been useless and will never help protect you from anything, not even yourselves as you continue to kill or be killed each other as the powers that be continue to erode all that you have strived for. How can the 400 weathiest Americans have more money than the poorest 150 million Americans? Why is your healthcare system so expensive and cover so few? Why do you have so many poor people? Why does my 15 year old kid earn a minimum wage of $14.50 an hour indexed each year for inflation?Why doe every Australian have free health care? Why are we less poor and more equally wealthy? Why do our Politicians seem to care more, do more and represent the people more? Why do our gun deaths equate to 2100 per year if our population were the same as yours whilst you have 31,000 gun deaths per year? (our entire country had a bad year last year…we had 46 gun deaths in total…)You and the Majority…You the people, are in far greater numbers than the few who control you and the agenda…But you let them!! They won’t be coming for your guns, they are already here and are taking everything they want!Use your constitutional rights to stop the abuses and use your vote to elect the people that WILL help and protect you , grow your wealth and by doing so your and the entire countries strength and happiness. Or buy more guns, pretend by doing so that you are safe and keep killing each other as the people of influence and wealth take away everything else EXCEPT your guns.Maybe when you are totally enslaved, poor and lost all your possessions and then all hope they think you will do them a favour and use those guns on yourselves and save them the bullet!31,000 Americans and the guns they own are already doing just that.
          You have the power of The Majority.You make America what it was, use it and do it and you wont need a gun, they won’t help you at all.

          • 31,000 gun deaths per year is a tragedy. So is 60,000 automobile deaths, as is some 450,000 deaths from medical errors — and the list goes on, and the number of victims increases. Rationality would dictate that anti-gun advocates would be possessed with 10+ times the concern and furor regarding medical errors. But they aren’t. When there is an agenda, reason has no place.

            So why should we accept even 30+ thousand deaths? After all, guns aren’t ‘necessary’ like cars or medical treatment.

            I submit that guns and an armed citizenry is even more crucial to the prosperity and welfare of a society then all the causes of preventable deaths combined.

            For when a government decides to enslave and exterminate it populace, the number of deaths number into the multiples of millions, far exceeding by orders of magnitude the numbers lost in all other manners.

            Innocents Betrayed – The True Story of Gun Control WorldWide


            If after viewing this, you remain unconvinced of this premise, you are most certainly beyond the realm of reason and compassion for your fellow man, and additionally beyond redemption as an intellect.

            • JAMES —- where were all the loud mouthed PATRIOTS in BOston when they shut it the Fuck down for the day?

              I’ll tell you. Inside their homes cowering like pussies.

              Who stepped up to the plate like all the loudmouths HERE talk about.

              NO ONE…THATS WHO.

              They did SHIT and took it in the ass like the bitches they are.

              Thats the point that other guy was trying to make i think.
              That you all bitch complain and buy guns….

              to LOOK AT evidently.

              • You have a valid point. But just because a good portion of our ‘metrosexual’ male population has been domesticated (as opposed to civilized) doesn’t mean that they are unable to react, but that events must be of a greater magnitude and more dire to invoke action. Hopefully, this response threshold is not a ‘bridge too far’.

                There are still vast cultural differences remaining throughout the nation that define manhood and patriotism in a more traditional context. I can only speculate how different the response may have been in Houston, Texas or Cheyenne, Wyoming, than Boston, Massachusetts. Perhaps this was the purpose of the selection of this particular geographical location.

                Let us all hope that several generations of Jew monopolized media conditioning has not successfully feminized and domesticated our male population to the extent that they would not react at all to tyranny, but has been only successful to the extent that is has increased the threshold of tolerance.

                • So eloquently put… Where have you been?

                  • According to my detractors… hiding in Antarctica with the rest of the NAZIs. 🙂

          • BRETT evidently they think that filling every day bitching and moaning about everything, and how THEY would fix everything overnite, and by psychotically buying more and more weapons, ammo and food that they are going to magically escape what is coming.

            I think the word for them in Latin is dickheads.

          • Paragraphs please! I refuse to read a wall of words like yours.

      50. So when will Visa quit accepting sales at Walmart considering they sell fire-arms?

        • Hi EastTenn:

          What we may be overlooking here is the 2%-3% charge that Visa charges WalMart (or any other company) on any purchase that a customer makes with their card.

          Even if you pay your bill in full each month so you don’t pay any interest; Visa is still making money off of your purchase with their contract to that business.

          I have no idea what they will cook up with WalMart but you can rest assured they do not want to lose their percentage from purchases from that huge company.

          • You’re right, POG–my sister was in retail for 30 years and it was 1% many, many years ago.
            As I wrote above, Visa is making money also by holding that money we use as a debit from our banks even for 2/3 days multiplied by millions each day??
            Lots of interest to be made as they invest it or trade with it??

      51. People don’t need credit cards anyway. If you can’t pay cash, just do without until you get the funds needed to purchase. I’ve never owned a credit card in my life, why make these greedy bastards richer?

        • Aljamo, AMEN. I’m exactly the same way. Never had a credit card in my whole life and refuse to have one.

          • Bravehart you SHOULD have at least one credit card, and use it for like 20 dollars each month, simply to BUILD a credit history.

            You spoke about losing out on a nice piece of property once here lately, because you did not get the mortgage. And it had property too.

            I am not busting your balls on this one. A credit history may have been all that was needed for the mortgage. So maybe one card with a good payment history and you can try that again.
            If oyu use 75 bucks a month for gasoline, put the 75 in an envelope in the drawer, and use the card to get your gas. Pay it off when bill comes, and then YOU are using the BANK, instead of the other way around. YOU will cost THEM, not the other way around.
            Be sure and not take paperless statements either. Let it cost them even MORE to generate your statement every month.

            • Rich, I understand where you’re coming from, but I lost interest in having ANYTHING after that mortgage rejection. I didn’t mention that I even had a cosigner, a cousin in real estate, with a perfect credit history and was even debt-free like me when I applied for that mortgage. Couldn’t ask for a better co-signer than that. Even with help, I still got turned down. I said to hell with it right there on the spot. I don’t need credit for anything, even if the economy recovered in the next year, whioh we all know won’t happen. This country is all but finished, thanks to the POS banksters and government. 2nd American Revolution can’t come soon enough. All I want out of life now is to stand up and fight the NWO and try to save this nation. I’m willing to take the risk. I think this country is worth saving.

            • Never refuse paper statements–when the crap HTF, you need paper statements for everything.

        • aljamo,

          EXACTLY! And don’t fall for that Keeping up with the Jone’s sucker mentality.Mr and Mrs Jones are just as worried and stressed as you guys, neither of you can afford a consumer goods arms race that does nothing except cause both to regret and worry about why they did it. Lining up for 2 days to buy a phone that will hardly make any difference to that which you already have is achieving nothing, benefiting no one or providing more happiness to anybody….not really and not for any of the right reasons if you are doing so using credit because you don’t have the money to actually buy it.Credit where credit is due and that’s to yourself for not using credit and not making someone benefit by making you poorer.,If you have the money and have earned it , then you can do or buy whatever you like and you will like whatever it is you buy all the more if its paid by your own money made by your hard work , successes, efforts or even luck, but not for your loss and another’s greater profit.

      52. People have been mentioning that there is a lot of talk on the internet that a 9.7 earthquake is coming to the west coast on Oct.3 and worrying many people. First of all the article is based on what really is a psychic prediction and not based on geophysical evidence. People don’t understand the amount of energy that is necessary to produce a 9.7 as is shown in this article that states that a 9.7 is 7 times as strong as the 9.0 in Japan. This is not true, as for each magnitude point up means that about 32 times as much energy is released. It is more like about more than 20 times stronger. The magnitude of earthquakes use this formula of measurement. A richter scale of 9.7, that uses the 10 scale of value, would be equal to an 3-5 mile wide asteroid hitting. For example, the Alaskan 1964 earthquake got a 8.4 or 8.5 richter scale reading, but a 9.2 magnitude of energy classification. The richter scale becomes what is known as SATURATED after about 8.5, and the amount of energy released for a 9.7 richter scale would be planetwide shaking.

        The Juan de Fuca plate is capable of a 9.3, but this would be pushing the upper limits. Even if the San Andreas completely broke and the Cascadia fault also went, the likely magnitude would still be hard pressed to reach 9.7. There are only about 4 or 5 spots on the planet that are capable of even getting close to 9.7. One of them is where the 9.5 occurred, the Nazca Plate off of South America, the Kamachatka Peninsula area, western and southern Alaska, northern India, and perhaps the central portion of the Australian plate which Indonesia rides on. Unless there is a series of plate collapses and major crustal displacements, all other areas don’t have enough energy stored up for a 9.7 or something higher. Rock usually breaks long before this.

        Now a low 9 earthquake on the Cascadia fault will be awful, and a low to mid 8 on the San Andreas will be devastating. The threat of destruction to the economic well being of the country should not be underestimated by such earthquakes. Just 9.7 is very likely exaggerated, other than in those 4 or 5 other areas where enough energy can be pinned up long enough.

      53. As a store owner and credit card “acceptor” I took VISA with the understanding that it was strictly business. I shall call the bank today and inform them that I will NOT participate in any POLITICAL manipulation and will cancel VISE from my store. I will also check and cancel any VISA card I may have.

      54. Retaliate or accept it. Resist or comply. Your free choice. I know not what course others may take, but give me Liberty or I’ll get up and get it myself. Oh Maudy, you’re too much!

      55. Mr Slavo, Pro-Gun Lobbyists, Pro-Gun People and The NRA,
        I would hardly be concerned that the anti-gun lobby is about to take your precious guns away from you and your saying “A coordinated effort is underway to make it difficult, if not impossible, to acquire self defense armaments that include guns, ammo, and accessories.” is a joke. Even after Sandy Hook and the President’s and Congressional attempt to change laws to make it harder or restrict the most basic areas such as background checks or the buying of miltary multiround guns failed dismally, you actually have concerns?? Don’t worry sir, America’s constitutional right to kill more people with guns than the rest of the planet’s citizens combined remains secure. The idea to post armed guards in all schools as a solution to Sandy Hook Occurring again is a joke and America would be the only country in the World to do so because every where else in the World it is safe to go to school! Um…what perhaps do you think it is that apparently makes American schools so unsafe, you would need armed guards at them all? Are Americans more evil and sadistic than anyone else and more likely to kill innocent schoolchildren than other people? Or perhaps you have this national obsession that enables EVERYONE…The Good The Bad and the Ugly to get a gun as easily as one of Mom’s Apple Pies? Don’t mistake common sense with taking away your freedoms or rights. You can still have the freedom and the right to kill more of yourselves and your children than ANYBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD and make your country the least safe and most dangerous in the Western World bar none.
        Some of you believe the right to bear arms is a protection from the possibility of your Government deciding one day , to turn against you. Too late.Your elites are already against you and you are the lowest paid and most manipulated people around. Your middle class is being driven to poverty, you have the largest prison population in the world and you have shot and killed more of each other than American Soldiers have been killed in every War since the start of the war of independence from Britain up to and including Iraq which is 1,171,177 Deaths over 240 years versus 1,380,000 gun deaths since 1968 , just 45 years ago! America has never had an enemy greater than the enemy
        it continues to have , Itself. Or more specifically it’s own Citizens owning and using guns they believe are their right to own and kill and be killed with. The figures above suggest you are not responsible enough to have or be able to earn that right to bear arms.1,380,000 in 45 years! That’s Genocide.
        I am an Australian and in 1987 after a shooting Massacre in Tasmania, our Government of the time decided that the cost of unregulated Gun Ownership was not worth the lives it was costing.There were huge protests about our rights and freedoms being taken away as an enforced Gun Buyback was followed by legislation banning Gun Ownership except under legitimate and thoroughly vetted and checked procedures. In the elections that followed, a large number of Politicians were voted out and never regained office again.None of which in reflection said they regretted what they did as it has saved lives and put the people and their safety ahead of their political occupations which they agreed were less important than doing the right thing. Compare that to your feeble and cowed Politicians who are unable to do the right thing because the NRA will ensure they are voted out if the NRA decides it to be. They are cowards and are serving the NRA not the majority of the people and the NRA (how many of them…4 million, 5 million? How many American voters?Hmmm) is a tiny group that seeks to manipulate the entire U.S government on a single issue and can! How very Democratic of the NRA! And aren’t Americans lucky that you are the “Good Guys” what if you were Nazi’s? Gee…you could STILL hold the Government to ransom anyway…!
        By the way, it took 3 months to change Australia forever and take the majority of guns out of circulation.In the 18 years since that massacre we have had NONE.Murders/Crime by Gun has dropped 50% (not that it was ever as bad as your insane Gun Murder/Rates) and suicides with Guns dropped 80% and suicides dropped overall. So by (in your thinking) having our rights and freedoms taken, we live in an even safer, less violent society than we ever have and even the most violent protesters against the laws, ALL AGREE it was in retrospect the right thing to do. But America couldn’t do this could it? Too many companys that rely on guns ,bullets and accessories and the low paying jobs of thousands would be at risk as being the LARGEST SELLER OF WEAPONS IN THE WORLD TO OTHER COUNTRIES isn’t enough to make profit from.They and you (it seems) also need to sell and in total own (in 2010) 300 MILLION Guns out of a population of about 315 MILLION people! Forget your constitutional rights, what is the matter with you? What are you so scared of that justifies owning so many guns? What problem or perceived threat does this amount of guns require to protect yourselves from? OH YEAH! Of course…its that other guy with the gun! And the other 299,999,999 who might use them against YOU! What kind of a country thinks like that? You are the only one in the World and suggests you are a not very United “United States of America” are you? You are your own worst Enemies, and have killed more of each other than any foreign power that has gone to war against you or more likely, you have gone to war against. They are the facts that you can only deny by not seeing them, believing them or denying them, but they won’t go away as you kill each other in greater and greater numbers because you believe that guns and the right to bear them overrides everything else including the right to stay alive and not be killed by a Gun as 36,000 of you are killed every year. In Australia we still have gun fatalities by criminals in violent crimes and 2012 was one of our worst years as 44 people were killed. In 2005 it was better and 23 people died.But we are 22 million and you are 315 million so to be fair lets look at it per capita where your worst state is 12 murders per 100,000 people and best is just over 3 murders per 100,000.Australia unfortunately has a murder rate of just over 1 person per
        100,000 which is still too much , but could be much worse as US figures show. And lets not forget about all the suicides and accidental deaths by guns in the US (taking you from 8000 gun murders to 32,000 gun deaths per year) by the way, if Australia had the SAME population as the U.S our total Gun Deaths would ALSO be 32,000…EVERY 15 YEARS!! So actually, if we had a population of 312 Million, gun deaths per year would be 2144, which is 29,856 less deaths than the US. But obviously, you and so many others think that 29,856 American Citizens dying every year is worth the cost of doing virtually NOTHING to help prevent them dying. As long as you keep your constitutional Right to bear and subsequently misuse arms.Forget about the so called “coordinated effort to underway to make it difficult…”you mention. People like you and the other minority of people and organisations like the NRA are part of a hugely successful and coordinated effort to ensure that more Americans die every year from Gun Deaths than anywhere and anyone else in the World, and from any other thing (except by only just, by Road Deaths)
        I do agree with you on one point but with different contexts.Your right to bear arms IS a Freedom…A Freedom from ever having Safety & Security and not living in Fear and for almost 30,000 of you every year, Freedom from Life.
        But I have missed the important story details of a credit card company stopping business with a Gun Broker, the threat that it represents and what can we do except as you suggest ” Get em while you can…” which makes sense , as the 300 million guns out there require purchasing more for self defense against some of those 300 million Guns out there that you need to purchase more for self defense and then purchase more for some of those extra guns bought for self defense…and the self inflicted Population Cull that this creates just gets bigger. Self Defense? Protection against possible Government Tyranny? In case the U.S is Invaded? Sorry…NONE OF THOSE could ever be as deadly or kill as many Americans as are killed each year by your own hands and inspired by a constitutional right that was created for a different people and a different time. If anyone thinks that a single Founding Father would have kept the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution if they knew what it has caused and is doing…you would be wrong, as they were smart, caring leaders who wanted to protect each and every Citizen of the United States. But you misinformed citizens and the gutless, self interested Politicians that you control by threats and who in turn control you by the money and interests of others that ultimately control them (which is only what you through the NRA also do ) needlessly kill thousands of fellow citizens including the very young and completely innocent whose Freedom to live and right to not die is taken from them and your biggest concerns are not being able to buy a gun that can fire 100 bullets in seconds or the heinous invasion of rights regarding having background checks or cooling off periods or limits before buying a gun.Or as this article concerns itself with, the fact that for one Gun Broker , your &%#@! Visa won’t be accepted??!! Protecting your so called right to bear arms is an excuse to cause needless deaths, murders and tragedies to each other and ironically creates the some of the things you believe you need to buy a gun to protect yourselves from.
        The ultimate Irony (and greatest Tragedy) is you are defending your right to buy guns to protect yourselves against …YOURSELVES. You are winning the fight to defend your rights so that you lose your lives by killing each other by guns that are your right to own to protect your lives, but much too often take them instead. You say “Guns don’t Kill people,people do.Say this is 100% correct.What does that mean? We should Ban people? We dont know in advance which people kill people and most pro Gun lobbyists and the NRA are AGAINST even checking or placing safeguards that may help find out which people might kill other people or already have! So that stupid slogan does nothing, means nothing and even if it did, you wouldn’t agree with what it means we could/should do to help curtail people killing people.I am sure you would agree with what the slogan really should be and agree with its meaning which no one can deny is true and is ” Guns don’t kill people, people WITH guns kill people” Yes? Is that OK with everyone? Ok, since we can’t Ban People ( though 31,000 gun deaths a year is the most successful attempt to do so yet seen) what about the taking away the guns? Then the people with guns who kill people wont be able to kill those people? And thousands of those people every year will not be dead! Unless…having a gun is more important than having thousands alive who wouldn’t otherwise be? Is your right to own a Gun more important than the life of a 6 year old who would still be alive if you lost that right? Is your right to own a Gun more important than 31,000 people a year dying so that you can have that right? If the answer is yes, then you or anyone else who thinks so, is a selfish, shallow greedy and totally self absorbed individual who cares nothing for his fellow man or even his or her fellow countrymen, because you value your rights above your fellow man’s Life even to the point that your own safety is also more at risk because you want to keep that right. Any person like that doesn’t deserves that right and in a more enlightened society would be considered a criminal. having and protecting that so called right means you are participating in the creation of events that kill at least 26,000 people needlessly…1,380,000 American Citizens in 45 years. You demand the right to cause that???Your Politicians allow you the opportunity that allows that??? Congratulations! You are guilty of a crime against Humanity against yourselves! Why do you value your lives so little, why do you hate each other so much? Why and what gives you the right to do that or even to allow that to happen? You have turned an outdated right to bear arms into the reality and fact of actually killing 1.3 million people for the right to bear arms? So Bear them! It isn’t the right to kill yourselves in huge numbers. And since you obviously can’t bear to just bear arms and use them to kill yourselves with instead, you have defending nothing except your own capacity to kill each other and refer to it mistakenly as “Bearing Arms” and not the needless killing it is. Ever wonder why you are the only country that has this right or feels it needs to exercise this right and warp it into a self genocide that is unprecedented in all history? Think about it. And whilst you do, remember why and what you think the right to bear arms means and why you own a gun.And those 1,380,000 deaths since 1968 caused by guns. And think about the French, Germans and most other Europeans, the Canadians , the British and the Australians who don’t have that right and don’t have the guns you own by that right and whose citizens are safer, less scared and more of them alive in their hundreds of thousands and compare all of them to yourselves and “that right” of yours and how much it has cost you and your country to have. You must be so very proud and so very happy with yourselves. You should be so very ashamed of yourselves. I also feel very sorry for you, someone,long ago should have stood up and fought for your ACTUAL Rights, the ones that ensure you stay safe, stay happy and stay alive which to anyone should be seen as more important than “A Right to Bear Arms” which by any measure is not a right that has helped , benefited or provided anything positive against the things that it has been the cause of, the massacres it has helped happen and the fear and insecurity that it has helped to create and grow. Your constitutional right , in this instance is anything but. It is a WRONG. A Terrible Wrong.
        I hope America and Americans realize what is happening and how they can improve and fix this problem or at the very least improve it. It’s not hard, the rest of us will help if you ask.But for anything to change you must be reasonable and open your eyes and be more flexible, less closed to opinions and ideas and less hostile in thinking ANY attempt to improve, help, save , make better is an attempt to take, steal, remove or threaten or endanger your rights or your lives. Because they are not and never have been.So far its been all your own work, cause and effects, with unhappy results. Let others try and see what happens when all the things you fear are employed, you may be pleasantly surprised and thousands of you will be happily alive as a result and the benefits will far outweigh the costs. You have NOTHING to lose that you haven’t already lost and continue to lose but have EVERYTHING to gain that you have lost and continue to lose.
        I guarantee and can promise with 100% conviction and confidence that if you do what others have done and do it well, on every level and in every way it will be better than things were before. As God is my Witness…Let him be Yours.

        Regards to you all.

        • Methinks you are trying to compensate for having limp dick syndrome.

          We redneck Americans can get it up everytime…why don’t you go get ya some Viagra, get laid a few times and maybe you’ll understand better.

          • Hey Kindle,

            At least I can afford to have limp dick syndrome whilst you redneck Americans HAVE to get it up everytime because if you don’t, how will you ever replace the people that are killed by guns each year?

            Keep it up and keep it going…you can’t afford to stop as you will run out of people to replace those you lose.

            Besides, with no gun to clean and practise with and no stress and worry about anyone shooting me, I don’t need Viagra and have the time to get laid lots and lots of times and don’t need to understand.I’m too busy getting laid and having fun to understand anything about guns, arms and bearing them.

            • Must be collage edumucated to come up with all those words. And that limp dick reply.

              • Hey, FB, wonder what he thinks of Switzerland??
                Switzerland issues every adult a gun and trains them how to use it.

                • JayJay…please don’t ask him about it…he’d possibly post another one of those…those…what ever the heck that was….

                  • Okay, Buckwheat, says Spanky.

            • Brett: You’re obviously a cowardly gelding, like many others/politicians who have endorsed gun control. You may be getting paid to post your BS crap. Like Prep. Pastor, mis interpreting Rom. 13, you both are pacifist sissy leftists. Europe, China, Aust. & many countries communist/fascist controlled won’t allow gun ownership; these people are subjects not citizens. Real men want to protect their family from robbery, crime, etc and gov tyrants.

        • brett, if you like we will take up a collection and send you to a commie/socialist paradise that would suit you just fine. North Korea or Cuba, take your pick. We choose liberty over tyranny unlike you and your omama loving ilk.

          • king crazy,I don’t see what I said would entail my wanting to live in Cuba or North Korea! Australia is just fine thanks, we are safer ,richer,have less poor and enjoy a far more equal and caring society than the U.S is, and which unfortunately will get even worse unless you guys look after each other better than you have been.Every Australian has free health care and our 16 year old’s start on a minimum wage of $16 an hour indexed every year for inflation.Our politicians serve the people not themselves and if they do wrong, they get thrown out.We learnt a lot of these things from you guys…why have you forgotten them? And your liberty is being taken away from you, by paranoia and fear, the Rich Elite, Wall Street and many other Huge Lobby groups interested in themselves only.And you, The Majority, are letting them do it!Stop worrying about your stupid guns that are just killing you in huge numbers and rally against the real threat which is your own people who are making most of you poorer and less secure than you have ever been.

            • Free healthcare eh? Can you tell us how you get the doctors there to work for free? I worked a back breaking shit job for over 30 years and save up a nice chunk of change and I didn’t get it by whining for free this and that. Let me downright shitty about it, you want my guns then YOU come an get them. That’s one hill I am ready to die on. Assholes that scream the loudest for socialism/communism are always the laziest. Why are you posting here anyways?

              • Our taxes pay for our Healthcare and those of us who are better off pay a little bit more extra than those who don’t earn as much.And I have NEVER received a single cent from my Government for ANYTHING and have paid my taxes and helped support those less fortunate than myself both in my country and in other countries and still do. I effectively retired at 40 my 3 boys went to elite schools and are now in university and Me and my family do not nor will ever need or want anything from anyone and have and will live on what I and we have created and earned by our own efforts. At least 20% of my yearly income or earnings I give to charity and help my friends and try to do the right thing by everyone because I choose to and can. KIng Crazy, I do not want your gun and I hope it is nothing but a joy and benefit to own and use and I hope no other gun is used against you or those you love in anger, violence or by accident,and that is all I am saying.Not so many other loved ones, and innocents should die by guns that do, that’s all.It doesn’t mean your gun has to go or I want it gone, just handled better in terms of who, how and why and a few things that make it harder for the wrong people to get one is what makes sense, wouldnt you agree?

                • Australia?…oh, yeah.

                  That is the place where the government armed a whole bunch of their young men and sent them to die (and die they did!) at Gallipoli.

                  And then they confiscated all their citizen’s guns so they cannot object to the forced taxation.

                  Not any better than any other government from what I can see.

                • Seems that you just had elections and the Conservatives are back in power. Your people get fed up finally? Its going to happen here too,keep watching!

            • Didn’t Australia outlaw guns and knives? So you can’t even own one if you wanted to. And you keep talking about a high minimum wage, but can’t get the amount straight. Stay out of our country’s business!

              • Actually, no it did not. Certain jurisdictions have bans on carrying knives in public, but they are heavily urban.

                The laws on ownership we tightened so that registration of sales had to take place and storage requirements were spelled out. More guns have been sold since those laws were passed than were surrendered at the amnesty when they were passed. IN balance probably a good thing, and as I had pointed out to me by an engineering shop manager once, it would take him about two days to tool up to make firearms if push came to shove.

                I own sufficient firearms and ammunition for my needs and have no problem obtaining more if I want to. The legal hoops are a tad annoying but not impossible.

                As for Australia’s political representation, Brett is gilding the lily. The 2 party state scam is exactly the same as yours. Both major parties are puppets for the corp, and both legislate for the same effect. Everything else is a sideshow.

                It is true though, our publicly funded medical system works far, far better than your corp model, which is such a failure even Cuba has lower infant mortality rates.

                A deal, I will refrain from comment on your countries business if your leaders will stay out of everyone else’s.


            • Brett. ya got a point there.

              We ARE shooting ourselves in the foot. Everyone can bitch and complain and then still do more of the same.
              This site is a whiners paradise.

        • Wow, just WOW. That’s alot of Kool-aid. We obviously have a different viewpoint here than you have “down under”. I for one am not looking to you or the government to tell me how to live happily. I am a responsible, legal gun owner who has never shot another human. Yet. I hope I never have to. I do shoot the occasional varmit. Yes, I will continue to cling to my guns and go about my way harming no one. Perhaps you could find a way to let the criminal element worldwide know of your solution. I’m sure as soon as they all get the word, they will also become responsible and gun crimes will drop to zero. Oh yeah, be sure to get the message to the White House for the Prez and his buddies to stop sending guns to murderers too! Happy Happy Happy!!

          • Good for you and nothing wrong with shooting some varmints or cans !And as a legal and reasonable person with common sense and the right to be left in peace , Im sure you would agree if laws were brought in to make it harder for criminals and mentally unstable people to get a gun, even if it may cause you some inconvenience, but given the reason for it, you understand and are happy to do your part to help.And as a reasonable , legal and average guy or gal,you can see the logic in not needing or making available Military assault rifles with automatic gun magazines that can hold more bullets than varmints you have seen in all your life? I am sure you and many others do. All I am saying is that where things are right now, to many Americans are scared and in fear and die from guns than need or have to, and too many criminals can get them more easily than should be possible. Isn’t it worth a few inconveniences or checks, or saftey features or reasonable limits on weapons of war to help make America safer and less people dead from guns.Sure it is.And I’m sure for most gun owners who understand and appreciate these things , its no problem for them to help….

            • No

            • Brett, you don’t get it. Glad you are doing so well in Australia, but that hardly compares to present day life in the u.s., the reason American’s need their defense capibilities is because we don’t trust our government, completely because they have’nt given us any reason to trust it. If the u.s. government continues on this path, even you there will come under their tyranny.

            • We have an overall lowest crime rate in years and that might have something to do with people having access to firearms,legally and responsibly. That never seems to get reported(public knowledge from FBI) Its all about taking guns away for control purposes. Russia,China,cuba,etc. bring to mind nay memories?

        • How many gun deaths were Murder? Self Defense? Accident? Suicide? How many murders were committed by those that grew up under Johnson’s Welfare program? Those that were on drugs? How many didn’t finish the 7th grade? How many people were killed by vehicles? Lets ban them!

          We need to outlaw progressives like you and their programs not guns.

          • Shootit,

            Whether the gun deaths were from Murder, self defence, accident or suicide,The U.S Gun deaths in EACH of those areas is between 5 to 10 times higher than for Canada,England, Germany, Italy, Australia, Israel, and EVERY other Western style democracy.It is in the having of so many guns that you shoot each other or yourselves more than anybody else in the worldExcept for unstable african countries and south american drug Cartel and military controlled countries etc (and many of them are safer than you anyway) You are Gun Crazy, Gun Scared and have too many Guns that are to easy to get.1,380,000 deaths since 1968 and 200,000 MORE than every death in every war since 1780 against every enemy up till today!
            It ain’t worth it. It ain’t helping you ,it’s killing you more than anyone and anything kills anyone else ….

            • Most of our gun deaths are located in cities like Chicago,Los Angeles,Philadelphia and Detroit,all of which have been controlled by the Democrats for decades. Cause and effect!

            • Sounds like you work for Nancy. Are you human? Abide by God’s Law? Are you controlled by the trolls? We should be able to have anything they have. Remember Dumb Ass it is by “WE THE PEOPLE” not by we “the goberment”. They work for us! I/We do not work for them.

              We don’t kill people. Governments with guns kill people.

              Look it up.

              If you don’t like guns don’t get one.

        • Brett you surely sound like an idiot to me but then what do i know. From a historical standpoint australia was a english prison island. built by men, for men. But as i see liberalism sure has made its ugly debut, what was once a great country sure has fallen fast. i can say this has happened to us too, but we can and do have the tools to take the country back from the tptb , you on the other hand might as well go shark fishing off the reef without any tools cause you sure as hell have missed the mark with your statement. Now you have waaay more killings with hammers, steel pipes or anything else that works, so when you are done trying to tell the rest of the world how to live, TAKE NOTE i didnt ask you nor do i want your input cause this isnt about where you live, This is about where i live. We also have a constitution and you do not so if you cannot read then STFD and STFU wildman out ps i may live like a hick but that doesnt mean i am not educated! now time for a big fattie and a shot!

          • Wildman,

            By what measure or measures has my country fallen fast or slow?We are not under threat, nor feel unsafe.We are rated 8th most fair and equal in income between the richest and poorest (The US is 196th behind 195th which is Iran)I can give you measures but you might get upset.AND I would never tell you guys how to live, The U.S has been an inspiration to me and you guys are great people and deserve better than what you are getting.And you have a great constitution but unfortunately, it seems that a lot of people in power do not follow it or behave by it, you are certainly not ensuring that all of you are equal or will ever have the chance to be. And your right to bear arms is damaging you and killing so many of you, surely thats not something you think is good? Yeah, its none of my business, but I dont like such a great country being destroyed from within by some of its own.Do you?

        • Sorry everyone, I accidentally gave this fool the thumbs up. Fat thumb, small phone screen.

        • @ Brett. Explain then why in England where they have taken away even pepper spray the violent crime rape is 4 times higher than in the U.S. Why in England a woman is almost 5 times as likely to be violently raped than in the U.S.? You take away people’s self defense, the criminals have free rein to attack victims. Like a predator animal, criminals prey on the weakless and defenseless. Tell me something Brett, how does a little old lady defend herself against a 20 something thud without a weapon.

          I say this to ALL anti-gunners like that bum faced piers morgan. Put someone that is anti-gun into a situation in which a large animal such as a cougar, bear or whatever is ready to rip them apart, and that anti-gunner would pick up a firearm faster than you could say hypocrite and shoot the attacker down cold.

          • If we were to give up private gun ownership at this moment in United States history, I have a feeling our country would look like the killing fields in Cambodia or worse, like Russia, who let the Bolshevik’s take away their personal arms.

            The Department of Homeland Security is not beefing itself up to play ‘patty cake’ with the American patriot who wants to retain his freedoms written in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

          • Be Informed,

            I looked at this issue, but not fully but one of the issues that I read and that makes it difficult to even quote figures such as the rate of rape in England being 4 times higher than the U.S is that the figures relate to different things, in this case the Rape figure for the Us is from FBI information that rates only Forced rape whilst the UK data includes touching, lewd suggestions that offend and less stark/violent figures than the U.S.

            In fact, the entire basket of “crimes” are different and measure different things and cannot be compared like for like. That’s all I have for now, and it does not mean that you aren’t correct in terms that the UK may have More violent crimes than the U.S it may. but on the specific rape and certain other crimes, they really cannot be accurately compared. If I find out anything else I will let you know.

            • The figures I obtained are directly from the UK government on Wikipedia, and I compared them with the figures in the World Almanac 2013 edition. If you leave out the rape defintions you still have about 4 times as many incidents of violent assault and robbery in the UK as in the U.S.. Yes these figures are accurate by rate per 100,000 people. ONLY Washington DC even begins to compare with violent crime in England. Take away someone’s defenses, you give the criminal predator all the advantages. This is true in nature with animals and in human society.

        • Sorry Brett, Freedom has a cost, it always has. And that cost is always lives. You may want to live in a country where your taken care of like a child. But talk about a peoples and countries that are idiots, just look at a country (UK)that would send a man to prison for defending his home against a thug by what ever means. You may want to curtsy to the Queen, but here in America, were FreeMen and Women. Trekker Out.

          • Mountain Trekker,

            I never said the US is worse or inferior to anybody, that would be wrong rude and impolite. And its not about living in a country where you are taken care of like a child, we aren’t. But there are countries that treat their citizens more equally, with greater compassion and care.And that cannot be a bad thing can it? And freedom does have a cost and that cost is eternal vigilance not Lots of guns or guns too easily gotten so that those not responsible or of good intentions can get so much easier than should be possible. Dont see how your guns are protecting your freedoms at all. It is not stopping the elite and filthy rich from caring less about less fortunate Americans. Its not stopping you getting poorer, without health care, jobs and rates of pay that are falling and simply to low foe many to live on.You are a rich country, so why are 95% of you getting poorer? There are other ways to keep and gain freedoms and greater happiness comfort and security as well as equality and success and all your guns and the right to have them have not helped a bit and things aren’t getting better for the average American are they? They are getting worse on every measure. But the fat cats many of whom were the or are the cause of these losses, are getting wealthier every year! You are less free Mountain Trekker than you have ever been , and that’s a fact (not you specifically, the average American…)Im not better than you or anybody, But you are better than the people who treat you as if you are no less valuable and precious and important than they think they are and treat so many so badly and with so little charity or care in their hearts.And sadly, those people are American’s also, but have fooled themselves into thinking they are better and more deserving than most other Americans and act like its so. Thats wrong.

            • How many people in this forum think that the Majority of the people are being treated well , paid fairly and have the constitutional powers given them not under threat or abused? Who think that fat cats in Wall Street are not paid too much and take responsibility for problems that they cause.Who thinks that special interest groups and industries as well as influential people have no more power to influence or change things to benefit them as the Voter? Who here thinks that nothing can be done or should be done to stop Criminals, Gang Members,Mentally Unstable, and Young Children and Toddlers from getting access to Guns? Who believes that this is as good as it gets and it will never be better?

              I would like to talk to those people who answered Yes to each of the above and discuss their views and try to understand them.

        • To all those that rated this post so low and thus getting it hidden, I ask you this: why did you rate it so low? My figures are correct and mostly it concerns me that so many die by guns each year, doers it not concern you people? Discuss and debate your view, but clicking for a low rating is not going to do much except hide what you dont want to see.I love guns and wish I could use them for the fun and excitement owning one can bring.But if it means I have a country with so many guns so easily got that criminals and mentals also have them and their idea of fun is to use those guns to kill lots of people, then maybe I wont worry so much about having a gun…the cost is too high.Guys, the cost is too high right now, why dont you make some changes that lowers the cost, find a middle ground? But if you seriously think things are right and should stay as they are, then you really are not interested in making things safer and more people not dead than currently are. And I can’t believe ANY OF YOU are like that.So dont shut down all discussion,attempts or ideas and views that may be different from yours. We all have the right to free speech. 🙂

          • Brett just hope your lack of semi automatics is not a calling card for the Chinese to push you aside for your countries natural resources . This would be difficult to attempt on American soil
            Because there would be A RIFLE BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS.

            Think about that for awhile.


            Semper Fi 8541

            • Night Breaker,

              So far so good! Besides, we let you guys do all your monitoring and spy surveillance of Asia from here and its pretty important to you.It does make us a target, but we are willing to take on in the arm for our Ally and maybe you will give us a hand if we need it as we have always done for you every time and anywhere you go. We are there.

              Until that day (which for everyone’s sake never comes, the lack of guns in our hands is a good thing…it allows us to hold our beers or grope our girlfriends bum…a much better use of our hands I reckon! Besides, we have something that protects us from invasion better than anything…thousands of miles of hot water-less desert empty of anything except the most poisoness snakes, biggest man eating crocodiles, killer spiders and deadly bugs in their quadzillions! Let them come and after a few days we will watch the survivors run home to mummy for comfort!Lol!

          • Brett: why don’t you and gelding Piers M, Blumberg, Hillary,Bill C, Schumer, witch Diane F and other anti 2d amend. folks meet, have a party then pack up and move to N. Korea or China. We don’t want you here,you don’t even care about your family being protected, all cowards and fascists for sure.

            • laura m. you are so wrong–those hypocrites’ families and themselves ARE protected by armed guard.

            • Laura m & Jay Jay,

              If you two can write such angry and insulting posts based on what I have been saying which is not demeaning anybody (and which by doing has educated me and made me better understand the issues at play due to more positive feedback and reasoned discussion by many posters) I’m not sure you either want or are open to discussing with anyone anything that doesn’t agree with your opinions and beliefs.

              But insulting and attacking others is attacking their 1st Amendment rights, is that Ok for you?

              To say I don’t care about my Family’s protection?!! I guess you must also think the same of most European, British, Canadian and other countries Father’s, Husband’s (and also Mother’s and Wive’s)ALSO don’t care about their own Family’s and their safety? Are you serious? Even if I wanted the second amendment erased (and I don’t)and ALL and any Guns you own or right to own taken (Which I don’t), and you had 50 loaded guns all over your house and easily reached by Children (if you had any), I wouldn’t say to you that you don’t care about your Family’s Protection.

              Your friend’s and family can do that and worry about that. My saying so would just be to insult, hurt,upset or anger you,and that would achieve Nothing good or useful for either you nor me.

              So Don’t.

              Unless you enjoy it…but that’s another problem,and wouldn’t help your case, if you were ever to make one.

              • The ravings of a madman..

                nough said..


            • My preferred place for these people to go would be Israel.

        • Oh Boy!After re-reading my first post here (above) I can understand very well why I angered so many…I came over very strong and very “Holier than Thou” which was uncalled for and not helpful to anybody.

          Since that post, I have learnt a lot and understand things better than I did. Thank you to those people who had the patience and motivation to discuss and teach me about the things they know and which I did not and presumed I did.

          I may not agree with everything the people here think or believe in, but I will always respect what it is they say and do my best to keep an open mind to the other views and things that concern them , even if I don’t agree with some or even all of them, it doesn’t mean they are any less valid thine mine.And in the exchange and respect of discussion and communication and
          open mindedness, therein lies the most powerful force for change, agreement, respect United and in agreement with the broader things and issues that maybe together we stand a better chance of changing to the benefit of everybody.It all starts with one talking with another and from such sparks a raging fire is born. Thanks folks.

      56. The most powerful tool we have is a boycott. Visa, starbucks it doesnt matter.

        Stop doing business with these people!

      57. What do you have when business does the bidding of government and government does the bidding of business contrary to both the Constitution and to the desires of “The People”?


      58. Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the ‘pathetic’ American media

        “Don’t even get him started on the New York Times which, he says, spends “so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would” – or the death of Osama bin Laden. “Nothing’s been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true,” he says of the dramatic US Navy Seals raid in 2011.”

        • Satori:

          I hope everyone on this post reads your link!


          • J. Edgar Hoover quote:

            “The individual is HANDICAPPED by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”.

            Many great statesman have warned us about this; read some of Jeffersons’ quotes, or Kennedy’s speech about secret societies; America is being ran by people we did not elect…….

            • “None are so blind as those that will not see”

              How one can not see the obvious requires intentional ignorance. For decades upon decades TPTB operated in the shadows obviously concerned about exposure. For the last two plus decades they’re in your face with very poor excuses (which is why the majority think government is stupid). TPTB are not as concerned about exposure as they once were or for some reason not yet understood are willing to break from their norm and trade stealth for speed.

              They’re moving quickly either because they’re very confident or very frightened which is fueling the need to accomplish their goals as fast as possible.

      59. God I can’t believe how stupid all you a$$holes are. VISA isn’t refusing gun sales. The processing intermediate is. There are hundreds of these outfits that handle credit/debit card transactions for businesses. The strictest ones are those that allow businesses to accept charges on the phone or internet. This is because there is so much fraud with those charges. I can’t believe Hyatt’s signed up with one without reading their terms of service; they are pretty stupid if they did.

        You all are running around like Chicken Little’s chopping up you VISA cards for nothing. I bet you are so stupid you’d chop your own dicks off if someone wrote the right article. Mac must be laughing his a$$ off.

        • CHRIS- right. they are all nucking futs.

          All this from people who claim to fuckin know it all.

          brainless serfs.

          • Rich, uh, brainless surfs? I know you’re talking about people who go to the MSM sites and not us.

        • What part of VISA owns authorize dot net don’t you get? Authorize dot net is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VISA. That means they only do what VISA tells them to do. They are refusing to handle gun transactions because VISA said so. Therefore VISA is refusing to handle gun sales through their subsidiary.

          If you can’t read and understand an article, you don’t need to be commenting on it.

          • VISA may own their stock but that doesn’t mean they control their policy. You assume too much.

            If VISA was disallowing gun sales then every gun dealer in the country would be screaming.

            You need to learn to THINK before you offer an opinion.

            • CHRIS- most here cannot think when presented with sensationalist articles.
              They like and need to think everyone is out to get them except for fellow preppers.

              • Rich–That’s the truth….and they aren’t too sure about their fellow preppers.

      60. It doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to be, but this is what it is now:

        Gun Deaths Per 100,000 people:
        Highest to lowest)

        Mexico: 11.2
        USA: 10.3
        Argentina: 10.05
        Paraguay: 8.16
        Nicaragua: 7.29
        Cost Rica: 6.28

        Well, you come just under Mexico with all its drug cartel murders and revenge killings, but other south and central American countries do better.But about other Western Democracies or Asian Countries?

        Canada: 2.38
        Israel: 1.87 (attacked constantly and surrounded!)
        Italy : 1.28
        Germany: 1.24
        Taiwan: 0.87
        U.K: 0.25
        Japan: 0.06
        S.Korea: 0.06 (still officially at war with North Korea)

        Very Interesting don’t you think? Even Countries surrounded by enemies and subject to terrorist and rocket attacks, or Mad War Mongering Countries like North Korea have 10 times less gun deaths than the U.S.A per 100,000 people. And frankly compared to all other western democracies, The U.S.A is between 5 to 10 times more deadly than any of them in terms of Gun Deaths.Even South and central American dictatorships or drug Cartel controlled countries have less deaths per capita than the USA, though Mexico is more violent….just. Seems to me that your precious right to bear arms and then kill yourselves and others with them (and that part about killing.. importantly, is not your right or in the Constitution) seems to be the problem and cause.How about you maintain the right to BEAR arms (i.e Carry them)but don’t actually use them (i.e Shoot someone or yourself)that would work!You can Ban and make it impossible for any bullets to be sold or used and STILL bear your arms! Nobody Dies, your rights are kept and 32,000 a year stay alive!Its a WIN/WIN scenario! What’s that? NO?!But…hey you don’t need bullets to bear arms, they are for using , firing and killing with arms…What’s that? You need to protect yourself and the Gun can’t do that without bullets? No! No!We already tried that! With Bullets it FAILS TO PROTECT 32,000 people EVERY YEAR and a whole lot more live in fear and get stressed!DOH! You Guys…OK let’s make it more simple and quicker and cheaper!Arms mean a weapon do they not?So you have the right to bear arms, whether its a knife, gun, Flamethrower, RPG, Artillery Piece or even a Nuclear Bomb, I guess.I mean if it means you can buy an automatic Military 100 round Gun issued by the U.S Army and 250 years more technically advanced than what they had when they wrote the 2nd amendment, then I would assume anything goes! In 200 years time that will mean disintegration laser guns won’t it? so what’s the problem? why don’t you all bear mini Nukes? You will get a better result…you will feel safer (your government has 7500 Nuclear Bombs to feel safer and to defend themselves,and have had them for 40 years, so it must work as they haven’t killed ANYONE let alone 32,000 every year) WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Waddayasay America? A Personal Nuke for everybody…it couldn’t be worse than what you do now!? Sorry, I’m not being serious.But I am using the same logic that is used in the pro-gun debate, so If what I just said sounds silly, perhaps what is being said now by pro gun people and the NRA might also be silly…or Wrong? I guess we will never actually know since you haven’t tried anything else so far and thus cannot compare. Wait a second…There are many countries and people who HAVE tried different ways and things and their results are MUCH better than yours are currently IN EVERY SINGLE WAY, SHAPE AND FORM!! So, give it a try. There is no excuse at all.Pass legislation that if it(what everyone else has done to get such low deaths) doesn’t make things better, you will give back the right to bear arms and continue where you left off. I bet you 100 million dollars and at least 26,000 lives a year that you won’t.

        EVER AGAIN.

        • The greatest murderer of civilians in the 20th century we’re governments gone bad. This was not the result of war but rather intentional murder. Criminal attack is pale in comparison. Interestingly these governments that committed the genocide first disarmed the intended civilian targets ostensibly in their best interests of course.

          Search JPFO for the data.

          • Guys ,

            If you think your Government is going to or wants to harm you , but won’t because you are armed and dangerous, what kind of a regime is that to live under? Put into power the people you trust and who have your best interests at heart. The governments who killed so many of their citizens (I assume you mean Stalin’s Russia or Red China under Mao) were ruled by Dictators, Despot’s or Military etc etc NOT by democratic elections and by and for the people!Most of those countries where the governments killed so many people didn’t have people with guns to take from them anyway.They just got the army to kill them or they starved them etc. If you are waiting for your elected Government to disarm you so they can kill you, what kind of country are you living in? and why are you waiting arming yourselves to protect yourselves from them? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! That’s what the Patriots did against the British! But what you are doing is creating years of distrust and paranoia against something you live with but don’t trust. That’s called prison, not living.
            Come on, be reasonable. Meanwhile, I will wait to die as I have been for the last 18 years since being disarmed, for my evil Government to control , kill or abuse me.Wonder whats taking them so long? Enjoy your fear and enjoy living with a government that you believe wants to kill you.That’s a great way to feel and yet do nothing about. Sheesh!

            • Hitler was voted into power after an economic collapse and the NAZIs inherited gun registration records from the previous reasonably benevolent Weimar Republic. The rest is as they say history. Its not your government now that is the worry and with that in mind this is the reason why the Second Amendment was written; Its for subsequent generations. You guarantee no economic collapse? If so your ego is writing checks your abilities cannot cash. Think nations that function as a Democracy are not dangerous to their people? Ask the British Subjects in India how they were treated. Interestingly they were disarmed by law. Actually don’t even go that far. Ask any black that lived in the south in the 1950s and before.

              Its not the guns but who has them is the issue. Florida has issued presently over one million carry permits and revoked from 1987 to date 168 for a crime committed in which a gun was utilized. One need not go out on a limb to see the math and it is indisputable. Criminals kill criminals and occasionally the law abiding. Prohibition could not keep alcohol out of their hands, drug laws don’t keep drugs out so who in their right mind would believe with thousands of miles of unguarded borders that the very few guns needed in criminal circulation could be stopped? Lets face it a city of one million would need less that 1000 guns (type don’t matter as long as saws still exist). I would hate to live under the police state that could possibly make that happen.

              Your quite trusting considering history here and around the world: Why? JFK Assassination? You believe that nonsense? The Gulf of Tonkin incident which ushered in the full blown Vietnam war? You buy that crap? This stuff has been going on for decades and decades and in some form or another while the ink was still drying on the Bill of Rights. See Alien and Sedition Acts.

              • Kevin,

                I completely agree with what you say and I admit I had been a little over the top with my earlier posts and sounding more judgmental and sanctimonious than I had any right to be.

                Also, having joined and making discussion, I have heard and learnt a lot more than I had previously on the subject from many posters (like yourself) who make and present reasoned discussion, and by which I better understand the many, many reasons and thoughts and motivations that stand behind gun ownership and the right to own them which I totally respect, even if earlier, my language did not suggest I did.

                To you and others who I may of unintentionally offended I apologise, I did not come here to piss off people as my goal…that achieves nothing for anybody except rancour, anger, hate and further alienation between people and their beliefs and or values,than already exists. My point of view was as it remains and concerns the issues that might or could be acceptable and open for discussion and action concerning the unintended , accidental and tragic instances that occur and might be mitigated or made less likely to occur WITHOUT taking away the right to responsibly own the thing that this right guarantees.

                I now see that Trust or the lack of it is a much larger factor than I had thought in terms of perhaps why people are so unwilling to have ANY measures taken that may help lessen the issues that concerns all of us but any of which are not agreed to or accepted because of what other motivations are believed or may lie behind the noble reason for taking them.

                I see that now.

                And what you say above Kevin2 is just a tiny part of the the truths, evidence, data, examples and things that give you reason to mistrust and doubt many or even most of what the Government or the powers that manipulate them say or give reason for doing.And that is just the things we know of.

                And whilst guns and the right to own them is important and are the ultimate fail safe when (in this regard)the worse happens,they WILL NOT stop it from happening or even slow it down. I believe it is more ideal to try and stop it happening at all as the result will be a far better outcome than the endgame that some see as protecting your family and battling against people/forces who wish to do them harm.

                Better to never get to that moment or time and use the strength of numbers and majority will that always has and still can change history and move nations.

                It can be more powerful than ANY gun or guns held , no matter how many there are ( and by saying this AM NOT advocating you disarm, just making a point)

                Kevin2 I would value your view on the greatest example of People Power ever seen (but not by many until it happened)that is also the best counter example (of the very few there may be)of the view of Government disarming Citizens allows them to control/kill them all the better/quicker.

                I refer to The Fall of Communism 1989/90

                In which through the will and peaceful determination of The People in a very short time, Overthrew and destroyed violent Regimes and Communist power structures based on and supported internally and externally by regimes, elites and special interests in what?…at least 5 or 6 Countries at around the same time and with the same success. This was despite Armys, militia, police and other state controlled entities controlling all the weapons and apparatus to curtail, hurt, and kill as many and as much people as they liked to stop them. The People were NOT stopped and won their Freedom AND with almost NO loss of Life!

                In fact, I believe if the citizens were all armed or heavily armed, it may have given cause or reason or created events that would have caused a completely different outcome and provide for an excuse or reason or incitement for the military forces and others to crush the revolts and kill very many people indeed.

                What’s your take on those momentous and historic events from that perspective? (and My motivation is out of interest NOT as arguing against guns or the right to own them…these events were quite unique and not how things usually happen…)

                My perspective and interests lie in my belief that NOTHING can resist the power of the majority , single minded and determined to have or make change. Under those conditions, who has guns or hasn’t is immaterial, such a tide Cannot be stopped.

                The real task and challenge and on which everything depends on of course, is being able to get/create/motivate and focus that Groundswell of People…of the majority. And that is where the elites, powers, cabals, governments, and all the others work hardest in preventing, and to ensure won’t happen. so they employ a multitude of ways, means, controls, distractions, worries,propaganda,etc etc etc to always keep the majority from ever becoming united ,even though they might be bound by common beliefs or desires…all the other ploys and things that are done, ensure they dont get together , in common goaled action, to make things better or change the things that must or should or need changing that these others do not.

                We…You…The People United , in common cause and determination as the Majority…Nothing has ever stopped it before,and nothing ever will. The challenge is getting to that point, making that happen.That’s the hard part and which “the powers that be” will and are doing everything they do to ensure that it won’t happen and rock or risk the cosy boat they consider theirs alone.

                We need to make waves.Lot’s more, and if enough people make enough of them…A Tsunami which can’t be stopped is made.

                • To all believers and non believers; “The Truth is like a Lion,you don’t have to defend it just let loose and it will take care of itself” St. Augustine.check out the article @Rense on
                  1777 Queen Maria Theresa VS The Jewish Banksters.

                  They have us by the balls!!!


                • @ Brett

                  Shut up and leave.. Everyone knows you are paid by the government to troll this board and disrupt our conversation.

                  • I’m an Australian. I agree with a lot of what you believe in.Not Everything, but a lot. I do not think what I say would warrant payment and the government has far more better things to waste money on than such as this.

                    I respect your right to bear arms and to protect yourself and loved ones. I don’t believe your Government wants to massacre you, there is no need , point or valid reason to do so. If they wish to control and exploit you whilst they enrich themselves at your expense,they will do so as it is obvious that they do wish to do so and have been for quite some time.And this is happening regardless of your having any guns or not.In that regard, they are not helping you to change anything and which they are doing regardless. And its wrong and they need to be stopped and you and your countrymen are the only ones who can stop them.And I will be the first to cheer if you do.

              • Kevin,

                I completely agree with what you say and I admit I had been a little over the top with my earlier posts and sounding more judgmental and sanctimonious than I had any right to be.

                Also, having joined and making discussion, I have heard and learnt a lot more than I had previously on the subject from many posters (like yourself) who make and present reasoned discussion, and by which I better understand the many, many reasons and thoughts and motivations that stand behind gun ownership and the right to own them which I totally respect, even if earlier, my language did not suggest I did.

                To you and others who I may of unintentionally offended I apologise, I did not come here to piss off people as my goal…that achieves nothing for anybody except rancour, anger, hate and further alienation between people and their beliefs and or values,than already exists. My point of view was as it remains and concerns the issues that might or could be acceptable and open for discussion and action concerning the unintended , accidental and tragic instances that occur and might be mitigated or made less likely to occur WITHOUT taking away the right to responsibly own the thing that this right guarantees.

                I now see that Trust or the lack of it is a much larger factor than I had thought in terms of perhaps why people are so unwilling to have ANY measures taken that may help lessen the issues that concerns all of us but any of which are not agreed to or accepted because of what other motivations are believed or may lie behind the noble reason for taking them.

                I see that now.

                And what you say above Kevin2 is just a tiny part of the the truths, evidence, data, examples and things that give you reason to mistrust and doubt many or even most of what the Government or the powers that manipulate them say or give reason for doing.And that is just the things we know of.

                And whilst guns and the right to own them is important and are the ultimate fail safe when (in this regard)the worse happens,they WILL NOT stop it from happening or even slow it down. I believe it is more ideal to try and stop it happening at all as the result will be a far better outcome than the endgame that some see as protecting your family and battling against people/forces who wish to do them harm.

                Better to never get to that moment or time and use the strength of numbers and majority will that always has and still can change history and move nations.

                It can be more powerful than ANY gun or guns held , no matter how many there are ( and by saying this AM NOT advocating you disarm, just making a point)

                Kevin2 I would value your view on the greatest example of People Power ever seen (but not by many until it happened)that is also the best counter example (of the very few there may be)of the view of Government disarming Citizens allows them to control/kill them all the better/quicker.

                I refer to The Fall of Communism 1989/90

                In which through the will and peaceful determination of The People in a very short time, Overthrew and destroyed violent Regimes and Communist power structures based on and supported internally and externally by regimes, elites and special interests in what?…at least 5 or 6 Countries at around the same time and with the same success. This was despite Armys, militia, police and other state controlled entities controlling all the weapons and apparatus to curtail, hurt, and kill as many and as much people as they liked to stop them. The People were NOT stopped and won their Freedom AND with almost NO loss of Life!

                In fact, I believe if the citizens were all armed or heavily armed, it may have given cause or reason or created events that would have caused a completely different outcome and provide for an excuse or reason or incitement for the military forces and others to crush the revolts and kill very many people indeed.

                What’s your take on those momentous and historic events from that perspective? (and My motivation is out of interest NOT as arguing against guns or the right to own them…these events were quite unique and not how things usually happen…)

                My perspective and interests lie in my belief that NOTHING can resist the power of the majority , single minded and determined to have or make change. Under those conditions, who has guns or hasn’t is immaterial, such a tide Cannot be stopped.

                The real task and challenge and on which everything depends on of course, is being able to get/create/motivate and focus that Groundswell of People…of the majority. And that is where the elites, powers, cabals, governments, and all the others work hardest in preventing, and to ensure won’t happen. so they employ a multitude of ways, means, controls, distractions, worries,propaganda,etc etc etc to always keep the majority from ever becoming united ,even though they might be bound by common beliefs or desires…all the other ploys and things that are done, ensure they dont get together , in common goaled action, to make things better or change the things that must or should or need changing that these others do not.

                We…You…The People United , in common cause and determination as the Majority…Nothing has ever stopped it before,and nothing ever will. The challenge is getting to that point, making that happen.That’s the hard part and which “the powers that be” will and are doing everything they do to ensure that it won’t happen and rock or risk the cosy boat they consider theirs alone.

                We need to make waves.Lot’s more, and if enough people make enough of them…A Tsunami which can’t be stopped is made.

            • Brett,
              Man, I just broke a tooth while reading what you posted. I didn’t even notice that I was grinding my teeth.

              If your argument for disarmament is about the loss of innocent lives, well you should instead trey talking to the military, of all nations.
              Or better yet, let’s take away cars. They kill just like guns do.
              Or doctors, they are worse than cars and guns combined for the loss of innocent lives.
              Either you are blind, ignorant, or have an ulterior motive for your posts.

              A bit off information for you: America is not a democracy, it is a republic. To say anything otherwise would be a perversion of the truth.
              God and my guns say that I do not have to be a slave unless I chose to be one. I will never be a slave.Do you have that option?

              • Anonymous,

                I hope you are speaking figuratively and that I was not actually responsible for you damaging your tooth.

                And please, I am sure that I did not propose or suggest Disarmament and maybe if what I said did not seem to say so, I was /am more concerned with ways and or means that might be considered or acceptable so as to mitigate or lessen the deaths , injuries and accidents that EVERYBODY does not want to happen, and which may be able to be less likely if some measures are taken.

                But I do understand now the reasons behind people feeling that ANY measure taken is not acceptable as it may be being done for additional or more sinister reasons which rightly are unacceptable.

                And whilst I understand your belief and conviction that a gun stops you from or protects you from being made a slave or under the control of someone who does have the guns to make you one and your not having one makes it more likely and also no options to resist such, I do not see (On this specific point)how you owning a gun prevents anything , especially in terms of being enslaved!And as you ask me whether I have that option to not be a slave and imply that by not having a gun I don’t…is ridiculous!

                I am actually descended from (as are many Australians)convicts that were sentenced to life imprisonment and transported here for crimes that were often petty and harmless (stealing food to eat etc)regardless of why, my ancestors WERE SLAVES (effectively)so I can say more than perhaps you can,with more conviction that I do not nor would ever allow (No one would choose!)to be a slave. And won’t ever be, of that I can assure you.

                But do not think as it seems you and others do that there are not other ways to ensure or protect against being made a slave as there are very many.One of the best is( you might hate this…)is having a leadership, Government or nation you are part of and have helped make, shape and form that can rally , organise and best ensure that you and …all of you are not made slaves. And that is done by the military forces NOT citizens with guns, that have protected and defended you and I many times from being made a slave.And done so far better and more effectively than a citizen with a gun or guns.

                I owe this fact to the servicemen and women that have over the years sacrificed their lives for their country rights and a future that is enjoyed to up this day by all Australians.

                If by some way or reason that I cannot ever see happening here, that my Government decides to attack me and all the rest of us, and then somehow manages to be able to get the Australian Military to actually carry out the attack, If we all had guns to defend ourselves, it would make no difference to the outcome! Besides how in heavens could or even would such a thing happen?You don’t kill the slaves if you want to make them slaves! Thats a waste.
                All you need do is just pass laws and pay low wages , take away rights, exploit and keep and make controls, tax create other conditions that ensure that you gain as much benefit and profit from those people…those slaves.And governments try and succeed and are doing it more and more right now, and one could argue very and more effectively in the U.S as anywhere!

                How are the guns you own stopping or making this not happen? And seriously, do you honestly believe the U.S Military on Governments command could or would turn against you like this? How could it? They ARE YOU! I agree with you in regards to invasion (though one would hope the military would best do that)and in civil strife and disaster situations or the complete breakdown of society.But never in terms of my own people controlled by my own people elected by the people! I dont trust government as much as any, but they dont even work that way, at least here in Australia.There are better more insidious ways of making us slaves, and these are the things we must guard and act against. No amount of guns will protect against those.In this specific scenario if it were to happen, your gun is just preserving your life when all the damage is already done, its a tool to protect but its already endgame.But it wont save you against your own and entire military and its coordinated and concerted efforts to get you. But I can’t see that ever happening, there are far easier, profitable ways to enslave and are happening right now, so you can rest assured it won’t happen in the way you mentioned. But for so many better, valid and responsible reasons and uses, your gun and constitutional right to have and use one are great and something to be cherished and valued and I have no problem or wish to ever see or want it being taken away or made not possible. But for that SINGLE reason about The Government attacking you, that should be in my opinion of least or of no concern at all.It is not for me.

                • Brett,
                  you are a perfect example of a government troll.
                  The terms you are using, your cadence, your apologetic tone/words after sending the entire discussion off track… pathetically obvious to all of us watching you so far.
                  Ask your handlers to give you another assignment, say, HuffPo or something where the readers are less well informed than we are. Based on the discussion, feel free to let your higher ups know that we will never give up our rights.

          • Kevin2: Thanks for posting this! as I was fixin’ to give info on JPFO too, directed to dumb butt sissy Brett since he is giving out stats. This info says it all (genocide stats world wide)

            • I was fortunate to have personally known Aaron Zelman, may he be known for good.

        • Stuff it.

        • Brett the truth will set you free. Blacks, Blacks, Blacks. Trekker Out.

          • Mountain Trekker,

            That sounds racist, but I also know that many blacks have been the victims of themselves, others, governments and history and have gotten into gangs, drugs and poverty etc etc and all those things have not helped them , you or anybody and will take a long time to correct if it can be ever corrected.So I cannot argue with you on that, and you are and will always be the best judge of what makes you know or believe what you said. Our blacks are the natives who lived here for 40,000 years before we came and were treated badly as usual by the Europeans. A bit like your Indians, I guess.So I can’t say on that front we did any better than anybody and wouldn’t try. I guess bringing over thousands of Africans and making them slaves and treating them as such is not going to create the conditions of respect and trust etc between two people as ideally both would like to have/be.Its unfortunate but would lead to lots of problems most of which are obvious and continue today.Hope it gets better for you all.

            • Brett: Last week as i drove to the town store I saw a 90 yr old grey haird women drive ahead of my truck with a Bumper sticker on back bumper. When I got close I read it.

              It was a Q&A type bumper sticker that asked:

              Q: What went so Wrong in America?
              A: “Liberals, Negroes, Jew Khazars”

              Seems many folks are fed up in the usa eh.

              • Oh that it were so simple as that!What’s a Jew Khazar, by the way? Is that a particular type of Jew that is extra bad or evil to an average Jew? Liberal’s are needed to balance the conservative’s that if they had their way completely, would ensure that you did what they told you and paid you what they felt like and if you argued for better rates or conditions and would brand you a commie /socialist for daring to say such things.You need the balance guys, everyone does.The blacks are the problem you created and didn’t really do enough to fix and now its biting you in the arse. Making them prosper and wealthier and proud and optimistic can only help, hating them , ostracizing them and making them know you dont like and will never like them or think good of them will not.Your choice, your decision to make, I wish you the best.

                • You are just ignorant.

                • Brett: Take a week OFF from the usual msm and hollywood propagands and lies and research a few issues.

                  KHAZARS: Are mainly askanazi Khasars and recent dec 2012 DNA evidence Published by John Hopkins and Heberew Bio stufies etc and dna research done BY a jewish man scientist confirmed that at least 98% of todays jews wordlwide are the modern day decendants of a Turk-Hunn-Mongrel-Caucasian peoples who lived in the kingdom of Khazaria from aprox 1-3 BC untill aprox 10th century.

                  Around 750 AD their King, Bulan decreed that all in his kingdom will convert to one religion. That was Talmudic Judaisim aka jew. Todays jews only became judiac talmud jews since 750 AD era and NONE has ANY blood or dna ties to any of the orig 12 tribes of israel.(its likly that a small few remement jews are from judah tribe, small few)

                  Look Back at Past articles of this site SHTF and Read a few postings where I posted the entire DNA dec 2012 studies info that Names the jew scientist, and another jew woman scientist from Her dna studies of 2001 which Both confirm what I said here.

                  NOW the SLAVERY ISSUE: Again Brett research, and if needed I can Provide a few good links to websites with tons of Proof, that BOTH Slavery of african blacks in europe and america, as well as the DRUG runners that Began with early Opium traders in the mid 1600’s era, were BOTH mainly done BY jews. Khazar fake jews.

                  Drugs were and likly still are the operation of choice for the jew sassoon family billionaires(hair care shampoo etc Sasson today). They started with Opium 1600’s to China then to everywheres else too.

                  Slavery: Jew banksters finaced, Jew wealthy ship owners, jew ship captains, even some ship crews were jews.

                  AND: Those jewish slave masters and traders first did slavery to set it up in usa with IRISH-WHITES as the first slaves before even one single african black ever set foot on usa soil!)

                  You never heard any of this because for the last 100 yrs khazar jews have owned and run almost every form of MSM. Hollywood-TV-TV News-Newspapers-Magazines-Publishers-They Publish school history text books- Banks-Most profesors- Most univ Admistrations-etc etc.

                  Khazar jews today control most all of every important aspect of all nations and societies etc.

                  research the Bible new testement also Brett, see what the Lord Christ and the Apostles wrote of them jew talmudics.

                  Start with Rev. 2:9—Rev.3:9—John 8:44 for starters.

                  www dot khazaria dot com has articles proofs and Maps of ancient khazarian lands which today is Lower Russia, poland and other lands now russia and moscow etc.

                  That should keep you quite busy if you are Seriously questioning what I posted prior. Perhaps after researching it all, you will return to tell us all how much Wiser you have become and how much you have Learned that refutes 99% of all you and We all were told to believe and Taught as truth and ended up as Flasehoods Galore eh. If you need websites links, free online books to read like about WWII-Nazi issues etc etc that show the factual truths, or that DNA proof etc let me know I will provide it all. But if like some folks that come here, you are going to refuse to read any, and outright reject all and any evidence or proof and just call names like rayssis or antisemite etc than say so, so I do not waste My time Please

                  • Them Guys,

                    I did not know anything about what you have just explained but will look into it, it sounds very interesting.I cant refute or confirm anything on what you have said and would not do so until I had learnt more about it, I can assure you of that.Thanks for taking the time to tell me and I will look into it further.

            • I’m not going to argue the slavery issue, that’s a dead horse. When 10% of the population commits 90% of the murders, that ain’t racist that’s fact. Don’t know what you did to your blacks, but I didn’t do anything to ours. Trekker Out. P.S. them damn Romans, I just can’t believe how they treated us whites.

              • E has re invented himself as B. Not worth the time to turn on the light. B n E can live in darkness.

      61. Anyone who purchases guns or ammo with a credit/debit card may consider the purchases as having registered them for an eventual ‘visitation’.

      62. While the second amendment war continues here with VISA, Have they become what we once were? ..Pravda business reports “the state will still keep the controlling stake but private shareholders will buy 49 percent of the Kalashnikov concern. Private investors plan to invest 2.5 billion rubles in the development of the concern in the next two years. Moreover, the state had two conditions: transparency of transactions and attraction of investors from among Russian citizens. Both of these requirements have been met,” ..And we continue to become what they once were.

      63. Brett needs to compare violent crime rates in ALL countries to this country, such as robbery, assault, and rape. Whenever you give the criminal the advantage, they take full advantage of it completely. Guns and other non-lethal self defense tools such as stun devices and pepper spray are a deterrent to being a victim. Brett needs to look at the UK crime statistics on this one to prove that England has become a true hell hole for criminal activity because they de tooth and de claw everyone over there. Brett needs to talk to people in England that are absolutely terrified of going for a walk on the streets because of being attacked by criminals that don’t have any guns, they just will bash your head in with a nice pipe.

      64. Brett also needs to understand that the main reason why the Japanese did not invade the west coast of the U.S. after attacking Pearl Harbor was because of the high number of guns in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The U.S. needs a civilian army to safeguard it against a true attack for a true foreign enemy. This is what the 2nd Amendment was about, protecting against all enemies foreign and domestic. European pacifist countries will see what eastern coalition forces will do when those countries are facing an enemy that has not disarmed their citizens.

        • Be Informed,

          I must disagree about that.The Japanese never had the capacity or the will or indeed the intent to invade the west coast just as they had no intention of invading Australia.They had a single plan that failed after the last Japanese plane left Pearl Harbour. It failed and they failed because they did not destroy the American Aircraft Carriers who were not at Pearl Harbour.If they had succeeded in destroying them, they expected that a shocked America with no ability to carry on the war in the Pacific would then with the other allied powers sit down with Japan to negotiate. The attacks and taking of Burma, Thailand, Malaysia,Singapore, the dutch East Indies etc etc were NOT intended to be held and conquered by Japan, but to be used by Japan to help them negotiate the terms they wanted which included access to raw materials and recognition of Japan’s interests in China Korea and other areas.and very importantly, to be treated with respect and equality.Wasnt going to happen and didnt and our ally in World War 1 became our enemy and before becoming so, was treated like shit and contempt which did not help their own attitudes which were decidedly bad towards those they considered beneath them, anyway.They didnt have a hope and once America geared up and started producing , it was only a matter of when, not if for the Japanese. Unfortunately for us today, the great gearing up of America for war , laid the foundations for its dependence on its defence industries and war machine and rise of the military/industrial complex that is now in control of so much power and privilege,and in my opinion the cause of many and moist of America’s problems that face it today.But thats just my view, I’m just arguing the Japan bit!:-)

          • @ Brett. The Japanese knew full well that unless they could stop the vast manufacturing base on the continental U.S. that it was game over. The idea of attacking the mainland was however scraped because the mass resistance that would have occurred from the west coast because the Americans were so well armed. The Japanese eventually ran out of fuel and one of the reasons that they wanted Indonesia so desperately, as the nazis wanted Russia, oil. Japan ONLY wanted to hold fuel rich areas that could supply their armed forces.

            Remember this was AFTER they attacked Pearl Harbor and they realized that the war was not going to go well and they had to stop the U.S. from resupplying the war effort. Just as China and Russia will target all U.S. manufacturing bases with their nuclear weapons to not allow the U.S. to continue building what is necessary for the military. This also includes refineries that can get fuel to run the war machines. Japan knew that if there had a better chance of winning the war or at least running it into a stalement they had to stop this manufacturing base. The Japanese concluded that they did not have the manpower and ships to try to take the west coast of the mainland.

            One of my very old, and now deceased, college professors worked in military intelligence in WW2. He said that because of the fact that so many American citizens were so well armed on the mainland that the Japanese figured that such an attack would be devastating to the Japanese armed forces and would lead to certain Japanese failure. Japan figured that as long as they could keep the U.S. from taking the islands to Japan, island hopping, that they could protect their own mainland and the U.S. would eventually ask for a ceasefire. Didn’t work in either case. Thank the well armed American citizen army for the Japanese never even trying to invade the mainland.

        • I disagree as well. They had plans to invade and occupy Hawaii, but the battle of Midway scotched that plan.

          They could have taken the northern coastline of Australia, but never had the army to take the entire continent. China and the Philippines soaked up millions of Japanese soldiers.

      65. @ Brett. South Korea border is the most fortified regions of the world with land mines, this is one reason there was such a conspiracy idea that Princess Diana was murdered as she wanted to ban all landmines. Weapons are deterrents and work. Ask a career criminal when if they choose to break into a home. Would the criminal break into a home where he or she knew the homeowner had a gun or from someone that didn’t. Easy answsr on that one.

        You know something else, you want to talk about murders, OKAY. Let’s talk about serial killers that have taken tens of thousands of lives the past decades all over the country. Usually serial killers that only used knives or other weapons. or nothing at all other than their physical bodies. How many of those that were murdered were carrying a firearm? Someone carrying a firearm likely stops the maniac and saves countless other lives. Demons like this prey on the weak and helpless. How often to you hear of a serial killer going after a lady that is armed. They watch like the cowards they are, and someone with a firearm is extremely likely not to be view as someone defenseless. Serial killer goes to someone that is not armed. We sure don’t hear about all the lives that guns saved do we Brett?

        • Be informed,

          You have a point regarding all violent crime and rates in other countries and not just gun related etc and I will have to check as I don’t know.I have only focused on Gun deaths murders, accidents and suicides.Whether America has less Burglaries, domestic violence etc per capita than other countries gun or not , I also don’t know, but will check.But if the owning of guns in America deters these things from happening as much as they do elsewhere, I would be surprised. But that is an assumption.I will check out the facts and get back to you. But lets say you are correct and more theft, rape, and assault occurs elsewhere than in the U.S.,I would still argue that 10 times more people dying by guns in America, is worse than more people being threatened, bashed or robbed than Americans. You can recover from theft, rape and assault, but according to the good book, only Jesus rose from the dead! As for your serial killer example, we can never know how many lives have been saved or victims spared from a serial killer because they had a gun and never will.But we can find out how many serial killers and how many victims of them have been caught.Are there more serial killers per capita in Australia, England or Italy versus the U.S? I couldn’t tell you, but Im not sure the high prevalence of gun ownership in the U.S has much to do with it or if it does still does not make up for all the needless deaths that have killed so many Americans…always remember that as a starting point…31,000 gun deaths a year..that is the starting point for any of the other areas.And in that you start with a very large handicap. Besides, you know as well as I do, that there are more and specific types of things that can be done to LOWER a lot of gun deaths and ensure they aren’t as easy for criminals to have or get than currently.Surely you can keep your right but make it harder for idiots and criminals to get hold of? I do not see an ounce of flexibility even if some good ideas actually helped people to be safer from guns than they are. It does not have to be all or nothing, sensible and logical could be a great help, don’t you think?

          • Be informed, don’t waste your time arguing with this clown. I have run into many a person like brett. They always complain life ain’t fair when the problem is themselves. They never save a dime, never prepare and when things get ugly they bleat for the government to help.

            • King Krazy,

              Life is unfair for so many how can you think otherwise? More importantly, are you doing anything to help those less fortunate than yourself or me? There are people in countries that have it really tough because of something or someone making it so.They are as good and hard working as anyone , maybe more, but because they are not as lucky to live in countries that are rich or ruled better than theirs, or other circumstances have ensured they are struggling means they should get our compassion and our help , if we can afford to give them any. I don’t know what you do in that regards,and wouldn’t assume to know, I do what I can to help because I can and because I want to. As for me, life is fine and complaining about it is stupid and won’t help make it better.I make my own choices and solve my own problems as well as help my friends and any others that ask for it.You are right about me never having saved a dime as my bank accounts are in Australia, England and Thailand which don’t use dimes. But I do hold American shares as well as Australian in my portfolio, so I do have a few bucks up my sleeve. I can assure you however that I am very prepared and always have been so as to make sure things have never turned ugly or hopefully never will.And if they ever do, why would I think the government could would or even should help? I help myself and my family first and foremost and by my successes can help others not so fortunate and do so happily.You are so completely wrong about me and haven’t a clue.But that’s OK, everyone can have an opinion.If I can help enlighten you any further , let me know!

          • It is Proven that every year 2.5 MILLION uses of Legit guns by Citizens in usa has prevented a serious crime. That is Never spoken of in any MSM. Prof’s John Lott, and Gary Kleck(?) both wrote books on this issue. John Lott started out as Antigun! Yet after his 16+ years research prior to writting his book about what his findings were.

            Prof John Lott switched to be Progun! Because his findings totally show the factual truths, and real numbers do not Lie as many lib antigun MSM reporters Do.

            Prof Gary Kleck’s book has the actual numbers of each years total crimes Prevented by armed american citizens, some with lic to carry concealed, others by use of gun to ward of threats in homes or cars or place of buisness etc.

            The average total crimes prevented every year varie but remain close to a steady 2 1/2 Million times per year nationwide. Thats Private owned legit guns. NO cops saving folks etc. Strictly armed citizens Acting to halt criminals.

            Nobody can say for certain How many of That 2.5 Million halted criminal attacks per year would result or end in Another dead victim citizen. Or how many less than death crimes would result if americans were Disarrmed.

            But you Can be Certain of that 2.5 Million Halted crime attacks, on avg Most would end up as a sucessfull crime and many More dead innocent americans added to already dead victim numbers yearly.

            The name of Lotts book is “MORE Guns Equals LESS crime” and is documented-proven-factual-Truth. So well documented in fact that several antigun liberals from various organizations like Sara Brady(prune Face) Handgun Control org have tried in Vain to discredit Lotts numbers etc…Every one that tried went down in Flames and served to Strengthen John Lotts proofs etc!

            99+% of ALL antigun spew You have EVER heard is from and by fanatical lib kommie antigun clowns whos main goal is a disarmed White Nations, especially America, so then Their evil prenicious Extermination of whiteys plans can proceed without arrmed resistance from guys like…ME!

            Stay tuned Brett, as when these zio kommie bolsheviks attempt to exterminate Us americans it is all going to Backfire tremendously on their sorry kommie worthless Khazar asses. You can probobly view it go down Live on local news TV when it begins!

            PS go research yearly FBI crime stats for All catagories Violent crimes nationwide. Note how every year African Blacks comprise the Vast number, avg yearly of 85+% of perpetrators of aprox 12 violent crime catagories every year!

            Perhaps a much Wiser method than ban private owned guns would be to Ban Negroes!

            If every 100th negroe that packed their suitcase to be sent back to africa, added just One Khazar into that suitcase, and removed a khazar along with that negroe from the lands of the usa…America would be not only the Safest nation on earth, but also, the Most Prosperous once again!

            By Jove! what a simple plan! Send africans Packing, and give every 100th african a Bonus for packing away One Khazar in his suitcase to remove the khazar troubles also!

            Afterall not only do Khazars, 86% of them always vote dems same as africans whos 95% are dem voters, but both africans and khazars seem to really Love each others company! Many americans would Love to see BOTH groups Gone as far away as possible..Africa sounds swell for them all. Pass the word and make it reality!!!

            • WOW! 2.5 Million crimes are prevented by citizens having or using guns to stop them from happening! Them Guys, if that’s true then your society is even more dangerous than most!Why isn’t Australia suffering from a similar problem but suffering the consequences of it as we don’t have the guns to prevent them happening? Sorry, but I cant buy that.You are saying that an additional 2,5 million scary ugly and threatening crimes would have occurred if not for guns? Well they haven’t occurred here thankfully, so we are lucky. Funny though, since we are all disarmed now and criminals can get guns more easily and also know that they can rob us as well as go in our houses and take things and know they won’t get shot…they don’t! Well not any more than they always have.I have never nor have any of my friends been robbed assaulted or burgled in 52 years of living in the biggest city on the continent so that is lucky also.And losing our guns had not made any difference to me or them.

              • locally
                we have had several home invasions
                that were stopped in their tracks
                the homeowners were armed

                • Check out crime rates in Switzerland.
                  Every adult is given a gun and training.
                  Every household is armed.

          • Brett

            No one bent on using a gun in crime would be thwarted by any gun law in the US for reasons I explained @ 2419728 9-28-13 @ 5:44PM . The same cannot be said for the non violent that just desire a means of protection. By their very nature they obey the laws and in doing so are too often denied the ability to carry that weapon when needed. Why are the politically connected / wealthy in possession of Carry Permits in NYC while a taxi cab driver is denied?

            Equal protection under the law? Hardly.

            Gun control is not about guns but rather its about control.

        • Wasn’t Princess Diana whacked due to she was Pregnant with an Arabs kid? An Arab kid who’d be Next in line for the Crown of England!

      66. A Prepper Tip by Ugly–

        RE: How to save money on each shopping episode and never have to use the Visa.

        Men, as we all know, we hate to shop. Why? Because it costs us money. When at Wally World our wives want us there to help shop. Why is that? It is simple, they need us to push the cart.

        I decided to do a scientific analysis. At Wally World, I pushed the cart the entire time and our bill came to $511.31. Thus, we used the Visa.

        Then next time, I had wife push the cart the entire time. Guess what! Bill came to $310.06, a savings of $201.25. Yes, that is correct! Plus we used checkbook and not the Visa.

        Thus, I repeated study 4 more times. 2 times I pushed the cart the entire time and the other 2 I had wife push it the entire time. Guess what, when wife pushed entire time savings was nearly the same with average $205.37!

        Study Conclusion: To save money and not use the Visa, have your wife push the cart the entire time.

        I have been banned at the store since study began due to a 27% REDUCTION IN SALES. But men from all over town have greeted me and even thanked me. One guy even commented that with the savings he was able to buy a $500 fishing rod. Another man stated that he was able to get a new set of golf clubs to match the new set he bought last year.

        I even saw one man wearing a t-shirt that said–

        UGLY SAVES !!!!

        Men, it works. Give it a try.

        • Amazing that all that money that guy saved was wasted on a stupid fishing rod instead of something for the family. So instead of the wife using that money to buy the family good things, he used it for his own selfishness.

      67. Escaping
        When a major disaster hits society, people tend to panic, it’s a fact. Food, water, and supplies will be fought and possibly even killed over. A wide scale evacuation may be called into effect by military or government powers. Even with monitoring and assistance from outside sources, things can quickly turn sour and become more than dangerous as hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals attempt to evacuate their homes and leave their city behind.
        The ensuing panic and mass exodus of even a small town can quickly clog the streets, train stations, air ports, and other thoroughfares out. If you get the news a little too late, miss the window of opportunity when trying to get out of dodge, you’ll need to know how to get out and how to do so safely.
        Stay Calm – As always, staying calm is key to your ultimate survival. Seldom does a panicked person make it out of a dangerous situation alive or unharmed. Regardless of what is happening around you, do your best to keep your emotions and actions regulated and concentrated on escape. Think rationally and pursue your exit in as safe a manner as possible.
        Avoid Confrontations – Even if you’re calm, it’s likely that most of those around you wont be. To avoid confrontation with any individuals, you’ll need to keep your head down, limbs in check, and eyes trained on your exit. The quicker and cleaner you can step away, the better off you’ll be.
        Go With The Flow – Trying to work your way out of a crowd is difficult enough on it’s own, but if you add the threat of a head on collision with another person, you’re only making things worse. While going with the flow of a crowd might initially take you further from your intended destination, it’s likely that you will still escape more quickly and with less injury than butting heads with hundreds of fleeing folks.
        Stay close to walls and other protective barriers like vehicles, telephone poles, etc., and avoid bottlenecks whenever possible. Entering a tunnel, or closed in fenced or walled area, is as good as serving yourself up as fodder for the vultures.
        Don’t Run – Attempting to run through a crowd of people can attract unwanted attention and focus on your position, and perhaps even your escape route. By attempting to move too quickly, you increase the likelihood of stumbling, faltering, or falling, which puts you at a greater risk for injury and even demise.
        Many unfortunate individuals have been crushed to death by the tramping feet of others during a panicked exodus. If you do fall down, you must immediately attempt to regain your footing and continue on your way. But if you simply cannot gain your ground again, curl yourself into a ball, protect your face, ears, and internal organs as best you can, and hope for the best.
        Take Shelter – Once you’re out of the thick of it, it’s important to take shelter till the mob or at least until they thin out enough to make traveling the area safe again. Shelter doesn’t mean standing on the sidelines to watch as a mob or horde flows by, it means indoors and out of sight.
        Remember, out of sight is out of mind. If they can’t see you, it’s less likely that you’ll be bothered.

      68. Look
        If only they had taken the time to think…gut reactions and uninformed choices have led to the death of thousands of potential survivors.
        Assuming anything, other than the worst, during a disaster or survival situation can land you in some pretty unpleasant places…including the bottom of a ravine, locked in a basement, etc. But taking the time to evaluate a situation or area before you jump head-first into it, can save you a lot of pain and frustration in the long-run.
        From moving too quickly and leaving important gear and supplies behind, to losing your way, or getting injured; we’ve seen quick and clouded judgments end poorly more than once. “You go that way, I’ll go this way.”, “The place must be empty.”, and “It’s just a scratch.”, are all great examples of simple situations that have gone wrong because no one took the time to really think about what might happen next.
        So always look before you leap, both literally and figuratively… or you’ll never know where you might land next.

      69. Look Around

        Whether you’re out on the road or stuck in place during a survival situation or after a major disaster, take the time to fully search your surroundings.
        As long as you take the time to look, most locations can offer up a wide variety of supplies and gear for survival use. Keep your eyes out for for everything from lashing, to cutting tools, containers for water collection, items for weaponry, and more. And don’t just look in obvious places like up a tree for fruit or on a shelf for tools. Check waste bins, dark corners, stream beds, etc.
        There are plenty of stories of would-be survivors so anxious to leave wreckage, find their way out of the wilderness, or just go,they missed a vital piece of equipment like a two-way radio, signal flare, medical kit, or even food and water etc, eventually resulting in or contributing to their death.
        So take a few moments to look around you when you can and snatch up any critical supplies you might find. You never know when it might come in handy and save your life.

      70. @ Brett. Watch the movie “Tomorrow, When The War Began”, this is the future for Australia when China decides that all that arable land, 181,000 square miles, and the rich mineral base is ripe for the pickens. You Australians better consider arming your citizens or you will be herded into corrals just like that movie or you won’t stand a chance. Your country has 22 million people, that means 121 people per square mile of arable land. You bet your country has excess, you can feed many other countries and get a massive surplus of income. Your country is mineral rich with rare Earth minerals, diamonds, tungsten, nickel, uranium, silver, gold, copper, tin, iron ore, coal, natural gas, and some oil. Your country better be living well with that rich base of resources.

        It is unfair to compare Australia riches with other countries that are not blessed with those riches. You can bet that China sees this all too well. Watch that movie and see your future if you don’t arm your citizens. Rounded up, no hassle, no problem for the Chinese.

        • be informed: very well put!

        • Be Informed,

          Even if you are 100% right and its only a matter of time before China takes what we have and they want, I really doubt that arming 22 million men , women and children would stop a country such as China for long.In fact given that most of our population lives on the coast in a few cities and urban centers, all they would need to do is use 5 or 6 nukes and they kill us all whilst all the land and resources can be utilized without having been damaged at all. So let’s hope either way, armed or not, it doesn’t happen. That said, do not think for a moment that we won’t or can’t defend ourselves or die trying.Read what general Pershing said of Australian Soldiers. Ask Pareus about us in Iraq the British about our efforts in Tobruk. We give back a bite much bigger than our bark, and we have proven it to the Germans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans and Chinese who know it is so and respect what we can do. But noine of what we have done or do has been in Australia, defending our homeland.You ain’t seen nothing yet.To anyone who wants to try, have a go you mug, it won’t be pretty!

          • Brett, I went to graduate school with a scrum of rugby-playing, gap-toothed, raw-knuckled, cigarette-rolling Australians and New Zealanders, and have to agree with you on the fighting prowess of the Australian male, guns or no guns.

            • Mama Bear,

              When you live down here surrounded by Asian Billions, with the small numbers of us that there are,you learn and have to be able to fight way above your class! And not be shy about letting anyone know it. So far, it has worked.

      71. Avoid
        Disaster and emergency situations often mean the flocking of individuals towards the same goal, escape or refuge. This means that roads, bridges, tunnels, train stations, airports and any other way out of town or to a refuge center will likely be clogged with people vying for that last chance at life.
        Whenever possible, do your best to avoid potential hordes and overcrowded areas and streets. From being trampled, lost, separated from family or friends or worse, getting caught in the middle of things can mean dire consequences for anyone caught up on a horde. Imagine running from a ravenous rabies infected dog while you’re wrapped up in a sleeping bag and you’re wearing a blindfold… that’s just about as much good as you’ll be when you’re truly trapped in a crowd, and that’s BEFORE panic breaks out.
        As the numbers in a crowd build so do the chances of mishaps, panic, accidents and viral outbreaks. Always be on the lookout and avoid large masses whenever possible.

      72. @ Brett. I am someone that absolutely cannot stand skewed averages. When I predict earthquakes I never skew the numbers because this ultimately destroy the ability to forecast quakes accurately. Many gun deaths in this country are from gangs that shoot each other. This is not shown in those statistics. Another issue is the suicide rates of firearms. A person that is going to decide to die will use other means such as pills, jumping, hanging, etc. Suicide is not as easy using guns as people think it is, and should not be tallied in these figures.

        The U.S. is 15 times as large as Australia and in comparison to gun deaths there is more, even when you take out gang murders and suicides. However it should be understood that Australia and many other countries such as England are islands or enclaves within themselves and illegal gun running is a huge issue in this country from Mexico and Central America. Disarming the population would not work and only leave people helpless because the criminals are still going to get the weapons no matter what. I actually fear a true weapon of mass destruction coming up from the porous Mexico border. Gun control here is suicide for the regular citizen.

        What you say about recover from robbery, assault is sort of true, but hardly rape. A woman raped by some disease ridden pervert is death if that maniac had AIDS for example. Rape also is not recoverable spiritually for most women.

        England is a nightmare police state. To take away pepper spray that saves more people from vicous dog attacks shows where England is coming from. George Orwell horror novel.

        Again, I pose this question. How many lives have been saved from people that have had self defense that is not put into figures? Australia and New Zealand are islands and can control illegal gun running, not to say that firearms should ever be outlawed in either country. Here the porous 1500 miles of southern border allows the criminals to get the illegal firearms. What are Americans suppose to do when they can’t defend themselves?

        Again, I bring up that Australia is rich in what China needs. Without a well armed citizen militia to protect Australia, the Chinese can literally walk into Australia and herd up everyone just like the movie I said. Believe me China is looking at Australia like a kid looking in the wondow at a candy store.

        • -And then the Aussies will be begging the American men to come and bail them out.

          • Within the last two weeks, my 3rd from oldest grandson signed up with the marines. He graduates from high school in June. Goes to basic training in July. He is going in as a marine chopper crew chief. So Brett, perhaps some day my flesh and blood will be coming to save your sorry ass.

            • LSB,

              If he ever does come over whether as a visitor or a defender , he will be welcomed and appreciated as well as respected as a friend , ally or visitor. But let’s make one thing very clear, we did ask for your help against Japan (who you were
              fighting anyway) and you did lend a hand in New Guinea , though we did most of the fighting.We also had our Northern City of Darwin bombed far more than Pearl Harbour was and part of the reason for your help was that our army and most of our men were fighting Germany in Africa and Egypt and helping England with other stuff. Though we gave japan its first ever defeat on land in Malaysia before they took Singapore. But yeah…thanks.

              In return, we fought with and beside you in Korea, and Vietnam,and our facilities have helped your war efforts as well as your moon landing (OUR facilities, not yours)and by ourselves have attacked communists in Indonesia , Malaysia and Singapore as well as protecting malaysia and singapore against Indonesia when it went a bit mental and decided it wanted to invade those countries AND we were the first to support your war in Iraq and send troops before any others as well into Afghanistan to help our ally…You!So guess what? We have helped you in EVERY conflict since World War 2 and are your biggest ally and have gone out of our way to places for you and with you and if by chance we ask for your help again…you will still owe us for who asks who for help at least another 2 more times if we are counting! So please dont say we are weak or need or ask for your help, its the other way around bub! Which by the way is our pleasure to do, just ask and we will be there as we always have (We didn’t do Grenada with you, thought you could handle that one yourselves!)

              • There were so few Australians (only 17,000) in Korea, that if they hadn’t been there, no one would have noticed.

                • That’s what you think.But not what you know.I’m sure those 17,000 brave men noticed and would tell you otherwise.
                  And show some respect.
                  Anyone who makes the call to fight for their country deserves it.

        • Be informed,

          I take your point about porous borders and there is much to be said about the advantages and disadvantages of them.You get cheap labour and cheap drugs that’s for sure, and whilst I hate that our drugs are so expensive compared to yours, its for the best and protects our vulnerable and stupid.Still not convinced about the need to have every citizen armed. You have a giant army, reservists, huge coast guard and well armed border control and defences. You have large police forces and all the infrastructure and technology to help in curbing crime and such. Yes you have a lot of gangs and other organised gangs and criminals but much of that is caused by social and societal issues that ultimately if attended to and addressed more, would go a long way to mitigating some of the reasons and circumstances leading to the problems you mention.Not solve all the issues but many.You have 45 million poor, and a very unequal society where even the middle class seem to be treated badly and taken advantage of,and deserve much more of the wealth and benefits that they have helped to make.and please, I can not say that every American should be stripped of their guns, but surely, you can put in place and make more of an effort to help make it harder for the wrong people to get them? Even make them more secure so that less accidents are caused by them.It may cause some discomfort but if done properly, the benefits will outweigh the inconvenience.Now let me tell you something about Australia and guns.I can get any gun I want from a pistol to machine gun and its not a problem.I can use it for target practice and for gun ranges,if I am in a security job, if I am a collector or own a farm.But I cant own one for self Defence as the reason for wanting it. (Which would make you guys red with Rage, but there you have it)But seriously, If I can own one for the other legitimate reasons…how hard is it to use it if someone does attack me at home….Easy! To own a gun a must pass a background check for any criminal, violent or mental issues and TA DA! I have got me a gun!Also, I must have an approved place to securely store it so that bad guys or kids etc can’t accidentally or intentionally get it or use it.So please don’t think we are banned from getting or using guns, we are not.In fact all my 3 boys through school were in cadets and were trained and used all current Australian army guns and chose Gun Practise as their Winter Sport and used rifles and pistols and competed at gun ranges all over Sydney against their peers.Don’t be fooled, we can own use and know how to shoot guns, many more of us and much more than you would imagine.

          The Chinese or anybody else who decide we are easy pickings are dead wrong and with our determination and the help from a continent that loves to kill the unprepared in ways and means and by creatures so deadly you can’t imagine why they were built that way (and for what??!!)Australia won’t be the pushover that was imagined it might be.

          Assuming the invaders even get that far (we have forward bases all over the place to make things start off as badly for the enemy as it will end for them.

          We’ll do OK.

          • The only people in our country who can address the societal issues are the politicians. They absolutely won’t do it because they lust for the vote. They want to be re-elected and will not offend those on multi-generational public assistance. Our politicians will not listen to what we say. It is totally useless. The middle class, in my opinion, is what is holding the world together at this time, other than God. As far as China invading your country, I personally don’t think that they would give you much warning about their intentions. How long would it take the USA to arm your countrymen? As far as nuking your country, I don’t think they would want your agriculture land and other assets contaminated. Guess it will just be a simple troop invasion. That keeps the infrastructure in better shape. I suspect that you may be easy pickings. You need more of that “get out of my face attitude”.

            • LSB,

              If they don’t nuke us, we will not be easy picking for an invasion by troops, believe me.

              We have the best over horizon and early warning radar doppler and satellite tech in the world.It belongs to you and provides most of your intel on Asia and the movements across all the main shipping lanes…you name it you and we can track it. Our forward defenses are impressive or will be when we finally get our F35 A Joint strike Fighters from you…China will have nothing close to matching them nor anything with the range to get close to them. As I have said previously, we shall give it our very best and maybe there will be a few surprises about how well we do. China if it ever tries it, will have to do things and bring to bear more than its has ever done before at levels and supply line stretches that it has no experience of any kind. It will need an effort far bigger and far more complex than anything it has ever done and frankly, it wont even have close to such capability for many years to come. And when/if it does…we won’t be waiting…we will already be there when they begin,lets just see how far they get,no worries guys , we will make it harder than anything and cost them more than its worth and finally, with luck and determination from us,make them cry out:” What were we thinking!!!?


              • Sorry dear. This 63-year-old woman needs to tell you that you still don’t have a clue about the nature of governments these days. Do you really think that our government will tell you or us what is up. This one-world-order has been planned for a very long time. They are going to shut their eyes to the “plays” being made. Just like Pearl Harbor.

                • Maybe not your your government, but mine will.Even if its by default such as all the VIP cars coming and collecting them from parliament as they head for the hills home or Pacific island retreat!

                  Formally or informally, we will know. Besides,if China invades us with conventional forces, they will be taking days or even weeks to move down past or through a number of countries that won’t just move aside and let them through.
                  If they do that, we will have ages to prepare just as China will take ages to reach anywhere if they come in from our North. And if they do, we win! There is no way in heaven China or anybody can maintain or sustain supply lines that long…we can just play cards as the great Australian Bush and deserts take them down 1500 miles from anywhere.Too Easy. Maybe they already tried this last year and nobody noticed…!If we don’t know, they certainly will find out and know just what a pickle they are in…!

                  • Aussis Pols are same as ours are. I recall a yutube video or two of that woman Prez, red head was it? That yutube video proved by her Own words she had her head Burried deeper than the grand canyon up Israel Zionist Jewish Khazar ass. Same as Our here are.

                    You know all about what all msm and hollywood promotes. Yet you have zero clues on the Real NWO and How it functions and even Less than a clue what really is going on with them zionist jews etc. You never will learn it either as a lib who rejects all thats contrary to your warped ideals.

      73. Be Informed:

        If it is not China:

        With the One World Government breathing down every countries neck an unarmed Australia wont stand a chance.

        TPTB must be licking their chops with a very wide smile on their face.

      74. As usual, you are full of shit. Visa is only exercising its constitutionally guaranteed liberty; the liberty to conduct business as it sees fit. Isn’t constitutional liberty what you morons preach about? It seems you want liberty for yourself but do not want the same liberty for others. If you do not like the way Visa does business, then do business with somebody else. That is the free market system. You either believe in it, or you don’t. Sounds like you don’t.

        • And we are exercising our right not to do busines with them anymore.

        • ncjoe, you make some valid points about the free market, but don’t start calling people morons or saying they’re full of shit.

        • There’s always more to it than that. My VISA is prepaid…

        • “the liberty to conduct business as it sees fit.”

          It didn’t work for White Only diner seating and should not have either. Hell blacks seating in your place of business would keep the majority of your patrons away. I have a business justification. NO YOU DON”T…. Serve the public………

      75. Get ‘em while you can.

        This statement shows your true colors. You are nothing more than a stooge for the gun and ammo industry. Your goal is to create another panic wherein prices skyrocket and the profits of gun and ammo makers skyrocket correspondingly. Now who is in the incestuous relationship? How much have you received from the gun and ammo industry? Prove you have not received anything. I dare you.

        • What have I received from them

          Let’s see

          Oh. GUNS & AMMO. What else. Oh and lots of jobs for people.

        • nc joe, I’ve received some quality weapons and a ton of ammo for them at my own cost. No, I don’t get anything under the table.

      76. Oh yeah, I myself a Christmas present at Hyatt’s last year. A Springfield subcompact .40 caliber. Come to find out, I could have gotten in cheaper at another gun shop. Now, I will exercise my constitutionally guarenteed liberty and shop someplace else.

        • And that is how it suppose to work. Maybe there is hope for you yet.

          • FBP, did ncjoe just say he bought a gun? Now we really ought to worry. he did sound sensible for a change, but don’t expect it to last.

            • Brave. Are you saying people should not have guns based in your bullshit mental health diagnosis? Fucking socialist. Brave wants to ban gun sales?

      77. I still say…. if the dems, feds and businesses are trying to turn us into their slaves… then get your own businesses. Don’t hire dems. They keep enslaving us.

        So let them stand out in the cold while we all transact.

        What is a dem…?
        They want you disarmed.
        They want to make the business owner responsible for the health of their workers.
        (Despite all their smoking. ha)
        They inflicted al the payroll laws and taxed the shit out of us..then inflicting workers comp and unemployment, disability and all the admin. overhead.
        The dems are often environmental nuts…and want us all driving rice burners and not eating steak! See my points!?

        SO….recognize these people for the commies they are and don’t dire them, don’t befriend them, don’t do business with them. You sell to them…jack up the prices.

        I had an apt. and I was renting it…then I saw the Obama bumper sticker…the rent just went up $50 a month. So years later…. the raise in rent make me about $2k.
        This was used to offset the costs of all the Dems taxing bs.

        Hand it right back to these fuckers and hit them in their pocket book.
        They are the enemy of the free people of the United States.
        Recognize them as such.

      78. Brett asks above why so many people are upset and collapsed his comment. Well Brett and others are advocating taking away our self defense. I look at one of the badest animal on Earth along with the Wolverine, which is the Australian Perentie lizard that has no enemies and anything taking this lizard on is insane. This lizard is highly intelligent, can run almost 20 miles per hour, has razor teeth and claws and a tail that whip and break bones. This is what a well armed American citizen is, a Perentie lizard or a Wolverine that no one with any sense would bother.

        When you take away someone’s firearms you might as well duct tape the Perentie’s or the Wolverine’s mouth shut, pull out the lizard’s and wolverine’s claws, break a leg on each animal, and chop the Perentie’s tail off. Do you know what you have now? A defenseless injuried animal unable to protect itself. ONLY a very sick minded person would ever do this to either one of these proud animals that basically only eat to survive and don’t cause problems for anyone that doesn’t attack them. This is what is the case with 99.9% of gun owners in the United States, ONLY use force when attacked. Why would anyone want to take away that right to protect yourself with a person or an animal?

        • Be informed — an attempt at your last question

          Hiding behind Momma’s skirts. They have learned
          since they were young that its easier and safer
          to let someone else protect them that they feel
          is greater or stronger than themselves.

          An innate fear of violence compels them to think
          that an absence of weaponry puts them on an equal
          footing, thus enhancing their comfort zone.

          They cannot comprehend, nor wrap their heads around
          the truism: “God made men, but Samuel Colt made them

          • @ OutWest. The revolver, the truly most dependable firearm ever invented. Colt peacemaker is exactly that. I just don’t know how ANY government can expect a little 95 pound women is suppose to defend herself against a 250 pound maniac without a weapon. The criminal’s body itself is superior weapon to anyone much smaller than they are. The smaller person MUST have a weapon to stop the attacker. It is like some of these anti-gunners like that imbecile piers morgan that is almost 6 foot 4 being put into a life and death situation with a tiger, same comparison between a huge person and a tiny person. You have to have a weapon to stop the tiger or the tiger with grab you by the neck and break it. So many of these anti-gunners have never been faced with an opponent that their basic body is a deadly weapon and cannot be stopped without the use of a firearm, or at least bear spray, something jolly ass england has also banned and made illegal.

            • Like Rosie O’ Donnell’s stated desire to ban all guns but its found out that her non police bodyguards are armed its all so hypocritical. Piers Morgan is in the very same position and will no doubt claim that, “I do not own or carry a gun” while in the center of armed security.

              Like everything else that comes from “official” sources far too often its nothing but bullshit. One can pick out some of the the truth in what is said but its like picking peanuts out of feces.

          • OutWest,

            Please don’t assume Australians are what you say above.Be Informed I am sure knows about our record and reputation as both soldiers and as staunch allies to the U.S who we have fought with and together for most of the last half of the 20th century up to and including Iraq and Afganistan.Also ask the commander of the Pacific Fleet about the war games we conduct with you regularly and how we have defeated and sunk the pride of the US Fleet again and again to the consternation but also with the respect of being able to do so.Or perhaps how we showed you through superior equipment that your personnel carriers (or was it humvees)were inadequate against IUD’s and needed upgrading as too many soldiers were dying /getting wounded throug the weak floor shielding shattering that our carriers were immune and protected against.We are a professional army and know our stuff, do not make statements or pass judgement on what you obviously have no idea about.An Aussie Soldier against a U.S regular…even your own commanders know the answer to that one and its not an answer you would like.

        • No ! You can still have it! Just make it harder for the wrong people who cause all the damage and heartbreak to have a harder time in getting one to cause these. And a few other bits and bobs to make it harder for Jr to kill himself or his mate by accident. That’s It.Its not asking too much, is it?

          And as I said in another post, I can own any gun I want and my kids have all been in cadets and shot the same guns we have in our army and chose Gun Practise at school for their Winter Sport and competed against other schools with pistols and rifle in target competition. I can shoot and have over the years shot with many guns. My kids can shoot pistols and rifles…we are more gun savvy than you think and our rights are not taken away, they remain but with a few conditions/considerations. We are not so different from each other at all, believe me.We know how to fight and how to shoot and always have and will.And EVERYTHING in Australia is primed to kill, better and with greater ability than most other life forms.Try our Box Jellyfish you won’t make it back if one stings you and if you do survive, the scars and melted tissue will be a permanent reminder.Our crocodiles we have more than a million roaming the top end, each and all of them maneaters, our sharks are good for a bite and our snakes are the most venomous on the planet as are our spiders and a little octopus with blue rings common on our beaches that will kill as easily as be picked up by you.Our Gum trees are indestructible and will steal water from 10 miles away and just love catching fire because most of them use fire to kill everything else and then they germinate! Ask California about our gum trees and their fires…our marsupials are born to survive a continent and climate so harsh and so hostile that every mammal that it held could not survive and became extinct.Our native people discovered Australia more than 50,000 years ago when every other human was still within sight of Mother Africa. And the Whites that came to Australia in 1788 were not settlers or people fleeing persecution , they were all hardened criminals and convicts sentenced to life imprisonment in this continent jail. Everything here from the climate to the Flora and the Fauna and to the people who live here are tough as nails and bred to kill anything that thinks otherwise.And when or if our political leaders try do do something that really bothers us, they know immediately whats what and you never hear them speak about it again…like the idea of a national identity card (like your social security cards)Ha! Not happening.It it didn’t and won’t.Think we are socialists? Or Liberal’s as you see them.Wrong! So very wrong…

      79. That guy Brett is a real piece of work. I’ll give him credit for the way he conducted himself. He did present his arguments in an intelligent manner. Everyone else was doing such a good job of debunking his arguments I decided to just be a spectator for a change. Although I couldn’t agree with him on anything either, I’ll take him over the trolls any day.

        • braveheart,

          That was the nicest not nice thing said to me all day!

          Thank you! I’ll take it as a positive,and appreciate your

          good humor.I am not anti U.S nor anti American nor truly

          anti-Gun…call me a concerned Non Citizen, its unnecessary death that I am railing against, not that all your guns should not be yours to have or that they should be taken from you…perhaps I got carried away in my earlier posts if I did in any way suggest that.Cheers

          • Why do you give a shit who gets killed in the U.S.? For your information the coloreds kill each other at a phenomenal rate here and nobody cares. In my neck of the woods it is usually hillbilly family members shooting each other, so what? the stupid bastards are doing society a favor by killing each other.

            • Because I give a shit, I guess. For those they leave behind and who loved them and because of the waste and harm it would have caused and the collateral damage it may have caused.And truthfully, I must admit I am not thinking so much of the gang members or dealer turf wars or hillbilly Blood feuds as you do.Its more the young innocents, students, movie-goers, service people, boys and girls and others who are the real innocent victims of real madness or criminal action or misguided insanity etc etc

              How can I not feel grief and pity and sadness when a Sandy Hook occurs? It’s not important if its US or anywhere. As a parent it can’t but strike chords within that affect me and feel the loss of so many , so young and grief the victims parents must feel and will have to endure. I hope that answers your question.

              • To the person who gave a thumbs down for what I wrote above I would love to know why????

                Very interested to know if you did so for a reason or it was just a knee jerk reaction.

                I assume it was knee jerk, I cant think of a reason to actually not agree or see a negative in anything I said…but if I’m wrong say so!

                • Stupid NO firearm allowd zones from YOU type libs who bleed and cry for poor monky apes in ghettos are the REASON all those innocent folks at the movies or in a school etc got shot dead. You types rally non stop for laws to prevent folks from takinga gun into the movies and teachers from being armed etc. They cry and whine over the carnage as if you hade zero to do with it!

                  Fuckin nosy mouthy libs always trying to Force their Kommie crap on us all. Well listen up bubbaboy we have Had it we are Fed up and after 50 yrs telling liberals please just Leave us alone we desire zero troubles. Again and again. Well NO More nice guys.

                  Liberals deserve whatever they get when shtf. They caused it. Assine antigun crap laws casues so many deaths by crazed shooters who wont obey ANY fuckin laws. What the hell do You not Yet Get?

                  You believe Laws will be obeyed by Criminal minded folks. Why do You call them CRIMINALS Idoit? Cause they DIS obey all such laws.

                  You think a couple guys intent to Murder your family will suddenly stop that plan if only the govmt passes a law to Ban knives next? Why will a murder or rapist obey or fear a law banning a knife when hes already commiting a crime that carried Life sentences?

                  What the Fucks wrong with you anyways.

                  You are like a typical liberal female femanazi Bitch. Always act persnikity, get in a mans face constantly, irk to no end, bitch continously and Then when the guy finally gets so fed up he slaps that bitch upside her stupid head and tells her Snap Out of it Bitch!

                  Then she acts like a “Victim” of spousal abuse!!! Cry Cry Cry! Maybe that bitch deserved it! as do all such liberal types who refuse to just leave Us alone we do not want trouble…Keep it up libs Tic Toc Tic Toc yer days comming.

          • Brett, we may not ever agree on anything, but I was impressed with the way you handled yourself. That’s exactly the kind of discussion we strive for here. the real problem here in the US is NOT the weapons, but the people who have bad intentions toward someone else and will use a weapon as a tool to achieve their goals. good luck. braveheart

        • Braveheart,
          I have to agree with you. The more I read of his stuff the more I think he is fairly educated.

          He has passion for his beliefs and does conduct himself well. I still think he is a l.d. or has been neutered.

          • Hey Kindle,

            What’s an I.D? and what do my balls (Or lack of them if neutered) or as another person said having a flacid dick have anything to with anything?

            Not much I guess.But what’s an I.D? I’ll probably regret asking but I’m just curious!

            • little l little d.

              you strike me as a serious wuss.

              A lot of people have become wussified.

              Literally: “to have been brought down to wuss level”. Something or somebody good and authentic that has been dumbed down, gentrified and made palatable to metrosexuals, and even girls.

              A double decaf soy latte is a wussified cup of Joe.

              • Kindle,
                I can’t agree, it all sounds a bit gay to me! I’m not much into being a coffee wanker, a cup of Instant coffee will do me fine, no need for the arty farty barrista coffee,takes too long there are no seats , how Much?!? its just…coffee.I love communicating and talking and learning and sharing and dont my friends know that! I go up to Thailand a few times a year to have some fun and relax.The rest of the time is with my wife and my kids and I dont even know why you would care about this! I guess your description warranted a denial and… Sheesh!I need to go to bed…I’M to tired to make sense or try and whatever it was I thought I was doing…but I will say this..who or why would anyone drink a decaf coffee? and whats a double decaf??!!! You cant take out the soul of a coffee twice! WTF?! that’s not a coffee that’s ABERRATION OF NATURE and as such must be destroyed!

          • Kindle, this is the most interesting Saturday I’ve spent on this site since I first starting coming here last year. I can always find some intelligence at this site still rocks!

          • Sorry guys, this guy is paid. How else do you think he has all these stats and info at his fingertips? Haven’t you noticed how he has controlled the discussion, apologized then gone on the attack again? He is reading from a script!! There are plenty of articles on the net on how this is done, and I believe just recently Doug Hagman had an article from a former government paid troll who outlined exactly what he was paid to do, which is the exact same format that we have seen from every one of brett’s postings. We have a number of other posters from Australia on this site, and none of them take this position. In fact, almost no one that does take this position would bother to come to this site. But the fact that Mac is very open to letting almost anyone post exposes us to this bs.

      80. I love it when they show their true colors, all I can hope is its a fatal decision , stupid yes, for sure but everyone even if they are not a gun owner should heed this show of human control..slavery,..
        gun control is people control..
        any person or entity that makes a stand against this countries founding principals, is a hostile in country.
        I think all this chest beating needs to come to an end,
        If they are going to come at us, there’s always the equal and opposite reaction for them to deal with.

      81. You don’t understand, they shot my dog.

        • TK…..

          Are you gonna ride the bus or pack your lunch?

          Is it hotter in the summer or the city?

      82. U.S. Code Title 18 Section 241

        The card processor just broke the law. It is a felony under the US Code to conspire to violate any citizens Constitutional rights under penalty of fines and 10 years in prison. (The IRS should look at that closely too with regard to penalizing citizens for political viewpoints)

        No company can enforce terms and conditions that violate the Constitution, federal or state laws, for the counter party to violate said, or deny protection of rights and legal recourse.

      83. Mexico has no need to fear those armed Americans. They can succeed where Japan failed. Their stooges in Washington D.C. will see to that!

      84. This is reprehensible on Visa’s part. It will affect my business with them. Having said that, Larry Hyatt’s reputation in Charlotte, NC (where his store is located) is that he is a scumbag.

      85. @ Brett. I have to say this has been an interesting Saturday, Sunday for you. First your country is your country and even if China nukes the urban centers, there are plenty of other people in the outback that want and need to be free. It has been shown time and time after throughout history that people can remain free, at least not enslaved no matter how many of the enemy occupy your land. 22 Million people armed will not stop the Chinese, but it will slow them down to have as many people well armed as possible.

        That movie “Tomorrow, When The War Began”, is the Australian version of Red Dawn, and I really totally enjoyed that movie, and plan to watch it again. Many people that are Preppers/Survivalists would love to have a woman like the fictional Ellie in the movie. This movie though is not fiction as many people have fought like this throughout time and helped their land win over freedom again. The problem starts though when the population has been disarmed and the people that will fight cannot get to firearms and are at the mercy of the enemy just like in that movie.

        I totally find the flora and fauna very interesting in Australia. being cut off from the rest of the continents the animals have adapted to be totally able to defend themselves. The Box Jellyfish is horrible and been seen as far north as Hawaii. As you know this sucker has very long tentacles and is practically invisble in the water. The brown snake is one of the most lethal snakes in the world. The spiders are some of the worst anywhere. The Crocodiles get up to 23 feet long and weigh almsot a ton. The animals are as tough as nails and why I brought up the comparisons between taking away these animals self defense mechanisms and then letting them out to become food without even having a chance to protect themselves. The same holds true for people when their self defense is taken away.

        Come on Brett, England has taken away pepper spray, stun devices, knives, and practically anything else that might be considered a weapon. You can carry a marker spray that you can spray on your attacker. Then the police can find the killer after they scope up your dead body off some manchester or london street. There are 8 states that outlaw stun devices here in the U.S., non lethal devices that are again used more to guard against vicous dog attacks more than anything. I don’t exactly know what each province in Australia is in regards to what you can carry to protect yourself. I would hope that they at least allow pepper spray, if they didn’t this is becoming the hell hole england police state.

        This is why I become so irritated at gun control, because again throughout history the taking away of citizen’s ability to fight back has lead to citizen abuse, slavery and massacre. It also is horrible to think about and see how people have to be terrified and live this way because their government won’t allow them to protect themselves against criminal slime.

        You say that all you ask for is more gun control and whom can get firearms. Yes, the nuts should not have firearms or the gangs, but the government here not only wants to take away certain firearms but all firearms. Besides this I can think of several reasons why a person needs an AR-15, as proven during Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy during total lawlessness. Imagine when the San Andreas, New Madrid, or Cascadia faults go. Thje amount of destruction will not allow any law enforcement protection at all. Australia doesn’t have earthquake faults like this that can hit an area like a hydrogen bomb, other than maybe the farthest northern portion of the country. People will need to protect themselves in masses one day. Semi-automatic rifles will be needed for anyone that wants to stay alive after such a catastrophe. The U.S. needs their firearms for many legitimate reasons.

        • And what was that about our government passing out guns south of our border in Mexico? Often it seems like our gov. is not really to be trusted.

        • Be Informed,

          Yes,it has been an interesting and unintended all nighter for me (it’s now 11:36 on a sunny Sunday Morning) and I have enjoyed our conversation and now realise I perhaps started things off a little to hard and fast and can put it down to the more than is usual for me,negative and disappointing stories about America and the NSA , Snowden and the the U.S attitude to whistleblowers, the Feds and Bernanke’s cowardice to reign in and wean off the markets as he must the stalling of what must be done before its too late, drones, and of course Gun Control.Usually an optimist and glass half full kinda guy, I think I got too much negativity than usual and other things in my life just recently did not help set me up for a calmer, cooler tone than that which first I set. Perhaps with some naivety, but more it’s with the hope, that we can do much better and things can be improved, trust and greater honesty and the real desire behind them can make things go much better than so far they have been. It’s about reaching a better potential which I’m sure is there to have, but which I know may never rise or be given the chance to do so.I know it sounds weak and stupid but having lived and worked in Muslim Malaysia, Buddhist Thailand and Chinese Singapore as well as in Australia, my experiences with all these people from dirt poor to mega rich exploiters has taught me and shown me that there are more things we share in common than which we don’t agree on and the biggest impediment to even consider thus is our own assumptions ,fears and Judgments that stillbirth any chance of even beginning to start and first step…its over and never began. But of course, we must be wary and vigilant as much as ever, and be aware of Government diluting things and the dangers of political correctness, and more controls and ropes to bind us further and fears to distract us and keep control. I’m well aware of all those things and chose to not play by such rules with ever more loaded dice. I retired at 40 and broke expected rules and see how they stop us from thinking, keep us in worry and panic with no time to think about anything but ourselves and how, when or if we’ll make it.and by the time we know the answer ,its to late to do much else , regardless of the outcome.
          I take your points, each and all and enjoyed and respect them all, there’s many hours of discourse that many could still bring. And we are in a tinderbox and so much could burn, from local things to state or nation, and global things by man or nature, from space or underground, from hate or envy the list seems to get longer,never shorter it seems. But if we can still discuss and respect the different, agree to disagree and stay open minded and patient, that’s all thats needed to share our views. And there is a reason that our countries work so well together and in commitment despite the difference in size, we are less the British and more the you and this began in 1942 and has only increased as time goes by there’s real respect by both on the levels that matter on the ground with each common man that is at the heart of these things.
          Thanks for your time and discussions and thoughts and rest assured we will not be taken by those that think taking will be easy, and we will have the means and make the means or even take the means to show just how NOT EASY it will be take anything from us, without a cost so high.

          And if you can, if you want you can help us, we’ll keep things cooking so you have time to decide,and if you do, it’s a certainty that we with you will prevail!

          Enjoy your Sunday ….tomorrow and all the best for now!

          • @ Brett. Only one thing as I totally respect anyone willing to exercise that wonderful freedom of speech that too many take for granted all over the world, please break up the paragraphs on your comments. I have to take a piece of paper and read them line by line, and it is kind of hard on the eyes.

            There are so many trolls on the site that just attack a comment or series of comments and then not answer back and enjoy the commotion that they caused or come back with a comment even stupidier than the first one. It took a lot of effort and time for you to comment back to people here and that is what makes this site so enjoyable, when people take the time to communicate with each other. We all learn much from each other. Fairly soon the internet may be down for a long period of time or forever. There are some bad signs out there right now from war, economic chaos, political turmoil, and the planet itself seems to be ramping up for something big. Glad that we all still can use the internet. Only a metter of time before something goes off.

            I ask this of everyone on the site everywhere. Please let us know about usual strange animal behavior where you are. Animals know before something is ready to go down. Might give some of us a heads up and a little bit of warning to better prepare.

            • Be Informed,

              My apologies, I tend to let verbosity overtake form and sometimes not take notice of such. Not helped that I run my PC through my Sony 40 inch HDTV TV as well as my browser size at 130%.

              Thanks for your kind words and I hope your concerns of the Internet going down or that finally it gets controlled are wrong. I have always revelled at the fact that to date and despite the attempts of every man government and his dog to control or contain the WWW, it has defied ALL measures and remains undomesticated, long may remain so!

              And that goes for you NSA ,Jihad Jihad..enjoy that terror titbit Enjoy my Metadata, I hope it befuddles and confounds you or gets stuck in a printer and trashes and causes a tangle of cog clogs…

              Be informed, I shall be a Fauna watchdog for The Southern
              Continent and any changes in their behavior though with hardly a mountain and no active faults on the oldest continent of all, if anything happens here, then OMG its worse, much worse everyhere else!

              Here’s a factoid you may not know. The Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami that devastated Indonesia, Thailand as well as many others killed around 250,000 people. Apparently it was the first time in recorded history that for that day alone, more people died than were born!The death toll from the tsunami made the difference that allowed this to happen. Never before and probably never again…

      86. @ Be Informed ~ 6.8 earthquake in Awaran,Pakistan.

        • Be worried about the swarms under Yellowstone. 🙂

      87. I don’t understand why anyone answers a troll like Brett. He is not legit. He takes away from the feeling of community and the exchange of information here, and that is what he is paid to do by some US government agency. Wise up and ignore these post. Just look how well he does his job.

        • WOW Cowdoc. Arent you a paranoid motherfucker. Brett speaks more eloquently than you ever could. But the you hang with cows… are you up on a stepladder behind one of your honeys now?

          The guy has not been argumentative or anything. Not rude or obnoxious. Has some opinions oyu may not agree with but makes a lot of valid points ….

          but why waste words on an idiot…

          go back to your cows…

          • Rich98-you’re a troll, just like Brett!

      88. WTSHTF first thing I’m goin do is post-up at the local airport with suppressed rifle and long range scope & disable every private jet on the tarmac from 1000yds….then we’ll see how Ritchie rich and his blue blood family get away from the common man’s wrath eh?

      89. @ Emily. 6.8 was an aftershock, and the earthquake east of South Sandwich Islands this morning was showing this to happen a few hours later.

        I would like to ask you something in regards to the above gun debate. I believe you once said you were either 5 foot 2 inches or 3 and about 120 pounds or so. Now as a women, if you lived in England and were not allowed to carry any self defense. What chance do you think you would have against a maniac attacker that was say 6 foot 3 or taller and weighing about 225 or more? Better yet, two or three attackers?

        This is NOT really directed at Brett, but those scum suckers like that orgress feinsteinless, Frankenstein kerry and his happy signing of the un arms treaty, BO, and all the other anti-gunners and all those that want to turn the U.S. into a police state of no self defense european nations that one day will have Russia roll over them like a lawnmower. The same maggots that would rather you get mauled by a large dog or bitten by a wild coyote than allow you to even carry pepper spray or some stun device.

        • BI,
          I am 5’5″ and 120. My size is one of the main reason I defend the 2nd so strongly. I wouldn’t stand a chance in your above scenario.

          • Kindle.

            at 5’5″ and 120 lb, you could be the Tasmanian Devil. TNT comes in small packages.

      90. Checks and money orders still work. So does Bitcoin.

        Let them wither on the vine. Business will continue. If need be, we can still use Nike-net and cash.

        Credit cards are a poor idea anyway.

      91. Pay with untraceable cash while we still have it.

      92. The japanese emporer was furious with Yamamoto for not invading the west coast. Yamamoto told the emporer they would have been pushed back into the ocean if they would have invaded because every blade of grass would have a weapon behind it because civilians are armed with firearms. Armed red blooded Americans are the only thing holding the one world order Saranic beast at bay. God bless and take care

      93. Sorry meant satanic beast.

      94. I am so amazed that one troll can completely take control and engage so many. Like the movie Red Dawn- “one flea can drive a big dog nuts,” step back and just look. Ignore them and go on.

        • Slack, you just hit the nail on the head. We have been having discussions with the commie/liberals for years while they did their dirty work. When the SHTF these limp wristed homos will be at our mercy because we have the muscle and all they have is the mouth.

        • Slack: ref to Brett..and a neutered one at that, and no doubt getting paid to rant his BS ditto for Piers Morgan.

      95. Hi Be Informed ~ Thank you for answering my question. Some articles were saying that this was another earthquake, other articles stating it was an aftershock.

        To be honest, Be Informed, I don’t think I would have any chance at all. I am reminded of the movie with Harrison Ford. He was in a 3rd world country, in a open market. Some guy with a big knife started brandishing the knife at Ford. Ford just drew his pistol out and shot and killed him on the spot.

        One can only run, fight, throw punches and kicks, bite,
        scratch, (I have a yellow belt in isshin ryu karate that I got a long time ago), call for help, for so long.

        The femme fatales in the Hollywood movies are just that,
        its all movie fantasy. I do support women and their rights, but I am also a Realist.

        I know and have friends of friends over the years,
        that are in the police, and military, that secretly do not like going out on patrols with women.
        Such as a 200# cop, and a 120# female cop.
        And, they are carrying.

        I was shocked when you listed that violent crime rape is 4 times higher in England than in the U.S. I like England history, and architecture. I would like to visit England someday. Not so sure now.

        I rather have a gun, mace, pepper spray, a knife, and know how to use them quickly and surely, than being out there on ones own. It gives one an advantage, protection, and security.

        I hope I answered your question. And, you do have a valid point. People need to be armed or carry some form of defense. To be stripped of not having anything to protect oneself, is an injustice. Crime goes up against the unarmed citizens, and the criminals have a field day.

        • @ Emily. The absolute best defense is DISTANCE with any attacker, man or beast. A firearm gives you that distance. Other weapons give you a little bit of space. Here is the thing, you don’t want to get bitten or scratched by anyone that could have a disease that would be far worse than the attack. These drug heads have germs like no tomorrow. An attacking dog you absolutely don’t want to get bitten by, even nipped. Rabies vaccinations are quite expensive, and many people are allergic to them. What do you do when you get bitten and the dog runs off? Go through the rabies series because rabies is almsot 100% fatal without it.

          This is what is so horrible about england. You can’t even defend yourself against an animal with rabies. Yes, a stun baton or TASER will stop an animals with rabies, even enough pepper spray will also. I checked the UK crime rate and compared it with the crime rate given in the World Almanac and it is 4 times higher for england to the U.S. ONLY washington dc had a crime rate that was close to england. The murders are less per 100,000, but violent crime is 4 times worse.

          To take away someone’s right to protect themselves is the same as taking an animal’s teeth, claws, and in the case of a lizard their tail also. These so called anti-gunners are almost all big time animal rights people and environmentists, and ripping off an animal’s self defense off their bodies would be viewed as barbaric and cruel beyond the words. Yet they want to de arm and take away human beings right to defend themselves which they would never do to any animal. Kind of goes against their philosophy of leaving nature alone doesn’t it?

      96. Get Some Rest

        The idea of closing your eyes and shutting out the light might be a frightening thought, but to continue surviving, you’ll need plenty of rest.
        Sleeping after or during any type of traumatic life event, can be difficult, if not impossible for some, but eventually, whether you like it or not, everyone succumbs to exhaustion and closes their eyes. Volunteering a few moments to rest throughout the day, and getting a good night of sleep will keep your body and brain charged and ready to go when you need it most, without the fear of tumbling into an unwanted slumber.
        Naps and resting periods of just 15 minutes have been proven to improve physical performance and brain functions. Much more than that, without a full 6-8 hours of sleep, and you run the risk interrupting a sleep cycle, and that means you’ll likely be more tired that when you started.
        Find a safe location that can be at least semi-secured against the elements and external dangers like, raiders, and wild animals etc. This can be anything from boarded up building, inside of a car, up a water tower, the back of a cave, or even under a rock if it’s big enough.
        Do your best to insulate and warm your body as needed. Be careful of using fire if you plan on actually sleeping, it could quickly get out of control and put an end to things altogether. Wrapping yourself in an emergency blanket, leaves, or even sections of cardboard can help to stave off any unwanted cold.
        Try to calm your thoughts and let your mind rest while it can, you’ve got plenty of problem solving and quick-thinking you’ll have to do later on. It might sound silly, but with a bit of practice, taking controlled focused breaths and picturing calm water or simple empty space, can help to relax your mind.
        It might not sound like a big deal, but exhaustion can sneak up on anyone at a moments notice, and when it does, there’s not much one can do about it. Remember, an exhausted brain and body makes for an easy meal. So don’t forget to tuck yourself in, just don’t do it too tightly.

      97. The Heat
        The Sun is up, there isn’t a cloud in the sky and even the breeze feels hot against your skin. We’ve all been in a similar situation one time or another in our lives. The temperatures rise and there’s nothing we can do but try to beat-the-heat. Fans, AC units, ice water and cold showers help, but what happens when you’re on the move. When it comes to beating-the-heat while you beat your feet, simple things like sticking to the shade and only traveling during the morning and evening hours can only get you so far. Sometimes you’ll need another option, and that option just might be lightweight black clothing.
        Contrary to popular belief, black clothing is a more effective way to stay cool than bright whites and other light colors,even in the full sun.
        Black absorbs heat from both your body and the Sun. A layer of loose-fitting black clothing can create a sort of convection between the cloth and your skin. This causes warm air to rise up and away from the body, while cooler air flows in to replace it and cool you down in the process. It’s basically a super-low-tech form of air-conditioning on the move. The important thing to note is that the clothing must be LOOSE-FITTING to work properly.
        Unfortunately, the same good news can’t be said for white clothing, loose-fitting or not. Combined with the fact that white allows radiation from the sun to seep through to your body, it also loses effective conduction whenever a light breeze picks up.
        The interesting thing here is that these standard rules of operation have proven to be true across the animal kingdom, being tested specifically on birds with varying colors of plumage, both laid flat (tight-fitting) and fluffed (loose-fitting). This methodology can be seen in use across the globe, from high-heat desert regions in Africa and South America to sun drenched locales in Asia, Australia and more.
        So the next time you find yourself on the move in the high heat, you might want to think twice about donning that white t-shirt you’ve got kicking around in your bob. Try reaching for a lightweight black-top instead, you’re likely to beat-the-heat a little better than last time.

      98. Water for Life

        The average human being needs 2-3 liters of water everyday to remain healthy, hydrated, and ready to go. If you’re in a physically demanding situation, or you spend the day in extreme temperatures, you’ll need more than just the standard 2-3 liters a day to stay hydrated.
        Access to potable water is one of the primary concerns when attempting to survive a major disaster. If you can’t find water, or it isn’t safe to drink when you do find it, you can quickly succumb to dehydration and even death.
        Water-loss and dehydration occur when there isn’t enough water consumed to replace what is lost throughout the day. Your body literally drys out. The following bodily and situational conditions can lead to a rapid loss of fluid and cause dehydration.
        Diarrhea and vomiting
        Fever and other intense illness
        High heat exposure / Heat exhaustion / Extreme Cold
        Over-working / General exhaustion
        Lack of access to potable water
        Impaired ability to drink
        Severe injuries and Illnesses.
        The symptoms of dehydration are serious and can be met with dire consequences if steps are not taken to reverse the effects as soon as possible. If you notice the occurrence of any of the following symptoms, you’re probably over-due for a drink of water. In addition to the below mentioned symptoms, concentrated and deeply yellow colored urine is an indicator that you need more water in your system.
        Increased desire to drink
        Dry mouth and Swollen tongue
        Confusion and Dizziness
        Weakness, Exhaustion, and Fainting
        Inability to sweat and decreased urine output
        Heart palpitations
        Finding potable water isn’t always the easiest thing to do during a major disaster or survival situation, but it is possible… most of the time..
        Slowly sip water in small amounts.
        Sucking on ice chips or popsicles.
        Slowly sip drinks high in electrolytes, like Pedialyte and some sports drinks.
        When dehydration is caused by heat exposure or elevated body temperature, attempt to cool the body down as best you can.
        Spray or mist luke-warm water on exposed skin surfaces to help cool by evaporation.
        It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated at all times, if you really plan on making it through the day. A human being can only go 3 days without water, and it’s going to be rough after the first. But don’t chug down too much water and over do it.

      99. Them Guys says:

        “Wasn’t Princess Diana whacked due to she was Pregnant with an Arabs kid? An Arab kid who’d be Next in line for the Crown of England!”

        That’s very true. And the NWO said:

        They would not rest until they put one of their own right in the hearts of England.

        They did it before with Queen Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603) (the illegitimate daughter of King Henry VIII with his mistress ANNE BOLEYN.) 🙁

        All the movies, Hollywood made about queen Elizabeth I, her looks and her reign (1558 – 1603) are totally LIES.

      100. @ Be Informed ~ I forgot about distance, you are right there. Good point, about the anti-gunners going against their philosophy of leaving nature alone. Also, a good point was made up the thread earlier. P.Morgan and many others have body-guards that are armed. The hypocrisy sickens and disgusts me. I don’t want to be a raving Rambo, but to carry pepper-spray, or something to defend and protect me is logical to me.

      101. England is not helped by it’s strong drinking/Pub culture and the dangers inherent and a given from mixing youth hormones and alcohol together are obvious to see.Australia has a similar issue and its very ugly.

        Binge drinking, random violence and some very shocking acts of drunk assault from random Glassings to sometimes Fatal King Hits often random, for no reason and bought on by young people out of control and with no sense or senses.

        This is a thing we share with England and we are getting increasingly fed up with the costs, harm and stupidity of drunken offensive vicious drunk behaviour that remains a problem not yet solved.

        • Brett, you go on and suck all the Oz govt dick you want. Enjoy your socialized gangbangings from the Wizard and the ass-rapings from flying minister monkeys too, I could care less what kinds of benefits you so thoroughly enjoy receiving “down under”.

          The reality is, the statistical accomplishments of your neighbors, provinces, and country are not your own.

          I would sooner hire a blind, lame, Haitian leper than hire you. Though he gets nothing free from his government other than a cheap tent and some UNICEF pamphlets, he’s still ten times the man you’ll ever be, and could easily stomp your dick in the dirt any day of the week, you useless piece of collectivist crap.

          • Tor,

            What’s all the talk about Dicks, Gangbangs and Arse Rapings?
            I think you are in the wrong forum, you need to look
            somewhere else to get what you want.Google “Sexual Violence”
            and you may have more luck.

            I thought your definition of what makes a man a real or better man, hilarious! I will make sure that I practice and improve my Dick Stomping skills if ever I decide I need to be more “Manly”

            Please hire the Blind and Lame Haitian Leper as the poor guy would really appreciate it and needs help.I don’t.
            I am not for hire but if I were, you couldn’t afford it.

            But I will give you this for free:

            * Live and let live.
            * Respect Other People’s right to have an opinion even if you disagree with it.
            * Keep an open mind.
            * Treat others as you want others to treat you.
            *Live Well, Live Happy, Live Free.

            • * Live and let live. – you don’t adhere to this.
              * Respect Other People’s right to have an opinion even if you disagree with it. – tu quoque, you don’t respect mine even in your response post.
              * Keep an open mind – your mind is closed in regards to “drinking and pub culture”

              Come on over to epautos dot com and I’d be happy to engage in an online slap-fight with a fellow Westernized sissy. Or are you some kind of chicken? Bawk, bawkbawkbawk-bagawk!

              • Anytime, anywhere.

                What would you like to discuss Tor?

      102. LIVIN. Man that is what we be talkin bout livin. Gonna tell u something else. The older u get, the more rules they gonna try and make you follow. I hate seat belt laws. I hate not bein able to burn the back tires off in town without Johnny law being on every corner. I mean really!!! We got the osbi. Ohp. Sheriffs office city police. Cherokee nation Marshall’s service. Northeastern state university police dept. river rangers. Lake patrol. ABLE commission I never got a ticket when I was a young whipper snapper. They just told me to go home and if they seen me out again they would throw me in jail. Just let us live. Heck if people want to crusade about somethin worry about the 100 people who die be ause of accidents In hospitals every day. That is equipevant to a jumbo jet crashing every day. I hate safety nazzi’s and their superior attitude they know what is good for me. I say piss off and let me live my life. Mind your own friggin business you bunch of fun killin Gestapo thugs. If Americans today were asked to settle the American continent like our forefathers they would say no way man. That is dangerous. For heavens sake live a little take risk. What are you livin for, trying to make it I to your favorite nursin home?

        • I remember those days, when getting caught shooting speed limit signs meant a stern talking to and burning out the same thing, now you cant even look at the cops sideways without getting hassled

      103. A few questions for you all.
        What would you do if… these are OR questions..

        1. Your govt. said you had to turn in all fire ams.
        2. Your house was raided for having fire arms.
        3. China invaded
        4. The dollar collapsed.
        5. You got sick and could not work.
        6. You lost your job and could not find work for one year.
        7. A giant meteorite hit and the sky was dark for five years…who would you eat first?

        • NOT Feinstein.

        • 1. roll on the floor laughing
          2. if I were there, the raiders would be tending to some of their own, I’d probably be dead..but maybe not.. feel lucky ?
          If Im not there, they wont find many anyways, I only keep what I need , where I need it, in other words they have only take some of my arms, not all by any means. Thus proving further what we already know about their agenda on guns, never keep all your eggs in one basket
          3.same as above but probably have way more help, dam I sure hope so, the people will not want this, its always the governments fighting using the gullible for fodder.
          shamefull, cant wait for them to pay for the many they have sent to death, knowingly. that is a crime against humanity.
          4. lol its already collapsed all it needs now is for all the nations to stop using it as trade, or for petro purchases
          5.Been there, rely on family to help you with your chores, and hope to get well, not able to do much more then that in reality
          6.Been there done that..i made it thru ’cause I prep, ive been one waaaay before they became popular and even before the words had meaning, well at least in my life..very early in years, and I still have a ways to go
          7.Shit outa luck there..I’d probably be saying my good byes and Kissing my a** good by

        • 1. Take to the trees and go proactive.
          2. I really dont know honestly! Depends if i can grab my saiga.
          3. Join with others and give em hell!
          4. Nothing, dont care bout that.
          5. Let uncle sam take care of me, LoL
          6. Id find something im quite sure even if it was digging holes!
          7. Drink a fifth of rum, take a handful of sleeping pills and crank up the tunes sitting in my jeep IN the enclosed garage with the engine running.

      104. Sorry bout the rant, that was aimed at th Ozzie penal camp zombie brother of another mother

        • No need to apologize…we all gotta let off some steam now and then…that or start shooting…itd be nice if we could avoid/delay that… 🙂

      105. UP go’s the boycott visa sign.

      106. Trying to figure out a way for gun shops to get around these creeps and still get their credit card purchases…
        the shopowners need a second DBA and bank account for the money to transfer to… and give it a really good name… Fluffy Bunnies, LLC or something like that. Basically a shell corporation.
        The fascists aren’t going to be straight forward, so why should we?

        • There is or was a company a few years ago doing that in Idaho. I use to have a paypal account and was able to buy a barrel for a 10/22 of mine. Thought it was great that they were doing that.But as with any tyrannical or anti Constitutional freedom hating Corp. doing these things like in the above article, WE THE SHEEPLE allow this. Remember this also the system has gotten this way because of us . It will never be restored until it has completely collapsed. The patriots can win a revolution of blood and guts but a revolution by voting is a pipe dream because there are not enough voters that support the key element… THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS REPUBLIC. So what we complain and gripe about now will be replaced with a new gripe tomorrow and so on ,until we or our children wake up to a life that you or I cannot even imagine even though we think we can.

      107. Good Morning Everyone,

        I find lately that the act of living – in the direct sense – leaves me far more concerned about practical realities than theoretical conjectures. As such, in the future, those here will find that a predominance of postings will consist of ‘intereting ‘things’ upon which I have stunbled inadvertantly. Specifically, that being particlar ‘things’ which are of interest to any who are attempting to navigate life in our specific mind-set. I will atill happily particiate in dicussions on a theoratical level, but most of what I here post will likely be specific links to actual ‘things’…

        Case in point; Only about a week ago I became aware of an outfit that produces – commercially – a hithero unavailable type of storage battery; one previously only avaliable (to my knowledge) in high-end technological applications) which seems rather extraordinary.

        The link is:

        and will take you to the manufacturer’s page where you will find stoage battery’s of the type ‘LiPo” …”Lithium Polymer”, (more specifically ‘Ferrous Lithium’ – Fe-Li – per the manuf) that is to say; these are NOT lead/acid batterys! As yet, it appears that the largest of these are fitted only to (currently) the small battery/ATV form-factor but suprsingly enough the top-end offering there, one which WILL fit comfortably in my Arctic Cat’s, is capable of 500 cold cranking amps…a figure typically only assciated with full-form factor lead/acid batterys.

        Briefly here – you can peruse the manuf’s page at your convenience – these are fully SEALED units that require no external venting, hence they can be mounted in ANY position/orientation at all. What is more amazing here is this: these are incredibly LIGHT batterys. Without any LEAD plates contained, they weigh only a mere fraction of what the lead/acid type typically weighs. Imadine taking an ENTIRE battery-bank weighing THOSANDS of pounds and replacing it with something weighing only hundreds of pounds…at most; Fascinating. Additionally, these are apparently particularly well-suited to cold-weather use due to thier specific chemistry. Yes, they do ‘fade’ as do lead/acid types in the cold, burt after a brief surge of current (when first attempting a ‘start’, they bounce back almsot instantly.

        The drawback here: expense. These are NOT cheap, but they do appear to be capable of far longer, extended use (MULTIPLES of the average lifespan of the Pb-based varietys) beyond that of the other types of batterys currently available.

        In case you are wondering at the timing of this post…today was a vary light day for us here and therefor I have an excess of unburned personal energy which must needs be vented somewhere! SO, TODAY, I am taking that out on Y’All here! 😉

        Well, I’ll leave you with that thought for the day, which I hope will help someone, somewhere. Adios Friends.


        PS: Inasmuch as these are wholly ‘un-vented units’ then the typical dangers associated with the presence of explosive hygrogen gas being present during the charging/discherge cycle is eliminated…just sayin here. SAFETY before all other things!!!….remember, when the Grim Reaper stops by, the testing is PASS/FAIL only…

        • JOG,
          Batteries are all wonderful and such… but, let us hear about your EXPLOITS… your dash into the wilderness, your travails and troubles getting set up in the great beyond…

          Inquiring minds want to know.
          (Before you left, you said electricity and internet was off the table because you would be too busy setting up a cabin(or some such vague description)… what changed? Was life without just too miserable to contemplate? Or have you abandoned the whole idea…;)

          What’s up with YOU…

        • Thanks for the info JOG 🙂

      108. Earthquake warning of something bad coming.

        The southern Mid Atlantic Ridge was just hit at 40.5 south by 17.0 west. When this same area has been hit before, LOOK OUT!

        Same area hit in on Feb 2010, 16 days later 8.8 in Chile. The same area hit in late Feb 2011, 14 days late the 9.o in Japan. 100% of the time before a major earthquake in another area(s) has occurred within 18 days, most within a week.

        The pure chance is astronomical that two mega quakes would hit after the same area had been hit before. No coincidence here, something bad is coming. At least a good size shaker.

        Until Oct.17 the following areas remain in extreme danger.

        New Guinea to Somoa
        Fiji to New Zealand
        Central Indonesia
        Northern Chile to Panama
        Central America to 20 degrees north Mexico
        Cascadia fault and Vancouver Island
        ALL of southern Alaska
        Kamchatka Peninsula to Kuril Islands
        Northwestern China
        Eastern Iran
        Northern India and Mynamar

        This is from the converging energy arcs and from past earthquake activity that has followed the same patterns.

        NO, knock on wood, California shows no energy signatures of anything that large coming.

        • Japan…?.. shit!

          all they friken need.

          • Be informed

            It’s kind of strange, I stepped outside last night
            at my folks place in N. Mich and saw those long
            ropey clouds again that look like the striations
            in wood grain. Can’t for the life of me remember
            what they were called, but some seem to think that
            they are foretellers of impending EQs.

            Anyway, I said to myself I was going to tap out a note
            to BI and see what thoughts you may have, if any, and
            Lo and Behold, I see here that you have already
            dropped the bomb. As always, good work my friend.

            • OutWest.

              I usually see those long, stringy clouds after 6 Oly’s. Maybe you should try Keystone?

              just kidding.

              Here in Idaho, near American Falls, I heard the loud noise of an obvious jet engines. But I saw no jets. Then about 2 minutes later a brown drone flew by at about 1000 feet.

              Strange Days are here.

              I wonder if we asked the Govt, if they would tell us what is going on?

              They should have a website called ‘Ask The Govt’….so we could ask all those questions and then see what kind of answers we get.

              • Ugly

                That wasn’t a brown drone you saw.

                If you had been drinking Kentucky’s
                Finest Bourbon, you would have most
                certainly recognized it as the “Man
                Of Steal – Superobama….The Brown
                Streak Of Shit”, doing a flyby over
                Ugly,s digs to make sure that what’s
                Theirs is still Theirs.

                • OutWest.

                  Nope. No bourbon, cannot handle it. A few shots and I think I am King Kong (albeit a skinny one) and get into trouble. Thus must have a Man’s Man brewsky. Yes the one and only Oly!.

                  But I am telling the truth, I did hear the engines but zero visible signs of Jets. And the brown drone was real. At first I thought it was a Brown Eagle, the drone was a smaller type, but realized it never flapped its wings and was heading in straight line pattern at around 70-90 mph. It showed up about 2-3 minutes after the jet engine sounds and was following the same way as the sounds (Doppler effect).

                  • Ugly — yeah, sure uh huh

                    Btw, I’m a little jealous because Oly was
                    my favorite beer back here, then one day
                    it was no longer available (SOB!).

                    Since then I’ve taken a liking to Coors
                    Light, The Silver Bullet. Cheers!

          • @ VRF and OutWest. Those long ropey clouds are likely called jet stream cirrus clouds. They are examples of wind shear near the base of the stratosphere. Anyway, there was another plate boundary earthquake about 55 minutes ago. This one points to central Indonesia to the Soloman Islands and western China. A pattern is developing for the next major earthquake, even the next mega quake.

          • Thats all we all need from japan

        • BI, Can you comment more on the energy arcs in the western China, northeastern India, northern Burma area? (Myanmar is a new name given to the country of Burma by the military dictators and is not liked by the freedom loving people of Burma). Kingdon Ward, the great British explorer and naturalist, personally witnessed and described the impact of a huge quake that devastated the area back in the early 1950s. I know a lot of folks that would be effected by a disastrous repeat quake like that. He described a scene where he witnessed a King Cobra and a Gaur racing uphill for safety. Apparently animals can tell way ahead of people when an earth quake is about to hit. Thanks.

          Louisiana Eagle

      109. just keep pissing people off, its what they do best.
        and when their calling comes..they will be the biggest cry babies and snivlers you ever seen.

        cant wait for the party to get started, because its inevitable that its coming, time to just accept it , prep for it, and do whatever you can with what comes to your door.

        all the shit we been seeing, are actions of cowards, cowards don’t last long on the field of reality and truth.

        storms a comin’ , because they wont back down, and some of us wont either.


        • VRF

          Assassination program revealed..

          Well let them release the docs..and good for them for doing so..maybe it’ll wake up a few more of the flock.

          That being said, many have known for years that an assassination program has been worked since the last 50 years or more..hell. the Romans utilized this centuries ago as well …

          Read or watch “Confessions of an Economic Hit man” for more insidious goings on..

          VRF…nothing’s new under the sun anymore..
          Everything govts do has been done’s just we now have instant news/docs and reliable sources revealing the underpinnings of this regime as many before it.


          Everything is planned

          Nothing is by accident..


          • “VRF…nothing’s new under the sun anymore..”

            you sure got that right..they try hard to spin it to make I look like its not, but it is..

            planned for sure, but they don’t even know how it will play out, we could all throw them the curve ball of their life, if enough of us play hard ball

      110. You Prepper doofuses. You never ever get it. Let me explain. You see, WE are living on Their planet. Earth is Theirs. Thus your money and ownership is Theirs too. So is your gun. It all belongs to Theirs. We have nothing that wasn’t a gift from Theirs.

        Do as Their says, or Theirs will exterminate you such as in days of Bolsheviks, Stalin, Hitler, Ganghis Kahn, and many others.

        Hand over your gun and give it to Theirs.

        Therefore, Their can wipe you out cause you have no defense, such as what has happened to the innocence in Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, and the list goes on.

        We are Theirs.

        • Ugly

          Theirs can kiss my ass, since
          it seems Theirs own it anyway.

        • Who is theirs? Specifically?

      111. I need to order a submersable solar water pump with my master card. Any of u brothers or sisters out there have any suggestions of a reliable brand of solar pump? Any set up you are using with success with specs would be appreciated. Number of batteries, wattage of solar panels u using be appreciated. Really like to hear from someone that is using solar powered water well system or any suggestions I look at y’all like family for what it’s worth. The world looks at us like we are crazy. At least on this site we all can relate to one another. I really think it is a calling. God helps those who help themselves. God bless. Take care. Have some fun. Take some risk. Get the blood pumping through those veins. If god is with us, who can stand against us.

        • Good question; I need one also. Hope someone has a recommendation.

        • Grundfos solar pumps…the only choice.

          Look for anyone in your area that sells solar panels, etc. There should be several in your area.

          I live in a less populated place and have 3 choices.

      112. Well this is one reason I buy guns and ammo Only with cash or cash like transactions(bank check, travelers check, etc).
        I do buy some items like slings, mags, mag loaders etc over the internet, but always with preloaded cards that do not have my name attached.

        They should sue visa big time for trying to put them out of business, or do harm to the business. It should be illegal for lenders to show prejudice vs certain products. Just like landlords and hotels can not show prejudice against you for your sex, age, race, religion etc.

      113. Sorry. Should have stated solar water well pump will be used to provide water for my home. Well 60′ deep

        • Okie rebel & patientmomma:

          A solar water well pump at 60ft or so will need a design at all levels. First, how many batteries and voltage needed to pump the volume needed. Also, the solar wattage for recharging the battery and the charge controller needed to do so.

          I would buy the best, thus go to an expert.

          There are 2 places I would search.

          First, an Agricultural Irrigation company. They deal with pumps of all sizes and water demand needs. Show them what you got and what you need and they’ll help you out and get you going.

          Second, is a solar specialist that deals with cabin owners that are away from power thus can use solar only. Those cabin owners need a solar pump as well. Find one in your area and then have them set you up.

          Don’t go cheap. Go the right way the first time.

          • Info needed is Well depth (60ft) well production Gallons per minite(?) pumping to house at elevation above static water pressure(?) water tank pressure setting? 20-40, or 30-50, or 40-60. Look at the pressure switch at the pump for this info. How many gallons per day do you need? probably will buy a 24 volt pump. The 4 six volt batteries (trojan T105)should be fine. the amount of panel wattage depends on the battery draw which depends on how much water pumping you need. Also there are pumps that run straight off the panels that pump low gpm to a holding tank that is either gravity fed to the house or has a booster pump from the holding tank to the pressure tank,and run 8+ hours a day depending on the sun. Do your research, otherwise you Will be at the mercy of …Dare I say… A SALEMAN.

            • A SALESMAN

            • Though I believe in a solar pump have attached to my well a hand pump,one thing guaranteed not to go down in a emp.Would consider having a second and obviously pump leathers/gaskets/whatever the set up.I need only pitcher pumps due to depth but hand pumps made that easily hit the 300+ mark,would definetly consider as a backup whatever else you have.

              • I had a well dropped in 1999 for TEOTWAWKI and had it hooked up with a hand pump. I have replaced it with a Handy Pump that works 1000 times better and doesn’t need priming…around &175 and throws water out of the ground like nobody’s business….would highly recommend…EMP proof…requires arm power but very easy to install and operate. Water will be life when it hits the fan

      114. Be Informed,

        When you say that ALL of southern Alaska may be in the cross-hairs of a big earthquake, could you be a bit more specific — it’s a big state.

        The southern panhandle of Alaska (Ketchikan, Juneau, Wrangell, etc) is referred to as South East Alaska.

        Anchorage, Wasilla and the and the Kenai Pennisula (Seward, Kenai and Homer) is referred to as South Central Alaska.

        • @ AKH20. Okay, take a line all the way from Attu Island in the Aleutians and go all the way up throught the Alaskan Peninsula, include Kodiak Island, to Kenai Peninsula around the southern Chugach Mountains down around to Ketchikan to British Columbia to the Juan De Fuca plate, Cascadia fault. Anything much north of Anchorage is likely not going to be where a possible earthquake is going to hit. In other words the coastline is what is in danger.

          The energy arcs go right through here on 3 separate plate boundary quakes down in the southern hempishere and over in the North Atlantic. I have never seen this before in which 2 mega quakes have had the same precursor location. Each quake happened 14-16 days later. Of course there are other locations where JUST a major quake could happen. New Guinea area to Soloman Islands has been lighting up now for 3 and 1/2 weeks of something large coming there for example. West China to India is another location to seems to be pointing to a possible mega quake, even a super mega quake as this is only one of five locations in this world that is within the reasonable possiblity of occurring. Some is southern Alaska as one of the five places you could have over a 9.5. The 9.2 in 1964 showed this. Will continue to look for more quakes to better home in on where it will hit.

          • Im telling you,
            That giant subduction zone off the coast is what scares me,
            Look at that baby on google earth some time,
            Shiver at the thought!

          • Off the coast of Alaska

          • BI, Can you comment more on the energy arcs in the western China, northeastern India, northern Burma area. Kingdon Ward, the great British explorer and naturalist, personally witnessed and described the impact of a huge quake that devastated the area back in the early 1950s. I know a lot of folks that would be effected by a disastrous repeat quake like that. He described a scene where he witnessed a King Cobra and a Gaur racing uphill for safety. Apparently animals can tell way ahead of people when an earth quake is about to hit. Thanks.

            Louisiana Eagle

      115. Just thought it would be interesting to give a little background on how “Visa” came to be:

        Wikipedia This was the newest info I could find)

        In 2009 Visa had 38.3% market share on credit cards
        60.7% on debit cards. Visa processed 62 billion transactions with total volume of 4.4 trillion.

        Visa is now a multi national financial service corporation headquartered in San Francisco, Ca.

        In September of 1958 Bank of America began its credit card program.

        In 1970 Bank of America gave up control of its Bankamericard program–the various Bank Americard issuer banks took control of the program, creating National Bank Americard,Inc. (NBI), an independent non-stock corporation which was put in charge of managing, promoting and developing the BankAmericard system in the US, although Bank of America continued to issue and support the international licensees themselves. By 1972 licenses had been granted in 15 countries. In 1974, IBANCO, a multinational member corporation was founded to manage the international BankAmericard program.

        In 1976 the directors of IBANCO determined that bringing international networks together into a single name would be in the best interests of the corporation. In 1975 BankAmericard, Chargex, Barclaycard, Carte Bleue, and all other licensees united under the name VISA. VISA=Visa International Service Association.

        2006 Visa announced some of its businesses would be merged and become a publicly traded company, Visa,Inc. In total 35 investment banks participated in the deal, most notably as underwriters.

        In 2008 Visa submits $10 billion for IPO filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

        February 2008 Visa goes ahead with its IPO of 1/2 of its shares, selling 406 million shares. They raised $17.9 billion dollars in the largest public offering in US history.

        March 2008 the IPO underwriters which included (you guessed it) J.P.Morgan, Goldman Sachs&Co., Bank of America Securities LLC, Citi Bank, Merrill Lynch&Co., UBS Investments and Wachovia Securities exercised their overallotment option, purchasing 40.6 million shares bringing Visa’s IPO share count to 446.6 million and total proceeds to 19.1 billion.

        My comment:

        Now you can see why “Visa” wants to stop transactions of gun sales. The same international banksters that are behind the desire for the one world order. Us Visa cardholders are helping to dig our own graves.

      116. Dozens of dead STUDENTS at Yobe State Agriculture college in Nigeria, murdered by machine guns while they slept. You guessed it, muslims again. I am getting so sick and tired of BO and the rest of these in the MSM talking about just how peaceful islam is. They had a program on yesterday about this. These muslims DON’T openly condemn such attacks by any number of muslims. This is because their koran that is the book of the evil one, call it the devil, is about the purge of all non muslims on the planet. The proof of what islam is about is the massacres again and again of helpless and defenseless innocent people. PURE EVIL.

        • BI.

          All I can say is that it has been a good week for Jihad, and a lousy one for Christians.

          Think what the USA will be like when our POTUS tries to disarm thru the UN.

          The MSM are liars. Not even worth reading. They are working towards the next NWO holocaust and have much approval thru the sheep.

          Pray for those families that have lost loved ones last week.

          • @ Ugly and everyone else. You know you see a bunch of muslims attacked and the MSM is on it like it is the most horrible story of the year. You hear about a bunch of Christians being attacked by muslims, which seems to be an awful lot lately, crackerjack numbskull news (CNN) is not even talking about it. It seems like Christians can be killed in large numbers and the MSM says, ho hum. Any innocent person murdered matters. I just can’t believe how BO and the most of the MSM will not even say anymore the words islamic terrorists. Political correctness gone to the moon.

          • When they try to disarm us it will be up to christian patriots and patriots of all colors and creeds to stand against that act regardless of the personal cost,
            Get our affairs in order and be prepared, nobody lives forever but the survival of the republic may well rest on the blood of thousands of greying wolves and their descendants who are not willing to yield.
            We have many allies, and are a sleeping giant that will dwarf all others who these tyrants have sought to subjugate.

        • When the islam clowns hit us again here it will be open season.

          • The bigger threat are the liberal commie dems

        • Be Informed:

          I wonder where you got your information that Muslims carried out the attack on the students in Nigeria? All the articles I read say that the muslims are “suspected” of carrying out the attack.

          I know from reading your posts that you are a very intelligent human being. I think by this time you would be skeptical of what the MSM reports and especially what they want us to believe.

          You know that TPTB are going to continue to press into the American psyche that muslims are responsible for all the terror that is happening in this world. Their reason…… conditioning Americans to agree to send their kids to war in the middle east.

          I am not a muslim, dont know a muslim, dont believe in their religion; but believe they are part of the puzzle to get us to agree to world war 3.

        • This global Islamist jihad is promulgated/financed by the western globalists…”controlled” opposition..

          Yes there are extremists who blow themselves up with dozens of innocents as collateral nearly every day..

          But a bit of critical thought might expose the true purpose behind many,not all, of these disgusting brutal assaults..

, oil, water reserves,precious metals,drug trades, etc etc’s all about the flow of resources and who has them..obviously these extremists who marry 4 year olds, behead enemies,create massive carnage are vile disgusting’s just that our assets utilize many of these assholes for diversionary tactics…and that my friend is even more disgusting..look at the Syrian conflict where we arm these fuckers to the hilt who then pillage and burn, torture their own and Christians alike..

 is all disgusting to me..all of it..and it never ends does it?


          • Way I see it, Possee, take over the nation/get control of the nation, take over/get control of the resources.

      117. Go green – recycle Congress in 2014!

        • That should be a bumper sticker!!

      118. There is something going on across America right now – Bruce Gagnon

        A corporate criminal syndicate made up of the military industrial complex and its related banking, media, pharmaceutical and other subsidiaries, is controlling the United States, according to Bruce Gagnon in an interview with the Voice of Russia. According to polls the American people are more interested in building infrastructure and helping their fellow citizens than supporting the paradigm of endless wars. Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and more.

        Part 1
        Part 2
        Read more:

        US Government engaged in genocide of the poor – Bruce Gagnon

        In an effort to robotize their war machine the United States has now turned fighter jets into drones. The US plans to convert their entire air force into a drone fleet from bombers to fighters, which will allow them to conduct secret “antiseptic” wars. The broadening of drone usage and the continuation of the endless war that the US is engaged in has become the object of bi-partisan ire with Republicans now “laying out an articulation that is identical to the one” that peace activists and Liberals use. Americans are saying we have: “… no jobs in our community. Our roads are falling apart, our bridges are falling apart, our schools are falling apart,” yet they want to launch another war. According to Bruce Gagnon, in an interview with the Voice of Russia, citing a nazi (sic) paper titled: ”The Caloric Reduction Intake Schedule in Hitler’s Warsaw, Poland”, the US Government is engaged in a modern day genocide of the poorest populations in the US by cutting Food Stamps, healthcare and other kinds of such programs that people need in order to survive. The upper 1% wants to eliminate the “superfluous populations” because there are no jobs anymore in the US and these people are a liability.
        Read more:

      119. White House prepares for government shutdown

        A looming government shutdown prompted the White House to prepare a contingency plan that spells out the actions required to keep the presidential administration going if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling.
        According to a report published by Bloomberg, 75 percent of president’s staff will be sent home, leaving Barack Obama with a “skeleton staff”. Basically, only President Obama and Vice-president Biden are legally exempt from furlough in case of a government shutdown. The executive office of the President has also compiled a special list of 436 “exempted employees” who will keep the Administration functioning through the shutdown.
        On the first day of the shutdown all White House personnel will work for four hours in order to ensure “an orderly wind down” of activities, turn off and secure IT systems. The plan requires that a number of employees remain on-site in order “to sustain minimal excepted operations”. Vice-president Joe Biden will have to work with half of his staff. Out of 90 employees who deal with the maintenance of the President’s living quarters, only 15 will be available to provide “minimum maintenance and support.”
        Basically, the White House ability to make informed and timely decisions will be severely impaired. President’s national security team will be cut. There will be fewer economists monitoring the country’s economic situation. Some pending decisions and meetings regarding economy, environment and law enforcement may be postponed until the shutdown is over. “If Congress chooses not to pass a budget by Monday – the end of the fiscal year – they will shut down the government, along with many vital services that the American people depend on,” Obama said in a recent White House briefing.
        It may sound cruel but it is possible that the experience of a full government shutdown will make both parties treat the fiscal and budgetary issues in a more responsible manner. At the same time it will be a good example for other countries suffering from high debt levels. America will provide a great example of how not to manage a national budget.
        Valentin Mândrăşescu
        Read more:

      120. ‘The US is already insolvent’ – Sprott

        Eric Sprott, the famous commodity investor and fund manager, believes that the US Federal Reserve gave up on its plans of “tapering” its bond purchase program because it has “lost control of the bond market”. He also warns that the US is already insolvent.
        In a recent interview with, Sprott lambasted the Federal Reserve for not following through on its promise to reduce the size of its quantitative easing program. He pointed out that the probable reason behind the inability to stop pumping liquidity in the markets is due to the fact that interest rates were on the verge of spiraling out of control: “When you look back to recent history, the Fed doesn’t have a lot of credibility in terms of walking the walk. They were talking about an exit plan in 2009, and then they threw up this trial balloon of tapering, and everyone kind of went there- all the major investment houses suggested there would be tapering. I personally didn’t think there would be any tapering because already just the talk of tapering moved the rates significantly higher”.
        Eric Sprott has a strong argument in favor of his theory. During the last Senate hearing, Chairman Bernanke admitted that he was “puzzled” by the move in interest rates which resulted from his announcement of future tapering. For Bernanke, higher interest rates are unacceptable, because higher interest rates will make the US government’s borrowing costs skyrocket and kill any hope for an economic recovery. The Chairman of the Fed understood that without his interventions in the bond markets, the rates will go significantly higher.
        Eric Sprott explained that rates will go higher sooner or later and that America will have to face the consequences: “If anybody ever attempts to pull back on quantitative easing, it might be shocking to see what truly could happen to interest rates if they ever reverted to the mean, and if we ever reverted to the mean, the economic consequences would be dire, the effect on the US deficits would be very, very meaningful, and according to GAAP (Generally accepted accounting principles), in my mind the US is already insolvent! They just haven’t faced the day of reckoning yet, but the day of reckoning is coming!”
        Valentin Mândrăşescu
        Read more:

        • 16 trillion is a whole lot of zeros, we need to pull up that info-graphic of how many hundred dollar bills that is, it was a mind boggling quantity.
          16 trillion in debt sounds pretty insolvent to me.

      121. Boko Haram gun down 50 students in overnight hostel attack

        Boko Haram gunmen on Sunday stormed a college dormitory in Nigeria’s conflict-scarred northeast, firing on students as they slept, in the latest attack blamed on the Islamist insurgents.
        The early morning assault targeted the College of Agriculture in the town of Gujba in Yobe state, said area military spokesman, Lazarus Eli.
        He said it was carried out by “Boko Haram terrorists who went into the school and opened fire on students …” while they were sleeping.
        Security forces were at the scene but details on the number of dead and injured were not yet available, Eli added.
        Gujba is roughly 30 kilometres (18 miles) from the state capital of Damaturu.
        A police source, who requested anonymity, said that initial reports indicated the death toll could be high but he was not prepared to discuss figures.
        Yobe has seen a series of brutal attacks targeting students in recent months, all blamed on Boko Haram.
        The worst occurred in July in the town of Mamudo, where the Islamists threw explosives and sprayed gunfire into dormitories, killing at least 42 people, mostly students.
        The name Boko Haram means ‘Western education is forbidden’ and the group has repeatedly attacked schools, universities and colleges throughout its four-years of insurgency.
        Voice of Russia, RIA
        Read more:


        All hail KING O FUCKING BAMA.

        This guy was just a community organizer…like organizing a bake sale.

        Now I know America is finished.
        It’s all over… history will repeat … fema death camps anyone…most likely for the
        new white minority they are trying to create.

        Got new for ya liberal pricks.
        We’re the guys that create businesses.
        I just got done with coding all day…automating the shit out of things so I never have to employ liberal obummer slaves.

      123. Be Informed:

        I would like your opinion of this article from Blacklisted News:

        Al Queda: The Perfect Pretext to Invade, The Perfect Mercenary Army to Covertly Wage War

        Al Queda, for the WEST, serves as the ultimate geopolitical tool. It can be used as a pretext to invade, as well as a nearly inexhaustible mercenary army to carry out RUTHLESS TERROR CAMPAIGNS and even full scale war as seen in Libya and Syria, to achieve WESTERN objectives.

        Additionally, the omnipresent, nebulous nature of Al Queda serves as justification to strip away the rights and liberties of people AT HOME, across western civilization–perpetuating a climate of FEAR within which the SEEDS OF A VERY PROFITABLE WAR CAN BE SOWN AND CONTINUOUSLY REAPED.

        How profitable? A Harvard and Kennedy School research paper titled “The Financial Legacy of Iraq and Afghanistan” place the total expenditures of these two wars alone between 4-6 trillion dollars.

        That isn’t 4-6 trillion dollars that went into a black hole. That is 4-6 trillion dollars that went to fortune 500 corporations that ENGINEERED AND SOLD THE CONFLICTS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

        The Washington Post, in a recent article “Americans are ‘tweeting’ about Syria almost as much as ‘twerking’
        (pardon the interruption here but I said to myself what the hell is twerking….Wikipedia explains twerking is a type of dance in which the dancer, usually a woman, shakes her hips in an up and down motion causing the dancers butt to wobble and jiggle.)

        The article “celebrated the general publics ignorance regarding geo-politics stating the fact that more people are discussing twerking than Syria is not bad news–they share little in common apart from recent media attention. The twerking is a pop culture phenomenon (more fun and more accessible to a wider swath of the population) and the other, Syria, is a tragic, complicated news event halfway across the world (critically important, but not very “fun” particularly on a platform (computer) that many use for recreation.

        Of course, if you polled all 300 million American people on their interest in twerking or Syria, twerking would probably win –and thats “OKAY” too. There are many justifiable reasons why an individual or population wouldn’t care about foreign wars–THINGS LIKE LACK OF EDUCATION and limited access to computers and newspapers.”

        It is this lack of education that the Washington Posts’ editorial board and steering committee claim is “OKAY” that allows SPECIAL INTERESTS to continue to use AL QUEDA both as the ultimate villain and to swell the ranks of its inexhaustible global “freedom fighters”.

        USA Today editorial seeking to exploit the latest tragedy in Kenya warned “The Nairobi shopping mall attack is heartbreaking. The stories could so easily be American stories”.


        My comment:

        We should be terribly concerned about the “lack of education” of the majority of the American public; and where it is leading us.

        Question all MSM accounts of terror attacks and who is behind it and why. Educate yourself to who benefits from the MSM twist on these terror attacks. THE PTB ARE ENGINEERING AND SELLING AMERICANS ON A THIRD WORLD WAR.

        Thanks to the poster who turned me on to “Blacklisted News”!

        • Completely agree with the article!

          The Policy of “Keep them Dumb, Make them Numb” is the greatest weapon they have and why TPTB come down so hard on the Whistle blowers who reveal whats happening…To their astonishment however, it seems the Vast majority of the American Public are not that concerned by what has been revealed…seems the job they have been doing to distract and bamboozle has worked even better than hoped.

          The people are divided and too busy , worried or stressed to think let alone act.Excactly as planned.

      124. @ Pissed off Granny. I saw this first on Yahoo news and then Fox News about the college massacre was done by a highly hated muslim group in Nigeria that kills Christians all the time. Nigeria is about 40% Christian and 50% muslim, and 10% other.

        The terrorist groups, especially al qaeda could be part of the globist group, not quite sure about anything about people anymore. Geophysical is so much easier to figure out. I do know that the attack of Iraq in the second Gulf war was because of hussein trying to push a basket currency of selling oil, just like what Iran is doing right now. The U.S. is not invading North Korea or threatening to do so because North Korea has nothing that the U.S. wants. Oil and the sale of oil is essential to the U.S. economy through the stability of the U.S. dollar.

        This Syria garbage is ridiculous, the U.S. could care less about genocide of people with whatever the country uses to kill their people as shown in Central African and Sub Sahara regions and of course North Korea. In North Korea the torture and killing resembles the USSR or Nazi Germany, and nothing is done there.

        The thing about Syria is that it is an ally of Iran and help keep Iran stronger. Take down Syria and you take Iran’s ability to wage war down a few pegs. It also has to do with trillions of dollars, that the U.S. dollar would be used to sell, natural gas through a pipeline that would go through Syria to Turkey to Europe. This would of course kill the Russian sale of natural gas monopoly to Europe, and it would help strengthen the U.S. dollar being used to sell natural gas. See why Russia and the U.S, would go to WW3 over Syria.

        The U.S. cannot continue to balloon the debt without some form of collateral, that being energy sales using the U.S. dollar. Qatar and Saudi Arabia have agreed to use the U.S. dollar if they support the rebels and help Assad to fall and get a western friendly Syria to allow that pipeline through its country. Natural gas shipped pipeline via cargo ship is not only magnitude cheaper, but the volume is also magnitudes higher. All about money as usual, and strategic land issues on there.

      125. Boycott Visa and other credit card companies while you’re at it… They’re in the business of enslavement.

      126. Thanks for the info on solar water wells. Thanks “Ugly”

      127. It should be everyone’s right to sell/buy from whomever they choose. If a finance company were to reject transactions for a reason I support, they should also be able to reject one I do support.

        • Should read : It should be everyone’s right to sell/buy from whomever they choose. If a finance company were to reject transactions for a reason I do support, they should also be able to reject one I do not support.



        I’d love to see the economic number of dems vs repubs on unemployment.

      129. Be Informed, thanks for the reply to my post.

        Every night when I drive home to Girdwood from Anchorage, I see the dead trees that were killed when the land dropped 10 feet during the Good Friday earthquake in 1964 (salt water from Turnagain Arm killed the trees). You get used to seeing something and your mind glosses over it. Well, this is my wake up call to get ready.

        And on another topic, I highly recommend Snorkel Hot Tubs. I’m waiting for mine to cool off so I can take a long soak. I never wanted a hot tub as I didn’t want the high electric bill. But the Snorkel is heated by wood. So if an EMP happens, I have the peace of mind that I will always be able to take a hot “soak”.

        • Beautiful area…one day Ill get back there…

        • Can you get it hot enough to boil a frog?

          Seems to be quite a few of them here.

      130. Major Earthquake just happened 30 minutes ago. There is the first of the major earthquakes coming. 6.7 in New Zealand predicted about 45 comments above earlier today on comment# 2435660. This system is working too well. Right on target. It has me worried about what is coming after this one.

        • In your opinion what are the odds of a New Madrid fault redux 1811? That’s the one that has me spooked.

      131. Limitless ceiling? US debt doomsday approaches

        With the US debt ballooning to a new record of $16.7tln and the deadline to fix the ‘debt ceiling’ expiring on October 1, a default threat looms over the world’s largest economy. Experts agree the government will broaden its borrowing limit.
        The latest warning to Congress comes from the International Monetary Fund, who urged the US Congress to reach an agreement to raise its debt ceiling and avoid a federal government shutdown.
        “This is important for the continuation of the recovery in the US and beyond that in the global economy,” IMF spokesman Gerry Rice told reporters in Washington DC Thursday.
        As of September 25, the US Treasury reported its federal debt at $16,699,396,000,000.00 in their daily treasury statement, a figure which has been reported for 130 days straight, situating spending about $25 billion shy of the legal limit of $16,699,421,095,673.60.
        Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew calculated the US would run out of money by October 17 and have less than $30 billion cash in hand if Congress fails to pass its spending bill by October 1, when the new fiscal year starts.
        If the US authorities don’t agree to raise its ‘debt ceiling’- the maximum amount of money the US can borrow – the country will need to admit it can’t pay its bills. While a default of the world’s biggest economy is highly unlikely in practice, in theory it would result in the deepest crisis ever, Igor Nikolaev, director of the strategic analysis department at PKF, a Moscow-based auditing firm, told RT in an interview.
        “Should the US default, global trading will come to a halt, with absolute uncertainty hanging over the global economy,” said Nikolaev.
        Regardless of the depth of the US debt abyss, the country has never officially violated its ‘debt ceiling’, that’s been in place for almost a century. And that’s simply because the country’s policymakers have always raised the affordable limitations, insisting it was legal.
        “The United States can pay any debt it has, because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default,” Alan Greenspan said on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ in August.
        In another argument, experts say the Federal Reserve itself is the second biggest holder of US public debt, which means it can easily relieve the overall burden on the part it holds.
        The US most recently raised the debt ceiling to $16.699 trillion in May 2013, keeping the economy a safe distance from the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’.
        “The country needs to smell smoke to make the country do something about their massive debt. Maybe when the ratio of their debt to GDP nears 100 percent, they’ll start thinking over the ways to cut the burden,” said Nikolaev.

      132. They paid nothing for the MRAP
        not even the shipping costs to send it back here

        because you and I already are paying the bill

        “Now, it’s Dallas’ turn. Dallas County sheriff’s deputies traveled to Fort Hood earlier this month and picked up their very own International MaxxPro MRAP. This particular truck has never seen any actual combat, having only been deployed stateside for training exercises, so it doesn’t have any cool battle scars, but with the dealer’s $600,000 price tag knocked down to nothing, and with just 10,000 miles on it, the deal was too good to pass up.”

        Dallas Observer news

      133. Curious as to shtfplan commenters opinions on the following weapons…own or shot any of these?

        Hi Point 4095 40 cal S&W carbine

        Keltec SUB2K 9mm Glock 17

        Ruger SR 22 pistol

        Seen a lot of reviews as inexpensive yet effective defense..


        • My absolute stone dead reliable pistol is a Sig P226 West German model. The Glock is very reliable and light weight and has the advantage of 33 rd mags. The beretta neo for .22, never so much as a hiccup. AK ammo is still cheap (compared to .223) and available. Thing is, you had better get what you need very quickly as time is not on our side.

          • King agree except that the most prevalent round on the ground will be probably .223,a good reason to consider one.As for stocking up if you have not agree get your ass rolling,have something very soon and the skills to hopefully use it well in a hunting/defense scenario.

            • Warchild, I’ve got that covered too. 😉

              • @King

                Stay away from glock 9m due the the BTF ejection issues. I had one replaced by glock and the new one has the same issue. I’m now replacing parts myself trying to get reliable ejection. Google the BTF and you’ll see glock sux now. My vote is for the sig p226 I wish I wouldn’t have passed on it. S&W and Springfield are under recall for safety issues so stay away until it’s taken care of.

      134. I agree with BI , the chemical attack has nothing to do with what is going on, its the pipeline,……power, money, greed……concerning these horrific killings , well all I can say is they will start to happen here……we are living on borrowed time

      135. Well, this sucks. I finally got myself a credit card, and it’s a Visa. I don’t like guns, and I don’t particularly ever want a gun, but no *business* has the right to tell me what I can and cannot buy, on credit or otherwise. Unless they’re footing the bill and letting me have something scot-free, they don’t get to dictate what I can and cannot have, especially if it’s my RIGHT to purchase it by money or plastic substitute.

        Now I’m going to have to switch back to MasterCard. (Unless they get in on this BS, too.)

        Anyway, it took me a little bit of hunting, but I found a mainstream video segment about this topic. Not surprising that most of the media is not yet aware of (and/or does not care about) this issue.

        I’m not crazy about Fox News, but man, trust those news vultures to find and cover the news first (well, first of the mainstream media sources, anyway).

      136. I also believe these sleeper cells that are already here ( posing as farmers, doctors etc) and waiting for THE WORD..will be attacks all at once, everywhere throughout our country,

        • I can tell you for sure they aint posing as farmers…thated be too much work for them… 😉

      137. If they attack all at once like that, it will be the end of islam in this country. Americans will retaliate regardless of obama or any LEOs.

        • @ king krazy. The New Madrid really has no good record of what happened before the larger quakes hit the region, the last one was Oct.31, 1895. I can go by what focal point to look at, between 14 and 20 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Recently there was an earthquake there of 6, and this made the possibility of a major earthquake go up for the next 6 weeks or so. Odds? I would say 10-20% of the repeat of 1811-1812 series. Now it is likely of something in the 5.5 to 7 range, 1/3 to 1/2 or 33%-50% because this in much overdue. 118 years since the last large quake. Look for activity down on the Caribbean plate that could help set off the New madrid. Right now I would concentrate on the next big one coming to the above locations, plus add in far western Indonesia where the 9.1 occurred 9 years ago, and the Philippines.


          Like was stated after the New Zealand 6.7 earthquake hit like it should have, it ain’t over. The earthquake 5 hours ago shows this. After this area has been hit before high 6 to high 7 pointers have followed within 15 days 100% of the time. More major earthquakes to follow still by the Oct.17 date. There is a 1/4 to 1/3 chance, 25-33% chance it will be a mega earthquake, and a 50% chance it will be 7.7 to 8.5. Anything over about 8.5 is really a mega quake. There is a dark horse chance also of something larger than 9.3 coming.

          • Thanks BI, Thanks for the info, please keep it coming.

      138. Old story… nothing new here. This website is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

      139. I’m a bit surprised on your shot group… better work on that. 😉

      140. The next article I’d love to read is

        “Americans say no to Visa”

        Visa now a defunct lending institute , no need paying back any money you’ve borrowed from them.

        • It is not VISA, it is!
          Read it and understand that VISA is not the culprit. is the company that is the idiot here.

      141. Don’t use Visa anymore, and stop paying them, they’ll get the message!

      142. BI: You say use a string on a globe to see the arc and where it goes. Do you go over the top at the North Pole or south around the globe from earthquake that has occurred back to it and look to where the string touches. I’m confused on the arc thing. Thank you for your earthquake updates. I don’t mean to take up your time. Again THANKS!

      143. Oh boy! OCTOBER, it’s never been a good month as is the month of MAY.

        It Reminds people of the Red October Revolution in Russia.

        It looks like the gov’t. shut down or to raise the debt ceiling.

        Since Obama control the White House and Democrats control the upper house (Senate House), what can Obama & Democrats do for America, so we don’t have a “Red Revolution” in our OWN backyard? Or is this the INTENT? 🙁

        Raising the debt ceiling is not the solution, America can borrow money without paying politicians expensive salaries to do so, 🙁 and politicians make themselves exempt from Obamacare!

        • May 1, 1776 – Illuminati is formed

          May 1, 1931 — The Empire State building opens

          May 1, 1945 — Announcement: Hitler is Dead

          May 1, 2011 — Osama is Dead. Announced on May 2nd

          May 1, 2011 — Pope John Paul II is BEATIFICATION


          • You don’t see Eric Cantor, Rand Paul & Ron Paul make any suggestions or demand that the debt ceiling or programs need to be cut before or during this mess, only AFTER.

            And after everything’s all said and done, Eric Cantor, Rand Paul & Ron Paul they came out to tell America, they would NEVER ACCEPT the deal and NEVER DO what the Republicans and John Boehner (R) did; yes, every single time. 🙁

            Eric Cantor and Rant Paul act like they didn’t know Republicans only control the lower house (the house of Representatives.)

            Congress has two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives.

            Didn’t Rand Paul (R) and Eric Cantor (R) know that they are making people distrust them????

            Because PAUL and CANTOR are engaged in finger-pointing and behave like they are not part of the Republican team, and they are not part of this mess.

            And after all this’s said and done, the main(ex)stream media outlets put them back in the spotlight and promote them 24/7.

            So who gets blamed for a government shutdown?

            Republicans demand to cut billions dollars of PORK & reduce some expensive programs, what have Obama and Democrats done for America????

            This irresponsible act of our politicians can send the gov’t to the brink of a shutdown, just another catalyst for the revolution or the 2nd civil war??? 🙁

            Why are they waiting until the last minute to work on this crisis every single time?

            • Folks, demand the government to shut down is just ASKING FOR DISASTER.

              That’s exactly what the NWO wants, the 2nd CIVIL WAR. 🙁

              Solving the problems is to AVOID the disasters, NOT BY WALKING INTO IT.

              Obama and Democrats control the White House and the upper house, so let’s see if they are able to avert the mess and avoid raising the debt ceiling.

                • What I mean is congress might slow down when people are aware of what they are doing. It’s not necessary for them to change their agenda or to stop their billions of dollars in pork spending, war spending or foreign aids, etc….. 🙁

                  The news said Israeli PM Netanyahu is here today. What a strange coincidence, just in time for the budget plan (asking billion$$$ for Irsaeal’s financial and military funding). 🙁

                  Will Obama do everything senators want just to avoid impeachment, and what’s about his own pork spending??


                  The reward to politicians can be by speech engagements, running global initiative program(s) or publishing of books such as Clinton and Rand Paul have done.

      144. See this is one of the things that makes me frustrated with the news, conservative and liberal alike. I own a gun shop so I have some experience with this. It is not Visa that is anti gun it’s which is only a gateway to taking credit cards. They take all cards visa, master card, discover, American Express, etc. We use Intuit and are changing to Mercury because of better rates. We have encountered some that won’t process gun purchases so we don’t use them. Lots of them out there that will. Hyatt can pick up another gateway in no time and never skip a beat. The gov being involved in this…I highly doubt it. They know this small issue will not shut down such a large gun business…. The news frustrates me because it preys on people that are not informed….. SHTF Plan shame on you….

        • Out of nearly 600 comments, only about 6 people got it, is not visa.

          We like to complain about the sheeple, then act like one, ourselves.

          • Exactly. Looks ignorant when people read one article and assume that’s gospel. Read multiple sources and then make your decision. It makes me shake my head when I can’t find a source that publishes only the truth….

            • I came to the same conclusion that you guys did after I read through it. It is shameful that most people read these articles and think VISA is bad. If VISA was bad then they would not allow the NRA to use their logo on their credit cards as shown by Steve below:

      145. maybe it’s time for all pro gun people to give up their visa cards in protest. Hit them were it hurts too! and let them know why. also talk to your bank about get another kind of check card or move to another bank (let them know why too).

      146. I don’t believe VISA is against guns, it is that is dropping their electronic transactions account with Hyatt. Hyatt can still accept and use credit cards but they need a provider that allows them to electronically process their credit cards. I sent an email to [email protected] letting them know they are a puppet and have no backbone, spine, or brain because the NRA has the backing of VISA so is stupid for doing what they are doing and I told them I hope they go bankrupt.

      147. Now I’m cancelling our Visa cards, I won’t use them again….

      148. While I agree with paying cash as often as possible it is not always possible. Unfortunately for some of us in the Northeast there are few shows and now none in may state. For me it will require a 2-3 hour drive to get to a show that actually sells ammo, guns, etc. For parts and accessories sometimes online is the only option. Ordering from Brownells or Midway is very difficult without a credit card!

      149. We lose our rights because we don’t fight for them. VISA is now anti gun. Why don’t all the gun owners simply default on the loans? That would in one occasion, instantly slice the throats of these corporate terrorists.

      150. Really?……That’s strange because Cabela’s Sporting Goods cards are VISA and they sell bunches of guns

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