Virginia Ramps Up The Tyranny: Curfews, Mask Mandates, Gatherings Limited

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    As Christmas approaches, Virginia governor Ralph Northam imposes tyrannical edicts to try to keep people under the controlling boot of the state. In addition to tougher mask mandates and curfews, Northam has limited gatherings to ten people.

    “New daily case numbers are higher than they have been at any previous point in the pandemic, and while the trends in Virginia are better than most of the country, we are taking action now to slow the spread of this virus before our hospitals get overwhelmed,” Northam said according to RT. 

    The curfew will go into effect on December 14 and is scheduled to run through at least the end of January. Northam told reporters on Thursday that everyone other than people traveling to and from work should abide by the curfew. He also urged Virginians to stay home at other times of day unless they must go out.

    Northam expanded the state’s mask mandate to include outdoor public spaces where people are within six feet of each other. He also reduced the capacity limit on social gatherings to 10 people – just in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations – and said restaurants will have to stop liquor sales by 10pm and close by midnight. –RT

    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is also putting the boots on the necks of the public and restricting their freedom. Wold has tightened his Covid-19 restrictions, banning indoor dining and closing theaters, casinos, and gyms. Its weekly average of nearly 10,000 cases is up 51 percent from late November. Wolf, who revealed on Wednesday that he had tested positive for the virus, said the surge in infections necessitated tighter restrictions.“We all hoped that it would not come to this,” Wolf said. “The current state of the surge in Pennsylvania will not allow us to wait.”

    They are losing control of the public, and that’s likely why there’s a rush to inject people with whatever it is that’s in this vaccine.

    After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

    Wake up, before it’s too late.  Stay alert and stay prepared.  Many states are ramping up lockdowns right before the magical vaccine is put into the veins of the public.  The more they can panic you, the better chance they have of you lining up to take this thing willingly.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY




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      1. o.k. my fellow virginians, time to take action and make a statement.
        i propose a drive by event of the govenors mansion by as many as can make it.
        place executive mansion, capital square, richmond Va.
        day…every day next week.
        time … MIDNIGHT TO FIVE A.M.
        in order to make the maximum statyement, honk your horn and yell “WE WILL NOT COMPLY”

        • You are right xtron – Citizens in Michigan had one hell of a drive-by rally in Lansing the state capitol to protest their governor’s decrees, it drew national attention.
          There were over 40,000 people in Richmond last January for the annual gun rights rally. I’d like to see the people up in Virginia do it again to protest this covid lockdown nonsense. These autocrats exercise unconstitutional and unreasonable power only because the people let them get away with it. The power is yours, stop giving it away, use it!

        • Good for you! Stand strong and do not comply good people of the great state of Virginia. We have our own tyrant in power here in North Carolina, governor POOPER. I fear your governor s actions may inspire more draconian “mandates” here in NC, which I will not comply with.

          These tyrants and all who would follow and attempt to enforce any UN-Constitutional order, mandate of even law…….need to be shown that We The People will not comply!!!!!

          Always remember, if we are united and in agreement to not comp!y, they are not going to arrest tens of thousands of patriots…’s only when we comply, is how tyrants grow in powe r

          Godspeed! Live free or die!!!!!

      2. I married a Virginia girl and spent a lot of time in Shenandoah. I can’t believe that my brothers in arm have not rid the commenwealth of this usurpar, agent of the devil. Godspead patriots.

      3. The governor has no such authority. Defiantely ignore his garbage.

      4. Here in Falls Church, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School is changing its name to “someone more woke.”

        Yet another thing Trump was right about.

      5. If states will not ensure elections are fair and honest, and if the states and federal gov’t with their law enforcement agencies and courts will provide no recourse, then at least 73 million people have absolutely no obligation to cooperate, obey, or display any allegiance to the State. We have been willfully and officially silenced. We have been intentionally marginalized by the State and State-sponsored entities so that we are deprived in deciding the direction of our country, we have been rendered 2nd class citizens. This being the case, tens of millions of us were legally robbed of our rights.
        We need to stop playing their game and simply exercise our personal sovereignty in every way, to refuse to submit in every way possible, to work against them, and to insist on the free practice of every individual right. Be no friend to the State, do not be concerned who likes or who doesn’t like it.
        Better yet, let’s have secession and get it over with.

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