Video: Violent Muslim Extremists With Bats And Weapons Attempt To Attack This French Guy… But He Has A Deadly Concealed Surprise Waiting

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Headline News | 112 comments

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    Editor’s Note: It’s been reported that the following video was recorded in 2015. The man man with he firearm has been identified as a French police officer. Nonetheless, we believe it is as relevant to current events today as it was then, as residents of numerous European cities report increases in violence against non-Muslims in areas known as ‘no go zones’.

    With tensions rising across the globe, especially in France and Britain, residents have started to realize that they can no longer depend on their local police or governments to protect them.

    As demonstrated in the video below, several French-speaking individuals were gathered together when a band of what is reportedly Muslim refugees and/or residents of the area began shouting threats at them. From the video, it appears that the first group of people are unarmed and simply trying to get away. But the bat-wielding, hoodie covered assailants would have none of it.

    Several of them made their way towards one of the men with weapons in hand, at which point he revealed a concealed surprise none of them saw coming.

    Apparently, even in socialist, hyper-tolerant, anti-gun France, there are still some wise individuals who have realized the reality of today’s world:


    Europeans Scramble For Guns Amid Islamic Immigrant Invasion: “Long Guns Sold Out”

    Germany Sells Out Of Pepper Spray As “Frightened Germans Buy Protection Against Refugees”

    Watch This Angry Foreigner: Here’s What Happened In Sweden When Muslim Immigrants Swarmed Their Country

    Shock Video: Reporter Doing Humanitarian Story On Refugees Is Assaulted Live On Air: “What do you want? You’re crazy!”


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      1. That’s why we carry daily folks, including women, and within a few seconds, your gun is in your hand ready to blast, not buried in the bottom of your purse ladies. I was hoping the French guy put a bullet in each one of those hoodies skulls. They will never amount to anything but violence and chaos. We need an open season, no limit and just clean house every now and then.

        • i was hoping to see a french guy shoot some thugs, but no, true to french fashion, they ran away.

          This is why it is always great to buy French war surplus guns. They have only been thrown down once.

          • They probably would have put the guy in prison, even if he has a permit. Thou shalt not resist cultural enrichment, despite the fact he would have been doing the world a huge favor.

          • You have to have a permit even for replica guns. I don’t believe he had a real honest to God, meet Jesus bullet slinger.

          • I think if it really was a French man with a real gun he would have raped that poor guy with the bat that was just trying to keep the French fags off of his anus.

          • John Steiner, used French war guns thrown down only once hahahahaha. Funny.

          • Now that was funny john.

        • I am glad the guy with the gun had shown restraint. This gives the mooselimbs a chance to enrich the lives of others.

        • Mac the first video was good, the following ones only show them trying to convince people how good the mule sum religion is. All the titles state someone is kicking their ass but that is not what the videos are about.

        • Confession: I have CWP and have been lax in carrying. Hard to do in SC when typical clothing is shorts and a tee shirt in 80-90 degree weather. Other day said to wifey..”not sure why but spidey senses tell me to carry every day now.”

          Glock 43 IWB everyday. Just do it!

      2. I’m glad he didn’t have to use it, and everything turned out Ok for him, but what about the next guy that runs into these slime balls.

        He didn’t use the 21 foot rule. This could cost him his life. Another thing he should have drawn his weapon.


        • I noticed the 21ft rule being broken too. As he stood there it made me uncomfortable. However, it may be that the distances looked shorter than they were since it was cellphone video. Don’t know but I would have wanted to stay farther from those goat lovers.

          • What is the 21ft rule?????

            • A hand weapon armed threat is not to get closer than 21 ft. They can cover a distance closer than that too fast to possibly effectively drawl and fire. An old timer friend of mine, insurance agent, had a carry permit way back in the late 50s until his death (natural causes) a few years ago. He had to drawl down only once. He dropped his briefcase, got in a Weaver stance and said very forcibly, “Attack and die”. The two thugs ran. He did not have to fire.

                • I believe the 21 foot rule is outdated because I know what I am doing…so it should be 35 feet because you need time to dig your gun out of your wife’s purse, clean off the lint, load it, aim, squeeze the trigger,miss three times, reload then score a bad hit.

                  • more true than you think.

                    The 21 foot rule is for law enforcement that is supposed to be prepared for confrontation, not for joe blow walking down the street staring at his cell phone.

                    That is why “OpSec” is so critical nowadays. You have to be aware of what is going on around you. You have to see potential threats.


                    • maybe there IS a God afterall!

                    • Yes most people are so ill prepared that the bad guy could catch a flight from Jersey on the red eye, take the bus into town, call a cab to your location and kill you before you could change the batteries in your laser sight and be ready to defend yourself?

            • The 21 Ft Rule is if there are more than 21 Feet of Mooselimbs in a crowd, a minimum 30 round magazine with 2 spare 30 round magazines in reserve is required. lol
              If that was me I would have buried that dirtbag with the baseball bat no question. That would be considered well within my safe zone and he would have gotten it. Then ask who wants to play next. Whos on deck M-fers? And shoot at the other 19 mooselimb’s feet.

              • Yea, I pack concealed too but I would pretend to be unarmed to sucker them in.

              • I have what is known as ‘THE BRAVEHEART RULE’. Don’t try to harm Braveheart and you get to live. It’s that simple. Comprende?

            • The 21 ft rule means that you can shoot anyone within 21′ even if it is your mother in law.

      3. It used to be that I was ” tolerant ” of everyone. Then I began a job working with these migrant trash. Now, I will do whatever is necessary to stop one of these crapbags in their tracks.

        • Jake, you mean the French right?

      4. This is an old documentary.
        The armed guys are cops in plain clothes.
        The tone of this article is a bit off topic when you understand French 😉

        • Yes the gay French keep anal raping the mooselimb children. The guy with the bat was an angry father.

      5. Why post this now and make it seem recent? I saw this video months ago.

        • Yea but watching an angry father beat fag French with a bat is always a hoot.

        • not everyone has seen it….it DOES show how brazen these muzzies have become….and how helpless these dumb-shit french people are(because they WANT it that way) when it comes to being able to protect yourself.

      6. Europe’s indigenous had better get serious about self preservation. If you can’t get a gun, a plumbata will do what you need done ….

      7. Just remember, shoot first, shoot last, shoot some more, until they’re all dead.

        • Yea but if you just shot the frontal lobe area you could just “Brady ” them??

        • Then drive off and don’t tell anybody!

          load you clips with rubber gloves on, no finger prints on the spent casings.

          • Yup,

      8. I would not shoot them, 5 guys with base ball bats is not a threat to me, I love hand to hand combat, because I get the literally hurt them. Those muslims are total fucking joke. But I can under stand that you may have to shoot them in self defense if you don’t practice Kung Fu.


        • ” So….. .ya think ya know Kung Foo?!?!” “Hahahahahahahaha” “The Master wants to see you, the master is a very wealthy man!”

        • HCKS, uh, don’t know where you’ve been, but in my book 5 mofos with baseball bats ARE a threat. I would’ve taken out every one of those sandapes.

          • If I was on the jury I would say “not guilty” bash the sand niggs more.

        • Kung Fu hahaha those mooselimbs wouldn’t really bash your brains out. They were just playing some sort of baseball game on their way to the all you can eat bacon buffet.

          • Awh so young grass-a-hoppa

        • I would shoot them, then rob them for good measure.

        • Muzzslimes are generally cowards when you get them one on one but they’re brave as hell in groups, like all feral pack animals. I don’t give a damn who you are or what you have a black belt in, in a real martial arts fight (forget that Hollywood bullshit) against more than one armed attacker you WILL lose. Guns aren’t called equalizers for nothing. Seen this too many times.

          • I think Katy watches a lot of Bruce lee flicks.

            • Jeet kun do, sticky hands techniques will work for Bruce lee because he could bench 300 # which was about 200% of his body weight. Don’t screw with a dead super hero.

          • Sounds just like the black monkey savages roaming the street of America – bunch of cowards, that is why they travel and attack in packs, just like animals do.


        • getting another hair plug treatment…..

          • Hahahahhaaha damn that was some funny shit!!

        • Busy making another movie that nobody will watch.

      10. The man saved himself physical harm if not death and is not drained of his personal wealth in the process. Under his specific circumstances he did the 100% correct thing. If he was in NYC , Los Angeles and the like he would be faced with the same options. If he was in the majority of states with both legal carry and use under these circumstances it would be different.

        With 15 million carry permits a fund of $10/yr ($150 million gross) should be set up for us, by us for legal protection.

        • This guy’s biggest risk was not the attackers, but the dipsh!t recording it on video.

        • Kevin2, keep your tax on permits. I ain’t paying

      11. Here’s the thing…
        I never said jack squat when Sipsey street went down.
        Oh sure I get it the old man passed away blah blah blah.
        There was conflict with the Georgia militia or whatever they call their self blah blah blah . FBI infiltration blah blah blah..I get it. But here’s the thing … I never knew genius to talk about anything other than alcohol, tobacco and firearms… Unless it was explosives.. Well ok solar panels but that’s starting to look more and more like a cover ok? He got asked one simple question and coundnt answer it ok?
        Shame on me if I’m wrong but somethings askew. Or genius needs to show his face…JS

        • ?????????

        • Nomad,what the hell does Genius have to do with Sipsey,was Mike and Dave along with Sheryl that got on F&F,were does Genius figure in this?

          • where’s my popcorn?….have you seen my popcorn?…….HEEEELP!….I CAN’T FIND MY POPCORN!

      12. If that had been me, I would’ve sent those sandapes straight to allah.

      13. Those Muslim extremists should be shot. They will end up killing someone; they wanted to kill this particular Frenchman, but knew he had a gun. They followed him like a pack of crazed wolves. Why doesn’t this newly elected idiot, Macron, do something about this blatant violence caused by these extremists? All Macron can do is put down our President Trump…………Off topic……… James Comey is a disgruntled employee. How many times have we heard this about other whistle blowers. But Comey is given legitimacy to his claims.

        • Merkel, Macron, & co think these savages are doing THEIR bidding. Not even looking far enough ahead to see that once the natives have been subjugated/replaced, these savages will then turn on their masters, and will be too powerful to control.

        • For Comey being the top man of the FBI he sure comes off as a total pu55y.


        Pure American unadultured brass balls of steal.

        My next balls of steal award goes to Captian Clay Higgins, challenges muslims to a Christian war.


        Clay Higgins, internationally known, locally respected.

      15. I see a HUGE business opportunity here. It is beyond clear the European security services are not only indifferent to doing anything about this problem, they may (May) actually be colluding to make it happen. In this context, and with the data and biodata revolution that is upon us, the first US company to seize this moment and offer a turn-key, end-to-end solution to the Islamic menace in Europe, is going to make a fortune. Here I will sketch a business plan for you: it is up to you to raise the money and start the company. Be assured, you will not have any serious oppostion to your work.

        – establish servers in a third country
        – undertake biodata collection and cross referencing
        – contract through multi-level, undetectable hands-off series of contracts removal companies
        – wait for said individuals to travel outside scope of protection
        – make friends with some countries
        – charge people through cloaked means for the removal service. Businesses will be into this because nobody wants this menace screwing up commerce
        – at some point go mainstream and sell to the highest bidder

        • Just sub contract (no pun intended) it to the mafia.

          • What has come out is how much these scumbags travel. They must have some serious frequent flyer points! So, this tells us some interesting things: a) the security screening for ALL aircraft is BS if they are letting well-documented terrorists to board flights year-in-year-out, b) they regularly enter zones of poor security where the rule of law is weak or absent: and so do their relatives, lovers and friends, c) since they are already violating inumerable international laws and domestic laws as well as natural law (“thou shalt not kill”), that opens them up for natural law arrest and detention, and trial based on natural law for what they are doing (planning or carrying out murder). Once in custody, they can be tried and sentanced. If convicted, they can be held somewhere, wherever: Cuba?

            The decline in crime in Europe would be dramatic if this was done.

            • Mozlem terrorists are funded by the CIA and NWO
              go figgure. Great Britain is being punished because
              they voted to exit the EU. Americans watch your
              backs, the NWO hates you too for bucking their

            • Actually FRANK, YOu bring up a very good Point. And here is what’s happening. Why Europe is being flooded with Muslims. And how they are getting there. Its not by Plane, its by Ship.

              Check this Article: Written in Nov 2015, just a year and a half ago.

              Libya’s rulers ‘Weaponise’ migrants threatening to flood Europe with MILLIONS of Muslims
              By Nick Gutteridge

              PUBLISHED: 13:14, Tue, Nov 3, 2015 | UPDATED: 14:02, Tue, Nov 3, 2015

              LIBYA has threatened to open the floodgates for MILLIONS of migrants to stream into Europe if the world does not recognise its self-declared Islamist government.

              In a crude attempt to blackmail European leaders officials in the war-torn country said they could lay on charter boats to ship economic migrants from all over Africa across the Mediterranean.

              And they hinted they could abandon all border controls and police operations which are currently catching hundreds of migrants trying to make the perilous crossing every day.

              One of Libya’s most senior politicians said his country was fed up with “protecting the gates of Europe” when the continent does not recognise the legitimacy of his government.

              Europe has already been totally overwhelmed by the numbers of migrants arriving in Greece and Italy, and any move by Libya to relax border controls would prove devastating.

              Jamal Zubia, a spokesman for Libya’s General National Congress party which seized the capital Tripoli last year, said his country may also start refusing to repatriate migrants who have already made it across the Mediterranean.

              He said: “We are protecting the gates of Europe, yet Europe does not recognise us and does not want to recognise us. So why should we stop the migrants here?”

              Libya says it stops hundreds of Europe-bound migrants every day with its 8,000-strong Department for Combatting ILlegal Immigration.

              It also deploys coastguard boats to carry out patrols and plug the huge gaps left by the EU’s patchy response to the crisis.

              But Mr Zubia said his country severely lacks the resources to continue such operations, saying the cost tens of millions of pounds at a time when Libya is wracked by civil war.

              He told the Daily Telegraph: “If we were not a responsible state, we would hire boats and send the migrants to Europe.

              “Every day we catch hundreds of them, even though we do not have the necessary resources.

              “It is a strategic threat, yes, but I would not rule out us doing it one day.”

              Europe has been plunged into chaos by one of the biggest migration crises in history, with the number of refugees entering the continent by sea last month roughly topping the entire amount for 2014.

              Libya’s sitting regime, which ousted the internationally recognised government in a military coup last August, is not officially recognised on the world stage.

              The country has no standing army, and is descending into a civil war waged by several Islamist factions including Islamic State.

              Go to this link here, to see all the photos of the Muslims on Boats and ships crossing the Mediterranean sea to Europe. Link: ht tp://

              ***Since Hillary and Obama Attacked Libya and Killed Gadhafi, the country has been thrown into chaos and civil war, This is the blow back Hillary and Obama have caused and created on Europe with the mass migration. Sine Libya now lack the resources to keep the people in the country they flee to escape civil war. This is all by design to throw Europe into crisis and create a new world order. Connect the dots. this is one piece of the Puzzle of where did all of these Darkies come from.

            • Oboinga gives mooselimb terrorists free rides on UPS planes.

          • We need a modern version of Adolf!!

        • Europe is being destroyed, on purpose, via the Kalergi Plan. Anything you try to do about it will be stopped. The only answer, is for European Whites to face reality, and do what must be done.

          • Whitey better become VERY raysis if he wants to survive.

          • You should read Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”

            Here is a link.

            To be clear, I think Breivik is a piece of shit and a nut job. But his manifesto brought out a few interesting points I did not know about.

            For example, in Europe, children go to summer camp run by political parties. In America you go to Boy Scouts summer camp or Church camp, but there it is run by the political parties so they can indoctrinate the children. It would be like going to Democrats summer camp.

            No different than the Hitler Youth.

          • The problem with that though is the majority of European Whites are a bunch of queer pussies and they will not do a god damned thing. So the filthy worthless ‘muzzies’ will go like the Germans went through Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s.
            America, for the love of God wake up & make it known we do NOT want these sand-chimps in our country!!!!

            • americans will ALWAYS do the smart thing…..but only after exhausting ALL other possibilities!

            • De-nazification really was the pussification of Germany.

      16. While a nice video,an old one,saw a long time ago.At some point folks will rise up/if necc. smuggle arms ect.,some in Europe will not take it any longer,Hungary and Poland already on that path.

      17. This is an older video. Look around youtube. The armed Frenchmen are cops. The Arab and African neighborhoods in France have been increasingly becoming no-go areas for 20+ years.

      18. The guy is a policeman on duty. They were there to make a probe. They attack policemen and say them to never comeback. That’s the most important point. They do not fear authority anymore…

      19. There is more than enough justification for removing the traitors who allowed these criminal aliens to enter Europe. Aim the gun at the guard who opened the gates and let them in. Don’t say the “people” voted them in. Their system of government is in alien hands. Their is no voting into or out of this situation. Some French and other Europeans will just have to sacrifice going to jail. A Revolution is in order. Not killing these vermin and not arresting them leaves them free to continue attacking, raping, beating, and murdering peaceful innocent actual Europeans with a right to demand and to enforce Justice. If it takes a bloodbath, better the criminals die, than the good people of Europe. France was once a great Empire. There is courage in every man. Reach down deep into your soul and find it.


      20. If he had shot them and I had witnessed it, I wouldn’t report it to the police. He did the right thing to not shoot. I wonder if he reported it to the police. The creeps are someone else’s problem. Maybe it will be some gun-hating liberal.

        • The Sgt Shultz, “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing”.

          • classic.

            • Read, In Broad Daylight, Skidmore Missourah. Trekker Out

      21. Video is Two years old and the guy was a cop. That’s why he was armed. More migrants have arrived since. All of Paris is a no-go zone. Ditto south of France, Rouen, Lyon. Certain wine tours or castle stays would be okay but even the bus tours get attacked now. Do not let your children backpack western Europe. Central Europe and Russia are fine, not as much to see but safer by magnitudes. Czech Republic/Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland are all safe. Paris is like Detroit with nice buildings. Unless you are an elitist with a bodyguard detail please avoid Western Europe.

        • An American cop would have shot those close with a club in hand, guaranteed.

          • Amerikan cops only shoot innocent people not mooselimbs.

        • That makes it worse then if Frenchman is a cop and didn’t put those Muslims to rest. This means he’s weak, he runs when he has the upper hand. Coward, afraid to do anything. When you let the evil ones have such control, that there are “no go zones”, then you’ve given them control and they will soon control the whole country. Don’t want to hear your crying when this happens. Stand up and fight man, defend yourselves and your country.

        • Eastern Europe and Russia are beautiful and have amazing history for tourists to enjoy. And here is a secret: they also have the best looking women in Europe and the most fashionable women. It is true there is still the legacy of ugly buildings from the Communist period but at least these places are not filled with Africans and Muslims like they are in Western Europe.

          Eastern Europe is the new Western Europe: a place of beauty and history with gorgeous women.

          What has happened to Paris is beyond sad. Their food is terrible now and the sidewalk cafes are usually filled with obnoxious North Africans, or plagued by thieves. They have a new leader but he is another useless selfie queen who will do nothing to improve the situation.

        • Prolly was a cop too cowardly to arrest a man for assault and menacing.

      22. Powerball jackpot at 435 million right now. That could buy you a bugout location supreme
        with a drawbridge. A moat (mote?). Solar powered ass wipers. A Liberty safe big enough to
        park a howitzer in it. A bulletproof H3 Hummer. An underground warehouse full of dehy
        meals. As fate would have it, some 93 year old grandma will win. Usually how it works.

        • I’d open up a decent Creole restaurant in our area, with a courtyard. And buy a mountain house- completely off grid.

      23. To tell you the truth I would have love to have seen a HEAD SHOT.

        That would send a message.

        To bad frenchy did not let them get closer ………

      24. On second thought I wish frenchy had a flame thrower.

      25. He should have just shot that lanky thug. This is why europe is being overrun. Nobody is afraid of the native french. They are going to keep their guns holstered until all of Europe is overun. Good night, Europe.

      26. He should have shot that fucking ni gger

        • That nigg er just needed a hug and a welfare check.

        • Come on, home boy just wanted his EBT refilled, where is your heart, be nice to the poor misunderstood folks…..

      27. Shoot his ass! He has a deadly weapon, and leaving him be, means the next guy or gal to walk by gets it. Passivity is why we are here!

      28. French speakibg here, those guys are cops …

        • That’s what we have, and conservatives don’t seem to notice.

      29. When you “immigrate” to another country, refuse to learn the language, refuse to abide by the laws, refuse to live by its customs, you are no longer an immigrant. You are an invader! Insist on the country changing to how you want it to be and you are attacking the country. When the Europeans reach a point where they can no longer stand to live in their countries, they will probably want to immigrate here. How long before we get besieged by Europeans wanting to flee Europe?

      30. France seems like one of those countries that condemns gun carrying and use, no matter the justification. The liberals would see the video and condemn the man for carrying a concealed weapon, if he didn’t have a permit. Being a policeman will keep him from being prosecuted. If I had been carrying a gun, I would probably have killed as many as I could have. I would have then faced a jury of self-righteous Frenchmen who would have sentenced me to life in prison. These men were acting like vermin and should have the same rights as vermin. This is true whether they were born in France or immigrated there.

      31. Several masked armed men coming at you, you better have some kind of force multiplier. Especially in a gun free zone.

        Here’s one you guys with gray hair can easily pull off.


        There are also less expensive plastic versions on Amazon, but I’m not sure I’d trust my life to plastic. Though the plastic and useless wood versions of fighting canes would be good for training.

      32. George Washington’s​ open vision describing the three wars that will plague this land will continue to unfold. The darkness that is covering this world is Islam. The vision shows the darkness disapating over America while covering the rest of the earth. The stage is being set for WWIII. Please read for yourself so that you will have knowledge of our future. I believe THIS vision to be true because the first two wars were fufilled as described. The third war on this land is being set up now. Prepare accordingly my friends.

        • I think it was allister Crowley who predicted the wars

      33. Holy Jesus! 2A till I die!

        • I think you don’t even know what the 2A means. I bet you don’t have anything more modern than a small arms rifle. I bet you think that 2A is about “govt approved ” guns and not modern arms. I would not be surprised if the NRA propaganda has you believing that you should not be allowed to own modern military arms. Am I right? Slave

      34. Good – now, let’s overachieve and start formulating organized, reactionary battalions.

      35. Pamela Geller: There are No Lone Wolves in Jihad.. Millions of Muslims all around the world are following the same playbook — the Quran — and the same ideology — Islam…but the Media wont ever tell you that, it wouldnt fit in with their pro-jihad propaganda offensive..
        “There is no such thing as “radical Islam.” I have refused to accept several organizations that seek to combat or expose the antics of “radical” or “extreme” Islam, because I know that it is not extremism that is causing the violence…it’s mainstream, typical, normal, traditional, specified, canonical [based on religious law] Islam.” —Amil Imani

      36. Why does everyone hammer the French about running away from fights? It was the French who stopped the Muslims in Spain! The French knights were the vanguard of western Europe. If not for the Poles and King Sobieski, the Muslims would have smashed the gates of Vienna on another September 11th. You people really need to go back and read the history of the crusades and Charlemagne, as well as other European leaders during the crusades.

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