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Shock Video: Reporter Doing Humanitarian Story On Refugees Is Assaulted Live On Air: “What do you want? You’re crazy!”

Mac Slavo
May 8th, 2017
Comments (58)

If you happen to be visiting Rome, Italy anytime soon (or pretty much any Western European country), then you may want to come prepared with pepper spray or other self defense tools, because as you’ll see in the video below, peaceful refugees looking to culturally enhance Europe aren’t always as friendly as you may think.

Italian television correspondent Francesca Parisella was doing a live broadcast about the plight of refugees at the central train station in Rome, when she and her camera crew were attacked by migrants who had sought shelter for the night.

Ms. Parisella was able to find safety with a Taxi driver who happened to be in the area, but the cameraman was not so lucky. According to reports, he was beaten and his camera destroyed:

Google Translated From Il Giornale Via Vlad Tepes:

Just as Nicola Porro connects at around 23.30, with his post at Rome Termini Station, to document the situation of the bivouacs that populate her at night, Francesca Parisella has the time to start the connection and then warn “we have assaulted “. The room swings, it is understood that the journalist and operator are fleeing, and the voice of the chronicler rises up to become a real scream of fear. A few minutes later, studio studio explains that “Francesca is upset but she is okay, they have destroyed the camera and hacked the operator.” One like that of this evening It should not be a reportage in the war zone. “Thanks to a taxi driver, if not It would be much worse. ” A version confirmed by Parisella himself, on the phone, shortly afterwards: “We were away to tell what kind of hospitality we can give, are bothered and attacked. They rushed me and taken to my jacket,” the reporter said.Watch:

Such scenes are now playing out regularly in once quiet, peaceful and crime free areas of Europe. While politicians and the mainstream media either downplays or completely ignores such reports, the fact is that the cultural enrichment being forecibly injected into Europe is leading to increased sexual attacks, violent assaults and large-scale terrorist attacks. In fact, it’s so scary for citizens of the countries accepting refugees that Germany actually sold out of pepper spray and Europeans have been scrambling to acquire self defense firearms.

While the common denominator is clearly the influx of immigrants from countries that are so culturally and religiously different from Europe that there is simply no way a peaceful assimilation is possible, anyone who dares mention the reality of the situation is branded a racist, a nationalist or a fear monger. In fact, in Germany, you can now be arrested and have your children taken from you by the government if you criticize refugees – that’s how bad it’s gotten.

One Angry Foreigner had enough and took to the airwaves to explain how mass migration has led to fear and crisis across Sweden:

t appears that all over the world, most notably in present-day Western Europe, immigrants from countries with completely different world views and legal perceptions are moving in and pushing their agendas on the natives, often with full support from their elected representatives and their media mouthpieces.

In an incredibly insightful opinion piece from an Angry Foreigner living in Sweden, we learn that it’s not just Americans who are fed up with the political correctness being forced upon the people by politicians, feminists, cultural groups, and immigrants themselves.

As you watch the video you’ll no doubt notice some key parallels between Europe and the United States. For all intents and purposes you could swap out the word “Swedes” for “Americans” and the points being made still ring true.

I have never come across a country where nationalism is one of the biggest taboos… to the point where it’s considered to be racism.

Because if you love your own country and your own culture the most then you don’t love other peoples’ as much and that’s not equal. That’s not progressive.

Nationalism is only ugly when Swedes express it.

When immigrants express a desire, a will to preserve their identity and their culture then it’s charming because, remember, they are the ones with the culture… not the Swedes.

Watch the full video:


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: May 8th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Freeillinois says:

    From the screams of this reporter I would say she got hit pretty damn hard. This begs the question why she was there in the first place.

  2. Concerned-Citizen! says:

    Wake up to these filthy, animal like muslims. They are no good, violent trash!!!! Europe and the rest of the world better wake up to these monkeys and do it NOW!!

  3. Gandhi says:

    Yep, just as merkel and macron planned. Haha goodbyes to civility and Christianity, hello to child raping moose-limbs. Hahahaha

  4. Ex-Pat says:

    How ironic, I live in Rome and knew nothing about this. These “immigrants” have likely already been dragged off to prison and thoroughly beaten up by the police. Rule #1 about Rome: foreigners do NOT harm Italians and get away with it. Rule #2 about Rome: Italians can harm any foreigners, any way they want, with total impunity.

    Consequently, here in the southern half of Italy there are few “immigrants,” as they all prefer to continue north to the much wealthier AND politically correct areas of northern Italy, Germany, Austria, and of course France. Southern Italy is corrupt as he!! and largely run by the mafia–and when it comes to violent thugs “immigrating” here, well, the mob doesn’t like competition.

    Btw good luck getting that pepper-spray you mention onto an airplane, I don’t know what you’re thinking…

  5. If there was an Academy Award for videos, this one about Sweden would get my vote. It is the best.


  6. Mclovin says:

    This reminds me of that documentary “Grizzly Man” where the guy treated the bears in Alaska like they were cute little pets until one finally ate him. It just boggles the mind how stupid the general public truly are.

    • rellik says:

      “It just boggles the mind how stupid the general public truly are.”

      Why do you think we have Democrats? Stupid people.

      • Nailbanger says:

        Yup,,, is like these dummies here in the islands,,, oh the aloha spirit bullshit, open our homes to these poor refugees, boo hooo,,,
        But then what? You think they will actually care about the aina and the culture?
        Idiot im working for thinks they are wonderful,,, needless to say what her political background is,,,
        Democrats deserve everything that happens as a result of their policies, i can hardly wait

      • Anonymous says:

        “Why do you think we have Democrats? Stupid people.”

        Because we keep supporting them, it’s not as if they can support themselves through their own efforts and labor.

        Which raises the question: Who are actually the stupid ones, them or us?

        • rellik says:

          “Which raises the question: Who are actually the stupid ones, them or us?”

          Dangerous to say on this site, but we are the stupid ones.
          Most of us are compelled by compassion to protect
          when we can. “If no can, no, If can, do”.
          I probably butchered that phrase.
          but it is the way it works.
          However I live in a close knit rural
          community. As for city guys I just
          read about the doom preps and hope they
          make it.


    • Menzoberranzan says:

      The friggin bears are safer to be around than the queer ass muslim animal trash.

  7. Neal Jensen says:

    Wave your arms around in a cloud of bees, you are gonna get stung..Oh well…..

  8. Jim in Va. says:

    Give em an inch…they’ll take a mile…..don’t let em do it!

  9. When are the Italians going to stop recording the overthrow of their Country by violent invaders, and just kill them and the traitors who brought them in. Eventually there will be a violent clash between the actual people’s of Europe and the invaders. The sooner it happens, the less blood will be spilled. It is inevitable. Every day that goes by, the situation just gets worse.

    __ Italy has a long history of fighting off invaders.


    • Gandhi says:

      Italy has been disarmed by NRA types and common sense gun laws hahahaha. Hahaha that bit€h could run!

      • Gandhi:

        When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

        Ya, she ran. I bet the men in her “family” taught those fools how Italian men deal with men who mess with their women. Italian men don’t take it lightly. I have seen how it works. Italian women are cherished. They equate their women with the mother of Christ. You don’t know about secrecy and revenge. But somehow, things quiet down. Nobody knows why. It’s a mystery like the Virgin birth.



    • awed bawl says:

      They are not “invaders” in any way shape or form

      The (((establishment))) is inviting them on a RED carpet in order to kill off the White race

      The clash must be between the Whites and the commie chews. Europe [and USA] still does not know that this “invasion” is being done by the unmentionable folks who actually control Western governments.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have known a lot of garlic eating Italian and they are worse smelling than moose-limbs from a mile away.

    • Guardian TF says:

      “Eventually there will be a violent clash between the actual people’s of Europe and the invaders”

      Really? Did you see the election results in France? There will be no clash, only surrender. Give it up.

    • Nailbanger says:

      That will never happen, its just like here in the states with these idiot touchy feely liberals, they want to welcome them all,
      I say give em exactly what they want, and all the unintended consequences as well.

    • Kevin2 says:

      It would be one by one, Uno d Uno I think its how its said.

  10. I’m concerned about being politically correct. Do ya have to have to holler “Allah Akbar” when you Throat Stomp them?

  11. What needs to happen in Germany (and the other EU countries) is what happened to the Jews when the Nazis took power. The elimination of the mooslims from Europe, by deportation & extermination.!!!!

  12. Lisa Marie says:

    Feminists?!?!? … Misogyny much ?!?! … alone in the dark by yourself?!?

  13. It isn’t shocking. they are muslims. that is what they do.

  14. mark mcbee says:

    Bombing Muslim countries will cause Muslim refugee problems.


    Stop bombing them and they will stay inside their Muslim countries.

  15. crappenstix says:

    Where the hell is Tony Soprano when you need him.

  16. Traitor Hator says:

    On dealing with Muslems and their like. 7 years ago I bought an Ace Ltd Ar 15 stock. It has a special reinforced threaded area of the stock . It seems to me if you bend the stock tube at the weak point the threads On firing the bolt would jam and you would not be able to open the action for repair ? Maybe it’s a non issue? Any reports from soldiers on this happening?

  17. JoeSchmoe says:

    At the risk of sounding hard hearted, they have no one to blame but themselves, they elected the people who are running the country and allowing this invasion by third worlders.
    In particularthe Scandinavian countries, who in the 1970 – 1980’s gave lots of help, financial and otherwise, to African terrorist organizations in Southern Africa, and now that loud clucking sound they are hearing are their chickens coming home to roost.
    Heeee heeeee heeeee! Payback is a bitch

  18. BadAmerican says:

    when in the jungle….Rule .308

    …predator or prey….BA.

  19. waiting says:

    The west and the east do not mix well. Too big of a cultural difference. Worked with a gal from Viet Nam once who had been living here in the USA for 17 years. She came over and was known as the boat people. I did have empathy for them, but when she made no if ands or buts about not liking Americans, that ended it for me. She also had made no attempt toward US citizenship; until she decided to go back to Viet Nam to visit her family. Then she wanted it so if the Viet Nam government tried to prevent her return to US, then the Us government would come to her recue. The foreigners are users! Insist they stay where they belong. What they want is to make every country succumb to their wants and beliefs. If you don’t hand it over then they will take it by force.

    • Gandhi says:

      Why do we waste money on a military when we are too cowardly to defend our borders? Answer so big banks all over the world can lend each other money and buy amerika?

      • Waiting says:

        TPTB want the borders open to allow the USA to become a third world country. They don’t want to defend the borders. Yes the elitist can make more money off wars, that’s their motivation. Money, greed, power. Why suddenly are they calling for all borders to be open to the hordes of immigrants everywhere in the world; to destroy them from inside.

  20. Sam W says:

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed. No peace in this world will ever be accomplished by mankind.