Video: USA! USA! USA!: “Take the Heavy Boot Off the Throat Of America’s Job Creators and Let Them Breathe”

by | Jul 27, 2012 | Headline News | 224 comments

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    Though standing ovations and applause are forbidden by Congressional rules, that didn’t stop the House of Representatives from applauding and chanting “USA! USA! USA!” after a rousing speech by Mike Kelly (R-PA) in which he took aim at the trillions of dollars in red tape surrounding government regulatory procedures.

    In an effort to sway votes in favor of HR4078, a bill that would would freeze “significant regulatory action” from government agencies until the employment rate is at or below 6%, Kelly relayed a personal story of his own business and experience, targeting the thousands of pages of regulations and laws that American business owners have to navigate in order to survive in an already contracting economy.

    While President Obama claims that American entrepreneurs didn’t built their businesses, one thing’s for sure. The only role government has played – especially with behemoth legislative actions like universal healthcare and the most complex system of taxation man has ever known – is to restrict small business growth and facilitate the outsourcing of jobs to other countries.

    You want to know the price of regulation? You want to talk about the thousands and thousands of pages that we’ve put on the backs of the job creators? You want to talk about creating jobs in America? When you want to see a nation that doesn’t want to participate, but wants to dominate in the world market, then let them rise.

    Take the heavy boot off  the throat of America’s job creators and let them breathe.


    The jobs we are talking about are not red jobs or blue jobs. They are red, white and blue jobs.

    If you want this country to thrive, and not just survive, then please start playing the game by the rules and stop this ridiculous mockery of what it is that we do here in this town. We are so out of touch with the American people.

    And you know what this does? It adds layer after layer after layer of cost. And that cost is ultimately paid for by the American consumer.

    I urge all my colleagues on both sides of the aisle… this is not a left or right issue… this is an American issue. I urge you to rise today and vote for HR4078. Let’s let America get back to work.

    [Applause – House members chant USA! USA! USA!]


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      1. Too little, too late….

        • What else could one say?

          • 1st; who really believes what Obama says? A dwindling group.
            2nd; Mr.Kelly is right but will the house do their job and stop the nightmare called-socialism? Actions speak louder than words.

            • All throughout the life of the criminal enterprise started in 1913, there have been People in Congress aware of what has been happening and speaking out.

              The problem is, and always has been, that the majority of the Congress is bought and paid for by the perpetrators so those who do talk sense are ridiculed while the criminals are protected by the rest.

              In the end, it is still more corp business that should not concern the People. Getting rid of the bogus money system is the only solution, and that was not mentioned.

              For that, he can live another day to speak words that nobody will listen to and will lead to nothing.

            • “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

              “Give a man a welfare check, a cell phone, cash for his clunker, food stamps, section 8 housing, Medicaid, 100 weeks of unemployment checks, a 40-ounce malt liquor, needles, drugs, contraceptives, and designer Air Jordan shoes…

              and he will vote Democrat for a lifetime.”

            • The House has done its part. The tea party best not back off now. It needs a senate that will challenge Romney to do the right thing. We already know Obama wouldn’t.

            • “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you will never see him on the weekends.”


            • @KY Mom — Democrats traditionally vote for entitlements for the poor. Republicans traditionally vote for entitlements for the rich.

              The difference in the views of the propriety of those votes, stems from whether one is rich or poor.

              EVERYONE wants a hand-out, but only gets pissed off when it is given to somebody else…

            • A 40 oz malt liquor? Where do I get in line for that “freebie”?

              A moot question really since I don’t drink, but free booze?

              On another note the Swiss seem to have addressed their drug problem in a civilized fashion by providing a ‘fix” cheaply. It works for them.

              Just saying.

          • Oh come on now…..You can’t blame Obama.

            The reason that he thinks that everyone (govt included) is the reason for your success is because that is all he has ever personally known. He has to thank everyone for his success….he didn’t do that!

            He is where he is today because of everyone else….he is the puppet and his strings are being pulled by his masters……hasn’t done anything on his own.

            • Yeah, but the Awipe didn’t thank everyone for his success, he took credit for everyone elses. You know he didn’t mean somebody else built it. He meant the government built it for you. That HE built it. The government builds everything that everyone has, in his mind.

              He is mistaken. The corp claims to own everything that you built, because it claims to own the producers.

              Take away the hijacked power to create money from his masters and neither him or they would be worth pissing on if they were on fire. In fact, they are not worth that no matter how much paper they have.

              They had all best hope the devil needs to take a whiz and picks them.

            • Tina: It “takes a village” or have you forgotten so soon?

            • Somewhere, in Africa, a village waits. Waiting for their idiot to return home.

          • Stop it, DK!! Our war on drugs has gone sooooooo well!

        • red pill or blue pill…

          • neither..

            use the brass one

            • Skip the brass one. Use the third precious metal…LEAD!

            • Ah! Brass & Lead, my two favorite metals. Mix in a little silver and you’re good to go.

          • @Netranger

            We talkin warewolves!! 😉

        • Off Topic: A few couple of weeks ago someone from the southwest mentioned that his skies were extra full of chem trails since the first heatwave began. I noticed the comment because I live outside the heatwave area and had noticed that a week prior to the start of the heat, my skies became empty of the usual daily chem trails. And though it has been several weeks now I still have zero chem trails. Anyone else notice a change in their chem trails? More or less or the same? Do you live in the heat wave zone out out?
          We have all wondered why they are spraying all that stuff. Some have speculated that it partially involves weather manipulation but no one outside the UN really knows. What if our heat wave and the “global warming” is really sicko scientists pulling the wool over our eyes? Look at all the suffering they might be causing. Farmers and ranchers who lose their homes and their farms/ranches… Food prices rise and more people go hungry… Jobs lost. And they use the lie of global warming to put in place the laws that would usher in the One World Govt.
          What have you all noticed over the past month?

          • What’s a “chem trail”? We don’t see the sky often enough here in the NW to be able to tell if there is anything up there but clouds… lots and lots of clouds. :-/

            • A chemtrail is a white line behind a jet that does not disolve in a few seconds like a normal water vapor contrail does. Pilots and scientists have noted that various chemicals have been sprayed from these white jet planes but no one at the US govt or the UN will admit to these sprayings or what they contain. They spray cities and farmlands all over the world. Pilots have followed these planes and once it was clear they were being followed the spraying stopped but it restarted as soon and the tail plane moved off. Samples have included various chemicals and heavy metals including some that make croplands sterile. They do spray all major cities. If it feels hotter then people will believe in global warming. Right now if they are spraying to increase or prolong a normal heat wave and the result is crop destruction then that “proves” global warming and helps keep people moving in the direction they want us to go.

          • Noticed chem trails over the skies of Sydney, Australia last few weeks. Sadly, 99.99% of people haven’t a clue as to what they are. Certainly been extra hot here and we’re in the middle of winter here right now. Unlike the chem trails over the Pacific North West when I lived there …. These ones don’t leave me with migraine headaches. But we only get the odd 50km “line” so far. Same white, unmarked planes too!!

          • @cara,,here in NW PA, we always get chemtrails ahead of a weather front, usually rain. Since the heat wave, our skies are crystal clear. I do not claim to know whats behind chemtrails, other than I believe them to be a binary weapon and a weather modification program. The second ingredient has not been introduced yet, for it to be used as a weapon. I do know that if you chemtrail an area, heat from the sun has got to be trapped under the chemtrail, causing warming. Just makes sense. We’ll find out the truth of it all, when the civil war is over.

            • Swift, you and I think alike–yes, if a shield is created the we are in a sense in a greenhouse and the heat cannot be released because of that shield.
              I have watched spraying for years; it is still a mystery and I think they spray different chemicals.
              My dh is a logger; when heavily bombarded, I call and urge him to get finished for the storm is coming–however, no storm.

          • Yes, cara, I have commented somewhere about the disappearance of air traffic, whether commercial or passenger, in my area also.
            You know the only good thing from this?
            It proves our conspiracy—why would all traffic causing ‘contrails’ stop for 3 months when evidence of them spraying was 3 or 4 days a week??
            Our chemtrail vs. contrail, and traffic vs. non-traffic is pretty clear now.
            Traffic just doesn’t stop for 3 months for no reason.
            Passenger planes do not choose alternate routes from the scheduled routes even if the dummies with their heads in the sand don’t understand planes are not allowed to fly grid patterns—just ask any ATC employee how fast he be fired if he instructed that.

          • Here in michigan ive noticed that they stopped a little before july and havent started back up, before that I noticed them everyday

          • I noticed the chemtrails had been gone for a while here on the eastern shore of md. And sure enough, as you said, when the heat wave hit, the trails came back.

        • Bullsh*t! Is anyone here actually a business owner???? Seriously, I am a job creator. I take my money, invest in communities, contractors, jobs, people. It is State and local governments (mostly local) that have put the MOST regulations. They are onerous. But, if you are trying to SCAPE GOAT Obama, as the start of ALL THIS RED TAPE, how do you not sound delusional or racist. You guys sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, i have 3 successful businesses, one online retail and the other are real estate ventures. I have put over 130k into local communities and economies through my ventures, I directly impact communities. All this Obama talk is wasteful and ridiculous. Regulations aren’t killing companies, people not having money is killing people. There arent jobs because the same people here complaining have not been complaining to their representatives and congressmen about free trade agreements that benefit the wealthy and us with cheaper goods. yes, we get cheaper goods year round, but we pay a price with a lack of jobs. Saying this is obama, like this all happened in 2008 when he was elected is BS. Thats why it was hard for people like me to take this SHTF with any credibility, every time you try to make Obama as the start and end all of this crisis. Its frustrating, because if this wasnt happening, MORE PEOPLE WOULD BE LISTENING TO US!

          • You are full of crap. Obama may not have started some of the nonsense but he has made it much worse. As to you owning a business I say BS.

          • You are part right, but part very, very wrong. Most folks here blame Obama for being the tool he is, but most of us also realize that he is not the first in the line, nor will he be the last. (Although, hopefully, whoever is elected in the next charade WILL be the last.) So when you say that Obama is not “the start and end all of this crisis,” you are correct. But you have a long way to go before you comprehend that the (political) system he heads is toxic to America and Americans.

          • O-Drama is not totally to blame, but we have to point the finger at the current ass in charge. Shit builds up at the top and then flows downhill; always has and always will.

            • The problem is you want to point the finger at one man. Getting rid of one man wont help. We need to clean house in Washington, top to bottom. No more NAFTA, no Homeland security, Dept of Education, etc. Cut the size of govt in half. Two year term limits for all in Congress. Campaign finance reform – a limit of a $100 per person or corporation. Who cares if they cant afford to advertise on Tv? Good riddance. No more useless bills that give millions of our dollars to pointless projects. No more free rides for the rich or the poor. Charge a flat% tax for all – allow no deductions -and you just cut out the need for most of the IRS. No more welfare. If you haven’t paid money into the system, you cant draw any out. Less consumerism on our part. Less willingness on our part to watch or listen to music, movies, or, games that are vulgar or violent. We are desensitized enough already. We cant save our country if we don’t make drastic changes in both our lifestyles and our gov’ts.


            outsourcing=didnt start with current puppet.

            @buttburger- When people start throwing the word racist around, they too, start losing credibility.

            WE(alot of people) DID/HAVE complained and yelled and screamed about free trade to our socalled representitives.(for the last 15+ years, WHERE WERE YOU????? Answer-working,and busy with life just like many others)

            Our so called representitives represented us back then as now- NOT AT ALL, THEY DIDNT VOTE FOR THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE WHEN ALL THIS FREE TRADE STARTED, AND THE MSM WENT ALONG.

            May they ALL rot in HELL.

          • You’re either part of the problem, using regulation to suppress your competition and/or collect subsidies, or you are making that all up and don’t own any businesses at all.

            Federal regs are killing small business everywhere, and have been for years and years. Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt. Went Galt 3 years ago, sick of beating my head against the wall of EPA, EEOC, FDA, etc., etc., etc.

            Obama didn’t start the rot, but he’s damned sure going to finish it if we don’t stop him and his syncopants.

          • YOU DIDNT BUILD THAT!!

      2. Regardless of your political views, if ALL of congress expresed themselves this way about our country, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Or maybe this is still just a pipe dream….

        Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        • You don’t need to know.
          To me, it’s not how well congress expresses themselves, it’s their lack of desire to follow through with what they promised. If any of them had done what they said they could do prior to an election, or had even made an effort to do so after they were elected, we wouldn’t be where we are. Unfortunately, I would venture to guess that a committee was formed to attempt to reduce the 1,100 pages. However, in all of their infinite wisdom they will likely add a 100 pages detailing how in the future they will make an effort to reduce further pages, and that additional studies will have to be conducted to assure that the overall impact of the report isn’t diminished by said reductions. As a result of their hectic schedules they will hire paid researchers to conduct this study, who in turn will add an additional 300 pages of clarifications during the reduction process to justify their existence.

          • Totally agree, politicians may start out with that kind of vigor, but all we wind up with are windbags. And even if they wanted to do something “good”, they wouldn’t last too long. I think politics is all bought and paid for by the elite anyway, it doesn’t matter how we vote, it’s all a puppet show.

            • Dems try slipping gun-control measure into ‘cybersecurity’ bill

              Link on Drudge Report…

          • Nailbender says:

            July 27, 2012 at 2:58 pm

            You don’t need to know.
            To me, it’s not how well congress expresses themselves, it’s their lack of desire to follow through with what they promised. If any of them had done what they said they could do prior to an election, or had even made an effort to do so after they were elected, we wouldn’t be where we are. Unfortunately, I would venture to guess that a committee was formed to attempt to reduce the 1,100 pages. However, in all of their infinite wisdom they will likely add a 100 pages detailing how in the future they will make an effort to reduce further pages, and that additional studies will have to be conducted to assure that the overall impact of the report isn’t diminished by said reductions. As a result of their hectic schedules they will hire paid researchers to conduct this study, who in turn will add an additional 300 pages of clarifications during the reduction process to justify their existence.


            • <<>>

          • Bah! This reminds me of the “Paperwork Reduction Act” notice I get with my tax forms, that adds 4 pages to the envelope… now THAT is Gub’t ‘Fishncy!!

        • LOL. That’s way beyond a pipe-dream…

        • Legions and legions and legions of UNELECTED government minions at the federal, state and local levels that remain regardless of who or what party is in power.

          They watch ’em come, and they watch ’em go. And they remain, year after year, aquiring more POWER. These are the clowns who write this shit. They are power hungry, inept BLOODSUCKERS. They are destroying this country by administrative fiat.

          This is the reason I am waiting for TOTAL and COMPLETE collapse of the system. I hope I live to see the day these parasites are on the street.

          For those that are curious; I am a commercial building contractor. I could tell you stories.

          • Didnt you mean -legions and legions and legions of UNACCOUNTABLE unelected government minions?

            The more they f^ck up, the higher they go.

          • @Rick:)

            I hope one day to be hunting them with dogs.

            • “I hope one day to be hunting them with dogs.”

              Yes and arrows. Not worth the cost of a bullet.

            • WK, Get more ammo cause that times getting a little closer.

        • Sadly, historically, people wanted leadership way back in the day. Unfortunately that Political Leadership that we wanted to guide us 150-200 years ago has evolved into a cancerous tumor. We can’t get rid of it now, it’s taking over the entire corpse. Those in power today recognized a long time ago that if they pushed hard enough and twisted enough arms, they could obtain the perfect career. Wealth, power and control …. All paid for through taxation of the people.

          There are many people who’ve made there lives in politics. And they are still there today!!!! Feasting away, gorging themselves on the power rush that they feel they have a RIGHT too!!!

          Until governments around the world are held to account for THEIR actions, nothing will change. And those in power will continue do do what they normally do for so called “voters” ….. Nothing!

          An example of what needs to happen has just occurred in Mexico. The worlds largest EVER!!!! demonstration in History!!!!! Millions, upon millions of people demonstrating.

      3. Too many regulations are bad for business.No DEMAND is even worse.The people are drowning in debt.

      4. Great speech! Too bad there aren’t 534 other members of CONgress just like him. Its just a shame that his speech meant nothing and will bring no results or reforms.The only language the traitor, gutless, lowlife members of gov understand is $$.

        • Unfortunetly, it was just a speach, he voted for ndaa.

      5. Yeah Barlow, nice speech but really…what is going to change? As visitors to this site know, the govt is an anachronism, a dinosauer whose time has passed. It is really up to us individually and collectively to care for ourselves and our families and prepare for what comes after the dinosauer collapses and dies.

        • @Slap Happy – the trick is gonna be keeping the government from taking way our right to take care of ourselves…

        • “It is really up to us individually and collectively to care for ourselves and our families and prepare for what comes after the dinosauer collapses and dies.”

          Yep, that and hope that we don’t get crushed by the huge bloated corpse as it falls.

      6. They are nothing but a bunch of circle jerks!!!

        • Deek is always so correct.

      7. It’s an issue. That much is correct. It is, however, an issue that is a couple levels down the list of problems facing US manufacturers such as neoliberalism, globalism, and 535 traitors who never say a damn thing about it, to hear me tell it.

        Now, who says it is THE issue? Just read a list of Fortune 500 outsourcing traitors. Well, them, and the politicians they pay for.

        Source: Me. Proud US manufacturer.

      8. Wish he’d speak lile that about the fed, dollar collapse, and our gov’t turning into the the 3rd Reich!

        • That would be USSA, not the third reich. Marxists are running the show now. Never forget that.

          • @JustMe,,,Marxists may be running the show, but their praetorian guard are neo-nazis. The Homies, FBI, ATF, SS and all the other alphabet agencies follow policies and behavior like they took a page from the Third Reich. What a marriage that is!

            • What matters is who thier gate-keepers are…

        • Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.

      9. Lip service, nothing more. None can be trusted, NONE! Not one. It’s a complete wash. All that is left now is option A or option B. If you don’t know what those are, pull your head out of the sand and wake the hell up.

        • Let’s imagine next year we have a republican president and they control both houses of congress. The market would react positively for a while and might buy us a little more time to build more life rafts, but the fundamentals would not change.

          When our unemployment rates reach those of Greece and Spain, whoever is in power will succumb to the hordes of Americans demanding relief.

          A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

          From bondage to spiritual faith;
          From spiritual faith to great courage;
          From courage to liberty;
          From liberty to abundance;
          From abundance to selfishness;
          From selfishness to complacency;
          From complacency to apathy;
          From apathy to dependence;
          From dependence back into bondage.

          *For those who would argue we are not a democracy, the point is moot. We certainly function as one.

          • I worry that we as a people secretly crave the warm embrace of a Caesar.

          • I think you may have misconstrued what I consider option A and option B. I am certainly not talking about a broken voting machine.

            • I was going to ask you to educate us ignorant survivalists, but then I clicked on your user name and you lost all credibility.

            • @Government Guy, sure with a name like yours, it’s pretty easy to see you’re in love with your corrupt corporate government. Have you read the Act of 1871? How about the Congressional minutes of the debate before the passing of the Federal Reserve Act? Do you even know the real history that has always been there right out in the open, but never taught to you in the mind farm called public education.

              The reason everything is going to hell in this country is because of the lack of education and understanding. The government is supposed to be our subordinate, not the other way around. Have you ever even read the Constitution for the united states of America? What about the Declaration of Independence?

              I guess for you, ignorance is bliss.

          • @prepared Pastor I have been prayong for you and wife, may I ask how things went at the doctor yesterday, I have been praying for a Blessing for you ….please keep us posted

          • Prepared Pastor – I urge you to watch a most fascinating 10 minute video about the five forms of government. It’s extremely insightful and relevant to your post. Just click on my name to lead you to the video.

          • “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.”

            Actually, it could IF only the Makers were allowed to vote. Adding the Takers to the voting rolls does indeed lead to a collapse of the entire system via the process you outline, Pastor.

      10. He’s probably only saying those things because he’s up for re-election.

        • That was the first thing I thought as well.

        • Rep. Mike Kelly represents my district. He ran as a Tea Party candidate and I attended every rally. He consistantly gives moving, fiery speeches. But, he has also voted for every draconian piece of nazi legislation that has entered the House. If he really wants to, “Take the heavy boot off the throat of America”, I suggest the SOB commit suicide! Maybe his example will be contagious and everyone who cheered him on in Congress, will do like wise. I’ve always held that Americans survived every hardship in our history, in spite of government, not because of them! The People are the strength of this Republic, not orators.

          • “The People are the strength of this Republic, not orators.”

            That is because the people are composed largely of DOers and not YAPPers. There is a world of difference between doing and yapping. Any SOB can yapp his head off.

          • Votes for the NDAA-


            Hmmmmmmm=the guys a fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Source Site:

            Source Link:

            AYES 283 —

            — NOES 136 —

            — NOT VOTING 14 —

            **Administrator Edit: This post has been shortened. Congressional member names have been removed. Please follow the link above to see how your representative voted.**

            • Yeah, sorry mac. that was pretty long!! 🙂

              The point was to show that this Kelly idiot, sure can talk the talk(when it comes to liberty), but the only walkin he does is on our rights and the constitution.(voting for the ndaa)

        • And owns a business!!

      11. While I applaud the gentleman’s intent the fact is We are doomed and no elimination of any regulation will dig Us out of the hole We dug ourselves into. The game is over, We are so broke that it ain’t funny. If you haven’t gotten off your ass and prepped there is still time but I recommend you do so quickly. The Big Crash is coming, there is no stopping it and it is going to happen soon.

        • King Krazy has it right. We need to pull out the stops and PREPARE. Thanks to Mac and this fine news outlet, and others like it we have known for three years what abomination is headed our way. Nothing we can do now will stop what is coming. Concentrating on politics, economics, business….it is all too late. The rabble will overrun your home and neighborhood if you are not ready. Maybe no amount of preparation will succeed but I for one will not go down without having done my best.

      12. Smoke and mirrors from our owned politicians. The only thing that will change is the grip of the noose around our necks.

      13. his job must be on the chopping block, or he just realized we might not be able to pay his 6 figure+ salary very dam soon

      14. He ran for congress as a pissed off Pittsburg business man who had his family General Motors dealerships stripped and closed after the government intervention occurred with GM. The successful , profitable dealership that his father started 50 years ago. I think he’s there to stop this government death spiral that’s choking the life out of us all. But , I agree to little too late. Need to hit the big reset button.

        • While Mike Kelly was born in Pittsburgh, he was raised in Butler Pa and that’s where his GM dealership is/was.

      15. Windbag. Sounds great but the fat lady’s singing. Even if it could be fixed, there is absolutely no motivation for these sociopaths to do what is right for the republic. Keep prepping because there will be pain!

        • You just slobbered a bibfull (granny saying from beverly hill billies meaning you be truthin’!) There is nothing and I mean nothing short of a total freeze on gov spending will save the Republic. I am depressed, pissed and whatever shitty emotion there is. I worked and saved a lifetime to see it all go down the drain.

          • There will NEVER be a freeze on regulations; that would definitely be the close of many many many many departments and jobs of doing nothing but looking like they are doing something.

            • @JayJay, You hit that nail, dead center. These PARASITES will destroy you and not give it a second thought, to keep their fluffy jobs. Try getting a buiding permit, when your the only applicant! Should be a breeze, right?
              They’ll wear that F%@#%NG application to shreads, passing it from one department to another. And just you try to say something or complain.
              Waitng a year and a half for a permit, $5miilion sitting in the bank, ready to go, 25 jobs for a year, minimum. THEY DON”T CARE!
              I don’t have the writing skills to express my anger and hatred of these people, without using expletives. Use your imagination.

            • …not to mention the massive decline in revenues from the fines they could no longer collect…

          • Saying that a “freeze on government spending” will fix this country is incorrect because it assumes that the current spending amount is sustainable. It isn’t. What is REALLY needed is to cut the government to about 1/2 its current size. Try that for a few years and cut more if necessary. In no case spend more than half of the current amount. America is sick, folks, and she is choking on a toxic over-dose of heavy-handed, all-intrusive, and incompetent government. Treating anything else is just tinkering with the symptoms and not curing the disease.

            • They wont cut any spending.

              If they do, the economy collapses, and if the spend and print, they destroy the dollar.

            • Not just cut spending, also balance the budget… kind of like most regular folks have to that don’t have the power to print money. Just a thought.

      16. Ross Perot’s “Great Big Sucking Sound” is no longer heard today. All the jobs have already gone. And no vacuum made on earth or heaven is big enough to get them back.

        If it weren’t for guns and ammo manufacturers and dehydrated food sellers we wouldn’t even have an economy.

        We were all warned. We made our bed. Now it’s time to lay in it. Good night.

        • “Ross Perot’s “Great Big Sucking Sound” is no longer heard today.”

          Actually, that sound is still heard today. It just comes from other sources. One is the sound of FedZilla in the public trough. The other is the sound of precious metals leaving the western bullion banks and ending up in the Asian central banks. SLURP!

        • I didn’t make that bed, but the one I sleep is is quite comfortable because I chose to make my own.

          I’ll stop now so I don’t make any bad jokes about the origin of the sucking sound.

      17. At or below 6%??????????????? Hahahahahahahahahahah!!!

        Yeah, right.

        Shadow stats says the unemployment is 22%(per how they figured it in 1980)

      18. A wise man once told me that you cannot correct people who do not believe in their heart that they are doing anything wrong. TPTB believe, in the hearts, that these regulations are necessary and justified and will fight tooth and nail to keep them in place. They have a very different vision of what America should be and all the rousing speeches in that den of iniquity won’t change anything

        • “A wise man once told me that you cannot correct people who do not believe in their heart that they are doing anything wrong”

          That is true.

          But a whise man once told me- you also cant fix stupid.

          • Here, Here

          • My old daddy was fond of saying, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

      19. I GOT A BETTER CHANT!!!!!

        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!

        I CANT HERE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        COME ON, LET them hear us ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!
        Off with their heads!!!


        • Nah, that’s being WAY too kind and generous to this lot. How about we return to the days of Vlad the Impaler and get medieval on their asses?

          • if we did that you would be piked for stating your opinion. Read up on Tspesh and his ways.

      20. WOW! Love the comments! Even here, I was afraid I’d come across a bunch of flag-waving. I should have known better. You folks rock. Thanks for being awake!

        • Americans have the country they deserve. The average American isn’t very smart and half of them are below average.

          • No, half are above average

          • Somebody told me most Americans are Joe Six Pack watching the Rock wrassle on UPN

        • Only flag waving at my place is “Don’t Tread on Me”

      21. Just of another distraction while Shittyschumer tries to slip gun control measures in another senate bill.

        • He should be immediately removed from office for even trying something that is Un-Constitutional.

          I propose the following Peoples Amendment. Effective immediately.

          “Any politician or government bureaucrat who tries to propose a bill, a mandate, a rule, a regulation or anything that is Un-Constitutional will be immediately removed from office or job position and lose all future benefits and salary. No exceptions”

          • Why not exile?

          • Why not the guillotine?

            • Kevin it ain’t slow enough!

            • POed…if it were controlled by hydraulics and a real good valve controller it could be made REALLY SLOOOWWW… just saying 🙂

          • Blutarsky how will you PROVE the bill is unconstitutional? Take it to the idiots at the Supreme Court? Do you think those yahoos will do right? These are the guys who say the government can make you do anything by simply penalizing you with a tax. And they can tax you on anything. We no longer have a Constitution. Our Founders blood was shed in vain. We have eaten the golden goose.

            • “We have eaten the golden goose.”

              That’s what we get for constructing idols. Seems that we were once told not to do that.

          • No no the founding fathers royally screwed us by not securing every freemans right to execute 3 politicians per year because their is no way that we could get that in the constitution now.for all u government trolls this is NOT a threat!!! I wouldn’t give up my freedoms just to eliminate the worthless scum. But if it was in the constitution we would have a lot less scum to choose from in an election.

      22. the time for talking is long over …


        arm up stock up prepare for un faggy blue blue smurf gun grabbing martial law prepper pepples.

        revolutionary civil war is here !!!


      23. Put 535 of this guy in Congress and they would still mess everything up. The world elites have been a flat out disaster since 1900.

        To put it in perspective, ancient governments lasted centuries. Modern, post 1900, nations are lucky to get 40 years. The US for example when from complete world dominance and control of 70% of the worlds’ industrial production and wealth to what we have now in 70 years. The USSR blew itself up in 75 (less if you start counting from 1945). Modern Europe self-destructs every 40-50 years or so. Developing nations are even worse.

        The record of the “best and brightest” is pretty atrocious.

        • It’s not that governments tend to blow themselves up, it’s that the governments of Western Civilization have been usurped by parasites. The people of Western Civilization fear facing the truth of that matter, and as a consequence, our countries are destroyed. Expect worse to come from them…

      24. TARP Was Even Worse Than You Think: “An Abysmal Failure,” Barofsky Says

        Most Americans have a sense TARP was a badly managed program that bailed out “fat cat” bankers at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. Well, it’s even worse than you think, according to Neil Barofsky, former special inspector general for TARP (SIGTARP).

        coming from someone who should have NOW he wakes the hell up..well pal your a bit too fuckin late

        empty heads..were surrounded by empty heads

        • I think it was so “badly managed” so they could steal, and launder the money to their budies and have plausible deniability.

          We rob a bank, we get life.

          They rob us, they get a cabinet post.

      25. Swing and a miss; the problem is not regulation, the problem is the wholesale sending of jobs overseas and your never going to hit 6% sending jobs overseas. He doesnt know what he is talking about.

        • @bobMD. Are you really a doctor? Of what? Regulation is not a problem? Your an idiot.

          • I appologize for the personal swipe. No excuse.

        • Yes, Bob, the problem IS excessive regulations, taxes, licenses, and laws. Why do you think that companies leave the US and locate over-seas? Because they like the view? Hardly. They do it because the local, state, and national governments have made it very difficult to do anything here and make a profit. Capital is a slippery beast. It ALWAYS goes where it is best treated. Treat it badly and it is outta here.

      26. There is something definitely wrong when the best jobs available are in health care and when other science degrees are not that much in demand. First of all the country is sick, that shows by the increase of health care needs. Next the country is not getting better or extending their life spans because of the health care. The life expectancy of the U.S. is ONLY #31 in the world, and number #33 if you throw in a couple of other tiny countries.

        Many people are actually finding out that advanced college degree go them over too over qualified for most jobs. The old saying, an employer does not want to hire someone that is going to leave as soon as something better comes along. Say something on CNN that I extremely doubt that there are 200,000 jobs unfilled because they could not find people with enough education to fill them. These jobs are either in health care or are so horrible and maybe dangerous that no one wants to take them. There are plenty of people out there that have advanced degrees that would jump at a good job.

        I have said this before, I don’t care about cheapo products from China, India, Mexico, and whereever else, free trade should have long ago been restricted to ONLY countries that are well off so not one single American would lose their job oversees. If almost everything was made in the USA, it would be more expensive, but people could easily pay for it like they did pre-1970’s, and they would be made to last, with good quality parts made by Americans that know how to build the best. Now the country is dying economically and on many other fronts because of selling off to the enemy (China) and other poor countries.

        Let’s face it, from history empires have almost always used WAR as the last thrump card to prevent totally internal collapse. It is probably only a matter of time before the skies are filled with the contrails of ICBM’s and the ground is full of spouting mushroom clouds. I don’t see anyway else out of what has happened, the U.S. passed the point of no return many years ago.

        • Hey informed, I was reading a post you wrote on another thread on shtfplan, and for some reason I thought of Charles Hapgood.

          What do you think of the professors theory of earth crust displacement?

          • @ Kevin. 4 words to this, Earth is not solid. The planet is in motion rotating around the sun in a slightly elliptic orbit, and it is spinning and rotating on an axis, much like an enormous top that is held in place by a force, the sun with the Earth. I read long ago that there has been a wobble in that rotation due to the uneven weight shifting due to the fact that the inside of the planet is slowly moving, like molasses, with a solid iron core like most rocky planets have. You also have a disbalance from the massive ice sheets on the Antarctica. This wobble as I can remember back in college is called the Chandler effect (wobble).

            The main question here can the crusts shift suddenly, much like the 2012 movie? Absolutely yes. The crusts are just that, crusts, and most of them are especially THIN. People equate it to an orange skin and rind, but in reality most of it is more like an eggshell in comparison. The crust depend on the orbit of the planet, the planet’s own rotation, and what exactly is going on down below the crust to determine just how it behaves. There is tremendous heat down there and all sorts of eddies and currents that do not act like people are accustomed to because it is all locked in like an enormous pressure cooker, This is why when an opening breaks through, a volcano, the pressure shoots the magma with tremendous explosive power.

            If you had a solid mass, no heat below, it would take the entire structure to flip, the whole planet. With a paper thin crust in comparison to the rest of the mass of the planet it takes much less to cause that flipping around. Less mass is easier to move. This is why the real danger areas for some sort of crustal displacement would be more likely within and starting in the oceanic crusts that are much thinner than the continental crusts.

            Now for the trillion dollar question, what could cause this? For one thing a hit from an asteroid could cause it, but the real worry would be the weight displacement of the planet and the very inertia of the planet itself. If the planet was dead in space and not moving it would take much to cause any motion. The planet however is in motion and this motion is not as set as people think it is. A planet very close to a star, much like Mercury is, has something called be a tidal lock, the moon to the Earth is tidal locked to it. A mass that is tidal locked will not likely flip, it just rotates around and around for millenniums.

            The Earth is not locked to the sun and can have erratic variances to the way it is in space and the planet itself. Many of the ice ages were thought to be caused from these differences. The Earth was NOT always tilted at 23 and 1/2 degrees. The planet did not always rotate at the average 93 million miles, the amount of daylight was not always 23 hours 56 minutes and some seconds long. Someone that I cannot spell his name came up with all sorts of therories on this and called it the Malocovich curves, I butchered the spelling of his name.

            The mere fact of the instability of the rotation of the planet, the axis tilt, and the distance, tells anyone that the planet is not stable as they think. North and south magnetic poles shirt every few tens of thousands of years as was found by archeologists in ancient fire pits in which ancient people had cooked the iron pyrite in it and the magnetism pointed opposite of true magnetic north, towards magnetic south. This showed that the magnetic poles flip around. This means that the crusts could do the same.

            It is going to happen like the 2012 movie? Unlikely. What you might have is sections of it lurching around, especially the oceanic plates. The rapidly sudden melting of the polar caps could do this though, like what is going on right now in Greenland. Just like the old for every action there is an oppostite equal reaction, something has to occur pretty big to cause something pretty big like a crustal displacement to occur. look for something really big to happen, then a crustal displacement could occur. Look at Antarctica big time as there is over 2 miles of ancient ice on top of it. A couple of months ago I predicted earthquake activity because for just the third time since 1990 there was a couple a 5’s deep in Antarctica and I knew that there would be earthquakes in the world of 6-7 pointers or more, and this was correct as they did happen. South of 60 degrees south and you have good size earthquakes in the world 5 days later or less, 90% of the time.

            You start seeing mass earthquakes in Antarctica, and/or heavy volcanic activity there, the human species is in deep trouble then.

            • All very well but the bottom line is still that everything dies. It is just a matter of time and place.

            • Just saw a 5.0 in the Artic, that can’t be good. It was pretty close to the pole… I also noticed that the activity has dropped dramatically again, so next week should be interesting. Any predictions? =)

            • Predictions? One is definitely gonna hit somewhere sometime soon.

              I tell you folks I’m gonna be the next Gerald Celente. Bank on it!

            • @informed-I figured you were into Hapgood.

              Funny where an ancient map can take a person 🙂 (if memory serves me correct, was it not the peires map that started hapgood on his journey of hypoythesis).

              Its been 25 years since I wread maps of ancient sea kings.

              I think I will dig it out and read it again(if I still have it)!!!

            • @ you don’t need to know. One in the Greenland Sea at 4.6 at 79 and 1/2 degress north, and the one in the Arctic at 81 1/3 degrees at 5.0. This means that within 5 days there will be a 6.3 or higher, 85-90% sure. I would say 90% sure if the 4.6 was 5.0 or higher. This has to do with magnetic north pole and when there is active towards either magnetic pole it is a symptom of an earthquake to come, not the cause.

              What PO’d Patriot says is correct that there is going to be an earthquake somewhere in the world, but narrowing it down to a region and a time is what I have proven can be done in the past. There are comments forecasting earthquakes BEFORE they have happened. A few of them have been within a few hundred miles of where they have occurred and within the time frame. After that 8.6 earthquake I said that Northern Mexico was going to get hit and it did, that was an easy one after such a huge horizontal earthquake.

              I also say to PO’d Patriot that I said last Sunday watch the western pacific plate for a 6.8 or higher. Got two earthquakes of 6.5 and 6.4, the Iris site says it was a 6.6. So that was a decent prediction. I don’t see anyone else putting up some accuracy like this anywhere on the internet. I was wrong last time before this and I admit it, and why I gave a much lower confidence percentage of it occurring because I was not that sure of it. This time I am much more sure it.

              I could be wrong this time, don’t think so because of past records of this occurring. I truly want to predict earthquake to save people and I truly risk looking like a true jackass WHEN I am wrong, with the long ears and everything. But with any theory you have to test it out over and over again till you can get it right.

              I am now looking at my globe with all the stickers on it and the past earthquake activity point towards Central America, Tonga area with maybe central Chile as the most probable areas right now to get that 6.3 or higher within 5 days. The very northern portion of Japan or the very western most of the Aleutian Islands are long shots for this also. Very difficult to pinpoint it, but I am going to give a shot as this appears where it is pointing towards, the previous earthquakes. In fact I am even going to try to narrow down the magnitude also to 6.4-6.6.

            • Off just a little bit. Said earlier today above that a 6.4-6.6 earthquake would strike around Tonga, just got one 6.6 in Papua New Guinea. This system works when there are earthquakes towards the magnetic poles. I was off to the west a bit with this, but the general area and the right magnitude and within the right time period. Little sooner than I thought, but there is no one prediciting earthquakes like this that I am aware of like this. This system works but needs refining still. Check out the USGS recent earthquakes to see that 6.6 that was predicted about a hour or so before it hit.

              Energy still seems to focus on the other areas I mentioned for the next 5 days. My whole point here is not some self boasting exercise here, it is to prove that earthquakes can be accurately predicted and people can be forewarned.

        • It is true: the health care system is really the sickness care system. It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with maximising the number of procedures and treatments, extorting as much money as possible for the practitioners.

          If the health system was a ‘health’ system, then doctors would tell you to eat well and exercise constantly and would joke that they shouldn’t need to see your ‘sorry ass’ because you are so healthy.

          But instead, they don’t ‘judge’ on lifestyle and happily book you in for a battery of tests to then line you up for a battery of procedures. How many times have I seen obese people clogging up the waiting room and yet you know the doctor will never tell them to lose weight because that would be to ‘judge’.

          Another failure of the system is the majority of research funds go into drugs to alleviate various complaints and diseases, rather than looking into causes. Cancer is one of the big tragedies because so much of it is lifestyle caused (chemicals in food, polluted air etc).

          • @ Frank Thoughts. Well said. Preventative health care is something that these fat-tards don’t want to do, they rather live their life styles of prowling the wal-mart aisles for “goodies” and then have to pay the price. That price is all sorts of “meds” that have lots of side effects that have to be counteracted with more “dope” that has more side effects. These chemicals work to destgroy the immune systems and decrease life spans measurably.

            Then these “reps” of the pharmaceutical companies that are no better than legalized dope dealers, come to doctor’s offices and offer all sorts of incentives and other samples to give to their “patients” to try out. In where I use to live this is exactly what scummy drug dealers would do to offer free samples to get people hooked on it. Being hooked doesn’t mean just chemically hooked, it is also the mental or psychological depedency that gets someone hooked on anything. Dirty little parasites are these “pharm” “reps”.

            I know someone that was one of these and he said he got out of it because it was pure evil. These “pharm” companies have one agenda, to sell no matter what, and make sure you don’t get sued for a product that can be found by a court to be faulty.

            These “pharm” companies in my opinion are the worst parasites ever because they give false hope of help, and keep people just barely alive well enough, totally sick though. Some medication does work, especially anitbiotics, but much of this crap just keeps grandpa and grandma alive long enough to suck up the rest of what they saved up a lifetime to put away. These dope dealers and dope manufacturing firms get fatsos into the thought that they can eat and destroy their bodies because they can take a pill later to keep their flabby adiposity bodies just mobile enough to ride around in one of those carts to be able to use their pork pie fingers to grab another basket full of “food” not fit to eat by your farm pigs or scavengers such as seagulls.

            The “pharm” drug dealers have in their part annihilated this country and the people. The junk food companies sell crap that people know is crap and it is their choice to eat it. The dope dealers selling false snake oil in a total deception to making people well again so they can eat that manure is what is wrong. I was taught a sense of right and wrong in a different era, and these “pharm” companies are the epitome of pure wickedness run completely wild. I cannot even force myself to think differently because I have seen the utter destruction of people’s bodies because of this toxic soup of chemicals that they say are “meds”.

            I am surprised that the U.S. is even in the top 35 in life expectancy. If someone were to factor in the “quality” of life into the life expectancy the U.S would have to rank in the bottom half of all countries. If someone has to live on a cocktail of dope until they are 80 from 65-70 on. While someone in a third world country dies naturally and peacefully around 72-75, who is better off?

            The U.S. is so screwed up on multiple facets; the citizens are not healthy, the country has few good jobs left other than in dope companies and health care, a debt that is a monster, an infrastructure that is crumbling everywhere that I good earthquake could flatten without too much trouble, a president that stinks BO, and a president candidate that is just one notch above the manure below everyone’s feet, and a military that is spread thinly all over the place. The country is behaving like it is the 1960’s and the country is strong, which it isn’t. The country reminds on what you see after a whole series of earthquake after earthquake, cracks everywhere and just waiting for the next “shaker” to take everything or most of everything down.

            This is why I cannot understand why more people don’t see this and are not persoanlly preparing. The first time I saw 1%, I was shocked that it was not at least 10%. I thought there were more Americans that were ready and using their minds. To think that only 1% of people were preparing was appalling to me. The 99%, all those that fail to see what is happening and if they do, fail to do something about it, not even try. I guess if there is a world left after the nukes start flying people should learn Chinese or Russian because this is one way of staying alive if you can speak the conquering enemy’s language if you are caught. That 1% are still going to be difficult to catch though.

      27. There are basically two political systems.

        One is freedom where government is small and acts to protect freedom against foreign and domestic threats; in essence government’s only role is defense against invasion and against criminals.

        The other political system is some form of plunder and control whether it is called dictatorship, kingdom, communism, socialism, fascism, or democracy. What we have today in the USA is a combination of socialism and fascism with very little freedom left.

        This Congressman addressed one of the results of government control, i.e., destruction of productive capacity.

        We all need to understand that the US is no longer a free nation before we can take the steps to restore freedom, and unfortunately way too many people don’t have a clue.

      28. It’s very easy to lose freedom but darn near impossible to get it back.

        This is what we are facing. We have a massive uphill battle my friends. Some of our politicians are on board but there are just not enough of them.

        And many of the ones we think are “on board” are only saying so to get elected or re-elected.

        The vast majority of these politicians have NO INTEREST AT ALL in giving up power over us.

        And most Americans just don’t care or just don’t get it.


        • Perfect…

          These ass clowns are exactly like their counterparts of the
          Roman empire

          self serving
          cheating scoundrels


      29. For me they are all running scared. They know they will have to deal with the mass’s sooner than latter, and that means their job’s. If we have elections this fall I say vote every imcumbent’s OUT! Tell the newly elected you have 90 days to start the recall of all these numb nut laws that have been passed, along with all of the EO. If you don’t we will not wait for an another election, you will be remove on the 100 th day by force if need be. MAKE THEM FEAR US! But thats just me

        • They should be scared of not just their jobs….

      30. that speech is the biggest bunch of crap I have heard this year
        I think I need to take a pill for nausea

        the so called job creators are doing just fine
        ALL evidence points to this

        Caterpillar,for example,made RECORD breaking profits
        their response to the workers who helped meet this goal?

        management is gutting their benefits
        DEMANDING a 6 year wage freeze
        you heard it right
        a 6 year wage freeze

        the worlds elite have stashed away the tidy sum of at least 32 TRILLION dollars

        the disparity between the rich
        and everyone else is GROWING
        especially in this country

        wake up proles
        we’re being used abused and then thrown away

        that speech should have been printed on toilet paper
        then at least I could have wiped my a_s with it

        • “wake up proles
          we’re being used abused and then thrown away”

          OK but what else are proles good for? The moral of the story seems to be, don’t be a prole! 😉

      31. REP MIKE KELLY FOR PRESIDENT —–no taxation whatsoever on small new biz for 5 years, not even a letter about tax

      32. did anyone hear about the youngster who wanted to open a hotdog stand to help his disabled parents —gov closed him down 15 mins after opening because he was “competing with other local restaurants”—- that’s the problem in a nutshell — its like the mob is running our country

        • Sounds like a “protection racket” to me, how about a RICO charge against the government???

      33. blah blah blah

      34. Go to Alex Jones Info Wars: July 21 2012 : “Eyewitness Account James Holmes possible second shooter.” This has videos of several people who point to 2 people involved and possible mind control with James Holmes as the fall guy. And then the government talks about the need to control those nasty guns and oh by the way the UN treaty that would overrule the US Constitution on gun control and outlaw personal ownership of guns is ready to be signed. WoW what a coincidence!
        This is not the only source saying that there were 2 people working togeather and 2 shooters.

        • thats not all, heres more for the conspiracy theorists:

          Robert Holmes is known throughout the global banking community as the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed. He developed predictive models for financial credit and fraud risks and internet/online banking fraud models.

          Educated at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, Robert Holmes is currently the senior lead scientist with the American credit score company FICO. Every American citizen is beholden to FICO if they need to borrow money.

          The massive banking fraud crime that the US Senate is investigating is called the LIBOR Scandal . It involves UK banks who illegally fixed borrowing rates with the compliance of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve (which knew about this crime for 4 years and didn’t report it) and other major Western banks.


        • It must be the Rosicrucians. Just like with RFK.

      35. Are you kidding me? This sounds really great but two things you must consider:

        If they roll back the regs and things start booming, what will it prove? It will prove what about 3% of the population knows but congress wants to keep 97% in the dark about: government is a parasite.

        If they roll back taxes, ditto.

        Its never going to happen. We let these greedy bastards take over our government (banksters) and you think the owned puppets are going to cut their own strings? Not a chance.

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” -JFK

        We keep trying peaceful revolution. Trying and trying and trying. But, they make it impossible because THEY OWN THEM ALL! …or they soon do after they are elected.

        How much longer will we try for peaceful revolution?

      36. Mike Kelly (R-PA),
        I’m just wondering, have you ever held a Government job that supplied health care & retirement that is paid for by tax dollars & that I don’t receive as a taxpayer?
        Are all Republican congressmen SOCIALISTS?

      37. @ Gods Creation
        I need your help please. Awhile back you posted about requesting the court produce the principle, since they cannot the case would need to be dropped but I cant find that post now. Will you please tell me how to do this.
        Ty RP

        • @Revelations- DO NOT listen to that KOOK…you will wind up LOCKED UP.

        • u can find the info on the sedm website but you must realize there is no 1 form that fixes all you have to understand the complete process. you must understand you will not be going before an article 3 court you will be going before a court of admirality otherwise known as a court of contracts. you must understand thatwe as human beings have a natural right of freedom to contract. it was hard for me to understand that whenever I quoted the constitutio n that the court would completely disregard anything and everything. you must understand that in a court of admirality the contract is the law! and for the naysayerso I have to beat the hot shot law firms before a judge in court and without an attorney. an attorney will not fight for your rights in court. and attorneys first duty as an officer of the court is to the court! now for my disclaimer this is not legal advice. I am not an attorney. if you need legal advice please seek yourself a competent attorney. if you can find one.

      38. to everyone on this forum: it’s going to take we the people to get the boot off america’s throat. once tshtf, it needs to be game on; that may be our only chance to do so. the entire system will collapse in all respects; nobody will be otu there to enforce anything, at least not in the intial phase. i’m armed and ready. i,m sick of all this crap just like everyone else. take care and keep prepping.

      39. at least someONE is trying to stop the deconstruction of america…


        Life at the END of Empire

        things are changing
        for the better
        or for the worse

        people living during the decline of the Roman Empire
        probably didn’t believe it was all coming to an end either

        • Satori,
          Awesome find! That’s what I’ve been trying to put words to for some time. I’m not certain the creator understands who is running this show, and just what thier true goals are, but it is a very good vid. There are probably lots of people out there who are so brainwashed they won’t get it, but anyone with a brain should be concerned after watching it.

          • most people know deep in their spirit
            that something is terribly terribly wrong
            they just don’t know what
            how to put it into words
            how to deal with it

      41. Just got back from Cedar Point, OH. Nice place…here’s the big issue… Guess who is working there.. All foreigners. Nobody spoke English. I’m not going back. It’s time we start boycotting these companies that will not hire Americans. Fuck them. My wallet is closed to them forever.

        Support only American Businesses that employ Americans.

        They will get the message.

      42. I have a business lot. I won’t be building a new apartment building as there’s too much red tape and crap from the town. I’ll just let the lot sit there for the next few decades as a passive investment…you know, mow the low and pay the $400 a year carry costs…as there’s nothing on it. They treat us (job creators and project creators) like we are greedy scum. They make it so we cannot make a fair profit. I hope everything crashes very very very hard. WE’VE BEEN TAKEN OVER BY COMMIES! Their plan was to bankrupt us and make it impossible to do business here. Ok…you fucks won. I say to all business owners….shut it all down. Then we’ll see what comes of it. I’m already seeing stores being taken down on commercial lots…the builders cannot rent them…so we are all in “go long” mode and will just mow the lawns and pay the minimal taxes. It beats going bankrupt.

        I BLAME all the lawyers who turned politicians.
        We need plumbers, carpenters and the working man making the laws. Not the white collar scum.

        Now…we are trying to determine how to make a living from a country that is failing. It’s the new reality.

        • Yeah. I think I hear John Galt…The only problem is, your mortal enemies won’t be content to let you sit back and just mind your own buisiness…

          • If our enemies are truly “mortal”, maybe it is time to test that and see if it is true. If it turns out that they are, then they will be quite content.

        • If you own a big truck, in Ky, you’d write a book about the useless pages of regulations.

      43. Well, is a$$ wipe(dear leader) going to sign that un treaty tonight at midnight?

      44. Man been working to much.. the only thing I am searching for is obammamma sign the UN bill???????????????????

        • Modus operandi= sign at 9 PM PST.

        • The small arms treaty has been called.. by US and Russia..

          Probably rewording it or wrapping it up as a nice package for all of us to accept..


          sneak it in some bill nu-noticed at midnight..

          not to worry

          it will be passed one way or another.

          then we’ll have to read it to know what’s in it

          business as usual..


      45. call me a pollyanna but I still have hope, change starts with one voice, and I believe that there are many who still hold strong to what our country was founded on and many will fight for what is right. Good always prevails in the end no matter what happens.

        • Lady you have got that right! Good will prevail, it’s just the muck and mire we will have to wade thru to get there. The muck is building and the wait won’t be much longer.

      46. I am very blessed to own a business in Texas. We have some restrictions and hoops to jump through, but our state does not have most of the ones that other states have. It is very business friendly. Also no state income tax. It is the federal taxes and restrictions that are starting to mount. Luckily our governor has decided that Texas will not participate in the state required part of Obamacare. We would welcome you guys in Texas… We love Patriots.

      47. “What surprises, baffles, and angers me about the fierce media debate and advertising melee that ensued is that no one that I have seen or heard has properly framed the actual fatal flaw in Mr. Obama’s statement and thus logic!! Mr. Obama’s claim is as ludicrous as it is disrespectful! The traditional media have utterly and probably intentionally missed the point!! The Reality is that even the “roads and bridges” that the Obama Administration and campaign ultimately pointed to in order to explain the President’s comments WERE NOT BUILT BY THE GOVERNMENT!!”

        From my friend Roger’s post @

        • Obummer’s handlers own the MSM, expect no truth from them. Obummer is a Marxist puppet that hates this country, hates freedom we have, and will do his master’s bidding to bring this country down.

          • I listened to the propaganda at the VA emergency room for 5 minutes; moved to a corner after saying to dh…I don’t hear this propaganda at home, and I’m not listening to it here.
            Eyebrows raised.

        • Here in Washington state, the Weyerhaeuser Company was building it’s new headquarters complex, and needed a highway on/off ramp to service the site. The state DOT quoted them a figure, Weyco said ‘We’ll do it ourselves’, took the DOT plans, and contracted out the work as a private project, to the same heavy construction firms the DOT uses. They got it completed to specifications 3 months ahead of schedule and for 2/3 of the cost of a DOT project. So much for Obama’s claims.

          • And they built every other road leading from the employees houses to the business building too! They are true champions. Screw the government doing anything to help with that.

      48. Politicians are not going to solve the peoples problems they never have, change has to start with people. Mac watch the three Zeitgeist movies and make an article about them.

      49. I never really understood the idea that if government would just taxed the wealthy less, they’d go and create all kinds of jobs for us.

        It seems to me, if the opportunity was there to start a business and make money, they would be doing it. I think the problem is the lack of customers, not government regulation. There are many small businesses in my neighborhood and at any given moment they are generally dead, no customers.

        Am I to believe the reason these business owners aren’t hiring more people is simply because their taxes are too high? If they received a tax cut, I’m inclined to believe they would simply bank it and hire no one.

        More money in the pockets of their customers is what is needed.

        • @Pooby, It doesn’t work that way. but the idiots running the production don’t get it. Very, very rarely does a business owner “type”, either go into gov. service or run for office. For elected office, it’s usually busibodies, lawyers, or those who “came up’ in the system.

          Having to meet a payroll is one of the most demanding tasks imaginable. Especially when you can’t just print,borrow or take the funds.

          Business owners NEVER start a business to create jobs. Employees are a necessary PITA. Folks start a business to get more out of life, control their own destiny, fulfill a dream or because they are desperate and driven to it. Please, someone tell me I am wrong. Someone tell me they started a business because they wanted to have 50 employees. When I hear all this “job creator” crap, I know immediatley, the boob talking hasn’t got a clue.

          That being said, gov. regs and taxes are onerous, and I would only add an empoyee out of dire need. I would work the existing ones harder ( and pay overtime and bonus) before adding on. If you owned a business, you would know the level of crap that comes with each new hire. And that crap costs. A fair average, I would say is 20% to 40% above and beyond base salary.
          Unemployment insurance ( paid by the employer, not employee), fica, fuda, health care, mandatory holidays, etc.etc. the paperwork alone will drive you nuts.

          Too much government. They, it, is a giant cancerous , parasitic blob over society. It’s sole purpose now is to grow. Their “work” is never done. They have to keep adding and adding regulations to “justify” their existance. It’s what they do. Once a gov reg or program starts, it NEVER ends.

          Give me a tax break and I’ll create a job. Now, how stupid does that sound?

      50. More bullcrap. Yes, the mythical ‘job creators’ are creating jobs but for the deluded out there they are in the US – try China, Indian, Vietnam, etc…anywhere other than the US as they are busy off shoring jobs and factories as fast as they can. The concept of ‘job creators’ is just as moronic as the notion of ‘trickle down’.

      51. “More money in the pockets of their customers is what is needed.”

        Yes, it is but we cannot expect government to provide it. People need to earn their own way, if they can do so after the government is done milking them dry.

        Many people have said recently that they could not start, run, or succeed at their business if they had to start it today. The regulatory and legal climate is such that it is 10x more difficult to succeed today than it was 20-30 years ago. Sad but true.

        To really grasp the weight that government applies to business people, one really needs to try starting and running their own business. They say that it is quite an eye-opener.

      52. Wonderful how this website is turning into a pro company blog. Enough with this. Companies are doing bad, government is doing bad, they are ALL doing bad and apart of the same team. Start playing that card and get off the corporatist soapbox.

      53. On a positive note. CONGRATULATIONS to John Mellencamp for his newest award, The John Steinbeck Award. It is given annually to persons that have contributed to the common working man/woman and democracy.

        Through Mellencamp’s music and as a founder and contributor of Farm Aid; he has shown that he truly is an American patriot. He is scheduled to receive the award during a presentation on July 30, by John Steinbeck’s son, Thomas…. Thomas Steinbeck wrote that the awardee is a “planetary patriot,” which means, a person who, in keeping with John Steinbeck’s understanding of the highest aspirations of an artist, “stands up against the stones of condemnation, and speaks for those who are given no real voice in the halls of justice, or the halls of government. By doing so these people will naturally become the enemies of the political status quo.”

        • Rain on the scarecrow,
          Blood on the plow

          • “The crops we grew last summer weren’t enough to pay the loans
            Couldn’t buy the seed to plant this spring and the farmers bank foreclosed
            Called my old friend Schepman up to auction off the land
            He said, “John, it’s just my job and I hope you understand”

            Hey, calling it your job, ol’ hoss, sure don’t make it right
            But if you want me to I’ll say a prayer for your soul tonight”

        • John Mellencamp is extremely anti-gun.

      54. If people could get along with their neighbors we could spend a good 5 years borrowing and selling things to eachother and watch the great creators do what they claim from a good distance.

      55. Enough! Arrest these criminals!


        Police “busted” in anaheim.


        According to onlookers, a blonde woman was shouting pro-police slogans in front of City Hall, at one point flashing her wrist and showing off a tattoo that seemed to be a badge number. But an hour later, they claim the same woman was seen yelling anti-police slogans and throwing water bottles at the police.

        Go to bottom, watch the 2 videos.

        God, I love the internet. 🙂

        Oh, I meant the internet is full of bullshit and “conspiracy theories” because the corporate hore prestitutes tell me this. I should believe them, not my eyes.

        VIDEO is NEVER proof.(sarc off)

        • The videos are proof of nothing.

      57. Today’s POP QUIZ

        The Olympics opened in London yesterday. In keeping with the traditions of the host nation, organizers of the games decided to:
        A- Serve nothing but warm beer and cold fish filets at the concessions.
        B- Make special mention of the Ministry Of Silly Walks as the prime sponsor of the event.
        C- Award the Americans an honorary gold medal for ‘Most rudeness during the opening ceremonies.’
        D- All of the above

        The first day of the London Games was especially busy for the media. Camera crews were kept hopping trying to:
        A- Get as much footage of the Swedish womens volleyball team as possible.
        B- Keep at least three cameras on Kate Middleton at all times.
        C- Show the Queen’s spectacular parachute jump into the stadium, yet film at an angle that didn’t show her bloomers.
        D- Showcase the dazzling transformation of London, from a stodgy old European city into a stodgy old European city with pyrotechnics.
        E- All of the above.

        Several new competitive events have been added for this years Olympics. Among them are:
        A- Synchronized queueing, where 400 spectators all stand in line for a single restroom.
        B- The accountants book-juggling contest, where a 200 million pound loss is made to look like a positive economic input for the host nation.
        C- ‘Ultimate Olympic Hide And Seek’ where at least one person out of all the athletes and spectators attempts to NOT be seen 24 hrs a day by security cameras. (this event has never been sucessfully done in London)
        D- All of the above

        A private deep-sea salvage company has located a sunken WW2 German submarine off the coast of Massachusettes. Divers were shocked to find the vessel still contained:
        A- 4 unexploded torpedoes.
        B- Skeletal remains of crew members.
        C- Black & white photos of Hitler in drag.
        D- A working fuel pump for a 1942 Mercedes Roadster.
        E- Barak Obama’s real birth certificate.
        F- All of the above.

        Mitt Romney is pulling away from Obama in recent polls. The results, giving Romney a 5 to 7 point lead, indicate that:
        A- A majority of black Americans think Obama is a sellout to the white-run organization.
        B- A majority of white Americans think Obama is a sellout to the black-run organization.
        C- A majority of Americans simply think Obama is a sellout.
        D- The president will need an additional 16,000 dead voters just to carry Illinois.
        E- All of the above.

        Extra Credit Bonus Question-

        Cornell University just released the findings of a comprehensive 2 year study of the American economic system. The most startling part of their report was:
        A- The US leads the world with 65% of total global arms sales.
        B- Americans spend more money at Chick-Fil-A restaurants in one day than the total yearly contributions to all the organizations promoting gay marriage.
        C- Fewer than half of all Americans have any concept of what capitalism really is.
        D- Not a single professor in the entire Cornell Economics Department has any concept of what capitalism really is.
        E- All of the above.

      58. The big “news” STORY for the weekend ON CNN’S WEB SITE.

        From cnn-

        (CNN) — Is Lady Gaga an artist?

        Sure, she can play piano. She’s got some songwriting talent, too. But music isn’t what comes to mind when the former Stefani Germanotta is discussed. Instead, it’s the attention-getting antics: The controversial videos. The in-your-face sexuality. The crazy concerts. The meat dress.


        God, I hate getting news from a russian tv station!!!!!!

        NOW, the news from RT-

        RT News- The Department of Homeland Security has ordered masses of riot gear equipment to prepare for potential significant domestic riots at the Republican National Convention, Democratic National Convention and next year’s presidential inauguration.

        “The riot gear will be worn by Federal Protective Service agents who are tasked with protecting property, grounds and buildings owned by the federal government”.

        “federal protective service agents”


        FPS agents? first I have heard of them. Shovel ready jobs perhaps??????

        They dig, we get buried.

        • Right on, kevin. What the MSM considers ‘news’ and what most would consider as news, are light years apart.
          Oh, and thanks for the link (below) to the fed story too.

        • The FSP is the agency that provides building security for the Gov’t, usually in Washington DC. Been around for a long time, nothing new.

          • Didnt know that(their name). I DO know they treat people like trash.

            Been there done that.

            A bunch of empowered a$$holes, like the tsa but with guns.

        • Thanks for the link Kevin. Yes, it seems that at the exact moment that a market panic hits and people will want to withdraw funds, the banks will restrict access. That should do wonders for confidence in financial markets…

      59. Look the elitist’s of this world, like the Soro’s, Kissinger’s etc. are getting old, they have worked their whole lives to get a NWO. That is why Big O will be elected this fall if election’s are held. Rom is also owned by them,but he will be to slow to do their will, but with Big O he has done so much for them already, they can not let him not win. They want to see their lifes work put into place before they die. So by hook or crook he is going to be re-elected. The SH-T will start the day after the election and will continue, until the take it back party begins. The first thing to happen will be an EO to band gun ownership period and then marshall law to stop the mass’s from revolting. I truly look for this to happen before 2013 is here. If not 2013 will be total H-LL for so many people that are not prepared. You all know and hear this so much, but here it is again PREPARE NOW LIKE THERE WILL NOT BE A TOMORROW!

      60. Took my breath away. Why aren’t they all saying something similar? I will pay more attention to the gentlemen in the future.


      61. (Throat clearing sound)…Chat Forum…(Throat clear sound)…

      62. I ready to move back to minn.where it has a place to hide without everyone here wanting to know my biz. lets all get outa here too hot anyway. I likeit cool with good & lots of water. This dry hot climate Texas can have it. It’s nott all its cracked up to be.

      63. I’m in a poor area of north Philadelphia, and often drive through philadelphia’s ‘badland’ ultra poor areas along the public transport line of stops. At almost every train stop yet especially at some of the most famous open air drug market intersections in America (eg, Kensington and Somerset), every day, are Obama supporters registering the dregs of society to vote. They are literally signing up crackheads, heroin addicts, prostitutes, felons and other street ne’er do wells. I guess if they are felons they let someone else or a mainframe computer figure that out. Of course, none of these people have ever voted so the Obama worshippers are attacking them head on and signing them up. Most of the workers are bright eyed college students who are absolutely clueless. Then you get the middle aged women supporters, the ones who swoon and faint at Obama speeches. They are registering people who don’t know which end is up, and doing so by the thousands.

      64. I am afraid America is not the priority right now and will not be for the next two decades. We are in the process of global rebalancing of living standards and the fact is, America had its party, it partied hard and now it is time for America to take a chill pill.

        The only thing that matters is America’s hegemon entitities – Pentagon, NSA, CIA etc. – because the world needs them to keep things calm in the world.

        My advice is to stop dreaming about America being like the 50s again and get with the programme. And I do think Obama will win in November: my God, we have so much ready and planned for 2013: it’s going to be fun!

        • Effin’ euro-trolls……

      65. Economic sanctions, isn’t that how you bring a country to its knees?

      66. I wholeheartedly agree, remove the boot from the throat of America!

        First, get rid of the IRS and institute a flat 14% income tax, + a 1% Fed sales tax – everyone must pay something. Second, reduce the corporate income tax to 14%, and watch the jobs come back. Third, reduce the size of the Fed government which has a choke hold on business. Dept of Energy, Dept of Education, EPA, and so on.

        We have too many laws (restrictions) as it is. Butt out of our lives!

        We must follow the Constitution as it is written without interpretation; we cannot divide the Constitution up 330 million ways. Public service needs to be accountable to the people. No more career politicians!

        We need JOBS to increase our tax revenue. Implement private sector initiatives to build bridges, highways, mass transportation, electrical grids, retail CNG distribution, solar. Mandate significant reductions of our oil dependency.

        Replace our welfare state with payroll checks.

        This would be a start. Put petty differences/party politics aside. Let’s do the right things for A CHANGE we all can believe in.

      67. Let’s not forget that much of the regulatory red tape was implemented at the behest of corporate lobbyists doing their monied best to block any competition.

        People always seem to act as though our government is this rogue group of misfits, but look at who the campaign donors are to see who’s interest our government is concerned with.

        We’ve had fascism light since this country began and it took off toward heavy fascism with Reagan and hasn’t stopped since. The funny part is all of the dimmer bulbs who still think the Democrats are socialists! HAHAHA. They are nothing more than the other side of the one party that serves corporate interests.

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