Video: “This Is Our Worst Nightmare If It Happens And Has The Potential To Lead To Hyperinflation”

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Headline News | 106 comments

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    It’s safe to say that everything from politics to our economy is being manipulated on the highest levels of global governance and finance. While those in the upper echelons of the decision making apparatus tell us their agenda is being implemented for the betterment of society and the little guy, we know that exactly the opposite is the case. And at some point in the very near future this will become apparent to the general public. By the time the people realize what has happened, however, it’ll be much too late. As the latest micro-documentary from the Wealth Research Group highlights, the system as we have come to know it is on its last leg and those who fail to understand what’s happening around them will pay the ultimate price.

    A Must-See breakdown of where we are and where we’re headed next:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    This is our final chance to protect ourselves from the catastrophic ending to a 103-year-old era.  The greatest wealth transfer of all times is upon us as Treasury bill holders and everyday savers will lose fortunes while the U.S. dollar takes the last breath before returning to ashes… like all fiat currencies throughout history.

    The Treasury collaborated with The Fed on their largest combination of scams ever… the bailouts… the QE programs… and negative interest rates.

    But the most desperate action is yet to come. In order to keep the dollar alive the equivalent of electric shocks will be given to save the dollar. Get ready for helicopter money.

    This is our worst nightmare if it happens and has the potential to lead to hyperinflation.

    Visit Wealth Research Group for more videos like this one or Subscribe At Youtube.


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      1. at this point we are well past the point of no return. it can’t be fixed. best get your affairs in order.

        • We’ve been preparing for years. I hope we have more time. But we’re ready if it comes.

          They have set us up to fail. Look around the world and you can see that their plans are coming to fruition. Poverty, social unrest, globalization.

          This is a controlled demolition.

          • “controlled demolition”..
            I have to remember that…well said.

            • I said that yesterday on ZH.

              Glad you like it.

            • Just like the twin towers and etc #7…

          • The Video is a history lesson; however with a metal miners commercial segued in at the end, glorifying how you can become a metalionaire.

            “””Smart””” people know the difference between owning Physical Gold and Silver Vs. Paper IOU ETF’s /promissory stock notes to pay you back at a future date. Heck, they may not find any more metal in the ground next year and file bankruptcy, and you lose everything.

            **If you like to loan your wealth to the miners then go buy a Metal Miners paper stock and gamble and lose it all. If you like to preserve your wealth buy buying low and selling high, then own the Physical Gold and Silver rounds, bars and bullion. Anything written on Paper can be Fraud. Buyer beware.

            Check the P/E -Price to Earnings Ratio’s of a mining stock. 600 PE ratios, would be like you paying 600 times the actual annual earnings that they bring in. Would you go out and buy a business and pay 600 times the annual income of the business, then get work it 600 years to break even on the price you paid? If so, then have fun. Not me.

            ~WWTI… I would rather pay $19 today for Physical Silver and in a year or 2 double my money at $40 when I sell it or trade it. See the disconnect between Physical Metals vs Paper IOU Mining Stocks gambling with high PE ratios? This video does not exactly tell you this or disclose that, do they? They need More New Mining stock BUYERS today, so THEY can sell and unload their mining shares to reap the 600% returns. Meanwhile you watch the shares drop back to zero. Mining stocks are already crashing. This is why they are beating the drums looking for new suckers. If mining stocks were so great, I would not tell a sole and buy all the shares for myself if I had really deep pockets. Stick to physical PM’s and play it safe.

            • Oh great another shiny metals pimp

              • “. . .shiny metals pimp. . .”

                name calling- got anything else?

            • That is the truth!

            • correct!

            • Understand there is a lot to know when trading stocks to make a profit. I used to day trade on “Momentum sentiment.” Vs. On fundamentals for long term investing. Huge difference. Meaning I would trade in and out of a stock several times a day to catch the swings. And a lot of stocks trade in daily patterns. And you better be paying attention to when the tide changes to get out with stop loss markers. There may be a lot of people getting into mining stocks. And the stock price could rise a little, but do not to get into metal mining stocks for preserving ones wealth or as a long term investment today. The exit doors are swinging outward right now.

              I just read and reposted this guys take on Metal Miner stocks he posted on Monday. See how he feels right now about mining stocks.

              Anonymous (not verified)
              17 hours 15 min ago
              my portfolio (silver miners 65%/gold miners 35%) is taking a beating right now, incl options (october monthly $15-16 calls on AG) – but I am not capitulating to this fed bs propping the dollar, trying in vein to stop this PM rise (that’s my thesis for this rate hike hype).

              ~WWTI…So there you go. Do you want to preserve your wealth?? Or gamble and put all your wealth on Red or Black and let it ride to become a Metalionaire? No matter what happens in the stock market, I will have not lost a single ounce of my Physical Silver Rounds or worry about someone paying me back at a later date, from the IOU Paper Promise like others are holding in Mining ETF’s.

              • On Sept 30th The US Government Runs out of Money and could trigger a Government shut down. Do they kick the can down the road again approve a new budget and pile on more debt, or can the Republicans say “NO MORE” more and Put Obama’s Grabberment in a cage for a few more months?

                The politics will get interesting if they do not approve a budget. Do you crash the economy and stock market for a Trump win or will there be a backlash, as the Dems blame Republicans for not approving more debt. Stay tuned for this political drama to play out. Or do they vote in a temporary few months spending bill gap, to get through the elections and the political balance shifts for congress for next year.

                This could be a huge Trump landslide win in NOV. Lots of quiet Voters out there plenty fed up with the Obama Fleecing of our country. Any person unemployed should be Voting for Trump. That’s a huge number not always included in polling data.


                • Looking back to 2008. Jan 2008 the DOW peaked at 14,000 then it crashed in half to Dow 7000. Now fast forward 2016, we Have DOW 18,000+ and I see at least a 7000 Point Haircut coming back to DOW 11,000. This will be a Replay. Crash could come here in Sept, like Sept 30th, or after the election. I see 2017 as being one of the hardest years and times we have had since the great depression.

                  Hillary will be more of the same and worse. Trump will have his hands full, but at least He has business sense and as he says He will make Good decisions which are Good for Americans First. The opposition of In-bread cockroaches will be scratching and clawing being disrupters to change that won’t benefit them.

                  I want to see a bunch of Bankers in prison cells next to MS-13 Hoodie Gangsters, ass-raping the bankers daily for fun.

                  ~WWTI… Picked up 3 sets of Chain Saw Chain Files to keep my chain saws sharp and ready. Each chain saw I have has a different file size. Get these Files and tools now, before the shelves are bare. Also a must have tool for Preppers are a set of good metal files to keep the rest of the tools in the shed sharp and ready to go. File and sharpen the edges of your shovel heads now, after you shoot later on, you don’t want a dull shovel head when you are digging and in a hurry at 4 in the morning before daylight.

              • Obviously you were a failure at day trading.
                Are you saying Mac is wrong for having mining shares?
                For someone who claims to be so smart, you have screwed up many times in life.

                • Anon-

                  I agree, this guy is a dim wit…. trying his best to fit in here. But, trolls always tip their hand.

                • Mining shares will be worthless in an economic meltdown….I lived in mineral rich Zimbabwe during their hyper inflation period ( loaf of Bread 500 trillion ). Stock exchange trading was suspended and only those with physically onhand metals could smuggle them into neighbouring states and import back necessities.The multinational mines here actually shut down….and eventually many pulled out entirely..Foreign currency in cash of any country enabled us to purchase some goods,fuel etc on the local black market, at horrendous prices.Many of us also had Visa/Mastercard held externally,usually GB pounds and US $. Again, we had to travel across the border to use them.Electronic banking all switched off inside this country. I shudder to think of the chaos when the anticipated crisis hits an advanced country like the US. .

            • “If you don’ hold it, you don’t own it”… Ponce

              Silver is for trading and not for selling…….


          The PTB hold their wealth and power in (primarily) dollar denominated securities, but also in the Yen, Pound, Euro, and Swiss Franc.

          Hyperinflation destroys the currency and with it the wealth and power of the PTB. Not gonna happen. More fear porn.

          On the other hand, DEFLATION destroys the LEVERAGED wealth of the Middle Class and working poor. Guess who will be the losers. You only get one guess, but that’s all you need.

          Daniel is selling fear again. Next you will see another push for a pump n dump in silver. Daniel is a FUCKING WHORE and he is trying to make SHTF Readers pay.

          Don’t buy into his scams. 🙁

        • That is for sure. I’ve already brought in the tomato plants.

        • Agree, the coming election, if we actually have one, will be a big part of the mix. We will see just how seriously corrupted our system actually is, as well as the simple fact that our government is completely insolvent. Both realities will cause untold chaos , suffering and many deaths as it all unfolds before our eyes !

          I am convinced we will see some event that will cause several thousand deaths here in CONTUS and that will be the catalyst for ML to be installed. It will be allowed to happen, just as 9/11. Boston, Orlando, SanBerdoo and Ft Hood were allowed to happen.And most Americans will beg for it ! It has always been plan B and now that Hillary is toast or dead ? it will be implemented prior to any election. This explains all the gov hoarding and extreme pres orders we have seen in the last 5 years.

      2. Hyperinflation, deflation, inflation and any other term is immaterial at this point. All is needed to see the collapse of the zio owned system and the dancing banksters on the rope.

        • Stolz, don’t forget the judges, the lawyers, the politicians, the cops, the alphabet agencies, the NGO’s, the bad corporations, the mercinaries, the gangs, the irs, etc. Many need to be repurposed as fertilizer.

          • Genius……. Indeed Sir. These folks just don’t get it. History shows you can push so much and once the limit is reached, people become savages and start hunting these blood suckers. I just hope I’ll be alive and do my part.

          • Genius:

            I prefer arrest and incarceration of the truly guilty. Those with ill gotten gains to be repaid and the rest to go through our re-education camps. I don’t believe in torture, period. And capital punishment should be reserved for the worst of the worst. Your list is to expansive and includes some of my best friends.


            • Any of the above whos actions have caused the death of innocent people or the permanent maiming should be put to death. Financial crimes are to be repaid in full and the person guilty life in prison laboring for the good of the people. Those who conspired to imprison anyone unconstitutionally shall be imprisoned for life and all assets siezed. Habitual criminals (gangs) shall be forced to labor in prison for life for the benefit of the people.

              Don’t like that? Stay in california because all the states around you HATE you!

              • Those who belong to the fed reserve and their minions have the choice of being burned at the stake, impaled, or drawn and quartered. Justice should be served and those are too easy a death for them.

                • I agree with G. Hitler was the only guy to put a Bilderberg in prison. Kudos to Hitler. lol


                  • Then hitler planted one a half inch above his right ear
                    Why don’t you do the same

                • Nope; save time, money; and due justice. Just make them live in Detroit, or Camden NJ. They caused them to be as they are; lets see if they can last out a week.

              • “The Benefit of the People(tm)”, Comrade?

                Maybe you’d like to join us here in California. That phrase comes up in conversation way more than you’d imagine.

                Well either here or Boston, same sh*t basically…

              • Genius, I’ll buy that one without question!

            • B from CA, Slight disagreement with you. Nuremberg put many innocents into death. No mercy this time.

          • G
            Good luck with that one.
            You do realize that the Cops, Alphabet, Mercenaries, will fight back. Most of us are better trained, better armed, and lost the fight or flight thing, we will stand and fight. Now the gangs, well you can just try to take them out and you will find it ain’t going to be that easy.


            • Sgt., Yes I realize thet b ut I am refering to the ones that choose to stay and fight for the enemy. Big difference. And besides, they will be on my home turf and I know mine well. The average soldier/cop isn’t that smart, they had better be careful where they tread if ya know what I mean…..

              • G
                You do know that a lot of us will fight the enemy that is coming after good folk like you and yours.

                Stay safe and keep prepping.


              • Another thing, I am over 100 miles from the nearest gang so fook them and they will die asap trust me I have a lot of help for that. The cops will all be killed in the cities and the few that make it out will run home to mamma. The troops are too few and I am surrounded by vets who are trained well and with my hillbilly guerilla knowledge should be defeated. Any agent I come across will be fertilized. No quarter asked, none given. I don’t want this fight but if they bring it, I will bring it 10 fold including you if you try to come for me. If the shoe drops and it’s on, every govt. agent is disposable, time for the reset and I will die a hero for freedom… Whats in your constitution???

                • G
                  Believe me there are a lot of Cops out here that are just as pissed as you are.

                  Now as far as me coming after you that isn’t going to happen unless you hurt one of my family. There is no reason for me to come after you because some turd in DC tells me to just because you are like me a Prepper.

                  Cops won’t be killed in the cities because they are smart enough to get out when TSHTF. Yes there will be some that that stay in the city but you can bet they won’t be alone, and if attacked they will not hesitate to take out anyone that comes after them. That means you gangs or the guberment.

                  The Cops I know don’t want this fight that is coming, but you can bet your life on it, that they will not go down with out a fight.

                  I have the same Constitution you have Plus all of the Amendments.

                  You would be surprised at how many cops think the way you do. You must not have read things that I have wrote before, because if you did you would be questioning me about “Whats in your constitution???”


                  • G
                    WOULD NOT BE QUESTIONING , not would be questioning
                    Getting late, need to hit the sack.
                    Good night and be safe.

                    • Most of the Older Veteran Cops know what the US Constitution is and will obey their Oath. The younger ones have less education on the US Constitution, and have been indoctrinated by Israeli security training to hate Americans and treat them like the enemy and will follow any order for a paycheck. So you may have a civil war infighting amongst the Cops rank and file in every department out there, some obeying illegal orders and other not obeying.

                      ~WWTI… The Older Cops may need to survey their ranks to see who and which side they fall on. You may be working next to a traitor everyday today. That would suck, and get shot in the back or be set up.

            • We see and hear the cops confiscating guns during Katrina. From little old ladies. They don’t let us hear about the cops that refused or ignored or didn’t see any guns. But there are a lot of young and stupids out there. Or I got to have my pension rats. That will do anything there told. Anyone sticking up for them deserves the worse. And as written will get it. The Tares will burn.

            • Sarge …that tells me you haven’t yet collected enough tannerite? 🙂 THINK TANNERITE! Texans (well, anywhere there are feral hogs) use as little as 7-lbs of it to kill up to 20 feral hogs (BOOM – it’s over except for collecting the bacon).
              On You-Tube there is one vid of 174lbs of tannerite taking town an entire barn (post & beam construction gets torn, ripped, spindled and mutilated …DAMN I love the stuff)! 🙂

              Buy it now before ATF(E) removes it from the shelves forever… (because the FIRST time it is used “wrongly” – THAT will be the aftermath for sure …imho).

              • Question Equorial, how long will the product remain effective, after it is mixed together? A few hours, days, weeks, months? Wondering. Ever do some experiments on that? I would think if it is in a sealed container the mix would last longer for effectiveness. Like if you hid it in a fake Landscape rock just outside your gate, and when the hoodie horde come a calling trying to bust down the gate, you shoot and the rock, it explodes giving them a big head ache from the concussion.

                Thanks in advance for any info on that.


                • as long as you keep it dry, it is good to go!!!!
                  if it gets wet no-go!!

                • has to stay dry, no go if wet!

      3. damn it’s good to be a bankster

        Supervisor Of “Massive Fraud” At Wells Fargo Leaves Bank With $125 Million Bonus

        h ttp://

        don’t count them out just yet
        with payoffs like this
        they aren’t going down without a hell of a fight

        • Satori

          Those who control the money supply can buy a lot of loyalty.

        • and who said crime doesn’t pay…..

      4. I don’t subscribe to Hyperinflation, as America can produce all the resources it needs. We won’t run out of toilet paper, wheat, meat, oil, coal, natural gas, steel, or whatever. Kill off Democrat lawyers and we have enough of everything. I’d worry a bit about Depression, Personally if my home and land became worthless that would be OK. It would lower my taxes. The loss of all the Fiat money is not my concern anymore.
        As for my fellow citizens, a dead Democrat is a good Democrat.

        • Rellik

          “We”? We as in “We The People” don’t have wheat, oil, coal, gas & steel. Those resources aren’t nationalized and I’m not advocating that they be. Those that own those resources have it and would sell it to the highest bidder overseas. In the end the greatest champions of globalist business have been Republicans. The Democrats came along for the ride.

          Don’t confuse Republicans with real conservatives as crony capitalism isn’t conservative. The Establishment controls both party’s.

      5. Now iran gonna shoot down our spy planes if they ate spy planes how do they know they ate there???

        • It’s a secret! 😛

      6. Are not ate damn auto correct

      7. Just another ad to buy gold……tired of it.

      8. lastly they will go to war with those not entirely enslaved by the zog amerika faux fiat monetary system.

        hope you all are ready for a another great world war – part 3.

        • Notice the axis of evil countries do NOT have rothschild owned central banks? hmmmm….

          • curious that, and it was that very reason why germany has been destroyed twice in the last 2 great world wars.

            because ze’germans wanted to have their own national banking system free of international zog’s vampire control.

            • Germany was destroyed twice
              because they were killing people and taking their stuff

              • Hey Satori, whats shakin in hell-aviv?

              • ummm … no.

                wrong answer.

                the ptb dont give a puck who dies or suffers, unless it is themselves.

                all the zog cares about is control of gold and money.

              • Kinda like the usa huh?

              • Satori,

                Just shut the fuck up about Germans. You don’t know jack Jew boy. Now go back and shoot little kids as a sport you …sucker.

                • oh do fill us in on what really happened

                  and oh

                  thanks for the name calling and character assassination

                  your a real positive contributor to the conversation

                  now about YOUR version of history…

                  we can’t wait

          • Yep, Putin kicked all the Jews out of any and all meaningful Government positions in Russia, strengthened Christianity, and refused to take loans from the Central Banking Loan Sharks.

            That’s why the Hijacked US Government & Military is at WAR with these nice folks in Russia. I’m siding with my fellow White Men and Christians too. Even though I am not religious. I would rather take Christian Fruitcakes over Muslims Terrorists, or Zionist Murders & Thieves.

            Trump said he will strengthen Christianity, unlike Obama who is at War with Christians.

            Hillary Whore will side with whomever pays her more bribe money. The Witch has no Morals.


            • Mr. “TWO CORINTHIANS” is gonna strengthen Christianity ???

              LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              you know as well as I do that that was probably the first time Trump was even the same room as a Bible

              when is he gonna have time to do all this strengthening stuff?

              in between wife #3 and 4 ???

              while he’s working on bankruptcy #5 ???

              or is he gonna take time off from his NUMEROUS shady business dealings ???

              • and just in case any Trump supporters missed this little gem

                Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway called his supporters: “downright nasty” & “skeeze”

                ht tp://

                this is TRUMP’S main advisor calling YOU

                “downright nasty” and a bunch of “skeezes”

                explain that away if you can

                • a little more “fair and balanced” fer ya

                  The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

                  h ttp://

                  I’m impressed

      9. “..the U.S. dollar takes the last breath before returning to ashes… like all fiat currencies throughout history.”

        at least this time we see clearly how this was done done deliberately….

      10. On a good note all thoes iraqi dinars may end up being worth more than dollars wouldent that be something…and yea i took a gamble and got some years ago and forgot i had them oh well maby some day…

      11. Oh no the dollar is gonna collapse so I should go buy Pm’s and pay more than spot price for them while I can only sell them for spot. I’ve never heard of anyone taking Pm’s as payment for anything. Everyone I know wants cold hard cash. I can totally see banks bailing themselves out with depositors savings.

      12. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
        – John Adams

        This below from Obama’s corrupt, politically correct America

        Tent Cities Full Of Homeless People Are Booming In Cities All Over America As Poverty Spikes: Just like during the last economic crisis, homeless encampments are popping up all over the nation as poverty grows at a very alarming rate. See for the full, sickening story

        What else did you expect from a company based in San Francisco? Supervisor Of “Massive Fraud” At Wells Fargo Leaves Bank With $125 Million Bonus: “Carrie Tolstedt, the Wells Fargo executive who was in charge of the unit where employees engaged in “massive fraud” and opened more than 2 million unauthorized customer accounts, a routine practice that employees internally referred to as “sandbagging”, is leaving the giant bank with an enormous pay day, some $125 million… Wells Fargo’s CEO John Stumpf said Tolstedt had been one of the bank’s most important leaders and “a standard-bearer of our culture” and “a champion for our customers.”

        Here’s more on what Wells Fargo is hiding:

      13. In 1913 the FED was given a 100 year charter. It was up for renewal in 2013 . And no one spoke to stop its renewal? Only the second coming can save us from these rats?

      14. I hope it all crashes down tonight. Let’s get it on and get it over with.

      15. There is WAY WAY WAY too much attention on hildabîtch health today – expect something huge tonight. She is capable of having an american city nuked at will.

        • you might just be right.

          the clintons blew up oklahoma city , just cause billy boy got a “hummer” in the oval office by his new playtoy monica lewinsky.

          • The cklintons never did shit! Their asswipe yes men did it all for them. You know, the ones in secret agencies and cia? Maybe the alabamy state police? The whole black ops govt. did it by order of someone above the freakshow casa blanca couple. Heres some breaking news for ya! THE PRESIDENT DOESN’T CONTROL SHIT! Ok back to your regularly scheduled programming……

            • ummm last i checked it was the clinton name on the clinton presidential library.

              And it was billy’s willy that got the kiss and lick from monica.

              sooooo … they played a part in it.

              • ummmm why don’t you try making some sense? WTF are you talking about? Of course they had a part … derrrrr

        • No she is not, they are all but puppets and she has no real power and the only ones that do are the hidden bankers who control Congress.

          Trump, Obama, Clinton are puppets on a string and are used as TV props when the bankers want to say something to the world

      16. Hillary burnout for sure.

      17. If they can get the Syrian people’s gold , then the Iranians people’s gold then Jordan then maybe turkeys gold they can keep kicking the can for who knows how long?

      18. Think I’ll go to family dollar tomorrow buy up those 35 pound bags of gravy train. Those dogs come in handy against those night raiders. Time to play the game lets do this.

        • I will just drive to the hills lol. Good old tune 🙂

      19. Again…….

        “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”…Ponce

        • If you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them…


          • thank you very much good one liner indeed!
            I do political survey over the phone for part time ($12.50/hr) work. Oh I can not count the number of times I want to tell those hillary lovers what complete idiots they really are. $12.50 an hour to bite my tongue. I do get a few very carefully politely crafted jabs (burns) in once in awhile when the boss is not listening and just giggle all the way home.

            • Damn man and I thought all hitlery supporters were paid actors. People really are that stupid???

              • @Genius,

                “If you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them…”

          • Tests show one out of three people have a mental illness.

            Look at your two best friends. If they’re alright, it must be you…

      20. ALL i AM going to say is this. NIRP is causing cash savers to switch over to precious metals. Usually I am a physical coins and bullion guy, BUT NOW we got a $50,000,000,000 MARKET SHORTAGE in gold, and no new discoveires of deposits in a few years, so I did subscribed to this Wealth Research Group as I READ in the blogshpere that they have suggested 4 stocks since july – two went 100% and one 48% and another 15%. Not bad… What I can I say.

      21. This isn’t going to happen just ask anyone in DC they will tell you it is all ROSES out there!!!

      22. They talk about trillions in obligations . You know what that is? Government employee outrageous pensions. Cancel them all . Let the rats that put us here starve.

      23. A change is needed and no one has the courage to do what is needed. The result is that we all go down together.

      24. Where can you buy physical silver or gold? Who can you trust?

        • Try JM Bullion. The take cards & PAYPAL !!!

      25. Stocks are inflating while food prices are deflating.

        The government purchased 11 million pounds of surplus cheese and about $12 million in surplus eggs under a Depression era program.

        The US could see the longest streak of falling prices in fifty years. Food deflation is hurting the bottom line of grocery chains. I know it is affecting the bottom line of my egg sales. You could have bought a dozen medium eggs last week for 60 cents…but not mine.

      26. There is not much that phases us. No more jolt. It is becoming more BLAH than ever. Been looking at the Preacher Prepper on Utube and he has a solid foundation of what is going on and provide good information.
        Today is one of those days where I head out to the shed. Open the door and look at the building material and try to think of a project that will benefit me later.
        Nothing big mind you. A little item to makes things easier or quicker.

        56 days and counting

      27. I was having a beer with Lucifer the other day. I wasn’t going to but he bought me a shot of Jameson. He tells me everything is going as planned. He says it’s all coming together now. He said, the trigger for the collapse will be the next time Hillary tells the truth. I bust out laughing and left. That Lucifer has the best sense of humor ever.


        The average AK 47 wheeling jihadist would not like his encounter with me, bare handed. If I ever catch one of you fucking jihadist in my city or town and you fuck with me, i will kill you on site. Don’t engage me in my city. I am warning you phuckers. Keep dreaming, you think that Texas red necks, veterans and cops will put up with this shit, your highly mistaken.

        Can you imagine, that your weak minded, to allow something like this to happen to you, what coward pussy would allow this to happen to himself.

        Its the meds and the grammar isn’t it.


        Molon labe mother fuckers, come and take it if you can.


      29. I am making this official. I am a PHUCKING DEPLORABLE.


        The agency ass clown super moderator

        And DEPLORABLE.

        • de·plor·a·ble

          *deserving strong condemnation
          synonyms-disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable

          *shockingly bad in quality
          synonyms-lamentable, regrettable, unfortunate, wretched, atrocious, awful, terrible, dreadful, diabolical

          I shall be glad to join you in the basket of deplorables. If I was into wearing Tshirts, I’d wear a DEPLORABLE one.

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