Video: These Stunning Charts Show Exactly Why You Need Gold Before The Next Wave Hits

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    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke under questioning from Congressman Ron Paul (see video below) stated with conviction and confidence that gold is stockpiled en masse by central banks only “because of tradition,” implying the precious metal really has no monetary value.

    But if you’re like Wade Hodges, you have a slightly different take on the matter. “I think it’s certainly a tradition,” says Hodges. “It’s a tradition that goes back to the beginning of human history.” 

    In a recent interview with SGT Report the Nevada Exploration, Inc. CEO says that peak gold production issues combined with global tensions require us to “look at plausible scenarios for the future” and take action now. It’s a sentiment that may not be shared by The Fed’s central bankers, but one their counterparts in Russia and China understand very clearly, evidenced by their rapid accumulation of thousands of tons of gold in recent years.

    As criminal governments continue to burn fiat currencies to the ground, there will be a return to PHYSICAL GOLD as money – at the exact same time it’s getting harder and harder to find.

    Watch as Wade Hodges totally destroys The Fed’s narrative, explains why governments and high-value investors the world over are gobbling up gold, where the next big finds will happen and the strategies he’s implementing now:

    Hodges, a geologist by trade who was recently featured on the History Channel and has millions of ounces in gold finds under his belt, explains that both discovery and production have peaked to such an extent that shortages and price increases are inevitable.

    The following charts demonstrate exactly why Russia, China and some of the world’s richest investment professionals are feverishly buying up gold resources around the world.

    Peak Gold Production and Peak Discovery:


    Gold Discoveries Have Collapsed:


    (Hattip Future Money Trends)

    As evidenced by the above charts, several large investment banks including Goldman Sachs have warned of “peak gold” resulting from falling production and reduced discoveries. The difficulties in making new discoveries and then getting those assets out of the ground coupled with prices that are currently below production costs makes mining gold nearly impossible for most producers. This means that gold mining firms will have to either dig deeper (and spend more money) to find precious metals-rich deposits, or they’ll have to develop new technologies to look for gold in places like Nevada, which has been largely ignored, much like the parts of Texas or North Dakota before new oil technologies led to the most recent boom.

    “Nevada has the highest concentration of gold deposits per unit area on the planet.”

    Economic powerhouses like China are using their excess dollars to accumulate an interest in commodity assets, including precious metals like gold because they see the writing on the wall.

    Concerns over peak gold and supply shortages to come as many mining firms around the world reduce staff or close up shop completely bode well for gold’s long-term prospects as a way to store, preserve and grow wealth.

    Moreover, combined with the current climate of economic and geo-political uncertainty, it’s only a matter of time before gold once again becomes the safe haven asset of last resort as panic over financial and economic collapse drives capital to where it has always flowed in times of crisis.

    For more insightful interviews visit SGT Report.

    Click Here to learn more about Wade Hodges and his company Nevada Exploration, Inc.


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      1. The Chinese know what’s about to happen. Last year they pushed for the Yuan to be included in the SDR global reserve currency basket. I have heard that they hoarded somewhere between 7,000 and 30,000 tons of gold over the last 20 years.

        The United States? Well…… we’re not really sure because the Audit The Fed bill was rejected again. This tells me we have about…….. ZERO ounces of actual gold at the Federal Reserve.

        • The Chinese economy is ran by engineers. They also lie a lot. China has had concurrent years of exactly 8 percent growth. China also has stricter controls of their stock market and play around with it a lot. There are not a lot of good reasons to buy gold and the fact China is hoarding (if they really are) doesn’t mean much.

          • Just replace the word China with America and you have the exact same thing in this country. In fact, insert (the nation of your choice), and in almost all cases, it’s the same. The primary reason to buy gold is not because China is allegedly hoarding it, or anyone else hoarding for that matter. No, the only reason to ever buy gold is to preserve the value of whatever currency you already have today. Nothing more than a semi-liquid, condensed asset that will probably never return to being used as actual money anytime soon.

            With all that said, I think many people missed the gold boat at $200 and should look to other assets, largely silver and only after having all the other essentials covered. If you’re looking for a ROI, metals are not it. Go play fantasy day trader at the Wall Street casino and try to beat the house running their HFT machines full throttle. As for me, I have removed myself from that fucking criminal Ponzi scam entirely and will never look back.

            There is a category 10 shit storm brewing and heading straight for the human race. I’d rather have beans, bullets and band-aids than any amount of gold, when the storm makes landfall.

        • When was the last audit? 1953. What is left? Who knows.

        • Digital currency will be the wave of the future, already happening in Sweden, paper currency will the thing of the past. Gold?

        • American Gold is owned, secured, and managed by the US Treasury. The FED does not own any gold.

          An audit of the FED would not show any gold. 🙂

      2. When it does collapse gold wont save your ass too many people dont have any or enough to mean any thing so ammo ammo ammo

        • Ammo indeed… But there’s a reason the Jews were sewing gold into their clothes when escaping Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.

          It’s highly portable and wealth-dense, meaning you can pack a lot of value into a small coin, necklace or nugget.

          By all means, prepare for the worst, but there will always be a buyer or someone willing to trade for gold and silver.

          • I will be a trader in Gold and silver.

            • Get more ammo too. It is a 100% solid investment.

          • Totally agree Mac, you gotta watch out and check all of their clothes. Those jews are sneaky. Also if you need some quick gold all jews carry gold around their necks in a little leather pouch. They won’t willingly tell you about so be persistent and creative. Be sure to check them thoroughly. Jews hide and hide things well for the most part.

            • What stupidity! In all my decades, I have never seen any of my people, relatives nor friends wear a gold filled leather pouch around their necks…LMAO In the many thousands of encounters with untold hundreds and thousands of Jewish people, I have never seen nor even heard of this proclaimed practice. Even several Rabbi’s had to laugh at this claim.

              Of course, Jew haters never let truth and accuracy get in the way of their lies and stupid claims…LMAO at ignorance.

              As for hiding things and hiding them well, after centuries of idiots like this and many other pogroms of hatred against Jewish people, does any intelligent person wonder why we hide our wealth in numerous fashions? However, those days are ending, for now we turn that same intellect into defeating and fighting these children of ha’Satan.

          • yea they had to leave everything home furnature ect it was all they had in great value they could take and besides they had no guns to defend the rest of their wealth even Buisinesses

            • The only assets they could take were what they could carry in a small valise. So gold, diamonds, gems, rare coins, rare stamps, small things that could be secreted or would escape notice were the way to go.

              Their homes, land, automobile, businesses, furnishings, any fixed asset or anything that wouldn’t fit in their pockets or a small suitcase was abandoned.

              So, yeah, Jews are sneaky bastards, is that your moronic point? Force me to flee with just what’s on my back or in my hands and see how sneaky I can get when it comes to getting a bit of wealth across a border.

              In the 1970’s I knew a coin dealer, he traveled to Europe for a few months in 1938. He would buy coin collections from Jews fleeing Germany and Austria, and deposit the funds on their behalf in a bank in the US or France, somewhere safe. They weren’t permitted to take more than a few Marks out of the country, and no foreign currency at all. They were so desperate to get any wealth out of the country they would sell for low prices. Lots of antique and collectible buyers took advantage of that.

          • Mac, I agree. I have never forgotten how desperate people were to escape Nazi Germany. Nor have I forgotten how shelves were empty in the USSR and people had to line up for basics (if they didn’t have any Communist Party connections that is).

            I live in the US and don’t want to leave but if that becomes necessary I will leave and is the reason I keep PMs and cash (in USDs, Canadian dollars, and Swisse francs) along with a valid passport just in case I have to cross the border in the middle of the night and bail.

            • Philosopher, now is a great time to convert some green backs into loonies. The Canadian dollar is way down and a night border crossing is always an option.

              • Justice, I am aware of the decreased value of the loonie. Stunning. I keep a bundle of Canadian dollars, on hand, just in case. Whether by sea or by land or by air their are always non-commercial options to crossing a border.

          • Ammo can be purchased with Precious metals

            • And precious metals can be aquired with ammo

          • Chinese put gold in their clothes too.

        • I’m probably in the minority here but I’m putting every dime in an attempt to capture the title to my house. i.e. paying off the mortgage.

          Every financial planner disagrees with this philosophy but I want that piece of paper. If I come up short before the collapse, so be it. But at least I tried.

          They’re coming for your property. It’s the only thing left they can take. I firmly believe that if you have a mortgage, they’re going to figure out a way to take the property….even if your payments are up to date.

          • Cellar Spider,
            I am also putting money into paying off my mortgage. And banksters illegally repossessed 4.1 million homes going into the meltdown. That is homes that were current on their mortgages! Stolen. And folks are worrying about the Bundy clan losing their federal leases? Such nonsense. Hammonds burned forest on land that wasn’t owned by them? 4.1 million families were put on the street even though their payments were current. They fessed up and got a tiny fine.
            If you have title, even though someone might push you on the street, there is a lot of history for getting it back. I get pm but would not starve for it. It is nice on escape day.
            I put gardening second, because food security is bad in normal times. I like the opsec of a food forest with native edibles. The bads won’t recognize it.
            Then skills. Storing stuff is awesome especially if you keep a low profile, but some bad boys can take it.

            • The problem is not that you are paying off your mortgages, the question is are your neighbor’s doing the same? Will your neighborhood be full of repossessed houses around your paid off house? Will they turn into rentals? Will they become section 8 rentals? Will your house retain its value? If your house has an ocean view or Gulf view then you most likely will retain value. If you are in an average American suburb, well then lots of luck.

              I prefer gold. I can take my wealth with me. Also crypto currency.

              • The mortgage pay-off is tricky as you point out. For most people in average houses in average neighborhoods, they are at high risk and it does not matter if you are the most solvent dude on the street. If your street turns into Detroit, then it does not matter. Then there is local government: if things get really bad, then property taxes will shoot upwards and they will come for anyone who owns their house outright: they will just tax you out of there. As my grandmother used to say, “you want to be the poorest person in the richest neighborhood, not the richest person in the poor neighborhood.”

                Long-term wealthy areas are the best to be in. They will weather a crisis better, they are always nicer places to live, with fewer scumbags on the streets, and they have many hidden mechanisms to divert ‘problem people’ away from living there.

              • Today’s Tom Sawyer.

                My neighborhood is rentals and section 8’s Tell me about it.

            • How did homeowners that were current on their mortgage get their home foreclosed on?

          • I paid my house off a couple of months ago

            what a GOOD feeling

            now it’s mine
            as long as I can pay the taxes !!!

          • You are far better off with no mortgage than with one. Pay it off if you can.

        • Ammo, Ammo, Ammo? Just how many firefights can you survive? You’ll be lucky to make it through 2 mags without friends. Build community.

          • Check out OathAmmo dot com for the Tango Frangible Pistol Ammo. They just came out with a 12g Brass jacketed 1.25 oz all copper solid frangible projectile that expands to 2.5 inches wide. You could throw a cat through that hole.


          • truer words were never spoken!

            • Pray, Plan, Prep, FORM TEAMS!!!!

          • Just saying ammo will feed and protect you gold and silver wont as far as friends well try not to be nieve after all who would you choose or be concerned about your spouse and kids or some one else cus they are not gonna put you before their spouse and kids yea you need people with the same common interests but in reality people rationalize others demise by better them than me and your kids are you so self survival has no limitation were human thats how we are people value their kids life well being more than their own at least i do and i would expect nothing less from others because thats how its supposed to be for our continued existance example if a house was on fire with 10 kids in it and one of them was yours and you could only save one kid you would save yours it would be hard to live with but you would justify by my child is alive

          • Training, training and more training. Even community is worthless without it. Training as an individual or as a team has its pros and cons.

          • Yup, most people forget the bullets will be going both ways

            • Kulafarmer

              Most will think war is like Play Station 4. Bullets can go all the way through houses and many will think sheetrock will protect them from rifle rounds.

              They are good people here but do you know how much information we could have passed on to the Bad Guys that could be used against us. I’m not talking about the government troops or Police either. We have not even discussed the Bizarre Lunatic Tactics (BLT) or gear.

          • Zippy Da Pinhead.

            Surviving your first Firefight. That is a question that is asked by many of us by not put to print.

            Depends on how well you prepared. Did you fortify you home? Did you use the right materials? Do you have warning systems. Can you deploy defensive tools.

            What threats can you realistically hold your ground against.

            Those whom have been paying attention and have done a few things that were mentioned, I do believe many will survive lots of encounters.

          • Defend neighborhoods, not homes. Defend towns, not neighborhoods.

            The Alamo was a strategic good, but it was doomed to fall. So is your ‘defensible’ home on a lot or acreage.

        • Godsoldier,

          I’m nearby so if you run out…



      3. If you don’t have it in your hands you don’t have it period. Get it,save it and protect it. When the dollar dies it will be supreme.

        • Believe the gold will be supreme??? Perhaps not. Basic life needs will be supreme. Don’t believe crap about gold. It’s good to play the market but not much else.

          • Really? Gee, how interesting that you know more than the history of mankind has proven to be.

            Remember folks, the ones that did not prepare properly will be the ones who poo poo your proper preparations. Gold and Silver are MONEY. Nothing else.

          • Gold and silver were both money LONG BEFORE there was ammo or a “market”.

            You can’t eat it but you can buy something to eat with it.

            BUT! Not initially. When the collapse hits, nobody will be trading anything and those who don’t have those basic needs will be screwed as in SCUH ROOED in a major way. But, after the dust settles and society attempts to obtain a new normal, barter will be primary and where barter fails G&S will take up the slack.

            Do not avoid the basics. From foods stuffs to water, to basic shelter and energy. But, once you have those covered, G&S are fantastic stores of wealth. Frankly, unless there is a crooked market, you can’t make money buying G&S. The crookedness makes the speculation profitable. We’re not talking speculation here, we’re talking you run out of toilet paper, a guy has a bunch he’ll sell but he’s not taking that other toilet paper (known as “dollars”) and you don’t have anything else he wants. He’ll probably take gold.

            Why is it that everyone tries to see things as absolute? Jeez people, get a grip!

            Gold and Silver won’t save you.
            Guns won’t save you.
            A good bug(in|out) location won’t save you.
            Solar panels won’t save you.
            A stack of firewood the size of your house won’t save you.
            A bunker won’t save you.
            A garden won’t save you.
            A pile of food the size of your house won’t save you.

            BUT! A combination of some part of all of those will.

            The 7Gs of Modern Survival:


            …each one represents something and you have to have some combination of them to survive. Every person must think about it and figure whats best. Most, however, are irresponsible and are not thinking about it. It doesn’t have to be an obsession. Each is a token. For instance “Gas” doesn’t represent propane or gasoline, but rather energy. Gold doesn’t represent just gold. Could be gold, silver, or maybe you opted to purchase extra ammo for trade or barter. …and so on.

            Once you have the basics in ratios that you think you can survive or you can “make them” support you, you can start your overflow into something else. Sure, you could dump any disposable income into your bank account. Think “POOF!” gone when SHTF and you have no other Plan! US Dollars will be worth nothing. I know I won’t take them. You want that cheap 9mm pistol and 100 rounds of ammo? How about 50 rolls of toilet paper or 10oz silver or a 10th oz gold? 20 gal of gas? How about 3 bricks of 22LR? Yeah, fact it, thats hows its going to work.

            If you want it to be portable, there is nothing better than gold. Second is silver. Third is ammo and a close fourth is guns. I’d peg toilet paper as 5th.

            But, again, people: DO NOT DEPEND ON GOLD TO SAVE YOU! Look at the 7Gs, look at what you’ve got ready. A little gold might be handy even if you don’t have the others covered yet, but, don’t sacrifice the basic to get a bunch of gold.

            Prayers for all. …and to Godsoldier: Where we going to meet and when?

            • How exactly is God going to save me? Why does God need the other 6 G’s. Is he weak?

              • God helps those who help themselves.Old American truth and way of life for those not from here or from a new generation who never learned what being American really means.

      4. When the walls come tumblin crumblin…

        • JCM
          Good tunes,,,,

        • Friends……download / listen to “Walls Come Tumblin Down” by Style Council.
          An ’80’s classic that is an ABSOLUTE ANTHEM to our cause against the NWO.
          Check the lyrics at
          A truly inspitprational song if ever there was one.

      5. Its not a commodity you can create more of unless you have property with gold on it and then the gov will just take the property cus that would be equal to printing your own money they have to have controll thats why they made it illegal to own gold years ago go buy ammo at least you will have half a chance

        • Godsoldier

          People should concentrate on water, food, ammo, and then precious metals. History from the beginning of time proves that fact. If I got in a bind then gold has always been of value to people. Always.

          It is not illegal to own gold. You can purchase it many places. If you had the money then it would be one heck of an investment at this time. Along with land, cows, horses, ect. I wish I could buy piles of oil right now in the market. I believe that will eventually skyrocket as well.

          People need to learn from history. Gold from the beginning of time. You can even look at fairly recent history for things of value. Look for example at shortages that happened during WW2. The shortages in metal’s. I believe that could be a valuable thing to examine if you also believe a major war is coming. That again comes from studying history. If there are economic hard times then it is followed by war.

          • What pres was it that moved us from gold base and stoped mfg of gold coins

            • Nixon did away with the gold standard. Wilson demonetized gold I think

              • FDR ended gold coinage and redemption of gold notes in 1933.

          • Can always use them guns n ammo to procure allllll that other stuff

            • Yep amen let the big dog eat

      6. Hope you are quite prepared to die, looks like we are in for some nasty weather…

      7. The heathens will be gold mining the cemetery for rings and necklaces and teeth yep morals dissappear when people are despirate

      8. I won’t worry about gold until I have a more secure earth bermed home, at least moderate perimeter security, a greenhouse, and no mortgage. I am working on it. Today I am making chicken soup stock and canning it. I do what I can.

      9. Everything that has been morally based will be gone cus there are no morals in hell

      10. Get right with God. Everything else is icing on the cake.

      11. .22LR


        • C C,
          and food some where in between!

        • Your opinion. A sound one!

          Personally, I’d drop the 243 and 270 or at least I would have much less of it than the others. 10 boxes maybe, unless, of course, its something you intend to use *AND* barter…

          Other than that, you hit the high spots, for sure. Maybe add some 17HMR in there.

      12. Nevada has the most gold deposits???? Must be why the BLM is seizing even more land for the Feral Gov.
        How much of Nevada is already “owned” by the Ferals?
        For “the people” of course….ROFLMAO!!!
        (So is the Harry Reid Cartel)

        • I have seen maps that show that most of the state is owned by the Federales.

          • Like 80% or more. Its just shocking when you look at the map…

        • The town and the narrow valleys around the water are private, the rest of it is federal, no one wanted it.

          The state should have pushed for a grant decades ago.

      13. Suppose America elects a Democrat in 2016. Ammo is taxed out of reach in 2017. Democrat Cops start going door to door collecting guns based on background and ATF records in 2018. In 2021 after years of SHTF of dead cops and citizens, a rich neighbor needs some work done paying in gold. I’ll demand payment in food, ammo, wood, fuel,medicine why? Gold has some really good industrial uses, but you can’t eat it, keep warm, heal, or protect yourself with it.
        You gold and silver nuts presume your normal economic system still exists, it won’t. It may be useful if you are trading with someone in Asia, but locally, you will be in an entirely different trade system. Most people here prepare for the worst. Assume the worst.
        When the rich and powerful crawl out of their bunkers, they will offer what? Gold for your food? To me they look like un-contaminated meat for my pigs and dogs. Prep on!

        • If that happens ill be dead in 18,

        • Why do people vilify those who obtain precious metals in their preps? Yes, you need food and water and you can not eat the metal. Do you believe we will be in a feudal system and stay in a bartering type of world forever. Thinking forward will there be a time where gold and silver will shine again. How about gold for jewelry and silver for medical. Maybe you might want to dig the metals out of the ground and smelt them yourselves.

          Now my first question for barter will be, “Do you have any gold or silver?” for major items.

          Again I would have to have food and a way to grow or acquire food. Materials also.

          You would be better to barter from a position of strength or at least equality.

          • Hey Slingshot,
            I assume that a real SHFT event(s)
            will result in Feudal or most
            likely tribal like systems.
            If an economy survives that can
            place a value on gold such as coins,
            then you are more like the Romans,
            ancient Greeks, Egyptians et al.
            that all had rather sophisticated
            societies. Those societies were
            not a SHTF situation, and gold/silver
            would be really nice in that event.
            In which case I would have to become a
            highway robber, since all I have is
            Prep on!

      14. Myself I’m kinda on both sides some say gold/silver will be king some say don’t bother.
        I say don’t hurt to have some p/m on hand I carry about 1.5 oz of silver on me a one oz bar and one of your Morgan dollars hangs off my keys
        I keep on hand about 6 lbs stashed away in coin form
        Mostly per 64 US, as your coinage is 90% (min for bullion I think) ours is only 80% and smaller lighter coins
        Withthe exception of our silver maples finest silver in the world really for the difference in purity it’s just bragging rights lol. You’ll notice you pay a larger premium on the maple than similar coins of .999
        anyway back to my point lol
        I keep some silver aside for a possible future “grub stake” After shtf I also keep recognized junk silver coins dimes quarters half dollars and silver dollars for trade buying food supplies during shtf. Assuming that after the killing stops and some sence of a new normal comes about then I’ll have simple easy to use hide stash away whatever type currency.
        If not I’m well stocked with other things of value as well whiskey bullets extra firearms tobacco and here in Canada we can buy codine tablets OTC so well stocked with pain meds all things of high tradable value and compact 3 liters (pint) whiskey box 9mm or .45 or .22 narcotic pain meds bag of tobacco and I do believe your a rich man next problem would be not getting robbed killed or both the items are small enough and not to valuable you could just pull out one thing at a time

        • diversification…spread them soon to be worth LESS FRN’s around now, while you still can get SUMTHIN’ for ’em… right now we got BARGAINS on gold, silver, guns, ammo,Gerber multitool……….“lock pick” set,
          Bolt cutters will open gates
          solar panel
          jogging stroller
          cast iron dutch oven
          CASH. GAS!!!!!!!!!!!
          water….sugar….flour….powdered milk……….t/p………………top ramen….pancake mix….candy, rock…..DOG FOOD…VEG OIL…rice…..beans…………macaroni…………bleach…………benadryl…..wipies….garbage bags…….plastic cups,forks,spoon,knives .
          IV for rehydration
          photo albums, identification (birth certificates, social security cards, financial documents, wills/deeds, and medical insurance information), proof of address, as well as items for a 72 hour bag.
          brillo pad makes a good fire starter with jumper cables)or a 9 volt battery
          extreme cooler (use it to carry water, if needed)
          antibiotics from the vet supply store ampicillin, amoxacillin, penicilin, and others
          a hat for sleeping in
          Storable Food
          An Axe
          Lighters Or Matches
          Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes
          A Flashlight And/Or Lantern
          A Radio/Communication Equipment
          A Swiss Army Knife
          Personal Hygiene Items
          A First Aid Kit And Other Medical Supplies
          Extra Gasoline (But Be Very Careful How You Store It)
          A Sewing Kit
          Self-Defense Equipment
          A Compass
          Hiking Backpacks
          A Community
          A Backup Plan
          Extra Batteries
          A Camp Stove
          Heirloom Seeds
          An LED Headlamp
          Calcium Hypochlorite
          Maps Of Your Area
          rifle For Hunting
          Extra Socks
          Gold And Silver Coins For Bartering
          citizens band radio
          battery chargers and phone chargers
          kool aid
          bike tubes
          4×6, or 6×8’s for crossing obstacles(3 feet long)
          wasp spray
          hunting knife
          water and purification stuff
          dutch oven
          coffee/water filters
          Gun Cleaning Kit & Supplies
          Wire and Wire Cutters
          Fire Extinguisher
          hacksaw………GOOD pair of wire cutters….butt connector pliers and wire connectors ….11-1 screwdrivers-not some cheap-o
          6 foot Pry bars-lift heavy items, pop open doors, break locks, move hot objects. harbor freight
          sandpaper/crocus cloth…………….. file for sharpening tools……….. hammer
          bailing wire
          box of bolts/nuts/hose clamps
          3/32” E-6010 welding rods. These can be used with three 12 volt car batteries and some jumper cables to make an emergency field repair.
          peanut butter and crackers makes a great shtf meal
          vise grips
          fix a flat/air compressor
          Tarp (2) and 550 para-cord (shelter) You want two tarps, one for shelter above the head and one for the ground under your head
          Ponchos to protect from rain
          A handheld chainsaw (they are about the size of a mans wallet)
          Lightweight hatchet…but not tooo light!
          Army survival manual or others
          2 pairs of socks. One pair of our socks is a thermal type(wool is best) that will keep your feet warm in up to zero degree weather. It all depends on where you live and where you will be traveling. Cotton socks tend to hold moisture so you might not want cotton.
          good pair of warm gloves/work gloves. Mine are a combination of both.
          A pair of good boots or hiking shoes
          A pair of long pants.
          One pair thermal underwear/pants and shirt, at LEAST for everyone in family.
          dogs and dog food …small dogs hear EVERYTHING, and eat less!
          deck of cards
          food…pepperoni granola bars…..
          first aid book… where there is no doctor book
          paper plates
          ziplock bags
          aluminum foil
          butane stove or some other way to cook
          eye drops
          chap stick
          plastic wrap
          powdered milk will be HUUUUGGGGEEEEEE ..have a LOT of it!
          Bug Out Bag Contents
          The Pack – I have a LC-1 “Alice” pack but any quality pack with enough capacity will do. Stick with camouflage, dark green or other natural colors that blend with the terrain.
          Water – A canteen with cup and cover for your belt, water bottle and a good filter.
          Fire – Waterproof matches, a magnesium fire starter and tinder.
          Food – Pack enough to last 5-7 days. Rice, oat meal, beef jerky, energy bars etc. Another option is MRE’s and the freeze-dried foods. Choose foods that are light weight and a suitable shelf life.
          Stove – A small stove is essential it you want to stay hidden. Smoke and noise from the cutting and burning of wood would be undesirable if you are in hostile territory or being pursued. I have a Peak-One backpackers stove, there are others but this is what I have and can recommend.
          military 4 part sleep system…protects to minus 30 degrees if you know what to do with it…and at LEAST have the bivy bag part of it in your car in case you get stranded….if you are dressed for the climate you’re in, it might only take that bivy to save yer life. randy
          Shelter – Rain poncho and tarp or compact tent, stick with natural colors that blend with the surrounding area.
          Cooking – I have a Stainless Steel 5-Piece Mess Kit, that I ordered from but any lightweight kit will do.
          First Aid – It’s best to assemble your own kit, tailored to your needs, or if you are lazy you can buy a ready-made kit. Don’t forget to add personal medications.
          Light – I have a 2-AA Cell Mini LED Flashlight Mini LED Flashlight and a 9-Hour Candle.
          Tools – A folding saw, Swiss Army pocket knife, and fixed blade knife. A light weight shovel and Machete are nice, but add extra weight.
          Clothing – At least one extra pair of socks and underwear add other items if you feel the need and have the space.
          Fishing – Line, hooks and sinkers and a few small lures. I also have a small gill net for catching fish.
          Snare wire – I make my own from copper wire. Don’t forget to include at least 50 ft of parachute cord.
          Plastic bags – Two or three large lawn bags and several zip-lock sandwich bags, can be used for a number of tasks and to keep things dry.
          Binoculars – See game and enemy before they see you.
          Sewing kit – Needle and thread don’t forget to include a few extra buttons.
          This n’ that – Head net, electrical tape, face paint, gloves, sharpening stone etc.
          Coffee, sugar, and chocolate.And salt. Buy these items in bulk. Store in baggies for trade.
          coffee filts for straining water and bleach
          digging bar
          tow straps/shackles/chain with pipe for towing
          loadbearing vest
          pain reliever
          Children’s pain reliever
          First aid book
          Prescription medications (keep copies for records)
          Cold/flu medicines
          Blood clotting
          Sterile gauze
          Dressing bandages
          Dressing rolls
          Medical tape
          Bandages of all sizes
          Alcohol wipes
          Hydrogen peroxide
          Eye flushing solution
          Anesthetic solution
          Hypodermic needles (for the antiseptic solution)
          Electrolyte tablets
          Cold Packs
          Antibiotic ointment
          Skin irritation creams
          Suture needles/string
          medicine cabinet…take the whole damn thing
          giant channel-lock pliers and crescent wrench
          vitamin c…scurvy
          apologies for the things on here twice…it’s been 6 years of collecting to get to this point with “my” list. randy

          • …and Geritol.

          • BCOD

            Done a great job in getting it all together.

            Peak One stove and LC-1 pack. Military four piece Mod Sleeping bag. Good stuff. I have the same equipment.

            • y’all copy it and print it out now, all you newbs…and don’t get frustrated if you aint got ANY of it… foot in front of the other, or as my dad used to say”how do you eat an elephant?….one bite at a time”. now GIT BIZZZY!

              • BDOD,

                Excellent list! I have printed and shared it!

                Thank you!

                I stock Tang for extra Vitamin C. It stores well in the pantry. It also provides some flavor if drinking stored or emergency purified water.

                • thanks! i have lots of wylers drink mix, because water from a mudpuddle won’t taste very good. i got lots more lists, but many are just too big for here. wish i knew how to get them to you, you’ve been a big help to us all here, and i appreciate it.

                  • BCOD,

                    Could you post lists in parts.

                    List A – part 1

                    List A – part 2

                    • just look me up.randy’s in hesperia. i work on nothing but vw, so with all that, you should be able to figger out how to contact me…just give me a call. i always love talking to awake people…if you can’t find me that way, ask me again in the next story or two, and i’ll give you another hint. i don’t want mac kickin’ me outa here for using to much space, but i will keep putin up lists once in a while…thanks!

          • Funny bcod- I just entertained myself yesterday with the first set of bolt cutters I’ve ever bought. Cut a nail out of the concrete by the curb near our driveway. Have no idea what purpose that served but it was dangerous. Then, I cut heavy wire off two pine trees in our back yard that our neighbor had put there for deer protection in the wayback. That stuff is dangerous to handle! I save some of it after considering some of its possible uses.

          • …and once you got all that covered, cover it again.

            …then buy gold!

            Some basics are nearly as durable as gold. Ammo for instance. (Yes, I consider that a BASIC. You don’t need a truckload of it but it wouldn’t hurt. It will, however, hurt if you have NONE.)

            Toilet paper. It might eventually go bad but it takes a very long time.

            Booze. Yep! The good stuff keeps forever and even gets better!

            Sweetening stuff. Sugar, syrup, molasses, honey, etc.

            Well, not so much honey. Its only good for about 2000 years. (Yeah, they found some in the tombs of the pharoahs and it was still edible.)

            Wheat. Its good for 30 years. While not timeless, thats a long time.

            So, bulk up people. I don’t know whats coming but it sure feels like something. Get your comms in order. You might suddenly need them.

      15. Goldschlager more like it ha ha ha. Need a morale booster when it all goes up in flames. Stock up and take a shot here and there. Man I feel like a million bucks. I will give you a 1pound bag of rice for a pound of gold and you will do it cus your hungry as hell. It’s a fair deal or you can eat your gold.

        • I like your attitude!
          Except I don’t drink
          anything other than
          beer or an occasional
          glass of wine.
          Price of rice is fair.
          Rice is my preferred grain
          of choice.
          You can live a long time on beans
          and rice, with some Spam once
          in a while.

          • Spam n rice bradda,,,,
            Or make mochi
            Fresh pot of rice, can of tuna, mirin, some pickled veggies, maki sushi!!

            • had a brotherinlaw was married to a hawaiian and that’s where i was introduced to spam and rice and corn…pretty good stuff….and to vary your diet you could add other veggies….oh, and a different hawaiian taught me the best recipe i ever made, bar NONE. marinade your steaks in half apple cider vinegar and half soy sauce…sprinkle garlic salt and pepper and grill…..mmmmmmmmmmm

            • Local Moco;
              Rice, Spam atop rice, fried egg on
              top, then drown in gravy.
              Cafe 100 style.

          • One nice thing about spam: you don’t have to store as much salt! Hahahaha! Dang. That stuff is salty. I think it keeps forever, well, at least as long as it takes for the salt to eat through the can. 😉

            • actually, i read a story a few months ago that said spam doesn’t keep well…sumthin’ about the integrity of those snap-open cans…you definitely don’t want to stack them more than a couple cans high…anybody ever had a problem with this? i don’t like easy-open cans after i read that story, and won’t buy them unless there’s no other option…as there ISN’T with spam.

              • When I was a kid, a can of Spam didn’t last long enough around our house to go bad. Practically lived on the damn stuff.

                Fried Spam for breakfast, maybe a fried or baked Spam sandwich for lunch. Put an egg on top, you’ve got Steak n’ Eggs for nothing.

                For a family breakfast, one can of Spam was eight slices, I recall having to carefully cut it up or Mom would let me know better. So maybe 50 cents a can then, 7 cents a slice, plus an egg, maybe fried potatoes, toast and butter, you were feeding folks for maybe 30 cents a plate.

        • Asshat

          Four ounces of gold to keep a loved one alive.

          • For the Medicine.

        • sorry you asshat, but i got HUNDREDS of pounds of rice, so why would i trade an ounce of gold for YOUR pound of rice???????????? you see, people that got gold ALSO bought all that OTHER stuff FIRST….that’s why we GOT gold, because we are smart….gold is for smart people, for savers……just like education, IT AINT FOR EVERYBODY! so, no, i’ll KEEP MY gold….and BTW,if this gets like i THINK it will, you’ll be very lucky if you can GET to a place where you can trade ANYthing….except for lead, of course….yes, there will be a LOT of exchanging of lead, so by all means, invest in lead, and lead delivery systems!

          • I havent got hundreds of pounds of anything, especially not rice or wheat and oats, and definitely dont have any guns, those nasty things, only crazy people hoard stuff

            • point taken, kula…just remember, i put up scenarios for people to THINK about, saying i this and I that…but i aint necessarily got SHIT. ….hell, i might just be a pissed-off granny with a big mouth…hee hee!…ahhh, the internet is a beautiful thing! where you can be what you WANT to be….all you got to do is type it, and it’s so.

      16. At that point in time what would you rather have 1 oz gold coin or 12 gage deer slug with 1oz lead slug would you trade even

        • Godsoldier
          How disparate would you have to be.

          • Full Definition of disparate
            1:containing or made up of fundamentally different and often incongruous elements
            2:markedly distinct in quality or character

            just sayin’

            • BCOD

              O.K. It’s Desperate.

              Can’t an old guy have a Brain Fart every once in awhile.


              • sorry, but i like pointing out how changing one letter of a word totally changes the meaning…sometimes it can be quite funny…case in point.

                • Kind of like the Panda Bear that eats, shoots, and leaves.

                  Punctuation matters, too.

        • Here’s how you get your moneys worth out if silver and gold if its unusable as money:
          1. Melt p/m into bullet
          2. Shoot the cocksuckers
          3. Dig out bullet
          4. Repeat steps 1-2-3 as necessary.
          I could live with that.

          • I’ve been on this site a long time.
            Yours is probably the best PM advice
            I’ve seen.
            Barrel fouling may be a problem.

            • BUT SOOOOO WORTH IT

              • I would think it would be easy to clean the fouling out. Very soft.

            • Sabot.

          • What western mountain man movie was it where the indian was useing gold to make his black powder rifle balls he had a good peice of gold and what looked like a tiny icecream scoop and he just gouge out a ball

            • I remember it well, just can’t remember the name. I think he used a bullet mold instead of an icecream scoop. lol. Trekker Out.

      17. Those gold miners are like the guys I work with. Dirty and grizzly. Just add sunglasses and tattoos.

      18. I have a different set of glasses to look through when prepping.

        Since I am older than many preppers. Funny there are more older preppers here at SHTF. But Age is one factor

        How many more years do you expect to have in life.

        Comparing that to a person(Newbie) thirty years old to a person going over 60 years of age.

        The amount of years you do live to be.

        Then do you expect to pass stuff down to others.

        Where are you now and where are you headed. Doesn’t matter as much on how you prep cause we have different problems. What matters is Some is better than None.

        The amount

        • Slingshot: When my sister’s father-in-law died they ended up finding bags of silver coins in his condo. It was a mix of Morgan’s and junk silver. My sister and her hubby had no clue what to do with the stuff. No idea what it was worth.

          I am guessing once I am dead the company sent by the bank to clean out my house will end up finding close to a 100-pounds of silver and some gold. I am guessing that won’t be reported to the bank. Nor will the cash they find. Good for them. I would rather it go to some random strangers than to my family who has no clue that I have any silver. It isn’t in any will, either, so the first person to find it gets to keep it. If I am dead it won’t matter to me who gets my stuff.

          • Philosopher.

            Not to mention the items that are worth money and there is a good chance they will end up in the trash, donated or a garage sale.

            Images of a Throw Away Society.

            • Slingshot, people are wasteful. Every house on my block has a garage full of junk. Every single one. Including mine.

              • one man’s junk….unless it’s one man’s CHINESE junk….THEN, it’s ANOTHER man’s junk

              • Ha! …so is mine (garage full, I mean), however, I didn’t buy my stuff at Walmart, I bought it at the guys yard sale down the street for sometimes less than 1% that walmart charges. I figure if I use it once, the $2 battery charger that I had to replace the leads on (from a 50c battery charger) was worth it since it works just like a new one. People are very wasteful because they’ve been trained not to think or do, just consume.

                Which is nearly the opposite of prepping. I love letting other people wear the new off of stuff. The “new” doesn’t chop down trees or get me to where I’m going. It just costs more. …and people have been brainwashed into think “new” is worth something. Ugh! What a world full of morons we live in.

                New book: $7
                Used book: 25c

                New car: $25,000 – 0 miles.
                Used car: $5,000 – 120,000 miles. (Good for another 120k or more if you keep fixing it.)

                New lawmower: $2000
                Used lawmower: $800 (See new/used car…)

                But, the biggest mystery of all time, to me is:

                New gun: $400 (0 rounds)
                Used gun: $300 (10 rounds. Good for another 5,000)

                Stupidity in our world abounds today and is promoted so the money junkies (a Gerald Celente term) can capitalize on it. Slip your programming a little and you can have a lot more fun for a lot less money.

                • NR: You are correct! I don’t buy much new stuff these days. I am looking forward to yard sale season! I also like Craig’s List.

                  I would like to buy 10 acres but the price is still too high in the area I am looking so will wait until the price drops.

              • Philosopher

                I have told you all as I do Myself.

                When I die they will find a large shed mostly filled with sandbags. Packed and stacked. Away from prying eyes. That is if I don’t deploy them first.

        • @slingshot,

          Thats a very interesting line of thought. I prep because to me, it’s like an IRA. If in retirement, I can dig into the preps and eat 15 days of renewable food (50% of a month), then I save 50% on the food bill.

          If i can flush toilets, fill boiler, do laundry using renewable water, I can save over 50% money there. if i can use renewable energy using low voltage devices, i can save there as well.

          The kids benefit by having a safety valve. They all need one at one time or another.

          If ever I can’t pay the water, electricity, or food bill, at least me and the family’s not out of the game.

          • Cellar Spider,
            We had a major snowstorm then a week of snow on top. Electricity went up… but I used snowmelt for laundry and cleaning for a month. Did I have to? No, but I am shifting into a different mindset of how to meet my needs. I garden outside in the summer, this winter I garden inside. No expense for imported salad makings, more money for sugar and flour. This week I started the shift from spare bedroom to winter food production. Bees will be added this summer. Hopefully a rooster and broody hens to go with my egg layers. Maybe rabbits. Step by step paying off my mortgage. I am on my second batch of hooch, the hard cider is bottled and the pear wine smells heavenly. I am growing fruits and that is why I need cane sugar. This year I will try growing sugar beets. That may be the end of buying sugar. Each piece is small, but my expenses are lower than ever. Even if I was crazy and the SHTF never happens, how can these steps hurt me? I haven’t had credit debt for 15 years. Mortgage is it and about to depart.
            I have washed clothes with little (recyclable) water, and shifting toward rainwater collection. I have trees for wood.
            I lived through economic collapse in Mexico, but the people weren’t armed. The military were everywhere. Those who fared best were rich. Second best, gardens and no debt.

        • Many more old folks because we dont generally have the ego associated with folks who think it cant happen

          • …or the “keep up with the Jones'” brainwashing…

            They’ve been taught that the best _____ is where its at. (Insert designer shoes, clothes, phone, car, etc.)

            The thing is that _____ usually is the least efficient means to doing whatever its sold for and is really the best _____ for making the company money. The actual “best” is usually much less expensive and much better at the same time. Ugh! US consumers are a stupid lot.

      19. Na I don’t drink hardly and it’s beer for me if I do. I agree on the rice and beans thing I like to make chili with my beans add ground beef and diced tomatoes onions whatever you like. Good stuff. Rice pudding is good add raisins. Rice is an excellent filler to add to stretch the meat or whatever. I dig the grizzly look people tend to leave me alone especially the yuppies and the metrosexuals I’m glad too. Don’t want anything to do with any of them.

      20. I just turned 60.
        I expect to live to 120
        and be shot by a jealous husband.
        (a joke)
        Quality of life is the biggie.
        That is why I prep.

        Not to go religious on this
        forum, but we all live
        forever, either because
        you have a immortal soul
        or because of the effects
        you have on others that get
        transfered to newer
        For example we still read
        Homeric poems and that
        are as much as
        6000 years old and
        a Bible whose story
        is even older.

        Teach a kid how to tie a
        bowline. If it saves them
        from harm even once,
        a small part of your life
        knowledge will
        survive for a few

        • rellik.

          I do like the Quality of Life. Many miss the Value in Life. Not talking about material objects.

          • TODAY should be a National Holiday! Happy Birthday to Robert E Lee. A Gentleman, a Great American and one of the Greatest Generals that ever lived. Trekker Out. Salute!

            • MT,

              Sadly, Mayor Landrieu and Co. want to remove General Robert E Lee’s statue from Lee Circle in New Orleans. I agree that he was one of the greatest Generals that ever lived! As the demographics change so do their values. What is being proposed is un-American and that is what is going to happen to this great country, it will be unrecognizable if the S does not HTF soon. We have a new governor, a democrat who was voted in by many Republicans as well, and he is a West Point graduate as well (General Lee was a graduate of West Point), so I am hopeful that he will be able to talk some sense into leaving the statue alone.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Your new governor will absolutely cave in to his demographic voting bloc.

              • LaEagle I see Bravehearts home town is doing the same thing. Memphis is trying to remove everything that pertains to Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. I have seen it in Missourah as well, where they won’t even let us fly the Battle Flag over the Confederate Cemetery at Higginsville. They have and will destroy the Foundation and Heritage of this Country and rewrite history. But lets all celebrate MLK day. Trekker Out. Take A Stand!

      21. “gold is stockpiled en masse by central banks only “because of tradition,””


        Central banks have one tradition. To make money by any means possible. Any means certainly precludes ethics and far too often legality.

        Bernanke testifying? Your apt to get more factual and honest answers from Frank Costello.

        • Kevin2,
          Banksters are the biggest crime wave to hit the planet. Someone mentioned the Samson Option. Maybe the crime wave is just another form of Samson Option. They are still po from WWII.

      22. test

      23. Four score and seven years ago…
        It was 1929! Happy days!
        The road goes on forever and the party never ends….right? Right? Is anybody there…? Hey! Who turned out the lights?!

      24. Newsflash…..everybody is on their own. Buy some guns and ammo instead. Most of us live in a major city on the east or west coast, we have to live in these major cities because that’s where 90% of jobs are. We would all love to have 50acres with a solar cabin and farm. But that’s not reality for 90% of us on this site. Who lives in a major city or within 60 miles od one…..I do. When this SHTF goes down I and you are on our own. I have worked as a Utility Lineman for over 15yrs. When the lights go out the boogeyman comes out!!!!

        • Even if your in the country your on your own

        • You are right: most people are urban and so fantasies about living in a cabin do not apply. This is why I believe being a ‘refugee’ is the way to go. A smart refugee. Being mobile will be the key survival skill. In an shtf, you do not want to be a prisoner to an area, city or government. You need to be sharp to what is happening and be able to shift areas and priorities as necessary.

          Sniff out where the nice areas are, both nearby and far away. In a crisis, not all areas will be affected. Where would have you preferred to be in the past three decades: Detroit or Geneva?

          To stay mobile, you need resources pre-stored around the world, in different jurisdictions and in different forms: PMs, cash, currencies, real estate, businesses, loyal networks, etc. Sleeping on a couch in a safe, high living standard city will be far better than living in a giant mansion surrounded by marauding knee-grows and jihadis battling it out.

      25. What is wrong with some of these comments, a bunch of precious metal haters. I see a lot of gold is stupid comment, just stack more bullets and guns… :/ You literally can’t be serious. Gold and silver are literally money. Yes you should have food/water/guns/ammo/medicine/home. But after that, buy gold and silver. What do you do with your excess money? keep it in a bank? or in the stock market? I’d rather have 100 oz of silver than 1000$ of fiat. Better wise up or continue to run with the programmed sheep.

        P.s. I would never trust bartered ammo.

      26. Any one else on here have iraqi dinars i see where you all stock tp for shtf preps i figure i will just wipe for a while with the stack of 100,000 dinar notes ive got seems thats all they b good for i really wish i would have gotten that 5.00 per oz silver instead

        • At least i can say im a millionaire of shit

      27. Thought of a good resource across from the house is a creek that used to be the sewer creek for the town and durrung the depression they used simi curved glazed tiles to build the 5 ft tall sewer lines but stopped about a quarter mile and just stacked up the tile along the creek and its still there it has some leaves dirt but is all above ground and in good condition so i may end up being a shit house builder suppose it would be good for the walls of the hole

        • I like it.

      28. Did we ever give the GERMANS back there gold ?

        • i read a story where we gave back SOME….and for some reason, it wasn’t the same gold they gave U.S. for safekeeping….now why WAS that? why did they get stuff that was melted down into something else….and it was a VERY small part of their gold…remember what happened in 1971 when the french demanded THEIR gold?….they sent a BATTLESHIP over, and it was loaded up in ONE DAY. but what are they gonna DO?….kick our ASSES?

      29. “Diminishing returns”

      30. Mortgage free since relocating a couple of years back. It’s one major worry off my mind. Our home is humble but adequate to our needs and our immediate neighbours are decent folk.

        This year is all about creating a food garden. It starting from a fresh like I am most people forget it can take 5-7 years to get the soil up to full productivity. Ditto your knowledge of local growing conditions if on a new site.
        Our income is meagre so tbh I’m not worrying about pm’s. If somehow my ship comes in, I’ll invest – till then staying debt free is where I’m at. Less chance of unpleasant external suprises that screw me over totally I figure that way.

        Water is something I’m revisiting right now as this has made me aware just how vulnerable we are
        Flint residents, especially parents are living thru shtf now far as I can tell. Just trying to build a little more redundancy into existing preps. Only so much can be done on the garden this time of year, so seems a good time to run thru the basics again.

        I figure pm’s is something like the cherry on the prepping cake – nice to have once everything else is truly in place. A small camper van to upgrade the tents and bicycles is likely to come first. (not that the tents and bicycles will be going anywhere!)

      31. 7.21 a.m.

        Gold down. Oil up.

        Futures Up in the stock markets.

        Bloomberg site.

        “And Away We Go”.

        Jackie Gleason.

        • The powers out there can extend the show for quite some time. Back to bad news is good again. China data bad, HO LI FUK, better start some stimulus. This means for money printing somewhere on the globe. My guess is that they will allow this to stagger like a gutshot drunk right until the next president takes the reigns. Then it will come unglued. Can’t let it come apart under our “focused like a laser” commie in chief.

      32. I’ve been told to buy/hold gold to have a source of recognized wealth to get established in the new currency system. There will be a time of chaos of course, but then it will settle down and society will rebuild. Hopefully, all those living off the govt tit will be long gone and sanity will resume with the lessons learned from the past. Or the Antichrist is in charge and Jesus has already taken me Home! Either way, I’m good with it.

      33. Whenever the power goes out I get the eeery feeling the bogey man is out. Why wouldn’t they be. the gift horse is looking them in the eye. Dont make yourself a target.

      34. Gold and Silver is all good and fine. But, Debt free land and preps are what will be needed more.


        All of these things will be more valuable than Gold in a collapse. Gold is very valuable in economic downturns, not so much in a collapse, the only question is will there be another downturn before the collapse?

      35. A stockpile of ammo is only good if you can stay alive to use it

        Food, Body Armor , water, Body Armor, Matches , Body Armor, Flashlights ,Body Armor , Guns, Body Armor, Ammo, Body Armor
        Shelter , Body Armor,etc….—>>>

        see a pattern?

        • don’t leave home without it!….didn’t american express say that about their credit card?…it astounds me how many americans don’t have any body armor…even those seeemingly awake, and knowing what’s about to happen. yet they got the latest Iphone, new SUV, shoes, purse…..gun…fill in the blank…but when the bell rings, body armor will be one of THE most important things to own….I’M betting it will be PRICELESS…maybe even MORE expensive than THAT….just make sure it FITS right.

        • EOTS

          Are you going with only soft armor or you planning to get plates too. Front, back and side plates. Don’t forget your helmet.

          • Have any of you put on a full set of military body armor. I had the experience of doing so. Weight Lots of weight and if you are not use to moving with it on your body, You could be in trouble. The soft armor is manageable but you may have to add a camel back water unit to keep you hydrated. You can add on arm(Deltoid) Pads and side panels, under your arms so more weight gets added on. I going to say 20 pounds of gear so far. The come the plates. Which are 5 pounds adjust for S/M/L
            plus side plate about 3 pounds. Two sides, front and back plates another 15 lbs. With a Kevlar helmet 4 pounds, groin protection 1 pound and with water 2 lb. would put you over 42 pounds to lug. We have not added ammo and other gear.

            Be walking around like a rusted up Tin Man. Hahahaha!

            • Is way too much extra weight,
              If static no prob, but if in a dynamic situation,
              Can you carry a 3 day load plus ammo and whatever else as well as full battle rattle of armor etc,,,,
              My bet is for most, most likely not.
              If your bugging out, can you don armor plus lug your bob,,,
              Personally i would rather have better freedom of movement and less bulk,
              Not to mention the possibility that because your movement is impeded you may take a round anyway,,,,

              • Welded me a cart, Kula. Bicycle wheels, puncture proof. Easily taken down to slip in the trunk, or camper. Holds 4 – 50 cal. ammo cans and stuff on the top. 100 pounds works, Heavy uphill, but it beats backpack. Sometimes I make two trips over difficult going.

                I need an 18 wheeler, but at least the cart’s a start.

                I’ve given it a good workout. It’s what I use to stash stuff – desert, mountains, wherever. Pulls easy, or push. I’ve rigged it for two people to pull and push, but I’m mostly alone.

            • it amazes me that people ALWAYS seem to find the hole in your plan on this website, to present the other side of an issue, without giving ANY thought about how a person’s idea COULD work…like their idea is the only right way…i can think of dozens of situations where i want to be wearing full armor…first of all, i aint going ANNNYWHEREEE, unless i HAVE to, so i aint plannin’ on wearing this full-time…what if you have to go to the well 50 feet from house? what if things are fairly peaceful most of the time, but you get word a bunch of “badguys” are rolling thru yer neighborhood…what if one of your group got shot, and you got to drag him to medical help two miles away? what if you got to go outside and patrol your grounds for a half hour…an hour…what if you got to sit near a window and guard your place….but all some of you can think of, is where it WON’T work….i appreciate the cynicism, but just better keep an open mind…i’ll KEEP my armor, thank you,…i would rather have it when i NEED it. parachutes and body armor…if you don’t have it when you NEED it, there’s a damn good chance you’ll never need it AGAIN! if body armor is so unimportant, why does the army wear it into battle?….because that’s what it’s gonna be, a battle….OFTEN!…i suspect y’all pooh pooh the idea, because you don’t want to lay out the extra cash….time will tell wether i’m right or you’re right…irregardless, i wish all of you good luck in the fight to come. and thanks for your contributions to shtfplan.

          • got all that….and don’t forget to pick up some extras for putting over the seatback in the car, to left and right of you, and one on the dash for good measure….and one on yer lap….if yer gonna be drivin’ in dangerous areas(you won’t WANT to be), you better have protection. one thing you may do, especially if you work in a place that someone will shoot up….like the post office, for example, is to remove the plates from a vest and put them in yer pack/get home bag so that you can put it on and run away, or put it in front to push the perp down to get his gun from him….just in case somebody goes postal on yuh….damn, i haven’t heard that one in a while!

            • I was not shooting holes in the body armor. I wanted people to know how heavy it can get and under stressful, hot, combine with a saggy body can be a problem. Most will not be able to move with body armor. Your posts above are exactly what you can use Body Armor for. Do not confuse with Frag Vests.

              How many have taken the time to look up the information when buying USED body armor. Have you looked at the video’s? How about the price of carriers, soft panel armor and then plates. Price out a Kevlar helmet lately?
              PASGT. Know what that means? How can you tell the plastic ones from Kevlar.

              Does one pay about $500 a plate for new or go with the used for around $150. Some is better than none but do you bet your life on it.

              • thanks slingshot for being so gracious about me making you my whipping boy. but i felt i had to call out all those that THINK body armor will be too heavy/cumbersome/expensive…i really feel it COULD save my life. that’s why i started buying it. now i got several of them, and after doing a lot of research, i know a LOT more than i did when i first started buying it….here’s some “facts” ……
                they have a 5 year “guarantee” from the manufacturer to work as advertised…so when i BUY one, i tell the person that it’s beyond the “expiration date”, trying to get a better price…(that works on ALL women, and MOST men…they fall for it every time)…but when i sell them, i tell them that expiration date doesn’t mean jack. there’s some very good articles on suvivalblog about armor. one guy tells of shooting MANY vests, and he’s never shot one that didn’t stop whatever bullet they advertised…no matter HOW OLD it was.
                you don’t want to get them wet, they don’t work well then.
                they can be bought near military bases for often very cheap prices. i have some i paid less than 100$ for.
                used, you must be willing to pay more as you go up in size. if you’re extra-LARD, then it’s going to be MUCH harder to find one…all those kids in army are smalls and mediums, sometimes lard.
                one guy tells of stitching a few together, so that wherever he goes, he can throw it out to make a defensable position.

                • I understand about “used” but “not abused gear”. People also have to know you can be shot between the seams of the body armor. Lots of trade off. Simply protection vs. mobility. Bunched up and unflexible soft armor should be avoided. Heavy sweat marks and body odor is a warning that the unit was not care for properly.

                  One purpose many fail to think about is when stray shots are fired, do you have more than just the protection of your walls of your home?

                  I am in the body armor “is good” group for I know I am going to have to Stand Alone and Gun Tub it out.

                  • My trailerstead will stop bullets a hair better than paper, it has a thin metal skin over 2x2s. My small house plan has 8x8x16 concrete blocks and is earth bermed. It will also have a lot of glass to the south. I am looking at shutters for nights and warmth, but want a bit more protection. Any suggestions? Budget friendly if possible? The windows will be 6 feet wide and bumped out a little on the outside. I want shelves for plants inside. I also planned a 6 foot sliding glass door. It is for plants, but also passive solar. And a nice view.

                    • Rebecca.

                      The 8x8x16 inch concrete block are super when sandwiched between plywood. Cinder block filled with sand or gravel’ Earth is good too.

                      I hide in plain sight as I do have a rose bushes with gravel on the ground and boxed in by cinder block with cap stones. Landscaping with rail road ties and pressure treated logs is also a good concealment of material you may need later.

                      I am sure there are a site on the internet that will give you information for bullet protection as to the depth and type of material.

                      I chose sandbags as they can be moved as needed and as many as you would need. They can adjust to any space. Imagine moving over a ton of bagged earth.

                    • Slingshot, I moved 5 tons of block last summer one block at a time. Very slow. I already planned to fill the block with crusher fines, so that is good. I think wood shutters for everyday heat control. I already have loose stack block flower beds with crusher fines inside. I didn’t think about it being stored in plain sight, silly, because I stacked them all around my trailerstead foundation to make room for building and they are stored in plain sight now. I think that would work. Thanks.

                    • i picked up a pickup load of bullet-proof glass a couple years ago… for 180$…keep yer eyes peeled for some of that too.that guy was retiring from the bizz, and just wanted it gone….the kicker was he gave me two guns that were probly worth what i paid for the glass…both with broken stocks.

                    • BCOD, thanks. I will start looking for bullet proof glass. I can also block with cement blocks if it gets bad enough. Thank you.

      36. No worries, mates! They’ll just PRINT more PAPER gold!

        Lots for everyone!! Step right up and git yer paper gold!! And then step to the booth next door and get yer snake oil from the socialists while at it!

        “”Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”
        – Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

        (Can anyone say “Al Gore’s faux global warming here? Can anyone give me a mindless “Yes we can” chant at this point?? (This book is excellent reading, BTW, and covers things several hundred years ago like the Tulip Mania in Holland, the South Seas Bubble in England, and the Mississippi Bubble in France. Too bad he wasn’t around today, or he could have written about the Obumbler Bubble, or the Leftist Mass Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas chant ins.

        • Sometimes it feels like we are living in Ayan Rands world in Atlas or one of the many scenes in Matt Brackens books,

      37. This is some good shit

        ht tp://

      38. cant comment 404

        maybe its what im saying?

        • funny how it lets me say that , but not what i had to say about Hillary

          had a long list of facts typed out and bingo 404 error

          • Big brother is watching

            • evidently

              • ht tp://

                read some of the comments

      39. I would love to have 15 ounces of gold right now, but the silver is increasing monthly as well as the food. Ammo- not so much. My husband is disinterested in our guns, although we have quite a few. I was the one who spearheaded an ammo hunt last year so that each weapon had rounds. For you aficionados out there… my Cajun grandfather passed down his Parker Brother shotgun to my son. PawPaw Clovis used to put meat on the table with that. When I think about the amount of food and other preps I can buy for just the cost of 1 Oz of gold, it gives me pause. So, right now I’ll stick with stacking silver.

        • Gold is for folks that can spend $125 on a one-tenth ounce coin. Good luck spending that at the grocery when SHTF sends us down there for the last of the stock on the shelves.

          Silver coins are perfectly alright for a prep.

          • i got a feelin’ things are going to be faaar more expensive than most think…

        • sell that parker side by side and buy an 870…it will ALWAYS cycle rounds(and it holds more), and more reliable…just sayin’….

      40. Johnson & Johnson plans to cut 3,000 jobs

        Wall Street Journal

        • KY Mom,
          Groan… thanks for sharing.

      41. Trading /bartering junk silver will work of course, PROVIDING the tradee knows just what it is and trusts the silver content.
        Can you see trying to convince someone that it really is 90% silver (or whatever it is?
        A lot of ignoramus’s out there, you know. Just saying.
        I’ll stick with Am. eagles and use buckshot for backup while bartering.

      42. When are people going to wake up! If the fiat currency collapses your gold and silver will be worthless too. Go on, collect your gold. You won’t be able to buy anything with it. You better have tangible assets to trade for food and supplies. Wake up and stop listening to all the BS about having gold.

      43. VOTE FOR NO ONE!

        Orielly, like Obama and the NRA, wants the right to arms relegated to a state level permission. Guess what?! Donald Trump wants the same thing. Yes the precious Donald Trump wants the same thing.

        No one is “running for the people”

        • You’re going to have to vote for one or the other.

          This election is about all the marbles, making personal statements with your vote is going to be a losing proposition this time.

        • Gun confiscation is already a “state level permission.”

          Heller saw to that. The individual has the right to keep and bear arms, but the states may confiscate, regulate, and control all arms, even shotguns, slingshots and potato launchers.

          f ’em

        • True dat.

      44. We recently had a light snowfall and it paralyzed our city. For those bugging out, I suggest bugging in until the highways clear. The odds of one leaving prior to any shtf event is slim.

        If I had to have one round and one round only, it would probably be 12-ga. and the means to deliver said round. For those not prepared in my hood, that is what I will provide, a shotgun and box of buckshot.

      45. Here is an honest review of Hilary Clinton
        In her entire career as a Senator, she sponsored a total of 2 bills.
        One to name a street after someone, and the other to rename a library after someone .. thats it

        oh and as SOS ..she gets 4 Americans killed ( 4 that we know about and can prove, so much for all the ones around her and Bill that had “accidents”)

        Great resume eh?

      46. Paul Ryan:
        Americans should not have to decide between food and medicine

        Under my budget , they will have neither

      47. Peak gold is merely one problem. You can’t have infinite growth in population on a planet of finite means.

        Either we’re gonna have to move off planet in a big way, or, more likely, limit the number of souls born to those that die….nature’s way….only nature tends to over correct from time to time.

        When my wife and I go, there will be two less, and no replacements.

        • There will be plenty of replacements, the Third World is producing them by the million every day.

          Goodbye, Caucasian race. Genocide can be self-inflicted.

          • smokey,
            Free birth control to all human beings. Cheapest reducer of population problems. All groups, no matter their religion, will lower their birth rate.voluntarily. i am old enough to remember when no one believed Catholics would lower their birth rate. They did. Japanese lowered their birth rate successfully, their country is too overpopulated. It is only self genocide if birth control is unequally available.

      48. Peak gold sounds like peak oil to me and oil prices have fell over the clif just now so this seems just like the usual story we have been getting for the past 3 years as the paper price for gold keeps going down.

        Yes you need gold or better still silver coins because the bankers are trying to make all cash digital and silver coins will fuel the black economy for things like beer without having to pay tons of tax on it. Sugar will be another one.

        I am waiting to see if Silver drops under $12 oz before buying anymore physical so please hold off for now if you feel like you need to panic sell silver coins

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