Video: The Roadmap To World War 3: “Playtime Between the East and West Is Over”

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Headline News | 296 comments

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    The rhetoric in Russia has been heating up lately with Vladimir Putin recently giving a speech in which he warned that playtime between the East and West is over. And while things between the United States and the former Soviet Union have always been tense, this time Putin might really mean it.

    Unreported by the American mainstream media is the fact that the Russian economy, along with its currency the Rouble, is collapsing because of Western sanctions enacted following Russia’s annexation of Crimea earlier this year. First, the West’s banking system attacked the private financial holdings of Russian politicians and businessmen. There were even rumors that the U.S. would target Putin’s $40 billion personal fortunate held abroad. Then, Europe and the U.S. enacted trade restrictions on Russia, essentially crippling their internationally dependent commerce system.

    If history is any guide, the economic disaster in Russia could well be the catalyst Putin needs to motivate his people into a nationalistic frenzy that demonizes western nations and the United States in particular.

    But before we put all of the blame on Putin and his obvious desire to restore Russia’s super power status on the world stage, it’s important to note that his recent actions have not taken place in a vacuum, nor are they strictly related to the events currently playing out in the Ukraine.

    The roadmap to World War 3 was conceptualized long ago, and like the buildup to the Great War of 1914, the causes and catalysts are multi-faceted and encompass not just a few countries, but the entire global paradigm.

    Watch: The Roadmap to World War 3

    Produced by Crush The Street

    One hundred years after the start of the “War to End All Wars” the world is on the brink of yet another confrontation.

    This time around, however, as was noted by Russia’s state influenced Pravda newspaper this week, there are thousands of advanced weapons systems just waiting to be unleashed on an otherwise unsuspecting global public.



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      1. if the russians attack, I hope they all look like the hottie on the add to the left and dressed the same too. Then it would be world war 3 romp fest!!!!!

        • these psychopaths (Putin and Obama included) are going to be responsible for the deaths of the majority of the world. sick bastards.

          • BFD to WW3. Confess and repentant of sin, placing total faith and trust in Jesus Christ and His Saving Work on the Cross.

            • @ FreeSlave : Amen brother. After you get your soul straight, it is time for those to get there house straight too. Soul first, beans, rice, and bullets second. The way things are going, a couple of paks of isotabs can’t hurt either.

              • Thanks FishAndMud.

                P.S. There’s a commenter by the name of Smooth Criminal who’s asking about Christ and Christianity down below. If you would like to answer his questions too, that’s cool.

                • @ LaughAtStupidPeople : Read the entire article. Isotabs made in Karachi, it also states they are used for cardiac patients. It said nothing about the thyroid or radiation.

            • Good post, FS. Thanks. You have it 100% correct.

              • Thanks Test. I’ve really enjoyed your comments too.

            • We all will just be fodder……

            • Jesus Christ has been AWOL for over 2000 years and is never coming back to save you or anybody, no matter how hard you pray. LoL You all have been stood up and duped you stoopid sheep. Get over it and look for a new romance novel call reality today here and now.

              • @ Anonymous : Before you call other people “stoopid”, you should learn how to spell. STUPID. LOL LOL LOL

              • Indeed

              • Anonymous… what book would you recommend? Something by Nietsche, Marx, Darwin, Mao, or maybe Saul Alinsky? Your disdain for Jesus is apparent. Why do you have such animosity towards a man who exemplified love and forgiveness, rebuked hippocrites, was falsely accused and then put to death?

                Interesting how a romance novel, as you claim, can call you out
                2000 years later.

                Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

            • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Putin vs. Obama. Now that’s an even match.

            • @ Unreconstructed Southron : Not even close. Putin would kick obumers a$$ all day long. Now, the USA against Russia, what a mess that would be.

              • Fishandmud, I agree. Putin is a MAN and Obama is just a BOY.

                • RB,

                  Pootie Poot was a KGB colonel who wants to resurrect the Soviet bear. God knows how many people were murdered and tortured on his watch. Now this is your man’s MAN? Putin is a piece of shit in my book. That military faggotry doesn’t impress me. I think soldiers are evil pieces of dog shit and that patriotism is the camouflage of the vicious. They just looking for a reason to kill someone like that turd Chris Kyle.

                  Now I admit in a lifetime of martial arts I have enjoyed many a slugfest, and I have a frothing hatred of cops, soldiers, government workers, etc., but that is because I want the country to go back to The Great Experiment and I hate bullies. I never seek to bully or control others and I expect the same treatment.

                  • We just need to lock all these Psychopaths in one big cage fight arena with chains and baseball bats and let them fight it out. While the othe 99% of the normal civilized wold just wants to be left alone to enjoy life as it should be living in peace and harmony. Its time to declare war on war mongering psychopaths.

                  • Putin is indeed a KGB man through and through; as he recently said, once a chekist, always a chekist. And last I read, 75% of Kremlin officials were ex KGB. That’s ex enforcers for the communist party… and we’re meant to believe Russia has reformed? All that’s happened with the USSR collapse is they have staged a retreat, just as they did when Napoleon and Hitler attacked them. And then they mean to bite back while the West is looking the other way.

                    • @ Jay : Were not looking the other way, we are watching it happen. As a matter of fact, by electing and reelecting obumer, we are helping it happen.

                  • @ Acid Etch : RB did not say Putin was his man or that Putin was a man’s Man. HE SAID PUTIN WAS A REAL MAN.
                    RED THUMB TO YOU.

              • Loved that page. Sad for America.

                • Hey Six, FYI…I got those cans of DAK hams/ case delivered, they have an expiration date of Aug 2018. 4 yrs which is pretty good.

                  • WWTI:

                    Where do those hams come from? I know, I know WTTI. From the grocery store. However, I am concerned about where food come from and what is in it. Thanks.

                    • POG;
                      I checked into the DAK hams. They are distributed by Plumrose USA. They do not state where their products are raised but all of their processing plants are located in the US. Hope that helps. I’m sure you could call their office and ask them if you wanted.


                  • @ WhoWuddaThunkIt : How much were the hams? CVS has them on sale at least once a month for $2.50 each. Walgreens carries celebrity ham, same price, 4 oz smaller. Walgreens does carry honey, at least once a month, 28 oz for $ 4.99 Good price. Before some of you come on here and say local honey is better, I agree, but most of yall say you are bugging out, which means you have to buy the honey from your bug out local. That is only good for alergies anyways.

                    • Every time someone mentions a commercial food on here, somebody always is not satisfied with it. To that I say, if I’m hungry, “not-so-organic-or-perfect” will be good enough for me.

                      I don’t have my own farm, with planted fields, acres of gardens and livestock. I have to make do with the best I can get my hands on, and reality is, when the SHTF, so will everybody else.

                      We may not always be able to get “the best” that our egos demand.

            • Breaking News: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2014

              WARNING Bank Deposits Will Soon No Longer Be Considered Money But Paper Investments
              What does this mean?

              Kenneth Schortgen Jr explains:
              This weekend the G20 nations will convene in Brisbane, Australia to conclude a week of Asian festivities that began in Beijing for the developed countries and major economies. And on Sunday, the biggest deal of the week will be made as the G20 will formally announce new banking rules that are expected to send shock waves to anyone holding a checking, savings, or money market account in a financial institution.

              On Nov. 16, the G20 will implement a new policy that makes bank deposits on par with paper investments, subjecting account holders to declines that one might experience from holding a stock or other security when the next financial banking crisis occurs. Additionally, all member nations of the G20 will immediately submit and pass legislation that will fulfill this program, creating a new paradigm where banks no longer recognize your deposits as money, but as liabilities and securitized capital owned and controlled by the bank or institution.

              Read the Full Story here:

              In essence, the Cyprus template of 2011 will be fully implemented in every major economy, and place bank depositors as the primary instrument of the next bailouts when the next crisis occurs…

              For most Americans with savings or checking accounts in federally insured banks, normal FDIC rules on deposit insurance are still in play, but anyone with over $250,000 in any one account, or held offshore, will have their money automatically subject to bankruptcy dispursements from the courts based on a much lower rank of priority, and a much lower percentage of return.

              This also includes business accounts, money market accounts, and any depository investments such as a certificate of deposit (CD)…

            • Unconstructed:

              Planned that way Unconstructed.

              Anyone wonder what Obama’s comment to Putin “I will have a lot more leeway after the election” meant.

              I believe it meant I will be able to join you Putin, in furthering the one world agenda, without worrying about whether the American people like that agenda or not.

              His handlers and the MSM are doing a fine job at the moment of making him look like a worthless limp rag piece of shit (which he is). Putin lovers be careful what you ask for. Putin and Russia are owned by the same group of bankers that own the world. Thinking Russia’s handlers have given up on their hard fought grip on Russia is like saying Valerie Jarrett has abandoned her post as the handler of Obama.

              • Spot on sister- all war does for the common man is to reduce the population and make the rich richer. War is a racket. This is leading us to the NWO. The 10 Kings of Revelation ALL give their power to the One. All this Putin love is silly- all the world’s a stage. None of these world leaders are Christian- not a one.

              • POG….Obama didn’t make that comment to Putin..he made it to Medvedev. I guess you haven’t heard he showed a lot of the ” bankers ” the door and issued arrest warrents for guys like George soros and others like him…I would rethink my opinion of Putin if I were you. He loves Russia and is CLEARLY doing things to make russia a better place for Russians. Putin HATES obama and you can tell by his body language in china recently.

          • Tip: No one notices if you wear lead sap gloves in the wintertime.

            • Acid
              why would I want to wear those gloves when I`m packing a .45??????


          • Anonymous

            I don’t disagree with the psychopath part but I think this is all planned. Economies are so intertwined now. Also the comment before the last election that Obama said he would have more flexibility after the election. Even all of this does not make sense. Russia is doing what we would do if someone was at our border. Hell I think it is all planned.
            Might be crazy I know but the fact that our current president does not like this country is not crazy. W=

            We are all citizens of the world.

          • Still,…. Hospital Infections kills more Americans than any other cause. Where is the outcry, Yawn……..

        • The KGB is notorious for their female assets like Anna Chapman. If you take your skin boat to Rooo-ssseeee-ahhh, remember to off the cunt afterwords.

        • Hope they bring some good Rusky vodka too.

        • nice boobs.

          • Acid

            I have never accused you of being a troll. I appreciate all useful post so I thank you for those. You just come across rude and an ass hole at times. Especially to women.
            If you keep posting helpful post then you and I can stand side by side in the fight that is coming. What styles of martial arts. I love martial arts. It has done wonders for me.
            One other comment from me. I will treat you like I want to be treated. I always am a gentlemen and stand up for ladies though. It is just the right thing to do in my opinion. I say that even after my ex left and I have custody of two boys who are now 22 and 21.

            • Mike, get a napkin; you got a little splooge on your chin.

              • Forgot the :p


            • I was away for a while; did the world end? No, well maybe tomorrow, or perhaps next week. Next month for sure this time! I’ve been hearing this nonsense from the likes of John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, Jerry Falwell (RIP) Jim Bakker (imprisoned and now hawking survival foods), and other such notables since the early 70’s. Yep, the END is just around the corner this time for sure. Those that are still alive have adjusted their predictions and timelines, or just given up on it all together. But you can all just keep hoping, and wishing, and praying, and maybe, just maybe, it will all end before you do. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there.

              • Chicken, that was funny as well as true, well said.

            • My sincerest congratulations to you, you won the custody Lottery, literally. I can only assume she just wanted to disappear.

              You’d be talking differently if she got the custody, the house, and 50% of your income. As is the case just about always.

          • Your useful posts are valued and helpful to all of us here. It is when you flip the switch and attack that turns others against you. You get to decide how you are treated by the nature of your posts.

            • comment was for Acid.

        • As USA collapses further, I can’t wait to see dating websites promoting fas-assed, shitty attitude-weilding
          American women.

          • Apparently you’ve never seen facebook or myspace…

            • Sixpack

              That caused me to laugh so hard. So true. Society has just declined so much in 30 years.

            • FaceBook Inc= FBI.
              MYSPACE in 8×10 FEMA Camp Prison Cell.
              Thanks for your cooperation in updating your profile photos, personal info and points of contacts for our data base. FBI and FEMA Camp Mgt.

              Next Months Drill – please lick the envelope and stamp on your next Property Taxes and Federal Tax Return so we can collect your DNA samples.

              • We have become Rome…when debauchery, distraction delegate the thinking of a society. That society has lost its meaning or desire to exist. It has abdicated from the processes that made it great. Therefore ..a purge of this mentality is warranted.,because even in Rome., when they have had enough…they killed the Caesar.

                Live Free or Die..just let me purrrrge

            • 100% effin’ hilarious!!!!!

          • Can’t wait?

            Are you posting from 1987? Tell Doc I wanna borrow the Delorean.

        • You must be surfing the Russian brides websites and have a bunch of tracking spyware.

        • i got a hottie in an ad for t-shirts to the left.

        • WHY does this article repeat the LIE that Russia ANNEXED Crimea? Crimea had a PARLIAMENT. They VOTED to not be part of the tribal SLIME that WE installed in Kiev admitted to by tribal slime Victoria Nuland. The West is pissy because Crimea was the only thing worth STEALING about Ukraine other than the GOLD they DID steal.

        • Putin is the only one saving us against the the Nuclear blowtorch Obama wants to use

      2. and I will invite them all into my home for a roll in the hay

        • …only if you’ve really got hay…

          • Sixpack

            Here is hopefully a good laugh for you. True story. When I was 15 I was making out with a girl in the hay loft. I fell out. Sprained my arm. Chipped my tooth. Knocked the breath out of me. Played in the championship baseball game two days later. Lost the game by one run. Had there star player in a run down and could not throw the ball hard enough to get him out. He scored. It may or may not have cost us the game.
            Just goes to show that being with some ladies can cost you a lot.

            • mike
              doesn’t sound like to me you were with her if you left her in loft…..


            • I got a true hay loft story for you. this guy was screwing a girl in the hay loft. they heard the barn door open. so they lay very still not moving or even whispering. the girls mother looked around and through a crack in the boards spotted the boys nut sack. she got a pitchfork and stabbed him in the nuts & thigh. I had almost forgot about this story. However I read the girls obituary the other day.

            • Mike in VA, LOL, it just goes to show what some young guys will endure for a little nookie… 🙂

              • Sixpack

                I guess you can say I learned the hard way!!!

        • Well good luck with that. Hope you no a good doctor. Treating sexually transmitted diseases is painful so I have heard.

      3. …going to be an interesting time.

        BHO & Co. sail a destroyer, USS Donald Cook, to Putin’s backyard puddle, the Black Sea, hoping to “intimidate” Vlad. The American ship is chock-full of the latest electronic warfare gizmos and the vaunted “AEGIS” system.

        Putin sends over an unarmed Su-42 jet bomber armed only with Russian electronic warfare device called Khibiny.

        Result: ALL, repeat, ALL of American warships systems were knocked out–including, but not limited to: radar, targeting, fire control, tracking, steering–the whole nine yards.

        THEN, he Russian Su-24 simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft – unarmed – repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

        After that, the 4th generation destroyer immediately turned tail and sped towards a port in Romania.

        ….BHO, what a great C-in-C. What a guy, what a guy! He knows his stuff, don’t he!

        Now you know where to put your money down on any bets here.

        Read it and weep:

        • Centurion..I heard that too…several top brass that were on that ship resigned the next day…they were very scared. People better understand Russia has better planes, missles, and soldiers than we do.

          • The US is using 1970’s tech against farmers and peasants while all the other big boys have been modernizing.

          • Russians get unbelievable milage out of meager resources.

          • Maybe the top brass all resigned the next day, not out of fear, but DISGUST. They knew they had no business being there, and that point got driven home to them post haste.

            • Maybe the probing caused the Russians to tip their hand and reveal some unknown technology. You can bet the smarter members of our military will put that info to good use.

              • LET’S HOPE AND PRAY THAT IT DOESN’T COME TO THAT, Swinging Richard.

          • Hitler

            Sorry but that is not true. I will agree that they are a lot closer in technology now than they were when I served. The thing is they outnumber us. Always have. In my time it was not a big worry because of technology and there command structure. If you took out say the officer of a platoon then other members did not know what to do. They were not trained what to do if the officer was killed. Now that is different too.

            Really it does not matter either way. If we go head to head then it will be a disaster. If one side starts losing then they will use bigger and weapons until boom.
            There goes a tactical nuke. Neither side will take a but kicking from the other. Does that mean mutually assured destruction. It used to mean that. Actually it still does but my fear is that we have nut cases who don’t care.
            Maybe the way to settle this is to get out a ruler tell Obama and Putin to drop there pants and settle it that way. Just idiots.

            • from what I understand, at least one side has already used nuke in a recent police-action (depleted uranium)

              • Correct…and it wasn’t the Russians.

            • Mike…good post…maybe the story I read about that wasn’t very factual..I’ll look into it.

          • hitler
            and now they ARE patrolling the gulf of mexico…say what???


            • snake..ikr..putin isn’t playing games.

              Granny..I wasn’t aware we were sending Russia one red sure about that?

          • Hitler:

            They should have better everything it was bought and paid for with American taxpayer dollars. Once again, American taxpayers financing our own demise.

            • Anybody who hands an enemy a loaded gun, deserves to get shot if they turn their backs.

        • Excellent. We get them to display their assets before war actually breaks out. We get time to develop countermeasures.

        • Correct you are..

          then again

          Let us not forget that the entire manned( and unmanned) space program(NASA)aka shuttle flights, were all military installs of space based weapons systems..

          This spring engagement was just a mere tit for tat..

          The global chessboard has a long way to go..


          I think not..

          But then again..

          anythings possible nowadays..


        • And GW Bush proudly Declared that Outsourcing is a Good thing for Amerika. A US Patent is a Chinese Blueprint.

        • Result: ALL, repeat, ALL of American warships systems were knocked out–including, but not limited to: radar, targeting, fire control, tracking, steering–the whole nine yards.

          After that, the 4th generation destroyer immediately turned tail and sped towards a port in Romania.

          Read it and weep

          After receiving the news Putin didn’t stop laughing until 3 hours later.

          This incident happened after Obola boycotted the Sochi Olympics. Obola sure showed them, didn’t he?

        • My primitive obsolete war wagon is better than your primitive obsolete war wagon?

          Two words.

          Nuclear. Submarine.

          I don’t care if you’re armed otherwise with the Wright Brother’s plane and a slingshot. A fleet of nuclear submarines trumps everything on Earth.

      4. If NY and DC were to be nuked, Putin would be doing us the biggest favor.

        • Only a stupid person can’t see how stupid that comment is. You really want NY and DC to be nuked?
          Damn you’re a heartless sonuvabitch.

          • Macro, I don’t call brave’s comment stupid…..he just missed additional targets:

            1- Israel
            2- NY
            3- Sickhago
            4- DC

            I may add more later.

            • Tell the good people to get out but then hit San Francisco, L.A., and Chicago.

              I really don’t mean that but it sure would make things easier to turn around in this country. I love all. I just believe that all are free and should have to succeed or fail on there own. Get our government out of it.

              • You can Nuke Detroit as well would save lots of man hours and the wreckingball crew tearing it down one house at a time anyway.

            • Stolz, thanks for the additional targets. I just meant NY and DC for starters. Macro sounds like a troll.

            • I don’t think anyone wants to nuke a good food source
              emp maybe …….


        • AMEN RBH. Amen.

        • As much as some of us feel certain cities need to be ” nuked ” I assure you the reality of that would be absolute HORROR. I don’t feel it’s wise to wish any city in your own country to be nuked even though some of them are hellholes. There are other ways to clean up these ” thugged ” out cities and nuking them isn’t one of them IMO.

        • @ renegade braveheart : The problem with your suggestion is all the top brass would be forewarned and gone. Then another round of pain and suffering for us.

      5. just do what you know. if nukes fly;
        1. when you see a bright light, get down, don’t stare. 2. hope youre not in the blast/death zone 3. if you survive, check wind, build(if you haven’t already) a fallout shelter. fallout shelter is anything around you, use desks, beds, plastic, dirt, whatever. 4. not sure.. get ready for the new world.

        • Time, distance, shielding. Shielding is anything that’s heavy and dense. Any below ground shelter is better than being above ground. If you cannot get underground then you will have to shelter in place indoors at the central and/or most hardest point of the building, build a fort with furniture and anything you can find to insulate yourself as much as possible from the fallout, and stay in there for at least two weeks or three days at the minimum. Example is if you’re in a 5 story building, you don’t want to be on the 5th or 1st floor because fallout will settle on the roof and ground.

        • ridiculous

          Don’t know what the policy is now. I need to ask. I always thought this to be humorous and nuts. But in the case of a nuclear blast we were to lay down with our weapons under us.
          I had decided to just bend over and kiss me arse good bye lol

          That was US Army Policy and training in my time.

          • mike
            did they have nukes that far back?????/


            just teasing

            • Snake

              They called them nukes. Maybe they were just a torch and a club though.

              That was hilarious. Don’t worry about comments like that to me. I enjoy it. Nothing better than a good laugh. Improves the day.
              Also if you cannot laugh at yourself then you have no room to laugh at others. I guess that is why I love to laugh.

          • @ Mike : Don’t know the exact number, but I think it is ten miles. If you are within ten miles, and no undergroung shelter, just run towards it. It will end the needless pain and suffering alot quicker.

            • Fishandmud

              Hopefully I pass a liquor store while I am running.

        • Watch out for this new threat: Cops FBI and NSA are now stealing our Cell phone data by flying over head in spy planes. It is not just Fake Cell Phone Towers using Stingray Hardware software technologies. Watch this Video. Had police helicopter yeater day flying in circles in my area for 45 mins for no reason. I called the Cops and said is there a reason for this or just to fucking annoy us? He said no reason. He said he would check it out. We hung up and within about 30 seconds the copter flew way.

          • So just saying suspicious aircraft above, pull the battery out of your call phone if you like to keep your data secure. And get off ALL WiFi signal connections. Its a hackers banquet buffet on WiFi. People are so stupid and dumb about technology.

      6. First Seal: The Conqueror
        6 Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals;[a] and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” 2 And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

        Second Seal: Conflict on Earth
        3 When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see.”[b] 4 Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.

        Third Seal: Scarcity on Earth
        5 When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come and see.” So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. 6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart[c] of wheat for a denarius,[d] and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.”

        Fourth Seal: Widespread Death on Earth
        7 When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.” 8 So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.

        This is why i prep. Rev 6

        • I believe the First Seal has been opened.
          The Red Horse is getting ready to ride!


      7. Putin is playing chess, BO is still learning to tie his shoes…

        • @ eppe : I would have said obumer is playing checkers. I would bet that the rabbit ran around, down the hole, how does that go. Hell I don’t know, I wear pull on boots. I’ll bet he could tie his shoes by now, but he probably has a high priced czar to tie them for him.

          • Look at like a chess game, BO just knocks over the pieces and struts around like he won. Sad shape this country is in.
            and I know Putin is a thug, but if he was running our country, well…

            • I had to ask myself once: Exactly how do we ‘know’ Putin is a thug?

              There are a limited number of responses.

              1. The Russian people must be too stupid to know who their leader is, and they must love him unconditionally. We know this because it’s what we’ve always been told.

              2. We, as people who don’t live in Russia must know him better than his own people do, because we’re AMERICANS, and they’re NOT.

              3. It’s what the MSM tells us, so it must be true.

              4. We just know because we, well, we just know.


              Known LIARS. Including revisionist history.

              • Sixpack. Putin has a high approval rating by the Russian People of like 85%+ right now, and Obama is like at 38% and falling with Americans. So who is winning the credibility award? Putin is fighting the NWO. And out boot licker is…. giving BJs

                • WWTI:

                  I would like to ask you the same question I ask Six. Where is your info coming from that has you convinced Putin is the knight in shining armor? You must have a source that I can’t find……

                  • There isn’t any “shining armor” Granny. But you know what else there isn’t? ANY REAL INFO TO THE CONTRARY. THE ONLY info we have on Putin, or the world for that matter, is what the govt controlled MSM spoon feed us. I don’t believe anything the MSM throws on us, not even when it SOUNDS good.

                    The Russian people ARE NOT STUPID. If Putin was as bad as we’ve been led to believe, there’d be uprisings and protests. So far, ALL WE’VE SEEN is some crap from paid western govt trolls and propaganda that has nothing based on truth.


                    Are we all really that arrogant?

                    I do know what I see.

                    I’ve seen RUSSIA avert two wars within a few months of each other.

                    I’ve seen RUSSIA try to come to this country with emergency aid during Katrina, but they were turned away BY THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

                    IT WAS RUSSIA who tried to tell our stupid govt fools about the Boston Bombers. Just like 9/11, that tragedy on our soil could have been avoided, and those lives saved.

                    Even farther back to the days of Katherine The Great, it was RUSSIA who helped American colonists to gain their freedom from England. Look it up. It’s true.

                    Two diplomatic messages from the WikiLeaks Public Library on U.S. Diplomacy indicate that newly elected President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko was an agent for United States State Department. NO WONDER THE CIVIL WAR IN UKRAINE HAPPENED. That entire confrontation is and always has been a FARCE.


                    I understand that WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.

                    But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.

                    By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Mafia financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s campaign slogan: Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia! This slogan continues to make the New World Order Bankers very nervous.


                    I know that Christians are NOT persecuted as “TERRORISTS” in RUSSIA. A snippet from a past news clip states as follows:

                    “Vladimir Putin, now in full control of Russia as Prime Minister, wishes to build a strong Christian nation. In a televised Christmas message on January 7, 2008 Putin said: Out Of Chaos: Comes Dead Conspirators!”

                    In this stupid-assed country, we can’t even put up a Christmas tree in public, for fear of offending some muslim slime.

                    “Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history. President Obama and his Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy.”

                    —Vladimir Putin

                    I dare somebody to deny that statement with a straight face…

                    Finally, somebody needs to look up the number of AMERICAN “annexations” in relation to the supposed RUSSIAN “annexations” and get back to me. I know most won’t bother, so I did.

                    Here’s only a partial tally of “annexations” between The U.S. and Russia

                    UNITED STATES “Annexations”
                    Puerto Rico
                    American Samoa
                    Panama Canal Zone
                    Wake Island
                    Caroline Island
                    Kingman Reef
                    Marshall Islands
                    Midway Islands
                    Virgin Islands
                    Northern Mariana Islands
                    Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
                    De Facto Occupation and control of Haiti

                    RUSSIAN “Annexations”
                    Crimea…only after Crimeans VOTED overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia. The idea that Russia is trying to “take over” the world is ridiculous, especially when coming from U.S. hypocrites who actually seem to be trying.

                    NO. Russia is not the bad guy here…WE ARE. Get used to it.

                    • Six & POG, my Russian coworkers came here for the ‘better’ opportunities in the software construction that they do. They are just like us, wanting to make a better life, in a ‘more’ progressive country. Smart guys too. I am always helping them with our ‘slang’ english. They are teaching me Russian cuss words. May come in handy one day, who knows? Some are pro Putin, some are not, kind of like Obama haters and lovers here. Overall they are just like us in many ways, and I try not to judge, but get along with them as much as possible. I hope that answered your questions…

                    • It makes perfect sense to me,eppe. I stopped hating people just because they’re different a long time ago.

              • Six, for the last 5 months I have worked beside a few Russians. I question them on Putin all the time. He does NOT play fair in the sandbox. But I wish we had a leader with a set of balls like him…
                At least we would not have the wimp we have leading us now…

                • Eppe:

                  I would like you to explain what your Russian co-workers mean when “he doesn’t play fair”. Why did they leave Russia for the US?

                • Eppe, in the world today, “playing fair in the sandbox” WILL GET YOU KILLED. Of course he doesn’t play “fair”. He’s up against the most treacherous, Machiavellian bunch of perverts the world has ever known – The NWO, and THE NWO plays “fair”?????

                  Don’t make me laugh.

                  When the coming apocalypse happens here, in our own backyards, how many here will continue to “play fair” when the opposition is brutally crushing you?

                  Lemme see a show of hands… That’s what I thought.

                  • Six, yes I know that, and the Russians seem to have a different set of rules to play by. I agree with you totally. That is why I stated the sandbox scenerio. That is why I try to get along and reach out to my coworkers, and be friends with them. One guy thinks that all Americans are stupid. I told him that probably 90% were. After that, we get along well. He came to my shootapalooza, got to shoot a wide range of guns, and had a ball. Once he saw my ‘compound’, he told me “why are you working here”? I told him I was still building up my wealth, now we are good buddies. Amazing what friendships you can build when you reach out to strangers, and they find out even if you are wealthy, does not mean you have to be a snob. His english is getting quite good too, which he appreciates much…

                    • Absolutely Eppe! You sound a lot like me. That’s something I’d do. 🙂

              • So, In all fairness Six, how have you decided Putin is such a knight in shining armor? You must be getting your info from somewhere. Please share.

                • I’ve been sharing what I believe for a couple of years now, right here on SHTF. I’ve been consistent in my beliefs because I’m not easily swayed by the MSM propaganda. I know what they’re doing. I know why.

                  I don’t want to play mind games with the MSM. My mind is still my own.

                  So granny, tell ME some TRUE horror stories ABOUT VLADIMIR PUTIN, THAT YOU DID NOT FIND IN THE MSM OR IN WESTERN REVISIONIST HISTORY BOOKS. Get your info from somewhere that wasn’t set up by some western-backed NGO. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

                  Tell me how Putin is so horrible, that his entire country adores him.

                  • Six:

                    I have ask you where you get your info. I don’t think you pick it out of the air or do you have some sort of channel that is not available to most of us?

                    His whole country adores him? Where did you get that? Most anyone in Russia who were not members of KGB or Cheka would be just as leery of them as we are about our CIA, FBI,IRS, etc.

                    You and I are not ever going to agree on this subject Six, but time will prove who is right.

                    As far as the countries you listed that the US has annexed you apparently did not take into consideration all the countries that Soviet Russia took over after world war II.


                    I also caught your drift about people who are interested in what is in their food, where it is processed, etc. I am very careful to not buy anything from China, as I would suppose you are too. A comment to your post was blocked or I would have answered you there.

            • Its true Putin is playing Chess, while Obama is playing Checkers running around yelling King Me with his Executive Orders.

        • Eppe he quit trying that and had Michelle do it. Now he is playing old made.

        • That’s why they invented velcro for idiots like Obama who can’t figure out how to tie his shoes.

          How did the German soldiers tie their boots up? With little Nazis.

        • BO uses Velcro.

      8. Off topic….
        Any connection between UN vehicle placement and arms treaty enacted this December 24th? Wording reads that Senate doesn’t even need to ratify for UN to “assist” with disarmament.

      9. “this time Putin might really mean it.”

        Same old song and dance.

        • I agree. Neither one really wants the end result of pushing that button. Each one wants the other side to back down or cower down.

          • Let us hope for the sake of the world, that Russia doesn’t cover. They’re one of the few actually standing up to the NWO elitists. If there are any cowards, they’re in DC, where all of the global elitists, puppets and dual-citizens are.

            • Let us hope for the sake of the world, that Russia doesn’t COWER.

              • six..i assure you Russians will not cower. they will fight like lions if they have to.

                • I AM RUSSIAN. What’s your point?

                  • That didn’t come out like I meant it to. Allow me to try again. I AM RUSSIAN. I was born and have always lived in the U.S. I barely speak any Russian.

                    I think the issue here is not “cowering” as much as it is having common sense. ONLY A NWO MADMAN WOULD PUSH THAT RED BUTTON. Based on what I’ve SEEN, Putin is no madman, even though the western media wants to portray him as one. Who really believes the MSM but the sheeple anyway?

                    I firmly believe the “madmen” are in Washington DC, and their strings all lead to their globalist handlers. I believe they intend to try to force Russia, or China, or some other country to think the must do whatever it takes to survive…

                    The real madmen want to destroy the world and hide in their bunkers until it’s over, but they don’t want to take the blame for it.

                    NOW, THERE’S YOUR COWARDS.

                    • Six, truer words cannot be spoken…



        Wake up you stupid old people. How many pig and shillitary apologists are lurking on this site. Until it affects you personally, right? Idiots.

        • Acid its actually 400 more times likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.

        • Thanks for the links, you make very valid points.

      11. I hope the apes sack Furguson. Fucking pigs need to be taught a lesson. If only the officer review boards would have a shred of human compassion and integrity this shit wouldn’t escalate so far.

        Some fuckers cant hear the train till its two feet from ’em.

        If you cant open their minds, open their heads.

        • Since I can’t give you a thumbs-down, I’ll just have to be content with saying –
          “You’re an idiot.”

          • Macro-still trolling the SHTF folks I see. I can recall numerous post from you over the past few days all alluding to someone either being an idiot or stupid. Way to be an articulate individual and add to the discourse on the site….that was sarcasm in case you are unable to detect it.

        • Dude, chill out on the language. Anyone reading your post is thinking about what you have to say. BTW, there is no man of any race who could stand up to an ape of another species. A gorilla could break a man’s back in the first swing. A chimp can rip a man to shreds in minutes. Just saying.

          • Primates are why researchers prefer to use mice in the lab…it’s a lot safer to pick on something that can’t fight back.

      12. Boy Mac, you are just working really hard at getting me riled up before I go to bed.

        BTW nice article on keeping warm.

      13. The trolls who all of a sudden decided it was cool to just come visit SHTF Pan and down thumb because they were lacking their manhood to post an actual comment must all be having a hissy fit with nothing to do right now…..

        Let me help and define you turds….. You all are just a bunch of MSNBC and Huff Post-indoctrinated, constitution-contemptuous, traitorous, racist, sexist, baby-butchering, sodomy-celebrating, marriage-devaluing, rights-from-government-not-from-God believing, 2nd Amendment-hating, innocents-murdering, criminal and domestic terrorist-empowering, illegal alien foreign invader enabling, societal-parasite-pandering Tyranny Party excrement-bagger’s who smear the constitution, and the blood of those who died to defend it, with the pathogenic excreta of elitist fascist contempt drawn from their ever-present, power-and-control-greedy, liberty-hating, slavery-to-the-state-supporting, government-is-god, philosophical bag of egalitarian, neo-Marxist feces… go efF yourselves while you can still get it up…..

        • Stan, in a word, cocksuckaaas …..

          • Outwest:

            Now that is a very good condensed version. That come out of that “jug” you were hunting last post?

            • Granny, you may be Pissed Off,
              but you’re one of the most
              astute people I have ever known.
              You remind me of my own beloved
              Grannies, who by the way took no
              shit off anyone. Love ya bunches.

              • Actually, Outwest, I am very very saddened by the state we find our beloved country in. Worried sick to know what a bleak future is in store for the kids and grandkids. At least, years ago it seemed we had a few years to live what we thought was free.

                Thanks for the nice compliment. I have been studying this ass up that is happening to America for years; and I don’t adhere to PC at all. It escapes me that when handed a shit sandwich that Anericans will still bite hoping it has some peanut butter in it to somehow make it easier to swallow.

                • “when handed a shit sandwich that Anericans will still bite hoping it has some peanut butter in it to somehow make it easier to swallow.”

                  That’s about the most ample analogy to describe the sheeple as I’ve ever seen.

        • I love the rant 🙂

          And I feel the same way towards a lot of posters here and even a few new ones that I noticed have showed as of late. I just don’t know if we are talking about the same posters. But I find it interesting the newer posters that have showed up, they post A LOT and they stroke each others posts.

          • I like a good stroke once in a while, and I can give as good as I get…what’s wrong with that?

            • Sixer

              Nothing wrong with it at all, girl.
              You’re a soldier of the first order.

              • 🙂

            • sixpack

              I like the fact that all have to comment now if they have an opinion. Like the song says I be stroking.

            • LoL 🙂

        • See Stan how refreshing Freedom of Speech is. Let the world take note. Only here in America!! Regardless of the psychopathic pricks running the Government. The 99% of the people in our country still support the US Constitution.

        • @ Stan522 : Don’t hold back. Just say it like you mean it.

      14. Have you ever noticed the way Putin looks at Obama? I think Putin has disdain for Obama because he knows Obama is a traitor. One thing you can say about Putin, he is a patriot. I can just imagine how he views Obama turning on his own country. THAT is one thing Putin will NEVER do.

        • That’s what I’m talking about, T-town. It’s also what most people refuse to hear. We’ve been programmed for generations and many people just can’t shrug it off. I did, and I’m glad I did.

      15. T-town…you are right about putin…he would never sell out his own country.

        • If only WE had a leader like that…of yeah we did and they assassinated him…

        • And that is why he stores his cash away from his country?

          • Can you say “American Sanctions”? Anyone with a lick of sense, keeps their assets where no one can take them away from them.

            How is that any different from us caching ours in #10 cans, buried in the woods?

        • six…JFK was the real deal..he actually cared about AMERICA

          jmac..all the ” big boys ” keep most of their wealth ” offshore” from the country they live in.

          • Agreed. That is precisely why, I believe, they had him assassinated.

      16. It is not going to Happen. It is not Obamas thing. He is more inclined to use overwhelming force of government against a helpless person to scare others who are watching. He is a bully and won’t fight someone who can fight back.

      17. Putin won’t be alone if/when the chips to start to fly…he’s been ally building for some time now with China in his back pocket. 2 Major gas line routes and Russia has been buying gold by the tons. This is all the prancing before the real dancing begins.

        What a sad, sad day when I have to think of the ruler of a foreign country more significant than my own. 🙁

        • “What a sad, sad day when I have to think of the ruler of a foreign country more significant than my own.”

          Yep. But at least you have opened your eyes and shrugged off the programming.

      18. Wow, this site is predicting disaster.
        What a surprise (NOT).

        • it’s because most of us aren’t brain-dead here….you don’t THINK anything can happen to US, because you don’t possess that keeen sense of the obvious! sometime in the VERY near future we won’t be in HELL, but you WILL be able to SEE it from here.

          • am I the ONLY one that MISSES the thumbs?

            • No.
              I was told the trolls ruined it but I can’t see why that makes sense… We all had one vote up or down and just because a comment is hidden doesn’t mean it has vanished.
              I was pretty fond of giving green thumbs to those I agree with and very seldom gave a red one even if he poster was a liberal moron.

            • Nah, I kinda miss them, too, before it felt like they had been possessed by evil trolls.

      19. Having served on a “boomer” submarine during my time in the Navy, I can say unequivocally that Putin will not launch a strike on the U.S. unless he is insane or has a brain tumor. ONE US nuclear submarine could beggar his country beyond redemption. We have Thousands of missiles and even if his “supposedly” advanced missle systems knocked out 90 % of our strategic forces in a first strike Russia is GONE. These weapons are unimaginable in there power and un survivable BY ANYOnE if used in any great numbers. IMO all this Russian posturing is due to Putin looking at our leadership and finding it weak exploiting that fact. Unless Putin is interested in establishing an empire of Russian cock roaches he will not attack with nuclear weapons.

        • Agreed Bigbluedrew. Mutually Assured Destruction is still valid as far as I know. Given the amount of weaponry possessed by both the USA & Russia, anyone who starts this war is guaranteeing a shit storm of epic proportions.

        • Your programming is showing. I hate to tell you this, but the Russians are not afraid of the NWO elites, or their puppets in DC.

        • Bigblue

          I agree with your comment. It would be the end of the world as we know it for sure. All the power brokers and money loving people in charge would have nothing. I don’t think it would be all out nuclear war. There may be some tactical nukes exchanged though.
          My one question to you is do think either of our nutty governments are smart enough not to go head to head at war with each other.
          If we do then one side will use there biggest weapon to prevent defeat.
          Hell the world is so crazy now. I hope you are right. Thank you so very much for your service.

          • Ever see crabs in a bucket? That happens with people too. So, don’t be assured that Mutually Assured Destruction is not an option for the person who is already being destroyed. That said, we’d see more proxy wars first. The war on oil was a clear statement to China and Russia. Russia is trying to make its statement with Ukraine, though not sounding very forceful. If anything, one would clearly say either or both:
            1. USA is militarily dominant and rest of the world knows it
            2. Putin acts with military restraint
            Probably won’t matter as the thing that seems to happen in the future is the thing least expected (return to ice age, solar flare, Jack Ma buying out all world governments, etc)

            • Putin IS acting with military restraint, and whether the U.S. can beat down the entire world remains to be seen.

        • If Putin drops a Nuke on the US it will be a hard Knockout punch right in Washinton DC and he will make sure Obama is present when the first course is served. And you can bet the majority of the world wil be cheering.

          • Including me.

        • @Bigblewdrew

          You are absolutely correct. Our technology is much better than theirs (our trident platforms). And, I would go so far to say that our older technology…from the 1950’s is still better than what they have today (nuclear land based launch platform).

          Our stuff works. Period. Make no bones about it.

          • But does that make it okay for us to blow up the world, cell spider? Does that make it okay for us to push the rest of the world around for our own agenda?

            Does might truly make right?

        • How do you know that when we have a wimp for a leader? Any hesitation to counter act Russian nukes could destroy us before we can do a thing. Remember the red line he made and backed down from it, his promise to disarm the US nukes with Putin, and his irresponsibity to “stand down” in Bengazi????

          I pray if missles are launched by Russia, there’s a patriot military personel with the guts who has the codes to launch our defense missles and nukes which destroy Putin and his officials without the little boy’s orders to stand down when they come.

      20. I only hope it doesn’t come out to a full nuclear exchange. It really only takes a few to disable a country.

        I’d rather survive in a post EMP society instead of a nuclear Winter.

        • “A few”?
          Ridiculous. ONE nuke, exploded anywhere in the world in aggression, would disable the entire world – by crashing the worldwide economy.
          Look at the economic impact 9/11 had. Only ONE nuke would be immeasurably worse.

          • Macro… actually 9/11 was devastating for many in the US of A. But look at the positive side of it as it benefited every fucking Zionist making a killing by opening anti terror consultancy groups, selling security products to search little babies and seniors over 80 at the airports.

            Aren’t your tribe truly the chosen people? Who else can plan mass murder and benefit from it financially.

            • Well, you forgot all the shorts put on the market just beforehand and the other activities of the folks who knew a priori.

        • Putin will not try to harm any Americans just the US political psychopaths. He reads approval ratings as well and will help Americans also help over throw the NWO. Putin is not at war with Americans, Just the NWO bootlickers.

          • Absolutely, WWTI. It’s just that some people can’t see that through the red, white and blue fog, or hear it over their shouting USA, USA, USA…we’re so stuck on ourselves that we’ve forgotten that we’re not the only people on the planet.

      21. Kind of off topic and I apologize in advance, but I noticed how many comments reference a belief in God/getting your soul right. As an atheist, I am curious as to how/why people believe in this religion stuff? I am honestly not trying to provoke people or start a fight, I just want to know others thought processes. How do you know this God even exists?

        I have flirted with the idea of adopting a religion at some points in my life, but I can never bring myself to acknowledge the existence of a deity. With that said, there is shit I cannot explain and I have seen things that have no Earthly explanation.

        Once again, no offense to the religious crowd. Just curious.

        • “As an atheist, I am curious as to how/why people believe in this religion stuff?

          Do you believe in the existence of absolute, objective truth?

          P.S. Here are the opposites: Absolute Relative

          Objective Subjective

        • Smooth Criminal:

          You might take a look at biblestudysite dot com. Look through the questions and answers. Things I wondered about all my life; I found answers there.

          Great articles there explaining why the world is falling apart as we speak. Hope you take a look.

          • If you go to that site for quick questions and answers click on Q/A and it will take you to a list of hundreds of Q/A. No PC at that site.

            • Thanks Granny. I will take a look at it.

            • POG,
              why have there been no new Q/A’s since 2010?

              Wife and I started looking at it the other night after you posted about it the other day.

              • BJ.

                I wrote an email and ask Nick Goggins that very question. He wrote back that he was considering resuming his writings.

                But BJ, when you actually look through all the info on that site, in all reality, he has covered almost all there is to say, even the end times. He does such an excellent job of it that when you really look through it you will realize there really isn’t much to add.

                After the Q/A section follow up on all other sections he has at that site. Be sure to check out the article written by Colonel Jack Mohr. Great article.

                If ever a man was blessed , it has to be Goggins.

                • Thanks

        • How do I know that God exists?

          Many reasons, but I’ll give you just one!

          Because the father of LIES exists! And his destructive actions are participated in by humans some of whom are in HIGH places!

          So, if there is a father of Lies, there IS a Father of TRUTH! And that’s GOD the FATHER!

          Evil (destructiveness) exists and is real, my friend. Satan needs a human body to do its bidding, and unfortunately, he’s conned so many people into giving us toxic vaccines, gmo’s, chemtrails, and much more. THAT is what this site is all about: the evil we all face at the hands of others!

          Ask God to show you one thing from within or without to confirm that He exists.

          But know one thing: when we die and meet “our Creator”, we send OURSELVES to Hell when we choose NOT to believe in the Deity we do meet at the end of our respective lives. Hell is forever. Choose wisely.

          I appreciate that you are on a journey. May the God of Truth be your Constant Companion.

          – the Lone Ranger

          • Good post

          • Thanks for the reply LoneRanger

            • Smooth, Step outside and take a look at nature. Look at pictures from Hubble telescope. Check out the microscopic world. God’s finger prints are everywhere. He gave us a book to read. Read it. Install power bible CD on ur computer. Use the Matthew Henry commentary on CD to help your understanding. In prayer talk to God. He is waiting for you to take the next step closer to him. He will meet you!

        • smooth criminal

          the last thing i would do was adopt a religion ,organized religion is guilty at times of turning off people who are seeking an understanding of the word of God ,they would have you beleive that you need to jump through hoops to be able to have a relationship with Jesus ,which is far from the truth ,im not a bible scollar but i know for a fact that Gods gift of salvation is free for the asking ,and this isnt somthing you have to get by going through some special preist or preacher ,the bible says ,”who ever shall ask the same shall recieve” ,if you truly want to learn about him then just ask him with sincerity ,and be patiant ,he will move you in the right direction ,or he will move sombody else in your direction to give you answers that you seek ,Jesus said ,”i stand at the door and knock and any man (or woman)that will answer i will come in be with them”, if you were going through the desert and you came upon a house ,with a/c heat food and water ,would you say to yourself that this just happened ,or you say that some one created it ,

        • Smooth

          No apologizes necessary. I am a believer an no for sure in my heart that there is a God.

          First of all I want to say how much I respect your post. People are free to believer what they want. Some Christians are jerks to non believers and then there is the opposite. I am sure that we could be neighbors with no problems because of the respectful way you asked the question.
          The honest answer from a Christian is that it is called faith. My dad told me to look at nature. Science cannot even explain the total complexity of one blade of grass. If that is the case then how could all of life from the Ameba to a human have randomly come from just an explosion. Then you have non Christians that say how can a loving God allow bad things to happen. I have had to question this because I have a 22 year old with cerebral palsy. Is it because of my sins. It cannot be because of his. He was born premature which caused the cp. The answer to that is that God cannot have anything to do with sin. This crappy world is the way it is because of mans sin. It is also why Jesus said on the cross ” My god My god why have you forsaken me “. He did not say that when he was put on the cross. He said it right before he died. It is because God could not have anything to do with him at the moment he took mans sins on himself. There are things in this world we will not understand because we are human and things that happen are spiritual.
          I have questioned god many times why my son is the way he is. That is because I am human. I have come to realize the joy he has added to my life and all others he comes in contact with. He is happy all the time no matter what. We could all learn a lesson from that. He has brought so much joy to every person he has ever met. Maybe that is the reason. Maybe his attitude has brought many to see the glory of the lord.
          As a human and a Christian I say to you. Just look around at the world and the complexity of it. Science has proven that many of the events in the bible took place.
          Do your own research and follow your heart. It will lead you to faith if you truly allow it too.

          Because of your attitude I know that I would be happy to have you as a neighbor no matter what you decide. I also know that I would be honored to stand beside you in the battle that is coming for freedom.

          God bless you and hope you are having the greatest day.

          • I notice your comment on asking why your son was born the way he was. I offer this a way of thinking about it. First, I offer up the example of the blind man and the disciples asking Jesus why the man was born blind. Jesus replies that it was not for the sin of the parents or him, but rather that God might be glorified. And then Jesus heals him. I offer a second point in that David said God knew him in the womb and knitted his bones together. Surely God knew what he was making. Third, I offer up that not even a swallow falls without the father knowing and He says we are worth more than that. Finally, I offer up the entire book of Job, which is to say, that it was done so that God again was glorified. I am not saying the condition is glorifying, but rather that because of your son, the best in many people was brought out, which glorifies God. And some people see how bad they are, which causes some to turn and look to God, again glorifying God. My uncle has CP and it has hurt him. But it has helped many more, including me. I just offer this as something for you to ponder.

        • Welp, on one hand you have a small minority of church-goers who live selflessly, help others in there community, and are polite and respectful of others. On the other hands you have a bunch of weeds. So, one can certainly find transcription typos in the Bible and such; but, one can find very few “good” people. That general story of religion is a good one.
          Scientifically, evolution and lonely planet are contradictory; yet, many “scientists” hold onto their religion. So, there is much logically wrong in the religion of science and in the religion of Christianity. Certainly, one can point out that Islam treats women as slaves and murder as OK as long as the person is not a Muslim; so, no moral person can fully justify that religion.
          So, I’d say people hang onto religion as:
          1. hope in life after death
          2. distinguish themselves from the evils in the world
          3. hang out with some good people
          4. be part of something positive
          5. soul tells them there is more to life than this life. Last part is very interesting and hard to define. Many Christians say there is no heaven for animals but Bible says there is heaven for creatures I believe. I believe they go straight up, personally. All dogs go to heaven. Most modern humans will be erased, methinks.

        • Smooth Criminal: “As an atheist, I am curious as to how/why people believe in this religion stuff?”
          Excellent question, if I may respond; Before we came to this earth we lived with God in Heaven: He is the creator of our souls, which is why we also refer to God as our Heavenly Father. When we were born on this earth each of us passed through the vail of forgetfulness and cannot remmeber our spiritual lives in Heaven. Here on earth God has given each of us the gift of free agency, we are all free to choose between the temptations of the devil or the love of God. God knew that as mortals we would be imperfect and commit sin. Since no unclean thing can enter into heaven, God, in His wisdom sent his Son, Jesus Christ to do what we could not do for ourselves: Christ bleed from every pour, suffering for our sins to bridge the gap that would seperate us from God so that we could return to His pressence. Free Agency is crucial in God’s plan, for each of us must be FREE to choose for OURSELVES. This is all part of the plan of happiness our Father in Heaven has preared for us.

          There is a passsage in the bible, James Chapter 1 verse 5, which states that if any man lacks wisdom he may, through pray ask God, who will grant us the wisdom we desire, I invite you to do as the scripture urges: seek out a quiet place where you can be alone, and pray and ask God if he exsists and if Christ is His son. I bear you my testimoy that I know that God lives and that we are his Children. I know that Christ paid my sins so that I may live with my Father in heaven again. I know that God hears and answers our prayers, I have asked those same questions myself through prayer and I have felt the love of my Savior in response to my prayers,
          and I promise you that if you will ask with sincere intent God will answer your prayers as well!! I testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

          If you have any other questions or would like to continue this discussion we can deffinetly set up a way to communicate. I’m active duty and my schedule is crazy, but I check this site often and will keep a look out for any response. I know it’s hard sometimes, but have patience Smooth Criminal and don’t be afraid to pray!!

          You’ll be in my prayers!!

        • Hi Smooth,
          I learned that God picks you if he sees good in your heart and your heart is open to Him. You can’t just go out an find a religion.

          When you said, “there is sh*t I cannot explain and I have seen things that have no Earthly explanation”, then God is reaching out to you. He may even led you to ask the question about faith in God. I too have seen many things that defies the laws of the universe that affected me directly which made me open my eyes, sometime so wide they almost popped out of my head. Some things so frightening and awesome at the same time, I couldn’t handle it at first. It took some getting used to with my faith guiding me. You can find God by answering the door He is knocking on, he wants You to open it.

        • Smooth Criminal,

          Check out There be answere there!

          • Typo correction: There be answers there!

        • Hi SC,

          Read any decent alchemy books and you will see the parallels with the Christian story.
          Leave out the word Jesus and the Christ story is true but not in the way we commonly understand the words.
          In a nut shell the Bible story provided deniable plausibility to those hiding the alchemy secret.
          Nothing is better hid than a great truth wrapped in a true story about a man who once lived. Also Jesus I believe means That Which Saves……so what is it that saves…..Christ… find this thing called Christ.

        • I have a hard time with those who believe in the human soul, who also seem so anxious to go over and kill millions of human beings. What an antithesis.

      22. Just when the world thought the Cold War was over, Obama has done all he could to restart it.

        Shaking head, who is this Barak Hussain Obama! Where did he come from. Why would a US President promote a new Cold War?

        • I can’t help but wonder how in the fuck America could ever elect someone named “Barak Hussain Obama” especially AFTER 9/11. It just had to be rigged…

          • Sixpack

            I have asked that question so many times. Just another thing in the list of things that make no sense. Maybe I will compile of post of things that make no sense right now. Then again it would be way to long.

            • I still can’t believe he beat Shrillary in the Demn primaries back in 2008.

          • @ sixpack,

            I’ll take a shot at that:

            Liberal media-inspired misplaced guilt sold to race-sensitive sheeple.

            • Bazinga:

              And it was the second “shot heard round the world”.

              The rest of the world realizing if the American people could be duped by the MSM and PTB into electing Obama then “anything goes” in America; and we can see the results of that, now not daily, but almost hourly.

            • BINGO 🙂

              The same way hitlery will get selected in 2016.

          • America did elect Barack and the majority of lib’s still support him and most others are
            complacent! Most support him and some rant on SHTF but do nothing aboutt it! RESIST!!

      23. After WW3 what will usher in the New World Order? Look at the social Marxism in cities such as Toronto, Canada and there is the NWO Utopia for the cultural Marxists.

        Feminism, communism and organized pedophilia are going to be the NWO. This is why the public school system in Canada is keen on pushing their Sex agenda to minors under the cloak of Sexual Education.

        Socialism is a soft form of communism and the NWO is going to be a global communist regime.

        Communism is NEVER A GOOD POLITICAL IDEOLOGY. The government class will always oppress the slave class.

        • We’ve got to stop them, or die trying.

        • History shows that after empires fall then a dictator takes over promising better times.

          Could it be that this time the dictator will be the antichrist. Just a thought because the world is so interconnected now. A scary thought I know but I had to say it. If that is the case then God help us all.

          If it is not the case then we all have to put down our petty differences and band together to fight for our Freedom.

          Together we stand and divided we fall.

          • Mike in VA:

            Revelation says the anti-Christ WILL take over for a short period of time.

            It also says “God will come to help us all”. That is the promise He has made us, and He does NOT lie.

            • Does it actually say that “The Anti-Christ” has to be a man? If so, does the fact that hillary is a lesbian make any difference? Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if the anti-christ turns out to be a female, wanting/trying to be a man…

        • im hoping, after ww3, that there isn’t much communication. meaning, government cant organize to have a NWO.
          it will just be politicians on the streets, looking for deer. like the rest of us lol

          • Oh, you can bet THEY will have all the comms they need…it’s the rest of us that will be at least partially in the dark.

      24. Too bad Russia has a master chess player, Martial arts expert, Master hunter, ex-kgb agent for a president and we have…well..a community organizer.

        • I’d leave you a million thumbs up if I could.

        • We have the Communist revolutionary leader for a president. I still suspect they are both on the same side, ie. the New World Order agenda. Russia and China playing the “good cop” role against the Western “bad cops”. They are both hoping for a significant role in the New World Order.

          •’s so true isn’t it?

            ENFP…you actually could be right…one must ponder the possibility that this could all just be a big show to bring in world government.

            • * Government *

          • ENFP:

            Your suspicions are correct. Who do you think Gog and Magog are in the Bible……

          • ENFP:

            And Russia has a communist revolutionary leader, KGB Putin. That should all give us a “clue” that they are playing their roles as good guy/bad stupid guy just as they have been instructed.

            Doing a damned good job of it if the pro-Putin comments here are any indication.

            • Isn’t it true that Satan’s lies are often so believable, that wise people get sucked into them? Does Satan not tell us what we WANT to hear? His best lies ALWAYS make perfect sense to us…it’s so EASY to believe.

              Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      25. Smoot, the most important part is to be good human. As long as you don’t harm others and live a life with integrity and your self sufficient you can believe in anything you wish.

        I met monsters who don’t miss the sunday church or Friday mosque. BTW, I exclude Zionists from any such categories since they don’t believe in anything except their satanic minds.

        • Very true Stolz. Some of the worst people I have ever come across are “Christians”-I know not all are like that.

          In regards to the Talmudic Zionists, I agree with you 100%.

      26. whears the russskiey chick ,i dont see the russskiey chick,whear is she on the left i caint find her cmon fellas dont hold out on a feller cmon

        • I have a Choctaw friend named Tommy Two Toes…he lost three in a hunting accident.

      27. The road to war is paved with stupid, corrupt, short-sighted politicians that desperately need something other than themselves to blame for the consequences of their incompetence.

        • Before it is paved, the road is bulldozed with the belief that it is all “God’s Will”

          Or the equally destructive belief that Jesus is coming soon to save all the good and set up the real zog instead of the fake zog we have now.

          The road may be paved with lies yes… But is bulldozed with religion which make way for the lies.

      28. Isn’t an eagle kinda wimpy compared to a bear anyway? Can an American eagle really fight a Russian bear? Their mascot is scarrier than ours is. I mean…I’ll kick an eagles ass…but a bear? Not messing with a bear.

        • Saw a video of an eagle tearing the shit out of a coyote once, another beating down a fox. I’ve seen a few in the wild, close up. I wouldn’t want an eagle to mistake me for a field mouse…

          • Sixpack

            That is one worry you don’t have to consider. After seeing you post here for years I am sure you are a Grizzly Bear. Makes me proud.

          • Eagles actually are pretty bad ass…but not compared to a bear. :>)

      29. A painful lesson is about to be learned by people in Ukraine and the rest of Europe…

        Never take the side of a black racist with a fake birth certificate in Washington against your neighbors.

      30. All wars are banker wars. They fund both sides or all sides.

      31. I’m certainly no fan of Putin but I’m not sure he is the aggressor here. Russians are not messing around in Mexico that is beyond a doubt in our zone of influence. The Ukraine is historically in their sphere. Its as simple as that.

      32. Lets do this already people!

        ht tp://

      33. These videos would be more convincing if they weren’t trying so hard to be convincing. The tense music and breathless narrator just make it seem like silly propaganda.

      34. This country has bases and troops spread all over the Earth. It has waged continuous war since at least WW2. The American people seem to be nearly all in on the constant warfare. Those voices against war have been effectively muted. The phony fabricated “war on terror” keeps free speech in check publicly, not in this format yet, but out in the streets where opposition grows. That is what the warmongers fear, the police state ramp up main objective is to stop American’s from massing into collective thought and subsequent non violent action in public. I’m still waiting for the spark that ignites massive opposition by the public out in the public spaces. The retribution by government will be brutal, yet the non violent nature of the protests will be the only way to enact actual changes to benefit the public. The public showing is the only way to get their attention. If you don’t, they don’t care what you think. Then American’s and their rights continue to die a slow death.

        • aljamo

          No doubt at some point large non violent demonstrations will occur in the US. The psychology, the mindset, the MO of the US government is, “We will show them”. Its the kill a fly using a sledgehammer plan that in retrospect is counterproductive.

          No doubt at some point a replay of Kent State will occur that may manifest itself into a galvanizing of the body politic. I suspect the the cause of the original disturbances will be economic in nature not US foreign policy however other issues may join as it progresses.

          The more broad based the protestors are the more difficult the spin making “them” different than “you” and hence undermining their political grassroots support. Unlike both the hippy anti war and black civil rights protests of the 1960s an economic crash will touch everyone.

      35. Gentlemen, and ladies. After reading this article and the posts here I have this to say. You need to think ‘outside’ the box. Let me explain, the box contains and limits thinking to a narrow point of view, ie: conventional warfare, economic warfare, political solutions, ect. are all inside the box.
        What makes you think that this coming conflagration will be SOP? What are the results that the predators that be want to achieve? Total control, population reduction, and world government ect.
        A nuclear war of the type we fear will leave them with nothing. Some will argue that their mentality is one of “If we cant have it neither can you.” I don’t buy that. No, they want it all.
        What they don’t want is you. They don’t believe there is enough to go around and don’t want to share. This is their true mentality.
        So, how do they expect to accomplish their dream of utopia? What did ‘we’ learn from Hiroshima and Nagasaki? We learned the horrors of the nuke. We learned to fear the radiation, Mutually assured destruction, and political dissention among nations.
        Now what did ‘they’ learn? They found out that nuclear war is survivable, not winnable but survivable. People were moving back into these cities within just a few years and today they are thriving communities with only a modicum of radiation and the resulting related diseases. They learned that the majority of the radiation was dissipated into outer space and the rest was washed out to sea.
        Here is a scenario that could, emphasis on could, be their plan. Get the world riled up with wars and rumors of wars. Pick a fight with the big kid on the block and escalate it to the desired point and nuke a few cities and cause the people to panic and stampede to their BOL’s, bunkers, and basements. Then the elite slither of to their DUMB’s and other facilities. Whisk the children out of the schools and to the FEMA camps (for their protection). And then as per their, the predators that be’ Nuclear Disarmament Treaties detonate all their nukes, ALL of them. But not on the ground but in orbit. The majority of the radiation will dissipate into space but the resulting EMP wave will knock out all electronics’ and power grids worldwide. The people left on the surface will begin to kill each other over food and fuel as well as territory, race, and religion. 10 years later they come up out of the ground and voila, they have their utopia. Complete with all the toys and a ready made slave force. They can now live as gods. Sure there will be a little cleanup to do but that for the slave force. They only need to clean up a few cities and they are good to go.
        This is an example of ‘out of the box’ thinking. If I were them, and I am not, this is what I would do.
        What say you? Will it be conventional war or something new?

        • That would make sense in my mind,
          They have no interest in the buildings or people, the items of value are already in their posession and the rest can be gathered after the people have wiped themselves out,
          Your scenario makes good sense in many respects, after the people are gone nature will slowly reclaim what is left, and the rest a few crews with heavy equipment and explosives can reduce to rubble not discernible from the jumble of nature after a period of time.
          How do i join their team???
          Ok, just kidding but……

          • Kula, thanks for the feedback. Last I heard it cost a billion bucks to sit at their table. Heck, for a billion I will let you join my team. If I had a team that is.

            • Even they will need able people, mechanics, carpenters, machinist, equipment operators, growers etc, etc
              Maybe that wouldnt be so bad being one of the worker bees in a world without all the garbage???
              Stuff to ponder

        • johnny….thats a very likely scenario..but I think you are wrong about the method they will use to kill..I have always thought they would use Biological Weapons to accomplish their goals. Those types of weapons don’t destroy infrastructure and once they run their course and burn out the elites will emerge from their underground luxury hotels to 6 billion less people. What are we seeing as of today? EBOLA is ravaging Africa as we speak and it CAN’T be stopped even though our media is acting like it’s nothing more than a common cold. I assure everyone here that if this in fact WEAPONIZED EBOLA ( which I have my suspicious it could be ) we will see death the likes many of us can’t imagine. I still think it might be here ( in America ) more than is being reported. If that first black dude that went to dallas actually had a weaponized form of Ebola in him everyone he came in contact with has it. This Ebola thing isn’t over by a long shot folks and you better all prepare accordingly for it. If it’s not already here spreading like wildfire will be. Just look at the dumbasses flying Ebola infected people INTO AMERICA. Why on earth would they break protocals ( level 4 containment ) and do that unless thay WANTED it to spread in America ? These people some actually still trust who call themselves our “leaders” are EVIL and wouldn’t hesitate to release WEAPONIZED EBOLA which I think sorry to say..they already have.

          • *is

          • Yes sir! However they are stepping up their timetable and disease, historically, is too slow for them, never effecting more than a few million. But now they are concerned with eliminating billions. War buy itself cant do it. So they figured out that to do it why not let us do it ourselves.
            I think perhaps they will use all scenarios they can.

            • no doubt johnny..they will use most everything they have.

        • Johnny:

          Splendid article. AS post by “Hunter” back in October did a scenario on unleashing disease on America that could also be used to bring us to our knees.

          • Granny, pleased to meet you. Me, I’m a grandpa.

            Disease will be a factor as well as chemicals and war. But civil unrest will pit the populace against the local enforcers. They do not care who wins that encounter. Death is what they want so long as it is not theirs.

      36. “The release of initiative and enterprise made possible by self-government ultimately generates disintegrating forces from within. Again and again, after freedom brings opportunity and some degree of plenty, the competent become selfish, luxury-loving and complacent; the incompetent and unfortunate grow envious and covetous; and all three groups turn aside from the hard road of freedom to worship the golden calf of economic security.” Author Unknown

        • Hey redneck, while I cant totally disagree with this quote I must say that in all my many studies on the subject, I have never seen a government or a set of elites that I would call ‘competent’. Nor would I refer to the lower class as ‘incompetent and unfortunate’. I myself, while incompetent on many levels and misfortune seems to follow me around I am not envious nor covetous of the elite and privileged. The only thing they have that I want is the liberty and wherewithal to do as I please.

          • I think that is what most of us feel and reflect, cant speak for everyone but for myself, your self assessment fits me to a T

      37. Like Nikita Khrushchev said we will destroy you from the inside. Makes you wonder about Barack Hussein Obama and who his backers are and just what is in store for the US of A, in the very near future. There is a plan behind the entire fly overs up and down both coasts and now the Gulf. Will Russia attack not likely now but latter you bet. As I said there was a plan for Obama getting elected and reelected; weakling of our military and now flood the system with millions of parasites to finish off our economy. Don’t forget Russia is very patient in what they do. They are gathering Intel out the flights and subs and when it goes down; we all know what that means. I truly feel we will some be ripe for the picking very soon. Now has Obama been groomed for all of this, it’s a question that needs to be answered. Yes I’ll stick with my sign off!


        • Groomed?? How about ‘grown’, as in a lab. I think he is a clone, it answers many questions about him.

          • Johnny:

            Wonder how they got the DNA from the devil…..

            • OOPS! Supposed to be “article from Banjo-Billy.

      38. We need to install a “Thunderdome” that is linked to exit door of every government building and let them enter 2 at a time “Two men enter One man leaves”. Either that or roll a large container in the doors full of baseball bats and let them know only one person gets to leave and that person gets to be President…of the Men’s bathroom which we let him know after the fact of course.

      39. Turnthekeys

      40. Wow, you guys really hate America

        • Dear BigFrank,

          Are you talking about a simple piece of dirt, the geographical location, called ‘America’? Or, are you talking about the people who live on that piece of dirt? …Or, maybe you mean the people who try to rule the other people who live on that chunk of dirt called ‘America’?

          You leave a lot of room there to understand what you mean.

          I wonder, have you Ever spent Any time at Will Grigg’s blog?

          BTW, I love just about everybody.
          I only wish I were good enough to love even the absolute death-loving jerks. …How about you?

      41. Its off topic. Today on the early morning news they showed fergison Mo. The store owners where putting plywood and fences ect. To try and twart potential rioters. Its cold enough that they need to go ahead and release the info on the grand jury decision. The riot wont be nearly as big in cold weather. And now this is absurd. The brown family has went to the UN to try and have them over rule the US laws? This cant help but turn into race war & ethnic cleansing.

        • These are but the beginning’s of our troubles.

      42. What a load of BULLSHIT from Mac Siavo.

        you printed :

        the Russian economy, along with its currency the Rouble, is collapsing because of Western sanctions = BULLSHIT

        U.S. would target Putin’s $40 billion personal fortunate = BULLSHIT

        trade restrictions on Russia, essentially crippling their internationally dependent commerce system. = BULLSHIT

        the economic disaster in Russia = BULLSHIT

        motivate his people into a nationalistic frenzy = BULLSHIT

        Putin and his obvious desire to restore Russia’s super power status = BULLSHIT

        So obviously 21stcenturywire is now a BULLSHIT publication for the cabal.

        Quite pathetic Mr Mac Siavo.

      43. Ha! I liked the facts Mr. “Super” presented above to support his presentation.

        …Anyway, I thought of this thread when I read this bit:

        “For it is a rule which invariably holds true – if the Western elites praise the leader of a foreign country it means he is doing something which is good for those elites and bad for his country. If he’s demonized, as Putin is, it’s the other way round.” – Putin Demonized for Thwarting Neocon Plan for Global Domination
        By Neil Clark

      44. Sanctions, similar to the ancient siege, are acts of war according to the Just War Theory as offered by Noam Chomsky and others.
        The war with Iran and others has begun and we started it.

      45. where did my other comment about Kenites go?

      46. The bear needs a place to live and the USA wants the forest that is the bear home.

        Russia has no option but to fight.

        The sooner American military bases are removed from Europe the sooner we will be free and the world will be safer because a lot of what’s going on is being forced on the people of Europe by banker size bribes and blackmail from the USA behind closed doors.

        Remove the cancer before it kills you!

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