VIDEO: The Fed ADMITS A Massive Number Of People Are NOT WORKING

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Headline News | 20 comments


It seems like the news for the economy is always bleak, and it’s constantly getting worse! A YouTube channel titled Money GPS has created a video detailing the admittance by the Federal Reserve (the U.S.’s central bank) that a massive number of people are not working.

According to the video, the U.S. economy is in a real crisis and it will only get worse.

When the Fed releases information, they choose their words carefully. Such was the case when they backhandedly admitted that there are quite a few people who need jobs right now, despite what the media and government are selling us.

Watch the expertly laid out video above for more information!

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    1. Yeager

      All smoke and mirrors to deceive the sheep. Unemployment at 5%? LOL!!! Our country is tanking. They planned this a very long time ago. No surprises for those who actually read alternative news and know the Pike playbook.

      • TharsheBlows

        How Many Americans are on a Sit-down-strike and refusing to pay any more extortion shake down Federal Taxes. I for one, is one of them.

      • Montana Guy

        Yeager, you are right. Wait until a massive number of people are not eating.

        I recently re-read ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death’ (1985) by Neil Postman. That’s where we are today.

    2. The Deplorable Renegade

      “A Massive Number Of People Are NOT WORKING”. WELL, NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Unemployment has been way up ever since the two bailouts to Wall St. under Bush and Obama. The true figure is probably around 25%. I keep hearing 50% of the population are still working and the other 50% are freeloaders living on our tax dollars but never found anything to support those figures. Whatever the true figure is all the freeloaders need to be given the boot. WE can’t support their sorry asses forever.

      • Menzoberranzan

        I was about to say DR that most of the people out of work are lazy as hell adults from 18-30 or so thinking the world owes them something. I was just target practicing thinking about killing islamic savages and traitors to the Republic. It was a very satisfying line of thought. I will sleep well.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          Menzo, last time I was at the BOL I did some target practicing with pictures of muzzies and other traitors on targets. Those are very much worth shooting up a bunch of .22. And yes I go back out and restock on whatever amount I shoot up. April can’t get here soon enough [SIGH].

    3. Honeypot

      The Federal Reserve Conspiracy.

      This Country, the 13 States were established by white men from Europe who wanted freedom from the crazy King’s bankers (the Rothschild family). We are still trying to free ourselves from the same oppressive family business. This family is a traditional crime family running a cartel of mobsters who use force via the IRS. Cross them and they will have you thrown in a cell with sodomites who break your legs.

      Do you really want to be informed by “The Fed”? The name is a lie, implying government, but it is just a racket, a very lucrative racket, like gambling, running drugs, prostitution, and kidnapping for ransom.


      • Kevin2

        Federal Reserve:

        It’s not Federal and there is no Reserve.

        Is It Federal?

        The former can be proven by the below:

        Freedom of Information Requests
        The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is not an agency as defined by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and is therefore not subject to the provisions of FOIA. However, the New York Fed is committed to complying with the spirit of FOIA.

        Is there a Reserve?

        Since abandoning the Bretton Woods Agreement that backed the US dollar with gold fixed at $35/oz in August 1971 US currency (and by default currency credits) are pure fiat (currency by decree). The “Reserve” only exists as a concept not a reality. The “Reserve” is the creation of more money that is borrowed. It’s the same “Reserve” as a credit card cash advance.

        • Yahooie

          “The “Reserve” only exists as a concept not a reality.”

          Too true. It’s only a pile of electrons stacked in their favor.

      • JRS

        The Federal Reserve is owned by it’s stockholder banks who get a fixed forever 6% dividend on the stock they hold, year in, year out. Nice cash flow there…paid for by YOU.

        It would be nice if Joe Sixpack got that kind of guaranteed return on any of his investments…

        • awed bawl


    4. Just Wondering

      Get your on line college degree in Fifth Century German Polka. Only $50,000 in Student Loans. Guaranteed work at Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonalds and Walmart.

    5. Joe

      Don’t believe the lies and manipulations.
      Labor force is at its lowest participation rate since Jimmy Carter was president.
      There’s a hell of a lot more people since then.
      Population back around that time was about 210 milllion. Over 330 million now.
      More people fewer jobs. Get the picture?
      We have lost MILLIONS of manufacturing jobs. Only a small fraction have come back.
      A.I. will make millions more jobs disappear.
      Was in Home Depot the other day. Only one cashier. The rest was self-checkout.
      Walmart getting rid of over 1,000 greeters.
      They don’t care about the working man or woman.
      I will never give my loyalty to another company.
      I have seen them shit all over people.
      My friend had her position eliminated 2 years before her retirement.
      So much for all her years of service. They didn’t care.
      And the people doing the restructuring and firing get the big bonuses.
      Everyone else gets shafted. The New American Way. Plan accordingly.

      • odd ball

        (((Who))) “owns” these companies? They were “bought” that is stolen with the fake money. . .

    6. rellik

      “Wanted a decent job”
      Typical Democrat BS.
      Any legal, moral job that pays
      is what you do!

      • Honeypot

        Rellik, I do believe that “decent job” means “legal and moral”.

        You are putting 21st Century concepts on a sign written in the early twentieth century. I doubt it would have occurred to those fellas to turn down any job that didn’t require beating up someone or robbing a bank. I couldn’t help lol when I read your comment.


    7. jim wolfe

      Millions of able bodied males (primarily of ethnic extraction) who do not work and have never worked because of generational welfare are leeches on system. Many of them end up in prison and further draw down the wealth of or nation. It has to stop, one way or another.

    8. skipNclair

      If you even think, let alone believe the economy is good, you either have your head in the sand, or up your arse.

      • Horscht Schitt

        You can say that again!

    9. skipNclair

      If you think or even worse believe the economy is good, then you have your head in the sand or up your arse.

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