Video: The Death Of King Dollar: “This Could Happen As Soon As 2018”

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Headline News | 153 comments

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    Despite continued assurances about America’s economic strength and global influence, scores of nations around the world are rapidly divesting themselves from their dependency on the world’s reserve currency as a mechanism of exchange. The key players, Russia and China, are actively developing entirely new systems of trade with numerous partners that include countries from the middle east, Asia and South America.

    These major strategic moves, trade agreements and partnerships are being marginalized by mainstream American news sources, or are simply ignored and never shared with the public. The end result for Americans’ way of life will be nothing short of disastrous as the eventual outcome leads to an implosion of our economy and the destruction of one of the most influential currencies in human history.

    Watch: The Death of King Dollar (via Crush The Street)

    Interest rates could easily rise high enough that the U.S. government would have to spend half of its income just to pay for the interest on previous borrowing. This is why the Fed will say and do anything to keep interest rates low.

    Many large countries have been making major moves in the last five years to stop transacting in U.S. dollars.

    King Dollar is truly dying.

    In addition to this, less U.S. oil imports means less dollars going abroad, which means more dollars are coming back inside of the United States. This will inevitably cause additional inflation that has been overdue, as America’s money supply has more than doubled in the last ten years.

    Estimates put more than half of U.S. dollars as being held abroad. It will be devastating to the value and stability of U.S. currency and domestic economy when these dollars return.

    The reality is the U.S. will surely lose its reserve currency status… Some economic analysts are even saying this could happen as soon as 2018. There are an infinite number of unexpected shakeups that could happen around a dollar collapse, from the U.S. backing its currency with oil to a major war breaking out.

    As noted by the free report from Crush The Street:

    “The world is rapidly changing and the U.S. dollar has enjoyed the benefits of being used as the world’s reserve currency, but history tells us that things will change and evidence is showing that it will likely be sooner rather than later.”

    Indeed, the time to prepare for a coming global paradigm shift is now.



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      1. C’mon, another extension? This is becoming a sick joke.

        • Anon—-I agree.Yesterday it would be 10-1-14 same day it said it would be 2015 And now 2018.The bottom line no one knows.BS.Nail it down or do not publish it.

          • Ditto

          • No Doubt -People will be Killing each other over Bread Crumbs soon…Literately. Water and Food will be more valuable than any GOLD. Prepare my Friends.

            • Its not going to happen. The USA is AWASH in oil and gas and alt energy too. The free ride that the NWO has given China with FREE TRADE is over, as planned.

              THE US will continue its hegemony over Hispanic America and the Western Hemisphere through the TPP. China’s days as the world’s manufacturing giant are over. That title will pass to India.

              It is happening NOW as manufacturing in China declines and the change is taking place to a service economy, as planned. The Great Depression ahead will eliminate the China Export Model.

              The USA will dominate the Western Hemisphere. China will compete with India, Turkey, and Pakistan for Asia. Russia will be useful for as long as China needs oil & gas.

              The Chinese RmB is fungible now and paired with six other major NWO currencies. China will NOT back its fiat with gold. LMAO!!! Why would they???

              The dollar is STILL KING!!! Long live the KING!!! 🙂

              • Phuck I hope you get reincarnated in a third world nation in your next life you American Hegemonic PHUCKING SLUG.
                That would make my day.
                By the way……”The King” is fat, bloated and unhealthy.
                Death arriveth soon, NO DOUBT.
                AND THE ENTIRE WORLD will rejoice once this cancer is removed from the planet.

                • AWBS: I am not advocating USA Hegemony, I am just stating current reality. If I must get reincarnated into a Third World Country, I hope I get reincarnated into Panama or Ecuador. They use the DOLLAR!!!

                  BTW, why are these Third World countries, Third World? Ask yourself that!!! Its their own fault!!! 🙁

              • When the US Military is used to maintain the petro dollar and by extension its reserve currency status its obvious that a problem exists of epic proportions, its an act of desperation and its days are numbered.

                • K2: An act of desperation? No. Its an extension of empire. The NWO must advance Crony Capitalism through FREE TRADE and the control and manipulation of all commodities or decline in power. They will not go quietly into that goodnight.

                  The Petro FRN will continue because it is in the best interests of the NWO, the 147 major corporations who control 60% of World GDP, and the Oil Cartel, who has a seat at that table.

                  The price of oil is not going down because consumption is increasing; its declining to put the squeeze on Russia. Those who whine about the dollar, like AWBS, usually do so because they don’t have any.

                  Life isn’t fair, Adapt or die. 🙁

                  • When you bomb and invade nations that were already using the USD to keep them using it you got a problem. The USD was THE CURRENCY under Bretton Woods. You can’t force its use indefinitely. More nations are escaping its use and that trend is increasing. At some point the scale tips as the USD depreciates.

                    There is no way this bogus system can be maintained.

                  • K2: Last year the dollar only accounted for about 32% of World Trade. The Euro 43%. And the Yuan? LMAO!!!

                    Its still KING!!! 🙂

                    BTW, when the dollar eventually declines in value it will mean a lot more jobs as American costs become more “competitive.

                    The dollar is strong because China and other nations want it that way. They purchase dollars to artificially manipulate their currency ,lower.

                    Its a zero sum world!!! 🙂

        • BigB

          Strictly a cash crop. Taking them to the elevator this am. Going to prep the land for corn next year, though at this point it is looking like a money loser. Going to have to pay strict attention to the commodities markets and hedge the best I can to make it work. Have about 1100 more acres of soybeans and 900 acres of field corn to take this fall between me and the rest of the family.

          Where are you at? Interested in the olive processes.

        • Ebola confirmed in Dallas!!!

          ht tp://

          • From Savage:

            E – Epidemic
            B – By
            O – Obama
            L – Lost
            A – America

            It fits.

          • I’ll say it again…make up those winded bottles of ammonia and bleach..the zombie antidote.
            As for 2018 and the dollar..pftt..if we still have anybody left in the country after the reset.
            Live Free or Die with your windex bottle

            • .,.more like zombie bug spray

            • Or maybe DMSO and sodium chlorate

              • I don’t think they sell that at DollarTree… (Chucklin)

                • Yep Talon but they DO sell it at the feed store 😉

                  • Get one of those pump up sprayers and take all the zombies out lol. Got to love veteranary and gardening supplies 🙂

        • right, in 08, the death of the dollar was going to be in 2012.

          • even a broken clock is right twice a day, eventually these propagsnda scare stories will be right

      2. It will happen BEFORE 2018.

        Too many people are waking up too quickly to delay. The banksters are afraid of us…. and as Jesus said “forgive them not, for they know what they do.”

        • Forgive the bankers? Fook that, I will burn those a-holes alive!

          • That’s what I’ve been saying all along….. At some point, when things come crashing down, there are enough informed people out there that will know exactly who did it and will take matters into their own hands…

          • Pitchforks and nooses at the ready sire and of course Dewalt nailguns. 🙂

          • Our government has been indulging in embezzlement
            since 1913.
            Of course every government would covet such a
            cushy position.
            Money for nothing and the chics for free.

            • “Money for nothing and the chics for free”

              Do you know when the song is played on the radio today they now edit out “the little faggot with the earing and the makeup, the little faggots got his own jet airplane, the little faggot he’s a millionaire.”? Sure am tired of the fucking PC bullshit.

              • They don’t edit it here in eastern NC. I heard it the other day. I was surprised that it was played on the air when it first came out.

                • Goo d to know there is still somewhere in America that has not gone completely insane yet. We are pretty close to the People’s Republic of Californication so extreme PC is the norm. Even to say “brown bag it” or eat peanut butter sandwiches and you risk being labeled a racist.

          • Genius…. I agree but you need to take a number. There are many of us aware of who the real SOB’s are behind all of the human suffering.

          • Genius

            Gods Creation was joking.

            The verse actually says ” Forgive them for they no not what they do “

        • There are more people sounding loud alarms. Theres also more analysts showing the charts with proof.

          Just read this: “the U.S. government is borrowing about 8 trillion dollars a year. When discussing the national debt, most people tend to only focus on the amount that it increases each 12 months.”

          We hear of $1 trillion a year dont we?

          “But that does not count the huge amounts of U.S. Treasury securities that the federal government must redeem each year. When these debt instruments hit their maturity date, the U.S. government must pay them off. This is done by borrowing more money to pay off the previous debts. In fiscal year 2013, redemptions of U.S. Treasury securities totaled $7,546,726,000,000 and new debt totaling $8,323,949,000,000 was issued. The final numbers for fiscal year 2014 are likely to be significantly higher than that.”

          CNS reported these numbers


          Redeemed: $7,546,726,000,000

          Issued: $8,323,949,000,000

          Increase: $777,223,000,000


          Redeemed: $6,804,956,000,000

          Issued: $7,924,651,000,000

          Increase: $1,119,695,000,000


          Redeemed: $7,026,617,000,000

          Issued: $8,078,266,000,000

          Increase: $1,051,649,000,000


          Redeemed: $7,206,965,000,000

          Issued: $8,649,171,000,000

          Increase: $1,442,206,000,000


          Redeemed: $7,306,512,000,000

          Issued: $9,027,399,000,000

          Increase: $1,720,887,000,000


          Redeemed: $4,898,607,000,000

          Issued: $5,580,644,000,000

          Increase: $682,037,000,000


          Redeemed: $4,402,395,000,000

          Issued: $4,532,698,000,000

          Increase: $130,303,000,000


          Redeemed: $4,297,869,000,000

          Issued: $4,459,341,000,000

          Increase: $161,472,000,000

          “The only way that this game can continue is if the U.S. government can continue to borrow gigantic piles of money at ridiculously low interest rates.

          And our current standard of living greatly depends on the continuation of this game.

          If something comes along and rattles this Ponzi scheme, life in America could change radically almost overnight.”

          full article at davidstockmanscontracorner dot com
          The link will follow.

            • Greg Mannarino makes a great point on his interview with Greg Hunter. He said:

              “The debt doesn’t matter . . . all they are determined to do is hyper and super hyper-inflate the debt bubble because this is the foundation of our economic model. It is a debt based economic model. It demands that cash be borrowed into the system in perpetuity. It cannot stop. Once we stop or admit we have a debt problem—implosion time. They are going to look for every single excuse to borrow this cash into existence. They waited for the right time to do this new war. They waited for the beheadings to happen so they could get the American people behind spending more. This is what this is about. It’s about spending into oblivion. That’s where we are, and again, we are hyper-inflating that bubble in debt which parallels the population boom and a human bubble. In fact, it is the greatest threat to humankind period.”

          • Calgagus,

            Our monetary system, and economy are built on a house of cards. Although I don’t think it will come to rising interest rates before the cards start falling, I do know this….. once the masses begin to lose confidence in things turning around, it won’t take much to have it all fall down. It could be another terrorist act coming from the open border. It could be the republican’s become just as corrupt and stinky as the dem’s just showed us. It could be the fake inflation numbers they give us become too difficult to hide. It could be more corporate layoff’s will further erode confidence. It could be consumer’s stop consuming.

            It will happen……

        • Where do you think bitcoin fits into this, the banker cabal and the uprising against them?

          We will start covering bitcoin stories this Thursday on

          • Might very well be the currency of the Globalist…since it has no sovereign ties

          • Do you know anyone out there that would trade you anything and i mean anything for a sack of bitcoin when things go sideways ,i wouldnt trade 3 sqaures off a roll of ass paper ,all i ever hear is people talking about how to protect there wealth in the coming shit storm ,they better be worried about making it through to the other side alive ,think food ,protection ,water

        • I’m thinking more like beheading and mount their skulls on posts on the outskirts of the village for birds to pick away at their eyeballs, and as a lesson for cheaters and liars. We don’t play those games here.

        • Forgive me..for I know what I have to do

          • talon1776….Do you accept invisible partner? We both know what we need to do and hopefully many like us.

            • I believe anon B-)

        • why would the banksters be scared or us or anyone else?, when the SHsTF, they will be gone with all the gold and silver leaving the clerks to take the heat, just like the GD

      3. This is why a person should get what they will need now ie tools, hardware, garden supplies etc. God Bless, James

        • Sorry Mac, Messed up on sign in. James

      4. I hate the fiscal policies of the US. Our national debt and budget deficits are absolutely ridiculous.

        That said – oil production in the US may now be the highest in the world, our corn is the highest, wheat third highest, our tech sector one of the best. I’m not saying its all sunshine and roses, but the world may just need us more than we need them.

        Keep this in mind as you read year after year how the dollar is sure to be just toilet paper “any day now”.

        • Oh and don’t forget about about the nuclear arsenal… Ever-present, ready to vaporize the whole world.

          These things are NOT worthless.

          • DD-

            Most folks, when dissing the US dollar…yammer about the fact that its not backed by anything (i.E.—‘gold, silver etc’).

            ..the truth be known, the US dollar is backed by a huge arsenal of ‘thermo-nuclear weapons’ and delivery systems capable of putting them almost within a foot or two of any target!

            ..just sayin’, of course.

        • We grow a lot of food but were consuming the majority of it. Argentina exports far more beef than we do. The days of us feeding the world like the dollar being as good as gold are long gone.

          On the bright side unlike most countries we are more than self sufficient on food and with some belt tightening and increased production self sufficient on energy too.

          I think of the USD loosing reserve status and all those dollars coming home and think of the US military periodically issuing new script in war zones to thwart the black market. Old money legally acquired is turned in for new. Foreign money coming back is not accepted thereby stopping the influx of “too many dollars chasing too few goods”.Its quite possible to do today and could be done if your nation put its people first rather than global money interests (don’t hold your breath). Those foreign nations holding those dollars? Well they won’t be too happy but better that than anarchy on the streets of the US.

          • K2: All of those foreign dollars coming back to the USA are being re-invested into stocks and real estate. Check it out. That is by design. Both will lose at least half their value from where they are priced now, with the CRash and reset.


            Those dollars are gone and your dollars tucked away in plastic coffee cans and buried in your back yard are suddenly MORE valuable. That’s the way it works, every business cycle!

            The dollar is KING!!! Long live the KING!!! 🙂

            • Dollars tucked away in tin cans worth more? $4000 of them in 1971 bought a car now it only covers some options. Been grocery shopping lately?

              The USD has value due to foreign demand. When that demand ceases so does the value of the USD. With the dramatic increase in foreign manufacturing goods sold in the US will get very expensive. Its the classic, “Too many dollars chasing too few goods”.

              • K2: That “foreign demand” is the New World Order which is global in scope and the dollar is their currency of choice. 🙂

                • I understand what it is and can also see that demand is decreasing as BRIC is both growing their economies and increasingly trading in other currencies. Look at it like this, “We’re loosing market share”.

                  • K2 Yes, we are losing market share but that is to be expected in a global environment as the market is increasing in size and scope.

                    The aggregate demand for the dollar is STILL growing. 🙂

                    But someday, down the road, the Yuan or Rupee may be the fiat of choice. So what? Is the UK worse off because its currency is no longer the reserve currency of the world or is it because of mass immigration and socialism? 🙁

            • “…and your dollars tucked away in plastic coffee cans are suddenly MORE valuable..”

              Dude seriously?

              Can you cite any point in our history post-WWII where a dollar purchased more goods than it did five years earlier?

              • Marcus: Its all about supply and demand. When half the wealth of financial assets and real estate is destroyed by the coming Crash, those with cash will have more purchasing power than those that don’t.

                That happens with every business cycle since WWII and more real wealth concentrates into the hands of those who already have it; contributing to the current state of inequality.

                Those who own the means of production increase the flow of dollars to themselves when this occurs, by buying more income producing assets at a lower price with dollars that are in short supply.

                That is why dollars buried in plastic coffee cans in your back yard are more valuable and that is how to use them. Its all relative. You can cache dollars or you can mooch off your relatives. Its up to you.

                Pun intended. 🙂

                • ” those with cash ”

                  As in cash in a savings account that Uncle Sam takes under the guidance of Jon Corzine?Maybe the vast untaxed cash one acquired over a lifetime and can’t justify its existence to the IRS that is very willing too liberate the owner of? Maybe the “pocket change” $10,000?GTFOOH that ain’t a plan that is lunacy.

                  Sixty to seventy percent of USDs are held overseas. When you create money (not wealth) willy nilly and this falls apart as it will those dollars are coming home and its going to get real ugly.

                  • K2: These dollars are coming home; some have come home already as I said here last Spring. What do you think is taking the stock markets to new highs?

                    A major portion of these dollars will be destroyed in the coming Crash as will additional dollars invested in real estate. What do you think the market value of a $100 million penthouse in NYC is going to be after the Crash, if it can find a buyer at all?

                    The markets are eroding a little bit each day and this erosion may forstall the eventual Crash. I have mentioned that here before too! 🙂

                    I have NO sympathy for Hedge Fund managers making $300 million a year, who invested their money with Jon Corzine and knowingly agreed to “re-hypothecation” to leverage their money 40 times.

                    Pigs ALWAYS get slaughtered!!! 🙂

        • DumbDude: A new Industrial Revolution is just around the corner based upon new technologies like 3-D printing. Massive factories in China, even India will not be needed in the future.

          Androids will be perfected in five years, ubiquitous in ten.

          Production in many areas will become individualized and “just in time inventory theory” will be replaced by “order it and pick it up like a pizza” production, where you can have it your way, custom made, with Apple Pay.

          Its going to be a brave new world and those without education and viable skills will be labeled useless eaters and eliminated when their EBT cards fail to function and the printout says: “Account Closed”.

          That’s the ugly truth. 🙁

          • So exactly what impact will these 3D printers and robots have on the already dismal employment picture? How many houses and cars will these robots purchase.

            Our economy is already toast–future looks like burned toast!

            • Anon: The economic impact of these developments is still in the future, but the impact will make thing worse for the unemployed, uneducated, and those who cannot produce their own income. Thus a “culling of the herd” will be deemed necessary by the PTB.

              Reason enough to vote. Reason enough to engage your employees now, rather than be a victim of their policies, programs, and Agenda.

              I believe Pelosi sees this now, which is why she advocates for a guaranteed wage. She just doesn’t recognize the economic effects of such a policy; which in the end would not change inequality, but exacerbate it.

              Engage!!! 🙂

          • DK I wish I was as optimistic as you. I just pop my head around here up every now-and-then to put in a word to all the folks who are so sure they have it all figured out.

            I don’t know all the variables at play, and I don’t think anybody else does either. I don’t have any faith that there will be inflation or deflation. I just get bent out of shape when people say the “Dollar is worthless” when clearly it buys an awful lot today – life and death for starters – and more silver today than last year or three years ago. Then they backtrack and say it will be worthless soon – and yet soon doesn’t come anytime soon.

            The U.S. is in a political mess. Our government doesn’t seem to have ever heard of opportunity costs – we can have it all, for everyone, always. They don’t see what we are throwing away with these budgets they send through.

            When I try to do the simple reasoning about inflation that everyone are here uses, I still can’t come up with a coherent answer:

            With all the money injected into the system how could there not be inflation? And won’t inflation help our goofy government get out of its 17 trillion of debt? But should we really believe that the Federal reserve will open their arms to serious inflation when they are just a conglomeration of banks? Aren’t the majority of banks “assets” debt instruments? The money you and I and corporations owe to banks, and bonds they hold? Won’t inflation erase banks assets, just like it does our deposits? Won’t the fed do everything it can to not let that happen (just for reasons of self interest)?

            You have the federal government who cannot keep going if deflation comes, and the federal reserve bankers who get hurt if they allow inflation to occur. So these simple thoughts and one or two more variables just ain’t gunna’ cut it to predict this murky future.

            So I figure everyone in power just wants more of the same for as long as they can keep it going. And in the meantime they can ride on the back of the American economy, which may not be on the upswing, but is still a heck of a giant host to suck off of for years (decades) to come.

            Am I wrong?

            • DumbDude: You asked: “With all the money injected into the system how could there not be inflation?

              There is inflation in food and energy but both are somewhat muted now by the downward pressure on energy costs by the NWO to break the Russian economy.

              “All the money” is not injected into the system. At least not in a way that would create hyperinflation. As I have pointed out here many times, beginning about four years ago, the money being “printed” (through QE) is “primarily” replacing the losses of the major banks and bulking up their balance sheets.

              It is not reaching Main Street and was never intended to stimulate the economy. It has, since its inception, been designed to continue the Great Bank Bailout. A rose by any other name ….

              When the banks sell their bad assets to the FED a small portion of that new cash the Member Banks obtain is allocated to new loans and increasing revenue, propping up financial assets and the market in general.

              This has finally been recognized by both lamestream and alt media analysts.

              You also asked: “And won’t inflation help our goofy government get out of its 17 trillion of debt? ”

              Not really. That debt must be paid down to eliminate it. Understand that Debt to GDP is the ratio that is critical to the ability of our government to meet its obligations. However, the New World Order uses that debt to hold some of their excess wealth in a liquid, fungible instrument and the wealthier they get the more of our debt they NEED.

              As long as the US economy grows the better able the government is able to manage its debt; much like an individual with an increasing ability to generate earnings is able to repay his or her debt. Low interest rates help the government carry an increasing amount of debt, but it represents additional THEFT by the government above and beyond its usual take: in this way upon savers who are accumulating capital.

              I will continue below. 🙂

              • DD: You said: “You have the federal government who cannot keep going if deflation comes, and the federal reserve bankers who get hurt if they allow inflation to occur.”

                These basic assumptions are wrong.

                The gangster banksters make money in either environment and so does the Federal Government. Anyone with a little financial insight with a formal business education and years of observations can too.

                Yes those in power want more of the same for as long as they can get it and the system as designed, is a perpetual wealth machine for those who know how it works and have the capacity to use it.

                The average American has neither. 🙁

      5. They’ll laugh, They’ll cry, They’ll kiss there shit goodbye!
        Speaking of preps, just scored a ton of wine/beer making equipment on craigslist 🙂 Woooot! NOW I’m ready 😛

        • You’ll get shot collecting grapes! Woo will be the last sound you hear before the arrow sticks ya! 😛 Stay alert! There’ll be little time for leisure 😉

        • Genius—Beer does not have a long shelf life. Consider bourbon.

          • The problem with beer is you have to keep it cold. Go camping sometime with a cooler of beer. Its Ice cube maintenance cost just to drink a beer. When the grid goes down how are you going to keep bulk beer cold? I’d rather go with wine or hard liquor.

            • Look up zeer pot. It’s an ancient method of evaporative cooling using clay pots.

              • refigeration necessary…long shelf life

            • You don’t have to keep beer cold. That’s a relatively “new” thing (in terms of the long history of brewing) that began when a certain American brewer shipped it’s product by rail. People decided they liked the taste of cold beer better (go figure). Beer stores just fine at room temp.

              Coincidentally, those rail shipments are what ended the original era of microbrewing. Good to see it’s made a comeback.

        • I can make shine too if I want. Keeping things cold is no problem, I have an off grid system AND a cellar AND propane refrigeration so 3 ways to cool stuff. Besides the beer and wine will never see the end of theyre shelf life lol 😛

      6. when i see the date 2018 i quit reading. before it was 2010, then 2012, then 2014, now 2018. i don’t believe
        in these authors guesses. i can guess too.

        • jh we haven’t given dates like those before.

          Look at the physical evidence that we laid out that’s mostly happened THIS very year.

          It’s a shame so many people are disillusioned from taking peoples opinions of the coming collapse years ago.

          Look at John Williams who called for hyperinflation by THIS year. See how long he’s been doing statistics, how much research he does, his age. He’s not a dumb man. You don’t just pull a month out of a dark place on your body and swear by your grandma’s grave that you know this is when the collapse will start.

          If you believe in the elite having power and a plan; plans change; they’re not perfect, if they were perfectly creating collapse what good would be waking people up?

      7. Symphorophilia = sexual arousal upon witnessing a disaster. God the grade A snatch a man could get in SHTF. Not have to give all my money to those bitches.

        Writer JG Ballard wrote an “urban disaster trilogy” consisting of Crash, High Rise, and Concrete Jungle, all of which have been or will be movies.

        “The Killer Inside Me”

        • That reminds me of a very, very funny video I saw yesterday, called, “FUCK THIS HOUSE!” (EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE BUT THATS THE NAME OF THE VIDEO). Its real funny!

          Also, another funny video is from “Josie the Outlaw” in which she is competing with this guy for how many compliments they can make to people in one half hour. I almost cried watching that it was so funny!!

          These are really difficult times– things are beginning to unravel.. we need to have some time for laughter!! 😉

        • Acid; You are a sick man, you need help…leave us alone!

        • Acid; You are a sick man,leave us in peace…get some help.

        • Acid, one day when SHTF happens one brave woman will put a nice hole between your eyes with an ice pick. Maybe at that moment you’ll respect women and not generalize via your stupid comments.

          • Ass Itch, based on your comments concerning women its no wonder you will need and apocalyptic event to create an environment were you take what you want in order to get sex. I’m here to remind you that there will still be many individuals like myself that will do the things needed to prevent people like from taking what doesn’t belong to you.

        • Keep in mind, the bigger you are the harder you will fall in SHTF. Like the Guy with the large Mansion with No electricity and his wine cooler crashes spoiling thousands of dollars of premium wine and champagne. Or his lawn no longer gets cut or his pool turns green with over grown grass. Golf courses dry up and turn yellow. The more you have, the more you will have to defend. So no worry folks thinking life will get worse for you. The Big guys will be committing suicide they cannot cope and their money becomes worthless. How about those people on the 80th floor pent house suites, and the elevators are no longer working, and the water no longer pumps to those levels cause the grid is down. Imagine climbing and humping 80 floors of stairs to haul water back up to your penthouse cave.

          • The Big guys will be committing suicide they cannot cope

            And we get their blings!!!

            • I’ll help them hmmmm. God will judge our enemies. We just arrange the meeting.

      8. If the dollar tanks. The UN NWO and Agenda 21 that are funded by the dollar dies also? Will the good outweigh the bad? I think so!

        • Old Guy, you aint getting off that easy. They will just fund it with the new global currency that Im sure they have just waiting in the wings. These criminals aren’t stupid, they have plan B,C,D,E,etc. Besides they control/issue virtually every currency on earth. The loss of the dollar is no big deal for them.

          • Oh and on the new currency they will Print. “In The New World Order We Trust”

            • Please…just let us Purrrge

      9. breaking: another very real deadly virus sweeping zog amerika news

        Texas doctors urged to watch for paralysis. One ER over 4000 kids in CO.

        is this Weaponized Meningitis?

        Meningitis Symptoms
        Know What to Look For

        A teen with meningococcal disease may have some or all of the following symptoms, but maybe not at the same time 1,2:

        Severe headaches
        High fever
        Painfully stiff neck
        Nausea and vomiting
        Cold or painful hands and feet
        Light sensitivity

        You and your teen should know the red flags for meningitis. If your child has symptoms — especially if he or she has been around someone with meningitis — contact a doctor immediately. When it comes to treating this potentially deadly disease, speed is essential.2,3
        Act Fast

        Don’t take chances with meningitis. Meningococcal meningitis can be difficult to diagnose because its most common symptoms — fever, headache, and muscle pain — may be similar to those of influenza (flu).

        Johnson is concerned his symptoms might be related to the enterovirus 68 outbreak that has affected pediatric patients in 48 states, including Texas.

        Medical experts can’t confirm Cymon has the virus, because no patient is tested until admission to a pediatric intensive care unit. All other causes of illness must first be ruled out.

        … more

          • Yeah, they are purposely killing us– don’t know about the present crisis concerning little kids, but they are purposely killing us with Aspertame, GMO’S and plan to let us drink gray water which has only been partially cleaned…

            Its real hard to survive nowdays… Oh, and also, the doctors/pharmaceutical industrys are corrupt as hell… maybe not all doctors; of course there are some good ones. but I know the f— hospitals basically experimented on my elderly mother and they killed her. (for money).

            the system sucks!!!

          • There is no legit news source giving that 4000 number. in fact no news source. its a headline out of nowhere but conspiracy sites.

        • THANKS FOR THE INFO… I Really got to stop biting my finger nails!! 🙁

      10. WOW the last I heard the dollar will die 2009 then 2014, 2015 has to be when, now we are out to 2018. Just tell the truth; absolutely no one other than few those who sit at the table in the star- chamber knows the date and I’m not sure they do either. Stop with the dates and yes I know in another comment I said 2015, hey I can guess just as well as anyone. In twenty years from now my 2yr old great-granddaughter will be guessing dates when the dollar will die.

        I do know something for sure; all those setting at the table in the White House forms one big CLUSTER F—K and they are taking us down with them and time has run out to stop them. Be PREPARED and don’t look back.

        • WE were reporting an analyst prediction in our video.

          Here’s the script:
          The reality is, sometime in the next 30 years the U.S. will surely lose its reserve currency status, and it will likely be after a major reset of the global monetary system. Some economic analysts are even saying this could happen as soon as 2018.

          “The timing of a dollar collapse is also impossible to predict.”

      11. Well I don’t have a lot of the fancy stuff that a lot of folks here have, but I think I best start working on getting that Jersey milk cow I have lookin at! Note to self, Tattler lids, a few more of those!

        • Ive seen those tattler lids, do they work well? How many times can you use them?

          • I have used them and they work well. They have a lifetime guarantee, so I guess you can use them 20 or 30 times or more. The rubber rings are guaranteed as well, but I wonder if they will really last for years.

        • cattle prices are extremely high. We have two milk cowa a jersey angus cross and a holstien angus cross. and two milk goats a alpine and a Nubian. we just bought a Kiko cross billy goat. In a SHTF situation the goats will be more efficient than the cows. The goats can thrive on marginal feed. Those cows require good feed to produce milk. I would recommend you consider goats. You can buy two good milk goats for less than one marginal cow. there is plenty of info about goats on the internet.

          • You are correct. Goats are the way to go. I’m looking at Nigerian Dwarf goats. They will produce more milk on the same amount of feed than full size goats. The hassle comes in having to milk more goats. It will depend on how much milk you want. One Nigerian will produce up to 1/2 gallon of high quality milk. The avg would be about a quart.

            • My nannies are purebred. When fresh they each produce a gallon per day. We bought a Kiko Toggenburg cross billy to breed them. Its my opinion that the Kiko,s disease resistance and the Toggenburgs milk genitcs will produce a hardy thrifty animal that will serve my purpose. the kids are very good to eat and not a big job to butcher as cattle are.

          • Goats will eat anything, but if you want decent quantities of good quality milk they need to be fed well on decent grass. Like any system, garbage in garbage out.

            As for any angus cross in a dairy cow, best keep a leg rope handy, you will need it eventually.

            Currently milking 450 cows, no goats.

            • Look into growing Moringa trees. The leaves make great feed for goats/cattle. Cheap to grow.

          • Plenty of cows for sale in California – can’t afford imported feed.

          • Good advice, I will consider that!

        • MommaD –do not buy the jersey cow,but a great choice.Be the first thing the gov. would shoot.

      12. Just another poof and spoof. Do you ever notice that these gloom and doom tails ALWAYS are maybe, could, might, possibly, in our futures? Seen metals lately? The bottom is falling out of them. Wouldn’t ya think if this was coming, metals would go out of sight? We’ve been hearing this LOAD-O-CRAP for the last five or so years.
        BOO did ya jump? Wildassed prevarication thats it!

        • Gold and silver(and.. oh everything) are manipulated heavily so they aren’t much of a measuring tool anymore.

        • Thanks for calling China and Russia’s $400 Billion energy deal announced a few months ago a load of crap 😉

          • You’re welcome. That deal was going to happen no matter what. The monster Russian LNG facility in Siberia that Russia built ten years ago made that a lock. And China is going to buy its crude from the mideast amid these fire sale prices. We’ve been dragging our dicks on the Keystone pipeline and more LNG export ports other than just the one we have. We should of been on them five years ago. As usual, we are lagging in the world market. A load o crap, i stand corrected, ….a political LOAD-O-CRAP! Thank you…

          • You’re welcome. That deal was going to happen no matter what. The monster Russian LNG facility in Siberia that Russia built ten years ago made that a lock. And China is going to buy its crude from the mideast amid these fire sale prices. We’ve been dragging our dicks on the Keystone pipeline and more LNG export ports other than just the one we have. We should of been on them five years ago. As usual, we are lagging in the world market. A load o crap, i stand corrected, ….a political LOAD-O-CRAP! Thank you…

      13. The dollar could die tomorrow. All it would take would be for Russia and China to dump their dollars and their treasuries. Most likely we have another year or two yet but who knows for sure?

        • Yep. But as long as China can still buy cheap gold/silver, they will not trash the $. Watch out when the Dragon cannot be fed any more gold/silver. Its fiery roar will be heard around the world.

          • That’s exactly what Harvey Organ and many others said. When the physical runs out, the paper ponzi will be discovered, prize adjusts and the dollar dies from that.

            He predicted the end of this year. We think that’s a little soon and risky for him to be throwing himself on a prediction timeframe.

      14. IMO, we only have til 2016…

        On another subject…the Shock Doctrine (used by US policymakers/CIA) basically says that when people are so traumatized by different events… (say, for example, when some of our loved ones suddenly die, and when we suddenly lose all our physical security– like when they steal our homes, and when they bring about a universal crisis/ threat)– when our sense of well being is so compromised by one event after the other… THEN they can do whatever they want with us and we will comply.

        They have actually done experiments on prisoners (won’t go into detail– its really quite horrible what the CIA has done to people behind closed doors)– but they have come to these conclusions by torturing people and observing the effects.

        Its all written in detail in the book, “The Shock Doctrine and Disaster Capitalism” by Naomi Klein. Its a very well written book and quite scary in parts!! (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO SEE WHAT THEY HAVE IN STORE FOR US!!)

      15. I’m NOT economist…I rather hold them in my mouth and let them soak, rather than suck them!!!!!

        That said, the current trend of UNRAVELING that is taking place would put the drop dead date for the dollar burial (pun intended) is the latter part of 2015 AT THE LATEST. Obozo wants to take FULL credit for it, so it must happen prior to his leaving office.

      16. “Disaster Capitalism” is the concept of destroying a state or country by bringing about economic collapse(or as in the case of Hurricane Katrina, a natural phenomena destroyed the area), then they can go in and start with a clean slate, so to speak, and do whatever they want.

        After the area is cleansed of the poor and what little assets they had, the Filthy rich can come in and steal everything– buy up the public utilities, parks, confiscate all the property, etc. (Sort of like “slash and burn” technique) and build anew. But instead of building modest homes which the average citizen could afford, they build rich, lavish homes and restaurants which only the elites can afford…

        That way, they get rid of us and without us knowing what happened…

        • Like Obamacare.
          Like what NAFTA did.
          Like the IRS targeting of conservatives and tp groups.
          Like the NSA.
          Like militarizing the cops.
          Like real unemployment of 18%.
          Like food inflation.

          None of us like whats going on today. Waitll tomorrow.
          Get prepared for the unknown. It aint going to be pretty.

      17. The ground is shifting beneath Yellowstone and the US Dollar. Can you feel it? Wow, when either one blows….

      18. Get your pencil and paper. Pastor Lindsay Williams said the Dollar would be dead by the end of 2012. I guess were using zombie dollars now. Feels like it.

      19. There is no Gold Price, no Silver price, there is no price for Petrol and no Dollar price.. just a gigantic scam … it’s laughable if people have charts of this… it’s like you see some figure in the clouds you like to make some sense of.
        No, there is a giant computer in the city of London where the put it in, like all the other stuff we are believing in.
        If there are central banks, who can manipulate the interest rates of whole nations.. what will stop them to do with the price of the currency.
        They have already.. since 5 years.. frozen the Suisse Frank price with the Euro for 1.20 to 1.
        Ask your self ..would they have a problem to do this with other things?
        Probably not.

        • Pit B do not know about you ,when I buy gas or groceries they want cash or something equal to it like Debit orcredit card.only choice I have.

      20. Coming to a store shelf near you VEGETABLE MEAT SOUP w/ assorted meats and assorted flavors. Come on now. That’s not fair. Some of you are actually hoping for all this to roll. If it’s any consolation this collapse is a slow motion train wreck in progress. That’s what it reminds me of anyway. Rub some salt into the wound. Buy some Silver.

      21. I like to find out what currency the ZOG is paying to their hired ISIS monsters. Assuming is coming from Federal Reserve and the Petro $ it must by the US Dollar.

        If ISIS subhumans stop taking Dollar for their beheadings then we can assume $ is dead.

      22. FYI, China has announced that they will trade with the EU directly as of 10/4/14 bypassing the $ !!!

        • The only thing Americans need to do to put China down for good is resolve to buy NOTHING from China this fall and Christmas.

      23. Even a former economic adviser to Oboinko and Delaware Joe stated it would be better for the US Dollar Reserve Status be done with. Unfunded liabilities and so forth are toast. Way over the top in debt. Right now the Dollar compared to other currencys is being flocked too as others are in bad shape as well.I pay no mind to dates.

      24. Linda, link please. Thanks.

      25. Let silver tank to $5.

        Yes, more please. Local dealers out of stock. This is a good thing!

        Stackers inherit the earth, and all future trade…

      26. I say the collapse will happen in the next 100 years ! And when it happens there will be a bank shut down for half a day , some meetings will happen and then life will go on and a gallon of milf will be taxed a little more .

        • I didn’t know they were measured in gallons.

          • 🙂

        • A gallon of ‘milf’???


          ..but don’t tell ‘Acid E’…poor sucker will overdose as soon as it hits the shelves!

      27. Come on!!!!!
        Let see we have heard 2000-2005-2008-2011-2015, Now 2018.

        We know its coming so be ready now. Get your food water ECT., Ect., Ect., ready now, and be PREPARED!
        tomorrow is Too DAMN late!

        These guys that keep saying its coming are like weather men/women when they are predicting bad weather a week off.


        • They keep it going like they have a stake ($$$$) in it if we stop buying all this doom and gloom stuff they will lose something, huh?

      28. Enough with “the sky is falling” already! Shure it(the stock market) will take a dump “someday”. But the memory hole is not so deep that some of us don’t know history; And the worst crash EVER was in the 1850’s!! I have watched the “survivalist” “prep” for TEOTWAWKI since the 70’s. They learned from Dad & Mom digging a bomb shelter in the yard. I always wanted to ask how them 20 year old freeze dry’s and them tinned “Fallout crackers” & peanut butter tasted. Guess what? YOU ARE GONNA DIE! and no amount of “prepping” can do anything to change that.

        • “Shure”???

      29. OKAY–we get it. But right now we are eating foods bought at 2008 prices. Not bad.

        • I tell people at the grocery store that buying groceries ahead and on sale is better than putting money in the bank. No one has disputed me yet.

      30. ht tp://

      31. Wasn’t this suppose to happen in 2014 now 2015 now 2016 but wait oh it’s now 2018!?!?


        We have enough dealing with the idiot monkey muslim in the grey house as it is.

      32. More than 1,000 security breaches revealed by Secret Service….well, maybe these aren’t displays of ineptitude, but intended breaches???

      33. 2018? At this rate the WORLD isn’t going to last that long…

        CDC Confirms First Ebola Case Diagnosed In The US, In Dallas Hospital – Press Conference Live Feed
        As experts (as opposed to President Obama) had warned, the probability of Ebola coming to the US is around 20% by year-end. So it should not be a total surprise that:

        The patient recently returned (via plane) from traveling from Liberia, West Africa. This perhaps explains why CDC was “taking precautions in the US” as we noted previously. And don’t forget the administration’s interference in Ebola treatments.

        Press Conference (due to start at 530ET) via NBC News

      34. “The reality is the U.S. will surely lose its reserve currency status”
        Total BS – who writes this stuff ?
        Some “economist” no-one’s ever heard of..
        Remember Lindsey Williams/Alex Jones saying the USD will be dead by the end of 2012 ? Get your pencils and paper kiddies and write it all down. LOL..
        I called BS back then too.
        The USD will crash hard – yes. But NOT die.
        The USD will be ONE of a basket of reserve currencies.
        If you plan for things that simply just won’t happen (like this USD death tripe) then you’re wasting your time, you really are…

        • Remember the non-backed Continental dollars during the Revolutionary War or the non-backed greenbacks during the Civil War? You can now buy trillions in Zimbabwe dollars for $5 American from street vendors. I have in my collection German and Austrian stamps denominated in the millions and billions for simple postage. All currencies will fail if they are not backed up by silver or gold or other fungible commodity. Even the almighty American dollar, the latest in a series of fiat currencies.

          • As a wise man once said, “All fiat currency eventually goes to zero value”.

      35. 2018 why not 2065
        I think you are being to optimistic we will be lucky to get to 2015 BUT we will not see 2016 at least most of us.
        Some of the best home survival stuff I have seen is at:

      36. World ENDS at 5:00
        NEWS AT 11:00

      37. Men’s hatred of women may be the reason why God is punishing men for their misogynist viewpoints.

        Women should feel free to wear what they like to school and to express themselves through what they wear.

        Some people don’t know how to express their feelings and some do it through fashion.

        It isn’t fair how, like female teachers who would like to show cleavage for instance, have to be judged by the parents, it’s their choice. We should be okay with that, and if a teacher is wearing a mini skirt or flashes her panties in class it doesn’t mean she is a prostitute. The male students should learn how to control themselves and respect a woman’s body.

        Women in Toronto, Ontario, Canada had to face oppression when the misogynist police blamed rape victims of their dress. Female teachers should not be victim blamed if she dresses for the weather. Many of you bitter ex-husbands need some counselling. Female teachers create societies, men destroy them.

      38. The Prophet speaks! 2018? WTF? King Dollar has already been demoted down to Prince Dollar. Soon it will be Joker Dollar.

      39. While everyone focuses on the domestic front in the end because of the dynamics of so much economic change with some major powers climbing and others descending one thing is highly likely to happen; war.

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