Video: Reporter Doorstops Vegas Security Guard’s House: “I Can Confirm His Family Has A Gag Order”

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    Over the last few days Las Vegas law enforcement officials have significantly altered the timeline of the mass shooting that left 59 dead and hundreds injured. Adding further intrigue is the fact that the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino now says that they have their own timeline of events, which diverge from the official story.

    On top of that, mystery still surrounds Mandalay Bay security guard Jose Campos, who was shot in the leg when Stephen Paddock opened fire and unleashed some 200 rounds through the door of his hotel room. Campos, who is reportedly not registered to work in the State of Nevada, was scheduled to do an interview with Sean Hannity Thursday night. But just minutes before the interview was to take place, Campos was said to have abruptly cancelled his appearance:

    In response to the cancellation, alternative media reporter Laura Loomer attempted to reach out to Campos, who has thus far remained shielded behind his union representatives and refused to provide his account of the shooting to the public. According to Loomer, it appears that Campos and his family have been forced to remain silent because of a gag order surrounding the incident.

    She “doorstopped” the Campos family in person when she visited their home in Las Vegas Thursday night.

    According to a video Loomer posted on Periscope, Campos has armed security and it appears that an unmarked law enforcement vehicle is parked outside his home.

    Additional videos show Loomer asking members of the Campos family for more information about why he chose to cancel his interviews:

    According to Loomer, Jesus Campos and his family members have been told not to discuss the incident. Further, when Loomer was confronted by an armed security guard outside of Campos’ home she noted that the firm the security guard supposedly works for is not registered to operate in Nevada, to which she asks the guard:

    You said that you worked for OnScene, a security company. We did a background check…. and the business license expired in January 2017 and has a virtual address… so the company that you work for…. is it a real company? Or is it just some type of a shill company that the FBI or DHS is using?


    Report: FBI Wipes Phones and Laptops of Las Vegas Massacre Eyewitnesses

    Las Vegas Shooting Victim: “There Was 100% More Than One Shooter,” Gates To Concert Were Locked Shortly Before Attack

    Police Believe There Was More Than One Shooter During Las Vegas Massacre


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      1. Christ. WTF is going on with all of this? This Gov’t is so damn crooked and out of control.

        • From the ‘Gub-mint’…….. “ssssshhhhh, we don’t want anyone to know the truth”.

          • I’d like to know who hired the security guard. The family in order to keep the news media from bothering them at home, or those who have something to hide?

            In reference to the gag order not to talk, I thought judges issued gag orders? Who told these people not to talk? If it was their attorney that is understandable. TPTB, well what are they hiding? Usually “heroes” are trotted out at a news conference and praised by local police departments. Strangely quiet here.

            • If that security company’s business license was allowed to expire and is still operating, in most states there can be some fines and/or jail time imposed for that. I know that’s what the law in TN says. I don’t know about NV law. Like that journalist said, it could be a ‘shill company’ for one of the fed agencies.

              • A person can’t drive for Uber or Lyft in Vegas without FIRST purchasing a business license.

                “Mr. Lombardo, you are a cover-up artist and you are a liar. But not a snitch.”


        • LMFAO !!! It gets couriouser and couriouser by the day, doesn’t it ??? When the FED’s seal all of the records and suicide the major witnesses, America will know with “precision” certainty, that this shooting was a FALSE FLAG !!!

          Good reporting Laura Loomer !!!

          When a rogue government comes for your guns and ammo, give them your ammo !!! 🙁

      2. CC, We should be careful we don’t attribute to malice what is more than likely incompetence or just plain stupidity.

        • We should be careful we don’t attribute to incompetence or just plain stupidity what is more than likely malice.

      3. ….. on the other hand, It would probably be prudent for him to get his testimony recorded and secreted somewhere safe.

      4. Early on news outlets here in Nevada were reporting that the hotel security guard had left the state. I thought that was interesting because he had been wounded. It doesn’t smell right to me.

      5. Off Topic-from Survival Blog.
        Important Warning To Gun Owners: A Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives has introduced a horrible piece of legislation that would ban far more than just “bumpfire stocks.” This vaguely-worded bill would ban nearly all aftermarket triggers, trigger springs, buffers, buffer springs, bolt carriers, many muzzle brakes, and possibly even full capacity magazines. It all hinges on the bill’s undefined phrase: “increase the rate of fire”. Violations would be a felony, with a five year prison sentence for possession, manufacture, or transfer. Most ominously, just like Feinstein’s bill in the Senate, this bill has NO Grandfather Clause!

        This bill already has 25 co-sponsors, including 12 Republicans. Please contact your Congresscritters immediately and insist that they oppose the Curbelo Moulton Bill (H.R. 3999.) Be sure to remind them that that this bill constitutes a Federal “taking” without compensation. (There is no Grandfather Clause and no method provided for registration. We’d simply be required to turn them in for destruction.) This is the worst piece of Federal gun legislation since 1994. It is crucial that you take action! It has already been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary and could be before the full House in just a week. This might be on the fast track. Wake up, folks!

        • Armed Americans are the only thing standing between freedom and an American “New World Order” police state. The government (Republicans as well as Democrats) sold out to the New World Order a long time ago. That’s why Republicans (along with Democrats) want to dis-arm law-abiding American citizens.

        • “Contact your Congresscritters” so they can hand your name over to their DHS, NSA, FBI, and the rest of their buddies for surveillance?

      6. I’ve never been any good at following gag orders. I’m not someone’s ‘good little nazi’.

        • Brave,while I agree this guy has family,was just me would talk far and wide and say I expect to have a “accident”due to talking.They though can threaten him through his family,fuckers!

          Really at this point does not matter,we know there is some type of cover up/lies ect.,and,most if not all citizens will not follow any bullshit legislation that comes out due to this incident.

      7. I makes sense that the security guard has a gag order… not unusual.
        What is strange is….he offered to do the Hannity Show….and disappeared
        minutes before the televising. This whole story has more holes in it than
        Obuttho’s birth certificate. He put a gag order on anything and everything
        he did before running for president. He paid millions to ‘seal’ his records.
        And when some IL. college students peeked into his files…..they went to
        This has his ‘cover-up style’ of taunting the public, smearing public
        doubters as “racist,” everything was a joke, calling people “birthers”…..
        hated ‘white’ patriotic people…..and on and on.
        Professional forensics proved it was fake BC….but a year later people
        got tired of the hearing about it. People died that had proof about him.
        Now he is campaigning again!

        Sound familiar?
        I wonder……
        Are these people still loyal to the ex?

        • Hannity was one of FIVE that he was scheduled to do.

      8. This whole story os starting to hit 10 on my weird shit-o-meter I have never seen such a fubared op in my life

      9. After watching the Clarke County Sheriff again, I think he is an OK guy. If there is any skullduggery going on, it’s the Feds. I have no major problems with the story so far as it goes at this point. However, I have serious problems with the motivation aspect of the investigation. Clearly we are not being told everything. Some of that withholding is legitimate. Remember, the NSA has an algorithm on everyone of us. There are license plate scanners every where. All of that is accessible by the investigators. I know this to be true because I have friends on major crime task forces that do this all the time. Usually for homicide investigations. I would like to know how many of the over 500 hundred injuries and deaths were gun shots. How many were not.

        • The Sheriff may be a nice guy who just happens to be in over his head on this case. The co-ordination and logistics of this are mind boggling. Victims at 17 different hospitals, 22,000 witnesses, over 500 hundred dead or injured. Try doing the paper work on that mess.

        • Statistically, if 59 people died instantly being shot, there should be 10 – 15 people to die later in hospital and about 300 wounded that will survive.

          I find it odd that nobody has been reported dead after initial death count.

      10. From an article over on Geller’s site I understand that Campos has disappeared.

        They way the report goes suggests maybe he not only disappeared bus was disappeared. (I suggested that from thinking about it, Pam didn’t in her atricle)

      11. Gag order ought to be on the dems.

      12. Every cretin so called representative in government has a gag order. That’s why they are continually re-elected. Gag them with a spoon then use a fork to flip them over, good to go for another treasonous round of self enrichment.

      13. Sounds like a case of a poor slob being in the wrong place at the wrong time and now involved in something way over his head.

      14. The fact that the FBI has destroyed evidence from cell phones and laptops owned by people who were at the scene proves this shooting was a government operation.
        This is just like when the FBI conficatited security camera video recordings from local businesses surrounding the Pentagon on 9/11.
        Also a guy who was describing what he experienced at the Twin Towers to foreign media was quickly taken away by FBI agents.
        And of course who can forget the involvement of the FBI in covering up the truth about the JFK assassination.
        We will never know the entire truth about the shooting in Las Vegas.
        I think it’s no coincidence the Luxor Pyramid was in the background of this shooting.
        The all seeing eye on the 1 dollar bill.
        The elite aren’t even trying to hide who’s in control.

      15. Thanks John, for the heads up!
        So while we are distracted with the “Who Done It” murder, the communists are trying to shove another piece of gun control under the table to be signed?
        Anyone else read this? Did Judicial watch, or Open Secrets have this? Oathkeepers?
        (This smells all over of —-you know who’s dirty tricks.) I don’t know if this is true or not….
        but if it is true, that is “infringement”. Preventing protection from a communist rogue govmnt.
        These nasty commie NWO creeps are trying to eliminate everything law abiding people can use to protect themselves against a tyrannical goverment overthrow.

        Sorry John, to be skeptical…..but anymore, I don’t trust anyone. I dislike feeling that way.

        • Kay, I understand where you’re coming from. I don’t care what the scum in DC pass. Null and void. I won’t follow it regardless.

      16. I worked security in Vegas . You have to have a sheriff card to work. 200 rounds through the door? That’s at least two drum changes? Some say Campos was part of it? Seems like a ISIS sting gone bad? Or another fast and furious? Trump needs to get his hands dirty?

      17. I said this before and I’ll repeat it again. Kim Waggoner, channel 3 anchor/reporter in Las Vegas
        Said on live tv on 2 October. And I quote…..
        I have just been told what was found in the shooters room, and when this information is made public, the whole world will be shocked…….but I can’t tell you what that is right now…..
        I want to know what she meant. Please…everyone , call, write… Channel 3.
        Demand to know!!! I live in Las Vegas. One of my friends was killed that night. There is much more to this story than we are being told. The police scanner and med scanner calls do not reflect the narrative. Don’t let these people die for nothing.

      18. They have gotten so arrogant about there actions, they do not even care if the false flag looks like one.

        A: That was not a bump stock.
        B: That was not a magazine feed weapon.
        C: How does a retired accountant with no military experience set up the firing positions and kill zones.
        D: The guy was 64 years old, not John Rambo.
        E: The number of weapons, that many would hindered him.
        F: The time line wanders like a drunken Matilda according to the police of what happened, when.

        2+2=22 and we should believe it according to the authorities.

      19. Never heard anyone address the open staircase alarm. Supposedly the security guard and a maintenance guy responded to a staircase door open alarm. You have to remember that a highly connected Saudi group owns the floors above, security is tight. This guy had no reason to block the staircase door open and trigger the alarm, he could have gone out that door anytime he wanted to use it as an escape route. That staircase for him would be a one way trip down without someone to open doors on another floor. Somehow I don’t see the stairs as a viable escape route for a 65 year old guy on the 23 floor.

        It’s only if the shooter wanted someone to be able to come and go from that floor using the staircase that the door would be blocked open. Assuming you wanted to shoot at the crowd, why would someone familiar with casino security be needlessly triggering alarms? There are also hints that there were fire doors in the hallway on the floor, that last of which, in front of the shooters room, was somehow blocked.

        Very curious, could it be that law enforcement was locked out of the hallway near the shooters room leaving time for other people to potentially come and go from the room via the blocked open stairs?

      20. Just ANOTHER reason why I just got another 1000 rounds of EVERYTHING….and 2500 gallons of fuel, and another 4000 lbs of food.

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