Video Report: “Entire Cities and Underground Civilizations Have Been Created Without The Knowledge Of The Public”

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    Via Truthstream Media


    Secrecy has become a way of life, particularly for the stealthy operations of nuclear powers and a continuity of government system.

    In preparing for all eventualities of defense, and attempting to stay one step ahead of every adversary, the U.S. government and governments around the world have become so secret, that entire cities and underground civilizations have been created without the knowledge of the public.

    And some people still claim far-reaching conspiracies are impossible because they’d never be able to get so many people to keep their mouths shut.

    If these are the ones we now know all about, take a guess what we don’t know about…

    Hattip Truth Stream Media & The Daily Sheeple

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      1. Yes, this is a fact of life. Get the book by William Mills Tompkins. Extra Terrestrials took control of all the major governments of the United States, Russia, China and the Middle east in the 1930’s. I have known about this, the scientist told me about this fact, the other agency contacts told me the same things. Donald Trump Knows about it, and the reason why they are so scared of Trump is because he is the one who will blow these facts out into the open. And while you cabalist are at it, make sure that the 40 giants standing 18-25 Ft tall that are trying to break out, freshly out stasis, in the Underground base, the ones who went into statis 9,000 years after the last pole shift. Yes the Antartica base, and make sure that they don’t get to the surface, the last thing you need to explain to the public whats really going on, as to why 18-25 muscled up men are running around tearing up the place.

        See link about entire network of under ground bases as the giants had lost all their technology and are now primitive giants crazies who eat humans for meat.


        Always truthfull everytime.

        • Back on the mainland to do some shit.

          All I can see is immigrants for miles and miles.

          God damn you baby boomers to hell for this.

          It means we will have to start all over again from the beginning.

          • Eisen, you mean TPTB and libturds. We boomers didn’t have shit to do with it.

        • in the archives of a church in Sante fe NM, the priests talk about two villages that were attacked and destroyed and had to move. they were attacked by 8 to 10 ft. tall red haired giants who were cannibals. there are MANY drawings of these on sandstone walls as well. just like i have said many times we have been fed allot of B.S. for hundreds of years about our history by the same EVIL ones who are trying to control us even more now! the net has allot of false stuff to try to make it look like it is all disinfo. but with a little patience and work you can find the true stuff. could tell you more but you get the point!!

          • Might have been Willie Nelson (Red Hair Stranger).

          • Check out Lovelock Cave Nevada. I have been there and spent a few hours inside. Read all the reports about it. If you are driving through Lovelock it is only a few miles from town.


        More compelling evidence of thousands of them buried in Utah. Hear it from the man who has seen it with own too eyes.


        • Hear it from the actor who has seen his script with his own eyes.

      3. We are taking for granted that we will always see blue skies, clouds, the sun, moon and stars! The Venitian in Las Vegas makes an attempt at creating such realistic scenarios and I’ve also seen them in Disney World. What a sad day that will be when we can no longer see and feel the real thing with our five senses. I guess it will be better than being six feet under or turned into an atomic shadow.

        Louisiana Eagle ?

        • -laeagle-

          “Shadows and dust! We mortals are shadows and dust! ” Movie trivia. Anyone? Anyone?

          • I’ll bite, what Russel Crowe said about Meg Ryan.

      4. I suppose all of that falls under discretionary spending. Underground high-speed rail for
        the elite. Tell me how to catch the A train to Dulce, New Mayheekow. Probably connects
        with the terminal under Denver’s airport. The conductors are all reptilians with American
        flags on their lapels.

      5. Conspiracies: proof that “…it happens all the time”.

        This is a great article with video, because when a person has the belief that it is impossible, no matter how much evidence is put forth; that person will be unable to grasp the reality, no matter how obvious.

        Examples: Six Million Chews were killed in gas chambers then turned to ash in ovens with chimneys. Think about how ludicrous. Once you know, it is hard to believe you and millions of other people actually believed such balony.

        And our corrupt government paid restitution to the tune of billions. That our government is controlled by dual citizen Zionists becomes blatantly obvious, but yet some remain in denial.

        The demolition of the twin towers and building seven was another obvious conspiracy. Yet, some otherwise intelligent people, can not believe that such an elaborate plan to take away our rights and kill us off in wars for profit, is really all it was.










          THEY DONT RESPECT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You can thank Ted Kennedy for this (not a chew, by the way). Destroying the U.S. was Ted’s way of “celebrating diversity”.

            • “Ted Kennedy’s car killed more people than all of my guns put together.” -unknown-

            • Oh, also, as if Emanuel Celler didn’t do enough to destroy America, it was his bill, H.R. 17735, which led to the Gun Control Act of 1968.

            • I reiterate what I said which was not posted for some unknown reason. Emanuel Celler, a jew, was responsible for the Immigration and Nationality act of 1965, also known as the Hart-Celler act. Senator Phillip Hart had nothing to do with the bill except put his non-Jewish name on it as a co-sponsor. Celler wrote the bill. Ted Kennedy, being the complete idiot he was (what does that tell about the mooks who live in Massachusetts?), ran around the country promoting the legislation promising it “would not change the face of America”. Boy, was he mistaken (or was he?).

              • I am not the moron John who posted below this post. By the way, John, Western Europeans were in America 10,00 years before your ancestors. It’s a fact and there is ample proof.

          • Mr. E and others,
            chill out.
            we are ALL immigrants.
            My people were here Before All europeans-asians -africans set foot in north america.
            SO to me ALL of you are immigrants.

            But guess what? It is year 2017. Not 1838.
            All of you are not going back to where your ancestors came from historically.
            And my people are not going to be hunting bison and galloping across the plains on horseback.
            Things change. Often things change for the worse. Not the better You must do as some of my people have done. Make the best of a bad situation.

            You would be happier and more content just to take care of your own business.
            Loose the hate.
            Life is too damn short to be eat up with anger-hate-fear.

            But it does not hurt to try and convince politicians to curb the flow.
            keep obama’s/hillary’s out of office.
            we did get Trump in office. Looks like he is at least making honest effort. That is best we are going to get.

            Better learn spanish though if in United States. I’d also learn chinese if I were up here in Canada. Mexicans over running United States. Chinese over running Canada.
            Telling the truth in Canada can get you put in jail. In United States you loose your job for telling truth or supporting Trump on the Leftist coast.
            SO keep quite at work but vote out open door politicians.
            We gave up guns. Big mistake. you Americans should never allow that.

          • Lmfao. Didn’t take long for your low rent racism and bullshyte ‘holohoax’ claims to come out. Stupid racist.

            You haven’t changed one iota in the years that I’ve been making fun of you for being a moron.

        • Why is the holocaust thing such a big issue? Did it happen? I tend to think it did after seeing the pics Allied soldiers took of the camps. 6 million is quite a large # to swallow though. I would be interested in the proof, or so-called proof there is that it did not happen though.

          • Their gold filled Soros’s bowl and funded the Swiss Banks, ask them. As a youth I saw pictures I have never seen again since, like a front end loader moving a 20 foot high mound of only eyeglasses. You can believe want you want. But remember that we live in an age of deceit, manipulation and lies. This questioning could be expected after the last of the survivors had gone for history is indeed written by survivors. But they must have a good memory or it is just another lie.

            • Grandpa:

              Unable to comment on the film you saw. Fact is that shoes and eye glasses were donated by German citizens for the workers in the camps. The mountain of nice shoes was a testament to German generosity, likewise eyeglasses.


              • That’s the biggest bunch of BS I think I’ve ever read.

                • Hand me some toilet paper…

              • You’re a disgusting liar.

          • “The Greatest Story Never Told” on YouTube.

          • “The Greatest Story Never Told” on YouTube. The figures touted these days are around 11 million. The video above might be quite eyeopening.

          • I’ve seen pictures too. Just of dead naked bodies in trenches or bodies piled up. Never a gas chamber. They were in an old photo album in my parents attic. I’m going to find them and look at them closer. I believe those pictures were reprints of some type. They must have been disseminated after the war to show ‘proof’ of ‘death camps’ and for the validation of other atrocities committed against ‘the enemy’.
            I don’t really know how those pictures got there. There was no one coming from Europe to bring them here if they were somehow originals. They could have been handed out to all allied soldiers in all theaters though. And from what I remember of them, they looked like originals. If they’re not, someone spent some good money on them to make them look it.

        • B from CA

          It’s harder to believe that you and people like you can not understand man’s inhumanity to man.

          Of course six million Jews were gassed to death. But in reality, that is a small number compared to what else was done in the last century, the 1900s.

          Tens of millions of people have met their end at the hand of democide,the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder.

          Man’s inhumanity to man. Really. Can you not understand?

          • Excellent post, Grandee. I believe there is enough evidence to support the fact that the Holocaust took place. I also believe there is sufficient evidence that proves millions of others were killed by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and many others. Arguing over who has been most victimized is pointless; it’s part of history, time to recognize it as such and move on. The only thing more ridiculous is denying that it happened.

            • Stalin killed more people than Hitler. Don’t believe me? Research it.

              • I know he did – that’s the whole point! To say 6 million deaths is not possible is ridiculous. Stalin and Mao killed far more.

        • Who Cares, Let all the elitists dump and pile into their caves. Just dump Gasoline and road flares down the air vent shafts. Goo Bye!!!! See Ya!!! Wouldn’t want to be ya!!

      6. Something else working citizens have paid for but will not get any use out of. And once the underground minions have served their purpose it’s game over for them.

      7. The friend of that guy from Germany said it’s best to tell the biggest lie that you can, for no one would believe that you would do that. I wonder who he learned that from?

      8. Just read somewhere that half of the people in this here country cannot write a check for
        500 dollars. Not true. We can all write a check for that amount, but half of us will get
        dinged for insufficient funds. Hah! So there!

        • Just try and tell Mrs. Smokey she can’t write a $500 check.

      9. Pure unadulterated horseshit.

      10. You guys need to put the ganja down.

        • Really!

      11. Truth bombs are zinging in from all directions. Vault 7 is only the tip of the iceberg.
        Kind of reminds me of a joke. Two pilots working together for the first time. After takeoff,
        the pilot kicks back in his seat and looks over at the co-pilot. Pilot says, ” Are you Chinese?” Co-pilot says, ” Yeah, I’m Chinese.” Pilot says, ” I don’t like the Chinese.” So the
        co-pilot gets rankled thinking there is some kind of problem. Co-pilot: ” How come you
        don’t like the Chinese? ” Pilot says, ” They bombed Pearl Harbor.” Co-pilot says, “No. No.
        The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Not the Chinese.” Pilot nonchalantly says, ” Oh. Well.
        You know, Chinese, Japanese, it’s all the same shit to me.” After hearing this, the co-pilot
        is starting to get really agitated. Then he asks the pilot, ” What nationality are you???!!!!!”
        Pilot says, ” Me, I’m Jewish. ” Co-pilot, not to be outdone says, ” I don’t like Jews.” So the
        pilot replies, ” You don’t like Jews? Why not.” Co-pilot says, ” They sunk the Titanic. ”
        Pilot says, “What!!! Are you insane? The Jews didn’t sink the Titanic. It was an iceberg!!! ”
        Co-pilot says, “Oh. Well. You know, Greenberg, Goldberg, Iceberg. All the same shit to me.”


        • Zeus, I’m with you on the elitists. Those 2 dildos that attacked me back on the Levin article must have blind faith in Levin. I never blind faith in anyone or anything.

        • Joey, LMAO! Damn good one!

      12. Planet X, Nibiru, Nemesis & Wormwood (as in the Bible) is the reason. The Elites & our wonderful govt need a place to hide when the asteroid belt arrives. It arrives later this year. Russia has done the same but the Russian Govt doesn’t hide this NEWS from the people. Our Govt does. See, they don’t want us SERFS to freak out.

        A real government for “The People” yea right…..

        • Being “enlightened” would be way to much. LOL.

      13. Dominic:

        Fraud is illegal. That is one reason it is important. When you go to Court and ask for money because of an injury or what is called “wrongful death”, you must present evidence to support your claim. Then a judge or jury makes a decision to force payment from the responsible parties, or not.

        Now, if there is a conspiracy behind the scene, the verdict could be pro or con for reasons other than the evidence. Maybe there has been tampering and interference with some members of the jury. Or it could be that the judge hates you or has a crush on you. He might be inclined to judge you other than per the evidence.

        Let’s say the Court awards you 3million because you got crippled. But later you when the Olympics and the guy driving the car that knocked you down sees you on TV running. Well, he would know that he paid 3 million to a fake. He had been frauded. So, he starts complaining to everybody. Will the alleged victim admit he lied, go to jail for perjury and fraud, and return the money. In cases like the holo hoax, the answer is, no.

        The judge would be disbarred if it is revealed that he got a kickback, and that he had a personal grudge, so he ignored evidence.

        The evidence against judgment for the holocaust is definitive. It could not have happened.

        1. There were never 6 million to begin with. There were 300,000 in Germany in 1939. The 6 million number has been admitted to be an exaggeration.

        2. Autopsies of dead inmates of the work camps found no trace of poison, period.

        3. Examination of buildings by professional engineers in construction of gas chambers report that no gasings could be done in the structures.

        4. Test show negative results in residue left on walls. No residue was ever found.

        5. Witness testimony is full of absurdities. When asked what color bodies were, the standard answer was “blue”. The correct answer should be bright cherry red.

        6. German documents show every inmate, where they worked, what job they did, and when death occurred, the cause.

        7. There was an epidemic in Germany at the end of the war. Both inside and outside of the work camps, people died of lice carried Thyphus, and starvation.

        8. Autopsies showed death from Typhus was the main cause of death.

        9. There were more Chews alive at the end of the war than at the beginning. (According to their own census).

        10. The International Red Cross was given free range to inspect the camps and found them well run.

        11. The work camps had adequate food until the railway was bombed at the end by the allies. (If anyone is to blame for those who starved both inside the camps and outside the camps in Germany, it was the allied bombers and those who sent them. Not evidence, just opinion.)

        12. For further evidence: there is a mountain of evidence. Books, articles, Internet. If you need to know more, research the subject.


        • Sources please.

        • Just point one alone is totally wrong. I’m not even going into the rest. The 6 million represents those from various countries, not just Germany. Ever heard of Poland? If you’re going to make stuff up, then at least make it believable.

          • Total number of Chews in 1939 in Poland and all other occupied Countries combined is 2.6 million. So added to those in Germany 300,000 you get 3 million. Half the 6 million.

            We all know there were survivors, so no matter how you figure, there is no way 6 million Chews died, not even 3 million.

            If the Chews claimed 700,000 people died total, including other nationalities and from other causes, that might be close to the number who died inside the camps. I don’t believe gas chambers were used for anything but the ones designed for clothing. That’s what evidence shows.

            This question is emotional. There was suffering on both sides. No one talks about the suffering of the Germans and Italians. So believe what you believe. I will seek truth.


            • The real truth is that there were 3.5 million in Poland alone before the war. At least 9 million in Europe total. These were census figures. Iron-clad facts. Did 6 million die? It may be more, may be less, but probably fairly accurate. 50 million died total in WWII, so that is but a small portion. I don’t deny the suffering of any others. That’s not the point. Government led mass killings have murdered countless people (again – Stalin, Mao, etc)…so 6 million is certainly possible, and there were plenty of U.S. servicemen who saw the evidence, and could confirm that something horrible took place.

              • If Stalin wasn’t a Jew himself he was surrounded by them. Is it ever pounded into everyone’s heads how many white people the Jews killed? Do you know what the Holodomor was. Is that pounded into soft heads. No, they cover for themselves and cry anti-Semitism at the first question. And WWII in Europe was white killing white people for whom?

            • Yehuda Bauer, an Israeli Holocaust scholar who chairs the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, said he warned his friend Wiesenthal, who died in 2005, about spreading the false notion that the Holocaust claimed 11 million victims – 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews.

              “I said to him, ‘Simon, you are telling a lie,’” Bauer recalled in an interview Tuesday. “He said, ‘Sometimes you need to do that to get the results for things you think are essential.’”


              History is told and sold by the victor. Question everything.

              No doubt Hitler was evil. Killing , let’s say , 5.5 million wouldn’t halve his evil index score, but let’s just deal in truth. Truth is neither good nor evil, it just doesn’t allow for control of minds.



          The “Six Million” Jewish “holocaust” Myth
          The obsessive invocation of the cabalistic fable of “6,000,000 dead or dying Jews” dating back at least four decades prior to the events of WWII directly undermines and betrays the notion that 6,000,000 Jews perished in Europe between 1939-1945, as Jews have claimed. It was a lie the first time, and it is a lie today!

          The mythical “Six Million” figure has intriguing origins indeed. Jews have staunchly emphasized the 6,000,000 figure in atrocity propaganda from the years 1890 through 1945. World War II ended in 1945, and since that time the cabalistic 6,000,000 figure has now reached sacrosanct status. This was achieved through a sleazy and deceptive campaign of repetitive HoloHoax swindlespeak in the news and entertainment media, centered in Jewish Hollywood. As the Jewish-Communist mass murderer, Vladimir Lenin, once said: “a lie told often enough becomes the truth.” This campaign of Jewish deceit has steadily intensified over the years. When Jews sense an increase in awareness of their treachery and global crimes against humanity amongst the Gentile public (a natural reaction of which is resentment and hostility), the louder they begin to wail about their invented holocaust in the octopus of media organs they control. That’s why they are always gauging the pulse of public opinion.


          • “The Greatest Story Never Told” on YouTube, if you want to really zero in on the truth.

          • I heard the jews are in cahoots with the Mexicans….

          • “No one ever spoke of killing”

            This SS Officer said “the Furher ordered resettlement”.
            “I did not know (about gas chambers).
            “It is true.”
            “I did not want to go. It is proven at the trial”
            “I was told I would be a guard, for the shoe maker.”

            Listening to this is difficult. The man is describing a horrific scene he observed at a train which had many Chews who commited suicide before arriving, or who were dead or dying, and or mad.
            This train he said came through Leningrad. (That’s Russia and Russians & Germans fought there. Which must have been horrific because tens of thousands died on both sides. Russians raped and mutilated German soldiers. So this first account is of a trainload of people.

            The German says they could not keep up with the gas chambers, but he never knew. So, like many who were told about gas chamber deaths, he did not personally participate. The camps were connected by train. One arrived, went to another place and disappeared. Not gassed. They were transported to other camps to work.

            I can see this poor man believes there was a gas chamber because that is what he has been told just like other survivors. He’s a victim, too. I’ve seen chews who honestly believe they saw people walk away to their deaths, when most likely they were just put on another train.

            I’m not going to listen to Chew wish witnesses. I’ve heard many. All the ones with bad stories get air time. The ones with positive recollections get buried; but I’ve heard some.

            There are interviews with Chew wish camp survivors on Dennis Wise “Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told”.
            Sports Fields and Swimming Pools. That was the real camp.

            None the less, this is one terrible terrible event.


            • You’re a flat out imbecile.

        • You’re a disgusting liar. Stop lying.

          Not one word of your post is true.

          • That was for B of CA, but I’ll gladly add Zeus to that, as well.

            Despicable filth of the lowest order.

            • Put me on your list too. You’re the ‘ordinary guy’ that nothing affects right. How does this effect you? From your post yesterday it seems that you are able to avoid everything that affects everyone else because you are apparently alone on a completely different planet. Wait, maybe that’s the answer.

          • Smokey:

            You calling me names is a sign of defeat. If you had something to prove my info was incorrect, then offer up your information. I have nothing to gain or lose either way. I’m just looking to resolve questions about a historical event. I used to believe everything. Now, not so much.

            Nothing I said is made up by me. I watched videos and read up on it. Call me a liar because why? Do you have something to gain by stooping to name calling. I don’t think so.

            Most of my understanding comes from the following:

            “Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told”
            “Hitler’s War, What The Historians Failed To Tell You”
            “The Ethnic Origins Of The Russian Revolution”

            And Other movies on YouTube

            Don’t stress. Stress is a killer.


        • How many Germans died in POW camps after the war. How many German civilians died in the firebombings of their cities, especially Dresden for which there is no excuse. How many women and children were raped and murdered. Nobody asks these questions because all they know is what they have been spoon fed all of their lives. I was one one of them. Yeah, 6,000,000 is all you ever heard.
          Now I see things differently now that there are other ways to get information than from the victors who write the history books. And now they do reenactments too on the Rewriting History Channel. I love the language they use in their programming. “It is thought to be”, “The experts believe”, “Most think”, “Its’ a possibility that”, and “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges”. What you are fed is mostly b.s.. And that didn’t start just recently. It’s been around since the beginning of time. It just easier to spread now. By guess who.

          • “How many Germans died in POW camps after the war.”

            They lived damn good in POW camps during the war in the US. Our local baker, Mr Hahn was one and had praises for the US to such a degree he went back, got his wife and immigrated to the USA. Lots of Germans died in Soviet captivity as did lots of Russians in German captivity.

            Dresden was night firebombed by the British. I guess indiscriminately firing V1s and V2 against civilian targets don’t count. The US suffered great losses over Germany with the best precision bombing the technology of the day facilitated. War is terrible but maybe Hitler shouldn’t have invaded Poland in 1939 and then France saving themselves the resultant destruction.

            The US has blood on its hands post WWII but the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and NAZI Germany then declared war on the US not the other way around. Germany, Soviet Union, Imperial Japan are not on the same moral plane as the US in WWII.

            • I’m going to put this nicely, I think I get your agenda here too. I see what gets you upset and what you defend or attack. This b.s. you posted above is more of a propaganda piece than any type of factual presentation. You and that other ‘cut and paster’ here seem to have the same general views. That’s it.

        • You can put forth that which can be found under the tightest and most controlled of leagel and scientific standards. I can speak the leaflet Latin to all of this is BS to those that lived and survived the camp’s it was the Jews first then all of the undesirables went to the camp’s and you think that telling the world about the Jew means freedom? No and if you we’re right and it is as big as you say why are you not a number on a tombstone! Must be you are pulling on the truth a bit.

      14. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!


        We went from Aliens to the freakin Holocaust…

        Man you guys REALLY need to get out more… Besides, what the fuck are you even gonna do about any of it???

        Exactly nothing… Do yerselves a favor and relax… Hug a loved one, ride a bike, fly a kite… The best days are already behind you.

        • -orion-

          With each passing day you are one day closer to your death. Enjoy!

        • What is anyone going to do about it? It depends what your meaning of ‘it’ is. If ‘it’ is history, you learn from it. But first it has to be correct. It has to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

      15. They have cities for them but not us.

      16. Screw this planet! I’m going back to Mars!

      17. Derinkuyu.

        • Derinkuyu (“deep well”) (Cappadocian Greek: Μαλακοπή) is a town and district of Nevşehir Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey.

          Located in Cappadocia, Derinkuyu is notable for its large multi-level underground city.

          The historical region of Cappadocia, where Derinkuyu is situated, contains several historical underground cities, carved out of a unique geological formation. They are not generally occupied.

      18. Who knows what to believe anymore? Clearly history is filled with falsehoods. People pick and choose what is truth to themselves. Works out well for those with an evil agenda. Actual facts are few and easily twisted to suit any angle of deceit. Humanity is going backwards. Too many people or too many lies.

      19. Too bad the devil has such a stranglehold on this country. Truly sad

      20. For 3 mil I get to own an ENTIRE CITY?

        Oh this is tempting. All I need is… well. 3 mil… sigh.

        No one’s taken them up on this yet???

      21. Nazis killed 7 million people with a focus on Jews, but including other race & ethnic minorities plus all handicapped. Mental midgets on this thread argue abt truth & numbers.

        Btw, Nazis documented every prisoner & death.

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