Video: Putin Says He Will Use Human Shields: “We Will Put Their Women and Children in Front of Our Troops, Not Behind”

by | Mar 8, 2014 | Headline News | 237 comments

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    Speaking at a press conference today Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that any invasion of Crimea by forces loyal to the pro-West Ukrainian government will be met with strategies once used in the Soviet Union by the likes of Lenin and Stalin in which civilians would be put ahead of the defending army.

    The video, with Vladimir Putin speaking in Russian, has been translated by several organizations.

    Listen to me. Listen to me carefully. I want you to correctly understand me.

    If we reach that decision, only if we reach that decision, it will only be for the defense of Ukrainian citizens, let anyone from the military dare shoot at their own people which we will be behind, not in front but behind, let them try and shoot at women and children.

    Let me see who in the Ukraine will give such an order. (Translation via Frontpage Mag)

    The statement is obviously controversial, and translations always seem to lean towards the propaganda of the organization reporting it, however in this case it seems it is fairly accurate. The news channel Russia Today, long a mouth-piece for the dissemination of pro-Moscow information, translated the statement as follows:

    If we see this lawlessness starting in eastern regions, if the people ask us for help – in addition to a plea from a legitimate president, which we already have – then we reserve the right to use all the means we possess to protect those citizens. And we consider it quite legitimate

    I want you to understand it unambiguously. If we do take a decision, it would only be to protect Ukrainian citizens. Let anybody in the military dare, and they’d be shooting their own people, who would stand up in front of us. Shoot at women and children. I’d like to see anyone try and order such a thing in Ukraine.

    Putin is being faced with the possible threat of a Ukrainian military invasion, or at the very least, skirmishes along key border areas. Reports indicate that the Russian military continues to take control of strategic assets, with a Ukranian Air Force base stormed by over a hundred Russian troops just hours ago.

    Further, in an effort to control the news the Russian parliament has moved to vote on a new measure that would limit free speech by charging journalists as terrorists if they “allow publication of false anti-Russian information, provide information and support to extremist anti-Russian separatist forces, including the reflection of events beyond the borders of Russia.”

    While officials in the U.S., Europe and Russia claim they are working towards a solution to the problems in the Ukraine, tensions remain high, with any number of small events having the potential to set the powder keg ablaze leading to a broader conflict in the Ukraine and the possibility of a serious impact on global financial markets.

    For Vladimir Putin’s part, he has now clearly indicated that if Russian lives are to be put at risk, the Ukrainians, namely their women and children, will not go unscathed.



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      1. Well that is a f*$cked up statement!

        • He is starting to sound like KIM JUNK PUKE of N Korea. Only a Chicken Shit hides behind women and children.

          • My sentiment exactly. Women and children were used as shields by Charlie in Nam and I can say that is the truth…

            • The way I interpret the translation,
              the Ukrainian people want a Russia-
              backed government and they will stand
              up beside the Russian military to get
              it away from the Western backed fascists,
              according to Putin.

              • I agree outwest. We need to be very carful when getting info from the lame stream media of the west. Putin is not saying he will use them as shields. What I hear is if the west invades Crimea and shots at the Ukrainian people in the area he will protect them. He is warning the west as he should. Believe it or not this was started by the west to rape the Ukraine.

                • Translation, stay in your own backyard U.S. I so much want to say that I could support the U.S. government for being the good guys. They are not behaving this way. Russia is not trying to take NATO countries, leave them alone. It is none of the western countries’ business over there. Not until Russia comes after someone that was not part of the USSR. It ain’t worth it.

                  • Agreed B.I.

                    ..its none of our ‘effing ‘ business…nor does the U.S. govt’s meddling / intervention, benefit the average Joe on main street, one iota!!!

                    ..the sad fact is..its us normal folk(& our progeny), who stand to lose the most & suffer the brunt of possible ‘nuclear consequences’…that the political class(govt!!) & their controllers(satan’s pests/the $$ Wall St. money grubbing tribe)..who are positioned to, ride the bull..while we get gored -n- trampled!

                  • Мас,

                    I speak russian natively.

                    This is completely wrong translation and header.
                    Putin said completely different thing.

                  • It looks to me that we are doing in Ukraine, exactly what we did in Iran in 1953….which is…replace their duly elected Prime Minister with our own puppet on a string.

                    Actually… is not “we”, as in the people of the United States…but the CIA (who do not work for us…but for the Globalist Bankster Cartel) and the New World Order bunch.

                    What many people fail to realize is that Ukraine has been a defacto part of Russia for years and years. Yes…they broke off from the old Soviet Union when it broke up in the early 90’s…but ethnically and culturally, they are still part of Russia.

                    About the closest comparison I could make is if Quebec finally decided to secede from the rest of Canada. What if we determined that Russia had actually funded the split…worked to depose the leadership of the Province, and then installed their own puppet regime that was more friendly to Russia than they were to the rest of Canada…and by extension..the United States.

                    Do you think we would stand for that? How long do you think it would be before we would find ourselves “invited” to go in and “restore order”.

                    I have said for years that there is no moral consistency in our government when it comes to foreign policy. We will prop up any tin-horn dictator that is “friendly” toward the United States….no matter the will of the people of the country in question, or how brutal the guy we support. We have made it our mission to force “Western style democracy” on countries and peoples that have no particular desire or inclination to have it. (Need examples? How about Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan)

                    Aside from all of this….the only warm water port the Russians have is Sevastapol in Crimea. Imagine if you will…that the only warm water port we had was Galveston, Texas. What if the “Re Conquista” bunch were successful and managed to turn enough Texans to want to secede from the United States and rejoin Mexico (I know…this is a stretch, but stay with me here). What do you suppose the reaction of Washington D.C. would be? You think they’d let that stand? I guarantee you that there would be a shooting war in short order.

                    We better hope that cooler heads prevail and this NWO crowd gets exposed and hung, or the whole world is going to go up in flames.

              • That is EXACTLY what I believe Putin means. There is no way Putin would force civilians to stand in front of his military and be slaughtered. No way. Putin needs the civilians to support his actions, not be slaughtered.

                • When the government want you on side, they give you the sob story that the enemy are bayoneting babies in the street, they beat grandma to death and murdered pregnant woman in the middle of labor!!!!

                  Please, if you’re going to fall for these ignorant pieces of propaganda by our own government to get you wound up enough to support another illegal war, then I ask you to march your child down to your local recruitment office! sign them up, and have them fight gallantly to defend those ….sob …. sob ….. poor civilians being used as a shield? I would rather see your child die to defend the fairy tale than someone who’s got half a brain and hasn’t fallen for something so ridiculous!!

                  Putin doesn’t need human shields, he has enough at his disposal to remove us from the map! So sober up folks and start engaging your brains instead of letting the idiots in power do your thinking for you!!

                  And before you rush to read thumb me ….. Just ask yourself a question. Do you speak Russian? And if you don’t, then how do you know what Putin is saying in the clip. He might be talking about the football results or what Santa bought him for Christmas!!!! Come on folks, we aren’t that ignorant!!

                  • Good to see the communist disinformation brigade out in full force. Putin is a KGB thug. I would bet if he had you in a cell in the old Lubyanka asking you questions and not getting an answer he liked you would not find him so warm and cuddly.

                • Jim-

                  ‘Tis common sense…yes?

                • Is he really asking those fools currently being led by the nose by outside bankster interests to sit down and think HARD about whether or not they are really prepared to fire upon their OWN?

                  We know that Obama purged his the higher echelons of his military command of those officers with enough integrity to refuse point blank to fire on American citizens.

                  Is Putin making a direct appeal to the grunt level troops in Ukranian territory?

                  For me he is simply saying “This is what civil war actually involves – being willing to murder you neighbour, brother or niece for a “cause” that is not even your own!”

                  History from the Balkans conflict to the American Civil war bears this out.

                  Sounds to me like he’s just spelling out exactly what WILL happen if certain factions, don’t stop and think about what it REALLY MEANS to play banksters minion! Sadly we all know that those who orchestrate these horrific scenes around the world never put their OWN sons on the front line, or leave their own daughters in those villages on the rape and pillage schedule.

              • Lame Stream Media is “reporting” an anti-Russian protest in the main city of Crimea. And, this statement will be interpreted and propagandized to the max, here and the EU.

                The saddest part of all of this, is the same old death of Truth. If the Truth was known about this event, who’s behind it and how it started, the entire world would say “Enough”.

                There is an interesting article on Veterans Today, about Gladio. Relavent, and very worth checking out.

                In any case, tptb are bent on lying and killing, and/or whatever it takes to ruin and control everyone. Even if this event calms down, there will be another, and another. This is the same old tired MO, and they will not stop.

              • OUTWEST- Correct. The tinfoil hat brigade once again took something totally out of context…

                • I agree with OutWest, People might very well have taken things out of context, but the “tinfoil hat brigade” comment of yours was totally out of line, HTJ. That’s a phrase the Power Elite propagate and zombies blindly utter.

                  I hope you only misspoke.

              • agree the heck did the author interpret that staement to mean “human shields”…that is a stretch worthy of the O-bama man himself…

              • westerb facists? what are you talking about. russia is lucky to be considered a first world nation, backwards ass holes.

              • In front of all the world you have now twisted it all. Shame on you! and the hell is truly yours!, because you have DELIBERATELY LIED, and you are VERY LOUSY interpreter.

            • Did I miss the part when Putin says he would forcefully put these women and children on the front lines? I think he is implying that the women and children are on his side and that Russia will be there to stand with them. It makes no difference if the people really are on Russia’s side or not because Putin believes they are

              • Do they have a choice? Most likely not. I cannot see anything that can or should be done. The time for enacting change was after the 91 wall came down but the opportunity was wasted by Clinton. Too late now to go back and re do it. Good to see so many commie true believers on this site. That explains the virulent Jew hatred ion here. Progressive commies and Jew hatred go together.

                • Yes, because there are hardly any Jews who are communists… yeah, that just never happens, not ever

                • Jews go together with progressive commies, which is different.

          • Ask yourself why every Federal building has a daycare center in it.

            • Why? To hide behind women and children.

              • That, and worse.

                To usurp the role of the parent.
                To play the role of a god.
                And what better way to reprogram youth?

            • Yea, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that BATF stores explosives in many of those buildings where daycares are

            • Because the federal employees union forced it. The government fought it the whole way. They want clean building if something went wrong.

            • Unions got this as a perk for single mothers. That is the only reason since so few women with children are married. The majority of the Federal workforce in the lower ranks are black women and they don’t get married anymore.

          • Shootit, I agree. Putin is a scumbucket just like Lenin and Stalin. Let’s not forget, Putin was KGB during the Soviet era. I see he still has that same Soviet mentality. Typical Russian. I sympathize with the Ukrainian people, but this is not our conflict.

            • He also knows what will hit the citizens of the west. We hear oh the children and we backdown like wusses. Kill the cancer by removing all.

            • 1Blowhard- And George HW Bush was CIA director.


              • HTJ, I know Daddy Bush ran the CIA at one time. so what’s your point?

                • My point is just that they say he is ex KGB as if we never had anyone in power who was ex CIA…

                  same thing. Both are equally bad and dangerous.

                  With PUTIN it a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG deal, but we leave out all our ‘leaders” who are/were worse than him.

                • By the way—

                  I like that you answered to “1BLowhard” at least ya know your place…


                  • HTJ, I do agree with your statements about the so-called leaders: I don’t trust any of them any further than I could throw them. But I’m not a blowhard despite what you may think and my place, mofo, is wherever I decide it will be, so why don’t you just ‘blow away’ yourself?

                • The only point he has is on his head. he is using the Hawkeye Pierce school of discussion where you throw out some irrelevant fact and build a case around it.

            • #1 I have no idea if Putin would actually send the women and children out in front of his army. My comment was “anyone” that would do such a thing is a “Chicken Shit”. Is this our fight? Do we know what those people want? No. My guess is that all of the “RED” thumbs stand firmly behind their women.

              • We better stay out of this. With Obama as president there is no way we should piss off anyone. We will have a traitor and the enemy to contend with. Russia has been oppressing and murdering Ukrainians for centuries. Why would they stop now?

            • Damn…

              I miss YENTAL a bunch!!!

              He could polish my crude rant to perfection!


              Dude, wherever you are…..SALUTE!!!

              ..& GOD Bless you / yours…& watch your six!

            • Hunter, don’t worry. I’m not being misled by MSM. I’ve previously had it verified for me by a source I trust that Putin is a dirty SOB. He is former KGB. Remember those apartment buildings that were blown up in Russia in Sept. 99? That was Russia’s ‘911’. That operation had Putin and KGB all over it. In the eyes of most Russians, he might be a savior, but I don’t trust someone like Putin any further than I could throw him. BTW, I miss Yental also. I’m also missing Pissed Off Granny.

            • thanks a lot Hunter, I just spit coffee everywhere at “wookie beast”


          • Putin knows that if we were to ever do anything, it would come from the air and not a marching army so that statement about putting people in front of his troops is pure propaganda and media hype.
            remember Baghdad, shock and awe, Putin saw it all, the same as we did. the troops go in when all is in shock.

          • The practitioners of the religion of peace do it all the time.

          • He’s is not hiding you tool! He is saying the Ukrainian army will prove they are illegitimate if they fire on their own citizens in the Crimea

          • Only if you listen to Soros’ paid translators.

        • Oh but Putin is such a manly man! We have so much admiration for him, unlike this wussy we have. Do I have to splain this is sarcasm! Trekker Out. Got Your 7.62 Yet!

            • Can’t understand why anyone would red thumb this post. I think we must have some real A hole immature idiots around here. That is one reason I don’t like the thumbs up/down thing and too many red thumbs making a post not viewble unless clicked on. It’s kind of like wikipedia being reputable since anyone can go in and edit the information.

              Anyway, thanks a lot for posting this Iowa. Any idea where in Iowa they are located?

              • I LIKE the up/down button thingy….it WORKS well, if you ask ME….and yuh DIDN’T! wonder what WE would say to Russia if they were taking over MEXICO? yeah, that’s right! now the shoe’s on the other FOOT. like it or not crimea is gonna be Russian again….doesn’t MATTER, it’s GONNA happen!

                • Anon TPTB probably wouldn’t like it, but the rest of us would think it was great. The Communist build walls to keep their subjects in. Sure would miss all those Illegal Aliens. Trekker Out.

        • If you love someone, you shelter them, and then you go meet the enemy.

          If you hate someone, you endanger them, and then send them to meet the enemy before you.


        • My Russian is a little rough but here’s what I believe he said, and I’m paraphrasing here…

          “You American people are funny. Most of you believe exactly what your are told to believe. You have a psychopathic chimpanzee President, totally out of control, with an inflated Ego, who mocks you and you don’t do anything about it. You elect politicians who screw you and you don’t seem to mind getting reamed. You have a media that tells you lie, after lie, after lie, and you take it in, hook, line and sinker. Soon they will take your guns.

          WAKE THE FUCK UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!, and don’t believe what you hear or see on TV or the internet, unless you directly experience, in person, what is the Truth for that situation/event.”

          I think that’s basically it. He also mentioned there’s plenty of “red” ammo, for those who are interested. He also said he “supports a second American Revolution and he’ll supply the new AK 12’s to any “Law Abiding” (he emphasized in good standings with the Constitution), who want one.

          • EA, while Putin speaks the truth about our situation and our so-called leader, I still think he’s a POS leftover from the Soviet era who would kill innocent people to suit his purposes. Typical Russian POS.

          • Your comment was pretty insulting to chimpanzees.

          • are those ak-12s in 7.62×39 or 7.62×54?

        • Are all you people IDIOTS who cannot understand what Putin is saying. Brain dead morons think Putin is saying he will use women and children as shields…no wonder America is in the toilet…Putin is saying he is behind the Russian people in the Ukraine and you better keep your fucking hands off them…he is tired of the western bullshit.

        • “it will only be for the defense of Ukrainian citizens, let anyone from the military dare shoot at their own people which we will be behind, not in front but behind, let them try and shoot at women and children.”

          THAT’S NOT WHAT HE SAID. This is a lie. I speak Russian and I watched that video. You have taken advantage of his broken english.

          He is calling out the Ukrainian military, challenging them to not dare to shoot at their own people. He is declaring that the Russian Military will SUPPORT, as in “be behind” the people.

          “not in front but behind” means the Russians have no intention of LEADING the people, BUT they will be behind them in their struggle, just the same.

          This was a statement of PROTECTION, not of hiding behind women and children.

          What kind of idiot would write such a story?


          I suggest you go learn to speak Russian, so you can acquaint yourself with the very different sentence structuring.

          • I think you owe Mr. Putin an apology, as well as the rest of your readership.

          • I meant to say: “You have taken advantage of a broken english translation.”

            • Sixpack, for Mac to even publish this shows a lack of understanding of events in the Ukraine. In my wildest imagination I would know immediately that this is propaganda or shill or a brain dead idiot saying such things about Putin. Mac also refuses to go after the Zionists who crawled out of the bottomless pit to inject their poison into the nations of the world.

              • …and now, no one wants to rate anything else I comment, up or down. Like I care. My beliefs are the same, even for Mac.

      2. The Russian language sounds kind of ugly, but there is nothing sexier than a Russian gal speaking english lol.

        Brace for WW3 people! its coming. When the socialist governments are done pushing their own producers to the limit, they’ll go after other producers in other countries.

        • Back in 2009… I prepped up. I knew the US was failing.
          Now I sleep well.
          With such an economic mess the politicians and bankers will soon start beating the war drums.

          Me.. also just slayed my career and now am top dog.

          So.. I only have one worry.. Nuclear war.
          I have no solutions or answers to what might come.

          Even if I had a bomb shelter….what good would it do me when I’m in my office down town. I’d never make it home and just see the flash.

          On the the environment.
          Two big issues.
          Water/rain and the bees are nearly gone now.
          The bee die off will hit us like a freight train.
          One year we will look and the crops will grow..but nothing pollinated.

          Personally I think the elite are planning zero hour.
          The hour where they lace things in the chemtrails and also taint the Monsanto seeds to let them not produce any fruit.

          Billions will die. They will go.. opps.

          Pandemics will rage.

          Three years later… three billion souls will be dead.

          I feel in my heart they are planning this.



          8 billon souls.
          Is it possible to calculate how many gallons of water are needed, barrels of oil and so on to sustain life?

          Then factor in a good currency collapse!

          As well as the jewish bankers extending credit to create debt slaves.

          Does anyone remember what blue skies looked like?

          My child has never lived under blue skies.

          I think the globe is in the glactic dark rift and they had to spray tons of metals to shied the planet from the sun. The ice caps are melting at an exponential rate.

          On a personal note…

          I’m stock piling cash to divorce my fat brainwashed wife.
          Then I’ll create a prepper man cave and then go bed the milfs of the world.

          A nice ending to a rather interesting life.

          For the younger gents…
          Do NOT get sucked into marriage.
          It was a trap.
          I cannot wait for my teen to exit high school so I can send them on their way.
          Being a father sucked. The facebook, electronic enslavement completely changed things. The kid never wanted to go ride a bike with me, toss the ball, take a canoe trip. They all just want to be electronic slaves. This will now never change and it completely changed the landscape of the family forever.

          SO… do NOT go down the at road. It now sucks.

          Live well, work out, eat like a king. Have guns, ammo…a nice bike a nice sports car.
          Once a month…take a different lady to an overnight spa and enjoy getting the fats massaged out of you and getting your balls drained.

          I’m just saying.

          Enjoy what’s left.


          Man cave essentials…
          Leather fuck couch.
          Large flat screen.
          Neon beer sign.
          Beer fridge.
          Great food.
          Forget the dog. You get to jump i the the sports car and go bed some hot lady who just dumped her kids with her ex …you have to be mobile and ready.
          A cash stash.
          For old age… a safe full of metal to take care of your ass and services…. maid, shopping, personal chef, and so on.

          Spare me the lonely life shit.
          I’ve never been so lonely in my life…being married.
          The fat wife has American idol blazing..the kid has their door shut and on FB.
          Me… My email rages with all the hot women in online dating I’m planning on screwing.

          Also…build up a cash stash….
          You roll 50 bills into rolls of $1k. Get many little hidden safes.
          Get a nice king bed for fun zone.
          NEVER allow any live ins.
          Ladies will do that.

          It’s actually best to bed them and not date ladies in your town.
          You bump into them in the grocery store.

          Note… I’m real tired of all the bible thumper brain washing.
          I listened to them…
          What did it get me…
          DEBT ENSLAVEMENT to the jewish bankers.
          The house…. what enslaves you for decades.

          Note… when you are planning or prepping….. your divorce.
          You don’t let on… plead poverty and stash cash madly.
          You keep the silver secret and take about three years to exit.


          • I feel sorry for you

            • Why he saw it like it is. Same for me. The day my last turn 18 the clock started. Never knew what living was until I was alone and divorced. Should of done it 25 years earlier.

              • Soon to join your ranks brothers, free at last!

                • Come to light.

              • Yep.

                I’m 50. In shape. Great job and career. Swimming in cash. A few sports cars I paid cash for. Online dating…and endless source of joy. I took a trip to Florida.
                Along the way and and back…I took many ladies I’d had dialog with for months.
                They are so in love with me about half jumped into bed.

                Am I “using women”?
                Could be yes, could be no.
                But towards the end of life..then I’ll pick the best one out for my final soulmate.

                The best prep is to be single, mobile.
                Have your own global money system. I build .com sites.
                Then live the life.

                Fuck raising kids and chickens.

                Nothing beats coming from a massage in a white robe at a spa and having a true Goddess drop her robe and push you on the bed and getting your goodies milked.

                Women are the same. They want a nice life, nice things, great food, surroundings and a nice gentleman.

                ANY QUESTIONS?

                This is the evolution of Prepping.
                A jet set lifestyle.

                If shit is getting dicy… you fly out of it.

                I have cars and houses on a few shoes.

                I keep some cash and gold around to lease a jet at a moments notice if I had to.

                I pretty much the James Bond life you all might have dreamed of.

                The average age woman I bed is about 12 years younger.
                Just stay off the beer. No beer…No gut.
                Eat well and work out.

                Always keep your cell phone ringer off around a woman.
                Give her your full focus

                • Good Luck….YOU can RUN, but YOU cannot HIDE….and, sometimes you just can’t fix “stupid”…..

                  • Sorry….just cannot stop laughing at that…..hope you got a buck or two from my responses….worth it to me…haven’t laughed so long at one single post in a very long time…

                • For the last 25 years I have enjoyed everything you just mentioned. You are way late to the game.

                • I doubt that you will last a week.

              • Bet your family feels the same way about you.

                • I couldn’t imagine life without my wife and soon to be 5 children

          • Why only 3 billion souls dead? If I was an evil Illuminati/dictator/etc and there were 8 billion souls to begin with…I would want 7 billion eliminated as a good start. Then sort the remaining ones into like-minded keepers…and the remainder are the worker-bees.

            • I’m thinking the breakdown of the 1 billion remaining would be 10% like-minded keepers…and 10% ruthless overlords willing to do whatever it takes to keep the worker bees in line…and 80% worker bees who are allowed to exist to make life easier for those on top.

          • Little old me says, “Even if I had a bomb shelter….what good would it do me when I’m in my office down town. I’d never make it home and just see the flash.”

            Have you read about the guy who lived through being at Ground Zero in Japan during WWII? He, and many others, lived through an atomic blast. It’s not impossible.

            Little old me says, “the bees are nearly gone now.”

            Did you know those are European imported honey bees?

            There are many native american bees that are doing fine. Plus, there are many other insects that pollinate crops. The end of the European honey bees isn’t, The End. Imho.

            Little old me says, “The ice caps are melting at an exponential rate.”

            Umm, you better double check that thought. There’s been considerable lying about that and the fate of the polar bears.

            Also, it’s too bad your marriage was a trap. It’s not that way for everyone. It can be a very good thing, especially when the SHTF, just check out a SELCO article to see how and why. Heck, people might even be better off with multiple wives? One is none, and two is one, afterall.

            I really feel for you that fatherhood sucked for you.
            It didn’t have to be that way.
            Something tells me you let the world dictate terms to you when you didn’t have to let it.

            I cannot spare it: your man cave trek sounds like a lonely ending. If it works for you, great. But I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Tells us again when you are 90.

            I think maybe you messed up somewhere, and her too. The two didn’t tango.

            If you are, or were, unhappily married, it’s more a reflection of a failure on your part than any other. Imho.

            I mean. If you fucked up and married a bitch. That’s on you, eh?

            Other than that, I agree with you about Monsanto and Geo-engineering a.k.a. chemtrails. That does suck.

            • Got laid last night. Next!

          • oops, I meant to write:

            Have you read about the guy who lived through being at Ground Zero in Japan during WWII, Twice!?

            Not just the first bomb, but both of them. And, he lived to a very ripe old age. Look it up.

          • just bc your marriage and family is a failure dont assume everyone else’s is. keep your ramblings to yourself, psycho.

      3. More and more this is looking like scripted theatre to serve the banksters.

        • So true. Also Putin should not cut the USA off of Russian ammo he should flood our market. The administration wants less ammo out there so Putin cutting off ammo will make ovomit happy.

          • I would believe that our government is the propaganda machine in all these cases,,, our government is out of control, fake numbers, constant squabbling over minute crap, huge ever expanding debt with not even a shred of common sense to reign it in,,,
            They want the sheeple to buy their line hook, line, and sinker and be behind their crap, idiots like mccain and pelosi and these other idiot fucks saying we need to take a stronger tack,
            Personally i am skeptical of everything, there is mass mis-information out there from all sides, if it sounds implausible it most likely is.

            • Kulafarmer, every nation has its own propaganda machine and the US is no exception. But the Russian Federation has its propaganda machine also. Every nation has its own sources of info, etc. It works the same in every country, regardless.

            • remember what mark twain said….if you don’t read the internet, you’re uninformed. if you DO read the internet, you’re MISINFORMED!

              • buttcrack, I’m from Missouri and I knew mark twain well, and he told me, he didn’t even have a computer. Trekker Out.

                • well, it was a long time ago, and MAAAAYYYbe i don’t remember QUITE right zackly what he was talkin’ ’bout???? but one things fer SURE, he had a LOT to say, and it was often funny AND ironical. it was a DRY humor.

                  • buttcrack, you didn’t do to bad yourself, you got a chuckle out of me. Trekker Out.

        • Of course, many of you remember the media reporting Iraqi soldiers sticking bayonets into incubator babies in hospitals back when Iraq invaded Kuwait, do you not?

          Their is absolutely NOTHING the Machine will not say to manipulate opinion.


          • No I don’t. And I was there before and after.

            • I don’t think that you understand what I was saying.

              Do an Internet search for something along the lines of:

              “iraqi soldiers in kuwait killing babies in hospitals”

              or a variation of same and see what you come up with.

              • Ya. If Facebook Page was there, he likely has no idea what it was like here, and the B.S. that played out to a captive audience.

                Pawns are like that.
                That’s why they are called, pawns.

        • Eh…all seem to want to put the ‘blame’ on the “banksters”….but, you should not just stop there…WHO is controlling the “banksters”???
          Be Well, Be Well Armed, And Be Well With Your Maker…

          • Lucifer, the Prince of this world, is command and control of all evil.

            His synagogue, banksters included, carries out his orders.

            And, yes, the synagogue of Satan includes plenty of goyische accomplices.

      4. there is no way I will believe that Putin said he would put their people if front of the army.. just more propaganda

        • I agree, I think he probably said something close to that and then the propaganda machine went into high gear to put a spin on it. More bullshit from the alternate media. It is getting to a point where I believe the alternate media has been infiltrated……we all had to of known it was bound to happen. Now we just need an alternate alternate media.

          Remember how many times we have been told over the years the Im a nut job supposedly said they “WILL wipe israel off the map.” ? When real true Farsi translation says that is not exactly what he said…..they just spun it that way.

        • 1940..Agree. just another bullshit fear porn, out of context article.. Buy gold, buy…ammo at even higher prices etc.

        • Likely Putin simply made the observation that, in such a war, Ukrainian innocents would be stuck between the Anglo-Israelis and the Russians.

          Likely this is another intentional misquote by the Children of the Father of Lies and Murder. Who else remembers that Ahmadinejad’s call for regime change in Israel was twisted by the tribe into a call for genocide.

          Liars, murderers, and hypocrites.

      5. Sounds like BOVINE EXCRETEMENT to me!

        • Bovine Excremte? Isn’t that Itallian, for Extra-Curricular Linguistics, aka: BullShit?

          • yup!

      6. Sounds like more propaganda. First demonize the adversary, then massacre them, that way nobody cares. That’s what the NWO has planned for Russia.

        • Ive always thought Russia, the bear to the north, played a large role in Biblical end times. So I don’t see them getting massacred

        • Yep – from rules for radicals.

      7. Gonzalo Lira has a new book out. It’s about the American Collapse. Sounds real juicy. Covers everthing. Yummy. Spotted his article and preview on

      8. Small men make threats.
        Putin suffers from attention deficit disorder. When he dont get attention, he goes into ego overdrive to prove how strong he is. Little big man. Reminds me of the mulatto in the white house. Same type of behavior, same needs for attention. They should both be locked up in a dark prison for the rest of their puny lives.

      9. The American people trying to reinstate their constitutional rights would more likely draw murder of our population by the tyrants who have taken over our country and put laws into place to do just that.

        • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” 

      10. Not real brave.

        • Okay, who wants to see women and children as shields?

          • It works. First rule. Fight to win. Forgot. War no rules. PC just get even more people killed.

          • I find the use of women and children as human shields most cowardly. I cannot believe anyone would thumbs down that post.

            • It may be but it works.

            • Think about it, swinging richard. They thumbed down the post because they didn’t want to see women and children as shields.

              The question was, “Okay, who wants to see…”

              It’s one of those questions that is poorly written and could be interpreted both ways.

              Imho, don’t focus so much on the Thumbs Up or Down that hard.

              • I thumbed it down because that’s not what he said, or meant.

      11. I just can’t see Putin parading women and children out in front of his army with guns threatening them. I know, like other politicians that he is not very smart, but stupid? No. The International community would collectively crush Russia if he did something like this.

        • RS you mean like we’ve done that little punk in North Korea. Putin is a full blown Communist and when it comes to crushing the opposition, nothing is off the table. Bring on those red thumbs, seems there are more anti jews on this site, than there are anti communist. I guess Russia has no bankers. Trekker Out.

          • Even with all the intelligent well thought out responses with information, some documented and irrefutable, given to you on this subject, you still going to take this stance??

            I thought I was hard headed.

            • BJ from some of your past comments, I believe you are young, which is not a bad thing, but be very careful who you embrace. There are many on this site who are part of the Christian Idenitity Movement, which I’ll not argue with. Nuff said. Trekker Out. Study God’s Word For Yourself!

              • never heard of CIM? 42, but feel much older.

          • MT, one thing everyone here forgets is that Putin was KGB in the Soviet era. His statement at that press conference proves he still has that old Soviet mentality. If the shoe fits…..

            • I despise that saying, “If the shoe fits….”

              Seems like a ‘cop out’, or something worse.

              A frame up? Who knows.

              It’s a sucky saying that has no bearing on truth.

              • Now that I think about it. What I really don’t like about that saying is, it’s intended to stifle all dissent, all questioning. As if the matter is settled from on high,… by our superiors,… our betters,… those at the top of Yurtle the Turtles stack of turtles who look down upon us all with an all knowing eye.

                That sorta thing.

                Even IF the turtle at the bottom of the stack utters the thing.

                It gags me with a spoon.

        • I just can’t see Putin parading women and children out in front of his army with guns threatening them.

          And, what I can’t see is him broadcasting it live on LSM..

          • Maybe putin will put them in 3 skyscrapers and crash 2 planes into them and the blow up the third tower and blame it on the mooselimbs.

            • Gun-

              Naw!!! They’ll nuke Asheville & Hendersonville NC…just to prove MT correct!!!

              • Maybe Arden NC too…just to prove a point, ya know!

        • Dear RSDallas,
          Using the phrase, “The International community” is a collectivist term, a.k.a. Fascist. It has no real meaning. It’s just group-think B.S.
          It says a lot about the person using it.
          Myself, I never use that term.

          You do what you want.

      12. I kinda liked this guy when he stopped the entire Syria thing.

        It would seem I was BADLY mistaken. Freely admit it.

        Welcome Back Krushcev ™.

      13. He was referring to the foreign backed snipers in Kiev.

        • A lot of poorly informed people on here! This article is pure propaganda designed to incite the yahoos into WW3!

          • 1000 + Frank 🙂

      14. Make no mistake hare boys and girls if this really goes down to a fight between US and Russia when it done we will both know we was in a real fight and will take a long time to heal the wounds from this one

        • Exactly. And I still fear it and we have been prepping for this fight in my community since the 60s.

          Hate the page or not.

          Prep for basic survival in enclosed space for a period of 99 days.

          Do you old timers remember the the 99 rule.

          Start thinking half lives people start thinking half life.

          And old timer it our jobs to go out first to see if it is safe for the young.

      15. Hey, I want some of these and maybe you can get them to shoot bullets instead of volt darts? Be nice to have to use against the corp enforcers in blue

      16. People will believe whatever the MSM tells them. One would think that wouldn’t happen on this site, but it does. Churchill said, the best argument against a democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter”. If somebody photo shopped a horses ass on Rand Pauls’ shoulders and posted it here, you know darn well people would see it and say they couldn’t vote for Rand because he must be a horses ass. Oh well, what can you do? Shine a light on it and hope they see it.

        • This is the translation RT has on their website, it says nothing about human shields or putting civilians in front of the troops, it is saying that the people would stand up for the Russian intervention. People got to research and think for themselves, MSM and this site need to stop fear mongering.

          “We are not going to a war against the Ukrainian people,” he said. “I want you to understand it unambiguously. If we do take a decision, it would only be to protect Ukrainian citizens. Let anybody in the military dare, and they’d be shooting their own people, who would stand up in front of us. Shoot at women and children. I’d like to see anyone try and order such a thing in Ukraine.”

          • That makes more sense. Russia can defuse the whole thing. Ukraine gets left alone in exchange for not trying to hose Russia. everyone is a winner.

          • Craig wrote, “People got to research and think for themselves,”

            I think that was the intent of the Alternative Media posting this article.

            Maybe too many people missed that point? BJ, et al?

            I mean, it’s not like we are commenting on Reddit where they Blank Out and erase any contrary comment? Eh?
            Expose-a’ is the point, comprehendeh’?

          • Thank you Craig, that’s a whole lot closer to the truth of what Putin really said.

        • A couple of weeks ago Jimmy Kimmel hit the streets asking people how the felt about the death of FDR the week before. Guy has been dead since 1945 and everyone of them expressed shock at his sudden demise. Pathetic nation we have become. Really not good for much anymore.

      17. Its a lie here…
        he said something like this :

        If they really want to go in to take care of the Ukraine they must shoot their own people , the Russians stay behind the Ukraine People not in front of them and than he will see who will give the order of them to shoot theire own children and women

      18. I take issue with anyone, even a churchill, when that damned word democracy is used. There is a perfect example of “words have meanings” and we can’t change them to mean what ever we want. That word has been programmed into americans and the world for quite some time now to the point that almost all people use it and think nothing of it.

        I feel the same way about “what part of republic do you not understand” as I do “what part of infringe do you not understand”.

        I don’t mean this as directed to you Maudy F.

        • BJ, Agree. I know the difference. And prefer the Republic. I think Churchill was refering to his own people.

        • Ha! BJ, Newspeak: “One of the classic signs of ideology at work is the redefinition of words to empty them of their meaning.” – LRC

          What I wonder is: why don’t they seek to require permits for using and owning pencils?

          Or, a more updated question would be: why don’t they seek to require permits for using and owning keyboards?

          Oh wait, time moves fast, that’s an outdated question too.
          How about: why don’t they seek to require permits for using and owning cellphones?

          Answer: That comes Next.

          • 🙂

      19. It’s good to see that most preppers here see through the lies. It’s getting harder to discern the Real from the Unreal. Who can we trust? What is the agenda behind the article/news report? Power? Money? Ego? Control? Manipulation? Every “site” has an agenda behind it.

        Personally, I find, that if the site uplifts, inspires and motives me ultimately to do good, to perform actions that uphold and support creation, then it’s a site worthy of my attention.

        Ferreting out the Truth is getting harder to accomplish, on line.

      20. Why would Putin threaten to take their women and children and use them as shields. That would totally destroy his credibility and his image. I highly doubt Putin said something like that, he is not stupid. As usual, they are twisting his words, something got lost in translation or word order. Oh, and I am not a supporter of Putin or Russia, this is just a comment about translation issues on purpose or accidental.

        • Putin is a thug who admires Stalin and wants to be like him. He’s not a good guy.

          • Barncat, I agree. Remember, Putin was KGB in the old USSR. If the shoe fits…..

          • He is a skilled manipulates all. He knew it would be taking many ways.

            • Thumb downers. Think he got to be president by being stupid.

              • Well there that!….good point!

                But still, at least they use paper ballots.and toss the “chads” in the bit they should!

                ..over here, we hire jew-shyster law firms to contest such, spend mega-bucks…and never get the TRUTH!!!!

          • Just for the record, I never inferred that Putin is a good guy.

            • So what if you did? Would that be so terrible? We can’t seem to get a truthful story anywhere, so there’s no way to really tell for sure what he is like…we just don’t know, but what we’re told.

          • BC and 1Brave when you get way more red thumbs than green for making statements against Putin, we have alot more problems in this country than Obama. Trekker Out. God Bless America!

      21. We forget that Obama puts American boys in front of American buiness interests by putting them on the front line. in other words US soldiers are nothing more than shields for certain American business interests.

        What Putin is saying is let’s see if the Ukranian govt has the nerve to shoot its own people when the people are making their own deisions.

        • Peter Pan wrote, “Obama puts American boys in front of American buiness interests by putting them on the front line. in other words US soldiers are nothing more than shields for certain American business interests.”

          What are you saying? That, “War is a Racket”?

          Always, and everywhere?

          Mang, you’re really gonna piss off the empire lovers such as Durango “Krugman” Kidd by saying that.
          People like that, they Love the empire and all its idolatry stands for.
          You must not be a man for wanting to avoid dying for the bankers?

          Seriously, won’t you serve your empire today?

          • War Is a Racket

            By Major General Smedley Butler, USMC


            The banker loving/defending types such as Durango “Krugman” Kidd *really* hate links to that.

            I only mention the jerks nic so’s you can know a snake when you encounter one. It’s likely he’d be in favor of stringing up Major General Smedley Butler to a lamp post for saying what he did.
            You prolly know some guys in your neck of da woods like the “Krugman”.
            Be wary of ’em.

      22. Hells Bells there has to be someone that can enterpet what he said. I can’t I don’t speak Ruski.
        There was times during WW2 that the Russian army shot their own when the retreated. So, is it possible that Putin would put Women and kids in the front line. I don’t think so, but dose anyone really know?
        Let us all PRAY that WW3 is just something we talk about and something that doesn’t happen. There will be no real winner!!!!

        • I can. See my post above.

      23. Propaganda or not…there is much, much more at stake in the Ukraine than people may realize. Follow the MONEY! From ThreatJournal site:

        3/5 DoD: US increasing fighter jet & surveillance patrols of airspace over NATO members Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Other force increases also underway.
        3/4 Amid tensions, Russia has just test-fired a nuclear-capable SS-25 ICBM. Launch site only 280 miles east of the Ukrainian border. Missile landed in Kazakhstan.
        3/3 US Embassy Moscow warning Americans in Russia of possible anti-American actions in light of rising political tensions from Ukraine conflict. Vigilance urged.
        3/3 Poland positioning tanks and other forces along border w Ukraine (defensive). Baltic neighbors increasing fighter jet patrols + requesting add’l NATO forces.
        3/3 Concerns grow over safety of Ukrainian nuclear reactors (15). Ukraine gov asking int’l community for assistance in protecting facilities. Developing situation..

        Following last week’s relatively non-violent surge of Russian forces onto the Crimean peninsula, former Soviet-bloc Baltic nations including Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are understandably nervous and have been stepping up defensive measures, including movement of tanks and personnel into border positions, as well as seeking additional assistance from other NATO members.
        On Wednesday of this week Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced that the U.S. was increasing fighter jet & surveillance patrols of airspace over these countries.

        On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that an initial group of 12 U.S. fighters had deployed to the region.
        Subscribers were also notified of a request by the Ukrainian government for international assistance in securing and protecting the nation’s nuclear power plants. In a letter presented to the Director of the IAEA, the situation was spelled out pretty clear: Russia’s use of armed forces on Ukrainian territory amounts to a grave threat with potential consequences for its nuclear power infrastructure.

        The Ukraine has 15 power reactors in operation at four sites across the country. Ukraine is also home to Chernobyl, which is located less than 70 miles North of Kiev.
        While the mainstream media and U.S. government spokesman are portraying Russia’s actions as expansionist and an unwarranted invasion of a sovereign nation, this is a simplistic explanation and provides little in terms the actual truth behind Russia’s actions.

        In December last year, Asst. Secretary of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland, delivered a presentation in front of National Press Club during which she revealed that the U.S. government has invested more than 5 BILLION dollars in helping destabilize the pro-russian Ukrainian government and to develop “democratic institutions and a good form of government,” all in an effort to bring about Ukraine’s entry into the EU, and ultimately, NATO. Needless to say, this type of meddling in Ukraine poses a direct strategic threat to Russia on numerous levels.

        As an example, consider the geography of the region. Looking at a map you will see that the Black Sea is Western Russia’s singular warm-water access point. All other ports in the North of the country, with the exception of Murmansk near the northeast corner of Finland, are blocked by ice at least 6 months out of each year. The only reason Murmansk remains ice free is due to the warm waters of the N. Atlantic current. Although 9 time zones in size, more than 90% of Russia’s population lives in the Western third of the country.
        Additionally, although Crimea is recognized as a part of Ukraine, it is actually an autonomous region. The Russian Navy has kept its Black Sea Fleet stationed at a naval base on the peninsula since the late 1700s and the time of Napoleon. The Port of Sevastopol has a large, deep, defensible harbor and is accessible in all seasons. In 2010, Russia negotiated an agreement with Ukraine that allows use of the strategically located Sevastopol naval base through 2042 in exchange for discounts on natural gas.

        While Crimea is physically detached from Russia, it is connected by those parts of eastern and southern Ukraine that contain a large Russian speaking, pro-Russian population.
        We would be remiss if we did not also play “follow the money” and point out that Ukraine is a critical corridor for oil and gas pipelines from Russia and the Caspian region into Europe. These pipelines and the product they carry generate huge profits for Russia and directly compete with the planned Southern route which is at the heart of the instability in Syria.

        With just these few items (there are many more), it is easy to see how Russia is being backed into a corner and forced to act. Their strategic interests and national security are directly threatened.
        And this is where the danger comes home.
        Readers are reminded that Russian President Putin, Prime Minister Medvedev and the Chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov, have on multiple occasions in the last 3 years made explicitly clear that Russia would use nuclear weapons, including in a preemptive capacity, if there is a threat to the integrity of the Russian Federation (see this, this, this and this). These scenarios include conventional attacks on Russia or it’s strategic partners, placement of missile shield installations in former Soviet-bloc countries and more.

        • “S”
          I couldn’t agree more. The money is where it is at.
          Great post.

        • I have said this for the last 2 years and will say it again. I really believe america will be attacked here at home on our soil and I believe it will lead to a ground war with boots on the ground right here in our streets

          • If. It will be a missile bomber war.

            • you don’t think it will be boots on our soil?

              • No. The soil will be unwalk able for a while.

                • @ F/B page ….you mean because of radiation, i take it? while Obama FIDDLES, america will BURN!….sumthin like THAT? DOUBLE-TAP!, russia, you better be COMITTED!. this MIGHT just be like loading up a 25auto full with ammo. you just NEVER want to load that gun, because if you DO, you may end up SHOOTING somebody with it…and if they find OUT about it, they might just be PISSED!

        • Dang, Socrates. I can’t believe it’s not been said more often.
          This is just like the board-game, Risk.

          • Risk is exactly the first thing I thought of with all this when it first started a week or so ago. All of us grand children played that game with grandma for endless hours growing up. I always wanted Ukraine.

        • War is God’s way of teaching NASCAR and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Americans, geography and history.

      24. Mother Russia will kick your ass. Weak amerikans, When Mother Russia takes over no more scum on welfare you will work or we will shoot you lazy bastards.
        No more ammo we keep our 7.62X39 and 54’s We use them on you!!!
        We teach you arrogant bastards who is the Super Power.
        Mother Russia with our friend China will take over. You are finished!!!!!

        • Hey, RED, f#$% you! If you think you have what it takes, then bring it on, COMRADE PIECE OF SHIT COMMIE! MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Yea right, every blade of grass fucker!

          • Missile are not scared of grass.

        • haha your hilarious

        • Ya might want to get a more accurate count of how much ammo and guns you’ve sent over here Mr Rusky. 😉

          • Missiles do not care about bullets.

            • We got anti missile systems. We’ll blast your clunky missiles out of the sky and sell ’em for scrap. It will be like pitting a Model T up against a Corvette.

              • “anti missile systems”? Don’t they work like crap?
                Isn’t that what TPTB learned during the Iraq war I?

                The Model T was a pretty good car.
                I’d take one over a Corvette, anyday.
                …I’d prolly sell it and buy a good 4×4.
                Corvettes get around in the snow like shit.
                The Model T, not so bad, or so I’ve been told.

                • ???Average Guy is Confused???

                  Model T was a pretty good car…or so I’ve been told. Jus’pokin at ya.

                  Iron Dome. Isreal can blow any missile out of the sky at will. It’s American technology. Remember the Patriot. This system is what the public knows about, what they’ve been fed. So public knowledge about weapon systems is normally about 10 years behind what “TPTB” has.
                  20 years back i was told that “TPTB” could tell if you were eating a sandwich for lunch from their satellites. I bet now they can tell you what type of sandwich.
                  Short story long…kinda makes you wonder just how powerful our anti missile systems are. Of course…ICBMs could be a whole different ball game.

        • Red
          You put boots on my ground I will hit you so hard your Grand Mother Russia will feel it.
          You pick a fight with an American Patriot you will get a lesson you will never forget.
          You won’t even know I’m there until you have some of your Bro’s with vent holes in their foreheads.
          American Patriots gave France, England, Japan, Germany, some very good Fetchen up I guess it will be your turn. I’ll match your 7.62X39 with my 308 and your 7.62X54r with my 30-06 any day of the week.

          • Sgt. Dale wrote passionately, “American Patriots gave France, England, Japan, Germany, some very good Fetchen up”

            You maybe need to catch up to speed? The Soviets did all the real fighting. Relatively speaking, the american’t’s just did some mopping up.
            That’s why ‘they’ wacked Patton. He complained and wanted to do more. But, if you want to remain on the blinded side, that’s your choice. I’d post some links to support what I’ve said, but I’m tired. Try searching on LRC and you”ll see. Again, it’s your choice. The facts are there.

            • A.G.
              Russia won’t have done much fighting if the USA didn’t give them P39 fighters and B25 bombers, Nagant rifles ammop, ECT. to help them fight the war against Germany. The USA also gave them the raw matrial to build thier war machine.
              Are you saying that Russia fought most of this war? I thiknk not.
              The USA had the most men and war matrial when the USA, Britain, Canada invaded North Africa, Italy, and France.
              North Africa The US. and Britain fought the Germans and the Italians, Italy The same. There wasn’t one Russian fighting along side the US. France was the “Western front. USA, Canada, Britian, and Free French forces fought thier.
              The Russian fought the Eastern Front and didn’t start pushing the Germans back until the Westeren fornt was raging.
              The US, Britain, New Zealand, Austrilia, were also fighting Japan. There wasn’t any Rusian troops there until around the time the US dropped the A bomb.
              Russia did have thier hands full, but You make it sound like they handled the bulk of the war. That is completely UNTRUE.
              I think it might be you that should go back and look at what realy happened during WW2.
              It looks like you are reading the Rusian story of WW2. They would have you believe they beat the Germans by themself. NOT!

          • Sarge…put down the bottle. My bros???? If you read my posts you’ll find that I’m attacking Mother Russia not defending.

            • Whoops. Sorry Sarge. You were calling our RED not Rednek. My bad. I’ll buy you a drink.

              • R.N.
                Make it a Doc. Pepper.

        • how long will russia and china be “FRIENDS” after this “takeover”?…mmmm hmm…

          • Dear buttcrackofdoom,
            Your nic, pardon my saying so, is a bit freaking,… umm, gross.

            Would you consider something like thongcrackofdoom, or something not so, plumber butt-like?

            I get your expression. I appreciate your attempt. But mang, there’s certain imagines associated with that which shouldn’t be uttered in public, imho.

            You do what you want of course. Just please consider what I wrote. It’s a perfect nic for a letter to someone like a representative in gooberment, but among your fellow liberty lovers,… not so much.

            That said. I imagine it’d make a great title to an HBO film. Of course, I wouldn’t watch it. But who cares, millions would.

            Again, respectfully, you of course, do what you want.

            • least it’s not Hugebuttcrackofdoom

            • coming from an average guy, i gotta say no thanks….maybe YOU should change YOUR name to aboveaverageguy? maybe you would have a little more credibility. it’s perfectly acceptable to “say NO to the “CRACK”!………….LOL….actually, no,…..heee he he heeeeeee he heeheeeee! grandma used to say she would be getting up at the buttcrack of dawn. and one day i was on the internet looking to make a screen name and someone had already taken “crackofdoom”, and it just sorta slipped out there. i rather like it and it aint goin’ nowhere!…maybe you shouldn’t believe everything you THINK.

            • I just thought his nic was because he’s a plumber by trade…plumbers always have the “butt crack of doom”.

              • no, i rewind videos in a video store for a living. but i DO have a SECOND job inseminating pigs at a pig farm….i just heard though, that there’s a MACHINE for that and i’ll probly lose THAT job when they buy it! DAMNNN!… favorite job EVER!

                • LOL

        • WoW Red, Thanks. You sure brought the Patriots to life, even if much of what you said was true. Trekker Out.

      25. Given all the other lies by the US to trigger wars, I do not trust this translation.

        • Very smart.

      26. Russian troops just moved into the region north of crimea.

        anyone know if there will be a nato response to this yet?

        I really hope they stop moving north… I heard they are digging in on the crimea boarder.

        • Ukraine is not a NATO country no treaty requirements yet. But it just a treaty many of those countries won’t uphold it anyways. We aren’t.

          • FACEBOOK PAGE
            Thank you being my friend. I will help protect you when we get to your area. Just tell Russian Army who you are.


        HOWEVER, there are reported historical events in World War II
        that the Russians would send prisoners from penal battalions with the secret police behind them to shoot any one who ran away towards the German lines so that the Germans would use up their ammunition.

        It was written that a Russian General that cause a major defeat, was demoted to private, place in the front lines and sent forward, was killed and given back his rank as general and buried with honors.

        So, go figure……He might just do this.

        Be safe every body……

        • The prisoners idea is a good idea. Remember we will still need to cull the heard. Shaped benefits require front line duty to receive. Or stay home and starve. Problem solve. Prison pop. Down and welfare down. Win win.

      28. Putin most likely ordered a false flag attack in Russia in which hundreds of citizens died.

        The Russian apartment bombings were a series of explosions that hit four apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow, and Volgodonsk in September 1999, killing 293 people and injuring 651. The explosions occurred in Buynaksk on 4 September, Moscow on 9 and 13 September, and Volgodonsk on 16 September. Several other bombs were defused in Moscow at the time.[1]

        A similar bomb was found and defused in the Russian city of Ryazan on 22 September 1999. Two days later Federal Security Service (FSS) Director Nikolai Patrushev announced that the Ryazan incident had been a training exercise.[2] This led some, such as Alexander Litvinenko and Anna Politkovskaya, to speculate that the apartment bombings had been carried out by the Russian secret service FSB (formerly KGB).

        Together with the Invasion of Dagestan launched from Chechnya in August 1999 by Islamist militia led by Shamil Basayev and Ibn al-Khattab, the bombings caused the Russian Federation to launch the Second Chechen War.
        Although there had been little evidence for their claims Yury Felshtinsky, Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky (an oligarch in British exile), David Satter, Boris Kagarlitsky, Vladimir Pribylovsky, and the secessionist Chechen authorities claimed that the 1999 bombings were a false flag attack coordinated by different special services (they mentioned either FSB or GRU) in order either to blackmail each other or to win public support for a new full-scale war in Chechnya, which boosted Prime Minister and former FSB Director Vladimir Putin’s popularity, and brought the pro-war Unity Party to the State Duma and Putin to the presidency within a few months.

        • Barncat, I remember those attacks. That was Russia’s ‘911’. That operation had Putin and KGB all over it.

          • It’s a crazy world we live in, that’s for sure.

            False Flags everywhere, throughout time.

            A.k.a. manipulating mother fuckers are everywhere, “Savoir-Faire is everywhere!”

          • Just like our 9/11 supposedly had “Iraq” all over it…just saying.

      29. Complete bull, my Russian is native and my English is spot on. Putin never said anything so stupid. To attribute the Russian President with such garbage suggests that this site is a shill in total. Putin stated that he is behind the Ukrainian and Russian people and will protect them and their children at all costs.

        • Спасибо

      30. Putin is going to do what Putin does best, keep everyone off kilter, one way or another… The ultimate chess player, while BO plays Fantasyland….

        The $50 Lesson

        Recently, while I was working in the flower beds in the front yard, my neighbors stopped to chat as they returned home from walking their dog.

        During our friendly conversation, I asked their little girl what she wanted to be when she grows up.

        She said she wanted to be President some day.

        Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing there, so I asked her, “If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?”

        She replied… “I’d give food and houses to all the homeless people.”

        Her parents beamed with pride!

        “Wow…what a worthy goal!” I said. “But you don’t have to wait until you’re President to do that!” I told her.

        “What do you mean?” she replied.

        So I told her, “You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedge, and I’ll pay you $50. Then you can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house.”

        She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?”

        I said, “Welcome to the Republican Party.”

        Her parents aren’t speaking to me.

        • Eppe, your comedy is priceless.

        • Everybody knows you’re not supposed to give money to the homeless. They would go out and buy food & homes.

          What kind of flowers?

          • Ted I don’t believe eppe for a minute, well on second thought let me take that back. He did say he was “working” in the flower beds, he didn’t say anything about planting flowers. Sure wish I knew where he lived, probably planting Silverbells and MariGolds and maybe some Ammonythians. Threkker Out.

        • HA! eppe. What you meant to say was, “Welcome to the Libertarian side.”

          Becuase the Republican side would be in favor of minimum wage laws that would outlaw such a free market transaction between individuals. They’d step in and demand not only a higher wage, but a take of the wage too. Enough that the wage would be piddly.

          Ever hear of the term, RINO?

          End the minimum wage laws, and poverty would be wiped out. The Republicans and the Democrats won’t have that. Who would be beholden to them if that were to occur?

          The two wings of the same bird of prey flap over us all.

      31. The very definition of insanity. Over and over throughout the world the same thing happens.

        People organize. People take to the public square. People prevail through tenacious sacrifice. People win the ouster of the criminals in charge. But then crickets.

        This time, something different. The people of the world are called to action. The builders of the world join this local struggle to expedite the building of the bridge Putin says his national highway bureaucracy is going to build.

        Another oligarch promise. A bridge too late and too expensive. This time the world completes the bridge across the Kerch strait so Russia and Russian majority Crimea have a direct connection. By no later than 2015.

        Anyone participating in building this bridge is issued an International Waters Flag so they can safely get to their worksite.

        Call it the 2015 Olympics. Name the bridge the 2015 Olympic bridge. In this viral video revolution, something is built, nothing is destroyed. This time there’s more than people prancing on ski slopes and in gymnasiums for medals from judges. This time more than the same old Hunger Games seen every four years.

        All will approve, except those already in power. They will try to interfere and find a profitable twist. There’s no guarantee of what happens after the bridge.

        This time, at least, there will be a brigade of sovereign skilled craftsman ready to mobilize. Men who can build bridges and infrastructure in disputed areas. That seems a net positive development.

        People who can organize and arrive at an international job site. Can do what it takes to get this bridge built. Those are the people I want to watch on the Telescreen. That’s the world I want to participate in.

        Once the bridge is built, the infrastructure, workforce, and project completion system will be available for the next world infrastructure project. Because peace never comes everywhere at once.

        Perhaps a road to Damascus. A haul road for the truckers of the world to use to get food and supplies to the suffering people of Syria.

        Hasn’t the game of my Big Brother is bigger than your Big Brother grown stale and rancid? Hasn’t the time come for something better than the same bread and the same circus?

        The rulers of the world are all in it together. They collude and co-opt revolutions for their mutual profit. Isn’t it time the people of the world realized they’re also in it together?

        American citizens have almost everything in common with Ukrainian citizens. And nearly nothing in common with the so called rulers of America. or the rulers of anyone else.

        Semper Pontes!


        • Agree why not. We would cull the heralds. Strongest would survive. Everyone would be left alone for a 100 years.

          The earth would just clean herself up.

          • In favor of murder? Couple of sociopaths you both are.

            Same as our overlords.

            In English: Fuck you, assholes!

      33. Putin keeps saying “WE” will be behind the citizens not in front. Huh! I thought the troops in Cremia are forces loyal to Russia (uniforms with no insignia)not Russian forces. So now it’s “WE”. Sounds like someone is telling a little tale!!

      34. This is exactly what Puttin said, but most of you are interpreting this a wrong way. It has nothing to do with putting women and children in front of the military to be used as shields.
        It pays to know more then one language.
        What he said was that the russion military will not take charge, but will be right behind (have theirs back) in defense of people of Crimea.

        It is amazing how easy it is to misinterpret other language to meet your agenda.

        • AMEN.

      35. This article is complete nonsense! Do me a favor and hear the complete interview. Putin was talking about the People in front of the soldiers, who wants them there as protection against the fascists in Kiev. So calm down and start thinking…

        • Antigraviton wrote, “So calm down and start thinking…”

          I agree. But there’s just too damn much fluoride in their systems and too much shit from Geo-engineering. They’d crumble before they did that. …Or they’d just wigg out?

      36. Is it wrong to kinda enjoy watching Putin slapping obama upside the head? 🙂

      37. Way to go Putin, that’s the coward’s way, YOUR WAY?
        uh bud?

      38. Here is what I heard from 13 seconds to 17 seconds:
        Kotorykh, [pause] za mwi boodem stoyat szadi, nye vperedi, a szadi.

        Here is the that portion of the transcript from
        за которыми мы будем стоять сзади, не впереди, а сзади.
        (Latinized: za kotorymi mwi budem stoyat’ szadi, nye vperedi, a szadi.)

        He talks so fast, I’m not even sure I heard him say “…mwi budem” (“we will”), but I’m pretty sure I heard him right, after listening several times.

        People usually speak the way the words come to them, and there is not necessarily one “true and correct” interpretation of spoken speech, especially when one is as hot and bothered as V. Putin is in the interview.

        What I heard is approximately translated as “…which, [pause] for we will stand behind, not in front of, and in the rear.

        The Kremlin’s _written_ transcript doesn’t even quote Putin verbatim, if I heard right. What they say is more like “…let them shoot at their people (strelyat v svoixh lyoodei), whom we stand behind, not in front of and behind (by turns?). The Kremlin seems to be cleaning up for Putin, implying that Russia “stands behind” the people (not standing in front of, thereby preventing or hindering the people) and them backing them up, vacillating between those positions.

        I don’t believe that the Kremlin is being truthful, ever, but I don’t believe Putin was saying “We will put their women and children in front of our troops”, as the Daily Sheeple’s headline says in their presentation of the video.

        But I could be all wet…

        • No, there’s about a half a dozen Russian-speaking people on here right now, agreeing that Putin said no such thing. He spoke too fast for me too, I had to listen many times.

      39. He’s not saying he’s willing to LET women & children die before his military; he’s saying they will first be harmed. He doesn’t want military confrontation, he clearly stated that. He’s daring the Ukranian military to fire on it’s own people, women and children first.

        If they do follow that order, it will show everyone the true face of that military. If there becomes a military that fires upon it’s own people, namely women and children first, it will show the entire world not only a vile threat of morals and ethics but a threat of such evil to humans as a species.

        Imagine if the US Military fired upon it’s own people, women and children first. Show me a man who would sit idly and not respond at all costs against the US Military as a clear defined threat to the existence of the human race. That is what is going on here, and what Putin means.

        Dont be so rash to jump to the first conclusion drawn by others.

      40. Like every other meddling of our leaders pushing our young men to foreign nations to die there for some made up lie, Our borders are still porous? Our political leaders along with their big business contributors end up benefiting, while we are left watching the news with teary eyed family’s looking upon the caskets of their men covered in a flag as if it’s a normal or patriotic thing. It’s NOT! Don’t let your kids join a military that is being used to interfere and disrupt the lives of people around the world. If you do then the killing of your child is upon your own head and blood is on your hands. Not to mention the innocent blood being shed in the nations where are military is killing.

      41. Mac Slavo, Are you so fucking stupid that you really believe this is what Putin meant? Or are you trolling for the NSA now. I suspect it’s a little ogf both. Fuck you.

      42. No deliberate ZioJoo mistranslation here…

        “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

        -Vladimir Putin

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