Video Proof: Feds Post Letters Identifying Preppers As Potential Terrorists: “Individuals or groups making bulk purchases…”

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    In 2011 Rand Paul stood on the floor of Congress and delivered a stark warning to Americans. To criticisms of sensationalism and embellishment, Paul noted that Federal laws on the books characterize those who have guns, seven days worth of food or ammunition in their homes as potential terrorists.

    Know good and well that some day there could be a government in power that is shipping its citizens off for disagreements… Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist.

    If you are suspected by these activities do you want the government to have the ability to send you to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite detention?

    It was a shocking statement and one that was dismissed as the rantings of another right-wing extremist who just so happened to be a Senator.

    But footage posted by Washington Weekly News shows that not only was Rand Paul’s assessment accurate, it only brushed the surface of what domestic intelligence agencies consider suspicious or terroristic activity.  According to the report, a WWN journalist with camera in hand visited local businesses to acquire video evidence of various government signage. What he found was shocking:

    New York’s Division of Homeland Security is posting signs on businesses to encourage people to snitch on fellow citizens who buy such things as MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), ammunition, flash lights, match containers, gas masks and other items deemed to be ‘prepper’ in nature.

    Surplus store in Auburn, NY tell us how a state trooper put up a flyer in their window which encourages customers to call the New York State Terrorism Tips Line to report this ‘suspicious activity’ under the as part of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign.

    The sign in question, as well as the accompanying letter to the local business, can be seen in the video below.

    New York State law enforcement has been communicating with communicating with a widerange of corporations, businesses and industries throughout the state… With this program the Office of Counterterrorism seeks to establish a procedure that may be helpful in reporting information and circumstances that appear unusual or suspicious to you, your employees or members of your respective professional association…

    Individuals or groups making bulk purchases of items including weathproof ammunition, match containers, MRE’s, night vision equipment, night flashlights, gas masks…

    As noted by Washington Weekly News, all of these items are legal to purchase, yet citizens who see you doing so are urged to report your activities to law enforcement officials or the Department of Homeland Security.

    What’s curious is that the very government telling people to spy on their fellow countrymen has itself been engaging in these same activities through the acquisition of massive amounts of Meals-Ready-To-Eat, guns, billions of rounds of ammunition, gas masks, riot gear, and a host of other supplies being regionalized at DHS centers across the country.

    Moreover, they have been actively preparing for widespread economic collapse and civil unrest scenarios, including the Jade Helm 15 exercises that are reportedly designed to “Master the Human Domain,” an operation that involves training military personnel for the rounding up of subversives and dissidents.

    In fact, according to one Texas Ranger, the Federal government already has trains on standby, complete with shackles, ready to detain and transport prisoners.

    The connection is clear – the government is asking citizens to rat each other out so that they can be marked on terror watchlists, and should a national emergency ever be declared, individuals and their families could be rounded up under Doomsday Executive Orders.

    And if people like General Wesley Clark have their way, they’ll be held indefinitely in internment camps or worse.

    They, as in operational managers at the highest level of government, know what is coming. They have spent trillions of dollars on everything from deep underground bunkers to the stockpiles that are being hidden away in them.

    These facts cannot be disputed.

    This implies that a catastrophic event of some sort is believed by the government’s emergency planning apparatus to be imminent.

    Thus, despite the continued marginalization of those who are sounding the alarm bells, we maintain that Americans need to be preparing for a worst case scenario that could potentially disrupt our power grids, our systems of commerce, and essentially bring life in America the way we have come to know it to a destructive end.

    Prepare now – and prepare for a variety of potential disasters – because whatever it is that they are planning for could be extremely serious and long-term.

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      1. I guess by this definition I am a terrorist and so are all the rest of you!

        • Damn…we’ve been outed!

          • “see something,say something” I’ve watched as the whole fedgov turn into 1 giant nest of treasonous traitors ! time to fill Leavenworth with these traitors & start executing their stinking asses……..

            • I was so upset about this article, could hardly meditate/sleep last night– not because I have so much stuff– I only have a suitcase full of clothes with me– but what the article implies… the whole thing is so utterly Nazi-like, hard to just roll this one off my back, so to speak.

              I kept thinking (while meditating) what my country USED to be like, before Bushie Boy and Obummer raided the White House and dismantled the Constiution– We used to have a beautiful country, where anything was possible, where, if you worked hard, you could rise up on the financial ladder and be happy.

              I did follow the American Dream, took advantage of the good things available– I started going back to college, had a nice little apartment and was very, very happy. And now I am so poor, I have holes in my shoes, no car, don’t know how I will survive. And I am not alone. I have friends who met similar end… they (the 1%) stole everything from us… America, as we knew it, is gone.

              • Then you’re not old enough to know the Johnson years.

              • I left North America – I spent a couple hundred dollars, I got on a plane and flew away – so glad I did. Please consider doing the same.

                You deserve to live a decent life.

                Hell is coming – get on a plane and leave.

                • Where did you go?

              • Dear Anonymous,
                I am sorry to hear about your situation!
                Where do you live, are you able to get food stamps?
                Believe it not, welfare was set in place to help people who have lost a job, gotten sick or disabled, etc., not to give it to illegal aliens.
                May God grant you the peace of mind and help you in these dark days, for all we really have is his love.

        • Well, just don’t tell anyone what you do and never use their little grocery store cards with your address. (I use one but never filled out any forms) and always use cash. And wear a big hat and sun glasses.

          Walk softly and carry a big stick.

          • The area in which I am spending the summer is not necessarily an “up scale” area, although aparts are very nice. It is definitely Middle America.

            This is Friday. The shopping center parking lots are packed, especially Costco and Sam’s Club. I couldn’t see an empty space anywhere in the early afternoon.

            The grocery stores are packed too. Fry’s, Whole Foods, Safeway, Sprouts. It was unbelievable really. I was MARVELLING at the activity as I was driving around town.

            America is awake. America is aware. America IS prepping. 🙂

            • For only $48 USD Lindsay Williams will sell you his latest CD, telling you EVERYTHING you NEED to know before the SHTF !!!

              LMFAO !!!!! This man has NO shame. None. 🙂

            • Gosh, that’s going to make for a LOT of tattling!

            • Durango kiddy. The foodbstore were packed cause it was Friday Payday and the 1ST of the month and everybody in the Free Shit Army just got their EBT Cards reloaded. You need to get out more Try the 12th of the month for more data collection to have an accurate statement.

              Did you know GROCERY Store Prices are higher on the First of the month then go down mid month? There are more instore sales in the middle of the month. Also the UPC codes on food products do Not allow you to compare price stickers increases with a sales sticker to realize prices increased.

          • I looked under Michelle’s dress and saw a schlong! I better report it!

            • Google michelle is a man & see what else is there.

        • “If you see something, say something”.

          Fine, someone needs to tell the people about all the terrorist activity the US government is doing!! Post signs, telling people!

          • Anon, I’ll second that one. To paraphrase DHS, I see some illegitimate federal BS, so I’m saying DHS can go f#$% themselves a million times over!

          • Anon and Breaveheart:
            You Guys are looking for trouble with TPTB, Can I join in and get in trouble with you, PLEASE!!!
            How may millions of rounds of ammo, gas mask and MRE’s have you bought lately?????
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • Opps I forgot Jim in Va.

              • Thats me….forgettable…opsec

                • Apache54:
                  Boy you are so correct. Suspicious activity at the white house CALL 911 ASAP!!!!!! No that is the Traitor in Chief opening his mouth and signing unlawful orders.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                  • SWAT him

                • Jim:
                  I’m Sorry1;-{ You can play too. You are one of the good guys…
                  S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • Jim in Va., I live on the east coast and am thinking of moving to Va. Can you tell me good location, what its like, etc.?

                  • If you want to survive, pack and leave North America – while you still can.

            • NR, come on in. The party could start sooner than anyone thinks.

            • or how many 12 yr olds have been shot in the back? fucking animals

          • I agree with you. What bugs me the most is how much of a communist obama is. We have never thought or think the way he does. It is so bizarre, unreal. His thinking is what russia did to its people with the KGB. His thinking is NOT OUR WAY OF THINKING. He can go kiss off.!!!!

          • anonymous,
            I see something and I am saying something the white house is a bunch of traitors and need to be removed from office and tried for treason!!! I suppose that is NOT what the mean BUT that is what we need to do!!

        • wonder what the government would do if 250 million of us turned ourselves in for buying some of those listed items?

        • Hey i’m glad that i’ve bought thoses items a long time ago !!!! And thoses assholes who wrote this nonsense letters they can kiss a goat’s ass…… I will never be dependent on government aid… they don’t trust me with my guns so do I !!!! So my fellow terrorists LMFAO keep prepping god bless…. and long live the republic or what’s left of it !!!!!!!

        • That is reported in NY. The government announced a few years ago they wanted conservatives to leave their state. They are afraid the truth and common sense will wreck their plans on their Marxist/socialism. I haven’t heard of anyone arrested for buying more than a weeks worth of food yet….

          Jade helm has been enacted for 17 days now, and have not heard of any report of arrests of dissidents and innocent civilians chained in those supposedly box cars or put in empty Wal-Mart detention camps.

          But who knows the devious gov’t plans in secret places? It must be kept so secret anyone caught divulging their plans and actions will be shot on sight, their families executed and children massacred, and friends beheaded and fed to the lions. So all we have are conspiracy theories to go by, and someone to make money on ads.

          • I know one lion that they wont be fed to, Cecil.

            • LOL! And the liberals are upset about that too.

        • Wow, guess everyone who buys bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club is guilty. Tell grandma not to buy bulk toilet paper, canned food, etc.. because she will go on “the list.” Who exactly does NOT buy in bulk at some point in time? Anyone with a family, trying to save money buys in bulk! I guess its their way of putting EVERYONE on a list of some sort.

        • i see nothing i hear nothing i say nothing and i get reddy to live a free mans life be a hermit and dont tell any one a dam thing

      2. hope y’all got popcorn….and a good seat to watch it all from!

        • Buttcrackofdoom

          For this I will grill steaks.

        • I buy my popcorn in bulk. I guess that makes me fit their definition.

          • No. Just your super sized pants.

          • Well, anyone that shops at Costco, Sam’s or other warehouse places is in trouble. Everything seems to come in 50 gal barrels (including toothpaste :D). So am I in trouble for bulk purchase of potting soil or light bulbs or tulip bulbs?

            Among practical aspects of stocking up, my reasons also include not having to go out when it’s too hot or cold or when I’d rather be doing other things like working my crafts or tending the garden. Also, it saves on gas by not having to run around. I’m not a shopper; I’m a doer.

        • Bought a 50 pound bag of popcorn kernels to grind for cornmeal/bread as well as popping. Funning thing I saw this mourning was a commercial on Faux news encouraging folks to stock up on food and such for weather/disaster emergency. So I don’t know what to believe as far as this story goes. One things certain, I couldn’t give a shit what DHS thinks nor this stinkin’ government. Them and the Libs can hug my doo-dads. HUG ‘EM!

          • HEY DHS…I’m awashed with preps and food. Come and get it. (Bait)

            • nuttin like a good bait pile–as they reach for the special sprinkle covered donut (a favorite among useless ner-do-wells)–above the plate and below the nose–job done–rinse and repeat as necessary. (unless your fortunate enough to own a nice 50 cal Barret–then just flock shoot the whole bunch–just saying) Damn sure won’t take them long to rethink their position

          • We ARE Nazi Germany/America. Period. The only thing they haven’t done yet is to round us up and put us in concentration camps… yet.

            Basically, its like Mike Ruppert said, “if you know what’s happening, you’re a terrorist”.

            • They might do a circle jerk, but puttin is war.

            • Anon, they’ll take you ONLY if you let them. There is a way to prevent that from happening.

          • Dent corn makes good cornmeal. It stores well for years. That’s field corn in my AO. I grind it four times in my steel-plates mill. It makes great cornbread and fried mush.

            See your farmer and trade him some stuff. Or buy it cheap at the feed store.

            • Good to know, since I have a 50# bag in my stash. Figured it would keep longer than stuff already ground, which I have too but will use first.

              • Hey Gadabout,
                You can get dent corn in a ranch type store, something like a farmers store. Here in Oregon we have several types, Grange store, Ranch store, Farmers market, etc.
                They sell stuff to farmers, ranchers, small hobby farms. Look in the yellow pages in your area. You might have to order it in the 50 lb. bag from them.
                Hope this helps!

            • Hi J. Reb, Where did you get the dent corn? I can not find it around here. My understanding it is one of the few corn varieties left that are NON GMO. I did order 5# for seed from a catalog but it is fairly expensive.

              I called Southern States about seed corn and they said they had Monsanto Seed Corn and you need a license to plant it. I quickly informed her that I would NOT be planting ANYTHING Monsanto and that I think they SUCK !!! She said ” I understand where you are coming from”

            • true that…the corn I use in my distilling operation (deer corn) makes awesome meal, surpasses that on the store shelves.

        • Yup

          • Hey Kula, don’t know what slings you maybe using on your Ldub, check out Savvy Sniper slings (good homegrown company to deal with). Got one for the AK and Repr and shed the BFG. Just a footnote ‘ol boy. cheers.

            • PO ,
              Thanks for the tip , those slings are really nice especially the HK one !
              Saved that web page .

              Semper Fi

            • I just set my rifles up with the Vickers Tactical Slings with quick disconnects from Blue Force Gear. They keep the rifle right side up and switch from 2 point to one point as fast as you can draw your side arm. Also American made and Larry Vickers has battle tested them.
              Take a look!

      3. Maybe the government could outlaw the Scott’s 36-count packs of tiolet paper and 12 roll packs of Bounty paper towels.

        That will make stocking up harder and more expensive.

        • If that’s the case then maybe Costco & Sam’s Club should be shut down… people buying stuff in bulk, by the case load.

        • No…..Not the 36 count….!

      4. Well, I just downloaded a FEMA PDF that recommends having 2 weeks food/water for emergencies…

        It figures that one Gov’t agency wants you to store supplies so another agency can brand you a terrorist. I’m glad they have a plan…

        • Just wave the FEMA handout in their face and tell ’em to pound sand.

        • “Show me the man, I’ll show you the criminal.” This one has been played before in history!

      5. What kind of idiotic dumbass thinks i’m a TERRORIST for storing food and exercising my 2nd Amendment Rights. My obligation to my family to prepare for possible catastrophes in no way infringes on other law-abiding citizens. Liberals can not think logically.

        • Some libtard POS

        • Perfectly stated, Brother!

        • Remember when the Bush administration was encouraging citizens to have two weeks of food stores and plastic and duct tape to seal up their houses in case of chemical attack?

          I guess FEMA is wrong to encourage citizens to prep for hurricanes too?

      6. Land of the fee, home to the debt/tax slave.

        Keep on voting for the 2 sides of the same communist/socialist coin.

        Keep on paying those taxes to the government tyranny you complain about and protest against.

        Yes, keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, surely it’s bound to get better one of these days.

        • Grumpy you hit the nail on the head. Nothing will ever change unless people by the mass get off their lazy asses to organize and fight tyranny. I don’t expect to see such a thing in my lifetime.

        • Your right. Ive been doing the same thing over and over. Voting for the lesser evil hasn’t worked. So from now on ill vote for the worst evil. Im gonna vote for Hillary. that bitch will get it all started.

        • Let us know how it works out for you, since you stopped paying your property taxes, income taxes, gas taxes, such things.

          • “Let us know how it works out for you…”

            And THAT is exactly the problem, and why we’ll never see change for the better, because nobody wants to go first. Everyone is waiting for someone else to start the fight (including me, I’ll admit it).

            Once it gets started, if it ever does, and the momentum builds, then the party will sweep the nation pretty quickly. I doubt I’ll ever see that though.

      7. when you can’t get on a plane without letting the TSA grope you, “then laughing about it”(often within earshot of YOU), they have taken our airports hostage. you SHOULD be in the steets with pitchforks and torches, but you encourage them to “keep up the good work”, and keep after those damned terrists(of which they’ve never even CAUGHT ONE of). we are encouraged to “see something, SAY something”, while our prez-dent has a “see something, do NOTHING” policy on illegal immigrants coming across our borders. the cops kill and beat up people ON CAMERA many times a week, and virtually NEVER get sent to prison for it.
        food prices are about to skyrocket because of fukushima(I know, I know…what’s THAT?), drought all over the country, bee colonies are rapidly dying off because of GMO crops and roundup and other pesticides,inflation, bird flu…and now it’s DOG flu,…better stock up on all the food you can buy right now, TODAY, because it’s going to go much higher. if you want a turkey for thanksgiving, you better get it now….and why is it that they are destroying MILLIONS of chickens and turkeys, that are growing inside of “controlled” buildings, yet all the crows and starlings and wrens aren’t dying? and why is our dear leader trying to pick a fight with russia? Instead of collapsing quietly, the US has decided to pick a fight with Russia. It appears to have already lost the fight, but a question remains: How many more countries will the US manage to destroy before the reality of its inevitable defeat….shouldn’t it be illegal(I’m SURE there are laws against it) for our leader to pick a fight with another country?…..sooo, everything’s ok, right? there’s a LOT of corruption out there…….but some will counter with, oh, that’s all conspiracy theory, or some such nonsense. but we DO still have a constitution, which was written by a BUNCH of smart guys…in PLAIN ENGLISH, right? well, it turns out that virtually NO laws are being enforced right now, unless you are lower-class. those with assets to strip will be fleeced of their money, while those in positions of power(you know…bankers, politicians) get to do what they do with impunity.
        interest rates will have to go up a LOT soon, and when they do, houses will crash right along with the rest of the markets….like samuel l. jackson said in jurassic park..”HOLD ONTO YER BUTTS!”….that ought to be enough to get the trolls excited.

        • You can’t get more accurate in a comment than that, BCOD. Is is “Us vs Them” now. It’s clear and in our faces. They don’t even try to hide it anymore, because they’ve got themselves set up now. Everything how they want it. they can afford to be arrogant now.

          …and it’s all OUR fault for allowing it.

        • All these different animals dying is something that makes me go hhmmmm.

          Control the food control the people.

          • They talk about,See Something Say Something,The Government is the biggest offender of storage of Goods,ammunition Mre, the list goes On And On,Do as I Say ,Not As I Do,This Is Their New Slogan,God BLESS AMERICA

      8. I may or may not have any such items to be label as terrorist or survivalist or any other ….damned label they are using. However I have many banners stating:


        • Stolz, my understanding is that some “consultants” from the old KGB and the head of the old East German Stasi, Markus Wolf, were brought in back in the 90s to help create DHS. 9/11 and all of that other neocon crap was set up and ready to go in Clinton’s 2nd term but it was only after Bush Jr. was elected when they decided to go ahead with it.

          • Brave, bravo on your intellect. Truth will prevail but when you call the main culprits their given name you’ll be called all sort of names that they used to collect ransoms as they still do. Again, you and many other awaken and intelligent Americans can see the truth and differentiate it from the lies. The worth enemy is the one who is dressed as friend.

      9. I prefer the terms “Constitutionalists”, “FREEDOM FIGHTER”, “LoneWolf Veteran”, or “ZogDHSPig Killer” over DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

        Thank you very much!

        • As they say, “one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist”…

      10. the FEMA disaster pamphlet specifically advises people to keep TWO WEEKS of food and water stored for emergencies. Not 72 hours, not one week.

        • Not 2 months – 2 weeks!

          • F#$% FEMA. I stockpile whatever f#$%ing amount I choose. That’ll be the day when a f#$%ing fed will tell me how to prep.

      11. Rogue govt. = Rogue people.

      12. Well at least if I go to jail I’ll get a free degree!

        • That’s if you go to a “normal” jail. Blacksites ain’t got no edjumakation.

      13. It is about the have’s and the have not’s plain and simple. The Government has got to big and heavy for it’s support (we the people) and that support is starting to buckle and soon will give way. They know this and are trying everything they can think of to shore it up, but they have run out of idea’s. So now they are left with forcing the support to stay in place. The support (we the people) to become independent and wanting to stand alone will not be tolerated. From now on anything goes in the quest for the support (we the people) to become independent from the heavy burden of and over powering Government. Call it what you like for you know it is coming.

        “Never end the fight”


      14. Well, I’m glad I don’t have any weapons, ammo, extra stores of food or any type of prepper supplies because I don’t want the govt looking for me, if the worst happens I will wait for the govt to come to the rescue and tell us what to do.

        • That’s a good boy.

      15. I live in N.C., and now am to register my chickens, hahahahaha, do i list them by name or gender, what a joke. I don’t prep, I just take care of my family and myself, isn’t that what we are supposed to do.This crap is getting old, I could give two shits about the stocks, or ban ks, they are just greed monsters. Every year i get letters from mortgage company about why my payment has an increase, f e m a put me in a flood zone, mandatory flood insurance, I call bullshit(another lobbyist money grab). My house got robbed last winter, insurance did not cover jewelry and watches because they were not itemized, I call bullshit, house insurance got canceled because i have my house up for sale, tried to get new insurance, almost impossible and was told it was because i made two claims in five years (tree fell on art studio and wiped out roof)insurance policy premium doubled, i call bullshit. Flood insurance doubled in one years time, i guess due to the previous claims, it has to be paid in full one time payment for me, but the mortgage company can charge me up to three times the the rate and make it into monthly payments, yet i am not allowed to make monthly payments i call bullshit.I can prove every bit of this, houses in my town are being robbed at a rate of 25 to 50 per month, this info from talking to local pawn shops, antique stores and people at lowes when i went to get window replacement, these people have told me about the numbers of people that come into their business with photos of stolen property (7 – 10 per week), but nothing in the local papers, again i call bullshit. The honest hard working people of this once great country are being robbed and screwed daily, i call bullshit. That list is nothing but toilet paper…….to wipe the bullshit.

      16. there is no way they could pick up all the preppers anymore then they can round up all the illegals or all the wanted crooks in this country, just more fear mongering, keep packing away the food, think about your self and to hell with them

        • Naw, no way they could pick up all the preppers. Naw, no way they could pick up most of the Jews: Enslave the African: Kill the Native Americans: Bomb countries into oblivion: If it gets any worse they’ll probably be selling dead babies for profit. Naw, no way!!!!!

          • sarcasm will get you no where

      17. Obama going to put the Mormons on their preppers watch list?

        • Pretty sure they are already on it…govmint through their overregulating has been forcing Mormons to close all their canning facilities east of the Mississippi. You can follow it on preparednesspro.

        • Mormons goin to put their cannons in the passes. Did it before, what the hell.

      18. Government is not the problem. Government employees are. In one word the sum total of what is wrong with America is “PENSIONS”. Every club house, fine restaurant, massage parlor, cruise ship, hunting club, first class airline seat, gated community, Lincoln Continental, and Cadillac in America is suffocating under the ass of a Government Employee or Retired Government Employee living the good life at our expense. If not for Government employees the welfare offices, Social Security Disability offices, and over 10,000 other alphabet agencies staffed with overpaid, underworked people receiving lavish salaries and retirement benefits there would be no wars, no debt, no financial crisis, no pending disaster of any kind. Abolish almost all of the government offices, send the government employees home to root hog or die poor in the civilian workplace and this mess is over before sundown, because the sheeple living off the taxpayer’s dollars wouldn’t have anywhere to go to get on the teat. No government employees = no ugimmees. Thanks and glad everyone agrees with me.

        • tav & poverty is correct. Too many over paid and lavishly benifited parasite takers and too few under paid and non benifitted producing makers. Too many takers and too few makers isn’t sustainable.

        • Rode a paramedic ambulance and a busy engine company for over 25 years. I got my ass handed to me daily. Dealing with the worst of the worst as a ghetto FF/Medic, my pension, I earned every penny of it believe me.

          • JOJOdancer: You are lying through your government pension teeth. If you had to deal with the worst of the worst then why the hell didn’t you let them lay in the ditch and die instead of helping them live to consume more tax dollars, then continue breeding so more vermin could collect more tax dollars. And furthermore nobody, including you has their ass handed to them everyday for 25 years and lives to tell about it. You don’t have enough of a grasp on reality to even have a voting card let alone a pension. You don’t deserve one damn penny except social security just like the civilians get. Stop lying to yourself, you and millions of more just like you are what ruined America. You are the worst of the worst!

            • I’m a veteran. You’re a leech. Screw you.

              • Veteran, well that word is right at the top of my CHL. So what is so special about being a Veteran, Veteran. Do you perchance believe it gives you the right to ride on the equity of military service. No it doesn’t, and you, myself, and every other veteran should come to grips with that. I’ll bet you are getting money every month or you wouldn’t be calling me a leech, leech.

                • Hey Taxin2poverty. Go F*ck yourself. Firefighters paramedics are that last true heros we got in this country. When you are having a heart attack or your house is burning down, you will cry like a baby begging for help. Karma is a bitch!!! You will get yours soon enough.

                • Hey taxn2poverty,
                  Go to hell, my husband is a disabled vet and he fought for this great country, gave us his all. Has 2 fuckin purple hearts to prove it!
                  You are the problem! Go fuck yourself!!!

      19. What preps? I collect cans and jars that have interesting artwork. The graphic design on Spam cans are amazing. It’s not my fault I’m too lazy to empty them first. I also enjoy the stencil artwork of Russian artists, their work on ammo tins. What is 7.62x39mm mean anyway? I’m American, I don’t even understand the metric system.

      20. I take offense at the government-privileged use of “prepper”…I am a NUTRIENT CHOREOGRAPHER!! Hmmmm, not manly enough….I am a SUBSTANCE FABRICATOR!! crap..I’m a prepper.

        • You are also comical, thanks for the laugh. God bless.

      21. when they come for you, you can go quietly to the FEMA camp or put up a fight.
        The jews went quietly to the camps. How did that work out for them >

      22. Send that letter to FEMA…somebody got it wrong. Imagine,none of these agencies are on the same page.

      23. I don’t consider myself a “prepper?,

        I consider myself prudent.

        • You sound like the last boy scout.

      24. What about Gubbment stock piling AMMO, they must truely be “terrorist”.

      25. Does stock piling millions of rounds of AMMO count?

      26. They just want absolute control of everybody. Do what we say or starve in a prisoner of war camp. I wander how many peppers are out there. Most of us have military or some type of weapons training,practice or hunting skills. Some have medical training and we all know how to cook and survive most situations. That scares them. I think I will go buy some ramen noodles that will scare them.

      27. I want a printable image of that warning memo, most people still seem to think it’s a crock when I tell them what’s going on.

        • I have found an assortment of 25 posters designed for various types of businesses. They are in a ZIP file on this page:

          ht tps://

      28. They can call me what ever they want,

        …just don’t call me late for supper.

        Tamir Rice:

        .the die is cast.
        .the final nail.

        ….times up….checkmate……BA.

      29. It is SOOOO fitting that Hitlery was a New York senator. What is wrong with that state???

        When Hillary claimed that she did not email anyone classified information in her nutty Emailgate caper, it full story if interested, it’s at now come out that this was yet another lie. For the ewsletterad=

        Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, those miraculous cattle futures trades, Vince Foster “flying” into Ft. Marcy Park after he was dead, those miraculously appearing Rose law firm records, trashing fellow women in all the Bimbogates, leaving the White House “dead broke” (after taking some of the silverware as mementos), selling national security stuff to the Chinese, being shot at by fake snipers in Sarajevo, Benghazigate… seriously, is there anyone who actually still believes this person?


        Question: What’s the difference between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby? One didn’t have Hillary to run interference for him, so he is (rightfully) in hot water. The other one is a national hero with the left.

        • Anon, Hillary makes Pinnochio look honest.

        • Don’t forget about selling 20% of America’s uranium mines to Russia for donations to the Clinton foundation and $500,000 to Bill for a speech. Not to mention planned Parenthood’s donation to the Clinton foundation which I might add is actually our tax money due to the fact that they received $500,000,000 from tax payers. Why black people would ever vote for her after that would amaze me due to planned Parenthood’s killing of many black babies and selling body parts. Amazing girls under 18 need permission to use a tanning bed or get a tattoo but not for an abortion. We NEED a president who is a patriot and cares about America and Americans or we are all doomed. Hopefully God gives us another chance next year to change things and doesn’t wipe us off the face of the Earth for all the atrocities!!!

      30. A government bid enough to give you everything you want…
        …is strong enough to take everything you have.

        Thomas Jefferson
        3rd President of the Republic

        Live Free or Die
        John Stark
        American Revolutionary War General 1809

        Because death is not the worst of evils

        • *big

      31. I guess they have got my number. Now I’m on another list
        It just breaks my heart….NOT!!!!!
        By the way DHS and any other Alphabet department out there, that their job is to secure and keep this country safe. There is some suspicious activity along the southern border with Mexico and a hole lot of suspicious things going on in Washington D.C.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

      32. We just defrosted one of our freezers this week. We found some stuff over three years old, so we’re eating it up now. First to go was a big box of fish sticks. That was supper day before yesterday. Today we had a Mrs. Smith cherry pie. Everything was perfectly good. Tomorrow might be gizzards or hamburgers.

        Here’s a tip. I thought it was a good idea to put baskets in the upright freezer to contain the meat, one for beef, one for chicken, one for pork, and one for vegetables. It went well for a while, but then all the baskets froze in place, and that food was unavailable. I had to take a hammer to the baskets (plastic) to beat out a hole so I could remove the contents before defrosting the freezer. It turns out the baskets were nearly empty anyway.

        Luckily we have more than one freezer with some extra room. That’s a second tip. If you can have more than one freezer, it makes it easier to defrost one. And if one fails, you can move the food to save most of it.

        More cherry pie later tonight.

        • I think I might have more than seven days of food.

          Oh no.

      33. The government has been prepping more than any of us in recent years. Maybe we should report them???? How many billions of rounds have they bought? How many orders from Mountain House that backed up civilian orders? Yeah…… Who’s the terrorist?

      34. The questioning has already started from local grocery store and Target:
        “how many in your family?” “gee, who needs all that?!” “that sure is a lot of paper towels!”
        Fascinatingly, the most questioning is always directed at items the store has on sale for multiple purchases: “buy 3”, “buy 4”. The clerk is always dumbfounded that there is a sale and it DOES make sense for even a non-prepper to buy three mega packs for $13 each instead of $18 each….they don’t last as long as they used to and I work so many days in a row and I have three teenage boys as home…. It also doesn’t help that I pay on cash, I guess…just wish I didn’t have to endure a quiz show and that clerks would simply ring up my purchases the way they used to. Sure miss the old America.

        • I don’t wait for anyone to ask. I come right out and tell people that I’m investing. Interest on savings is less than 1%, and inflation is near 20%. So buying groceries ahead is a better investment than putting money in the bank. And when something is on sale, the investment is even better.

          Everyone I tell this to can see the logic. If they haven’t checked out yet, sometimes they go back and get more for themselves. If someone isn’t sure about the inflation rate, I ask them how much hamburger was a year or two ago compared to today. That usually does it.

          I also explain to people about buying cheap meat that’s about to expire. I tell them that I can buy a lot and freeze most of it. It will last a long time frozen and will always be cheaper than future prices. Therefore it’s a good investment.

          I don’t tell anyone I’m prepping. I say I’m poor and this is the only way I can afford to eat well. No one has ever disagreed with me.

        • I bought 8 bags of sugar with my groceries today, only 4 lbs. each but the checker asked, “are you baking a lot?” Yeah, it’s 102* outside & I’m baking cookies! I told the truth; I’m making jam. It is summer, when the fruit is ripe, duh. So if you read about a 70 yr old terrorist great-granny, that’s me!

          • Sugar bombs…I’ve heard of dangerous people like you 😉

            • Don’t mess with me, boy. I have sugar and I know how to use it!

        • The stores here do a 10 for $10 on things and the wife takes total advantage of those sales. We have went through most of the “store brand” items to discern which ones are as good as the “name brands”. Many are the same thing, just packaged in different labels.

          Stockpile what you eat.Food fatigue will make your life suck.

          Our local store calls us bottom feeders because we only buy the sale items and then buy them in quantity. Their face lights up when they aren’t handed an EBT card because they know we are paying our way.

          The EBT crowd tends to buy all top shelf stuff and expensive meats. It’s a dead givaway when you see someone around here with a cart loaded with that stuff. They actually shop at midnight to avoid the stares from those of us who have worked for our $.

          • I like to see what cars the EBT bums get in, usually much nicer, much newer than mine or most people.
            You can get food stamps and own a new Mercedes, vehicle or even homes value isn’t counted anymore, at least not here in Kentucky. Pisses me off every time i go to the store, especially the immigrants at Sams club who probably own local restaurants, pay with Ebt.

      35. Remember your History…

      36. I’m not a prepper just a hoarder it a problem I have and I’m not parting with my things. I’m stubborn that’s how it is. Everybody has more than 7 days of food. I’ve never seen waterproof ammo. Anyone who talks like the gov is gonna look out for them is a snitch to me. We all know who they are if you just keep to yourself don’t bother with neighbors I don’t. I say hi and go about my business. People are nosey and the less they know about your business the better. Around here snitches get stitches. Don’t invite people to your place that is a total failure of opsec.

        • I’m a hoarder too! Maybe we can get a special disability classification like obesity or some such. Then the fedgov can GIVE us some free prep stuff too. Buying preps on an ebt card sounds like the perfect irony to me…

      37. Question to Mac Slavo:

        have you ever checked the IP addresses to the commenters to see if any are registered to the Government?

        I wonder how many federal agents troll the prepper boards to see if they can drum up business.

        Some people on this site say some pretty radical anti government comments. It makes me think they are federal agents trying to provoke like kind response. Baiting the preppers, so to speak.

        • How does one check the IP address?

      38. I’ve got a one-eight hundredth scale model of the Yamato, which in its day was the world’s largest battleship, floating in my bathtub. Last time it was in port it took aboard a magazine full of 1,000 kg shells. When the SS Statist Suckup hoves into view we’re gonna blow them right out of the water. Banzai.

        They want us to be afraid. What we need to do is laugh in their faces.

      39. Off topic, does anybody know anything about the new suit you can buy that is supposed to make you invisible to drones at night. I am thinking of buying one but don’t know if it really works. If SHTF they are going to be a MAJOR problem for Patriots. Unconventional warfare is difficult if you can’t move around at night without worrying about getting a middle flamed up your ass.

        • Yup, appears to be bulky as hell and probably very hot to wear during summer temps.

          • Never mind that it was like a thousand dollars.

            A hidy hole in the deep forest is just about invisible to all but the most sophisticated sensors. The State Police FLIR isn’t that good and that’s who’ll be doing the initial surveilling. They will be chasing more deer than humans around here and it will be easy to fool them.

            During our hunting season there are 1 million hunters in the woods. The rest of the time there are thousands of poachers and cooks running meth labs and weed platations.

            They will actually have to put boots on the ground and there is NO WAY they have enough resources to find even 1/1000 of us. They have visions of GRANDEUR.

        • You can make them yourself. Easy project. Search YouTube.

      40. What did you think would happen; you were vocal in your resistence!

        Good on you all; and keep your flags flying. It only works if you have something to live for though; and I figure there will be more out there like me who think that no one needs to live through this.

        No quality of life after a collapse will be worth what it will take to survive that collapse.

        • It will be worth it, because we did it!

      41. puck ofama to the tenth power…..and Congress to the eleventh.

      42. Hey, just as eazy as adding 2+2 …. look around the prepper sites sometime and do a calculated tally of the minute number of blacks … one of the major sites allowed a membership poll to judge ethnicity – more Native Americans than blacks ….

        if the gooberment can’t figure out how to regulate it and doll it out as a free welfare benefit – no body gets it

        Obammy only believes in socialism – everything belongs to everyone – except his stuff

        • He’s not a socialist, he’s a commie and a kenyan at that.

      43. The Zombies are ripe and ready for the RFID chipping with the techno trendies begging for them, so it will not be long now before their Final Solution begins. All resistance needs to be identified and eliminated quickly by the fascist psychopathic genocidal monsters getting ready to reign hell down upon any brave real humans left.

        • Everyone’s a commie and they’ll just be chipping each other.

      44. I’m quite suspicious of drones. Got two .22 cal air guns to use in an attempt to shoot one down. Can’t be seen wearing camos and they,the guns,aren’t registered,have no muzzle blast,and almost no noise. Big .50 cal air guns can take down medium size game and maybe a person or two. Try one on for size. :>)

      45. If you don’t have an FBI file with your name on it, you damn sure aint a Patriot.

      46. They are definitely gonna be adding my bad arse to that terror list, George Washington may have cut down a Cherry tree, but I planted one….. Such rebel scum…. I admit it! I did it. I planted a cherry tree……

        • Gonna build a “cherry bomb”? You are bad & must be punished.

      47. They are either really classifying them as terrorists or are wanting common citizens to view them as such so they will turn them in and they will know who to take out first when the time comes.

        • I truly don’t think the purpose is to track us down; I think the purpose is to make us think that they will. It’s all designed to turn us against one another, to make us afraid & distrustful of one another,divide & conquer. Scared people are much easier to control. Look how patriotic everyone became after 9/11. People who hated Bush were suddenly looking to him for guidance.We have to see thru this BS & stand together.

          • Your threat level just went up…….really they keep everything on you in a file for future use against you if needed…

            • Well, if the scariest thing they have to deal with is a 70 yr old great-grandmother with some home-canned garden produce stored for the winter then let ’em come. I AIN’T SKEERED!

      48. From global warming to climate change
        See something say something to see or hear or speculate anything and we mean anything…..

        • Right out of Stalin’s play book.

          f ’em

      49. I heard if you wipe your butt the Wrong direction you could be a terrorist…. of course we cant print which direction that is (is there a reason you wanna know?) online then the terrorist would know Were onto you….. Them onto them

      50. It was my week to do a lot of ‘stocking up.’ A guy got in line behind me with only a newspaper. I told him he could go ahead of me since that was all he had. He refused saying he was just killing time. He then tried to make conversation about everything I was buying and that I must have a large family. I’m not what you would call paranoid but I have to say his demeanor sent off red flags. Now after reading this I’m really wondering if he was ‘seeing something and wanting to say something.’

      51. So, this would mean the entire state of Florida. Because you know…hurricanes.

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