*Video – Oil Confirmed to Be Leaking from Cracks in Sea Floor

by | Jun 15, 2010 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Reginald Kaigler at DemCad’s Corner shares the following video:

    From Reginald’s commentary:

    On the video, we see oil leaking from the sea floor. What does this mean? It means that the oil pipe in the ocean has burst and now the oil is leaking from the seafloor. Simply put, there’s probably no realistic way we can stop this.

    We speculated in prior articles that this leak is much bigger than originally reported. At first it was 1,000 BPD, then 5,000 BPD, and just recently the US government confirmed 20,000 to 40,000 barrels. Independent scientists have suggested 70,000 to 100,000+.

    And that’s just from the actual well.

    However, it is becoming quite clear why there has been a media blackout in the gulf, as well as on public beaches. BP, and especially our government, do not want us to know how bad this really is.

    Because of the lack of information coming out of the President’s administration we can only speculate, but the video above is proof that there is more to this story than just a leaking well.

    We have the possibility of geological damage. When the well ruptured it may have caused damage to the actual sea floor, an effect that may have also been confirmed when BP attempted the so-called “junk shot” by pumping mud into the hole. Reportedly, the junk shot failed because much of the mud was seeping out of the actual sea bed, suggesting that the damage was not limited to just the well.

    We’ve heard estimates that the well could continue leaking until August, perhaps Christmas – and in some cases, for years to come.

    This may very well be a watershed event that nails the coffin in our economy, and subsequently, our way of life. The effects, if this is as bad as the worst-case scenarios suggest, may not be felt immediately, but they will most certainly be felt by the entire country. Right now, the gulf spill is just a news story on television, affecting only those on the shores and in the seafood business. Be assured that ripples will be felt far and wide.


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      1. My guess is this leak has been damn close to 3 million gallons a day from the beginning. The timing of this is incredibly bad……..couldn’t have planned it better, and I sincerely hope that it was not intentional. IF they get it stopped tomorrow the cleanup will take years and the ecology damaged for at least a decade. Realistically the gulf will never recover from this economically……..look for more BK states, more welfare recipients, more 92 week unemployment benefits, more bailouts, and a bigger burden for the 47 million people who pay federal taxes in this country. Between the “immigration” issues on the border states and the friggin oil spew in the gulf the whole damned southern border is ruined! Seriously…..my heart is a hundred pound weigh in my chest as I see how this country is being destroyed; economically, socially, morally, environmentally, politically……………….we ARE screwed.

      2. It’s all over but the crying…it will take decades to begin to clean up this catastrophe and will kill millions of people, let alone the wild life. This may not have been a planned event, but it has been used as one…you gotta use any opportunity to make any good disaster profitable…as I’m sure Obummer and his staff are doing. When the entire population of the south moves to the north looking for jobs, they will be sadly disappointed. I hear there are lots of unoccupied houses available in Detroit. Grow a garden, get your beans, bullets and band aids ready, cuz yer gonna really, really need’m soon!

      3. Daddy did you plug the hole?     
        What a joke. 

      4. Looks like our good BP folks have hired blackwater Guards to keep the media and photografers away,isint that nice .Well we got ourselves a great diversion now they need to hit us with the double whammy and that is a War !!!

      5. Time to get all the drilling rigs they can out ther and drill new wells to pump the area dry.  That’s the only real solution, long-term.

      6. @Sanity-
        Of course this was intentional…and they have no intention of fixing it either.

        BP CEO sold 30% of his stake just weeks prior to explosion:

        And Goldman Sachs sold nearly 5 Million Shares (44%) of their holdings as well…Both Hayward, GS execs & Dick Cheney are members of the Bilderberger group BTW.

        Also, no need for two relief wells.  If the first one (deployed on 5-2-10) can’t adequately carry out the “bottom kill,” you can rest assured a second well won’t do any better.  Many independent sites claim that the pressure of this geyser is 30,000 PSI or higher, which exceeds all current technology’s threseholds. 

        The second relief well was started on 5-16-10 (2 weeks after the first and is about 4,000 feet behind).   It is my guess, that after the original well’s bottom kill attempt fails, the President will come on TV announcing that:
        “we are at dire crossroads America.  We have exhaused all conventional options, and without drastic intervention, this well could continue to spew unabated for up to 30 years.  Thus, we must now seriously entertain an option that none of us ever hoped to be faced with.  As you know, BP has been drilling a second relief well in the hopes that it too might be available for a bottom kill attempt.  However, it is now confirmed that the pressure exerting from this virtual, oil-volacano is far greater than any of us could ever have imagined (Bullshit).  Thus, that second relief well no longer offers us a viable option for a solution.  With that said, we must remain reasonable in spite of our fears.  We must remain hopeful when all appears lost, and we must never accept defeat.  My fellow Americans, it is with heavy heart, and a profound sense of disbelief it has come to this, but as of 9pm tonight, I have authorized the use of a tactical nuclear device deep within the seabed below the Gulf of Mexico in a last ditch effort to arrest the deadly flow of petroleum which shows no intention of surrender.  As Americans, we’ve never shied away from the impossible.  We’ve never turned back when the horizon looked bleak.  Throughout our history, when the line was drawn in the sand, we never turned our backs and retreated…No, we ROSE UP, and as we tackle one of the gravest ecological challenges that have faced the history of our planet, I ask you tonight to hold fast to that undying and never faltering American spirit as we face this challenge head on for the benefit of all humanity.  Good night, and God Bless.”  (Obama the Bullshitter).     

        Based on the premise that this incident was known of in advance, that opens the door wide for all us to speculate on motive…allow me continued poetic license here…

        My guess, is the nuclear bomb option was always the end game.  Who is the culpable person(s) will always remain unknown, but it doesn’t take a leap of faith to know that TPTB (Bilderberger, Davos, Boehemian Grovians, Rothchilds, Rockerfellers etc etc) have always planned on a New World Order centered on the pretext of a unified, global government.  The only remaining chip that stands in the way of accomplishing this goal is the USA.  Bringing her down must be Agenda #1.  So why this scenario…

        Well, the New Madrid fault line runs directly underneath this massive oil deposit.  That fault runs due north to the Great Lakes which reside 600 feet above sea level.  Drilling for oil at this location was never the motive…Getting a rig there, and plowing a drill bit as far down as humanly possible into a high pressure oil dome was the catalyst to set this in motion…Throw in some dubious “regulation/oversite” that appears to have allowed BP to cut important corners, along with some “shoddy” casing & well bore work by Halliburton or Transocean (to keep the MSM busy and the sheeple completely distracted), and then let that thing EXPLODE to the surface with an ungodly amount of pressure.  Then, jerk-off the public with top-kills, junk shots, containment efforts…Heck, let’s even live stream some video of some ridiculously small riser pipe and how we dance around it with a straw and a small remote controlled submarine for a few months…

        In the end, we’ll have bought enough time to get these relief wells drilled so that we can execute Operation Holocaust.  A sub-terrainian nuclear blast could easily slip this fault all the way up to Michigan potentially releasing the Great Lakes in a torrent due south down the now 30 mile wide Mississippi River.  That River by the way will now become part of the Gulf of Mexico.  (Obviously, that would be the worst case…cataclysmic scenario).  However, even if the fault didn’t slip to the Lakes, it would still be on an order of magnitude far greater than anything we’ve ever seen.

        Go ahead, fire away with the Tin Foil insults.  You certainly are entitled.  However, lest you forget the two links in the top of this post which clearly indicate this was a foreseeable outcome (not an accident). 
        A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Don’t waste it insulting me.  Just use it to think, and offer counter-arguments if you wish.  However, you have a difficult task ahead of you as to hold muster, you’ll need to explain the inexplicable timing of Insider dumping…

      7. Matt Simmons is still talking about the nuclear option and frankly, it’s sounding less crazy every day. Marine Scientists are saying that there maybe 70,000+ barrels of oil spilling into the ocean per day. And that’s not even the high estimate. Image what will happen if (when) it hits the gulf.

      8. The last report I heard a couple hours ago, was 2.5 million gallons per day, which equals to 62,500 BOD or 2500 BOH which falls into the “Spindletop” gusher category I mentioned a few days ago.

        America may be drowning in oil  but at least Kevin Costner will get his $20 million investment back by the time its over. Heard he has 24 of his “extraction” machines leased to BP.

        If it hits the Gulf Stream then Great Britain will get its fair share of BP oil. Just a little bonus for shareholders, management, and the Queen; who is no doubt a major investor in the company through a trust or offshore corporation.

        Waterworld II anyone?


        hey all, I have some information you are probably not getting anywhere right now, kind of important. Whatever happens in the next 30 days, remember…..we are family.


      10. Dear Dad,

        You are hereby banished from telling bedtime stories. I’m scared, where’s Mommy?

      11. In 1993 there was a 5.3 earthquake in western Minnesota. Those fault lines and tectonic plates are always moving. They certainly don’t need help from a nuclear blast.

      12. This will collapse the worlds economic systems…….


      13. The video is bullshit,what it shows is the propwash of the ROV blowing settled oil from the cracks.
        Notice how it doesn’t continuously flow…
        That’s not to say that there aren’t cracks in the sea floor somewhere else that are blowing oil though,but don’t expect to be shown those videos by BP or the feds since they want us pacified.

      14. So much for peak oil.   What nobody is talking about ,  BP  is insured against this type of event  through none other than government owned AIG,  with all the counter risk being held by Goldman Sucs and JPM, none other than the FED BANKS themselves……THAT IS WHY NOTHING IS BEING DONE  and why BP  will not be dismantled…..just my opine.

      15. BP is self-insured.  We have ourselves to blame for 8 years of Cheney and Bush and their lust for deregulation.  Both oil men, remember.

      16. I live in the Ozarks of southern Missouri. The largest town to me is 45 min away(West Plains). It has a population of abt 12K. A friend of mine used to run a seafood store /restaurant and on May 31 he had to close his business due to the costly and unavailable seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.  He wasn’t making a killing as it was and this sank him. I don’t know how many others there are like my friend but I would assume there are many. I read or heard the other day that the Gulf provides abt 70% of the seafood for America. So, the spill has reached my little spot in the Heart Land of America.

      17. this disaster is another signal to make us think about a real change. yes, we need to change the way we ‘use’ our planet resources. eventhough this damaged has been done, it is the right moment to change from oil based to free-energy based system. we don’t have any other chance nor more time.

      18. @Dave

        Look closely at the first 54 seconds of the video.  Globules of oil and perhaps methane seeping from several cracks are very obvious.  The propwash is easy to disccern from the spurts of oil.

        This is video BP doesn’t want you to see.

      19. I met a person who told me he works for Veolia, the company responsible for cutting the pipe off at the BOP. This person told me that Veolia had a meeting with BP and told them they had the technology to crimp off the pipe above the BOP to completely seal off the well. BP’s response was to cut off the pipe above the BOP as directed. He also said that BP will not shut down this well because they will loose there Gulf leases at $60 million per. How about a little bit of fact as to what the hell is going on here!

      20. http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2010/06/09/gulf-oil-spill-sea-floor-collapse-seabed-leaks-prevent-bp-capping-2/
        says: June 10, 2010 at 9:35 am
        I’ve argued with people for 5 weeks about this…Look people,
        BP was drilled into the Sigsbee Shear layer, the part of the continental shelf that’s known to be part of the New Madrid Fault line.I have the USGS and the MMS reports from their Wide Azimuth imaging ( BTW Halliburton made the equipment too )of this area.There is a good reason why there are only 33 deep-water wells in this area…It’s full of sub-floor fractures.”

      21. To those that think we should get away from oil. Think about that for a min. Getting away from oil. Ask yourself some questions first. Where does the plastic come from that makes practically everything we use today? Oil!
        Where does the most of the raw material for paints, inks, makeup, medicines, vast amount of ag products, auto products, rv products, boating products, home remodeling products, computer products come from? Oil! Our world is supported by oil. Our way of life is supported by oil. Can we have this standard of life with the sun and wind? No. We used to make things out of wood, metals and stone before our chemists figured out all of what oil could provide.  Oil isn’t used for just gas for your cars, trucks, atv’s, tractors, planes, washing machines, et al.  How about diesel, LP gas, kerosene?
        If it wasn’t for oil we would still be using the horse and buggy, plowing the fields with draft horses, no malls or cell phones, no modern hospitals.  We wouldn’t have the food production we have today.
        Knee jerk reactions have a way of getting us deeper in the shit than we already are.

      22. Mash: As someone with revenue from oil leases, I understand its value and its uses. At the increasing rate that oil is being used globally, there is a real need to switch to solar, wind, and wave technology where we can, to lesson our dependence on oil as an energy source and make energy more “democratic” with electric cars, VAWT’s on our roofs, and solar power stations at home in the backyard. Every family should strive to be energy self sufficient. If we allocated the $500 billion dollars  that illegals cost US every year, we could provide matching, dollar for dollar grants, to every homeowner to be energy self sufficient. In 10 years that would be a 10 trillion dollar infrastructure investment is green technology. Which is fantasic even with OBAMAMONEY.

        Granted, oil has many uses. All the more reason to conserve it wherever possible. Real steps are being made in Algae to oil and E-coli to oil technologies where someday, I believe we will generate feedstock for these other uses, if not for our cars.

        Battery technology is improving rapidly and it really won’t be long until electric vehicles will be cheaper, faster, farther, and quieter than gasoline engines; making them the preffered vehicles for individuals especially when the “fill up” is free!

      23. zukadu,  “fill up” is free!’ ?   Who is paying your electric bill?  I know I have to pay mine!  

      24. You are Donnie in wv, or will be; or rather every Arizona resident that purchases the excess energy I sell to APS / SRP. By law AZ utilities must purchase energy from residentail customers who produce it. I recommend you get a similar law passed in your state if you do not live here.

        Democratize energy as we have democratized information on the internet, and “fill ups” will indeed be free. Once residential infrastructure is in place to energize a home, pay back on the system is ten years for a system that will last for thirty. Then there are some tax breaks too, but given the national need to wean off of O&G for all our energy uses, I believe dollar for dollar matching funds until a home is totally energy self sufficient is a good idea to accelerate that process.  Once your house is ESS, plug in your car!

        AZ SB 1070 is a good one to replicate too!

      25. @Dad, on your June 15 post…a few weeks earlier I wrote an essay outlining the scenario (New Madrid fault) which you have described. Those I shared it with did not believe what I was saying…til now.  I am concerned that your summary did not go quite far enough.   Once the nuclear blast excites the New Madrid, there could be a ripple effect, like a pebble hitting water.  This blast may well excite every fault on the continential shelf on which the US rests.  The tectonic plates may begin to “bump and grind”.  If this were to in fact, be the case, the San Andraus would surely be among those involved.  The whole North American continent may become unstable resulting in numerous earthquakes and unspeakable devastation.  A side effect of the quakes may be tsunamis on several sides..not just one side of the US (the Gulf Coast).  Another side effect may be the activation of the various volcanos in the US.  Consider what would happen if Mt. St. Helen’s, Yellowstone, etc.  were all to      become active at once.  I shudder to think of what this could mean and  really hope I am totally wrong on this…but I am concerned that some or all of it is ahead.  Forces may be unleashed on which those planning this party, did not count.  Additionally, once the oil circulates to all the oceans on the globe (predictions are 18 months), it will no longer be just a US problem, but a global one.  If this comes to pass…God help us all, for nothing or no one else will be able to.

      26. I don’t know if you’ve stopped to contemplate what BP was trying to do with the Deepwater Horizon Well…
        The well itself started 5,000 feet below the surface. That’s the depth of the Grand Canyon from the rim.
        And then the company attempted to drill more than 30,000 feet below that – Mt. Everest would give 972 feet to spare.
        Furthermore, the company sought oil in a dangerous area of the seabed.
        It was unstable and many think BP sought it out because seismic data showed huge pools of methane gas – the very gas that blew the top off Deepwater Horizon and killed 11 people.
        The problem is that this methane gas, located deep in the bowels of the earth, is under tremendous pressure…
        Some speculate as much as 100,00 psi – far too much for current technology to contain. The shut off valves and safety measure were built for only 1,ooo psi.
        It was an accident waiting to happen… And there are many that say it could get worse – much worse.
        Geologist are pointing to other fissures and cracks that are appearing on the ocean floor around the damaged wellhead.
        Obviously, the oil and gas pressure hasn’t fallen off
        In fact…it’s increased.
        The problem is that BP may not only hit the mother of high-pressure wells, but there is also a vast amount of methane down there that could come exploding out like an underwater volcano.
        The BP well is 50 miles from Louisiana. Its release would send a toxic cloud over populated areas. The explosion would also sink any ships and oil structures in the vicinity and create a tsunami which would head for Florida at 600 mph.
        All I know is that this spill isn’t even half over.
        Oil in the Gulf will lead the news-cycle for the foreseeable future.

      27. This isn’t “confirmation” by a long shot.
        It could very well be prop wash from the ROV sub blowing settled oil out of the cracks.


      1. More Footage: Sea Floor Bulges and Collapses, Spits Up Debris - [...] We’ve previously reported on the possibility of a methane induced Tsunami, but from what we’ve been told by BP…

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