[VIDEO] Lior Gantz: The World Is Being Prepared, We Are Hitting PEAK PRODUCTIVITY

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    In an interview with X22 Report Spotlight, a YouTube channel focused on economic news, Lior Gantz sits down to discuss the peak productivity and other problems rearing their heads in this economy.  A recession is imminent, and since the United States is at their peak productivity with a tight labor market, the only option for companies to continue to profit will be to lay off workers.

    Layoffs will start a spiral of defaults on debt payments which could trigger the next recession. No one knows just when this will occur, but it always unfolds in a similar manner.

    As a wealth researcher, Gantz analyzes the economy as we see it and as it really is and gives his advice to help steer clear of financial hardships the best you can when the SHTF. He did say to look for a small uptick in unemployment as the beginning of the next recession. “A recession starts with an initial wave of unemployment…so unemployment at 10%, that’s the end result of a recession,” Gantz said.

    Basically, after the initial wave of layoffs, unemployment will rise by a mere fraction of a percentage point, however, it’ll be enough to force other companies to layoff worker in order to keep up and stay competitive. This will see the government spend more money on unemployment.

    “No matter what, a recession is coming. How severe it will get? Well, it matters how you manage it,” says Gantz. Be prepared, understand what’s coming, and diversify if you can.

    Watch the entire video for Gantz’s take on where we are headed fiscally, and check out some of his reports here:

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      1. Stack and pack til it gets here……..

      2. Yes stack, pack, and pray until it gets here, then Praise Him in the storm.

      3. Jim, I’m still stackin all I can. If/when an EMP or solar flare hits then I’m done.

      4. You’re fake news

      5. If productivity is defined as man hours worked for goods produced we haven’t seen anything let. The problem is the too rapid to absorb massive increase in productivity displacing labor making it largely obsolete; too much, too fast is initially destabilizing. Who feeds the masses? The “let them eat cake” didn’t play out too well in France.

      6. Robots on the way…….no pay,no benefits,no vacation and no breaks. what to do with all those people…..hmmmmmm…

        • Jim In Va

          I think of the conversation between Henry Ford IV (or III) and the UAW labor leader Walter Reuther just before his death in a mysterious plane crash after he came out against the Vietnam War (oops conflict back then). Regardless both men were touring a new Ford manufacturing facility and Ford says to Reuther, “Walt bet those robots (first generation 1970) won’t go out on strike”. Reuther replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

          What to do with all of those (as VEGA of Star Trek movie fame said) carbon units, the billions of now “useless eaters”?

          • Good question. I expect either an EMP (staged, of course) or some type of biological attack.

            The level of idiocy in the US is incredible. People are freaking out over measles. Imagine when something like Pneumonic Plague is loosed. FYI, there was an ongoing outbreak in Madagascar last year. Beta test? Who knows.

            • Philosopher Deplorabilis

              The method will have plausible deniability as to its source and purpose. I suspect a pandemic that “the chosen valuable” just so coincidently get the vaccine / cure that works as we will all be assured that “they’re” doing their very best. EMP / war breaks things, the’ll want to keep things, not people.

      7. The fact is this: we are reaching peak IQ. The US’s period of wealth and power growth after WWII was in fact the application of stolen science and technology from Nazi Germany, the most advanced country of its time. The space program is the most obvious, giving the US hi-tech advances, as can be seen with Apple products (pure Nazi tech).

        China is rising because it has stolen the most advanced science and technology held in the US and actually done it.

        If you look around the world, you can see the countries with fastest rising populations also are the places contributing nothing to human knowledge, Africa being the most obvious example.

        The US has run out of steam and can only now try and block China and Russia from advancing. The low IQ populations are on the move and flooding into the West, rapidly lowering IQs, contributing nothing to Western knowledge. All they can do is leach on existing wealth fumes.

        • “we are reaching peak IQ.”

          For the general masses that is plausible however the gifted won’t be diluting their genes into the commoner pool. Those from the common ranks who defy the odds and are high IQ will be plucked out in a method that communists used. Advances in DNA gene manipulation are liable to create the Hitler dream of a super race. I believe China is presently diligently working on these ends; think the west isn’t doing it covertly?

          I science fiction movie has nothing over on future reality if man is left unchecked.

          • I agree: from my visits to China it was apparent they are doing this and are very advanced at this stage.

            As for the West, I can only think we are importing all the trash because we need ‘spam in the can’ in any future combat where there will more than likely be robots etc. And the casualty count will be very high. Muslim morons and knuckle-dragging, horny African migrants will be good for this role.

            Video-game numbed white boys will be running the drones, robots etc. And will be inured to the pain and suffering on the battlefield because they will be looking through the video lens and seeing Muslims and Africans taking the hits: brown and black dots on a field of green.

            • I think they’re bringing in masses of people to homogenize the world economically, politically and culturally. The goal is to breed domestication by dilution. Any other attempt at pacification has failed to produce the desired results. The Kardashians popularity, the creation of the main stream media, is to increasingly popularize the aforementioned. In the end the globalist wealthy at the top with high IQ Asian Aryan human resource managers governing a blended mass of brown people pacified like farm animals. It will take some severe trauma upon the peoples of the earth to relinquish the last shreds of freedom for the presumed security of domestication.

      8. If literal *productivity was the issue, I could take any random item from the computer desk, from the computer room, or off the ground, and I could make business out of that. Anything, anywhere.

        If we’re taking about fiat currency, on the other hand, just follow the subsidies, or look for the guaranteed dividends. These are not gamblers; they are not banking on odds, but on formal guarantees. You’re looking for a hidden pattern. Look for what is expressly promised to you.

      9. “…peak productivity with a tight labor market, the only option for companies to continue to profit will be to lay off workers.”

        This is when I stopped reading. Help! My business is running hot and I’ve reached my peak productivity, quick let me layoff all my employees so I can make more profits. Cause when you can’t find enough labor to increase productivity, the best answer is always to get rid of your employees. lol What a stupid article.

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