Video: How the Next Economic Collapse Unfolds: ‘This Is How They’ll Press The Reset Button’

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Headline News | 145 comments

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    The data keeps pouring in. The U.S. economy is in trouble. All of the official statistics like job growth and economic recovery are based on lies and fabrications.

    As Christopher Green of Alternative Media Television explains in his latest video commentary, those lies will eventually catch up with us and when they do the consequences will be impossible for most people to imagine.

    You need to understand what’s coming… you need to understand the magnitude of the event ahead… this economic collapse that we’re living through today.

    There is no recovery. There is no jobs recovery. There is no real growth in the U.S. today. It’s not that we don’t have great companies… it’s the system itself that is rotten to the core. It’s structural. that’s the problem with the system.

    It’s exactly why we saw the Swiss bank, for example, with a counter-move that shot the Franc up 20% overnight when they said they were going to hold to their original policy. You see, the Fed is losing credibility and that is the point.

    And when the next collapse hits and the Fed is backed into a corner and investors wonder how that was able to happen while the Fed was still stimulating, that’s when the real shit is going to hit the fan.

    And it all ends in war… and that’s why I think the geo-politically the conflicts have already started… that’s how the U.S. federal government and the military industrial complex will press that reset button.

    They will blame the war… they will blame the death… they will blame the murder on God knows what… terrorism, ISIS, Al Queda, Russia, Iran… it’s be somebody’s fault… but it certainly won’t be theirs.

    Green’s reference to the Swiss Franc’s overnight counter-move is a perfect example of how quickly the status quo can change. We’ve written before about the Waterfall Effect, wherein all systems could potentially collapse overnight once the right event is triggered. Several years ago contrarian investor Doug Casey explained that when it finally does happen it will be so fast that most people won’t know it even happened until it’s too late.

    Yes, “It can happen here,” and it’s going to. Maybe not this year, maybe not for several, but when the real crash gets underway, it’ll be unstoppable, and it will destroy the status quo with a speed that will leave most people still waking up to the danger after the harm has already been done.

    But the plain truth is that we’ve already gone beyond the point of no return. There is simply no way the U.S. government can pay all its obligations without defaulting or destroying the dollar

    Though we can’t pinpoint the catalyst, the consequences should be clear. The coming economic collapse will be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes, but that won’t be the worst of it.

    Once the people are jobless, hungry and ready to rebel against their governments is when the real fireworks will begin – literally. Though war may not be imminent at this moment, make no mistake, the Russians and Chinese are massively expanding their militaries in anticipation of the day the reset button is pressed.

    The best course of action is to prepare for the collapse of life as we know it today and then for the aftermath, which may well be the most destructive war in history. Doug Casey said it best:

    “When the food riots start in New York, LA, London, Paris, etc., I want to be good and far away.”

    War is coming. That is how human civilization always deals with economic collapse.

    This time will be no different.


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      1. With 93 mil unemployed , 18+ trillion in debt , 193+ trillion in unfounded liabilities , 2.2 quadrillion + in credit default derivatives , what could POSSIBLY go wrong here???

        • But hey,
          We DVRd DWTS last night so we can watch it without interruption tonight!
          What more could anyone want!

          • Silly me, I thought the point of no return
            was about a botched pullout during sex.

            • She took serious what he poking in fun…

              • Great video, but he is wrong about one thing: “Economic Collapse”.

                We have already have had the “economic collapse” and with no real recovery, at least for Main Street.

                So that expectation has already been fulfilled. 🙁

                The next stock market implosion will come as it always does at the end of the business cycle, and that business cycle is coming to an end; yet markets can continue for some time as they has over the past couple of years. They are clearly manipulated with the close today in the red AT THE CLOSE.

                Investors and multinational corporations are deriving what profits they have from overseas; so while corporate profits may be stagnate or declining on operations in the USA, those profits may well be continuing at a more modest pace overseas and in the Third World.

                Profits more moderate because those profits are taken in manipulated currencies. The operations and revenue for these companies will continue.

                The Mexican Peso for example, has been 12 to 1 to the dollar for many years. Now it has declined to 15 to 1 the last time I looked. You can anticipate additional world capital investment in Mexico.

                Understand that the FED knows EXACTLY what they are doing and what they are doing to US with the policies they have in place. They also know what they are doing to the BRIC’S.

                America is already at war, for better or worse, physically and financially while the PTB/MIC have the advantage in both areas.

                Better the devil we know than the devil we don’t. Given a choice I will take the dollar over the Ruble or Yuan any day. I would also prefer American financial dominance to dominance by either alternative. 🙂

                • Correct DK, the economic collapse started back in 2008 and is continuing to this very day. It wasn’t called the Great Depression #2 but the great recession so everyone felt it wasn’t the end of the world.

                  The only way out of this mess would be to cancel all debt (reset) but TPTB and the worlds central banks won’t do it because that would destroy wealth if you impossed a jubilee event.

                  • Of course the powers that think they be and the banksters won’t do it, We the People must do it (declare a Jubilee). Francis needs to be taught what a Jubilee actually is, he obviously doesn’t know.

                  • Of course the powers that think they be and the banksters won’t do it, We the People must do it (declare a Jubilee). Francis needs to be taught what a Jubilee actually is, he obviously doesn’t know.

                    A Jubilee only destroys stolen wealth, and returns the people to their true wealth, the land and the right to take care of themselves under God’s Law.

                    The land is never to be sold. Divide it up between ALL the people – every family gets it’s own acerage on it’s own reservation (tribal).

                    • Great grandpa owned a coal mine during the Great Depression.

                      When it hit, he wasn’t worried, he was a wealthy man.

                      They got squeezed on price, they swallowed and made the months shipment.

                      They made the next shipment, the buyer took it and went bankrupt. That came out of profits!

                      They found another customer, and made another shipment. He took the goods and he went bankrupt. That came out of operating costs.

                      They found another customer, and made another shipment. That customer also took the goods and then went bankrupt, that one came out of the family personal savings.

                      The mine was shuttered, 120 men lost their jobs, the towns shops were shuttered. It was all gone. People starved and froze that winter. This was the Great Depression.

                      What’s coming will be far worse. When the depression hit the coal sector, the business didn’t last six months. Now America runs on a just in time inventory system, with less than a weeks worth of goods in the pipe. This will be over blindingly fast.

            • Outwest, you were close but it’s actually the boating trip you take her on after the botched pullout.

          • wish we had an Acid meter.

            • That would be a hydrometer, James. You cannot fault Acid’s passion though. Once he gets over mad he may be an outstanding cynic and a good asset. In the great awakening, some arise too early but once awake your focus eventually sharpens. It just takes a little time. I hope he is granted that time. May we all be.

          • Absolutely, etch-a-sketch. Many of us knew it as soon as they started aggressively forcing smart meters on people.

        • Captain Crunch you may be the Smartest man here!

          With all these good things our government has done to us how could it ever go bad!

          I pray you good people are prepared and ARMED to the teeth.

          My wife and I had a talk today about the threat of rape during a collapse and how to defend against an attacker.

          I never thought our country would go to hell like it is to the point families have to have these type of conversations

        • @Captain C, I’m going to need more booze.

        • There will be no 2016 elections…THEY spent billions of $ getting this whole THING SET UP!! Barry the horrible…congress scared or bought off…judges in their pockets…Barry walks all over our beloved Constitution with malice and no penalty…face it we be fuked!

        • So Test,
          Why do you think it is natural, sane and normal to espouse grown men inserting each others fists into the others anus, or rimming or gerbiling?

          Theirs is based on lust, not procreative love. They cannot create, nor can Satan, only destroy. Why do YOU espouse this sickness, and it is. It was classified as such, a mental illness until 1973, same yr they overturned slaughtering children in the womb to make millions in Judaized Planned Parenthood and sell off the baby parts.

          Hitlers Germany set birth records.
          It was the worlds happiest nation in less than 5 yrs of overthrowing Jewrys usurious yoke off their necks. The worlds wealthiest sent their children to be educated there.
          Gun laws were reversed and lowered to 18, vacations made mandatory, Abortion made illegal, crime abolished, Freemasons and Jews that declared war ON Germany in 1933 publically were jailed. And yet YOU call all of this a bad thing?
          Even General Patton realized his mistakes and wished to ReArm Germany and invade Russia, calling Germans ‘The Greatest Race in Europe’

          Photos dont lie. Here they are of 1930s Germany

          • Great article AT…

            Everyone should read the free PDF of Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina and also Gruesome Harvest.

            Both books are “blueprints” for what awaits America in the not too distant future.

            You have to admire the ability of our true enemies to cover their lies/tracks all these years. They are masters of it.

          • A T:

            Test protects the Zionists scheme of their OWO by spewing his Nazi bs. When you go to his suggested link you will understand where he picks up his foolish diatribe.

            • Aw Hell, pissed off granny isn’t dead yet? What kind of deal did you make with the devil to keep your sorry ass still alive?

      2. ok..
        Skousen ,



        etc etc etc..

        Yeah they might have some glimpse or insight but none of them even collectively know what the hell is going to happen…

        Every damned scenario of collapse has not occurred by their predictions….

        Hell.most of here could give our opinions and set a scenario based upon our worldviews…and they’d all be different from one another..emps,muslims,terrorists,false flags,invasion of chinese and russkies…it never ends…

        If and when it does all fall under its own weight..none of us nor all of them will not be privy til it happens..

        Continue your preps accordingly


        Enjoy the day..


        • Possee:

          I haven’t the time to look up all the “names” you have listed in your post but here is an interesting factoid….

          It would behoove all of us to look up Rupert Murdoch’s ownership of ALL categories of media he owns and controls in ALL nations of the world. How many of the names in your post are beholden to his corporations?

          In July 2007 Murdochs’ News Corp purchased Dow Jones and Company–owners of the Wall Street Journal for $5 billion.


          Dow Jones (Rupert Murdoch, Faux News) owns 33% of Vedomosti …..RUSSIA’s leading financial newspaper.

          Mission statement from their own website…

          “Business daily Vedomosti is a unique project. Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal, the worlds’ leading business newspapers, joined their efforts to bring it to life. Together with the largest Russian publishing house, Sanoma Independent Media, they have been publishing Vedomosti since 1999.

          Vedomosti sees its mission in providing readers with timely detailed and objective coverage. More than a 100 journalists in Moscow and regions of Russia, with the HELP of the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal’s international networks, inform readers on a daily basis about the most important economic, political, financial and corporate events offering in depth analysis.”

          VLADIMIR PUTIN was the first chairman of the advisory board of this newspaper.


          Worth a little investment in your time to understand what a stranglehold Murdoch has on any truth coming out of Russia…. or any other place in the world. Look up what he controls, he is the PTB of the media world.

          • These five conglomerates (also corporate members of the Council on Foreign relations) are,

            Time Warner
            News Corporation
            Viacom – CBS

            Murdoch’s News Corp owns Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, Barrons weekly, the London times, far Eastern Economic review, the New York Post, and hundreds of other large and small city and community newspapers, magazines, and internet properties.

            Time-warner owns Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, CNN news group, Turner networks and movies, Warner brothers films, DC Comics, Times online systems, and much more.

            And Disney is not just about Mickey Mouse Cartoons these days, as it owns ABC Television, magazine publishing business, Disney Films, Lucas Films, and a huge number of other media and entertainment enterprises.

          • Pog..

            I certainly agree on Murdoch..and the spread of manipulated “so called” news it drives the narrative and feeds the left and right looneys ad nauseum to their gloated fill..

            And never mind all this so called alternative news bullshit..just more of the same for the lunatic fringe..which in itself is so fractured within itself….

            Nothing is by accident

            Everything by well crafted design..

            All disseminated to keep all of us un informed and chasing the proverbial tail..

            Enjoy the day


      3. The problems are not structural in the common meaning.

        The problems are rooted in ZERO ethics, ZERO morals, faggot “pride”, abortion, satanists, the phony space Masons satanic losers, and greed, loving the thingsin the world, etc.

        Chemtrails, Agenda 21, and on and on. It’s all indicitive of the end times. Period.

        • We need to go back to the moral days of the robber barons / bankers, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg when people went to church and then hung a few blacks that dated white women and homosexuals.

          The reality is, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As more and more power was acquired in fewer hands the body politic feeding off the table scraps were lulled into complacency. They “believed” and didn’t question the nonsense Warren Commission report and sent their sons to Vietnam because they had a good factory job and new car; freedom be dammed. The USD backed by gold ended and few connected the dots between it and rising inflation. As Otter said to Flounder in the classic late 70s movie Animal House, “Face it, you fucked up, you trusted us”.

          • Good point Kevin,seems we as a nation have had more then our share of assholes and put up with it,wanna blame someone,we need to first look in the mirror.We then need to figure out what we can do on a personal level to reverse the insanity,sure,may be a losing battle but would rather be on the right side of the battle!

            • “what we can do on a personal level”

              Backing Rand Paul would be a start. Maybe not perfect but fear preferable to the establishment libs and neo-cons.

              • I like Paul and his father,as always,disagree on some points but mostly with em in the thought process.On a personal level fight if necc. on local political level,wake more people up and help them to prep and fight on local level,work with larger groups if not co opted(tea party to a large degree a example)for true personal freedom and living constitutionally in this country.To ones best of ability get your self off the grid/matrix,work towards more personal sustainability and helps others/learn from others to do the same.

                • There are leaders in place who will step out in front of any grass roots movement and lead it to nowhere. Ron paul comes to mind. The tea party was led right Into then rupublican party. Occupy movement financed by soros. They did some venting then disappeared. People in organizations are easily manipulated. Herd mentality blinds them.

              • Rand, Cruz, and those like them, will never be President. Not so long as the reset hasn’t happened, entitlements revoked, tax and spend policies, selective law enforcement, etc.

                So pull your big boy pants up, and take care of you and yours before TSHTF

                • After years of research, my conclusion:

                  1. Educate others to the tyranny. It is tyranny.
                  2. Prepare wisely. An army runs on it’s stomach. Stock a deep pantry.
                  3. Network with like minded people. Those with eye’s to see.
                  4. Unite when the curtain of evil comes down upon us.

                  No leader will ever arise to unite us, he would be killed.
                  It will be up to us, the people who see the truth of our paradigm.
                  It will be a true grass roots patriot uprising to bring the tyrants to their knee’s.

                  I hope it works out that way.

                  Come Lord Jesus!

              • Rand Paul won’t even be running by the time NC has its primary. So I can’t vote for him. The states should agree to have their primaries on the same day so everyone has an equal chance to vote for any candidate.

              • Ha ha. You are joking right. Rand paul!

          • K2, why the prejudice against blacks, women, and gays?

            Good gosh, man, are you THAT insecure in your God who made blacks, your God who made women, and your God who created homosexual people as well?

            I can’t tell if you were being honest or sarcastic.

            Oh, by the way, the robber barons are still with us only they think it is moral when they make it “legal”.

            • “I can’t tell if you were being honest or sarcastic.”

              Sarcastic in the top paragraph as the previous poster blamed some kind of recent decline in morals like a Sodom & Gamora (spelling) where we deserve what were getting for being immoral.

              “Oh, by the way, the robber barons are still with us only they think it is moral when they make it “legal”.”

              No kidding and there far more powerful with more reach. My point is we been heading in this direction because we didn’t watch dog our government and in return got a full belly and a roof over our head. Its the food and circus thing.

            • Lone Ranger:

              Your ‘New Age’ religion must not include what God says about homosexual behavior in Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13.

              How can you possibly tell us “God makes homosexuals” when, in those verses (among others) HE tells you their sex life is a sin?

              My God does not breath life into a baby, create it as a homosexual, and then tell it that it is condemned because of its behavior.

              Your PC New Age religion SUCKS!

              • POG, the biblical writers knew nothing of sexual orientation. For St. Paul, a pervert was a heterosexual engaging in homosexual sex (when you study the original texts/language).

                Second, just as you discovered the opposite sex around 11-14 years of age, homosexual people “discover” the same sex.

                No one chooses to be str8 or gay, but every one DOES choose to ACT on their sexual orientation (if they so choose).

                Lastly, Jesus said not one word about the homosexual person. He hung out with the socially undesirables like prostitutes, tax collectors, thieves. The Samaritan was so despised in his time that He shocked the people with his parable of the Good Samaritan.

                People who live in glass houses need not throw rocks.


                When you figure out why Christ did not condemn people such as homosexual people, let me know. God desires each of us act in moral and loving ways, regardless of whether one is str8, gay, or bi.

                As for me, I’m still trying to study the learn from the Bible and God’s message of Unconditional Love for ALL His children.

                – the Lone Ranger

                • Well said. Kudos to you Lone Ranger.

                • The door of God’s grace is open to everyone, that is true, but God’s expected format for male female relationships is undeniable, it’s encoded into our dna, XY and XX chromosomes, two men or two women will never produce a child, a totally gay civilization would die out, we can change our gender all we want but our biology will always say one thing, the problem will always be upstairs with attraction or perception of our gender, nobody neeeeds to have relations with someone to love them, sex is a natural progression from that, with homosexuals it is misplaced, if a gay comes to know the Lord, that’s great, but I’m certain they will need to change their sexual practices to please God, no doubt they would struggle with it for the rest of their earthly days but it is expected. If we left our gender or sexuality up to the lgbt community we would have over 50 types of gender, that’s the list they gave to facebook recently to include in their gender tab, why? When our gender is defined by our genetically encoded sexual dimorphism the choice should be obvious whether we like it or not. Please understand what I say is not about hate or bigotry, my sister is gay but I love her, it’s about what is so obviously correct in the eyes of God, since he put into play through out virtually the entire animal kingdom. Honestly even if I wasn’t religious the biology of it all would leave me with no doubt as to what is ‘normal’.
                  “Then neither do I condemn you,”Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

            • Wait a minute LR, if you couldn’t tell from the first paragraph he was being sarcastic then surely the Animal House quote tipped you off? Really you missed that too?

              • Hey Rebel,

                To be honest, it’s been so long since I watched Animal House that it escaped me, my bad!

          • …I think they are already beyond of the point of any hope ,to be more corrupt…

          • That doesn’t mean we should give though! Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl harbor?

            • Reb the best part is, those sneaky Germans came disguised as Japs! Trekker Out.

            • Rebel in Idaho

              I like the Animal House references.

          • Good points! The population has radically changed and this is the source of the economic decline and the need to lie and use corruption to ‘fake’ wealth and growth. Essentially, they are trying to keep the country getting wealthier and wealthier while using a lower quality labor-market product to do so. If you look at where the innovation is, it is just a very small number of people in tech and a few other places who are carrying the load for the whole country, which is just filled up with a grab bag of low-IQ races doing either minimum wage work or living on welfare.

            This is why Asia will be the place that will dominant. They value the right things and they have not flooded their countries with low-IQ people chasing welfare and benefits. Right now, the dregs of the third world are just being flooded into most Western countries. France has camps full of them desperate to get into the UK, and then eventually the US. The past 20 years have not been good ones for most communities where these people have settled. Crime has gone up and so has welfare dependency, urban degradation and poor health.

            • Freedom and morality are one and the same. The more moral a society, the more free it is. The more immoral a society is, the less free it is.

      4. While our cops are trying to figure out who from this country to beat up and shoot next
        The Mexican gangs decide to change the game up on them
        And while our cops are ignoring the real problem and who’s creating it here in this country , thus making them part of the problem and not any part of the solution
        They are leaving themselves wide open to it walking across our border looking to get good reviews from their bosses
        If they think were scary
        They need to wake the hell up , these guys got Erics guns
        The ones that really do fire fully automatic
        And the people firing them have nothing to lose especially in this country and everything to gain
        Game is over with the tax payer ,.. revenuers
        Maybe being a cop will soon rank up there with the 100 most dangerous jobs in the near future
        And to think , we coulda been friends , might have even looked out for you or backed you up , but you destroyed your relationship with the people , but y’all had to be dicks and klanish oh and jackbooted
        Hey I wonder if any of those judges , prosecutors or suck ups would have your back like a true patriot would that you all have lately pissed all down our legs trying to tell us it’s just raining
        Who knows maybe the Mexican gangs will only shoot the “bad” cops
        That way none of you other cops will have anything to worry about , right?
        I’ll link the report
        Hey I don’t agree with any good guys getting dusted it’s just so hard to tell anymore these days
        This is where they blame someone else and never look deep enough from within
        Thus the problem continues to perpetuate
        Too busy generating revenue punking on the general public for bullshit statutes as the recidivism rate of the bad really bad types continues to rise because of all the corrupt deal making
        And perpetuation of criminal acts

        • Guadalajara (Mexico) (AFP) – Fifteen police officers were killed in a gang ambush in western Mexico, an official said Tuesday, marking the deadliest day in recent years for security forces battling the drug war.

          • Coming to a city near you soon!

          • Problem is in Mexico the police and the gangs are one and the same. Not unlike modern day Chicago.

            • Same here
              Nothing’s different
              Just the language

          • The U.S. gov’t controls the drug trade. Do you really think they’re gonna let a multi billion dollar industry be controlled by some rag tag Mexican cartels? Sure the soldiers and runners are Mexican and Colombian, etc., but make no mistake the men at the top wearing the suits get their check signed by uncle sam. The only way to control the drug trade is to CONTROL the drug trade

            Just my humble opinion of course… feel free to make it yours though.

        • It has gotten harder in some ways to tell the good guys from bad, but some of the bad guys want to make it easier for us.

          For example if they are wearing a blue helmet that says UN then they’re bad guys and should be shot. Shiny little star on their badge means bad guys too.

          My ancestors fought in every war this country was in up until Vietnam. I’m sure some of the people they killed were really nice decent people and fighting for the other side. For some of you Yankees it’s quite likely some of my ancestors killed some of your ancestors and vice versa. That’s war for you. Don’t wear the enemies uniform if you don’t want to get shot for being on their side.

          • Reb

            “Don’t wear the enemies uniform if you don’t want to get shot”

            Very wise words my friend, couldn’t be put any simpler.

      5. I remember mentioning to people many times the bank theft in Cyprus and Greece,many responses was “Who cares”,was simply a test run for a larger scale theft,keep bare needed minimums(bills ect.) in places that your money can disappear with the hit of a computer,solid/in your hands goods/land needed.Sure,these can be stolen but much harder to do and more effort,plus,you are being ripped off you might feel a need to stop it when it happens in your face.The early test run in europe just is a preview of what will soon be here,live for today,prep for tomorrow!

        • Yep, more small rifle magnum primers.

        • Yes and some of the nationalization attempts in Argentina and the like are watched carefully. If the state feels it can get away with it it will do it.

          Try this one on for size: all that money in 401ks has never been taxed, though it will be one day under current law when you withdraw it. We (the government) are going to levy a one time 15% capital gains tax now on all 401ks to be offset with a credit when you withdraw them.

          Think that won’t pass in a pinch? We’re talking billions in revenue for a government that’s broke, and of course it won’t be only once.

      6. ‘JUST PULL IT!’


        • Yup. They pulled the 3 towers on 9/11. And they gonna “pull” the last legs of the economy.

          They just keep pulling scams all day, and the sheeple just say, “Conspiracy theory!”

          Oh…..this country is going down. I guess it is deserving.

          • There where no puts placed on Malaysian Airlines. There should be forced disclosure on who placed the multi million dollar Put against airlines days before 9/11. Major puts are considered inside knowledge hedging their bets. Who knew? Who knows? But a lot of answers remain unspoken. Probably on Hillary’s server.

            • Grandpa, There are stacks upon stacks of evidence and proof but the sheep will not hear of it. People are content with their slavery and don’t want to rock the boat. Pacifist, mind controlled masses that don’t want to leave the plantation and will get everything they deserve and more.

      7. The E-Begger Christoper Green? Seriously? This guy was a finance turd from Goldman Sacks that got fired. He follows Alex Jones and makes a boatload of money from people paying him. Now I know its not going to happen cause this guy is calling it to. Let’s not turn preppers into bunker crazies…oh wait it just happened.

        • He follows Alex Jones?

          You mean the guy that infiltrated Bohemian Grove, exposed the Bilderberg Group, and predicted 9/11?

          Seems like Alex is a good guy. And you are trashing Green for following Alex Jones? You sure Green makes a “boatload of money”?

          • You should think on jones accomplishments. He loudly haressess the bildeburgers and bohemian grove and nothing happen to him. And he infiltrates them! Those two organizations are diversions. Jones is playing you. Its all a big psyop. Jones is an actor and works for the insiders.

            • I agree. If Alex Jones was spouting off any meaningful information he would have committed suicide by now. 2 shotgun blasts to the back of the head. After he shot his dog of course. They always get the dog.

      8. Oh…..but let’s not forget their sponsor….Lear Capital…..

        Is it just me or does any one else see all this as just another market someone had found to make money off of, the same people who say it’s all rigged, we gotta spend money too right, might as well be on the stuff these people are selling!!

        I’m not saying it’s 100% wrong, but when i see it lead off with an ad for Lear Capital, I tend to go on the defensive.

        • Would it be less offensive if Mr. Green was a billionaire like George Soros, who wouldn’t need a sponsor, because he could afford to buy his own video production company? Would his message seem more believable to you?

          It must be sad indeed, to not be able to believe in ANYTHING.

      9. Théoden:
        Where is the horse and the rider. Where is the horn that was blowing. They have passed like rain on the mountains. Like wind in the meadow.
        The days have gone down in the west. Behind the hills, into shadow
        How did it come to this.

      10. Some studies show the people who arising from the financially weaker strata are most gamble.
        Avoid leave it in a place with very low temperatures, in direct sunlight, or heavy rain. Subsequent
        to the World Cup 1998, Barthez became a huge celebrity, almost a French equal of David Beckham.

        • ???

      11. Sheep. Sheep everywhere. Zombies. Sleepwalking through life. Car alarms going off everywhere. Babies and small children crawling around everywhere, crying and babbling. Airplanes constantly flying overhead (airport nearby). Couples arguing loudly so that everyone can hear them. Cars speeding along, ready to take out any pedestrian or cyclist not on his toes at all times. Motorcycles revving their engines to the red line in an angry attempt to get ahead of the next guy.

        Insanity everywhere. People don’t care about anything. Whatever’s going on in their little family universe is all that matters to them. Don’t EVEN try to talk about: The economy, politics, religion, (UFO’s), Cognitive Dissonance, or basically, ANYTHING, because these people are JUST TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.

        So just keep your mouth SHUT. Jesus (I am NOT a religious person) was killed because he talked too much. Said too many things that the heathens didn’t understand or want to listen too. An intelligent man who saw that mankind was on a destructive course and went out of his way to try to make a change. Crucified. Witch hunt. Don’t stand out, don’t be ‘different’, just watch in disbelief at all the tremendous stupidity that abounds everywhere around you.

        Thanks Mac, I’ve been with you since the beginning. Your crusade has reached a few, my friend. Keep up the good fight.

        • Max Hardwood
          Insanity everywhere? Oh Yeahhhhhh! Mad Max not far away.
          You get a glimpse of it everyday on the road.

          Crank up, “In a Gadda Da Vida”

          Iron Butterfly

        • Yea i love that,
          My significant other,
          She doesnt want to talk about or hear about ANYTHING that has ANYTHING to do with reality other than her right here right now,,,
          I give up trying.
          I love her but geez, thinks im unreasonable and ridiculous thinking about illegal immigrants, and how the govt is screwing us 6 ways till sunday! Thinks conservative libertarian means “White Supremist”
          Im sorta out of gas on that one, may just up and move one day, stuff the jeep and tools and preps in a 20′ container and ship it to the redoubt and take my chances, just wont be here one day

          • I feel the same way.

          • Kula. My wife is much the same. But I feel its my responsiblity to be as informed and ready as I posibly can. For both oursakes, Its important to take responsibility for your people. Its not their fault!

            • I guess I am lucky, my wife prods me to do more prepping lol. 2 peas in a pod!

              • Damn, Genius. We actually have something in common. Guess I’ll take back some of those things I thought about you that weren’t very civil.

                We’re starting a can-a-thon this weekend at my wife’s insistence. She also wants to hone her skills with the AR. How could it be any better than that?

              • You all are lucky to have a partner. I have the cats. My friends think I’m a little “out there” with my politics. I am resigned to making a few small comments and hope they take root in waking people up.

      12. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

        • This is a holographic universe and not Infinite. But the real you is.

      13. sheeple(ignorant human sheep) = gentile goyim (non-jews)

        • If you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them 🙂

          • You can lead a sheep to knowledge, but you cannot make it think 🙂

            • I love humanity, it’s people I hate 🙂

      14. Off topic question.

        I need to buy an off grid grain mill.

        Thinking about Country Living Grain Mill.

        Anyone have one they really like or one I shouldn’t buy?

        Thanks preppers.

        • I have heard good things about them,
          Have a Lehmans own, is ok for a cheap mill,
          Just got a Retsel Little-ark, is better than the Lehmans grinder, got it with the ceramic burrs, gives a nice fine grind, still wasnt jazzed on it though, mostly because Retsel was a pain to deal with, seem sorta disorganized, and slowwww
          So ordered a Grainmaker, 99, figure it will be another step up from the Retsel, and not as expensive as the Diamante and its made in the USA, so looking forward to getting that, im into bread making so want a mill that puts out an excellent variety of grinds for whole grain breads, and want to make fresh pasta from fresh ground flours,,

          • Thank you Kulafarmer for the info on the Retsel Little-ark.

            Checked info on the Grainmaker 99 also.

            The Diamante looks to last forever and a day, but oooooo
            that price tag!

            Thanks again.

        • I have one. Expensive. But works great. It better for the money.

          • Thank you FreeSlave for you positive feedback !

        • I have the CLGM and it’s really well made and works great. It was a little pricey for me at the time but I am now really glad we bought it. My wife made pizza today from flour she ground with it and it’s pretty cool that we almost never buy bread, bagels, and such from the store. we’re still learning on the pasta though, it often comes out thicker than the noodles you get from the store but that’s not the fault of the grain mill I’m sure.

          Anyway can’t go wrong with the Country Living Grain Mill though I would suggest buying an extra cotter pin as none of the other parts seem likely to break but that one can go missing (I blame the children but who knows).

          • Thank you Reb for the plus on the CLGM.

        • I went for the Grainmaker 99. Didn’t have money to waste making a mistake with a cheap one first, so I just did it! This is a super heavy industrial type mill. Nothing flimsy about it. I bolted mine to a stainless steel work table. I love that it will make super fine cake flour in one pass, or if you’re feeling wimpy(kids)you can back it off and crank super easy and go at it twice. It also grinds popcorn for corn muffins, no problem. Most others won’t. I am a BIG fan of this mill. This is one choice you will never regret!

          • Thank you for the info Gopher. Went to the site and watched their video.

            Like their “Lifetime Heirloom Guarantee on whole mill, including the burrs”

            Is pricey, but you’re right–not to waste money on a cheepy!

            Thanks again.

      15. Off Topic*********
        Trying to figure how large this cabin is that we are thinking of buying the ad says 560 ft with a little 2 above the “T” in ft. my question what is the 2 have to do with it. This is way up in the mountains and I’m thinking BOL. Can someone figure this out for me?

        • The 2 means square feet. As in 560 square feet. IOW- small.

        • 560′ X 560′???

          • no.. 560 square feet.. a square foot is 12″ x 12″ squared

        • a 10 foot x ten foot room is 100 square feet

        • so, on that note 560 sq ft would consist of one small bedroom and a bath with a kitchen and a small living area. My house is 1250 sq ft and is no mansion. Easy to heat tho and plenty large enough for 2 people.

          • Or it could well be a 56 foot long (and thus 10 feet wide) single wide trailer.

            • 2 people could be semi comfortable in 560 if they got along well. Long winters might be a bummer.

              • Out of the 3900ish square foot of living space that makes up my two story house, we only use about 600 of it on a consistent basis. Bedroom, full bath, kitchen, room with TV in it. Two humans and a 75 pound dog.

                I would be very happy to downsize to 560 sq ft home. A pole barn or garage for storage would be a nice compliment. OOps… I just described our hidey hole cabin in Appalachia.

                • Thanks a lot guys 560′ is 2 bedrooms, bath, and kitchen living area + a large covered porch yes we do live well together for 55 years so that part will be OK this is up in the mountains on a river so we are thinking BOL. a garage,shed or shop would be a big plus. It also has 5 acres 1/2 cleared, 1/2 woods so I guess it is going to be a go as of this weekend now to get all this stuff moved by the end of the month as we just sold our place. In these days and times snug in the mountains seems like a really good idea.
                  Thanks again .

                  • If you are going to build more structures think about this first. Dig a cellar in the center of the foundation. Make the walls out of concrete blocks and install vent pipes run to hidden spots. Make some home made colloidial silver and mix it with straight portland cement powder and use it as a plaster to coat the inside completely. This will stop mold growth and help keep it dry. I had a shitload of problems with mold in a cellar and finally sheeted the whole inside with plastic, put 3/4 plywood over it, caulked it, plastered it with the plaster I described and haven’t had 1 bit of mold since! I also keep a couple of coffee cans filled with damp rid crystals to help absorb moisture.

                    Make a hatch above one of the walls with a ladder going up to the floor of the above structure with a hidden entrance. Now you have a stealth, protected, cellar that is good for all kinds of things! Make it deep enough so you can put at least a foot of dirt on top. Install an LED light or 12 volt light and a sealed battery with a solar panel on the roof of the shed or structure. Stock it with food, weapons, whatever and you will love it! 🙂

                    • Oh and be sure to coat the entire outside with foundation coating or Koolkoat flexible roof coating. The top will most likely be wood so use good beams and screw ply wood to the inside also and caulk it good and plaster it too.

      16. Only problem is Chris Greene is a looney.

        He predicts WWIII every month.


        Trust me , take the time to read it
        Hope it shines some light on why some shut is going the way it is

      18. That is exactlly what Slobodan Milosevic did in Serbia. He made wars outside Serbia to solve internal an problem – how to stay in power during total economic collapse.
        The solution he chose was to turn angry voters wanting a change in Serbian society into angry patriots fighting a religuous war.
        Sadly I recognise same patterns now in the US.

      19. He doesn’t really talk about the trigger mechanism; he says that the market crash occurs while QEnth is in process, but doesn’t say why it crashes or what the trigger is. The trigger, in my mind, is when the other G5 nations will no longer expand their money supply in proportion to US expansion; therefore, the dollar looses value against foreign currencies, and foreign investment institutes will sell off their assets denominated in USDs.

        • At least he is speaking out about what he believes, rather than sitting on his butt with a remote control in his hand…

          • sixp…
            Are you looking in my back window?????

            • I can’t see anything but bushes from here.

      20. I live in Kentucky and at first was a big Rand Paul supporter. But after watching his comments on TPP it appears as if he is now another puppet.

        • Of course, and the fact that as a former physician, he was an opthamologist- and in the medical circles, that is the specialty that went into medicine for the money- without doing really much heavy lifting. Cataract cowboys. They literally line up the number of 10 minute cataract procedures they have on the schedule for the day (now a very quick eye drops for anesthesia, small few mm slit into the sclera, introduce a phaco emulisfication suction device tube to suck out the lens, then use a pair of forceps to into insert the replacement lens. No longer even have to suture the wound. This is what Rand Paul was before he found out Medicare isn’t going to be paying as much for cataract surgery as it used to. In contrast, Ron Paul was an OB-Gyn. Now those doctors had to get up at all hours of the night, have high risk jobs, and sweated it out.

          Rand Paul- A FUCKING LIGHTWEIGHT!

          PS I left Kentucky years ago. (E-town). That state is so petty, so corrupt. They focus on beauty contests, whiskey, horse racing, basketball, cock fighting, marijuana growing, ginseng, tobacco, moonshining, let’s see anything I left out? Oh yeah cheerleading. Worse than a third world country, with the politicians as inept and corrupt as they come.

          • “PS I left Kentucky years ago. (E-town). That state is so petty, so corrupt. They focus on beauty contests, whiskey, horse racing, basketball, cock fighting, marijuana growing, ginseng, tobacco, moonshining, let’s see anything I left out? Oh yeah cheerleading. Worse than a third world country, with the politicians as inept and corrupt as they come.”

            Thanks for the laugh! Unfortunately, it is pretty much the same everywhere. An economy based on garbage. No real manufacturing, producing, or services, in general.

            It’s almost like Satan has devised this economy in the USA!

      21. “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a NEW ORDER IN THE WORLD.

        What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, became a reality all over the world.”

        ~ The American Hebrew Sept. 10, 1920.


        “Our Jewish race is the Master race.
        The Goy masses will lick our feet
        and serve us as our slaves.”

        — Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister

        I shall now speak of the future: a future in which a rusty Judaic dagger is stabbed into the hearts of all genuine lovers of freedom. After all, dear friends, the future I am about to describe shall be nothing less than the soon-to-come JEWISH RULE OF AMERICA.

        Thus forewarned, and the preamble no longer detaining us, let me begin my sad task of outlining in broad detail the coming doom of the American masses, many of them anti-Semites who certainly need to be taught a salutary lesson.


          • A powerful warning. She is pissed. Do you think Orwell and Katsnelson wrote to one day be called right, or was it a call to action? Thanks for that link, one wolf to another. I might add that it totals 86 million Russians that have died honing their resolve. We delude ourselves and I disagree with Katsnelson. The main pits will not be dug by hand and those trucks and backhoes will have BIS on their sides.

      23. “They, They. They” Who are “They”. Ikeep seeing references to this person, but have yet to meet anyone named “They”. Please name names or you have no credibility. I have been seeing stuff like this for 40 plus years and guess what, never happened. Seems like the definition of insanity applies here. You keep saying the same old things that never happen yet keep saying the same old things. The real pity is the ignorant sheep still buy into this crap.

        • glad to see your completely unaffected by the shit gong on around you in this country

          hope it lasts your lifetime .. or sooner

        • So you’ve been watching for 40+ years and haven’t noticed a thing? Such as Nixon closing the gold window, 9/ll, bailouts of the “too big to fail,” “stimulus,” Patriot Act, NSA spying, and numerous other things? The rate of inflation is increasing. I just went into a 7-11 store yesterday. Hostess cupcakes used to be 25 cents. They were $1.79 yesterday. There’s almost 100 million Americans out of work. There are credit cards charging up to 25% interest, while my savings account only draws 0.5%.

          “They” includes the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, and a number of other organizations.

          Here is a list of names of board members and officers of the CFR from their own website. There are about 4,900 other members.

          Council on Foreign Relations

          Board Members:

          Carla A. Hills
          Robert E. Rubin
          David M. Rubenstein
          Richard N. Haass
          John P. Abizaid
          Peter Ackerman
          Zoë Baird
          Alan S. Blinder
          Mary Boies
          David G. Bradley
          Tom Brokaw
          R. Nicholas Burns
          Steven A. Denning
          Blair Effron
          Martin S. Feldstein
          Laurence D. Fink
          Stephen Friedman
          Ann M. Fudge
          Pamela Gann
          Thomas H. Glocer
          Peter B. Henry
          J. Tomilson Hill
          Susan Hockfield
          Donna J. Hrinak
          Shirley Ann Jackson
          Jami Miscik
          Eduardo J. Padrón
          John A. Paulson
          Ruth Porat
          Colin L. Powell
          Richard E. Salomon
          James G. Stavridis
          Margaret Warner
          Vin Weber
          Christine Todd Whitman
          Daniel H. Yergin


          Carla A. Hills
          Robert E. Rubin
          David M. Rubenstein
          Richard N. Haass
          Keith Olson
          James M. Lindsay
          Nancy D. Bodurtha
          Irina A. Faskianos
          Suzanne E. Helm
          Jan Mowder Hughes
          Caroline Netchvolodoff McCall
          Lisa Shields
          Lynda Hammes
          Jeffrey A. Reinke

          Officers and Directors, Emeritus & Honorary:

          Madeleine K. Albright
          Leslie H. Gelb
          Maurice R. Greenberg
          Peter G. Peterson
          David Rockefeller (he’s a member of almost all of the groups and is one of the people calling for 9/10 of all people to be eliminated)

          You can find lists of members of the other groups online, if you try just the least little bit.

          Every Jenga tower crashes, but you don’t know ahead of time which block, when removed, will make it happen.

          And the economy is a Jenga tower.

      24. The collapse has already happened. It took place back in 1929, and the cherry on the parfait was when FDR declared martial law in 1933 ( or did anybody know this) and has yet to be refunded! Since 1933, the dollar has become more and more worthless, which is why Nixon took america off the gold standard. Back in 1980, I could buy a gallon of gas for 59 cents! That was only 35 years ago folks, and look how high gas and grocery prices have gotten. This is why those two commodities have never been part of the fed’s inflation rating formula. Anybody who thinks america has recovered since 1929 is living in wonderland!!!!!

      25. The deficit isn’t $1 Trillion or $500 Billion anymore. It’s about $100 Billion.

        Does this mean it’s less likely to collapse or is there something I’m not seeing?

        I thought a declining deficit would make it less likely to collapse as the debt shrinks as a proportion at least as there is ‘growth’.

        Though I still believe a collapse will happen, I think it will be postponed by a few years. I’m still prepping though. The preps will be useful for another disaster like a pandemic.

        God bless you all


      26. $20T in unfunded federal, state, local and private pensions. The feds will print the $9T that the federal govt is short, but who will bailout the state, local and private pensions? That $20T is needed now, boomers are retiring 10,000 per day, and has been for the past five years and will continue for another 20 years.

        • They will stick their grubby little fingers in all our pockets to extract what they want,
          If you own a home look for your property taxes to go up exponentially,
          101 reasons why i dont want to own property! Not of any consequence anyway, maybe a postage stamp plot way out in the sticks somewhere.

      27. Gas to fall 32%. I assume that’s from prices last summer. Gas is a commodity, so is gold so if gas falls so does gold and silver.

        • Grandma Bernanke meet Great Grandma Greenspan.

      28. Just this: When the dark race’s riot, cities burn.
        When the white race riot’s, continents burn.
        Maybe that’s why they want to get rid of us.

      29. Sooner or later, what matters?
        Like living on a rail road track, sooner or later you know there will be a train.
        The people that are prepared say bring it on. The people that are not prepared say, your crazy.
        Who do you think is right?
        See how to prepare at home, at:

      30. this is the 70000000th million article just like this….. no new news here….same old thing….its all crashing down…..

      31. No need to worry about that, everyone i see is having babies all over Houston and all over Texas and thousands of jihadist get flown into Lubbuck Texas, while the cabal is busy draining out all the underground water wells in nothern Texas to empty the water supply like what they have been doing the California. No is Jade Helm, and fireing squads legalized in Utah, and the chinese flag mounted on the State Departments front Lawn to welcome the chinese take over not that the fire squad is now ready and operational. With Russians up in my face in the Galleria, literally, last yr demanding to see my girlfriends computer, literaly russain spetnatz, 100% confirmig what David Hodges and Steve Quayle has been waring us about, since she posted crap on them on her face book page, if you recall my recent post on this topic. I can say to men and women out there having babies, and planning your futures. You all are a bunch of mentally retarded stupid people. Trust me when i tell you that i know a scientist who told me in person, since i am friends with him, that calapse is coming, environmentally, economically and socially, to get the hell out of town while we can. THAT ITS FAR WORST THAN WE CAN EVER IMAGINE, LITERALLY HELL ON EARTH IN ALL THE MAJOR CITIES. We, the people all of us are in for one hell of nasty supprise of sudden war, devastation, economic and social calapse, environmental calapse, from the oceans literally busteing open spurring poisonous gases into the atmosphere on coastal areas, dropping oxygen levels, and massive pending ELE “extinction level event” Nibiru is coming around, the 12 planet and its affects on the sun and our planet getting the crap bombarded with asteriods. You name it, its coming. He told me to prep, prep, prep, and prep till you cant prep no more. Then all these events suddenly infold, hits us by supprise, thousands of blacks, gangs, thugs, and other people with the tipical 3 day supply of food and 1 one gallon plastic jug of water in the refridgerator, now starving, desperate, all going ape crap. I can see the now subsidized apartment complexes living off tax payers money, all runing out of food and water, not a pretty site. This is what is coming based on what i was told. Its not looking good, we all need to prepare. Thats it ladies, keep having babies everyday, all of the country, plan our future ahead, you have not earthly clue what coming to America, good luch to you and the men who continue to have these kids, you are as mentally screwed and need physciatric help. Not to talk bad about my fellow prepers who had kids who just found out that shtf is coming to town, then again, you get my point. What could possible go wrong. Just like what my friend told me, this could happen any hr, any day, anytime, all by supprise, literally you are sitting in traffic on the freeway with thousands of cars, right in the middle of the summer heat, and all the cars shut down from emp. My scientist friend packed up and ran the hell out of Houston.

        • Its madening isnt it,
          Sorta a WTF moment

        • maybe they are having those kids so they will have someone to reload the magazines .. ??

        • Hout…you forgot to mention the 10% of americans that are on mood-altering drugs….when they go COLD-TURKEY, it will add another whole new dimension to SHTF!

      32. The decline will pick up pace as the bulk of the baby boomers retire, reducing economic production and additionally increasing demand for government services.

        A glace at historical US birth rates shows a rise from about 1940 and then a return to 1940 levels in the year 1964. That puts the center of the group around the year 1952 (and includes a few more than just the boomers).

        Many baby boomers are putting off retiring. If we assume that the average boomer waits a few years to retire, say at age 66 or 67, then by the year 2018 or 2019 we’ll only be halfway through the transition of the baby boomers from productive workers to full consumers.

        I believe we’ve already begun to see the effects, though, of the aging of this group.

        As I said, the rise begins around 1940. If the average worker retires after 67 years, that gives us 2007. Is it a coincidence that we saw an economic shock that began in 2007? We have yet to recover.

        And while we’re trying to recover, more and more retirees are moving from production to full consumption. Who will take their place to produce what’s needed? Baby busters, perhaps. But there are so few of them that there’s no way they’ll earn enough and produce enough to support entitlement programs. The only way money can be made available then is through the creation of more debt.

        Unfortunately without a corresponding increase in production, inflation is inevitable. Further, entitlements are automatically adjusted for inflation, creating a vicious circle. The more that’s spent on entitlements, the more inflation. The higher inflation, the more that’s spent on entitlements.

        There’s no way to avoid a blowup without reforming entitlements.

        But how can that happen? Baby boomers have so much political power that the necessary reforms will be politically impossible.

        My guess is that the next big economic disaster comes when near retirement boomers are forced into early retirement by a recession, quickly adding their numbers to those of boomers already retiring. The increase in demand and drop in productive output might just trigger runaway inflation.

        Oh, and don’t get sick. The boomers will have access to the government purse to out-compete you in the market for medical care. Unless you’re a boomer, you’ll lose that battle.

      33. I’m a boomer, barely. I do not see a future of retirement. I see a future of working until I am unable to work, then I’ll die. If tshtf before then, I’ll probably die sooner. My greatest fear if for my wife and my kids. My wife will fight alongside me to the end, but we also care for a disabled child. We are prepping for him.
        We just paid out two years worth of power and phone service. A year ahead on property taxes. A little left over to buy stuff to can. We’re way out in the mountains, so should escape the golden hordes, but we’ll still have to defend ourselves eventually. Thank God shit flows downhill…

        • I hate to break it to you, but small, isolated habitations away from the carnage are prime targets after a SHTF event. Everyone is going to be looking for some place away from it all that can also provide for their needs (fuel for fires, stored food, etc).

          If you’re close to a small town full of like-minded people, that’s another story. Good relationships with large numbers of good people is the best protection in a SHTF event, IMO. Such situations can be difficult to find, though. Small towns and cities are disappearing, unfortunately (a result of tax policy, government spending, and low birth rates).

          The fact is that it’s hard to go it alone and you can believe the hordes are going to organize and use their numbers to try and get what they want from small, isolated groups and individuals.

      34. So…
        If you planned well… you have some pallets of bean, rice, and freeze dried canned meats.
        Your have enough to cover your property taxes in silver and gold.

        You home is well stocked.

        How man of you could stay home for one year…
        Say the water and gas kept flowing.

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