Video: FBI Now Going Door-To-Door Interrogating Americans About Jade Helm Military Exercises: “We Follow Up With Anything Like That”

by | May 21, 2015 | Headline News | 146 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    Are you being watched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation because of your concerns about an overbearing government?

    The answer should be obvious given the nature of America’s budding surveillance state and a new video shows just how far law enforcement officials are willing to go to protect the Homeland from anyone who engages in the dissemination of ideas that are counter to the official narrative.

    As you’ll see in the footage below, if you show concern or are outspoken about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 military exercises, then you may be getting a personal home visit from the FBI.

    FBI: Basically we’re just following up on a phone call… there’s a lot of news reporting about Jade Helm and that… and I was just wondering if you have a couple minutes to talk about it… you had called in kind of concerned about it… We follow up with anything like that… we follow all that national stuff.

    If you’ve ever wondered if there is a main core red list and what it’s like to be visited by agents of the Federal government because you support the individual rights outlined by the U.S. Constitution, then watch the videos below.

    (Videos via Godlike Productions, Freedom Fighter Reports)

    According to the federal agents who visited James Casale in Colorado, they are merely trying to gather more information about this Summer’s military operation from citizens who may have come across information not yet available to the FBI.

    This reasoning, of course, is ridiculous, as highlighted by Freedom Fighter Reports:

    Since when do the people of America know more about a military drill than the FEDS? Almost never, so why in the world are the FEDS questioning Americans about their knowledge in regards to Jade Helm 15?

    The FEDS are as seen not taking any notes on what the patriot is describing, which means they already know all that is being said and the only reason for their visit is not for the safety of the citizen it is for the profiling of innocent freedom loving Americans.

    The FBI agents were cordial and seemingly confused about the Jade Helm 15 operation.

    But make no mistake, they did not visit this American because they needed more information from him so that they could look into the military exercises. Their prerogative was to profile and garner more intelligence about the ‘extremist’ views held by the man who answered the door. They wanted to know what he knew and specifically, who he knew, presumably because they would be paying those folks a visit as well.

    The FBI and our nation’s entire homeland security apparatus is now implementing Stalin-esque techniques to keep tabs on dissenters.

    Incidentally, the Jade Helm 15 operation is designed to train military operatives how to identify and round up dissidents and subversives (and their children), and then ship them off in shackles to government managed detention facilities.

    This is America 2015.


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        • Man I miss the days of Schultze. Things made sense back then.

          • Get the fuck off my property.

            • “The FBI and our nation’s entire homeland security apparatus is now implementing Stalin-esque techniques to keep tabs on dissenters.”

              Note: The American people “vote” for this shit… every cycle. It’s a cultural disease… it’s rot!

              Note: Voting in (for) this system will NOT change anything. The metastasizing American tyranny rolls on. The die is cast!

              Note: Voting (at this point) only encourages the tyranny of the parasitical criminal class!

              Stop playing their f*#king game people!!

              Take your marbles and go home!!!

              Q: What would they do if on election day nobody showed up???

              A: “Maybe it’s time for mandatory voting.” ~ Barack Obama

              And just think… some here believe the establishment doesn’t want or need your consent.


              “Mandatory Voting”

              North Korea has mandatory voting, and the “party” wins every time.

              Ain’t voting grand???

              • Who was it that said the tree of liberty had to be watered with the blood of patriots?

                • Thomas Jefferson:

                  “And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

                  Letter to William Stephens Smith (13 November 1787), quoted in Padover’s Jefferson On Democracy.

                  • Comments on this thread are being censored.

                    • No they are not, besides that is classified ?

              • What a dumb ass! Then he didn’t even show the main FBI guy on his film, protecting FBI agent’s identity. Tho THEY invaded his turf.
                He spewed like the “crazy right wing nutter” that they have profiled him to be. He just signed his own trumped up FELONY charges to be used against him in future. They didn’t even have to question him, he just shot his mouth off ad infinitum, implicating himself- not them- with his own camera.
                What was this bozo hoping to accomplish here? Convert the perps to morality and patriotism? lolol Such stupidity is painful to watch. These are the ally idiots who will end up sinking the rest of his.

                • I’m going to have to agree with you there, he did WAY TOO MUCH TALKING. That should have been about a 30 second long conversation; just long enough for you to size them up, figure out who they are, and then tell them to get back in their car and don’t come back. NEVER let the enemy know what you know.

                  “All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu


                • I do so agree … the man who recorded this video talked to the professional snoops/spies sent in to TRAP him into disclosing his views (first hand witness testimony) and the name of anyone else who might agree with his views.

                  Clearly his “views” were objectionable to the system or the FBI wouldn’t BE standing on his doorstep.

                  I don’t know him or his views.. but I DO know that you don’t TALK to the government for any reason.

                  Tell them: “If you have questions put them in writing and send them via USPS, and I will review them and if I HAVE any answers I will write them down and send them to you”~!!!! “PUT It in writing, put it in writing, … XXXX 7~!!!

                  Ego is a stake pit… talking to these people means that you either think they are “human” and are going to listen to reasonable dialogue…. or that you are “flattered” that they singled you out for a visit… Either way you are wrong… very wrong and you put yourself at risk.

              • YMWW: “Note: The American people “vote” for this shit… every cycle. It’s a cultural disease… it’s rot! Note: Voting in (for) this system will NOT change anything. The metastasizing American tyranny rolls on. The die is cast! Note: Voting (at this point) only encourages the tyranny of the parasitical criminal class!”

                NOT VOTING only encourages the PTB in power to continue their pillage of America. Franklin said we have a Republic if we can keep it. Obviously he meant that Americans must be engaged in the political process. Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women. We must engage. By ballot or bullet in defense of the US Constitution but we must engage.

                How did Obola come to power out of nowhere? He was a community Organizer.

                Only a paid government troll, foreign government agent, or complete loser would encourage Americans to drop out of their society and its political process.

                Organize a Freedom Cell where you live. Barter goods and services between your family, friends, and neighbors.

                Target the local party bootlickers and apparatchiks doing the bidding of their national party masters, at the ballot box. Demonstrate on their street in front of the house where they live.

                Exercise your God given right to self determination in your local community Folks as a START or succumb to the status quo. 🙂

                • durangokidd said:

                  “NOT VOTING only encourages the PTB in power to continue their pillage of America.”

                  LMAO. That AZ sun has fried your brain!

                  Answer me this: In the next presidential puppet show, who will you be voting for? Hillary or Jeb?? Which one gets the durangokidd’s sacred “vote???“

                  If you vote in the poodle show called American democracy, not only are you a sucker, but you are part of the problem.

                  Not to worry though DK, soon they will make voting mandatory in the USA…USA…USA!

                  And for those who dissent; they’ll be labeled a terrorist, and scheduled for a drone strike.

                  Ain’t democracy grand.

                • Hey Mac,

                  Where’s my comment from this morning?

                  It did not violate your “commenting policy.”

                  Why has it not been posted after 7 hours???

                • Is Mac censoring posts???

                  While it is his prerogative to do so, he should at least acknowledge the fact instead of hiding behind a “Commenting Policy” statement.

                  What’s up Mac?

                • “Only a paid government troll, foreign government agent, or complete loser would encourage Americans to drop out of their society and its political process.”

                  Well, take your pick… call it any way you want. I disagree that I am a “troll”.. maybe a “loser” because at 76 years old and female nobody sees me as being of any use.. so I guess that qualifies me as a “Loser”… right?

                  I have and will encourage people with foresight to “drop out” of this benighted doomed society.. and since NOBODY other than politicians and banksters are PART of the “political process” …. “dropping out of the political process” for the U.S. citizen – person – resident – taxpayer – HUMAN RESOURCE…. isn’t an option and hasn’t been for decades.

                  Obama and Bush and Mittens the Mormon, and Sacred Ronald Reagan.. etc. etc. etc. “came to power” because they had the POWER and the MONEY behind them … they were OWNED, bought and paid for, before they ever set foot in the “white house” or signed an executive order.

                  I encourage people to LEAVE for other places where cameras don’t exist on every light pole. and personal freedom is still a fact of everyday life.
                  If the morass of zombies and corruption that exist here in the US recedes during the lifetime of the escapee, then they can gravitate back into the US jurisdiction…

                  • Great spirit, Nancy! Had you not spilled that you’re 76, I’d have guessed an informed 26. Useless? Guess again.

                    Anyway, we’re all different in what we choose to value; freedom to leave the US political cesspool or to stand against those who would overwhelm us with usurped authority by force.

                    Me, I’m not going anywhere simply because their corrupt reach is everywhere.
                    Globalist means exactly that and their zombie minions know no other way than to submit to the suppression in fear.

                    But, we didn’t dig this hole and maybe we can’t overcome it in this life. But what’s inspired the many who’ve stood and died for freedom and right still burns in the hearts of the caring and compassionate.

                    I can say that what we think does have significance and meaning in the end. And, to be sure, there is an end to all things, especially for the evil, powerful and dominant corrupt ones. Theirs is the definition of bitter end, always.

                    So, hold to that great spirit. There redemption truly lives in the overwhelming power of love and consciousness. Cheers!

                    • Thank you. Sending love and blessing!!!

                  • Hey DK… I mean Nancy…

                    … So now you’re wearing a skirt???


                    • Who is DK? I gather it is somebody you don’t like?
                      I am not that individual.. whoever it is.
                      … N.

              • I wouldn’t tell them a word – Nothing. They have not authority to ask anything. Screw ’em.

            • @Zero….


              Took the words right out of my mouth.

            • As I’m holding my shotgun

            • Who the fuck CALLS the FBI to complain about the Feds…??!?!??
              Talk about a complete lapse of Opsec…

          • Wilson, Hogan’s Heroes was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. Life made a lot more sense back in those days.

            • I also enjoyed Hogans Heros as a child. As an adult, it seems to me ludicrous that bumbling Shultz and Klink would let the boys out at night to sabotage ammo trains. Part of the myth. I read in Jim Marr’s book that the Nazi’s actually built an A-bomb, they could have hit London or NY or DC, but decided that it would not change the course of the war. Maybe that is why Hitler’s and Borrmann’s death/ body is such a mystery. Maybe they cut a deal.

        • Well, now something makes sense: I posted a comment on another website about Jade Helm and I had such an inordinate number of weird questions from people “cross examining” me about it. I suspected these weren’t just ordinary people asking me what I knew about it.

          • There’s plenty of government scum posting on our sites. I hope chills go down their spines when they realize we will fight back and can blow their friggin brains out, torture, or terrorize them where they live just like they do us. What comes around you know.

            • Zero, govt. people can have ‘accidents’ just like anyone else.

              • seems like we now have three factions in this country, the good guys, the bad guys and then comes the sheeple, sure hope the good guys have a chance of winning! then IF we do what do we do with all the SHEEPLE, as they will still be worthless.

              • Zero, Im sure you have them quivering in their boots. Your pistol vs their tanks, MWRAPS, drones, lazer guns, F16s and missiles.

                • Mwraps? Do they serve those at mcdonalds?

                  • …chipotle, I think… LOL

                    • Sorry but I see no leadership in a site where the participants can’t get along with each other or even be civil to one another. My combat experience might be 45 or so years old, but I was there, I survived, I came home, and I remember how it all went down, My oldest son was in combat in Iraq, Iran, even in Granada spent his last military years as a drill instructor. He doesn’t see much leadership here either. I’m sure everyone of you feels you have THE handle on it all. I’m sure the intel is gathered and has been confirmed as valid. I’m sure the plans have been laid down with alternate outcomes considered and responses determined. I’m sure you all know where you will be because your patriotism and sense of duty (you vets remember that your oath has no expiration date) dictate your need to BE INVOLVED. I’m sure every single one of you is possessed of an IQ over 150 and can shoot the heart off an ace without scratching the card from 300 feet. Why else would EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU be so cavalier and wasteful about something we are all nervous about. An organized and cooperative population is a threat to an armed aggressor and that is especially true in America where more than 80 million people hold more than 100 million guns and are ready to work together AS A TEAM with actual skills and abilities to bring to bear if it becomes necessary. So if they can turn everyone against each other, makes it easier for them. GOOD JOB KIDS! As “SIXPACK” WOULD SAY, LOL Now, go on and rant about the old man who called you what you were! That’ll show em whose boss!

                • Yep, just like Vietnam and Afghanistan. The U.S. cannot win a guerrilla war. They have lost over and over again.

            • Everyone eventually has to sleep, go home, eat…etc. There will be lists being made by patriots aswell. Their downfall will be their arrogance in thinking they will live forever and are invincible.

              Also, people who are worried about MRAP vehicles, tanks, helicopters…etc. Its difficult to drive any of those without a head.


              Sniper head shots are bad for their health. Unless they intend to spend 24/7 365 days in those vehicles. Eventually even the most hardened warrior will grow tired of war and want to go home.

          • Easiest way to shut down these people is to tell them to get off the ass and Google it. Then give them a good link.

            • If the FCC allows civilian access to the internet…

        • They are here now!

        • Several things about this video concern me – for one Casale was volunteering way too much information IMO. Also, the guy at the door does not identify himself as an FBI agent, nor does he show a badge.

          One of the guys was carrying some kind of radio on his belt, but both so-called FBI agents were dressed in jeans and T-shirts.

          Usually they wear suits, unless this is some new directive for them to “blend in” with the locals.

          Bottom line, it’s possible that this is just a completely acted out video.

          That of course does not mean that there are not goons trying to intimidate patriots – but to me these videos have too many holes.

      1. hi we are from the FBI and it seems you know more than us about JH15….hahaha yup!

        by the way can you tell us who your friends are so we can round them…..I mean talk to them also.

      2. “Incidentally, the Jade Helm 15 operation is designed to train military operatives how to identify and round up dissidents and subversives…”

        Looks to me like they’re right on schedule.

        Just sayin’.

        • Indeed, the FBI visit may well be a PART OF Jade Helm 15… “Mastering the Human Domain” and all…

          • Every time I hear that, I think of Seinfeld….

            • “King of the county”.

        • Where in the videos did the two guys at the door ever say they were with the FBI, or any government agency for that matter? Part 2 at 1:35min. the ‘homeowner’ says that even the FBI gets used military equipment. That’s total bullshit, they get all the newest stuff, they are not some rural sheriff’s getting military ‘leftovers’. A complete piece of crap made-up video.

          • Um, actually, the FBI DOES get a lot of second hand equipment. Lots of it.

        • If this is for real, then this is pretty dang frightening. This is pure intimidation, this is how people get disappeared. Granted I don’t know what was said when this guy called, but by what I could hear the “fbi” guys saying and from the way this man spoke, I cant imagine there were any illegal threats that would require a visit. If this is legit, then maybe there really is something to this jade helm. and BTW when the hell did fbi start dressing like Mexican “contractors” outside home depot? And the part at the end when they started very ominously asking “do you know anyone that might try to disrupt….yada yada” Something in there tone…I dono, kinda spooky. And yah oldfart and mac, you’re right this very well may be jade helm in itself. Big brother’s here folks, get ready, pick a side, pray, and trust your gut.

          • They don’t wanna look to much like TMIB?!

      3. According to the docs, Jade Helm consists of DHS, which is 200K personnel umbrella, US special forces, the 82nd Airborne, and foreign partners. Russia and China troops estimated as high as 200K stretched from Colorado to Tennessee and coincidentally along much of the old largely discontinued river piloting system of the Mississippi River system, which actually used to send barges of goods deep into the interior of the Continental United States of America. Out the door, we’re talking about closer to 500K counting US ‘security’ and military personnel and foreign partners. Not merely, a couple grand most mainstream outlets discuss.

        • I think this guy will need to move….

        • Russian and Chinese troops? That sounds a bit too paranoid and hard to believe. Oh, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’d like see some evidence if you have some.

          • They’re not in Ukraine either, are they?

            • That’s not evidence.

              • I would have said that’s my point G-Man, “What the Fuck are we doing in the middle east rounding up people for slaughter? Isn’t that what causes terror backlash attacks here in the US. ….. Smarter than a 5th grader.

                • OK, Russian and Chinese troops are the reason we’re in the Middle East. Thanks for clearing that up.

          • How hard can it be mc6809e to search it on the net…do you really have to be spoon fed?

            • This should interest everyone posting here: Take your screen name (I did yours, Talon, just as an experiment)and do a google search with nothing but your screen name in the search box. If you’re not paranoid already, you surely will be after this…

              • Yes, I have. You’re right.

      4. I think the Government is running just a little scared on this one. They know all to well that a vast majority of people are just a little PO’D with this type and size of training(?) on American soil. If questioned give only; name, ss#, B’day. If you feel doing that will put up on a list hell your already there or they wouldn’t to talking to you.

        • Copperhead, I agree. They’re shitting on themselves because more and more people are waking up and questioning everything. I won’t talk to them, period!

          • Exactly.

      5. if they come asking just throw some really off the wall shit at them,, like you think they are all martians here to eat our faces off or some shit like that .. i aint telling the FBI shit they dont already know, and than some

        i can tell you exactly how it would go at my door

        FBI : bla bla bla Jade Helm?

        me: Hahhahahaha bahwawawawaw .. what now? who?
        no i dont know and have no opinion to give you, now if you will excuse me the dog shit all over the breezeway floor tring to come greet you at the door, i gotta go

        • Have them slide their FBI business cards under the CLOSED door, with your recorder running. “My lawyer will get back to you when possible”. END of chat. PERIOD.

        • Keep your mouth and door SHUT. Period. It is legal for them to lie. this is a no-win scenario for you.

          • While it is legal for THEM to lie, remember that it is a CRIME for YOU to lie to the FBI. Look it up. SAY NOTHING. Sign nothing. Agree to nothing.

      6. The Era of Impact

        ht tp://

        “Of all the wistful superstitions that cluster around the concept of the future in contemporary popular culture, the most enduring has to be the notion that somehow, sooner or later, something will happen to shake the majority out of its complacency and get it to take seriously the crisis of our age”

      7. His first mistake was calling the government to ask them about it. Seriously stupid move. I’d say it’s a no brainer to know this is a bad idea.

        His second mistake was answering the door for these guys. And if you argue that he was required to, well, the least he could’ve done was shut the fuck up about it. You are not going to wake up FBI agents.

        I mean, here he is, just feeding them all sorts of information about himself on his own doorstep for almost 20 minutes. Exercise your right to remain silent with these guys. Engage, HA! More like confess and provide them will intel on yourself!

        • Why would anyone be required to open the door? My house, my door…if I don’t know you, I ain’t opening my door.

          • NO WARRANT, NO ENTRY! Very simple…..

          • A warrant would be the only reason I can see as exigent circumstances wouldn’t exist. You’ll get no argument from me.

      8. Wow. I love that the agents start off as sympathetic to his concerns and then work their way in to asking for Intel of “possible hostile intentions.” When will the government stop treating it’s citizens like the enemy? Americans stand behind our military, and in many cases our government. We just don’t stand behind the corruption and evil ones who are flipping everything around. That said, what moron would not be alarmed by a heavy military presence in their state when racist like Al Sharpton are calling for the federalization of police forces which are becoming more militaristic. The issue of states right is growing more and more complex with the Obama administration trying to manipulate the Constitution. I digress. He handled himself well. Hopefully those two can be counted on should the proverbial crap hit the fan.

      9. I really think the adversarial approach to these encounters is a mistake. Remember that members of the FBI and the military who participate in all this aren’t necessarily of one mind and some may even question their own participation in these exercises.

        If the S really HTF, the military and police are certainly going to be involved. How will they react to you after previous encounters?

        If you have a concern, try to reach out to them. Try to appeal to their patriotism. Many of them signed-up because they desire to serve their country. Remind them that we’re all on the same team and that you’re concerned they might view the public as an adversary. Remind them that your suspicions may be ill-founded, but your right to be suspicious of the government isn’t.

        • You desparately need to grow up. At this stage of the game? The die is cast and the sides chosen- and you’re not on it. Their pension wins over you and patriotism, guaranteed.
          How do you think we got to this point to
          begin with?

      10. Very spooky…

      11. I like how the little guy stands most of the time with his hand right hand in his back pocket. Also, “We’re here to answer any of your concerns about Jade Helm, only thing is, we don’t really know anything about it. Understand?”

      12. IMO this video is bogus. Why didn’t the guy filming film the FBI agents? He filmed for a few seconds the one guy who just stood there with his arms crossed. He never filmed the guy asking questions. Why would anybody in their right mind answer any questions from the FBI without having to?

        He had all these papers he was reading from about presidential powers and this Jade steering wheel military maneuvers bull shit. Who has papers sitting by their door when the FBI calls?

        Too many things that don’t add up for me to think that this video is for real.

      13. Can you believe this is the America you grew up in????

        We used to be a majority but allowed our freedoms to be eroded away by pissant politicians.


        • “V”
          This isn’t the America I grew up in. What a Damn shame.

      14. Why did he not call the local cops. You think that these might be Military saying that they are FBI? Which would be illegal but if OKed they could do it.
        If this happens to you just turn the question around answer their question with a question. Slow down and think what you are going to say. Better yet don’t say nothing at all.
        The question I keep hearing the FBI is asking is are you going to take up arms against Jade Helm 15!

        • If they were really in fact FBI

          I have found no indication that they are..and it seems the video makes sure not to show them , or any badges , or even close enough to see any identification.. could all just be someone on youtube looking for their “hits” or 5 min of fame

          • This is the correct view point expressed by EOTS. This video is intended for a Hegelian response and is much mirrored in the utterly “pink”dickulous crisis actor drama’s portraying the round up of citizens.
            Let me say right here and now..if these morons ever show up at my door…I will regard them as a threat to life, limb and property and will act accordingly.

            One more thing…for those of you who keep expressing that this is “our government”
            You are in thorough need of a history lesson!!!

            Live Free or Die…badges??…we don’t need no stinking badges!

      15. The people are likely to visit those in government to answer their inquiries about what and who they know.

      16. If someone showed up on my doorstep claiming to be FBI but looking more like SEIU union “organizers” than any kind of professional police agents I think the first thing I would do is examine their ID closely, make note of their names, and ask if they had any objection to me calling their local office to verify they were who they said they were before talking with them.

        FWIW, with all the appropriation money the FBI gets, you’d think they could afford some more modern communications gear, that antique looking radio thing the one guy is wearing looks like something left over from the 80’s.

        • yeah i picked up on that too

          read my comment 3390333

      17. The blogs, messages, texts, basically all electronics are monitored. So yea…

      18. Yeah..its staged. The home owner already has his camera rolling before they came to the door…

        • The only time you would see an FBI agent dressed like that is if he were off duty or undercover. Not while on an offical call. Also since we know for a fact that the NSA does Bulk Data Gathering on phone calls and emails, how about they cough up all those emails that Hillary made on an open line and has now mysteriously lost. Sounds like the FBI should be checking into more important issues, than bugging Joe Blow down on Elm Street. Trekker Out. Another Joke!

        • It looked to me like he (at least) was expecting them.

      19. FBI agents in short sleeve shirts and casual-Friday clothes? Not happening.

        They didn’t even sound like genuine agents.

        Totally made-up video.

        • Smokey, the video seems bogus to me also. I wouldn’t talk to them under any circumstances.

          • Brave
            My brother! I was posting mine before I got a chance to read yours post. Great Minds Think Alike LOL, LOL.
            Got Ok’ed for a load,. Getting closer to the move. It can’t be soon enough!

            • Sarge, congratulations. Sounds like a winner. Been looking online at county auctions for something myself. No luck yet, but still looking. Hope to find something in the Cumberland Plateau.

        • Maybe the video is a planted psy-op to make us think the FBI is our sympathetic “friend”, and opening your door to their knock will prove harmless to you and your family.

        • “FBI agents in short sleeve shirts and casual-Friday clothes? Not happening.”

          Really? Cause I was under the impression that one of the things they’re specifically doing in Jade Helm is dressing up in civilian clothes and blending in.

          Do you also believe that “biker shootout” really happened?

          Jade Helm is one great big mindfuck. Don’t be a victim.

      20. I just watched the film in slow motion and backed it up again and again.
        Guy standing with his arms crossed. we are trained not to stand like that. Hands in the pockets is also a NO-NO.
        The clothing that they were wearing is also not what they were. True FBI agents.
        I’m going to have to Call B.S. on this. I believe it was staged.
        Another thing is how many of us answer the door with a video camera going?

        • Sarge, I also call BS on the video. Hollywood would’ve done better.

        • I know for a fact that one of them (the one filmed) is an FBI agent!

          • So what’s his name and what office does he work out of?

            If you know it as a fact then you must have this information.

        • I agree. Have a buddy in the FBI, got interviewed by one of them when they did a background check on my buddy when he applied. This is staged.

      21. Jade Helm? Is he any relation to Matt Helm? I really like those movies. Uh, what was the question again?

        • Jade Helm, daughter of Matt Helm and Octopussy.

      22. I cant say for sure if its real or not, but what i can say with certainty is we are being bombarded with misinformation, disinformation and real information to the extent that everything is muddled and confused, the propaganda machine is in full swing and IMO its all to keep us disoriented and unsure of all information being presented from any source…

        • S.S.
          Damn Straight Man Damn Straight!

        • SS I agree with what your saying, and if I may say, I hate a liar whether it from Big Brother or the Alt.Media. Trekker Out.

      23. Crap is out of control. Good response Sarge. Your cop spider senses are working 100%. What the hell kind of America are we living in. They rat barstards are military in plain close. This is exaclty what the local cops in Houston, Tx, Red neck regions areas are telling me and others. The cops know that they are dealing with government criminals. I think we are just weeks from someone shouting: The military is coming, if tanks roll out on are on the streets, all over Hwy 6, I-10, Mason Rd, or Texas in General, etc, this is when the Lexington/Concord event takes place. I see humvees driving by my office area all the time, and i believe this is being done on purpose, to imdimidate us, then in the next phase, the humvees will stop, and the soldiers will come out after the people. I believe that the Americans i run into just people i talk to in public, shooting the s…t with, are not bluffing. One of them even quoted me in person, and said that from the moment tanks, military in uniform walk into their neighbourhoods, and type of false flag event, that they are are going to launch the counter attack, that they are not screwing around. I can’t prove that they are bluffing or not, however based on how they buy ammo and the type of rounds they pick up, i can tell that these men are not playing around.

        Now see this link Hodges just posted on the so called when shtf hits. We are just weeks from shtf commensing.
        Look at what Hodges just got informed on.

        The timing is also matching up with that youtube interview from Gorrilla economist V, who did and interview with a 4 star general who told him that the military was going to roll out all the equipment by September and attack the American people with all out war including air support, yes people, they are going to attack us on the ground with B1-B’s, Drones, fighter boomber jets, apache gun ships, A10-warhogs, etc..

        Listen to this link and see when the interview was posted, see Jade Helm now rolling out then you will crap your pants.

        This is very serious, VERY EXTREMELY SERIOUS, VERY BAD, YOU GUYS NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS IF YOU HAVENT HEARD IT YET. This is really going to happen. I have a message to the bad military, who may already indentified me from this site from your pizz azz fusion centers.

        • Remember KENT STATE? This is no news. That people don’t think military will fire on us, shows how much in denial, even those most ‘aware’ are. Good grief. They’ve been screwing us for DECADES- including launching 911. Is there anything they would NOT do?


          • This summer I hear the drumming.

      24. Well here’s a little something to remember, NEVER trust a cop, of any kind. What most people fail to consider is that police are a protected elite class in society, only recently held to account thanks to modern tech and cameras in every pocket. Secondly, these are human beings, and the “Constitution” isnt gonna pay their bills…that’s why they are “only folloving orders”,like every other person before them. Their job is to pick up that paycheck and retire.

      25. I hope they are not using FBI agents to conduct polls concerning Jade Helm. Other things need their attention.

      26. Really…really?.

      27. The very word “secret” should be abhorrent to every true American
        Rand Paul

        Live Free or Die…is coded in my DNA

      28. I could lie better than those FBI agents when I was five years old.

      29. The best course of action is not to talk to the FBI.

        They have proven numerous times over the years that they do not have the best interests of the American people on their agenda.

        In fact, the FBI has shown itself to be a terrorist organization. Do not be deceived by their pleasant/manila envelope holding, limp wristed, smiling behavior if they come to your door. They are not your friend. Shut the door.

        • TRIGGER TIME is arriving. But in a very subtle and subjugating manner. Make no mistake, the TIME IS NOW. WE push back NOW, or face the Solzenitzen remorse so well known and lamented. NEVER SURRENDER YOUR RIGHTS. NEVER SUBMIT WITHOUT A FIGHT. We have the NUMBERS and the MEANS to stop this insanity NOW!!!!

          The will, tenacity, dedication, and sacrifice…remains to be demonstrated and FOLLOWED with absolute dedication and TOTAL commitment to the sacrifice illustrated by the founding Fathers. LIBERTY OR DEATH. Commit NOW to that historical basis of the country you now inhabit!!!!

          ANYTHING LESS is “pissing-in-the-wind”. It is GO-TIME! Pick a side and be willing to accept the out-come of your choice.

        • The FBI once came to my home to interrogate me about an email I supposedly sent to some Republican politician. The dumpy little female agent asked me why I was sending “threatening” emails. I said “I have not threatened anyone” then said “I have nothing more to say” and closed the door.

          A week later, the local university police department showed up on my doorstep with a search warrant looking for a “stolen iPhone.”

          It’s a good thing I didn’t own an iPhone, or I could have been sent to jail in addition to having my house ransacked.

          That bitch will get her comeuppance, of that I’m sure.

          These days the FBI has no clue where I live, by design.

      30. Just an FYI on my facebook page went to log in, there was a differant log in name it was my first name . last name . numbers . come, when I put in my password under the log in that I HAD NOT CREATED it worked. wrote down the log in that I did not create with my name and have used it to log in several times, goes straight to my page. Had to have been created by facebook or nsa or someone from the inside. guess I am on the list, to many links to shtfplan article page and others for the do not post real information to the kool-aid folks. welcome to the real America comrades.

        • Since your browser (by default) will remember your log ins, if what you say is true, then someone had physical access to your computer in order to log in to your FB account. They also had to use your original log in name and password. I could get on your computer even though I don’t know you, and log in to FB if you haven’t changed your security settings in your browser.

          This is how virtually anyone with access to your computer could get into your FB account—Go to your log in page and double click on the ‘Email or Phone’ box. A drop down box should appear, listing every log in name. Click on one and both the ‘Email or Phone’ AND password box will fill with the appropriate info.

          This does not mean that the spooks were in your FB account, but it COULD mean that someone in your home did. Change your browser settings so that it does not remember your log in info.

          Startpage or google “securing log in info in my browser” You never said what browser you use, but they all allow for easy log ins. YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR BROWSER SETTINGS AND YOUR PASSWORDS IMMEDIATELY….All of them, including your bank, etc… If you reuse your passwords like some people do, they can access almost anything.

          Don’t wait for me, do it now..;..

      31. American mom, welcome ot the board. I live in Texas, the entire state is on the red list. Once I say the jade Helm Map I began to post here, it was my wake up call, I knew right away that they won’t be sparing me and others, that they will put 7.62 slugs in my head, so don’t let those Agency azz clown scare you. Besides we need mor brave women like yourself posting on here to join the conservation, I have learned by experienced that women’s opinions do matter, especially women that are awake to the BS..I recommend that you cancel that face book account. Don’t waste you time with that crap site. At least now you know what’s going on..

        Respectfully, Aka HCKS.

        • Thanks for the welcome, always read the articles but always get more from the other well informed posters who seem to know more than I do. Thanks for letting some of us learn from you, it is a bit overwhelming but our family is trying to understand and begin the preparing as best we can. It is nice not to feel alone as many you talk to do not have any idea about anything covered here.

      32. Dudes: I remember when comet Elenin was coming, I was SURE that that sucker was gonna smack us. I was all worked up, thinking it was planet x, yadda yadda yadda. Then I woke up the next morning and had coffee.

        Bottom line: Lets not all jump to conclusions. Remain calm, and carry on. Stay rational, use your brain, allow the facts to crystallize. DON’T panic and start going off the deep end. If all this is true, we’ll know soon enough, and we can always in kind.

        • Same thing happened to millions and millions of people at Y2K.

          I actually knew two guys that moved to some kind of survivalist community in Idaho believing that Y2K was going to herald the overthrow of the Constitution among absolute collapse of civilized life and establish a dictatorship in its place.

          One of them ended up losing everything he held dear and left behind (a great job, decent savings and retirement, etc.) the other actually did much better since he met a girl he fell in love with and married her to start a family.

          The point is, deal with real things as they happen, not imaginary and improbable ones before they happen. If you insist on dealing with imaginary stuff instead, at least don’t throw the real life you have away in the process.

          • I wish I’d had enough of a clue to have bought gold during that time. I’d be wealthy today…

      33. These guys are NOT FBI…this guy is a tool, a real idiot!

        This dumb ass needs to be introduced to one statement……”You just stepped on your dick with golf shoes on.”

        That’s if in fact if this whole ignorant video was even real and not a whole psyop staged video to be entered onto youtube for all the gullible masses to suck up.

          • This woman is much smarter than the first guy with the fake fbi vermin.

            • That was supposed to say …….”this woman ISN’T much smarter than the first guy…..”

      34. If the FBI or ANY FEDERAL AGENT shows up at your door
        and wants to ‘talk’ REFUSE. Tell them NO. NEVER EVER
        for any reason talk to a federal agent without the presence of YOUR LAWYER and a tape recorder. What they WILL DO is ‘talk’ to you, then make notes of the conversation…..the notes don’t have to be accurate, they merely need to exist. Then six months or so later they will ‘talk’ to you again and ask essentially the same questions. If you say ANYTHING that is different they will arrest and charge you with lying to a federal agent. Their rationale is we asked the same question twice and got two different answers ipso facto YOU LIED.

        Martha Stewart went to prison….most people think it was for ‘insider trading’….it wasn’t, it was for the
        charge of ‘lying to a federal agent’. Remember….they
        can lie to you all day every day and even under oath and
        it’s AOK but if you make one tiny misstep your ass is going to prison. NEVER TALK TO THE ‘MAN’….EVER without a lawyer AND a tape recorder. And when you tell them that you are happy to talk under THOSE condition like magic they will all of a sudden not need to interview you.

        • Absolute words to live by. Thanks.

      35. I am even wasting my time making this comment but since you sometimes have somewhat decent posts on this site, I thought I might suggest that you improve average quality by eliminating posts like this.

        I frankly feel sorry for the guys who had to waste their time calling on this nutcase. I can only imagine what triggered the interest in him.

      36. Whats even scarier than Feds showing up and questioning this man is if their reason for doing so was real, imagine what it would mean is branch of our government was going out of the way to hide its action from a fellow branch such as the FBI.

      37. They come to my house harassing they will be meet their maker.

        • The video is staged and phony, they don’t come to your house that way.

          If they did, you could just tell them to go away and get a warrant if they thought you were guilty of something and had enough evidence to present to a judge to get one.

          You don’t have to talk to the police if you don’t want to, even if they do have a warrant, just don’t lie to them if you do. For that matter, you don’t have to answer the door to any strangers not in police uniforms if you don’t want to, and under most circumstances even if they’re in police uniforms.

      38. My initial thought watching the video was that it seemed very contrived.

        I was thinking sarcasm, or a “How NOT to answer the door” video guide.

        But after reading his comments on u-tube, I almost believe it happened. He’s got two videos posted 2 weeks after creating the account. 21K+ views. He responds to u-tube comments.

        He writes of answering the door thinking it was his brother at the door, after confirming via phone that his brother was coming over. He writes that he was just up from a nap, accompanied with recent use of medicine (cannabis implied) for his Crohn’s Disease.

        He mentions that he has a JH15 facebook page, and seems pretty riled up over all kinds of concerns about amendment this, and jade helm that, etc.etc.

        He seemed to think this visit at his door was in response to his call to some Nebraska State authority.

        I could hear his voice start to slightly quiver towards the end of the visit as he starts to realize he’s stepped into the verbal vomit of his own doing.

        It even looks like he is, actually, posting all this video/social media protesting stuff under his REAL name.

        I don’t know if the video is documentary or rehearsed. But, I DO know one thing…

        No way those two were FBI. (DHS?)

        Whatever alphabet agency they work for, when they go back to this guy’s place for a follow up, the first thing they are going to do is shoot the yapping dog.

        Always Be Armed.

      39. Not sure who that was at his door but it sure was not the FBI.

      40. Why divulge so much information to two strangers?

        • Native Born, not to attack your comment, but WE come on SHTF and divulge everything we know for the whole world to see. Trekker Out.

      41. Yet the FBI cannot seem to catch or prosecute any of the Too Big Too Jail.

      42. Never, EVER speak to so-called ‘Law Enforcement’ regardless of how cordial, friendly, or well-meaning they appear to be.
        1. Ask if they have a Search Warrant; if they don’t, then instruct them to leave immediately!!
        2. If they do have a search warrant, inform them you are contacting your lawyer / attorney for further instructions.
        Never, EVER let them into your home, as to do so you give up your Constitutional Rights!!!

        • Reality is, in most cases, if they have the legal right to enter your home, then will not ask for your permission. They will most likely shove you to the ground and search while you sit on the curb outside…in handcuffs.

      43. he should have shut up and made them show their badges; called the FBI headquarters to find out if they really work for the FBI. he would be among the first to be rounded up; he outed himself

      44. You know. I’m all about blaming as much as possible on our crappy government. However, the person that recorded/posted this….is an absolute idiot!!!!

      45. US citizens are under NO obligation to talk to the FBI or any other LEOs UNLESS they have a court order / warrant. Just ask if they have one. If yes, they ask to see it so you can read it to see what they are authorized to do. Otherwise, hand them your attorney’s business card and tell them that they can contact your attorney for answers to their questions.

      46. This massive problem has been on the cards ever since they started building the first Prison Camp, ok one camp no problem but when it got to 15 or 20 Bells should have started Ringing, & then it was just plain simple to work out & then when it started climbing up 7 up & eventually 800 some of these contractors must have known & been specially picked, but if i were one of those workers i would have sent some emils to someone like you & would have even got a new phone under another name just in case things got hot,plus there is the other Red Light Flashing with the 3 Storey Special Prison Trains Complete With Shackles again someone should have put two 7 two together, i have to say what my thoughts are on this whole Mess,why has the american people & so called congress & the two parties never done didly shit & as Jesse Ventura Says they are both the same,& when things started going Bad With That Islamic President why did you vote him in for a second term & the things he has got passed just seems to me that either most americans are watching Baseball or Walt Disney or they all think they should Die because america has done so many bad things & not just at home but worldwide, i know that the us is run by the illuminati& that they control many many countries & that they work Together With The Banksters & there,s much much more i could say it all boils down to being so stupid by everyone i guess most americans are to damm trusting thats about it,& another thing that can be found on youtube is The United States Is A Privately Owned Company Belong To The Crown Colony why hasent this been made Public,im 72 & i am just so amazed on how americans have been so Lax & all the Debt Run Up By The Feds again it belongs to the Rothschilds along with the Bank Of America & another 197 Worldwide Banks, so if this is right & iv checked it,s right america not the states has no Debt it belongs to that basterd Rothschilds so america can start over with a clean slate, thats if anyone is still free or alive that is, you all have placed yourself in one hell of a Fix & why is there so many troops going along with this don,t they ever look on youtube or Sites like yours & others as i know almost all tv & news is bought & paid for, there,s so many many Red Lights Been Flashing it beggers belief that it has got so bad without a Public going mad & demanding answers,& again it,s been said that the illuminati & banksters bought the Government for a Measly 300 Million Dollars, i cannot say this is true like the others i have mentioned but if correct it just proves how Corrupt America Has Got, i love america & it,s new inventions & country music & so much more but i just have to state it again you all have been asleep for to long & i guess it all started with that 1,000 Germans that were smuggled into the states in 1945 & i know that is true as one of my Uncles Was There When They Were Loaded Into Subs,so we know about the illuminati the black nobility the tall white aliens who live in the Desert so if i can find out all this info why hell hasent others in power or in the military they cannot all be bought & paid for,you possibly will not publish this as i have been to frank about america being so lax but at least you must agree that i am dead right & as my late father used to say the Truth Hurts & if this does get published i bet 65 % will turn & say shit this guy is right why have we been so Lax,

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