VIDEO: Cop Suffers A Panic Attack During Standoff As Paramedic Disarms Him

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 58 comments

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    A Sevier County Sheriff’s Office deputy opened fire without warning in a mobile home park. He then suffered an apparent panic attack and four minutes later was forcibly disarmed by a paramedic, body camera footage shows.

    Deputy Justin Johnson and paramedic Blake Gregg were holding down an unarmed suspect, Tina Carrie Jo Cody, when the incident occurred. The video begins with Johnson asking Cody to walk toward him with her hands up. He already seems angry and slightly agitated.

    Johnson was called to the mobile home park at 794 Sharp Road by the paramedics. A “morbidly obese female” had fallen inside one of the homes and was complaining about landlord Robin Sutton, Cody’s mother, and Cody, Johnson wrote in his report.

    Once Cody is on the ground after a short chase,  an obviously adrenalized Johnson suddenly turned toward the trailer park and fired four shots. He paused and fired three more rounds, the video obtained by the USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee showed. Johnson then ran away from Cody and Gregg toward Sharp Road.

    “Shots fired,” he told dispatchers. “We need help.” Four minutes later, Johnson was kneeling over Cody, who had remained on the ground during the shooting, with his gun still in his hand when the video showed he began hyperventilating and running backward away from the mobile homes and Cody.

    Paramedic Michael O’Connor ran toward Johnson.

    “Pull it together,” O’Connor told Johnson. “Look at me.”

    The sheriff’s deputy begins to panic around the 5:25 mark in the video. Johnson continued to hyperventilate while pointing his gun toward Cody, Gregg and the mobile homes. He appears to be suffering from a breakdown. “Give me your gun,” O’Connor repeatedly said. A still hyperventilating Johnson continued to grip the gun. O’Connor eventually wrested it from his hand. “Let go of it,” O’Connor said. Johnson continued to hyperventilate.

    The paramedic does succeed in disarming Johnson. About one minute and 30 seconds after Johnson began hyperventilating, his breathing slowed. “I’m OK,” he said. “I’m OK.”

    O’Connor handed Johnson his gun back. He had hyperventilated so strongly one of his contact lenses had popped out of his eye, the video showed. He tossed it away as he trained his gun toward the mobile homes. The man he has been yelling at was Brian Keith Mullinax, the boyfriend of Tina Carrie Jo Cody. The couple spent 42 days in jail on felony charges, accused of causing what was described in court statements as a “panic attack” and which a detective called “some type of cardiac event.” They remain under prosecution on misdemeanor charges, court records show.

    Unarmed, Mullinax was face down on the ground with his arms extended during the duration of Johnson’s panic attack. The video showed Mullinax obeyed Johnson when – after Johnson had fired seven shots and ran away – the deputy ordered him to the ground, and he never moved from that position during or after Johnson’s panic attack.

    Mullinax is set to stand trial in Sevier County Criminal Court on a charge that he assaulted Johnson. A lower court judge already dropped felony charges against both Cody and Mullinax, and a grand jury refused to indict Cody for causing the panic attack. She remains charged with resisting arrest.


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      1. At least the cop
        was a bad shot.
        Americas finest.

        • questions: 1- who does the “paramedic” point the gun at around the 6:00 mark and why? Who is he yelling at? IS he a paramedic?
          2- why on earth did he give the gun BACK to the cop at 7:00 mark?

          something is wrong with this story

      2. I can’t really make out the threat. People walking around everywhere and don’t seem to be worried.

        He just plain and simple lost it. Stupid tax eater.

        • This deputy needs to be admitted (forcibly) to a mental health facility and “examined\treated” for no less than 2 months. That will end his ability to own firearms, as his video clearly shows he has no business owning, possessing or using one.

          • Clownzilla, welcome, and I have to agree. His bosses unfortunately will do their best to cover this up. They don’t get held accountable for their actions. Cops are above the same law we’re all expected to follow. They’re a ‘protected class’ of people.

            • Definitely so, Braveheart! Especially there in East Tennessee. Very paternalistic, authoritarian society there.
              He’s likely so porkbellied, he had a heart attack from having to do any exertion, especially after riding a car all day (all his life).

          • Entire government needs that treatment and disability to own arms. Only the people have the right to keep and bear arms, for the security of their free states.

        • JRS, I just finished watching 9 minutes and 37 seconds of illegitimate video. There was clearly no threat to that cop at any point in the video. The article never mentions what kind of complaint was made against the girl or what charges she faced. I don’t blame her for running. She was probably afraid of getting killed by the cop. That cop had to be hallucinating, having a nightmare, something of that nature. He fired 7 shots for no good reason. If anyone needs ‘psychological testing’ it would be him.

      3. And why am I not suprized? These are still relatively normal situations. How will most folks mental stability remain if there is a shure enough SHTF WROL situation? Maintaining mental stability and being able to reasonabily and rationally cope is going to be difficult at best. You need to be able to wrap your mind around unthinkable things without it negatively affecting your judgment.

      4. I’m surprised he didn’t hit one of the paramedics in the back with all that huffing and spazzing. A) Police officers shouldn’t exist. B) maybe they should be trained more like paramedics, to save lives instead of like steroid flunkies playing army of one against their neighbors. See how calm the paramedics were, well before they had to disarm that tub of useless excrement.

        • Lolzngiggles, yeah I noticed how calm the paramedics were. Their behavior was definitely much better than the cop. Paramedics and firefighters are the only ‘first responders’ I have any respect for because they help people. Cops are always out to harm people. If that cop had touched me he would’ve had a fight on his hands.

      5. A nice stay, against his will, at a mental health facility will effectively end his “law enforcement” career. This deputy is an incredible liability to public safety.

      6. Being a former Police Officer I can tell you that the stresses that come with this job you can never really prepare for. Either you can or you can’t. You don’t really know until your put to the test. The emotional highs and lows, the frightening and sad things you experience from time to time chips away at you. I got out of Law Enforcement after three years. When I was asked why, I described it as a teaspoon of sadness every day. sooner or later you get your fill of it.

      7. I couldnt see what he thought he saw.
        Got to give him the benefit of the doubt

        • wait what..? Seriously…??

          you cant see someone elses halucination.

          benefit of the doubt in what way? he fired his weapon. No clear target. Negligence.

      8. of course its a black cop. As usual he can’t handle the stress of a day job.

        • What an ignorant comment. Did you actually *watch* the video or listen to the audio?

      9. Someone should have smashed that girls face into the dirt (with a boot or stick to the back of the head) while yelling “SHUT THE “F**K UP” until she complied. She was contributing to this in a bad way.

        • Yohan, did you watch the whole video? I never saw where she was any threat to the cop. Most likely she was scared to death of being ‘suicide by cop’. And the article never mentions what the complaint or charges were against the girl. The cop had to be hallucinating or something. Why did he fire 7 shots in the air and then called out ‘shots fired, need backup’? There’s something bogus about this case and that cop should face some disciplinary action, undergo some testing, or something. There was never any threat visible in that video.

          • And thus why police are now being required to wear cameras, in this case, the camera seems to be saving these people from false imprisonment.

            A warning to everyone reading this, the body cams on police see and hear better than you might think. If police come to your door, everything you say and do are recorded, and may be used against you. There’s no more he said she said, when a cop has a camera. Beware the footage may be lost before your trial if it makes police look bad, or even you innocent.

            The weakness of the camera is its narrow field of view, but audio may be its biggest strength, and things said softly can later be amplified.

            If you call the police to your home, be prepared, things in plain view could now include the titles in your magazine rack, or the screen on a computer viewed from your door, clear across the room that can later be zoomed in on and analyzed.

            Police are now walking bugs that see and hear in high definition, recording all, and it will be used against you in a court of law.

            • yep, thats why you greet the cops on your front porch and shut the door behind you if you have a Need to interact with them at all.

              Best phrase to employ if they show up uninvited is ” I would be more than happy to assist you in your investigation, but prefer to do so through my lawyer. Have a nice day.”

        • suck it, statist bootlicker.

      10. I’m not a cop because I realized at the age of 17 after I joined the army that my adrenaline made me want to do nothing more than kill. There was no middle ground. For the rest of my life I’ve fervently avoided situations that would give me an adrenaline surge. So far,,,, no murders.

        • Bctruck, I could never in good conscience become a cop with their anti-public mindset, getting on power trips, extreme abuse of people, stealing from people in the name of civil asset forfeiture, setting up people for false charges [which drug cops are notorious for]. COPS SERVE GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. The federal and state supreme courts have said that many times. I know something’s wrong in this country when I have look at law enforcement the same way I look at BLM, antifa, gangs, etc. Cops are never to be trusted.

          • Police get bonuses and promotions when they make arrests, and people are prosecuted, even if that person was innocent. There is no incentive for police to ever admit an arrested person is innocent. There are no bonuses or promotions for serving the common good.

            The number of police moved by honesty, and the desire to do the right thing is a minority.

            The legal system is rigged to allow police a lot of discretion, I personally have never met an adult, who wasn’t screwed by a cop who tricked, trapped or just flat out falsified a ticket or charge. Combine this with a legal system that has produced tens of thousands of laws just to make a headline.

            The most insidious thing to hit the American legal system was the early 68 gun laws that said people that commit a felony can’t buy guns. Originally only violent capital crimes were classed as felonies. Soon after this law was passed it became a regular practice to upgrade old misdemeanors to felonies, and make new laws felonies, now tens of millions of people have been stripped of constitutional rights to vote or buy firearms because in some cases they made a typo on a government application. Police are all to zealous to enforce these crazy bogus laws, and get a promotion out of it.

            Beware America.

        • Bctruck, I usually dont open up on here for a ton of reasons, but will say I understand your situation more than more than you know. Theres a book by Col. David Grossman called “On Killing” that was a serious eye opener for me once I ETS’d. Its worth a read. Good luck.

      11. Spike, I have 2 former sheriff’s deputies and 1 retired state trooper in my family. They left during the time when the militarization of your former profession had just begun and civil asset forfeiture had also begun. They left because of the anti-public mentality and all the corruption they saw. They joined up to help people, not to harm them. That was one program they couldn’t get with.

      12. So the article says the girl caused the cop’s ‘panic attack’? Bullshit with CAPITAL BS. More likely he was on a power trip. I’m just glad that girl’s alive.

      13. Being he is a black cop , he will get a promotion. Nappy head Al not so sharp Sharpton will see to it !

        • nope, a white cop and east Tennessee accent. You are assuming he’s black when he has white hands, just he assumed that ma who fell in the floor and started complaining to the emt’s about the landlord, and the daughter and boyfriend said something to support the daughter and most likely the emt’s got a bit worried and called the deputy, who then assumed he was in mortal danger. Which in fact the which we know was in his head.

          So I assume that’s what happened in the trailer.

          He needs to see the psych, who’ll most likely ask if he wants some meds.

          rip his cert. he’s gone. can’t trust him. not with a gun and not with stress. No assumptions on that.

      14. Turns out, those of us protesting Target bathroom opening to men, or N.C protesters, were right:

        Some of this stuff is too disgusting to even report on, but if we don’t, then the gay-uber-alles and PC types make even further inroads. Ellipses below are because this stuff is too distasteful to even write about. You can read the full, graphic account that the link at bottom.

        Transgender Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting a 10-Year-Old Girl

        A “Wyoming man who identifies as a transgender woman is on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom. The trial for Miguel Martinez, who goes by the name Michelle, began on Monday, the Billings Gazette reported. Martinez allegedly invited the young girl into the bathroom with him where he allegedly fondled the girl’s breasts and genitalia, before penetrating her… Nurses at a nearby medical center “completed a sexual assault exam and found redness and abrasions on the girl’s genitalia,” according to the Gazette’s report..”…

        Cited from

      15. Being a black cop means he also gets protected by affirmative action.

      16. This is the oddest police body cam footage I have seen.
        There was no reason for the officer to draw his weapon and go straight to deadly force.
        It looks as though the officer was shooting at perceived threats that were not there.
        This officer cleary does not need to be on any police force.
        There is evidence in this video of some type of past PTSD or other psychological disorders.
        The corrupted police and courts are just a enforcement arm for the elitist controlled government.

        • P-51, agreed. A totally bogus video.

      17. Holy shit,it’s a wonder that cop didn’t shoot someone! He needs a full psychological evaluation,stat.

      18. Typical cops tried to blame their victim for causing their cop’s incompetent failures and endangerment of the public. Cops can be blamed for the public’s self-defense against them too, though cops’ mainstream media won’t allow that to be accepted by the sheep.

      19. Everyone needs to be trained to be a cop(militiaman), lawyer(common, constitutional law), judge and a Christian. That’s what’s missing in your constitution. If someone steps on your freedom you have the right to judge how to settle the situation. There is no need for centralized pig mafia who confiscate and use money, drugs, and steroids. The “wild” west was a utopia compared to modern sh*tshow.

      20. I had the unfortunate experience of having three cops from a group call- BBO- brothers before others . Invite themselves to a dinner. These cops are a bunch of cowards. They brag about how they screw people over by planting evidence , lying in court and spreading rumors to bring people down. They meet and discuss ways of making their own laws.
        I lost all (what little I had) of respect for the law enforcement community .

        • Wolverine, it’s sad but true. You know something’s wrong in this country when you have to view LE the same way you look at common criminals, BLM, gangs, antifa, etc. They share the same sewer.

      21. The average IQ of an American black is 85? The inbread North Africans is probably lower? And the Browns ,look at the country’s they rule? When the obvious is denied. We are doomed?

      22. Took the white dude to keep him calm.

      23. Nervous Nellies with a badge and a gun? Takes a certain type to be a cop?

      24. And THIS guys has a badge AND a gun? WOW.

      25. DMONIC, I was thinking the same thing. He definitely has no business being a cop. He qualifies to be a gangbanger.

      26. Seems too many civil servants with too much authority are everywhere.

      27. He learned those moves in drive buys before affirmative action forced the city to hire him as a cop.

      28. I’ve never seen anybody freak out like that. That’s bizarre. Anyways, this road pirate needs to have that badge and gun removed, permanently, and he needs to be charged with negligence, & reckless endangerment, then checked in to a mental facility for a serious mental evaluation. This man is a danger to society.

      29. #1 – It pisses me off that the “Black” equation has to infiltrate this story. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a hard working guy who’s putting his life on the line for us. I can’t answer whether or not he’s a good cop.
        #2- I don’t care what the charge was; the paramedics felt it was necessary for a cop to be on site so there he was; events fell as they did. One thing for sure; she NEVER followed his instructions and physically rebuffed both the officer and the paramedic when they tried to turn her over and handcuff her. This, in itself, was cause enough to crack her ass over the head.
        #3 – Nobody can see whether or not a gun was initially displayed by the boyfriend, so that commentary is null and void.
        #4 – Unfortunately, yes, his career is over. No one that is susceptible to anxiety/panic attacks should have a gun in their hand as part of their job. I know myself from having a couple of them over the past 30 years; there is no controlling when they show up and what will happen. I just know that they aren’t a pleasant experience and the brain is a powerful force. The attack wasn’t the cops fault; it just happened due to forces beyond his control and unfortunately, it’s going to cost him his job.
        #5 – give the guy a break; he was a cop trying to do good, hopefully. And, provide for himself and his family. At least he’s not a freeloader like the other half of this country.

      30. So, you guys think that the racist viewpoint will bring the country together, solve the problems? I’m not saying you can’t have your stand; you can, and I’ll defend your right with my life. But, one thing I’ve learned from playing it from both sides over the past 60 years; divisiveness gets us nowhere. I’m just glad I live where I do. We have our problems, but the only issue I’ve had since moving here has been with other whites. Every black person I’ve met so far has been the salt of the earth and I have to say, I came away saying, “I wouldn’t mind getting to know that guy/gal”. I’m not a bible thumper or some crazed Liberal singing “kumbaya”. I’m a realist who knows that being divided will bring us down, while standing together we’ll crush anyone who faces up to us.

        • Coin Crusher, welcome and I’d like to clear up some things. ALL of us have been misled about the true role that cops have in our society. Their role is to collect revenue nd terrorize we the people to ‘keep us in line’. They don’t ‘protect and serve’ the public, they serve the government. That’s already well established by the federal and state supreme courts. Cops have no obligation to the public. They have a total anti-public mentality. They steal whatever they want from people in the name of ‘civil asset forfeiture’. They bully and use unjustifiable force on people when they’re not killing them and call that ‘doing their duty’. They can no more be trusted than any common criminals, BLM, antifa, gangs, etc. They’re all in the same sewer. I’ve had relatives in LE who got out because they wanted nothing to do with that crap. As far as the racial aspect goes, the only real ‘racism’ out there is the RACISM AIMED AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE FROM ALL OF THE BLACK ORGANIZATIONS. The NAACP, Nation Of Islam, New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, even some government agencies have all been waging an illegitimate campaign against white people for decades. It’s WHITE people who suffer from discrimination, oppression, terrorism, etc. Your people get all kinds of special treatment under federal law and that is a fact. It’s the black organizations that keep stirring up the pot and keeping us divided. I would love to see overcome any differences we have and unite to rise up against this evil system but I don’t see it happening. Too much suspicion and lack of trust between black and white. I know this sounds harsh but it’s fact.

      31. It says the defendants were “accused of causing what was described in court statements as a panic attack”. How dare those people scare that poor man, with his badge and gun, and seeing all those demons flying around him? It is common knowledge that if you walk up to a cop and yell “boo”, they are gonna start shooting. Of course, I take this to the extreme, because it is very “extreme” that this man still has his “badge and gun”!

      32. People are missing the point. These people were already accused of causing panic attacks. It sounds like they are heavy into some occult practices and probably demonized to the point that they can channel energy to cause such attacks. My opinion–the deputy WAS attacked, just not a physical assault. We will se more of this in the days to come.

      33. East Tn is a Cesspool for PIGS like this Punk, I have been Beat Down, AND Robbed of My Money while I was in a Jail Cell 12/24/1976
        I have been Lied to, Set up By SCUM in R**** County- Barney Fife Power Tripping BITCHBOYS


        12/24/76, I WAS A 17 YR HOME ON LEAVE, Just finished Jump School make the mistake of letting a cop see a wallet full of hundreds @ The Shack for a burger combo purchase, well I am waiting & cruising about midnight for the girl to get off work. Barney and his Butt f buddy Bubba stop me, rough me up, take me to jail, sure I had a few too many- 17 yo kid , jump completed basics/ait/jump school- I FKN EARNED IT. Was shipping out in a few weeks overseas, on legal leave.
        I show Barney & Bubba my leave papers/Military ID, And all those 2 azzclowns can say -I bet he’s awol, for like 30 minutes, throw me in a cell, no blanket, no shoes just jeans and a leather jacket, about 430 am they come wake me up and say YOU Robbed the Jailer of all your money, I say WTF, so they make me go take them to see all my friends I had been with that night, “Trying” to find the criminal-THE CRIMINAL WAS A COP,DUH ! so Glenn pos Langley-corrupt judge sees me in Court and I OWE the Courts all That money & more, Yeh, it was STILL THE SAME BS CORRUPT SHITHOLE when I left IN 2000=HOPE THEY ALL DIE-SOON , Only then will I return to piss on their graves and bang their wives. POWER CREATES CORRUPTION & GREED KILLS FOOLS. …..PROVE IT BARNEY !!!!

      35. I’d be willing to bet (and I am not the gambling type) this guy is another vet with PTSD. Absolute worst person to hire to be a cop is a vet fresh home from Iraq/Afghanistan. Jar heads in love with a gun and power.

        I equally hate, and I mean HATE! all cops, vet or otherwise.

      36. I see no evidence of another weapon nor was one mentioned in the article.
        The officer fired seven shots. Why?
        He then ran away and deserted the emt’s.
        Upon the officers return, he freaked out again and had to be disarmed.
        When backup arrived the emt gave back the firearm to the police officer.
        He should not have returned his weapon.
        This individual needs to be retired as a police officer. He obviously cannot function under stressful conditions.

      37. Asthma? COPD? Heart disease?

      38. He should be put off the force, this ass is a huge liability to his fellow officers,whos backs he should have.
        And the general public, and we all see he can’t deal with it mentally.
        Did he tell shots fired to cover his ass for reckless discharge of a firearm?
        We’d be buried UNDER the jail if it was any of us.

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