Victim Disarmament Zone: Apartment Management Firm Prohibits Residents From Owning Firearms and Weapons

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Headline News | 230 comments

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    Gun Free Zone

    Imagine you’ve been living in your home or apartment for several years. You’re an avid hunter, sports shooter, or simply someone who wants to protect their family should an individual with criminal intent coming breaking down your door. You own a handgun, rifle, crossbow, or other self defense weapon.

    All of a sudden you receive a memo from your management company or Homeowners Association advising you of a policy change that you can no longer own a weapon if you live on the property. As an American you’d likely be surprised at such a note in your mailbox, especially considering that the fundamental law of the land gives you the right to own a firearm or weapon for self defense.

    But this is exactly what happened to tenants of the Oakwood apartment complex in Castle Rock, Colorado.

    As of October 1, 2013, residents of the apartments have been told that they can no longer “display, use or possess any firearms.”

    Retired Marine Art Dorsch, 77, contacted 9News in Castle Rock, Colorado after receiving the “updated community policies” notice which turns his fine adobe into a “victim disarmament zone.”

    “I’m a hunter. I’m a licensed conceal and carry person,” Dorsch said to the news channel.

    That didn’t matter to the apartment manager who wants to create a mini-Chicago.

    A handwritten note on the typed letter reads “The manager said no licenced [sic] concealed” is allowed either.

    “It upsets me very much,” Dorsch said.

    The Ross Management Group, which operates Oakwood Apartments and thirty other properties, refused a public response on the new guidelines, stating that it’s their policy “not to comment to the news media.”

    According to a legal analyst for 9New Castle Rock, in most cases the courts have supported the rights of landlords to support “reasonable regulations” on tenants.

    The best thing this tenant can do is either move out or get rid of the guns.

    The question is, “is an outright ban on firearms reasonable in light of the U.S. Constitution?”

    As one commentor noted, would it be reasonable for a landlord to restrict a tenant from voting, or voting for a particular political party?

    Or, could a landlord restrict a tenant from speaking their mind under first amendment protections?

    Could a landlord dictatate to a tenant what religion he or she can practice?

    Or can a tenant be forced to provide access to law enforcement officials or the apartment landlords for warrantless searches of their home?

    It’s one thing if you agree to live in a ‘gun free zone’ prior to moving into your home or apartment (and even that is a bit sketchy). But here we have people who have lived in their residences for month or years now being told they can no longer own a firearm to protect themselves.

    And to be clear, no actual reason was given for the new regulation – just a “this is how it is, do it or get out.”

    What, exactly, is a reasonable regulation if a landlord, HOA or even lender (like the bank which underwrites your mortagage) can force you to give up your Constitutionally protected rights?

    Rather than disarming citizens, we should be empowering them to deter crime, just like the Armed Citizen Project which is doing just that – one free shotgun at a time.


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      1. This is why I own my home outright. Renting is like paying someone else’s bills.

        • That is a great feeling ain’t it? I wonder if an attorney would take this case pro bono? If I were one I think I would. But in Colorado, in the climate there a lib judge would be presiding. James

          • Make the landlord sign a contract that guarantees everyone’s safety, and that they will be held liable for all financial damages should a criminal break in and take anything or cause medical issues. Gun free zones are death traps for the people unable to defend themselves from the thug that comes in from outside the gun free zone. I wonder what else a gun free zone means? No form of non-lethal devices either.

            This is how awful it is becoming, these new fads to make it ONLY APPEAR that you are safe. Since when does a criminal armed with all sorts of improvised weapons have the right to not be stopped from an attack by a honest citizen any means necessary? Fairness is gone, as the evil supports fellow evil by making the maniac have all the advantages.

            Anti-gunners, anti-self personal defense, anti-victim, feinsteinless, chucky e. cheese schumer and the many others that attempt to deny the Constitutional and basic human right of justice and decency to protect themselves and their families = The criminal’s very best friends.

            • No Problemo:
              We discuss this kind of thing constantly.
              These boots were made for walking,
              and I’m walking right the hell outta here.

              • T.S.A. Expands Beyond Airport Security

                WASHINGTON — “As hundreds of commuters emerged from Amtrak and commuter trains at Union Station on a recent morning, an armed squad of men and women dressed in bulletproof vests made their way through the crowds.

                The squad was not with the Washington police department or Amtrak’s police force, but was one of the Transportation Security Administration’s Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response squads — VIPR teams for short — assigned to perform random security sweeps to prevent terrorist attacks at transportation hubs across the United States.

                With little fanfare, the agency best known for airport screenings has vastly expanded its reach to sporting events, music festivals, rodeos, highway weigh stations and train terminals.

                T.S.A. officials respond that the random searches are “special needs” or “administrative searches” that are exempt from probable cause because they further the government’s need to prevent terrorist attacks.”

                “The program now has a $100 million annual budget and is growing rapidly, increasing to several hundred people and 37 teams last year, up from 10 teams in 2008. T.S.A. records show that the teams ran more than 8,800 unannounced checkpoints and search operations with local law enforcement outside of airports last year, including those at the Indianapolis 500 and the Democratic and Republican national political conventions.”

                “The real danger here is that with the expanding TSA agents are in place so that should the government decide to crackdown in some aggressive manner in the future … the agents are available for hard enforcement.”

                The Economic Policy Journal

                  • What does this have to do with the topic at hand?

                    There is a lot more you could be doing with your time instead of riding on someone else’s coat tails… just sayin’



                  • yeaaaaahhh !!! common sense rules

                    troll killer

                  • Yee! Haa! Score one for the good guys! There is still good in some county councils. They’re still tax hungry so you have to watch them, but, this is a good sign!

                  • If this report is true, then WOOHOO! Someone in the local government there actually had some common sense? Oh, Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you honey! This is the big one! A government official with some sense! Don’t know how to act!

                  • SO tell me WILSON,wheres all those cops WHO SWORE AN OATH TO GOD to protect the US CONSTUTITION,they should be on that management company and dragging them out of their house and charging them with TREASON,and then HANG THEM ON THE 6 O’CLOCK NEWS………

                  • Wilson: Glad to hear it. But I’ve got to ask; what fool would acknowledge that he/she has weapons in their home in the first place? OPSEC first, last, and always!!

                  • Yes, the policy reversal is true. And here’s a tidbit from the local news’ reporting on Ross Management, the company that was attempting to institute an illegal ban (it’s tax supported housing and the management cannot prohibit constitutional activities on property of this type):

                    “The company’s owner, Debi Ross, and her husband have given $9,000, only to Democrats, since 2006.”

                • Tell the landlord you completely agree with him and you will comply. Keep your weapons He can’t legally search your dwelling without a court order – make him go to a judge and get one. When he evicts you – get a lawyer and bring a suit against him for violating your Constitutional Right.

                  • Sorry, that won’t work. In leased housing just about everywhere, there is a landlord’s right to inspect the premises to assure compliance with property rules. They can’t do pop inspections unless its a question of immediate urgency, but they don’t need a warrant to gain entry.

                    This guy who complained to the media did it right. Create a stink big and fast and let the schmucks who tried to pull it reverse course.

              • How far will you run?

                • Far enough to get my zombie killer, bout 6 feet.

              • I understand why some people would say “ok, well all gun owners should just take their business elsewhere”, but quite honestly, I think we should do just the opposite. If all gun owners moved in and refused to obey, what are they going to do? Do you really think they would forcibly remove families and bring national media attention to the fact that they’re kicking people out of their homes for exercising their constitutional right? Especially in the midst of the economic collapse that we’re currently experiencing. I think that Ross Management Put out this memo knowing full that they couldn’t enforce it but just hoping people would be stupid enough to listen.

                • If I lived in that complex I would tell Management to Fuck Off!!!!!

              • Right, OW. Vote with your wallet. Sounds like these jackasses think they can prohibit their tenants owning firearms even if it is not on their property. Give them what they want. Move out and don’t pay the last month’s rent, as they will surely keep your deposit, when it is they who have broken the lease. Wait till they find that most of the tenants they find in the future are people who think of paying the rent as optional.

              • Oh no, don’t even get me started on this one—this makes my blood boil just reading about it.

            • Guess that makes those apartments cop free, cause police take their guns home at night. Think of it you know for sure your neighbor is not NSA, FBI, IRS, DEA, DHS, TSA, nor none of the other three letter(should be four)A$$holes, with a gangster mentality and a badge.

              • The other thing is ….They don’t rent to gun owners, so your brother owns the gun and you store it for him in your house.

                • …or you practice OPSEC and keep your damn mouth shut.

                  • and don’t come home with a deer strapped to the hood of your car…

              • Pretty sure they get a waiver.

                • Just like the other criminals criminals except they get a “personally issued” “waiver”. I shouldn’t say that, I know, most cops are the good guys but in their position, one bad cop can do the damage of 10 bad civilians before they’re brought down.

                  Were I living there (and I wouldn’t be caught dead there), I’d just break the rules. I just keep them hidden. No man needs to ask permission to do the right thing. Pucker up and kiss it!

                  You’d just have to be careful who knows and who sees. Obviously you wouldn’t be using them out back for target practice being in the city limits and all but you could sneak a shotgun in for castle protection and a carry gun or two.

                  Ban away. I will not comply. I do not comply now with lots of those stupid restrictions. Remember: never plea, refuse to sign anything and never allow a verbal contract. Everything the injustice system does is by your permission. Its coerced permission but thats good enough for those lying bastards. Don’t give them a chance. If you didn’t hurt anyone, steal anything, kill anybody or damage any property, they really have no way to prosecute you until you sign or plea. Remember this: the government you see is posing as a constitutional government. It is not. It is a privately held corporation.

                  • Howdy, NetRanger, and I’m right there with you! It’s reached the point that you HAVE TO DISREGARD ANY AND ALL RESTRICTIONS ON SELF-DEFENSE IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE. TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THAT BS COULD RESULT IN YOUR DEATH. I’ve already been disregarding that crap for over 20 years now. I don’t even pucker up or kiss any damn thing. I’m too hardline and too old to put up with communist BS or to even care. Let anyone force their way into my home and see what happens to their stupid asses. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

                  • You nailed it. Just get in the habit of resisting the “rules” and it gets a lot simpler. Americans are fundamentally different from the enforcers and feel like they need to be fair and obey the “law”. BULLSHIT.

                    Just as you said, if you’re not hurting anyone or committing fraud and just want to protect yourself, keep you lip zipped and do it. Because if someone breaks in and is intent on killing you, and you kill him first with your banned weapon, I GUARANTEE YOU that no company on God’s green earth who has a public relations team will even dream trying to kick you out ex post facto…the press would be so bad they would be hammered 24/7.

              • Does it have a section 8 area government assisted living, is there trouble coming out of that complex into the neighborhood? If there is minority trouble makers coming out of those apartments and into the local neighborhoods, or maybe the apartments are surrounded by hostel neighborhoods, that see them as easy pickings, and want them disarmed. Managment or Homeowners associations can do evil as well as good, usually encouraged by Government, local or Fed.

                • Denying residents the right to own a gun…

                  With a weaker economy, many cities are cutting back on services – fewer firemen and policemen.

                  “Chicago police are NO LONGER RESPONDING IN PERSON to 911 calls reporting vehicle theft, garage burglary or ‘simple assault’ in a change aimed at freeing up officers to deal with more serious crimes.”
                  – MSN dot com

                  I wonder what is their definition of a ‘simple assault’?

                  When the SHTF, we must be able to defend ourselves.

              • not true—all of the alphabet agencies would get a free pass.exemption to the rules, as usual.

            • BI, once again you’re right on target. one thing those residents can do is consult an attorney, hand over to him all of their rent money for next month, then tell the landlord if he/she wants to collect that rent money, he/she MUST SEE THEIR ATTORNEY FIRST! I know a group of people who did this same thing once here in Memphis with a management company back in the 90s and WON. Fortunately, the man I rent from is pro-2A and a gun owner himself plus I don’t have to deal with any BS HOA. NOBODY tells me what I can or cannot have in my home. No way I’ll ever follow any BS policy like that. I carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go ever since the Clinton era. I REFUSE TO BE A F#$%IN VICTIM! MOLON LABE WOLVERINES BRAVEHEART

              • Braveheart,anyone who doesn’t have their best battle rifle with them at all times IS A FOOL,the russians,and chinese are prepareing to attack america,what will all these brave fools say to their family when their drug out of the car and taken away,THE WOMEN,WILL REALLY BE MAD when they see whats going to happen to them at the FEMA CAMPS…cause their going to be raped and killed,and beaten to death…I won’t even mention the children…..

            • As a schoolteacher, I have said it over and over and over again: I don’t want to FEEL safe, I want to BE safe. I am a four eyed computer nerd with a masters degree in education and I hail from New England, and there is nothing that will ever make think that a “gun free zone” will in any way protect me, or my students. What I really want is a good guy (or girl) who is armed and willing to protect me and my students. Could be an off duty LEO, retired vet, co-worker….hell, I’d do it myself. I’m no tough guy; no one thinks of Rambo when they look at me. But I’d damned sure rather be able to actually protect me and my students with a firearm than try to face down some nutjob with nothing but my dick in my hands.

              Bad enough I have to work in one…. I’ll be damned if I have to live in one. EVER.

              • Most violent nut jobs can’t read a sign.

                What is “Ross Management Group’s” sign?

                • Ross Managment group Sign is a Six Pointed Blue Star most likly.

            • KEEP YOUR GUNS AND YOUR FREEDOM or give up and hand them your children,BECAUSE THATS WHAT THEIR REALLY AFTER,they just need your guns first,cause when everyone realizes they want the children,it will be to late to do anything about it after they have your guns,BUT ON THE OTHER HAND,YOU CAN BASH IN THEIR BRAINS OR SNEAK UP ON THEM SOME NIGHT,and make them wish they were never born…your going to have to get BRAVER OR LOSE YOUR FREEDOM,and go into slavery,ITS AN EASY CHOICE,if you want to remain free….the police gangs already have the mark of the beast in them,calling on the devil for help is KIND OF POINTLESS,don’t you think?

            • First it was “Smoke Free”… Now its “Gun Free”… Pretty soon it will be “Obese Free”..

              >> Stop the Madness <<


              • “Obese Free”..!!!!!!! I’m screwed….

              • HEY!! It’s already a “BRAIN FREE” area !!…

            • “Make” the landlord sign the contract? So, coerce the landlord to conduct his business in a way he does not wish to? That is very comradely of you. You and Josef Stalin would get along well. What if the landlord does not sign said contract, then what?

          • And to think; Colorado has already had a 90% increase this year over 2012, in CHL applications.
            The question has to be asked: What motivated this owner to issue this rule (which is NOT a law)? It appears this is the state libs way of fighting back at the people of Colorado.
            Why doesn’t the owner post a murder and crime free zone and see how that works. Criminals have rights, but law abiding citizens don’t?

            • Well, they do have units located in Aurora, Colorado. It does not seem that James Holmes was a tenant of theirs, but perhaps proximity alone motivated them.

              • 2ACHECK,wakeup ,its called bought and paid for WHORES,you want us to investigate your taxes or enact a gun rule,they sold out the renters,and ALL OF AMERICA,if this ain’t stomped into the dirt IT WILL GO NATION WIDE..THERES NO SUCH THING AS FREE COWARDS,in any country…..

          • Good idea. Do you know any pro bono roofing companies or pro bono auto mechanics while we are at it?

        • So you own your home outright eh? No liens or encumbrances? Miss a few tax payments and see the real owner come around.

          p.s. I absolutely despise the whole concept of property taxes.


          • I pay property taxes one year in advance on the farm.

          • You are right. The county allows us to purchase and own the rights to pay them rent on a piece of property. Just wait until the greedy bleeps start demanding we make improvements and repairs so they can charge us more.

        • @BJinME,
          Owning your house outright doesn’t protect you from these types of intrusions. A HOA can do similar things. Of course, in Colorado, HOA’s are as worthless as tits on a boar hog.

          • @Wilson
            No HOA here, not possible! Family in back of me has owned the property since late 1700s (2000 acres), family south of me has owned their 2×4 hunting camp for the last 75 years (400 acres), and I own enough to keep myself free from any of that non-sense (OPSEC)! The town has not foreclosed for taxes since the 1950s, although they have piled liens on a number of people. Now where did I bury that shiny rounds?

        • You can never own your home. The county requires that you pay property taxes wheather you want too or not, if you don’t the county will steal your property and sell it via tax certificates to someone else. So much for “home ownership”

          • Some of you people have mental problems. Property taxes pay for roads and other stuff we all use everyday. Maybe we should just do away with all infrastructure and look like Mexico which come to think of it will probably happen anyway. First world countries and their living standards require money. Maybe you can give back all the equity you have and just rent.

            • Hmm I thought the gasoline tax paid for roads?
              And I don’t think its really a matter of paying taxes ,its more of why can they take your property?
              How many people have been taxed outta their homes ?

            • It doesn’t matter what property taxes pay for. They are just wrong. I pay almost as much property tax now as I used to pay to rent a whole house back in the 1980s.

              Where I am, property taxes don’t pay for roads. The state maintains roads. The taxes do pay for county workers, such as the person I have to give the property taxes to. I can’t name a single thing the county does for me using property taxes. Water and sewer is a separate bill paid to a separate organization. Trash pickup would be a separate bill paid to a private company if I used it. Fire department is volunteer. EMT is volunteer.

              Property tax means you never really own real estate (or vehicles where I live).

              • Archivist: That would be the fire station, their equipment including firefighter’s gear, trucks, tools, training, etc. Some of this comes from grants from the state and feds but your local taxes pay a portion of all of this. Taxes also pay for your police or sheriff’s dept. and the schools. You can contact your local county tax office and get a break down of where the money goes. Yeah, I know, some is B.S. but much of it is also necessary.

        • If I denied constitutional rights to someone, I would be in prison.

        • I’d like to know how they intend to enforce the rule if there’s no probable cause to warrant a search of any specific tenants premises; maybe violate the 4th amendment?

          I’m going to enjoy watching this property go by the way of Detroit. It will undoubtedly be overrun by shitbirds in record time.

          • If they don’t care about the 2nd ammendment they won’t hesitate to violate the 4th ammendment to search for weapons. I don’t understand this. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!! PERIOD

            • If you try to violate my 4th amendment to search for weapons, I am going to use my 2nd amendment right. Yes, I will die trying to uphold the Constitution, but I would rather go that way than be in a FEMA camp.

            • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

              You STILL don’t get it!?

          • Perry Mason you obviously are not. The constitution places limits on government actions. If you live in somebody else’s house, and as renter, that is what you are doing, their rules apply. They can come into your dwelling as they see fit to protect their investment. The same as you would do if someone were living in your house.

        • I would write a letter telling them to go f– themselves.

          Underneath would be a copy of the Constitution and website which tells what happens to citizens who are disarmed…

          Never let a good opportunity to educate go to waste!

          • Better still, I wouldn’t sign it, would make dozens of copies of the letter, stick them under all the tenants’ doors (to let them know the gravity of the situation), and then send letter to rental office, giving them notice I’m moving out due to their illegal, unconstitutional demands.

            • Better yet, make some signage with the address of the property and post it in the bad part of town. Promote the message under “Safe Gun Free Zone at this address”.

              Then let the games begin.

              • Cali Res

                Love that idea. Advertise where to do crimes and see how that works out. This is just a test I’m sure since the article says they own 15 other properties. They are testing the waters and will force the other apartments if people don’t raise a lot of hell…. which they won’t I’m sure.

              • BRILLIANT!!!

                Be sure to provide the property owner’s personal address as well.
                If they want the tenants disarmed, they do NOT own any firearms themselves, do they?..
                [If they do, even better: let them later explain to the public how their guns were stolen, while they want their tenants disarmed. I’d love to hear that…]


                On a side note:
                I wouldn’t be surprised that the property owners have been in touch with bloomberg’s “illegal piece-of-shit mayors against firearms” and/or the .GOV.
                It takes a special kind of evil to come up with shit like that.

          • Pretty much my brother. Pretty much.

        • This is off the subject but really beautiful video– tells how TPTB are purposely poisoning us, making us sick, both economically and from a food aspect and tells how to win the battle against them.

          Web Results

          On the Edge with Mike Ruppert | Max Keiser

          Sep 22, 2012 … Max Keiser … 34 comments on “On the Edge with Mike Ruppert” …. book out next year called “The Paranoid Narcissist” and the companion video (Say My ….. Exante Awards 2013, tel +356 2015 0000 – email [email protected].
          Max Keiser: Mike Ruppert: Peak Oil and The End of Our

          • Max Kaiser is a loon leftist. Anyone who tales him seriously probably voted for Obama. His female side kick is pretty hot though.

        • I can’t believe no one has mentioned this fact in the forum… Apartments are perfect for the forthcoming DHS roundup. Tons of young people crowded together in a small community make for quick loading of the Camp FEMA busses and trains.

          We will see more and more apartment complexes, especially the new complexes by the interstates, institute anti-2nd amendment policies.

          DHS is coming people, wise up.

        • Well, at least the criminals will know where to go for an easy buck……

        • BTW
          Douglas County Commissioners have already stopped this from happening as it was announced on the radio this afternoon.

        • good idea but with property tax we never really own the land do not pay and your gone.
          i would have suspicions that the complex is slated for condo conversion but ridiculous rules and people move out less expense of conversion
          especially when the burglaries start

      2. Sad…

      3. I’d like to say, “Get out your pitchforks and torches and burn the place down.” But, tenants are often pretty powerless in actual practice. This may be the only place they can afford to live.

        • Burn the place down? Now that sounds like a reasonable and responsible gun owner.

      4. Boy, Colorado sure seems to be going down the tubes……

        • Colorado is becoming a territory of Caliliberal.

        • Ben going down the tubes for decades…

        • @JonnyV and DRD5508,
          Yes, the state is going to hell in a handbasket. Overrun by illegals, a US Congressman/veteran/”conservative” named Mike Coffman who has capitulated to the illegals demands and desire for amnesty (effin sellout), “civil unions” (Sodom and Gomorrah), gun control/infringements like this one, background checks for private gun sales/etc., a public education system that has failed miserably, legalized pot with a crime increase near the pot dispensaries, I could go on, but why bother? It will continue to decline like Detroit, or California.

          • @Wilson
            Ha! Do you know of a state that isn’t going to hell in a hand basket?

            • Idaho, Wyoming, Texas….

              • Better guess again as far as Texas. Just behind Cali as to being part of Mexico. Even Montana has been over run with progressives.

                • John W.: But progressives are usually unarmed and someone/group desperate enough to get rid of them may post their addresses as “easy/soft targets”. Just saying!

            • James in Dallas

              well then WE need to get off our asses and get out and run these ass clowns out of office.

              and yes i am including my self i write about 2 letters a week to my so called representatives and let them know just how angry i am with there actions.and i am sure i am on some Big list of wack jobs but it makes me feel like i am useful.
              and i like to think that they at least for 30 seconds consider the future letters they will get from me before they do something stupid ( like vote for gun control ).

              in the past i have gotten a couple of reply’s that have had a scared tone about them and how they claim that my letter was somewhat a reason they did or didn’t vote a certain way.

              we get the kind of government that we do or do not vote in. if we don’t vote we get crap and if we do vote some times our votes are not enough. BUT we always have the option of THE RECALL VOTE or Campaign. and yes i know the whole thing might be rigged but you have to try.

              while i am neither a liberal or a republican or even a conservative i feel that its OK too work with the opposition to get some one kicked out.and i have used that as a threat to get some clown too not vote a certain way. in the past i have told one or two that i will work for the opposition to get them pulled from office.

              WE and YOU !! need to remind them every day if necessary that THEY !! work for us and not just there Dumbocrat constituents or there repubicrat constituents

              when we get our collective heads out of our asses and we starve them out by putting them on the unemployment lines then maybe the next generation of clowns will get the message that we mean what we say.

              but as long as we use this Bumper sticker mentality were not going to get very far. this is real life folks and a bunch of short cute slogans aren’t going to get us far and quoting Latin is not very scarey.if any thing it just reinforces the idea that were all crazy gun nuts looking too shoot some one

              BUTthe threat of them being out of work is very effective . ask your neighbor who has lost his Good paying job and now might be working for $7.65 per hour part time how scarey it is.

              Most congress critters know that there just a little bit smarter then we are otherwise we would be there and they would be the ones complaining.

              ultimately its up too all of us too run them out of office

              Troll killer

              • Yep and then run for a local office and work your way up the food chain.. we will all vote for you and contribute to your campaign. Run them out and replace them with real people.

                • i have actually thought about doing just at least i would be pro gun

                  troll killer

                  • Let us know… its time to replace these ass monkeys with people who accualy get it….

      5. As a renter I would just move at end of lease(while keeping my firearms),property owner can lay what rules they want.I am a firm believer in what folks can do with their private property including discriminating for religious/racial/whatever beliefs,may not agree with them but their property.That said,lived in a owned home with hoa(would never do that) would fight all the way thru the court systems while letting hoa know that if found in my favor will be seeking all legal costs,would let hoa community know that.As for bank saying no to a loan with firearms in home,if backed by tax dollars(fdic) or bailed out by tax dollars would once again sue.On a side note,could also keep firearms in rental discretely,needed for self defense really not worried about breaking lease rule!Live for today,plan for tommorow.

        • When I lived in an apartment they would do monthly inspections. I’m sure they could include searching for weapons in this inspection they do and turn the people into LEO if they are found. I would try to break a lease if I had one to get out and find a new apartment. We need to make prepping a religion so people can’t infringe on our rights.

          • If this is just a notice and you have a signed lease they can’t enforce the change as they are in violation of the lease agreement by attempting to implement a change that wasn’t part of the original. The only way they can enforce the change is to have all tenents sign new leases.

            Molon Labe

        • “”””As a renter I would just move at end of lease””””

          Why wait? The terms of the lease have been broken and they are no longer providing a safe place to live. Stay long enough to allow the “security deposit” to pay for the rent and tell them to F-off.

          Why not shoot a few holes in the wall on the way out to make sure they know what they have done. Just use an air gun so you don’t wake the neighbors.

        • Private property does NOT include Land or Apt You pay rent for. Even a cheep one nite Motel, is YOUR Private residence untill 11 am check out time. Cops still Need a warent to enter a motel or apt. Let that manager asshole put notices out hes no longer renting to Faggots! lezbos! Africans!….See how that works out.

          Apt’s are Not the same as private propertty thats Open to the Public like a store or church etc. There you can demand no guns allowed same as in Your own home.

          But rental unit property is like a private home and a manager has zero say to guns or whatever if its leagle to do so.

          The Only method thats going to really work when dealing with lunatic liberals, is to put Fear of Us into Them.

          They are going to call you a raysis and nazi no matter what…So you may as well go ALL Out.

          Mark my words at some point fed up patriots and whiteys etc are going to start acting exactly as those libs accuse us of…And when that day arrives when masses of pissed off patriots and whites start to Act like pissed off nazis or kkk haters…Then you will see a whole New attitude from kommie liberal idiots.

          Keep useing kid gloves and act kind and nicy nice see where That gets you. Sometimes patriots Must Raise the Black Flag, and begin to Slit throats. Or at least act exactly as they keep claiming of us. Call us a nazi? Ok no problem we can act that way too…Raysis? No problem we can do that too….Nothing else but abject Fear will ever work if dealing with delusional liberal kommies.

          After 20 yrs of every Day all day long on FOX tv “Fair and Ballanced” with a delusional liberal guest talker, has anyone EVER seen Hannity or other shows actually Get any liberals to finally Admit libs are wrong on Anything they promote or has done even though Tons of Proof has shown Liberals agendas ALL are Failures?…NO you haven’t, and You Will not see any libs admit it ever.

          Sometimes you muct stop yakking or begging and act Mean. Really Mean….nazi kkk Mean….Or continue to Lose big.

      6. This is a civil rights violation and the owner and management company of this complex should be taken to court.

        • Yes. Yes it is.

        • Who wants “civil rights” from the corp?

          I think I’ll just keep my Natural Rights. They are far superior and come with no strings attached.

          • Ditto. They can eat their666’s. Their666’s have no standing unless you comply.

      7. well, I hope the place is vacant within a week.

        send the message that no one can violate your rights

        who would want to live there anyways?

        • VRF it is really tragic seeing what has happened to Colorado in the past few years. I have been a frequent visitor of that state since I was quite young and lived there 3 separate times in my life.

          In many ways it is an outdoorsmans paradise. I have gone skiing, mountaineering,
          elk hunting, fishing, camping and every type of fun outdoor adventure one could imagine. But this hellish new turn the state has taken in regards to personal liberty and a individuals right to defend oneself, family and friends is so disgusting and reprehensible I will have a difficult time EVER wanting to spend ANY time or money in that state again.

          It really pains me to say that! I still have many liberty loving, rugged individualist friends that still live out there and are absolutely dismayed that this has actually come to pass! There was in Colorado for a long time what I would describe as a unspoken understanding between the “left” and “right” ends of the political spectrum that it was best just to live and let live.

          Even though I do not fall into the mire of B.S. political gamesmanship it is pretty darn obvious that Obongo has provided a environment for the fascist scumbags of this country to make unprecedented power grabs throughout the land at a astounding rate of success.

          I spend most of my time” Down South” these days(Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana) and that fascist gun grabbing crap really doesn’t fly too well down here. The MAJORITY of the good folks that I see posting within the forum of “SHTFPLAN” I consider to be my Brothers and Sisters in Liberty. There are many of you that I feel very bad for because your respective parts of the country are experiencing a “contraction” of freedoms. I implore you all to “hold the line” and remember that you are NOT ALONE!

          We can make it through these difficult times with by continuing to be dedicated to perpetuating TRUTH and honoring our Constitution! I know it is not a “perfect” document but I think it represents the most noble and beautiful expression of what humans can possibly aspire to when gathering together as a nation, especially when compared to all of the other oppressive, garbage regimes there are to choose from on this earth! We must wrest control from those dark forces which seek to subvert and pervert our noble document and the ideals it represents! WE CAN DO THIS!!!


          MOLON LABE!

          • We are losing The United States of America, because for the last 70+ years, “rugged individualists” have refused to face the hard cold brutal truths about who really came to power after WW2, and what thier real goals are.

            And, they still refuse to face them.

            • justMe: Boy You said it! I went over 10 yrs of Not Posting on ANY websites and NO emailing to anyone besides my sister a few emails Per Year!..I got tired of website after website of posts being Censored and too many stupid rules of PC mandated by those many websites.

              Then a few years ago i found This shtf site and saw that folks can post opinions or replies without PC censroship etc. I thought, finally a site with wide awake folks everywheres.

              However it seems a vast majority even here at This website, are the same as You stated JustMe. And no matter how much evidence they get from no matter who provides the info, many even here act the exact same way. Total rejection of all facts and truths on all issues of Who and What has overtaken the entire usa govnt-msm-society-culture…As you said they refuse to face the Hard Core Brutal Facts of what has happened since WWII ended.

              And the biggest naysayers are those who never Ever provide Any counter-proof or valid debate or arguments to back their warped delusional rejections of such facts and truths. Herd mentality runs rampant even here of all websites!

              How such foolish clowns truely expect to survive any collapse let alone take Back america and Fix it all?…Never happen as long as a majority act based upon “Feelings based Emotional” kneejerk responce.

              Even with a 20 year supply of all items possible for survival, they are in for a very Rude awakening as long as emotional feelings along with many falshoods they so believe continue to dominate their thinking process. Very Sad to say the least. Glad to see You get it JustMe.

              • Americans are very well conditioned, Pavlov and Bernays would be proud. They have been conditioned to reject critical thinking, to reject any information that is counter to the comfortable, rightious mythology they have been brought up with. They have been conditioned to reject anything that is not “fun”, or “funny”. And, they have been conditioned to reject any information about who really runs thier lives.

                People will always take the “easy path”, they fear being ridiculed, ostricized, and called names, more than they fear themselves, and/or thier families and friends being harmed, or even killed. Even in the end, people will still reject the truth about who is behind thier demise, because it is harshly uncomfortable to them.

                This conditioning alone has allowed people to be divivded, families to be destroyed, decades of violent crime, and it has allowed virulent parsites to sieze power.

            • Eisenhower was the last good president that we have had. Reagans first term was ok his second was a disaster. He himself admitted that the worst thing he ever did was allow Bush Sr. to be his VP. Had he been elected ten years earlier before his health issues started to affect him he would have been fantastic.

      8. The new Obama America, you have no rights

      9. “no pets, no loud music, no guns….it’s more like no common sense!” what happened to this country?

          • I called ’em!

          • You can email them at:
            [email protected] (Deborah Ross-Weseloh president)
            [email protected] (Stacie Packard vice president)
            [email protected] (Brooke Young regional manager)

            These are tax credit projects that suck American tax-payers dry just like the ones Valerie Jarrett runs in Chicago

            • Let me guess? They have guns!!!!!

            • Thank you… now let the fun begin!!!!!

      10. Put the sign on the owners front lawn

        Victim lives here..

        or , Notice to criminals, this home and property is never what you may.

        property owners like this should be forced by law to advertise their own stupidity publically if they want to think they can force this rule upon any law abiding American

        This act alone should be against the laws of this country

        • you know someone will do this(put a sign up).

          imo, the world still has to go thru another recession much worse than the one we just had or are still in and its less than 2 yrs away.

          you can bet as more places do this, they will be the 1st complexes hit are people become more desperate.

      11. I’ve posted this quote before, but it seems appropriate yet again.

        “There’s no way to rule innocent men.
        The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals.
        Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.
        One declares so many things to be a crime
        that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

        Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

        • …. One of my favorite books and movies….

        • y99, that’s an all-time classic. braveheart

        • Man & brave,

          With you both, as we know what freedom looks like. They can create laws and infringe on the Constitution all they want, but in the end people like us will always look into ourselves and know the truth.

          We are the people they hate because we are unwilling to sacrifice our principals for a few scraps of food and promised security.

          • Y99, AMEN to your comments. I don’t live by any of the draconian laws that have been passed over the years, either before or after 911. I live by the Holy Bible and another set of rules called the Bill Of Rights. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

          • YEP!!

        • i got a 500 dollar scholarship some years ago from ayn rands organization for an essay on atlas shrugged I am thankful good folks

      12. I hope this is not a joke but these days everything is possible. The easy solution is for all tenants to move to another complex and let the owner (s) to suck on their empty units. The owners also can bring their family members to live there for free as long as they don’t mind they be subject to being raped without being able to defend themselves or their loved ones. End of story.

      13. I hope when the first home is invaded, the owner gets his ass sued off

        • I hope when the first home is invaded, it’s the owners, and he gets his head blown off because he’s a jackbooted libtard pussy.

          • Right on!

          • The sad part is, it will be the older, more helpless tenants that get hurt by a robbery. The owners don’t live on the property. I’m sure they live up the hill where it’s safe….

          • As I stated earlier, let the landlords suffer home invasions and see some of their loved ones become victimized by these animals. It would be interesting to see what kind of song they start singing in the aftermath. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

      14. This came up in San Francisco ( I think) with government housing where the city said that you could not have firearms on the property. This housing happened to be in a terrible neighborhood that had a serious crime problem. The case was lost in court and the tenants were eventually allowed their Second Amendment rights. Maybe someone else can chime in on this and confirm.

      15. All the gold, and all the guns, and all the glory, couldn’t stop this slow-motion train-wreck. Humanity needs to search deep inside itself and recognize the unity of all of us, there is no you and me, just us… any promulgation enacted to remove rights will inevitably backfire. Internet is the great equalizer.

        • Yes… yes it is…

      16. The tenant act should protect them from from changing rules during the lease, when a new lease is signed then there are new rules included. While I do see the need for a few gun free zones, it’s being taken to far. The gun free zones I can think of are group homes and nursing homes, those are the only two I can think of off the top of my head. Nursing home should have an armed guard because of the medication kept there. Group homes are small and most people in them should have absolutely no access weapons of any kind. The one my brother lives in keeps knives locked up.
        What happened to common sense?

        • This^^^ A lease is a contract that binds both the tenant and landlord. If you don’t like the terms don’t sign it. As for the landlord trying to change lease terms midstream, I am inclined to think it would not hold up if challenged.

          Rights are natural. That being said, you willingly agree to not having firearms if you sign a lease that states that. It’s contract law and is what the corporate state runs on.

      17. I live in the Midwest and that was part of my lease as well not to have any firearms. However I do anyways, and told the owner straight up that I would have a shotgun. I think these people were trying to cover their own butts because someone in one of their previous apartments actually shot someone accidentally through their living room wall into an unsuspecting person on the other side and killed them.

        If for some reason I ever have to use it in order to protect myself I will, otherwise it will just sit there getting older. I figure the constitution and state laws are a bit more binding than a lease. Not much they can really do besides kick you out…and I’d just find somewhere that isn’t stupid.

        • VRF, I just watched that video. .40 S&W would solve that problem very nicely. braveheart

          • I cant wait until they open a door and fluffy aint feeling so fluffy about their intrusion and takes their face off in one snap!

            I know both of my dogs would probably lunge at that opportunity

        • @ VRF, Too many people are oblivious to what’s going on around them and this video proves it.
          Everyone in my immediate family was given a copy of “The Principles of Self Defense. You can never be to careful.

        • Just another manifestation of a certain group of people who never give but only take…hope someone ventilates a few of them soon!

      18. Just another arrow in the quiver for the establishment of the new state of North Colorado.

      19. We need to make an example out of this company! Please, somebody sue them…

        •, better yet, let’s see some of these landlords suffer from home invasions. Let them suffer losing some valuable, having wives or daughters raped, etc. and see what kind of song they sing afterward. I sing “Gun Ownership and Self-Defense” all the time. I never change my tune! braveheart

          • So many americans are so fed up today, I bet a prime buisness oppertunity now exists. Such as a Co lets call it “The KARMA Co.” Where Paybacks a Bitch can be Very Affordable!….Just call 1-800-Beat Ass for the nearest agency location near You.

            I bet within 6 months you be so busy with requests to go get Payback for so many various folks and reasons, you could branch out into a Nationwide Franchising company…Like McDonalds….Only Hard core Ass Kicker type employees…..Kinda like a wild Pack of really huge mean Bikers who pay assholes a nice Visit to “enhance” their ability to change their stupid liberal mindset.

            And then Trash the place!

      20. YEAR, 2053
        Two men overheard talking:

        Man 1.– Can you believe how people lived like savages in this country just 40 years ago, with everyone having guns and looking out for themselves.

        Man 2.– I hear that. They where so uncivilized back in 2013, thinking they could protect themselves with guns. By the way I heard it was your dad’s time to go.

        Man 1.– Ya he turned 60, so of course he was no longer useful. I couldn’t believe he put up such a fight to be euthanize’d. The sleeper police actually had to bring guns and force him to go with them.

        Man 2.– That’s unbelievable, but that only goes to prove that the government should have the guns. I’d hate to think what might of happened if he would of had a gun to.

      21. This is a second amendment violation and the NRA needs to bring in their lawyers and file suit. If anything else just to cost this idiot company truckloads of cash in legal fees. Any criminal living there will keep their guns. Time to fill this company’s email box, fax and voice mail with the taste of our discontent… for about the next ten months.
        P: (303) 860-7885
        4251 Kipling St, Suite 405
        Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
        There site states …. “Visit us”….. Maybe 2500 or so protestors in front of their building would do the trick.
        For this veteran…. Maybe we get his info and the tons of folks that visit here and other like sites help this guy find a more suitable place to live and then let the nation know about these scum bag property managers. Remember they will come at us sideways…… fight them the same way. Bleed them financially. Then let the bitchy libs all move in and become victims of the criminals…. Makes our job easier. This is why I have not rented or HOA’ed in the last three plus decades.

        • You are absolutely right. I am taking down the info now and I will help all I can. Make these people wish they had never tried such a stupid move in a country that was won with rifles.

      22. SIMPLE ANSWER:


        2. file law suit against company for attempting to subvert your basic civil rights (like the article says, do they have a right to your vote and speech just because you live in their building?)

        3. put what you would pay in a separate account to save up (just in case judge says you owe it.

        4. file a lein against the property (it is essentially what you are suing for, isn’t it?); they can’t sell their property while lein is filed, until law suit is settled.

        5. don’t rush the court case….after all, lein is filed, you aren’t paying rent (you are saving that money in a separate account to show the judge)……

        6. encourage other residents to to join you in your lawsuit (and either file separate leins or sign onto yours; and stop paying rent; and put their rent into savings account)

        REMEMBER — It doesn’t take a lawyer to file a motion in court or to start a lawsuit, and if the lawsuit looks like there is ANY chance of winning then lawyers will start showing up on your doorstep trying to get involved and take the case over for you (be choosy, not all lawyers are created equal; make sure the contract with lawyer is short and easily deciphered, lawyer gets NO PAY if he loses, lawyer only gets small percentage of winnings since you started the lawsuit, etc.)

        • That is accualy a pretty awesome idea….

      23. I wonder when this comes to people that live in townhouse and condominium complexes which have a manging board and when the HOA’s of subdivisions use this.

        Then, I wonder when city council’s will pass ordinances that the only ones that can carry a gun on city streets are local, state and federal authorities.

        I think its possible that within 5 years, we find out the only ones who really can own guns are those living on their own land or ranch.

        Slowly, inch by inch; theyre going to get complete control over you and by the time the majoority of america realizes it and decides its gone too far, it’ll be too late; RIP America.

        • @Iena:

          I couldn’t say it better. You are 100% on target with this analysis. Slow boiling water Vs frogs. Never under estimate your enemy or keep repeating all of the same such as come and take it etc… They are after the total gun ban and they will do it slowly and piece by piece as we are witnessing.

          • Lena and Tactical, the frog does have the option of jumping out of the boiling pan. Who says he has to stay in it? Getting out of the pan is the only chance you have of survival. Don’t play their game; you’re only guaranteed to lose. I never even get near the pan, period! braveheart

            • You are telling them to grab tail and run?

        • @lena

          Most HOA cannot be altered without a vote. Our HOA president didn’t like the fact we were about to build a wooden fence. He wanted steel and vinyl only. He couldn’t stop us because the terms were established when the neighborhood was built. The bulider went broke and he was the next company that came in.

      24. I guess if a criminal gets shot during a home invasion they could sue the owner’s since it wasn’t a gun-free zone as advertised.

      25. If he sues, he will win. F* Colorado.
        You can now smoke pot legally, but not have a gun in your own home…

        Liberalism/Progressivism/Collectivism/Communism/Marxism/National Socialism(NAZI)…
        Same thing, different speed/method of implementation. The whole idea is Haves vs Have Nots, everything else is irrelevant, being the Method of Evil;

        “sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”.

        This is the method of AGENDA 21, which localize decisions as much as possible. Pay attention, SHOW UP to meetings and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. VOTE in 2014…2010, and the Tea party elected members in Congress, is the ONLY reason you still have ANY RIGHTS at all. Imagine what will happen if the Dems get control of congress back… this was a backlash against Obamacare. There should be another major backlash to restore the Senate to a veto proof majority.

        Those who DIDN’T show up in 2012, who have succumbed to apathy and disillusionment, are the reason the Dark man won. The numbers don’t lie. You who bitch that the system ‘doesn’t work’, or the elections don’t matter… remember that. Remember, everything the NAZI’s did, was LEGAL!
        Sure there are pockets of corruption, sure there are areas where the election process is broken, but it is up to YOU to FIX IT, and SHOW UP. They can’t beat OVERWHELMING NUMBERS, especially if citizens contest elections. Sitting on your couch bitching, doesn’t cut it anymore. Cockroaches will scatter when the light is turned on.

        Not, that I think the NeoCon/RINO Republicans are much better in many ways, trust me, I hate them too. BUT, there are a few who are still fighting for us, we need MOAR Cruz’s, Palin’s and Paul’s. We need different people running for office. Like that young lady in SC now running against Lindsey Graham. They need challenging in all primaries. Primaries is where they win or lose… get involved like the demonrats do, or prepare to give it up to the Nazi’s.

        The only explanation for what we’re seeing in this administration is the Agenda. It is not an agenda of incompetence, but Chess. You cannot convince me, that Harvard gratuated suits, are this stupid. The only thing left, is deliberate and traitorous perfidy, with the agenda of destroying what is, to prepare for what comes.

        Ordo ab chao; Order from Chaos.

        • Howdy, PM, and I have to agree, but I’ll take it a bit further. I HAVE NEVER BEEN A REGISTERED VOTER, PERIOD! I’ve never belonged to anyone’s party. I was only 15 when George Wallace, Independent party Candidate for President in 1972 said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.” Most people even then, with few exceptions [and I was among those few exceptions even then] were paying attention. The entire left-right paradigm amd making the two parties appear different was all designed to mislead the people, have them follow one agenda or the other, and make them think their votes would count. These dickheads who say, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain”, don’t have a leg to stand on. since when did anyone need a voter registration card to speak their mind? I’ve always spoken my mind and never had one of those cards. the attempt on Wallace’s life was engineered by the elites of that era. Neither one could afford for him to become a force to be reckoned with. Had the assassination attempt not happened, he could’ve been the Ron Paul of that era and most of what we face today would never have happened; we’ll never know. All I do know is that this system we live under is beyond redeeming. It never lent itself to reform, anyway. 2nd American Revolution and turning back to God are the only hope for our country now. braveheart

      26. This isn’t Sparta, this is madness…..Ok ok ok, all joking, sarcasm, and pun aside, this pisses me the fuck off. This goes against the grain and the very essence of the Constitution, the law of the land. Or at least, once was. IMO and this is sort of off topic, the military, law enforcement, and politicians should stop swearing an Oath to protect the Constitution. They swear the Oath and then turn tail and violate it, daily. Fucking crash already, I’m getting slow motion sickness.

        On a side note, Fukushima may just be the wild card no one counted on. A report by TEPCO just released states they have lost control of the plant and do not know what to do.

        Another side note….the fed hinted, again, at tapering off the QE heroin addiction, and world stocks plummeted. We are fucked fucked fucked……

        • Japan knows what to do, but they refuse to spend the money. They say that it will cost too much. The plant could have been trenched and contained right after the weather cleared. The US has had the technology for zeolite containment for at least two years, maybe more.

      27. The Answer….is russian.

      28. Play stupid games, win bad prizes

      29. Nope, no, not happening, forget it, I assume we have a rental agreement for said property? Should the landlord immpose a new rule to the agreement half way thru its term, then the tennants should immpose their new rules in the middle of said term, lets see, ummm, ok I got one “free rent in gun free zone” no hang on “no 2nd no rent check” wait wait “violate my rights I violate your income” or “ok so you wanna be a dictator? fine you can finance it and the repair bills are about to skyrocket I can feel a leak about to happen to the hot water heater, the oil tank, the sink is about to spring a leak, oh and you dont mind my dad parking his dump truck here for a few weeks do you?” and “oh I decided to add a new clause to the agreement myself I call it “sublet sanctuary”, see since we’re all liberal now I decided to offer the place up to a nice Guatemalan family, I think theres only 12 of them but since your all about social justice I figured you’d be on board with it”

        Oh yeah my big brother is getting out of prison next week and he can’t own a weapon so I figured I would just have him take the place over for me, and as it turns out he has a few buddies getting out on the very same day, and the neighbors have all decided since they cant have guns and we all do we should just let them all move in here and we can find some place more suited to free men and women. Its actually perfect timing they should all be here tuesday.

        There are way too many ways to f%^# up a landlord, and to play political games with the folks paying your bills is not a smart move. The landlord has principles they want to immpose on others, its gonna get expensive. The place will turn ghetto, the cops will slow down response time and in a little while its done. Broken windows, trash everywhere, spare tires lined up like trophies for the poverty at hand.

        These clowns have no idea the reign of misery that will follow. The human spirit can only be repressed so much before it snaps.

        If this landlord is dead set on building a gun free zone it should be done ethically, at the end of the lease each tennant should be given the ultimatum not mid way thru an agreed lease.

        • Boss hog has it the most right…
          Make the landlord pay the price for stupid.

      30. The 2nd Amendment only prohibits the government from interfering with your right to bear arms not private citizens or companies. Your remedy is to move.

        • gray area, but accurate.
          He may or may not win a civil rights suit.
          But, if he sues at a Federal Level for having his basic rights violated, and, this is his ‘domicile’, he ‘should’ win.
          I think the court made this clear in the recent decisions for Chicago and Washington DC. But then you get in to all the ‘admin trivia’ the locals can use to lock you down.

          Boss hogg has it right…
          Make the landlord pay the price for stupid.

          • Boss hog, and all other ideas at the same time…. give this company a S*^T Storm….

          • All depends on the lease. No mention in your lease you are good. Time for a new lease….time to move.

        • Not to argue but that’s a dangerous slope to even dare let get started….

      31. They will be subject to a civil rights suit in short order, I hope.

      32. Anotjer fine example of They Know Best. This will probably spread to other apartment communities as a requirement of “liability”. Scum bag vermin will just love it! I have always advocated keeping a few off site stashs. A couple firearms & ammo, a few silver coins, 24-48 hours worth food and water, meds & first aid. This can be a 5 gal bucket dropped in the ground. A little dry clay or silica gel in the bottom, this will stay moisture free for YEARS! Just don’t do this on your property as SOP with LEO is when serving a search warrant, they go over every inch with metal detectors or ground penetrating radar. If you do this, Do Not bring a cell phone or GPS! I practice what I preach, not just talking out of my ass.
        Standing ready in Daytona

      33. Sounds like a lawsuit that will go all the way to the Supreme Court for a ruling on 2nd am rights, the bad part is it will take years and lots of money to the lawyers and even then when it get to the point to go to the supremes will they or our country still even exist???

      34. I hope all their tenants move out and the company goes tits up. It would be interesting to follow up on this.

      35. Your tax dollars at work…

        “Fraud is rampant in the vast array of benefits the American welfare state is providing to all comers. And now we have a poster child for the abuse. In Boston, the perpetrator of a horrifying drunk driving incident caught on camera, turns out to be an immigrant from an impoverished nation with a party-hearty lifestyle financed by those too stupid to take advantage of the system.

        Jack Encarnacao of the Boston Herald lays out the situation:

        A Cadillac-driving OUI suspect – charged with running a Boston Globe delivery truck off Interstate 93 and onto the Leverett Connector – was carrying three EBT cards, mocked a cop “for paying for food when she gets it for free” and threatened to put a voodoo curse on him, according to a police report.

        “I questioned her as to why she had other peoples (sic) EBT cards and she 
began screaming that I was a ‘dumb (expletive)’ for paying for food when she gets it for free,” trooper William Koko¬cinski wrote of Vivencia 
Bellegarde, 25, of Everett, noting she had her own electronic benefits transfer card and also the cards of two other people.”

        • what does this have to do with the topic we are discussing, I wonder?

          • KY Mom can say what ever she wants.

      36. My apartment complex also states such a thing in the lease, it has for several years, but it’s just laughed at by the many gun owners who live on the property.

        Interestingly enough, when the owner, one of these Tony Soprano wannabess, makes his occasional appearance on the property, he always comes with an ARMED bodyguard. And he wants everyone to know it.

        And how can they really enforce it, anyway? Is the management planning on doing door to door searches of all the apartments looking for firearms? Or patdowns of all the tenants?

        You know what they could do with their selective anti-gun bias, don’t you? My gun stays on the property. PERIOD, END OF STORY.

        • Jack, welcome aboard, and I’ve been through the same thing when I lived in apartments. I’ve been renting a house since 99 and fortunately my landlord is also a gun owner so I don’t face any such BS from him. braveheart

      37. I live in my own house and it’s paid off. Renting can be convenient, but you have to follow someone else’s rules. A house owner does to an extent, but not near as much as a renter.

      38. Isn’t Colorado the state that just had a town that announce that it was going to issue a bounty for taking down a drone ? Are the feds possibly behind this gun free crap. Shit might as well move to that Houston suburb where they are passing out the shotguns to each resident !!!

      39. This is complete nonsense! I would keep a gun anyway under my constitutional right and then shoot anyone who tries to take it from me! Maybe someone should rob and terrorize the Ross Management Group. See if they have the right to protect themselves?
        Good possibility this is a test of our government to see how easily we will comply with being disarmed. Give me liberty or give me death! (and i’ll take as many of you with me as I can!!!)

        • Brian: Did you not recognize the name ‘ROSS’? You would have the ADL, JDL, Bnai Brith, SPLC, Justice Department, Holder, Blackwater (owned by Jews of Monsanto now), and a dozen other agencies giving you the Zimmerman treatment or even having you redered before you could turn around. Get it…this is another Jew-Zionist-Talmudic move to limit our right. Same people who formulate UN law and policy to restrict sovereign rights…wake up. All you guys who email them will get 0 response count on it. They have lawyers already in the wings before they formulated this challenge. Wake up people you better get some understanding now a “know your real enemies”. These assholes will NEVER quit! Count on that!

          • Brian: you want to see what powers they can bring to bear on you…just threaten them an see what happens! You have no fucking idea what is going on bigshot.

            • Brian: Sorry to be so harsh but your living in dreamland. I lived in Miami on and off for 30 years. The Jews own the lawyers, the courts, the police…they are so well connected you would not even begin to understand unless you have operated in that system/environment. All you can do is hurt their pocketbook and pray to God you get a decent break somehow. How do think these men and women get into positions of power…because they are top in their field…bullshit…it is because they are corrupt and corruptible. They all have skeletons and the power broker Jews know exactly where those skeletons are hidden. They also know how to deal with anyone who rebels against them…and it is a 100 times worse than when I experienced what they are capable of. Wake up people! This is no game and your bullshit posts are asinine to say the least! Ross Management knows what they are doing! They have already figured out their agenda! Yes they are pushing the envelope but stay legal and within the law. Use the law the best way you know how…once you cross a certain line you all know there is no turning back and the consequence is irreparable. The lone ranger is no good, we need to wake people up but the posters on this board are keeping you stupid and blind because they refuse to acknowledge facts. These corporations are well connected that is why they still exist.

      40. I don’t really care what a Homeowner’s Assc., Landlord, or Government says about my right to defend myself.

        God made all men in His image and it is a sin to murder a fellow human being. Thus, it is our BASIC GOD GIVEN RIGHT to self defense and defend those around us.

        The Constitution/Founding Fathers were clear on this, our Rights flow from God and ownership of a firearm is upheld by The 2nd. Amendment. NOMI!

      41. Could they “force” a renter to open up his safe to look for weapons and find something else.

        • Short answer anon, yes. These tax credit dwellings require routine inspections, generally 2-3 times a year, and they are in depth inspections.

      42. Apartments are a dime a dozen… Move out and let someone else become a victim…simple as that..

      43. Most apartments are owned by an investor or investment company. So the management company did this on the request of the actual owners of the complex. The management company only carries out the wishes of the owners. The owners / investors insulate themselves from tenant issues by using a management company to run the day to day operations. I for example can protect myself legally by setting up an LLC management company for my rental units. Then the actions of the LLC can be sued but not me personally. Typically these property LLCs are layered or embedded into other LLC investment companies so as to make it very hard to sue anyone for anything.

      44. I’d own a gun anyway. NOBODY will interfere with my constitutional right to own a gun.

      45. I would be rolling out of that neighborhood, and state if necessary like the hounds of hell were after me. Someone else stated earlier, the internet can probably fix this problem if people get together and starve the beast. Vote with your feet people if you are subjected to this. Money lost is a great incentive to these idiots.It’s something even knuckle dragging liberals can understand.

      46. This is total bullsh**.

        I am finally out of the DC area and safely tucked away in middle TN in my own home where I can have as many firearms as I want.

        The increasing tyranny is unbelievable…and just getting worse everyday. God help us all 🙁

        • Welcome back, Southern Gal, and congratulations on leaving the district of criminals. Middle TN? I’m in Memphis. Welcome new neighbor. braveheart

          • I thought you were in Florida Braveheart…I am south of Nashville in a very small town (population 350) and loving it. I am getting to know my neighbors and making plans to set up my gardens and orchard on the property.

            Maybe one day we can meet up…I would like that. 🙂

            • SG, i was in FL 1975-1982. braveheart

      47. OK. So here is the deal. The bill of rights are to keep the government out of your bizness and kidnapping or torturing you just because they don’t like what you say or do.

        But! Property rights trump constitutional rights. It is perfectly lawful for the people who own these apartments to restrict who they rent to. However, there are 3 problems:

        1) As I understand it, much of the income that is recieved by this complex is goverment assisted. Therefore, in some ways, this is a pseudo-government owned. As such, the bill of rights (specifically the 2A) has more application.

        2) After the leasing of a property, once you sign on the dotted line, you have committed to their terms. If the contract says “No Guns” then, you breach that contract if you bring guns. But, this isn’t that way! They changed the contract. (see #3)

        3) If they have a “subject to change at any time” clause in the contract, they will claim that gives them the right to change these community guidelines. They are playing “US Government”. Its an “Adhesion Contract”. They can “stick on” anything they please later or have hidden terms. In contract law you cannot be held liable to parts of a contract that you cannot see. The “subject to change at any time” is like saying you can see into the future. Its totally bogus. They cannot change the contract unless you agree to it.

        If they weren’t just greedy bastard lawbreakers, here is what they could do. Issue new contracts. Put the gun clause in all new tennants. Publish that they have a no gun policy. Ask the current tennants to sign. If they don’t, STFU until they’re gone or pressured out. If they choose to stay, tough fracking luck.

        But, bear in mind, if you EVER deny me the right to carry on your property you are GUARANTEEING my safety and security since you are removing the tools for me to defend myself effectively. Common law liability DEMANDS your liability. This means you are totally liable for any damage that occurs to me, negligent or not. If I am allowed to carry then you’re only liable for known negligence.

        Watch a common law court (You know, the regular court system after I convert it before your very eyes) take all of your stuff and award it to me.

      48. Mac,

        Wilson, above, posted some good news: Status Update needed!

      49. ‘A handwritten note on the typed letter reads “The manager said no licenced [sic] concealed” is allowed either.’

        I don’t know about other states but in Mississippi if you have the ‘enhanced’ concealed carry stamp on your card, you can pack concealed heat no matter what the manager or property owner says as long as firearms are not banned on that property by federal law. But, without the ‘enhanced’ stamp, you are at the mercy of the business/property owner if you have the regular concealed carry permit or if you open carry.

        While our regular concealed carry permit has reciprocity in many other states, our ‘enhanced’ stamp is only valid in Mississippi.

      50. I live in Castle Rock and saw this on the news last night and was horrified. Luckily the local news was all over this. They went to the management company’s HQ in Wheat Ridge and no one would talk to them. Also, Douglas County CO and Cadgle Rock south of Denver is fairly conservative. The housing board got wind of this last night on the news like everyone else and held an emergency session to declare the rule illegal. Chalk one up for the good guys but the fact that this was even tried in the first place says that there will always be those trying to take our rights away and that we must be vigilant.

      51. First of all, I want to say that I do not agree with the idea of having an apartment that is a gun free zone. I think it is a stupid idea for all the reasons you folks have listed.

        However, it is clear that most of you have never been a land lord and had to deal with the related issues.

        First of all, most renters have a contract. If that contract allows guns, then they can continue with that contract until it expires. If there is a contract, it cannot be changed by one side. Both sides have to agree and there needs to be a stipulation as to the consequences on non-compliance (like eviction or a fine).
        If there is no contract, then state law varies on how this would be treated.

        Landlords see the bad side of renters all the time. There are idiots who play with guns and these bullets can go through the walls as one poster noted above. I had one rental that had an entire wall marred by damage from knives being thrown at a target on the wall. The deposit came no where close to paying for the damage that occurred.

        There is no history given here. Did the property have a problem that initiated this response? For example, there was one case in our area where a guy shot at a wall in a house and the bullet traveled next door and killed a kid. If there had been an incident like that, I could see a landlord deciding to ban guns. There are better ways to deal with these problems, but some people have a knee jerk response.

        The other thing is that there are many people who would want a gun free zone. Think about the sheeple that you know. Wouldn’t some of them think this is a cozy idea? The landlord could be planning on using this as a marketing point to attract those sorts of people, with the thought that this will attract peaceable people who won’t cause trouble. I could see some landlords I know trying something like that. I don’t agree with it but I can see the thoughts behind it.

        When you rent, the landlord owns the property. The landlord can make the rules for that property as long as it does not discriminate against race, gender, age, or religion. Any other group can be legally discriminated against as long as it is done uniformly for all renters. At least, that is the basic tenets of the law as I have had it explained to me.

        If you don’t like the lease, the just move. Please don’t vandalize the property and do things to get back at the landlord. I’m sorry but some of you folks are just coming off as vindictive and mean. I think it is good to stand up for your rights but when people stray from honest disagreement to active attacks when they don’t even know the full situation, it saddens me. You lose your effectiveness at winning people over to your side when you do that and you give the opponent an immediate win.

        I know I’ll get plenty of red thumbs for this but I just felt the need for a little bit of perspective.

        • Having been a landlord at one time, I can relate to your experiences. It was often times more trouble than it was worth. You and Netranger both make good points about property rights and contracts.

      52. These type of cases need to be prosecuted the same as any other civil rights violations charges are pursued. Simply because you don’t want blacks voting or gays marrying doesn’t mean you can stop it any more than 2nd Amendment issues. Once a few of these overzealous violators are slapped with huge fines, that will put an end to this foolishness for good. Constitutional rights are not a popularity contest or subject to majority rules elections.

      53. Moro no Brasil, nem sei se vale a pena falar se vocês não tiverem Google tradutor (já fui muito criticado em outros lugares porque me recuso escrever em inglês – afinal, eu os leio, porquê vocês não me entendem?)


        Aqui no Brasil, o Presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso (o “Obama” de vocês) desarmou a população, davam dinheiro para quem entregasse armas, fecharam boa parte das lojas onde se vendiam armas (calculo 99% ).

        Foi um plebiscito com muito dinheiro do governo em propaganda, os filhos-da-puta, “anti-arma” venceram e, a população de bem está desarmada.

        Hoje em dia, se o Brasil for invadido, precisaremos nos armar com bandidos traficantes, eles tem melhores armas que as Forças Armadas.

        Essa é a triste realidade aqui.

        Um cidadão de bem não pode ter uma arma longa de dois canos em casa, uma pistola 45 nem pensar!


      54. Everyone in this apartment complex should protest by not paying their rent! See how these bastards handle this. Make them go broke or lose a lot of money for their non-sense.

      55. Proftel lives in Brazil, he doesn’t know whether it pays to respond since he’s not sure we’ll use Google Translator to read Portuguese the way he does to read and write in English. (I used Bing)

        In Brazil, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso (the “Obama” of Brazil) disarmed the population. He gave money to those who surrendered their weapons, and closed 99% of the shops where weapons were sold.

        A rigged referendum vote was held including an extravagant advertising campaign using government money. Not surprisingly, the government Sons-of-bitches declared the “anti-gun” position to be the winner, and now the population of Brazil is completely disarmed.

        Were Brazil ever to be invaded, our only hope would be make an alliance with our powerful drug cartels, since these thugs have far better weapons than our poorly equipped “armed forces.” This is the sad reality here in Brazil. A law abiding citizen cannot even have two long guns in their own home, and no one dare dream of owning anything like a .45 caliber pistol!

        • Thanks for the translation Tor. Sometimes Proftel’s comments come up ingles, other times porque(?)

          Good to hear from Aussies, Canucks, Brazilians, Brits, Greeks…all.

          How is the economy in Brazil for the common man? Do you hold silver, gold, dollars or real as a hedge against devaluation? Is the petrol available at a good price?

          Good Luck from the Empire (of fools)

      56. hundreds of such test cases are surfacing daily… the question is: will the American People succumb or will we stand up for what is ours by Constitutional and natural right..???

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        Prepping Preacher

      57. It’s against the law for landlords to not permit firearm ownership. you can’t do that here in Virginia and it’s illegal in every other state. Thankfully my landlord is a CCW holder and could give a ship.

      58. Does anyone here know how to contact someone from the site here? I had seen someone in here who lives down the road from me and it is nice to know someone is so close that visits this site. Very unusual to see someone from New Brunswick Canada in here. And no I am not some weird person, just enjoy contacting like minded people close to my area. Take care and God Bless.

      59. You know to be honest , shit like this makes me laugh..why?

        Because I don’t pay attention to no gun zone signs, they are not laws, they are not legal in my eyes in a constitutional state or country.. so I take them as solicitations or a wish list of the owner..but I see it as my life and my right to protect it. so that in and of itself trumps their “wish list”

        • It is not your property idiot, so you have no say in what the owner chooses to do with it, just as other people have no say in what you do with your property.

          • Its called concealed carry for a reason..I don’t have to tell anyone im packing

      60. BTW
        Douglas County Commissioners have already stopped this from happening as it was announced on the radio this afternoon.

      61. IRS manual detailed DEA’s use of hidden intel evidence on citizens…

        “Details of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration program that feeds tips to federal agents and then instructs them to ALTER the investigative trail were published in a manual used by agents of the Internal Revenue Service for two years.

        A 350-word entry in the Internal Revenue Manual instructed agents of the U.S. tax agency to omit any reference to tips supplied by the DEA’s Special Operations Division, especially from affidavits, court proceedings or investigative files.

        The entry was published and posted online in 2005 and 2006, and was removed in early 2007. The IRS is among two dozen arms of the government working with the Special Operations Division, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.

        An IRS spokesman had no comment on the entry or on why it was removed from the manual.”

        Drudge Report

      62. Can landlords suspend other rights and amendments to the constitution? Can a landlord suspend the right to read whatever newspaper you want, or to write letters to the editor? Can a landlord suspend due process because you live on his land? Can a landlord decide you don’t have to pay income taxes? Can you own slaves on rented land if the landlord gives his OK? Obviously the answer is no to the above questions. Why should a landlord be able to suspend the Bill of Rights or other amendments to the Constitution? Agreements ( contracts) that violate the law are null and void by definition. People who conspire to deprive you of your rights can be and are prosecuted. I’m not a lawyer, but maybe someone who has more knowledge can correct me where I’m wrong.

      63. You people do not seem to understand free enterprise. An apartment complex is a PRIVATE business free to run its enterprise as it sees fit. If people do not like the way the enterprise is run, they are free to do business someplace else. That is the free-market system. You idiots are so hypocritical. You extoll free enterprise, unless it does not go freely the way you think it should. You bemoan government intrusion into the lives of people and actions of private business, unless those people or businesses are not behaving as your marrow minds think they should.

        • NC,agreed with you as you can see in first post,turns out though this community is taxpayer helped directly(what housing isn’t these days with bank bailouts!)This rule has been rescinded,as it should be in this case.Live for today,prepare for tomorrow.

      64. …can force you to give up your Constitutionally protected rights?

        Again, for you ill-informed morons. The constitution only protects you from government sanction. Private businesses are free to conduct business as they fit. Don’t like it, do business someplace else.

        • But it seems the incorporation clause, which gives federal control over actions on private property must have some merit. Why can I not refuse service to blacks, Jews, women, or other protected groups but still deny gun owners who are an equally protected class.

      65. If all else fails tell them what they want to hear and continue to be armed.

      66. If a landlord is operating under a license, doesn’t that require them to respect state law, which includes respecting federal law, which is bound by the bill of rights?

      67. Castle Rock apartment’s controversial policy banning firearms is thrown out….

        CASTLE ROCK – A controversial gun policy at an apartment complex for seniors has been thrown out after a 9Wants to Know report.

        The Douglas County Housing Partnership, a multi-jurisdictional housing authority, held an emergency board of directors meeting late Wednesday afternoon.

        Board members decided that the policy, which would have prohibited residents from having firearms in their homes, will not go into effect.

        The Douglas County Housing partnership owns Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock. It was purchased with federal funds and is supported by local, state, and federal tax dollars.

        “These community policy changes were distributed without the knowledge or authorization of the Board of Directors of the Douglas County Housing Partnership or its staff,” a Douglas County Housing Partnership release said. “This board does not support any action that infringes on an individual’s rights and will not allow Ross Management to implement these changes. The mission of the Douglas County Housing partnership is to preserve and develop safe, secure, quality housing while providing housing choices for those who have few,”

        After 9Wants to Know reported on the policy Tuesday night, Douglas County commissioners began calling for quick action by the housing authority.

        READ: Castle Rock apartment tenants told they must get rid of their guns

        Douglas County Director of Public Affairs Wendy Holmes said commissioners were “alarmed” to learn of the policy and pushed the housing authority for “an acceptable and expeditious resolution.”

        “The Board of Douglas County Commissioners is pleased that the Housing Authority concurred with the Commissioner’s position that the policy changes from Ross Management should not move forward. We thank them for a quick and proper conclusion,” Holmes said in a statement.

        When retired US Marine Art Dorsch got a notice from Oakwood management, he felt like the freedom he fought for was being taken away.

        “It upset me very much,” Dorsch said. “Because I don’t think it’s fair.”

        The notice was informing residents of an updated policy, banning all firearms and weapons from the property effective October 1.

        There is no gun language in the lease Dorsch signed earlier this year.

        “They want to take them all away from me. They say I can’t live here,” Dorsch said.

        The Ross Management Group, based in Wheat Ridge, implemented the policy change.

        Managers refused to comment. An employee even closed the door on 9Wants to Know reporter Will Ripley as he asked why tenants were being told they can’t have firearms.


        The Denver Housing Authority wants to know if Ross Management Group is trying to pull similar rogue gun bans in the city.

        The company manages properties in Aurora, Arvada, Denver and Greeley.

        “It’s unconstitutional to prohibit the legal possession of a gun or a firearm on public housing property,” a DHA spokesperson said.

        The company wouldn’t talk about the gun ban via phone or in person. So it’s not clear the motivation behind the company’s decision.

        The company’s owner, Debi Ross, and her husband have given $9,000, only to Democrats, since 2006.

        Public housing gun bans have been challenged in a number of states. In several cases, outright gun bans have been more narrowly tailored to common areas, after a lawsuit was filed

        BOOO YAAAA……

      68. It is anybody’s right to set the rules of his/her own properties.

        I thought we all advocated free market? So why attacking someone re. managing his own property?

        It is the tenants’ free choice to stay or go somewhere else.

        It is much more threatening to my freedom that governments forcefully prohibit my constitutional rights. Here I don’t have a choice. Let’s all revolt against that and leave the rest up to the free market to sort things out.

      69. What gun?

        If a tree falls in the forest…

        If a apartment dweller owns a firearm and the apartment manager never finds out about it, are any rules broken?

        This is a non-issue. Don’t get hung up on non-issues. Plenty of other stuff to discuss.

        Don’t move. Don’t tell anyone what you’ve got. Use it if you need it. Competing harms.

      70. 18 USC 242

        Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

        The tenants need to shove this in the faces of those who think they run shit.

      71. 18 USC 241

        If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

        If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

        They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.


      72. This has been a bone of contention for years here in Colorado. If you read most lease contracts for apartments, it already says you can not have a firearm in their apartment.

        The other issue is cops just coming into your place when ever they feel like it. Unfortunately if you live in an apartment, it is not your’s but the landlords. Legal analyst’s say that you have no choice but to allow cops in, if not, they go to the manager and the manager shows up with a key and let’s them in.

        Happens from time to time where I live.

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