Vice President Biden Makes Silent Threat Against Russia: “Sending Putin A Message”

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 34 comments

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    Vague allegations about Russia tampering with the upcoming U.S. elections are now being used to pivot towards open threats against Vladimir Putin, and actually rationalize Hillary’s platform for war.

    Unable to win over hearts and minds in Syria, Washington – quite alienated from the United States that it supposedly represents – is stumping again for antagonism on the world stage and a clear path to a third world war. Unable to oust Assad and contain their rivals by using Muslim terrorists as a U.S. proxy (ally) and – at the same time – as a cutout “enemy” and boogieman, and unable to maintain credibility on the world stage, Washington has staged scenes of to tug on ‘humanitarian’ heartstrings in attempt to win the propaganda war (remember the ambulance boy?), despite a cynical underwriting and sponsorship of the region’s wider destruction (remember the U.S. bombing Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan… on purpose?).

    Unable to stifle dissent, in spite of all this, the U.S. and “whoever” is now resorting to cutting Julian Assange’s Internet access, freezing the bank account of RT (Russia’s global English language network) and otherwise finishing all “family business” before the election…

    Does anyone recall Hillary Clinton’s 2011 testimony as Secretary of State, where she described how the U.S. was “losing the information war” and should boost propaganda efforts in order to counter, specifically, RT and Al Jazeera? Now, it is happening. Is it any wonder that Hillary’s America will not include free speech?

    As if all that wasn’t enough, Vice President Joe Biden is now making the rounds to indicate that the U.S. is “sending a message” to Vladimir Putin – supposedly in response to Russia’s election meddling. The desperation on the part of the establishment reeks…

    No wonder Russia’s defense minister called them all “so many pussies” in Washington.

    Here’s what Biden told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press:

    Chuck Todd: “Why don’t we send a message out to Putin?”

    Biden: “We’re sending a message. We have the capacity to do it, and uh, the message will be sent at the time that–”

    Chuck Todd asks: “And he’ll know it?”

    Biden responds with his best Godfather impression, as he attempts to convey a subtle mafioso threat of force to Putin in a tone that would otherwise seem to smack of Hollywood parody.

    Biden: “He’ll know it, and it will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact. Their [Russia’s] capacity to fundamentally alter the election is not what people think. And I tell you what, to the extent that they do, we will be proportionate in what we do. And um–”

    Chuck Todd: “So a message is going to be sent. Will the public know it?”

    Biden responds cryptically, “I hope not.”

    We often ask out loud what the elite know that we, the little people in the general public don’t.

    The answer? Everything.

    Thanks for the noble lie, Uncle Joe.

    Of course, the Vice President is only the latest American misleader to publicly menace Putin – ostensibly an ally – while simultaneously conveying a completely cavalier and inappropriate attitude towards death and destruction.

    Mike Morrell, former CIA interim director and long-time deputy director, went on PBS with Charlie Rose and publicly stated that he wasn’t to assassinate the people around the top leaders in Syria, Russia and Iran – not even pretending to hint that they are provoking Putin into a fight one way or another. Unsurprisingly, Morrell is publicly all-in for Hillary, and ready for more regime change.

    As SHTF reported, within a month of Morrell’s eerie and arrogant interview, Putin’s “favorite chaffeur” was killed in an accident… and apparent “message” to Putin that echoed the exact mannerisms and style that the CIA aired on TV.

    “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV

    U.S. leaders, foreseeing a bloody reign under Queen Hillary, are visibly eager for war, smiling and cheering it on.

    Cue the laugh track:

    It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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      1. well, I think Joe is angry since he planned for his son to steal from the Ukraine but he died and went to hell before reaching his goal. Joe soon you’ll join your son in hell you POS useless Zionist suck up.


          • Jason, won’t matter if is old or new. The mission will continue until victory of mankind against the children of satan who are sucking the blood of the humanity.

            No more poor victim ……….crap and collecting ransom.

      2. Keep pocking the Bear with a stick and he will break it off in you ASS!!!!

        Just ordered more Vitamin and Minerals. So did my wife. Now we have enough for about 2 years.


        • Sgt. I stocked a lot of vitamins years back. Thanks for reminding me I need to replace them. Swanson has great deals on all kinds of suppliments. On another note… Some fooker charged a few things on my debit card number. 2 things totaling over 1K. Funny how they approve such shit when I only had maybe 200 bux in my account. But being the wise one I have all my $ in CASH! My account is shut down for a week while they issue a new card and straighten it out but in the meantime I am going along without a hitch because I have CASH! If I was a card tard I’d be totally screwed. But I have CASH so it’s no big deal. Just another reason to keep your $ in CASH lol.

          • Don’t forget your B12 … ツ

          • keep your cash in the bank and the jew in your pants

      3. Mac, do you just wait until Alex Jones posts something on his website and later that day post the same story here?

        • Alex Jones can have some questionable stuff … that being said … he also gives out some credible stuff … take it … for what it is or ignore it as you see fit.

      4. They really sound so much like the mafia! I used to call them the mafia elite but Paul Craig Roberts said they are much worse than that because the mafia would have the US government supposedly reining them in. THIS GROUP has no one to reign them in!! 🙁

        Unless we do it.



          THANKS, GENIUS

          • stop shouting GENIUS or I’m gonna punch you in your balls!!!


      5. “It’s going to be one hell of a ride.”

        Considering what we know Hillary is capable of, it’s pretty scary to think of what we don’t know that she’s capable of; especially with the seat of the presidency.

        I don’t care who you are, you could disappear if you’re a nobody or be a victim of an unfortunate accident really easily. I think the whole country is about the experience payback for how bill treats her.

        • Old secret service/FBI/white houdrworkers stated she beat the hell out of him, a lot.

      6. The shit never ends, does it?

        Twenty one more days.

      7. LOL like Putin is a afraid of a Molester and a sicko, Joe give it a break

        Joe.. the piss is running down your leg and everyone sees it

      8. Biden & Obummer both need to stop poking at the Russian Bear before they get something started that not even God can stop. What’s with his mouth these days he sat for almost 8 years and said nothing, at least out loud, and now he threatens “silently”. Didn’t look very silent to me he said it loud and clear on national TV. Do you think that he believes Putin is not listening?

        • Putin is not just listening to this chump, he’s reading him like a book and is probably six moves ahead of him. These clowns are not just poking a bear, they’re poking a bear who happens to hold multiple master-level black belts. That says any move Putin makes will be intended to move these clowns the way Putin wants them to move, and they won’t even be able to recognize what’s actually happening to them.

          • Love it !!!!!

          • What Peter said….

      9. As you know, the Obama admin has been threatening Russia with cyberwarfare, which not only considered internationally to be an act of war, but would also impact the command and control structure of the Russian military, which could even lead up to a nuclear “event.” All this to prevent leaks about Hilary’s corruption, lies and filth by Russia. I.e., the left has no problems playing nuclear brinkmanship with the lives of you and your children to win the election. Yes, really.

        WHERE ARE THE HYPOCRITE ANTI-WAR TYPES LIKE CYNDI SHEEHAN, ETC??? WHERE IS THE LEFTIST MEDIA WITH THEIR USUAL ANTI-WAR POSITION????? Truth is, maybe Trump is against nuclear brinkmanship. Maybe Putin just doesn’t like Hilary (remember her stupid “Reset” button!?) as she is a warmonger and wants to subordinate Russia (I am not a Putin fan, but IMHO Hilary is about identical morally).

        Where is our leftist, lamestream media? Oh, right…. all that exists for the left is power, power, POWER… and ethics, truth, peace must be subordinated to that. I know many of you think this is extreme, and you are right we will probably be fine. BUT, the left is certainly willing to take a risk with up to nuclear war, all for their satanic (yes, satanic) lust for power.

        Dick Morris discusses issue here: ~ 4 min.

        PS.: There are reports from servicemen in Diego Garcia that there have been nukes moved to the island. This would be, of course, for use in Syria and/or the Middle East. And yeah… I DO hope people will forward this on…

      10. Where is Jerry Springer when you need him?

        • Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue 😐

      11. Obama,Joe and the dems have offered no proof that the Russians are meddling with our elections. So distract everyone with this crap and they can cheat or scare their way into the presidency.They also blame Trump for playing to the
        Russians and corner the man into defending himself instead of talking about the issues.

      12. Hey Putin,
        Could you just nuke DC? You’d be doing both of us a favor.

      13. I don’t suppose that he means to call Putin on the red phone and ask “Is your refrigerator running?” Maybe they could study Bart Simpson’s prank calls to Moe’s Bar. Sending messages can be dangerous since they tend to answer with their own messages. This could get ugly!

      14. This is street, “I’ll kick your ass”, talk that was recently heard from the Chairman of the JCOS. It comes out of a page from the likes of Nikita Khrushchev. In action and word the US and Russia are switching roles; disgraceful.

        • Wouldn’t it be great to have obammy and putin in the ring together for a death match lol.

          • Actually wars started like that with the King leading the charge. Money took over and the King got the surfs to build him a fortress while others fought and died, “For the King”. Seeing this arrangement the Kings extended family replicated this in other lands and families as they are got into squabbles. So the King of England on several occasions had his subjects fight, and die in battle with the Kings of Prussia and France that were cousins of his. The subjects all fought for Their King. Every 30 or so years this repeated and the weapons got increasingly more lethal. The lance, bow and sword gave way to the firearm and cannon culminating with rapid fire weapons. Then we went full cycle to nuclear weapons and low and behold the 30 year de-facto world wars came to an end as The King, or whoever is in charge would likely be killed in battle. Once battle included the administrators of it they were reduced o a level that wouldn’t effect then.

          • It would be no contest Genius … Putin wouldn’t have to do anything … all the horse has to do is … take a giant shit on him … or … the horse figures out Obama is love with his massive horse cock … again … Putin Wins!

            Start Sucking Obama!

      15. This is the most blatantly transparent bullshit since Diebold.

        In fact moreso.

        This is damn insulting is what it is. I mean really we’re going to buy this BS huh?

        Trump wins: obviously Russian tampering. Recount. MAGIC! Hillary wins 😀

        Fuck’s sake how fucking stupid do you think I am?

      16. The horror of a nuclear war is beyond my ability to imagine. These people are really nuts and out of control.

      17. I have been watching Hitler speeches with English subtitles.

        There are several 27minute and 20minute uninterrupted by commentary (which can be biased).
        There is one 2&1/2 hour collection but quality not great and some repetition.

        There are two versions of Hitler’s 11minute private conversation with the President of Norwegia.
        The one with commentary does not give you a chance to draw your own conclusions. The moderator tells you what to think and amazingly seems to know what Hitler was thinking, when he was lying, and why he seems so relaxed, and normal like any statesman. Hitler had a glass of wine with dinner. It was the typical MSM bs, but they do give some pertinent data. Be sure to listen to the other 11minute version without the interruptions and bogus interjections of a media biased heavily against THE MAN.

        The reason I bring up Hitler is because, contrary to what I was taught by my teachers, by books, and by the propagandizing media news and Foolywood, I know know, by listening to his own words and researching documents, Hitler was goaded into war. The Japanese were goaded into attacking us at Pearl Harbor; just as Putin is being goaded today.

        We only need to examine the outcome. In hindsight it is clear that both Germany and Japan were destroyed because they responded by attacking, exactly what Churchill and Roosevelt wanted. Germany was obliterated. The women and girls raped and many murdered viciously. The German army was murdered after giving up their guns to the allies. Japan was nuked twice even though they were already defeated and ready to negotiate peace.

        Russia needs to stay strong and not allow these rotten sons of Satan to pit two white Christian Countries against each other. The pychotics controlling America want as many dead White Russians (not a beverage), also Christian; and dead, White Christian Americans, as they can kill.


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