Veteran Owned Coffee Company Releases Best Commercial Ever: “I’ve Had People Call My Videos Offensive… Well… F*** You”

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Headline News | 79 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    Today’s hypersensitive snowflake world of boycotts and mass protests over seemingly unimportant things has led many a company to remain silent for fear of retribution from the the left.

    But one company that’s quite literally sticking to its guns and could not care less about the virtue signaling and faux outrage is veteran owned Black Rifle Coffee.

    Without a doubt, the following commercial, featuring owner Evan Hafer will lead to mass triggerings from coast to coast.

    Definitely worth watching (** Strong Language **):

    And just in case you demand more, here’s a commercial in which they objectify women… err… coffee.

    How to make Covfefe: “Tastes Like Freedom!”


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      1. Wonder if the Democrats bought any of it ? Liberals too ??

        • Aren’t they the same thing?

        • I buy all my coffee from them. My favorite is “Blackbeard’s Delight”. A little expensive but excellent. And if that girl in the first vid offends anyone then they must not go to the beach too often.

      2. Thats freakin terrible,,, funny but terrible

      3. Yep, that’s reality alright. And people are calling me a nut job. That one got my attention, and that will certainly get higher ratings and it wont be the only things that will be going up.


        Yes,. we are all human.

      4. That was absolutely hilarious. They got a new customer 😉

        • and another – signed up for monthly club. lost a son Persian Gulf. These guys are great. Buzzed, but great. LOL.

          • I think I’ll look into that coffee myself.

        • I’ve been buying from them for a while. Just placed another order because of this article ?

          • Kudos to those guys for sticking to their guns.

          • I’m jacked just watching it, Ka-ching: 5 arm-pumps. If only more of the young men of this new generation gets out from being p-whipped into snowflake submission by their Leftist-Marxist girlfriends. The spirit exemplified here is a warrior spirit that the left wants to snuff out in this demographic. Long live the Warrior ethic.

            Thank God for God
            Thank God for America
            Thank God for Guns
            Thank God for Swords
            Thank God for Tomahawks
            Thank God for Family
            Thank God for Pickup Trucks!

            Molon Labe!!!

        • that link does NOT go to one of their videos, and hopefully can be REMOVED

      5. fucking love it I’m ordering a bag

      6. I like these guys! I am going to buy some coffee!

      7. Black Rifle Coffee is sooooo good! My family vowed to never purchase from Starbucks again and exclusively use BRCC now! They don’t burn their beans like starbucks, veteran owned and they donate to gun rights groups and veterans programs. Win win!
        Silencer Smooth and CAF are our favorites!

        • my story, too — couldn’t stomach the SJW taste of starbucks anymore, black rifle recommended in a comment. have it delivered every other month — it’s great.

      8. Yessir…hot and black!

      9. Well done, Black Rifle Company. Looks like I have a new coffee supplier.

      10. If it has to do with veterans, it is OK: TOTAL BULLSHIT. Fuck the military and all that serve.

        • You;re disgusting,

          How about you leave the country?

        • Stick it in your cunt, Darkwing

        • DarkDick: GO and remove the rubber ducky from your rectum you fuck-nut you.

          • Yep if you joined the US Military to serve. You are serving your Fascist Masters. Exxon Mobil, Monsanto, MacDonalds, Halliburton, Raytheon, Carlyle Group, KBR, etc. Ugnorant dumb f@cks.

            • You forgot to mention the real force behind all this:

              The Rothschild Family

            • Who said we served in ignorance?

        • I’m sorry your momma didn’t abort you.

        • Say that to my face, you Fkg Commie pig.

        • Darkwing, go find a country that works for you.

      11. I am so triggered (clutches pearls).

      12. That is not Evan Hafer, that is Matt Best, owner of Article 15 clothing company. Also the star of the Range 15 movie!

        • Whoops sorry! Will fix that!

      13. I love it when someone tells people like darkwing to fuck off I’m buying two bags

      14. say what darkwing? I am not sure I am understanding you correctly. People are calling BS on me, and who is commenter? Now its fuck the military and all that serve? what the hell is that suppose to mean?


        • what he was trying to say was “i don’t fit in here….or probably ANYWHERE that people with 2 brain cels congregate”.

        • It’s leftist looney doublespeak they use, so they can claim they support the troops, but despise the military and their mission at the same time.

          Schizophrenics are good at such lies, honest people aren’t.

      15. That darkwing must b a total douchebag. I’m hard core coffee drinker. I’ve found a new supplier. We need more people like this and less pussies in America.

          • because you can count them?

      16. Frankly that guy seems a little gay. Okay, a LOT. Maybe they should have named it “Long Black Rifle Coffee Company.” Know what I mean, coffee bean>

        And yes, they are badly made. Only a gay guy would put a hot woman in a commercial and make her look bad. Very poor conception (pun – if any – intended).

      17. Darkwing…Thank you for making me smile…I served…I look forward to having you and your ilk try and fuck us!

        • Nobody,
          “I look forward to having you and your ilk try and fuck us!”

          They are already doing so, They are known as Democrats and GOPe.

          • rellik…That’s just foreplay…I was thinking about a little higher velocity action!

        • Darkwing is a dickhead.

      18. offensive and disgusting videos-and this grandma would wash your mouths out with soap and lock those girls in a closet until they learn to respect their bodies BUT i support your right to be vulgar and silly and coarse-as long as you don’t shove it down peoples throats or elsewhere-and i can switch channels and not watch it-though the videos are funny in a very vulgar way-i wonder if the coffee is good-and do you have decaf? and how much does it cost?

      19. LOL.
        love these videos.
        and i ORDERED MORE COFFEE the other day from them, because US VETS NEED TO STAND TOGETHER.
        Semper Fi fellows.

      20. Darkwing, I never served but I’ll buy the coffee in support and in the memory of those that died in service. You must be a snowflake.

        • I never served because it was totally evident that the US makes wars for total bullshit. Serve my country? Absolutely, serve the assholes that use us like toilet paper for their gains? Absolutely NOT. Might want to consider this FACT before signing up….

          • Yes, there are sooo many other jobs that feed you, give you housing, medical care, and even training. Face it, there are really very few people who shoot rifles in the modern military. Most jobs are very safe.

            Guess you have not had to look for a job with a modern “education”.

      21. Wtf kind of crap is going on this site? I have to questions. Braveheart is attacking me now, calling BS on me, advising others and agreeing with others that I am nothing but pure bullshit and a fraud, and now called me out, ” HCKS is total nut job”. Anonymous who has attacked me many times is now on my side calling Brave a BS poster, then Newby Darkwing jumps on here with fuck the military and those who serve. Braveheart when he changed his name I taught he was infiltrated and hacked and I had to apologize for making a certain comment to see if it was him, thinking it was not him, when I said I was quiting the site, he didn’t want me to leave, told me not to let trolls intimidate me. Now I am now his enemy, calling BS on me. Wtf?

        This planet really is fucked and we are not going to make it. Brother against brother, prepper against prepper, family against family, and race wars in the cities and on the websites. The trolls are now backing me calling BS on Brave, what the fuck is this, some type of cabalist NSA HCKS Recruitment process? Jim in VA constantly attacking me every time, Old Guy same shit, I respond back after seeing the patterns.

        To further add insult to intelligence. The trolls look like they teaming up with me to attack Brave. This is getting really stupid around here.

        And now lots of posters are attacking, ” We know HCKS was BS” you all were right about that HCKS guy, he is full of crap. ” I know now for certain that he is a nut job. Damn they finally got me? I am now a troll. Annoymous” Brave has been playing you for quite some time”

        Now this unfortunately is now a fact. It in writing right in front of my fucking face. I could not believe what I read, he attacked me, followed up with another attack when another poster asked if I was back on the site from taking time off since I dissapeared for almost a month.

        Other posters from the past who are constantly attacking my credibility and I am telling 100% truth about what I know, and some the asteroids are already breaking out of orbit of planet X and they are heading here to bombard the earth, and they are calling bullshit on this and my information. I might was well leave the site permanently and I am getting convinced that its for the best. When I saw Brave attack me, I know for certain now that I am wasting time. Real posters, I am not even going to attack his post, why? because I am the real deal. I am not even going to go there. Jim in VA is always attacking my post but is Legit? This makes no sense because the info, I what I am posting is a fact of life on planet earth. Yet he backs up Jim, calls him Legit, and calls BS on me. Legit preppers, talking to the real guys on here. The Braveheart guy is something else, I was never expecting him of all people to call me out as a fake, fraud, and expected to see him do that with me, I am so supprised, but accept the reality. This world is not a good place to live it, its my observation, and observation is reality. I have a full time job, I workout 4-5 days a week, I have to run errands and live day to day like everyone else and am busy and I get to post only when I am reading shit while I am working, this is how I get to post on here. Sometimes I don’t even look at this site of others for days, sometimes for weeks, then all in a sudden, boom, Vegas goes down, forcing me to get up off my ass to take a look at what just happened. I make a post, get and instant attack from a troll, then I am attacked and called out as BS immediately with the idiots not even taken into consideration that the so called legit posters are attacking me for a reason. I am totally convinced that is time to leave this site permanently, It will happen soon for certain and I am 100% sure others will be happy at my leaving and not returning. Lets have a vote, why want HCKS to leave, If I get more that 5 responses, then I will leave and not come back. Respond on this thread and let me know. I will honor that request.


        • PLEASE STAY HCKS !!

        • PLEASE STAY HCKS !! Anyone who trolls or bashes HCKS is an asshole! HCKS is one of the BEST on here. STAY!!!

        • If you leave I will beat yer ass HCKS lol.

        • i agree everything is screwed, once the us falls there is nothing stopping the Asian invasion.
          they have already got several military bases on the Pacific islands because they were in debt to them.
          my country (New Zealand) has some debt to china and a free trade deal, which means that if a war broke out between the us and china we would be forced to support china (the TPP would of fixed this).

          some advice is don’t feed the trolls, ignore them.
          it is interesting to have some different view points o whats going on and i ask you to stay

        • and Hicks is off and running to fantasyland.

          seriously, if planet x did exist(which I have already put forth that it does not because an object that size would be easily detected by some many amateur astronomers, it could not be kept secret); the asteroids orbiting it would not break off; it’s gravity would be too strong and it’s distance too far from the sun for the sun to break them out of orbit. only conspiracy people would buy that like hicks does.

          now, I do agree hicks that the western world is on a downward spiral from unsustainable debts, crazies with nukes, muslims taking over most every country they are allowed into and Obama turning the usa into civil war 2 and that the usa’s future may end up the same as modern day venezula; but we’re probably past being able to reverse that unfortunately; nothing else to do but enjoy the decline.

          but please don’t go hicks; you’re the most entertaining doomer here.

          • Lena, you’re right about HCKS being some good entertainment but that’s it.

        • HCKS, you wrote:

          “Anonymous who has attacked me many times is now on my side calling Brave a BS poster”

          I’ve always called DBH a BS poster. He writes as if he’s a tough guy yet, in reality, he’s merely a keyboard kommando probably working for minimum wages (nothing wrong with that in itself, but he now pretends that he’s management ffs!) He’s not important really, I just don’t like the malodorous stench that some BS makes. Tough guys don’t talk..they act, usually without warning.

          I’ve caught him out in so many lies I’m surprised that he still comes on here spouting how “nobody is gonna take me down” and how “I’m gonna ventilate anyone who gets in my way”. He should be ashamed of himself.

          Whether you stay or leave is a matter for your own conscience. Never put anything to the vote or you’ll end up being trumped.

          • Anonymous, you’re free to believe whatever you want but I know damn well I speak the truth. I have a conscience and nothing to be ashamed of. And I especially don’t owe anyone like you a damned thing so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

        • HCKS, I was hacked. Hope you stay but I’ll respect whatever decision you make.

      22. He’s, if you leave it’s because you are a coward. This is the interweb, stop acting like a pussy. You are coming across as a weakling by taking it personal when a screen name talks shit. These aren’t people you actually know, trust or necessarily want to have next to you when the balloon goes up. So, why care or take it personally? They are strangers, so take it with a grain of salt. Keep posting, roll up your sleeves and keep your powder dry. Just my .02,

      23. HCCKS: I think you should stay man seriously. Fuck the haters out there.

        • Hcks. Seek professional counselling. And get off the psycho Meds.

      24. military worshiping is just as bad of the stupid liberals

      25. LOL I wouldn’t want my kids seeing this during Saturday morning cartoons, but anything that puts a libtard into a hissy fit has my vote every time!

      26. HCKS you should stay, I like reading your stuff.

      27. I’d stop muting commercials if i could see more like this. Real men, guns, shooting and good ole real people. Love this. Im really sick of the feminized version of men on commercials and tv shows. Thank you!!!! More please!

      28. Who cares…come or go.

      29. hccks…if ya leave I will watch genius kick your ass…by being here you are proving that people with the same mindset cant or wont stick together…most of us older people know that it is too late to save the republic and it is a lost cause…hang in there and trust no one not even family members…we are all on our own and that makes winning impossible.

      30. other than the language I see no worse than is viewed on the tube every day. the difference is they oppose government control and power grabs. this is where they will find opposition. government against freedom.

      31. What a bunch of stupid dumb fucks that post on this site.

        Lena. You are a very stupid lady, very stupid lady, so stupid, very stupid. Martial artist do not fantasize, we deal with reality, that’s why we can defend ourselves, we do no close our eyes when we get attacked, we block and hit back. I hate to have to talk to like this but your a very stupid woman. I am leaving this site. I am sure you all will be happy. I don’t mean you any disrespect, but i have to call you out since your so stupid. I find you post idiotic. And Look at the comment from cracksomeskulls. For those who do not know, I run a successfull business, and do not do drugs, not do i take meds. The people i do business with are into banking, run banks, are brokers and they are on to what’s going on and have talked to me in private and told me that they are prepped because the people up top told them, that we are done, rapping things up and are getting rid of us. They told them these exact words.

        JP morgan chase has bug out bags in banks. Or really.? Remember this awhile back. Why?

        I am leaving this site to save Mac bandwit. I don’t have time to post facts in front of stupid people. You people on this site are some really stupid people. VERY STUPID.


        Now another HAARP induced hurricane is heading toward Mobile Alabama, and the UN equipment started to pure in even before the hurricane formed, and Hodges source leaked out the “massing of UN military equipment in northern Alabama that’s is spooking residence and causing concern”,. Look where the hurricane is heading. Need meds and professional help eh. I see.

        No renaissance is coming, the age of Aquarius and astrology is all bullshit and has no impact or meaning on this planet, quoted my scientist buddy. Stupid people he said think that this is the age of enlightenment, when in fact its age of destruction and planetwide mass extinction of the human race by design. Astrology is a fraud. What’s coming is disease, murder, wars, horrific death and total destruction, Ai attacks, bio weapons, EMP, Planet X, Ocean plate collapse, environmental and oxygen deprivation, and most of them, the local bankers have bugged out, getting bunkers, and land out the middle of no-where land and leaving Houston, leaving Texas, moving more north West, and some of them are leaving the country.

        When people lost everything in 2010, they killed themselves, jumped off buildings, commited faud, ripped off people and got arrested, all to maintain a lifestyle that was not sustainable, i choose to live homeless for almost 3 years. I am not weak, i am strong.

        “seek professional councel and get off the meds” is the response to the real facts. You people on here are very stupid people. Very, very extremely stupid people. Not a single post of comment will ever be made on this site ever again from me unless i decide to meet with Mac, if he decides to accept our meeting. My post will be in moderation Mac, this way you can remove my info, to disappear the post. Since when you don’t post often, its goes into moderation. I will leave you my number so that we can talk first to let you know that its safe and that i am a real person. This way you can decide if or when we can meet, i have coordinate it with my scientist friend.

        These things are facts about me. People don’t want me around here. And this is my final post. I will not be returning to this site again. The next time that I do, I will drop in to leave Mac a message to contact me to let Mac get to hear the things that he always wanted to hear. And this meeting is not a certainty.

        Braveheart attacked me and did a follow up attack on the next article thread. This is reality. I was just about to post some more info that I had not posted before and decided not to. I have had my scientist friend look at you all post and his response was :” don’t waste you time with these people, they stupid, let them learn. Most of them will not survive, and we know whats going to happen next”… But i told him, that we needs to leak out info for the real preppers on the site, since real ones are lurking and not posting..


        Mac, i will save you some bandwit.

        • HCKS, sorry to see you go but you had no business attacking Lena. She makes some good sensible posts.

        • HCKS. Don’t take this shit so seriously. It’s a good website with lots of know-it-all shithouse lawyers. You have to understand it for what it is. You got one guy always
          bragging about his silver and his solar setup. He’s mad at the world and knows way more
          than everybody else. Another anal-retentive clown always publishes his list of 500 items
          that everyone should have or they won’t be as prepared as he is. Another one is always
          honing his tough guy persona swearing the baddies will never get near him because he’s armed to the teeth and always prepared to air condition people at the drop of a hat.
          It’s a big fucking joke. You don’t have to participate in a forum of losers that already seem
          to know everything (sarc). If the ChiComs someday do invade Texas- all these mofos will
          eat crow. Fuck’em!

      32. And if we had no military? Some of you would be crying foul if the UN ever came and took your wealth & wife & daughters.
        Perhaps hipocrite might fit here. Yes I’m talking to you.

      33. Yeah, language could be deleted, as not real family friendly, and reflection of our over sexed culture to have to show girls butt cheeks to we coffee….but, I applaud their being in your face unpolitically correct, especially with the name, love it!
        Thank you veterans!

      34. Where can I purchase this coffee?

        • @Tom,

          Go to their site Or if you like supporting local business, look at their dealer map and then you can purchase local and not pay shipping. I have been a fan for over a year and I have to say it’s really good! My husband loves CAF! You can buy it by the bag or in K-Cups. Enjoy!

      35. Someone watched Dollar Shave Club and got some cool ideas.

      36. My motto for them would be/ BLACK RIFLE COFFEE- SMELLS LIKE ASS.

      37. Outstanding, as a vet I will look these guys up and check out their coffee. Cant be any worse than the smell of napalm in the morning or McDonald’s coffee……..

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