Vermont Sees Gun Control Push Despite Few Problems: “A solution in search of a problem? We don’t seem to have a problem”

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 126 comments

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    After Sandy Hook, we saw Connecticut, New York, Colorado, Washington state and others pass gun control legislation.  Connecticut, in the fog of the school shootings and media-driven mass hysteria, passed the strictest laws in the entire nation.

    Now, nearby Vermont is pushing for more gun control, too.

    But legislators from the state are scratching their heads as to why.

    It seems that Vermont has one of the best safety ratings in the country for guns. In short, it doesn’t have a gun problem.

    WCAX reported:

    Representative Patrick Brennan of Colchester wondered Tuesday, “Is this a solution in search of a problem? We don’t seem to have a problem.”

    With legislators debating whether to propose new gun legislation — Brennan says he can point to several stats to tell describe why that’s not necessary.

    “Vermont is actually rated first in the nation in gun safety,” Brennan said.

    Add in the fact that he says violent crime has fallen each of the past three years, and Brennan says gun legislation just is not warranted.

    “We’re doing fine,” Brennan said. “We’re actually better off now than we were in the past.”

    Police chiefs were asked about the need for the measure as well. James Baker, the police chief of Rutland City, which has about 16,000 people, was dismissive:

    “We don’t see a lot of issues here with firearms — very few of our crimes are committed with firearms.”

    A pro-2nd Amendment lobbyist for the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Even Hughes, also made the case for why this makes no sense:

    Vermont continuously is one of the very lowest crime rate states in the nation. We have one of the best states on gun safety… we just see this moving legislation agenda addressing a problem that doesn’t exist. It’s actually a solution in search of a problem.”

    So why is there a push for more gun control?

    Clearly there is more to the agenda, with billionaires backing nationwide advocacy groups and the Obama administration and other influential liberals dead set on destroying gun rights.

    Specifically, this initiative centers around pushing states like Vermont to report more data to the feds, and use mental health screening to expand the number of people prevented from buying guns, including in person-to-person transfers and sales.

    As in other states where gun control groups seek the proverbial camel’s nose-under-the-tent, Bloomberg’s groups have found Vermont’s perceived weak spot. The tiny state does not have prolific gun violence, but it does, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, lack in reporting gun owners classified as mentally ill (a category sure to expand until it bloats):

    According to the group’s Closing the Gaps report, Vermont ranks among the “worst performing states” for its unwillingness to place Vermonters with mental health challenges in the FBI-run National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The NICS was launched in 1998 to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

    Along with New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and a handful of other states, Vermont has refused to stigmatize the mentally ill or deny them their constitutional rights. According to Everytown, these “worst performers” have reported fewer than 100 people to the NICS. While the number of mental patients reported to NICS nationally stands at 3.7 million — up from 1.1 million in 2011 — Vermont has informed on just 23 people with mental illness.

    So Vermont doesn’t report enough data on its citizens to the feds.

    The post-Sandy Hook era of gun control has focused on “snitch style” reporting and increasing “background checks” and dense regulations so that gun ownership – despite being an inalienable right – is burdened with reporting red tape that contributed towards a very slippery exclusion list:

    State Sen. Jeanette White, a Democrat, expressed concern about the point of no return for those put on no buy lists:

    “I have concerns about putting people with mental health issues on a no-owner list. I know sometimes people have desperate mental health issues and come out of them, and it’s almost impossible to get off the federal list once you’re on. I have concerns about that,” White said.

    “I’m not going to blanket say everybody who has had a mental health issue where they threatened to harm themselves or others would automatically be denied the right to have a firearm. I’m not there.”

    By mandating federal reporting on mental health screening and barring anyone labeled ‘mentally ill’ from owning a firearm, ‘common sense’ gun control will do more to damage the 2nd Amendment than an assault weapons ban ever could…


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      1. Finally some one is waking up in Vermont, THANK GOD!
        The turds in power has to have a problem, because a person with a gun is a freeman, but with out a slave.

        • And the assault on the 2nd amendment continues.


          • And it is getting desperately close to the time for those who support the Second Amendment to begin an assault of their own.

            If I was a target manufacturer, I think I would make targets depicting Obama, and the others who condoned the making of targets out of pregnant women and children.

            I probably couldn’t make enough Obama and Feinstein targets to keep up with the demand….

            • GC, I was going to recommend the same thing. Targets with Feinstein, Bloomberg, etc. would sell like hotcakes. Also targets of whoever approved making targets of pregnant women and children would sell like hotcakes.

              • Curious, thumbs up if you facebook and thumbs down if you don’t at all…

            • “I probably couldn’t make enough Obama and Feinstein targets to keep up with the demand”

              YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!

        • It always gets back to guns, doesn’t it?

          • don’t forget the “pointy knives”, vermont!(sarcasm off)

          • @ OutWest,

            Yes it does and coincidently it also goes back to increased gun sales in areas where these controls are brought up by politicians. Is there a correlation?


            • Mac, is there any way to nix these “percentage” pop-ups on the thumbs?

        • And once the ‘mental health debate’ takes root (instead of just a foothold) the next step will be to define people who are ‘extremists’ as mentally ill.

          From there the goal is to reframe the debate not just as fighting terrorism, but a war on ‘mental illness’, instead of mere extremism.

          After all, how far would you go to do ‘whatever is necessary’ to ‘help someone suffering from a mental illness’? How far would a society go?
          Psychiatry as a weapon.

          In the long view this whole debate about mental illness reeks of eugenics

          • As I have said all along, how long will it take these progressives to say that just wanting to own a gun is a mental illness. Molon Labe !

            • They already do say that…repeatedly.

          • Exactly! The “we have to do it for the kids” approach hasn’t quite had the impact they sought, so it’s on to the next target…pardon the pun.

          • DevilMayCry, I agree the scenario you outlined could and may very well happen. The African virus is hosting a “global security summit” in Feb. The outcome of that summit will be interesting.

          • DevilMayCry:

            Your post is spot on. Jon Rappoport at nomorefaknews has great articles that fit right in with your post. No advertisers there so he is able to speak truth without worrying about loss of revenue.

            His articles are free to your email. Worth a look at his site.

          • DevilMayCry,

            Good point.

            Reread the 45 Communist Goals for America – printed 1963

            Many of these 45 goals work hand in hand with defining people as ‘extremist’.

            39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

            • “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
              – Edmund Burke

              The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals (1963)

              • “The Naked Communist, by Cleon SKOUSEN” ??? Any relation to Joel?

        • Sgt. Dale: You are so right about a shooting or shootings in Vermont. Look for malls or GOD forbid schools these people will stop at nothing to advance their agenda. Hey we are all useless eaters anyway. Death to the NWO and those behind it.

          • We’ve gotta git them, before they git us…

        • Good day, Sarge, and I predict the same thing for VT. These gun grabbers need to face some really serious resistance.

          • RBH I see Bloomturd is giving everyone on this post a Thumbs Down, I agree Vermont is not reporting its citizens to the Cabal in the White Roost..there time foe an event is coming..God bLess them for Protecting their Citizens…for Now!!!
            Semper Fi

            • Cameraman, welcome aboard, and yes, I noticed the trolls are back. the trolls can all go suck an egg. I also take my hat off to the State of Vermont…for now.

        • You mean Sandy Snookered. Nobody dies at Sandy Hook. Not one child. Did you see where the photos of the kids releases from this false flag event were about 5 year older photos of living children. You see younger kids creates a bigger outrage as Nancy Polosi cried, “All those bullets in those poor babies bodies,”

          Did you also see one kid photo used in sandy hook also died again in the Syria school shooting. These idiots used the same photo at sandy hook for the school shooting in Syria. Like how many times can the same kids die?

          Sandy Hook should not even be mentioned ever again since it was all a Hoax. Even the FBI did not report any deaths in the county in Dec 2012 where Sand Hook supposedly too place. You see it was all a Hoax to push through another Assault rifle ban.

          I am so sick and tired of of Lies and BS – Death to Liars!!

          • WWTI, gun grabbers are no less vulnerable to having “accidents” than anyone else.

          • WWTI,

            Watch Out, Lightning may strike you, you big liar….

            • Bolger do your Homework..Sandy Hoax is not a Lie..

              • Guys, it wasnt just a lie. It was one of the biggest hoaxes done right under our noses. It was a CDFF – class D false flag. Everything about it was totall made up. HoOksey

        • Sgt. The only laws in The Green Mountain state is you can’t carry on school grounds or in a court house. There are no permits required for open or concealed. The state house just recently changed the rule about carrying under the dome, due to so many people bringing side arms to legislation sessions.

          This won’t go far, never has before. We’re on top of it.

          Finally waking up> wow! the only ones not awake here are the lib flatlanders that move up here trying to change thigs the same as where they came from. There such idiots they want side walks on dirt roads. The town I live in there are 38 miles of dirt road and 3 miles of pavement, just to give you the stupidity of it.

          • Ethan Allen : The gods of the valley are not the gods of the hills, and you shall understand it

          • V2
            I would say I’m sorry for the flatlanders moving up there, but I’m not because they are leaving here, and that might make it easier for us to change things back around for us. (LOL) Just kidding I’m sorry that them Bastards are moving into God’s Country. Good Luck with them. Remember what I always say. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!
            You guys keep up the GOOD WORK.

            • V2,what part of state you in,friends/family about 30 miles from White River Junction.I also know some folks way up north almost to the maple leaf border.

              • Right in the heart of the highest peaks, surrounded by 1000’s of acres of forest. The “man” and the “hump”.

                • I have never hiked the camel(or crouching lion) area yet,tis on my among many things “to do” list,nice place to be.

          • Agreed, VTfree2. I live in VT as well, and I don’t see this gaining traction, but I could be wrong. Burlington (Girlington) has already passed some municipal “common sense” legislation, but it will get smacked down by the State, as it must pass muster with the State legislature before being ratified…a non-starter.

            • To vtfree2 and the other VT posters here. don’t be surprised if someday you may have to help the libturd transplants in your state have “accidents”. Things could get to that point.

            • Grunty, Should be dead in it’s tracks, like a ten pointer before it even hits the floor.

        • Vermont is one of those very unique places. It Wasn’t part of the original 13 colonies, in fact, it was an independent republic for 14 years (1777-1791) and made the grievous error of joining the United States. It’s independent streak is still there, it doesn’t even require a concealed weapons permit; you’re citizen, you can carry a gun-period. There is a movement on, stronger than any other state, to separate itself from the U.S. and go back to being an independent nation, it’s called the SVR. I wish them luck.

      2. “Vermont doesnt have a gun problem”

        so this government is going to make sure they will have one soon

        • Enemy, the gun grabbers have been staging these shooting incidents since the 80s. I also predict a false flag in VT soon. These gun grabbers never give up.

          • Yep, you got that right ..problem is ,, many folks are getting hip to the shit , cant wait til one of these BS -FF’s get completely blown out of the water and in the face of the public with no denial

            • Maybe a couple already have, just look for those incidents where an unexpected/unidentified citizen put a stop to it because he was carrying at the time. I think they do this shit in malls because of the cc cameras everywhere.

              1) to be certain to give a good show to the scared public, and

              2) so they can use facial ID software to identify any private citizen with a carry permit. That would keep the interference quotient low, if they could know if anyone was potentially carrying in the area.

              Don’t put anything past these fvckers. They want to ID people in real time for a reason, and our security ain’t it.

              • Sixpack you are keenly aware of just what lengths are necessary to wage a war.

                Whatever measures an enemy takes, anyone who would oppose them has to redouble their effort.

        • Absolutely right E, no problem with guns here.
          Even Scumlin (govnr) had a pic with his buck in the msm this season.

      3. No crisis needed. Vermont is just moving ahead on the Agenda 21 plan.

        • Since the recent ‘hack’ a few days ago, Obama has announced a renewed push for more laws and CONTROL of the internet.

          “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
          – Rahm Emanuel

          New Obama Push For ‘GOVERNMENT RUN’ Internet

          • no surprise.

        • Mom, shut your mouth about that A21 shit or I won’t talk to ya again ;). Not on our watch if we can stop it.

          • Vtfree2, WHOA, let’s ease up on KY Mom. I’m already familiar with Agenda 21 which is being planned for the whole nation. Everyone here who is familiar with it is against it also. KY Mom provides us links to a lot of interesting and important articles we might miss otherwise. I agree with you on Agenda 21, but let’s not take out anger on KY Mom. She doesn’t deserve it.

            • That was not a slam, didn’t ya notice the 😉 Just pulling her chain. She’s GREAT!

      4. Vt. is a very beautiful state and has some great people,have family/friends there.They vote for Bernie Sanders as a fed rep yet at moment,you want a firearm in Vt.,you have the money you have one.They do not issue carry licenses because,well,they just don’t have them.I believe any gun law push is from out of staters who bought there,move back to where you came from!I will say true Vt.’s whether born there/moved there are already pretty well armed,just another tool in the box of tools.My dad bought a large piece of land there but allowed on back side snow mobile trails and hunters all over excepting next to the house which seemed reasonable with 600 acres!He was not going there and changing the way things had been for decades/some cases centuries.He bought land and built a home there because he liked the way it was!

        • No offense, but therein lies one of Vermont’s problems. In the old days, even into the ’50s when I were a lad, no Vermonter needed to post his land, because his neighbors would never trespass, out of simple respect.

          I’ll just about guaradamnteeyuh that snowmobilers and hunters using you Dad’s back land are flatlanders who have no respect for anyone else at all.

          Sorry, but I saw this flood of disrespect overwhelm New Hampshire, where my Dad retired, having become totally fed up with them in Massachusetts.

          One little story of the degradation of America.

          • Coach,the lands my dad bought always allowed hunting/snowmobiling,my dad knew folks in some cases eat better when hunting and snowmobiles and hunting brought monies to locals who could use it.This is why he allowed both activities,just asked not near home which people seem to respect and is easy as is 600 acres.My dad was for decades a flatlander,he just was interested in making sure he didn’t screw up economy for locals,he didn’t try and change the land use,he just changed the ownership.

      5. I came to the conclusion that I can lose everything and still survive. I can lose my house to the WallStreet banksters, I can lose my job to make the billionaire investor’s to get more ROI with cheaper labor somewhere on this planet, I can lose everything EXCEPT:

        I won’t lose the ability of protecting my loved ones against monsters in black dress, or the real characters of the subhumans in the movie called the wolves of the Wall Street or the imported MS13 gangs etc.. due to not having the tool to do so.

        My tool won’t be used to kill innocents, to rob 7-11 or anything else except to protect the ones that I love and God gave me the right to do so.


        • Stolz, same here with braveheart’s guns and he’s not giving up shit! That Everytown For Gun Safety group is just the newest group of anti-selfdefense scum financed by that filthy member of ‘the tribe’ named Bloomberg. So now they think they can use ‘psychiatry’ to disarm us? Psychiatry is just as bogus as the day is long. They target gun owners only at their own peril.

        • Stolz Vor: They are (TPOB) are stetting the stage for the Blue Helmet’s to come in and put a stop to the up rising by the extremists. Boy have they got a surprise!

          Long live Liberty and Freedom..

          • ANONB4, when those blue helmets get into my rifle sights, I’ll make sure to properly “ventilate” them.

          • ANONB4: Blue, Red , Pink Helmets are my lowest concerns. My #1 concern is for Americans who love freedom to simply be ignorant or stupid as the tribe member Gruber stated to not the the real dangers of ZOG via Bloomberg’s and Feinstien’s of the world. This is the real danger since they can easily put brothers against brothers.

            Imported Blue Helmets can’t even last 5 minutes by the deer hunters using their 30×30’s or their 30.06’s.

          • Blue helmets make great bed pans, of course you’ll have to plug the holes.

            • Quick clot will do.

              • I think he meant holes in the helmets, wc.

                • Six,I did to!The helmet full of blood would cure well with old quick clot crystals!The old stuff not the best by any means,just recycling,then,said helmet could be used as a flower vase/sink/bedside pan!

                  • Oh, okay. I was thinking about when the blood got to stinking and had to be washed out for hygiene purposes (don’t need no ebola). I think I’d grab the jb weld, myself…it’s waterproof and lasts longer.

                    I’ve JB Welded things that would make the average person go hmmmm.

        • I HAVE lost everything, more than once, and I’m still standing…well, with my walker that is.

      6. On Monday, the frivolous protective order my wife filed after xmas was rescinded, not before ruining my background check w/my new employer. When the judge asked if I owned firearms, I stated “Yes and will never give them up”.


        • Iowa, sorr to hear about the background check BS, but you’re better off being away from her. never give up your guns for any reason. Hang in there.

        • Iowa
          Stay the hell away from her.
          TPTB will use anything to take away your guns.
          I think it is B.S.
          I know a guy that was big in to hunting and taught hunters safety courses for years and when the Domestic Violence act came to pass. He had a charge dating back 20/30 years, and he had to get rid of all his guns. Now he just Bow hunts. (That will be next) It always takes two to fight.

          • glad my X is stupid…but really glad shes my X

            hey do you know why divorce is so expensive?

            Because its FUCKING WORTH IT!

          • Most folks would keep the guns,just sell to friends if absolutely necc.The hunting part sucks but when things really go wrong and you need to shoot someone,well,fuck the law at that point.

            • Warchild, if that ever happened to me, my weapons would “disappear”, but still be available to me. No way I’m giving them up. Don’t care what any law says. Having goldfish as I type this.

              • So you’re just telling us as a reminder you’re a lonely old man with no life at all again. Thanks a bunch there braveheart,maybe somebody will read this and get you the mental help you so urgently need.

      7. TPTB aren’t anti-gun, it’s just that they’re anti our guns. This article just proves it isn’t about crime, but about control and knowing who has the ability to protect themselves. Dark days are on the horizon and fast approaching. Stock up, load up, and wait.

        • Thanks for that link for ZH! I’ve not been there for a while and almost forgot about it.

      8. New York liberals, having fouled their own nest, are movin’ on. Goodbye Vermont.

      9. You should always want your enemies disarmed and defenseless.

        • I don’t want to have any enemies, but if I did, I’d flat out want them GONE…(read: permanently)


        Thumbs up = yes
        Thumbs down = no


        Will Americas Military be the spearhead for Liberty and Freedom?

        ht tp://

        Live Free or Die…oooo rah

        • No, I don’t think so and here’s why. On any military base, foreign or domestic you will find the demographics divided into three parts. Command, logistics/supply, and deployable forces. I suspect that the ‘deployable forces’ stationed stateside are mostly of the atheistic persuasion or predominately Hispanic and black. The more patriotic and Christian troops are deployed overseas. Any military action/coup will still need leadership and this can come only from the colonel level as anything above that rank is already corrupted or purged from the ranks. So while a coup would be helpful I don’t see it happening.

          • Johnnycomelately,

            Really? Have any stat’s or published material to back that up? I am not disputing what you are saying, just would like to know more about it, which I will check out myself. If found to be true a large flag is raised in my mind.


            • I have a feeling that IF the bulk of the armed services would stand on the side of the people, that the highest ranking among them will be absolutely silent about it. To be found out would mean losing a position of importance before they had a chance to use it. If I was in any of their boots, MY OPSEC WOULD BE SO TIGHT, well, I can’t stress how tight it would be right now.

              It would be stupid to act like a greyhound, and jump the gate early. So I hope that this question never gets affirmatively answered until it’s too late for TPTB to stop them.

            • BigB, Documentation and stat’s are not my forte. What I do is ‘profile.’ I accumulate info from anywhere I can and ‘war game’ it until I find the most plausible scenario, the one that fits best. I ask myself the basic questions like who, what, when , where and why. I also ask ‘What would I do?”

              This particular assessment comes from talking to returning vets such as my son who just recently retired from the Marine Corps. Linked that info with articles I have read recently about the ‘gang’ proliferation within the military and the militaries internal assault on Christianity. I then looked at the purge taking place in the defence industry, the canning of certain High ranking Generals and their replacements. I then war game it some more and ‘plan’ it out as though I were personally involved. All this time I pray for insight’s and guidance.
              Documentation? I don’t need no stinkin documentation. (grin)
              PS: I feel a day late and a dollar short and wonder if you (or anyone) will see this response. Oh well!

        • talon1776,

          from that article…

          “According to a Military Times survey of almost 2,300 active-duty service members, Obama’s popularity — never high to begin with — has crumbled, falling from 35 percent in 2009 to just 15 percent this year, while his disapproval ratings have increased to 55 percent from 40 percent over that time.”

          Many in the military do NOT support Obama.
          only 15% approval…

          I believe there are many in the military and many who have served in the military who support the American people, the Constitution, liberty and freedom.

      11. This is disturbing in that it sets the stage for a possible false flag in Vermont. I pray that it does not happen.
        However the very fact that we and many other’s can see this possibility may cause it to not happen. It would be very hard to convince the rest of the world that any event is not false. Deterrence lies in forethought.

        • Forewarned is Forearmed
          Benjamin Franklin

          Live Free or Die…an extreme view

      12. U. N. Small Arms Treaty, Nations must summit what they have been do about it signed on or not in Dec. 2015. Look it’s nothing more than the U. S. and a few nations like it must be disarmed period. One of the first battles fought in the up-coming must be the dismantling of the U. N. Any victory they have in Vermont will be a major blow against gun ownership in the rest of the nation. People we have to stop it soon or look out and prepare for the next shot heard around the world!

        Prep Tip: Dehydrate all you can now,= less storage space, more food, and longer selves life, etc.

        • ANONB4, that treaty is sitting on the shelf just waiting for the right false-flag event to push for Senate ratification.

      13. The demographics show Vermont has a 1% black population.

        • K2 – So you’re sayin that Vermont has a Democrat majority ? LOL

          • Actually Vermont is quite liberal in their politics. I think an undercurrent of a social libertarian streak runs through them. I have heard from an economic standpoint its highly state controlled and regulated.

            • The fact that the dumbest gun laws are pushed on the left and right coasts should tell us all something .
              Sanity rests in flyover country .

              • Most often its driving force is population density and most importantly the demographic makeup of the population. I’m amazed at Florida. Its quite populated and has a large transplanted population from northern cities like NY and Chicago that support disarming of civilians.

                The above reminds me of a statement from an oil refining maintenance tradesman that traveled the country and was from came from the south. He said, “The problem is cement”. “In New York its all cement and all problems”. “Here its some cement and some problems”. “Back home their’s no cement and no problems”.

            • Didn’t usta be. Until the NYC liberals swamped the state with their money, it was 100% Republican.

              Old Time Vermonter story.

              Ezra is in town, and sees his friend Ephriam getting off the train.

              Ezra: “Been away, Eph?”

              Ephriam: “Yup.”

              Ezra: “Where to?”

              Ephriam: “New York”

              Ezra, (puzzled): “F’what?”

              Ephriam: “Been t’the Democrat convention.”

              Ezra (shocked) “Ephriam, you been a Republican all your life. What in the Lord’s name did you do that for?”

              Lucius: “T’renew my disgust.”

              That was Vermont until the NYC/Hippie invasions of the post WW2 era.

              Vermont was originally populated with freedom-loving smugglers. Some became subsistence farmers to make ends meet. The smuggling business died out by the Civil War, although it revived during Prohibition. In the sense of live and let live, they were quite liberal, so long as no Government told them to be. Everything else, they always preferred, hard work, self sufficiency, respect for one’s neighbors, respect for God, and dislike of outsiders. It was said that if a man from New Hampshire moved across the river to Vermont, his grandchildren might have a chance of being accepted. Been there, seen that. Yeah, I’m that old…..

              Read the biography of Calvin Coolidge, by Amity Shlaes.

      14. Louisiana has the highest violent crime rate.

        The demographics show Louisiana has a 32% black population.

        • Mostly coon-asses.

      15. Love the Bulgarian AK (milled receiver) on Vermont’s state seal. Some folks just can’t leave well enough alone when everything is going good. Always they seem to need to be touching and pawing at something. If they didn’t start any shit, there wouldn’t be any.

      16. I live in NH, and my vacation house/BOL is in VT.

        Why can’t they just leave me alone.

        • Evil Is Evil Does.

      17. Minorities in Vermont are those who don’t own a snow blower…………..

        Take black folks for instance……..12% of our US population is black………..however they commit 58% of the violent crimes and murders………..Hispanics while not being nearly as violent are catching up to the blacks in this area……Vermont is almost entirely white…………HELLO !!!!!!

        When I had a gun business I never sold guns to blacks……its not going to be on my conscience when they commit childish behavior with a firearm………….

      18. How about we take the guns away from the bodyguards protecting the billionaires. How long woul’d it take for them to backpedal? If I shouldn’t have a gun, neither shoul’d they!

      19. In a nutshell this is about the fact that Vermont doesn’t report enough data on its citizens to the feds. This is a control issue. The argument that I love to make to liberals and gun-grabbers is that until 1973 homosexuality was listed as a mental illness, are they suggesting that gay and lesbians should not be ale to own a gun? Shuts ’em up every time. All States need to assert their constitutional power over the central government. Decisions are best made at the local level where there is accountability to the people.

      20. Can we all say Paris False Flag was a cover event?

        French aircraft carrier prepares to sail for Gulf
        DEBKAfile January 14, 2015, 3:35 PM (IDT)
        President Francois Hollande visited the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in Toulon Wednesday ahead of its departure for the Gulf and Indian Ocean. There was no word on its mission in those waters, but the presidential visit on the carrier’s deck, a week after deadly Islamist terror attacks shocked France, suggested operations were afoot against Al Qaeda in Arabia (AQAP), its Yemen headquarters and/or Islamic State targets in Iraq. DEBKAfile: If the Charles de Gaulle does carry out such operations, it will be the first time that a Western nuclear warship has ever gone into action against Al Qaeda targets.

      21. ht tp://

        interesting story

        • oh sorry its probably just bullshit from the inquisitr

          • I do find it intersesting that today, Jan 14th, Nasa says that the US members of the ISS had to be moved to another part of the station for undisclosed reasons…things that make you go hummmmmm

            • Enemy, for a second I thought you wrote: The US members of the ISIS……Oh well they just support them. LOL

      22. We are going into info overload the closer we get to the crunch. Trying to distract us Patriots. Or as the GOV. says Extremists. I hope that everyone sticks to their guns when the sheeple cry, peace and safety. The people who are prepered will be the threat to them. But hopefully we will be the survivors in this coming mess. God Bless, Rex

      23. Now you know why everybody is leaving New England and moving south. New England has gone progressive/democrat and people are taking their money and heading out. businesses are doing the same…good for the rest of us.

        • I sure did, but that was in 1992.

      24. “VT FREE FOREVER”


        Green Mountain Boys Live

        13th generational VT’er

      25. Unfortunately, I live in New England. I’m the one that voted for Ron Paul. The only one

        • Uh Basstard,not only did I vote for Ron in primary wrote him in after a few New England primaries stolen from him.Thus,you sir,are a lying Bastard!

          • Warchild. I’m pretty sure that the 2 of us could win in a battle with these Asstard Pussies. I feel better now.

            • I have a few friends in Northlands,could group together at least 5 worthy folks,we got it covered!

      26. Jim,many staying in the northlands of New England,we are not all over run yet!On a side note since this is about firearms and we talked #D a few days back here is a list of different #D plans from the WSR site: ht tp:// ,as always,space to avoid the moderation game bs.

        • I’ll bet the robbers are the same color as the victim. If not, it would be plastered everywhere….black-on-black.

      27. I thought of a good bumper sticker just now…


      28. taking away the guns from the civilians in vermont might be a good thing.

        vermont is the new homo and lezbo promise land!

        even the vermont va is over run and under homo control.

        the vermont va is run by non-military civilian rainbow power fag’s and dykes!

        f*ck vermont.

        a disarmed vermont is a good thing.

      29. Shut up bugs,you are a fucking retard!

        • Bugsy, go f#$% yourself and move along to the MSM sites.

        • Warchild, bugsy was just a new troll. SOME trolls do show themselves on occasion.

      30. He’s right lots of gays there people thought it was a nice little state there is nowhere to run to any more there is always some yuppies running the gov somewhere

      31. Yep New England is not what it used to be lot of fuckin stupid people and they are in gov positions gays everywhere and these people are very out spoken my wife drives a school bus and this guy that works with her tells everybody in the bus yard he is gay and he wants everyone to know it very proud sinner when he should be ashamed of himself and keep his mouth shut I went to their Christmas party and this guy had to be center of attention and people were laughing along with him I avoided him . I am a homophobe I don’t like them and it will never be acceptable to me period but people like him seem to move up in this sick world somehow .they even fly the gay flag at the state house and throughout the city. So the devil is in charge here

      32. and yet most will still hug cops! Thats exactly why people! you do not trust them and put your power into them for they will fuck you just like everyone else when told to. exaclty the reason we should of protested with those in feguson and NY when they killed Brown and Garner. But yet most called them heroes. But when a story such as this people will act like they didn’t just defend cops on a different story. Wake the hell up people cops will enforce these laws as well as lossie laws as with Garner and his Cigarettes he got killed for. The thing that pisses me off the most is people don’t see the connection either.

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