Venture Capitalist Says Investors Are Terrified Of Market Volatility And Weak Economy: “They Are Scared And Don’t Know What To Do”

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    With stocks having rebounded following a major down-swing earlier this year, it’s all smooth sailing going forward if you believe the mainstream financial pundits and renowned economists who continue to encourage the general public about the unfettered strength and stability of the U.S. economy. But according to well known venture capitalist and resource sector investor Carlo Civelli, last week’s Fed action, or rather, inaction, suggests that exactly the opposite is the case.

    It goes to show that the economy is not as strong… or the markets were too volatile even for Yellen to stomach.

    In his latest interview with Crush The Street Civelli explains why the stock market is the only game in town for many investors, why people are being forced into negative yield investments, how stabilizing stocks markets doesn’t necessarily translate to a healthy economy, and where to position yourself today to avoid the wealth destruction to come:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    It was just a few months ago when the Federal Reserve was so proud of their work that they took to raising interest rates and announcing that no more monetary action would be necessary. And, though most of the investment world would like to believe that the best and brightest central bankers on the planet have everything under control, it turns out, as Civelli notes, those who are manipulating the global economy, financial markets and monetary policy actually have no clue as to the consequences of their actions:

    Nobody, not even the central banks, knows how this is going to end. They keep on pumping money…  

    Volatility in financial markets has left an air of uncertainty across the globe. So much so, says Civelli, that many of the investors he talks to on a regular basis are just as concerned about the unknown as the Fed, with many either sitting in large cash positions, making risky stock market bets in an effort to generate some yield on their investments, or willing to pay governments to keep their money “safe”:

    The central bank of Switzerland, for example, has a negative interest rate of 0.75%, so you’re paying the bank 75 basis points to keep your money there… and therefore people even go to the extreme of buying a Swiss government bond with a negative yield of, say 35 points, which makes them still up 40 points… it’s getting ridiculous.

    What else do we do with the cash? Everybody I talk to holds unprecedented cash positions, is scared and doesn’t know what to do…

    So the only way out right now is to play the stock market.

    And then, as we can see in January and February.. if something that was not in the cards happens, the markets go wild.

    The unpredictability of central bank and government action has left many anxious and confused.

    But despite the challenges being faced by most investors, there are still opportunities available. Civelli, who is focused on acquiring assets while they’re cheap through his latest project Callinex Mines, remains positive that precious metals will weather the storm of unprecedented monetary intervention from central banks and the consequences that will follow:

    The consensus, obviously in a situation like this, would be that gold has to go up.

    For investment reports, interviews, and market analysis visit Crush The Street.

    Click here to learn more about Carlo Civelli’s latest investments and projects.


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      1. the first part of this year was just a taste test of the nasty shit to come.

        food, guns, gold in that order.

        it’s gonna get messy.

        • Poor babies gonna lose all their money. Should have woke up long ago. Too damn bad.

          • Just wait until TTP, and TTIP kick in…

            • The only TP I care about is the TP I store up for when the Real Sht shoot. Peace and smile

          • Weeeellll sunshine… when you have to pull down $160k pre-tax in order to have 4 kids in public school and a kinda ok-ish house… and no luxuries whatsoever… what the hell you think people gonna have to do? They can’t so much sit there and bleed to death (even by means of inflation).

            Yes I just did the math. Yes I am confident in that number.

        • For some reason I DON’T think it’ll get messy. They’ve found a way to keep the ball rolling and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. I wish it were’nt true……….but it is. Get used to the NEW NORM!

          • Since Woodrow Wilson onward, the global elite have manipulated countries world wide and they seem to keep the ball rolling even thru the great depression and no win wars, etc. Never ever trust a politician (globalist puppet), they never really work for a living.

          • This really puts a lot into perspective for the Euro zone. A very scary future.

      2. Cannot blame him, how much risk can one endure???

      3. They are scared. Well good for them. They should be. We that have prepped are not afraid we are prepared.

        If the economy collapses so what, there is nothing we can do about it any way! It is like the weather.

        Some time it is good to be the little people.


        • Working to make Money is half of the equation. The other half is, working to keep it.


          • The best investment is a vasectomy! Or just keep on poopin out more mouths to feed and deplete more resources. Reminds me of the movie “The meaning of life” Sell those little bastards for medical experiments, that should help with rent and groceries lol. I’m not sweating it, I spent and continue to spend my money wisely 🙂

      4. What is not to understand? buy low and sell high. High volatility makes the peaks and dips more frequent so the trading roller coaster is more fun.

        For the little guy this market is great. For the big companies it totally sucks. You will see that it takes a big mutual fund 30 days to sell off any given stock.

        If they dump all the stock at one time the price would collapse.

        The little guy does not have that problem so we can buy and sell frequently.

      5. I was able to buy silver bullion when the spot price was under $14 an ounce. I will keep buying silver. Being able to buy silver under $20 is still a bargain. Dollar-cost average.

        Banks and the stock market are not my thing. What am I going to do if the dollar tanks and the price of silver goes up? Buy land.

        • Lover,

          You should diversify even when prepping. Commodity stocks, bonds, PMs, land, useful machines and tools, items to trade with, preps. It all is worthwhile.

      6. If you listen to the whole interview, he didn’t seem THAT negative – e.g., aid he felt the USD and China would stabilize, emerging market currencies outside of Brazil would be OK, etc. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns, of course, but listen to the whole thing and you’ll see it wasn’t super negative.

        But… if you are getting negative interest rates, why on earth would people not buy AG and AU (silver and gold… and for those of you interested, AU is gold, not AG… which is silver)

        • Yep.

          Why has the USA not made more of an effort to ramp up oil refining? If the oil drillers had the refining capabilities, would it not make more sense to keep it here.

          The nwo/gov knows what is transpiring in regards to oil and refining. i did a piece here sometime ago, which explained that by 2017, China would be complete in their ongoing oil refining capabilities, with about twenty refineries being online, and most of those within the last twenty years. They know they have the oil supply from Russia and South America.

          With all that refining and supply, they are no longer needing ussag supplies. As economies dwindle across the globe, there will be less demand from our own resources. The supplies will escalate and there will be another glut…unless, all out war gets the industrialized war machine into full swing again. i think they have this plan in the works and before prices ever drop below $1.50 a gallon again, the full on ww3 will be escalated. Then supply of gasoline reserves will dwindle, to the point it may go up to $5.00 a gallon, or more, to further cut out the middle class.

          If that happens, the Hog/HD motorcycle, that gets 50 mpg, will be my main source of transport. However; I have done some tweaking on the Prius, and my mileage that used to average 45 mpg, has risen to 49+. Simple things like keeping tires fully inflated and keeping high tech coatings on the vehicle to slide through the air, makes for a few extra mpg. Those weekly savings add up over a years time.

          We are seriously thinking about one of the new two-seater cars, that get around 80 mpg. For about 7k, they are feasible for most small families.

          • It is very, very hard to pass EPA and environmental impact and get a new operating permit. You would be surprised on how many old defunct refineries have been bought in the last 20 years at outrageous prices just because they already had a operation permit.
            The problem with refining is transportation and again EPA. Most of the oil in the USA is unsuitable to produce gasoline and diesel due to the high sulfur content. It is just plain cheaper to buy overseas oil for making motor fuels and exporting the US oils for plastics and low grade fuels then trying to remove the sulfur from the fuel. There ARE refineries in the US that do have De-sulferization units but they are few and far between.

            • Ed, thanks for information. Could plastics be returned to US??

              • If you mean the synthesis of plastic resins from oil. Probably not. Same problem with permitting. Only the biggies can play because the millions involved in getting a permit chase away all the small guys and the biggies just run their own plants overseas.

                • Just like what happened to lead here in the US .

                  GEE, why lead ?
                  Why on earth would the US want to rely on importing lead ?

          • Which car is that? 2 seater 80 mpg????

            Last I recall that met that spec and was actually street legal was the 2006 Honda Insight. And it didn’t hit no 80 mpg.

            Where is this car you speak of because I want one.

          • Illegal, so we can ignore it. Big Pharma nor The Government can in no way lay claim to “molecules” of any sort. Talk about ‘overstepping’ …jeesh.

        • …so we see he has discovered The Table of Elements. There are far rarer metals worth much higher prices. Just look at the radioactive stuff! 🙂

      7. Crash and Burn.

        • When the settlers first arrived in America back in the 1620-30’s era, and were setting up their first charters and mini constitutions for each area, which are now US States. The Religions control freak clan controlled their local governments, and would only allow those who were church members to vote or have a say. They had to pay 40 Lbs of Tobacco, which was basically tax payments, which were sent back to the King in England, that granted such early charters.

          That form of Government failed miserably. The Puritans vs the Quakers. The Quakers were basically today’s liberals that painted their faces black, ran naked in the streets screaming erratic nonsense who wanted no rules or laws. The first laws, set up were strict. Stealing a mans sheep would get you a punishment of death.

          I’m reading a early American history book of facts, written back in 1890. Before the Main stream media controlled the message and distorted real history. Interesting..


          • I was born in an ancient Quaker area of Maine (Waldo County), and grew up in a very, very old Quaker-built house. Over 270 years old, as best we know, and only the floors have needed some ‘assist’. There are abandoned towns up there, long forgotten and off the books, just a part of someone’s property when they buy it. I used to play in a long deserted place named Antioch …100% grown back into woods, but cellar holes are clearly still there (granite block foundations), old graveyard with limestone (unreadable) stones …was fun but back then it was also a creepy place to be …sometimes, but hard to explain.

      8. Get out of the market, put it in goods that you can use and you have in your possesion. Food,ammo,water,god/silver and barter items. Get rid of debt.

        • JiV: yep. Everything you said.

        • Chickens, high carbon steel stock, leather

        • When it come to ammo, many have stocked up on 223,308,7.62×39, 9mm, 40SW and 45 ACP, but have overlooked ammo for their other caliber rifles and handguns which could be a big mistake. Hard to believe but 22LR has been in short supply now for about 8 years. So some of the other calibers such as 38SPL, 357Mag, 357Sig, 41Mag, 44Mag, 10mm, 243, 30.06, 270, 30.30, 300Win.Mag could dry up overnight and not be available on the retail market for decades or maybe forever. So it would be a good idea to stock up on some of the less thought of defensive ammo. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • .22 is not in short supply…it is hoarded. There is probably billions of rounds on peoples shelves at home. Most people have a stash, and just want more with the idea of bartering it. But if everyone has some, who would want more in a time of crisis? Odd calibers might have some use as in .41mag, 10mm, 357sig etc.

          • Local store owner declared that the day ‘everyone’ comes in and more or less wipes him out of anything remotely lethal, he’ll close that evening and head for his neck of the woods …lately sales of firearms (pistols and shotguns // rifles ‘of a sort’ (AR’s and other black-guns) have been keeping his shelves void. What ammo there is are, of course, for calibers nobody seems to want or have …I reckon. I DO know that the price of ammo has certainly climbed a few stairs (for NC).

      9. Ever since 2007 or so, they have been trying to force cash back into the insanely overpriced stocks. People with cash have been telling the market to go f*ck a cactus since then, and refusing to buy the worthless crap at the inflated prices.

        We were punished with depressed interest rates on savings and bonds, presumably in an attempt to force victims back into buying stocks.

        Still not enough suckers bought in. So, now we’re going to get negative rates on bonds and savings.

        This won’t work either. People will pull cash out and sit on that. The bankers know it won’t work – so they want to go cashless so you can’t get cash and avoid the negative rate theft.

        People won’t do that either. If they can’t get cash, they’ll buy gold – they are already buying gold.

        Investors aren’t terrified of market volatility and a weak economy. They see a rigged system set up to fleece them, and want nothing to do with the scam.

        The economy has already collapsed, and no amount of bullshit is going to rebuild it.

        • AC
          Glad to hear you say this. Stock market has been so overpriced it isn’t worth it to take the fall so the corporations can sell back the stock they bought as a major price manipulation. I was always a value investor but value hasn’t been there for years. I spent 7 months just playing volatility and did well. Still… that is just gambling, not investing in my opinion. I took the money and bought 5 acres in the mountains. I don’t recommend the stock market unless you are sitting mortgage free and growing enough to eat. Have water in. Those things must be provided no matter your employment or whether the economy crashes.

      10. I got a hot tip from an accountant the year it was discovered that HIV was around and condoms were being used for protection. But as now, I was too poor to take advantage of the advice to invest. I recently read that coconut oil stopped Alziemers in clinical studies. Can’t invest but sure glad I have a few jars. If only I could remember where I put them. Oh well, be safe everybody.

      11. Read a good book. Here are two. “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by: G. Edward Griffin, and for the know-it-alls “Prisoners of Geography ” Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World, by: Tim Marshall. (I don’t know if Tim knows what he’s talking about but it is one man’s perspective on the planetary condition taken from the point of Geography. GioPolitics 101.

        Ok now are you going to censore this post, too?

        • B f CA,
          My books are
          The bible( happy palm Sunday)
          “Art of War”, “The Prince”,
          and “The Whale”( AKA Moby dick).
          These four books will teach you all
          you need to know about dealing with
          other humans.
          On this site, you will find out how to
          survive that encounter with other humans.

          • Step away from the human!

            • Kulafarmer:
              Tesla loved a bird. I am getting attached to my chickens. Otherwise I tend to keep to myself and not to much human interaction. I think it’s called antisocial. I call it “tired of dealing with ‘aols’. Check out my post below and thanks.

          • Rellik: Happy Palm Sunday! I love every book you listed.

            As for surviving other humans? LOL! Good luck!

          • Rellic:
            Great list. Please see my post below.

        • B from CA
          I like to read the bible. It’s God’s perspective on planetary condition. That’s good enough for me.

          • “Jekyll Island” is about The Federal Reserve ‘bank’.

            “Prisoners of Geography” (chapter ten ‘The Artic’) explains that receding ice is exposing land with precious metals that have not yet been exploited, but will become the focus of competition between the U.S. and Russia.

            Keep learning. Don’t be closed minded. Our curiosity is not being encouraged by the PTB. They want to be first in line, and they will continue to rule the roost if we don’t even have enough ambition to read a good book or two.

      12. I’ll protect my family first, then my wealth.

      13. Very informative news report on Islam in France – 4:40 min

        No word yet from the radical gays or feminists what they will do when Sharia is implemented in San Francisco or New York, or what they will do when those campus “microagressions” turn into what you saw in the video.

        • Sharia law does not need to be implemented officially in the US for Muslims to start tossing gays off of high buildings, or burning Christians alive in their churches!

          Did you think you’d ever see the day Cristian’s and gays would have their very survival as common ground?

          • Plan Twice
            Constitution is a crazy boat never before floated 🙂

      14. Anyone holding paper promises that isn’t scared is an idiot. Millions of people have bet their future on lying corporations, lying govts, and lying banks. There is going to be blood in the streets when they finally do come to accept that years of their labor has gone “Poof” into nothing and they are left with no future.

        The ONLY sane course of action is move these assets into something real….ideally a piece of land upon which you can grow food, cut trees for heat, draw your own water. If that isn’t in the cards, then at least a good storage of what one needs to live, and precious metals for any you might have left over after that.

      15. “What else do we do with the cash? Everybody I talk to holds unprecedented cash positions, is scared and doesn’t know what to do…”

        How about buying something useful?

        BTW, chicken leg quarters were only 29 cents a pound this past week at Save-A-Lot in NC. Less than $100 to fill up a freezer. If I had another one. I’m gonna have to try canning chicken if they keep having sales like this.

        • Good advice Archivist, at least as long as the electricity stays on for the freezer. I also go to the Save a Lot weekly, the one beside Roses, so I am pretty sure we are in the same city. KF

          • Close to the Food Lion I shop at most of the time.

            I’m way across town from the blimp base, but occasionally one of the new blimps flies over our house on a test run. I have seen blimps for Directv and Fuji Film. I always take pictures.

            • Hello Archivist,,, I live very near the blimp base and see them all the time. KF

        • …and that will be when the sheriffs call upon the people to “drive them out” of the state. Another, needful, Call To Arms coming if that passes. It’s illegal anyway, but I’ll not get into what everyone already knows. Cheers

      16. Sure your safe out there unarmed
        The cops will protect you , WTF?


      17. I like market volatility keeps people holding their $. Anything to bring the economy down faster.

      18. 1 – Buy a Safe.
        2 – Put cash in it.
        3 – If large amounts of cash then buy land. They don’t make it anymore.
        4 – Make sure you have water, 2 years of food, and a bottle of bourbon.
        5 – Make sure you have plenty of ammo. Make sure you have a weapon that can shoot the ammo you have. IF not buy a sling shot.
        6 – Buy a pair of speedo’s for when you drink the bourbon.

        Screw it. Drink the bourbon now. Forget the speedo’s. Go in your birthday suit.

      19. I am sorry everybody. Been working nights and in a silly mood. lol

      20. Okay a story that is true. You have to be able to laugh at yourself if you are going to give others grief.
        It was New Years Eve 1999. A pile of people showed up at my place. I had way to much to drink. My wife did as well.

        I got up the next morning extremely tired and hung over. I layed down on the couch. My wife was still in bed very hung over too. I put on sweat pants that had a hole in the crotch.

        I had my trailer for rent the week before. I thought I had it rented.

        All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. I go to the door and there are two State Troopers. I thought oh my God. What did someone do last night. I open the door and they are interested in the trailer. I invite them in. I tell them to have a seat. I explain that I believe the trailer is rented but have not received the deposit yet. I told them about the trailer and that if the deal fell through I would gladly rent it to the new State Trooper.

        I then showed them out the door. My wife got up and came in the living room. She said ” who was that “. I explained.

        All of a sudden she says ” Oh my God. ” I said ” what “? She said ” Look Down ”

        The hole in the sweats had gotten very big. The whole time I was speaking to them my junk was hanging out.

        Many people had problems with that new State Trooper. Tickets galore. He rented a house a quarter mile from me. I had many relatives receive tickets. He was a real jerk to almost everyone.

        I say almost because for some strange reason he never bothered me. Never.

      21. I am poor, but have every thing payed off. Own land/home ,vehicle , no payments .Debt is evil . These problems mean nothing to me living self-sufficient as I do! It’s gardening time here in the Ozarks! Got some more tilling to do.

        • Im in the same boat . No debt. everything paid for. Live in the ozarks. far away from the race of the free shit army. Im not ashamed to be a Racist redneck cracker. Its green up time. The sign will be right for planting

      22. was killed in a shootout with state troopers shortly after.
        A former Pennsyvlania trooper killed a toll collector and a retired cop during an armed robbery at a toll booth on Sunday morning, before officers fatally shot him in a gunfight.

        The gunman, Clarence Briggs, 55, drove up to the Fort Littleton Interchange in Fulton County at 7 a.m. on Sunday, and flashed his pistol at a toll collector, demanding him and another employee into a nearby office building, Turnpike chairman Sean Logan said.

        Briggs attempted to tie up the two but ran off after a struggle, police said.

        Ronald Heist, a security officer and retired York city cop, drove up in an armored car with Danny Crouse, a toll collector who started his job less than 3 months ago. Briggs gunned down both the 71-year-old officer and the 55-year-old collector before stealing the armored car.

        • ht tp://

        • Retired at 55 with a six figure pension no doubt and still can’t make it. He worked Turnpike patrol as active duty so he knew the schedule.

          There’s something stinky in the ranks of the PSP. Half the current class of recruits was caught cheating at the Police Academy. This type of behavior carries on through their whole career as they grind the boot of oppression into the layman’s neck.

          And I don’t want to hear about a couple bad apples. It’s systemic corruption and bad behavior just like the politicians. They are a state sponsored criminal gang with a buncha badge lickin’ groupies that defend them as “heroes”.

          The rot runs from green recruits all the way through the capitol in Harrisburg to the State Supreme Court with the recent “porngate” and the indictment of the Attorney General for perjury.

          The whole system is filled with sociopaths and psycopaths.

          If this is the best they can do, I vote for anarchy…

          • JRS
            With all do respect! What the hell does it matter how much he got in a pension. Show some respect the man was gunned down.

            One bad trooper, and we are all bad? Well you are going to hear about the one or two bad apples.

            You and Yours just try and survive, or see how long you will, if all the cops just said “SCREW YOU I QUIT”. “You cry babies can fend for yourself”.

            I don’t know and don’t give a care about what you do for a living, but I’ll bet there are more bad guys in what you do that in Law Enforcement. Or are you just a slug that leaches off the rest of us and just sets at your computer complaining about a former cop that commits a murder. You are the same type that would watch something bad happen and say not my responsibility to do anything let the cops handle it.

            Here is something that his going to make you happy. I get a 5 figure pension every year from the P.D. Around $45,000.00 a year, plus a 4 figure pension from a factory I worked at, around $2000.00 and on the 23Rd I start getting S.S. payment every month, another 5 figure income, around $18,000.00 a year. This is what you get when you work your ass off and earn it. Not like slugs thinking someone owes it to you because exist. I’m 62 now and in perfect health, no meds at all. I expect if the Good Lord is willing to live another 30+ years and I’ll keep getting my checks every mount,. That if the SDHTF, and if it does I’ll be ok there because I’m prepared!

            You fools that want anarchy. When it comes, and it will you and yours will be the first to die. You have no frigging clue for what you wish for.


            • “You fools that want anarchy.”

              Couldn’t agree more. I like running water, medical care, electricity and therefore air conditioning.

            • @dale…

              WTF are you rattling on about?

              He was gunned down because he robbed the toll booth and killed two people.

              You want me to sympathize with him?

              Read up on it before you go off into half assed replies to defend all the enforcers.

              • yes that is the fact of what happened , and yes Dale you need to go back and read a bit more on who the “Bad Guy” really was

            • I have no need for any cop

              Ill take care of it myself ,, get outa may way and you’ll see how it really gets done

              Nothin personal SGT, but theres way more than “just a few bad apples”

              these aint yer type of cop SGT, you were in and out of that job before they let the psychos hire in

              and no it isnt about the money or what your “getting” for your time put in , its about the dammed psychosis were watching unfold out of the Blue Suits.. they are Not Your type of Police unit anymore boss, they are nothing like you or how you were out there , these thugs dont represent what you used to do for a living .. they are NOT your brothers anymore

              and Just for the record , I dont want Anarchy either , but it can or will come no matter if we have cops or not ,, when cops show up after the fact anyways , how would they ever stop something before it happens ? they cant , and they wont, because they cant now

              • anarchy may come, not because of the lack of cops but because of the actions of some of these cops,, we the people are pissed and have had enough of their rule , and abuses

              • I got beat up constantly by cops when I was a kid. Mainly because we were poor. I did stupid kid things but never any thing where I deserved the treatment that I got.
                There were 2 cops whom were especially brutal and would wait for me from time to time on my way home from school or later work and would beat the crap out of me. Complaints to the cops just made things worse.
                Its really hard for me to look at cops as anything other than someone who is looking to do me harm.

            • I drove truck for a living. and was hassled constantly by The DOT trying to generate revenue. Now I hobby farm. And I do not need any parasite cops to protect me. when seconds count the police are minutes away. I can honestly state If everyone was like me . the police ,lawyers, courts, judges ect. would all starve. yep you keep defending the thin blue line. You nothing more than paid revenue generators. I tickled that the state of ill is going broke. I hope you never recieve a penny of pension.

            • anarchy is already here .. it wears a badge

              • To all the above.
                My mistake.
                I thought the guys that where killed by the Bad Ex-Troop who JRS was complaining about having the good pensions.
                To all the above I’m sorry my mistake.

                I’m not sorry about the Anarchy thing!


                • SGT Dale

                  Having trouble with a little Anarchy?

                  What are we all saying when we say we would like it to all start collapsing. That is not wanting anarchy? If not.
                  Well then nothing is going to change. Nobody hurt no blood spilled. Things keep going same old same old. We all should stop complaining about who is going to do what to us. The point is you can not have it both ways and there is no middle ground with the people we will be up against.

                  • Slingshot,

                    He has no credibility at all. One day he says he’ll be a soldier in Trump’s army, the next day it’s ” I wanna collect my pension for the next 30 years”. You can’t have it both ways but that’s what he’s constantly harping on every other day. At the end of the day he’s just another leech on society who produced nothing but revenue for his masters by bleeding it from everyday working people trying to make a living. Eating donuts and handing out speeding tickets, yeah, I think we’ll be just fine when we have the freedom to defend ourselves and can be rid of cops, period.

                    • Billy

                      I believe we are close to a point where we will have to make a decision. That decision might throw our whole life into confusion and terror. I have trouble with it. I do not do well with speculation but I deal with it as best I can and prep. And all we speak is speculation and that speculation changes from day to day.
                      I await the day where there is no doubt, that whatever is going to happen to me, is for REAL. No story, no fabrication, no lies and that is when I will make my decision to act.

                  • I gotta agree with sling shot. All we seen to be doing is marking time. Ok lets assume Trump is the real deal. And he gets elected. What will likely happen. I think 4 more years of dilly dallying around. Im getting too old. We are already past the point of no return. Vote for hillary and lets get the ball rolling. What are we waiting for? If not now when? Are we gonna wait until the illegals out number us and we are to old to fight?

                    • Old Guy.

                      So How Bad Is It????

                      When you have twelve people running for president it shows how divided the country has become. You can say the same about Prepper’s and the different ways they will handle the coming chaos. One alarming factor is that the majority here that post here are over 50 years of age. Younger people have more important issues to attend to in life. Tomorrow they will yell and scream that we have to do something, “Right Now” because their lives have been turned upside down. BUT! only a few years before they called us the crazies of the world.
                      Older Guys will pick our own fight. Let the FOOLISH run into the Buzz Saw and waste their life. Each day our plight will become harder to save anything of what was once before of this nation.

            • @ Dale..Your retirement pensions are ALL tied up in the stock market. When it crashes…you don’t get payed. Become self sustained. (so is mine)

      23. A prime example of the caliber of folks who become LEO,s Those who wear badges are the biggest hippocrit parasites that exist. I glad he is dead. most are chicken shit bullies. I wouldnt trust any LEO any farther than I could throw them.

        • Old Guy

          One of the most foolish comments I have seen on here.

          • Thanks I glad you like it. The thing is that dead former trooper will not do something like that no more times. And his drawing a pension stopped. And the money that would have been spent convicting him stopped. And the money spent keeping him in prison stopped. Yes indeed its better for everyone that he is dead. He had no regard for those he killed for nickles and dimes.

            • Old Guy…you got a point there. good post… too bad 2 productive people had to lose their life before the shitbag got snuffed.

      24. “The whole system is filled with sociopaths and psycopaths. If this is the best they can do, I vote for anarchy…”

        Agreed … because voting for anything else, will not change a damn thing in this country.

        Voting for preselected individuals … is voting for more of the same. The typical American Slave loves their every 4 years of bullshit – they can’t get enough of it.

        They thrive on it, they feel empowered and actually believe they are making a difference in the political theater called – Politics … LMAO!

        Most Americans are Dumb, Stupid, & Fk’n Blind … along with an immense and overwhelming dose of naiveness and down right gullible on a pure retardness level.

        No prayers are going to fix America.
        Toss hope and any optimism into the trash can too.

        As long as these current politicians are running the show in America and abroad … things will stay the same. can’t fix or repair this internal organization – it needs to be dismantled and have it’s internals discarded and replaced with new internal parts – *American Made Only* – No Foreign or Duel Citizen entities are allowed.

      25. If you’re an investor that is scared and doesn’t know what to to the answer is simple.

        Cash out and stash the cash till things get stable again then invest again to get more for less than when you cashed out.

      26. One thing never mentioned in regard to the stock market, which happened during my lifetime:
        The advent of 401k plans. It put massive amounts of money into the stock market. Money which likely would have been used to pay down mortgages in preparation for retirement. Home equity was once the largest savings vehicle in the US. When I fixed up older homes for resale, a large percentage had mother in law rooms with their own outside door. Once the kids left home, people rented the room out. Big mortgages and stock market savings gave Bigs total control.

        • Not to mention recycling rental income to individuals instead of corporations. Social stability with this too. Poorer individuals lived in better neighborhoods than they could afford alone and accepted social pressure for a certain standard of conduct.

      27. this is crazy

        ht tp://

        and you know , they will use this if they havent already

        • You’re right. That is crazy.

          It will be misused – as soon as possible.

      28. TPTB can maintain the current economic/financial situation as long as they want. They have virtually all the power and resources they want or need. They have access to all kinds of information you or I will never and can never have; on top of that, time is their ally, not ours. It is in their interest to drag out things the way they are, and they have a bag with more tricks that you can imagine.
        When the end does start to play out it will not be a sudden and dramatic collapse; we are in a gradual unwinding, a controlled decay of the economy. They get away with it because the majority of people believe what they are told, even if it defies what they see (and I hate to say this; but it appears most citizens are not very bright). Besides, TPTB know that most of society remain docile when things get worse at a slower rate (probably because they live in hope things will get better). If things deteriorate quickly people become fearful of the future, then all kinds of bad things can happen suddenly.
        I don’t know when things will finally go off the cliff, but neither does anyone else who leaves posts on this site. The market, however, has probably just about peaked out. For those who have not done so, it would be wise to take out your funds, develop an organized and comprehensive list, and plan, and acquire those items that will give your family, or group, etc. what is vital to meet any emergency situation. If at all possible pay off your debts and buy some farmland. When the time comes that you need these things they will not be available. Get smart, get tough, get ready.

      29. For us older farts, the ‘children’ (to us) and younger generations seem ‘not so swift’ because they are a product of ‘dumbing down’. Or at least, that is what I was last fed for info. I’m sure I’m a mushroom as I’m kept in the dark and fed bullshit.

      30. Equorial:

        The flouride in toothpaste is different than the flouride put in drinking water. Lead, from lead pipes, gets into the water because flouride corrodes the pipes, allowing lead to leach into the water. Lead is what causes the retardation of children. It is a crime.

        mushrooms and onions when eaten together reduced breast cancer by sixty four per cent. Bet you won’t find an article in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Post. It is a crime.

        Funny guy, be well. You are officially out of the dark. Sunshine and its Vitamin D3 will cure you.

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