Ventilators By Cloak & Dagger: Israel’s Mossad Boasts Of Stealing Medical Gear From Other Countries

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zerohedge

    An Israel broacast interview featuring a high-level Mossad operative is making waves in the region after an intelligence official admitted using “a little” theft to obtain medical protective equipment in the fight against coronavirus, which has been in short supply globally.

    There’s been a controversy raging over just how Israel has been able to stay well-stocked of personal protective equipment (PPE), test kits, and ventilators even as the rest of the world, including the US and Canada, runs out. This after late last month Israeli media widely reported “The Mossad purchased 10 million medical masks” in a “sensitive” operation, as The Jerusalem Post reported March 30.

    “In addition to the 10 million medical masks, the Mossad brought a few dozen ventilators, tens of thousands of test kits and some 25,000 N95 surgical masks that are designed to protect the wearer from airborne particles and liquid,” the controversial Jerusalem Post report explained. “It expects to bring more medical equipment to the country. Mossad Director Yossi Cohen heads a special command center along with other national security units and the Health Ministry.”

    The revelations and reports have enraged surrounding Middle East countries, with Turkey’s TRT World reporting Wednesday the following of the recent Israeli TV interview:

    In an interview with Israel’s Channel 12, a Mossad operative, identified only as H, said that Israelis would face no shortage in dealing with the virus.

    “In the world in general there will be a great shortage. People are dying because of a lack of equipment. In Israel people won’t go without,” H said.

    When asked about the means Mossad intelligence operatives had used in obtaining protective equipment, the agent refused to give details. When pressed further on whether such means may have included theft of supplies from other countries, H said: “We stole, but only a little.”

    And a prior story in Israel’s Haaretz also confirmed the stunning admission by the Mossad official, who only went by a pseudonym.

    The interview had been conducted by reporter Ilana Dayan for the investigative journalism series Uvda, as Haaretz explained in its Ventilators by Cloak-and-dagger:

    The Mossad agents boasted about stealing medical equipment ordered by other countries. As Dayan chuckled, ”H.,” the head of Mossad’s technology division, said with a wink: “We stole, but only a little.” The senior spy, who admitted that until a few days ago he didn’t know what a ventilator was, who says “me and him went” and thinks jarred baby food is given by injection, explained: “We don’t steal in that manner … to put a hand on supplies that someone else ordered.”

    Image via Reuters/JPost

    This likely only served to increase Israeli’s intelligence underhanded and covert tactics in procuring their own. Previously The New York Times said the Mossad “used international contacts” to avert possible shortages, more recently admitting that “Mr. Cohen’s [Mossad director] powerful agency, it turns out, has been deeply involved in Israel’s fight against the virus, and has been one of the country’s most valuable assets in acquiring medical equipment and manufacturing technology abroad, according to Israeli medical and security officials.”

    No doubt these operations to intervene in the global medical supply chain go the other way too – as in likely Mossad is simultaneously attempting to intercept and sabotage much-needed supplies going to enemies like Iran or Syria.


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      1. A country, which brags of draining it’s literal swamps, to provide farm labor for the Mexicans of the Mid East, yet is not allowed to manufacture it’s own cars, according to Communist trade agreements.

        “The senior spy, who admitted that until a few days ago he didn’t know what a ventilator was…”

        I have actually seen, in generations-old cartoons, a device which looks like a small punching bag, being used in anesthesia, and an iron lung. So, I would like to think that pioneers could devise a version of the billows, which doesn’t explode the person’s insides.

        “thinks jarred baby food is given by injection”

        In feeding tubes.

        explained: “We don’t steal in that manner … to put a hand on supplies that someone else ordered.”

        We read of dozens of executive orders, which presumably allow the authorities to commandeer anything they want, from top to bottom. Whatever it is. Anything. Domestically.

        The “superspy” is portrayed as though he is telling you all about his top secrets, from a public podium, although these ventilators never especially had anyone’s name on it, according to the exposé. (press conference)

      2. Every one of you had better remember what the politicians have done to us. And what they want to do to us in the near future. Then act accordingly. If you catch my drift.

      3. Yep, true, actually boasting about stealing and criminal activity. You can see stealing what they need or want is national policy. For example, it’s reflected in methodically taking land and property in the West Bank. What if other countries were stealing vital supplies from them, I don’t think they would just accept it. This has always been a general trait, the belief they are better than everyone else and therefore entitled to do what ever they want. Indeed, many in Israel don’t see much of their behavior as immoral or hypocritical because of this ingrained trait, they just have better propaganda.
        Some entities have reported heavy activity in the vile trafficking of women from Eastern Europe and other parts of the world in Israel. Let them traffic their own women. Israelis are also reported to run internet scams all over the world, and including against the US, their “closest friend”. There are many on-line scamming entities there because apparently there is no real stigma against running scams to steal money. Rather, one is deemed clever for accomplishing theft through the internet. There were some laws passed that were supposed to stop that, but law appears to be unenforced, with the penalty a tap on the wrist.
        No country is perfect, but few brag about it.

      4. Unless a valid and identifiable source is identified with actual quotes from him/her, I always dismiss such reports as bullshit propaganda until actually proven otherwise.

        Some people are easily fooled and believe anything as long as it is told in the way they get to hear what they want to hear instead of what is actually being said.

      5. Infect everything with Ebola, then set up to be robbed. Also pinless grenades in a box are a great porch pirate deterrent.

      6. Infect everything with Ebola, then set up to be robbed. Also pinless grenades in a box are a great porch pirate deterrent.

      7. This is just the beginning of Mad Max! So get your defense on! #QTAC-6

      8. I am not making excuses for their Bolshevist govt any more than our Bolshevist govt, but who did the supplies belong to.

        “We don’t steal in that manner… to put a hand on supplies that someone else ordered.”

        No one else has ordered it?

        Also, a rudimentary air pump, with pressure controls, would be within the means of any first world country, which had retained it’s manufacturing capabilities, unlike America or Israel.

      9. This article is antisemitic.


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