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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global.

    There have been PLENTY OF DOUBTERS over the years; I’ve seen MY FAIR SHARE of dollar bulls, who keep saying that there’s NOTHING WRONG with America, nothing worrisome about the abuse of the dollar and NOTHING SPECIAL about the growing deficit and national debt.

    I will tell them what John Rambo told Murdock when he realized he LEFT HIM FOR DEAD: “I’m coming to get you.”

    Gold and silver are coming for you, Mr. Deficit and Mrs. Negative Rates, and they will NOT STOP until each and every doubter HAS PAID his dues.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    We’ve now closed above $2,000/ounce and the market is BEGINNING TO REALIZE that this is normal and that sub-$2,000 bids are NOT REALISTIC.

    Bank of America has already revised its price target to $3,000 and many others will FOLLOW SUIT.

    It will not be an easy battle; the dollar will fight for every piece of soil in every territory, before finally succumbing to us.

    There can be no mistake about it – VENGEANCE IS OURS!

    I strongly believe that mining stocks – especially the quality juniors – that we’ve covered and are up by either double-digits or TRIPLE-DIGITS, are just ACT 1 in this saga.

    America is a country that is, politically speaking, IN THE SHITTER.

    We will see more radicalism, more complexity, more problems and more deficits. Unity is non-existent.


    Silver had its best month ever in July. With silver, strength creates MORE STRENGTH, but you can see that rates have STARTED TO BOTTOM on August 6th and could be reversing trend for a bit (bear market rally).

    This is absolutely the IDEAL TIME to capitalize on any pullbacks and I FULLY INTEND to.

    The dollar bulls have lost faith. It is time TO ATTACK!

    As you can see above, July was very bad for rates, which, in turn, made silver gain by an INSANE AMOUNT.

    Next up, the metals will have to gather steam. Like an army that charges forward through the night and continues attacking at dawn, it must stop and refuel, at some point. Soldiers can’t be asked to be combative on EMPTY STOMACHS and after two nights without sleep.

    When they wake up refreshed, though, they’re still the same squad they were before – better than THEIR COMPETITORS. Gold and silver are superior to the dollar.

    Use the pullbacks to your advantage!


    In the financial reality we live in, 52mn unemployed Americans isn’t enough to STOP THE RALLY.

    Surely, more will come to realize the foolishness of this CREDIT ORGY.

    Gold is money. Gold belongs to its owner alone and is independent of counterparty risks.

    The best army generals are HARD TO SPOT, since they behave like soldiers and WORK HARD for their team.

    Tomorrow, I’ll show you the best DUO COMBINATION in one team since Jordan and Pippen, Kobe and Shaq, Curry and Thompson, LeBron and Wade or Stockton and Malone; I seriously believe this CEO and Chairman duo could lead us to HUGE PROFITS!

    Be ready for a BREAKOUT ALERT.

    Vengeance will be ours!


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      1. Whoops!

        And then it crashed below 2k. Told ya to take some profits and invest in REAL assets and then get back in when it bottoms.

        Just logged in to my Fidelity account and clicked on average ANNUAL gain for the last ten years…15.3%!…what’s not to like?

        Poor goldbugs. They keep believing someday they will win. I quit buying precious in 2011 at the highs. Still waiting for it to break out high enough to afford the deep sea salvage fees to retrieve it.


      2. The silver chart looked toppy and so it has come to pass, a modest drop.
        To the doubters here, however, ask yourself a few questions.
        1. Has the pandemic subsided?
        2. Are jobs in the process of coming back or not yet?

        If the answers are no and not yet, then the Fed will print and when the Fed prints, you know what happens after.

        There might be a bit of a lag in which the price of silver drops before bouncing to a new high. That’s a buy opportunity. Almost nobody is going to tell you to buy then, just like in March. Just like any low.

        As for the person above. You have the right to make a spectacle of yourself. Gold has served handsomely, up 300% for me since 2007-8. That’s a win right there. I could calculate that against your gains in Fidelity and I think it might be comparable, it isn’t hard, but I’m too lazy.

        Gold will do just fine, otherwise the banks would not hold it.

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