Venezuelans Swarm Past Border In Search of Food: “We Crossed Because Our Children Are Hungry”

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 100 comments

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    Venezuela is reaching the point of total desperation.

    Women are now pouring over the Colombian border in effort to get their hands on groceries, trading on the black market and doing anything to survive.

    That suggests other means of coping in the economically besieged capital of Caracas are wearing thin, and the difficulties of managing ordinary life under food shortages and long ration lines are forcing people to turn to alternative means of combating hunger.

    According to the Miami Herald:

    Dozens of Venezuelan women broke through a barricade along the Venezuelan-Colombian border on Tuesday with one goal in mind: finding food.

    Local media in the Colombian border town of Cúcuta, estimated that more than 100 people — mostly women — defied Venezuela’s border patrol and swarmed the frontier to do their shopping.

    Inflation and falling oil prices have led to dramatic food shortages in Venezuela, and the border state of Táchira has been particularly hard-hit. In recent weeks, there have been widespread reports of looting and food riots.

    “We decided to cross the border because there’s no food in our homes and our children are hungry,” one unnamed woman told Cúcuta’s La Opinion newspaper.


    Venezuela unilaterally shut down its 1,274-mile border with Colombia beginning in August of last year, saying that its subsidized goods were being smuggled out.

    The women were defiant and easily overwhelmed the border agents in an act of bold desperation that created quite a scene on video:

    This has become a full blown humanitarian crisis.

    The ongoing struggle between socialist President Maduro and the U.S.-friendly opposition are dragging society down with it into the lowest places, to the disgrace of their tactics.

    Starving the people of Venezuela will prove – apparently – how much power can be taken away from a despotic regime floating on the price of oil.

    The meltdown draws from the circumstances of textbook despotism under crumbling power, but the very real struggle that millions of people face there just for enough food to eat is a true injustice. They have been brought to their knees, and should be supported in escape their political situation as soon as possible.

    With a shortage of food, many have already turned to looting, violence and theft, while others recoil under the horrors of bureaucratic hell waiting in long lines for food that may or may not be there.

    Until very recently, Venezuela was a civilized place, and that’s how quickly things can come unglued.

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      1. Hunger will make one do things outside the norm.

        Collect food all…

        • In everyone’s best opinoin, what is the best LONG term prepackaged food options out there?

          Past MREs, past Wise, what is the best???

          • I have always had really good luck with Augason Farms. If you order off if (I hate Walmart) it is cheaper and will arrive faster than from Augason themselves. The kids even like it.

            • I order from Walmart.
              I recently ordered 78 pounds of Augason red wheat berries,
              36 pounds of Kosher salt, 5 pounds of Generic powdered milk,
              and 5 pounds of honey. Fed-Ex to Hawaii was free shipping
              and food costs way cheaper(50%) than Amazon. I don’t know how long
              they will let us get away with the free shipping, but WOW!

          • Eppe, to me, I would weigh out what is the most practical for my family before making a decision as to prepackaged foods. Would it be cheaper and healthier to get yourself a vacuum sealer and start with rice and beans? Then add to it like wheat berries for breads and biscuits. Maybe some canned veggies and fruit. There’s a website that you can order canned butter from. This maybe something that would fit your children’s vegan choices as well. It might be a little more labor intensive than point, click and waitin on a delivery but can be much more valuable for you and your family. Make a family event out of it. Your kids will more than likely enjoy just weighing out the different foods and then vacuum sealing them as well. Some homer buckets, Mylar bags and gamma lids and you got yourself some storage ready stuff. Everyday is an opportunity.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

            • agreed…I got mylar bags with o2 absorbers off of Amazon. I did portion calculations and I stored gallon bags of jasmine rice (higher nurtrition value) and gallon bag with 1 each lentils, yellow peas, green peas, navy beans and black beans. Thats 10 meals of beans and rice for 3 people (does not take into account increased energy consumption when shtf) at about $1 per meal at the time purchased. I’ve rotated canned chicken and ham, which could be added to that. and I have stored large containers of beef and chicken bullion cubes and dozens of spices/mixes from sams. That’s just for starters.

          • Eppe, I like Mountain House products. They’re the only freeze-dried food I found that have some taste, but that’s just me.

            • yup
              gotta go with MountainHouse
              VERY long lasting if stored properly

              but get it on sale,there’s some really good discounts out there

              • Satori, AMEN about the sale part. All freeze-dried foods are a bit expensive and I always try to get the most bang for the buck when it comes to storable foods.

                • Freeze dried may seem expensive, but a case with 30 servings of lunches and dinners is often less than thirty lunches and dinners from the grocery store. Watch for sales.

                  It can be bland, have a good spice rack and keep it stocked. I even like to put fresh ground pepper on my Italian bread and butter.

                  Don’t be afraid to buy some spicy freeze dried foods. Spicy things like freeze dried sausage crumbles can add some missing flavor.

                  I do keep McCormick’s powdered gravy on hand. Almost anything tastes better smeared with or dipped in gravy.

                  • I agree with BH, Satori, and PT, right on the money with all of your suggestions!!! As for Mountain House I was on the Safecastle site today and they have several MH products on sale with some reasonable prices.

                • “B”
                  No luck on the land.

                  • Sarge, sorry to hear that. Better luck next time.

            • Braveheart,
              I asked the Sgt D some days ago on this subject.
              He advised adding bullion to help with taste.
              Since I’m not “bugging out” I’m staying with staples.
              When out hunting, I live on Jerky and SOLAS
              survival bars.

          • I sometimes deal with Emergency Essentials out of Utah and have had no problems. Here in the West Some WalMarts carry N-Pack food so do some others. Usually cheaper at Groc stores.

          • EPPE
            I picked WISE and Mountain House, because people have different taste and these two fit the bill. Now for me I would also add the MRE’s. There are several other food suppliers out there the Stuff that Alex Jones sells I OK to.

            As I tell the group for now pick what you like for tomorrow you will eat what you pick. (like nuts, berries, bugs, rabbits, ECT.)


            • As I tell the group for now pick what you like for tomorrow you will eat what you pick. (like nuts, berries, bugs, rabbits, ECT.)


              As Sgt. Dale says – The above is probably the best advice out there.
              In addition to what you like, learn how to forage…

            • Wise food packets have 300% times the Salt intake as daily recomended. If you like a heart attack buy Wise Foods. Read the labels before you buy. Wise packets show all the vegies on the picture label, but there is none in the packets. Just powdered salt and flour. Sucks big-time I know cause I tried a bucket 20 meals. I about threw up as it all tasted the same. Nasty.

              Just buy a few years of canned food. Its already cooked and ready to eat. Mark the tops with a sharpie with the expiration date and organize your food by date of expiration, not by variety. You will never waste any canned food. Mt House is pretty good for a Bug out bag since it is light weight. Just add 2 cups of boiling water.

              -WWTI… I also have a few cases of MRE’s as backups with heaters. Keep an eye on the dates and rotate them out.

          • Legacy, it is a bit more expensive but the food is good.
            Harmony House great food products. Use these out in the field. Actually just took the 30 pouch sampler to the Huron National forest this past weekend. mixed with wild game caught it was great.
            Super Pails also work well for long term storage in high volumes.

          • Canned food. Open and it’s ready to eat.


          • Wheat, By the ton in 55 gal drums. 360 a ton direct from farmers. Smaller amounts available at feed stores but higher prices. The Egyptians stored wheat thousands of years ago and is still good for making your daily bread. Definitely an excellent barter item in Caracas right now. Just trying to keep my it simple…

          • Another one is Thrive life can order by the can or case. Most these companies force you to order large units with variety, which incl stuff you don’t want. On people leaving crossing into Columbia: People breed like rats in these S. Amer. countries having many kids they can’t support even in better times. third world losers.

            • laura m, I have traveled throughout So America and can agree, that’s true, but these days American women do that too, have kids they can’t support, at least this generation of child-bearers does.

              I am a baby boomer who wanted to have another child(I have 2 grown kids)as did many of my friends as well, but back then in the 70’s & 80’s we didn’t because we knew we couldn’t afford to and if we did no one would have bailed us out. We would have been looked down upon for being irresponsible.

          • Don’t buy pre-packaged foods. They might be great for an emergency, like a hurricane, a flood or an earthquake, but for long term they are worthless. They should be a last resort or supplement real foods.

        • Food being smuggled OUT. OK…….

        • for people supposedly starving, they sure act happy!! singing as they go…

          • As I would be singing and if energy allowed…..dancing, if I were out of that Shite Hole.

      2. Give it time and we will have people crossing over town to town looking for food here. Gonna be alot worse than back in the depression alot worse

        • My heart really goes out to those kids.

          • During the terrible Romanian Ceausescu regime, kids were left in orphanages (or the streets) to be fed and housed, as parents tried to escape for their lives. Poverty was horrible and abortions were outlawed even for the poor, and people couldn’t feed their kids. Leaders were finally killed by a coup. Early 90’s in Bosnian Kosovo war, same thing.

        • 25 Million Illegals, hungry and looking for work have poured across the US Mexican Boarder during the last several decades. This is nothing new to The USA. Where you all been? And many being backpacks I’ll of Lot to barter with.


      3. And their rich have pantry full of food.. How can they watch their own people suffer ? May be God can turn all their food into worms..

        • DF , they reap what they have sown.
          Ask for a socialist regime to care for you like a child and thats what you get.
          If the US continues down that same road socialist rule and hunger will be our childrens future.
          Then we only have ourselves to blame , just as the Venezuelans.

          • Hammerhead, all these articles on the crisis in Venezuela remind me of the stories my wife told me about what she and her family went through in Cuba under Castro’s brand of socialism. Only difference between Cuba and Venezuela for now is that the Castro regime still has just enough support to rule with an iron fist. I wonder how much of Venezuela’s law enforcement and military still support the govt. There has to be some splits in their ranks. If there’s enough of them willing to do so, they could be at least part of the solution to the problem aka ‘regime change’. Someone once said that politicians are like diapers. they have to be changed out on occasion.

            • The Army always eats, in North Korea people are literally starving, but their million-man military is well-fed.

              • Smokey, in countries like North Korea, the needs of the military ALWAYS COME FIRST. That’s who the scum tyrants always depend on to keep them in power.

                • Who do you think FEMA will feed First. Government officials or you?


            • The problem in Venezuela is that the socialists finally ran out of other people’s money. 🙂

          • That’s a pretty ignorant statement Hammerhead. Like kids have any choice in the matter. Like you are responsible for Obama being President of the Socialist Commie Party. Remember innocent people are the victims in most cases. Like in all Wars 85% Of the dead dead are innocent civilians. Obama kills 99 innocent people via drone bomb to 1 suspect. So that’s your fault hammerhead. What you gonna do about that?


          • Ever notice how in Most such events and various leftist protests etc. The vast majority involved are wearing matching T-shirts?…And usually carry matching protest signs that are written in English even though the protest event is held in some south american nation far far away from english speakers? Also same goes for most Mid east region protest signage and matching shirts.

            This is a huge Clue that soros and/Or that bill and hillary Globalist klinton foundation is supplying the Cash, while various leftwing kommie based Unions like afl cio et al make up and pay for all them shirts and signs.

            Recall several yrs ago when we saw massive Illeagle Mexican Latrine O’s out in full force, and ALL wore matching white t-shirts with matching Green baseball hats…Every protest sign almost was in english there too.

            They had matching afl cio produced signs of Darker yellow with Black trim around squared edges of signs.

            And not 2% likley ever spoke english let alone write it!

            However! That illeagles in Kalif and south west states event was their Second protest event in Two weeks time! Their first protest march they did wear NON matching shirts and most carried zero signs…Thats when too many american citizens and even some TV news peoples complained how Unruly and viciously violent it all was…Two weeks Later they held 2nd march of same illeagles all dresed in sparkeling new white t-shirts and Green baseball hats and a few videos showed stop-off mexican owned stores with huge barrels, 55 Gal steel type filled with sticks and signs to pass out as illeagles passed thru…But its all just unexpected unorganized freedom seekers viying for better life thru Our usa jobs and $$$ via usa taxpayers correct?

            in Any real true spontaneous upriseing or protest, even if pre planned via word of mouth spread the word etc.

            Most folks would be dressed exact same as you expect to see on any weekend day at Mall of america full of shoppers. Most be wearing NON matching shirts.

            just think about this Fact very next time you view an similar event on TV or online videos see how this happens most times…Coincidence? Nope!

        • DustyFae, may the elitists of Venezuela die and burn in hell forever. There’s no excuse for them starving their people like that. Even Maduro’s supporters can’t find food anywhere. It would be interesting to see how much support he’s lost since the food crisis began.

        • so if the shtf you will graciously share any preps you may have so that you don’t have to watch your own people suffer? Not just the rich in Venezuela have food, so do the prepared. Please don’t take it as an attack on your comment, just making a point.

        • Dusty Fae
          will you give up all your food?

      4. How “starved” can they be? Most of them appear to be overweight.

        • But that does not mean any thing.. the stomach and the system are weakening from the lack of nourishment .. they need to act when they can before they are too weak to go on..

          Soon they will lose weight and their pain become greater, it is a painful death.

          • I hear you, but I’m 6’1″ tall and I struggle to maintain 150 pounds. I barely have enough to eat, but I survive and I don’t steal, mob, or attack anyone or anything.

            • Bob:

              If you struggle to keep weight on you may have an overactive thyroid. The thyroid is the little gland in the center slightly to your left side of your neck. It may be swollen which is called a goiter. Salt was iodized in order to prevent goiter. A person today needs a diet rich in seaweed kelp and fish and or supplements. With radiation from dental x-Rays and now from Fukishima, all of us need to get iodine and its helper selenium found in nuts (the ones in the hard dark brown she’ll. I think thy are called Filberts. Not sure.) Doctor Brownstein is an authority on the treatment and diagnosis of thyroid problems. Overactive eventually becomes under-active. If that happens your symptoms change and you will struggle to keep weight off even though you eat the same or even less.

              People from the same race or nationality have certain genetic predispositions. Those whose ancestors were nomadic have a gene for storing fat for the lean times. My guess is that Venezualeans have that gene. You on the other hand probably do not. This is why these people plump up and look normal even as their bellies ache and demand to be fed. Without a very strong impulse who would bother to eat. If all that mattered was ones figure, we’ld all starve. By the way, I have seen pictures of emaciated people in Venezualea. These are probably some of the stronger and better fed but still desperate. I respect the fact that you are not stealing or looting. If you are in America you can find more food in garbage cans than some people eat. And better quality, too. Beggars in my hometown bank in the same place as the rest of us.

              Hope this helps. Live long and prosper.

        • Cheapest shit in the world to eat is Ramen noodles. I seriously defy you to come up with something cheaper. Ok maybe a bag full of rice. That’s possible.

          Point is.

          What does a staple diet of Ramen noodles make you look like?

          … yeah fat…

          Really fat…

          And you’ll die anyway. Nutritional value is into the negative numbers there I’m pretty sure.

          • did you know ramen noodles contain a compound which coats the colon and impairs nutrient absorption? Leads to cancer. My son was out in oregon, and struggling to save some $$ for what his GI bill wasn’t covering. spent too much on beer and not enough on food. He ate ramen noodles for a week and got very ill. if youre gonna eat that garbage, mix it with something more wholesome!

            • NPPH, agreed on ramen noodles. They’re also very heavy in sodium content. No nutritional value whatsoever. There’s plenty of storable food items out there that beat ramen noodles hands down.

          • Guy, I’ll take that bag of rice over ramen noodles any day. Ramen noodles are real heavy in sodium content. No nutritional value period.

      5. Remember to leave a foot on a skinned rabbit if your gonna sell it or buy it cus if not it may be a cat its things like that that my great grand parents use to tell me about that went on durring the depression

        • stop asking

          h ttp://

        • GS you don’t have to go back to the depression, when I was a young teen I use to sell dressed rabbits in the black neighborhood, and they wouldn’t buy them unless I left the back feet on. Funny it was always after dark when I went there to sell rabbits and I never had to worry. Trekker Out. Things Have Changed.

      6. Will work for food will be a reality so if your able to have huge food crop garden finding workers will be easy guarding it will be another story

      7. Venezuela was recommended as a bug out location not that long ago.

        • Yep, think I’ll just stay put in my own back yard.

          Just as good as any.

      8. The socialist regime is responsible for what’s happening down there right now. At least when Chavez was alive he took care of people to a certain degree. You have to ask, what the hell has Maduro been spending the oil revenues on since Chavez’s death? He’s not taking care of the people, that’s for damned sure. The economy there appears to be on life support. Only a matter of time until…..

      9. I’m Afraid we are going to get a president Clinton and Vice President Sanders. If and when Hillary is helped to an early grave, we will have a Communist Zionist President. Can anyone spell Holodomar.

        Please stop blaming the victims.

        Trickery, lies, deceit can mislead even otherwise intelligent persons. How hard is it when the people are uneducated.

        We saw yesterday how effective the deliberate dumbing down of our population has become.

        • B from CA, if Clinton wins there’s going to be a PROFOUND upheaval in this country. The path she wants to take this country can only end one way, and that’s in conflict. I just can’t see people standing by while she puts 2, maybe 3 far left wing judges on the Supreme Court, and allow them to take peoples rights without major push back.

          • Hillary may want to take a certain path. However she can only do what the handlers allow her to do. That same thing goes for trump or sanders. A president actually does nothing more than read the teleprompter and signs whatever papers he is told to. They don’t want to push too far too fast. They will keep at the slow creeping agenda as long as they benefit from it. Think about this the same court that upheld Obama care. Struck down gun laws? Those justices do as their told. Its all just a dog and pony show to make folks think voting matters.

            • Old Guy, after what happened with the FBI and Clinton yesterday, all i can see is a MUCH faster ramping up of her agenda, instead of as you put it, a “slow creeping agenda”. She is now above the law, the law of the land as of yesterday, will now only apply to us “little people”. If she wins the up coming election our country will be unrecognizable. Rights that you and i grew up with will be gone, never to return. Case in point you talked in your post about the supreme court and gun laws. If Clinton doesn’t get the rulings she wants from the courts, she’ll just use executive action to make new gun laws to take away the American peoples gun rights. Since we now know that she’s above the law, who’s going to stop her, not the courts, so who??? As i said in my other post, i see major push back coming from people who grew up in our country where the laws applied to EVERYONE, not just the little people.

              • Whos going to stop her? You fail to realize whoever is president does not have free reign. Thay are controlled by the elete Puppett masters. The president is just a yes man figurehead. At present Obama has been chastised. He is no longer in charge of foreign policy. General Dunsford is now in charge of foriegn policy. They are trained before they take office. Subdued and broken like you would a wild horse. The president cannot investigate area 51. The president cannot view the empty vaults at fort knox. The presedent is imprisoned There are armed men who surround him. He gave up his freedom. And those guards like guys like bill Clinton. Because they can easily get dirt on them. easy to blackmail. The queer we now have is just following NWO orders. And Hillary will follow NWO orders also. And the NWO want us to have our guns. Hard to believe? But they want us to fight each other. No need to send in the UN blue helmets. Just let the civil war, race war and ethnic cleansing reduce the numbers. That is why the UN & NWO government is encouraging immigration. Place as many refugees in as many places a possible. It don’t matter that the citizens where they are sent don’t want them. That’s is a part of the plan. divide and conquer. And Trump will do as he is told also.

                • Old Guy, with all due respect, all i got from your post is a whole lot of “Alex Jones Infowar’s” conspiracy theory talking points. Long on theory, but I’m not seeing alot of facts.

      10. So the US plays favorites dishing out humanitarian aid. Off topic, there is an excellent article at veteranstoday titled: World War 3: Who is Who in the Zoo. Written by Katherine Frisk, the comments really liked this rundown of the players and their alignment. It’s all about wanting Russia’s resources and stopping the Silk Road project. The worlds people are the losers if this corrupt scenario plays out.

      11. How is the Auguson farms morning moo milk. Anyone know. I don’t drink milk really but for kids cooking and cereal kinda need some. Can get a 6 lb bucket on eBay with shipping included. Supposedly contains 801 servings. I’d probably get the smaller cans so I don’t have to consume the buckets worth in a year. The bucket is cheaper however. They got powdered butter and eggs too.

      12. Hey where the hell is that weasel shawn Penn who loved that country and their socialistic government so much. Hey Penn you little socialist weasel demonrat why don’t you use some of your money and go help the government there that you love so much. You and the rest of the demonrats supported those socialist, now their policies are coming home to roost and it spells slow death to the people there.

        • I recently met Sean Penn at my work. My co-workers were going crazy over the guy. I stayed polite and barely talked with the man (had to for the job). After he left, I voiced the exact same opinion as above to some of my fellow employees. My co-workers literally raised voices and got in my face making sure to tell me how he was a great man. I asked why? Because he made a few good movies in the late 70’s and 80’s and then turned into a lunatic nutjob. Apparently, I just lost the respect of far left libtards. How will I ever sleep tonight?

          • Sean Penn has every single one of the traits of a textbook psychopath. He didn’t turn into a lunatic nut job after those films, he was one long before they were shot. You just didn’t notice until after the fact and assumed he turned into one when he was already one. A person doesn’t become a psychopath overnight, they are born that way and if we don’t notice right away we think they changed when in reality they were always nuts. We just didn’t notice it sooner.

      13. The fact that its (Venezuela) people have been disarmed has contributed to their situation. Might want to remember that when Hildyke claims the oval office.

        • Ill take to the trees and live like an animal before i will give anything up, and if not before she is installed definitely shortly after this will be what goes down

      14. Here’s how I feel about those who have food and those that do not. Most often, there is a long period of time when it is obvious that circumstances are pointing to economic degredation- that is, times are getting tougher. Up to a short time ago in Venezuela, beer was readily available. How about using the beer money for staples before the crisis? Up to a short time ago, many people could have gotten out of Dodge, so to speak- but they stayed because, even though they had to stand in line- government rations were cheap. Same thing with the gasoline. Pennies to fill up their tanks. The government trough was too attractive.
        I see all these pictures of chubby looking Chavistas standing in food lines. I agree that they are living lately on high carb items, but even then, lack of calories is going to eventually cause painful wasting. Happily, fat is a great source of energy to stand in lines. But that fat tells me there was surplus enough for the past few years to put something aside for uncertainty.
        Watched a video today thatvputs forward the case that the crisis is overblown by our media for political and sensationalist reasons. To some degree I think this is true… but in the comments on the video, someone who lives in V. said they did not have any food.

      15. They are very close to cannibalism. When hunger gets so bad that people can not cope they go mad

      16. Attention Democrats,,,
        This is YOU if you keep electing the idiots you been electing!
        This has been a public service announcement of the Patriot Network.

        • We can only elect who is selected. And there is no difference between a democrat or a republican.

          • What a stupid comment. There is a world of difference between Hillary and trump as we will be finding out. She will be taking country apart starting with her removing the borders and giving amnesty to up to forty million illegals that being the real number of illegals. The dopes that make up the piss poor citizens of this country are going to get just what they deserve as they see their country taken from them. You keyboard commandos can threaten all you want and they will kill you in a New York minute. We are in serious trouble folks and things do not look good.

            • What a stupid comment. …[Ommited]… You keyboard commandos can threaten all you want and they will kill you in a New York minute. We are in serious trouble folks and things do not look good.

              Do you have anything intelligent to say besides ‘name-calling’ and ‘finger-pointing’?

              Some people need to listen sometimes, especially to themselves…

            • The supposed world of difference between hillery and trump would make a difference if they where a dictator. By themselves they cant do anything . If they get out of line they receive the JFK treatment. You are falling for the illusion that voting matters.

            • Illusion. What big difference between Trump and Hillary? Rhetoric? He jives to strongmen dictators. He is Stalin in dreaming. You hear what you want to hear not what he says. He is against freedom of speech and will take it away. Until you folks wake up and realize that Republicans brought you the Patriot Act and 1 dollar 1 vote… you are the biggest fools because you think your eyes are open. Sheeple vote for Trumper and think he is the savior. He was an open crook every day of his live as his father before him. The big difference between Trump and Hills is he admits to it.

      17. This is for Bob: I had an overactive thyroid. My weight went from 135 pounds to about 117 pounds and could not gain weight no matter what. I had a large goiter on my throat too that people always stared at. I was given radioactive iodine pill to destroy the thyroid. It took nearly seven months to rid my system of thyroid hormone. Now I have to take a supplement to replace my thyroid. Bob, go to the docs and get a blood test specifically for your thyroid. This is NOT something to wait on. Mac,don’t waste time moderating this,it’s too important

        • Southside, I don’t have any anomalous protrusions. I think it might be cancer but I’m way too untrusting of any doctors to get tested. Because of this, I’ll just keep going it alone.

          Thank you for the advice though.

          • Bob says
            If you believe you have cancer and refuse medical treatment, then go to and search for plants with anticancer properties. Eat them.

            • Rebecca, First, you really shouldn’t be leading people to believe that can cure their cancer. Secondly, some wild plants closely resemble the safe edibles when they are in fact dangerous to consume and can even cause death. Or at the very least necessitate a trip to the ER.

              Botany/learning about safe, wild edibles is a skill that takes time to master, and to the newbie with an untrained eye, could be quite disastrous.

          • Hi Bob, tishie here. Praying for you and your health. I also lost a lot of weight. In Oct. 2015 I weighed 114 lbs. Perfect for my height and age, felt strong and positive. Now 9 months later I weigh only 102 lbs. I can hardly keep size 2 female clothing on.
            I am seeing a Doctor (s) for these issues, Cancer and Addison Disease.
            I’m not trying to get you to go to the Doc’s but I never heard of Addison Disease except hearing that President Kennedy had this issue.
            Who knew?
            I guess my point is: get a blood test, move onto Alternative Medicine or take what you need and leave the rest.
            My strongest hopeful wish for you is that at least feel comfortable in your own skin and mind.

            • You might consider essiac for a natural treatment of cancer. Canadian Indians share it with the provincial nurse who shared it with the world. Check it out.

      18. You know I don’t feel sorry for these folks at all. They picked the government that they have, and a believe that it would take care of them. No work no eat.

        No they are pouring in to other country taxing there food supplies. How long is it until they are put on a train and shipped to the US, like they did last year???

        They will eat all of our food, or make all the food prices sky rocket, and then demand more, or Obullshit will give them free food, housing, medical, S.S., education.

        Close the border before it is too frigging late!!!!!!


        • Sarge,
          Did we as American’s not do the same thing? Did we not vote for all these looser’s we now have in office feeding us Sh#t Pie?
          I can’t see any difference between them and us. They had a great economy and good lives. They, much like us, became fat, dumb and happy.
          They may not have a choice being a total Socialist Country……..but WE DO! We need to start telling our Reps to do what we want. Maybe too late since they now feel the power is all theirs to hold. Hey, I’m just saying….Stay Stoked, Stay Stacked and Stay Aware!

      19. Sounds like those democrat ruin cities.

        • Well in other news, Actor Matt Damon on July fourth called for the total confiscation of all firearms in America while over in Australia filming his new “Bourne” movie. Cited it should be done “in one fell swoop”. I hope the phucken movie bombs and he starves to death.

          • PO’d Patriot, that commie POS Matt Damon can go f#$% himself! If he thinks he’s badass enough to try it, let him bring it.

          • PO’d, What Matt Damon doesn’t want us to know is that he travels with an armed bodyguard.

            If you watch closely you’ll notice the very people who want total confiscation of firearms are mostly the special entitlement people who only care about themselves, many of whom also don’t need to carry because they have some form of protection (such as Matt Damon and the Clinton’s to name two of many) or they are the ignorant, brainwashed, dumb as a box of rocks know it all types.

            If they want confiscation they should start and end with violent and/or repeat offenders, “the rules don’t apply to me” people. Not with ordinary, law abiding citizens.

          • Boycott Hollywood. Stop giving your money to make the enemies rich while they scheme to turn your children into crack whores.

            • Hollywood is full of celebs who have made fortunes off very violent, shoot em up movies but are anti-gun. Hypocrites. Celebs are a dime a dozen. Fans of these creatures don’t realize they are only a meal ticket.

      20. Why do democrats thing they need to be the saviors of humanity. This is Venezuelans problem they need to solve it. US can help if they want but the responsibility to feed these people lies on their families. I’m of the thinking that it’s not govs responsibility to feed your family. If you turn that task over to gov then it’s your fault if you starve when they let you down. You owe it to yourself and your family. This is the problem with half of the public being on assistance. When the rug is pulled out beneath them they get unruly. God helps those who help themselves.

      21. Mat Damon will Never call for his Israel Cousins to be disarmed though eh! Oy Vey!

      22. Necessity knows no law.

      23. While Venezuelan forests would be loaded with natural, super-nutritious–but not white-man’s preference for food! Maybe they shouldn’t have destroyed the Indians’ cultures. Then, they would have this white man’s starvation game played on them “in a time of plenty”…. It’s also the Indians’ fault, though, for having not done to the whites first what the whites then did to them.

      24. This is what happens when a people continue to play the slave for their ruling bosses. The bosses can pull the plug on them to steer them.

      25. Update: Woke up this morning to another raging storm. Probably half of the corn crop is flat on the ground from high winds and the soybean crop is standing in water.
        So I went out and drove probably a hundred miles in two states and its that way everywhere. This might just be a local anomaly but I’m thinkin one might ought to get to gettin while the gettin is still good.
        The unseasonably cool temps we have been having … has got me spooked. And the NWS is calling for more storms next week. Just Sayin

        • I’ve noticed that too. Also some morning fogs, a very large spider web and haze around the moon. Signs of an early fall.

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